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Nailboo dip powder kit REVIEWED! Let’s do science!

[Music],hey welcome back weirdos good morning,good afternoon good evening i,got nailboo,i purchased this product on my own,because of you yall made me do it so i,paid,98,for this dip kit,and im,i dont know how i feel about it yet i,really dont um this was like the,weirdest nail file ever by the way its,so big so bulky so floppy i was like,giggling to myself,flipping the thing around,here it is in comparison to like my,normal nail file so as you can see,its tremendous and i didnt even use it,its so bulky um dont like the file uh,this particular dip essentials kit,came with a bunch of stuff that came,with the soak off clips the four liquids,a dusty brush the gigantic nail file and,six dips i think clear comes with the,kit then you got to pick three colors,and it threw in a freebie whatever for,something,im gonna give you all my thoughts and i,figured the best way to do a review on a,product like this,is to do a little science so were going,to do a little science,i chose to use,what appears to be a very deep gray,slash black,im also going to use this dip from,virgo and gem just as a control group,told you were going to do science so,im going to use the nail blue lip,liquids with the nail blue powder im,going to use my dip liquids the,sparkling coal that i usually use with,the nail boo im also going to do a,control group sparkle and co with virgo,and gem im going to use gel base with,the nail boo,and,theyre going to use,nilbu with the virgo and gem,does that make sense i think that makes,sense um so i can see how the products,work together with their own line and,how they work with other stuff how it,does with gel,this base drove me absolutely insane the,base itself i actually really like,but nail blues got to get it together,because the brush does not fit into the,bottle it was so frustrating,im like good thing im not using this,base on every single nail because i,probably would have thrown it i would,have thrown it right in the trash and,not used it even though i like the base,the consistency was very nice medium dry,time it reminded me a lot actually,of sparkling coat which i love so much,so,i dont know thats that was the first,thing that i noticed and it drove me,absolutely nuts you have to let me know,if you have had that experience with,nail boo i know that there are fans,i dont know how you guys found me,but i had recently a lot of people join,up in my facebook group that have come,from nail boo so hi if youre one of,them and welcome im glad youre here i,dont know how you found me but here we,are so im finally gonna get into this,im gonna start off with the nail boo,dip liquids and the nail boo dip powder,this is a full,nail boo nail keep track because im,probably gonna forget ring nail is gonna,be all nail boo product,with the exception of top coat and,youll see why later on in the video so,im starting off with my normal dip,application im not doing anything,different this is just a basic standard,dip application no techniques no,craziness no nothing applying the base,from cuticle to free edge already,knocking stuff over because that brush,is just stubborn and doesnt want to go,back in the bottle i dont under i dont,understand it would be such a great,product,if the brush fit in the bottle,no boo if you can hear me and youve,gotten your ish together with that base,and top brush situation,send me some new ones because i would,love to use them i actually really like,the formula so i just poured over the,dark gray black,dip powder im pouring over just because,black especially can really stain the,nail especially underneath and its just,a pain to try and file off with my,extensions so im just pouring over,thats why im doing that no other rhyme,or reason behind the pour over you can,dip if you want to,heres two coats as you can see the,opacity is beautiful formula is great i,have zero,complaints about the dip powder,whatsoever so now im gonna move on to,the thumbnail this is going to be nail,boo powder with my tried and true,sparkling co low scent base and as,youre gonna see the products behaved,very well together im gonna go ahead,and do the same exact thing,cuticle-free edge pour over im going to,do two dippies,[Music],so,[Music],so that worked out so far just fine the,pinky nail is getting,eye gel,gel base coat with nail boo powder i,really wanted to see how this would,behave with gel also,from my experience and again this is,personal experience that ive had myself,i cant speak to all products just the,ones that ive used,but in my experience i have found that,most dip powders and dip liquids are,very mix and match i i know that some,systems will tell you to use with their,liquids and their powder and thats fine,companies there its a business and you,want to sell your stuff i get it do i,feel like thats a necessity absolutely,not which is also why im conducting,this science experiment for you guys,so you can see that you can absolutely,mix and match whatever you have with,whatever you want and likely more likely,than not its gonna be fine,im pouring over the black powder yet,again for the gel base im gonna do two,full coats of this curing in between for,two full minutes im playing on the safe,side,i wanna make sure that uv led,has enough time to really get down into,that gel base and cure it because you,dont want to leave uncured product on,your nails or on your skin that can,cause allergies so thats what im doing,there as you can see that applied,beautifully it cured beautifully im,dusting off all the excess and were,going to move on to the next nail im,going to put away the nail boo powder,for now im going to switch over to a,virgo and gem powder this color is not,available im so sorry,um but its not,it was a um,it was a potential color for the,calendar we went up going with a,slightly different shade um so this is,just an extra powder i have laying,around im so sorry uh so anyway im,gonna go in with the nail boo base,i know i pulled it out again even though,i really didnt want to its so it makes,me sad i know ive said it like three,times already but im gonna say it again,because i love this base i really do,its a great base i wish the brush fit,in the bottle,please anyway moving on i digress im,gonna stop crying now,nail boo liquids virgo and gem powder,were gonna see how well they work,together and youre gonna see that it,works absolutely perfectly together and,then my middle nail im going to do,the same virgo and gem powder with my,sparkle and co-base and thats just my,control nail with products that i use,all the time,[Music],[Music],okay so now that ive gotten all the,color on i figured let me take the nail,blue clear and do a little comparison,even though i say it pretty frequently,that most clears are the same its just,a matter of how you apply it i will tell,you that i am not the biggest fan of the,nail boo clear and youre gonna see,youre gonna see why,um for me it was just it it left a,little something on the nail,speckly white whatever whatever it is i,dont know pig not pigment theres no,pigment um just clear particles left on,the nail and its not super detectable,um from far away but up close its,pretty noticeable so heres what im,going to do im going to get the clear,the nail boo clear over the nail boot,nails so im not doing anything over the,gel nail that does not get clear dip,here that gets gel basin gel top which,ill do off-camera,but the ring nail and the index are,going to get the nail boo clear and my,thumb and middle are going to get the,eye gel clear that way you can see if,theres any kind of distinct difference,between the two clears on the two,different colored nails so im going to,finish up doing this clear application,ill do all my filing and buffing off,camera but i will leave my updated,filing and buffing routine down in the,box for you guys,and im going to come back im going to,do a little bit of nail art for a,specific cause that ill talk about in a,bit and then were going to do top coat,[Music],so i got all my fili

HONEST Nailboo dip powder kit review (HIT or MISS)

foreign,yall I finally did it I purchased a,nail boo dip powder starter kit so that,I could review it for you guys from a,consumers perspective and let yall,know if its a hit or miss honestly for,the past few years this has been the,number one requested thing for me to try,out but I was skeptical because Ive,seen a lot of bad reviews out there and,the prices so lets open it up so I did,get some freebies with my order I did,get two free hand masks and I also got,two free foot masks overall Im really,impressed with the packaging I love that,everything is nice and secure even the,dip powders come in their own individual,boxes right here was the tool kit that,comes with this starter kit inside is,the claw clip so you use these when,youre trying to remove the dip powder,next was the dusting brush which is a,really nice touch they also include a,cuticle Pusher and then this nail file,the attention to detail is amazing I,love the cohesive branding they really,went all out for that you can see it has,the ingredients on it a little about on,it has the name on it so this is their,build powder right here is just another,cute little touch to it you can see it,says welcome dip queen and I love the,packaging again its all so pretty and,cohesive it does have a seal on it so,brownie points there this is their clear,dip powder which is included in their,kits next up are the liquids so it comes,in this one box and inside the Box are,more boxes so they really go all in when,it comes to the packaging making sure it,arrives safely here is the base,activator and top coat so lets open,this up this is their base honestly the,liquid bottle itself is a really nice,quality it is heavy duty it opened very,easily for me the brush Glides in and,out easily and I like the way the brush,bristles are Fanning out,it also includes a little instruction,pamphlet everything seems pretty much by,the book except for a few notes Here I,noticed after the activator it states to,wait five minutes for it to dry,sometimes its usually around two,minutes so keep note of that and then it,also says it again for your second layer,of activator and then again for the top,coat it wants you to wait five minutes,after the first layer here are the,colors that I picked out this is Velvet,lust Im going to go into more detail,about these colors and some of the,issues that I had with them so stay,tuned for that also here is no fig deal,this one is beautiful for fall I love,this color I also grabbed nail flex and,chill Im obsessed with the names this,one was another one that I had an issue,with which well chat about more and,then last but not least I grabbed Glam,queen as a glitter for my manicure and,it does include the build powder like I,mentioned earlier one of my issues with,this kit was the price so I want to dive,deep and really go into a price,comparison so I purchased the 4K color,starter kit which was 95 dollars I also,used a 10 off code on top of that and,you saw everything it included the,liquids the powders and I also did get,some freebies so I sought out to find a,comparable kit from another dip powder,brand that I use and love which is Revel,nail so theyre four color starter kit,is 55 so that does include those four,colors but it doesnt include all of the,accessories now the reason this is half,the price is because Revel nail offers a,half ounce option while nail booze dip,powders are all one ounces so if youre,in the market for the accessories in,that nail boot kit another comparable,option with Revel Nails would be their,essential kit so their essential kit is,45 dollars but its still not quite,Apples to Apples because it only,includes one color so I decided to break,it down price by Price item by item so,nail those liquids are 25 for the set,while rival Nails liquids are 26. nail,booze one ounce jars are 14 and revel,Nails one ounce jars are 14.99 so how is,Revel keeping their toss Solo in their,kits right here yall they offer half,ounce size jars for 7.99 and honestly,you guys that is all you need you truly,do not need a one ounce jar unless its,clear dip powder or a color you plan to,use all the time you really can get away,with using just half ounce jars so I am,definitely guilty of being put off by,this price but when I looked at it piece,by piece because they are one ounce jars,plus I got the freebies plus they have,that 10 off code its actually not bad,but if budget is Big to you and you,really need to stick to a certain amount,I totally understand maybe check out,half ounce jar starter kits instead,I do have peel base on my natural nails,so that shine that you see there peel,base allows me to pop off the dip powder,within one to three days so that I dont,have to soak an acetone and keep up with,my filming schedule I will link my prep,video up above or down in the,description box so if youre looking for,longevity Ill link that video there so,Ill start out with no fig deal and I,have my base liquid honestly I did not,think I was going to be starting with no,big deal but apparently its actually,the only solid color that I purchased,Ive also got my napkin here to wipe my,brush off on every single time when it,touches my nail Im going to keep it,simple and just do a full coat coverage,I noticed right off the bat that the,liquid consistency is actually really,thin which was a pleasant surprise for,me the brush fans out very nicely and,once I get a full coat coverage on the,nail then I dip into the powder the,powder is very fluffy very finely milled,I just clean up with my toothpick and,Im impressed with that coverage so Im,going to go on do the same thing on my,pinky nail I know Im gonna get asked,about the odor of the liquid it I dont,find it any better or any worse than any,other brand that Ive tried so if odor,bothers you definitely check out,odorless dip powder liquids,once its dry I dust it off with my,fluffy dusting brush,one of the main issues that I heard when,I was watching reviews on nailbu were,about their liquids that they would get,contaminated easily that the brush,didnt fit properly in the bottle so if,you experience that they have actually,revamped their product so as you can see,here with my bottle this might not look,the same as the one that you have tried,they have really changed it up and I am,thoroughly impressed spoiler alert I had,zero issues with the liquids actually,since filming this Ive used them on,three other manicures so that I could,make sure they worked well with other,products and it wasnt just a random,fluke and honestly I had zero issues,there are very thin consistency and a,very slow dry time so this is nail flex,and chill this was where I started to,have issues I went through the same,thing when I purchased from Pepe gel so,this looks nothing like the website,picture I love and commend them for,putting them on actual hands because it,can vary based on skin tone lighting and,all of these things but this powder here,has a ton of Shimmer in it the picture,looks like it has zero Shimmer mine,looks like its got a pink Hue theres,just so many indiscrepancies with it I,wish the website had a description had I,read a description and it said it had a,shimmer to it I would not have purchased,this particular color so once its dry I,dust it off now Im going to start with,Glam Queen I felt like Glam Queen was,also kind of off maybe they did three,dips and I only did two Im really not,sure also velvet lusts that one I showed,at the beginning that also had a shimmer,in it which I had no clue it had a,shimmer in it which is why I started,with that really dark fig color its the,only one I got that didnt have a,shimmer to it so since I am purchasing,this from a consumers perspective it,can be frustrating and I want to point,that out and just be upfront and honest,with yall buyer beware you might have a,solid color that you think youre,purchasing and it could have a shimmer,which might not be that big of a deal to,you but if you are wanting solid Shades,maybe join a Faceboo

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Updated NAILBOO Dip Powder Review ???? | Dip Powder Nail Tutorial at Home

[Music],welcome back nail queens today i want to,do an updated review to the nail boo dip,liquid system,if you guys remember from last october i,did a review on their dip liquids and,lets just say it was not pleasant well,guess what now they have new bottles and,i felt like it was very important to do,an updated review on these bottles to,see if the consistency or anything has,just gotten easier and better to use,so nail boo has sent me all of these,products for free i did not pay for any,of them just like my first review i,didnt pay for any of those products,either just so you know,so so far all i can tell is that these,bottles are significantly better and i,can pull the brush in and out with ease,compared to the last time so im going,to dip in this color called boo blue,its a really really pretty blue powder,and im just going to put these liquids,to the test see if theyre thick stringy,and gummy like they were the first time,so lets try it out,so not only has the bottle shape changed,but the bottle neck opening is also,wider allowing me to get my brush in and,out with ease so im not having to,struggle with the bottles anymore so,thank you nail boo i dont know if you,listen to me or if it was multiple,complaints from customers but im so,glad that you made this change and,hopefully these bottles are here to stay,also im noticing that there is no,stringiness when i apply the dip base to,my nails im literally trying it over,and over again doing many coats as you,can tell and i didnt experience any,stringiness so im going to dip in the,dip powder and see how much of it it,coats,i also have peel base on my nails thats,what i put on my nails before i started,dipping and i let it completely dry and,its good that this is not patchy yet we,will see when i dust everything off but,so far i dont see any dry streaks or,any patchiness like i have in the past,with certain brands dip base when using,peel base that is a common issue that,can happen when youre using peel base,on your nails before you go in with dip,base so im glad to see that that is not,happening here,[Music],now im going to dust everything off and,this will test the drying time of the,dip base as well,and now im back and you can see that it,did not smudge or smear any of the dip,powder which means that the dip base,dries reasonably fast so that can be a,good thing or a bad thing depending on,your preferences for dip liquids so now,im going in with a second coat of this,dip powder the first coat wasnt really,opaque you can see that its very very,sheer here i dont know if thats just,how this powder is but other nail blue,powders ive used have really good,coverage in the first coat so it might,just be this powder,and then im going to do another coat a,second coat on my index finger im also,going to do my pinky nail and blue but,thats not going to be pictured here,because youve already seen me do it,twice on two nails,[Music],so now im dusting everything off and,im back so after the second coat i,noticed there were still some sheer,spots in certain areas so im going in,with a third coat i really honestly,prefer only doing two coats of dip,powder on my nail because im also,wearing jelly tips if you have no clue,what that is i will have a video linked,here in the cards and the description,box to show you how i use jelly tips,under my dip powder but it basically is,a full coverage tip that is applied with,a gel like product,and because of that it adds like a,certain structure or thickness to my,nails and i dont want to make my nails,look too thick or bulky which is why i,prefer only doing two coats of dip,powder on top of jelly tips but there,are instances like this where theres,not enough coverage and i have to do,three coats,[Music],for the mani that i am doing im also,using the color necessary pink it is the,nail boo french pink color quite,honestly it could be considered clear i,wish it was more tinted pink but,it is what it is so im going to be,dipping it twice in those on my middle,finger and my ring finger for the mani,that im doing because i plan on doing,nail art on top of it,[Music],so i activated file shaped and buff off,camera but now i need to look at your,instructions because im pretty sure,that after i file shape and buff im,only supposed to do one layer of top,coat nail boost instructions are a,little bit different than other brands,that i use so im applying a generous,layer of activator to all of my nails,the instructions state to wait two,minutes to let the activator sit and dry,before you go in with the top coat,[Music],so now its time to apply my top coat,and the top coat is just like the base,liquid it is basically a super glue but,the top coat needs the activator in,order to properly dry,so,that is very important you cant use,this top coat without the activator,first so im going to apply a finish,layer to all of my blue nails i still,plan on doing nail art on the clearish,pink ones so those are not going to be,top coated just yet i noticed that the,coat that i did on my thumb was way too,thin so im picking it up a little bit,on these other two nails,and im gonna look at my thumb again and,its looking honestly not the shiniest,it looks kind of wrinkly so for science,sake im going to test it with two coats,all the other brands dip liquids i use,say to do two coats so im really,surprised the nail blue one only,recommends one maybe they recommend one,really thick coat because a thin coat,really made it look wrinkly and i didnt,like that so im gonna let that dry and,then put it to the test and see if it,actually properly dries,so im noticing its drying very very,well,however,i touched my thumb a little too soon and,theres a spot right there that i thats,like a thumb mark so i have to fix that,and the way that i fix those issues,whenever this happens with any brand is,i take a little bit of acetone and a,paper towel and i just wipe it and it,instantly dries the wet area so the,other nails dried perfectly well really,to be honest the thumb thing was my,fault because i didnt follow the,instructions and i put two coats and,didnt let it dry enough that was my,fault however i didnt like the shine on,just one coat so its really just up to,you if you take the risk with two coats,give it ample time to dry so now im,applying cuticle oil all around my,cuticles and then im going to do the,nail art for this mani off camera its a,different video this was a nail boot dip,liquid review not a nail art video so,thank you guys so much for watching this,video you got to see how the new dip,liquids or bottles function in real time,so let me know in the comments what you,guys think about this new updated review,and if you like these liquids,[Music]

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COMMON MISTAKES | Dip Powder Nails | Beginner Basics Series

[Music],hi guys welcome back,so,todays youtube video is going to be,about common mistakes,ive been there i made a lot of mistakes,when i first started doing dip powder,nails theres so many things that i did,wrong and i want to show them to you,guys and then show you how to fix them,or prevent them so you make sure you,dont do the same mistakes that i did,when i first started dipping,if youve been following along my,beginner basic series some of those,mistakes and corrections have already,been talked about so flat nails how not,to flood your cuticles,making sure you get all the supplies,before you even start those are going to,be included in here but theyre not,going to be as in-depth as those videos,so definitely check out the rest of the,beginner basic series if youre,interested in seeing other awesome,techniques so i dont want to hold you,guys up any longer so were going to get,right into the video,[Music],buckle up now queens this is going to be,a long and chatty video be sure to check,the time codes below to skip to any tip,that you want to see,when i first started doing dip powder,nails i didnt really understand all of,the supplies that were required to do it,because its not just as simple as,buying a starter kit from a company,the companys starter kits dont come,with every single item you need to do,your nails youre going to need files,youre going to need buffing blocks,youre going to need rubbing alcohol,youre going to need a cuticle pusher,cuticle oils a duster brush,everything that i have here are just,some of the bare essentials that i,have discovered over time,that everyone needs for their beginner,starter kit so if you guys want to watch,a video on all of the supplies i highly,recommend you purchase before you sit,down and do your first dip powder,manicure,definitely click the link i have here in,the cards and go watch that video,because every single item here i think,is essential,[Music],did you know that not all dip liquids,are created equal yes when i first,started dipping i used the same dip,liquids from a company for about a year,before i branched out and then i,realized that not all liquids are,created equal and some are better than,others so definitely read the reviews,for the company youre looking at,purchasing because some are thinner some,are thicker some just smell awful some,are better,and i think if youre just starting out,its important to have liquids that,dont glue shut and that are easy for,beginners to use,one mistake that i made when i first,started dipping was flooding my cuticles,what i mean is getting too much liquid,on the cuticle area so depending on the,liquid youre using some are runnier,than others which can definitely cause,flooding so im going to use a liquid,that really isnt runny here today and,im going to show you guys how im able,to flood the cuticles,so if you notice i started at my cuticle,and i worked my way down but my brush is,not touching my skin so im just,applying a nice,finish layer of liquid to my nails or,what i think is thin and then im going,to dip in my dip powder,[Music],you will notice as i take my nail out of,the dip powder and you really focus on,the cuticle area where the skin meets,the nail,that there is wet liquid there that,means,my dip powder is touching my skin,so this is not a good thing so im going,to take this tool right here and im,going to separate it from my skin to,show you how much flooding actually,occurred and i didnt goop on the dip,liquid so its not a thick layer,its just i started my brush at the,wrong area of the nail i started it at,the cuticle so starting at the cuticle,can cause flooding so this is how i,think you should fix it,i did a video on this but im going to,recap it here,so im going to use my favorite dip,liquid here which is triple d and im,going to show you guys what is important,first off its important to make sure,that you wipe the brush on the inside of,the bottle neck so you get as much,liquid off the brush as possible so when,its coming in contact with your nail,its not flooding it then i start my,brush at the center of my nail not at,the cuticle and i brush it down to the,free edge covering the entire bottom,half and then i fan my brush up towards,the cuticle area making sure not to,touch my skin,so again i think its really important,to wipe off as much liquid off your,brush into the bottle as possible,and then also start the brush at the,middle of the nail not the cuticle area,using a cuticle stick around your,cuticles will definitely help prevent,flooding as well,i am so guilty of making this mistake so,many times when i first started out ive,done thick layers of dip liquid on my,nail and then when i go ahead and dip it,in the dip powder,my dip powder is still wet because,theres so much liquid on my nail,as for a second dip this is really what,i want the bulkness to be on the third,dip so for my second dip to already be,like this im im putting on too much,liquid on my nail to be honest and i,keep having to dip back in the jar so,that the liquid absorbs the powder so,that theres no more shine on the nail,but its taking me a couple attempts to,get the shine completely off of my nail,so theres literally too much liquid on,my nail and it already flooded my,cuticle area,and i had to wait a long time for this,to dry before i could brush it off and,then you can tell theres so much liquid,that im able to dent my nail its still,soft,it should really be drying a lot faster,than this but because theres so much,liquid im able to dent it and thats,not a good thing,in order to show you how to fix this im,going to repeat something i did on the,last step,so its to wipe off the brush on the,inside of your bottleneck before you put,the liquid on your nail and then start,in the center of your nail and then wipe,it down before you move up towards the,cuticle area,wiping the liquid on the inside of your,bottleneck will make sure you take off,the most excess amount of liquid off,your brush you do not want too much,liquid on your brush,also some dip brands have thicker,liquids than others so definitely read,the reviews of the brand youre looking,into to make sure that they dont have,reviews of being too thick,if you notice that your powder is still,shiny and wet after that dip keep,dipping it back in the jar until the,shine is completely gone you want to,make sure all the liquid is absorbed by,the dip powder and if its too thick,dont worry you can file that away later,but you do not want a wet,dip powder,[Music],if you are using a soft dusting brush to,brush off your excess dip powder i,highly recommend you switch to a stiffer,brush theres several reasons why one,its so difficult to get off any excess,dip powder in the nooks and crannies of,your nails the second reason is because,if you have too much powder on your nail,and you apply your basebond liquid on,your nail again that basebond liquid,goes back into the bottle so youre,putting powder into your bottle not,directly but through leaving too much,powder on your nail so i recommend,taking a denser dusting brush i use,toothbrushes from the dollar tree but,you can actually get manicure brushes,from the dollar tree or other nail,stores as well so dont worry you dont,have to use a toothbrush i just,personally like it so you can see all,the excess powder is gone,using a brand new file can really hurt,you if you dont prime your files so if,your file is too abrasive or its just,too new it can hurt your side walls your,cuticle area wherever youre filing that,comes in contact with your skin for me,oftentimes that is my cuticle area and,my side walls so what im going to teach,you guys is how i prime my files my,brand new ones so i grab a new file or a,used file,and i file the edges of the new file so,right where the edge would meet my skin,right here i file that so that it,softens the edges so when those edges,come in contact with my skin its not,tearing up my skin so this is very,important if youre using new files,around your

I Tried Nailboo | Dip Powder Tutorial | Salon Quality Nails at Home

today im going to test a dip powder by,nail boo,you know the company that says you can,get salon quality nails without leaving,the comfort of your home,so lets give it a try and see if its,really true,welcome back to aloft aloft today im,going to do a full set using nail boo,dip powder and im going to give you my,honest opinion of their product but let,me know in the comments if youve ever,tried this brand before,so the color that im going to use for,this video is date night which is like a,candy apple red,the set comes with a base coat,activator top coat and it also includes,a build powder which is like a base,along with a brush to dust off the,powder,a cuticle pusher,and a 4-way nail file,now i will say i am not a fan of this,nail file and i highly doubt that im,the only person that feels this way,ive only used it once and you can see,how it looks after one use,so i decided to go out and purchase a,buffer set,that would hold up way better than the,file that they gave me and i knew it,would get the job done,so two things that i didnt show thats,also included in the kit is their little,instruction booklet as well as a bottle,of cleaner for when you go to take the,nails off so im just going to follow,their instructions and the first thing,that it says to do is to push your,cuticles back before you apply any,product or any powder and they also,recommend not getting any product or,powder on your cuticles,here im opening a product thats called,the base powder so im going to start,with this but before i do i first have,to apply the base coat to each of my,nails which is what they have labeled as,number one so i will apply a base coat,to each nail and then im gonna dip that,finger into the base powder and then,ill use the little fluffy brush that,they provided in the kit to dust off any,excess powder once im done,now that thats done im going to set,the base powder aside for now and then i,will move on to the color powder which i,said this one is date night but,first i need to remove the seal because,i havent used it before,[Music],now that thats done were going to take,the number one which is the base coat,again and apply another coat to each,finger,then were going to dip those fingers,into the red powder basically repeating,the same steps that i use with the base,powder except this time im going to dip,each one into the color powder twice,just to make sure that each finger is,coated good,[Music],this is how it looks after one dip of,color but im not finished yet were,going to repeat that same process and,apply another coat and dip the nails,once again two times so that we can fill,in any white areas that were missed the,first round through,one thing to be careful of is to not get,any product on your skin or on your,cuticle as it will cause the product and,the powder to stick to your skin when,youre dipping it its really no,different than when youre painting your,nails except when this dries its a lot,harder to get off,let me know down in the comments what,you think of the product so far and if,you havent done so already hit that,subscribe button sweetheart what are you,waiting for,okay now that the powder has been,applied to my first hand im just going,to repeat all of those same steps on my,other hand,starting with the cuticle pusher then,moving on to the base powder the color,powder redoing the color powder once,again to make sure that i dont miss any,spots,[Music],[Music],powder is done and has been applied to,both hands so now well move on to,number two which is where i apply the,activator which will act as a hardener,for the powder,and this is how they look after applying,one coat of the activator so the,instructions say to apply one coat of,number two then file and shape the nails,before applying another coat and then,moving on to the top coat so here im,just using the sander which again i,purchased separate but im going to use,the sander to file down any sharp or,rough edges,and i have to say luckily because ive,done this once before maybe three weeks,ago,but luckily this set turned out way,better than my first attempt three weeks,ago,when i was at this stage my nails last,time were very bumpy and thats when i,realized i didnt actually like the,fouler that they provided with the kit,but i will say overall,i like the results but i did have to do,quite a bit of work to smooth them out,last time and get them not so bumpy and,more of a flat,to the shape that i like so once im,done falling as instructions say i wash,my hands and then i apply alcohol to,every nail just to make sure that,theyre clean,and dry prior to applying a second coat,of the activator,once the second coat of activator dries,then im going to go through and apply,my first top coat,which is number three,now i have to say this smells and dries,just like super glue as you can see from,the top i had a hard time getting this,open and ive only used it once when i,did my last set or i should say my first,set but i had to use teeth to get the,top open because it dried just that hard,and it smells,again just like super glue so if you,dont like the smell of super glue you,might not want to use this scent,but once you apply it it does take it,from being that dry shiny look to being,a super bright,very pretty look as any top coat would,[Music],and here are the final results nails,complete i did the second top coat off,camera and i have to say overall i,really do like the product,but leave me a comment down below,letting me know what you guys think of,nail boo or if youve tried it or if,youre thinking about trying it either,way just leave me a comment letting me,know your thoughts thanks for watching,[Music]

Salon Nails at Home with Cynthia | Nailboo Review ✨

hi everybody my name is cynthia satzi,and in todays video we are going to be,trying out the nell boo,manicure at home kit okay guys so i,already filmed this video a long time,ago however,the footage we can just say got,lost,and i was going to upload this video on,friday but,due to technical difficulties its not,going to upload on tuesday so yay some,of the original video is in the clip and,thats the main part of like me trying,out the nail product,um the only thing thats not really in,the video of what the footage i actually,have is my,thoughts and opinions on it and kind of,the first and the end steps,so im gonna take you through that now,let me tell you guys a little bit about,now boo um i found it because i was,scrolling through instagram of course,and it was pretty much saying you can do,your nails at home um its like a great,manicure you can get at the salon but,youre doing it yourself,way cheaper because,youre just saving money all together so,i got a kit that comes with like one,nail color,and its sixty dollars,and then i ended up adding another color,for ten extra dollars so i got a red and,black shade im actually wearing the,black shade now and this is my,second week of or not second week,second time trying it,you know,but in the,when i originally filmed the video it,was my first time trying it its all,confusing i know,so,its great it gives you everything you,need um it gives you the instructions it,gave me these little clips um so you can,soak your nails to take the polish off,all you have to do is get one of these,clips soak your nail for about an hour,with some acetone and cotton ball and it,just comes straight off gives you these,four little polishes,and then itll also give you a base coat,and itll give you your nail color coat,and theyre both powder materials it,also comes with a file and a cuticle,pusher so the first step is to take any,polish that you have off whether it be,the dip powder which like i have so you,would do the soaking for an hour,if you have gels a little bit different,if its just regular polish you can,easily wipe it off first off i would,start with taking off this polish and i,would just soak them for like i said an,hour hour and a half depending on how,thick of a coat it really is so the next,step is to file and buff your nails,which they provide and i end up that is,in the video that i show you guys so,youll see me doing that part okay so i,finally got the nails clean that only,took forever,and i mean that nail polish was from the,salon so i dont know if this will be,any different trying to get it off but,um for the most part theyre completely,clean but theyre now super like thin,and brittle so i have to be careful not,to break them but theyre super long,right now which im excited about so the,first step in this is to push back the,cuticles with this uh this is a,cuticle pusher which i didnt realize i,was using it to scrape off the extra,polish,but this is a cuticle pusher so were,gonna push back our cuticles it says,also to buff my nails with this four-way,nail buffer so were gonna do that,okay so i just buffed them and kind of,filed them a little bit and now im,going to just wash my hands because,thats what the step says to do,okay so im now taking,the base polish im taking the build,powder which is just this white color,and im going to take this little kabuki,brush,i have to do this like all step once im,going to coat my nail and then im going,to dip it in the powder and then im,going to brush it off and it says to,make sure that you only put the base,where you want the powder like do not,get it on your cuticle because thats,where the powder is going to go so you,have to be very careful just kind of,small bottle maybe it lasts long i dont,know,so thats what were going to do first,and ill tilt the camera down so you,guys can kind of see,so as you can see the last step that i,got in my video was me um putting the,red dip powder on and i did that twice,with the base coat,so the next step is to,do the activator so you put the,activator it says number two you put,that on all of your nails and it just,kind of activates the polish and it,helps it all like,blend together i guess so you let that,sit for five minutes and then once,thats set for five minutes you can kind,of file and buff your nails out a little,bit better and then once thats done you,will put another coat of the activator,let it sit for another five minutes,and then lastly you will do,your number three and thats the top,coat and this is gonna make it look,shiny and pretty and not like it looks,weird before you put the top coat on but,i promise you the top coat saves it,makes it look shiny and professional,so you put the top coat on let that sit,another five minutes and youre done it,takes a little bit of time im not gonna,lie especially if you have to wait the,hour to take the polish off it just kind,of seems like it takes forever,but honestly its worth it i have,done this twice now as you guys know,um and honestly i really like it and i,definitely think its worth the money,and if you have the time to do your own,nails then do it because,its not going to take it doesnt take,any longer than it would at the salon so,if you have the time to go to the salon,you have the time to do it at home,essentially,its just whether youre wanting to put,in the effort or not,and you know the first time i did it the,nails were not as smooth as i wanted i,guess but the second time i did it i,kind of got a little bit more of a,handle on it i have not had my nails,break or anything its super hard like,it would be at the salon,except for one time i dropped like,a really heavy,okay,except i dropped like a really heavy 35,pack of cans on one of my nails and it,just cracked the polish so i just did,the one nail over but it was fine like,my actual nail was fine i really,recommend these these really do help,your nails grow out as you can see mine,are like super long,and,i just really recommend it if,you dont like taking the time to go to,the salon and spending all that money,you can do this easily at home and get,super cute now,i will link the nail boo company down,below in my description box so you guys,can check it out i highly recommend it,thats all i really have to say make,sure you guys go ahead and follow my,instagrams i have my personal instagram,cynthiaste and i also have my makeup,instagram and its cynthia period sasuke,period makeup so make sure you guys go,follow those make sure to like this,video and make sure you go ahead and,subscribe ill see you guys in the next,video bye

*Aesthetic* Clean Nails with Nailboo Dip Powder

[Music],hey so lately ive been seeing two,trends going around on social media one,is for aesthetically clean nails and the,other is dip powder you guys are loving,dip powder right now so i thought id,combine the two and show you how to do,this aesthetically clean manicure using,the new nail boost starter dip kit and,this is available at sally beauty im so,excited to share that i am now a part of,the sally crew for sally beauty so ill,be sharing lots of fun new product,releases and videos coming up soon,so lets take a look at this kit this,retails for 27.49 us dollars for under,thirty dollars you get a complete dip,kit which i think is amazing and,spoilers this stuff is actually,the best dip powder ive ever used so in,the kit you get three bottles of the,liquids that you need which is the base,the activator and the top,coat you also get this little container,for putting the powder into so you can,use it in different ways you get a,little spatula you get two bonus brushes,you get a dusting brush to remove excess,particles and you get two powders one is,a color powder and the other is a,builder powder and these are smaller,sizes of the product but you can get the,full size ones and lastly of course the,kit comes with an instruction booklet,okay so lets get started with the,manicure before i get into the dip,powder im going to cleanse my nails,with some alcohol on a light-free wipe,just to make sure my nails are ready for,the stuff im going to be putting on top,when i think of aesthetic i think of,long sleek beautiful nails so im going,to be using these clear tips which i got,at sally beauty and im just going to,adhere them to my natural nail with some,nail glue to make sure the tips adhere,properly i recommend giving your natural,nail a light buff just so that the glue,has something to stick to and then when,youre applying the nail glue to the tip,you dont have to use a lot of glue a,little bit goes a long way then make,sure you hold down the tip with the glue,on it onto your natural nail until it is,fully adhered,so obviously pick whatever length of,nails and shape of nails you are,comfortable with for this manicure im,gonna do a,medium longish length and im gonna,attempt a coffin shape with this because,i think that is just such a pretty,aesthetic shape,then once i had all the tips on i gave,them a good dusting just to remove any,extra particles or debris,so first im going to be using the,builder powder which comes in the kit,and im just going to be applying this,to my natural nail area to build that up,so that its more flush with the tip the,beauty of dip powder is that the process,is very simple all you do is apply the,liquid in this case its called the base,and then you dip your nail into the,powder at a 45 degree angle make sure,the liquid is totally covered i like to,wait a few seconds just to make sure the,liquid has soaked in all of the powder,and then you dust off the excess and,repeat the process it truly is one of,the most effective and fastest way to do,a nail enhancement and it lasts forever,however the one downside to this is that,it can get messy so i recommend doing,this on top of a piece of paper or just,something you can discard once youre,done because it is a powder and thats,kind of just the nature of it its gonna,get everywhere but if youre proactive,about it its gonna help with the mess,so now we have the builder powder on all,of our nails and our natural nail is,more flush with the extension that we,put on now were ready to apply the,color powder and the kit does come with,a very pretty red shade but for this,video because im doing an aesthetically,clean look i wanted to do something more,minimal i really like this color its,called nail flex and chill very clever,name and its sort of a very light pink,almost white with a little bit of,sparkle in it and like i said the,process is the same every time apply the,base liquid and then dip your nail into,the powder and remove the excess and,repeat until you are happy with the,opacity for this particular color i only,had to do two coats until i was happy,with the coverage one thing i,immediately noticed about this nail boot,kit is that the base liquid they provide,stays wet a lot longer than some other,products ive used which i really like,because you have to immediately dip the,liquid into the powder in order for it,to apply evenly to the nail and in the,past thats always been an issue with,some of the liquids i used they dried,way too quick and then the dip would,apply patchy but this one doesnt every,single time it applied very smoothly,there are some little lumps but thats,just because of the extension i put on,top and itll easily be fixed with,filing once youre satisfied with the,color the next step in the process is to,apply the activator and let it totally,dry then once it is dry which takes one,to two minutes you can go ahead and buff,and file your nails as needed this kit,did not have extra bulk which was,surprising to me because in my,experience i always have bulky nails,after using dip and this one was not,that bad the final step is to apply the,top coat and thats it look how pretty,and clean my hand looks,okay i think i jacked up the shape just,a little bit but it still looks really,nice and i might even say it looks,aesthetic all of the items used for this,video are available at sally beauty and,on sallybeauty.com and ill have those,listed down below a big thank you to,sally beauty for supporting my channel,and im so excited to share more,upcoming stuff with you guys as always,thank you for taking the time to stop by,and ill see you next time bye

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