1. Why Mud Wtr is Wrong…
  2. MUDWTR Review (Pros and Cons of MUD WATER)
  3. I Quit Coffee For A Week And Drank MUDWTR Instead | Did it help?
  4. MUDWTR Review after 6 months of use (MUD WATER drink)
  5. Is Coffee DEAD?! My 30 Day MudWtr Review Shocked Me!
  6. 30 Days Of MUDWTR TRANSFORMATION Honest Review
  7. Honest MUD/WTR Review | Coffee Alternative?

Why Mud Wtr is Wrong…

um,[Music],so this just came in the mail and mud,water is a mushroom coffee or its more,like a mushroom coffee alternative and,im just gonna im just gonna come out,and say it i really dont like their,marketing ive never said that about a,company before but today were gonna,talk about that first though i wanna try,it and this is gonna be completely,unbiased i mean they have no idea making,this video but i will not allow my,thoughts on how they market their,product to affect my thoughts on the,product itself i want to test this i,want to try it i want to see how good it,is does it even come close to tasting,like coffee so were going to do that,but first lets open the box now this,cost me around 60,but this is the premium package it comes,with like your starting kit if you will,that is a quite steep entry price,for brewing a beverage every morning,cheaper than coffee though especially,the things that we talk about on this,channel in the box we have a greeting,starting from the mud now were here,thats a great one and then we have some,instructions here on how to brew mud,water a little,nicely printed booklet that says your,morning your new morning ritual mud,water and i will say the branding of mud,water is on point very hipster if you,will support your local sunrise,then weve got three little bags here,this is a decaf decaf mud water and then,this one is a sweetener and its a,coconut palm sugar that sounds actually,pretty good and then a coconut milk for,our creamer and then in here we got this,tin which is our mud water itself and it,lists its ingredients on the front which,is malsala chai and this is just your,black tea your ginger your cardamom,cloves nutmeg and black pepper nothing,wrong there that actually sounds pretty,delicious we got uh cucao which is,basically the root ingredient of of,cocoa from my understanding we got,lions mane which is a mushroom weve,got quarter steps which is a type of,fungi we got chaga rishi cinnamon,turmeric and himalayan salt those,ingredients actually sound well,incredibly healthy but they actually,dont sound bad except for maybe the,cordycep thats if you dont know what,that is,google it then we have a mixing,whip what do they call this the whip,okay this is going to make the process,just a little bit easier especially if,this is something you want to do every,day the easier it is to do something the,more likely you are to repeat it day,after day so i guess now we should brew,it weve got our fancy spoon,[Music],that that actually smells good it smells,well it smells like a chai tea you know,its spicy,black pepper,cinnamon if you didnt tell me what this,was i think its chai tea so it says,take a tablespoon of mud okay so were,doing volumetric here and then were,going to add that to our cup and then,were going to fill up our cup with,water,[Music],[Applause],i cant say this looks pleasing you know,this kind of looks like the espresso,orange juice that i made a few months,ago,it smells good its a little clumpy,were gonna give this a try,[Music],its a little astringent when you say,mushrooms that doesnt attract me at all,i think its,that chai that cinnamon is definitely oh,that aftertaste,okay,its earthy,oh,drinking it black its like a very,earthy chai tea we should try the,creamer this might be my saving grace,here,[Music],its a little more enjoyable lets just,get this straight this is not coffee,this doesnt taste like coffee not even,close and i dont really think its,trying to obviously this is advertising,itself as a coffee alternative but if,youre wanting something that tastes,like coffee,chief this aint it this is a chai tea,a very strong chai tea,that has aftertaste of,dirt it is called mud water this is not,going to replace your daily coffee,unless you dont care about the taste of,coffee,i kind of do i really like coffee i do,want to talk about something very,important this says it has 1 7th the,caffeine of coffee now coffee depending,on the size your beverage will have,anywhere from 150 milligrams or up to,250 milligrams of caffeine maybe more,too much caffeine can result in anxiety,and unsteady heartbeat panic attacks and,so i do appreciate the idea that hey we,need to be aware of the effects caffeine,has on our body this is claiming to,avoid that nobody likes to be tired,nobody likes to be drowsy as much as we,love our cup of coffee its a terrible,side effect friends be aware be aware of,caffeine intake be smart,know your caffeine tolerance,maybe its two cups a day know when you,start to get those jitters know when you,start to hit a wall where theres too,much caffeine and stop now can we talk,about marketing for a second you may,have seen one of their ads before if you,have you probably know that theyre a,little aggressive you know theyve used,terms like well,and i understand that coffee is,inherently their opposition but,reality is coffee is not evil it is a,beautiful wonderful product of this,earth and to say that coffee is is evil,because we cant control our caffeine,tolerances or understand the side,effects of coffee is not a fair,statement coffee is a beautiful process,from seed to cup its a beautiful thing,its communal it brings people together,to sit across from a table and enjoy a,cup of coffee over conversation but more,than that its a wonderful industry that,employs tens of thousands of people,around the world so mudwater if you ever,do see this i love what youre trying to,do here but i would challenge you that,coffee is more than caffeine its so,much more than that its a journey from,a farmer whos had a farm for,generations to produce it in such a way,that it can produce different flavors,from different fermentations and,different processing methods to,importing and exporting it and roasting,it in such a degree that care is at the,utmost of levels and then to brewing it,in such a way that we care about,everything to the exact tenth of a,degree of extraction it can be,incredibly nerdy but it can be,incredibly beautiful coffee is more than,caffeine,coffee is a lifestyle coffee is a,community,coffee is you and i so while i,understand this and maybe this isnt my,cup of tea,it is for somebody else,but in the process lets not demonize,the opposition,theres already enough separation in,this world thats my hot take today and,well see you guys all in the next video,peace,[Music]

MUDWTR Review (Pros and Cons of MUD WATER)

hey my name is eric and today we are,talking about,mud water so if youre looking into this,you probably got served an ad or you,know somebody that has tried this and,likes it,um what im gonna be telling you about,is the good and the bad,of trying this out and im actually,about 45 days into using this,and i do find that there is pros and,cons to it so before we get to the cons,just a quick kind of little update as,far as the ingredients here,im not gonna go into all of them,because you can research that on your,own but if you are looking for a little,bit,more detail on all the ingredients in,the description below i will put details,on all of them from,masala chai to cacao lions made chaga,rishi cinnamon turmeric and himalayan,salt because apparently himalayan salt,and everything these days um,so the reason that i originally tried,this out is that for me,and this could be the case for you i got,pretty jittery from coffee and i was,doing a bad job of kind of listening to,my body,i just kind of kept consuming more and,more coffee especially in the summer of,2020 because i was a little stressed out,having a full house of little kids,and what i found was i was feeling worse,and worse as i was drinking more coffee,i actually dont drink this first thing,in the morning and,the reason that i dont is i like to do,intermittent fasting so i like to start,eating around 11 oclock 12 oclock for,my eating window,um and if you do look at the container,it does say that there are 20 calories,so,if you are somebody who intermittent,fast i would suggest still starting with,like a black coffee is what i do in the,morning,and then around 11 oclock this gives me,really good energy and a good mood,um and i really do believe in the mood,part of it and the reason for that,is i ran out of this particular supply,and then what you can see on the screen,is i did a 90 day supply which is the uh,big bag that you can see and um it was,about,five days that i didnt have it and i,one day i was like i dont know whats,wrong i just dont feel like im in a,good mood anymore,and i realize it might be from this so,thats one of those things,this could be placebo effect its kind,of hard to say whether or not this is,impacting you in that way but i do feel,like it improves my mood and my energy,but the main reason that i did it is i,wanted something that could give me,energy,i believe its like 1 7 the caffeine of,regular coffee,hopefully i have that right if i dont i,will change that on screen,and it just gets rid of those jitters is,why i did it,now the the cons of this and before i,get to that i should mention also in the,description below,i will have a referral link and the nice,thing about that is if you do end up,getting this,i believe youll save 10 off of your,first purchase,and then ill get a 10 credit if i want,to order more as well,now you might as well use that link,because well both save 10 bucks if you,end up going that route,now as far as the cons um i got to give,them credit theyve nailed the name of,this calling it mudwater,if you look at the video on the screen,right now this is kind of like that,sediment thats left over in your cup,at the end so what they tell you to do,is just add some more hot water into the,cup,and then stir it back up with the,stirring device im not even sure what,its called but honestly their blender,little handheld blender thing is pretty,nice i uh my wife and i on the weekends,ill have like,more of a treat coffee where ill put,some cream and sugar in it,and ill blend it up or sometimes ill,even blend creamer up,before i put it into the coffee and it,creates this real frothy top,so ive actually been enjoying um that,blender tool,but the con of it being the fact that it,looks like mud water at the end,so things you might want to consider,with that if youre somebody who likes,to make this early in the morning and,then bring it to work,what youre going to want to do is,hopefully you can have access at work to,hot water too,and then bring a blender to work as well,so thats kind of a pain in the butt if,youre one of those people,um for me i work from home so its not a,big deal,to you know blend it up drink it and,then when it gets that little bit of,sediment at the bottom,ill pour some more hot water in and,then ill blend it up again,but your situation might be different,another thing too,uh with the fact that it does have that,sediment um,is its just kind of a texture thing as,youre drinking right its not a problem,at the top but then it kind of gets a,little bit more of that sediment in the,bottom,but from my understanding thats because,cacao and hopefully im saying that,right,uh is something that isnt as soluble,but it has so many benefits for you,as an individual so thats why its not,a soluble another quick tip too,is make it easy on yourself so this,hamilton beach,tea kettle here very easy to use its,electric you just tap a button,and i have hot water usually in about a,minute or two,so that makes it actually easier than,even making a cup of coffee,another tip too is if you look at this,image you can see scratch marks in the,bottom,of the coffee cup so what ive learned,do not just stick this into the bottom,the coffee cup itll scratch up your,cups,what i do typically is i will actually,put,the blender the hand blender into the,solution and then hit the button at the,top to stir it up,if you start it and then put it in like,youd expect kind of like whipping,potatoes or something like that,youll kind of send things flying a,little bit more another thing too,is as you are blending leave yourself,some space because this is gonna send it,up the sides a little bit,i never fill up past about two-thirds,for my cup,um and then the other thing too is if,you get down low and you add just a,splash of water,ill just kind of turn it to the side a,little bit and then put it in that way,and that just again helps so im not,touching the cup with the blender but,im still blending everything up,uh but overall ive really enjoyed uh,trying this out,i think it improves my mood it,definitely has removed the jitters,uh that i had from coffee which just,made me feel bad,like i would get anxious like sometimes,id feel like you know like why does it,feel like the skys gonna fall,oh i had like four cups of coffee thats,why,so that has replaced that my mood is,feeling like its better,um i just enjoy it but um the last thing,too,is yeah if youre intermittent fasting,because of those 20 calories i would,recommend,maybe pushing it back in your day and,still having a black cup of coffee in,the morning,and then going through with that so yeah,if you guys appreciated the video give,it a thumbs up and again,in the referral link in the description,below you can save ten dollars off of,your first order,and uh yeah i really like it and i think,you guys will too uh let me know in the,description too if you tried it out what,do you think of,it all right guys uh thank you for using,my link and im gonna cut you in this,next video,right here that youtube has picked for,you because they think it would be a,good video for you to watch,all right guys ill see you in that next,video

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I Quit Coffee For A Week And Drank MUDWTR Instead | Did it help?

can i get you some coffee,how about another cup,can i,top that off for you now if you answered,yes to all these questions then youre,like me maybe a little too reliant on,coffee im starting to think thats not,the best thing for me and maybe not for,you either so today im exploring a,coffee alternative,[Music],hey its kurt welcome to my channel,where i review fitness products do a,cost analysis on them then give them my,own rating to help you decide whether,they are worth purchasing or not i buy,all the products with my own money,unless they are given to me by the,manufacturer and if i am given a free,product i always let you know at the,beginning of the video today we are,talking about a product called mud water,its a coffee alternative thats,targeted to those who want to cut down,on their caffeine intake why is there,such a drink well let me give you some,statistics according to the national,coffee association here in the united,states coffee consumption is up 5,since 2015. they also say that 7 out of,10 americans drink coffee every week and,62 percent drink coffee every day the,average american coffee drinker drinks,just over three cups per day so theres,a lot of caffeine out there in fact 90,of americans regularly drink caffeine,and they put about 200 milligrams of,that in their body every day thats the,equivalent to two six ounce cups of,coffee which doesnt seem like much or,five 12 ounce cans of soda every day if,youre like me id like to lower my,caffeine intake and you might say why is,this caffeine dangerous and no caffeine,is not dangerous if you dont drink too,much of it my coffee consumption is,eerily close to what the average,american coffee drinker drinks do i have,a caffeine problem can i stop any time i,wanted to,well i havent wanted to up until now,and thats why when i saw this,advertisement for mud water on youtube i,thought i gotta try this stuff what the,heck i bought the starter kit and ill,get to that a little bit later lets,delve into the history of mud water and,see who started it and see why it began,like me shane heath the founder loved,the morning ritual of coffee but he,noticed one thing that kept happening,you wake up in the morning drink coffee,get a rush from it then get jittery and,then have more coffee because youd go,crashing down and then he didnt sleep,very well and then the next morning he,would wake up and have more coffee to,wake himself up and the vicious cycle,continued and continued he thought,theres got to be something better than,this at the same time this was happening,he noticed a lot of his friends saying,things like i gotta quit drinking coffee,or i just want to limit myself to one,cup a day it seemed like the people who,wanted to fuel their day with coffee,also wanted to lessen their dependence,on it coffee did not seem to be,fulfilling its promise so he decided to,give up coffee and set on a journey to,find something new he thought if im,going to create something to drink every,day i wanted to support mental clarity,physical performance and immunity of,course it had to taste good too his,journey for making mud water come to,life began when he lived in india for a,while and he fell in love with the,indian teas especially the chai teas and,other teas with lots of herbs and spices,he thought maybe this could kind of be,like the base of my drink then when he,moved back from the states he moved to,venice california which is a very,forward-thinking health-conscious city,in los angeles california and this is,where he got introduced to other,substances that he eventually would put,in his coffee as well things like lions,mane mushroom cordyceps fungi and reishi,mushrooms after doing a lot of,experimenting and mixing these products,together he finally came up with the,flavor and the taste and something,thats satisfied mental clarity physical,performance and immunity well enough,talk lets get to testing out this mud,water to see what its like and can do,me a favor if you like this video hit,that like button it really helps push my,videos out there to people who dont,know who i am and gives me a little more,exposure so i really appreciate that,thank you but before we do anything,lets get to whats in the box,[Music],uh,[Applause],[Music],i got the starter kit and this is what,came with it i got this 30 serving tin,can of rice which is the morning,powder i got this little book which is a,recipe book it shows you the starter kit,and how to get started which is nice and,it also shows you things like how to,make mud it says find your recipe and,theres a whole bunch of different,recipes in here that you can go through,spicy mud mud shake butter mud sweet,latte mud also shows you how to use a,frother and some coconut milk mct oil to,put in your mud water and of course it,came with a frother which they call the,whip its a easy to clean stainless,steel,19 000 rpm,double whisk im going to use this today,before i even start,heres my favorite cup love it,do not use your favorite cup if its,white,this is my christmas cup its also white,on the inside im going to put the,powder in here today so you can see how,it kind of stains unfortunately inside,and then this is actually the kind of,mug you want to use something dark so,you dont see the stains on the inside,normally i would put oat milk or almond,milk in my nescafe frother and frog that,up,it requires one tablespoon of the powder,thats what it looks like,put that in the glass,and i also would add,this collagen powder and this dissolves,really nicely in it as well hot water,just kind of takes care of,it ive got my hot water maker handy but,today like i said im not using this im,going to go ahead and grab my oat milk,just put it right in the coffee,with the hot water use the frother and,see how it works i havent taken this,out or washed it or looked at it yet you,are starting when i am starting looks,pretty cool black which is pretty cool,looking,got this its got a charger i might be,bummed out because i might have to,charge this up which means i cant use,it right now,oh poop i love the copywriting on this,on the outside the box it says at 19 000,rpms it spins so fast you could probably,start a mild tropical storm but when,its finished your mud is perfect take a,sip of that mud and enjoy it like the,legend you are heres the whisker or,frother it comes with three different,tips which is nice at the bottom i had,to plug in the charger which is right,there this is a little piece that goes,on top to protect it and theres a power,button down below when you put it in,youll see a little red light go on you,can see,boink,and whats kind of cool about it is once,you put this,going as it bounces around,once that is on that and you want to,store it it comes with this little case,that goes on top over here,so you can just put it away which is,nice,take this out you can just sit down the,counter somewhere so its nice and,retractable words of inspiration support,your local sunrise so we are back after,a little break it is all charged up it,took about an hour and a half to charge,it up,take this top off,and the power is down there whoa,there we go,ive got my mud water in here ive got,my,collagen powder in here im going to,pour some hot water in here put in about,eight ounces,just pour it in thats what it looks,like,im going to pour in like a little bit,of oat milk to give some flavor right,away you get kind of this,pumpkiny spice,latte kind of smell it smells really,good and since its november right now,getting close to the holidays it seems,like a perfect holiday drink now,hopefully this thing doesnt go spraying,all over the place,wow wow wow wow that is powerful stuff,that is really cool,better than a spoon for sure,so make sure to leave some room at the,top so it doesnt go overflowing but,this thing is powerful lets give it a,taste,pretty darn good,you know ive been tasting this for five,days so this isnt much of a surprise,tastes the same as it did the other five,days,but as you can see,i

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MUDWTR Review after 6 months of use (MUD WATER drink)

so you might have seen some ads recently,theyre actually pretty angry at coffee,coffee were not mad at coffee were,just disappointed and break up with your,coffee arent you drink what is that is,that coffee,what are you drinking,youre drinking a coffee who drinks,coffee,he drinks coffee the company thats,behind this anti-coffee campaign is mud,water and mud water is spelt like this i,like my coffee and i dont have any,plans of breaking up with my coffee but,after trying this drink i have to say i,do get it my name is natalia christine,and today were going to be looking at,mud water and my experiences after,taking it for about six months were,looking at why this product is selling,incredibly well and we also examine the,question and for some of us its a,really painful question is coffee really,that healthy for us so if youve ever,had coffee in your life hit that like,button and lets get started so first of,all the search trends for coffee,alternative is increasing more and more,people are looking to replace coffee and,caffeine in general with something else,something that makes them feel sharp,feel good but without the downside of,coffee often people turn to something,like tea but here in america for some,reason tea just hasnt taken it hold,sure people like their matcha lattes but,thats more like a milkshake than a tea,and lets face it coffee is just great,for getting stuff done im an engineer,in the biotech space and i can tell you,firsthand most of the scientists and,engineers here run on caffeine we ever,lose that it might set us back decades,now that is changing with the younger,kids that are coming out of college but,still most of the us and the world is,fueled by caffeine now well get into,why that matters a little bit later but,its important to understand that,caffeine is a stimulant and the way,stimulants work is that it borrows,energy from the future so thats really,great if you want to focus for an hour,or two and then youre going to relax,right a lot of college kids use caffeine,and stimulants to study and take exams,they get their energy and their,attention boost and their young,metabolisms clear it out of their system,and theyre good to go but as we,continue to use coffee for years and,decades the cost-to-benefit ratio shifts,we end up getting a lot less energy and,a lot more of the negative stuff which,well get into later so whats the,alternative well a lot of people are,turning towards adaptogens to give them,energy and fuel their brains later in,the day adaptogens are plants and,mushrooms that have interesting effects,on us but think of stimulants as,creating energy now at a cost later,while adaptogens raise our overall,energy level over time as we continue,taking them for example the most,commonly used adaptogen is ginseng but,there are other ones for example,ashwagandha cordyceps uletharo rhodiola,and more i am personally a big fan and i,have been using adaptogens to improve,performance at work and studying without,having to rely on stimulants so mud,water whats in this stuff first its,masala chai masala chai is a black tea,with cardamom black pepper and ginger it,has a fraction of the caffeine the,coffee does they say its about 35,milligrams of caffeine in just one,serving so its about a seventh or a,third of what a regular cup of coffee,would have but of course that depends on,how you make a cup of coffee its got,cinnamon which is well known for,lowering your blood sugar it has,turmeric which has been showing that,its good for decreasing inflammation,its got cacao which has tons of,flavonoids most of the cacao thats sold,on the shelves has tons of sugars and,other stuff added but high quality pure,cacao is actually really good for you,and then its got a four mushroom blend,and some of those are adaptogens which,we talked about these are one lions,mane this one is showing great results,for cognitive function helping the brain,function and even helps with,neurogenesis i did a whole video on that,where we went into the science around it,and theres some really interesting,studies about lions mane and i think,were gonna start hearing more and more,about it as a nootropic which is aka a,smart drug number two cordyceps these,are mushrooms that are being used more,and more by athletes they help with,energy endurance and athletic,performance cordyceps is thought to,increase the bodys production of atp,which is essential for delivering energy,to the muscles and then theres chaga,and rishi which are two mushrooms with a,ton of health benefits and then they add,a little bit of himalayan salt for,minerals and taste so how does it taste,turns out pretty good if you get any of,the starbucks drinks around christmas,time its a little like that so when i,first started drinking mud water i was,actually really surprised by the flavor,it did have those indian type spices,that made it kind of exotic but that,familiar taste of those starbucks drinks,the the christmasy flavors with the,cinnamon and the ginger and the cardamom,really had this unique flavor and when,you add some milk and honey to it its,has this warm like homey feeling to it,so i did start drinking that in the,afternoons instead of coffee and that,was also while we were all working from,home mostly and i loved it i didnt have,those crashes afterwards it was just a,nice warming cup that helped just give,you that little extra kick like right,around that two three oclock feeling so,i really did enjoy it of course it,doesnt have milk and honey added to it,so it is an acquired taste masala chai,is traditionally brewed with milk and,sugar but if that conflicts with your,diet,you can just drink it by itself it does,have a strong taste but it is good so in,the beginning i mentioned that coffee,might not be so good for you in the book,caffeine blues the author stephen,chernisk points out his reasons for not,liking caffeine and coffee caffeine,raises blood pressure caffeine increases,homocysteine a biochemical that damages,artery walls caffeine can constrict,blood vessels leading to the heart and,caffeine seems to give you energy but,its not real energy its actually the,bodys stress response caffeine impairs,digestion and its bad for our gut,health caffeine taxes the adrenal glands,which in turn negatively affects your,thyroid sex hormones and your metabolism,and theres a lot more but there are,other studies that show that moderate,coffee consumption is good for us and is,associated with lower risk of mortality,so whos right and whos wrong,i dont know but if you think caffeine,might be giving you anxiety disrupting,your sleep and adding to your stress,levels then taking a break or trying to,reduce your intake might be helpful,something like mud water might actually,work for you for me it works well as an,afternoon pick-me-up and it doesnt have,a lot of caffeine but it does give me,energy and focus to get stuff done,please hit like and subscribe that,teaches the youtube algorithm that you,approve of this content my name is,natalia christine see you in the next,one bye

Is Coffee DEAD?! My 30 Day MudWtr Review Shocked Me!

have I just found the best coffee,alternative on the market this is mud,water a mushroom coffee alternative made,with Organic ingredients and Tropics,that apparently deliver a strong energy,kick booster focus and Immunity without,the Jitters and crash but does mud water,really work while Ive tried it for a,month and in this video youll learn,everything you need to know about it hi,friends welcome back to the channel my,name is Greg Austin Carr and Im the,founder of your Inception on this,channel we have professionals achieve,big bright performance so if this,interested then subscribe below and join,our amazing Community lets talk about,my experience with mud water the actual,benefits effects its taste why you,shouldnt drink it in the afternoon and,much much more by the way whats your,opinion about coffee do you like it or,do you prefer to avoid it let me know in,the comment section below now mud water,was designed to help you establish a new,morning routine with an energy boosting,drink that contains only little caffeine,and some of the most part important,natural compounds for performance now in,the past two years or so Ive been,seeing more and more coffee Alternatives,hitting the market because people are,getting more aware of the coffee side,effects such as Jitters daily crashes,negative impact on sleep headaches and,many others but since we all need the,booster none and then can such a natural,solution provides the promised boost,without causing any of its side effects,and is it tasty enough to drink it daily,well Ive been drinking mud water daily,for the last month so let me share with,you what Ive learned during this test,so Ive just made my first cup of mud,water so lets see how it smells and,tastes,um,yeah its like um,thats an interesting smell its like uh,like Christmas cookies or something like,that it reminds me that but um yeah I,think taste is more important,um,okay its all right,um not sure what I expected but,it doesnt doesnt taste too bad,um I definitely have to get used to this,thats for sure but its kind of a its,earthy its very earthy,um its um,I think by default tastes better than a,cup of coffee that is um if youre not,used to but once you get used to Coffee,most people really like it stays so this,is quite different so I think its,something you have to get used to but um,its not too bad its not too bad thats,for sure let me drink this for a while,for a couple of weeks and then lets see,how I get used to the taste now first of,all I had a hard time getting Wild Water,shipped to me because the brand doesnt,ship to Europe which I understand but,they could ship me one package at my,costs as I suggested just to try it out,anyhow I later got the product from a,friend so that was fun so lets start,with the taste because if people want,like its taste this will never become a,real coffee alternative now personally I,think it has a decent taste it tastes,very early and you can feel the Masala,chai and the mushrooms but not so much,the cacao mud water more tastes like a,chai than cacao actually it stays in,structure is not something that made me,extremely excited about the product but,I think it is drinkable and you can get,used to it now I havent tried their,creamer and and sweetener you have but I,can imagine that when you combine them,The Taste is actually even better now I,personally added a bit of monk fruit to,mud water this is by the way my favorite,sweetener which improved The Taste by,quite a lot also I found the taste,better when made in plant milk I,generally drink rice or almond milk so,thats something for you to experiment,with but of course if youre going to,make mud water in milk every day this,will increase the cost a bit now if the,taste is not that bad how about the,actual effects well Ive tried my water,on different occasions but I mainly,drank it in the morning as my coffee,substitute after a month of testing,theres no doubt that drinking mud water,boosted my energy and improved my focus,which was slightly surprising but it,made me very very happy I got into this,calm focused State for the whole morning,probably around four hours or so and,after that the effects slowly winded off,now what should I say about the effects,I honestly expected a bit more because,the kick was quite mild compared to a,cup of coffee,my motivation wasnt the same as with a,cup of coffee so that wasnt optimal but,on the other hand the effects lasted,much longer I didnt crash after four,hours and I felt very calm unlike with a,cup of coffee so overall I really liked,mud water but is it good enough to,substitute your morning cup of coffee or,is it more of an afternoon coffee,alternative now before I answer that,lets quickly mention mud water,ingredients and a few unexpected,benefits you can get from this drink now,the base of mud water is Masala chai,masalachia is particularly popular in,Southeast Asian countries such as India,and Pakistan it consists of black tea,and various places and herbs which is,the reason why mud water has such a,particular taste now if you ever drank,Masala chai and you liked its taste then,you will love mud water but if you dont,like Masala chai I dont think mud water,will become part of your morning routine,now other crucial ingredients in mud,water are lions mane cordyceps chaga,and raishin chaga has potted,anti-inflammatory properties and it also,helps promoting brain health by,preventing it from deteriorating,diseases such as Alzheimers Lions made,mushroom is an edible mushroom that has,anxiety and antioxidant properties so it,plays a vital role in calming you down,but its also great for your brain,because it helps in the repair of,damaged nerve fibers reishi is yet,another mushroom that is often,underestimated its strong antioxidant,and great for reducing stress which is,why you wont get nervous after drinking,mud water then there is cordyceps,another mushroom that has multiple,benefits among other things cordyceps,May boost exercise performance now the,less important ingredient I think in,this drink is Cacao which is jam-packed,with flavonoids Im not sure if youre,new but cacao can improve blood,circulation which leads to enhanced,alertness now keep in mind that most,mushrooms have quite a bitter taste,thats why some people would prefer,adding some kind of a sweetener to this,drink now as you can see my drinking my,water you will get many special effects,you cannot get bad drinking coffee so,this alone may convince some of you to,say goodbye to coffee and welcome mud,water into your home but theres still,one problem with mud water and thats,its caffeine dose yes malware contains,40 milligrams of caffeine for comparison,a standard cup of espresso contains in,average about 75 milligrams of caffeine,thats why you will feel that cup of,espresso much more than mud water now if,youre sensitive to caffeine youll,probably want to avoid mud water however,I want to share something very,interesting with you so personally Im a,fast caffeine metabolizer I get a very,strong energy boost with coffee that,lasts for about 1 hour and then I crash,every single time and that is one of the,reasons why I tried to avoid coughing,but with mud water I had no such issues,my mother didnt make me nervous anxious,or anything alike despite the caffeine,now I could drink it daily without any,problems so you may give it a try even,if you generally have issues with,caffeine but you shouldnt drink it too,late in the afternoon because of the,caffeines half-life as you probably,know caffeine stays in the system for,about 10 to 18 hours this means that if,you drink it too late it will negatively,impact your sleep similarly like,coughing because of that madwater is a,great morning coffee alternative but not,optimal for the afternoon now before I,share my verdict about mud water lets,first look at the price and then compare,the pros and cons of mud water by the,way guys are you searching for the best,entropics for your individual needs if,yes go for a fr


hey guys janae from manyfluency and in,this video i want to talk about,multiwater after using for 30 days,so in my first video i went over the,product gave my initial feedback,after going over the brand identity,unboxing it and then obviously trying,the product out,but now it has been more than 30 days,and therefore i want to elaborate on the,product after using it for 30 days,so first i want to talk about the,products itself how to use it,the recipes and then i want to go for,the benefits and advantages,and then my results and opinion so for,most of you guys that are currently,watching this video most likely we,havent tried mod water out before and,therefore the first recommendation is to,use the starter kit with 30 servings so,with the starter kit you get 30 servings,of mod a usb rechargeable fluffer,free guide book for example of their,creamer and free stickers,so ive already unboxed this and if you,want to check it out i have it linked,down below and besides the mod water,starter pack,mud water also offers an annual plan and,therefore if you actually use the link,down below to get your annual plan,you save 245 all right so now i want to,talk about how you can make yourself,some of that mud water so as you can see,on the screen,right now this is what im gonna use the,mother itself,so it depends on each individual some,like to use a tablespoon while some like,to use a teaspoon,but this is the exact amount i,personally like to use so obviously just,try it out for yourself and simply try,out what actually fits you,so obviously after using the mod then,were gonna go to the next step,and thats putting some hot water into,it so as you can see on the screen right,now,thats what im doing dont completely,fill it up just now because if youre,gonna use the froth for later you might,make a mess just like i made in my,previous video and another reason you,want to leave some space is,if youre gonna use some milk so,obviously you also have the coconut,powder that they actually provide,with the starter kit which is absolutely,amazing but fortunately i ran,out of it and therefore im just using,some plain milk but still does the job,you know,so obviously after pouring the milk in,we go to the next step,and thats probably the most dangerous,one and as you can see on the screen,right now,you slowly put it in with an angle and,you push it all the way to the bottom,because if you dont do it before you,press it on you will make a mess,so as you can see on the screen right,now im steering it quite nicely just,take your time and dont panic,thats all you have to do and after that,obviously,its pretty much finished and thats,pretty much it but if youre someone,that actually prefers to add some kind,of sugar into your drink obviously you,can do it or put some honey into it,it just depends on you so lets talk,about the recipes so they offer tons of,recipes when it comes to mud water,that you can pretty much use in food or,drink so i havent used most of them,unfortunately but i did try one of them,out,and i absolutely love it so the first,recipe the offer is the mod smoothie so,use one tablespoon of mud water,two cups of a plant-based milk two,medjool dates,three frozen bananas one and a half cups,of kale two tablespoons of a nut butter,of your choice,and one tablespoon of hemp seeds the,next recipe is the chocolate coconut mud,so the ingredients are one tablespoon of,mud one serving of powdered coconut tea,chocolate milk or plant milk of your,choice a mason jar with lid and the next,recipe is the chocolate mud banana,smoothie bowl,so as you can see on the screen right,now this is the one that ive actually,tried out myself and i do actually,really like it,so how do you make this one its one,tablespoon of mud water,one and one fourth cup of almond milk or,plant-based milk of your choice,one tablespoon of cocoa powder two,tablespoons of peanut butter or nut,butter of your choice three frozen,bananas,and one fresh banana and then youve got,the ginger bread mud cookies so i,havent tried these ones out but i,really want to try them out,so the ingredients are two tablespoons,of mud water one cup of oat flour,six tablespoons of patchiona flour aka,paciona starch,two tablespoon of coconut sugar 1 4,teaspoon,ginger 1 4 teaspoon baking soda 1 4,teaspoon sea salt half cup maple,syrup one fourth cup on sulfur molasses,one cup almond butter and optional you,can use dark chocolate chips for,decorating,these are a few of the recipes that i,just wanted to share with you guys but,if you want to see more of the recipes,ill just have it linked down below if,youre interested,all right so now i want to talk about,the benefits and advantages after using,mud water for 30 days so mudwater itself,claims that after using that product,it allows you to have increased focus,from the lions mane,and increase energy from the cacao and,black tea in the chai,and then they also claim that you can,have increased immunity,from the raichi and chaga and everything,else and finally they claim,anti-inflammatory from the turmeric,no jitters crash or sleep disruption and,when it comes to the no jitters crash or,sleep disruptions to be quite honest i,didnt have any bad experience with it,and im someone that,literally cant stand caffeine so if i,drink caffeine i instantly get some kind,of sleep disruption,throughout the night and at the same,time i do feel a crash,throughout the rest of my day so,personally coffee for me is a no-go now,let me talk about the increased focus so,when it comes to the increased focus,i did feel it slightly so it wasnt,necessarily that i got extreme laser,focus,but i did actually see an increase in my,focus so therefore when i was using the,pc i was working,i did actually notice that i was more,concentrated however when it comes to,the increased energy,i didnt particularly see a lot of,difference but this might be because if,i go for a run,or i hit the gym i get an instant,increase in energy,so compared to that if youre gonna use,mud water you might not see that much of,an increase,so for those individuals that most,likely dont hit the gym or dont go for,a run,you might see some kind of increase,compared to your daily routine but for,me at least i didnt see a huge,difference and they also claim increased,immunity so i personally dont know how,to measure this and i personally didnt,see some kind of magical change in my,life,but most likely what they mean by this,is that they use very high quality,natural products,so obviously by just utilizing their,multi-water product youll be better off,because most likely it will take care of,your body instead of actually disrupting,it and the final benefit that they came,is anti-inflammatory so i personally,didnt think i had any sort of bad,experience with,it it didnt have any kind of stomach,aid so therefore i would definitely give,it a pause on this now i want to talk,about my results,and my opinion so what are my results,and opinion after using mod water for 30,days,well let me start off with my results so,obviously after using this product for,30 days,i did actually see a slight increase in,my focus but overall when it comes to,increasing energy i didnt particularly,see that the product itself is extremely,high quality,and its natural so obviously it does,take care of your body in the long term,compared to all of the downsides you may,get after using coffee for a long period,so therefore you may want to argue that,if youre going to use moth water,instead of coffee,it might actually increase your,productivity overall in the long term so,what is my overall opinion regarding,this product,so if youre someone thats looking for,a coffee alternative something with less,caffeine,this is definitely a good product for,you and hey if youre someone that is,also looking for some kind of drink,that will actually help you increase,your focus and therefore your,productivity,and relative to coffee wont give you,those jitters those crashes,and those sleep disruptive mo

Honest MUD/WTR Review | Coffee Alternative?

[Music],hey coffee clan,welcome back to my channel so for,todays video i have vince with me,my hubby who hasnt been on this channel,for a while um,yeah so hes back which means were,doing a taste test because those are the,videos hes in,and today we are trying,mud water so i uh got a ton of ads for,this,and uh they claim to be the number one,coffee alternative,so i mean i dont know if i can give up,coffee i doubt it but im willing to,give this a try and see if it tastes,anything like coffee so i guess before,we begin the video and im going to,unbox this for you guys,i want to just tell you guys why i want,to try it really quickly and hes going,to tell you why he wants to,so i want to try this coffee because i,am looking for,a coffee that i can drink throughout the,day and not be,super jittery so i usually drink three,or two to three cups of coffee a day id,like to get that down to,one cup and maybe this instead of having,two cups,thats my reason yeah well i actually uh,i actually got told by somebody that i,work with about this,and his his reasoning was its full of a,whole bunch of,antioxidants its a lot healthier for,you gives you a little bit more of a,natural energy,it says that it has like one-seventh the,caffeine i believe,yeah one-seventh of the caffeine and he,said its just incredibly good for you,and,im im trying to get a little bit,healthier a little bit more in shape,and i do consume quite a bit of coffee,as well,so im kind of excited but im not,im not anticipating that its really,going to taste like coffee because,theres no,yeah theres no coffee grounds i mean,theres no coffee bean,nothing like that i think its its,mostly from what i could see,cocoa or cocoa cocoa and then,mushrooms and cinnamon so im thinking,it might be a coffee alternative when it,comes to energy but,i dont think that its actually going,to be a coffee alternative when it comes,to,taste flavor consistency yeah so were,going to go ahead and unbox this for you,guys so hes going to read to you the,ingredients,of what is in this mud water,all right off their website they have,lions mane which is a mushroom that,supports memory loss and focus,theyve got chaga which is another mesh,mushroom,and thats pretty high in antioxidants a,great source of,nutrients and for overall well-being,reishi,known to provide immune support and its,calming effect,cordyceps another mushroom,that is uh for healthy energy levels and,more antioxidants uh cacao which is,you know the uh the same thing that you,guys make your chocolate out of,um which is gonna be where most of your,flavor comes from,and then masala chai which is their,blend of uh a whole bunch of,herbs like ginger clove black pepper,and then turmeric cinnamon and himalayan,salt,yes so once you unbox this obviously,this is what you see um i really like,the detail to packaging,um im you know you guys know if youre,on this channel im a package person,that is like important to me so this is,again,the mud water coffee it says its about,30 servings now this box was 40,and that comes with the coffee and were,going to show you what else it comes,with,this is like the tester box they have,but he just read you the ingredients,this is a tin can,so thats pretty cool do you want to,open it so the other things that come in,this box are a couple stickers,support your local sunrise,we have two mud water vip stickers,and we have one if your coffee sticker,which i dont know about that i mean you,guys know a very coffee clan compliance,yeah its not very coffee clean why are,we trying this coffee again,this coffee again yeah this is this is,not coffee by the way,yeah it comes with a little booklet with,other products you can get,all right guys here is the booklet and,im not gonna go over all of it but they,basically have the ingredients and some,other stuff that they have,products you can buy all that good stuff,and then you get one pack of the coconut,mct oil in here as well that you can try,so were gonna try that today too and,then the last thing that you get in the,box,is this frother or they call it a whip,i like the fact it comes with a frother,i have a few obviously but,a few but its cool that it comes with,one especially because most of them are,you struggling,yeah so were gonna open this,okay so it has directions,and this is what the whip looks like,so when we unbox this you can see that,there is obviously directions on top,and we have our little whip or frother,mechanism,it is not battery powder powered it is,actually,charged so thats pretty cool and it,comes with a bunch of these,extras which is nice comes with three of,those and then heres the charger and,another extra arm to froth,this is a little case you can click it,onto the,frother and it becomes a little,traveling case which is really cool you,can put everything in there,so this is a really cool frother i,really like this you know on on it it,says support your local sunrise,and this is our whip it says mud water,on it,so i guess thats kind of cool it has,like a power thing,and you charge it instead of batteries,its for travel thats cool,it has like a little little lid on there,i didnt even notice that on,snap it together and i guess you could,ill throw it in a backpack or,yeah your purse or whatever it is i,guess so,you would have one of these in your,purse you know what now i will,all right so lets put our whip together,okay so now guys,we are going to try this mud water,coffee,not coffee okay this mud water,alternative this is kind of what it,looks like and ill give you guys,another close-up,so this is the mud water and it is,its got a consistency to it of like a,cocoa powder kind of,but uh it does have a really good chai,smell to it which ill go over in a,second,but here is what it looks like dumped,out on some paper its just very thin,powder and uh yeah this is uh this is,our mud water,this is our mud ooh it has an,interesting smell to it,it smells like chai i love chai,personally but it smells like earthy,chai,it has a little bit of a chocolate scent,to it im getting the cocoa scent,try coco yeah not im not getting any,sort of coffee scent to it,but it does smell good i like the smell,so we are going to try it a couple,different ways the first way were going,to try this is just plain,so its a tablespoon of this mixed with,hot water,im just gonna add it to the spout,because i feel like thats a normal,thats like a normal cup of coffee that,i would have,and okay yeah its a tablespoon of this,i cant get over it like it just it,smells good i really like the smell,all right do you want the whip,privileges i do not,all right guys here we go,i feel like its gonna be really,powerful,its got a nice i like this frother,i probably would choose this frother,over the one that i ordered from amazon,to be honest with you,okay now that it is stirred were gonna,try it,ready im ready,theres a lot of sediment theres some,sediment in there still which im not,crazy about and i hope that doesnt come,through in the coffee but,uh yeah we just not mix it enough i,dont know i thought i mixed it enough,but,this is what it looks like before i,spill it,this is what the consistency looks like,so it does have a coffee,look to it i wouldnt know the,difference but the smell,im honestly expecting this to taste,like chai but,yeah thats i hope it doesnt taste,gritty if it tastes gritty i cant get,over that,well mines definitely gonna taste,gritty because theres a lot of grit in,there,okay,so a lot of i watched a couple reviews,before we filmed this to get other,peoples opinions and a lot of people,said it didnt taste like anything,i disagree um i mean it has a taste its,just not very strong i think its the uh,it tastes like watered-down chai yeah,its the texture thing to me like its,its kind of uh its watery i guess,um it doesnt have an actual,texture to it like when you drink coffee,yeah,it kind of tastes thick especially if,you do like a,french press or something like that this,tastes very watery yeah,whereas this this

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