1. The Perfect Jean vs Mugsy Jeans Review (Best Jeans Battle)
  2. I bought Mugsy Jeans, here is my review.
  3. Mugsy Jean Honest Review (Best Jeans for Men?)
  4. I bought Mugsy Chinos, here is my review.
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The Perfect Jean vs Mugsy Jeans Review (Best Jeans Battle)

in one corner weve got the perfect Gene,NYC and in the other Corner weve got,Mugsy jeans both are direct to Consumer,Brands founded on the promise of stylish,No Frills clean and comfortable jeans at,this point you may have heard all the,hype for both of these quickly growing,up and coming Brands but how do they,ultimately stack up lets find out,[Music],in this review Im going to compare the,perfect jeans slim fit dark blue jeans,to Mugsy jeans knit denim jean in a,Terry knit and Ill be breaking down how,they fit the stretch factor and comfort,sizing and finally wrap up with which is,the better value if you want to learn,more about the background of both of,these jeans Brands then you can read my,complete review over on my blog so which,jeans fit better so the perfect jeans,slim fit jeans on first wear I knew that,the perfect Jean was a near perfect fit,its a true slim fit thats snug at the,waist through the thighs and down my,legs with a slight taper towards the,ankle the leg opening is seven inches,which is good but I personally prefer,six and a half anyhow these slims are an,ideal fit for me more versatile and,classically worn and then the trendier,and skinny silhouette or relaxed,straight fits additionally tpjs slim,fit jeans are a mid-rise which is is,more comfortable than lower in my,opinion low cut isnt a good look and,too high you start looking like Urkel so,theres a solid stretch at the waist,which reminds me of the express hyper,stretch jeans and its still pretty rare,when a pair of jeans has this detail and,so its always appreciated whats great,is that they offer a wide variety of,waist sizes from 26 inches all the way,to 50. even better they offer in seams,of 26 inches to 38 which covers men on,the shorter end of the height Spectrum,like myself and taller men both of which,are often neglected by the fashion,industry overall these jeans have a,clean and classic silhouette Im highly,impressed with the fit of tpjs slim fit,jeans and now lets see how Mugsys,jeans fits so trying on Mugsys jeans,for the first time I thought pretty,solid fit this bucks knit denim pair,doesnt specify the cut but it,definitely wears more like a slim fit,with a leg opening of 6 and 3 4 orders,similar to the perfect Gene its got a,mid-rise with options of seven inches,and nine inches and so you can go up a,bit higher with the waistline and its,got a relatively snug fit in the thighs,though not quite as snug as the perfect,chain and its got a modest taper down,the legs and also like the perfect Jean,these bucks jeans have stretched the,waist though not as stretchy and for,some odd reason the stitching at the top,of the jeans have zero give which,restricts the stretch a little bit where,Mugsy ultimately Falls a bit short is,with their in seams 30 inches being the,shortest length and 34 the longest with,this particular style that leaves men,like me with excess fabric at the ankles,forcing me to roll them up which is fine,but you know I often will cuff my jeans,anyways if theyre too long but you know,thats by choice and so I have no choice,here I am a bit surprised that they,dont offer in scenes less than 30,inches especially being in business,longer than the perfect Jean youd,figure that they would serve this often,underserved audience Im talking guys,five eight and under so for round one,and fit King theres a clear winner here,and thats the perfect Gene while you,know Mugsy shows up to battle theyre,ultimately outclassed by tpjs Superior,fit now with stylish pairs of jeans,youre going to be carrying around a,trusty wallet well anywhere you go but,todays sponsor is extra and by now you,may be familiar with exeters Senate,card holder which I talked about before,but for guys who prefer a more classic,style wallet extra has you covered with,their modular bifold and so this isnt,your standard bi-fold wallet though its,more minimalist in nature and while the,wallet has a modern design aesthetic,perhaps the best thing about the modular,bifold is that its equipped with a,removable magnetic card holder which,essentially makes this too while its in,one so if youre the type to carry more,cards than normal with plenty of cash on,hand the modular bifold makes for a,great solution dont forget you can use,code koi for a discount at checkout,thanks again to extra for sponsoring,todays video and now lets get back to,the review so round two which genes have,better stretch so theres no doubt that,when it comes to Great fitting jeans,its all about the stretch and Im,honestly not sure how men lived without,stretch jeans in the past Ive long,since donated any pair of jeans in my,collection without at least to one,percent stretch similar to my AE airflex,and express hyper stretch jeans both the,perfect jeans and Mugsy are equipped,with two percent Spandex and so you know,that the stretch is there but which has,the better stretch lets find out so the,slim fit pair here from the perfect Jean,has a four-way stretch making it,stretchy in all areas of the jeans and,when you move in any which way so the,stretch is on par with my AE air flexes,and express hyper stretches jeans,stretch as mentioned previously it,contains two percent spandex which is,the key and comfortably stretchy jeans I,found that even one percent doesnt cut,it the perfect jeans jeans waistband,offers a stretch that Rivals my Express,hyper stretch change and so you know,Color Me impressed and so these days at,a minimum I prefer my jeans waist to,offer at least some sort of elasticity,perfect Jean stretches no slouches so,how does Mugsy measure up and so Mugsy,jeans they offer incredible stretch with,a two percent spandex build so thats,The Sweet Spot Of course and so like,muxie says theyre your thighs new best,friend,so you could squat in these jeans and,move freely for days you know moving in,all kinds of directions and not once did,I feel hindered you know like some of,the genes that I have still in my,collection as I mentioned in the fit,portion of this review the waistband,does have stretch however that top,thread doesnt which puts a limit on how,far the waist can actually you know,stretch and so beside this Minor Detail,the Mugsy jeans have a stretch thats,almost on the level of pure spandex,leggings and so stretch winner goes to,Mugsy jeans ever so slightly,so you can comfortably do squats,exercise and go for a run in these jeans,no problem not that you would but you,know its hard to pick a winner here as,it could go either way but if I had to,choose Mugsy jeans a thinner fabric,gives it a very slight edge with the,stretch hey if you want access to,content that I dont share anywhere else,be sure to subscribe to the free gem,within newsletter where I send you a,weekly dispatch on all things style,self-development dating and confidence,Ill have it linked down in the,description so go ahead and sign up and,now back to the video and now which,jeans are more comfortable so the,perfect jeans slim jeans have a,noticeably thicker fabric weight than,the Mugsy bucks knit denim which makes,them better suited for cooler Autumn or,even winter weather overall fit and,stretch combined to determine the jeans,comfort and since the perfect Gene,happens to nail both it unsurprisingly,offers an ultra comfortable you know,experience and so the material is soft,to the touch and smooth on the skin they,dont really sit too low on the waist,per their fit details on the website,instead its more of a mid-rise which I,mentioned before and so after wearing,them for a while they do slip down my,waist a little bit Im a 28 but,um I dont think its the fault of the,jeans because I have been not eating as,much lately and so Ive slimmed down a,little bit now with the extreme stretch,of Mugsys jeans you know its no,surprise that the Comfort levels are up,there too you know its made with a,thinner material as I mentioned before,than the perfect Jean and so its better,suited for warmer spring autumn and even,summer days the Bucks knit denim is made,with a prop

I bought Mugsy Jeans, here is my review.

hey guys this is gonna be a little bit,of a different video today today Im,going to be reviewing mugsys jeans now,look Im not a fashion reviewer Im Im,just a guy a normal guy that like,comfortable clothes but one of the,things that Ive always struggled with,is finding jeans that have like a decent,fit that have some stretch to them this,may be this sounds weird but for,whatever reason like it always seems,like womens clothes always has has like,a ton of stretch to it which makes it,comfortable for squatting you know not,that Ive worn any but just what Ive,heard but there was never any mens,pants that had any of those things and I,tried like some ones that you would see,in the mall and and probably not like,super great brands anyway that claim,they have stretch but they were never,that good and so I stumbled upon this,brand mugsys actually on a facebook ad,and it wasnt till after a few times of,seeing it that I was like okay you know,what Im just gonna pull the trigger and,and lets see what happens so lets,review these I have two models here that,Ive purchased Ive tried them on and,everything Ill show you what it looks,like with them on so these are sort of,their entry they have different levels,of jeans they have a lot of varieties,most of them cost around 98 dollars or,95 one of the two these are there they,call them entry-level jeans so these are,$78 but they supposedly still have a,high stretch the thing that mugsys,always cultivates is that their jeans,stretch a lot and so Im going to go,through that with you Im gonna stretch,them out because you see videos of them,doing it in the on their website but you,know its good to have the real deal to,see what its like and overall Im just,gonna say up front that I really like,these they also make chinos and Im,gonna review those in another video so,lets go over these so these are the,Kinzies and they are just your standard,sort of blue jean,and then these are the mags which is,sort of a dark gray on the website it,looks a little lighter than what Ive,received here but otherwise these are,sort of what you have to have as an,option for dealing with the entry-level,jeans so well talk a little bit about,looks first so as far as looks for the,for the Kinzies they have these granted,again Im not a fashion reviewer so,youll have to excuse my laymans speak,but you have sort of these whiskering,patterns I believe is what they call,door or bleaching patterns which which,looks you know modern looks trendy its,a little bit washed out on the front and,on the button they have the mugsys logo,and then in the back of them is really,their trademark for their jeans is,having these having the Mugsy blue I,think its blue Im slightly colorblind,the Mugsy blue I dont know what this,thing it says leather patch and it,actually is a hole where you can put a,belt and so that is really neat and kind,of an interesting feature if we look at,the inside the pockets have this sort of,neat pinstriping on the inside and it,tells you what its made out of its,made and they dont say this on their,website hopefully this isnt like top,secret or something but its 68 percent,cotton 23 percent polyester 8% rayon and,surprisingly enough only 1% spandex -,maybe some other probably those other,things stretch a little bit – but given,how much these things stretch which Ill,talk about later its pretty neat,so aside from that it is sort of your,typical slim fit so this is kind of what,it looks like with me wearing it granted,this is after having washed it and dried,it they say dont dry it,but I do anyway I tumble dry it usually,on low heat because Ive just havent,really had an issue with it and theres,really not been any problem with it it,is a slim fit but its not skinny I know,I didnt want a skinny jean and this,really fits the bill so well lets talk,about the stretch because thats,probably what a lot of you have come,here for and there certainly is a lot of,stretch in these a lot of stretch in,these jeans like more so than in a lot,of mens clothing but the interesting,thing about it is that it looks exactly,like jeans I mean they are jeans but,given the amount of stretch they have,they dont really look that much,different than the traditional pair of,like Levis or something which is really,neat because they have the traditional,jeans look but they have these very neat,and very functional stretch and so they,do stretch horizontally and they do,stretch vertically which is neat the,vertical isnt quite well if you stretch,it from two different points its pretty,noticeable side to side is definitely,more noticeable and then the way they,pull at it at an angle on the on the,website you can definitely see where it,stretches a lot the fit is really good I,am a hundred and forty five pounds Im,59 and Im currently wearing a thirty,one thirty and out of the bag when I,bought these these were a good fit there,their idea I dont need to wear a belt,with these and I thought and I think,that the level of the slim fit nature of,it is exactly what I would want moving,on to the max so the mags are theyre,dark grey variety and they share a lot,of similarities so they still have the,button with their Mugsy logo the on this,one there is still a little bit of that,I guess you call it whiskering or,feathering whatever you want to call it,across sort of the front of the thigh,and then some of the washed out nature,around the,around the knee area and then the back,still has that famous Mugsy or I guess,maybe not famous yet but theyre unique,Mugsy insignia on the back door a,leather patch and again it is an opening,so you if your belt is narrow enough to,fit through there then you can certainly,use it or and that kind of helps make it,pop and if you dont want to make it pop,then just put your belt over it it still,has the pinstriping on the on the inside,of jeans and these are made out of the,same same material as the other as far,as the the zip goes the I mean this Im,probably getting more detailed than what,you want it the zip is very good its,very smooth and the fit on these is also,really good heres basically what it,looks like on and yeah the fit is pretty,much identical to the Kinseys they fit,really well out of the bag I havent,washed these yet actually so you can,kind of see how these look compared to,the other one so you can sort of compare,and contrast to see the amount of shrink,that occurs and after washing and drying,but overall theres honestly nothing,glaringly are wrong with these the fit,is really good the amount of stretch,that they have is awesome on them and,you know $78 is certainly more than I,would usually spend on a pair of jeans,but considering that this is something,that I want because Im a very active,person and there are times when Im,wearing jeans and I I dont know,sometimes I need to be able to lunge,sometimes I need to be able to squat and,its nice to have jeans where I dont,feel like Im just going to like,freaking bust out of them with a lot of,traditional denim that just has no pull,whatsoever with these its fantastic and,Ive washed them theres no theres no,snagging that goes on with them so,honestly theyre fantastic they get,really high remarks I havent tried any,other more expensive varieties so I,dont know if,the materials different or if the,stretch is any different but I can say,that if youre looking for an athletic,fit jeans so that you can squat lunge or,really just feel super comfortable I,mean these are just incredibly,comfortable to wear I mean they they,rival sweatpants in terms of comfort and,Im not even kidding I would I probably,wouldnt wear them to sleep in because,Id get hot but they are really damn,comfortable and thats all I got so I,highly recommend it again these are the,Kinseys these are the mags and in,another video Im going to go over the,chinos I bought a couple of those for,work since Im a physical therapist and,want and need to be able to squat to,demonstrate exercises at work so be sure,to stay tuned for that video

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Mugsy Jean Honest Review (Best Jeans for Men?)

welcome back to zakus im so glad you,joined me for another video today is all,about stuff for men you dont want to,miss this if youre not a subscriber hit,that subscribe button become part of the,zakis nation and hello to all of my,zacchaeus nation out there thank you so,much for supporting my channel,and be notified first when i put up new,content i hope that youre getting some,value out of this because i love telling,you guys about whats good and whats,not were coming out with a new series,next year hopefully before next year,called buy it or burn it im going to be,burning some stuff that i hate,and im going to be telling you what to,buy that i love,trying to get that out a lot of work,into that and today is all about stuff,for men and im going to tell you about,a new company i found for bigger guys,and for skinny people whatever you are,whatever you like,it is called mugsy mugs,mugsy try to say that super fast and,they carry all kinds of clothes and as a,bigger guy its hard to find like good,quality clothes that you you know you,feel like still you know nice and stuff,like that so i want to tell you all,about that here we go,[Music],i found this company,i guess a year and a half ago,maybe maybe longer i,wear,a lot of their clothes they did an,advertising advertisement on,facebook that i found and when i see,clothes like this that i really like,im always like disappointed most of the,time because they dont carry anything,that fits me and um i wear about a 46,normally,depends on what what the clothes is,but,if you are someone who can wear,something you,know not too small youre always like,limited to what you like youre going to,dxl youre going to,whoever to to find stuff online whatever,you can do this is,a ralph lauren polo,i love ralph lauren polos and um its i,like nice stuff thats gonna hold up and,last a long time and feel really good,and so i took a chance,because they havent they have a hundred,percent money back guarantee,and if it doesnt fit they just send you,a label they pay to ship it back to them,they give you all your money back and so,i took a chance and i ordered them,uh theyre theyre long pants,probably i think its been a year and a,half two years ago i love them theyre,so so comfortable they look really nice,but theyre,so you can wear them out theyre not,like pajamas but theyre also soft and,nice looking ive got several colors now,but then when it became summer in texas,its hot i wanted some shorts and its,hard to find shorts for a bigger guy,that really fit well and i found i went,ahead and ordered their shorts,because they started carrying shorts and,i said ill take another chance and i,ordered their shorts and now i have,three pair this is my third pair that,just came,because they just came out the new color,they offer a seven inch,uh lets see where is the inseam,they offer a,lets see they offer a seven inch,or 9 inch inseam so depending on how you,carry your weight how you carry your,body and of course again this is for,skinny people too this is this is not a,fat person company or anything like that,but,i just love it because it is a skinny,person company and they also carry stuff,for me and its really soft,but really nice quality and its,flexible so it really um,fits really good,you can see here,like itll stretch a little bit and so,it just feels really nice,and ive also got a dark a gray and a,dark blue uh pair and of course if,youre wondering what this belt is ive,done a whole video on that belts for men,bells for big men small men whatever,awesome belt check that video out but,you can even see inside its just a,really classy,um look its very much more high-end,ive had these for,a year,and so they hold up really really well,you can wash them in the laundry or you,can have them laundered if you have a,cleaners or something,but i just wanted to tell you guys about,this because a lot of you that follow me,are bigger people because you know its,not hard its not easy to find bigger,people that do stuff like this so i,wanted to tell you about it im going to,put a link right down in the description,below just like i always do with all of,my products so you can look at what they,have see if they have a size for you,the shorts come and go with it coming,into fall they may not have everything,in stock so you can be notified when,they come back in stock,with the getting colder weather you,might want to try their longer pants,theyre a little bit more stretchy and a,little bit more um they have different,pockets and stuff also mac weldon is,another great company thats coming out,with larger sizes,really love their stuff,theyre right on the edge so,and ive ive got videos on here of,their underwear and stuff which is,really what i wear daily,love mac welding so be sure and check,that out but this is all about mugsy,this is a new company its been around,just a couple years to three years,and i love it man i just love i i wear,these shorts almost exclusively all,summer long and their pants a lot during,the winter,of course theyve got jeans oh my,goodness i gotta tell you about their,jeans oh man,um theyre theyre not jeans jeans like,um like levis but they look like jeans,but they actually feel like jogging,pants and theyre pretty tight,um like tight fitting like theyre not,super super loose and hanging on you but,oh my goodness its a bigger person i,love,love love their jeans i cant believe i,can even fit in them to be honest with,you most companies that carry stuff like,this dont accommodate people like me,but ive been wearing the jeans forever,its one of the first things i bought,with their soft pants and oh my goodness,if you got to go out to church or you,got to go out to an event or you got to,go somewhere nice or just out shopping,or something,it looks amazing it goes with everything,they have different colors jeans they,have a normal jean like washed out or,you have your black jeans and stuff like,that they have a lot of different,options for you and theyre getting into,shirts and all kinds of stuff too so you,got to check them out its called mugsy,jeans because thats what they started,with,they started with the idea that somebody,could wear something that looks like a,jean,but um that feels soft and comfortable,and stretchy and super nice and flexible,its not stiff and hard you can like,bend over and run around in it,and of course you guys know girls girls,have been doing this forever they call,them skin,or they call them all kinds of stuff,they like jot or,yoga pants and stuff its really similar,to that except its it looks like jeans,its and its not like showing all your,stuff like on the girls stuff youre not,going to see a bulge or anything like,that,unless you just like squeeze into them,with vaseline,but i digress,i want you to check this company out i,wanted to do a video on them um i just,got this new this new color in its kind,of like a gray blue and i love that they,they put their their logo on the back,and really its just a really really,nice,um,a really nice,company i mean the clothing is really,good the the quality is really good and,you just cant beat it so be sure and,click that link below hit that subscribe,button if youre not a subscriber,what you waiting for its free,all you got to do is click the button,click the little bell click the thumbs,up to let people know this is a great,video to watch and you are inside my,friend into the zakis nation youll get,notified first when we put up new videos,and weve got cool stuff stuff for men,like this we got tech,smart home anything cool i find,um im going to tell you about im just,going to do a video on this new cool,pillow i just found,its called the pillow cube,so im just going to do a video on that,check that out if you want to know more,about that i just put up my favorite,water so you can i mean im telling you,if i find a product that i like,whatever it is im going to tell you,guys about if i hate it or like it this,is an awesome product this is the soap i,use from tam

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I bought Mugsy Chinos, here is my review.

hey guys in this video im going to be,reviewing,mugsys chinos so in another video i,reviewed mugsys jeans,and in this video im going to be,talking about their chinos,so mugsies are known most for the fact,that they make like really high stretch,jeans and theyve delved into the,making chinos i guess not terribly long,ago,and so i decided to to try them out and,buy them because im a physical,therapist,and i need to be able to squat and lunge,and get in the positions that,ordinary ordinary chinos just just dont,they dont do their job right all right,they a lot of times dont have a lot of,stretch and they get all bunched up,and it just is not very comfortable and,so i decided to try these,out and so these the chinos from mugsies,run 98 which is like,way more than i would normally spend on,a pair of,slacks but uh im telling you,right now spoiler alert these are,freaking awesome,there is one sort of caveat that im,going to touch on in the review,but overall highly recommend im going,to go over,each pair i mean theyre pretty much the,same other than the different color,so these are theyre the called the,olives,they are theyre sort of olive green,colored pants,and then these are the belmonts which,are their khaki,colored pants and so these have been,washed and these have been,dried um and then i actually have,another pair coming that has,not been washed or dried obviously so if,were,if we start with sort of the the looks,of,the chinos they are,a slim fit but not like skinny,um and as far as the look,theres theres no like patterning or,anything crazy theyre actually a pretty,conservative color uh as far a,conservative design theres no for,example the jeans had all the patterning,and whatnot these are just sort of a,flat,color which is good for a work,environment,the the button on the front is,sort of a high quality plastic versus,the,sort of titanium or metal on the jeans,the front of them again theres not,really much to look at,as far as the front of the front of the,pants the lining of them is also that,sort of,trademark pinstriping that mugsy seems,to always put,on their pants or their uh yeah well,yeah all their pants,and then the front sort of lining of it,has their,mugsy logo all over the front of it,these,are made out of,let me find it okay so these are made,out of,different material than their jeans so,these are made out of 59,cotton 34 rayon and a,pretty high seven percent spandex,that these are definitely uh,on the higher end of that spandex,threshold than what i usually see,pants not that i shop around a ton but,at least the few that ive purchased in,the past,they definitely are not seven percent,theyre usually like one or two,and their jeans are one percent spandex,now from the look at these though you,would never know,these look like chinos these look like,dress pants that you would wear at work,even looking at them closely they dont,look like,any sort of of pants that would really,stretch,an amazing amount like these do but they,do,and so if we kind of move on,well let me talk about so for the back,of the pants here,they have the trademark mugsy,blue leather patch although whats,interesting,and i dont know if they did this on,purpose to cover it up but on the jeans,the leather patch is actually has a,opening in it so you can loop a belt,this one is just a patch that is firmly,sewed onto the pant so the belt always,goes,over it which i guess is good if youre,in a work environment,uh just because this is definitely uh,not i guess conservative in terms of,what you,usually see pants but part of me wishes,that they made this,uh like the patch on the jeans so that i,can decide whether or not,i want to show it or not okay so lets,talk about,the the fit of these so the fit of these,ill say and this is my one caveat is,that yes they were slim fit,but they were actually a little bit,baggier,than what i would like and as youre,seeing them now,these have been through the the wash,and then i tumble dry on medium and i,dont think it says to do that,i think it wants you to air dry them but,i usually dry,all my clothes anyway but i will say,that in the beginning these,were a little baggier than what i would,like but after running them through the,wash and after running them through the,dryer,these were flawless like they turned out,to be the exact,fit that i wanted so i was a little bit,worried at first when they were baggy,but once you run them through the wash,and once you run them through the dryer,they at least for me,are a really good fit now i am five nine,and im 145 pounds so if that kind of,puts things into perspective,i bought the 31 30s,and i just think the fit is really good,the the quality is really good uh the,only thing that was,a little bit lackluster and im getting,a little nitpicky is the zipper,tends to its not the smoothest zipper,in the world,but you know it it works and,its not like it gets caught on anything,okay,moving on were going to talk about,stretch and the stretch is ridiculous,okay so if were looking at this when,you when you see them,on the mugsy website they are just as,stretchy,as me actually pulling on them so they,have a lot of stretch,side to side and they have a lot of,stretch,longitudinal i mean just like a crazy,amount of stretch,so these actually have a lot more,stretch,than the jeans in my opinion and when,you look on their website it says that,these are four-way stretch,and so i i dont know if the jeans have,that,and this clearly is a different makeup,in terms of material than the jeans but,these just have a freakish amount of,stretch,which is awesome when youre doing a job,like mine or if you need to do any job,or you have to kneel down you have to,squat,or if you even if you just want to be,active in dress pants and be spontaneous,i mean even if you dont do any of that,the fact that these,stretch like that make them incredibly,damn comfortable okay,so i like these really the only negative,is the the fit at first but again,in the wash after you wash it and after,you dry it at least for me,it came out the way i wanted and the,nice thing,about these im gonna pull out the the,belmonts now,so the belmonts are the khaki version,and so,whats nice about this is one the,stitching is is really,good quality at least from what i can,see theres not like,any any like snags or any,poor shoddy craftsmanship or anything,like that which is awesome these are,made in china,but you never know it because the,quality is actually really good,the other thing that i,want to mention is that after putting,these through the wash and after putting,these through the dryer,you know for me i used to wear a lot of,golf pants because those were the,closest thing,that i could get to kind of like a dress,pant that had some stretch,but i just dont like how thin they were,and because golf pants are often made of,polyester,they snag in the wash and or,they snag in the dryer or one of the two,i dont know which one it snags in but,they snag,and the fabric looks bad after a while,but these,at least after washing and drying them,there is not really any,i mean if you really look you could,probably see like some sort of micro,you know imperfection but theres really,no snags,which is awesome so im hoping that it,stays like that and it continues to be,like that,through subsequent washes and dryings,but if thats the case,then these are just a freaking winner,like i said theyre expensive theyre 98,honestly usually the slacks and and work,pants that i get are,half this price but i after buying their,jeans,i became a believer of the of the mugsy,brand,and so i wanted to try their chinos and,i really havent been disappointed,so overall highly recommend im getting,another pair on the way,im getting their green or their gray,ones which are called their daemons i,think,and they have like a lot of colors uh,currently and some of them are,are i think one of thems like a mint,green uh which is kind of trendy but i,dont,think i could actually pull it well,maybe i could pull

Barstool Pizza Review – Aumm Aumm (North Bergen, NJ) presented by Mugsy Jeans

[Music],all right frankie peace review time uh,were still in north bergen we are at um,um,is that the name of it um muggy jeans,looking good dave feeling good dave uh,go to mugsyjeans.com use the code one,bite,10 bucks off looking pretty good on me,today i was confused because they had a,one of those like wood fire burning,ovens in there,is it wood fire or brick or whatever it,looks like a neapolitan,i thought it was gonna get quick pizza,that was neapolitan style i should know,its like the red,the red circle oven what is that,probably a wood fire,all right and then before i saw the,pizza they said 20 bucks which would,have been,the most expensive neopolitan style,pizza ever,exist but then it comes out in this box,now i understand 20 bucks i have no idea,what its gonna look like,okay that makes sense ive never,seen it come out like that style but it,may be neopolitan but bigger,interesting yeah its got a little bit,that fluff so what is,roman style roma basically,very i dont know the difference between,roma whats going on thank you,all right i will i dont know the,difference between roma and neapolitan,be totally honest,this is very good but its neapolita is,neapolitan roma is that the same thing,no i feel like rome is sometimes thicker,i feel like theres just a different,shape of neapolitan,the reason were saying roma roma is,usually the youre going in rome ive,been there,no big deal were in rome italy and i,want to blend in everyones saying,prez the pizzas great the pizza is,great you know i dont want to be a,stupid tourist,you go in in the counter and you like,slice it here and its like thicker and,but she said michael scott the office,its good,oh is dogs oh i know his name,walter,very close baby you gotta try romas in,80,87th street rome is on 87.,do you are you affiliated with it all,right then ill try it,i live in the neighborhood okay i tried,the uh sorrentina the one you went to,its good but you got to try roma,before you leave the area you got to try,it ill do it next,87th street 87th roma 87th all right,ill do it,no its 87th street im gonna give you,the address because i need you to do the,review on this one,snacks,86.,um this what do we say uh,uh neapolitan six eight right now just,to clarify,its not my favorite style of pizza so,all neopolitans start at 6,8.,i go i go higher to goody apart this,neapolitan right,[Music],but in a different shape,so im gonna go,six nine on it i think its better than,your traditional neopolitan,and there it is he doesnt want to be on,but what whats up its,good thats a review uh ah mom,and also by the way super cool inside,like wine bar the works its,like a romantic date spot to me thats a,review

Mugsy Jeans Review – Honest Thoughts And Opinions

good morning Out reviews crew this is,Spencer Pines here with another review,today were taking a look at these jeans,from Mugsy,I was not sent these by Mugsy this isnt,a sponsored video or anything so all my,thoughts and opinions are my own and as,usual in addition to this video there,will be a unstructured unboxing video as,well as a full written review which will,be available in the description below so,what is Mugsy jeans to start off with,and I get into this in my unboxing video,but these are these look like just a,regular pair of jeans but they are super,comfortable and theyre like super,stretchy I actually I thought these were,going to be a little too small,when I first got them but then when I,put them on I found out they like fit,perfectly so thats just how like,elasticy they are and theyre super,form-fitting,uh Ill put in,me wearing them right now,so what they look like when theyre on,theyre very flexible,like theres absolutely no stiffness,there wasnt a whole lot of break-in,period,I was able to get some good outfits out,of here,super stretchy,so yeah as you can see theyre very,flexible uh very durable too these look,pretty much as good as when I first,unbox them there is a little bit of,fading near the knee but,I actually think,there was a little fading near the knee,must have just been dust or something,yeah they look really good and I really,like all the Styles there and I,mentioned this in my unboxing video but,I typically dont wear jeans because I,just dont really like the texture and I,find the uh,theyre very stiff after you first get,them and the break-in period is just,I dont like it uh but with these there,really wasnt a break-in period so these,were really comfortable,so I I gave these the ultimate test uh,shortly after I got them I wore them to,my local theme park,for the amount of products I test at the,theme park I could probably write off my,season pass on my taxes but,I figured it would be a really good test,because Im always walking around there,a lot and its getting a little bit,colder in the fall months so these were,really like a must to wear there,um,and yeah they they served me pretty well,I was able to create uh really cool,looking outfit Ill put up a picture of,it here,um,which I wore to the park and I do have I,did have one minor issue and this is,like so minor I,dont even think its like really worth,bringing up but I will anyway,on a couple of the roller coasters,I my phone in my wallet almost slipped,out of my pocket a little bit,I dont think thats an issue though I,dont think most people wearing these,jeans are going to be on roller coasters,but uh,if if you do plan on bringing these two,apart like I did maybe bring like an,extra bag or a jacket with like some zip,up pockets for all your valuables other,than that though pocket space was,actually pretty deep not as deep as Im,used to but uh I couldnt fit my entire,switch in there,tried but but yeah uh and after that I,after wearing them at the park I pretty,much wore these just as my everyday,jeans and,as someone who doesnt really like jeans,I really like these they they felt very,good they felt like just like a pair of,sweatpants or pajamas but you know they,dont look like that,they look presentable uh and I got the,matte black or the the squid ink and I,feel like this would be like a very good,replacement for like a pair of dress,pants and a pinch I remember I Ive,worked out a couple places with uh,fairly strict dress code three you,couldnt you could wear jeans but you,couldnt wear blue jeans you had to wear,black jeans if anything uh and I think,these would serve that very well uh yeah,I would recommend these if youre,somebody who,works at a place where they require long,pants and you want to be comfortable all,day so if youre working retail or,Warehouse,these are the jeans to get so though I,always talk about the website and the,website for Mugsy theres a lot to be,desired I,think it kind of looks a little,unprofessional,some links I think dont really lead to,where theyre supposed to go,uh like if you click on Old jeans it,doesnt really take you there right away,it takes you to the homepage for some,reason and then you have to go to all,genes from there and the the most,annoying part was,there was a a pop-up that appeared,frequently asking if Id like to get,like 10 off,and instead of just a simple no oh like,a no thank you button it said no I am,independently wealthy and I just felt,that was really patronizing and I didnt,appreciate it at all Mugsy does try to,like insert this sense of humor into a,lot of their branding and I just dont,think it fit there and I dont think it,really hit right,uh and also I found the website crashed,a couple times while I was on it I even,managed to get a screenshot of both my,issues with the websites,just at once thing was crashing and I,was getting a pop-up,and with branding these are,marketed like pretty much exclusively as,mens jeans I dont think they need to,do that I think uh I think like women in,non-masculine individuals can still get,like as much out of these genes as as,men can I think theyre kind of living,themselves,but thats just me uh personally I think,all genes are mens jeans Im very,adamant about that I dont really think,there needs to be a whole separation in,in products anymore I think we kind of,move past that but other than that,though I do like the sense of humor that,uh Mugsy has,put into a lot of what they do,and its just a couple things on their,website I got a problem with and,I dont think they need to be,exclusively mens jeans so overall I I,really liked I really like these jeans I,admittedly wasnt expecting much when I,first got them and I thought like I was,just another pair of pants but uh these,are easily like the most comfortable,jeans I own,problem is the price and I received,these from my review so I didnt pay for,these but theyre about like,I want to say like a hundred and twenty,dollars,and Ill correct myself if I got that,price wrong here about a hundred like at,least over a hundred dollars is the,thing so these are easily the most,expensive pair of jeans I own and I,dont really see myself getting more,than one for that price I understand,these are more than just a regular pair,of jeans,but I feel like,eighty dollars and you can get some of,them on if you find one on sale thats,about what they go for on sale uh so if,you could find these on sale I highly,recommend it if you still want them its,Id say worth worth the extra few,dollars uh I dont think Id ever get,more than like two,for for my closet but the quality is,really nice and they look really good so,that one sec that one sacrifice youre,gonna make is for price all right so,this has been Spencer Pines,this review uh let me know what you,thought in the comments below let me,know if you got any other,recommendations for products I can take,a look at thank you bye

Perfect Jean Review – Is there such a thing as the PERFECT jean? Our honest Perfect Jean NYC Review

[Music],have we finally hit the bullseye and,found the perfect gene,[Music],the perfect jean,is it even possible,well watch on to see our full and,honest perfect jean review,to find out,[Music],now you may be wondering what happened,to that axe well it fell i didnt get a,couple to stick,but you know what i was at least,comfortable doing it,lets dive in and see if the perfect,jean is perfect for axe throwing,hang around the house or even just,hanging around with friends,the perfect jean what is the big idea,the perfect jean claims to have,extremely high quality jeans that,typically cost more than 200 bucks,they give the comparison of rag and bone,being 225 bucks mountain bow being 108,and theres being only 80. well ive got,even better news for you,im not going to bury the lead here if,you use our special promo code,we tried it 25 you can get the perfect,jean for only,60 bucks now we will give,the perfect gene the thumbs up as youll,see in this review were going to dive,in real deep,but if you want to save the money now,just go ahead and go to the perfect gene,and use our special promo code we try to,25,lets start with the look unless youre,buying,sevens like back in the day i remember,seeing these pockets on girls,and some guys you really dont want a,whole lot of branding on the back,of your pants in fact they just have a,tiny little logo on one of the back,pockets which,i i personally like that i dont like a,lot of braiding on the back of my pants,they come in four basic washes i tried,the dark blue,heres what they all look like they have,black dark blue theres,pictures from the website and in real,life you can see theyre real similar,medium blue and light indigo which kind,of that acid wash color,dont really care for that but if thats,your thing thats all good,okay next we have the perfect jean,review the,fit heres one small grab i have about,the perfect jean,because their material is so stretchy,you need to size down,if you typically wear a size 32 i would,recommend sizing down to probably a size,30,maybe a 31. i wear a size 32 in almost,every pair of pants that i,own and you can see here theyre really,really stretchy and so theyre actually,really loose i had to keep on pulling,them up,with a size 32. now here they are with,the size 30.,you can still see that theyre nice and,stretchy but,id have to pull them up all the time so,really the only thing i have to say,about,the perfect jean when it comes to sizing,is size,down and even on their website they say,like all premium denim our gene will,increase about half a size,through wearing and then return to,original form when washed try to wash,cold and dry,on low heat so make sure once again that,you size down,and it can help a little bit when after,you wash them itll go back to its,regular size,now i tried the slim version not the,skinny version,another little tiny pet peeve is the,slim version even,around my calf so you can see here its,just a little bit too tight for me,so i dont even know how you would wear,the skinny version,because those would be super super tight,perfect jean the stretch and comfort,well,if i gave one word for the comfort,department here it would be,wow when you put these jeans on they are,instantly soft and the stretch is,amazing,youre going to want to do a couple of,air squats immediately just to see,how stretchy they are well if youre a,pure denim enthusiast i got a little bit,of bad news for you but not bad,news for most folks pure denim is 100,cotton and the perfect gene is not and,thats actually,super preferable to me the perfect jeans,have got 64.5,cotton 30 polyester 3.5,viscose and 2 spandex you may not have,heard,of viscose before i i had never done it,or seen it before,but its basically artificial silk the,cotton combo is what makes the perfect,jeans well more,perfect and im not a denim purist so,some people will absolutely hate these,if,if you will only wear real quote-unquote,denim but,theyre super comfortable takes all the,great qualities of cotton and spandex,and the stretch puts them all together,to get a really,great product now another thing that i,always check when getting new jeans is,do they bleed,and what i mean is if you put a white,piece paper on them,does the color transfer to the paper now,its not that big a deal with paper but,one time i went to the doctor and,i had some weird allergic reaction to,something and if they thought i had a,rare hand disease because my hands were,blue,turns out it was just the jeans that had,washed off,and rubbed off on my hands so i dont,like it for that and i dont like it,because you have to worry about what,shoes youre wearing too,because you dont want to get those,dirty either but i got great news to,report here,is the perfect jean does not bleed i,havent tested it with a piece of white,paper just to make sure,now ive only had the perfect jean for a,couple,of weeks here and ive had no problems i,do kind of wish that the perfect jean,had a gusset which little,fabric area underneath the crotch that,really does help with durability over a,long period of time,perfecting does not have it but its not,ideal killer by any means,okay the perfect jean review the final,verdict,now i talked about it earlier the best,part about the perfect jean,is it is only eighty dollars retail and,if you use our special promo code we,tried it 25,you get it for only 60 bucks now,i probably would say i like doer jeans a,little bit more,but theyre more than twice as expensive,so id rather have a,couple of pairs of the perfect jean,over one pair of dewer once again you,can save another 20 bucks by using our,promo code,we tried it 25.,before we go i want to send you a,special link to get the,top life hacks we never talk about be,sure to click this link here,well send it to you some really cheap,things that we use every day that for,some reason weve never written about,but we thought wed give it away to,our loyal fans whatd you think of this,review if you liked it give it the,thumbs up make sure you hit that,subscribe button,if you have any questions or comments,make sure to leave them below and we,hope to see you again,real soon,[Music],you

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