1. Muscle Booster App Review and Tutorial (EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!)
  2. Muscle Booster App Review
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Muscle Booster App Review and Tutorial (EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!)

[Music],go,20 seconds,want to learn more about the muscle,booster app well in this video ill be,going over everything you need to know,hey if youre new here my name is kevin,and im a certified personal trainer and,on my channel youll find weekly reviews,tips and tutorials on fitness apps,equipment and more and today were,looking at the muscle booster app,muscle booster is a fitness app that,aims to help you gain muscle and lose,weight with specially designed workouts,and training plans that can be performed,either at home or at the gym the app,says that its tailored specifically for,men but id say that it can also be used,by women looking for solid strength,training workouts in this video ill be,going over the cost of the app training,plans,demonstrating the workouts going over,the meal plan features as well as some,of the settings that you can toggle,finally at the end ill share my,thoughts on the app and then give you my,overall recommendation lets start with,cost,muscle booster is a premium app that has,three pricing options,one month for 19.99,one year for 59.99,three months for 29.99 and lifetime,access for 99.99,unfortunately there are no free trials,for this app so you would need to pay in,order to give it a try the most popular,option is three months for 29.99 now,lets go ahead and take a look at the,app selecting a training plan,when you start the app youll,immediately set your goals which,determines your training plan,you can either select a muscle gain goal,or a weight loss goal youll be asked a,few questions such as what motivates you,to exercise your body type desired body,type,target zones,fitness level and other questions to,help assess your current physical state,a neat feature is that youll be able to,select your training location whether,thats at home or at the gym if you,select home the workouts will consist of,body weight movements whereas selecting,the gym will have workouts that,incorporate equipment,however this app classifies working out,at home its pretty much having no,access to equipment so if you do have a,pair of dumbbells at home they wouldnt,be used under the home category,if you do anticipate using dumbbells,then id recommend you select the gym,plan,plan tab,when youre on the plan tab youll see,your plan name at the top whether thats,a weight loss plan or a muscle gain plan,theres a progress bar that fills based,on how many workouts you complete you,can swipe through and see all the,workouts for the plan on their,respective dates on any date you select,youll see all your workouts scheduled,for the day,some are listed as main which are,important for you to complete,and some listed as additional which,arent mandatory but are nice to perform,if you can,if the plan calls for a rest day itll,be listed as such all of these workouts,are created for you based on the goals,and preferences you set at the beginning,of the plan if you targeted mostly upper,body muscles youll likely see a,majority of upper body exercises for any,of the workouts theres a blue start,button you can hit,when you hit the blue start workout,button you dont actually start the,workout,you get a preview of the routine and if,you wanted to start the workout you,would need to hit the start workout,button at the bottom to begin,being able to see the exercises before,starting the workout is helpful so you,know whats ahead i highly recommend,viewing the workout beforehand so you,know what equipment you might need it,would be frustrating if during your,workout you realize you need to use a,certain piece of equipment and youre,nowhere near it also on this workout,screen youll see the title of the,workout time duration and number of,exercises i want to note that unless the,workout is all time based that the,duration is just an estimate there may,be some workouts that involve rep counts,and if you need more time to perform the,reps the longer the workout will be so,just look at the time duration as an,estimate if you were curious about any,exercise you could tap on the icon and,see a demonstration of the exercise many,demonstrations will feature this,animated body as well as red highlights,showing which muscles the exercise is,targeting theres also written out,information on how to perform the,exercise,however it doesnt seem all of these,exercises are equally as detailed,there are some demonstration videos that,feature an actual person performing the,exercises on a loop also if youd like,to swap out exercises for any particular,reason thats what the double arrow icon,to the right of the exercise is for for,example if the exercise is a shoulder,press and it shows the use of a machine,you can swap that out for a similar,exercise using the equipment you have,access to such as dumbbells every,workout you want to do needs to be,downloaded and that happens every time,you start a workout if you anticipate,going somewhere where theres no wi-fi,or very little reception then i,recommend downloading the workout ahead,of time by tapping the cloud icon on the,top right corner of the workout back on,the plan tab and below your workouts,youll see a module for walking which,tracks your steps you can connect this,to your phone so it gives you another,look into your activity for the day to,enable this feature just tap the green,connect button and allow the required,permissions at the top right is a book,icon with a question mark this is meant,to explain the difference between main,workouts and additional workouts,workouts tab in the workouts tab youll,see two options at the top one for,workouts and the other for exercises,under workouts there are currently six,options also note that these workouts,are different from the ones setting your,plan,most workouts consist of a warm-up,primary training exercises and a cool,down there are workouts for strength,using dumbbells which is flagged as new,at the time of this video,the workouts in this section all look to,target specific muscle groups and are,around 20 minutes in length the morning,routine workouts collection has a lot of,7-minute workouts that are themed to,start your day,the exercises here are mostly body,weight the strength home category,consists of over 300 workouts however it,looks like some of these pictures dont,match the actual exercises you see for,example you see this man working out,with dumbbells but thats not actually,part of the selected routine,remember that home workouts consist of,just body weight exercises workouts here,range from 10 minutes all the way to 40.,under recovery there are a few,stretching and mobility workouts ranging,from 10 to 15 minutes the strength gym,category has the longest workouts from,nearly a half hour to almost an hour,long so youll be getting a lot of time,using equipment and pumping iron the,cardio workouts range from 10 minutes to,almost a half hour and consist a lot of,body weight movements underneath the,exercises tab youll see all of the,exercises for working out your abs arms,back calves chest glutes shoulders,thighs and total body,i think this is a helpful resource,because you can see all the different,exercises that you can do to target,specific muscles,strangely though tapping these exercises,automatically triggers a workout so it,doesnt seem like it was designed for,you to build a routine there also isnt,any filtering you can do to separate,stretches body weight movements or,weighted movements there also isnt any,real organization to the exercises as,theyre not alphabetical however i do,notice that as you scroll there are,different models performing the moves so,my guess is these exercises are listed,in the order in which they were added,now that ive shown you what the app,interface looks like let me show you the,app in action demonstration,go,30 seconds,go,10 repetitions,[Music],[Music],go,[Music],[Music],go,20 seconds,[Music],almost finished,[Music],meal plan tab,integral to any weight loss or muscle,gain plan is nutrition,and the muscle booster app tackles this,with meal plan

Muscle Booster App Review

whats up my name is kevin welcome to,true fitness app reviews please leave a,like comment and subscribe,the first app that i will be reviewing,is called the muscle booster app i,already have started it i have about,i want to say i have about five workouts,i have completed already,so im going to show you guys the,process on that shortly but right now,im going to give you a walk through on,how to get the app started so lets get,started,you can choose your goals you want to,set either muscle gain and weight loss,mine right now would be weight loss,and what you want to achieve i want to,have a healthy body,what motivates you to exercise um,i would say yeah,all of them,so,i mean of course you can you know,target which areas that you may want to,target the most but,all of them for me,my body type,regular build,choose your body type,your desired body type so,i dont want to be too big not extra,bulky so yeah get slim get cut up,target zones,and i will say all,and get all of those continue,when was the last time,you were happy with your body image,yeah,fitness level so i would say advanced,im in so what a good shape so,not you know exactly where i want to be,but,yeah ill say advance,how you push us could you do,more than 21.,do you live with sedentary lifestyle,no,how much do you walk daily,not a lot,how do you feel between meals,yeah,yeah im pretty much tired after i eat i,have to for me to work out i know its,different across you know from everybody,but,i cant work out on the full stomach i,just cant do it,so thats hard for me so im tired after,i eat how much sleep do you get,25 and six hours yeah i wake up at four,oclock,monday through friday,so,yeah,yeah i wake up at four oclock,you know four oclock in the morning,monday through friday so and i go to bed,normally around 10. i know thats not a,lot of sleep but,ill make it work so yeah between five,and six hours,click that if i can,its working how much water you know two,to six glasses of water and like i said,i pretty much ran through this already,so i know how it goes,how high is your voice pitch,say about average not too deep not too,high how hairy is your body you know i,dont know what this had to do with,working out but,i dont say average,how high is your but i cant even,cant pronounce it,um but i know it has to do with your sex,drive so,i would say i would say average but,after ill work out,yeah yeah im ready,how tall are you,so yeah,these are the pretty,other,basic questions,that you know we all have the answer,current weight,like in my other video,216.,yeah get to the 216.,target weight,i want to go to 190,but if,im not liking that maybe 180 i dont,know,that might be too low but well see how,it goes,how old are you,i am 34.,choose your training location,im going to try to do everything at,home,and then ill also review everything,how it goes at the gym,im going to give it about let me see,about a month or two try to stay,consistent you know with that month or,two um doing everything at home and then,im going to view it,no i want to review it,also with me going to the gym how do you,hear about us,as we build your personal plan what else,are you interested in,um,lets say nutrition that goes along with,it so,yeah so it puts together your own plan,and everything like that of course,and then,it shows you you know,you should generally do it in four weeks,now,i would say,from my experience so far,if you do everything youre supposed to,do,you will be able to reach the goal,especially if you eat,if youre eating right,now to me,i want to say is about 80 percent of you,eating 20 of you working out,i mean guarantee you if you can eat the,right way,if you eat the right way the right,things put the right nutrients inside,your body,you probably you can get to your weight,goal while just about eating,exercising is kind of like just a help,help aid it makes you get to your gets,your goals quicker because youre,killing the well youre um losing the,calories,at the same time,but if youre eating right,you will definitely get to where you,want to be,and,also these are you know the plants they,have going on going on with it you know,you choose,you know,which plan works out best for you and,after you do that you pretty much you,get started,so,with this like i said before ill be,doing this ill be giving a review,probably about,ill be doing the muscle booster out for,about one or two months i would try to,give updates on a weekly basis,maybe maybe two times a week you know,how how everything going you know my,progression everything like that and,then at those two months up i want to,move on to the next,to the next app,so so once you enter the the muscle,booster app and get you know all those,general questions out the way and you,know make a payment plan this is how it,looks so right now my car my progress,im six days in and they pretty much,have everything laid out see i still,havent done my exercise for today,and they have a morning routine i,completed that already but yeah so today,ill be working on lower body they give,you the duration of how long the workout,will take 32 minutes see general day i,mean i only did it for six days so,the longest workout i had was about,i wont say 40 minutes long so theyre,not that long which makes it really good,you know cause im the type person i,dont want to be in the gym or i want to,work out that long that would make me,not even want to do it anymore but,yeah,so i like to ease in you know to me,you know working out you know dont go,hard on the first day because most,likely you can burn yourself out and,then next couple days your body be sore,then you have to get the workout or you,dont even want to do it anymore,but yeah they have a um overall,lineup of the all the exercises that the,app,gives you,you can go through that look through,that and they have a a meal plan that,you can choose to follow now i know,if you follow this this meal plan you,will for sure reach your goals really,quick but you know,were not perfect im not perfect so,you know some days you know i am going,to cheat im trying to limit my cheat,days on saturday not to go too not not,to do too bad on the weekends but you,know im still gonna have im still,gonna give myself the chance to you know,still relax and you know or eat,something small but not just to go you,know just go overboard with it,so yeah this is the interface about it i,mean interface of the app pretty much,self-explanatory,easy to walk through,and you know,hey,just get it started,lets get started before you know it,youll be almost done so,thats the overall,review of it ill still be giving you,know weekly updates you know how im,going to show you all,my um my progress my weight loss and you,know were in this together so,so just remember to remain consistent,with your goals and just keep moving,moving forward stay motivated and,lets get it,all right peace yall

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Muscle Booster App Review Week 3

[Music],welcome to true fitness reviews this is,my week three review of the muscle,booster app,thank you guys for the patience and um,sorry in advance for taking so long on,making this video but as you can see i,stepped on scale yesterday im at 211,right now started at 216. so about,about one and a half pounds per week,which is good,you know i see some differences in my,body you know as far as you know the,cuts and,everything like that i feel i feel,better i mean i feel better from you,know just for four pounds and you,wouldnt think that four pounds would,make a huge difference in your,appearance but,hey for me it does and i mean it did,and so,i want to say wait my goal weight is,around 190,i think yeah on my um my personal plan i,put 190 so,so yeah about 21 pounds away long way to,go but,you know with consistency,hard work dedication,hey ill be ill be there in no time,soon,but as you can see in the video right,now just showing you know a little light,activity of the work i mean this,particular workout that i did right here,it was only about i want to say 20,minutes long it didnt last that long at,all,so i mean,as i know this as,the more workouts that i have begun to,do than less and less time,but you would think that it would make,it easier but tell your truth they have,gotten they got a little bit harder,not harder but like you know a little,bit more stressful,as i go along,and also like,at first they had me have us doing,you know,20 reps of a certain exercise or like 15,reps of a certain exercise now youre,doing it for a minute straight,which i like you know it,it challenges you more it challenged you,to dig in and stay in so you know i,cant complain about anything and,everythings looking good,looking good,you see this right here are the um,the walking um planks,as you can see you know as i come up i,see you know i see a lot of definition,in my body that wasnt there before,and it makes me you know that makes me,happy that makes me you know want to go,even more harder you know clean up my,eating habits because im gonna tell you,the truth as right now i havent been,eating the best,but doing this workout,im not saying you can cheat but i mean,you know i had slip ups which,everybodys gonna have um have slip-ups,sometimes,you know but you know keep going see,look at that right there,that shows a lot of change right there,that,yeah im loving what i see,but anyway,you know were going to have slip ups,and but you know its its up to us to,stay the course say the course remember,the goals,and,you know well be able to get it done,you know like i always say consistency,is key in everything that you do,i mean that starts from working out that,says from set aside from work,everything you do just remain consistent,the results will be there you will see,the results just keep at it and keep,working hard,these right here the decline push-ups,i mean so like yeah doing you know these,push-ups they had me doing it a minute,straight and you know throughout the,video you might see me take a pause you,know thats okay,thats okay just dont keep you know,just dont you know take a little pause,a little breather its okay its okay to,do that,you know but just jump right back into,the workout just keep it going,just keep it going,and you know just stay stay to it stay,the course always say the course dont,dont let your mind trick you into,giving up giving up is easy so you think,about it just think about think about,the end goal at all times think about,your why,why are you doing this kind of outcome,do you want for yourself,you want a better,healthier lifestyle you know look better,physically,hey,just keep working towards it,its going to come true you see right,now look taking a little breather its,okay,get right back into it soon you feel,feel you can,you know you feel like this dizziness,you know pause the video,sit down for a few minutes if you can,you know just keep it going no matter,what now these,normally when i did these and other,workouts that i worked out before,you have your feet in the air,doing it which was a challenge now these,your feet is on are on the floor and it,may not seem as challenging,but doing these for a minute straight,yeah youll really feel youll really,feel it,its a good workout those russian twists,yeah those are really good for the abs,but like i said before you know i am so,sorry for posting this video late,i would try my best in my future videos,to make it you know on a weekly basis i,missed last week and i am so sorry,so like i said before please leave a,like,comment and subscribe for my future,videos and,you know get no notifications so like,you know so i so when i drop a video,youll be able to um see it,so you can enjoy the rest of the video,and enjoy the rest of your day stay,motivated stay consistent consistency is,key,peace,you

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Muscle Booster App Review Week 7

welcome to true fitness reviews this is,week seven of the muscle booster app,please leave a like comment and,subscribe to the channel as your,participation,is very well appreciated,as you can see i got my weight down to,202,got down 202 so far,and hey that marks that i have 12 more,pounds to go as my own reaching my goal,to um,190,or for there oh from there well just,see you know if i like the way i look,you know i keep it there and then try to,tone up or if you know if i want to lose,couple more pounds then you know ill do,so,but you know same you know same as usual,you know my workout days well no,actually,i increased my workout days to five days,a week now i just want to see how my,body will respond to doing so and,this is my first week doing it and its,been good so,i want to say this is my first time um,experiencing,a cardio workout session throughout the,whole,time ive been you know doing the uh,muscle booster app,and um it wasnt that bad it wasnt that,bad pretty much you know i mean overall,i like it,i like it and you know,i look forward throughout the um,throughout my work from i look forward,to my workout plan um throughout the,rest of the week and it um gave me,actually two cardio days so i think that,that definitely will help,you know take out the stress i have been,getting on my um,on my legs from um leg day i mean im,not gonna lie leg day,is very,its hard i mean its intense but you,know just push through it do whatever,you can do just keep going through it,but it definitely is a workout i can,definitely see why people say you never,skip leg day i repeat,repeat,never skip leg day,just make sure that you get the proper,rest for it but,yeah keep those legs you know,keep keep those legs moving because you,dont want to take a long time from leg,day and then you try to do it again and,then,it just doesnt work out the best for,you,overall ive been liking the progress,that i have been making,you know,i know for sure,i could have been you know a little bit,further in the whole process but you,know i have i havent been as strict,as i should or or i want to or i could,say as i could,i mean,thats you know as i said before in,other videos i mean if you remain you,know on top of your a game with this app,you can definitely see,the changes,happen quick,you know its its that legit i believe,in this you know,in this app and you know so far an,a-plus no complaints you know the,workouts theyre doable theyre very,doable its nothing out in the ordinary,or nothing too extreme as you can see,you know im doing the workouts at home,and,you really dont need that much,equipment i thought you wouldnt need,any the only equipment i have been using,so far is a um,a little adjustable bench you know i got,some years ago you know i bought that,off of,christmas for like 20 around somebody,you know from somebody in my,neighborhood and then some dumbbells you,know i had,got also some years ago when i first,started you know,trying to get in shape and everything,like that but i mean the whole body,weight,the whole body weight aspect you know,im starting to lean towards that rather,than um lifting weights i mean,lifting weights you will definitely see,the gains you know,and its youll feel the strength you,know thats what youre going for but i,know you know as far as you know just,using your own body weight or pretty,much um see im not good im not that,good at pronouncing it um calisthenics,yeah i know thats a little bit more,easier on the joints and,and i believe you know if you do it for,you know a period of time that you will,definitely see the gains i mean thats,what youre going for you dont see the,gains or you know youre just doing it,you to tone up,tone up your body and you know also,cardio i mean its a good substitute you,know but you know as i do on this,channel i will be doing i mean i will be,reviewing both you know as i do this you,know,i as i continue to do this you know i,would just see you know,whats the next whats next thing you,know i should do or what you guys you,know what you guys may think you know,or have a opinion of me doing next you,know thats whats pretty much i mean i,do have an idea,idea that um of what i want to do next,you know but,you know,a lot of things just flowing through my,mind a lot of different ideas,and you know strictly apps you know as,for right now,you know strictly asked oh i do have um,some,other ideas about you know classes that,i have available to me you know in my,town and you know thats a little bit,further down the line but you know,as far as the muscle booster out its,working out good for me you know,so far i highly recommend it,you know i mean if youre able to afford,it i would say go ahead and do it you,know,follow it as much as you can,if you have access to a gym you know,anywhere around you they do have,specifications to where you can um,have your workout plan arranged so where,you do workout workout in the gym or you,know,as like i do you know right now,i just work out at home and you know and,i still see,i see the improvement i see my weight,loss remember i started this,when i was at,i weighed 216 you know and im um,43 days in so 43 days you know im down,to 202.,so yeah i mean,longer you put in the time the effort,the work,you know you want to get to where you,want to be its just about doing it you,know,just go ahead and doing it go ahead and,do it even when you dont feel like,doing it you know just do it you got to,walk through it or,any way you got to modify you might have,modified the exercise or you know,take a couple take a couple um breezes,or you know or rest in between sets even,though they do give it to you if you,need to take an extra breather you know,just do it,you know do whatever it takes for you to,um to get it done and,you will definitely succeed its all,about pushing yourself i mean if you,dont push yourself to anything in life,you will not achieve it so,so remember that consistency is key,and please leave a like comment and,subscribe to the channel for future,updates and progressions and i see you,guys later,peace

10 Best Fitness Apps for 2022 (Peloton, FitOn, Muscle Booster and More!)

if working out more is one of your goals,in 2022 but youre not sure where to get,started this video is for you because in,it im going to be going over 10 of the,best fitness workout apps you can use to,build your strength endurance and more,this year,and im going to be working on a review,and tutorial for each of these apps so,if youre interested in any of them in,particular go ahead and check out this,playlist right over here anyways lets,get started nike training club nike,training club is a free workout app that,consists of a wide range of workouts,that you can find and filter based on,muscle group,workout focus,and equipment,so if youre looking for a cardio,strength or stretching workout you have,a lot of options there are several ways,these workouts are conducted there are,workouts where you guide yourself,through a list of exercises that also,feature video demonstrations as well as,trainer led workouts where you can have,a trainer guide you through the workouts,and explain the movements programs are,also available if you have certain goals,such as building a stronger core or,improving your yoga abilities adidas,training the adidas training app,operates similarly to the nike training,club app in that workouts can be done,following a list of exercises,accompanied by video clips of the,demonstrations or by watching a complete,workout video with a trainer something,cool about adidas training is that there,is a full list of exercises that you can,filter the workouts arent organized as,nicely as nike training club but what is,the best feature on the app is the,workout creator here you can choose a,duration choose what body region you,want to focus on the difficulty of the,exercises and any equipment you have,available the downside is you cant,really focus on the cardio or strength,there are a few training plans that are,available,but many of these plans require the,premium version of the app,home workout no equipment the home,workout no equipment app is very body,goal oriented and helps you get an,understanding of how long itll take you,to hit those goals this is a paid app,that costs 39.99 a year youll start the,app by plugging in your fitness goal,whether its to lose weight build muscle,or just be fit then you have a lot of,parameters you can set such as how much,weight you want to lose and by what time,your personal plan includes workouts for,a given week that are self-guided youll,be given an exercise and the,computerized voice guides you through,the movement outside of your personal,workouts you also have access to a,custom workout creator which generates,workouts based on duration body region,and level of your choice you also have,access to a daily tracker to see your,daily habits,muscle booster muscle booster costs,19.99 a month 59.99 a year 29.99 for,three months or 99.99 to own you set a,goal whether its to lose weight or,build muscle you can choose whether or,not the workouts will be performed with,weights or not and youre given a plan,to follow the workouts consist of a list,of exercises to complete for either reps,or time and includes a video,demonstration of the exercise,however there isnt any voice guidance,or support the audio just prompts you to,begin an exercise,outside of your planned workouts there,is a workout library as well as a,helpful exercise library that lists all,of the exercises you can perform for a,specific muscle group theres also a,whole section on meal plans that offers,various recipes for different types of,diets peloton the peloton app is a,popular workout app that is regularly,priced at 12.99 a month when people,think of peloton they often refer to the,peloton bike or peloton treadmill but,the app can be used without the,expensive peloton hardware in the,peloton app you have access to many,energetic trainers who can guide you,through thousands of workouts across,many different areas these include,strength cardio yoga indoor biking,outdoor running and more you can further,filter these classes in many ways for,example strength classes can be filtered,to focus on upper body lower body full,body or more the workouts have their own,music and the trainer guides you through,the entire workout there are thousands,of recorded classes to choose from but,youll also have access to live classes,were halfway through this list so if,youre liking the video so far be sure,to like and subscribe anyways lets get,back to the list apple fitness plus,apple fitness plus functions similarly,to the peloton app and that the classes,are videos you can follow along to the,app is 9.99 a month and you have access,to different types of workouts such as,strength hit cycling and more something,you need to know though is that to do,these classes youll need an apple watch,a health incentive on the apple watch is,completing your rings and your rings are,projected on the workout screen so you,can see them progress throughout your,workout also available on apple fitness,plus is time to walk which is a walking,workout where you can go on a brisk walk,and listen to notable figures as they go,on a walk with you and offer inspiration,and entertainment fit bod the fitbot app,stands out particularly if strength,training is your objective in this app,which costs 12.99 a month or 79.99 a,year youll have customized workouts,that allow you to target very specific,muscle groups whats unique about this,app is that you can select what,equipment you have available from an,incredibly large list this includes not,just dumbbells and resistance bands but,also sophisticated equipment like squall,racks cable machines bosu balls and more,in the workout itself which functions as,a list of exercises to complete youll,be given an exercise broken down into,sets and reps as well as the ability to,identify the weight youre using if you,need further instruction each exercise,is explained in great detail along with,the movements target muscle groups and,equipment required,active aptiv is uniquely positioned as,the fitness app that is audio based so,you wont necessarily be focused on,whats on the screen as much as you are,listening to the trainers youll have,access to a wide range of workouts,across many different categories and you,can filter based on equipment you have,available body parts and more some of,the workouts will only display a timer,as you listen to the trainer but others,will have a list of exercises for you to,complete and some visual cues in case,you need to see a movement,fit on fit on is another on-demand,fitness app similar to peloton in apple,fitness plus but notably you dont need,to have a full membership to do these,workouts,you have a lot of classes to choose from,across many different categories when,you find a workout you want to do its,basically a video workout you follow,along to there is some light background,stock music but if you want to listen to,some popular songs from actual artists,youll have to upgrade to pro the pro,version of the app usually costs 99.99 a,year but at the time of this video is,being offered for 29.99 and it allows,you to get personalized meal plans,popular music the ability to cast your,workouts to the tv and connect your,wearable devices,center last but not least on this list,of workout apps is center by chris,hemsworth just to be up front you wont,be working alongside the famous actor,who plays thor during these workouts,rather youll be working alongside his,trusted team you have a lot of workout,styles to choose from such as,plyometrics strength hit boxing mma and,more there are follow along guided,workout videos as well as self-guided,listed workouts that also contain video,demonstrations you have the ability to,filter these workouts based on duration,target equipment available and workout,style,programs are available for you to choose,from and theres a whole section on,eating so those are 10 of the best,fitness workout apps you can choose from,in 2022. does any one of them interest,you the most let me know in the comments

Best Fitness Apps for 2022 (UPDATED!) | My 4 Favorite Picks

and in this video im going to share my,four go-to health and fitness apps that,you need to download from the app store,this year dont forget to stick to the,end if you want to see my top overall,health and fitness app for 2022. now,similar to my video from 2020 im gonna,share my favorite apps from each of the,top four health categories and ill be,honest theyve definitely changed a lot,from what i used back then so starting,with the best workout app apple fitness,plus which was literally one of my,favorite all-time workout apps to use,last year and it was my saving grace,during the pandemic what i love about it,is there are a ton of workouts that have,a lot of variety to them like dance,rowing cycling hit workouts pilates they,have fun and personable trainers that,push you but also give you modifications,if you need to tailor things back a bit,they also have a ton of add-ons such as,the new meditation practices as well as,the celebrity time to walk guest,speakers such as prince william and sean,mendes and whats really cool is it,syncs with your apple health app where,you can see a summary of all your,different stats and trends after each,workout and on top of that you can share,the membership with your family members,if youve already enabled family sharing,through your apple account now this does,lead me to the one negative knock on,apple fitness plus which is its only,accessible through apple devices and it,only works if you have an apple watch,series 3 or later but other than that,theres really no major issues its,reliable its updated weekly and it,could literally be the only workout app,that you need to stay fit at any time,and at any location moving to my next,favorite app for nutrition which used to,be my fitness pal but now is an app,called yummly it actually isnt the most,well-known app out there but if youve,heard of it let me know in the comments,below this year i really wanted to step,up my cooking game i got a fiance now so,i gotta show i can do some work in the,kitchen,[Music],now what i love about yummly is the fact,that it has a ton of recipes to choose,from you could choose from different,trending dishes or different cuisine,styles and then once you pick your dish,or recipe you can actually see all the,ingredients that you need for your,desired dish and you get to see the,nutritional facts for the stated serving,sizes and whats really neat is if you,scroll down you can also see the,different reviews from the other yummly,users who took a stab at making that,same dish they also have really good,quality video guided cooking sessions,that you can follow step by step to,create a new or favorite dish but what,is probably my favorite part about,yummly is the fact that you can plan,your meals for the week and also,automatically translate those,ingredients to a digital grocery list on,your phone that you could check off when,youre shopping for foods now i do wish,i was able to keep track of the foods i,was eating and see the collective amount,of carbs proteins and fats i had in a,day similar to what my fitness pal,allows you to do but honestly that can,sometimes take the fun out of eating,healthy and thats what i love about,yummly and makes cooking and eating,healthy fun and enjoyable now when it,came to my favorite sleep tracking app,it was a close race but the one that,came out on top was woo i actually made,a video about the woop 3.0 a little,while back and it definitely impressed,me as a sleep tracker however i do want,to provide a quick note that you do need,a woop device in order to use the actual,app itself because it isnt a standalone,sleep tracker out of all the apps ive,used the woop app is top notch when it,comes to sleep monitoring you could,track your overall sleep performance,your actual time spent in bed awake,versus sleeping and you could see how,many interruptions you had when youre,sleeping and you could track your sleep,efficiency i especially love the,recovery tracking which focuses on your,heart rate variability your resting,heart rate your quality of sleep and,your respiratory rate to give you a,collective recovery score out of 100 to,help you know if you recovered from the,day before they also have other cool,sleep tracking features such as the,sleep coach which helps determine a,suggested bedtime and the total amount,of sleep need in order for you to,perform at your best and they also have,smart alarms that trigger your whoop,band to make sure that you wake up when,you had an optimal amount of sleep,lastly one of my favorite features from,the woop app is their performance,assessments which come in weekly and,monthly and they let you know which,habits and behaviors led to your average,quality sleep over time they even just,released a year in review recapping my,total sleep metrics over the entire past,year and trust me i need to do better,this year need to do a lot better i,highly recommend you check out whoop if,you havent already ive included a,referral link in the description below,that you can use to get a free month of,whoop if youre interested in trying it,out and for the fourth app given the,growing interest and wellness and,mindfulness over the last few years i,wanted to include my favorite meditation,app called i actually have a dope in,depth review of the comm app that i made,a couple weeks ago and i think im gonna,do a head-to-head between column and,headspace so make sure youre subscribed,to the channel and you turn that,notification bell on to make sure youre,not missing out on any of my future,videos and what i love about calm is the,variety of meditations that help you to,improve your productivity and your focus,helping you manage anxiety and building,better relationships and another huge,part of the app is actually their,sleeping features which include sleep,stories from famous celebrities like,lebron james and aegis elba and they,also have different background music,options from instrumentals to,movie-inspired soundtracks like dune it,is literally what has helped me get,through some stressful times at the end,of last year and i definitely became a,believer in meditation after going,through the 30-day learn how to meditate,series so i definitely recommend you,check it out and since you stayed to the,end of this video i will share my,overall favorite fitness app best in,show for 2022 which is fitbit now yes it,does require a fitbit device but it is,totally worth it because this app,literally has everything it keeps track,of your standard health metrics such as,your total activity and calories burned,your sleep quality your readiness score,your stress and anxiety levels your,total number of mindfulness minutes and,sessions and even your collective water,and nutrition intake and with their pro,membership you get access to their,various workout videos and meditation,sessions you get suggested recipes and,meal inspirations along with being able,to participate in guided programs to,help improve your desired health habits,such as eating healthier or improving,your sleep you even get the opportunity,to join fitbit communities that you can,be a part of where the fitbit members,help provide support and motivation when,it comes to reaching those same health,and fitness goals whenever someone asks,me about my favorite app i tell them no,question the fitbit app its literally,like the gold standard for fitness apps,now i do wish their wearables were a bit,better similar to like an apple watch,but since google did purchase fitbit we,could see some dope devices in the,future stay tuned for my fitbit charge 5,review where i dive a little bit deeper,to everything that fitbit has to offer,now look honestly any of these apps will,help start moving you into the right,direction the first step you need to,take is just heading to the app store,and pressing download remember action is,really your number one ally in achieving,your desired health and fitness goals,this year i believe in you im rooting,for you stay tuned for more v

Muscle Booster App Review Week 11

[Music],welcome to true fitness reviews this is,the week 11 review of the muscle booster,app please leave a like comment and,subscribe to the channel,as you can see i dropped another four,pounds thats amazing,four pounds since the um the last video,recording that i made and,yeah,very vast,improvement since the last time and,ive been thinking about you know,stopping at 190 190 was my original goal,but im thinking now that,im going to stop at,184 i think thats the goal now,thats the final goal my final goal is,going to be 184 and then,ill be done with the app but at the,same time,i am going to be a little bit um,disappointed because the out works great,i want to try out other um,features,of the app and see you know,how else you know or in other ways that,my body can benefit from using it,because i know just by losing weight it,works now you know,by building muscle,you know just by you know,doing body weight exercises,or,by using weights like you know going to,the gym,performing the exercise they have,you know set for the gym you know i,havent tried those things out so,you know,i kind of feel like im going to be,leaving something out if i at least,dont give those a try but,like the main goal of this channel is to,try you know try other apps and you know,and you guys can um try it on your own,you know if you feel,if you i mean feel free to do so you,know never know later on i might you,know just try it out you know,the um muscle building aspect of the app,other than you know just losing weight,or you know actually you know go to the,gym,but yeah 184 thats where im going to,stop it and then im going to think,about or i want you guys to give me,ideas also give me ideas of what apps,you may want me to try out you know and,you know get my own personal review,review about you know so,you can make a decision and see if you,know that app works for you but,yeah so far the muscle booster app it,works i mean it works so,i give it,a plus plus plus its its great you,know,depending on no not depending but,you know whatever way that you may,want to use it,so i have nothing good things but to say,about the app but,yeah its been about,over,you know over two months and,i start off at 216 im down at 190 so,six more pounds to go,you know and you can see you know it,works for me being that visual,visual aid that visual market you know,or visual review walk-in review uh the,muscle booster app and you can see the,change go through all the old videos you,can see it you know week bell week you,know even though in the past i did you,know,put up some videos hello late but,you can see,you can see im over well almost over um,30 pounds,lost in the game you know,exactly 26,but you know im going to get there so,itd be you know six more pounds to go,to 184 then ill be you know 32 pounds,in a little bit over two months,so nothing but good things say,about the app over here,and um,you know for you know everybody that you,know all the subscribers and,constant viewers of the channel you guys,you know just keep,keep going,keep moving,dont stop you know stay motivated,whatever motivating you,to um do the things that you do the good,things that you do you know keep that in,mind you know you want a better body go,get it,you want a better job go get it you want,a better lifestyle go get it whatever it,is in life you have to put work behind,it,nothing is free,no handouts,you know you have to,you have to work for it and you have to,make sacrifices for it so,go out there,make it do what to do,do whatever it takes to fulfill your,dreams to make yourself feel better,because at the end of the day thats,what were here to do,you gotta make yourself feel better for,anybody else,if you dont number one with me,if i dont you know if i dont like the,way im looking i dont feel good,you know if im,you know feel overweight or i feel you,know slouchy or feel like i overate i,wont feel good,so,just remember,consistency is key,keep grinding,keep fighting,comment like and subscribe,peace

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