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Have You Completely Overlooked the Best Show on TV? MR INBETWEEN | Flick Connection

what if i told you there is a show that,you have missed,that has crime elements as good as,breaking bad,with comedic situations that rival curb,your enthusiasm and,that this is a show currently airing its,third season,with 20 available episodes and counting,and that each episode packs in a ton of,story into their short,30 minute run time what if i told you,that this show is currently available,on fx on demand or hulu would you watch,it,in my opinion mr inbetween is currently,one of the best and most underwatched,shows on television i say underwatched,and not underappreciated because,its received plenty of well-deserved,critical acclaim,yet looking at its popularity it looks,like the fox marketing department is,smothering yet another,great show but its about a middle-aged,hitman,debt collector who is trying to juggle,his career,and his crumbling i dont even know if,we can call it family life hes got an,ex-wife,hes got an eight-year-old daughter a,girlfriend,and you do see both sides of his life,and thats interesting enough,but the character is incredibly well,written the situations he gets into are,well done,and kind of unlike anything ive seen in,a show like this before,as i said season 3 is currently airing,on fx,tuesday nights and then it will be on,hulu the following day,and you can catch up on season one and,two on hulu right now as well or,fx on demand however you get your fx in,in season one the pilot season is only,six,episodes long and at under 30 minutes,per episode,thats less than three hours to binge,watch,an incredible new ish crime series,thats shorter,than zack snyders justice league i do,recommend giving this show,three full episodes it takes a little,bit of time getting started,however if you are not hooked on this,show by the final frame of the third,episode,then maybe its not for you however if,you are as hooked as i got on this show,by that point,i can tell you the show gets better not,only does season one get incredibly good,as you get to the final episodes season,two manages to top it and ill be honest,i have not finished all of the aired,episodes,everything im reading about this show,says that it continues to get better,and better i love this show so much im,doing something i,never do im not sure if ive ever done,this,ive been watching it by myself and ive,decided to go back im halfway through,season two,im going back and im watching it with,my wife,shes loving it my dad is loving it my,neighbors are loving it,ive mentioned it to channel members,twice both with a post,and a video and i love the show,so much i wanted to do a dedicated video,to it im not going to give you any,spoilers but i do want to tell you some,of the things about this show that i,think are really fantastic things that i,think will help enhance your viewing,experience as you go into it,longtime subscribers know i rarely,recommend shows on this channel this,channel is really dedicated to movies,however i find mr inbetween to be,not only so good that i need to talk,about it but its also really great for,movie buffs at the end of this video i,will tell you about some,other fantastic movies similar,to this show that are currently,available on streaming and,where to watch them were looking for a,ray shoe smith does he,live here,okay is there somebody here who cant,answer questions,i dont answer questions so scott ryan,is not only the star of the show hes,also the writer,and creator and looking on imdb he,appears to be the only,credited writer on this show which is a,hell of a feat normally shows like this,will have,a team of writers that is a lot of heavy,lifting for,anybody writing acting hes on screen in,almost every shot,and producing this series and what,really impresses me about this guy,as a 36 year old movie buff is this guy,is in his 40s,and has no prior experience,in show business with one exception,okay if youre not there no,camera camera in 2005 he created a very,small movie called the magician where he,plays the same character,now hes starred and directed in this,movie and you can currently catch it,on to be for free you dont have to have,an account to watch it,if you love the show i do recommend it,however the movie is very,very raw because it was shot by a film,student that he knew and you can tell,when you watch it however,theres a lot of promise in it and you,can see the early makings of what would,later become this fantastic,show if you do end up getting into the,show the magician can make a really,interesting,prequel situation because it is so raw,and it was shot in 2005 so hes much,younger,it makes for something really,interesting however i wouldnt,necessarily recommend it by,itself for most people watching this,video but my point is that its,incredibly rare to see,someone his age with no real experience,in show business to suddenly break out,with a huge project like this especially,to be starring in it and writing it and,essentially having created the whole,thing,i find it really impressive and,inspiring,so scott ryan writes every episode which,i think makes the story much more,cohesive and tight,but additionally nash edgarton,directs every single episode which that,is also incredibly rare,in show business and if that name sounds,familiar hes actually the brother,of actor joel edgarton now he only has a,handful of directing credits,some of them not so great but he did one,movie,in 2008 that i really love and do highly,recommend,its called the square it also stars his,brother joel,and its just a really fantastic,thriller from australia,again you can see a lot of the promise,now this is one that i do recommend for,mass audiences while its not currently,available on any streaming platforms,here in the us it,is available to rent for just a few,bucks so if you get an itch after,watching mr in between to see more,of nashs work i highly recommend the,square and these edgarson brothers are,no strangers to thrillers his brother,joel directed the gift in 2015 which i,thought was an,expertly directed thriller and then,youve got this show,these guys definitely know what theyre,doing the consistency in the directing,and the writing,make the whole thing much more cohesive,and intentional,whereas other shows will meander go in,different directions,people have long conversations that,dont really service anything,and while it does happen here its done,in a different way that i think makes it,much more entertaining,it makes it work much better and while,im sure it has happened the only other,show that i can recall having a single,solitary writer,and a single solitary director is season,one,of true detective still one of the best,seasons of television ever made in my,opinion and just to give you an idea,how good the writing is the show,features a lot of,long drawn out scenes where theres very,little dialogue,but youre getting volumes of,information on screen,those tend to be more the crime moments,where,this guy is out by himself either doing,a hit,trying to defend himself things like,that so theres these amazing scenes,that dont have to explain much to you,with dialogue yet you get these other,scenes that are incredibly dialogue,heavy,so when a man and a woman love each,other,they have sex okay,so um,for instance theres a very long scene,where he explains where babies come from,to his eight-year-old daughter,and it feels very real it comes from a,real place,as a father myself i do identify with a,lot of those moments,and i found that those scenes of,seemingly pedestrian dialogue to be just,as engrossing,as watching this guy drive someone out,to the woods to,get rid of them the title of that,episode is i came from your balls,wait so hang on i came from your balls,then the very next episode is titled,monsters and its easily the heaviest,darkest episode of the series but,that is what this show is its this,incredible balance between this,dark crime underbelly in australia,and a guy just trying to live his life,raise a daughter and be a decent human,being,other than

Radio Labyrinth Presents – Interviews – Scott Ryan – Mr Inbetween

[Music],up until this very moment i thought i,was being catfished this whole time,well um well we know rey,doesnt answer questions but were,hoping that youll answer some questions,for us,ill answer the call,um so well you know were huge fans,and now were coming down to the last,three episodes,ever and honestly id really like to,misery you,you know like i dont want to hobble you,or anything but i would love to,chain you to a desk and make you ride,another season,and im just wondering are you getting,that response from a lot of fans,uh yeah look if a lot of people are,really disappointed that its not,uh gonna continue um uh,yeah getting a lot of that which is,great,its its its you know thats kind of,what you want you know,you dont want people to say well maybe,its time you uh,you know wrapped it up you know so,yeah youve been playing the same,character since 2005 so its its,understandable that,you might want something different look,i started i started shooting the,magician back in like,2000 i think or something so thats,21 years so,thats long enough i think i think ive,given it,i dont think anybody could say hey,listen man you know he didnt really do,enough with the character or you know,maybe get a couple more years out of it,uh i think ive done my time,last week the the high school reunion,episode i mean it was so funny,but then of of course it gets,it gets a lot more dark and then its,compelling and,its like every episode and i just i,wondered if how much of,reys past experiences if you want to,talk about it come from your own,experiences like were you bullied,as a child yeah i think so i think at,different points,uh i mean not a lot not a lot of,bullying but i did experience it,um and yeah theres a lot,of stuff there is a lot of stuff from,real life in the show,um you know thick conversations ive had,with people,um you know you got to be careful what,you say to me because,theres a good chance it might end up in,something at some point,so um but yeah i like to take from real,life i mean i dont really read,fiction i dont read fiction i read,you know non-fiction books and stuff,like that and i guess im more,interested in real life than,than than fiction justin uh rozniak,playing,gary on the show is one of one of the,fans favorites,has there been a taco maybe doing a,spin-off,gary show sitcom style you can call it,peas company,yeah id id definitely want that if,there was a gary spinner,and that would be fantastic i mean,theres a whole bunch of,theres a whole bunch of characters,there that id love to see have their,own show,or uh id love to see rosie have his own,show,and you guys have such great chemistry,are you guys friends in real life well,we are now i mean,before the show we hadnt actually met,then we sort of got to know each other,season one and now were really really,good friends,so uh and that sort of helps you know as,far as on the acting side of it you know,we,uh and a whole bunch of you know theres,this stuff weve had conversations about,that have ended up in the show so much,of your banter its,movie based and and stuff like that so i,was wondering,um are there any movies that you watched,when you were growing up thats kind of,influenced,your writing of rey films like uh,pulp fiction reservoir dogs uh,you know goodfellas casino,you know any any good sort of crime,films basically i think have probably,been,an influence but then theres also other,films that are in influence as well i,mean theres,one of my favorite parts of,the first lethal weapon that they did uh,mel gibson danny glover one of my,favorite parts of that film is when,mel gibson goes around to danny glovers,house and has dinner,and its just a conversation they have,over the table over the dinner table,um you know i love just,good dialogue i love people just talking,to each other and,and having conversations um so anybody,that does that well,um would certainly be an influence on me,i think,and speaking of directors nash,edgertons direction really seems to,seamlessly fit in with your your brand,of storytelling you like working with,him,yeah i think yeah look i think um nash,is,as always liked like he was he was a fan,of the magician when he saw that,and uh you know as a fan of his stuff,that hed done um,and yeah i think um i think were a good,fit,um as far as you know writer,directors go um weve got similar kind,of,sensibilities i think you know,creatively we find sort of the same,things funny and,and um yeah i think its i think its,i think its worked quite well the the,the relationship there,i wondered if you had always planned on,gary getting the crap kicked out of him,so many times over the course of the,series,i mean hes almost been beaten to death,like three or four times,yeah im trying to think yeah if season,one beaten up was he beaten up season,i dont think he was beating up season 2,was he,im trying to i i just felt like he got,beat up,so many times but and he just keeps,coming back,but i mean so gary is so i guess thats,why we talk about a gary sitcom just,because,like he seems like he could do almost,anything like in socks are important,how he i mean he could just be a perfect,against pedophile sex traffickers how he,found that dude,and then just in that episode like when,you came down,the stairs and you were just stripped,down and you had that shovel in your,hands,and just became wrath,you know and i think to me thats what,ray shoesmith hes so cathartic for so,many of us because he,he does what we wish we could and,i just wonder if thats how you is that,how you feel when youre writing him,youre thinking of,if i could exact justice this is what i,would do,yeah well i think its just a matter of,looking at the world the way it is and,there is so much injustice theres,people getting away with all kinds of,things and uh,you know its one of the things i like,about him is the fact that,uh you know he does things that we all,would like to do at some point but,because of fear of consequences we dont,do them and i think thats why we,i think thats why we like watching,these characters,because they live the kind of life that,we would like to live,in some ways you know um they take risks,uh theyre less fearful than your,ordinary person i guess,and theres something about that thats,um thats attractive i think,he packs so much nuance and into his,scott you as ray,packs so much nuance into the,performance that,like even hour-long dramas cant pull,this off,so its amazing that you can do it in,only you know 40-minute,show and the the smile that,that that he does before he,kills somebody or fights somebody its,amazing i love it,where did that come from was that just,uh oh thats just a natural thing,you know i just uh i guess ive got,different smiles for different occasions,depending on how im feeling and uh yeah,just sort of comes out naturally it was,never something that i,kind of worked on or stood in front of,the mirror and,practiced well i mean theres so many,episodes that,im crazy about like the peepee guy your,moms got a strong box,when we first meet dave monsters of,course but,um cant save you that one was so,amazing to me like brook satchwells,performance,as ally during that breakup scene and it,was just like heart-wrenching,and you know as the audience were all,going you know rey will never,hurt you and when she explained,her side of it it was really hard to,argue it just it really felt like it,came,from a womans perspective so i just,wondered how you got to that point when,you were writing it,i guess with that scene you know what,shes saying you,like youve made a good point you really,cant argue with it and,ray really doesnt um you cant theres,not really much he can say about it,um and as far as writing it i just,uh you know id heard stories over the,years from,different female friends i guess and,you know situations that theyd been in,and you know,ive got a bit of a um,my brain tends to take in,uh generally mostly a lot of useless,information you know i can just remember,you

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The Art of Mundanity | Mr Inbetween

passing by my parents one evening in the,lounge i saw them watching yet another,new tv show no surprise,considering they worked through about a,show a week i wasnt really expecting,much,but given i had nothing really better to,do i sat down and i joined them and oh,my days,i have never been as intrigued in this,seemingly bizarre australian crime drama,as i had been really with any other show,in a long while and having just finished,the third and sadly final season of what,i think is a masterclass for simple tv,i felt compelled to write a review or,recommendation video and break down why,it works so well hopefully without,spoiling too much because i want you,guys to watch it,ive literally never done anything like,this before so yeah hopefully thats a,testament to how good it is,im not really the only one that thinks,so given this,its practically a crime in my eyes that,the show is literally hardly talked,about i mean you can just check youtube,there are a couple clips online with,some views but compared to most,mainstream stuff,literally nobody knows about it so im,here to talk about it and hopefully ill,convince you to give it a go,miss inbetween is best described as on,australian black comedy crime,drama i mean i dont really know what,you would call it but thats kind of,what it is,created by written by ann starring our,man scott ryan hes kind of a,largely unheard of actor that also,produced a similar project called the,magician,back in 2005 where he kind of made his,debut and this in between essentially,continues following the same storyline,of the magician,where we have scots ray shoesmith a dry,cynical,divorced strip club bouncer who also,happens to be an underground criminal,for hire and,hes pretty good at it too,despite earning a pretty good living for,himself ray lives modestly somewhere in,melbourne sydney i dont know,really to be honest,taking care of his daughter on weekends,hey guys im good,coming in clutch for his bumbling friend,gary thanks rye,and looking after his brother with motor,neurone disease his boss freddie the,skittish shady owner of a club with a,tough guy facade,often hands raid these jobs for him to,do with that out of the way it should be,pretty clear that the show takes,advantage of the common,bad guy but not a bad guy trope its a,pretty familiar setup we see on tv,albeit is enjoyable like i do enjoy a,good a good anti-hero type bad guy that,you fall for,kind of thing yet to be honest the magic,of this show rather lies in rays,beautifully subtle character arc thats,made evident,the way nash akerton or edgerton dont,know how you say it hes the director of,every episode,contrasts rays mundane life to his life,of crime the genius dialogue which ill,get to later and a pacing that kind of,consistently keeps the audience on its,toes so its perfect tv to dip into,thats why i recommend it,so this video will basically be quickly,broken up into those sections character,story dialogue pacing and,themes at the end so lets get to it,characters there are obviously more than,four characters in this story but,the ones im going to talk about are the,main four that i need to mention who are,most important,to the show and reys story were gonna,start off with gary,garys rays best friend hes a bit of a,bumbling idiot and his only personality,traits are being married to a russian,and having a crippling porn addiction,that fan wanted me poor nice all in all,hes a man with a good heart and,honestly the friend that ray needs,kind of one stupid enough to help ray on,his jobs and such but,also real enough to keep him grounded,its a really nice dynamic and,some shows do really well and some shows,dont,merry christmas so take it out,for what you will,next up we have freddy hes skittish,hes actually pretty funny,hes flaky but hes actually really,watchable as well damon harriman does a,really decent job playing him,but the thing is hes far less dangerous,intimidating and street savvy than rey,at least when it comes to the world of,crime so given that freddys technically,rays boss,it creates an interesting dynamic,between the two characters you know,ones flashier,less secure person of power helping out,a more subtly confident low-key sort of,guy,i always found myself looking forward to,the next chat or meeting on screen,and then next you have britney the,daughter,shes adorable honestly inquisitive,super cute,and shes innocent and rays protective,of hers what we like to see she serves,obviously the kind of personification of,the good that lives inside of him,and because of this as we see her change,reys character is moved too,though her typical coming of age we see,in the show from a cute innocent little,girl to,you know 12 turning 18 is obviously very,standard character development but since,she isnt the main focus of the show,this development adds nicely to raids,story and isnt cliched or,annoying or contrived in any way and,lastly we have this absolute legend ray,shoesmith our protagonist,the bald man with the demonic smile hes,never played secret santa doesnt know,what misogyny is,oh what youre misogyny,whats that doesnt like sandwiches and,most importantly he doesnt answer,questions,i answer questions okay is there,somebody here who cant answer questions,i dont answer questions ray really,accomplishes a lot without really,saying much at all to be honest hes,kind of like a strong and silent,archetype,except he isnt he doesnt really give,off that vibe i mean hes pretty silent,and kind of a closed book but thats all,right whats what makes him interesting,and well i know this is like a very,familiar setup to many characters weve,seen in tv,scotts performance along with,everything else im about to talk about,makes it worthwhile thats why i want,you to watch it,uh ray doesnt really take from,anyone hes basically a professional, detector,and one thing should be clear though i,know i mentioned it earlier he isnt an,anti-hero like at all right from the,start were given an indication into who,the man is and what his codes like,and hes actually pretty normal i mean,he does a lot of the stuff any other,person does you know school runs dog,walking,video games a job raising his daughter,and when hes not doing that hes you,know,and while he has his moments of cheek,and tongue and comic relief which are,always awesome because the dialogue is,amazing,scott ryans maturity in the role is,always what shines through in my opinion,considering hes been in the role of,this character for nearly 20 years since,before he was even making the magician,hes grown a mature presence on the,screen and one that fits really well,with his intimidating character when he,needs to hes,hes one of the most watchable,characters ive seen in a long time and,along the course of the story its also,revealed he has some demons that were,yet to uncover,story in any decent movie or tv show or,book or whatever it should be relatively,clear,the plot subplots and many events that,take place are,the mechanics through which the story,tells itself right mostly through the,change in the environment,and in the characters that were dealing,with and this is no different with mr,in-between there are plenty of subplots,that take place during the show,some of them take place during all,seasons while some only transplant over,the course of a couple episodes,you know such as ray trying to help out,his daughter with a bully at school,howrah deals with his brothers,declining physical state during his most,neuron disease,or ray putting himself out in the dating,scene or,taking revenge on some pricks for,bashing his friend gary or rey is,frustrated with having to attend anger,management classes you get the gist,but its never too many at one time the,show never ever feels bloated with too,many things going on or too many minor,characters involved,and whats also noticeable from this of,course is that a lot of these subplots,that ive just spoken about,have nothing to do with his professional,criminal life although there

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Mr Inbetween | Inside Season 2: Creating Inbetween | FX

– Action!,[GUNSHOT],[MUSIC PLAYING], Production this season, its a lot bigger.,Weve got a lot more locations, a lot more characters., FX has been an incredible support.,The crew certainly has a lot more to work with., Its definitely bigger production values., Every idea is bigger and bolder., The character of Ray really ramps things up.,So thatll be a lot of fun.,, Oh!,TONY LYNCH: The fights and the gunplay and so forth,,its certainly bigger and more brutal in this season., You kmow, this–,TONY LYNCH: Nash?,Hes very thorough.,He likes every shot to work, every angle to work.,[GUNSHOTS],We want to get Scott more heavily involved in the action.,Hes got a natural ability.,Hes done some real world fight training.,And hes got some great ideas about the fight scenes.,So we just incorporate all that into our choreography,,and well work together., Youre going to push it, and then come back with it.,TONY LYNCH: We had a nice little sequence in the first block,,where we had Scott sliding a car into a tree.,A little stunt double.,Kept going, flying out the back window.,We had Scott sliding that car, and he,did a really good job, because he had,to do it in a confined space.,It had a light hanging out one side, a camera,hanging out the other side.,It had a camera on the hood.,And he also had two other actors in the car.,So it was a difficult thing to do, with a lot of pressure–,[TIRES SQUEALING],–and he pulled it off.,So he did a great job with that.,, And dust.,,Excellent., When Nash and I first met up to talk about the show,,he really wanted us to make it really truthful.,And a lot of that needs to translate,through the cinematography.,I took a very minimalistic lighting approach.,The camerawork is all hand-held.,Its all very much present in the scene.,Everything is anchored around Scott and the way,that he sees the world., Its always better to give than receive.,CLAIRE GRANVILLE: The title is a really good jumping off point–,”Mr. Inbetween.”,Hes right in the middle of these two worlds.,We have a huge mood board on our wall in the art department.,One side is the light, and one side is the dark.,The dark side is in some ways more colorful,,because it has all the neon, and it can be quite gaudy.,And then the light side is actually a bit more washed out.,Theres more beiges and bleached-out look to it., How you doing?, Theres the strong teals and cyans and colors that,come from Freddys nightclub.,I wanted to bring that further, and push those colors,throughout all the different locations,,and try and track some themes throughout the show with color.,[KNOCKING], Whos there?, Weve sort of tried to be as true to locations as possible.,I think the strength of the show is responding to whats real,and not overly designing it., Every location and situation that were,in, trying to use that to elevate what it is we see.,Its kind of like a double-edged compliment when the crew walks,in and says, oh, oh, this was lucky,,you know, like, its all done.,Its like, guys, we dressed it to look like this., Out, boy.,CLAIRE GRANVILLE: Its great that they,think it looks really natural.,But then its kind of like, god, dont you,know how much work were doing?,[LAUGHS],[MUSIC PLAYING], Theres been so many scenes.,I think the highlight so far would have been–,last night we actually shot at a Helensburgh railway tunnel., Which is a glowworm tunnel.,And we have to protect those little glowworms.,So we couldnt really shoot too much inside that tunnel., OK, here we go., And theres a secondary tunnel on the other side,of the street.,So we dressed and [INAUDIBLE] and brought in 25 tons of dirt,to lay on the ground and make tunnel two, as we nicknamed it,,look like tunnel one., So we got a chance to shoot this incredible location.,And I got to sort of do some night lighting there,,which I thinks really special.,And it had a real ominous feeling to it,and scale that this show really needs.,So I was really happy with that., Great.,Cut to reset.,[EPIC MUSIC], This season, theres going to be more energy.,Theres more scale.,Theres more action.,Theres more drama.,CLAIRE GRANVILLE: Huge set pieces, and huge excitement,,and suspense, and adventures.,Itll be really exciting to watch.,

Mr. Inbetween Seasons 1-2 Review

if youve got a problem if no one else,can help and if you can afford it,maybe you should call mr. in-between,[Music],hello ladies and gentleman my name is,smiley and today Im very very excited,to be talking with you guys about a,little show that you may not have heard,of called mister in between now mister,in between is a half-hour drama that,airs on FX and you might be thinking to,yourself,half-hour drama what the that,doesnt make any sense dramas are,usually an hour trust me it works for,this show the series follows race,Shoesmith played by Scott Ryan who,writes every single episode of the show,and his buddy Nash Edgerton directs,every single episode of the show which,on a personal note I think is phenomenal,I always love it when I see writers,actually writing every single episode of,their show and thats particularly,impressive because hes also starring in,the damn thing,so Ray Shoesmith hes a bouncer at this,nightclub but in addition to bouncing in,his spare time he also takes on jobs for,people who have problems say you need,this guy taking care of rail take care,of it for a price of course and this,show does an absolutely phenomenal job,of showing that this man is not only a,hit man hes not only a bouncer hes,also a family man particularly in the,second season theres quite a lot of him,being a father and there are some great,moments of that in the first season as,well in fact one of my favorite moments,of his being a father is from the first,season and youll know what Im talking,about when you see it and this show is,just phenomenal its not always got a,lot of action but when the action hits,it hits really hard and it hits,you over the head so quick you sometimes,dont even know what happened it feels,visceral it feels real and it feels,brutal but this show is also very funny,like I dont really know how to describe,this show without possibly ruining some,of the plot points but just know that is,absolutely phenomenal and since there,are only like 17 episodes you gotta,check it out 17 half-hour long episodes,thats not long at all take the die of,do it I think theyre all even on Hulu,if you live here in the u.s. that is and,you know if you dont thats what they,made VPNs for but you know I didnt tell,you to do that but to totally do that,watch the mister in between on Hulu even,if you dont live in the u.s. use that, VPN cuz you gotta,see the show and Scott Ryan often times,he doesnt even have to speak during a,scene hell just do like a facial,expression and itll be all the words he,needs like hes an incredible incredible,actor hes just got such incredible,nuance and you wouldnt expect that from,someone with such a small rap sheet,he absolutely nails this role and if you,dont know this show was actually based,on a film that came out I forget when it,came out but it was like at least 10-15,years ago by now called the magician,which is in fact about this same,character ray Shoesmith although this,series is more of a reboot than,following the movie in any kind of way,although if you finished the 17 episodes,and youre just craving some more I,highly recommend checking out the,magician I dont know anywhere where you,can stream it for free but I know you,can buy it on Amazon Prime I havent,actually been able to find it anywhere,else including Vudu iTunes Google Play,so if youre really interested in it I,highly recommend checking it out on,Amazon Prime I think its like 10 bucks,or 7 bucks or something its worth,checking out 90 minutes it why not,maybe one day Ill review that to let me,know in those comments below if youd,like me to do a separate video on the,magician film so yeah I dont really,want to spoil any plot points here but,one thing I will say real quick is that,his daughter I forget the name of the,girl who plays her but shes absolutely,phenomenal and hilarious,like shes really really good at this,role she communicates really well with,Ray and they just have great on-screen,chemistry that makes them feel like this,natural father-daughter pair its really,good its really entertaining and where,most shows would kind of get boring when,the father is taking his daughter out to,the mall this show actually gets really,interesting and really funny so yeah I,got a recommend that you guys see it and,without any further ado Im gonna go,ahead and give mr. in-between an awesome,8 out of 10 8 out of 10th with,potential to go higher depending on what,the next seasons bring us by the way,theres two seasons out of this show I,did not mention that and a third season,hopefully coming soon actually scratch,that eight out of ten I know I just did,this before but Im gonna go ahead and,give it a 9 out of 10 and you might be,thinking to yourself smiley you did this,once already why are you doing it again,and its because Im sitting here and,Im thinking and Im making the video,and Im just thinking about all the best,moments in the show in my head kind of,recapping it and Im just like nah man,now I gotta give it the 9 the,incredible 9 out of 10 so there you go,its an incredible series you should,really check it out anyway thats pretty,much it for this one so without any,further ado leave a like on this video,if you liked it leave a dislike if you,didnt like it leave me a comment down,below let me know what you guys thought,of mister in between or if you guys,havent seen it I dont know what you,can tell me in those comments below you,can go watch it and then come back and,tell me what you thought or you know,tell me what your favorite dark comedy,whatever let me know in those comments,down below and as always hope you guys,have an amazing weekend keep it kosher,peace,[Music]

Mr. Inbetween: The Best Show You’ve Never Heard Of.

mr in between is an excellent show that,until very recently,i had never heard of before one could,say its criminally underrated,haha no but seriously this show is,really great and i have heard,absolutely nothing about it until,randomly finding it on hulu,i mean the subreddit only has 1.9k,members and the trailer has,2.1 million views holy [ __ ] but it only,has 167 comments,so im not entirely sure whats going on,there but it is a real shame that this,show gets really no traction because it,deserves it,and not many shows these days can really,say that mr inbetween is created by,scott ryan and also stars him the story,revolves around an australian hit man,named ray shoesmith,rays a father brother and sometimes a,son to the father that he hates and he,attempts to juggle his life of crime,with his everyday normal life the,character of rae shoesmith has been,around for decades and was first shown,in the 2005 film the magician,which was a low-budget indie movie later,though in 2018,the show was able to premiere and scott,ryan reprised his role as a magician,or a true smith second season premiered,in 2019 and the third and final season,premiered in 2021.,if the story of ray shoesmith sounds,interesting to you from that short,segment then i ask that you go watch it,right now its only three seasons and as,of this recording,its over each episode is like 25,minutes,so its really short but if i havent,convinced you yet,keep watching now i know there is many,who will hear the premise of the show,and roll their eyes,its just another criminal show where it,turns out the criminal actually has a,heart of gold and only,does it because of some bad luck on the,road of life well yes,and no yes in that ray isnt just,someone who does hits for fun,that doesnt mean hes a heart of gold,either really hes a little more,in between he does however have some,kind of morals the line is often blurred,when,rey acts out of anger as he often does,in fact i would say a majority of,conflicts occur because of this issue,and he even goes as far as to join an,anger management circle in order to help,himself despite this however,it doesnt really seem like he ever,wants to really solve his problems,though i suppose it almost makes sense,because these anger issues,probably help him with his ability to,get things done with almost no problems,because in the end rey is an efficient,worker and usually is not bothered by,the things he does,usually despite his anger rey is a,doting father and tries his best to push,good moral lessons onto his daughter,brittany,while hes mostly successful when shes,younger as she grows older she goes more,suspicious of it while at the same time,becoming more argumentative and rude,basically a normal teenager but the best,part about this is,when rey and her argue he realizes how,much he is like him for example after,brittany finds rays gun under his bed,and takes it and starts to play with it,and ends up shooting it ray comes home,from,work and immediately confronts her about,why she fired the gun,she argues with him and basically says,if he didnt have the gun i wouldnt,have shot it which stumps right for,about a second,and it made me laugh because not only is,that such a kid like teenager argument,but ray can totally see himself and her,its moments like this that make this,show so excellent but really everything,about the show is excellent,including the side characters oh yes im,going to mention gary,gary is reys best bro and honestly the,kind of friend you need in life,despite crisis and danger gary sticks,with ray through it all thick,and thin and outside during some jobs,that require two people of course in,order to be an interesting character,gary needs some more characteristics,than just being a good friend,so well garys addicted to adult content,and it gets so bad that he orders a lord,forgive me for saying this word,he orders a fussy not gonna specify what,that is,you can just guess thats not even to,mention his uh peepee tapes which rey,takes the fall for,because hes a good bro like that but,eventually gary does turn his addiction,to a more useful outlet,and becomes an entrepreneur and creates,his own content,moving on we have freddy freddy is reys,sort of boss he gives him jobs and,sometimes well ask him for favors,usually he stays out of his way though,but of course this is mr in-between so,freddie has to have a fatal flaw his,flaws is gambling addiction,and he gets him into trouble sometimes,he gets beat up for it so so aly who is,rays girlfriend and bill shoesmith who,is rays father,as also many other characters who are,also equally excellent so far we have an,interesting main character that is,played perfectly by scott ryan and side,characters that are casted well now that,we have our characters we need the stage,and the plot,our state of course is australia home of,steve irwin and demis and thanks to,this show i dont know what a dimmy is,if i ever visit the land out under i,will be trying one the story mr in,between is more akin to a slice of life,than anything else there are definitely,plot points that continue throughout,most of the show but a lot of the show,has also just raised life,in fact there are a good chunk of,episodes in season two that are just his,non-criminal life and show ray doing,pretty normal things,about as normal as a hitman can be such,as hanging out with gary or his daughter,but then he takes on a more dangerous,job and thats a good part now one thing,that i havent yet mentioned,is that reys life kind of sucks,i mean so much of it just goes wrong i,dont want to spoil too much yet,but a lot of people die and reys,relationships become,strained another thing is that this show,is just brutal one thing that really,sticks out to me is when rey is a short,prison stunt after assaulting someone,and he gets an easy 10k job on the joint,all he has to do hurt this guy,because hes been causing some problems,so what does he do does he beat him up,no does he break a finger or two,no instead he puts jam in boiling water,and creates what i now know as,prison napalm i guess by the name alone,one can guess what its going to do to,the poor man on the receiving end,reynas usual fashion saunders up to the,madness cell and throws it all over him,its pretty brutal,but it helps show that despite rays,affection towards his daughter and his,friends,this man is a killer and he has no,problem maiming or murdering people,its a dark show and its also just,straight up depressing sometimes in,another episode rey is to help these two,novice killers hide their hit he goes,over to retrieve the body he not only,finds out that these two,novice killers are junkies but they have,hidden the body in their garage,yeah as i said these were novices,eventually after discussion with freddy,the terms come out to be that rey will,have to dispose of the corpse,and the two junkies so rey gets them to,come out to the outback with him and on,the way mary strikes up a conversation,with one of them they get to talking,about their family,and from that to their daughters he,talks about how of course since hes on,drugs he cant see her but he wants to,get clean for her i feel like in other,shows this would have caused our main,character to want to save him and maybe,just maybe,rey would have had mercy on him but i,doubt it its not really his character,to save people,but maybe he would have spared him but,of course,things had to go horribly wrong but,maybe would have spared him if not for,the man in the back who decided to smoke,methane at jumping with a gun,the gun to his head ray decides the,easiest course of action is to,intentionally crash the car one in the,back flies out the windshield,while the father dies in the front right,gets out of the car and lights it up for,walking away the show is dark,ive attempted to keep the spoilers to a,minimum or for the next two sections im,going to spoil the entirety of two,episodes one of them is a pretty major,spoiler for the entire show,so click

Mr Inbetween (FX/Hulu) Review

hi,today ill be reviewing currently my,favorite tv show mr in-between,just like snowfall you can catch this on,hulu and fx,mr in-between is an australian dark,comedy crime drama television series,this beautifully written show was,inspired by the cult classic indie film,the magician,before i delve into the show let me tell,you a little bit about the magician,in 2005 this film with a three thousand,dollar budget was written and directed,by scott ryan,who reprises the lead role on the show,as the protagonist ray shoesmith,rey is a hitman make no mistake about it,but on some episodes he plays the fixer,the father the bag man the brother the,friend,and mainly this guys muscle,ill get to him in a little bit,to me the magician is one of the most,clever movie titles because now you,automatically know it has nothing to do,with magic,so how did this 30 minute award-winning,film end up as a television show on fx,will allow me to introduce you to the,egerton brothers,youre more familiar with the one on the,left joel egerton who started movies,like warrior which is a must-see because,it stars two of my favorite actors tom,hardy and always remarkable nick nolte,other movies with him in it are zero,dark 30 the great gatsby bright and many,more,now his brother nash on the other hand,is a director actor and stunt man he,produced the magician,and is currently the shows director,with ryan remain as its writer now lets,talk about mr in between aka ray,shoesmith,this is a man you do not want collecting,the debt you owe,unless you have the money of course,rey is the epitome to me of a badass,and he doesnt even look it,so a lot of people underestimate him and,all end up regretting it legitimately,rey works as a bouncer for freddie,played by damon herrmann,now this guy ill watch anything hes in,a true actor,he almost stole the show as dewey crowe,unjustified but walton gagas was just,too good for anyone to outshine,well anyway damon goes on to star in,netflix hit show directed by david,fincher,mind hunter,in which he plays the infamous charles,manson,now how good was his performance on that,show so good that v quentin tarantino,cast him to play the same role and once,upon a time in hollywood,so i see great things in this guys,future i just wanted to point that out,as dark as mr in between is believe it,or not its more comedy than drama not,just so i dont go all over the place,like i normally would allow me to tell,you why i truly love this show,as intimidating as rey is,hes just a man he cares for his dying,brother he tries to be the best dad to,his daughter hes trying to fall in love,he has to juggle all of this along with,being a gun for hire,so even though rey is a bad guy youll,still find yourself rooting for him,because anything can happen at any,moment and that suspense keeps the show,going,imdb gives mister in between an 8.6 me,id go ahead and give it a solid nine,and top it off by giving it five flames,out of five,and to be clear the show is only three,seasons because the creator scott ryan,wants to move on and i can only imagine,how exhausted he is because he has,embodied this role since 2005.,and although i have a feeling its not,the last well see of the magician i,still cant wait to see what scott ryan,does next,so please check it out and until next,week where ill be reviewing a netflix,documentary called how to become a,tyrant,be well

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