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NBA 2K22 Review

when a basketball player gets into the,zone people say it can feel like time,slows to a crawl they can see things,before they happen every little detail,about their opponent stands out and the,rim seems to get bigger and more,inviting nba 2k 22 never quite makes it,all the way to the zone but the improved,gameplay and breadth of content get it,closer than the series has been for the,past few years from important changes to,how stamina impacts shooting to a city,filled with diverse ways to improve your,my player character 2k22 feels like a,breath of fresh air compared to 2k 21.,[Music],out of the gate nba 2k 22 is a new game,on the hardwood gone are the days of rim,running through traffic and curry,sliding into open threes instead youll,need to play a more controlled style of,basketball to come out on top visual,concepts has introduced a new way to,handle stamina loss which has a huge,impact on your shot meter if you try to,sprint around the corner stand at the,top of the key hitting dribble moves,youll run out of stamina and start,breaking shots left and right instead,the offensive game is much more focused,on good team basketball that means the,pick and roll is your friend whether,using it to blow by a slower defender or,waiting for the defense to switch and,then letting your big man go to work on,a guard 2k22 rewards you for smart,patient play and for fans of the deep,ball dont worry youll still be,splashing threes like youre playing for,the golden state warriors youll just,have to play smart with your shots using,picks and more thoughtful dribbling to,get the space to unleash from deep as,long as you keep your stamina up,shooting is even easier this year giving,you the chance to go on a bonanza,now heres buckets,on the other side of the ball 2k 22 is,more balanced than its been in years,thats mostly because visual concepts,has fully redone the shot contest and,blocking system making big men feel even,more dominant in the post this leads to,times where taller more athletic players,feel a bit overpowered but it also means,youre not getting stuck in weird,animations that lead to points for the,opposing team that doesnt mean a few of,those legacy animations wont pop up,time to time but theyre less noticeable,in this iteration improved gameplay,doesnt mean much if you dont have good,places to take advantage of it but,fortunately visual concepts has provided,plenty of things to do throughout its,selection of modes whether you want to,build your player up in my career build,a dream team of past and present stars,in my team take over an entire franchise,in my nba or conquer the womens game in,the w nba 2k 22 has you covered,[Music],my career on next gen is highlighted by,the city this gigantic area is where,youll take your own budding superstar,through his pro career while also,balling out on the streets however one,of the most notable focuses this year is,the off-court activities your brand,manager ricky has been putting in the,work to help you build your personal,brand that extends far beyond the nba,the world is your oyster youll meet up,with celebs like the game engage in,shameless product placement with jake,from state farm become a fashion icon,and perform dj sets on the street as you,start up a burgeoning rap career or heck,you can forget it all and just breeze,around kick flipping over napping,pedestrians,it really does let you experience the,full breath of the nba star lifestyle or,it would if not for so many bugs and,weird design decisions quests routinely,bug out and the off-court physics are,finicky to say the least also when,youre actually playing basketball in,the city you often get penalized for,reasons that dont make any sense you,might get randomly switched to a new man,on defense and need to sprint across the,court if you dont make it in time,congrats on your downgrade little issues,like this have been in nba 2k for years,and continue to frustrate,my team is home to similar highs and,lows the good news is that visual,concepts has provided more than enough,content to keep you busy which means you,dont need to open your pocketbook for,pesky microtransactions if you dont,want to however new features like the,shoe builder and card grading system,feel mostly tacked on and dont add much,to the gameplay,my teams biggest problem though is the,multiplayer modes what was once triple,threat online is now the 100 which hurts,good players because giving up points,kills your chances at rewards limited,and unlimited remain unchanged which is,disappointing seeing how unrewarding,they felt in 2k 21 the one saving grace,is perhaps the draft mode though even,that feels the sting of monetization as,you have to pay real money to enter once,you run out of the limited tickets you,get from playing my team,my nba has spent the off season making,improvements to how you build your,coaching staff and train players these,are neat additions for those who want to,really dig into running a franchise but,are hardly game changers and the w feels,like an afterthought of my career sure,you dont have to go through the,ridiculous grind to build up your player,but visual concepts essentially took all,of its ideas from my career and turned,them into basic menus it certainly isnt,the send up fans of the wnba would want,[Music],nba 2k22 makes some welcome changes to,its on-court action the new stamina,system is a game changer leading to the,series best offensive flow in years,defensively the two weeks to blocks and,shot contests make the paint a dangerous,place to be however the technical issues,and questionable choices and overuse of,microtransactions in several of the,modes keep it from being a real,contender theres a high quality,basketball sim here but it makes more,unforced errors than youd expect for a,series thats been iterating for so long,for more check out our reviews of wrc 10,and madden nfl 22 and for everything,else stick with ign,[Applause]

5 Things NBA 2K23 Gameplay Does Different Than NBA 2K22

now with todays video were going to be,going over the differences between NBA,2k23s gameplay and NBA 2K 22s gameplay,and things of like dribbling and driving,angles of course the new adrenaline,boosts defense transition play along,with post play so I want you guys to,stick around make sure to subscribe and,hey lets go ahead and get into it with,todays video,[Music],so now lets go ahead and take a look at,some of the features specifically in the,gameplay around NBA 2k23 and thats,dribbling and driving angles now when we,pay attention to Jordan here,specifically you notice hes hooking his,defenders arm on his hip and making,sure they dont get that Advantage I,feel like thats a little bit of the,bully badge especially but one thing I,want you to pay attention to here is if,youre launching out of any of your,dribble moves that blows through an,adrenaline boost so going inside I,decide may not be the wave at all this,year left to right you want to try to,get downhill as often as possible or at,least going into some type of Step Back,Spin move Euro whatever the case may be,because its only three you got and I,dont think gymrat or any of those,things are going to help with that type,of situation even paying attention here,you also need that stamina to fight,through any contact that youre going to,receive at The Rim rather thats doing,Euro spin lay a tear dropper a poster,dunk and so those are things to keep in,mind too not only just dribbling but,when you get the contact that youre,looking for at The Rim to happen as well,and so with Jordan he has gold bully I,wonder how thats going to act for guys,who are just running bronze or silver,and things like that and also with,adrenaline boost it does have an effect,on the defensive side of the ball which,I know were looking at offensive Clips,right now but things like reaching,jumping too early and too off thatll,blow through adrenaline too but on this,play here this is a really good example,of the bully badge being in action and,it looks like its a guard that doesnt,have a good amount of interior defense,or even strength at all now Im curious,to how the counter to bully badge will,work I dont know if thats clamps I,dont know if thats anchor but thats,something were gonna find out here soon,especially with people releasing builds,today and things of that nature but now,we get a chance to take a look at,defense we are going against the AI so,its really hard to get a indicator on,how good defense is because the main,things that Ive been seeing are Stills,are really good and also protection at,The Rim but dont sleep though because,post play is back Im just talking about,Elite Defenders and rim protectors that,really make the difference out here but,I wanted to show you a few clips from,that now when we move on to transition,play I feel like this is where 2K is,Gonna Shine this year because J face,Downs arent happening as often as build,I participated in with this and once,again this is going against AI so I can,only go off that but you see somebody,like Jordan coming down hill especially,with the bully badge and the speed with,ball rating it literally feels like hes,moving really quick down the floor,versus before it would seem like,somebody could easily catch up to you,small guards could bump you out of your,path and things like that and so even as,a bigger Wing player or a guard and you,had good dribbling ability you felt like,anybody could throw you off your path,period thats one thing we have to take,note but transition I think is going to,be special even this situation here,Jordan getting back with that speed I,feel like thats going to be something,that really plays into NBA 2K 23 players,who actually have speed and acceleration,on their guy and this is a prime example,of the AI here going for a lay and not,necessarily getting caught from behind,with Jordan and so Im wondering if,thats how online play is going to be we,can only go off of what we know so far,but with post play,these guys are back if youre making a,true post playmaker or somebody who can,get busy on the Block I think this is,the year to do it especially with uh,Sinners power forwards or even big wings,that dont necessarily run with high,interior defense ratings guys there were,so many times that I saw shots that I,thought were contested go in just,because its a fade or theyre hooking,away from the defender and once again,this is against the AI but it just,seemed to happen more often than I,anticipated which is good though because,those shots are realistic I.E that Larry,shot there that went down so I wanted to,just go ahead and give you guys some,quick differences that I noticed between,NBA 2K 22 and 2K 23 because post play is,good transition its it feels fast you,guys are getting up and down the floor,really quick especially if you have a,ball handle like a Michael Jordan so I,wasnt trying to hold you too long with,this video but I did want to leave you,with the first quarter of this gameplay,just so you can see it raw and in its,entirety that way you dont have to,really hear me talk over it so make sure,to subscribe to the channel and enjoy,the video My People Ill see you in the,next one,the Bulls cant fall down O2 in a five,game two Hey Kevin its hard enough to,beat this Celtics team in any series but,to take three straight games from them,virtually impossible I think youre,right short stolen by aim,and the big question and my problem for,the sonics how do they slow down Michael,Jordan well they sent a few options,they know they need to be better and,will still vary their looks,heres Mason,[Applause],Jordan outside,[Applause],and just about a minute into the first,quarter and the rejection by Parish,beautiful thing to watch there perish,with great anticipation and timing to,get to that shot in the night,Ainge dishes to bird,Mikhail against Oakley,a kale misses and usually you can count,on him to convert there the D did just,enough to throw him off offensive,rebound Master Mason jacks up a three,sinks the three-pointer and Clark hears,something that no team has been able to,do slow down the Celtics front Court,well theres so much talent actually too,much talent at every position to be able,to plug all the holes they hurt you at,both ends of the floor too bird Mikhail,Parish all elite players I think someday,all three will be in the Hall of Fame I,wouldnt be surprised if thats the case,and now for some info on this matchup,lets go across the court to our,sideline reporter David Alden thanks,guys now there are unique differences,between these teams of course Boston has,a huge size Advantage but they like to,get on Run Chicago is the quicker team,but they like to slow it down and set,things up another unique aspect to the,matchup the Celtics may be bigger but,during the regular season it was the,Bulls who had the offensive rebounding,age,you can David certainly Bulls rookie,Charles Oakley Mike has something to do,with their Stellar work on the rebounder,a strong finish for the ninth pick in,the draft Oakley came from Virginia,Union now a year later hes playing in,Boston in the NBA playoffs hes got,presents though doesnt he Mike on the,floor and he can back it up with that,body and Jordan with 49 points the last,game Mark any chance you think hell,match that Im never comfortable betting,against Michael Jordan Kevin this guy is,so good and so amazing hes got the,skill and the wheel I,think a lot depends on what kind of,Defense the Celtics play on and thats,going to be the thing to watch,thank you,[Applause],who shot,[Applause],its real good Jordan what separates,Jordan from others in my mind is his,singular Focus nothing comes between him,and the ultimate goal of winning the,game Paxton has checked in for Kyle,Mason and you look at this Chicago team,and they are at your typical eight seed,you know Mike they didnt have Jordan,for much of the season and that,certainly skews their record but they,are a Fearless confident aggressive,group that can han

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Players Banned Forever…2K Hiding Poor Reviews…WWE 2K22 Leaks Early

what is going on guys it is wrestle game,here here back with another video a wwe,2k 22 is being released this week but,there are already warning signs that,this game could be another huge,disappointment,right well join us now as we look at the,latest reports on 2ks wwe 2k 22,wrestling simulator thats a lot of twos,be sure to subscribe and hit that,notification bell so youre the first to,know when we upload a video,the wwe 2k 22 follows years of,anticipation after the unmitigated,disaster that was 2k20 the games many,flaws have been discussed at length so,ok theres no need to revisit them other,than to say fans are hopeful that 2k 22,which is being released this week will,be a marked improvement,unfortunately reports of 2k banning the,social media accounts of individuals who,have posted early reviews and or,screenshots or streams of the game have,led to concerns that 2k isnt confident,about this latest release heres what we,know so far the review embargo now there,is currently a review embargo on,official reviews until the game is,released its not unusual for game,makers to send a review copy with the,understanding that gaming sites agree,and ten not to publish reviews until a,certain date the problem of course is,when embargoes prevent reviews until the,day a game is released thats the case,with 2k 22 as official reviews cannot be,released until the pre-orders are,released on 8th march however according,to element games it looks like some,places are already selling the physical,version at wwe in 2k22 in store of,course not surprisingly people are,already getting permanently banned if,theyre going to be streaming the game,online a gamers know that many games are,developed with fast turnaround times,which makes it tricky to release review,copies far in advance theres also the,problem of reviewers not having enough,time to give a proper review for example,giving a review of the game a week,before its release may not be sufficient,enough time however why would a game,maker enforce a complete embargo just,days before its release,is this distressing deja vu our fans who,ordered past video games where the,review embargoes are likely shuddering,at the thought of facing another game,like 2k20 or cyberpunk 2077 both which,had such a hush-hush policy about what,to expect that more than a few gamers,felt the game makers intentionally,withheld information to get as many,people as possible to buy their troubled,titles before any significant reviews,were posted in both cases many consumers,felt the games were released in,unplayable conditions and some demanded,refunds,wrestling simulators are popular and,with aews video game in what is,beginning to approach developmental hell,fans are eager to get their hands on a,new wrestling game especially in light,of the announcement that 2k 22 will,feature their fan favorite gm mode,coming back,however gamers are disturbed by 2k,seeming reluctance to allow anyone to,post anything disparaging about the game,so is this a bad omen for 2k 22 a take 2,interactive which owns both rockstar,games and 2k is facing criticism due to,it leveling a number of digital,copyright millennium act and get a dcma,complaint ringside news is michael perry,is reporting that a number of people,online have shared screenshots and,details on the game resulting in take,too interactive filing the complaint,so some gamers are skeptical about 2k 22,now but should they be after all it,isnt 2k entitled to protect its own,copyright on its new game now while 2k,is entitled to do so ringside newss,michael perry noted that gaming,companies that restrict early access,often have an ulterior motive for doing,so he mentioned take two has resorted to,sending out dmca notices to virtually,anyone who shares this material carrion,cross and scarlet screenshots received,takedown notices across twitter and tons,of accounts were affected we were given,a full list of takedowns and it is,massive many gamers are familiar with,this story embargoes on game material,this close to the release date never,means anything good,perhaps even more troubling is why the,twitter accounts were targeted according,to perry many fans have lost their,twitter accounts over the dmca takedowns,everything seemed fine until people,started mocking the odd player models,and lack of real updates and gameplay,previews,even current nxt superstar dakota kai,found herself running a foul at 2k after,she tweeted her joy over 2ks visual for,her in their new game her tweet featured,four images from the game which was,replaced with the dreaded media not,displayed i mean she was praising the,game and yet they still blocked her so,whats causing all this i keep in mind,that the complaints weve seen posted,and substantially removed are,unsubstantiated perhaps take too,interactive is just taking down baseless,attacks on their product but what if,theyre not what are the complaints,people have been making that have led to,take two requesting they be taken down,one complaint is that the game features,micro transactions the dreaded,pay-to-win monster has been seen before,in 2k with its nba series being,criticized for what is seen as a,ridiculous amount of micro transactions,although 2k is by no means the only,developer accused of gouging gamers with,micro transactions even polyphony,digital has been doing so with a new,gran turismo 7 game a 2k has defended,the practice even blaming,microtransactions on players who dont,have the patience to grind through,various modes to accumulate in-game,currency the wwes my faction mode is,believed to feature microtransactions,which is naturally going to lead to,heavy criticism another complaint is,that the mygm mode is very limited and,that players wont have the same open,world experience that they did in the,past versions,while gm mode isnt a major component of,the game its a feature gamers have been,asking for for a long time so,expectations are very high at this,moment,another criticism is that 2ks universe,mode has been stripped down due to the,addition of my gm mode 2k 22s my rise,mode isnt receiving any praise which is,too bad as this mode has always been,unfulfilled,2k20s mode that featured a male and,female superstar rising up together had,plenty going for it on paper but the,games many glitches turned the mode,into an unplayable mess,graphics wise the game looks beautiful,at least based on screenshots and videos,but there have been reports of glitches,again the biggest reason for the gamers,to be worried is that take 2 seems to be,going on the offensive to prevent anyone,from complaining about the game are the,games overall graphics that defective,that theres a reason to hide them so is,there a cause for concern does this mean,we should expect to see a repeat of 2k20,its difficult to imagine a game that,could come close to matching that,awfulness of 2ks 2009 monstrosity but,in light of 2k 20s many broken promises,who can blame anyone for being skeptical,some fans who just paid 99.95 for the,deluxe edition or 120 for the new world,order edition in order to get pre-order,bonuses and have to be anxious about,what theyll be getting perhaps the most,ludicrous narrative circling about the,game is that of the people defending 2k,22 by arguing that no matter what the,game is like itll be an improvement on,2k 20. some people defending the game,seem to be suggesting that gamers should,be happy with 2ks latest wrestling,offer regardless of how good or bad it,turns out to be,this is ridiculous reasoning especially,when you realize that 2k had 2 years to,develop this game wwe 2k 22 is promising,a lot and as fans have seen it features,a deep roster including a number of,current wrestlers legends and superstars,who were released the addition of my,faction and the return of my gm has fans,excited along with tweaks such as the,ability to use wrestlers on creator,wrestler from other platforms however,based on 2ks complete lack of,transparency with 2k20 and well-deserved,criticism about the in

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what is going on guys dbg and today,were going to be talking about some of,the new news for NBA 2k23 obviously this,came out a little bit earlier but Ive,had a little bit of time to kind of,comprehend what is going on and were,going to be talking about that right,here so obviously this is not going to,be just my team related,um its going to be the whole game,related and it kind of changes something,that appeared to be like one of the just,for lack of better word than Im Heist,but,it does appear now that its Im not,gonna lie a little bit uh,a little bit less of a great deal if,were being completely honest and a lot,of people have already,[Music],um,put down deposits a lot of people have,already like,pre-ordered the game so um yeah,basically what it is is this right here,so if you guys dont know,I dont know what Ive clicked on right,here,here we go,um its this right here for pre-ordering,NBA 2k23,so you guys can see League Pass Cuts is,priced down by 56 so what does that mean,League Pass is now down to like,quite uh like quite a lot cheaper Im,pretty sure per year now League path is,now under a hundred dollars,so basically what this previously meant,was this,so if you look at the pre-order bonus,for NBA 2k23,if you want to order,doesnt matter what if you want to order,the championship Edition,pre-order 2K store physical,why I dont even consult us this there,is is there a price yeah so its like,150 Euro,like pre-order Facebook hobby like,thats a thats a ludicrous man that we,just like I might say its like 170 but,the dollar is worth the same as zeros to,150 right now,um,but yeah,so,the difference is you now get league,pass for fifty dollars so you basically,like thirty dollars off league pass,but a lot of people are complaining a,lot of people who were,gonna get this Edition anyway,Im like I know you get whatever,and what else do you got you got,fifteen thousand XP or something,which is kind of indifferent for me,anyway,but um,a lot of people are especially guys from,Park are claim that they got scammed,because now lead past is cheaper,is it a case where 2K new league pass is,going to be cut already NBA new league,pass was going to be before they made,this deal,almost certainly because,if you guys dont know,NBA 2K or sorry League Pass was,originally 200.,so you see this right here 150 dollars,for this pre-order for the Edition that,comes with NBA league pass,a 12 subscription lead Plus,a lot like this was cheaper in the,league pass by itself,so so many people were gonna buy this,edition if you are a like hardcore 2K,gamer,and you bought this Edition for and you,were like oh because I kind of want lead,past on the side it makes no odds it,actually for me it makes absolutely no,odds because for 115 you are still,getting the game you are still getting,League Pass like nothing has changed,just because League Pass is no longer as,expensive doesnt mean its not slightly,as much of a steal yes but youre still,getting the same product youre not,being scam the only people that you can,maybe argue other people are claiming a,scampi there are one theres one,specific type of person you can claim is,getting scammed that I Im on the side,of these guys if these guys want to come,out and complain they have every right,to it is the people that dont give a,damn about 2k and saw the 2K is 150 and,bought the lead past subscription,so to the 2K subscription was out before,this this like news so they went and,pre-ordered 2K for 150 and it turns out,that theyre now instead of paying like,90 for a game,I say 90 for Lee pass theyre now paying,90 for league pass and 60 for a game,they dont want,and there are a lot of people that did,that because they originally thought,they were getting a 50 sale on their,league pass and now theyre essentially,buying a sixty dollar an entire 60 game,that they just the gay why is the the,Raiders is 80 Euro,oh my God,easy Euro,dont buy that game Jesus,but um,yeah basically,for me thats kind of the way it is is,that theres a lot of people that bought,this just for laypass and because this,wasnt like this should have been,announced at the same time as 2K,like they should not have allowed 2K be,announced with 12 monthly pass,subscription knowing that the lead pass,was gonna go on sale,was gonna go on a 50 sale and the people,would pre-book 2K and they only,announced it seven days before lunch,because you do you can only cancel your,pre-order up to like three days from now,the day its 72 hours early so basically,if somebody doesnt see this news for,three days and they book theyve bought,2K solely for a league pass they were,like oh maybe we can get a league pass,deal and oh we might have this game on,the side theyve essentially bought a,game they didnt want us on top of a,league pass that they were already gonna,get and it turns out that they paid more,they paid probably more for the Lee pass,than they should have they pay 60 again,they didnt want so,for all the like again hardcore 2K,Gamers I dont see any reason to,complain first of all I dont think,theres any reason,except for if youre going for like,first level 40s to buy the championship,Edition,if you only want it for 2K,if you want the combo of 2K and league,pass,if youre somebody subscribes to laypass,especially if youre internationally,pass is a really good thing if youre,someone who likes having lead pass if,youre someone who wants lead pass on 2K,and the championship Edition is still a,no-brainer it is still a no-brainer,if you are a person who really wants to,go for first level 40.,then youre gonna need the championship,Edition because you get 15 000 for XP,if youre,content creator people like oh if,theres a content creator theres no,point in Jordan Edition man if youre a,content creator just it doesnt matter,what Edition you get Im being dead,serious,theres people sign off your content,creator dont spend money in the game,you dont need to spend money in the,game anyway,look at JD crossover,lets get the best time team in the game,last two years and spend ascent,um,so for me its really a case of this do,you want league pass and 2K it used to,be for me it was always if you wanted,League Pass in at all,it was cheaper to go for a league pass,buying 2K which was a really interesting,concept it would get a lot more people,signing for league pass,but,theyve that theres no point in that if,you want league pass and dont want 2K,dont buy the championship edition if,you want 2K and dont really want league,pass,dont buy the championship Edition,simple as if you are in that very very,small minority of people,about one 2K and want the league pass,the championship Edition you are getting,the exact same thing as you were getting,beforehand,hes just instead of saving,basically its youre paying 150 for a,product,that instead of it being three hundred,dollars,is,two hundred dollars,thats basically it,instead of saving getting a half price,youre getting the exact same product,its just what what like Im gonna say,is like imagine you go into a shop and,you see two identical things or you see,a product,in one shop and it says um was 300 now,150 dollars,you think youve gotten a steal but if,you see the exact same product was 200,now 150 dollars,youre gonna think,oh maybe we didnt get quite as good a,steel even though realistically youre,paying the exact same price for the,exact same products,so yeah thats basically what it is r2k,scamming anyone as far as like hardcore,gamers are going no theyre not,youre gonna buy 2K anyway youre gonna,buy lead pass anyway the championship,which is still the best if you were only,buying it because you were getting such,a good steal and you didnt really want,League Pass then you bought it for the,sale rather than the actual product so,then thats on you the only people that,you can argue are getting scammed are,the people that only wanted for lead,pass that have pre-ordered the game,because they thought they were getting a,50 sale on League cost and wont be able,to cancel their pr


the time has finally come,i can show you nba 2k 23 gameplay,finally make sure yall drop a like on,the video man 2k 23 we are going crazy,im trying to grind this thing harder,than ever before pause but were trying,to grind this thing harder than ever,before man so make sure i drop a like on,the video lets get this video to 25 000,likes and yall already know tomorrow,im allowed to drop the my player,builder thats the video i think,majority of you are waiting for but in,the time,being lets check out some of this,gameplay all right so here i can only,show gameplay from the jordan challenges,okay from the michael jordan challenges,so i know some people are gonna care,about like the cinematics and everything,so im gonna go over like just how well,done it was and and show you a little,bit of clips about like how they put it,all together because it is pretty cool,and its really authentic to the time,period but then after like a minute or,two im just jumping into the gameplay,were going over stamina for dribbling,were going over,uh shooting,dunk meter new body up animations all,this type of stuff that i noticed from,playing just the jordan challenge man so,like i said 25 000 likes on this video,we dropped the builder for yall,tomorrow thats gonna be a banger you do,not want to miss that man make sure,yall subscribe to the channel turn on,notifications,lets get right into it but first with,the nfl season right around the corner,our friends over at prize picks are,hooking you guys up what if i told you,if tom brady throws for just one yard on,sunday you guys would win well if you,click my link in the description to sign,up for prize picks today youre gonna,have that opportunity prize picks is a,daily sports fantasy app that allows you,to use your sports knowledge and turn it,into profit with the nfl season starting,this weekend this is the perfect time to,get started its simple choose your,sport and make your picks for example in,the nfl you have everything from,receiving yards receiving touchdowns,passing yards passing touchdowns rushing,attempts rushing yards theres all,different categories to choose from once,you make your picks then you have to,choose is that player gonna go over or,under the prediction the more picks you,get right the more money you win and as,if it couldnt get any better if you use,my link in the description to sign up,for prize picks today they will double,your first deposit,thank you to prize picks for sponsoring,this video all right so lets get into,these cinematics man all right so the,first thing youre going to notice is,right you load into the menus you start,off with jordan in college right the,game against georgetown and uh you know,they do something like i think like,kenny smith has like a little interview,its really well done and its really,authentic to the era like anyone that,likes,basketball like real basketball im not,just talking 2k anyone that really likes,basketball youre gonna notice this how,authentic it is like the graininess of,the of the tv broadcast the graphics of,the broadcast everything looks really,really good now youre gonna notice its,so authentic that it almost hurts your,eyes like i started playing this for,like a minute or two and i was like you,know what i gotta turn off the era,filter i think thats what its called,air filter youre gonna see like once,the game starts and you start running,around its so like blurry were so used,to like hd footage now but its,authentic to the time period so its,really really cool you know what i mean,but check it out i mean the quartz even,the im gonna go as far as to say even,the style of play like with no,three-point line like its very,congested everybodys like you know kind,of close to the basket but you see right,here im gonna go and you can turn it,off and it makes it you know completely,hd and makes it you know not give you a,headache but like i said its really,cool the next game is for team usa um,you know young michael jordan playing,for team usa youre playing against the,80s all-stars so like i,you know,i dont think this was like a real game,that happened i could be wrong and maybe,you know maybe some somebody and you,know theyre going to kill me in the,comments like oh you dont know the,history of basketball my fault i forgot,about one game maybe but the next one is,the playoff game against boston where,jordan scored i think 63 points he was,going crazy i think larry bird said it,was you know he described it like he was,uh i think he said hes jesus described,it uh disguised as michael jordan or,something along those lines like it was,you know it was just a crazy game he was,a one-man wrecking crew and they ended,up getting swept in the series i think,but it was still a standout thing for,michael jordan like he was just,unstoppable you know as you can see it,looks really good its just,its authentic and thats thats what i,appreciate about this im not really one,thats big for like single-player game,modes playing against the computer but,it is really authentic in terms of like,the history of uh basketball the history,of michael jordan so its cool no doubt,about it it is really cool the way they,did it you know you can see uh just,everything about it,the court the broadcast the graininess,everything that i said you know even,even the play style like i said its,pretty authentic to the time period but,lets get into what everybody is here,for or i think maybe some people wanted,to see the jordan challenges and whatnot,but what i think yall are here for the,gameplay im gonna give you my thoughts,now take a couple things into,consideration before we get into it,first of all im playing against the,computer okay im playing against the,computer its not on park difficulty,theres no setting in here to put it on,park difficulty mike wang said park i,think he said park is gonna be closest,to hall of fame this year so its gonna,be a little more challenging which is,good but there was no exact park,difficulty setting here so things could,be different when yall go to the park,or pro am or wreck or wherever yall end,up playing,also i was not invited to this event,to give feedback and change things about,the games they dont say oh joe was,telling them to put this shoulder in,there or put this dunk in there or this,shot animation i didnt tell them,anything i just went and played the game,and im giving yall my feedback about,what i saw okay so lets get into the,first thing i noticed,stamina and dribbling and how does this,hole three uh what did they call,adrenaline meters i think they were,calling you have your stamina meter and,then three adrenaline meters so,everyones wondering like what actually,takes away from your adrenaline meters,lets look at this footage okay so,youre gonna notice coming up the court,you have three,bars under your stamina bar those are,your adrenaline meters,basically what i noticed man any,explosive movement you do,is gonna take an adrenaline meter so you,see every explosive behind the back that,i do i lose it and look at how i move,once i lose those adrenaline meters you,are slow as a snail now im blinking and,i have no adrenaline youre useless you,cannot beat a defender with that all,right but look it off of momentum you,lose it off of misdirection you lose it,so any explosive dribble move i notice,you lose it momentum i lose an,adrenaline bar look at it cross back i,dont lose it,but i do the little misdirection i lose,the stamina bar anytime i s i did i,speed boosted out of anything i would,lose an adrenaline bar so you know,dribbling this year,i dont know man maybe if you have,gatorade and stuff its gonna be,different but,it looks like youre you know if you run,left right left right left right youre,gonna be out of adrenaline youre gonna,be moving like a snail so its gonna be,different like im blinking now theres,nothing i end up getting smashed into,the into the ground and getting a foul,but basically ill see what im saying,right and this is one thing i n

The NBA Problem That No One Is Talking About

in june 2006 the nba announced that it,was making a drastic change in what,would be the first time in 35 years the,nba declared that it was changing the,spalding iconic leather ball to a new,ball made out of microfiber material,then ceo of spalding remarked that the,companys efforts to advance basketball,technology yielded this optimal ball and,also former commissioner david stern,would echo this sentiment doubling down,on the fact that this ball would ensure,that the best players in the world would,be at their best and thats exactly what,happened shaq made all of his free,throws the league said career okay,let me stop everyone hated the new ball,one of the biggest haters of this new,ball was no other than shaq who said it,feels more like one of those cheap balls,you buy at the toy store i look for,shooting percentages to be way down and,turnovers to be way up because when the,ball gets wet you cant really control,it whoever did that needs to be fired,other players like steve nash and kron,butler also complained about the balls,tendency to slip and it being tough on,the fingers sharpshooter ray allen would,also second this by stating i had to,consistently put lotion all over my,hands because my fingers were cracking,up and its causing splints on my,fingertips to make matters worse nba,players were never consulted about the,change and only former players tested,out the ball before its introduction in,the league consequently due to all the,negative feedback the players,association filed a complaint that would,eventually lead to the return of the,previous ball however in 2021 it may,appear that the second coming of this,problem could already be affecting the,product that we see on the court but,before we continue be sure to leave like,on the video as each like only takes a,second of your time but makes a massive,difference for the channel if you end up,enjoying the video then feel free to,subscribe to the channel for more,content like this without further ado,lets get back to the video in may of,2020 denver announced that it was,switching from its iconic spalding,basketball in favor of wilson,basketballs in the process also,suggested that there wouldnt be much of,a change in the balls design as to why,this change occurred well there arent,many details about that but what is,obvious is that the nbas contract with,spaulding expired and they elected to,switch to wilson its important to note,that wilson was actually the first,official ball of the nba in its first 37,years of existence and spalding would,take over for the next 37 years meaning,that wilson would come back for its 75th,season of inception but now lets get,into whats important how do the wilson,and spalding balls compare well a few,weeks ago i met up with a college friend,of mine who actually has the official,nba wilson ball and i brought my own,spalding ball to compare having not,played basketball at once i can tell you,that dribbling that ball almost place me,on oxygen but at its core the shape and,structure of the wilson ball is very,similar to that of the spawning ball,however i did notice that the wilson,ball does feel a tad lighter and that,the pebbled surface is a bit more race,than the spalding ball this took some,time to get used to but believe me when,i say that the ball was comfortable to,use however i felt that my spalding ball,was softer to the touch and familiarity,combined with having broken the ball in,meant that i had a better experience,with it but at the end of the day those,are just my opinions on those,comparisons so if you have used both the,wilson and spaulding nba license balls,then comment down below how you feel,those two compare and in the grand,scheme of things im just an nba super,fan and one quadrillionth as good as the,15 man on the bench so how do players in,the league react to this ball well after,win against okc paul george stated that,it doesnt have the same touch and,softness as the spaulding ball had,youll see it this year a lot of bad,misses and youll see a lot of air balls,and bpa president cj mccollum has said,were all still adjusting to the new,ball and also aims to get feedback from,players around the league about the ball,this nba season at least at the time of,this recording the league average field,goal percentage is 44.6 percent which is,actually the lowest since 2004 and the,three-point percentage is now 34.2,percent which is actually the lowest,since 1999. coincidentally weve seen,many prominent players struggle to shoot,the ball to start this season damien,lillard is infamously shooting 35 from,the field and 23 from three jayson tatum,is shooting 40 from the field on 27 from,three and mpj is shooting a putrid 35,from the field and 23 from three so it,can be said that since the nba has,brought in this iteration of the wilson,ball shooting percentages have nosedived,however since we were embryo we were,taught that correlation doesnt equal,causation there are a ton of confounding,variables that can be impacting the,performance of those aforementioned,players and even paul george who has,spoken about the wilson ball is having a,sensational season averaging 28 points,on 49 from the field and 41 percent from,three as otto porter jr put it best its,a brand new ball and the more you shoot,with it the more you break it in the,reality of the situation is that a new,ball definitely takes getting used to,regardless of how similar it is to the,previous ball but at the same time,players will get used to it this isnt,the same ball that towards steve nashs,fingers apart and got replaced just,months into the season there are players,who have been just fine since the ball,switch and players who are actually,working their way to get out of their,slumps shams actually tweeted yesterday,that the wilson game ball has been,discussed in that the players and the,league are working with wilson to adjust,where appropriate so i guess that if,there is eventually a rally of the,players against the game ball its a,good thing that discussions have already,taken place on how to improve it again,those are just my thoughts on the ball,changing from spalding to wilson and i,want to hear all about your thoughts in,the comment section below which ball do,you personally prefer for basketball,indoors and outdoors and also do you,feel that the wilson ball has anything,to do with the slumps that were seeing,with these top players if you havent,already be sure to leave a like as each,like helps boost the video and algorithm,and also feel free to subscribe if you,enjoyed the video and share the video,with another basketball lover like,yourself thats it for me hope to see,you guys in the next one and stay tuned,[Music],you

NBA 2K23 Everything To Know

like clockwork nba 2k launches every,september and reignites the age-old,debate of whos overrated whos,underrated and how the seriess last,iteration feels according to the,passionate fandom,this year nba 2k23 muddies those waters,in an interesting way not only will,players take the court with modern,superstars like steph curry and kevin,durant theyll be able to travel back to,the 80s 90s and early 2000s and play as,legends like bird duncan and iverson for,more on these new features as well as,details on the nba 2k 23 release date,pre-order details and more heres,everything you need to know about nba,2k23,while annual sports sims typically have,few innovations outside of updated,rosters year to year it appears nba 2k,23 is poised to add several new features,to its suite of modes,nba 2ks most popular mode my player is,back,every year the team does a great job of,making your custom character the star of,the game and a new storyline in this,years game will do that once more,this time the story starts with you,actually getting to choose your own,landing spot via the nba draft while,that may sound great,theres a catch the teams fanbase,wanted a different player so youll be,tasked with winning over your new fan,base when theyve got wandering eyes for,your rival shep owens from being booed,on stage at the draft to exploring the,city and seeing fans wearing owens,jersey rather than yours the environment,will be hostile at first but winning,solves everything doesnt it throughout,the storyline youll work to gain the,fans admiration and prove over the,course of your career that you were the,right pick all along the team of visual,concepts says this years my player is,the biggest the team has ever done and,the story will include cameos as it,often does including rapper baz and,music producer elite both of whom work,under j coles label dreamville records,next up is my nba eras this years my,nba mode which is the series take on a,seasons long franchise mode lets players,jump backwards in time across four,distinct starting points 1983 1992 2002,or present day these years werent,picked at random they each represent a,season immediately preceding nba drafts,that forever changed the sport in 1983,youll start a year before michael,jordan was drafted in 1992 youll tip,off one season before shaq arrives to,forever change how bigs play in the,league in 2002 youll begin just before,recent and modern stars such as lebron,james and dwayne wade made their debuts,the studio is calling these the magic,verse bird era the jordan era and the,kobe era respectively in this mode,players can alter the past and future of,the nba forever,trade magic johnson to the bucks or make,the mistake of drafting michael jordan,with the celtics when he belongs with,the bulls the choices are yours to make,and your actions will ripple out over,the years to come as you play season,after season youll even be able to,rewrite the nba history books by making,it so maybe jordan doesnt retire for,two years in the middle of this run for,six nba titles repeating the three-peat,like in the typical my mba mode you can,keep it realistic and execute fair,trades for the players you want to move,or you can turn off cpu tray logic and,move players around the league like,youre redecorating your kitchen the,rule books and players playing styles,will all be accurate to their respective,times even the players shorts will be,respective of their era from the short,shorts of the 80s to the iverson era,long baggy shorts to todays style,landing somewhere in between,speaking of jordan and the bulls the,jordan challenge will be returning for,the first time since its debut in nba,2k11. this time its growing in size,from 10 challenges to 15 but also in how,immersive the mode will be like in my,nba eras reliving jordans games from,the 80s and 90s will include visual,filters and other touches to put players,in the right time and place,period-specific arenas and,advertisements as well as old-fashioned,broadcasts right down to the on-screen,scoreboard and exclusive commentary,teams are all included this includes,classic games like jordans final last,dance game of 1998 against the utah jazz,along with going all the way back to his,college years with his 1982 ncaa,national championship game unc versus,georgetown each challenge will be,accompanied by talking head segments,that use real interviews the visual,concepts team conducted for the game,mode to help contextualize the,importance of each playable reenactment,they include interviews with people such,as marv albert commentator for the shrug,game rival kareem abdul-jabbar former,teammate dennis rodman coach phil,jackson and more personally as someone,who grew up with the bulls during the,jordan era this is the mode im most,looking forward to while all of these,historical modes sound like a blast the,real question is if the encore gameplay,will hold up to this end visual concepts,believes its figured out the cure for,what ailed last years perimeter heavy,game new shooting mechanics will create,more separation between the games,mediocre shooters and its elite marksman,meaning youll need to play well at all,levels on offense and wont be able to,simply rely on hitting open shots,meanwhile a greater sense of power and,paint dominance should give players more,ways to win than just draining threes,like the warriors apparently this years,game is inspired by the way giannis,adekompo plays with his aggressive,slashing style according to nba 2k,gameplay director mike wang the team has,expanded on tools meant to attack the,basket the team is set out to improve,its pro stick giving players more,maneuverability youll be able to,perform new gesture combos like double,throws and switchbacks meant to provide,shooting windows in tight quarters the,double throw gesture is meant to help,hop step layups while the switchback,gestures are used for euro step and,cradle layups,nba 2k 23 releases on playstation xbox,switch and pc on september 9th like most,sports games your choice of which,version to pick up consists of several,different editions with each pricier one,growing in its added content all the way,up to a sold out version that includes a,year of nba league pass which grants,live access to all nba games all season,long for 60 dollars you can pick up the,standard last gen version of nba 2k 23,while current gen will cost you 70,meanwhile the digital deluxe edition of,nba 2k 23 which includes my team points,tokens promo packs and more will cost 80,for 100 youll be able to net the,michael jordan edition which includes,yet more bonus content finally theres,the championship edition which will cost,150,the main draw here is the 12 month nba,league pass subscription which gives you,access to live games throughout the year,considering the nba league pass costs 15,per month this isnt a bad option if,youre a big nba fan and want the league,pass either way,granted it is currently sold out,and there you have everything you need,to know about the upcoming nba 2k23,make sure to come back for our full,review of nba 2k 23 next week for more,on nba 2k 23 and all things games make,sure to stay tuned to gamespot and well,see you next time,[Music],you

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