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  2. MyFitnessPal Review and Tutorial (2021 – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!)
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MyFitnessPal Free vs Premium (review)

in this video im going to go over the,differences between the free and premium,versions of myfitnesspal so if you use,the app and youre considering upgrading,to premium make sure you watch the whole,video because im going to try to,provide you as much information as,possible so that you can make your own,decision on if its right for you and if,youre new here my name is jesse,rosenthal im a fitness coach with about,10 years of experience coaching clients,in the industry and im based in new,york so lets quickly go into the main,differences between the free and premium,versions of the app the free version is,obviously free it doesnt cost anything,to use the app and to start tracking,your food the premium version of the app,costs at least what i pay is 49.99,per year so about 50 bucks for the year,its possible that has went up at this,point but,thats what i pay the first benefit,youre going to get from the premium,version is that theres no,advertisements now this is something,that has no impact on your results or,your ability to track your food its,just kind of extra its nice to have and,the next more important benefit and,difference between the premium version,and the free version is that with,premium you can set your specific macros,that youre aiming for by the exact gram,so this basically means that you can set,your target macros for the day,to the exact numbers,rather than what the free version makes,you do which is set a certain percentage,of your total calories to your proteins,carbs and fats so for example if youre,aiming for 205 grams of protein per day,the premium version allows you to set it,to that exact amount and you can aim for,205 every single day but the free,version would force you to set your,protein target as a percentage of your,total calories in the day so depending,on how many calories youre eating youd,have to set your protein to 20,of that amount or 25 or 30 percent and,you would hope that those percentages,get as close to your true target 205,grams of protein as possible but the,truth is rarely does it perfectly add up,so you might end up,you know aiming for 210 grams of protein,instead of 205 or you may end up at,aiming for 197 grams because that was,the closest the percentages would allow,you to go so the reality is this isnt,the end of the world right if youre,sticking with the the free version you,just have to keep that in mind and be,aware that what youre aiming for in the,app might actually be a little bit off,from what youre truly,targeting with your protein or with your,carbs or your fats and if you want to be,as precise as possible with your,tracking this is something to keep in,mind so thats why in my opinion for,more advanced trackers and and people,who consider themselves,very serious about their fitness and,want to track as diligently as possible,i would probably say that this feature,alone warrants,you know the small 50 per year price tag,to upgrade to premium another feature,thats very helpful in premium is that,you can quick add a meal and set the,specific macros of that meal so say for,example youre trying to scan the,barcode of a food that youre eating and,the barcode doesnt register with the,system which happens from time to time,it probably happens a couple times a,week for me you can simply look at the,nutrition label on the food and quick,add on my fitness pal those exact macros,and if youre estimating the macros of a,meal that youre eating say out at a,restaurant or something you can quick,add the macros of what youre estimating,rather than just the overall calories,for that meal which is all that the free,version allows for and this is another,one of the premium features that i find,myself using pretty frequently id say,maybe not every day but i use it at,least a few times a week another premium,feature that is really helpful in some,cases is that you can add different,macro targets for a specific day of the,week so the truth is some people may,never use or need this feature,but for other people this feature could,be amazing because for individuals who,have a weekly refeed day where theyre,eating you know more carbs than usual on,one day of the week this is going to be,really really helpful or maybe,individuals who are doing some sort of,calorie cycling maybe they,you know run races or marathons or,something on the weekends and they eat,more food you know on those days,compared to during the week again this,feature could be very very helpful,another somewhat helpful premium feature,is that you can customize your home,screen dashboard so i have mine set like,this where the second i open the app i,can see the exact macros that i have,remaining in the day based on the food,ive already eaten so this particular,feature may not be a game changer but,its very helpful and convenient to be,able to just open the app and quickly,see what macros you have left for the,day before say preparing dinner or,before,maybe having an extra snack and seeing,what you have left because the,comparison in the free version is that,to see what macros you have left for the,day youd have to go to the menu and,then to the nutrition tab and then youd,have to look and see how much youve,eaten and kind of do the math in your,head to see how much is actually left,and again its not the end of the world,if you have to do that it just offers a,little bit of convenience and maybe,saves you an extra minute or two of your,time and one more solid feature of the,premium version that i wanted to talk,about is that you can see the macros of,each meal as a whole that you eat so,this feature shows a macronutrient,breakdown for each meal in your food,diary that you eat so for breakfast,lunch dinner and snacks so this can be,decently helpful to see which meals are,actually providing you,uh of more proteins more carbs and more,fats and if youre trying to bring up a,certain macronutrient like protein or,bring down a certain macro like fats or,carbs,this can be really helpful to see,you know in which meals of the day,youre actually accumulating more or,less of that specific macro that youre,looking at so for example if youre,trying to bring your protein up in the,day you can easily look at your,breakfast lunch and dinner and see that,oh man you know maybe your breakfast is,only offering you about 15 grams of,protein most days and it would be a good,idea to add in another protein source to,that meal like egg whites or turkey,bacon or some other protein source now,those premium features are the ones that,are most helpful to me and my clients,there are a whole lot of other premium,features as well that ill list off,right here just in case maybe theyll be,helpful to you but i personally,dont use them or even find that they,add any value,so priority customer support,food analysis of the foods that youre,eating,exercise calorie settings,data export,setting calorie goals by meal,food time stamps food plans recipes,net carbs and workout ideas are all,additional uh premium benefits that i,personally dont use but are offered so,i hope going over those differences was,helpful what im going to do in just a,minute here so make sure you stick with,me is im going to say who i think,should probably stay with the free,version of myfitnesspal just because,its probably not necessary to upgrade,and then who i think could get value,from upgrading to the premium version,now i personally have been tracking my,food for like eight or nine years and,i stuck with the free version of my,fitness pal for really the first three,or four years of my journey and im not,saying that you have to do that as well,thats just what i ended up doing the,reason i stuck with the free version for,so long was because at the beginning of,my journey i wasnt really tracking,religiously and i was just sort of,getting into proper nutrition so at the,time i was just tracking to kind of get,a general idea of how much food i was,eating but i wasnt really diving into,it very deeply i wasnt giving it my 100,effo

MyFitnessPal Review and Tutorial (2021 – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!)

want to learn more about myfitnesspal in,this video i go over everything you need,to know,hey if youre new here my name is kevin,and im a certified personal trainer and,nutrition coach,and on my channel youll find weekly,reviews tips and tutorials on fitness,apps equipment and more,today im going to be breaking down my,fitness pal for you ive been using this,app for several years now,and its been very useful for tracking,your calories so if youre new to the,app or just want to learn more about it,ill be going over all of its features,the good the bad,and give you my overall recommendation,so to kick things off let me tell you,how you can access this app,and how much itll cost you,accessibility and pricing,you can access myfitnesspal on both,iphone and android mobile devices,as well as on an ipad you can also,access it on the web at,www.myfitnesspal.com,the app and its key features are,completely free but there is a premium,option,in case you want more nutrition insights,coaching and an ad free experience,and if you want to see my review on,myfitnesspal premium go ahead and check,out this video right over here,food database and tracking demonstration,with myfitnesspal youll be able to,search through the apps large,database of over 300 000 items to log,everything you eat and drink,some restaurants will even have their,menus on there with complete nutrition,information,another cool way you can track foods is,through the barcode scanner,which will allow you to scan labels on,the packaging of food with each food,item,youll be able to see its calories macro,and micronutrients,let me demonstrate all this for you so,lets begin with the pop corners chips,so im going to add that to my lunch,theres a button on the top right that,says scan barcode,so now i have a scanner all you have to,do is scan the,barcode of this food,it tells me crunchy corn snack 110,calories,and all of this matches the nutrition,information right over here,so im gonna go ahead and add that,theres a check mark at the top,awesome now here i have an orange im,going to go ahead and add food again,and search for a food at the top im,going to type in orange,and then search best matches at the top,one orange medium,theres also a green verified button,right there that shows that this is a,verified item,so i can trust it that its 62 calories,so lets go ahead and hit check,now finally my six inch turkey sandwich,from subway,im going to go ahead and add food,search for food im going to type in,subway turkey,search 280 calories im gonna tap that,and then im gonna add that check mark,so now i see that this entire meal is,452 calories,i have 21 grams of protein 81 grams of,carbs,9 grams of fiber 19 grams of sugar and 6,grams of fat,etc in case the food you want to add,isnt on the database,and has no label you can create and add,your own for example if you wanted a,customized burrito bowl from chipotle,you can go to its website create your,order and get that nutrition information,then you would simply add all that into,myfitnesspal however this does,raise some issues sometimes myfitnesspal,will add the information you plugged in,for that food,into the public database so if someone,else sees this burrito bowl listing,but it has your specific customized,information the user on the other end,may not know that,and assume this is the correct,information for all burrito bowls,thats why some food items have a green,check mark so you know its nutrition,information has been verified as correct,items that arent verified doesnt,necessarily mean theyre incorrect,but you should proceed with caution when,adding these items because the,information may be inaccurate,diary your diary will list all your,foods broken down into sections for each,meal,theres breakfast lunch dinner and,snacks,there are also sections for exercise and,water at the very top youll see a,summary of your calories for the day,youll have your calorie goal the amount,of food calories youve consumed,and exercise calories if youre tracking,those each of those components is a,factor in the equation,that tells you how many calories you,have remaining in your day,ill explain how your calorie goal is,calculated later on in this video,if you want to add exercise calories tap,the add exercise button,and youll have the option to add cardio,strength or a workout routine,cardio will list out a wide range of,cardio based exercises,same goes for strength workout routines,are mostly a premium feature,and those are basically guided workouts,that you can do directly from the,myfitnesspal,app theres also a way to use your,wearable devices and fitness apps to,track your exercise calories,and ill go over that in a little bit,when it comes to water if youd like to,add your consumption,simply tap the add water button and,youll be prompted to type in the amount,in ounces,or you can select some presets and if,youd like to change the units from,fluid ounces to cups or milliliters,that can be done by tapping the change,unit button right below,at the very bottom of your diary youll,see a button for notes,which will allow you to write in any,thoughts or comments you had about a,days tracking,as well as a button for nutrition,nutrition under nutrition youll have,the ability to see your calories,nutrients and macros from everything,youve consumed for the day all broken,down,in the nutrients tab youll see all of,your macro and micronutrients,as well as progress bars showing you how,much youve consumed,relative to the goal that was set for,you youll see your daily totals for,each nutrient,and how much more you need to hit your,goal or whether or not youre over,in the calories tab youll see a pie,chart showing you what percentage of,calories come from which meal,in the macros tab youll see a pie chart,broken down into three macronutrients,carbs fats and proteins this will help,you easily identify whether or not most,of your calories from the day,are coming from carbs fats or proteins,progress myfitnesspal also serves as a,way for you to track your progress,towards many types of goals when it,comes to your weight goals at the top,youll see your starting weight,current weight and total changes below,youll see a line graph with dates,corresponding to your weight,the time frame you see can be adjusted,by tapping the duration,at the top right youll have the ability,to add entries by tapping the plus icon,at the top right,then inputting your weight for the,designated day you can also add a,progress photo if you want,in addition to weight you can also see,your progress towards your goals for,steps,as well as measurements for your neck,waist and hips if youre tracking those,goal setting the goal calories you see,at the top of your diary,are determined by the information you,put in when you set up your goals,to set up a goal go to the more tab at,the bottom right,tap goals and you can input your current,weight,goal weight and weekly goal the weekly,goal is how much weight you want to,maintain,lose or gain per week based on factors,such as your activity level and weekly,goal,myfitnesspal will set a calorie target,for you to hit each day so this app is,very helpful for understanding how many,calories you need to consume,to hit your goals wearable and fitness,app integrations,if youd like to see your exercise data,from a wearable or fitness app,many integrate well with myfitnesspal,just go to more on the bottom right,tap apps and devices and then search for,the app you use to track your exercises,you can either scroll through the list,or use the search field you can search,for fitbit,garmin and if you use your apple watch,the health app,and if you want to see my video series,where i go more in depth on the,myfitnesspal app on the apple watch,and explain how i use the two to,calculate a calorie deficit to lose,weight,go ahead and check out this playlist,right over here anyways,these exercises will appear in the,exercise category in your diary,and add it to your total at the top,social feature

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Best Nutrition Tracking Apps For Nutrition Coaches (MyFitnessPal Alternatives)

recently MyFitnessPal the biggest and,most popular food tracking app in the,space but one of their popular features,the barcode scanner behind a paywall and,people were not happy comment after,comment erupted negative comments,blasting MyFitnessPal people voicing,their concerns and quite honestly,outrage over the update and I dont,blame them it didnt take long for this,news to spread leaving many long-term,users to abandon the app completely and,look for a better alternative thats why,in todays video Im going to give you,my expert opinion as a PhD in nutrition,and long-term nutrition coach about the,best MyFitnessPal Alternatives so if,youre a nutrition coach using a food,tracking app with your clients great but,there have been some big changes in the,space recently that you and your clients,need to know about and in case you,missed it last week I detailed all of,these changes happening to MyFitnessPal,this is completely shaken up the space,with both nutrition coaches and clients,looking for a better alternative but,where do you go what do you use today,well dive into the best nutrition,tracking apps both free and paid so you,can make the best decision for your,clients and your nutrition coaching,business and make sure to stay to the,end of this video where I give you my,expert opinion on what food tracking app,you should switch to heres the deal if,your nutrition coach that helps clients,lose weight or gain muscle youre going,to have them track their nutrition this,is the best way to manage calories and,macronutrients which helps clients get,results one thing that makes food,tracking easier is a barcode scanner so,for many nutrition coaches and clients,when my fitness pal remove the barcode,scanner it was a big deal this seems to,be the final straw for many long-term,users and since many nutrition coaches,have long recommended My Fitness Pal,many of them are reconsidering it and,looking for alternative Ive coached,over 2 000 clients and Ive always,recommended MyFitnessPal and usually I,would Talk clients out of paying for the,premium version because in many cases,they just didnt need it but with this,news Im reconsidering Alternatives so I,wanted to do the heavy lifting for you,today Im going to put together a,resource discussing all the strengths,and weaknesses and everything you and,your clients need to know about other,food tracking apps but before we discuss,the Alternatives I do want to talk about,my fitness pal for a little bit longer,because in a lot of ways this is the app,that were comparing everything else to,so some strengths first it has a very,large database of food items including,restaurant menus you can create custom,recipes and log entire previous meals,you have the ability to be friends with,other users so you can review and copy,food logs and theres a barcode scanner,which is no longer free some weaknesses,yes the database is large but since,users upload Foods the nutrition,information may be inaccurate which,means theres multiple entries of the,same product and now the contentious,part the cost of the app obviously there,is a free version of the app of the,premium version costs 19.99 a month or,around eighty dollars for the entire,year now despite all the negative press,my fitness pal has gotten over this move,it might be more emotional than anything,else if you use the app and you like it,and you feel theres some features that,youre willing to pay for then do it,because as well discuss today some of,the Alternatives arent free either and,that might not be a bad thing but if,youre sick of this all like I said at,the end of this video Ill tell you,exactly what tracking app to switch to,tired of talking about MyFitnessPal me,too so lets dive into the best,Alternatives here we go starting with,number one chronometer when pulling my,audience it did not take long for,chronometer to come up and before,getting into strengths and weaknesses,this does seem to be the consensus,number one alternative lets talk about,why as far as strengths go there is a,complete nutrition summary including,micronutrients custom macronutrient,Targets this one is big if youve been,tracking for a while youll remember,that you used to be able to do this on,MyFitnessPal it wasnt easy to do it for,free but you could add some code to the,browser version and it would work it was,an extra step but adding the code kind,of made you feel like a computer hacker,but you cant do this anymore which is,another strike against my fitness pal,and a check for chronometer you can also,sync other health devices to the app,measure things like body weight body fat,and sleep data quick sidebar though,although many apps will allow you to do,this I always recommend clients just use,a food tracking app to track nutrition,and nothing else because when you add in,calories burned during exercise it likes,to do this Balancing Act where it tells,you to eat more food and all this does,is start to add in more inaccuracies to,an already inaccurate process and,results can really start to suffer so,only use your food tracking app to track,your actual nutrition Ill do a video,another day on wearables but for now,lets leave it right there but back to,chronometer for a second one last,strength is that its really good for,specialized diets its actually quite,commonly used nutrition search for this,there are some weaknesses however both,on the coaching and client side number,one you can only add recipes on the,browser version not the app there isnt,a social community of users which makes,adding clients to review food logs tough,and in my personal opinion I dont love,that the default setting measures net,carbs this is confusing for many clients,there is a free version with many of the,features I listed above but the premium,version is 19.99 per month or 80 for the,entire year and that is chronometer at,number two we have my macros plus,although not as popular as chronometer,my macros plus is an app that comes very,highly recommended one appealing feature,is that the macros are listed for,individual meals as well as daily totals,and since this app was designed by a,professional bodybuilder it does seem to,check a lot of the boxes that someone,serious about training and results would,want some other strengths you can track,as many meals as you want youre not,stuck in the breakfast lunch dinner and,snacks categories you can also do,specific Targets in very different days,of the week high days low days rest days,training days stuff like that and,information is stored locally so theres,no need for an internet connection there,does seem to be less descriptions see,between macros and calories and this is,probably because it has a more accurate,database during my research I couldnt,find many weaknesses but this could be,because the app just isnt as popular,there is a free version of the app but,my macros plus Pro cost 199 per month or,around 20 for the entire year which is a,steal of a deal now I do want to switch,gears for a little bit here moving on to,a slightly different type of food,tracking app with number three macro,factor and spoiler alert this one isnt,free and thats okay because we need to,talk about it macro Factor isnt a group,of nutrition coaching apps that were,going to start calling smart nutrition,apps this is because theyre a little,different and a little more advanced,than your run-of-the-mill food tracking,app what is setting apart an app like,macro factor from everything else is,making calculations and adjustments,based on what actually happened not what,you were supposed to do they call this,an adherence and neutral approach and,based on the feedback that I got from,other people that have been tracking for,a while and both myself this seems to be,a good blend between tracking meets,mindful eating practices unlike other,diet coaching apps which were going to,touch on next you dont have to,perfectly adhere to your targets to get,weekly adjustments to your plan when,that being said you ma

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How to Use MyFitnessPal to Lose Weight | Step by Step Guide

today were gonna go over exactly how to,use MyFitnessPal to facilitate weight,loss itll be a step by step approach so,its important that you watch this thing,in its entirety that way you can follow,along you have to pause to take notes or,put it on your phone or iPad or whatever,it is that you can carry with you then,make sure you do that again because its,a step by step approach you cant skip,over any of these steps and expect to,get the results that you want the first,thing were gonna do is actually,download My Fitness Pal so all you have,to do if youre on an iDevice like I am,you just go into the App Store and you,just type in my fitness pal,after that its free to download they do,have a premium version that you could,pay for I dont use that I have no need,to use that in order to actually,facilitate weight loss or if Im trying,to gain weight some people like it but,again I think its unnecessary,especially for this video I already have,an account so for me I dont have to go,through the steps that you probably will,have to go through when you sign up its,gonna try to ask you a ton of questions,like your height your weight your,activity level it does that in order to,prescribe you food I dont think thats,the best way to use MyFitnessPal its a,great tracker its not a great,prescriber reason being is because some,people that may think theyre very,active are actually only moderately,active according to my Fitness Pal,somebody thats moderately active in,their own eyes might actually be very,active again its not a perfect science,I appreciate what My Fitness Pal is,trying to do but were gonna say how you,should use it were gonna go over how,you should use it in order to facilitate,weight loss after youve logged into my,fitness pal and youve signed up and it,tries to give you the amount of calories,you need you ignore that and then you,step on the scale you see how much you,weigh after you know how much you weigh,its time to start tracking at the,bottom of the screen youll see food,diary you click on food diary and that,will come up with a list of meals and,snacks you can see Ive already inputted,my breakfast but Im gonna input my,lunch in order to show you how to use My,Fitness Pal we go down to lunch in the,blue add food you just click that and,itll prompt you to an actual food,search from here you can search anything,that you want to search if youve eaten,it if somebody on the planet eaten it,its probably in here on My Fitness Pal,I ate chicken thigh which is six ounces,if I click on the chicken thigh itll,come up with a bunch of different things,you can adjust the serving size here if,you had three ounces for ounces five I,had six I know this because I weighed it,out you hit that checkmark and its,saves from there you hit the checkmark,at the upper right of the screen and it,comes up in lunch I also had carrots so,I go back to add food,and I type that in again its already,pre-selected for me because Ive already,put this in but you can adjust that with,the number of servings obviously through,the serving size and everything else,thats available again click the upper,right checkmark in order to get back to,the screen I also had two little,clementines so a quick add if its,something that youve eaten before you,just swipe to the right on the food and,I had two of them so I swipe right twice,and thats my lunch you want to track,dont change anything track everything,for the first week and then step on the,scale again if your body weight is,roughly consistent namely you didnt,change by more than one or two percent,of your body weight,those are your maintenance calories so,what you had throughout that week add it,all up divide it by seven those are your,maintenance calories thats what you,need to eat in order to maintain your,weight now that we know your maintenance,calories its time to adjust them down,in order to facilitate weight loss you,do that by going to My Fitness Pal at,the bottom right of the screen you click,more and from there you click on goals,thatll bring you to a screen that looks,like this from here underneath nutrition,goals you click calories carbs protein,and fat goals from there you can,actually see the calories that you have,for me Ive already adjusted this for me,but lets say on somebody that maintains,on twenty eight hundred calories Im,gonna recommend you drop by fifteen,percent so thats roughly four hundred,and twenty calories well just say four,hundred to make the math easy all I have,to do is type that in right here I hit,the check mark at the bottom right and,it will recalculate what Im gonna,recommend you do if youre somebody,thats fairly lean already a man under,20% body fat a woman under thirty,percent body fat you want to get roughly,one gram per pound of body weight of,protein and you can let the fats and,carbs kind of you can experiment with,that to figure out where you feel best,but really in terms of weight loss it,doesnt matter too much as long as,youre getting enough essential fat and,enough fiber so again you might have to,manipulate the percentage,and you can do that right here all you,have to do is click on the percentages,and manipulate it right there in order,to have it add up to 100% obviously it,has to add up to a hundred percent you,click the check mark again just the,common theme checkmark usually means,that youre good to go it will,recalculate once you hit that and thats,the first step you subtracted fifteen,percent of your calories and now you,should start losing some weight whats,gonna happen eventually is that twenty,four hundred calories is gonna become,your baseline thats gonna become your,new maintenance calories after youve,lost some weight and from there you go,right back to this screen and then you,adjust your calories down again Im not,gonna say 15 percent Im gonna say ten,percent a little bit of a smaller,deficit but think about it like a,headache when you have a headache you,grab a bottle of Tylenol and you dont,take the entire thing you take just,enough to get rid of the headache so you,can go about your daily business the,same thing should apply to weight loss,you want to do just enough cut your,calories just enough to facilitate,weight loss without feeling absolutely,famished and exhausted now lets go into,some frequently asked questions if I,dont answer your question make sure you,ask it down below and I will absolutely,answer the first one has to do with,activity level people will ask because,my Fitness Pal has this ability if you,should input your exercise if youre,somebody thats already exercising and,you already had that incorporated into,your maintenance calories my answer is,gonna be no now if youre increasing,your energy expenditure dramatically,then yeah you could probably add some,calories back in for exercise but if,youre fairly consistent with your,exercise already an activity level no,dont add that back in if youre,somebody thats new to nutrition and new,to exercise and youre exercising more,now well that wasnt calculated into,your maintenance so you can add some of,those calories back in that being said,people tend to overestimate how many,calories theyre burning because theyre,not working as hard as they actually,think they are thats not a dig at,anybody thats just the facts research,supports all of that including an,experiment that I did on myself I will,link that above but finish this video,first and if you care to see it click,that link right above me the second,question that people ask all the time is,what if its something that I ate that,isnt so cut and dry like chicken or,eggs or Greek yogurt or something thats,basically a combination of a bunch of,different ingredients well MyFitnessPal,actually can help you with that so going,back to my food diary lets say I had,for dinner I had pizza so Im just gonna,type in pizza right here and Im gonna,hit Search a bunch of different pizzas,gonna come up now if youre somebody,trying to lose weight Im gonna,recommend that you just pick t

Which One Is Better? A Dietitian Breaks Down Noom VS Myfitnesspal

new myfitnesspal new myfitnesspal new my,fitness coach which is better noom or,myfitnesspal well ask someone who is not,only a registered dietitian nutrition,expert but as someone who has been,inside of both of the apps actually,using them im going to give you a full,rundown on the advantages and the,disadvantages of new versus myfitnesspal,spoiler alert the promises that both of,these apps promise you are not based on,factual science,now at the end of this video ive also,got another app recommendation for you,as well as another free tool that i,think you are going to find super,helpful so be sure to stick around to,the end to see what those are now,friends i love that you are continuing,to look for ways to feel your best and,to honor your health and to work towards,nutrition goals and i love to help you,be as informed as possible and to find,the best long-lasting solution for your,health now unfortunately that is not,likely to happen with any diet app,including nume or myfitnesspal lets,dive on into the details about what new,and myfitnesspal are how they work and,what pros and cons we have for each of,them and of course we like i said are,going to wrap up with my recommendation,about both apps and i do also have a,full video on just new itself which you,can check out if you want i can link it,up there in the description and if you,want to see a little bit more inside of,noom and yes that thumbnail is correct i,did get kicked out so first lets go,over what noon is is it just calorie,counting now some folks have called noom,the modern day weight watchers and the,last diet plan youll ever need and also,it claims to be anti-diets but with a,calorie budget,what gifts,[Music],so noom uses a calorie budget but you,spend it based on a stoplight system now,the idea is that eating fresh fruits and,vegetables are relatively larger in your,belly and increase satiety at least in,the short term versus something like a,food maybe thats higher in fat that,provides more calories more nutrient,density for how much space it occupies,in your belly now another way to look at,it is a handful of grapes okay and a,tablespoon or so lets say a raisin,might have the same amount of calories,but the grapes might signal your,fullness sooner than the raisins would,simply because they take up more space,in your belly now we have to know that,while this might sound like a great way,to trick your stomach into thinking that,its full on lower calories it can and,usually does backfire so our bodies are,smart cookies and when they realize oh,thats just a ton of volume and its not,actual energy our hunger is going to,come in h o t hot and its going to,cause us to feel ravenously hungry and,likely lead to eating past fullness and,that got to get it now kind of way,now nume does involve more than just,calorie counting which is one thing that,makes it different from competitive,products such as my fitness pal which is,really just a calorie and activity,tracker now one thing that makes noon,different is that it does incorporate,helpful behaviors like self-care and,sleep habits which i do appreciate but,ill cut to the chase here at the end of,the day there are enough aspects of new,that make it feel like another diet,culture trend if youre new to the term,diet culture i do have a whole video,explaining what it is and how it turned,into this horrible life-ruining beast,that it is today and no that was not a,hyperbole now lets chat for a second,about that stoplight system okay i,mentioned that earlier but how nume,establishes your caloric goals if you,will noon makes their carrier,recommendations based on factors like,height weight your activity level as,well as your goal weight then it focuses,again on those low calorie foods and it,uses a stoplight system to rank foods so,green foods are going to be preferred,low calorie foods such as fresh fruits,and vegetables yellow foods are going to,be kind of middle of the road like,avocado or salmon in red foods those,they want you to use with mindfulness so,those are higher calorie foods such as,olive oil peanut butter as well as,things like burgers and chips now the,expectation is that you will be tracking,consistently but not necessarily every,single meal and snack of every single,day and i will admit i do like that noob,tried to build in flexibility without in,your face shaming or scolding for not,tracking but that in my opinion does not,make up for the fact that tracking,everything tracking a lot of our things,just really isnt a good idea which,well get into more in a second now that,we know what noom is lets chat about,kind of the pros and cons of it so the,pros of noom again i do think that noob,is sort of a step in the right direction,for diet culture but i will not go as,far to say that nume is non-diet because,it does encourage food restrictions and,love it dont be fooled it is a diet and,this can be problematic because,restrictions or even honestly deeming a,food as read or to avoid it is gonna,make you want to eat that food more and,likely make you feel guilt or shame when,you do enjoy it now while they dont say,bad we know what that means right red,means stop dont eat it sirens are going,on,[Music],now while restrictions might seem like,they work in the short term they likely,wont work in the long term chronic,under eating will lead to overeating,avoiding a certain food like say my,favorite peanut butter which is a red,food will likely lead to binge eating it,and i do like that noom introduces the,idea of being mindful about how,different foods and different types of,foods like volume or water content and,so on can impact our satiety because,this idea this information can help you,better understand how foods make you,feel shortly after eating i.e how,filling is the meal or the snack right,away and how long do you feel full do,foods have more staying power but,following this idea of volumetrics if,you will your eating plan is actually,just another diet and it can lead to a,false sense of fullness so eating a,large bowl of plain raw veggies which is,a new green food is going to feel,differently in your belly than a large,bowl of potato chips which is a new red,food but the fuel that the veggies are,providing is likely gonna run out much,faster leaving you feeling hungry again,sooner than those potato chips might so,caloric density equals fuel it is not,always a bad thing so if you always run,on those low calorie foods you may yes,fill your stomach up but your body wont,have the nourishment that it needs to,feel and be fueled and youll likely,feel hungry again soon not fun now the,cons of noom well i did list some pros,lets be clear overall i am not a fan of,new or anything like it that promotes,this dying behavior because it is while,noob yes can be considered less,diet-like than something like maybe,weight watchers it is still promoting,dieting behaviors so lets explore why,noon is not something that i will be,recommending,now while i dont actually track how,many calories i eat on a daily basis nor,do i recommend or advocate that anyone,do so i know that the amounts of foods,permitted in daily budgets for new was,far too low for my own energy needs and,thats honestly the case for most people,and while noon the app allows for,flexibility at the end of the day we all,want to be quote unquote good and meet,our goals right so even though the,recommended amount of calories was far,too low i might be tempted to follow,them as closely as possible even though,my body would surely be giving me,different messages like feed me now i,have enough trust with my body to know,how much food i need throughout the day,and to support my energy and my focus,but back when i was in the midst of my,own disordered eating and dieting phase,and i wasnt a intuitive eater and i was,using my fitness pal i trusted the app,more than myself trying to meet this,unrealistic expectation of the app felt,so futile and it made me feel like a,failure,like i said those lower ca

MyFitnessPal – better, faster Calorie tracking. TOP 10 TIPS (2021)

what does this apple this cheese stick,this chicken breast,and this dog all have in common no,theyre not all edible i cant believe,you would,think that cheese no what im trying to,say,is that they all contain calories if you,are a living being existing on planet,earth chances are your body runs on,energy unless you photosynthesize energy,from the sun,you probably get that energy from food,this energy is measured in,units called calories just like you can,measure distance,in meters you can measure energy in,calories,and i think the best way to get a grasp,on the different energy contents in the,foods that you eat is to track,the foods that you eat and evaluate the,energy contents in them and the best way,to do this,is using a handy little app called,myfitnesspal and if youre like most,people youve probably already,downloaded this app and if youre like,most people youve probably already,deleted this app after it took you,nearly four hours to log your breakfast,cereal and thats why in this video i,will be breaking down my top 10 tips for,tracking your calories more effectively,and more efficiently in my fitness pal,get ready to track,faster easier and even more accurately,with these 10,simple tips along the way ill even walk,you through some real world examples of,how i like to track my meals so that you,can see,exactly how the magic happens lets not,waste any more time lets get into it,tip one set your own macro targets,do not let my fitness pal tell you how,many calories,you should be eating for being the,industry standard calorie tracking app,they are an impressively bad calorie,setting,app when you get the app theyre gonna,ask you for your age weight,gender occupation and so on and then,theyre going to spit out some generic,calorie and macro recommendations based,on your responses that i usually find to,be pretty low for most people,usually find to be a little bit low in,protein which you all know how i feel,about protein,and its generally just an unsustainable,long-term,calorie and macro goal from my opinion,myfitnesspal,good diet tool bad dietitian just,totally ignore them and enter in your,own calorie and macronutrient targets,first go watch my video on setting your,calorie goal and then come back here,now you can open up your myfitnesspal,app go to more in the bottom right,then click goals then click calories,carbs protein and fat goals thatll be,under the subheading nutrition goals,and youll notice that your interface is,going to look a little bit different,than mine and that is because im using,my fitness pal,premium yes i am spoiled and i paid a,little bit extra for my fitness pal,premium but for a couple different,reasons i think its really worth it and,if youre interested in knowing what the,difference between,premium and standard is let me know in,the comments below because i could,ramble on about it for a while but im,not sure if its something that youre,really,interested in in short i think that a,lot of the premium content is completely,useless,but some of it is pure gold you know,kind of like how you dont watch every,single show on netflix but the small fee,is definitely worth it for the ones you,really enjoy anyway,in that calories carbs protein and fat,menu you can set your own,macro targets that meet your calorie,needs and again i get to set these goals,in grams because im,im premium but you know you common,folks you have to set in percentages,for most people this equates to about 25,percent of calories from,fat roughly one gram of fat for every,three pounds of body mass,about 25 of calories from protein,roughly one gram of protein per pound of,lean body mass and the rest of calories,going to,carbohydrates yeah yeah and then you,want to go back and enable,show carbs protein and fat by meal and,then as youre tracking throughout the,day you want to look at those targets,and hit the fat and protein as,minimums you want to be having at least,this much fat and protein every day and,then you want to look at the,carbohydrate,as more of a maximum or you can just,totally ignore it because,as long as your fats and proteins are in,check and you eat within your desired,calorie range your carbohydrates are,also going to be in check unless of,course youre getting a ton,of calories from the fourth,macronutrient alcohol,which you probably shouldnt be getting,a ton of calories from on a daily basis,the last time i checked,boom,tip two turn off step adjustments,so my fitness pal thinks that you should,be eating back the calories that you,burn,my fitness pal good diet tool bad,dietitian while were in the goals menu,go down to,exercise calories and switch those off,and if you dont have premium you may,have to go into the steps menu,and click dont track steps boom simple,onward tip 3 use the search bar for,whole food ingredients and,chain restaurants ninety percent of the,time when youre using myfitnesspal,youll be in the diary tab just like how,my channel,is the most important channel on youtube,the diary tab,is the most important tab in,myfitnesspal select your diary tab at,the bottom of the screen,go to the meal youre eating and click,add food when you add a food item,without a label,simply use the search bar say an apple,for example,look for that green check mark green,means certified green means go,the same is true for popular food items,like pop-tarts and you can even find,chain restaurants like chipotle who,conveniently have their entire menu,displayed so you can build out your own,burrito and get a rough estimate thats,actually certified by the restaurant,and please remember that most,restaurants are actually under reporting,their calories so that you can feel a,little bit better about eating their,foods so take that into consideration,whenever youre tracking food from a,restaurant,what i like to do is when a restaurants,estimate seems a bit low ill just click,the plus sign in the corner and,quick add some calories and macros based,on my best,judgment after years of obsessively,um i mean i mean diligently tracking,food and,macros and quantities i feel pretty,comfortable doing this and you probably,will too im just kidding here um the,mere act of counting calories does not,mean that you are,obsessed with nutrition just like the,mere act of looking at your speedometer,or your fuel gauge does not mean you are,obsessed with,the gas in your car its just having a,grasp on it is pretty,comforting sometimes youre not going to,always be looking at your speedometer or,your gas gauge but its comfortable to,know that you can assess it accurately,and know,generally where you are from a fuel,standpoint tip 4,scan barcodes and i know i shouldnt,have to explain this in a video about,myfitnesspal but some people still dont,do it,if your food item has a barcode on the,packaging simply scan that,before entering it into your diary,however i do recommend just double,checking the nutrition on the package,with the nutrition in the app because,sometimes there is a little bit of a,difference,so check the calories the macros and the,serving size if all checks out youre,good to go,and if not you might need to add the,food item in by yourself,and you can do this by clicking the plus,sign in the top corner and entering in,the correct nutrition information for,you,and thousands of other mindful eaters to,enjoy worldwide,then go back to the incorrectly listed,food item and report it to the,myfitnesspal overlords,who will use their mighty wrath to rain,fire upon whomever incorrectly entered,that food item into their precious,system all right thats not going to,happen but at least youll have a more,accurate food log,tip 5 outsource to websites like calorie,king for,untrackable food items your grandma made,lasagna,your fiance surprised you with some,sushi your co-workers are grabbing a,slice at a local pizza joint,dont panic youre gonna be fine sure,theres no bar code on grandmas lasagna,yep,every sushi option in my fitness pal is,insanely different,and you betcha joes pizza s

MyFitnessPal Review: 2020 Tutorial and Rating

Whats up everyone! Like the title states, were doing a complete MyFitnessPal,Review. MyFitnessPal is the most popular calorie counter in the App Store and it,is a household name in the fitness community. The app mainly helps people,gain and lose weight because to do both of those things well, you have to have a,good handle on your calories. I have about 1.5 years experience,with MyFitnessPal, both using it to lose weight personally and teaching my,clients how to use it themselves. We care about weight loss and we need a,good calorie counting app to help us out. So does MyFitnessPal get the job done?,Lets get into it! The app is listed as a diet planner and calorie counter so,lets see how MyFitnessPal helps us do those things. For each function, Ill,start with a quick tutorial on how to use the app, and then Ill give you my,opinion on it. Capiche? Alright lets start with diet planning.,To get started, youll go through either a quick account creation,process or you can go to the “More” tab if you already have an account. Here in the,”More” tab you can adjust your calorie and nutrition goals by hitting the “Goals”,button. MyFitnessPal automatically gives you calorie and nutrition goals based,on your height, weight, activity level, and how much weight you want to lose. You can,change this profile information at any time, just be aware itll reset any,existing calorie and nutrition goals. Once your profile is accurate, you can go,ahead and adjust the calorie and nutrition targets. Calories can be,adjusted to any calorie target you want. For macros like protein, fat, and carbs,,you have to select a % and make sure they all add up to 100%.,Once youre done with that, you can go back and then hit “Additional,Nutrient Goals”. This lets you set your own nutrition targets and its either,going be in grams or percentages depending on which nutrient it is. Once,youre done with that, go back and then hit the blue button at the bottom of the,screen. Hit the “Weight” button, so we can enter weigh-ins and progress pictures.,Here you can add a weigh-in for any weight, any date, and if you hit the,camera button, itll let you take a picture of your current physique. You can,go ahead and either add a picture or take one and then hit,ok. Once youre done with all of that, hit the check mark and itll save the,data point. Once youve added the weight data, you can go to the “Progress” tab to,see all the past points. Up top you have a line graph which uses each of your,entered weights as a data point. This is cool because it lets you see how your,weights changed over time. If you scroll down, you can see all the weight entries,youve done over time including any progress pictures, and you can click into,these, you can change the weight, date, make any changes, and its all just stored,here which is really cool. If you click the button next to “Entries”,,this lets you compare past and present progress pictures which is really cool,,because it makes seeing changes in your body really easy. Thats the meat and,potatoes for diet planning on MyFitnessPal so here are my thoughts.,Overall, Id say MyFitnessPal is a 4 out of 5 diet planner based on how easy it,is to manage targets and add data. For pros, the app is really good for people,who have health and fitness experience. if youve used calorie counters before,or youve been in the health and fitness space for a while, the app is very,intuitively designed. You can click around find what you need and navigate,without any issue. Everythings really quick, very easy, and very simple. The app,is also really flexible. Setting targets, getting started, and making adjustments,is super easy and super fast. If youre someone whos really tinkering with your,diet and nutrition often, this app is great because it allows you to make those,changes and adjust without causing major headaches. The 3rd Pro is that the core,planning functions are all free. The calories, macros, nutrients, weights, and,pictures – those functions are all completely free which is awesome. A lot,of apps will put core functionalities behind paywalls to get you to pay for a,premium service, so the ability to get up and running just with a free stuff makes,this app extremely valuable. Thank you MyFitnessPal! Con #1 is that its,not great for beginners. If youve never used a calorie counter before, or youre,brand new to the health and fitness space, youre not gonna find this design,very intuitive. Its not gonna be quite obvious where to look and you might just,have more questions than answers. Con #2 is the bland design. Every,page in the app looks the same. Its text and numbers on a white background,with blue every now and then. So while the planning,stuff you need is there, youre gonna waste some precious seconds at the,beginning until you memorize where each of the functions are. The 3rd con is,that theres a lot of clutter from low value features. While on the bright side,everything that you need is free, there is a bunch of stuff thats kind of,useless and it just serves to take up space. For instance, I dont know anyone,who uses the social elements of MyFitnessPal. Its kind of a personal,thing and I really wouldnt want to be just broadcasting all my daily changes,to the rest of the world. Then theres also the blog, which posts recipes and,exercises, which again since Im an advanced health and fitness user I dont,really find that stuff useful because I have my own separate sources already,for who I trust for nutrition whom I trust for workouts and I dont really,get much out of all these simple recipes and exercises that Under Armour is,pushing towards me. Alright on to the calorie counter. Again, the key tabs for,calorie counting are the blue button the “Diary” tab and the “More” tab. The blue,button lets you add any calories from food or exercise. To add food, click on,the blue button, and hit “Food”. First, its going to ask you to pick a meal. This,doesnt really matter that much, only how the food is stored. You can track your,foods in 2 ways. The first to use the search function. Type in the food you,ate, click on the right entry, adjust the serving size and then you can add it.,The second way to add food is to scan the barcode if there is one, adjust the,serving, and then add it. Either way works just as well, all the food will get,stored in your daily diary. To add exercise, hit the blue button and pick,”Exercise”. For this you can add cardio, strength, or a personal workout routine.,For cardio, search for the exercise you did, adjust the amount of minutes you did,it for, and then you can add it straight to your calories. The strength option is,mainly a notes function because none of the exercises have calories attached – it,doesnt affect your overall count – so were gonna skip it here. For exercise,routine, you can search through a library of exercises and build your own workouts.,Im gonna build my own called “Plank Day”. Ill go look for an exercise, select,front plank, and Im gonna do 4 sets of 1 minute so,Ill do a 1 minute set and then add 4 of those. Theres a calorie estimate,attached, and then Ill hit add to my log. Now this “Plank Day” workout is saved and,I can add it in the future if I ever do this again, and for today itll be logged,against my calories. Once youre done, youll get taken to the “Diary” tab and,this is where all your food and exercise data gets stored. Up top, theres a,helpful little dashboard that shows your calorie target, how many calories youve,eaten, how many calories youve burned, and how many calories you have left for,the day. You can also see this on the “Home” tab, which is nice because its the,first thing youll see when you open the app. The rest of the diary is an,organized list of the food youve eaten that day. From here you can add food, you,can delete food by swiping left, and you can toggle past and future diaries, which,is a super helpful function. Not all apps let you do this and this lets you be,very proactive or very reactive if you

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