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Ms. Marvel: Season 1 Review

[Music],everythings just changing really fast,ms marvel stands alone in the mcus,television output in that it isnt,fronted by a returning character or in,the case of moon knight an a-list actor,but considering this is a coming-of-age,tale its fitting that they cast a,newcomer to captain this ship not that,you can tell its imanvillanis debut as,kamala khan she confidently leads this,origin story with infectious charm its,a journey crossing continents and time,all while delivering a solid sense of,community the six episode series never,loses its sense of wonder or humor,bolstered by its bold color palette and,striking visuals,how does she convince everyone that,shes good,[Music],good its not a thing you are kamala,it is a thing you do,pairing a high school set story with the,discovery of superpowers is a tale as,old as spider-man great,yeah thats great and there is a risk of,repeating the path taken by every,version of peter parker thankfully,kamala steps out of this enormous shadow,and miss marvel offers a new perspective,on the identity crisis that impacts,almost every figure who finds themselves,able to do the extraordinary even before,she put on the mystical bracelet kamala,struggled to recognize her place in the,world by the end of the finale she,hasnt magically solved this relatable,existential quandary however the,newfound strength extends beyond the new,piece of jewelry she sports,the changing dynamic with her parents,and how the series subverts the strict,mother archetype is at the core of this,growth to go from forbidding their,daughter to go to avenger khan without,parental supervision to encouraging her,heroic endeavors is quite the leap but,showrunner bishke ali has so expertly,plotted this shift that it doesnt feel,contrived rather than paint muniba and,yusuf as two-dimensional figures with,little wiggle room for change earlier,episodes hinted at complexities plus it,is impossible to ignore the spark that,hints at their wilder days if it wasnt,for slippery when wet your father and i,may never have met,and the visit to kamalas ancestral home,further adds to their rich backstory but,given how much is squeezed into this,series it is hardly surprising that,there are some shortcomings the thinly,painted clandestines have a clear,objective but even with the red dagger,explainer and flashback scenes there,isnt much to this group of antagonists,it also doesnt help that the way this,group of warriors is caught and their,subsequent escape is pretty goofy while,the clandestines are underutilized the,introduction of komron and kareem means,this storyline isnt without its merits,not only are the two former enemies,connected by the end but kamala got to,have not two but three love interests,each pairing shows her growing,confidence and valani deftly portrays,how each discovery leaves its impact the,first muslim superhero tag comes with a,lot of weight and expectation and miss,marvel does not shy away from,highlighting this community even if,kamalas non-superhero friends are,absent from the middle part of her story,[Music],however all of the threads eventually,come together in an emotionally charged,and fun high school standoff returning,directors adil and bilal recapture the,exuberance of the pilot during this,sequence with sweeping camera moves a,pumping soundtrack and enough energy to,fuel the jersey city power grid miss,marvel is consistent with its themes and,messaging which also helps it stick the,landing something other shows like,wandavision with its extended final,fight whiffed kamalas journey has only,just begun but thankfully miss marvels,first season doesnt come across as a,means to introduce this character into,the main story before ditching this,corner of jersey city undoubtedly valani,is the breakout star equally adept at,conveying wide-eyed enthusiasm as,depicting uncertainty and fear but just,as kamala doesnt walk alone the series,success also lies in the supporting cast,that makes up the rich community,[Music],over the first season ms marvel has,greatly balanced a coming of age and,superhero origin story kamalas dynamic,with her parents has shown significant,organic growth and muniba is far from a,strict mother archetype south asian,culture and history play an essential,role in the story and atmosphere further,opening the mcu world kamalas,friendships and burgeoning romances are,other highlights but while the finale,sticks the landing the clandestines are,too underserved to have a significant,impact the heart of miss marvel belongs,to iman valani who has come across as a,star since the first episode and the,finale assures her ascent,are you sure that we can keep that on to,know mine thats a lawsuit great thatll,make captain marvel in court it wont be,the first case in the american judiciary,to hug it out for more mcu reviews check,out what we thought of the first seasons,of moon knight and hawkeye and for,everything else stick with ign youre,kamala khan youre gonna save the world,then youre gonna save more,ive never seen powers like that bring,her in,everythings just changing really fast,if you save one life,you save the world

Honest Trailers | Ms. Marvel

this episode is presented by ikea,[Music],a hero can come from anywhere,manhattan,brooklyn,even other parts of new york city where,you from,greece but now the mcu asks you to,imagine the impossible,could anything good come from jersey,yeah buddy time to gt triple l gym tan,lay my life on the line for you bunnies,let me slam a hoagie and take a shidoobi,first though,miss,marvel iman vilani stars as kamala khan,the first pakistani american in the mcu,to not play an indian guy i,when a magic bracelet unlocks her inner,mario maker,shell join the mcus next wave of cool,female heroes who have to carry the,heavy burden of standing for captain,marvel i know some of you think well she,abandoned the people of earth but like,look its its not true can a woman just,live oh so thats where her stretching,powers went carol damers went away,shed punch a hole in space and time and,shed help them now yeah and then shed,blow up your brothers wedding in a red,sox jersey,kamala must learn to come out of her,shell at school and learn to be proud of,who she is which hell accomplish after,one episode,then spend the rest of the time running,from damage control the department,disney activates when shuri posts an,anti-vaxx video i mean the group,responsible for controlling all the,damage that they themselves create they,already blew up my apartment,theyre all locked into battle against,the clandestines exiles who want to,return to their world even though its,made of glass shards it turns you into a,spooky skeleton,gives your only son a cosmic tummy ache,not a great plan,but kamala wont face another poorly,developed marvel villain alone shes got,three helpers spread evenly across the,kind geek to questionable bad boy,spectrum bruno a swagless peter parker,cant really train today,oh we dont hook up with bru no no no no,the hunky movie geek comrade do you like,watch bollywood movies obviously and the,other hunky movie geek kareem come with,me if you want to live what ive always,wanted to say that two hunky movie geeks,in one show,sure,and of course back at home is kamalas,doting mother who starts out not,trusting her at all no i dont trust you,but after her daughter keeps,disappearing in foreign countries for,hours at a time totally learns her,lesson and we trust her right oh that,makes sense,so enjoy a show disney clearly didnt,believe in or they wouldnt have buried,the first three episodes under obi-wan,which is a shame because the directors,made it look cool its an american show,thats not full of evil muslims for a,change and oh by the way it officially,brings mutants into the mcu theres,something different,in your genes like a mutation,come for the origins of x-men stay for,the origins of pakistan we must go back,to a pivotal moment in the indian,struggle for independence,starring,the fantastic nor,marty mcshy,dont tell mom the super power spread,yeah ive got a girlfriend shes another,dimension though you wouldnt know her,kareem abdul dagar,another mcu nakia how we run out of,character names already,mad about yusuf diver and cleary damage,control oh i get it the bad guys are dc,quentin tarantino somebody stole my,shoes that joke again we are trying to,drop the name nightlight thats a bad,name it just sounds like its for,five-year-olds red daggers,what are you gonna have pakistani boy,band and when you know youre really in,trouble,youre not going anywhere i know this is,the worst possible time to ask but,kamala khan,you know after watching this in rr last,month i think we can all agree on one,thing,nobody on earth likes the british,this episode was presented by ikea start,your heroic higher ed journey at ikea,usa.com back to college,its days like these that i curse the,chinese for inventing gunpowder,its always say this epic voiceover guy,and never how is epic voiceover guy oh,thanks im doing okay

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Ms. Marvel Season Finale – Just Plain BAD Now! – Angry Review

you ready for my non-lethal rounds joe,bye-bye,enhanced rounds,non-lethal i want this kid taken alive,oh my god uh,welcome to our episode,six,season finale of miss marvel in which,nine millimeter and five five six and,assault rifles in all manner of machine,guns count as non-lethal ammunition,enhanced rounds,non-lethal i want this kid taken alive,its episode was uh,not good uh,and uh you know there there was maybe,one or two uh scenes that i enjoyed in,it and overall it felt so rushed uh so,meaningless so like uh,inconsequential just so one of the worst,villains so far in any marvel series uh,these clandestines,uh and uh and the dd ho c whatever the,[ __ ] theyre called the damage control,just [ __ ] and thats our bill thats,thats its like one extra episode that,we didnt need and and but we kind of,needed it because the last one had,nothing to do with kamala and nothing,was resolved and then we guess we kind,of get a resolution to kamrans,character and kind of kamala,and then a,confusingly filmed uh,bumper at the end of the episode did you,watch that alex is that alex saw it once,before us me and joe just finished,saying it alex by the way refused to,come upstairs to watch it,once is enough once was enough for him,uh he was downstairs playing magic and i,wish thats what i was uh i had done,that as well because uh yeah um,damn guys this went from one of the most,uh promising and unique and different,and uh highlighting different cultures,and and lets do the fun spider-man kind,of teen,hero thing and and it was doing it well,and then it just lost its way boy it,went off the rails and then gave us some,of the worst villains like i said before,and then a really weak resolution,thats my opinion i cant believe we,reviewed every single one of these and,honestly if i wasnt angry joe and,reviewing all the you know the marvel,stuff i i would have stopped watching,you know and but and thats what it,feels like it all this feels like extra,content that i wouldnt have seen,otherwise what did you guys think,this was super rushed this honestly did,not feel like a finale,it just felt like a super filler or,something like this episode right before,the finale yeah like we just jumping,into this episode i was like wait whats,going on here like it just felt the,editing was just all over the place,theres not really a character arc with,cameron,just cameron camron theres no character,arc youre just like okay well were,just gonna have you do this for this,sake and hes just doing stuff just,because hes stupid the the script,presents it and and the script kind of,falls apart,the other way somewhat strong writing is,is falling apart into tropes and,characters just appearing just because,they were written to be in that scene,they just happened to be there at that,point particular but like though,the worst of the worst the trophies of,the trophy its like come on yeah this,was supposed to be like humorous or,something but uh nothing landed uh with,me it was,boring okay yeah um this series started,out in in my opinion a pretty good spot,right like it had a ton of flavor and a,ton of charm and theres some,interesting characters and a ton of,potential but one of the things that we,pointed out pretty early that i was,pretty pretty hard on it it was like,look this is starting to feel a little,young adult cw drama where things start,making less sense its more about who,shes got a crush on this week and it,just completely and totally devolved,into exactly that this is a childs tv,show this is,federal agents and im not talking fb,im talking damage control they hunt,potential super super human people and,they are losing to children with,baseball their guns can barely knock,over,school desks but didnt cameron get hit,with it and thats why he couldnt walk,this episode or is that why he couldnt,walk because remember he was injured in,the hallway to be hit by some of those,nine millimeters or something i dont,know well he got injured in the hallway,remember that stupid hallway and thats,why they left him i guess he can,remember this is filmed,so like,it it breaks its own immersion like,literally the agent lady makes a point,of saying these are children,lets use non-lethal i just want to know,who it is the very next at the end of,the,at the very next battle,open fire im just gonna show you the,two scenes right next to each other,enhanced rounds,non-lethal i want this kid taken alive,but we can,it makes no [ __ ] sense,in fact i have a conspiracy theory at,the beginning of the episode its a,trigger warning this means,right so i think maybe that first scene,that they injected was a reshoot,i think they just put it in there to try,to give her character,uh so that people wont be [ __ ] mad,at her that shes just like shooting up,kids immediately because she just shows,up and just starts shooting kids so they,had to soften her in some way by saying,no im going to use non-lethal oh shes,going to use naughty oh she must have,forgot what she said but she truly is a,nice person,or shes not that villainous because she,was or or it doesnt trigger me as hard,because they said they werent gonna i,dont know it makes no sense because if,thats not it if they didnt put that,later there for for political,correctness over the events that,happened a mass shooting in in uh you,know texas uh where the cops stood,around on their [ __ ] phones with,their [ __ ] punisher backgrounds and,[ __ ] [ __ ] and [ __ ] pieces of,[ __ ] cant [ __ ] do their job,and,and they put that in there for that or,its really bad writing but its like,nobody went through the script and said,well why did you write that she wants to,not hurt anybody and use non-lethals and,then show up with machine guns at the,end and then just start firing,it doesnt make sense,the stakes of this show went from the,our world is going to end if the,clandestines go home yeah,like big boom right kill,millions,in our world if someone happens to,survive to,memorize im going to use a bicycle and,a red hood and some baseballs and i did,they throw marbles on the floor because,im probably going to do this,to help uh our friend who is uh having,explosive diarrhea uh well his powers,are are undulating and we need to have,him escape the ddoc and he kept trying,to kill people and shes like trying to,be like hey hey hey hey dont dont in,fact does does he actually i think he,actually kills people he tried to,but but wait a minute and again this is,another confused filming one scene he,uses his power it breaks the entire,[ __ ] building and she looks at it and,the the show makes a point of oh my god,if he fires that again and it hits this,guy this guys gonna [ __ ] die,and then not 30 seconds later is he,hacking up dudes with the same power and,even knocking them from under the car,look look,what the [ __ ] that motherfuckers dead,that motherfuckers ripped in 15 pieces,like what i dont understand,the power is consistent its so,inconsistent youre like what is going,on is he reducing his powers why when he,was just trying to i,oh i dont i dont get it but its,because we got we have to make cameron,nice because,love interest because if he starts,killing people then they throw that,story potential out and the riders like,no we cant have that we need to have,the lock right there because his moms,dead hes like what happened to my mom,shes dead okay,now im mad im gonna go kill everyone,that his mom this that this is the,stupidest except for when she said dont,do that and hes like youre right yeah,because every time anyone is bad in this,show all kamal has to do is go hey dont,and they go oh [ __ ] yeah my bad youre,right and apparently the mother in,whatever single instance turned from the,most evil person she would get because,of her son,because this story says she somehow,simultaneously sacrifices herself and,gives her son all her power simultaneous,i dont i dont [ __ ] know what,happened,none of it makes it its just written in,a way where its like and then the power,from the mo

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Siêu Anh Hùng nhí Marvel 2022 – Review phim Ms Marvel 4 5 6

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Ms. Marvel – Season 1 Spoiler Review!

miss marvels completed its first season,on disney plus and i have my,spoiler-filled thoughts right now,[Music],this review is brought to you by upside,download the free upside app and use,promo code dan merle to get five dollars,or more cash back on your first purchase,of ten dollars or more and stay tuned,till the end of this review for more,info hello everybody and welcome to my,review of season one of miss marvel the,latest mcu show on disney plus it just,wrapped up its first season a couple,days ago i am gonna be spoiling the show,in this review i did a non-spoiler,review for the first couple of episodes,a few weeks ago this is about the entire,first season im going to be going into,plot details so if youre not caught up,yet on this marvel you should probably,go do that and then come back for the,rest of this video one overwhelming,question ive had and it doesnt even,really have to do with the show itself,is what disneys marketing and release,strategy was on this show because the,first three or four episodes,were released at the exact same time as,obi-wan kenobi which is a much more,high-profile show with apologies to miss,marvel and i still cant quite get my,head around it because it didnt seem,like there was a scheduling reason its,not like this show had to be out before,thor love and thunder some people have,suggested that maybe they wanted to get,it out because of some of the things,well talk about that they revealed in,this final episode before marvels big,hall h panel at comic con but even if,thats the case you can still put it out,on a different day like why did it have,to be on the same day at the same time,as another big show now some folks have,said that they dont really see the big,deal because going back to like network,tv well they run multiple shows at the,same time but network and streaming are,two different things its all about kind,of capturing the buzz in the moment,instead of having appointment television,every single week to me this is kind of,like if netflix had released stranger,things and ozark at the same time you,only have so much bandwidth to promote,as a company the social media buzz went,first and foremost to obi-wan kenobi,thats what people were watching when it,dropped and then ms marvel was kind of,an afterthought and i just dont really,understand that i dont really see the,need for disney plus to drop shows at,three oclock in the morning on the east,coast here in the u.s and i dont really,see the need for them to drop multiple,shows and huge franchises at the exact,same time but im not in charge of,marketing and well see if its,something that they continue to do going,forward turning to the show itself,something that i really complimented,based on the first couple episodes and,it has really borne fruit throughout the,entire series is the casting of iman,valani shes an absolute natural for,this role she reminded me a lot of when,tom holland took on the role of peter,parker in that she just seems like the,perfect fit for how they wrote this,character do you have a favorite food,ice cream pizza is that two foods or one,food one i put ice cream on pizza did,someone say ice cream pizza i like the,flavors thats really crazy iman velani,really was just able to sell this,character based on her infectious joy,her energy her charisma theres a lot of,times where you cast apart youre like,oh thats pretty good casting but there,are a few other times where you look at,a role in an actor and youre like that,actor was made for that role and thats,how i feel with iman valani in this show,i also think that ms marvel is a great,example of the potential of,representation and diversity the real,potential in movies and tv and other,entertainment ive been very skeptical,in the past including recent disney and,marvel movies and tv shows where i felt,that the representation felt a little,bit cynical a little bit try hard,especially when it is filmmakers from,one community who are trying to,represent characters from another,community im not saying that that cant,happen but sometimes its a bit of an,awkward fit this show though felt so,natural and i think that it is because,it is a story about a pakistani family,starring an actress who was born in,pakistan from a creator who comes from a,pakistani family and with several,writers and directors who are of asian,middle eastern and african descent now,im not saying that only people from,certain backgrounds can tell the stories,of the people from the same backgrounds,but what i am saying is that ms marvel,had a very natural authenticity to it,and as somebody who is only casually,aware of pakistani history particularly,the events that they go into in this,show it also educated me about the,partition and the separation of families,but in a way that felt inherent to the,storytelling and when we talk about,diversity and representation in media i,think that ms marvel is a great example,of the potential and honestly what i,think it should be which is an exchange,of culture and exchange of heritage and,exchange of history in a way that brings,it to audiences of all races and all,religions and all backgrounds i also,think that this show is a wonderful,depiction of muslims in america and a,type that we dont often see we see,their practices and the challenges of,being muslim in america and even the,imperfections of some of the more,traditional muslims and i also think,that the show really put on display the,kinds of teachings that you actually see,inside almost every american mosque,remember just because someone treats you,as their enemy doesnt give you the,right to treat them as yours i actually,connected to this show much more on a,character level with the people that we,met than i did on a superhero level now,ideally you would connect with both in a,comic book based show but if i were,given the choice i would prefer to be,more drawn to the characters and not the,action i think that miss marvel as a,superhero thus far is fine i like the,vibrance of the light powers but i,wasnt a fan of the oversized arms and,legs that we saw in the finale i think,it looked a little bit goofy and this is,in a world where ant-man exists the,whole idea of the gin and the nord,dimension felt like something weve seen,before marvel has done this a lot where,theres a destructive dimension and its,going to overtake earth and weve got to,seal the barrier that all felt as,familiar as the cultural stuff felt,fresh it was kamalas family their,interactions and their history with each,other that i found fascinating not the,mythology behind it you were just,so perfect,thats what kamal means in arabic,perfect one of the big things that i did,not see coming was the use of this show,to introduce mutants into the marvel,cinematic universe theres something,different,in your genes,like,like a mutation now its not a shocker,because weve known this is coming for a,while since the fox merger weve already,had professor x show up in an alternate,multiverse in doctor strange and the,multiverse of madness but still a lot of,people i think were hoping that the show,would stick a little bit closer to the,comic book origins where kamalas powers,were linked to the inhumans and not,mutants i can honestly see it a little,bit both ways the humans have never,really had their fair shake at marvel,they had the very not well received tv,show you had black bolts show up in,doctor strange in the multiverse of,madness but not for very long there was,a very extensive storyline about,terrigen mist etc on agents of shield,but theres really been nothing done,with that and i understand that people,that are fans of that pocket of the,marvel universe would really like to see,it done justice at the same time its,really not that shocking that the mcu,really wants to get the wheels rolling,on mutants and get some of those,announcements out there and it honestly,may help the mcu because i think theres,a perception among some not everybody,that the mcu is kind of in searc

Ms Marvel Trailer – How NOT To Build A Hero

so i think its fair to say that marvel,havent exactly distinguished themselves,when it comes to their tv shows on,disney plus fun though it was watching,them methodically destroy degrade and,humiliate characters like wanda theyll,never know what you sacrificed for them,falcon youve got to do better senator,youve got to step up and loki,[Music],pathetic,well using them as convenient,mouthpieces for the message they just,didnt quite hit the mark for me damn i,was so jaded with the whole thing that i,couldnt even bother my arse to watch,hawkeye so needless to say i wasnt,exactly brimming with excitement when,they announced yet another show to add,to their growing lineup this time,featuring a character id never heard of,with vague poorly defined powers played,by an actress id never seen in anything,else before whose defining motivation,seemed to be that she just wanted fame,and attention uh okay and now that ive,seen the first trailer for the show my,biggest takeaway was damn this really,doesnt feel like the right way to,introduce a superhero the main character,came across as kind of bland and,unengaging relying mostly on her,religion and skin color to define,herself there was no mention of an,antagonist or overarching threat of any,kind the art style was apparently,designed to appeal to 12 year old,children with adhd and as far as i could,tell there wasnt even a compelling,origin story for her it all just felt,like bright colorful disposable fluff,without an ounce of substance behind it,but hey never let it be said that the,drinker goes into things with a closed,mind so rather than just embark on,another big rant about how ms marvel,clearly sucks and its doomed to fail i,thought it might be interesting to break,it down a little bit and offer some,positive constructive suggestions on how,to do it better because as we all know,marvel wants all of us to do better so,first things first lets get the basics,out of the way as far as i can tell for,any superhero to function properly they,need four main things one a compelling,origin story two unique clearly defined,powers and abilities three an internal,struggle four and external threats for,an example of all of these lets take a,quick look at tony stark his origin,story is that hes an arms dealer a,wealthy man and kind of a smug,narcissistic [ __ ] but when he gets,ambushed captured and badly injured by,terrorists armed with his own weapons,hes forced to build both an arc reactor,to keep himself alive and a suit of,armor to help him escape captivity both,of these things then go on to become the,core of his new identity as iron man his,new suit gives him immense strength and,endurance he can fly he can shoot,repulsor beams and use a selection of,advanced weapons to take down his,enemies he has clearly defined powers,and limitations unfortunately tony,remains a deeply flawed man with flawed,thinking hes haunted by a lifetime of,bad decisions and his instinctive,response when he encounters a problem is,to solve it through direct action which,only tends to make things worse in the,long run taking down one enemy only,attracts the attention of bigger more,dangerous opponents some of whom even,learn from his achievements to create,their own,time to read the world of weapons,you gave me this best one ever overall,hes a pretty well developed,well-written hero which is probably why,hes so popular even today now lets,consider ms marvel well i think the,first thing we need to do is understand,what the hell ms marvel is and where she,comes from so bear with me for a minute,as i take you on a short journey into,the madness of marvel comics so as far,as i can tell ms marvel is a kind of,umbrella identity thats been used by,several different characters over the,years the first one was carol danvers,who inherited their powers from the,original captain marvel which was,actually a cree hero named marvel but,then he died so danvers just kind of,stole his name ray skywalker style and,the title of ms marvel passed on to,sharon ventura then she turned into a,female version of the thing and joined,the fantastic four because yeah sure why,not then the title passed on to a,villain named carlos sofin before,finally winding up with kamala khan a,teenage girl from new jersey great so,its like a fourth handy title given out,to a complete nobody likes some kind of,half-arsed consolation prize but okay,fine lets work with it so whats,kamalas origin story in the trailer,well apparently shes a high school,student that struggles to fit in doesnt,know what she wants to do with her life,lists after boys that are out of her,league and spends most of her time,daydreaming about being a superhero fair,enough but why does she do this well,because it will make her popular and,accepted and give her the boy of her,dreams not a great plan,now her general situation is roughly,comparable to steve rogers who was a,nobody that had been overlooked by the,rest of the world but dreamed of being,something more the difference here is,that steves ambitions were born out of,a desire to help people serve his,country and make a difference to the,world he didnt volunteer to become,captain america so he could become,powerful desirable and famous he did it,because it was the only way he could,fight for what he believed in but with,camelot theres no real higher goal or,desperate situation forcing her to pull,herself up to be something better her,origin is one of envy jealousy avarice,and self-serving ambition just fame for,fames sake its the same kind of,mentality that makes millions of vacuous,untalented kids flock to tick-tock or,even worse youtube,all desperately trying to catch that,wave of fame and success because the,terrifying prospect that their lives,might not be anything particularly,special is like sunlight to a [ __ ],ginger person its not like shes even,getting bullied or harassed at school to,give more context to this that would at,least have given her some kind of,motivation to escape to something better,but her life already seems perfectly,fine she has a reasonable group of,friends decent social skills and she,even gets invited to house parties i,mean probably the worst thing that,happens to her is that some random girl,pronounces her name wrong,kamala kamala damn man you should try,going to school in scotland if there,wasnt at least one stab in a day we,considered it an epic win and any,teacher that dressed like this wouldnt,have lasted five minutes so what about,her powers well she seems to inherit,them by putting on a magical bangle that,she finds in erratic and well thats it,shes a superhero now she didnt have to,lose anything in return for these powers,and she didnt have to suffer or strive,to attain them she just puts on the,bracelet and there it is now she can do,stuff but what exactly can she do well,based on the trailer she can make energy,shields to walk on air and protect her,from gunfire project blasts from her,bracelets and turn her fists into giant,fists for some reason i mean thats a,bit different i guess but it does make,me wonder how useful it would actually,be in most situations not to mention how,[ __ ] ridiculous it would look on,screen notice how the trailer is,extremely light on details like that,generally though in terms of her powers,and abilities she seems more like a,discount captain marvel with a touch of,mr fantastic thrown in damn even her,outfit is just like captain marvel with,a skirts actually now that i think about,it how does she even know who captain,marvel is i mean her existence was kept,secret until the events of end game and,even then she only showed up for like,two minutes in the final battle before,you know,nah who cares these are just details so,thats her origin and her powers taken,care of but what about internal,conflicts whats kamala wrestling with,deep down whats your biggest fear,weakness insecurity or flaw that really,defines who she is as a person well,its not really the brown girls from,jersey city,you sa

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