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[Music],everyone so Im super sick right now and,I was trying to find reviews for this,little buddy online and they were people,were not even sick and they were,reviewing it and they were getting the,products for free so I was like talk,about biased like reviews so I was like,you know what Ill just buy it myself,and then Ill do an honest review of,this product it actually is like a,hundred dollars but I had a whole bunch,of like CVS coupons like I had a 40% off,one item so that some extra box that,ended up only costing me like 40,something dollars so this is like a,device where you kind of its kinda like,a netipot,where you put it up to your nose and,its supposed to clean out all the junk,and I dont know if you can hear it but,like theres a whole lot of junk up,there right now and I need to get that,out so um you know Im like everyone,else and I dont really look up,instructions I got my water Im gonna,fill it up to that little fill line and,it says in the inside voila okay so I,think youre supposed to the power,button only works with a new soft pad in,the crushing chamber press firmly,wait am I supposed to do it already,wait hmm,hmm I think I [ __ ] up shoot wait,oh god its leaking all over the place,what did I do,can I just like double salt it like is,that a thing okay so this I think of,them here and then like maybe a little,register that thats a new salt pot okay,oh god its like literally leaking,everywhere,oh god Im wet okay so like oh okay now,it works okay so you put your nose you,get to like shove it up in the side of,you and then you press this button and,then you press it again like it locks on,to you like you press it again and then,it goes through here and I was like oh,whats the cleaner sign this is why is,it leaking all over me oh oh okay lets,try it,oh that is uncomfortable Oh,[Applause],[Music],whoa okay obviously empty look the,rockier okay lets try this together,[Music],what aah oh my god,permit were gonna redo this all over,literally trying to read the,instructions right now and I dont I,dont know what I did wrong like I might,have just did too much salt so like into,two salt pods because like it knows when,you open the machine or something so,were gonna try it again I put up the,thing to the to the Phil oh well well,some of its leaking out so its no,longer up to the fill line it also said,to keep your head like up like not back,or anything but like straight ahead so I,mean I guess well like do I need to keep,refilling this where is it leaking out,of what okay oh god hold on sorry Im so,cranky right now like all I want to do,is just sleep geez this Im literally,wetter than that one time Jeffery stayed,over my house okay okay lets do this,okay,[Applause],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],oh my god okay like theres literally,nothing inside of this nothing like my,nose was like super clogged with like I,think I just [ __ ] snot it all over my,towel like I literally dont even think,and he went to the stupid thing and you,know what it feels like it feels like,when youre in like a community pool and,you take on too much water up your nose,and you get that sensation that youre,about to drown and then you come out and,then youre like you know what I mean,thats what I felt like,honestly Im probably gonna try to,master the situation like honk I my nose,definitely does feel clear but I mean,there was so much water going up of it,like I couldnt talk because then I,instantly felt like the water was gonna,come down instead of going up oh god,like that was such a painful experience,like oh my god Ive always wanted a neti,pot like always its like for like 10,years now and that just changed my I,mean I can breathe though so thats nice,I dont know what the [ __ ] happened but,I hope you guys like my honest review of,what is it its called the naväge the,naväge nasal Kerr very happy that I,didnt pay a hundred dollars for this,thing and yeah I would have been pissed,alright guys thanks so much for watching,dont forget subscribe because every,time you dont subscribe ok baby turn,straight oh I hope that I get better,soon all right love you guys,[Music]

whats up everybody out there in YouTube,land where yeah Im actually gonna be,doing a review on something that has,nothing to do with guitars but I think,its something that every carpenter,construction worker or luthier should,have and it has to do with sinus friends,anybody thats ever worked construction,whether its like drywall framing,finished carpentry tile it doesnt make,a difference so if youve worked,construction for any extended period of,time you get exposed to a lot of,different dusts even if you wear a mask,like this it still doesnt give you 100%,protection especially if youve got,facial hair okay a lot of people in,construction do and then as a luthier,like when Im building guitars or,repairing guitars Im using a lot of,different types of woods hardwoods,exotic woods and stuff like that a lot,of them have different types of oils in,them different allergens and things like,that,that basically you dont really want to,expose yourself to but finish carpenters,and luthiers know that when youre,working with different types of wood you,can become sensitive to them quickly,more that you expose yourself to,different types of sawdust like you,inhale it or you get on your skin youre,increasing the chances of becoming,allergic to it if youre somebody this,in the construction trades or youre a,luthier the last thing you need to do is,become allergic to your work so what I,had started doing probably about four,years ago as soon as I started noticing,a sensitivity the first one was actually,from maple Id often find after working,with woods all day long I take a shower,sometimes Id sneeze or blow my nose and,you know what was on the tissue or on my,hands or you know coming out of my nose,basically looked like I just ended up,snorting an entire line of sawdust and,it just gets trapped up inside there and,its not good for you theres nothing,good about it at all then at first I was,cupping my hand in the shower and,inhaling some of the stuff and then,doing a farmers blow to get it out of,there then later on I start thinking,wait a minute,theyve got these right at the the local,pharmacy or whatever and then so I got,this and Ive been using these guys ever,since and if youve never used one of,these what you do is you close off your,throat so like none of the water can,actually go back in your throat and you,stick it up your nostril like this and,then you end up squeezing,but its a little messy and does it,clean up your sinus passages yeah it,does it does right now its really wet,inside my sinus passages and if is like,I need to blow my nose or do a farmers,blow that always disgusts people but you,know something if youre in construction,youve done it my wife had told me she,says babe the next time you go out and,about if you see this this product I,want you to get it for me and Im like,well what what is it and she said its,this machine that basically is sticking,your nose and you push the button and it,shoots water in your nose and it comes,out the other end and Im thinking I,said what you mean that squeezy bottles,just no its a machine so thats what,were going to do this is gonna be the,review and were actually going to be,using the machine and were gonna see,how well does it work and its this guy,right here the actual machine itself and,theyve got premix all stuff that I,appreciate already because I hate having,to wait for this the saline solution and,everything to dissolve so this already,this is already a winner in my book just,because of that instruction manual okay,let me go ahead and set this up real,quick and as soon as Im done setting it,up were gonna give it a test so Im,reading the instructions the batteries,come pre-installed theres two different,sizes here this is the first one I tried,and I felt like it was just too close,together and then this one is a little,bit better and its also very,fashionable right it almost like scuba,gear doesnt it so now that Ive got,that guy attached it says that the,batteries are already pre-installed so,well see whats going on with that from,there I ended up putting the water in,through the top Ive got an RO unit,reverse osmosis for those in the know,and that is what I put inside here so we,have a salt pot it says that you want to,go ahead and put the salt pod inside and,then push this down until it clicks like,so and then I can see that the the salt,water is mixing with that and youre,supposed to give it a shake now its,saying that this button right here is,like a two-stage,and you push it down and prime it,because I think if you dont prime it,youre going to end up having vacuum and,thats so good,well okay I wasnt pushing it down all,the way and then it said to put a little,bit of water around the outside of the,of the things in order to make it slip,into the nostrils easier then I guess,youre supposed to just put it in your,nose and go at it,here go something because I dont know,what the I dont know what the pressure,is like but once again I want to close,my throat off if thats only through the,experience of using those squeezy bags,because if not itll go down your throat,itll be horrible taste like salty water,its horrible here we go,sure,Oh what,[Music],okay okay okay oh hey theres a bunch of,stuff in there it actually clean stuff,up give me a second Im gonna let you,know what I think about this hang up for,a second okay first things first dont,do this while driving,second thing dont do this on your first,date with anybody,third thing doesnt work yeah I mean it,works,but the one thing that I noticed that,this does compared is like the squeezy,bottle is my eustachian tube right its,like I can hear stuff going on in my,ears right I mean so its its,definitely doing something that the,other one doesnt do and in the station,tube guys is the tube that runs from,your ears to your throat and when your,ears pop thats whats whats happening,is you have you have a pressure on the,back side of your drum and then you have,the pressure out here and sometimes what,happens is it kind of gets closed off,every time that we swallow or Heon its,supposed to open up and allow them the,pressure to equalize on both sides,sometimes its kind of closed off right,and then so we end up feeling this,pressure in our ears and we have to be,like right and then the next thing you,know its like popcorn,thats the eustachian tube so during the,time that I was doing it I can feel a,vacuum I can feel a positive pressure,but I can also feel a vacuum and I can,hear I can hear my eustachian tube on,camera making these weird noises and,stuff is it uncomfortable when you first,start doing it its a little awkward,when you first start doing it because it,almost feels like you cant breathe or,something like its like youre being,waterboarded but then you fit you,realize oh I cant I can still breathe,through my mouth you just have to kind,of be able to close everything and its,a little awkward at first but then after,a couple of seconds youre kind of used,to it it feels like I can breathe a lot,better theres also a whole bunch of,nasty stuff floating inside here that,you guys probably dont want to see I,thought the farmer blow got rid of all,of it but it didnt Ill say this the,salt pods,they are not as aggressive as a saline,packs that usually mix its its much,more gentle right so I mean its like,youre not getting that strong like,seawater type thing and it doesnt burn,because sometimes Ill say Ling packs,man they burn I think the suction and,the pump thing is going to take a little,bit to get used to but its really not,that bad its really not that bad,and it does clean out it does clean out,whats going on inside here and because,because of the way that its got this,this this positive pressure and this,negative pressure it does do better than,just the squeeze I think this is,actually a pretty cool product actually,I think this is a cool product and I,think its way better than squeezy,bottles if you work in construction or,you or youre a luthier you work around

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Does this actually work? *EXTREME NASAL CLEANER*

So today were going to try the nasal,booger sucker outer thing,navage navage oh thats fancy for 99 you,better take my sinuses out to a steak,dinner your navage nose cleaner has been,100 tested somebodys already used this,before this do not use if your nasal,passages are 100 blocked,okay well okay well this is not good I,thought the whole point of this is to,make me breathe dirty job flush it out,shouldnt that be a plumber and not a,firefighter build the upper tank to the,fill line with warm water with warm,water,is that okay okay place a new salt pod,capsule in the crushing chamber close,the lid firmly until you hear it click,shut,were loaded Pam Im gonna stick my,nipples in the in the hole okay wait,wait we gotta talk about the three ps,positioning pressure and posture,are we still talking about this are we,talking about something else you know,what lets figure this out I put it in,my nose when I push the button I mean,lets go this is what youre supposed to,look like why is your mouth open because,you just gotta breathe you still have to,breathe you dont hold your breath,through the whole thing oh my God,theres so much to do should I like rev,the engine and see if it works oh oh did,you see that thats gonna go in your,nose its gonna get it I know its gonna,go in my nose Okay first position,upstairs,[Applause],this is so hard okay,keep my mouth open like that yeah,okay thats what it was,but,dude my eyes are gonna pop out of their,socket,[Music],foreign,its like youre getting waterboarded oh,my God I still have a tank left,[Applause],yo,really dont,[Applause],[Applause],just look at it,did you see what came out of my nose,that was like,it looks like I wiped my ass with the,toilet paper

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We used this Gadget for 2 weeks! ????

follow-up time what has happened with,the knavish so weve been using it a,couple times a day for I think its,right about two weeks now,yeah the very first night first three,nights I didnt hear him snoring and I,normally do but I thought yeah you know,it could be he thinks he doesnt snore,but it could be that maybe Im thinking,hard but she snores,we both snore but I cant hear myself,snore but I can hear if hes snoring or,not and he his snoring is way better,he even went out did yard work one day,which means allergy city and then he did,this after yeah and I didnt hear him,snore that did it on purpose like I went,out there and I just I didnt wear any,kind of mask or anything just to see,what would happen and my nose was fine,my eyes did bother me but thats normal,he uses nose spray every single day and,you havent been doing it during this no,because its an allergy spray so I,stopped that and give it a true death,yes just been doing that and its,working its I mean like I I Im always,like skeptical especially when it comes,to like allergies and stuff but mine are,way better and allergy season is bad,right now it is bad here and I,definitely notice it at night like the,breathing I just feels like its theres,nothing in there anymore Im impressed,with it I havent been using my allergy,medication and I breathe better well I,ordered us another nose things to each,ever own so I know that thats more,sanitary,yes were only using distilled water,everybodys been saying stuff about that,but I thought we talked about in the,other video but just in case but I got,this its a different pod and its,eucalyptus no colored no its not,colored the containers color it is,eucalyptus so were gonna try it because,look green is that just because of the,background yeah is the containers green,oh so here you be the hold on oh boy,routine okay,Steve has it down he is,hes got it knows how to adjust it in,his nose to where its coming out fast,versus the first sometimes sometimes,like if you after you do this for a,while like I have Ive had my nose broke,a few times so this site isnt as the,hole is smaller so when I stick it in I,found a place to where I can do it and,it goes faster its way easier theres,less anxiety because when you first do,it,it was weird like shoving down your nose,and then theres this pressure right,away and you got to relax,whats hilarious is wouldnt you do it,we do it from the bathroom in front of,the mirror hes got this routine down he,does routine down for everything but he,spreads his legs so hes low and I dont,think Im doing that I know its,hilarious you spread your legs so you,get all steady and then he does a big,breathing thing I want to be reliability,does its a relaxing its hilarious and,then its like three seconds and you if,I dont tell me that its more than,three seconds youll see you in a second,yeah but if I dont do that and I just,start shoving it in there then I have to,make adjustments in there I want to be,relaxed and then do it this is gonna be,weird itll be neat I think is gonna be,great especially if were sick I I like,putting methylate him around my nostrils,when I sleep at night I havent been,doing that cuz Ive been breathing,better but help your snoring I dont,know youre the only one that could tell,me about the snoring I havent woken,myself up snoring so I just do have a,been snoring the last two weeks no but I,dont know all right so what we do its,super easy put the water in theres a,line we use distilled water and like,Steph said this pops off,this ones mine make sure its going to,right hes good Steve has a preferred,one he likes it to go in this nostril,and out this nostril and theres arrows,on there so some of you guys said switch,him in between and we did try that but,we didnt really notice much of a,difference so we just do I didnt like,it,cuz it was harder for me it wasnt as,good because its just I dont have a,lot of space in there so got this try,that you guys do you need to lube that,up a little bit lube this up just just a,little bit the nose thing and then this,that is weird Im gonna do a blue one,its not blue its gonna be clear in,there,well see so Ive never done a flavored,one I havent and I didnt see the,flavored ones on Costco I only saw them,on their site so maybe they just came,out or something I dont know it goes in,one way,boom and then whats this thing clicks,it will allow me to push the lever here,which turns it on here that click a,little shake,I see no that one yes clear okay so its,gonna be refreshing I feel better that,its not green for some reason thats,because you never know,its either naväge Navin Navin is what,we call it but some of you guys,corrected us on the pronunciation but we,dont know what the real one truly is,but I actually I dont mind this part,anymore what is this just in case cuz it,does run out your nose at the end we do,it over the sink so can I stick it in,Im gonna adjust it then Ill start,blasting my nasal cavity and it Solaris,when we do it we totally watch the other,one do it were like to look for booger,yeah were trying to see if theres,gonna be sudden like Suns jumbo thing,just have it and trust me I wouldnt do,this every day if this wasnt working,its not an inconvenience I just would I,dont like stuff on my nose,Nikhil Im ready okay so I stick it in,it for me I have to go this push it that,way just slightly dont laugh I gotta,get my thing boy okay,theyre gonna adjust it here it is like,whats the mid to late Im like focus,whoo nice whoo that is current I kept on,refreshing,oh he dont talk thats going real fast,for you I mean for,Wow nice you like it better than the,salt hold on dad,whoa got some floaters whoa that might,be a bit the ladle in there hey Wow Wow,the eucalyptus man that feels good that,was very refreshing,its very young wait it kind of blast,you theres like a refreshing thing that,goes on fine yeah okay here we go,eucalyptus cant see it I think that,doing the eucalyptus one would be I mean,were only gonna do it once a day from,now on because I know the package yeah,oh yeah shake it so you lightly shake,that get it to move around okay man not,really,I cant wait like a like you you,obviously can smell it and theres its,not a taste or anything its very like,like a cough drop without the taste you,know that sensation it gives you various,like whoa,let me find out all right dont get it,all over your clothes oh wow,that is bit,heck with that I swallowed sup that,looks weird you got it at a serious,angle huh it sounded like a good chunk,blue in there whoa whats your shirt,thats minty very minty Wow good it even,feels it in the back of my ears maybe,cuz I accidentally swallowed some sort,of you built up pressure I was talking,but I hear my ears feel cool in there,even conclusion we are sold yeah its,very good it actually highly recommend,the eucalyptus,yeah eucalyptus thats nice it gives you,a pump not necessary but it gives you a,pop I cant wait to have that one at,night like if we I think Im gonna do,mine at night are you gonna do yours in,the morning or at night I dont know,what cuz I feel Im gonna do it one once,a day now and I like both night and and,morning you could do it twice a day if,youd like us not mess around no Im,just gonna do one a day and Ill see,which one I like Ill do like the,morning for a while and in the evening,and then see which one I prefer but it,really is it really is doing something,for us yeah,really has made breathing easier easier,like through our nose oh hes done that,several times like when he first did it,and he said Ive never been able to do,that just to both of my nostrils like it,just you know its its like a relief so,I like it if you guys are interested I,found it after we posted the video but,we theres a coupon code that they sent,and if you guys do order one its 20,bucks off your order if you order,through their site well put a link,below they also sell it on Amazon so,whichever one is cheaper get it from,whichever one I want highly recommend,t

hello hi welcome to another video in,beauty by G and well this video is,regarding allergies so as many of you,may or may not know because you probably,dont follow me in social media which,you should I suffer from allergies,tremendously and not long ago I made a,review on the neti pot which you can,find here in my channel and I will put,the link down below in the description,bar in case you want to check that out,and then a batch company um saw that,video and thought you know what this,poor girl she suffers from allergies so,much we should send her our product and,see how she likes it and how she can,improve her allergies and ha heres the,box which I got about three months ago I,know embarrassing but you know what I,wanted to put this to the test and I,used it on moments of like extremely,high need and when I was even sick with,like the flu and stuff and I know its,kind of girls but Ive even shared this,with my boyfriend and I have my really,really honest opinion I will be sharing,how to put this baby together show you,how it works on camera which is kind of,gross and I will even compare it to the,neti pot and give you all the,information of the cost and just details,and whatnot so if you want to know how,it works and all that stuff I just,mentioned please keep watching,so its called Anna Boch nose cleaner,and its supposed to be a hygiene nasal,system and what it does let me read it,the box so I dont get it wrong its the,worlds only meso irrigator with gentle,power to suction because it makes your,nose look like an accordion because it,sucks out the air it squeezes it,together and then it flows watering and,its not just water you have to put this,salt pots which are actually composed of,sodium chloride its the only green in,there so you sit that right at the top,Ill show you how that works and you add,some warm water it could be tap water if,you have a filtration system in your,house it will be ideal and more safe if,not you can,well water let it cool off and then use,it because its plastic and you dont,want to bring yourself so be careful and,mean you will get to know each other at,a different level you know what I mean,because you will get to see my insides,and this part happens to be clear so,anything that these drains out of my,nose you will be able to see so you,dont want to see that you want to avoid,that skip the next 30 to 40 seconds and,you know it can all be pretty between us,[Music],so you want to start off by pressing the,button halfway through and once the,suction happens in your nose and its,securely sealed in you can press a,button all the way what you want to do,is relax keep your mouth open because,otherwise you will swallow some of the,solution invite any chance your nose one,side of it is to stuff you can,definitely try the whole process all,over again on the other side or you can,flip the nasal part of the naväge and,have half of it flow through the other,side its just an option,[Music],[Music],all right so I hope that youre still,subscribed or that you went ahead and,subscribe to my channel after I showed,you that side of me I mean considering,like our relationship just went up you,know to the next level anyhow so let me,tell you everything that this product,does and if I recommend itself per the,box that this is what its supposed to,do its clinically proven to reduce,congestion caused by allergies sinus dry,air ragweed viruses pollution high fever,cold and flu and dust,now do I recommend well drumroll please,I can honestly say because I dont,suffer thank God from all of this just,yet I hope never I can honestly say that,for allergies sinus and cold and flu it,just it has worked wonders for me and I,got a really cold a really bad cold in,the winter and let me show you an image,now if you thought the past few seconds,were gross from this video this next,photo is gonna make you puke probably so,are you ready three two I know pretty,girls right anyway I warned you I just I,was blowing my nose constantly I was,irritated on this area because nothing,would come out mutant eggs for those,that dont know or might know if youre,watching this video obviously loosens,and thins out your mucus in case its,not coming out so I was drinking that,and it wasnt doing the trick so I tried,the Neva I was like ooh let me try it,and it took all of that out and per the,instructions there is no limits to how,many times you can use this in a day,and I used it three times that day and,by the third time the amount of mucus,and nasty stuff that came out was,obviously reduced so I was pretty amazed,this work wonders guys and the,ingredients on this are chloride this,sodium so if I compare this to the neti,pot which I have right over here the,ingredients in this are very similar,except this one con this one contains,the sodium chloride just like this plus,sodium bicarbonate I was not able to,tell a difference to be honest with you,I still love the neti pot by the way in,case youre wondering this is I believe,$15 at the drugstore or $20 like you,forget this package and I still havent,gone through all the little packages on,there but this just kicked it up a whole,different level and this ones much more,expensive the package that I got through,naväge was I believe 115 dollars minus,shipping costs and mine came with a,really cute display where I considered,by my sink it looks really cute so I,have that there and it also comes with a,travel little box and it came with this,little nose plastic thingies I dont,know what theyre called for your,nostrils in case you have bigger,nostrils like bigger nose holes I will,be extremely honest here okay if I,didnt get this through naväge I like,sponsored I dont think I would have,invested in it because yes I do get,really bad allergies from time to time,like by seasons more than just like,throughout the year but not to the point,where I felt like I needed to best in,this package I dont know how much this,is on its own but now that I have it I,notice how much it has reduced my,sinuses my allergies overall and because,of that Ive saved lots of money,in medicine I dont have to buy,medication as much I dont visit the,pharmacy as often my go-to medication,has always been sudafed and Munichs,and I cannot even remember when it was,the last time I actually had to reach,out to my cabinet to use that and my,boyfriend is on the same boat he,probably uses this more than I do so now,that we have this all we have to do is,invest in the pots which honestly,speaking I dont know why this came in,two different colors they seem to be the,same thing so anyway just in case youre,wondering this work amazing I love this,stuff so thumbs up five stars on my,behalf so I got sup guys thats it for,this video I hope you liked it I hope it,helps somebody out there comment down,below any questions,I didnt probably answer through this,video and I will reply to them down,below,I send you cyber hugs and cyber kisses,from my very clean nose two years bye

POWER CLEANING MY CLOGGED SINUSES!!! | Navage Nasal System Review 2022

[Music],welcome back to brandria today were,doing a really random video,um my,so,dearing lovely husband has bought me,this stain so that i can have some nasal,relief,because im just been suffering from,allergies and,nothing seems to be working,we did watch some youtube videos and the,guy,the one video we happened to listen to,the guy was like no this stuff does not,work but at the end of the day he did,feel better so were gonna see for sure,i guess how this works i feel like im,the perfect,test subject for this,and i have to admit i was pretty against,trying this because it just seems,obnoxious with the nipples is it in my,nostril,[Music],[Music],what the hell,i dont know how long youre supposed to,do it and it is leaking,you gotta go for a couple minutes baby i,do okay lets put a timer on this,because yeah because youre supposed to,drain the,fuel tank,okay got it,okay take two,i will say though i already feel better,i feel like i can blow it out now,[Music],all right this is going to be painful,for two minutes,i would definitely suggest doing this,over the sink because it does leak,mamas okay,yeah shes,okay are you ready okay,[Music],theres no way you can do that straight,on for two minutes,you can barely like,mama you feel like youre drowning in a,sense yeah,oh man good job,thats bad,there is some stuff in this hill tank,just a little bit not much,that is bad,sorry guys,but what did she do,[Music],uh sully will you hear me that tissue,box,oh she handed me a tissue,take what i can get,after she wipes her hands on it,[Music],thank you baby girl,can you hear me the whole box,thank you sweetie,okay here we go,[Music],[Music],that is really gross,i dont know if im gonna get through,this whole thing guys,[Music],oh,no im not,[Music],i feel clean enough,oh man that is rough all right,[Music],i dont know baby,wow,i will say it feels like i can breathe,again,so i guess thats good,but the experience is,the experience is really rough okay,um i dont think im gonna finish it all,in one take i think when i start feeling,congested again ill come back and,finish the rest,okay bye,my financial safety advisor is,suggesting i finished this,does it say you have to finish the whole,thing lets see what it say,because this is rough,[Music],okay so it says,dont bend over which is what i was,doing,maybe it means like all the way over,what are we doing were about to go do,something fun i know you guys are bored,and you dont want to watch mommy doing,nostril stuff all day,i have no idea,[Music],[Applause],how can someone do this for 60 seconds,oh i am almost done,i was thinking i had all this to go,maybe thats the the waist okay got it,its just terrible thats all its,terrible the experience you feel like,you cant breathe,yeah how cool,[Music],thats disgusting,all right so hand me that screw,all right we did the darn thing theres,no way the kids could ever do that and i,felt like i traumatized them by making,them watch me,i felt,about,50 better than i did this morning when i,woke up and,um,you know i havent done any like,exercise or anything that would,contribute to me feeling better other,than that,uh nasal thing that i just did it is a,hundred dollars which is to me quite an,investment uh,i personally feel like i would be more,willing to buy it if it was like 50,but i understand that a lot of people,suffer from sinus congestion,year-round like i have been as of lately,and,you know it might be a great investment,i think the hardest part about the,product is having the motivation,to try it again because the experience,is just not the greatest you have to,get used to that kind of like drowning,feeling for,a moment i guess um,it kind of like takes you over,i did make a mistake by bending over,into the sink i should have,apparently been more straight with my,body and i did notice when i was,straight towards the end,that it was flowing into my nose a lot,better than when i was bent over after,using the product i did notice for about,two to three hours that i was,able to breathe and i did have clarity,in my nasal congestion,however it did come back which obviously,i didnt expect to cure but i do think,its worth those two to three hours,especially if you need to get stuff done,and youre just like miserable like i,was thank you for watching,our channel and if you like this video,please like share and subscribe

hey yall,what is up its kimberly here with tv,stuff reviews and im,super excited but also super nervous,about todays video,because today we are going to be trying,out,nevaeh celine nasal irrigation,um so im going to squirt this up my,nose but before we get started with all,of,that if you are not already please,subscribe to this channel and please,remember,to like this video and hit the little,bell notification when you subscribe so,that way you will get notified,every single time we put out a new video,without further ado lets get started,[Music],first things first lets open up the,product and see what it looks like,it says on here that this is the worlds,only nose cleaner with powered suction,this kind of reminds me of a nutty pot i,dont know,if yall know what that is i actually,suffer from severe allergies,and i do find i get a lot of relief with,the neti pot the,little kettle thing that you stick up,your nose and you tilt your head and,it comes out the other side that does,help me so i feel like this is going to,be,more intense if it is more intense im,really nervous,but im also hopeful that it will work,even better than a neti pot,i actually saw a commercial for this,this morning,and i was thinking oh my gosh what am i,getting myself,into so it comes with a little,coupon here for a free,countertop caddy for your little,nasal irrigation system so it says,getting started is super easy weve,installed the battery so all you have to,do is one,attach the nasal dock to the device,to fill the upper tank with water to the,fill line,three place a new unused salt pod,capsule in the crushing chamber,foil side down and four close the lid,firmly until you hear it click shut,do not reopen so i really,like the way they displayed the,instructions because its the first,thing you see before you even open,up the product and its really clear,so i give um nevaeh,a two thumbs up on that one okay,oh they gave me a surprise tin,free salt pods i dont know how many,salt pods come with it without the free,ones,but they give you 10 free ones okay so,heres more,wow they hook it up so heres 10,20. im assuming these are tin,so theres the salt pods,here is the actual system itself,and you can see the fill line,so here it is its really nice its,really um,its made out of plastic but its high,quality,its definitely higher quality than the,neti pot that i would buy at walgreens,or something like that,um im impressed okay,what else is there,and lastly here is,i think this is the top,so here we go theres that and then,theres this,thing im kind of confused with what,this is and im also nervous that i have,to stick it up my nose,okay so this is actually not for your,nose im a little bit relieved,this is to clean the irrigation system,and to do deep cleaning,so that way you know theres no bacteria,left behind,so i wont be needing this um for,actually using the product,so there are quite a few steps,um but it seems like you have to fill it,with water,place a salt pot in close the lid firmly,gently shake the device and,locate the two stage power button,i feel like these instructions make it a,little bit,more complex than it really is so were,gonna go ahead,go into the bathroom and im gonna try,to do it step by step,okay so like i said the instructions,were kind of complicated but were gonna,figure this out guys,so step number one is to fill the upper,tank to the fill line with,warm water um here is the,fill line so im assuming,heres where we do it okay,now it says place a new unused salt pod,capsule in the crushing chamber,oil side down,so here we go,im horrible at instructions it says,foil side down,okay so there we go,and we have to attach this,thing right here um,that will go up my nostrils here,so there we go and we firmly,put this down and this is really,important because apparently this will,significantly affect the way the water,goes up your nose,so firmly get that down,okay so now it says locate the two stage,power button see,exploded view on page eight when you,push the button in halfway,you will hear the motor and the pump,will start you can actually feel the,suction,by uh covering both nose pillows,with your fingertips while pressing the,button in,half way you will feel light suction,from only one of the pillows,remember the rinse gets pulled in,through the pillow and it exits through,the other,firmly push the button in all the way,and the drain valve will open,allowing the rinse to flow out of the,other nose pillow,be sure to do this over a sink,that was one step of the instruction,okay so heres a two,stage power button so lets go ahead and,press that,okay so now were gonna firmly push the,button in all the way,there we go so its operating,its ready to go into my,nose pretty soon i was kind of confused,with why the water,was just going out but i read you know,as i read that really long,step that its because one of it,suctions out the water while the other,one,puts in the water if im understanding,this correctly,okay did yall get that you all,understood that,okay theres 14,steps in this instruction this is not a,joke,so what i do really like about this,product,without even having used it yet is the,fact that there,is a tank right here to catch it,because when its a neti pot for example,you have to make sure youre over a sink,it can get really uncomfortable,messy this has a tank right here so,catch all your grossness definitely,clean that out really well,afterwards but lets go ahead try this,thing out,see if it is worth the hype all of the,commercials ive been seeing,lets get into the bathtub just in case,we make a mess,and lets get it started,okay this is a very uncomfortable,product to review in public,but were gonna do it so,all right my heart is racing okay,so i have it in my nostrils,okay ready three two one,[Music],okay i did not do something right,because it definitely went down my,throat,but okay i think i need to relax thats,the thing,[Music],so,so i think im doing something wrong,because its going down my throat quite,a bit,um im gonna go back read,the tips for when it what i do when it,goes down my throat,i dont know if i if i need to relax,more,or if i need to tell tilt my head,differently its probably that i have to,tilt my head differently,um but because again the instructions,were so wordy its,hard to remember everything literally,troubleshooting number one its not just,me guys it says,im getting water down my throat okay,it says the key to success is making,your nasal cavity into a closed,system separate from the oral cavity,really so its saying remember like the,first bullet point is to relax,no one has ever drowned doing nasal,irrication,i guess thats something people are,scared of like the drowning feeling,the nose pillow should be in snug but,not too snug,less pressure usually results in more,flow breathe,normally through your mouth okay thats,good to know because i wasnt sure,exactly how to breathe,um press your tongue firmly against the,roof of your mouth,and sing flash say snug holding the neg,sound um okay reverse the direction of,flow,okay again if youre in that small group,for whom theres a learning curve its a,small group,im in that small group yall okay,so lets go ahead,try this again,i really believe in this product so i,want it to work,come on im believing in you,its still going,down my throat,try number three lets get started,[Music],ugh,[Applause],[Music],okay that time it worked,okay so i did get a feel for it better i,definitely still have the,water down my throat problem but not as,much as,the first two times let me go ahead wipe,my face and talk to yall,guys so i definitely have that ear,thing happening right now um it feels,like im,in an airplane or something like that,but i know it will go away because,it is something that,i dont know but i know go away um and,if it doesnt ill let yall,know in the video somewhere,but yeah i think with,more practice this is a really,good solution um its really,strong it is very very strong so if you,really h

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