1. Honest Native Review
  3. 3 Hard Truths About NATIVE Deodorant | Michael Ferrera
  4. THE ALL NEW NATIVE HAIR CARE REVIEW! | Everything you need to know!
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Honest Native Review

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in this video im going to be trying out,this brand new to the market,monday moisture theres different ones,but i chose the moisture one,shampoo by a new company um,monday hair care which comes out of new,zealand and this was launched during the,pandemic so this is a recent find and,im,not gonna lie i was totally drawn to it,strictly by its looks,i saw this on the shelf at the drugstore,and i was like,i need that bottle because it is just so,pretty and i know that thats a shallow,reason,to pick something but it just caught my,eye look how nice this bottle,look at this packaging compared to this,so,this is my favorite caristas this is an,expensive luxury shampoo this is,supposed to be a competitor,to luxury shampoos but like look theres,no theres no comparison,this has a beautiful embossed thing and,this packaging,is recycled this is a cruelty free,sls free paraben free brand so those,things,matter to you this might be a good pick,but im going to try it out for two,weeks ive done one hair wash so ill,let my hair down,and we can have a look and ill talk a,little bit about what happened but ill,be trying it for a full two weeks,i wash my hair about three times four,times a week so ill be giving it a good,six to eight tries before i give you a,final result and a final mark,maybe some of you know me here from my,other shampoo reviews,uh specifically about hair damage ive,done olaplex ive done,curology um there are others a whole,bunch of them i will link them up but,i i am going to try this one i just,could not resist it and i thought,what have we got to lose what else am i,doing with my time right now may as well,make a review on that so,lets get into it lets quickly talk,price this is 6.99,at target here in canada where i live it,was 9.99 at my local drugstore and i,will not bang on about the aesthetics,anymore but i will say its got this,really nice pump,cap that just locks into place with the,whole twisteroo kind of a deal,so i love a pump dont have many,shampoos that have a pump for whatever,reason so,this is just it looks really nice but,how did it perform of course thats what,we want to know,let me tell you a little bit about my,hair first i am 44 years of age i have,some,dry hair im trying to get more grays,actually got a lot of dry hair thats a,lie ive got 2a2b,wave in my hair and i have not had a,haircut,in over a year so i do have some damage,i dont,color my hair i dont bleach my hair i,do heat style my hair,and ive got the texture to show for it,my hair is,pretty dry right now could really,benefit from a really good trim i mean,by the end of this who knows maybe well,even see the hairdresser by then and,ill have some,some length chopped off uh maybe but my,hair is dry,and so i did give this a try right today,uh so this is my hair just completely,air dried i wanted to show it to you,guys,this is it using it one time only first,time and my hair was quite dirty,and i think it did an okay job i could,never,build a lather with it so thats,interesting well see if that keeps,happening and thats not for me entirely,surprising i actually dont love a huge,lather im fine with that but well just,see,and some people dont some people need,to have a lather or else they just dont,love a shampoo like for them that is the,deciding factor,where theyre going where theyre gonna,like it or not like it heres another,fun fact,so i bought this moisture i originally,started this review,and i had purchased the and i didnt do,it because i purchased the smoothing,version of this,right and i did not like that shampoo at,all it made my hair really tangly and,awful,it just i i didnt end up making it,because for me the shampoo straight off,was a fail so i decided to switch to the,moisture one which i should have started,with but they didnt have any at the,time,so soon as the moisture because this,keeps running out of stock i guess its,really popular i dont know if its,because its become a cult hit,uh on social media or its just,extremely appealing looking at an,okay price i dont know but i am,deciding now to go with the moisture,version were gonna see how this one,works out for me i did a first,wash it smells pretty nice a very clean,scent,the scent had it did not linger at all,so now that im done,i dont smell it at all i dont think,that it lingers its not very strong,at all i dont know if it did a great,job cleansing,my hair but it wasnt that moisturizing,so thats interesting to know,so when i put it on my hand i was like,oh i pumped it out and i was like oh,its like an opaque formula so that,means it probably has some more,conditioning agents and according to the,website,and according to the ingredients here it,uses coconut oil,as the main source of moisture but it,didnt feel oily or anything like that,and it didnt feel particularly,hydrating,not gonna lie so well see because this,is my first try,often when you try it once compared to,the you know after youve used it like,five times you dont always know what,youre getting off the first wash,because you know youre taking out,whatevers in your hair,whatever shampoos youve used whatevers,been going on you just wash that out so,i think,one time is not enough usually at around,the two week mark i have a pretty good,idea whether i like something or not and,i can give it a good mark so im not,giving any marks right now but just stay,tuned all i need you guys to do,is just hang out and well see what,happens to my hair,which is not looking great right now im,not gonna lie well see what happens at,the two,week mark im gonna keep going with this,very beautiful,monday moisture shampoo it has now been,two weeks and,its been kind of a long two weeks ill,show you my hair in just,a second for the reveal after two weeks,of using this,monday shampoo but in the meantime if,you wouldnt mind giving me a like if,youve been enjoying this,and dont forget to subscribe that helps,to support the work,that i do here completely for free but,it does help me out a lot you know i,dont take sponsorships for any of the,hair loss content and the shampoo type,content,i make but if you do subscribe that,actually just helps to give me a boost,so i would appreciate that,so much so lets just get right on with,whats been happening to my hair okay,let me just show you,so im gonna show you let me take it out,here we are,um yeah im not the happiest with this,hair,so i will be the first to admit i did,not i was not able to get the,conditioner that goes along with this,right i was only able to snag the,shampoo they just had no conditioner on,the shelf there just wasnt any to get,so i just was used,using my regular um conditioner that i,love which is viviscales conditioner,its nice and lightweight and i really,enjoy the scent of it,you know my hair is very dry what can i,say my hair feels very very dry right,now,i will give this uh shampoo full marks,so stay tuned for the full marks but,just definitely on the moisturizing,front,i did not feel like it did a great job,heres something else i want you guys to,know i really did my due diligence in,not looking at other peoples reviews,i know that there seems to be sort of,two factions about this shampoo and one,of it is that like obviously people,love it because it is flying off the,shelves it can be quite hard to find,i have heard from somebody say that they,were trying to buy it for,their daughter and its just always out,of stock,so theres that and then i just had a,look i mean i didnt watch the videos,but i know that a lot of the,thumbnails which means just like the,little shot that shows you whats going,to be in the video,seem to be kind of negative about the,shampoo i dont know i didnt watch the,whole thing but,people dont seem to like it from a,youtube perspective so but i havent,watched any of it so i really,dont know didnt know which side to,believe so believe me when i tell you i,came in here with,zero bias this is completely not,sponsored,uh not an ad obviously i paid for the,shampoo,with my own money so i really j

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3 Hard Truths About NATIVE Deodorant | Michael Ferrera

whats up once again yours truly michael,ferreira back with another,style your life and in this segment we,are diving all in,and im going to tell you the hardcore,truths and real about the native,deodorant,after ive been using it for a while,lets get into it,right now,[Music],so as usual thank you so much for being,here thank you so much for subscribing,for those of you that already do if you,have not already subscribed and youre,here by accident,it is not by an accident you came here,for a reason so stay here,thank you so much for joining us thank,you so much for being here and in style,your life what we do is provide,valuable content that you can use and,implement immediately,to style and take your lifestyle to,another level,so in this segment this is a quick,follow-up to a previous video that we,did,on native you can scroll or click below,ill leave a link,to check out that previous video,additionally,as usual if youve already subscribed,thank you so much if you havent,please do so it will truly mean the,world to me we definitely comment,and we follow up on all the comments,below and we appreciate your,subscription and sharing this with,someone else,that might find this valuable this will,be valuable for those that are exploring,organic deodorant have looked at organic,deodorant already,have heard about native deodorant and,have thought about using it or,are already using it and i personally,have have dove into it,for a while now and a few weeks ago i,did a previous video on what it is how,it works if it actually works,and now i have some like hard truth,about the native deodorant that will be,valuable to you in making your decision,or continuing with your decision to use,native or not,as usual this is not a paid or sponsored,video i just like to bring,valuable resources to you all that you,can use and implement to your life,immediately so jumping into the number,one,hardcore truth that i found about native,deodorant,that you should be conscious of as you,go into using this piece,i mean being flat out this can be really,expensive,right and expensive is a relative term,and in styling your life and on this,lifestyle,channel we have to evaluate you know,cost,and features and benefits and value so,with that in mind,it kind of just hit me man when i was,scrolling to order my,second or third bottle of native,deodorant,i was like hmm i started to hit the,ticket price at minimum,of nine to ten dollars for one,stick of smaller size deodorant,its definitely smaller than a,traditional deodorant and if you use,some other form of organic deodorant,as ive used in the past you really,could just,go to a store or or a target or a,walmart or,any other like convenient local store,and get a,good deodorant or a deodorant for i,dont know,four to six bucks so now im in a,situation where,ive invested in native and youre,youre talking about,youre talking about ten dollars per,bottle,versus four or five or even six,you know which is definitely a higher,ticket price as i mentioned in my,previous video if you havent seen that,go watch it,um after this one stay here but uh,it is worth it right i think it works i,will say that,all natural and organic and you know,carbon free deodorants dont work for,some odd reason,native does work but you do have to be,conscious of number one,it can get expensive and really pricey,when i was checking out i was like im,about to spend 40 dollars,on just deodorant right so something to,evaluate and keep in mind,number two number two thing to be,conscious of as you go and decide to,stick with native deodorant or,considering as your organic and,parable-free deodorant,is that its smaller right,theres no way to hide that anymore,right so i do,find myself actually using it faster,and using more of it now confession,i might be my fault my wife caught me,you know using not,caught me but sound me using deodorant,one day or putting on deodorant and she,was like,you use a lot of deodorant,and it was kind of funny to me because i,never even thought about it so maybe,its my fault that i might,use much more deodorant than necessary,and it might be my flock but nonetheless,i find myself using more i think my wife,is coming in,right now hey wife come on in so maybe i,should cut back,or maybe i just find myself that i need,to use more of native,so its important for you to be,conscious like i think you use more of,it,because its a smaller bottle its a,thinner bottle so,i found myself using more,you should be conscious of that kind of,weird but also,something to be mindful as you decide to,invest and buy,native deodorant so im curious to find,out comment below on this like,how much deodorant do you use right or,how much deodorant should you use or you,think you should use im going to,research this as well myself but,is it like one or two swipes of,deodorant or is it like,one two three four five six seven eight,nine,ten eleven im more of like the one two,three four five seventy nine ten eleven,and then the same on the other side but,whats your style is it like okay i,trust my deodorant enough,one two three four five moving on or,like one two im done,comment below this is kind of funny so,im interested in hearing,you know how much deodorant youre using,you think you should be using or you are,using or,not or not using at all that would be,weird too,comment below i would love to hear that,conversation moving on to,number three the third thing that you,should be conscious of when investing,and going into this native deodorant,is that im one of those individuals as,you ment as you heard before i love,simplicity if i could take things off my,plate,off my hands give it to someone else,give it to an assistant give it to,someone else to do for me im all for,that so i have subscribed to the,subscription base to where they,automatically send me this deodorant,ive im,every two months every three month type,of person but i find myself needing it,more again because im using more,probably my fault,but the subscription,man you can get caught up in just buying,more than you really need,so be conscious of that and thats the,number three thing to be conscious of,the subscription might,catch you into spending more than you,really need for deodorant right,so just be aware of that and know that,you may just want to,either plan to buy it accordingly if,youre a disciplined person thats great,or if you know that you need you know,deodorant every three months or every,two months,do your subscription accordingly and not,overdo it because you might find,yourself,with more deodorants all at one time,than you really need like me so the,subscription can kind of get you caught,up so be conscious of that as you choose,to go on the subscription,process of native i will say the,subscription is kind of convenient,um and again take stuff off of your,plate but at the same time it can get,really pricey really quick if youre not,doing it the right way,so there you have it the three hardcore,truths about native deodorant,its not bad it does work right i get it,but you do have to be conscious of,you know just randomly racking up this,dollars and overuses of something that,is,the norm but again installing your life,we try to go,beyond the norm above and beyond so,style your life as usual and choose,accordingly but i want this video to be,short quick and valuable to those,that are investing and deciding on this,native deodorant as usual many of you,know im a fashion designer this is one,of my new pieces of new collections,please check it out over on my website,over at michaelferreira.com,and also on my channel somewhere if you,scroll,somewhere youll be able to find uh the,actual journey and story in the,construction and the making of this,piece for my new collection,so check that out ill truly appreciate,if you check that out and share it with,someone and also,order it and buy it we make very limited,quantities of,very high quality products so as usual,yours truly michael ferreira signing off,im sure this

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THE ALL NEW NATIVE HAIR CARE REVIEW! | Everything you need to know!

and i only needed one pup of the,conditioner guys do you not understand,what that means i only needed one pump,to detangle my section,it is an exciting day and you might be,wondering why,why is it an exciting day my favorite,clean product brand came out,with hair products this is a big deal,that like im not gonna do an intro,were just gonna get right into it,because im super super super excited,and i am just like,ive been bouncing off the walls with,excitement so lets just get started,now if you see in the title and probably,the thumbnail you know exactly what im,talking about,but im just gonna show you what i have,here,okay i was looking for like a a,conditioner that i could use that was,cheap but still had good ingredients,that i could use as a pre-poo,i have been like literally using up my,melanin hair care,leave-in conditioner way too much so im,like okay,let me see if theres something else,that i can buy so that im not like,using my melon and hair care leave-in,conditioner as much as i,am because it hurts the heart okay im,at target,just looking around and i see,the name and the packaging,of my favorite like natural clean,brand and im like i know they didnt,come out with a hair,product line i know my my eyes must be,deceiving me,to my surprise,it was indeed,what i saw and this,is a shampoo conditioner,and hair mask or deep conditioner,from my favorite brand at the moment,which is,native before i even say anything else,because i feel like,in these in these times you have to just,be,like super honest like i purchased this,with my own money,and i genuinely love this brand like,crazy but theyve never had hair,products so ive never mentioned it on,my channel,but i literally love this brand so much,ive been using them i want to say for,like the past,two years but,these are the deodorants that i have i,actually need some right now hold on,oh yeah there we go four deodorants here,which would have been six but i finished,two of the other ones that i had,and these i purchased with my own money,like i said ive been using these for,the last two years,and they have so many different good,scents that,i just picked up all the ones that i,liked,with having with having this many i,honestly have a scent for different,occasions,were not going to get into that because,thatll take too long and,um this is not what the video is about,but i just wanted to show you,like these are mine plus the ones i,threw away,okay thats the only deodorant i use,just to show you my obsession before we,get into the hair care,here is the body wash that i have,and i actually have like a body wash,stash the one that im showering with,right now which i took out of my shower,and its a little messy,is this one which this is like my,absolute favorite body wash from them,this is lilac and white tea i actually,have another one of these in my shower,so thats three body washes and,six deodorants i might be obsessed but,im okay im okay with it so i just,wanted to show you that so you know like,i really love this brand ive been using,them for like two years now,this is not sponsored i just love this,so much,ive bought everything here with my own,money so when i was in target and i saw,that they came,out with hair care which ive never,like i was not expecting that at all i,was like,oh yeah its lit so lets get into the,hair care oh my gosh okay,so they came out with three different,scents,they came out with this almond and shea,butter one which,they dont have this scent in the body,wash,so when i saw this i was like oh a new,scent,a new color its orange i havent seen,orange,oh my gosh guys it smells so,good and then the other two ones that i,saw were,the same as my body wash which actually,i have the matching deodorant too,which is the cucumber and mint um,and they had that for the hair care they,had a shampoo and conditioner for that,and then the third one they had was,their coconut,and vanilla one and they had a shampoo,and conditioner for that,which when i first found out about the,brand the first body wash i got was the,coconut and vanilla,so i knew how those smelled the reason,why i went for the almond shade number,one it smells amazing,number two this was the only one that,came with a hair mask,this is their strengthening hair mask so,i was like if were gonna buy them we,might as well get the,one with the hair mask so i got those in,the store i looked at the ingredients of,everything,and the only thing that was different,was the scent,so literally you can pick up any of them,the ingredients are the same other than,the scent,the first one were gonna get into is,the almond and,shea strengthening conditioner and like,i said its silicone free sulfate free,paraben free the ingredients are amazing,thats why i use their deodorant and,their body wash,because im using products that i trust,you know on my body so i was like you,know,i already trust them on my body but i,did my little scan on them and the,ingredients,were great so went ahead and picked them,up,i really didnt know what to expect with,this conditioner like i said my goal,for a conditioner was to have something,that i could pre-poo with,that gave me a lot of slip a lot of the,times in the past i would go for,conditioners,that i could get for cheap that had a,lot so that i could really like detangle,my hair before shampooing it,and not feel like i was wasting money i,realized that i wanted to use more,natural and clean ingredients on my hair,and in my,body on my face all of that so naturally,i switched to more clean ingredients oh,my goodness,guys i literally only needed one pump of,this conditioner and i had amazing,slip now it depends on the section maybe,i might,need to go in with another half of a,pump if i,had like a bigger section but i kid you,not for 90,of the sections on my head i just needed,one pump of this,the slip was amazing it smelled amazing,the ingredients are amazing oh my gosh,and my expectations were already,super high because i love the deodorant,i loved the body wash,so i had high expectations and this did,not let me down,now next up we have the almond shea,strengthening shampoo,and you guys know that i say i do not,film in the shower because,the way my shower set up i will,literally create a pool in the bathroom,and it just doesnt work,maybe in the future when i get a shower,that i can do that,in but its just not easy for me to film,in the shower so i didnt take a video,of me,using this shampoo but,please please believe me when i say this,shampoo,was amazing as well it did not tangle up,my hair which is a problem for some of,the shampoos ive tried in the past,it did not tangle back up my hair the,lather,was amazing it wasnt like it was an,amazing lather and then my hair felt,stripped my hair still felt moisturized,and,super clean that is all i can ask for in,a shampoo,sometimes with natural products certain,things might not lather,up that well which is okay but,i dont know i feel like when it lathers,it feels like its cleaning my hair,more which isnt necessarily true the,fact that it can be clean and still,lather up is,like i loved the shampoo and this,smell amazing as well next up is the,strengthening hair mask,and on the back it actually says that,you only need to let it sit for three to,five,minutes and you guys know that when i,deep condition,a lot of the times i just put it in my,hair and then i will exfoliate my body,shave rinse that off and then rinse out,my mask and then ill shower and finish,up so i was like perfect test before i,even decide to use heat in my hair,can it make it through the three to five,minute test,and boy oh boy it made it through the,three to five minute test,guys i had it in my hair for i want to,say like,two minutes i just exfoliated my body,because after washing my hair i like to,make sure that,nothing from my hair sticks on my body,this wasnt even in my hair for as long,as i usually keep my deep conditioner in,and its still worked so im super,excited to see how its gonna work,when its i


for nine bucks girl,you spend that on coffee anyways,[Applause],hello and welcome back to my channel,its your girl brianna michelle if you,are new here or if you have not done it,already please make sure you click on,that subscribe button down below today,im going to be sharing with you guys my,very thoughts on the native hair care so,lets just go ahead and get right into,this video,so yall already knew i was obsessing,over the native body care products if,you havent checked that video out ill,go ahead and link it up above,but there i talked about the deodorant,and the body wash the body wash i,havent been using daily like i used to,simply because ive been using my,notorious products and those ive been,using a little bit more frequently so,yall know i had also talked about,shying away from you know applying harsh,chemicals to my hair and my skin and,stuff so that was another reason that i,gravitated to the native hair care line,they do have their hair hairline,designed to your specific needs so if,youre looking for strengthening they do,have the strengthening shampoo and,conditioner and i got the moisturizing,simply because my hair is color treated,i dont know if you guys can see it from,here,i do need to re-dye because im growing,out but um,my hair is color treated so i just,wanted to maintain like the moisture and,not have it dry out over time simply,because the color was a little bit,harsher on my hair when i had first dyed,it so i again i got the moisturizing,bundle i got the coconut and vanilla and,i simply am just obsessing over this,scent thats my favorite in the,deodorant and also in their body wash as,well they are made with 10,thoughtful ingredients so that you have,things that are easy for you to,understand like water hair conditioner,derived from plants you know food grade,acid for ph balance amino acids food,grade salts etc etc etc so these are,definitely great go-tos if youre,looking for something thats a little,bit more environmentally and get a,little bit more cruelty free as it,pertains to your hair care products so,here we go with the results yall,already know i prefer to have a,protective style in simply because im,very tender headed and i dont like a,lot of tugging on my scalp and stuff and,simply because im always on the go so i,prefer something thats a little bit,more low maintenance ive literally just,been wearing my hair for the past day or,or two maybe,um,but when it comes to the shampoo,my only drawback rating it is seven my,only drawback is that i have to wash my,hair,another another another time simply,because it hasnt gotten all of the,product that ive used all week you know,whether that be my oils my gels my,moisturizers whatever that looks like i,have to kind of wash and re-wash and,re-wash to get that product out so i,give the shampoo a7 the conditioner baby,when i tell you moisture locking,im gonna give that a 10.,that is just how i feel about the,products relatively affordable theyre,nine dollars theyre available at your,local target or if you want to buy,online go ahead and use my link down,below youll get a free minute uterine,ill get a free mini uterine mini dealer,for you for you for you for you,everybody get a free mini deodorant,if you are in the market for a more you,know cruelty free hair care option,definitely check out native hair care,products like i said i simply just went,for the moisturizing line because that,was what my hair needed at the time,youre more than welcome to try whatever,you want based on your hair care needs,yall also know im very big on cost per,wear and i think about it as a cost per,use when it comes to these for nine,dollars youre getting,for nine dollars youre getting 16 and a,half ounces and these really last a long,time i think i bought them,late last year if im not mistaken it,had to have been sometime in december,because i included it in my um,christmas wishlist vlog so i bought them,in december and we are now,[Music],were now heading into april tomorrow so,lasting a very long time and for nine,bucks girl,you spend that on coffee anyway so head,on over to target and take care of your,crown,all right you guys,go ahead and leave in the comments down,below any of your current hair care,faves i would love to hear,my next one is olaplex im waiting on my,girl b today to you know drop that,review so,ill let yall know how that goes,once she let me knows how it goes so,[Laughter],no but again thank you guys so much for,watching this video dont forget to,leave me a testimonial for the sephora,squad most of you guys have already left,your review so thank you thank you so,much i thank you guys again for your,support um thank you guys just for being,here you guys can be anywhere else you,chose to be here so thank you so much,for watching this video you already know,i cannot wait to see yall in the next,one

The WORST Shampoo, Deodorant, & Lotions – What To Buy Instead!

have you ever walked around the personal,care section of a store and looked at,the ingredients in the products you put,on your skin and on your body every day,its actually kind of scary and for the,last year but specifically the last few,months Ive been looking at and,researching the ingredients in these,products and exactly what they do to,your body and its bad my friends if you,think the ingredients in food is bad,Personal Care is even worse were,talking ingredients that are derived,from petroleum from tar and theyre,linked to hormone disruption endocrine,disruption you dont want that on your,body so lets walk around and show you,when it comes to lotions deodorant,shampoo body wash what are the bad,ingredients in there exactly why theyre,bad but more importantly how to swap,them out with a better for you Bobby,approved non-toxic products before we do,that I do want you to also check out,thrivemarket.com using my promo link,down below theyre a big supporter of,the channel but they also have a lot of,the clean non-toxic products Im going,to talk about for way cheaper than most,stores uh on or on average you save,about 32 dollars per order when using,Thrive market and when you click my link,down below you get 30 off your first,order and a free gift and its 30 days,risk-free and Ill put all of my,favorite non-toxic products for the,whole video Im going to talk about in,the description box check them out on,Thrive Market youll get a great deal so,less talking more shopping lets walk,around CBS walking down the shampoo and,conditioner aisle here I dont see any,that are Bobby approved but I do see a,lot of the most popular brands that,people use on a daily basis and heres a,prime example of one this is Garnier,Sleek and Shine,and its hard to see the ingredients but,right up top see what it says right,there,SLS now theres other issues here but,youre going to find something called,sodium lauryl sulfate in almost all,shampoos and thats a problem because,thats a scrubbing agent actually its,the same scrubbing agent they put in,toothpaste that you want to avoid too,but this is such a good scrubbing agent,meaning a harsh one that not only,cleanses your hair which by the way just,got a haircut this morning huh not too,shabby,um it not only cleanses your hair but it,strips your hair and your scalp of a lot,of the natural oils and moisture in,there it can make your hair brittle and,its such a harsh scrubbing agent it can,make your scalp irritated and I have a,Sensitive Scalp so anytime you see SLS,or sles in a shampoo to abrasive put it,back so well put the Garnier back,and then this is something I think I,used to use back in the day this argon,oil stuff here it looks like its a,premium,shampoo and its really hard to see the,ingredients it doesnt have the SLS but,it has a ton of other things in here see,in the bottom artificial colors are to,be avoided Ill tell you why a little,bit later but see all these pegs here,pegs have all these different numbers,after them pegs are almost always based,out of petroleum petroleum is toxic you,dont want that on your skin so this is,a no,but maybe the most egregious offender is,something I used to use back in the day,for dandruff and dry scalp Head and,Shoulders classic and you know all these,A-list actors I remember Sofia Vergara,was waving her hair in these commercials,for her head and shoulders they aint,using it I promise you so you look at,the ingredients on the back here and,once again a blue one artificial color,is how they get that Ill talk about,that in another aisle you want to avoid,that but sometimes with these chemicals,you cant necessarily pronounce them it,doesnt mean theyre bad but these two,right here I cant quite pronounce them,I dont want to butcher them but these,are horrible horrible preservatives one,of them is known as a neurotoxin which,youll learn a lot of the ingredients,here are endocrine disruptors hormone,disruptors or neurotoxin and the other,one is a very harsh preservative that,can be a major skin irritant so in this,case I would highly recommend not using,that because the ingredients are bad,youll notice in in this video that a,lot of the ingredients are neurotoxins,or endocrine disruptors they affect the,hormones especially for the ladies and,they are directly linked to fertility,issues well I wonder why we have such an,issue with infertility in this country,so for uh and worldwide to be honest so,for shampoo and conditioner I dont see,the ones here my favorite one that I use,at home is a cure its readily available,its not that expensive and actually I,just looked on Thrive Market they have,it on sale right now for a great price,and of course when you click my link,down below you get 30 off your first,order and the free gift so a cure,shampoo and conditioner is great when I,do have dry scalp I dont reach for the,Sofia Vergara stuff anymore I use,something called Avalon Organics its,not perfect but its very clean compared,to this but I would stay away from these,regular ones here because of the,ingredients theyre just not good for,you and for your scalp the dirtiest,Secret in personal care products is,actually something called fragrances and,if I pick up a secret there goes Secret,it pH balance for a woman,but strong enough for a man if I pick up,almost anything in the personal care,aisle I dont care what it is youre,almost always going to see the word,fragrance fragrance are or parfum if you,see those two words fragrance or parfum,its the natural flavors version of the,Cosmetics world the problem is its even,worse like natural flavors its not,regulated but they can use up to 3 000,ingredients including chemicals,preservatives anything to make the,perfume or fragrance and they wont tell,you its proprietary and a lot of those,ingredients are incredibly irritating to,your skin avoid fragrance or perfume,this also has a deodorant its just,something you dont want to put on your,skin because it has the pegs the,petroleum-based preservatives so Ill,put that back there and I wouldnt use,any,anti um per Sprint or anything like that,that has a spray on there because whats,the first ingredient here holy crud,butane butane alcohol to propel it out,of the can but on your pits a sensitive,part of your body hex to the no,even something that people think is,premium like this here it looks great,right,if you see the active ingredient here,propylene glycol look you see these,ingredients you dont even know what,they mean but once you learn about,propylene glycolas thats the chemical,or the ingredient that makes this smooth,and silky when on your when you put on,your pits the problem is its a known,hormone disruptor and skin irritant when,you see it in as little as two percent,in the ingredients well,when its the first ingredient here that,means its probably 50 or more under,your Pence known as a skin irritant or,hormone disruptor no no no luckily,theres really good options uh I think,of Schmitz is one loom is one Ill put a,full list of the Bobby approved ones,down below I dont really see one here,but luckily theres a oh here we go,heres one,this guy Crystal Crystal the regular one,is Bobby approved youre not going to,see,any of those nasty ingredients here but,theres a ton of really good ones Ill,put a full list down below stay away,from the traditional ones it might be pH,balance for men and women but you dont,want it,I finally see some Bobby approved,personal care products boom Bulldog body,wash boom Castile soap is good but,anytime you look at the majority of body,washes here was that comedian uh who,says body wash gotta wash the body I,forgot who it is but anytime you see a,colored one,like this then get in that color from,lavender spoiler alert theyre getting,it from artificial colors like blue,number one why is that a problem,artificial colors are almost always,derived from tar and petroleum,par and petroleum-based colors on your,skin in your body when youre eating,food products with that no no no so put,

Review On Native Shampoo

[Music],hello guys welcome back to Emma Vlogs to,this big thumbs up subscribe down below,and well be coming back so welcome back,to endless Vlogs,um today were going to be doing another,video review this is my last review on,this and then next weekend youll start,seeing cookies,cooking videos because I know Ive done,a lot of uh like,uh reviews lately so youll see a easy,quick,um youll see easy quick meal,so your meal will be easy and quick so,Ill show you easy,way to cook a meal,easy and quick,um so today what youre gonna Im doing,is review,um I switched my shampoo it did not um,think I was going to switch my shampoo I,kind of I actually liked my shampoo that,I was using but Im actually surprised,that I switched the shampoo and if you,hear back or annoyed at that my material,and then thats my uh dog that I have,um I do have a three-year-old dog,um That We rescued,um so shampoo and conditioner were,talking about,today is,so um I wanted to go over some things I,loved my last shampoo and conditioner,but I didnt have the money to like go,buy anymore because its like at Sally,Beauties and all I had was stuff to,return to Walmart and,um to return only only to return to,Walmart so,um thats the only thing I had to do the,only thing I had was things that,returned to Walmart,so I didnt have time to go out and,figure out how Im gonna get extra money,well I could have waited to the weekend,because my husband actually but my hair,would already get oily,it like really flaky,and stuff like that,so it was just really oily and it was,just time for it to wash its been like,four days almost five days since I,washed it and so I really needed to wash,it but I tried this brand I did think I,was gonna like it this has no sulfate in,it no harmful ingredient it may have uh,I think,citric acid thats a little bit of a,harmful ingredient but they only have,one thing,compared to like saute and um the other,stuff that youre not supposed to have,in your products this is a lot more but,more better for you and I didnt think I,was gonna like it because everybody on,the reviews when Im reading on Google,everybody said that uh this,was like,smelling it was too like uh um like the,smell was too strong too harsh it was,like overpowering I dont think that in,my opinion I dont think that anything,that I used is not overpowering like,unless I hate the set but,Im gonna tell you what it is its its,native cocoa Coco nut and vanilla its,silicone free sulfate free and paraffin,free,thats what it is,and its a moisturizing shampoo,thoroughly made with 10 ingredients or,less and then Ill just show you the,back I aint gonna tell you what the,ingredients are made with,Ill just go over water,Bend yeah you guys can read I cant read,really well so Ill just have you guys,later if you guys cant see it then you,guys can look it up for yourself Im,sure theres a better picture than,Google but I did switch and this is only,ten dollars and Im good and Im,spending 20 on my shampoo twenty dollars,for my shampoo and conditioner 20,dollars,for both twenty dollars together so this,is nine something and then this is nine,something,so ten dollars together,so Im spending twenty dollars and Im,gonna tell you something I didnt think,I was gonna like like my conditioner,with this product but I kind of do yes,this is a detoxation,I know I should have grabbed the,conditioner in this but I dont want to,because I really love this conditioner,because I love how it gets in my hair,and it gets rid of all the stuff that I,dont want in my hair and it makes my,hair soft and it does not weigh my hair,down as much as I think my hair is,getting finer I am losing some of that,like,um,that thickness I was talking about but I,dont think its going that bad so Im,not too worried about it,and Im gonna be trying out the other,ones the only,one Im at trying out is the I think,its the orange bottle I am not trying,that its called the strength I want to,try the volume one in the green bottle,with the mint,the mint in it I do want to try that,and then thats it I might try and any,other other like the dirty order and Im,not going to do all that because its,expensive compared to this their,deodorant is like 12 and Im not doing,that only pay like five dollars for my,deodorant I love my deodorant,and they have a body wash thats like,nine dollars too but Im not Im not,doing all that,so I rather just stick with this and I,use doll body wash and thats the only,thing I can see them to find that works,on my skin because every other body wash,that I seem to find that has not worked,on my skin it broke me out really bad or,it just didnt keep me clean I was still,stinking and I didnt like that and so I,switched to Dove and thats one thing I,will never use their their uh their Dove,hair products I will never use that,um but yes you got this so I have this,and I like it I rate it 10 out of 10 so,far my hair is like completely soft,right now I thought it when I was first,washing it it gave me like mixed,feelings like should do I like it do I,not like it what what do I need to know,about it and stuff like that but I,actually did like it it actually was,really really good I didnt think I was,going to like it I just thought it was,going to be one of those like,um no no no no so I put it in my hair,washed I let it sit for 10 minutes and I,rinsed it out and then I uh put my,conditioner in like I normally do let,that sit for 10 minutes and then I,rinsed out my hair and I was like whoa,this is different feeling this is soft,yes it does weigh your hair down the,green bottle,is for all hair types,the um,this is the moisturizer one it has a,really good scent but you will smell,more vanilla,than coconut so if youre into more,vanilla stuff then this is for you but,if you can override it and want that,moisturizing Feeling Just moisturizer to,make your hair look clean and this is a,product for you so I and but the green,one is the volume that where it makes,your hair about more volume thats the,green one and thats for all hair types,and then you got the uh orange one I,dont remember what scents they are then,you got the orange one I think its,orange and then you got that and that,strengthening I dont need that in my,hair I dont need strengthening in my,hair because as you can tell nothings,coming out when I,pull my hair I dont need that because,Ive used good products before and I was,using only sulfate products because,thats one thing I I couldnt find a a,product that I liked,that didnt have sulfate and I think I,actually did and theres no sulfate in,here and as I can read theres no,sulfate in here theres sodium salt,theres a bunch of ingredients in here,but theres no like,um,theres no like no harmful ingredient I,like this but if it doesnt work for you,dont do it switch to something else and,do something thats going to work for,you like I tell like I tell you this,this may work for me,but it may not work for you so I get,this at Walmart I get this ass salad,Beauties like I said,if you dont have a Sally Beauty to,order online if not if you dont want to,order this then just get the conditioner,with this but I like this because its a,detoxation and it it gets all that extra,like dandruff out and it helps your,um strip your scalp and it helps,repression it like what you need but,like I said thats what I do and then,right after Im done with these two,products,I use a leave-in conditioner this is the,leave-in conditioner you know how I said,in my last video that the leave-in,conditioner was too harsh because I was,oh I that was too harsh with my other,because I was using this,Im no longer gonna be using this,anymore Im gonna use it for right now,until I can get something out but I am,going to be switching this I do remember,how I said this was harsh,um well I did these two products with,just this and without,um this and it works a lot better,and um so I do no longer use this only,time Im going to use it when I have,flyaways or I do my hair and if the next,day and I need somet

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