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Top 10 Best Wet Cat Foods in 2022 (We Tested Them All)

hey everyone its mallory here with all,about cats and in this weeks video,were taking a look at the top 10 best,wet cat foods of 2022,[Music],so when i was selecting these recipes i,was looking for a number of things you,can learn more about them in the article,on the best white cat food link below,but in summary im looking for foods,that contain good ingredients so,to me good ingredients include clearly,named meats so not vague things like,animal byproducts or poultry byproducts,things like that im looking for minimal,plant inclusion so cats dont need plant,ingredients in their food,and generally this seems to be the most,nutritious approach to creating a cat,food and im also looking for the,absence of potentially harmful additives,so,again this is an area of controversy but,generally were looking for foods that,are free of artificial colors foods that,are free of artificial flavors and which,are free of certain uh potentially,harmful preservatives and then of course,i was also submitting all of these foods,to that lab and looking at things like,bacteria yeast mold and heavy metals to,make sure that these foods are not,containing anything that we dont want,them to and also to confirm that the,nutrient composition is in line with,those criteria i mentioned earlier,so again based on those,demands,ive chosen the following 10 recipes and,brands as the best you can buy in 2022.,also if you want to jump to a particular,recipe go ahead and use the video,navigation ill put links to all of,those sections so you can easily jump,all around the video my first,recommendation is going to be the wet,cat food from a company called raws so,they offer a selection of wet recipes,all of which are,rich in animal protein they dont,contain a lot of potentially harmful,additives interestingly they dont even,contain thickeners,that most other wet cat foods do and of,course they have a really nice species,appropriate macronutrient distribution,in all of these foods according to the,company theyre made to be kind of the,next best thing for those who dont want,to feed their cats raw and it certainly,seems that theyre doing that so,converted to a dry matter basis the food,is 50 protein 37 fat and just under 7,carbohydrates again on a dry matter,basis and im also not seeing any,presence of bacteria mold or yeast,as well as any heavy metals that could,possibly be harmful to your cat,overall it just seems like a really good,brand and im excited to share it with,all of you probably the biggest drawback,of raws is that it is pretty expensive,so with the wet foods costing somewhere,between 35 cents and 45 cents an ounce,its probably going to cost,between three dollars and 15 cents and,four dollars and 20 cents each day my,next recommendation is kind of the,opposite in terms of price its going to,be our top budget recommendation and,it is authorities pate style cat foods,youre getting,food that is made with clearly named,ingredients youre not getting any of,those animal by-products and youre also,not getting a lot of the additives were,seeing in typical low-cost foods i sent,their chicken entree food out for,testing and it came back clear on any of,those bacteria heavy metals or other,contaminants and the macronutrient,composition looked really solid so were,seeing that it is 49 protein 32,fat and then just six percent,carbohydrates on a dry matter basis it,looks like a really nice nutritious food,that really stands kind of head and,shoulders above other budget to your,foods they have a number of other flavor,options in that pate line so those are,all good choices,their shredded or flaked foods,tend to be a bit higher in carbohydrates,so i wouldnt recommend those but as,long as youre sticking to authorities,pate style wet foods uh you should do,pretty well at about 25 cents per ounce,the foods are going to cost about a,dollar fifty a day for a typical cat and,then my next recommendation is my,premium pick if you are willing to drop,a little bit of extra cash to get,top-notch ingredients and an array of,animal parts were not seeing in a lot,of other foods outside of those that,incorporate byproducts then i would,recommend zee-wee peak so z-we peak is a,new zealand brand it was purchased by a,chinese equity firm last year,but it still retains that new zealand,brand and that intention of bringing a,taste of new zealand to the rest of the,world whats neat about zewy peak foods,is that they incorporate animal muscle,meat organs and bones which again youre,not seeing outside of animal byproducts,and most foods and so thats giving your,cat really nice species appropriate,nutrition,now most zeewy peak wet foods have a,problem and the problem is that they,contain chickpeas for some reason,fortunately though theyve released the,new providence line and in that,providence line youre not seeing any,chickpeas which is really nice so if,youre going to go for a zewy peak food,i would opt for the provenance line to,get lower carbohydrate content and just,to avoid those chickpeas unfortunately,though i was not able to get a lab,report on a food from the providence,line so lets just take a look at their,original lines venison recipe so overall,the test is looking good in terms of,contaminants were not seeing any heavy,metals were not seeing any bacteria,yeast or mold and in terms of,macronutrient distribution it looks,pretty good but again were seeing that,high carbohydrate content i mentioned,the food is 52 protein 25 fat and then,14 carbohydrates on a dry matter basis,its just a tiny bit higher than that 10,mark that i would consider to be the,upper limit for cat food and of course,it is on the expensive side the average,recipe is going to probably cost about,78 cents per ounce and add up to about,4.68 cents per day,for a typical cat so pretty expensive my,next recommendation is going to be a,good option if your focus is on ethical,sourcing when it comes to companies that,are producing cat food and trying to do,it ethically open farm is one of the,best theyre,working only with suppliers that meet,standards established by several,different um pretty well respected,organizations like certified humane and,the global animal partnership and so,were seeing,recipes that are made from what appear,to be comparably,ethically sourced ingredients another,nice thing about open farms products is,that theyre human grade so theyre made,from human quality ingredients and then,manufactured in facilities that are held,to the same standards that would apply,to human food so for instance their,chicken rustic blend recipe is primarily,made from again clearly named chicken,ingredients as well as some bone broth,to kind of round out the nutrition so,according to my test the food was 53,protein uh 19 fat and 18 carbohydrates,on a dry matter basis so it seems that,theres some fluctuation from batch to,batch and you could end up getting a bit,of higher carbohydrate content,everything else on the test looked,pretty good i wasnt really seeing any,red flags overall the food looks decent,its not nutritionally perfect i,wouldnt recommend it for people who are,really looking to cut down on,carbohydrates,but again if your focus is on that,ingredient sourcing its probably going,to be one of the better options so at,about 50 cents per ounce the food is a,bit expensive most people are probably,going to end up paying about four,dollars a day to feed this to their cats,so,again yeah on the pricey side,but it could be worth it for some people,next up is another food that is human,grade,but it is my top fresh option so this,whole fresh category is kind of a new,type of cat food and it refers to a,homemade style cat food that for some,reason tends to be sent out according to,a subscription model and so my,recommendation for this category is,smalls nom noms cat food has been,discontinued we dont know if its going,to be coming back,so smalls really seems to be the leading,fresh cat food company out there i took,a closer look at their ground b

Worst cat food brands – avoid these!

did you know that one cat food manufacturer is  responsible for 11 different cat food brands?,guess what? these manufacturers  make junk food for humans!,hey friends its jess and  jericho from caticles.com  ,here to teach you how to feed your cat better.,before we get into the worst  cat food brands to avoid,at the end of the day you are responsible for your  ,cat and you have the option to  feed or avoid whatever you want.,just like these manufacturers have  the option to produce these brands.,im here to give you the facts and those  facts are based on these four things.,number one cat food manufacturer. so not just the  ,brand but whos actually  manufacturing the product.,two aafco product name rules.  the product name rules tell us  ,the minimum requirement of the named ingredients.,number three aafco ingredient definitions.  ,a lot of these worst cat food  brands have mystery ingredients.,and number four the approximate carb amount  based on the guaranteed analysis numbers.,by the way the nrc says that carbohydrates  are not essential to the diet.,in fact many holistic veterinarians say that  carbohydrates promote hunger and weight gain.,all pictures in this video were taken by me  at my local grocery store at pet food stores.,so if your brand isnt listed that doesnt  necessarily mean its the best cat food.,some brands just arent at my  grocery store or the local pet store.,so you should still learn how to  read cat food labels properly.,the first worst cat food brand  manufacturer is mars pet care.,im sure youre familiar with their products m&ms  tasty bits combos chocolate bars frozen foods.,do you think these foods are healthy for us?,lets take a look at their cat food brands.,heres royal canin aka a veterinarian  ,recommended cat food brand. this  particular product says oral care.,theres no named ingredients so that means we  dont know the minimum requirement of meat.,and here the first five ingredients are  ,chicken meal corn brewers rice  chicken fat and wheat gluten.,first of all meat meals are rendered meats.,according to a crs report to  congress rendered meats can include  ,four 4 meats which is dead  disease dying and disabled.,according to the guaranteed analysis the  approximate amount of carbohydrates is 46%.,46% thats almost half!,three of the first five ingredients are  corn brewers rice and wheat gluten.,these are all sources of carbohydrates.,side note amylase is an enzyme that  breaks down carbohydrates. cats  ,cannot produce amylase in their saliva.,therefore cats cannot break down  carbohydrates in their mouth.,this product is marketed as oral care but half the  ingredients are carbohydrates. if cats cant break  ,down carbohydrates in their mouth how can this  high carbohydrate food be good for their teeth?,heres another worst cat food  brand manufactured by mars…,these are marketed as treats but i  cannot believe this it actually has  ,feeding instructions on the label.,youll see a huge mars petcare  on the back of the label.,the product name is tasty chicken flavor.,according to aafco product name  rules any product that has the  ,word flavor in the name has a zero  percent minimum requirement of meat.,and the next rule up says three percent is the  ,minimum requirement and those product  names have the word with in the name.,so we know that this particular brand has  anywhere between zero and two percent meat.,the first five ingredients  include chicken by-product meal  ,corn animal fat brewers rice and wheat flour.,interesting that the first five  ingredients of this brand is  ,very similar to the first brand that we looked at.,the approximate carb amount on a  dry matter basis is 37 percent.,other brands in mars petcare include sheba iams  whiskas nutro and the treats called greenies.,next on the worst cat food brands  are manufactured by nestle.,and this is the manufacturer that  i mentioned in the beginning. so  ,theyre responsible for 11 different cat  food brands that are on the market today.,and remember each brand has several  different products under that same brand.,nestle as you may know manufacturers  cereal drinks and chocolate for humans.,heres friskies which is  created under the purina brand.,the product name here is with beef and gravy.,so that word with means the minimum  requirement of beef is three percent.,our next rule up is 25 minimum  requirement. so we know that  ,this product has somewhere  between three and 24 meat.,isnt that crazy? food intended for obligate  ,carnivores has less than 25  percent meat in the product.,our first five ingredients include water meat  byproducts beef wheat gluten and chicken.,so the very first meat ingredient that  we see here is a complete mystery.  ,meat byproducts what kind of  meat? what kind of byproducts?,byproducts are also rendered meats so that means  ,it can include 4d meats dead  diseased dying and disabled.,jericho doesnt like 4d meats.,even worse that crs report to congress said  ,that rendered animals can include  dead animals from animal shelters.,and we have absolutely no idea  because it only says meat by-products.,thats a dangerous mystery!,even though this is a wet food the approximate  ,amount of carbohydrates on  a dry matter basis is 23%.,heres purina one this is our first 25%  minimum requirement of meat rule so far.,and the first five ingredients include  chicken liver broth pork lungs fish.,three out of the first five  ingredients are a complete mystery.,what type of liver? what type  of broth? what type of fish?,give me a polydactyl thumbs up  if you get what im saying here.,by the way did you notice those fancy  label claims premium natural grain free?,i cover this in another video but premium and  natural mean absolutely nothing in feed law.,and grain free does not mean carb free.,so this particular food that  says grain free is actually  ,approximately eleven percent  carbs on a dry matter basis.,you might think that thats low  but compared to two percent the  ,approximate amount in the cats natural  diet thats a 450 percent increase!,heres purina pro plan which  is a veterinarian recommended  ,brand. the product name fits under the 25 minimum.,but here we have lamb and  rice in the product name.  ,so that 25% minimum is lamb and rice combined.,the first five ingredients are lamb  ,rice corn gluten meal dried egg  product and soy protein isolate.,now im sure youre saying meat is the number  ,one ingredient. how can this  be the worst cat food brand?,yes meat is the number one ingredient however  ,the usda says that muscle meat is  approximately 75% moisture aka water.,kibble is cooked and pressurized three times and  the finished product is only 10 percent moisture.,so most of that first ingredient of meat is  gone by the time the kibble hits the bag.,the next two ingredients are carbohydrates and the  ,approximate carbohydrate amount on the  dry matter basis here is 27 percent.,jericho can i have a kiss? thank you!,this particular product says  for sensitive skin and stomach  ,but how can it be good for sensitive stomachs  if cats arent designed to digest carbohydrates?,other brands in this manufacturer  include fancy feast beyond  ,deli cat muse kitten caboodle kitten chow  and cat chow and all purina products.,by the way im talking about kibble and wet  foods made by these brands and manufacturers.,next worst catholic brands are  manufactured by jm smucker.  ,jm smucker also owns companies  like dunkin donuts crisco and if.,heres rachel ray nutrish. the product name  here is chicken and potato recipe. so thats 25%  ,minimum requirement of  chicken and potato combined.,the first five ingredients are chicken chicken  meal dried peas pea flour and turkey meal.,again we see rendered meats that  can include 4d meats. the other two  ,ingredients are carbohydrates. again  grain free does not mean carb free.,the approximate carb amount of this  product is 39% on a dry matter basis!,heres meow mix wet cat food.  the product name rule here

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Jess Caticles cat food reviews list

النظام الغذائي الذهبي هو أقرب ما يكون إلى النظام الغذائي التطوري للكلاب والقطط,قدر الإمكان عمليًا.,مصنوع من عظام اللحوم النيئة الطازجة واللحوم واللحوم العضوية والفواكه والخضروات.,تتم معالجتها بالحد الأدنى عن طريق الفرم والتجميد.,لا يحتوي النظام الغذائي على مكملات صناعية أو إضافات أو مواد حافظة مضافة.,لذلك هذا هو النظام الغذائي القياسي الذهبي الذي وضعه المجتمع البيطري للتغذية الخام.,لذلك بالطبع فإن النظام الغذائي الكامل للفريسة النيء,والطازج مثالي لأن هذا ما قصدته الطبيعة الأم.,لذلك نريد الاقتراب من هذا قدر الإمكان.,لذلك قمت بإنشاء قائمة مراجعات لأطعمة القطط تتراوح من الأفضل إلى الأسوأ في كل فئة من فئات طعام القطط.,حتى تتمكن من نقل قطتك إلى,طعام أفضل وأفضل جودة حتى تصل إلى الوضع المثالي لك ولقطتك.,مرحبًا أيها الأصدقاء ، إنه جيس وجريشو وما,زال الكثير منكم يسألني ما رأيك في هذه العلامة التجارية لأطعمة القطط.,لذلك قمت بإنشاء قائمة مراجعات طعام القطط بهذه الطريقة كل شيء في مكان واحد.,يمكنك أن ترى ما أفكر به حول هذه العلامة التجارية لأطعمة القطط على الفور.,تستند قائمة مراجعات طعام القطط إلى ورقة الغش الخاصة بملصق طعام القطط.,لذا فهذه قواعد اسم منتج aafco التي أعتبرها هنا.,ثم المكونات التي يجب تجنبها بناءً على موقع dr kruger.,ثم ألقي نظرة أيضًا على التحليل المضمون,لمعرفة عدد الكربوهيدرات الموجودة في الطعام على أساس المادة الجافة.,من الناحية المثالية لن يكون لديك كربوهيدرات ورطوبة عالية جدًا.,الآن ورقة الغش الخاصة بملصق طعام القطط الخاص بي هي درجة من 20 نقطة ولكن قائمة مراجعات طعام القطط التي قمت,بإنشائها تسمح لي فقط بعمل 10 نجوم.,لذلك كل تصنيف من أصل 10 نجوم بدلاً من 20 نقطة مثل ورقة الغش على ملصق طعام قطتي.,لذلك يتم تصنيف قائمة مراجعات طعام القطط حسب الفئة.,الفئة الأولى هي الخلطات المسبقة للأطعمة النيئة لأنك,ستجعلني أفضل إعداد طعام قطط نيئ متوازن في المنزل.,ايضا اين انت ذاهب؟,حسنًا ، لا يريد أريحا أن يكون في الفيديو.,من الناحية المثالية ، ستصنع,طعامًا نيئًا متوازنًا في المنزل لأنك تتحكم في المكونات وطريقة صنعها.,الآن لسوء الحظ مع الأنظمة الغذائية النيئة محلية الصنع ، قد تضطر إلى استخدام المكملات,الغذائية الخام التي تحتوي على فيتامينات صناعية ومعادن.,ولكن مرة أخرى ، الأمر كله يتعلق ببذل قصارى جهدك للتعامل مع حالتك.,تحاول أن تشق طريقك إلى الوضع الأكثر مثالية.,ثم الفئات التالية من هناك قمنا بتجميد طعام القطط النيء ، وأطعمة القطط النيئة المجففة بالتجميد ،,ثم طعام القطط المجفف ،,وطعام القطط الرطب ، وبعد ذلك في الأسفل لدينا طعام جاف للقطط.,الأعمدة أعلى فئة القراءة.,حتى يتم تقسيمها حسب اللون حسب الفئة.,العمود التالي هو اسم العلامة التجارية والشركة. العمود التالي هو الرابط حيث يمكنك الشراء.,ثم تقييمي من أصل 10 نجوم.,مناسب لجميع مراحل الحياة يعني أنه مناسب للقطط والقطط البالغة وكبار السن.,كل مراحل الحياة.,إذا كان مناسبًا للبالغين فقط ، فسيتم ذكره للبالغين فقط.,ثم العمود الإرشادي المفيد لخلط الأطعمة النيئة على وجه التحديد.,سنذكر الوصفة والتعليمات على الموقع الإلكتروني والحقيبة.,هنا للحصول على طعام القطط الخام المجمد ، أعطيت بعض التلميحات المفيدة.,على وجه التحديد للأرنب اليوم ، استخدم اللحوم والعظام والأعضاء بالإضافة إلى مكملات النوترين وزيت السمك.,وستكون وجبة كاملة ومتوازنة.,ولكن بالنسبة لداروين على سبيل المثال فهو كامل ومتوازن كما,هو. أفضل لتقديم مجموعة متنوعة من البروتينات.,هذا الفيديو ليس برعاية ولكن هناك روابط تابعة في هذه,القائمة وكذلك في الوصف أدناه.,ثم في فئة الملاحظات ، كتبت ما,إذا كنا نحن فقط أو إذا كان هناك رمز قسيمة يمكنك استخدامه لتوفير المال.,لذا من الأفضل أن,يكون أفضل طعام للقطط هو الفريسة الكاملة. هذا هو بالضبط ما قصدته الطبيعة الأم.,هذا ما تأكله القطط في البرية. فريسة كاملة الخام وفي مجملها.,سيكون الخيار الأفضل التالي من هناك هو مزيج مسبق من الطعام الخام.,لذلك يمكنك صنع هذا في المنزل,باستخدام اللحوم التي تحصل عليها من متجر البقالة المناسب للاستهلاك البشري.,ومرة أخرى ، توجد الوصفات والإرشادات على موقع الويب,وحقيبة المزيج المسبق الذي ستشتريه.,بعد ذلك ، سيكون هناك طعام قطط خام مجمّد,تشتريه ومتاح تجاريًا ، وتعلم أنك تشتريه على موقع ويب.,أنا شخصيا أشتري طعام أريحا من الأرنب اليوم.,أعتقد أن هذا هو الأسهل لأنه يمكنك الحصول على اللحم المفروم,والعظام والأعضاء واستخدام المكملات فقط لملء الفجوات.,إذا كنت تبحث عن شيء كامل ومتوازن ، فكل ما تفعله هو إذابة الجليد وتقديمه ، فإن,داروين سيكون مناسبًا لك.,والفئة التالية هي طعام القطط الخام المجفف بالتجميد.,لذلك فإن هذا من السهل جدًا ترطيبه بالماء.,لست مضطرًا لاستخدام الفريزر أو إذابته ، لذا,سيكون هذا رائعًا لشخص ما بدأ في اتباع نظام غذائي نيء.,ربما تأكل قطتك طعامًا جافًا أو رطبًا في الوقت الحالي,وتريد إضافة القليل من الطعام الخام إلى نظامها الغذائي.,سيكون التجميد الخام المجفف سهلاً للغاية مرة أخرى فهو لا يتطلب الثلاجة أو الفريزر.,أنت فقط تسكب الكمية التي تريد إطعامها ، ثم ترطيبها بالماء ، ثم تقدم.,وستلاحظ في كل فئة أن التصنيفات من الأفضل إلى الأسوأ أيضًا.,بعد الخام المجفف بالتجميد أضع المطبخ الصادق هنا.,هذا طعام قطط مجفف.,جميع المكونات من الدرجة البشرية لأنها مصنوعة في منشأة لإنتاج الغذاء البشري.,وأن تضيف الماء لترطيبه أيضًا.,لقد اعتدت بالفعل على إطعام المطبخ الصادق لأريحا قبل أن أقوم بتحويله إلى نيء.,ثم الفئة التالية من هناك بعد طعام القطط المجفف,هي طعام القطط الرطب ومرة ​​أخرى يتم تصنيف هذا من الأفضل ضمن فئة الطعام الرطب.,وداعا. ومن ثم سيكون آخر طعام للقطط هو طعام القطط الجاف.,ولكن مرة أخرى يتم تصنيف هذا ضمن الطعام الجاف من الأفضل إلى الأسوأ.,لذلك سترى أول طعام جاف للقطط يحتوي على ثماني نجوم ، وبعد ذلك,أثناء التمرير ، سوف ينزل لأسفل ولأسفل ولأسفل حتى يصل إلى خمس نجوم في الوقت الحالي.,لكنني سأستمر في إضافة علامات تجارية إلى هذا.,الآن قد تلاحظ أن بعض الفئات الأدنى قد يكون لها,تصنيف أعلى من الفئة أعلاه.,مع هذا الصف الأخير من الطعام الرطب ، يحتوي على خمس نجوم ولكن بعد ذلك يحتوي الطعام الجاف التالي على ثماني نجوم.,وأنا أفعل ذلك لأنه في نهاية اليوم يكون أي طعام رطب أفضل من الطعام الجاف.,يحتوي الطعام الرطب على نسبة رطوبة مناسبة بينما لا يحتوي الطعام الجاف.,لذلك لا يزال من الأفضل إطعام هذا الطعام الرطب بالذات على الرغم من أنه,يحتوي على خمس نجوم مقارنة بهذا الطعام الجاف على الرغم من أنه يحتوي على ثماني نجوم.,القطط تعتمد على الغذاء للرطوبة لذلك نريد إطعام نظام غذائي عالي الرطوبة.,مرة أخرى ، يتم ترتيب هذا من كل فئة من الأفضل إلى الأسوأ ثم ضمن الفئة الأفضل إلى الأسوأ.,لذلك فقط افعل أفضل ما في وسعك دون توتر.,هناك عدسة مكبرة في أعلى اليمين.,لذلك فقط انقر فوق ذلك ثم يمكنك كتابة طعام قطط جاف وسيسلط الضوء على,جميع صفوف طعام القطط الجاف.,أو يمكنك البحث عن طريق العلامة التجارية. لذلك على سبيل المثال ، يظهر nulo هنا.,هناك خام مجففة بالتجميد وبعد ذلك يمكنك النقر فوق هذا السهم لنقلك إلى الإدخال التالي.,يحتوي nulo أيضًا على طعام رطب ، ثم تنقر على الطعام التالي ويوجد أيضًا طعام جاف في nulo.,لذا اكتب هناك العلامة التجارية أو نوع الطعام الذي تريد إطعامه.,إذا لم تكن العلامة التجارية موجودة ، فأعلمني في التعليقات أدناه وسأضيفها.,شكرا للمشاهدة!,أريحا فقط اجلس هنا وستكون خلفي على أي حال

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Not Effective? Limited Ingredient Pet Food

your dog or cat has an allergy it might,think its food that there could be a,big problem with these limited,ingredients they may not just be one,ingredient so may not even work I know,what you need to know in this video,[Music],hello welcome back to my channel if,youre new welcome if you had to do so I,encourage you to get a copy of my free,book you can click the link in the box,below for more information its always,listening to this veterinary podcast,like what can I heard what this is the,study here,its the determination of mammalian DNA,in commercial canine diets with uncommon,and limited ingredients so specifically,this study focused on testing 21,different over-the-counter diets such as,this one here which is a so unique,limited ingredient that are dealt as its,sole protein source they says tested 21,to see if they really were limited,ingredients could you really be using,these diets to test to see if your dog,or cat has a food allergy right you know,its what I tell you guys to do all the,time if you suspect your dog or cat has,an allergy first roll up food I suggest,getting any protein you need,carbohydrate you know this lemon,ingredient single allergen and you know,test it out first a minimum theres sort,of six to eight-week food trial but what,if its not just that protein like and,your dogs still itching like how do you,know if they do or they dont have an,allergy in the first place like did the,food companies be not telling us the,truth,you,well according to this study of the 21,foods they tested one of them had not,did not have the listed protein sacred,they dont list the company but an,example would say that it had duck as,the farmer as the protein source didnt,even have any dock then we got 20 or the,other 21 had other proteins that were,not even listed in the ingredients,meaning you thought youre looking at,the ingredient list that you were,purchasing Limited antigen protein that,was safe rinse is made up of only dock,guess what not only did it have duck in,it just post it also had say for,instance beef so how could you then go,ahead and feed that and know that youre,actually doing a proper food trial they,do go on to say in the conclusion of the,study that they were using a type of DNA,testing which would sort of test for you,know – cool,amounts of DNA but what its showing is,that theres secondary contamination,completely common throughout this pet,food industry so just because it says,its limited ingredient duck doesnt,mean theres only duck in it it also,doesnt mean necessarily that its gonna,work if youre gonna do a proper food,trial to roll out your dog having a food,allergen and third for myself I just,sort of once again puts in question like,what what should I be feeding my dog,what really is in that food or not in,that food and how can they say that its,you know this one lemonade ingredient,when thats not the case,you,you may actually have to go ahead and,make your dogs own food for that,six-day week period if youre gonna be a,hundred percent guaranteed that say for,instance youre just feeding your dog,duck and say its duck and sweet potato,and maybe some vegetables youre gonna,have to make it yourself then you know,100% for sure cook it guy at what yeah,it could work,its a darn good food on the company,loves it theres a lot during easier for,me to feed duck by pulling something out,of the bay than it is by cooking it up,but pip stir thats maybe what you need,to do to ensure that youre actually you,know doing a proper food draw Ill put a,link to that studying the show notes,that you guys do so a bit more of your,own research and you know just more than,anything being aware but knowing that,just say for instance your dog didnt,respond to that food trial may still be,that your dog actually has a food,allergy,you just havent done a proper food,trial yet unknowingly,thanks so much for watching this edition,of energy secrets if youve got to do so,I encourage you it had a copy of my free,book you can click the link in the box,below for more information thanks,hipster for once and so thats a,gracious dog host on the table,peace reward mmm I wonder what itd be,like coming here yes oh here have some,duck pip stir yeah thanks baby,good girl thank you for not eating my,fingers off

The Top 7 Best Dry Cat Foods of 2022 (We Tested Them All)

hey everyone its mallory here with all,about cats and in this weeks video im,going to be going over my top seven,recommendations for the best dry food of,2022.,[Music],over the last several years ive done a,lot of cat food reviews so on the all,about cats site there are over a,hundred cat food brand reviews and ive,personally tested out dozens of brands,over the last year weve also sent off,over 20 different recipes to a lab and,at that laboratory they did a number of,tests on each of these recipes including,a microbiological test a nutrient,analysis and,testing for heavy metals and so based on,all of that research and testing i,wanted to bring you an updated list for,2022 um sharing the recipes and brands,that i think are going to be the best,this year there will be video navigation,so you can jump to reviews of specific,brands and ill be segmenting each of,these reviews based on specific needs so,you can jump to,my pick for the best food for weight,loss for example or the best food if,youre on a budget hopefully thatll,help you to kind of pick through the,video and get to exactly what you need,so with that said lets jump on into my,top 7 recommendations if youve watched,our channel before youll know that,generally were recommending a low,carbohydrate diet maybe 10 carbohydrates,on a dry matter basis or less,and generally you cant really find that,in a dry food so dr lcs clean protein,does something different from the,majority of dry food brands and keeping,that carbohydrate content quite low in,the analysis i got from the lab we found,that the food was seventy percent,protein nineteen percent fat and just,three percent carbohydrates which is,practically unheard of in dry cat food,they accomplished this by using gelatin,as a binder instead of using any kind of,starch and this manages to keep the,carbohydrate content really low thats,going to make it a good choice even for,cats who have diabetes and while of,course no dry food is going to deliver,the moisture your cat needs this is,certainly a more species-appropriate and,meat-rich choice,than the vast majority of dry foods on,the market the food is also intended to,have highly digestible protein sources,so this particular recipe features,chicken as its first ingredient and,contains some dried egg product and then,it also contains pork protein isolate,which is supposed to be a highly,digestible source of protein in addition,to this chicken recipe you can get it in,turkey salmon,and rabbit recipes but ive noticed that,all of them contain multiple proteins so,theyre probably not going to be the,best choice if your cat has any food,sensitivities um to the ingredients,included at eight dollars and fifteen,cents per pound this food is pretty,expensive and the price has gone up over,the last year or so so if youre looking,for something a bit cheaper its,probably not going to be the best choice,and in that case i would recommend my,budget recommendation which is kirkland,signatures,maintenance cat chicken and rice cat,food so while this food isnt perfect,and there are two kind of big issues,with it one is that its high in,carbohydrates and the other is that it,seems to be manufactured by diamond,which is a huge cat food manufacturer,one of the biggest,companies in this industry,and which has been involved in the,number of recalls in the past aside from,these two issues uh the food is offering,several things that youre not generally,finding in a budget-friendly food one of,them is that it includes clearly named,proteins so were seeing chicken at the,beginning of that ingredient list as,well as chicken meal were not seeing,generic animal byproducts or meat,byproducts these ingredients that dont,really tell us whats in the food and,then were also seeing some nice added,ingredients like probiotics that were,not typically seeing in,uh budget to your cat foods if you live,near a costco store and you have a,membership its going to be pretty,accessible so as for nutrient,composition our test found that it was,41 protein 16 fat and 43 carbohydrates,on a dry matter basis again thats quite,high in carbohydrates so thats not,going to be ideal but again considering,the types of ingredients that theyre,using it seems like it is a pretty good,choice compared to other budgeteer foods,and again affordability is really this,foods main selling point so i found it,on the kirkland website for a dollar 48,a pound but the price is going to be,significantly lower if you can find it,in a local costco wholesale kind of on,the opposite end of the price spectrum,is my top recommendation if youre,looking for an air dried food which is,seaweeds mackerel and lamb,air dried food this is a new zealand,made brand and their foods are known for,really low carbohydrate content high,inclusions of meat ingredients overall,theyre just offering way more species,appropriate nutrition compared to a,typical dry food you can see on the,ingredient list that the food contains,mackerel lamb lamb tripe and lamb liver,so its offering a variety of organs,that we seldom see in cat food outside,of byproducts,and so this is offering a really,rich variety of species appropriate,meat-sourced nutrition overall the lab,test results looked good,because it contains some fish i noticed,that some of those heavy metals were,coming up a little bit higher,but again this seems to be kind of,typical for a fish-based food,and then the nutrient distribution was,looking pretty good as well so according,to this test the food was 50 protein 38,fat and just 2 carbohydrates on a dry,matter basis my cats didnt really like,this particular recipe they preferred,the chicken recipe from seaweed and a,number of other varieties are available,from this line and all of them offer,kind of similar nutrition this food is a,bit more expensive than the others on,this list at about 22 dollars uh and 80,cents per pound quite expensive but you,will be feeding your cat a bit less of,it,not enough though to make it no longer,an expensive option its quite a pricey,dry cat food so youll have to decide if,thats going to be worth the investment,for you if youre trying to help your,cat lose weight uh you might like tiki,cats born carnivore chicken and egg,recipe like a lot of tiki cats wet,recipes this food is a little bit lower,in fat and a little bit lower in,calories compared to,comparable products and it tends to be a,relatively good option if youre trying,to help your cat to lose weight now i,really wouldnt recommend dry food in,general for weight loss wet food tends,to be a lot more satisfying it tends to,work a lot better for weight loss but if,you do want to use a dry food uh careful,portions of this recipe could be a good,option there are a couple of recipes in,the born carnivore line this particular,one contains debone chicken and chicken,meal as its primary ingredients cats,tend to,like this recipe it tends to be pretty,appetizing,and in my tests from the lab everything,looked okay and the nutrient,distribution came out at 52 protein 18,fat and 18 carbohydrates,on a dry matter basis so overall this,nutrient distribution is looking pretty,good definitely on the lower fat side,but also on the lower carb side which is,pretty nice at 4.49 a pound this food is,kind of expensive but i would say its,kind of moderately priced,for this kind of so-called natural,premium marketplace my next,recommendation is going to be my,favorite ethically sourced um recipe,there are some brands that are taking,extra steps to make food that uh is held,to a slightly higher standard than the,competition and one of those brands is,open farm so its a relatively new,canadian brand and they offer a,relatively,small selection of dry foods in a number,of recipes,all of which are held to,pretty,stringent standards when it comes to,sourcing so all of their suppliers are,held to a certain set of standards,according to a number of different,organizations this particular recipe,contains wild pacific salmon ocean white,fish meal

Pet Nutritionist Ranks Cat Foods | Purina, Orijen, Fancy Feast, and More!

hi everybody and welcome back to my,channel if you are new here hello my,name is skylar,i am a certified dog trainer and pet,nutritionist,today we are going to be doing a tier,list,ranking a whole bunch of different cat,food brands,now this is not a list of all of my,favorite brands in fact this is more of,a list of some of the best,and some of the very worst kibbles in,the industry,so keep that in mind while we go through,this video,i would also like to make sure that,everybody is on the same page here,kibble is not the best diet to be,feeding your cat or dog,or any animal kibble was originally,created for the,convenience of the pet owner and not,necessarily with,whats best for the cat or dog in mind,that being said,the more wet food that youre able to,add whether it be canned raw,or cooked meat the better and adding,those things to a kibble diet is going,to make it much more well-rounded,much more nutritious cats are also,obligate carnivores which means that,they need meat in order to survive their,body cant produce some of the essential,amino acids they need to live,and they have to therefore get it from,the things that they eat if you would,like to learn,more about biologically what a cat,should and should not be eating,i do have a video all about that that i,will link above and as well as,in the description now a couple of,disclaimers,just because the food is not on this,list does not mean that its a bad food,it also does not mean that its a good,food,my goal with these lists is that you,listen to me kind of talk about each,food,and pick up on some information that you,can then apply to whatever food youre,feeding in the future,we are also not going to be diving into,any of the,recalls or ethics of the company,or any of the sourcing practices,necessarily in this particular video,i do go into those topics during my deep,dive review videos,i have a couple of those here on this,channel that you can definitely look out,for ill link them,up above and in the description but this,is purely just,looking at the packaging and the,ingredient panel the things that you,would see when you walk into a store,and you start doing some base level,research on a food,we are also going to be touching on some,veterinary and prescription foods in,this video,and again i am purely looking at these,as,someone with some pet nutrition,background,and analyzing them as a food as,what it is i would love to go into a,whole separate video about,vet foods and my opinions on them but,again thatll be a completely different,video,if you would like to see that be sure to,give this video a thumbs up and leave me,a comment down below,um just so i can maybe bump it to the,top of my filming schedule,so with all that said lets go ahead and,take a look at our ranking system,so right at the very very bottom here we,have the pee pee poo poo,and this is gonna be food thats more,suited,for chicken feed than for feeding your,cat,this level is all gonna be really really,crude ingredients,like corn wheat soy by-products,these are all probably going to be,larger companies that dont have as,great sourcing as some of the,independent companies and these are,going to be foods that again are,predominantly corn versus,the meat that these obligate carnivores,need to survive,the next level that we have is yucky,this one is,a step up from the pee pee poo poo foods,these still do,include corn wheat soy and by-products,for ingredients that we like to avoid,but these ones might have meat,as the first ingredient and have these,other four ingredients,a little bit farther down on the,ingredient panel which makes them a,little bit better,but i would still not recommend feeding,foods in this level next up we have,cheers cheers are going to be great,entry-level foods,to kind of get you started into this,world of feeding your pet better,these foods are typically corn wheat soy,and by-product free which we love to see,thats like our bare minimum here on,this channel,but these foods also come from larger,companies and with that,comes less control over sourcing not as,great sourcing,and a lot more recalls and that kind of,stuff which again,were not going to go too far into this,video but i do want you to be aware of,that and then we have,oh hell yeah oh hell yeah is kind of my,base level of foods that i typically,recommend to people when im doing,nutritional consults,these foods are typically independent,which means they have a little bit more,control over their sourcing and their,ingredients,theyre all going to be meat first foods,theyre going to be very high quality,these ones it does not mean that they,have never had a recall,but being in this tier and being that,their independence and being that they,have a little bit more control over,their sourcing,typically means that they are less,likely to have a recall so thats good,to keep in mind,next at the very tippy top we have,chefs kiss this does not necessarily,mean that these foods are better than,the ones no hell yeah,these are just ones that i especially,like the ones that,do something cool or something kind of,out of the ordinary something that sets,them apart,and so these ones i do want to give just,a little special spot to show off,all right so jumping right on in we are,going to start with fancy feast,this particular fancy feast is the,gourmet dry cat food,with savory chicken and turkey were,only going to be looking at the first,five ingredients in todays channel just,because those first five make up the,bulk of the food,and can tell us a lot right away about,the quality,of course companies could be hiding some,less than desirable ingredients past,those first five,but today its just a general overview,were only gonna be looking at these,first five ingredients,so first five for fancy feast we have,ground rice,poultry byproduct meal corn gluten meal,beef tallow naturally preserved with,mixed chicopherals,and whole grain corn so first and,foremost we have a poultry byproduct,meal,when byproduct meal isnt even named,thats like an,extra red flag so youre gonna hear me,mention afco a lot and afco rules,this is because afco is the organization,that decides,what goes into pet food how you can name,things in pet food,different wording that has to be used,and the fda doesnt necessarily have any,control,over pet food so usda,fda they work kind of in conjunction and,partnership with afco,but what afco says is what goes,according to afco meat byproducts dont,have to be slaughtered,so this is where we kind of get into the,4ds the down dead,dying and diseased that can potentially,be in pet foods,this does not mean necessarily that any,of the brands im going to be talking,about,use these 4d meats in their foods but it,is something that i want to make sure,youre all aware of that could happen,and could be totally legal according to,afco,so thats why byproducts especially,raise red flags,now when you get into unnamed byproducts,thats when it gets even,a little weirder for example here we,have poultry byproducts,this can be basically anything with,feathers and all mixed together,if you see chicken byproduct at least,you know its all chicken,when you see poultry you dont really,know what kind of animal it is,and then we have whole grain corn and we,have corn gluten meal,corn turns directly into sugar in the,pets body,it would be like giving a kid a whole,bunch of pixy sticks right before bed,having a bunch of corn is not only no,nutritional value,and not digestible in the pets body,just think of yourself when you eat a,cornicob how do your stools look,pets can digest it even worse so corn,we just like to avoid we dont like corn,in our foods,this food also uses the with rule again,this is a afco regulated thing,the width rule means that the,ingredients in this case,chicken and turkey only need to make up,about three percent of the food,and so using that information we can,kind of gauge,how much meat and how much of the,advertised meats are actually in those,foods,so in this case

✅Top 5 Best Organic Cat Food Review in 2022

hey guys in this video were gonna be,checking out the top five best organic,cat food that are available on the,market for their true quality I made,this list based in my personal opinion,and hours of research and have listed,them based on popularity quality price,durability user opinions and more if you,want to see more information in the,updated price you can check out the,description below and also make sure,subscribe for more reviews okay so lets,get started with the video,starting at number five we have the Blue,Buffalo basics sometimes less is more,and with this natural cat food dry,formula from Blue Buffalo you get a few,top-quality ingredients without losing,any nutrition or taste and as a tempting,mealtime treat for a kitty with a,sensitive stomach it is an ideal way to,keep them nourished based around a,single animal protein source whitefish,you know exactly what you are putting in,their dish but if simple sound like,plain and boring then youd be mistaken,although limited in core ingredients,with this Blue Buffalo basics cat food,you get the ones youre sensitive cat,will really enjoy alongside the fish you,get potato and pumpkin as natural,sources of fiber while the whole formula,is enhanced with omega 3 and 6 fatty,acids vitamins and minerals and to avoid,any irritation this dry cat food is,strictly a poultry corn wheat and soy,free zone and theres nothing chemical,or artificial – coming in a large 11,pound bag you will also get a fair,amount of natural mealtimes for your,furry friend,moving on at number four we have the,Newmans Own premium adult cat dry,formula with top-quality organic chicken,as its protein qingtian,this natural cat food comes in an easy,to eat dry kibble formula that will help,to keep your adult cat healthy and,satisfied with added organic grains,vegetables and brown rice there is,enough carb balance to keep his energy,up while the wheat corn and artificial,additive free mix is gentle on the,digestive system the nutrient balance,has also been worked out well with 32,percent protein and 16 percent fat all,fortified with added terrain for muscle,health as well as top quality natural,vitamins and minerals brought together,this premium cat food from Newmans Own,as a natural and tasty mealtime treat,for your feline that wont irritate his,system and can be fed to all adult cats,at any life stage to help them keep,healthy lean and active,at number three we have the organics,castor and pollux dry cat food USDA,certified organic scatter and Pollux dry,cat food can rightly claim that its dry,cat food recipe as 95 percent organic,and if its cat fans are anything to go,by 100 percent tasty with organics you,can be confident that every ingredient,has been organically produced and,handled and its production has been done,in an organically certified kitchen,facility this means there are no,artificial nasties in this totally,natural cat food that could irritate or,upset your allergy or digestive,sensitive Kit Kat the main protein,source is organic free-range chicken,boosted by a superfood blend of flaxseed,cranberries and coconut oil then topped,off with peas barley oatmeal and brown,rice the result is a delicious organic,dry cat food kibble that is gentle on,your cats tongue and is fortified with,taurine vitamins and minerals to keep,them in tip-top natural condition,at number 2 we have the Rachael Ray,nutrish zero grain natural dry cat food,with biscuits small enough for young,cats as well as the more senior models,this is a good natural cat food if you,need to put your pet onto a more,restrictive diet but dont want to deny,them the crunchy kibble taste they love,using farm-raised chicken as its single,protein source this cat food is poultry,by-product and filler free so you know,exactly the quality you are putting in,your pets dish as one of the best,natural cat foods on our list,it is also grain and gluten free so,ideal for a restricted diet for a more,sensitive pet add in organic vegetables,such as pea potato and beet pulp flax,seed and cranberries you have a gentle,balance of the natural good stuff to,sooth and satisfy theres also a,comprehensive vitamin supplement as well,as added terrain for healthy muscles,bones and immune system for extra,reassurance Rachael Ray nutrish handpick,and check all their suppliers so you,know you are getting premium ingredients,and only the very best natural cat food,for your pet,and finally at number one we have the,halo grain-free natural wet cat food,treat your house kit to some delicious,and natural whole salmon with this,easily digestible wet cat food from halo,your cat will love the fish taste and,chunky texture of this natural cat food,which has only whole not rendered salmon,that has been sustainably sourced for a,high quality taste and nutritional value,the natural recipe of this wet cat food,is also grains free and boosted with,non-gmo vegetables as well as added,cranberry the whole mix is topped up,with added vitamins and essential fatty,acids to keep their skin and coat in top,condition,thanks you for watching guys I hope you,liked this video if this video is,helpful to you please make sure like,comment and subscribe if you have any,question related to this product you can,leave a comment down below I will get,back to you as soon as possible

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