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MusclePharm Combat 100% Whey Chocolate Milk – Review

MusclePharm combat 100% whey chocolate,milk this protein is different from the,standard combat protein powder which is,a blend of five sources of protein that,digest at different rates,which could prolong the anabolic state,this protein is 100% whey the sources,are whey isolate and whey concentrate,both of which digests at a fast rate to,get amino acids to the muscle fast eat a,meal with meat or eggs if you want to,add a protein source that digests slower,theres 130 calories per serving 1.5,grams of fat only 3 grams of carbs and,one of those is fiber and 25 grams of,protein if we divide the protein amount,and the serving size we can see this,entire tub is almost 76% protein with,the other 24% being fat carbs cocoa,powder flavorings etc well mix one,scoop in plain water and stir with just,a spoon this protein dissolves easily,and with barely a flavor nugget or,clinger to be found of course you can,throw it in a shaker cup for even better,results or use a blender in fact I would,highly suggest a blender for this,protein so you can add in some boosts,try peanut butter milk bananas ice cream,cookies nuts a ferret throw some cereal,or oatmeal on top to add some extra,texture if it fits your macros and that,brings us to the patented I would give,this a flavor score of 8.6,I know I know that doesnt sound right,especially if you know my preference,from MusclePharm combat powder chocolate,milk flavor,I give that protein a nine point nine,but this I dont know what they have,done different in the one,hundred-percent way version and I base,all my ratings on being mixed in plain,water if you use a blender and add some,boosts you can kick that number up the,texture is very smooth and milkshake,like but the flavor is slightly bland,and sweetness is on the low side some,people might prefer that but I like a,bit more sweetness and flavor dont get,me wrong it tastes better than a lot of,chocolate flavors out there but its a,different flavor from the classic combat,powder also if you find this protein,tastes watery or has a chemical,aftertaste be sure to give the tub a,good shake so the flavorings are,properly dispersed if youre trying to,decide between the 100% whey or the,classic combat powder Id go for the,combat powder blend the price is about,the same the flavor is a bit better and,there seems to be a consensus that,blends are slightly more effective for,muscle growth but if you are looking for,a 100% whey powder this one is worth,checking out especially if youre,planning on using a blender okay babe I,need a protein powder that gets in my,muscles just as fast as Ive got in your,pants,you should try muscle Pharm 100% whey,sasquatch Tony finishes by jesting,faster than when you finish inside me,[Music],big bid,Ill get sir Im gonna get some too from,a sasquatch that less oh you mean like a,brand,MusclePharm combat 100% way chocolate,milk,[Music]

★MusclePharm Combat Protein Powder Review | Best Tasting Protein | Living Proof Fitness ✔

hey whats going on guys Anthony with,living proof fitness and as you can see,i am on that muscle pharm combat protein,and i must say this shit is damn good,problem with a lot of protein powders if,they taste like shit so you just dont,want to take them I did recommend you,know that Walmart protein because its,cheap as fuck but it just tastes like,crap and thats like what the difference,is between a lot of these proteins its,not necessarily that theyre completely,different and everything to put in them,its just to taste this one tastes,pretty damn good this one is a cookies,and cream and as you saw normally with,water it makes it even worse but this,one tastes fucking crazy good with water,but it is even better with milk so just,to go over a couple quick specs on the,protein powder 140 calories per serving,only two grams of fat five grams of,carbs 25 grams of protein so everything,is looking pretty damn good not to,mention you got five different sources,of protein that comes in this one you,got your hydrolysis you got your isolate,you got to concentrate you got your egg,and you got your casing now as you guys,know if you follow in the channel I am,going through a cutting phase right now,and the cutting has been going fucking,great when you get like a shitty source,of protein powder it can make it more,difficult to lose weight but Ive been,taking this and I gotta say its been,going pretty freakin good now they do,got a couple of the flavors if you dont,like cookies and cream Im on,bodybuilding.com website just to check,out the other flavors and they got all,kinds of flavors banana cream chocolate,milk peanut butter triple berry,chocolate the cookies and cream and,vanilla and its actually a pretty,decent price I got this one from Costco,I believe for like it was like 35 bucks,and Im in Alaska so it might be cheaper,where you guys are everything is,expensive in Alaska then again I dont,know Im looking at this bodybuilding,com and it says 4199 for a four pound,jug of it so just do some research and,youll be able to find a good deal or,hit up your local Costco or some shit so,besides the price being good we already,talked about that its delicious which,is a very important,when it comes to protein if you actually,want to start taking it on a regular,its gluten-free so if youre trying to,get gluten out of your diet stuff will,work its also time release protein so,you know saying its going to overtime,its going to finally just first rush,your box it doesnt just cycle through,really fast and then you just first up a,lot of protein so anyways Im not going,to get into all the details about this,protein Im just here to tell you guys,that its damn good its beneficial with,every kind of protein that it has in it,its low in calories its low in fat,its high in protein 25 grams of protein,per scoop oh yeah you know what not sure,if you got to pee in a second ago but,heres the size of the scoop I know,sometimes some of these proteins have a,scoop thats like big as hell and its,like what the funk mix is only eight to,ten ounces its gonna be like all clumpy,and disgusting and that can make you not,want to take the shit thats yeah thats,another good thing about this as it does,mix well I didnt get any clumps or,nothing like that i have not tried it in,a shaker cup yet but with how its,mixing with the blender it seems like it,works pretty good with a shaker cup so,if you guys are balkan shit take this,protein if you guys are cutting take,this protein it tastes good its,affordable why the fuck not not going to,drag the video out any longer just,wanted to drop this quick review on this,combat protein if you guys liked the,video be sure to give it a thumbs up if,you want to see me try any other,products or if you guys are interested,in anything that Ive already done on,the channel make sure that you drop that,information down in the description,below and Ill be sure to get back to,you also dont forget to hit that,subscribe button and click that bell so,you guys can be notified about all the,material to see and dropped in this,channel and as always thanks for,watching and Ill see you guys in a few,days for another video should Im making,gains bro are you Ill show all I wanted,to say hi,you

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HUGE Costco Protein Review – What to AVOID to Save $$

everyone wants to have a protein powder,that makes their life a little bit,easier I totally get it,Whole Foods are always going to be,better but if you understand what is in,your protein powder you can at least,make an educated decision thats gonna,make it a little bit easier on your body,so Costco has a wide variety of protein,powders and they all claim to do the,same thing help build lean muscle help,support a healthy metabolism you hear it,all the time but lets break down the,ingredients a little bit and also look,around at the price to see whats going,to be the best bang for the buck to help,you get that muscle protein synthesis,you need to be the healthiest but also,most fit version of yourself so lets,roll on in to good old-fashioned Costco,Wholesale by the way before we get,totally rockin in the store,check out fat snacks down below in the,description I put a link form so if,youre doing a low carb diet or anything,like that theyre just a really clean,low carb cooking so I just wanted to,give them a huge shout out they make a,lot of this channel possible its a big,shout out to them check them out down,below after you watch this video whats,that on it okay lets go ahead and lets,start with the whey proteins just,because thats what people think of most,of all when they look at protein powder,okay so this is a big flashy bag here,take a look at this again thats a heavy,bag okay so this is combat protein,powder athletes complete protein lets,see whats in it okay so theres the,thing now a lot of times when youre,just trying to go for the cheapest stuff,which is okay lets see $39.99 its a,good price for six pounds well lets see,whats in it okay so weve got a micro,filtered protein blend let me teach you,something really quick here whey protein,concentrate and whey protein isolate and,then whey protein hydral,excuse me hydrolysate and then micellar,casein and an egg albumin so what they,do is they say okay we have a wide,variety of different proteins in here so,it makes it good well the hard part is,the first ingredient in that whey,protein blend during that protein blend,is whey protein concentrate whey protein,concentrate is not the cleanest whey,protein you see you want whey protein,isolate because that is the protein that,has been isolated from the rest of the,way the way still has all the milk,solids it still has a lot of that stuff,in there that is actually,pro-inflammatory and not very good okay,the whey protein isolate thats good,none of this stuff is organic or,grass-fed though and we have more more,whey protein here and then we have,micellar casein,okay so casein protein,will lead you to believe that casein,protein is healthy because it digests a,little bit slower well it digests slower,because it forms a little bit of a like,a gelatinous like substance within your,intestine which by itself isnt all that,bad I mean its not that great you are,impeding digestion to some degree but,whats even worse is that casein protein,is very inflammatory okay because what,casein protein does inside your body is,it acts as a bioactive opioid but sounds,crazy but its the truth okay heres,what happens it triggers something known,as B C m7 so it activates B C m7 or,converts to b c m7 within your body that,is a bioactive opioid point is is casein,protein will make you addicted to dairy,and you notice that with cheese and,things like that which is fine if its,gonna be a whole food the point is the,neurological effect is sort of the,neurotransmitter effect it has in your,brain but also the inflammatory effect,has on your body that alone would have,me stay away from this egg albumen okay,theres some interesting science out,there that shows you cant really get as,much protein in an egg powder form so I,dont know a little bit indifferent on,that then we have gluten-free cookie,crumbs okay shout out to them for at,least making it gluten-free okay thats,a plus they at least spent a couple,extra cents doing that so we got rice,flour then weve got sugar man youre,taking a perfectly good or halfway,decent protein powder and adding sugar,tapioca starch which is a very common,filler a common binder palm oil heres,the thing but we have to remember you,want to get away protein thats low in,fat,whey protein spikes your insulin very,high even higher than white bread in,some instances thats not necessarily,bad if youre looking for that you want,your protein levels to spike or you see,then you want your insulin levels to,spike when youre done with a workout,things like thats gonna allow you to,absorb the nutrients allow you to absorb,the protein more but when you have it,combined with fat the fat goes into,storage too so they add palm oil there,to probably give it a little bit thicker,creamier taste we dont want that okay,not in this case cocoa powder process,with alkali,so normally cocoa powder is okay,obviously okay its going to be an,antioxidant rich its going to be a very,powerful thing but when its processed,with alkali it actually gets rid of a,lot of the actual natural compounds that,we want so once its processed with,alkali its sort of Dutch processed,which can be good because they add some,potassium to it but in this case,it kills the the positive effect of the,cocoa powder okay then we have,cornstarch theres a no-go I mean,honestly its just a lot of ingredients,in here sodium bicarbonate no big deal,soit lecithin would like to avoid the,soy inulin okay annealing can be okay,for digestive purposes natural oh no,here we go sucralose thats already bad,but then acesulfame potassium bad bad,move okay that stuff is very toxic that,stuff is not good at all then oh my gosh,okay heres where we get that look at,they add aminos to it so theyre adding,leucine theyre adding isoleucine,theyre adding valine why do you need to,add amino acids when you already have,protein why because theyre inflating,the protein content they dont need to,add amino acids because the whey protein,already has the amino acids in it so why,would they do that well they do that,because its called amino spiking amino,spiking is where they add extra amino,acids to basically inflate the protein,count because right now a technology,cant differentiate between what an,amino acid is and what full protein is,although our bodies can so this is a,hard pass that is just that makes me,question a lot of things there okay,lets look at this one try to make this,a little quicker then we have gold,standard whey now optimum nutrition has,some good quality stuff no artificial,growth hormones thats nice,lets look at the ingredients again here,protein bomb and protein blend whey,protein isolate whey protein concentrate,and then weight peptide okay so they,still up concentrate which means its,probably not the best one here I will,say and heres teaching you a little,something is when something is on the,label the higher that it is on the,ingredient list the more of it there is,so in this case the protein blend the,first part is whey protein isolate the,second part is whey protein concentrate,compare that to the combat which was,concentrate first in isolate second so,this is better okay and there we go whew,okay so natural and artificial flavors,natural flavoring already is not good,okay natural flavoring can mean over a,hundred literally over a hundred,different things okay it can mean over a,hundred different things and they are,basically compounds that dont get,tested and they can be sort of a,discretionary flavoring or a,discretionary ingredient so basically,when they create something when they,a natural flavor it can have things that,arent natural plus theres no actual,definition of natural so its a huge,question mark theres this big layer of,just fogginess over natural flavors but,then they also have artificial flavors,which is just flat-out bad but then,guess what theyve got sucralose but,then they have acesulfame potassium,which is a huge no-no and they have that,higher on the list than sucralose,so unfortunately gold stan

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Protein Combat Powder / Proteina / ????????????????????????

[Música],aquí,[Música],cómo están todos tenemos nuevo vídeo,nuevos review en el área de proteínas,por parte de hermoso fan,vamos vamos vamos muy bien el vídeo,reviews del día de hoy por parte de,emoción en combat,kauder y es una proteína que me pedían,bastante que la han estado viendo muy,seguido en cierto supermercado me están,haciendo situación estoy viendo pero no,sé si sale buena no lo he visto en tu,canal entonces me parece una muy buena,idea que hagas un review de estar de,esta proteína que desde primera vista se,ve bien usarla ves y dices y me llama un,poco la atención pero necesito revisarla,a fondo como cualquier review todo a ver,si en la tabla nutrimental cuáles son,los ingredientes y cuál es el,funcionamiento de cada uno de ellos,cuántos sabores tienen cuántos servicios,tiene cuál es el mejor sabor,esta ley que está cheque que también se,disuelve y al final tuvo a decir el,costo-beneficio,vale la pena realmente invertir tu,dinero en este proteína no nos quedemos,con cualquier otro suplemento de,producción vivir en nuestra pantalla,muy bien viene en tres presentaciones y,me refiero esto porque puedes encontrar,una presentación que hay 25 servicios es,una presentación pequeña después estaban,otra presentación que es de 65 servicios,que es como la que yo tengo aquí atrás,que es un poco más grande y que es la,que más normalmente vas a ver y hay otra,que es un costal de 130 servicios es y,ya es muy raro que lo encuentras todavía,lo puedes encontrar en alguna tienda de,suplementos pero sí sí es muy raro,entonces cualquier opción de éstas es,viable o sea estamos hablando una te va,a durar dependiendo de la cantidad de,tomas por día 25 días 65 días 130 días,la más común hoy en día la de 65,servicios después yo pondría la de 25,servicios y por último la de 130,servicios qué es,es un costal realmente es un costado,tiene que decir protein powder sabes que,estamos hablando ahorita protein powder,no estamos hablando el otro que son más,entonces en este caso 365 servicios 330,calorías de grasa 1.5 gramos de grasa,tarde cuáles de los 75 miligramos de,sodio 150 miligramos de potasio 70,miligramos de carbohidratos 355 gramos,de carbohidratos estamos hablando de que,no es una proteína eso no es una,proteína baja en carbohidratos 5 gramos,de carbohidratos de azúcar 32 gramos de,azúcar de proteína 324 gramos de,proteína y además está el calcio y,hierro,a grandes rasgos eso es lo que tiene que,después trae un make my test de 33,gramos que ellos le llaman un multi,level aminoácido cloud en el que te,explican toda esta cantidad de,aminoácidos porque es una proteína que,además trae aminoácidos en la proteína,de albúmina de huevo de lenta de lenta,deliberación de proteína trier en,leucina eleva link a ellis olsina,caseína también tiene esta proteína,además trae un boom de jazztel ensamblan,viene siendo para toda esta cuestión de,que se la digestión sea bueno se hace,una proteína digerible a grandes rasgos,eso es lo que trae son son una proteína,que destaca por esos a que también está,también te dice ok está la proteína pero,también también toma esta cantidad de,aminoácidos extra que ya hemos hablado,que muchas veces no te gusta que,agregues aminoácidos en la proteína pero,hay unos en que las proteínas realmente,funcionan y además también hay,determinadas cosas es algo es un,ganar-ganar,con esta proteína ahora cuáles son los,sabores y cuál es el mejor sabor está en,tres sabores chocolate con kiss and,cream y vanilla aquí es un tema,realmente como para debate porque porque,muchos les gustan los sabores a otros,realmente a sus sabores no les gusta,para nada realmente yo pondría cookies,and green después pondría el chocolate y,al último el de vainilla no todo el,mundo me ha dicho que el peor sabor de,combate es el de vainilla todo mundo y,realmente si es un sabor que haya no,respeto sano no se avenía sabe todo,menos a vainilla otra cosa es que los,sabores de en este caso de combate son,un sabores dulces o sea realmente te,estoy dando un warning aquí de que son,son sabores muy dulces tal vez algunos,les gustan mucho de estas de esta,cuestión de que se hace muchísimo dulce,pero hay otros que no,incluso anabel les causa ciertas y sense,mala sensación vaya pero a fin de,cuentas es una proteína que trato más,rápido están cercanos a realmente hay,unas personas que se disfrutan el sabor,a otras personas que realmente vamos,para adentro y sanseacabó pero en este,sentido si te pongo fuck is and cream y,después de poner el chapo de unión que,al último el de vainilla si no te lo,recomiendo,para nada necesitas que vaya en la,cuestión de disolverse no vi ningún,problema es una de las proteínas que se,disuelven bien o sea realmente no hago,ni problemas en el pasado cuando la,consumía hace mucho tiempo cuando la,consumía ahora no cambió mucho en ese,sentido se realmente han continuado por,esa línea los de moxos han decidido tras,que me gusta esta manera que se disuelva,de esta manera no no tengo problemas en,el sentido voy a dejar largo como como,estaba entonces le existencia que el,posible básicamente para que te haga la,vida muchísimo más sencillo ahora en,cuestiones de para quien va a ser es una,proteína de lenta liberación que,tratasen a que try y albúmina del huevo,que traen contamina y que tan,aminoácidos toda esta cuestión de las,enzimas digestivas si es una proteína,muy completa pero estamos hablando de,que tal cinco gramos de carbohidratos y,dos gramos de azúcar entonces estamos,hablando de que una persona que está,haciendo una fase de definición súper,estricta,tal vez una dieta que total que es una,proteína más,una etapa de mantenimiento una etapa tal,vez esta mente volumen se podría decir,no tanto para una etapa definición,cuando estás una dieta de decretó una,dieta súper estricta porque porque en,esas dietas tienes que cuidar mucho la,cuestión del azúcar la cuestión de los,carbohidratos tal vez 10 car tal vez una,iso pero si en esta cuestión esta,proteína que hay perfecto en una dieta,de mantenimiento es una una proteína muy,buena la cuestión de los servicios me,gustó estamos hablando de 65 o servicios,de las tres presentaciones y que sean,muchísimo más fácil de conseguir la de,65 servicios la 25 servicios si la,puedes encontrar pero por la cantidad de,aves son 25 dependiendo de las tomas,promedio de cada persona no te va a,durar mucho entonces siempre opta por la,de 65 65 servicios ahora en la cuestión,de los sabores cumple o sea es una,proeza una proteína que es rica de su,sabor es muy dulce eso sí el de cookies,and cream en mi opinión es el mejor pero,el peor sabor es el de vainilla,realmente es un sabor muy malo no hay,nada rescatable en cuanto a ese sabor,no hay nada rescatable pero por todo lo,que te acabo de decir que además de,aminoácidos traer glutamina llegó a,tener que dar un debut causa,[Música],no se olvide o cualquier duda cualquier,pregunta sobre esta proteína en,cualquier otra proteína atún aquí está,mi correo si te gustó el vídeo yo sé que,te encantó este vídeo regálame un like,en la sección de información que se,encuentra aquí abajo,muchas gracias comparte este vídeo en,todas tus redes sociales en facebook en,twitter en instagram donde tú lo desees,pero comparten en ese instante de,alguien que está buscando una proteína,ahorita elemento tal vez viste en esta,tienda en esta tienda llamada el mosso,farm combat sé que te el review the,situation ve a ver al doctor situation,activa la campana de notificaciones que,se encuentra un lado del botón de,suscripción,él explica y no todo se puede perder de,ninguno de los vídeos reviews rutinas y,todo lo demás del doctor si tú eso que,todavía no te suscribes pues que,esperas y recuerda qué,estaba esto fue un consejo y nos vemos,[Música]


Hai ini agak kasar Kalian tadi lebih,halus cuman yang kental kalau untuk,kententuan tadi itu kali ini lebih cair,[Musik],Apa Kabar baik Mas sekarang lagi pakai,jerman.vs yang kemarin Yang kemarin,interview ya nasi pakai itu Halo Nama,gue Rian Ardika kesibukannya biasa cari,uang lah itu main interior interpreneur,gitulah pokoknya nge-gym udah habis,hilang dari dulu dari SMA jaman kuliah,gue udah ngejim ah Won gold karnivor,terus elemen awal-awal pernah juga,Nuh drum yang dari UK atau tidak sombong,sih belum ada di impact W ini yang,terlihat jelas ada glutamin dan bca-nya,yang cukup besar sih menurut gue itu,tapi ada 3,5 G Duta mint dan 4,5 G BCA,proteinnya di sini ada 30gram ya masalah,[Musik],2013 Oh salat CD ya oke pihaknya yang,pertama kali sih lihat ini bareng kalau,kata Oh teman-teman gua ya weintek,kau lihat ini nih salah satu yang bagus,juga kalau bagusnya itu Eh gue juga,kurang tahu ya mereka juga kurang lauk,cuman salah satu yang merek favorit,jugalah untuk ini Oke aromanya sama umum,sama susu coklat pada umumnya rasanya,manis sih dia manisnya itu agar strong,texture air,Hai rasanya manis bales manis banget,[Musik],nitrotech mirip-mirip metrotech coklat,Kalau dibilang mirip sih ini mirip sama,nitrotech yang kemarin kita review,bedanya ini agak kurang manis doang nih,terkena lebih manis harganya 5lb ini,sekitar 750.000 750 ini harganya sekitar,400-an kalau untuk harga WF wrote in the,UK menurut gua sih harganya masih What,is ya soalnya kan yukia itu teknologi,juga udah bagus,nggak kalau juga sama yues sama Jerman,juga menurut gue untuk W ini sih lumayan,tinggi harganya biasanya Woi pada,pasaran tuh 600-700 Rp50.000 pengalaman,gue beli woi gitu harga segini sih worth,di udah ada BCA dan good angin cuman,rasanya ya selera lagi sih Ya baik lagi,kadang suka akan ada supaya strong ada,juga suka ya nggak gitu strong Oke atau,yang gua tahu kalau MP Ini nih udah,salah satu tuh brand favorit juga dari,dulu mah cuman gua Emang belum pernah,cobain kalau infini belum pernah,konsumsi cuman pernah nyobain Cinema,rasanya enak cuman kalau untuk konsumsi,sehari-hari sebelum hal Muslim belum,pernah pakai coba waktu itu nggak jadi,beli,Hai kenapa kamu coba sih Ya pasti pasti,aja jadi balik sana gitu teman ini,recommended katanya dari review produk,nih gitu sih penasaran juga oke woi,kalau rasanya Ini dia lebih Netral sih,ya dia enggak terlalu manis nah ini juga,rasanya tuh nggak bikin enak sih rasanya,pas sih nggak manis dan enggak Terlalu,pahit juga teksturnya sih dibandingin,tadi ini agak kasar Kalian tadi lebih,halus cuman yang kental kalau untuk,bentuknya tadi kita kalau ini lebih cair,croce nya oke situ sih cuman gak,sekenceng yang pertama tadi cutex,nyoba encer sini ada 25 gram protein tuh,jelas banget face the gypsum protein,terus no difference not even by sirtus,perlu gluten jadi itu mungkin ini,sensitif perutnya mungkin ini Aman Galih,Gemini di sini ada tentunya pada protein,25gram dan low sugar cuma satu gram,kalsium vitamin kolesterol calories dan,lain-lain sih Oh ya kalau Kombat Wah ada,peristiwa ini nih dia tuh gabungan ya,ternyata ya Hai sholat sama konsentrat,dan Ini juga udah bebas bahan kimia sama,gluten-free kalau yang tadi itu lebih,manis dibanding ini kalau ini,Hai untuk lidah formulasi ini pas gue,lebih milih NPC karena dari kuas sendiri,biasanya gue Selalu Milikmu itu dari,kadar proteinnya sama kandungan lainnya,kalau gara-gara ini mix semoga hanya,sekitar lemas 777 ratus ribu 807 ratus,ablah Apparatus and mungkin 700an,mungkin untuk harga segitu untuk MP,Kombat ini worthed menurut gua ya worth,it cuman banget Mendingan waktu yang itu,glutamine sama BCA dan rasanya lebih,mungkin orang-orang pemula mungkin lebih,manis-manisnya bagi orang Indonesia itu,manis-manis suka banget dan ini kan,Gimana sih coba untuk harga sih,mereka like kantong masing-masing,menurut gua sih untuk orang-orang yang,baru mulai gym ini masih oke apalagi ini,kan udah gue juga nah sama kadar protein,juga standar yang paling penting sih,biasanya Cuma Lego The Movie doang bisa,kan orang habis menunggu itu sukaraya,perutnya kembung lah atau aktor efeknya,itu diare Nah jadi ini cocok buat para,pemula kalau impact ini plusnya itu dia,90% itu isolet jadi itu lebih poor,daripada MP kalau MP itu kan dia masih,selesai jadi masih gabungan jadi,sebagian itu masih konsentrat sebagainya,masih isolet Nah jadi kayak pelepasan,proteinnya pun ya lebih lama yang MV,pasti Terima kasih buat yang udah nonton,silakan like comment subscribe thank you,See you on the next video,hai hai

Combat 100% Whey Protein |MusclePharm| MP Review

hey whats up everyone my name is Robert,welcome to the spot where you can go for,fast and simple seven interviews today,Ill be talking you guys about this,muscle Pharm combat protein Im gonna go,over whats inside of it how can,possibly help you out and also were,going to get into what some people are,saying about this product today as well,right now dont worry about your time,because Im gonna take care of it Im,gonna get you all the information you,need to know in under five minutes and,at any time you feel like you might want,to try this product Ill go ahead open,up the description box I do have a link,in there for you guys right now lets,move on to this protein powder so its,by muscle Pharm theyve been around,since 2008 and they pretty much been,kicking and screaming ever since theyre,pretty much one of the most predominant,companies out there right now and I kind,of like them right Ive tried a lot of,their products out and they pretty much,just choose scientifically backed,ingredients and its a good thing to,hear from a company right so they have,this combat protein this is actually,like one of their flagship products this,is one that is theyre kind of like most,well known for right and they have,several awards,so I actually back that up on this,specific protein now they say this,things obviously gonna help you know,increase your size increase your,strength and also help you recover right,each serving that you get with this you,get 25 grams of protein now the type of,protein you get is actually whey protein,its also micellar casein and then those,egg albumin I think its so that right,basically what all that means for you,guys is just that youre gonna actually,digest this protein at various rates,over a longer period of time right so,your muscles are just gonna be fed,protein over a period of time which just,means more gains for you all right,youre just going to increase that size,increase that strength with this all,right now you also get the branched,chain amino acids in here as well and,you get glutamine so this is going to,help maintain some muscle mass for you,and its also going to get you on that,road to recovery right because if youre,hitting the gym pretty hard you want to,be able to hit it hard again the next,day right so that branched chain amino,acids the BC del blades are going to,help you do that okay now each container,you get about 68 servings per container,and this thing costs like just under,like 40 bucks right so if you take two,scoops of this per day youre paying,just barely above a dollar in a day,right its gonna last just over a month,for you so kind of makes sense for that,because youre gonna get the gains,youre going to get three,we need everything you need to get that,and its all going to be just over a,dollar a day kind of makes sense at that,point right and obviously if you take it,once a day you get it for 68 days and,you know it just makes sense re then,its less than a dollar a day but dont,take my word for it lets check into,these ratings to see what this thing,actually rates what people are saying,about it right now first off the sing,rates 4.4 stars which is pretty good,people do seem to like this product they,do like the taste theyre theyre very,well known for the taste and I think,they got an award for it actually – the,only negatives I seen is just some some,people were complaining about how they,couldnt mix their protein which you,know dont get me started on that but,well leave that along for today but,they couldnt mix their protein or,whatever but other than that everybody,else seems to be on the board with on,board with this protein actually working,and helping people increase their size,increase their strength and also help,with recovery as well all right so,thats a good thing now if youre ready,to try this out like I said I got a link,in the description box for you guys I,hope I made this fast and simple for you,as well comment below if you guys have,any questions on anything and thanks for,selling bye

MusclePharm Combat Protein REVIEW ❗️| Building LEAN Muscle

whats popping everyone this is going to,be a simple review about this protein,the mp combat protein powder muscle farm,this is going to be a simple review ill,tell you what though this is uh the,banana cream flavor it uh really does,taste like banana cream its like it has,a strong taste of banana cream so if you,like banana cream or any flavor that you,actually get itll definitely most,likely taste like it thats like one of,the the main things i noticed instantly,after trying it for the first time it,actually does taste like the flavor,you know sometimes it has that like,proteiny taste if you consume a lot of,protein you know exactly what im,talking about but this really tastes,like a banana cream so like this could,be good in like uh ice cream milkshakes,you know whatever you want to do with it,but it has 25 grams of protein thats,good its a good amount of protein i,personally like to whenever i do eat,like breakfast lunch or dinner i try to,make sure that i eat,30 grams proteins or more but,um you know if you dont have time you,just gotta make a shake real quick this,is not too bad it has,130 calories,okay,its a pretty big-ass scoop im gonna be,honest,ill show you how big the scoop is,its pretty i think thats a pretty big,scoop it looks small on the camera but,when this thing isnt filled with,protein it looks like its a pretty big,scoop,i dont know if you guys can see but,um yeah thats 130 calories has 2 grams,of total fat,1.5 grams of saturated fat,0 grams of trans fat which is huge,80 milligrams of cholesterol 135,milligrams of sodium,2 grams of carbs which is huge if youre,looking to cut,weight or if youre looking to lose,weight,um this has this doesnt have a lot of,carbs,one gram of sugar,and then it has all the vitamins 25,grams of protein we talked about that,already yeah this protein ive been,taking it for i want to say maybe about,a month or two so far,and i mean im gonna be honest i like it,i wish that it had more protein if you,guys see my older videos i did a review,on the premier protein and that had 160,calories and 30 grams of protein so i do,wish this had more you know grams of,protein today but its okay its only 5,gram difference its not too bad,this says you could take it any time in,the morning pre post workout and at,night i had an award-winning for taste,and quality,which i can see because this thing,really does taste good i think this,probably tastes best out of all my,protein powders that i have,so,if i had to rate this id probably give,this like a,8 out of 10 just because i wish the,protein was more but i would definitely,recommend this to anyone if theyre,trying to lose weight or basically just,put on muscle uh lean muscle,because the most important part is that,the carb carbs are low the fat is low,and the sugar is low i think thats very,important if youre like trying to just,put on the muscle if you want to get,leaner,this is definitely not a bulk protein so,if youre looking to bulk i would stay,away from this,id get something with a lot more,calories,that comes with the scoop so thatll,basically be it for this video honestly,nice quick video nice quick simple,review of this protein that ive been,using they also have post-workout like,the bcaas those are those are really,good i like those that really helps with,like the muscle recovery like the,soreness so this brand is is pretty good,so far this is my first year trying this,brand new brand out so,um id like to see what else they uh,could offer,make sure you guys subscribe make sure,you follow me on instagram thats one,underscore 97,make sure you follow the repair page,thats,om97 apparel,and uh stay tuned for more videos other,than that we are out,give me one more got a clean rep give me,one more got a prezi jet mount rush more,one more set need one more got a bed,give me one more got a clean rep give me,one more got a prezi jet mount rush more,one more set need one more yeah

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