1. NATIONAL BOARD OF REVIEW – Full List of WINNERS for the MOVIES of 2022
  2. AFI and National Board of Review Winners! What does this mean for the Oscars?
  3. Top Gun: Maverick Named Year’s Best Film By National Board Of Review Boosting Oscar Chances
  4. NBR Gala 2020 – Josh & Benny Safdie, Ronald Bronstein (Original Screenplay) w/ Timothée Chalamet
  5. NBR Gala 2020 — Brad Pitt (Best Supporting Actor) with Bradley Cooper Introduction
  6. NBR Gala 2020 – Bong Joon-ho (Best Foreign Language Film) with Lupita Nyongo Introduction
  7. NATIONAL BOARD OF REVIEW – Full List of Winners for the films of 2021


the national board of review have,announced their 2022 Award winners for,the films of 2022. now here is the list,of award recipients announced by the,national board of review so lets get to,it lets film top gun Maverick best,director Steven Spielberg the fablements,best actor Colin Farrell for the,Banshees of inner Sharon best actress,Michelle yo for everything everywhere,all at once best supporting actor,Brendan Gleason the Banshees of inertian,best supporting actress Janelle Monae,Glass Onion a Knives Out mystery best,original screenplay Martin McDonough the,Banshees of inertian best adapted,screenplay Edward Berger Leslie,Patterson and stokel for All Quiet on,the Western Front,breakthrough performance Daniel,deadweiler for till,breakthrough performance Gabrielle,LaBelle the fablemans best directorial,debut Charlotte Wills after sun best,animated feature Marcel the show with,shoes on best International feature is,close best documentary is senior best,Ensemble is women talking,outstanding achievement in,cinematography Claudio Miranda for top,gun Maverick the MBR freedom of,expression Awards went to all the Beauty,and the Bloodshed Argentina 1985.,and here are the top films in,alphabetical order for,2022 after sun Avatar the way of water,the banshees ownership everything,everywhere all at once the fablements,Glass Onion a Knives Out mystery RR till,the woman King and women talking,the top five International films in,alphabetical order all acquired under,moisture in front Argentina in 1985,decision to leave EO and Saint omere,top five documentaries in alphabetical,order all the Beauty and the Bloodshed,all the breathes,descendant turn every page the,adventures about Robert Carroll and,Robert gutney Wildcat,and the top 10 Independent films in,alphabetical order Armageddon time Emily,the criminal the Eternal daughter Funny,Pages the inspection living a love song,Nanny the Wonder and to Leslie,so there you have it the national board,of winners for the films of 2022 a lot,of very very big surprises and not all,these winners are really locked in for,the big awards for like the sags the,Critics Choice or the Golden Globes or,even the Academy Awards so a lot of,things can change up until the Oscars,night the 95th Academy Awards so be on,the lookout to see a lot of surprises,maybe some snubs and uh like for me Im,very surprised at certain things best,film top gun Maverick and best,supporting actor for Brendan Gleason so,Im curious to see how everything,changes up until the Academy Awards and,the 95th annual Academy Awards its,going to be fun and this award season,has kicked off with a bang already and I,cant wait to see what happens next Ill,leave a link in the description box,below to the list of winners for the,national board of review for the films,of 2022. you can check it out let me,know in the comment section below what,you thought about this video do you,think there were some surprises some,snubs who were you surprised that won an,award and who do you think should have,won an award let me know in the comment,section below about all the questions I,just asked and Ill see you all in the,next award video and thank you for,tuning in

AFI and National Board of Review Winners! What does this mean for the Oscars?

talk shop pop movies,if youre a convicted cinephile yourself,please like share and subscribe to the,Channel Down Below on my channel I like,to talk shop and pop open that is movies,and physical media today Im doing yet,another,of what will be oh so many,award season related videos today Im,doing the winners of both the AFI,top 10 of the year and the national,border of review,winners and top 10 as well uh they one,came out uh today the AFI I believe and,yesterday was the national board of,review so I figured Id just scramble,all together and well see uh what,overlaps and what does not if this is,the first time coming to my channel,thanks for showing up I apologize about,the dirty background but it looks better,than the weird stupid fake background,that you can do on a stream yarn so Im,just gonna keep it keep it real as the,kids say uh but yeah like I said if you,like Awards coverage stuff if you like,Blu-rays 4ks collecting unboxings things,of that sort I do all that kind of stuff,and Ive uh started recently a series of,tournaments on YouTube uh where we are,pitting Award winners against each other,to decide a winner we did The Screen,Actors Guild Ensemble winners last week,and just this previous Wednesday we,battled all 94 of the Academy Award Best,Picture winners against each other both,of which uh ended with surprising,winners I would say but lets get into,this so I shared my screen here well,pop her up,well looks good lets lets do thats,better I like that okay then I can go,over here and do stuff so this is the,national border of review so this one,went first these ones actually have,Awards the AFI is just like a list of,10. this one is uh Awards plus a list of,ten you could say so lets see what they,got,um kind of surprising but not so out of,nowhere Im not Amazed by it uh best,film went to top gun Maverick which I,still need to watch but at least I own,it now so itll be a little easier Best,Director went to the great Steven,Spielberg for the fat womans best actor,yet again went to Colin Farrell he has,won essentially everything so far,over the likes of Brendan Fraser or,Austin Butler,um I think with the,I mean well have to see well see where,the Golden Globes and Critics Choice go,their nominees come out next week Ill,be doing a similar video for that,probably more of a live reaction than a,pre-recorded livestreamesque thing like,this is for those but Im excited to see,but um,Colin Farrell is definitely the,Critics Choice so far uh best actress,went to the great Michelle Yao for,everything everywhere all at once best,supporting actor is Brendan Gleason from,banshees of inner Sharon surprisingly I,thought Kihei Quan was gonna like sweep,the season but,I got no problem with Brandon Gleason,winning something best supporting,actress was Janelle Monae for Glass,Onion a Knives Out mystery,best original screenplay was banshees,have been a Sharon over,um everything everywhere which is,surprising but if it would to anything,but that I would have expected it to be,banshees have been a Sharon so banshees,did well here it already has three wins,there,best adapted screenplay was Edward,Berger Leslie Patterson Ian stokel for,the All Quiet on the Western Front,remake thats on Netflix,uh didnt see that one coming to be,honest breakthrough performance is,Daniel deadweiler for till,which I mean it makes sense because,shes kind of a known actress and,apparently her performance is,gut-wrenchingly fantastic breakthrough,performance was Gabrielle LaBelle Who is,the boy who plays young Steven Spielberg,essentially I believe in the Fable mens,film,so good for him thats a cool one to get,uh directorial debut was for after Sean,Charlotte Wells that movie has been,getting amazing reviews Ive heard,nothing but fantastic things,best animated feature was Marcel the,Shell with Shoes On if I could say it,better when Im reading it off the,screen than from my own brain best,International Film was close Ive heard,that is very good best documentary is,senior which is a documentary about,Robert Downey Senior Robert Downey Jrs,father so Id watch that that sounds,like itd be a fun watch an entertaining,educational watch best Ensemble is women,talking thats not a surprise whatsoever,um fantastic cast of Mostly female,actors there plus Ben winshaw for,women talking and then they have a,cinematography award which also went to,top gun Maverick which is not a surprise,either very difficultly shot film given,all the,you know,aircraft Guff goings on uh they have,this freedom of expression award which,would do all the beauty and bloodshed,which is I believe a documentary and,here is the top films in alphabetical,order after sun so see its showing up,places like I said it would Avatar the,way of water made it in Apaches in,eshrin or in ashirin I dont know Im,saying it wrong one way or the other,everything everywhere all at once the,fablemans Glass Onion and eyes out,mystery RR the Indian film that is on,Netflix I believe heard amazing things,about it but its hard enough for me to,watch a three hour long,uh film in my own language than the,Hindi film or whatever uh till,the woman King which is probably one of,the more surprising ones on here women,talking so that and then Top Gun one so,you have your ten or is there nine here,one two three four five six seven eight,nine ten so you have ten plus Top Guns,so technically theres eleven Im mostly,gonna focus on the top ten slash 11 list,here uh for this Stream So yet again,maybe Ill Ill do this quick,so its a little bigger you got after,sun Avatar Banshees,fablemans and there we go,bring it back to that Im gonna click,over here to the where are we going,there it is AFI top 10. switch it back,um the AFI its American hence the a in,AFI American Film Institute uh so they,have a special award which went to,banshees have been Sharon,because its not American and they,always put like the really good foreign,movie thats gonna get in for everything,as the winner for that like last year it,was Belfast parasite was the winner that,year I believe,obviously and so on and so forth Roma,probably that means banshees is good but,we cant put it in our top 10,essentially uh the AFI movies of the,year is Avatar the way of water,its happening Avatars happening Ive,heard nothing but outstanding things,about it,I dont think Ive heard anyone say its,not as good or better than the first,not even as good I havent heard anyone,say it isnt better than the first I,should say,Elvis everything everywhere all at once,the fablemans nope happy to see nope on,here I like nope she said tar which is,the main one that surprised me that it,wasnt on the NPR list or NBR NPR too,many things with acronyms top gun,Maverick of course so heres 11 again if,you include banshees so it kind of works,out uh the woman King made it here as,well thats the only one that like,surprised me on both of these lists not,that I have I havent seen it but then,Im trying to actually watch movies you,know that and women talking,the fact that the woman King is on both,of these lists,definitely makes me,think it could easily get in for best,picture now with the Academy Awards,these voters have nothing to do with the,Oscars really but the fact that its,getting this much support already,cant hurt,and its already getting more support,than lets say Babylon which was on,neither of these lists or tar which was,only on one of them,so its its looking good for uh the,woman King and,you know vicariously through that for,Viola Davis as well I would say for a,best actors nomination,um but heres kind of what I wanted to,do here,if itll let me there we go,Im new here if you dont know that uh,yeah cool thats kind of what I wanted,right there,top 10 films so,were gonna see what there is crossover,here thats the thing like any movie,thats on both of these lists more,likely than not will be nominated for,Best Picture,and like I said the woman King is the,only one that surprised me and landed on,both therefore I will probably be a

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Top Gun: Maverick Named Year’s Best Film By National Board Of Review Boosting Oscar Chances

Chris what is our third main topic today,this is from Harris a few weeks ago you,had your friend on the show who made the,case for top gun Maverick getting a best,picture nomination at the Oscars this,year I didnt really buy it but the,national board of review just named it,best picture of the year how big of a,deal do you think this is and could it,indicate that it will in fact get an,Oscar nomination thanks for all you do,guys all right thanks a lot for saying,that in Harris and I think besides the,critics choice the most major most,important of of the critic bodies stuff,like that when it comes to award season,is the national board of review and that,not while its not always its not like,you can predict it by the rain a lot of,times the ones they name is best picture,of the year,well well oftentimes win best perks of,the year at the Academy horse obviously,it doesnt happen the majority of the,time but it,does happen,now of course we had our friend Cliff,Stevenson who works in the industry on,the other day to make a passion uh and I,think a very good argument as to why,he felt that Top Gun Mavericks should,get one of those best picture,nominations of the Academy Award,something that I did not think I mean if,you guys saw my review coming out of the,first screening of top gun Maverick you,know I loved that movie I never really,thought it should be a best picture,contender,Cliff changed my mind,and he made me buy into it you know what,yep now Im there now I believe that it,very well can and maybe even very well,should get it but yes its official top,gun Maverick has been named by the,national board of review as the best,film of 2020. do you bring up the,webpage there Jonathan has been name is,the best film of 2022 uh in their,estimation now theyve given it theres,a couple of awards theyve given out the,one of the big winners at the national,board of review this year was the,Banshees event Sharon which took home,three of the major rewards including,best actor for Colin Farrell best,supporting actor for Brennan Gleason and,best I believe uh uh was best screenplay,I believe,as well so there it is top gun Maverick,takes home the big prize of that and,then Steven Spielberg took home the big,uh best director of the Year award for,the fablements now Im just going to run,down here we go over to my screen were,going to run down here for a second the,actual Award winner so they named best,film of the Year talk on Maverick best,director Steven Spielberg best actor,Colin Farrell best actress Michelle yo,from everything everywhere all at once,yeah I think thats cements that shes,going to get one of those Oscar,nominations I really hope she does best,supporting actor of course Brandon,Gleason also from benches Ben and Sharon,best supporting actress Janelle Monae,from Glass Onion that is a surprise to,me but but a pleasant one I loved her in,that movie uh then we keep going on best,original screenplay Mark uh Martin,McDonough for bansys vinishiran best,adapted screenplay went to a group for,All Quiet on the Western Front,breakthrough performance uh breakthrough,performance uh directorial debut who,cares who cares best animated feature I,know this will make Chris happy,Marcel the Shell with Shoes On one of,the best animated film uh then we got uh,faster National close Robert Downey Jrs,documentary uh senior got uh wins for,best documentary best Ensemble women,talking best sustaining achievement in,cinematography is again top gun Maverick,now then they have their top 10 films of,the year that they put in no particular,order,but they named the top 10 films of the,year with uh top gun Maverick already,being recognized as best film of the,year but after sun which I confess I,have not seen,uh Avatar the way of water the Banshees,of inner Sharon everything everywhere,all wants the fablemans glass onions,Knives Out mystery this will make some,people happy RR,got named by national board reviews one,of the top 10 films of the Year till the,woman King and women talking of,surprised that tar wasnt on the list I,was really yeah I was doing tar on there,but it wasnt so thats their thing Rob,I mean listen the momentum has been,building top gun Maverick is as of right,now the number one box office film of,the year,it is getting a lot of momentum a lot of,us heading into the Oscar season because,before this movie came out who would,have ever put money that oh this,upcoming Top Gun sequel is going to get,a Best Picture nomination at the Academy,Awards no one absolutely no one,But Here we are now just won the award,with the national board of review which,is huge Rob let me ask you this,give me three time periods here,before the movie came out once the movie,came out and now what percentage chance,have you seen top gun Maverick having of,getting one of those best picture,nominations before the movie came out,after you saw it and now here we are on,the precipice of award season before the,movie came out absolute zero no way,after I saw the movie Im like,I was damn good but it really I would,not have thought,I honestly I I even then I probably,would have thought zero even though I,love the movie only because it didnt,seem like a movie to me that would be a,best picture you know its a sequel Its,a popcorn munching action fun it doesnt,have because Im a snob it doesnt have,that universality,or maybe it does that I would typically,give to a best picture but in seeing,what else came out this year,and and realizing that this film it it,really struck a chord with people I mean,I think this movie reminded people what,they loved about movies it was just so,satisfying I mean to go see a popcorn,sequel a big budget Studio picture,starring Tom Cruise and have it be that,satisfying,do you people forgot that that was even,possible and in the wake of that now and,after listening to Cliff I mean I dont,think it should win but it absolutely,deserves a nomination so youre the,answer to your third part is I think 100,so I went through you think its a lock,its gonna I think its a nomination I,think it went from zero zero one hundred,to me,and um I that no one is more surprised,than I am but I have to tell you John,now that I own this movie Ive got this,4K disc I have watched this movie like,five times for no reason its just I I,dont sometimes I just leave it in the,player and Im like oh its in the,player again and Ill watch it because,its its absolutely mesmerizing this,the film it just works I love it Chris I,mean you when we went to go see it at,cinemacon all the way back in April,I I think its fair to say out of the,group of us you were the least,enthusiastic yeah but youre youre now,seeing this is taking these Awards,whats your reaction to this well its,really interesting to me because I was,you know oh thats a good film its not,my kind of movie but I understand why,you all like it so much the Nostalgia,all of this gosh the cinematography is,beautiful gosh those performances were,great I figured after all the reviews,that this absolutely was a lock and Im,not a person who is super gung-ho about,this film I just figured hey this takes,a lot of boxes right this is wildly well,received by the public it is executed,really really well you have Val Kilmer,showing up and really pulling on our,heartstrings you have Tom Cruise giving,a wonderful performance you have a,stunning real feat of Cinema when it,comes to all those aerial shots and,cockpit things they did,and the public loves it and the Oscars,need some things that the general public,likes we dont want to always tune in,when I say we I mean the general movie,audio uh movie going audience they,arent seeing all the things that we see,in our bubble right when I talk to my,mom about all the different screeners,Im getting she usually doesnt know any,of the movies that Ive gotten you know,its not like the Golden Globes where,shes like but what comedies did you get,Chris no I didnt get any Im getting a,series of hard to watch films you know,so I feel like t

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NBR Gala 2020 – Josh & Benny Safdie, Ronald Bronstein (Original Screenplay) w/ Timothée Chalamet

it was challenging for me to write these,remarks not only because of the,incredible and intimidating talent in,this room tonight but because with the,safdies do for me as filmmakers is so,revolutionary it is hard to limit the,remarks to simply the screenplay also,because Im a dumb 2004 old actor Ive,never written anything I stand on a mark,I say what people tell me to say so I,dont know why I dont know what insight,I have about screenwriting but heres my,go if I were to try to describe their,approach to writing it is to know,exactly what they want in the,pre-production process going into,filming and then on the day finding,those jewels and gems and the rough of,collaboration and the day-to-day,adrenaline of filmmaking a frenetic,style and approach to writing and,filmmaking can be interpreted as,improvisational and unplanned but make,no mistake with the safdies and Ronny,it is not this task is made easier when,the actors youre working with are of,the caliber of Adam Sandler the Keith,Stanfield and Keith Richard Williams,thats not Keith Richards thats Keith,Richard Williams and if you havent,heard of him thats because the Safetys,literally found him on the street in New,York and cast him like half of the,characters in their movies which sucks,for actors like myself with resumes,their 2017 film good time was a straight,shot about a bank robbery gone wrong and,a deranged young mans relentless an,untiring attempt to free his brother,from custody the movie follows Robert,Pattinson is incredible descent into,moralists madness if good time was a,shot of tequila then uncut gems plays,like cocaine and mushrooms a little,sprinkle of Alka Seltzer on top Adam,Sandler gives a truly awe-inspiring,performance,its like Adam Sandler its like you,watch punch-drunk love and was like Im,gonna do exactly that again except the,exact opposite and Josh and Benny and,Ronny created a tornado of stress swag, up intrigue and unapologetic raw,truthful filmmaking these are people,these are movies people my age can,actually not get bored as watching,let me end on this anecdote and I,apologize for personalizing it about a,month ago I text the guy look up to the,most in this business I invited him to,premiere he said he couldnt come but he,invited me to dinner a Martin Scorsese,thatd be happening 30 minutes later,that night I was literally on the toilet,when I got that text so I did a quick,Google Maps check I was uptown within 30,minutes I hope not to embarrass you if,youre here tonight but at the dinner I,was shocked by mr. Scorseses,self-deprecation his razor-sharp wit and,his good humor I was the young guy at,the table but I was having trouble,keeping up with the pace of conversation,and sophistication and movies being,referenced I made a joke about how if,the Irishman was successful Id never,work again because from now on Id be,auditioning against James Dean Marlon,Brando and Charlie Chaplin he very,calmly and humbly said it was now time,for a new generation of filmmakers to,take over and he pointed out for example,to safty Brothers who I didnt know in,that moment and its unsurprising he,actually executive produced uncut gems,the comparisons are obvious theyre both,truly New York filmmakers in their blood,they both explore the psyche of devilish,and morally ambiguous protagonists in,many ways Adam Sandlers Howard Ratner,parallels ray Liottas strung-out Henry,Hill and Goodfellas this is high praise,I know it Who am I to dole it out and,yet this is no longer the Golden Age of,cinema its no ones fault,except maybe Ronald Reagan enough just,kidding okay it seems every expression,of art has its great moment in time and,yet this is why we need the safty,brothers right now this is why we need,Barry Jenkins and Greta Gerwig and,Maddie D up and Ari Astor and Lulu Wang,not to reignite the Golden Age party,that is definitively over the world is,on fire as we speak but to make the art,that is truthful to the times and true,mirror of our times and in the safdies,case really unapologetic too and maybe,it wont be as big a party but itll be,unique as so here Josh and Benny,and Ronnie to accept the Award for Best,Original Screenplay,[Applause],now was it that was incredible thank you,Timmy,I appreciate that alright so how do you,wanna do is you wanna me and I speak,first and then Ronnie and I will work on,it for eight years exactly okay uh-huh,basically yeah I know this was thank you,for this this is so meaningful and thank,you to everybody and thank you to Anam,Sandler for bringing Howard to life,filtering him through his through your,brain but really I do love to be a part,of this three-headed monster you know I,cant tell you the the allegiances and,the alliances theyre exhilarating and,exhausting and I cant tell you how many,times Ive gotten phone calls after the,two of them were writing in a projection,booth for hours and I and each one of,them trying to vie for their own,positions it was its utter its insane,yeah I would I would try to not use,Benny to try to fight this man right,here we wrote a lot of the film and a,projection booth in New York and often,we would Ronnie and I would be so in,odds that we would I would just sit,outside the booth and I felt and the,people who worked in the theater thought,that it was like me being punished at,the principals office for some reason,but I yeah I wanna I would definitely,want to thank the National Board of,Review thank you very much for this,thank Marty and Emma for reading maybe,draft number fifty something and then,later a twenty four about five years ago,reading draft number seventy and then,Scott Rudin Eli Bush getting involved in,helping contribute to another seventy,drafts probably we its its my ron ik,that you want to point out all the hard,work that we put into the writing,because ultimately these guys get on set,and their whole mo is to make it seem,like the movie just puked itself out and,in real time ya know like it was written,while it unspooled in the camera i mean,i for that reason i want to thank again,the and National Board of Review for,what will most likely be the only honor,that this screenplay will get because we,spent again Im likely over 160 drafts,theres probably more because I lost a,computer in the interim and,the story its a long story I lent it to,somebody were making a movie about,these homeless romantic drug addicts and,I got a text someone saying if you want,your computer its its old its a long,story,but but uh I lost a bunch of drafts in,that process but we did spend over 160,drafts you know changing it for each,casting decision and and a lot of people,would ask us you know some someone came,up to me and said did you Eve there was,a script for that movie,and yeah we believe it or not there was,and and this guy right here next to me,we probably we probably argued more than,anything about what what did Howards,father say to him when he was 10 years,old and then not talked to each other,for weeks if he would remember that or,not so thank you everybody for that and,and and to be here in a room with with,great writers yesterday mr. Tarantino,met men talked about spending Brad Pitt,talked about Tarantino spending hours,and hours and days writing about his,characters and to me that the sad part,about this film is that I will no longer,have Howard to filter my life through so,Ill miss you Howard and I love you,Sandman you know Timmy said he used the,term unapologetic which seems to show up,a lot I guess in the context of this,movie in the last few that weve made,but I guess this is a Ill take this as,an opportunity to apologize to the to,the script itself the long-suffering,script you know were very anxious,people by nature you know the were,anxious about the process of,screenwriting you know its Im anxious,you know I know idea is so good that it,doesnt putrefy and you know sour like,old milk the second eye we put it down,on the page you know so what happens is,we do all of this work to sort of,delineate the ideas in the

NBR Gala 2020 — Brad Pitt (Best Supporting Actor) with Bradley Cooper Introduction

Brad were you a few months ago I went to,the Hollywood Bowl to see Gustavo,Dudamel conduct Mahler Second Symphony,resurrection which if you dont know it,I highly recommend it its one of the,most incredible symphonic pieces ever,and I went with my buddy,who Ive known since I was five Brian,Klugman and my friend since high school,James Babson and Brad Pitt and we were,there and then afterwards we made our,way down through the audience into the,bowels of the the Hollywood Bowl to say,congratulations to Gustavo and when we,got there Brad realized that he left his,jacket back in the seats and rather than,you know bearing the brunt of having to,go back and the mayhem that would ensue,for him to try to go back and get his,jacket he was you know the gentleman he,said no its okay just leave but you,know obviously thats fine and so then,he left and then Gustavo James Bryan and,I were sitting theres a knock on the,door and lo and behold somebody who,works at the Hollywood Bowl had,retrieved the jacket and Im not kidding,Ive never seen anybody hold a garment,with such reverence before it was like,the Shroud of Turin it was insane and,and Gustavo James Bryan and I had looked,at the jacket and then we looked at each,other and I think we were all thinking,the same thing but I even get my,reflexes were very quick that night I,said I got it Ill take the jacket and I,know where he lives Ill bring it home,to him so I went home with Brad Pitts,jacket and Im not gonna lie to you I,tried it on and you know what it felt,really good,but I didnt dare look in the mirror,because that would destroy the whole,illusion but that is the power of Brad,Pitt and its something you know I asked,his friends you know what are some words,to describe him and it was integrity and,it was his soul and those things,combined with the curiosity to grow and,an unparalleled work ethic thats a,filmmakers dream because when you take,those things you embody it into a,character you can get moments that can,just crystallize the entire essence of a,film like the way a character rests his,hand on the steering wheel of a car like,cliff Boothe does and once upon a time,in Hollywood its just so in tune and,its effortless because he just is and,thats just something that we all strive,to do and hes been doing it for 29,years since thumb and Louise and if I,may not sound too crazy Id say even his,2 episode arc on growing pains in 1987,so Id like to say thank you to the,National Board of Review for their,intelligence and finally awarding Brad,Pitt with the Best Supporting Actor for,his wonderful portrayal as cliff booth,and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,[Applause],[Music],I was there I was there for that song,Thank You Bradley Bradley just put his,daughter to bed and rushed over here to,do this hes a sweetheart,I got sober because of this guy and,every day has been happier ever since I,love you and I thank you well its its,nice to be able to leave this thing,carrying something other than George,Clooney,I know very little about the National,Board of Review you guys have been,around for a century I know so little,other than you you love films I started,to Google you look you up and I thought, it I love films too thats good,enough for me,well meet on that now seriously I,really really love films since from an,early age I mean they were my view into,a world far grander than my backyard,fascinating characters that I became,obsessed with like Popeye Doyle and an,RP McMurphy or Sonny wart sick Woodward,and Bernstein Johnny boy,I think Johnny boys in the house,somewhere here I mean they meant so much,to me I love film so thank you for this,thank you very much this really though,is is about my man Quentin Tarantino he,produces he writes he directs he acts,although Im fairly certain he got the,part in Reservoir Dogs because he was,having sex with the director,now hes an absolute original hes a joy,to be with Ive read three scripts in my,life true romance he lorries bastards,now once upon a time where I heard the,voice of the character in the first read,he lays it out for you he gives you a,road map it really is about Quentin,about Quentins world its fun as,guys to be there I thank you for letting,me spend time there knew your universe,man it means everything to me,well I guess you know what its really,nice to see my man Sandler and the saft,hes getting some love tonight the,jeweled gang and the last black man from,San Francisco,means a lot to me thank you all my goals,in life now are pretty simple just to be,happy stay healthy and not get into a,financial situation where after new,oceans 14,well see thank you,[Applause]

NBR Gala 2020 – Bong Joon-ho (Best Foreign Language Film) with Lupita Nyongo Introduction

bong Joon hos parasite is one of the,best films I have ever seen in any,language period for my money parasites,is pretty perfect script 100 Direction,100 acting 100 social political acuity,100 the word has been strong on the,street the buzz itself has felt like a,parasite with everyone saying go see,parasite go see parasite everywhere you,turn so last year late last year I,obliged and I went to the cinema to see,for myself what everyone was so turned,on by I managed to get there knowing,nothing more than the title of the film,after the very first scene where we meet,the protagonist family in their awkward,subterranean abode,I found myself grinning like a Cheshire,Cat I felt an unparalleled excitement,experiencing this genre-bending,masterwork I thought I was watching a,social drama and then I thought I was in,in for a comedy of manners and before I,knew it things turned and I was on a,thrill ride like no other,screeching towards an unexpected and,horrific end audiences and critics were,equally excited after unanimously,winning the Palme dOr from a can jury,of his peers a first for a South Korean,filmmaker parasite lit a fire with,audiences worldwide setting box office,records grossing over a hundred and,twenty seven million dollars globally,and Counting its a time its a film,that sub sublimely entertains and,asserts universal truths across cultural,borders proving that the power of great,storytelling and provocative cinema,transcends language and can bring,audiences around the world together in,appreciation and all bong joon-ho,maybe a magician and a genre unto,himself and it is my honor to present,him with a National Board of Review,Award for Best Foreign Language Film for,the magic he wielded in parasites thank,you great honor to be here and be a,National Board of Review table on the,day take a container its my first time,at the MBR Im very excited to be here,yeah the orange oxidation is a now,theres a Copernican j-law silly Nina,the Chang Gwon sang-woo dig up and then,go away or as I get time with keep,him up,so this award has a very long history,Rossellini and Renoir won the award that,parasite is winning right now so its,very meaningful moco potahto,minimization euro-area culture Merrigan,scorsese animals – poco eco Sapodilla,youngjae with a matter auntie knodel,now you can save on money in saying,irony Ryota redundant dr. Costa,whats more meaningful is that since,Sunday the past four days Ive seen,Scorsese the safty brothers and,Tarantino three times this will not,happen in my life ever again,more eunsang party dragons handsome -,potato soda pazzo pazzo pazzo charm your,similarity good day,sang-doo boutonniere apology who is a,typical yomaira ham Cajun bottom pay a,step towards AXA the motoneuron take a,tip from comes a turtle Mita so when I,was filming this film and the corner of,Seoul as Ive always done I never,imagined something like this to happen I,deeply thank all my actors the crew,members and the studios and companies,that worked on this film she yeah shes,really amazing I dont know how she can,do this and yeah perfect translator in,the world,she really destroyed the language,barrier yeah thank you and thank you,have a wonderful I,[Applause]

NATIONAL BOARD OF REVIEW – Full List of Winners for the films of 2021

whats going on everyone welcome back to,my youtube channel before i get into,this video be sure you click that,subscribe button hit that notification,bell for new videos on my channel and to,know when new videos will drop so now in,this video im giving you the 2021 award,recipients announced by the national,board of review for their best films,actors screenplays and their best top,films of the year so lets get to it,best film was licorice pizza best,director was paul thomas anderson for,licorice pizza best actor was will smith,for king richard best actress was rachel,zegler for west side story best,supporting actor was kirian hines from,belfast best supporting actress was,anjanu ellis for king richard and best,original screenplay was ashkar fahadi,for a hero best adapted screenplay was,joel cohen for the tragedy of macbeth,breakthrough performance was alana hamm,and cooper hoffman for licorice pizza,best directorial debut was michael,sarnoski for pig best animated feature,was encanto thus for a language film was,a hero,best documentary was a summer of soul or,when the revolution could not be,televised,best ensemble is the harder they fall,outstanding achievement in,cinematography was bruno de bonnell for,the tragedy of macbeth,and the nbr freedom of expression award,was flee now here are the top films in,alphabetical order by the national board,of review,belfast dont look up dune king richard,the last duel nightmare alley red rocket,the tragedy of macbeth and west side,story,top five foreign language films in,alphabetical order benedetta lamb,linguine the sacred bonds titan and the,worst person in the world,top five documentaries in alphabetical,order,ascension attica flee the rescue,roadrunner a film about anthony bourdain,and the top 10 independent films in,alphabetical order the card counter come,on come on coda the green knight holler,jockey old henry pig shiva baby and the,souvenir part two so there you have it,the 2021 award recipients announced by,the national board of review for their,best films of 2021,now this is very very interesting seeing,best film and best director go to,licorice pizza i will say this,these arent surefire wins,because the golden globes the critics,choice the baftas,are definitely going to change how,things work,and these arent like i said actors who,will walk away with these major awards,anything can change as the award season,goes on and its going to be interesting,to see what happens a lot of surprises,by the national board of review,especially on certain things theyve,picked so im curious to see how this,plays out during award season,so if you didnt know im doing the,award nominations and my predictions for,all the award shows up until the academy,awards and to see who will win the big,honors at these award shows so tune in,and you know be sure you check out my,videos,my award videos to see who i will pick,as my winners and to see who wins and,let me know in the comment section below,what you thought about the national,board of review winners did you like,them did you not like them what did you,think of it and do you think that some,of these actors or some of these,screenplays or you know other,performances will win these awards later,on at other award shows let me know in,the comment section below and ill see,you guys in the next video

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