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NBA 2K21 Review

[Music],you hear this said about annualized,sports games every year but this time it,has a lot more truth to it than usual,nba 2k 21 is more of the same,thats good in some ways none of the,minor changes have spoiled the,exceptional nba basketball experience,on the court of course it repeats the,sins of its predecessor as well,off the court nba 2k 21 remains a,disjointed mess and riddled with,noxious pay to win micro transactions,the addition of,shot stick aiming and a my career reskin,are nice improvements and all,but its becoming harder to ignore the,lack of upgrades to key game modes while,the focus on monetization only,intensifies,[Music],between the baskets nba 2k 21 features a,handful of small,upgrades but is otherwise extremely,familiar if youve played it in recent,years,the best addition is the new shot stick,aiming which demands the challenge of,actually aiming shots rather than,just timing them its really difficult,to master and resets the learning curve,for experienced players in a beneficial,way,hitting a green shot which requires,nailing the target in that meter that,appears when you hold down the right,stick is tremendously satisfying,this system also provides some much,needed nuance to offense in the paint,especially when youre trying to hit a,floater or a crafty layup,maybe its because its one of the few,things that feels entirely fresh about,nba 2k 21,but it stands out as this years best,edition,thats in there anthony with the,assistant one of the reasons the lack of,gameplay updates is so,frustrating is that a handful of legacy,issues remain,stubbornly present for example the cpu,will take the ball and walk into the,backcourt for no reason resulting in a,violation,another issue is that players frequently,behave oddly in transition,like lebron james slowing down for no,reason in the middle of a break,similarly the cpu is often much too,aggressive on double teams making it far,too easy to find open teammates tatum,wide open he fires one,that falls this has been an issue for,several years and its,maddening that its still around that,being said,player spacing continues to improve,non-controlled players behave more,realistically off the ball and,particularly in,online play ai teammates are better at,creating space for themselves,and making room for stars like the greek,freak to isolate with more effectiveness,touches like these showcase nba 2k21s,ability to emulate a real game of,basketball,but that smooth simulation makes it more,jarring when things go awry,[Music],its unfortunate that nearly everything,outside of the encore experience,pales in comparison this years my,career campaign called,the long shadow is a colossal,disappointment,the story follows junior a promising,young talent playing in the shadow of,his deceased father,in between his journey from high school,play to the nba draft very little time,is spent developing,any of the uninteresting characters and,too much is spent on junior awkwardly,chasing after his girlfriend,to declare his love like something out,of a hallmark movie,aside from being able to see college,hoops in a video game again the whole,story is disappointing,thankfully theres an option to skip the,story and head straight to the nba,[Music],the draft of the my career mode is,pretty good if you can ignore the,horrible micro transactions that infest,its every corner but of course ignoring,them is easier said than done because,nba 2k 21,wont let you look away from its,monetization train wreck,virtual currency is used for everything,from upgrades to attire options and,grinding for it is a pain,my career has so much potential as a,deep creative player mode,if only the grinding were a little less,tedious,its a shame that the neighborhood a,free roam area where you can play pickup,online matches and customize your player,is caught up in all the micro,transactions,its now set in venice beach and thats,a nice change of pace from last year,considering how much time you spend,there,the colors are vibrant the courts look,great and theres something soothing,about the cool blue backdrop,its a lot of fun touring the area,buying new gear and playing some hoops,with,others,[Music],meanwhile it doesnt seem like a,coincidence that the modes left,untouched by microtransactions have seen,no meaningful upgrades even though my,league has enough features to serve as,an,excellent simulation there are so many,opportunities to inject it with the life,of what makes the nba so fun to follow,but nothing has been added and even,though 2k has done an,impressive job of letting you play as,the wnba,with great likenesses of players like,sue bird and natasha howard,you still cant use those teams in my,league for some dumb reason,the best way to play nba 2k 21 is,against other people and thats only,emphasized by the gameplay tweaks to,this years iteration,it feels like the skill gap continues to,grow between players who were willing to,put in the time to learn the mechanics,which is a good thing however as has,become an annoying tradition,online play remains hit or miss latency,and crashes are,still a problem even on a wired,connection theres also a crashing issue,when entering or leaving loading screens,in the neighborhood,when its clicking nba 2k21 has some of,the best gameplay in,sports video game history but thats,been true for several years now,and though this years iteration,improves on a handful of things,most notably the aimed shooting mechanic,there hasnt been much movement at the,same time its a shame that 2ks focus,isnt on the fun you can have on the,court but instead the money that can be,extracted from your wallet,off the court in the my career and my,team modes,which just arent fun to grind through,without paying,maybe the new set of consoles on the,horizon will bring a fresh start for the,nba 2k franchise,but right now its hard to muster a lot,of optimism about the seriess future,for more sports games check out our,reviews of tony hawks pro skater 1 and,2 remake madden nfl 21,and pga tour 2k21 and for everything,else,stick with ign

NBA 2k21 for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 Review

usually with cross-generation games like,this,when we play on the shiny new boxes we,expect to see the same exact game but,prettier,however the playstation 5 and xbox,series x version of nba 2k 21 uses the,opportunity to take the ambitious leap,forward,that the xbox one and playstation 4,version didnt,everything feels newer and bigger from,the jaw-dropping variety and,presentation to the giant,city that can be explored in my player,it doesnt shake the bad habits that rob,the existing version of greatness though,were still stuck with unnecessary,grinding,putrid pay to win micro transactions and,a host of problems that seem like,a direct result of nba 2k 21s ambition,theres a lot to be excited about but,much like a fast break dunk gone awry,sometimes flash is less important than,substance,but wow does it look great watching,players expressions change as they come,into contact with each other in the air,or fight for position off ball,is truly impressive even beyond the,players the sidelines feel so much more,alive and dynamic,the unfortunate side effect of all this,realistic glamour is that when things,break down,like when a player stares blankly into,the void at the free throw line,it looks odder than it would otherwise,still,nba 2k21 is a good representation of,what the new consoles are capable of,graphically,we also get a new broadcast team with,brian anderson grant hill and ali,leforce adding to what is,already the best play-by-play in color,commentary in sports video games the nba,on 2k,between the hoops the new gen version of,nba 2k 21 addresses many of the legacy,issues that have plagued the franchise,for,years warped animations happen much less,frequently and as a result theres much,more efficacy when,on defense positioning isnt just about,reacting anymore it can be employed as a,strategy,unfortunately the ai doesnt take,advantage of this in the way that it,probably,should and that makes it far too easy to,get into the lane for an explosive dunk,or an easy foul call movement also feels,a lot better with foot planting,resulting in less sliding,and more nuanced play again the real,beneficiary here is how it feels to play,defense tapping the analog stick to one,side or the other doesnt result in a,big move,instead it results in the controlled,player taking a quick step to the left,or right to adjust position,the ability to position yourself for a,charge when playing against someone,overly eager to drive the lane,is a great refinement and that emphasis,on position makes,mid game battles more fun and engaging,than they have ever been in the past,the trade-off is that the changes to the,movement mechanics seems to result in,accidental out of bounds happening far,too frequently,breaking the immersion that nba 2k 21,works so desperately to achieve,similarly other new issues crop up as a,result of some of the changes,the pick and roll is incredibly hit or,miss and frequently results in a far,too easy basket for the offense the off,ball defender doesnt switch matchups,when its appropriate and often sinks on,players it shouldnt such as steph curry,this is likely a side effect of the,animations being less automatic than,they were in the past,but given that the pick and roll is such,a common tool its a glaring issue,nba 2k 21 makes quite a few changes,outside of the arena too,my career features the same,disappointing story from the previous,generation versions,but it now includes a branching,storyline that involves going to the,g-league out of high school,instead of playing for one of the 10,available universities,additions like the return of some,characters that had made appearances in,previous 2k stories are neat,but skipping the whole story is still,the recommended option,the rest of my player has seen an,ambitious overhaul,the city is a brand new area to roam and,explore with created players and its,absolutely huge,in fact its arguably far too big,it takes forever to get from one end to,the other and even though there are 100,players present,they feel far too spread out over such a,large space,even finding a 3 on 3 matchup can take,around 5,minutes which almost totally defeats the,purpose of the incredibly fast loading,times for next gen,adding to the frustration of all this is,that your my player,cant transfer over from the previous,generation version,going back to square one shines the,spotlight square on the gross micro,transactions that speed up the grind,back to a high rating,its really a shame because my player,has so much potential to be one of the,best and most complex game modes in,sports game history,if it ever stops trying to ring cash out,of us,the rest of the revised modes are hit,and miss,my league and my gm have been fused into,the new my nba,and its nice to get the best of both,the in-depth customization of the former,and the role-playing elements of the,latter the new ssd enhanced menu,navigation,is similarly convenient as it gives you,the ability to jump around from trade,prospects to coaching decisions in the,matter of a second or two,while my team is more of the same,especially when it comes to grinding out,card packs or spending loads of virtual,currency to get the players you want,the play now experience online was,surprisingly fun,latency still proves to be a problem but,has felt much smoother than it has in,the past,the gameplay changes really benefit,online play where defense feels a lot,more focused than in the past,and using stars like lebron james to,control the offense feels better than,ever,[Applause],[Music],nba 2k 21 jumps into the new generation,of consoles with a heaping pile of,ambitious upgrades,on and around the court its one of the,best sports game experiences,around the movement is fluid the,presentation is startlingly good,and nba 2k 21 leaves a lot of the,franchises legacy issues in the dust,the rest of nba 2k 21 namely everything,it does,off the court feels like the first half,of an alley-oop,theres so much potential in the,myplayer experience that its,maddening that things feel so empty and,heavily dependent on pay-to-win,progression mechanics,still the new my nba mode has plenty of,depth and streamlines things in a,refreshingly simple way,and the ability to take on most of what,nba 2k 21 has to offer through the wnba,is a really important addition,ultimately its just,frustrating to see nba 2k 21 pass up,what,seems like should be an easy slam dunk,for more check out our review of the ps4,and xbox one versions of nba 2k21,and for everything else stick with ign

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NBA 2K21 Review – The Final Verdict

[Music],[Music],[Music],when it comes to sports game franchises,the nba 2k series is one of the most,consistent and important annual releases,its so perennially popular that its,almost synonymous with the name 2k,itself,boiling down a big name publisher to a,single game,in a lot of ways even though ea has a,stranglehold on a handful of other,sports,the nba 2k series is the genre leader,pushing gameplay innovation,broadcast design and mode,differentiation that has become,universal in sports games,for 2k 21 though a few quality of life,improvements and tweaks to existing,modes arent enough to overcome the,feeling,that its mostly unchanged year over,year and gameplay changes,range from unnecessary to downright,detrimental,while the characteristics of the,franchise are still present for nba 2k21,it doesnt put itself in hall of fame,contention compared to its predecessors,in its off the court presentation nba,2k21 is,as impressive as always the broadcast is,true to life,as ever and players are immediately,recognizable in both their character,models and their signature shooting,motions,while animations are mostly familiar and,it did sometimes feel like,ive seen these half-time shows before,there are a few new touches like james,hardens one-legged three-pointer,and some new pre-game introductions,its also surprisingly up to date with,the issues affecting the nba in real,life,some courts have black lives matter,printed on them as they do in the bubble,and while it doesnt have the courts,from current playoffs there are,references to current events,everywhere from missions in my team to,recreate jamal murrays 50-point outing,from this years first,round to acknowledgements of next,seasons delays due to the pandemic in,future seasons of my gm,its inclusion of the wnba in both quick,play and season mode,2 while not brand new for the franchise,is a nice way of including the womens,game,and its superstars on the court,gameplay is pretty similar to past,iterations but there is a mixed bag of,noticeable changes,most prominent is the evolution of the,shooting meter to the pro stick,on the surface this change makes a lot,of sense the right stick doesnt just,mirror the face buttons anymore,instead its a way to emphasize release,point the meter starts centered and the,right stick controls a line along the,meter,you want to move the line so its at the,center of the gray area,which changes depending on the type of,shot you take in the amount of coverage,if youre at the center when the player,shoots you get a perfect release,this forces you to be more cognizant of,where youre shooting from and adjust,accordingly if you do want to use the,face buttons to shoot the mechanic is,closer to past games,but it still requires you to adjust to,your situation and notice timing,i really like this idea and concept,because it offers both a more realistic,way to look at shooting,and a new learning curve for experienced,players to overcome,when you get a perfect release its a,rewarding sign that you made it work and,had a release point that mirrors,something that would work well,in real life but in practice the new way,of shooting is too clunky,and inconsistent for its own good for,starters the on-screen meter is,incredibly small,and the area to get a perfect release is,almost invisible,the gray area that constitutes the,slightly left or slightly right release,is noticeable but a lot of times even,the best shooters missed the easiest,shots with a release just off center,it had me guessing where the best spot,was and more often than not,getting frustrated that i missed yet,another open three where i thought i,released well,while it does make you buckle down and,learn its quirks the new system changes,a lot of the dynamic of how the game is,fundamentally played,and it often took my focus off of the,strategy of the game to focus on,something that should be less important,even with my best shooters i lost,confidence that they can make any given,shot,because the pro stick is so inconsistent,especially in online games,even after over 15 hours with the game i,was still struggling to consistently,make shots i would undoubtedly make,in past games which forced me to push,the ball to the post and force,unintended drives for higher percentage,shots that move away from both what i,want to do on a given possession,and what the real game looks like right,now its frustrating to have a change,alter how,a lot of the games are played and while,you can change this in the options menu,its clear that this,is how the game is intended to be played,elsewhere on the gameplay front there,arent many other changes,its best aspects are still as good as,theyve always been,and its still as realistic a basketball,sim as youll find on the market,the ai is usually smart balancing a,delicate line between allowing you to,make plays for yourself,and not letting it feel like youre the,only player though it can become,noticeably unrealistic,at points ai control defenders on your,team rarely fill the lane to stop,fast breaks and teammates will almost,never set a screen for you unless called,for,resulting in weird interactions where,the two of you run parallel for a bit,too long,also sometimes inconsistent is your,teammate grade,which can be finicky in its,determination of a defensive breakdown,or a bad shot selection with that said,the teammate grade is still mostly,impressive,rewarding even small positive actions,that may not show up in the stat sheet,but are invaluable to the team,nonetheless,as is expected from a new 2k the my,career mode has a brand new story that,takes you through your academics,and to the association this years story,titled the long shadow,puts you in the shoes of the son of a,former nba star,after not having played basketball until,your senior year of high school,you take the reins to lead your school,to a state championship before choosing,one of 10 ncaa programs,from which i chose texas tech the,college journey is the longest stretch,of storytelling,where youll rise from a low second,round pick to a top draft prospect,alongside choosing an agent dealing with,your dads legacy and managing a,relationship,along the way youll have a handful of,choices to make some like a dialogue,choice here or there,are relatively insignificant to the plot,but some,like choosing your agent or answering,questions at the combine,have tangible impacts on your future as,an nba player,while its not the best nba 2k story,mode of all time it is surprisingly well,written,and was one thing i wanted to keep,coming back to before i got to the nba,some of the subplots are relatively,underbaked the love interest plot comes,and goes in a matter of a few cutscenes,and a series of flashbacks dont really,make an impact but it does a great job,at letting you relate to your character,and see how hes affected by his dads,legacy,and his surroundings cut scenes though,often predetermined regardless of your,actual performance in past games or at,the combine,are top-notch and they expectedly draw a,few high-profile cameos from the likes,of damien lillard,and zion williamson once you get to the,nba,the journey is a pretty standard fare of,reaching higher goals both,on and off the court but the path to get,there is one of 2k 21s highlights,on the flip side of my career is my team,nba 2ks answer to the ultimate team,modes in ea sports games,if the my career mode is the story this,is the end game,and there are a bunch of improvements,over last year that make my team,relatively fresh to restart,you can still play online against real,people in either pickup games or in,structured tournaments and leagues,or you can play offline against computer,controlled teams to complete challenges,or unlock bigger and better stars,i came to enjoy the offline triple,threat mode because of its laid-back,blacktop style three-on-three matchup,and its flashy neon court,my teams major new addition is seasons,which work like it does in most other,service based games think

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Why is EVERYONE returning to NBA 2K21?

so i got out of my console today and i,was just looking at my games nba 2k22,terrible imagine its okay but everyone,is returning to this game right here,all right lets see what all this hype,is about i see every 95 overall,thats not good its all good its all,good its all good i didnt do that,someone got on my account and did that,but i want to see why everyone is,returning to this game bro i need to see,what it looks like when i load in i need,to see if its beautiful if its going,to make my mind blow 93 my load load,load bro im trying to see what this,game is all about,oh my goodness look at my player wheres,my logo bruh anyways anyways look at my,players its night time im not gonna,lie bro im getting a little nostalgic i,wonder if its just nostalgia thats,bringing everyone back to this game but,i want to play a couple games see what,all this hype is about because everyone,is just playing i dont know why,tick-tock streamers everyones playing,maybe this kid wants to play with me yo,green screens hdg come on wake up bro,wake up bro,yeah hes not awake all right um let me,go find a teammate and then well get,into it wow my player looks beautiful a,few minutes later,all right whos over here um glass,cleaning finisher,bro against the pro rookie come on bro,make sure my meters off its time come,on x glock were matching two,wait did he just hop off,oh my gosh im not vowed anymore bro he,thinks im terrible please hop on this,is pathetic am i just a random now i,cant get a teammate i cant get a game,i cant get anything,guys i am playing with a pro,2 a pro 2. i want to see if i can defy,the odds and play with the pro 2. i play,with the iso greens yt you guys saw the,guy that hopped off against us that got,it hopped off im playing against him,bro cause i got something to prove okay,so guys let me be honest i was in the my,court dribbling for a little bit bro and,i cant figure out the quick stop i i,forgot how to do it its not working im,flicking my stick to the side like,youre supposed to and im just not,quick stopping but its okay well,figure it out bro im about to just oh,my gosh look what i play with 70 overall,i so greens yt its okay its okay were,gonna defy the odds im gonna play,against this kid that dropped me x glock,he hopped off the spot i got something,for him hes trying to match my fit too,trying to look like me its all good bro,i got something for him he doesnt want,to see whats gonna happen big slime and,x clock theyll see theyll see all,right lets go we need one stop ice or,greens yt let me see why everyones,returning to this game we need one stop,when he wont stop the dribblings so,beautiful oh my gosh you do a lob hit me,this is why i cant play the protest,please pass the ball,what in the world is going on bro,theyre in game chat too i do not want,to know what theyre saying all right,lets get it lets see what the gym,looks like on this game hit me hit me,oh im just going out of bounds alright,lets go cool,is my teammate afk bro is this a pro,teams play like,yo come set a screen my boy,oh my gosh i cant play with people that,i dont know how they play thank you,thank you thank you set a screen,oh my gosh i got you i got you take it,yeah its on his neck i like it i like,it a lot lets go lets go lets go come,on pro two we got this bro we got this,we got this just follow my lead bro i,got you my career to carry you to the,never land and this kid follows your big,slime bro stop hacking stop hacking and,play defense move your feet please dont,go in the pain please give me the ball,please just give me the ball please just,give me the ball,bro what is and he quits the game and he,quits the game okay im winning with the,ai i dont care i dont care i want to,go with ai im winning with the ai bro,this kid just quit the game what in the,hello,what is this kid doing its okay im,about one with the ai please miss please,miss board board board come on guy yup,hit me hit me come send me a screen send,me a screen okay,i dont need a screen i dont need a,screen i dont need a screen lets go,its white but its green its white but,its green thats my first shot back,guys okay lets go lets go come on im,about to win with the ai im about to,prove this kid wrong who dropped me in,with the ai come here hit him hit him,oh my gosh i gotta ice with this kid,oh two ais wait whats going on what am,i playing right now its a 1v1 this is a,1v1 give me that guys good defense lets,go come on get in your back tia take all,the way like a girl man,little finger roll little finger i like,it i like it bro its literally two ais,gets me in big slime let me see how its,okay 21 feeling though i like the,one-on-one action like the one i dont,want to actually hit me,okay,uh-huh come here come here little bro,come here little bro come here little,bro come here little bro uh-huh,yup yup green bean,green bean its not playing with me but,this kid cannot guard me on the ice so,think for three lets go keep it up t,keep it up t all right come here come,here come here come here hit me yep,oh my gosh,behind the back,i might have to pass it,i gotta pass it take it hit me back give,me back,joe what whats that i think the lords,turbo i cant play with a eyes why cant,i click stop please let me know in the,comment section how to quick stop,im gonna do a little little move right,here,come send me a screen send me a screen,lets go come on ai get in your bag,yup,green lets go lets go 15 zip im about,to 21 oh this kid on the one out one,first game back on this game lets go,lets go lets go all right hit me ai so,1v1 this is personal this is personal,its just personal this is personal this,is personal yep come here,yep,im about to ill trouble you what ill,dribble you but ill dribble you im,about to outrub you to take to the roll,take you the hole im dunking on him,come on chat,i just called you guys chat like im,streaming lets go 17-0 two more buckets,and its over come on ai,im shooting it i dont care im,shooting in their face please go in good,board good boy hit me back,yo,this kids a ball hog and just got,smacked oh my lord its all good that,was hard ball,hey come here ai hit me back im,shooting it catch and shoot wide open,lets go its not green but its green,its not green but its green im so,used to the nba 2k 22 jump shot its so,much quicker than this all right 20-0 on,the one-on-one this is what i like to,see a lot of chaos on the first game,back on circuit 21. a lot of chaos its,all good though come here uh-huh,its especially for my people for my,people,oh,what did i just shoot bro,all right lets go one stop i got it one,stop come here,oh my gosh the best the best defender in,the game hold on,dont dont panic guys dont panic i,know youre panicking i know youre,panicking dont panic,and the ai its only right its only,right lets go man first gave back a,little one-on-one action six for eight,yo i had to step up with a defense,matter guys but im not gonna lie i,understand why this game is more fun bro,the movements better everythings just,better about this game and i understand,why,guys look at the courts on this game,every single court is running this is od,crazy every game is running bro i like,it is this game back look at im not,lying when i tell you guys everyones,playing this game bro i dont know,whats going on but nba 2k22 is,struggling and this game is blossoming,in the struggle im getting flashbacks,because if you guys dont remember when,this game was out people were really,playing 2k 20. and now that 2k22 is out,people are playing 2k21 i dont,understand the 2k players but hey man,you gotta do what you got to do i guess,i remember it was so hard to get to the,stage bro wheres the stage at theres,the stage ante up anti up let me let me,go in and look let me go peep the stage,real quick i just want to peep it i just,want to peep the stage let me just see,what its looking like oh my goodness,look at the stage one two three four,five six seven quarts running,every court is running in the stage,except for the

This Game Is Trash | NBA 2K21 Review

they just play smart this games over,heres duncan they get it back,goes back up and davis sends it back im,done they get it,im done never playing this ever again,i am done with nba 2k this season has,obviously been very strange given the,pandemic and the massive chunk of time,in between breaking and starting back up,again usually by this point the teams,would be getting together for training,camp about to start up the new,year and yet right now the nba finals,are still going on,given all of this i understand that,things are different and so this years,2k would be different too,and i would give them a pass for the,awkwardness of basically being a new,game in the same setting as last years,edition,if they had tried to do something,different or take some chances or even,push back the release date,they even had the perfect excuse built,in with the next generation of consoles,coming out next month,but despite all of this nba 2k 21 is not,worthy of being called a good or even an,average game the severe lack of,innovation,and new features is glaring and no,pandemic,or abridged season could excuse it just,look at 2k12 the game that was released,during the lockout in 2011.,that season didnt start until christmas,despite releasing in october,nba 2k12 is one of the best iterations,of the franchise,the one thing i can say with confidence,is that this game,is 2k 20. its the same game,2k made no changes no innovation no,development,everything is exactly the same the same,problems ive been talking about for the,past several years are still here,no theyre worse worse when you consider,this game is full,price and claims to be the best in the,series so far,lets start with the new additions to,the game theres pro stick aiming which,is a new mechanic that allows you to,boost your chances of hitting the shot,if you hit the marker,its pretty spotty at best but i guess,its something new to break from the,monotony,theres also a seasons mode in my team,called limited to match other similar,modes like mad and ultimate team,the neighborhood in my career also has a,new layout with a beach theme,lets see what else um,well oh yeah,nothing thats it thats all the new,features in 2k21,i guess you can count the new animations,like jump shots size ups and dribble,moves but other than that,this game is exactly the same as last,year,except its worse somehow firing up my,career gives you this overwhelmingly,similar feeling because they didnt even,bother to change up the creation process,whatsoever,the attributes the physical profile its,all exactly the same,same design and everything this is,exactly the same as last year,its exactly the same just like last,years its hard to create a balanced,player no matter what position you pick,yeah i guess ill sacrifice all defense,and speed,i gotta be able to shoot i gotta be able,to make play,the fastest i can be is 86.,players in the nba,i also found it extremely funny that,during the test run after i built my,player to see how he played,they actually took me out of the game,the whole point of the test is to see,how your build will work,why on earth would they sub you out of,the test,it makes no sense what,you took at the game the whole point is,to test the biplayer,why would you take me out the game mixed,feelings,narratively my career takes a step back,as the story puts you in the shoes of,junior a football player trying to get,out of the shadow of his stud basketball,player father,but is ultimately recruited to play,basketball anyway,the very first thing i noticed is that,the graphics are actually worse than,2k20,what are these graphics,[Music],is this ps3,this jesse williams looks worse than the,one in detroit become human which came,out two years ago,oh my god why are the character models,so ugly,the second thing i noticed is that they,once again force you to be someone,youre not,this time its junior at this point i,would rather be a silent protagonist and,just kill the story with side characters,just throw us right into being an 18,year old and let us choose if we want to,be a struggling g,leaguer chosen one number one pick or,someone in between,the third thing i noticed is that when,you start playing you are forced to play,with the my career camera,and you have no way of changing it are,you serious,no no what,you cant change the camera,you have to play in my career camera,whatever they call it,why cant you switch it to 2k or any,other angle for that matter,is this a joke oh bobby erickson leads,the way for them so if you dont like,playing with this camera angle youre,just,out of luck i guess huh still though,nork is led by senior,kj day and the crowd will be a factor,here,the fourth thing i noticed is that the,actual gameplay is exactly the same,as last years complete with the same,unrelenting grind to actually become a,decent player,the initial baseline stats are,embarrassing,look at these sets this is crazy,i mean 73 speed 67 acceleration,this is the slowest person a lot,how are you supposed to defeat i mean i,get that youre supposed to work your,way up,but this is unreasonable,you still only get to what is it 85 i,think,85 85 speed 81 acceleration,65 vertical yeah i mean what nba player,looks like that,i mean theyre just begging 188 000,bc how much does that cost,oh yeah sure no problem just 50,yeah no problem,i can do that i can buy an entire new,game,i already spent 60 bucks but yeah ill,spend another 60.,because they start you off so,unbelievably bad the early parts of the,game are draining,your player moves so disgustingly slow,with seemingly no lateral movement,capabilities whatsoever,what what is this movement all right,why is he moving thats far good,oh yeah thanks star of this burton,he also loses the ball for no reason,dribbling it off his foot,or the foot of the defenders with,minimal defensive work by your match-up,and also he cant pass,and here they come he didnt even move,what,why did that happen hes just an overall,bad player i mean your player starts out,so bad hes trash theyre begging you,to spend actual money to make it better,i mean i cant even,keep up with my match up on the court my,guy is just so bad,here in the second quarter hes so slow,he has no quickness no agility no,acceleration,[Music],once you get past the initial threshold,of playing like an actual pile of,garbage the gameplay frustrations arent,even close to being over,i purposely picked point guard to have,more control of the offense,and so that i would have the ball in my,hands more often but i was wrong,for some reason your teammates go out of,their way to not pass you the ball,like your jordan in the 85 all-star game,yes im point guard but definitely,look at that i couldnt even grab the,rebound,yeah dont pass me the ball please i,dont want it,yeah i dont want to play actually i,just want to run around the court and,watch,a bunch of ai players play,the mode is called my career after all,and this is a game that you play,so why then would 2k not put the ball in,your,hands what exacerbated this problem for,me is that when i reached the nba i was,competing with hendricks cobb who was,automatically the same position as you,[Applause],excessive call for pass well i wouldnt,need a call for it if you just gave it,to me off the court,i am the point guard of this team and,yet you drafted hendricks cobb whos the,exact same position,and as a point guard there were way too,many instances of my player being,stripped of the ball for just getting,too close to defenders,or him dribbling out of bounds for no,reason when getting close to the,sideline or baseline,now heres juniors oh my gosh,why did you do that in possession,i will say though that playing as a big,man does fare better somehow at least it,did for me,i had a lot more fun playing as a big,man than as a point guard and i felt i,could actually impact the game more,which doesnt make a whole lot of sense,to me,so getting back to the story is pretty,stupid michael k williams takes you,under his wing and guides yo

Saying Goodbye To NBA 2K21…

[Music],i dont think i have a legitimate review,in me for nba 2k21 a review of the,magnitude that i did for the old 2ks on,ps4 that wasnt the plan here anyways,but just letting you know this is going,to be kind of rag tag its really just,some thoughts that i have wrapping up my,geez this is like my 13th or 14th 2k,ive lost count its just some loose,leaf thoughts that have been kind of,floating around as we gear up for 2k 22,this week some things i think went right,and a lot of the things that i think,went wrong as weve entered this new,generation of consoles or as like 20 of,us have entered the new generation and,if were going to thrive off the,negativity and start there its actually,a good place the fact that so few of us,really did enter this next generation i,dont have the numbers but i have the,experience and so this is the first time,that i ever experienced 2k this way,where i actually had to somewhat care,about what was happening on the last,console if youre not familiar what,normally happens in a new console cycle,is that the last version of 2k is,totally neglected from the time that,that new console releases because well,why would they bother putting so much,effort into an old game when the goal is,to get everyone as quickly as possible,move to the new one so in the last cycle,what you would see is some type of,improvements to the ps4 version and the,ps3 was basically neglected you would,get the same game after nba 2k13 i dont,think the game ever changed again the,gameplay they would fix things here and,there but the actual game itself it was,a copy and paste of assets you can,hardly tell the difference between one,and another for like the next five years,already thats different for nba 2k 21,and it seems like it is going to be,different going to 2k22 its not,necessarily their fault of course with,corona and this mass scalper event,thats been going on with the next gen,consoles its very hard for people to,get them therefore there is a lot of you,that were playing the ps4 version as,your primary version and its going to,be that way into 2k 22 to the point that,it sounds like theyre adding real,evolving things into the old version i.e,the 2k cruise ship thats just something,ive heard,with the game coming out in a couple of,days i havent actually seen the cruise,ship but it is something that we heard,like a month ago and it sounds every bit,as cool if not cooler than what nextgen,would have for their parker our park,anyways thats thats the 2k22 for 2k 21,that heavily manifested itself in,certain modes that a lot of us like to,play for instance the rec center me and,my guys we all were able to get the ps5,but it kind of felt useless playing,after a while because to solve the issue,of there not being enough players 2k,would simply say hey heres some ai,teammates ai teammates are bricks,theyre duds theyre a little bit better,than they were on current gen but they,are not a viable option so if your team,has ais and the other team doesnt,people simply leave the ai open they,double team you and the game basically,ends there whereas as recently as a week,ago i played the playstation 4 version,and the only way you get ai teammates is,if somebody quits you cant control that,but at least you can find solid 5 on 5,games to begin with and thats just not,the case on playstation 5. thats one of,the areas where you most heavily see the,effects of a split generation and it,really does worry me going into nba 2k22,because again last generations they did,not have to focus on two games it were,not really satisfied with the effort,that they put into one game every year,so the fact that in 2k 22 theyre now,having to make two games and really,really having to focus on two games,thats i just dont see how that can go,well i was honestly prepared to not be,disappointed by the jump in graphics,from playstation 4 to playstation 5 but,i was prepared to not be wild in the,same way that i was from the three to,the four weve never stopped raving,about nba 2k14 to graphics because that,is one of the biggest graphical jumps,for any game ever however coming into,the playstation 5 it was just difficult,to imagine ever getting a jump like that,again its not just 2k its kind of,where technology is the graphics that,weve become accustomed to because the,ps4 had some very nice looking games it,was just hard to imagine that being,absolutely blown out of the water now,thats not to say that the ps5 version,doesnt look good i like what they did,graphically some of the cyber faces are,spot on because theyve been hiring,modders so theyve gotten better at that,over the years but the jump wasnt the,wow that you kind of look forward to or,that youve grown up being accustomed to,between consoles theres still some,times where ill see a youtube thumbnail,or a picture on twitter between 2ks and,for at least a split second i get i get,confused i wonder is this the ps4 or the,ps5 version theres some shots that can,get you that way and that just wasnt,the case seven or eight years ago now,were at the point where the joy of a,graphical jump is completely gone when,you take a look at the 2k 22 the limited,2k 22 gameplay that weve seen aside,from a couple of cyber faces that you,can blatantly tell her different the,actual game itself it pretty much looks,exactly like nba2k21 i know that the,joke in the past has been to say oh its,the same game every year it always looks,the same and thats just not true on the,ps3s and the ps4s anybody should be able,anybody whos not being cynical should,be able to take a screenshot of say 2k11,and tell the difference between that and,2k13 they just those games did not look,the same if you played them now graphics,have just been pushed so far the only,differences you can really tell are in,the mannerisms of the players the cyber,faces again once again like i said if,you look at dirk and whiskey last year,and this year theres clearly been an,improvement there same with luca so a,couple players but that is one area and,this is just talking about 2k 21 and,maybe beyond its an area they have to,get better at because that just comes,off as a lack of effort theres a lot of,things that 2k does that are great and,theres a reason that theyre here today,and nba live is not they hammer out a,crazy amount of details that we take for,granted this year theyve gotten every,pa announcer from every team they even,got them to as far as ive heard record,different players names so if a guy say,is traded to the sacramento kings now,the pa announcer has his name hell say,it as if hes part of the home team,simply put there is a ton of detail in,2k games thats worth praising thats,not their issue well not until it comes,to cyber faces and it isnt just the,historical players there is theres,maybe some justification for a guy that,retired in 1994 not looking exactly how,he looked but when you have lebron james,or kobe bryant who retired in 2016 when,you cant get those to the t but modders,can its hard to find excuses how do we,have steph curry using the same exact,cyber face the entire year after he,changes his style two or three times and,then have that same exact one pasted,into nba 2k22 it just doesnt make sense,they make millions off of vc they make,millions of game sales alone after,playing on pc so long you cant a,convince me that they cant have a,dedicated team to this to have players,be accurately reflected as they are,throughout the season and b at least,have every important player in the game,look as accurate as possible when this,game first dropped tyrees halliburton,scan was shameful and he told me hed,been out there to be scanned how in the,world did they have this in the opening,product we dont need to spend forever,on soccer faces and details though,because what people really care about at,its core is gameplay at the crux of it,that determines whether weve put the,game down by like april or june that,determines what the twitch viewership,looks like its crazy as much as 2k,sales

NBA 2K21 Next-Gen: A Flawed Improvement – Review

the next gen version of nba 2k 21 is the,best 2k game since nba 2k16,im not saying its better than 2k16 but,the best 2k released,since there i said it now you likely,have one or two possible reactions to,that statement,i agree or you are stupid and dumb mr,soft drink television,i could have easily made a super,negative review bashing this game and,gotten a lot more views in the process,just look at how my negative madden,reviews perform,but im not here to tell you what you,want to hear the purpose of my videos is,to give you guys my honest feedback and,unlike madden,i actually think this next gen version,of 2k 21,is borderline good it has plenty of,issues holding it back,however from being anywhere close to a,great game,dont get me wrong despite me,acknowledging and later pointing out in,this review,all my issues with the game and being,critical of 2k for them,people are still going to comment that,im sucking off 2k,so let me be extra clear this game has a,lot,of issues my final score at the end of,this video,spoiler alert is a 6.5 out of 10.,that said visual concepts has actually,taken a pretty big step forward,especially for a sports game without nba,live giving 2k any competition,2k actually made a ton of great changes,to my league,now called my mba created basically an,open world version of the neighborhood,called the city,added more depth to my career with up to,4 years of college and the ability to,play an entire career in the g-league,added an entire second commentary team,with a new sideline reporter,play-by-play and a large rotation of,color commentators,created the most graphically impressive,sports game ever,and even added a ton of wnba content,that people are going to ignore simply,because its wnba content,all 2k had to do to get by was simply,update the graphics and call it a day,but they didnt,they revamped their offline and online,franchise mode now called my mba,which brings them no money and even took,out my gm and incorporated it into my,mba,mygm used to have microtransactions in,the game mode,and now that its part of my mba the,micro transactions are,gone they added a new commentary team,for nba games,they added an entire wnba career mode,and a,my wnba franchise mode they turned the,neighborhood into a brand new massive,city instead of copying over the same,park they had been doing for the past,few years,the fact that 2k came out here and,actually innovated is something i think,we should all be happy about,as a long time madden fan the amount of,sheer,depth and things to do in this game,combined with the incredible,presentation,makes any other sports game look like,trash but how high,is that bar as i said before the game,has,serious problems ai can be completely,brain dead,and simply refuses to guard the paint on,transitions,still logic in my mba is often flawed,where teams will draft positions they,dont need,or offer a max contract to a center when,they already have a top center,my wnba thinks every player is a rookie,so brianna stewart can win rookie of the,year,the servers constantly kick you out of,games and are incredibly unreliable,despite the fact that 2k has billions of,dollars to invest in servers,the microtransactions still exist in my,career and starting in a small,neighborhood like area,and needing to grind just to join the,city in the first place,feels like an attempt to get players to,buy vc so they could be competitive,faster and actually get to the city for,the first time,i 100 disagree with the idea of making,competitive online games pay to win,in my careers park and my team both use,that model,which is completely disgraceful in my,opinion now,if youre someone who only plays nba 2k,and doesnt really play a lot of other,sports games,it can be easy to look at these flaws,and let them define the game,it can be easy to say look at how many,issues are still in this game its trash,most 2k creators call the game trash,every year,and to be fair these are legit issues,that are unacceptable in a now,70 aaa title but,as someone like myself who plays a lot,of sports games,nba 2k is simply way ahead of the curve,in nearly every area,while those issues do suck beyond those,issues is a fantastic,nba game and 2k has the potential to,create one of the greatest sports games,ever if they would actually fix those,issues since they dont there is no way,i can recommend this game for 70 dollars,but compared to any 2k sense 2k16,this is easily the best and compared to,any other,aaa sports title on the market this is,also easily the best,my favorite change to the game is the,new focus on franchise mode,now called my nba this mode combines my,league my gm,and my league online and adds more,features on top of that,my league was already the deepest,franchise mode in all of sports games,and if you disagree with me please,go ahead and play maddens franchise,mode or nhls or even go back to nba live,19,and then play my mba there is absolutely,no comparison,now instead of waiting for the end of,each season to vote on league rule,changes,you can change any rule you want before,starting the league,there are more options than ever now for,example you can change the 30 teams down,to 12,remove the shot clock make the playoffs,a tournament of the best seated teams,regardless of conference,and make overtime sudden death where the,first basket wins,with these options at your disposal you,can easily recreate,any season in nba history along with the,rules and rosters,and then recreate the past by using the,historic draft classes each season,advanced cba rules were introduced,meaning there is now dead cap,the steppian rule which is a limit on,trading away first round picks in,consecutive years,30 60 90 day rules restricted free,agency,trade finances and waiver rules of,course if these features are too much,for the average player,they can be turned off and are turned,off by default but as a hardcore,franchise guy,this amount of depth is mind-blowing,role-playing elements from my gm were,added where you could have conversations,with the teams governor,or talk with players to help boost their,morale and chemistry,glee games are now playable and there is,a new boom,bus system where players have more,randomness assigned to their potential,players have low and high potential,floors ceilings and probability to boom,bust or hit somewhere in between,and finally my mba allows online leaks,to have access to,every single feature available in,offline leagues,and real-time syncing is vastly improved,add all of that to what my league,already included with the awesome,customization,team relocation and insane stat tracking,in league history,and my mba sounds perfect to a lot of,people unfortunately it does have some,issues with logic,and cpu teams will often make,bone-headed decisions that get in the,way of immersion,the servers for online leagues can also,get spotty at times,despite these flaws however this is,easily the greatest franchise mode ever,made in a triple a sports game,and if youre a franchise mode player,like myself this is a must,buy maybe not at launch for 70 dollars,but when it inevitably gets cut down to,30 i highly recommend it what ive,noticed is that most people who call 2k,complete trash every year,basically only play the pay to win game,modes park,in my team they dont touch or care,about my league now called my mba,yet anyone in the matting community,watching this video is probably blown,away by the attention to detail of this,games franchise mode,2ks commitment to franchise mode and,offline players,is a reason i dont think their games,are as bad as popular opinion would lead,me to believe,next up is my career the story hasnt,actually changed and if you played 2k 21,on the previous generation,youll notice the exact same cutscenes,with some updated graphics however,you now have the ability to play up to,four years of college basketball,or skip college altogether and go,straight to the g league,and even play your entire career in the,g league the issues

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