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NBA 2K22 Review

when a basketball player gets into the,zone people say it can feel like time,slows to a crawl they can see things,before they happen every little detail,about their opponent stands out and the,rim seems to get bigger and more,inviting nba 2k 22 never quite makes it,all the way to the zone but the improved,gameplay and breadth of content get it,closer than the series has been for the,past few years from important changes to,how stamina impacts shooting to a city,filled with diverse ways to improve your,my player character 2k22 feels like a,breath of fresh air compared to 2k 21.,[Music],out of the gate nba 2k 22 is a new game,on the hardwood gone are the days of rim,running through traffic and curry,sliding into open threes instead youll,need to play a more controlled style of,basketball to come out on top visual,concepts has introduced a new way to,handle stamina loss which has a huge,impact on your shot meter if you try to,sprint around the corner stand at the,top of the key hitting dribble moves,youll run out of stamina and start,breaking shots left and right instead,the offensive game is much more focused,on good team basketball that means the,pick and roll is your friend whether,using it to blow by a slower defender or,waiting for the defense to switch and,then letting your big man go to work on,a guard 2k22 rewards you for smart,patient play and for fans of the deep,ball dont worry youll still be,splashing threes like youre playing for,the golden state warriors youll just,have to play smart with your shots using,picks and more thoughtful dribbling to,get the space to unleash from deep as,long as you keep your stamina up,shooting is even easier this year giving,you the chance to go on a bonanza,now heres buckets,on the other side of the ball 2k 22 is,more balanced than its been in years,thats mostly because visual concepts,has fully redone the shot contest and,blocking system making big men feel even,more dominant in the post this leads to,times where taller more athletic players,feel a bit overpowered but it also means,youre not getting stuck in weird,animations that lead to points for the,opposing team that doesnt mean a few of,those legacy animations wont pop up,time to time but theyre less noticeable,in this iteration improved gameplay,doesnt mean much if you dont have good,places to take advantage of it but,fortunately visual concepts has provided,plenty of things to do throughout its,selection of modes whether you want to,build your player up in my career build,a dream team of past and present stars,in my team take over an entire franchise,in my nba or conquer the womens game in,the w nba 2k 22 has you covered,[Music],my career on next gen is highlighted by,the city this gigantic area is where,youll take your own budding superstar,through his pro career while also,balling out on the streets however one,of the most notable focuses this year is,the off-court activities your brand,manager ricky has been putting in the,work to help you build your personal,brand that extends far beyond the nba,the world is your oyster youll meet up,with celebs like the game engage in,shameless product placement with jake,from state farm become a fashion icon,and perform dj sets on the street as you,start up a burgeoning rap career or heck,you can forget it all and just breeze,around kick flipping over napping,pedestrians,it really does let you experience the,full breath of the nba star lifestyle or,it would if not for so many bugs and,weird design decisions quests routinely,bug out and the off-court physics are,finicky to say the least also when,youre actually playing basketball in,the city you often get penalized for,reasons that dont make any sense you,might get randomly switched to a new man,on defense and need to sprint across the,court if you dont make it in time,congrats on your downgrade little issues,like this have been in nba 2k for years,and continue to frustrate,my team is home to similar highs and,lows the good news is that visual,concepts has provided more than enough,content to keep you busy which means you,dont need to open your pocketbook for,pesky microtransactions if you dont,want to however new features like the,shoe builder and card grading system,feel mostly tacked on and dont add much,to the gameplay,my teams biggest problem though is the,multiplayer modes what was once triple,threat online is now the 100 which hurts,good players because giving up points,kills your chances at rewards limited,and unlimited remain unchanged which is,disappointing seeing how unrewarding,they felt in 2k 21 the one saving grace,is perhaps the draft mode though even,that feels the sting of monetization as,you have to pay real money to enter once,you run out of the limited tickets you,get from playing my team,my nba has spent the off season making,improvements to how you build your,coaching staff and train players these,are neat additions for those who want to,really dig into running a franchise but,are hardly game changers and the w feels,like an afterthought of my career sure,you dont have to go through the,ridiculous grind to build up your player,but visual concepts essentially took all,of its ideas from my career and turned,them into basic menus it certainly isnt,the send up fans of the wnba would want,[Music],nba 2k22 makes some welcome changes to,its on-court action the new stamina,system is a game changer leading to the,series best offensive flow in years,defensively the two weeks to blocks and,shot contests make the paint a dangerous,place to be however the technical issues,and questionable choices and overuse of,microtransactions in several of the,modes keep it from being a real,contender theres a high quality,basketball sim here but it makes more,unforced errors than youd expect for a,series thats been iterating for so long,for more check out our reviews of wrc 10,and madden nfl 22 and for everything,else stick with ign,[Applause]

NBA 2K22 Review – The Final Verdict

[Music],the defense ready for him on that,possession they had to be because he is,so strong in the paint,and here we go brooklyn fest break yeah,we all know rick barry can create for,himself but we get to see there what,kind of passing skills he also possesses,what a sensational feat,heres randall,the stupendous,[Music],theres been no shortage of criticism,surrounding many annualized sports,franchises in the past few years from,games like madden becoming increasingly,controversial to the wwe 2k series,taking at least a year off and the nba,2k franchise is no different,especially with 2k 21 the annual changes,felt less like crucial editions that,made the game that much better and more,like lateral changes replacing one my,career or shot meter for another with,little in the way of tangible,improvements,with 2k22 visual concepts has upped its,game a bit more than in the past years,with a host of very noticeable,improvements primed for the first native,release for the next gen consoles even,though it doesnt hit on every attempt,some of the changes to structure,especially in my career feel forced but,all in all gameplay feels much more,refined than ever and some broad,streamlining has made the game feel more,cohesive when it comes down to it 2k 22,hasnt been topped in the on the court,gameplay or presentation so its still,an easy buy for anyone who knows what,theyre getting into,the most substantial mode changes from,last year appear in my career which is,not only revamped with its new annual,story but completely redesigned in,structure the story this year involves,your my player uncreatively called mp,who isnt a normal rising star in the,basketball world instead hes a social,media sensation with hundreds of,thousands of followers who has only,played organized basketball for a few,years before deciding he wants to go to,college or play in the g-league ignite,league,i chose the college path to ultimately,play in the ncaa tournament where my 8th,seed yukon huskies lost in the opening,round after which i decided to enter the,nba draft,there is a good amount of variety even,in these opening choices as you can,decide to go back to school or skip it,entirely before getting drafted theres,a full-fledged story being told both,before the draft and once you enter the,nba with some decent voice acting for,the series and what feels like many more,cutscenes than usual including some,interesting cameos,unfortunately the story in a lot of,places feels even more contrived and,unrealistic than usual,theres a point soon after youre,drafted that you sign with an agency and,your first decision is whether to,complain about your playing time which,you can technically choose not to do but,the game almost bullies you into doing,keep in mind my mp was drafted in the,second round and was getting about 10,minutes a game out the gate so youd,think hed be ecstatic about his playing,time for a 60-something overall,there are a few of these storylines that,border on the absurd and the story takes,itself way too seriously to be,self-aware about it though it is easy to,ignore or look past if youre just,trying to play some basketball,where previous 2ks have had their own,independent neighborhood modes where you,can play pickup against other players in,wander 2k22 bakes a brand new,neighborhood or city into my career for,past gen and current gen consoles,respectively i played on xbox series x,and experienced the city which turns my,career into an effective open world,basketball game where you can play just,the critical path or run around focusing,on non-basketball activities like music,or fashion or playing pickup against,other real players,i didnt find too much enjoyment in the,open world which doesnt capitalize on,the strengths of what open worlds allow,and instead causes a lot of tedious,running or bafflingly skateboarding from,point to point without much to do in the,meantime if you dont want to play a,pickup game,there are some side quests that you can,complete but i never found much,motivation or reward in doing so and,ultimately ignored a lot of them with,that said im interested to see how,visual concepts can build on this idea,in future installments but for now i,found myself ignoring a lot of the,extracurriculars and wishing we were,back in the linear structure of past,games,gameplay on the court seems to have,gotten a similar level of attention and,it pays off in most ways as this is the,smoothest most fluid and dynamic,gameplay 2k has ever had defending feels,tighter and more precise to give better,defenders more of an edge though its,still just as easy to accidentally press,too hard to one side and create an open,lane to the basket,on the offensive side of the ball,everything feels a touch quicker and,more responsive,there is a noticeable number of new,animations that make every step back or,dribble move feel somewhat different,from the last and easily transition,between each other,as usual the shot meter has changed and,this time is more dynamic to increase or,decrease the size of the optimal release,point depending on stamina skill and,coverage,also as usual it takes a while to get,used to especially since it feels less,defined and harder to see where the,optimal point is but eventually i began,to get the hang of it a change i like,less is the inclusion of timing for,dunks and alley oops which caused me to,miss more than my fair share of open,shots,it feels like an unnecessary inclusion,that makes a seemingly easy part of the,game much more difficult and brings in a,much smaller margin for error that gives,a much higher risk for something that,rarely happens in real life,to correspond to the new consoles the,games presentation has gotten both an,improvement and a bit of a facelift in,some areas,character models look as crisp and,lifelike as ever including both the real,stars and the fictional ones in the,story load times are significantly,improved despite some frame drops within,loading screens and its as painless as,ever to navigate through menus which,have been revamped in a lot of areas to,consolidate some game modes and make,things look a little sleeker and,streamlined,other modes though are disappointingly,unchanged from past years when compared,to the huge revamping of my career,there are seasons again that affect the,city or neighborhood in my career as,well as my team but are effectively the,same idea as they were when they were,introduced last year though luckily its,mostly free of microtransactions,my team itself has a couple of upgrades,such as an online draft capability but,is overall a very similar experience to,previous years and its disappointing,that theres no cross say between,console families and that the micro,transactions are as prevalent as ever,and while the menu changes are enough to,make other modes like blacktop and my,nba feel fresh for a bit underneath the,hood theyre the same experience as,before with few changes to their,formulas,its probably better to think of nba 2k,22 as a revamp of the series rather than,either a fully new experience or a,simple roster update the changes it does,make to both its gameplay and my career,mode are substantial and offer at very,least some new and interesting ideas,well the integration of the city into my,career isnt executed perfectly i,appreciate the innovation and the,attempt to create something more,exciting than a simple basketball story,and on the court where it matters most,gameplay feels as smooth and satisfying,as ever even if i do miss the occasional,breakaway dunk 2k is still a world-class,basketball sim that offers some of the,best sports gameplay the industry has to,offer and while not everything new is on,target 2k22 brings out some new tricks,that complement its best-in-class,balling nba 2k 22 makes some appreciated,improvements to on-the-court gameplay,and try some refreshing if not entirely,successful innovations in my career that,makes this years version feel like a,bit more than just a roster upd

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NBA 2K22 Gameplay (PS5 UHD) [4K60FPS]

[Music],up next the warriors taking on the,lakers for the golden state warriors,they want to start this season with a,bang on their home floor,showing the home fans what to expect,this year,lakers warriors up next,right after this,[Music],[Applause],this is it opening day the regular,season is set to begin and were,thrilled to bring you all the live,action,right here on 2k sports,this is kevin harlan alongside greg,anthony as well as brett berry and well,be catching up a bit from the sideline,with david aldridge hey dave kevin thank,you well one thing is certain anyone who,looks at draymond green scoring is,missing his impact,last season green had the most 15 plus,assist games in nba history by a,non-guard and he averaged more assists,and more rebounds than he did points and,his defense of course remains all nba,guys,what a unique player and defense is his,calling card for sure david thank you,and a moment here to check out who the,golden state warriors have coming up on,tuesday theyll face off against anthony,davis and the los angeles lakers then on,thursday theyll be matching up against,eric bledsoe and the los angeles,clippers and kevin i think you have to,look at this as an opportunity to take a,step forward sometimes tough road trips,can bring the best out of a team and,bring you closer together and now the,lakers starting group,and they have their big three all out,there westbrook at the point with lebron,and davis at the forward,malik monk out there with marc gasol and,for golden state,and the old core of this team out there,curry and clay is guards with draymond,at four,wisemans out there with andrew wiggins,and for those teams that suffered a,harsh ending to last season greg what,are they feeling here on opening night,were very motivated you think about,that kind of thing all summer and the,chance for retribution,starts now,outside davis heres the three,no good the warriors go the other way,and of course this is the first theyre,seeing in the lakers,rejected by gasal,[Applause],lebron wishes to gazal lakers working,the ball around now,but free,the warriors pull it in well thats not,a shot hes ever going to pass up and he,shouldnt despite the miss no defender,anywhere near him hes got to shoot that,one,ow heres wiggins,and stolen by james,heres davis and its davis finishing,off we tend to forget that a.d started,out as a point guard when he was in high,school showing off his speed and ability,in the open court on that break,and this is year one of lebrons,two-year 85 million dollar extension and,greg that will take him through age 38,and that will amount to,435 million in career earnings the most,all time,it wont surprise me if hes got a four,years,left in the tank after that well wiseman,setting up camp on the interior hes,going to be effective there,and yes its good,uncovered at the rim finding cracks in,the defense here early on just really,smart basketball and exploiting whatever,holes that hes seeing right now in the,defensive squad heres thompson,following the basket by russell,westbrook,from 12 feet out,misses off the left eye,im shocked he missed that wide open,look he has to feel embarrassed he blew,that one,james kicks to westbrook,no good that time and its the warriors,taking it the other way,heres green and davis sends it back oh,that reese is so dangerous,he uses it so well,defensive foul,anthony davis,second personal foul,second team foul,the warriors shooting their first free,throw of the night carmelo anthonys,checked in for davis one plus the,penalty two shots,the free throw on from wiseman,james wiseman just so,you see that seven foot frame those long,arms a rare combo guy out there its,going to be great to watch him grow,golden state takes possession,great showing for him last season he,averaged 32 points a game five assists,and five rebounds,and it says a lot that when we see,numbers like this from him we arent,even shocked hes that good yeah we,really have just grown to get used to,his greatness and,thats the level for him that hes on,right now,called here the first for los angeles,[Applause],lets keep it going for your warriors,girls,[Applause],well while we have a second lets show,you the list of players who put up the,most points last year number one stephen,curry and hes not going to forget that,season anytime soon and its safe to say,neither will anyone who watched him,[Applause],152 left in the first howard the pass to,carmelo,james looking around,back to anthony and stolen by b eliza,to the middle,its tipped,[Applause],westbrook with it now defended by,wiggins and wiseman sends it back,outside curl,just over two and a half minutes played,here so far in the first quarter and,sent back by howard well dwight howard,still makes you think about your shot,attempts easily leaping up to throw that,one away,and here we go with curry running it up,the court westbrook with the block and,he gets it back,thompson for the triple now on the,scoring column with that bucket one for,two this game,and they dont want to get in a habit of,giving him open looks from three first,quarter still but not who you want to,leave open,now heres westbrook to the inside,[Applause],howard the pass to none and the,officials call for a three-second,violation,a moment here to see some,numbers for westbrook coming off a,terrific season last season how about 22,points per 11 assists and 11 rebounds,theyre loving how hes running the show,here his sensational passing really,breathing life into their offense,something in the coaches playbook here,where the schemes fire on all cylinders,when he is in the game great conduit for,them offensively he knows where everyone,is at all times,[Applause],[Applause],[Applause],yes,46 seconds left to play in the first,quarter,and up the court come the warriors on,the break,heres moody,by moody,[Applause],and we say it time and time again so,ill repeat it i have to be careful with,the ball or this is what happened,one shot,[Applause],and if you need help spacing the floor,moodys your guy hes a nightmare to,defend,an elite three-point shooter you have to,go out and guard him but if you close,out too hard he can put the ball on the,floor and take advantage of the driving,lane so pick your poison,off to a good start as he hits his first,shot attempt and getting out in,transition has been a big part of this,run that theyre on,and so its anthony bringing it up for,the lakers eight-point game,none kicks to anthony,over b eliza,and no good the dry spell continuing for,him,[Applause],heres looney and its golden state,another up double digits in the first,you with,quarter you know youre doing,something right well dominant so far,thats the responsibility of the,starters now lets see if everybody else,who plays in this game makes the same,kind of high level contributions and so,its the golden state warriors going,into the break with a 10-point lead,their lead is where it is because,theyve gotten good shots a lot of good,shots back to the action after this word,and its still early but lebron james,expressed confidence in his teams,performance,sure,you know we have some uh you know just,early getting back into the flow of,things which every team in the nba goes,through that but,uh you know what coach has,asked us to do weve done it weve been,at a high level and,the other one has come in great shape,guys look good theyre performing well,great we know getting off to a strong,start is important when it comes to,seating yeah i mean the regular season,is a marathon but still,getting out of the gates well,can make a difference,and so far through one quarter its been,a lopsided game well see if that,changes here in a second,and well get a look at how the hustle,stat game has been going for the,warriors theyve come out in attack mode,on the defensive end theyve applied,pressure and forcing,theyve also racked up a ton of points,off of turnovers so far in tonights,game,with,westbrook bed now this is who frank,vogel is out there kent bazemore

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NBA Players React To Their NBA 2K22 Ratings

nba 2k 22 is releasing this september,but the ratings are already fresh off,the press and when they dropped so did,the jaws of many who felt bewildered by,some of the decisions made by the powers,that be be sure to click the subscribe,button and check out the links in the,description for more latest hoops,content where do we even begin to say,that some of the players were confused,by the ratings in this game is an,understatement to say the least jason,tatum didnt take it too well his,initial pitch of where he stood in his,own ratings was revealed in a recent,interview where he stated i think youve,got to set the base at 92. its 95 by,the end of the year once told his,overall was 90 his response was youre a,90 oh my god,i dont know how we i dont know how we,keep going backwards i scored 50 in the,playoffs twice,four fifty point game ty larry bird,record,27 a night,i guess were very demanding,i see the 23 year old has already broken,a series of boston celtics records let,alone nba ones so to be fair he has a,point this feat made him the third,youngest player in the nba playoff,history to reach 50 plus points in one,game the other two are former nba finals,mvp and champion rick berry and greatest,of all time michael jordan improving his,yearly scoring average exponentially,surely provides tatum with a sound,argument that after having a 91 rating,on 2k 21 it dropped to 90 for 2k 22,might be a little unfair and maybe even,pretty illogical,speaking of illogical a 94 overall,rating for luka doncic doesnt sound bad,until you put it in context with embiid,starting at 95 overall for the season,not only was doncic a back-to-back,all-star at 22 years of age but his,playoff stats were unbelievable his,ability to elevate his game in the,postseason was almost unprecedented with,49 from the field and 40.8 percent from,three point range he also averaged 10.3,assists per game and an unreal 35.7,points per game in a close fought seven,game series against the tough la,clippers,then to have joel and beat have the same,overall rating as kawhi leonard is,pretty baffling were not saying juel,isnt good were not saying he hasnt,improved i mean he had a career-best,regular season points average with 28.5,this year and field goal percentage high,of 41.3 percent but and its a big but,kawhi leonard averaged a better field,goal percentage and more points when it,matters in the playoffs while joels,size makes him a great rim protector,kawhi is a better all-around defender,and offensively offers more assists so,the stats tell us some home truths but,the truth is also there to be seen when,a game is on the line kawhi is a clutch,player he finishes games when they need,finishing and were still not clear if,his biggest clutch moment which sticks,out in recent memory the only ever game,seven buzzer beater winner which,ironically was thrown over joel embiids,head,defended by simmons,is this the dagger,the good news for joel is kawhi doesnt,say much so its likely hell just stay,quiet and get on with business of,reality rather than a video game,[Music],another man who has leveled with kawhi,and embiid was jokic,lest we forget his rating,drops from a 96 to a 95 after winning,the regular season mvp with career high,points per game,26.4 career-high assists per game with,8.3 and career-high rebounds per game,with 10.8,the man still managed a playoff high of,29.8 points per game and who knows how,far the nuggets would have gone had his,sidekick jamal murray been there to help,kevin durant responded to his rating via,tiktok saying i think i should be a 99,even though he was rated top with a 96,along with steph giannis and lebron he,continued by saying i think my rating,should be at 99,on 2k,i work extremely hard i can make shots,from all over the floor,um,im a solid passive i think im a great,passer great rebounder,yeah i pretty much do everything great,thats why i should be 99. the brooklyn,nets then commented on his tweet saying,dont hear a single lie,this was of course met with much,backlash by opposing fans who responded,ferociously despite katies incredible,comeback year and heroics in the,playoffs just remember his playoff,average this year was a career-high 34.3,points per game and 9.3 rebounds per,game and all this after a year of,following a horrific injury with or,without the context how can you blame kd,for thinking hes a 99 when he nearly,single-handedly ended the bucks,championship run,trae young sounded off on his rating,tweeting feel like we do this every year,yall ever gonna get it right,his rating went from an 87 last season,to an 89 this year which he clearly,wasnt satisfied with especially with,the hashtag cant play it yet for a,player who led the hawks to the eastern,conference finals with a 28.8 points per,game average and dropping a playoff,career-high 48 points and 11 assists,against the eventual champions the,milwaukee bucks can you blame him for,feeling snubbed the hawks questioned the,ratings 2 in a recent tweet as young,took these underdogs to their first,conference final in six years the hard,way he went through the supposed 95,overall rated joel embiid and his 76ers,who were tipped to at least make the,conference final following their,so-called easy pathway in the postseason,after finishing top in the eastern,conference young deserves more credit,for the year wed say at least a 90,overall rating,the top dunkers left some questions on,the floor too as zion took the top shot,with 97 and dunk contest competitors,zach levine and aaron gordon joined,second on 95 with new kid on the block,zion now entering his second season this,seems relatively fair considering his,remarkable athleticism,then to follow it up with two-time nba,dunk contest champion chicago bull star,zach levine and twice second place aaron,gordon it seems legitimate the bizarre,call however not to put giannis in the,top five left some people very perplexed,the two-time mvp and now finals mvp has,made a name offensively not just with,his eurostep but being able to charge,his long strong frame down the lane and,slam over pretty much every rim,protector in sight as weve mentioned in,previous videos the giannis wall no,longer works to leave him out of the top,5 is a little disturbing especially when,you stick jaw marant ahead while smaller,in size and still capable of creating,the spectacular that doesnt change that,giannis can do it just as well and with,greater ease,as for the three-point ratings steph,curry wont be able to argue as he has a,firm grip at the top of the leaderboard,with 99. despite the golden state,warriors lackluster season steph put on,a sensational display with 42.1 percent,from three and a career-high 32 points,per game and just because klay thompson,is recovering from injury doesnt mean,he didnt deserve to sit in second place,with a 95 three-point rating,clay will likely always sit as the,second best three-point shooter of all,time so he deserves some respect put on,his name before his first big injury he,shot a career-high 44.3 percent from,three in the playoffs in 2019. dont,doubt his ability to come back and pick,up where he left off with the strongest,part of his game the next three down may,come as a shock to most primarily pat,connington who tweeted thinking faces,next to the top 5 list exclaiming damian,lillard should be in there hes not,necessarily wrong when dames three,point percentage falls around the 45,mark for the post season joe harris was,someone who sneaked above him with a 93,point rating we actually think this is,low harris should be reaching for a 92,or 93 why well lets start by saying,that harris had the best three point,percentage in the regular season last,year with 47.5,setting a franchise record for the nets,harris became the fastest player to,knock down 100 3-pointers in a season,doing it in 10 games less with only 31,games played beating the previous record,with 41 games he then offered up superb,production with 40.2 percent from three,in the playoffs theres

WWE 2K22 Review

coming off the heels of the disastrous,wwe 2k20 2k games and developer visual,concepts smartly decided to sit one out,in order to refocus and essentially,reset the series and its a good thing,too because the resulting wwe 2k 22 is,by far the most polished and freshest,take on the franchise since it began way,back in 2013. to be clear that isnt to,say that its entirely free of bugs,awkward collision detection server,disconnects and a few other,long-standing problems but most of them,are under control now and its evident,that the team truly took many major,points of feedback to heart the controls,are less convoluted at the ground level,the wrestlers all look fantastic,mostly and there are no confounding loot,boxes ruining the career modes,progression on top of that the total,revamp of the strike grapple system is,the kind of shakeup wwe 2k has been in,desperate need of as big he would say,its a new day yes it is,its clear that one of the key focuses,for wwe 2k 22 was to simplify what has,become over years upon years of,iterations just an overwhelming amount,of systems governing the fundamental,wrestling mechanics theres no more,stamina meter no more multi-tiered life,bars no reversal stocks no more chain,wrestling minigames no more rest hold,mini-games and every character is down,to just one special payback ability that,might sound like throwing the baby out,with the bathwater but really its a,trimming of fat thats paid off wwe 2k,22s wrestling feels much faster more,arcadey and is more pick up and play,friendly for newcomers than ever theyre,almost all universally great changes and,whatevers lost in the pro wrestling,simulation department is more than made,up in the this is fun to play department,the camera does a much better job of,framing the action commentary is much,more accurate,suplex very nice hes looking a little,off balance,he had to be prepared to take some,damage,and best of all theres this giant,interconnected backstage area for,backstage brawls and falls kind of,anywhere matches the one change that im,a little torn on is the removal of,reversal stocks they were added way back,in 2k16 to eliminate the problem of,matches between two experienced players,devolving into a contest of who misses,the most crucial reversal first it can,certainly be fun to trade reversals,early on in a match,but it doesnt feel like the timing,window on them ever gets any tighter as,the fight goes on which makes actually,ending a match against a skilled,opponent exhausting because you can,basically trade finisher reversals back,and forth forever at the same time i get,that there are arguments for and against,reversal stocks so i wish there was at,least an option to turn them on or off,to let people play how they want,the other big change to the fundamentals,of wwe 2k 22s wrestling is the overhaul,of the strike grapple system which is,much more combo focused than previous,years and also borrows a few mechanics,from more traditional fighting games wwe,2k 22s combo system uses three buttons,for light,heavy,and grav and have a progression system,that allows you to continue a string by,pressing a button of equal or higher,strength with a maximum of four button,presses in any combo pressing the,highest strength button a grab will end,the combo with whatever unique move is,tied to that specific combo string this,is important to know because only the,first hit of a combo is reversible after,that you must predict what button the,attacker is going to press next and,match them before their attack comes out,to break the combo if youre wrong,youre locked out and are going to eat,the rest of it but if you can get into,your opponents head and predict their,moves its fantastically rewarding and,an extremely good motivation to avoid,falling into a pattern yourself its,essentially like a mini version of,killer instincts combo breaker system,minus you know the announcer yelling,combo breaker,another fighting game influence on wwe,2k 22s wrastlin action is a segmented,special meter that you can use for a,variety of offensive or defensive,techniques spend one bar and youll be,able to immediately get up off the mat,as though wrestling was fake or,something spend two bars and youll be,able to use your characters equipped,one-time use payback special move which,range from stealing your opponents,finisher to use against them to a low,blow to the ability to spit poison mist,in your opponents eyes,if you manage to fill up the whole thing,you can execute your signature move,which if it hits will instantly give you,a finisher charge that you can use to,attempt to land your strongest move,paybacks and signatures have obviously,been part of the series before but being,able to spend some of that same resource,that governs their use on a valuable,defensive move that lets you get,yourself out of a bad spot is a hugely,welcome addition id like to officially,welcome our newest recruit to the start,of his wwe journey,from a single player perspective the,main attractions of wwe 2k 22 are the,career and showcase modes with the,career mode seeing the most dramatic,changes my career now called my rise,ditches the linear story of prior years,in favor of a much more open-ended one,that lets you chart your own path,through the wwe theres a great degree,of freedom here you could start off on,smackdown as a crowd favorite get,wrapped up in a number of story lines,suddenly decide to turn heel get traded,over to nxt and open up a whole,selection of new storylines that werent,available to you before there are also a,number of smaller choices that you can,make to affect what wrestlers you become,friendly with which ones you make your,rivals and what match types youd prefer,to throw down in compared to prior wwe,2k career modes my rise does much more,with much less with three brands each,with their own roster and titles to,pursue unique storylines depending on,whether youre a heel or a face and two,completely different campaigns depending,on whether youre a male or female,created character my rise will keep you,busy for a long time if your goal is to,see everything and collect every title,best of all theres no awful progression,system standing in the way of you,customizing your character however you,want its super easy to boost your stats,and customize your look entrance and,move set without having to unlock,anything that you dont already have,access to outside of that mode that said,the actual story content lacks the wwes,bombastic flavor most of the dialogue is,delivered via unvoiced social media,posts and text messages there are far,fewer promos and cutscenes than weve,seen in previous years and while there,are a few amusing story lines like,riddle getting in trouble with goldberg,for the disparaging social media posts,that he actually made in real life,theres nothing that truly stands out,there are a handful of wwe superstars,that lend their voices to the story but,the majority of the performances feel,stilted and uninvested okay,easy now time to flip over onto your,back now,hey what the hell,its also clear that some of the voice,over recording happened during,quarantine because,the audio quality is kind of all over,the place whos ready to come out and,face me come on lets see what this,locker room is made of so while the,execution doesnt meet the ambition my,rise is focused on meaningful choices,and the sheer amount of content within,are definite steps in the right,direction showcase mode this time around,highlights the legendary career of rey,mysterio which is an emotional ride that,explores how closely tied he is to the,late great eddie guerrero along with,other highlights of his career whats,really cool about showcase though is how,it transitions between the wwe 2k engine,and actual footage of matches during the,big moments,[Music],as always wwe 2k 22 is overflowing with,content and that cant be understated,theres a customizable sandbox that is,universe mode the roster of more than,160 characters to the in

NBA 2K22 – 11 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy

[Music],its that time of year again when,another micro transaction laden sequel,arrives in visual concepts,nba 2k series nba 2k 22 is out on,september 10th for xbox one,xbox series x and s ps4 ps5 nintendo,switch,and pc bringing a new range of features,and cover stars,lets take a look at 10 things you,should know before picking it up,before we begin please consider,subscribing and enable all notifications,by clicking the bell icon,with that out of the way lets get,started,cover stars some big stars adorn the,various editions of nba 2k22,the first is luka doncic of the dallas,mavericks a two-time nba all-star,whos present on the standard editions,cover theres also the 75th anniversary,edition,illustrated by artist charlie palmer and,features three big icons,kareem abdul-jabbar dirk nowitzki and,kevin durant,who have influenced the sport over its,75-year history,finally six-time all-star and two-time,mvp,candace parker of the chicago sky will,be the first female cover,athlete decorating the wnba 25th,anniversary special edition,which can be purchased at gamestop and,eb games,its only available in the us and canada,but represents some much needed,recognition for the league,gameplay changes with the new nba 2k,title comes gameplay changes both big,and small this years edition is leaning,into precision jump shots,dunking and traffic and the new,signature moves and combos being more,skill based,on the defensive side shot contest and,blocking are being revamped,allowing defenders to have an even,greater impact on the game,last year saw some controversial changes,to the shot meter so it should be,interesting to see how the gameplay is,shaken up further,my nba and my wnba,in nba 2k 21 visual concepts,consolidated my gm,and my league into my nba on the xbox,series x and s and ps5,the main difference is that while you,could still control an nba franchise and,make decisions like,trades drafting and so on throughout a,season certain features like,conversations skills tasks morale and,chemistry and scoring,could be toggled on or off this allowed,for a much more customizable experience,for,say those who liked having skills and,tasks but didnt want to do a lot of,reading,my nba will be returning along with the,introduction of my wnba,and while the various changes and,features of both have yet to be detailed,team management is still key,unfortunately its still,exclusively for current gen versions of,the game so sorry to,xbox one pc and ps4 players,my career hidden talents my career will,once again be the place for creating a,custom character,and working ones way up the ladder into,super stardom,the neighborhood became the city last,year and that will be making a return,and more information on that shortly,but one of the more interesting new,features is hidden talents,available exclusively for ps5 and xbox,series xns,this provides players with other,ventures on the side like careers in,hip-hop and,fashion each providing their own returns,of course one can expect a traditional,narrative,as well which ps4 xbox one switch and pc,players can experience,my career no place like home another new,feature,exclusive to current gen players in my,career mode is no place like home,described as central to the narrative,and progress of ones career,it will evolve based on your journey,again how this works remains to be seen,but it serves as a nice way to showcase,ones hard work and milestones,throughout,the city as for the city its seeing,several new features,for xbox series xns and ps5 players,along with a new layout filled with npcs,and my players,theres a new quest system that provides,rewards and xp for leveling up,matchmaking has also been added allowing,you to enter select facilities in the,city,and start playing against others in a,variety of game modes with progress,going towards the my player profile,more details are yet to be revealed but,thankfully previous gin and pc players,wont be left out to dry this year,2k crews while xbox series xns and ps5,players get,the city those on xbox one ps4 pc and,nintendo switch,get the 2k cruise its essentially the,neighborhood but,on a cruise ship with basketball courts,that travels through various exotic,locations,players can also make excursions to the,shore and partake in events,off the ship the benefits of the city,may prove superior but,at the end of the day previous chin,players do get a boat,out of the deal my team draft returns,a returning feature for players on all,platforms is my team draft,once again allowing you to choose from a,pool of players that keeps updating over,time,and create a lineup to play in online,matches,my team collection rewards can also be,earned in the process,seasons but thats not all my team will,also be expanded on throughout the year,with seasons,each season will bring new challenges,events and rewards to earn for my team,additional modes can also be expected,with the new original one,set to debut this holiday season though,2k games and visual concepts havent,confirmed the start date for the first,season,it will likely be sometime around the,games launch if not on the same day,pre-order bonuses standard and 75th,anniversary editions,three different editions means a,multitude of cover athletes but those,wise to the franchises antics will know,that that also means,different bonuses first up are the,bonuses that everyone receives on,pre-ordering,these include 5000 virtual currency or,vc,5000 my team points 10 my team promo,packs which are doled out once per week,boosts for each gatorade boost and my,career skill type,a my player jersey for luca doncic a my,team free agent card for doncic rated at,95,and for those who pre-order through the,playstation store two more my team promo,packs,the standard edition will cost 60 on ps4,pc,switch and xbox one and 70 on ps5 and,xbox series xns,the 75th anniversary edition costs 100,for xbox series xns and ps5 and includes,xbox one and ps4 versions respectively,its bonuses include 100 000 vc,10 000 my team points 10 my team tokens,sapphire my team cards for kareem,abdul-jabbar dirk nowitzki,and kevin durant 22 my team promo packs,with 10 doled out at launch,and three each week for the next four,weeks a diamond,jordan shoe my team card a coach card,pack for my team,10 boost to all my career skill boosts,and gatorade boost types,and 4 cover athlete t-shirts a backpack,arm sleeve,and custom designed skateboard for my,player,paid upgrades and cross gin progression,of course thats not,the end of the price gouging those who,want to upgrade from ps4 or xbox one to,ps5 or xbox series x and s,respectively will need to pay for the,cross gin bundle which costs,80 or the 75th anniversary edition,fortunately you can transfer progress,between consoles in the same platform,line,from previous to current gen and vice,versa this includes my team,my team points vc wallet and my team,tokens,so what are your thoughts on this go,ahead and share them in the comments,below,and if you liked this video please,subscribe to the channel and enable all,notifications by clicking the bell icon,to get new video updates we upload every,day,and would really appreciate your support,thanks for watching

Heres Why NBA 2K22 Is The Best 2K Launch In Recent Memory

[Music],and with mike wayne confirming that,there will be no significant changes to,the launch day version of nba 2k22s,gameplay combined with the initial,reaction of the community cnn can now,project that nba 2k22 is not only the,best 2k launch in many many years it,will likely be competing as one of the,greatest 2ks in recent memory without,wasting time lets get into why gameplay,lets just start here this is what,everyone cares about this makes or,breaks any 2k game sans all the extra,stuff they do with the environments the,features if the gameplay sucks the game,sucks nba 2k22s gameplay as its been,released does not suck and to back that,up breaking tradition im actually going,to start with whats positive this is,one of the greatest year-to-year jumps,in gameplay quality that i can remember,as it pertains to nba 2k games it starts,with your ai teammates which has,actually become a meme amongst the,community on twitter because most people,are playing my career you play my career,offline and you quickly realize tj,mcconnell is basically gary payton now,that sounds like it would be trash and,in my opinion its one of the very few,things that need to be tweaked in this,game however it speaks to the broader,point of the defense in the game being,better overall at least so far gone are,the days where your opponent could get,online spam pick and roll break down,your stupid teammates and end up beating,you to really no fault of your own upon,testing out the 515 gameplay online that,was the first thing i noticed pick and,roll defense is much improved and unlike,many previous years your computer,teammates seem to understand what youre,doing with the controlled player on,defense say maybe you want to cheat over,and leave a guy open because he cant,shoot and you want to clog the paint,well depending on how the offense moves,it really does seem like your teammates,are moving according to what youre,doing rather than moving in a set,pattern that eventually leaves somebody,else open of course you can still break,down defenses such as a part of,basketball but right off the bat it,really did seem like my computer,teammates had my back and better,understood what it was i was trying to,do rather than it being five independent,minds out there moving in a sad pattern,speaking of moving if your build or,whatever player youre using has good,defensive attributes you can actually,play defense yes you can stay in front,of the ball handler thats not to say,there arent demons on park that are,going to zigzag you to death and dribble,gods that are going to get open for 3 no,matter what you do but even against them,you have a better chance when i played,nba live 19 on stream a couple of months,ago one of the two things i liked about,that game was yes the defense did seem a,little bit arcaded it was almost like,playing a mini game to guess where your,opponent was going however i had the,ability to stay in front of him 2k has,been notorious for having defenders just,slide all over the place thus making it,easy for your opponent to do whatever he,please get to the rim green from the,hash and its so improved as a matter of,fact it almost feels too good sometimes,i have run into builds on the park and,they are clearly running a certain badge,where as long as they press square they,can likely rip you there is a camp out,there just saying learn how to dribble,learn how to protect the ball but the,amount of steel somebody can rack up,with whatever badge theyre using it i,think its excessive i also dont want,2k to touch it because once they update,something they break something else all,of a sudden nobody can play defense i if,theyre going to tweak something that,might totally ruin the improvements they,made i just dont want it leave it how,it is on the contrary people who should,not be able to guard you or theyre in,positions that are vulnerable they cant,guard you gone are the days where youre,missing layups under the basket because,somebody was just standing close if the,player youre using has the right,attributes or the player that youve,built youve upgraded his close shot or,layups if its where it needs to be as,long as you can get position or seal the,post you can take advantage of the post,and the online game i played with the,celtics i had a nice drop step laying,with al horford i dont believe i would,have ever gotten that to go last year,but i had the position and just because,wiseman was there did not mean it was,going to clink off the right side of the,rim it went in i played against the nuts,and i kept giving up position against,marcus aldridge he was getting right,under the rim sure he might be 100 years,old yet hes a big guy he should be able,to finish layups under the rim last year,i felt like that same maneuver resulted,in a miss to the point that using the,post was worthless as it has been in,many previous 2ks so whatever they did,to the post bravo its beautiful youre,forcing people to play help defense and,possibly create a shot for another,teammate speaking of which that takes us,to shooting shooting is so much better,it feels fair right now my build does,not have a great three-point shot so if,i dont green im not really making it,but greening feels significantly less,difficult and thats a cross modes its,not just in my player you go on my team,im assuming or the mode that ive been,playing will play now online and you,will pay for leaving players open its,not like last year where if you were in,the streams you know it basically became,a meme that the dallas mavericks,couldnt shoot you could play somebody,who was using dallas and as long as they,werent a demon with luca you could,always beat them by just leaving,everybody open you make mistakes now and,you leave people open they will dodge,you some think that making shots is too,easy i will admit that with my build,having maybe a 75 three-pointer i feel,like i was greeting but maybe a little,bit too many shots but i dont want them,to touch it if you get a good high,percentage look with a high percentage,player you should not have to spend,hours mastering this game before you,become a good shooter the simple fact is,most of us dont have all day to play,these games most of us dont want to,play these games all day simple,basketball should result in simple,buckets and oftentimes it does i dont,think the percentages are out of whack,and the last thing id say about,gameplay is the pacing in the video just,last week saying goodbye to nba2k21 i,made sure to know how just slow and,sloppy that game felt it always felt,like you were running in mud you could,never quite get to the spot that you saw,was open in time and i feel like the,pace across modes right now is pretty,perfect that was a big factor because,amongst other things in 21 it just felt,boring running in place so when youve,got a good paced game that allows you or,gives you a chance to play defense and,play multiple forms of offense you have,fun its a simple calculus fun gameplay,equals fun game theres features by the,way lets talk about what they did with,the city in my opinion they improved,everything that was wrong with this mode,almost everything of course were in the,first week so technical issues are,plenty right now very hard to squad up,very hard to send invites but those are,all things that you you kind of just,come to expect with video game launches,sadly sure thatll be smoothed over in,another two weeks or whenever they drop,that update but the city itself okay,first of all its more compact areas,dont feel like they are a lifetime away,you can always fast travel back to your,apartment and it does not feel like,youre in the middle of nowhere not only,is there an abundance of players but,there are many many npcs all doing,different things some are laying in the,grass others are throwing frisbees when,you go to the shopping center theyre,walking around with bags it feels,significantly closer to the open world,experience that we were expecting rather,than just

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