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Naked & Afraid of Love

so I guess Im the island dating show,guy now thats me now thats my whole,brand is doing reviews on these shows,now I guess because every single time a,new one comes out people are on Twitter,I got Twitter you get a new one you guys,my question is how are there still new,ones coming out how its like every week,every single my whole brand has been,consumed by these shows and theyre,still coming out love Island ITV and CBS,uh too ought to handle Netflix F boy,Island HBO and now Discovery the,Discovery Channel the channel That does,Shark Week now they have a island dating,show its called Naked and Afraid Of,Love seriously thats really what its,called I didnt think it could get worse,than F boy Island but I also didnt,think that thered be enough room in our,brains for 10 of the same show but here,we are naked and afraid of love I kind,of like that actually I like that I like,what they did with that because they,made it like a spin-off of an already,really popular show naked and afraid,which is an amazing show by the way that,show is about a bunch of strangers that,get dropped in the middle of nowhere,completely naked and they have to,survive for as long as they can this,show is about a bunch of strangers that,get dropped in the middle of nowhere and,half to fall in love and also survive,its the same thing they just added the,Finding Love part on top of the stresses,of staying alive in a remote place,modern dating has been a disaster Ive,tried the apps clubs bars this is the,last resort to do hes tried the apps,the clubs the bars so I mean if being,completely naked stranded on an island,with a girl doesnt work,Id say this man is hopeless I dont,know the title is just so funny to me,naked and afraid of love that just added,they didnt even they just lets take,our current show and,this is like if love Island made a show,that was still love Island you have to,find love but its also last one to,survive wins and its called love island,or die trying anyways first thing Ill,say about this show is that it is,awkward very very awkward outside of,sexual situations being naked especially,outside is an extremely vulnerable thing,and I I feel like we all just kind of I,mean Ive never I cant remember the,last time I was naked outside but I I,just everyone in this show kind of like,Resorts back to childlike Behavior,because its like such a defense,mechanism against the awkwardness of,being naked around other people you know,thats why dudes when they get out of,the shower,you know they kind of flap their dick,around or whatever you know its because,like being naked is kind of weird so you,got to make it funny somehow you know,and this show combines that energy with,the awkward flirting that you get on the,first episode of any dating show and the,result is,just so uncomfortable oh oh hello,naked bodies smushed against each other,within five seconds of meeting they just,skipped the first nine chapters of a,relationship,whats your name uh Candice Candice ham,Bennett nice to meet you Candace,[Music],[Applause],Candice,sees my dick right now yes she does,yep its out my first time anymore,thats okay okay okay okay okay okay,oh [ __ ] its so awkward it is so cringe,and theyre both like trying not to look,down so theyre like,Okay cool so what was your name again,Candace word yeah yeah nice to meet you,oh uh cool yeah yeah no Im just taking,out this guy its beautiful day you know,beautiful beautiful boobies its clouds,up there [ __ ] talk um its yes yes,yes,youre doing good um this is new for me,too okay um oh man and hes like trying,to overcompensate by being like too,comfortable and its just the whole,thing is like ah what am I watching put,on put on some [ __ ] clothes,Pittsburgh oh nice East Coast yeah its,really Aki right now because my wing is,hanging out and Im just like okay is,she paying attention to my ding dong and,like,its really ocky right now,um because like my wieners out and is,she is she like looking at My,Ding-A-Ling like,this will be all of us naked in outside,youd be like oh uh stop looking at my,bum cheeks my wheelies,also again like the most awkward,flirting do you hear what like what that,began with she said Im from Pittsburgh,and he goes uh East Coast,Pittsburgh oh nice East Coast yeah,thats the kind of [ __ ] you would see on,a normal dating show its some bland,stupid ass comment like that that just,doesnt add anything to the conversation,East Coast yup thats where it is but,theyre also naked also this dude could,not fit the classic Surfer archetype,more I mean its like ridiculous bro is,she looking at My Ding-A-Ling I mean I,guess it would be just as weird to to,say penis wouldnt it you know itd be,like is she looking at my penis and then,wed be like why is he using the medical,term why is he saying penis thats weird,dude I cant stop thinking is she,looking at my penis and testicles I mean,can she see my urethra we just dont,know what to do we dont know what to do,you know I we dont know how to handle,being naked in the daylight with a,stranger its so [ __ ] foreign to the,modern human its hilarious but [ __ ],its so awkward this like 80 of this,episode is just like,ah the worst interactions I mean is,there anything more Awkward than this,moment right here,he had a hard on,thats what my first impression it was,sporting a bone dog,oh my God thats so funny thats gotta,be the one and only thing as a man you,pray does not happen in this situation,its like okay Im meeting Im meeting,this girl Im gonna be completely naked,just dont fart and dont get a boner,and my man did the ladder at that point,you gotta just embrace it which he did,you know she was like you excited and he,was like yeah Im excited that youre my,partner and theres nothing else you can,do at that point you cant really like,play it off you cant really like refer,to it you know you cant really be like,oh he wants to shake hands too I guess,were like yeah its just a no reason,boner youre not even that hot so I,dont even know why this is happening,I just really like trees and Naked and,Afraid the naked part isnt really front,and center because the main goal is to,survive but here its the main like the,one of the main goals is to survive and,also fornicate so everyone is like,silently judging bodies and you know,figuring out if theyre into it so,theres like this palpable sexual,tension which is weird because like,normally if youre naked besides,somebody in bed like they are here,youve already established that theres,a romantic connection here but theyre,still trying to figure it out here so,its just weird uh you look great to,make you feel a little bit better thanks,you look good too,thank you you look good by the way no,you look thank you but you look good no,I was just I you know just distracted by,how good you look oh sorry I cant hear,you over how good you look oh okay what,have you picked up being a firefighter,just not mostly not would you say that,youre naughty,I mean that was a great [ __ ] joke,that was a great joke and he barely even,gave it a laugh he was like huh,okay it was a great joke,together yeah hell yeah you ready ready,yeah all right Im ready,did he just win though did he just do it,hey let me thats thats some [ __ ] you,do when youre like deep into a,long-term relationship yeah,Im also kind of interested in you know,how the editors feel about this show and,and editing some of this footage because,on one hand you know its whatever its,a naked body get used to it you know if,youre spending hours editing this stuff,you kind of get desensitized but on the,other hand you also have to edit footage,like this,a little push up here in there get the,blood flowing little pump,you know this guy was worried about his,muscle showing so he started doing,push-ups but hes naked,so you know his junk is just kind of,hanging,you know hes doing push-ups just like,hitting the ground,I feel like editing that would be a,little bit weird thats not a normal,scenario you know just Just Junk you,know the

Naked and Afraid of Love Season 1 Episode 11 Review: The Season Finale!

[Music],well hello good people and welcome back,to the channel,in just a few moments youll get to hear,my thoughts on feelings on episode 11 of,naked and afraid of love,yes folks,there is yet another episode in this,series that puts 16 singles on our,tropical island paradise with the hopes,of finding them a love connection and i,finally have confirmation that this is,the season finale so what are my,thoughts on this episode as well as the,series as a whole,stay tuned find out,the episode begins with all three,couples arriving at the hotel,we as the audience get to see how these,participants are adjusting to life back,and civilization,during this time the participants are,shown appreciating the little things in,life such as beds,running water deodorant and junk food,later that night the participants will,be allowed to go on an official date,with one another while wearing clothes,which is a big deal,as participants are getting ready,everyone seems to be taking the process,seriously everyone except jay,who decides to wear a light blue romper,with pineapples on it as the outfit for,his first date,cassily always talks about jay being a,man child and this was a prime example,of it,the first couple to arrive at their date,is candace and crystal,i must say that both ladies clean up,very nicely,during their date,crystal and candice talk about their,feelings for one another but during the,solo interview,crystal shares that she doesnt know how,deep candaces level of attraction is,for her,as they end their date its kind of hard,to tell which decision candice will make,on decision day,the next couple to arrive for the date,is jay and cassily,gasoli definitely looks stunning with,her clothes on and makeup on while jay,looks the same as he did while he was in,the wilderness during their date,they have a very surface level,conversation but they eventually go,deeper,jay talks about how unsure he is of how,his family will react to cats lay and he,also discusses how she is the first,woman of color hes dated cassily also,talks about jay being a man child which,is a repeating theme,jay and cassily end their date but they,were by far the most affectionate couple,during this episode,we then see michael and britt meet for,their date the first thing brit says in,her interview is how she admires how,michael is shaved but she wasnt a fan,of his outfit because it looks like it,was thrown together,during their date they have drinks eat,some finger food and they talk about the,bennett situation from several episodes,ago brit asks michael if he views his,actions during the situation as,controlling and she shares that jealousy,is her biggest turn off,they butt heads over the situation but,ultimately end their date on a happy,note,at the conclusion of their date brit,talks about needing someone who is,trustworthy and michael talks about,feeling that their relationship could,work,but they need to fix some things to,overcome their obstacles,so were finally at decision day,and during this day couples will meet at,the departure bay where two boats await,them,the couples will meet at the bay and if,they decide to stay together they will,leave on one boat but if they decide not,to stay together they will leave on,separate boats,jay and cassily are the first to meet,and they decide to stay together,surprise surprise,they leave on the same boat and this,decision was definitely expected because,there appeared to be genuine chemistry,between the two since the process began,the next couple to meet at the departure,bay is michael and britt,while michael decided to stay together,brit dances around the issue and shares,that shes not ready to be in a,committed relationship,therefore she will be leaving on a,separate boat,in my opinion that is some bullshitty,because britt was stealing her feelings,from the been a conversation the night,before,she tries to smooth things over with,michael by telling him that she would,still like to pursue something with him,in the real world and try to see if they,can work things out,but brit seems too scared to tell,michael that she just friend zoned him,and in my opinion,michael definitely dodged a bullet with,this one,candace and crystal are the final couple,to meet before they meet crystal has an,interview and she is coming off very,emotional with thoughts that candice may,not pick her,while i somewhat feel sorry for crystal,im quickly reminded about how she,friend zoned nearly half the guys on the,island and didnt care how they felt,about it so if crystal got friend-zoned,by candace i would definitely consider,it ironic,but that doesnt happen,the moment candice spots crystal at the,dock she gives a full-on sprint which,appears to be from 100 yards away,towards crystal and they embrace with a,warm hug,they decide to stay together and leave,on the same boat,and thats how the episode ends,the next episode is the reunion episode,for the season and by the looks of,things there is more drama and,interesting moments in the 20 seconds of,the previews than in the entire first,season of this show,overall on a scale of one to ten i would,give this episode a four while the,episode was definitely drawn out,i was genuinely surprised at some of the,outcomes of the couples decision so the,experience wasnt a complete wash but if,you have a few more minutes to spare,then let me talk to you about why i,didnt like this season of naked and,afraid of love,over the past two months,ive had the opportunity to recap and,review all loveman episodes of this,season of the show and my overall honest,assessment of the show was that it was a,wasted opportunity to do something new,and fun with reality tv dating now going,into the show i was eager to watch it,because i was a huge fan of the naked,and afraid series and im a sucker for,reality tv dating shows,so it was my understanding that naked,and afraid of love would properly merge,the two concepts together,but after seeing the first couple of,episodes i quickly learned that the,format that show along with the editing,made the experience very boring as well,as agonizing,and let me say that i dont fault the,participants of the show because they,did what they could with what they were,allowed to do,but the show essentially tried to rely,on these participants,most of who were extreme introverts to,make the show entertaining by themselves,and that was the main issue for me,in other reality tv dating shows the,production does its job to keep viewers,interested in seeing the show from start,to finish but in this show the,production really didnt do that,when one participant was done with the,process there was nobody else to replace,them and as cast members dwindled down,we as the audience are stuck watching,the same recycled storylines being used,to each episode,so with that being said theres a lot,more that i could say about this show,but i dont regret reviewing it because,i got to reach thousands of people on my,platform and i got to share what i,thought was the good the bad and the,ugly of naked and afraid of love,so with that being said,next sunday ill be posting my review of,the reunion episode of naked and afraid,of love and the following week ill be,posting my pitch for season 2 of naked,and afraid of love,and while my pitch may not be perfect,it will definitely share some new and,intriguing ideas on how to make the,existing concept of the show better,so until next time stay tuned and stay,safe peace

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Naked and Afraid of Love Season 1 Episode 12 Review: The Reunion!

[Music],well hello good people and welcome back,to the channel,in just a few moments youll get to hear,my thoughts and feelings on the season 1,naked and afraid of love reunion episode,now if you saw the previews for the,reunion show,you would know that some of the scenes,that were shown were pretty exciting and,showcased exciting moments that were,missing throughout the season,so would this reunion episode make up,for the series of disappointing episodes,that i watched over the past season,did some of the shows story lines have,a proper conclusion at this reunion,stay tuned to find out,so normally with my recaps and reviews,i go through a scene by scene breakdown,of what happened throughout the episode,and i give my opinions about it along,the way,well let me save you some time on that,the reunion episode has a run time of,roughly an hour and 15 minutes and in my,opinion over half of the shows episode,is boring and repetitive and out of the,16 participants that were on the season,show,four of them were missing from the,reunion,they were rachel nelson,ben,and the lovely chelsea,the forgettable david came to the,reunion but he doesnt have a single,word of dialogue throughout the entire,show,in fact hes only visible for a few,seconds of the entire episode,a sort of blink and youll miss some,type of situation,so lets get into the first 60 of the,reunion show,the host is shown asking the,participants to reflect on their,experiences of the show,we see scenes of candace and bennett,talking about their experience with one,another,lauren and barack reflect on their,infamous episode one erection that,barack had on display for lauren,and we also get to hear about the,bennett brit and michael situation one,more time which is the equivalent of,beating a dead horse with a stick,the host puts cassily and jay on the,spotlight regarding couples who hooked,up on the island,while castle and jay dont exactly admit,to having sex,jay admits to shooting off his load,while kissing castle on the beach which,was information that i really didnt,care to hear about,brit admits to hooking up with michael,and theres radio signs amongst the,remainder of the cast members about,whether or not they hooked up,jay has been put on the spotlight,regarding his decision to date all the,women on the island,jay stands his ground in saying that he,felt the need to date all the women to,make the best decision for himself,but brit being brit interrupts jay and,is very combative sharing that she,didnt need to date all the guys to find,her connection,well brit how did that method work for,you,not too well from what i saw,but this isnt the first time britt,showed her annoying side of the reunion,during a scene where cass lay discusses,her decision to leave jay and migrate to,the other group,brit opens her mouth and takes credit,for encouraging caslet to empower,herself,so when it comes to the three couples,that made it to the season finale let me,discuss the good the bad and the ugly,the good is crystal and candace,we learned that after decision day,candace and crystal are still very much,seeing each other and have admitted to,being in love,during the show,jay takes it upon himself to apologize,to both of them for questioning the,authenticity of their relationship and,to be honest i was right there with him,because i never thought that candice was,100 into women but im glad to see that,the two of them are now seeing each,other at least once a month and things,are working out for them,the bad occurs with michael and britt,and this happens towards the last 40,percent of the show,after decision day we learned that on,the plane ride home michael receives a,text message from an old flame and he,sends her a shirtless selfie,brit notices the picture that was sent,so she grabs michaels phone and goes,through it to confirm her suspicions,brit then essentially gets angry because,michael quote unquote cheated on her,michael claims that things were,happening so fast when he received those,messages and he and brit didnt have any,plans set in stone to see each other,so to everyone checking out this review,do you feel that michael was in the,right or the wrong for what he did,in my opinion he was right,brit said it herself on decision day,that shes not ready to be in a,committed relationship with michael but,would like to see if they can work on,things,well brit,michael is from canada and in your,interviews you told the viewing audience,that jealousy and misunderstandings are,viewed as red flags to you,and michael had too many,so because michael and britt were,technically still single i feel that,michael did what was in his best,interest and brit overreacted before,giving michael a chance to explain,himself to her,which is ironic because not too long ago,britt was angry with michael for,overreacting for her going with bennett,to the cave,but the situation divides the cast with,the women siding with brit on the matter,we ultimately learned that michael is,now in a committed relationship,with the woman he was sending texts to,while britt is still single,i can only imagine whats going through,bennetts mind through all this,and the ugly would have to be the jay,and cassalay situation,to make a long story short jay cassalay,steph ariel,bennett and nelson met with some of,their friends in nashville shortly after,the conclusion of the season,during this time,there was some friction between jay and,cassily cassily felt that jay wasnt,giving her enough attention and jay just,wanted to have a good time while in,nashville,back at the airbnb,steph and cassily share a kiss together,which jay doesnt find out until much,later on,jay and cassily break up and that,appears to be the end of that,during the reunion jay addresses the,situation with cassily and steph and he,also calls steph out for hearing that,steph was talking trash about him behind,his back,but all seems to be forgiven,ariel then adds her two cents in the,situation and accuses steph of not,feeling any remorse about his actions,as ariel is questioning steph,he accuses ariel of being mad that they,didnt become anything more than what,they were on the island and thats when,sassy ariel comes out,seems like there was some heavy editing,during this part of the show because we,dont see any further interaction,between the two of them,this is when the bombshell is dropped,cassily admits to going to new york and,staying with steph on a trip after the,show,we as the audience see cassily and steph,hug and cassalay is wearing a,cleavage-friendly shirt might i add,we also see steph giving cassie a kiss,in cassily being shown the city by steph,jay didnt know about the second kiss,between cassalay and steph and this,causes jay to walk off the set and get,very emotional about the situation,in an interview,steph admits that he knew that the clip,was going to get aired and he knew that,jays reaction was going to be negative,which begs the question,steph why not tell jay about the,situation up front instead of,blindsiding him on the reunion about it,the show then spends a lot of time,harping on how jay felt about the,situation,and cassily and steph seemed emotionally,cut off from the situation,turns out that steph went to la to visit,castle a but they didnt do anything,worth mentioning for the review,the rest of the cast meets with the host,and they share their last words on the,season,overall on a scale of one to ten i would,give this reunion episode a solid three,sadly,all the best parts of the reunion were,shown in the previews of the previous,episode and this episode was about 15,minutes longer than it needed to be,furthermore for my sanity there were,some things that i wanted to know by the,conclusion of the show one,were the missing participants from the,union show and why didnt they make it,to the reunion,two,why werent all the participants giving,adequate time to answer all the,questions about their experience,three how authentic was their naked and,afraid experience,did th

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look at this [ __ ] right [ __ ] it here,bro this is the ending of jungle jay and,[ __ ] castle theres they said theres,two sides every story no yall got,discoveries which was on the reunion,this is cast laze 90 pile of [ __ ],dung the 10 percent thats true i will,[ __ ] get you all hip and now youre,about to get your boys side but before,i get into this power dung im going to,show yall something beauty before i,show you some [ __ ] and get into the [ __ ],oh,oh,god damn your boy little laps but lets,[ __ ] get into it,holy [ __ ] [ __ ] oh my god lets,[ __ ] do it bro lets [ __ ] do it,im pulling it up on my iphone 5. lets,[ __ ] do it all right,castle for all my naked and afraid love,haters,for today im sure got more haters than,people that love you right now but i,dont wish that upon you but its facts,because of what yall did,you got haters youre getting shredded,not only on [ __ ] twitter instagram,but for damn sure on reddit god damn,oh my god okay lets get into it just,some facts of life jay and us jay and i,lasted a week in the real world and it,was only because of the kiss,the kiss at 3am in nashville while both,yall were you were [ __ ] sober-ish,and he was [ __ ] bliss high out of his,mind you think,just a kiss now you should gobble his,[ __ ] up,anyways,he stopped showing me attention even,before the flight home our hotel rooms,were right next to each other he did not,talk to me at all were gonna im gonna,go day for [ __ ] day for [ __ ] day,from april 9th to,the reunion show every day but im gonna,get through to speaking this through and,then im a hit on each one of these,points for yall,everyone,who was with us can attest that he did,not act like we were together at any,point in l.a in asheville,neglect fire,do that a couple times in this [ __ ] i,just made that up,fine,he had been asked to be more attentive,by me,by me to me by our friends and instead,left me blacked out drunk and fullness,so he could,dance and exchange instagrams with other,girls,okay,neglect,um,the breakup was because of the kiss she,keeps saying the kiss like it was like,like singular get the [ __ ] out of here,and ive taken responsibility for that,which he did,she did she took responsibility for that,as we were having that conversation jay,didnt talk to me after nashville and i,kept in contact with everyone else yeah,we didnt talk because your ass was,[ __ ] eating and gobbling [ __ ],stuff [ __ ] what the [ __ ] would i talk to,you,jay didnt talk to me after nashville,kept out of contact with everyone else,when i went to ny ny a full six weeks,later longer than i had even known jay,why is that relevant,we spent 26 days in the jungle naked as,[ __ ] dating each other trying to survive,and,you know national television,that is,way longer,i was originally staying with my family,and friends 40 hours before my flight,they told me their house was coveted,positive yo ass you covered positive,thankfully just out of,thankfully thankfully i was able to stay,with steph and his brother thankfully 48,hours your ass couldnt get a hotel and,act like you dont got bread because,your moms breaded your mom breaded and,your ass is independent woman and you,get it on your own you got bread you ask,actually you couldnt stay at a [ __ ],hotel [ __ ] out of here,um,stephs drunk ass told people i was,coming so the second day was filmed,regardless if we said anything it,doesnt matter its irrelevant,so ari was given a heads up when i,switched my plans i called her the day i,got there,i called her the,called her during filming and talked to,her a few times while staying there,okay this is relevant,and i didnt tell jay because we didnt,talk at all perrys request she didnt,tell me because both of them didnt tell,him because they know they [ __ ] up,period they could have were gonna get,to that,when he came to l.a the whole day was,forced holy [ __ ] and awkward and i,didnt want to be there because i was,seeing someone else someone im still,seeing which she said she still had,feelings for me at the time and was,seeing somebody else how are you,supposed to be with somebody somebody,when you have feelings with somebody,else thats not how this [ __ ] works all,right,and jay kept trying to hang out even,after the cameras left we had a mutual,agreement [ __ ] out of here,also ari that,ari i called ari that day to ask her to,spend time with him so i didnt have to,first off that was an agreement for both,of us but,lets get that [ __ ] out of here were,about to get into every single day from,april 9th,to,the reunion show lets get into it,whats good its your boy john j hot and,ready live and direct changing the world,one person at a time were about to get,into this [ __ ] with jungle jay and,cassily and this [ __ ] [ __ ] post,right here oh my god,lets [ __ ] go lets get into it yes,sir boom first day not first day but we,already had our dates that you saw that,i was in my [ __ ] pineapple ron pam,which is [ __ ] beautiful that was the,first time we felt like the third wall,was gone but first day,first night that we had together we,everyone else partied everyone else,party with all the other producers me,and kathleen went back to the room to,do whatever,and then talk about life and just be,with each other and just talk about,future goals and [ __ ] and just where we,want to go that was the first night and,then this was the next day when we were,about to get on the plane to go to,manila we were just we were excited for,what was to come and this now were,about to [ __ ] get into it but then,this is the first part of castles dung,post lets [ __ ] do it and this this,is it this is [ __ ] it for all my,naked and afraid haters,which like i mentioned shes getting,shredded right now so she had to make,this post to defend herself im on the,offense right now,just some facts about of life jay and i,lasted a week in the real world,it was only because of,the kiss,this is at 3am the kiss happened at 3am,in nashville um,and,steph was [ __ ] blitz hi i was [ __ ],mine its castle was sober ish so,yall tell me what yall think that man,was she was,no comment the kiss [ __ ] out of here um,he stopped showing me attention even,before the flight home,our hotel rooms were right next to each,other and he didnt even talk to me at,all,lets get into it,april 9th is when we got back to manila,and this is the first night we stayed,and we did we slept we stayed in rooms,right next to each other and yes i did,not see cassily because there was a,[ __ ] mandate out for covid and yes,boomi,but her saying that i didnt talk to her,at all is complete [ __ ],complete [ __ ] i sent at least 60 to 80,different voice notes out to people that,i love during the day and i was talk,texting her throughout the day and even,that night we both nights we ended up,kissing each other through like like,went out the room kissed each other and,i told her im not im not about to come,to your room because im not trying to,get [ __ ] bagged for this [ __ ],moment so im [ __ ] booming,but other than that we even i was,texting her and this is the chocolate,cake i dont have all the textures with,your boy again,i trust you,lets see,sharing that experience with her because,this is the vegan chocolate cake im,looking forward to talking about this,yeah,thats one example boom but i was,calling all my family and friends,throughout the day and i was still,texting her and talking to her but you,can boo me for,not going to sleep with her in the room,and thats thats on me fully all right,but i still talk to her consistently we,call each other every [ __ ] night so,get that [ __ ] out of here so thats,debunking april 9th and 10th and now,this is the flight to la we end up,sharing the same seats together thanks,to cass blaze you got a sweet seed,switch much love you [ __ ] killed it,[ __ ] great,great you know what im saying but we,shared the same seats and the flights,together and we got to la and it well,first off the flight was [ __ ] crazy,it was [ __ ] cool it was amazin

Naked and Afraid of Love Season 1 Episode 6 Review

[Music],hey good people and welcome back to the,channel,its monday and i have the pleasure of,sharing my thoughts and feelings on the,latest episode of naked and afraid of,love,and just as i predicted another,participant has tapped out and left the,show,want to find out who it was,ill happily share my answer the next,few minutes,the episode opens up with the group,playing games like bowling and,basketball on the island they were able,to play these games with plenty of,sticks coconut shells and abundance of,time to which id say more power to them,the games are also meant to be an,icebreaker for everyone to get to know,one another,during this time bennett admits to being,jealous and insecure over michael and,britts connection,and at this time im pretty done with,bennett,bennett has several other women who are,better looking and have a better,personality that brit who want to make a,genuine connection with him but hes too,busy showing feminine energy in regards,to brit and michaels connection,bennett either needs to pick somebody or,leave at this point,we then get a scene of lauren and,chelsea together,lauren is sharing her frustration with,not finding a connection on the island,and chelsea is agreeing with her,at this stage of the game im a little,surprised that neither of these two,women had found a connection on the,island,but under deeper observation i think,their passive personalities overshadow,their outer beauty,we then see a scene of lauren playing in,the ocean by herself which was pretty,depressing might i add and jay comes,along to keep her company,now at this point we all know what jay,wants to do,he wants to get in laurens head to see,if she will grant him an audience as,well as a date,well im proud to say that lauren saw,right through jays bs from a mile away,and she wasnt having any of it,lauren didnt even bother putting jay in,the friend zone she completely curved,him and it was so bad that it had him at,a loss for words,jason leaves lauren and goes to chelsea,and in the back of my mind im hoping,that he doesnt try to hit on her either,because at this point its just,embarrassing,but after chatting with chelsea about,his purpose for being on the island,he realizes that cassily was the one for,him this entire time,so jay then has his alone time with,rachel and he tells rachel that he must,cease their connection so that he can,fully pursue cassoulet,and while im happy that cassalay,finally got the man that she wanted,rachel experiences her fourth friend,zone by a man on the island,on the outside she seems to be holding,it all together but on the inside i bet,she wants to punch the air repeatedly,jay finally has the scene with cassoulet,and he tells her that he chooses her,she becomes giddy like a kid on,christmas and the two of them share a,long tight passionate hug together while,facing each other and with no satchel,barriers between them,if they were any closer together cassie,will be pregnant with baby number two,we then move on from the j show to get a,scene with barack and crystal,they are shown in the ocean playing with,starfish and sharing plenty of awkward,moments,barack is definitely into crystal but,you can tell that crystal is keeping,barrack at bay with a proverbial jab,in her interview crystal would describe,barack as someone who doesnt know how,to treat women,and if you know crystal by now you know,that she doesnt hesitate to friend zone,anybody,unfortunately barack doesnt get this,message and when stefan comes along he,asks crystal island a date and she,doesnt hesitate to accept crystal and,stefan go on their date to the movies,which is them sitting on some leaves and,watching the waves in the ocean,and during this time crystal seems,pretty receptive to this and it seems,like shes having most fun shes ever,had with any guy on the island,unfortunately this date catches the,attention of ariel who has been largely,absent from the show since stephen,friend zoned her,we then go to rachel and bennett,ben interstell in his feelings about,brit and michael and rachel uses this,time to invite brennan out on an,adventure,they hike over this big rock near the,ocean and they jump off of it,we as the audience clearly see that,rachel is independent and is willing to,give him a chance at finding a,connection,but unfortunately bennett doesnt seem,as into rachel as she is into him,throughout the episode we get several,scenes of michael and britt they are,hugging kissing and forming a deeper,connection,and its really boring to say the least,at night time the entire group except,lauren participates in a game of truth,and dare,cassalay is the first one chosen and she,is dared to make out with jay,the two of them have no problem showing,the group how much they like each other,and cassalay was comfortable enough to,put her hot pocket on jay,jay was also comfortable enough to tell,the entire group how he feels about,cassalay,barack is next and he chooses truth,barack is asked who he finds most,interesting on the island,he replies that all the women are,beautiful in their own way but he will,pick crystal,which really doesnt move crystal at all,stefan is next and he picks dare,this is when ariel dares stephen to pick,which private couple shelter they plan,to sleep in for the night which is,pretty uncomfortable to watch mainly,because we can clearly see that stefan,really isnt in the aerial but he is,nice and tries to spare her feelings,the next morning stephan and ariel have,their alone time,ariel makes it known that they havent,had their alone time since the first day,ariel also makes it known to steph that,she was pretty upset seeing him with,crystal,stefan hears her and vows to take her,out on more dates,we then go back to lauren who i knew,would eventually leave before the show,ended and in this scene she officially,taps out of the process,the group seems understanding as to why,lauren wants to leave and they give her,a proper farewell,we then go back to bennett and rachel,and theyre going diving in the ocean,much like rachel and mike did a few,episodes ago,later in the episode bennett tells,rachel that he likes her as a friend but,wants to explore his connection with,brit to see if something is there,then it,you had at least two women who want you,two beautiful women might i add and your,plan is to go after a woman that wants,no parts of you,good luck,we then get a one-on-one with candice,and crystal and crystal admits that she,has had thoughts of leaving as well,she tells us as the audience that she,has friend-zoned steph and she tells,candice that she meaning candace is the,only reason that shes staying,candace is clearly not about that life,and she makes it known to us,not crystal that she still has feelings,for bennett so as you can see the entire,situation on this island is messy,the episode ends with a scene featuring,jay and cassalay,they seem to be getting extremely close,together but jay shares with us that he,is afraid to tell cassily a secret that,he has,my guess is that he doesnt want to be,judged the same way he happily judged,her for having a kid but we shall see,overall on a scale of one to ten this,episode was a four,on top of this episode having very few,scenes with chelsea it was pretty,depressing to see these participants,stuck in a process where they are either,being friend zoned friend zoning one,another and there are only a few,legitimate connections being made,im pretty sure that at least three more,participants will be gone before the,show is over but once again we shall see,well folks this marks the end of my,review but let me know what you thought,about the episode or the review in the,comment section below and ill be sure,to reply until next time stay tuned and,stay safe peace

Naked and Afraid of Love Season 1 Episode 1 Review

[Music],hey good people and welcome back to the,channel,today ill be venturing in a new,territory and sharing my thoughts and,feelings on episode 1 of the new tv,series naked and afraid of love which,you can catch sundays on discovery plus,for those of you whove never heard,about the show allow me to give you a,brief rundown,the show puts eight men and eight women,on an island paradise while butterball,naked,the participants are first grouped into,pairs and spread across the island,paradise but the participants will,ultimately meet everyone involved,now when i first heard about the premise,of this show it reminded me of a mashup,between naked and afraid as well as,dating naked which came on vh1,and going into the show i already knew,that the participants would be of a,certain height and weight and athletic,build which would increase viewership of,the show,but unlike the show naked and afraid,this show really doesnt ask,participants to have extreme survival,skills,participants are allowed to bring two,personal items and theyre also given,pre-built shelters a guide to survival,and tools for heating and boiling water,so lets dive right into the show,the show starts off with having,participants bennett and candice paired,together,my immediate reaction in seeing the two,pair together was that there was some,nervous energy between them but as time,went on candace and bennett begin to,become more comfortable around each,other in my opinion candace has an,amazing upbeat spirit to her and she,seemed comfortable in her skin,bennett also did a great job of feeding,off of her energy and helping her feel,like she can be herself around him,the next pairing is of lauren and barack,in my opinion,lauren comes off as nice and gentle and,also a free spirit while barack comes,off as the stereotypical cocky and,confident new yorker,things between the two were somewhat,awkward at first because lauren,immediately noticed that barack had a,boner,barack tried to casually explain his,stiffy to lauren by acknowledging his,attraction to her,i was also impressed how lauren was a,good sport about it,my initial reaction with these two was,that i didnt see their personalities,meshing well enough for them to be more,than friends,but we shall see,the next pairing is of ariel and stefan,my initial reaction was that ariel,seemed to be down to earth with a little,edge to her and the chemistry she shared,with stefan was pretty organic,the one small nitpick that i have with,ariel is that she brought garb with her,to the island,the show was called naked and afraid of,love,and bringing materials to make clothes,with kind of defeats the purpose of the,show and its also unfair to other,participants,with all that being said ariel looks,amazing and she has a nice rump on her,the next pairing is of jay and crystal,now right off the bat this seems to be,one of the worst pairings of the show,jay is one of the youngest participants,on the show and it shows through his,actions and his personality during his,introduction and when he first meets,crystal,crystal seems like a very chilling,laid-back woman who has a nice,personality that most guys would,definitely be into,i just dont know if jay would be mature,enough to maintain the attention of,someone like crystal,now lets move on to brit and nelson,right off the bat brit is somebody that,would get on my nerves pretty quickly if,i were trapped on the island with her,she might have a nice personality and be,a nice person but the tone of her voice,would drive me crazy,i appreciate and respect nelson for,being hesitant to hug brit,he later admitted that he wanted to get,consent before engaging because lets,face it nowadays you have to be real,careful so you dont get sued,but nelson admitting to be sexually,fluid may be a turn off to some of the,women on the island when considering him,for a relationship,the next pairing is of david and rachel,on first glance these two seem to be a,nice pairing but as time went on i,viewed david as the stereotypical,california surfer dude and rachel gave,off real tomboy vibes,rachel definitely seems cool but im not,sure if either of these participants,will be able to find a love connection,on the island,ben and casa lay are the next paired,match,and this match was definitely,interesting because both of them seem to,be from different spectrums of life,ben is a master hunter country singing,type while cassalay,is an earthy professional student whos,also a vegan,i think they like each other as friends,but throughout the episode ive seen,zero chemistry between the two of them,the last participants to match are,chelsea and michael and as the saying,goes save the best for last,now in my opinion,out of all the female participants on,the show,i think chelsea is the total package as,far as looks go,from head to toe shes simply beautiful,and flawless,however she might be a little bit too,shy for the guys that she aims to,attract,michael seems to be a good guy and im,sure he and chelsea will have at least,develop a good friendship on the show,this first episode has a run time of,over an hour and a half long and over,halfway into the episode some of the,paired couples begin the process of,meeting one another,the first couples to meet one another,are bennett and candice meeting brit and,nelson,now during this time everyone seems to,be pretty excited to meet one another,that was until brit defies the plan to,get some alone time with bennett now i,had a feeling that the moment nelson,told britt about his sexuality then she,would be on the first train smoking,elsewhere but on the flip side,candace and nelson didnt seem to have,any chemistry going on during their,alone time,and candaces jealousy of brit and,bennett forming a connection was,probably the only drama featured in the,entire episode,the next couples to meet are barack and,lauren meeting chelsea and michael,first impressions were that barack,immediately notices lauren is into,michael would sow some seeds of jealousy,but barack isnt too concerned with what,lauren and michael have going on because,he gets to spend time with the lovely,chelsea,it was interesting to see how lauren,opened up when she was around michael,david and rachel meet ariel and stefan,but not much time is spent with how,these four participants re-interact with,one another but im sure therell be,more footage in the shows to come,now overall on a scale of one to ten i,would rate my level of enjoyment in,watching this episode a solid four,the show really isnt reinventing the,wheel when it comes to reality tv shows,that feature participants in the nude or,are looking for love,in my humble opinion most of these,participants likely wont even find a,lasting connection on the show with,someone on the island,and sure there will be a few connections,made amongst the participants especially,since they are without their cell phones,internet and any form of modern,entertainment during the duration of the,show,so as of right now ill be generous and,give the show one more episode to change,my mind but i cant in good faith,recommend the show to anyone else,but we will see if things change going,forward,well folks this marks the end of my,review i plan to post a review of,episode 2 before the sunday show,and if im impressed with the episode i,will continue watching and reviewing the,series,so until next time stay tuned and stay,safe,peace

Naked and Afraid of Love Season 1 Episode 2 Review

[Music],hey good people and welcome back to the,channel,today ill be sharing my thoughts and,feelings on episode 2 of the new tv,series naked and afraid of love which,you can catch on discovery plus,this episode opens up with candace and,nelson sharing some time together,and while candice claims that she may,have a connection with nelson,i know the friend zone when i see it and,nelson is knee-deep in it with candace,you can surely tell the candice has her,eyes set on bennett but shes hoping,that bennett has the heart to chase,after her,we then see bennett and brit forming a,deeper connection during their time,alone and in my opinion bennett may be,more physically attracted to brit and he,also likes that shes more direct with,what she wants versus making bennett,chase after her,later on in the episode we see candace,playing a third wheel to bennett and,britts connection and at this point i,feel kind of sorry for kansas because,shes making no ground and getting,bennetts direct attention,there are six other guys on the island,and hopefully one of them makes a,connection with candace,we then see a scene with crystal and jay,making their journey towards another,couple,in my last review i pointed out how jay,may be a little immature for crystal and,as expected crystal confirms our,turn-offs for jay in this episode,we see ben and cassily making traps to,catch food and on a scale of one to ten,the level of awkwardness between them is,a 9.5,neither one of them are into each other,and it sucks to be naked hungry and,annoyed with the other person thats,sitting right next to you,a few moments later crystal and jay meet,up with ben and cassalay and the,positive energy begins to fill their,camp we see the four of them sitting,down in the water on the beach and,getting to know one another,we then go to ariel and stefan and we,see stefan using the garb that ariel,brought with her to make some clothes,now again in my opinion,ariel wearing clothes kind of defeats,the purpose of her being a show called,naked and afraid of love,besides its not like she really has,much to cover,nevertheless,ariel and stefan appear to have a strong,connection but they also want to explore,other options,when ariel steffen rachel and david meet,up,stefan goes with rachel and ariel goes,with david to complete some tasks,the camera follows ariel and david as,they go to get some fresh water for the,camp and its during this time that we,see ariel showing her true diva energy,indeed she may have been annoyed and,hungry at the time but none of that was,davids fault,she snapped at him and never once,apologized to him for it,i was proud of david for keeping this,composure and opting to respect ariel,but theres also a part of me waiting,for david to take ariel down a peg or,two,during rachel and stefans alone time,they have some meaningful conversation,but stefan essentially friend zones,rachel and it makes her sad,later on we see ariel and stefan back,together and she makes it clear that,shes into him i think stefan will be,into ariel until he sees chelsea candace,and it makes ariel jealous,chelsea and barack are then seen,together and i just cant take my eyes,off of chelsea its her smile physique,and feminine demeanor thats extremely,attractive,the two of them are talking with each,other and it seems to have a potential,connection with each other,later on during their scene together,barack bets chelsea a kiss that its,gonna rain outside and barack delivers,on the kiss which seems to have been a,little forced on chelsea it was a simple,kiss on the lips but by chelseas,reaction you would have thought that she,just busted a nut while in church,she seemed embarrassed yet somewhat,turned on at the same time,granted the two of them are still,strangers and who knows how hygienas,practice on that island but if barack,can dial down his aggressive nature he,may find a strong connection with,chelsea,castle and jay are seen having their,alone time and they seem to have the,strongest chemistry on the show at this,point,it was nice to see jay become a,gentleman and cater to the needs of,cassalay it was also interesting to find,out that cassalay is the daughter of,char jackson and kevin fairline,because cassalay is a vegan she has,nothing to eat on the island and we see,a scene of jay becoming one with nature,and finding something that she can eat,and during his journey into the,wilderness,jay happened to find some fruit that was,conveniently laying on the ground and he,brought it back to her castle was,extremely impressed with what jay did,for her and i had high hopes for the,both of them,until jay spats out over learning that,cassie has a child,jay dropped that gentleman act pretty,quickly which was disappointing,now granted people are allowed to like,what they like and have their own,standards but my thing is at least be,respectful about it,cassalay is a beautiful woman thats,down to earth and she has one of the,better personalities on the show,she deserves better than that,we then see crystal and ben having their,alone time together and while ben seems,to be very into crystal crystal wastes,no time friend zoning ben,the episode comes to an end when all of,the participants meet up in two camps,divided into groups of eight,overall on a scale of one to ten i would,rate my level of enjoyment in watching,this episode of solid five it was,definitely more entertaining than the,first episode but i still have the,feeling that most of these participants,are either too picky or too introverted,to find real love or make the show,entertaining,ill give this show another episode to,help me determine whether or not i will,fully commit to reviewing the entire,series,well folks this marks the end of my,review,so until next time stay tuned and stay,safe peace

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