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Muscle Milk: Protein Powder Review!

alright guys so today Im gonna be,reviewing muscle milk now muscle milk,its pretty popular protein powder its,actually one of the most popular brands,there is its you know advertised by,many different athletes they have a,whole bunch of branding and Im just,gonna go over it from here for a second,now it has 3 grams total sugars a CD you,know calcium they havent plenty of,vitamins a lot of them are related to,milk themselves now magnesium and,potassium are very helpful,for high blood pressure but Im gonna,show you why you know if you have high,blood pressure you probably do not want,to actually be using muscle milk also,most really good if youre younger or if,youre using it very seldomly now were,going to go over some of the ingredients,now if you look on here,you can see that theres non-dairy,creamer so theres sunflower oil,maltodextrin not suggestions kinda says,carbs like sunflower or sunflower oil,ads thats same thing with canola oil,its the same thing with the medium,chain triglycerides as well but it they,do add some organic oat fiber and stuff,like that so it makes it a little bit,more digestible and helps you feel,fuller longer thats one thats a good,base and something I really like about,muscle milk not all brands do this but,they have the amino acid profile on here,which is really cool so you can see,exactly the type of amino acids that,youre getting no as most people know,protein powder is really good if youre,trying to put on muscle if youre a,especially if you arent getting a lot,of high calorie foods if youre having a,problem eating it helps you get in your,protein and everything like that,now one the problems with a muscle milk,now if you take two its 280 calories,now we have 20 carbohydrates 20 grams,which isnt a huge deal the sugars,actually pretty low its only 2% sugars,and you get 32 grams of protein which is,a good amount but the problem here is,the saturated fats has 3.5 grams or 18%,to the,two scoops thats a significant amount,if youre using other products and you,if you just eat a lot of meat in general,now if you dont eat a lot of meat or,you dont drink a lot of milk thats not,really that big of a deal but if you do,the saturate thats out of really fast,and you know some people really dont,want any saturated fats in their diet or,if they have heart issues that means,that is good for you it actually is,helps you build testosterone but if,youre a little bit older and you have,like clogged arteries and stuff like,that you probably are going to want to,stay away from muscle though now Im,going to show you this is six-star we,now I dont actually have any of this,right now so I cant show you exactly,the scoop sizes but one scoop is 52,grams compared to muscle milk which is,70 grams for two scoops and on here you,get almost the same amount of protein 32,grams so the same amount of protein I,mean yeah but you only get 190 calories,so youre getting less calories you only,get three grams of fat with only one,gram being saturated fat and you get two,grams of sugar you get a whole bunch of,the same exact BCAAs so youre getting a,lot of the same amino acid profiles its,pretty close this most of my might have,a little better amino acid profile then,this one does but this one also has,creatine while that one does not now it,shows you right here different proteins,fats everything like that yeah,goes over it but now Im going to show,you a different one that I use Im using,this one right now as well this is all,completely plant-based one now the,proteins a little lower at 22 grams but,it has 23 different vitamins and,minerals its made it when pletely out,of plants so you get a lot of,antioxidants which is really good for,keeping dilation and your blood vessels,and just theres just a lot more,vitamins in it the one problem I do have,with this it doesnt really show you,your amino acid profile on here which,what she did and the sodiums a little,bit high because of the P protein but,there is no saturated fats so thats a,huge plus when not highly saturated,thats I like to mix these two together,like you know Ill use a little bit of,both coming yeah this was given to me,Im something away Im definitely gonna,use it and I havent using it but I kind,of picked my timing a little bit,different because most milk has casein,in it casein is a slow digesting protein,which is really good or went before you,go to bed or early in the morning if,youre not planning to eat anything for,a while wow this is good,if youre about to eat a meal now I want,to show you guys something that,incredibly interesting now we look at,this to two scoops of this is 210,calories sorry its not really showing,two scoops is 210 calories but only 22,grams of protein so the protein is a,little bit lower and this comes out to,be 60 grams which is use while this,comes out to be 70 grams so its a 10,gram difference but look at how vastly,different the sizes are this this one,goes to here and this is the muscle milk,but this there are supposed to be this,is supposed to be 30 grams while this is,supposed to be 35 grams so this one is,significantly denser than this one when,you really look at it which shows that,this one has a lot more in it than this,one this one so a lot of this is of like,I would say like fluff compared to,whats in here even though the the,proteins higher in here and theres more,fat in here than on here and this thats,probably because of the multiple dextran,content of this and it kind of Tufts it,up a little bit now what I do say is,that the muscle milk tastes very good I,really like to taste the muscle no this,tastes okay you know I like to taste it,its a little bit kind of got this,gritty texture to it a little bit but it,tastes good it still tastes good,have actually have a review of this on,different video but um,so all these Im gonna try to have at,least these two in the description and,probably this one as well if you guys,are interested in purchasing this this,like this one does not have pre-teen,either but Im going to show you real,quick like how easily the muscle milk,mixes up and then thatll be it for the,video I really do like this I know,something I suggested you dont really,like to taste protein powders and youre,just trying to get bigger I put it put,it in your like coffee it mixes up,easier to makes it a little bit easier,to drink you know theres a lot of,something you mix it with and just add,stuff to it but thats a good one but I,said so if you enjoyed this video please,like and subscribe it and I will be,reviewing some other protein powders at,one point in time and talk about more,about working out cuz I what Im trying,to do trying to get in shape so you know,follow my journey,guys have a good one Sadies

hey whats going on everybody I hope,everyone out there is having a great day,today my names Rob welcome to the,gymraeg world the only spot where you,can go for fast and simple submarine Bs,you know today Im gonna be talking,about this muscle my protein Im gonna,go over what it is whats inside this,thing Im just gonna cover everything,you need to know about this sub ment in,under five minutes for you I also put a,link in the description box for when,youre ready to pick this up lets just,get into this review so first up like I,said this is muscle milk I gotta say,this protein supplement is pretty much,found everywhere I see it everywhere at,least I see it online I see it at the,gym its probably one of the most,popular proteins thats out on the,market today and they do mass marketing,for this protein as well I mean they got,curry endorsing them its pretty legit,you know like I said theyre pretty much,everywhere they say this protein is,gonna help with your muscle recovery,help build some muscle for you and also,help with some energy for you as well,each serving approaching that you get in,here is 32 grams which is definitely,above the average as far as protein is,concerned most of them most the time,its in like 20 to 25 grams of protein,for any typical protein that youre,going to take this ones at 32 so its,above the norm which is awesome,they also dont just use one specific,type of protein as far as one that,either gets digested very fast or one,that just goes very slow they kind of,did a mixture of it so you actually get,some fast absorbing proteins in here and,you also get some slow digesting,proteins in here as well so then you,know over a period of time were just,getting amino acids fed into you so,thats pretty awesome now other than,that though they also made sure to make,this low in sugar high in fiber as well,and lets be honest here most protein,powders its just very clean dry its,very simple theres nothing too,complicated with proteins but muscle,milk went a little bit further they,actually put in MCTS medium chain,triglycerides in here this is basically,a fat thats going to get into your body,and its going to turn into energy which,is awesome because youre gonna get that,a little bit of sustained energy with,your protein then on top of all that,they also put in 20 vitamins and,minerals in here which I gotta say is,that huge deciding factor for myself on,if I should get this protein because,really I just look at how much my,getting I get 32 grams which is awesome,definitely above the norm and then you,get 20 vitamins and minerals which is,super legit because if you dont take a,multivitamin,these are somewhat essential for you,along with your daily diet things like,that I mean if you do take a,multivitamin you might not be getting,some of these vitamins and minerals that,are in here so you can kind of sub them,with that so I think its pretty awesome,you know you get the protein you get the,muscle recovery you get the vitamins you,get the minerals you get the MCTS is,pretty legit its not low or its not,high in sugars youre not gonna get like,fat or overweight from this at all its,pretty awesome you know it also costs,about like a dollar per serving as well,so that definitely makes sense that,means if you take it twice a day youre,really only spending on two dollars a,day to get was a 64 grams of protein and,all those vitamins and minerals as well,its pretty legit and if you want to,pick this up like I said I got that link,in the description box for you I hope I,made this fast and simple now if this,protein is not doing it for you maybe,youre looking for something else you,know I got so many cemeteries all over,the place make sure to check out my,channel or just siphon that supplement,and gym rat more than likely my face,will pop up if theres a sub meant that,you want me to read a review on cant,saw theres a sub meant that you want me,to do a review on just go ahead comment,below with that supplement more than,likely Ill get it done for you right,other than that though thank you for,stopping by and adios

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Protein Powders at Walmart – What to Get & AVOID

the days of protein batter being simple,are over there are so many ingredients,in different protein powders and walmart,has a pretty epic selection of protein,powders so were gonna head in there,were gonna break down which ones are,worth getting and which ones are worth,possibly just completely throwing to the,side then were also going to break down,some of the pre-workouts were going to,break down some of the post-workout some,of the amino acids some of the,electrolytes so youre going to have an,idea of what is good surrounding the,entirety of workout performance and,post-workout nutrition here at walmart,lets go ahead and break down some,protein powders,[Music],all right go to the pharmacy sports,supplements vitamins everything is,always in the pharmacy,cool they used to not have a lot of,stuff,walmart used to be a little bit kind of,weird with what youd find in the way of,sports supplements in the way of,vitamins all that stuff,over the last id say 18,months two years its really just really,turned the tide like its been a,completely different ball game with what,they have available now all right so,lets go take a look at what we have,here in the way of protein powders first,they have a good selection here its,minimal but the ones that they do have,are pretty good so the first thing that,comes to eye is i want to take a look at,lets see grass-fed whey because that,catches my eye because im always into,grass-fed right thats going to usually,be a good thing this is from muscletech,and,i dont know,but there we go first thing we have,listed whey protein concentrate when you,want whey protein you want whey protein,isolate okay it means that the whey,protein is isolated,away from all the rest of the dairy all,the other milk ingredients whey protein,concentrate although it can have a,delicious flavor it is not the isolated,protein so you end up with a lot of,other garbage look at how many carbs are,in this okay nine grams of carbs but,also maltodextrin okay natural flavors,which we dont want,guar gum not a huge deal sunflower,lesson is not a huge deal either its,usually just to kind of keep it from,clumping and stuff so youre gonna see,that a lot okay so this one does not,make the cut so even though its,grass-fed its not isolated so we gotta,be careful there,okay uh and then we have body fortress,lets see this is going to be a super,advanced isolate protein which is much,better because its isolate triphase,isolate matrix okay so we have milk,protein isolate or whey protein isolate,milk protein isolate and then soy,protein isolate,why,okay so clearly you put soy protein in,something because it adds more bulk in,the way of protein,this was on an okay track but then the,other thing that i do have in there is,we have not only sucralose but we have,acelsulfine potassium which is,acidosulfine potassium is one of the,worst,sweeteners you could have so when youre,looking at protein powders you really,should be careful of acidosulphine,potassium because it spikes your insulin,aggressively through what is called a,cephalic insulin response that means,its so sweet it activates your pancreas,to produce insulin you dont necessarily,want that especially when youre doing a,super low carb protocol um,i want to jump over here really quick,muscle milk is a different kind of,protein so muscle milk is not something,you would have post workout its a slow,digesting protein thats mainly like a,caseinate blend but take a look,whoa look at the ingredients there whey,protein concentrate milk protein isolate,then we got isomalto oligosaccharides,soluble vegetable powder which sounds,really bad but its actually not that,bad alls that isomalto oligosaccharides,are are going to be like indigestible uh,fibers so it sounds terrible but its,actually quite good for you it just,doesnt necessarily work in line with a,protein powder then we have non-dairy,creamer sunflower oil so super omega-6,profile there calcium casonate sodium,caseinate mono and diglycerides,maltodextrins sodium caseinate canola,oil,okay this is,no i mean its a cold its basically a,meal replacement but youre better off,to take a whey protein isolate and add a,scoop of coconut oil into it to make it,a meal replacement rather than that so,that sketches me out a little bit um,lets jump over to this one okay ive,talked about iso pure on my channel,before and i dont want to make this,sound super contrived i mean yes they,are a supporter on this channel and they,are a sponsor so im careful not to,sound contrived with that but i also,have to be realistic when i say this is,going to be the best option that youre,going to have at walmart because look,two ingredients whey protein isolate,and soy lecithin which theyre using as,just again so it doesnt clump and the,soy lecithin youre not getting,sure could you use something a little,bit better you probably could like maybe,sunflower lecithin but youre splitting,hairs because the lecithin doesnt,contain the oils okay look zero grams of,fat so youre not getting any of the,omega-6s you would get from soy so whey,protein isolate zero grams of carbs zero,sugar zero fat i mean it is nothing but,pure whey protein isolate and,20 bucks at walmart okay so 25 grams of,protein per serving hands down i mean,without fail this is the best find at,walmart ill go ahead and ill put a,link down below so you can use a store,locator and a big thank you to isopure,for also supporting this channel in,various videos,super awesome so ill put a link down,below but you can obviously find them at,walmart,um they have a creamy vanilla one this,is one if youre interested in one that,has a little bit more like extra stuff,this has got a whey protein isolate plus,its got a vitamin and mineral blend so,instead of just the pure protein like,this iso pure pure one is really good,for like baking things like that and,also just unflavored this one does have,sucralose in it um so it does have a,couple of things in there to give it,more flavor and stuff so if youre,looking for something thats more of a,creamy sweet one youre not as concerned,about other things that are in it still,in the grand scheme of things gonna be,the cleaner protein here by all means,but this is the one that i lean into,because it is so awesome okay no dyes,nothing just amazing stuff,now lets jump over into well lets take,a look at this so weve got dymatizes,iso 100 which could be considered like a,competitor but we have some issues there,okay we have hydrolyzed whey protein,isolate whey protein isolate natural and,artificial flavors,okay edible glitter,all these different food colorings plus,sucralose,okay that clearly doesnt make the cut,lets go pea protein for a second,because theres some good plant-based,proteins here so,whey protein just so you have an idea,just so you kind of know the context,here whey protein is going to absorb,very very fast okay,i usually have a pea protein,unless i am looking for a very quick,absorption post workout anything like,that in which case ill use a whey,isolate pea protein for me i like as,like a meal replacement so i use them,both,this one lets see vega,pea protein cocoa powder pea starch,natural flavor spinach okay a lot of,interesting stuff in there um actually,pretty clean,candidly pea protein,pea starch so it does have some pea,starches in there which elevate the carb,content a little bit,um but i dont see any broccoli powder i,see,sacha inchi protein thats a nice,protein but this is actually a good,plant-based blend if youre looking for,a plant-based one that vegan ones not,bad im not going to spare the details,on the vanilla because its probably the,same,this one,if youre getting a collagen protein,thats what i love about this vital,proteins now its pricey,42.98,okay but we have,one ingredient,i mean its literally thats it collagen,peptides a 20 gram scoop or two scoops,20 grams of collagen peptides okay this,is vital proteins very very good value,when it comes down to it but remember,that collagen prote

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Review: Muscle Milk Vanilla Creme

whats up everyone Im here post workout,again time to review some protein I got,me some muscle milk today,this is genuine protein powder which Im,having a hard time deciphering what the,difference is between genuine and,non-genuine this is uh away protein I,believe,Muscle Milk,and uh yeah definitely whey protein and,it is uh,vanilla cream flavor so well give that,a try fairly common flavor,this one I was a little deceived by it,says 13 or sorry 32 grams of protein on,the label but upon closer inspection,thats actually two scoops I only go,with one scoop so Im getting 140,calories 16 grams of protein only which,is needless to say kind of pathetic,10 and a half grams of carbs and four,and a half grams of fat so the macros,Im sorry Muscle Milk youre a little,late on the protein for your calories,and everything else but if you blow me,away with taste youll be forgiven so,Im going to crack this I took the first,seal off first time I opened this one,Im going to take the top off,see if I can get in here,okay,scoopers nowhere to be found Kind of a,Funny smell not a bad smell but,different,it doesnt really smell like whey,protein,lets see if we can find a scoop oh,there we go all right there got it all,right 10 ounces 300 approximate,millimeters of water,somewhere in there scientifically exact,okay one scoop of muscle milk vanilla,cream,genuine protein powder well give this,stuff a try,and see if I am impressed,oh come on come out of the scoop there,we go,all right shaker bottle assembled,okay lets get you back in the picture,Muscle Milk,okay quick Shake,see how well this got dissolved,foreign,now I get the Whey Protein smell I get,some bubbles,didnt change color or anything crazy,I love it those shots really tell,nothing but I do it anyway,looks like it is all pretty well,actually pretty darn well so,lets give it like nine and a half out,of ten on solubility,made a mess again,and taste its vanilla so Im not,expecting anything too crazy here but,Im expecting good,because the macros arent very good,all right super sweet,which is right up my alley,and very mild uh very mild protein,flavor pretty neutral,I would venture that this would be very,good in a smoothie and actually its not,bad alone its actually reasonably,good for how simple of a flavor it is,vanilla,hmm,good work Muscle Milk on Flavor Im,going to give you a,it is vanilla which,isnt an overly,you know unique out there fun flavor but,its good for vanilla so lets give it 9,out of 10.,my only complaint is the macros,are terrible you know it just doesnt,have the protein for the calories too,much fat its got two grams of sugar,about one gram of sugar I guess because,im doing half,so flavor is good dissolves really well,just a little little uh,heavy on those macros that I dont like,to see so overall not bad Muscle Milk,give it a try if you want to check it,out sweet protein neutral flavor Ill,catch you next time

Review: Muscle Milk Pro Series Protein Powder Supplement Pros and Cons Youtube Version

hey there uh this is a,review for the Muscle Milk,Pro Series,protein okay vanilla flavor uh,so Im going to go over what I like,about it and when I what I dont like,about it okay uh,now,when you get this it just says 50 grams,right it says 50 grams,of protein,per serving so thats two scoops,one scoop is 25 so you want to do that,because this is a pro series its for,athletes people who uh are way more who,are using their body more who need that,recovery okay,um,what I like is that it has two types of,protein in here it has a fast absorbing,and a slow,um release and slow digest digesting,protein which is casein protein I wish,it would say that but it doesnt,the reason I knew it it had something,like this was because I when I would,take two scoops I usually take it um for,breakfast or like my lunch,I would I would feel full Im like okay,like this is,I only had like one scoop in there left,you can see theres only one scoop left,because I I eat this on a daily,and then I decided to look at him okay,let me see what what is this hat why is,it so good,and then I said the the slow release,protein right and the casein protein,theyve ever had just a casein protein,um supplement,its thicker,its a lot thicker and I usually tastes,better because its not so watery like,an isolate if you ever had just an,isolate its very watery that its like,that pure goodness of protein okay so,whether youre an athlete or just a,newbie,highly recommend this okay highly highly,highly recommend this when I first got,my a bodybuilding,um coach he gave me one scoop of isolate,and one scoop of uh casein protein,all right excuse me right after my,workout okay now Im gonna go over the,macros here okay we have,per serving which is two scoops is 320,calories,five grams of fat,50 grams of,protein and 18,carbohydrate okay,three sugar so its really really good,okay you could take it as a,small meal okay 3 to 220.,all right,and the top the top three ingredients,milk isolate,protein,Mala,maltodextrin and calcium carcinate,which is uh the Whey Protein the casein,protein,okay,the pro series one of the best,okay one of the best one of the top for,sure top three for sure top three,protein that Ive ever taken okay so I,highly recommend this one,what I dont like about it is that it,doesnt tell you the the the fraction,like how much is casing and how much is,isolated is it 50 50 in per scoop or is,it like 75 25 or,um what have you you know what I mean,but Im sure it has to be around 50,close to 50 50 maybe maybe 60 isolate 40,casing and the reason I said this is,because I feel full maybe for a minimum,three hours okay thats what,um,thats what I dont like I dont know,the the balance of the rate the ratio in,there okay and um,yeah two scoops,thats the only thing,the only bad thing I could say about it,yeah,and the flavors good vanilla the,vanilla flavor is good,what would have made this a little bit,better I would say,is,maybe adding some Fiber into it,what what I made it into a killer a,killer uh,yeah maybe have having some fiber in it,the reason I say fiber,to help you digest it,and your other meals you know especially,when youre eating so clean if you dont,youre only eating potatoes and white,rice youre not eating that much fiber,unless you have veggies inside your your,meals okay so other than that this is,the the review I hope you like it okay,and if you want to get your own theres,a link in description and the,um,description box,and thank you for being here peace

REVIEW: Muscle Milk Pro Series Protein Powder Supplement and the Blender Bottle

hey its jason with hardy brothers,outdoors ive got a couple products here,that uh i started using several months,ago uh with my son hes 14 years old he,wants to put on some weight and muscle,for football,and i picked up these products the first,is the muscle milk pro series protein,powder supplement i looked at a few,different ones you know the key for me,was that we had something that didnt,taste chalky,and that had a good flavor in general,because at 14 years old hes not going,to drink something that does that it,doesnt like so i found this i really,like the fact its got 50 grams of,protein and very little sugar its got 3,grams of sugar in it the way were using,it they recommend mixing with water and,2 cups of,powder were doing two shakes a day we,mix it with milk and one cup so,weve been using that really likes it at,the same time i picked up this blender,bottle,and,you know i saw it on amazon didnt,really know much about it but i thought,it looked good a couple things i liked,about one,it has a small agitator ball that goes,in it so that helps break up the powder,and make sure you dont have caking in,there it has a round bottom so when you,drop the ball in it can work all the way,around the edges of the bottle to get,any powder that uh might be on the edges,its also uh,bpa free so chemical free,its got a cap that screws on nice and,tight the top snaps tight so it doesnt,leak,so really good and its got a loop on it,so if you want to hook it to your,workout bag or something like that you,can,so ill just do a quick demo of the,products together,now,there we go,so as i mentioned,were doing a cup of milk,add that to the bottle,we do one cup of the powder,there we go,[Music],make sure thats closed tight,[Applause],shake it up good,and open it up you really cant see well,but its well mixed theres no caking at,all,the one thing thats really been great,is,it tastes really good it doesnt taste,chalky eric has a couple of these a day,weve been able to put about 10 pounds,on him,in the last uh four months so,really like it highly recommend it if,youre looking for a protein powder and,a bottle and i recommend when you buy,the bottle buy several of them because,its nice to have a clean one ready when,you need it so,thats my recommendations hope it was,helpful thanks and have a great day

Muscle Milk REVIEW

I know that is Hydra thanks man,I come to hit yall with another banger,all right man muscle milk review Im,gonna get straight to the point I be,honest with yall I just recorded a,review of this I didnt have my ring,light on Im doing it all over your,board and tasted it,let me get right to the point muscle no,yeah no ones cheek I see that Walmart,and I see that Walgreens I see it,everywhere and I dont know all I know,the full six years of wooden working out,I never had muscle look up to the other,day yesterday or two days ago two days,ago or whatever and I be honest which,are I was beyond shocked and surprised,uh but let me go and get out and quick,the macros over this is chocolate and,yeah I know your boy dont mess with,chocolate at all,Whitney Im a mess Chuck yeah no hi Im,not a type of person like that but its,160 calories 4.5 grams total fat seven,grams of carbs and 25 grams of protein,so if you want are you trying to cut,should you get this and this all you can,afford like the palate at home or,whatever the powder arts be better you,get a lot more for your moneys worth,dont get the little ones like this so,yeah remember this cuz guys even with,this number get these get to powder form,unless you got the law extra money or,eat over the kgs on prime Im going get,your little fort back to this you know,but be in a conversation let you know,how Ill taste Im gonna give you all,our taste testing man they should I,dont know how it is Im gonna keep a,rope yeah if I keep our reviews real man,now notice well lets go,[Music],Rize on my team I told you I tried this,before but Im still surprised every,time I lose weird alright so if you,wonder is it thick that form of it is,pretty thick youre supposed to shake,the real good before you drink it that,form is real thick but I like my shake,stick Im gonna say real thick but its,just like a protein shake should be in,my opinion its not real water and Im,like that to support and to come out a,decent Nunnally too fast not too slow if,you come up even but uh dont know when,I get to school or man lets do five we,keep it above man I keep it real my,review so you finally this is muscle,milk I gotta give you out four out of,five mmm,you heard me a four out of five maybe I,gotta give you a four out of five just,because it man i neva natok the person I,dont mind that uh taste hold on now you,see the booty back there come on,I better start bringing all this other,stuff to the channel not necessarily,religion cuz I aint here to talk about,what religion should be in but more,spirituality stuff like that your voice,it deep dude Im a deep dude I love that,statue anyway man you get a four out of,five to be clean and honest with you,twenty five grams of protein you cant,beat that at all so if you want to cut I,wont really recommend you to get it,unless you really able to get into your,macros and cut down some other cars,throughout the day you make good cuz,like I said it is 160 calories and its,seven grams of carbs just for one of,these and I dont know how much maybe,that is how much a full scoop is I dont,really know but Im gonna drink two of,these because your boys trying to get,swole youre filming,anybody new I appreciate yall watching,new subscribers coming man join the HD,film if you knew or just subscribe like,the minutes go in the comment section,thats hit HD fam I do appreciate yall,for real thrill and shout out to my boy,beef rice bro Im getting which I know,heed me I know youve been busy Ive,been busy thats the person I dont know,he dont want who one to give away weve,been trying to chop it up here theyre,busy one week Ill be busy next week but,hey I got my man stuff we dont get the,video and were gonna make sure,knock it out and get a workout together,in on that see I can see the boys a,minute word alright but thats it for,today man muscle milk 4 out of 5 HD,approved,and thats all you got saw you before go,get it when I first started working out,man I used to get the cheapest protein,ever only reason why I started to glow,because I could afford more you know,lately I keep it above its all in the,past after my show probably the past,couple of weeks after that I havent,really have posting off ran out of,protein and some to be eating a lot more,you know that means you can still eat a,lot only reason why I like to get,protein shakes is because its a quick,source of protein that you can get right,after the scoop you know shake it up and,then go straight to your systems quick,as possible you dont have to wear all,the food breaking down blah blah new,drink it goes straight to your system,you know I just havent been able to get,it like me,barks me buying books and stuff like,that Ive been on the whole of the,spiritual journey right now if Im gonna,bring all that type of stuff to the,channel talk about that later on,I do appreciate yall watching for a man,meet in the world to me awesome real,ones yall some real ones man one day I,get all just merged all this stuff,figured out man shout out to all the,people that hit me up I see if he wont,emerge from that and I appreciate that,Ive seen your boy big at all with the,channel but as people who really support,me man Im gonna try to if you do want a,shirt just email me and hydro games at,gmail.com and Im all chop it up with,you and shoot you a stupid low price,trying to get yall individual shirt,made and sent to you and all that cuz,right now it just wouldnt be right for,me to try to make a lot of hurt thats,just um you feel me Im trying to be,something Im not right now you know I,mean I just appreciate yall that be,watching click on a video see you boy,looking solid I dont know how much I,weigh when I gain weight when I walk I,dont go on I dont get on the scale at,all I just look in the mirror Im at the,mirror tell me what I need to do when,ladies America sends some little card,I mean I know Im supposed to do what I,was lacking but Ive been back on my,cardio I could tell that I dropped a few,pounds or at least Im leaning out on,the stomach was just real good not know,like I was about to Im keeping it all,under control well you got a lift if I,you got to take time off from the gym,but again then we set up research Im,watching like share subscribe,Hydra was whooping for real,that protein did better than my other,ones all Rivini gang,[Music]

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