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REVIEW | NCSBN NCLEX RN Practice Exams: Are they worth $150?

hey there im justine buick the nclex,tutor where i help nursing students,pass tests so i am going to be giving,you my review,of the ncsbns nclex rn,practice exams so theres two of them i,did both of them,and im gonna let you know if i think,its worth it to buy,to help you with your nclex prep,to get to the practice questions you go,to nclex.com,and as you can see the national council,state board of nursing,is the regulatory body for the nclex,so theyre in charge of what is on the,nclex,and what the questions look like and,keeping all that information about who,passes and who doesnt,for this test they have three they have,the rn practice exam,pn and the rn in french and what theyve,done with these uh,questions is they are old retired,questions from the real,nclex and when you go to take the test,it looks like the,real nclex exam and when i asked them at,the nclex conference,if these were legitimate questions that,were still,relative they said yes theyre still,relative questions,they werent taken out because it was,old content they were just,taken out probably for other reasons but,to make these,practice exams the nclex rn,exam there are two separate exams so,they each are 125,questions you have five hours to take,the exam,and as soon as you start the clock is,ticking and you have 45 days,to do both of these exams,and you can only do the exam once you,click on,get started and you have to agree to,some of these,policy privacy policy things which im,not going to be,showing details of any of these,questions,so some of the things with this is it,costs 150,to buy both of the exams and thats kind,of a lot of money,but i suppose that if you want to see,what the real nclex,looks like then that is a good,thing to do now some of the things that,i really liked about it is that,it looked exactly like the real nclex,with,the clock up in the corner it had the,calculator,and the screen looked exactly the same,so that was what was really,good about it and i felt like i was,taking the real,nclex there are lots of different types,of questions on there with the priority,who do you see,first theres lots of select all that,apply the drag and drop,and ekgs so that was really good,about it but what i didnt like about,the test is that at the very end,all you get is what your score was and,how many you got correct and how many,you got wrong,so you have no idea which ones,that you got wrong and why so i went,over my first test,to see if i could figure out which ones,i got wrong and,i can see some of them that i got wrong,but i had to take a lot of time,to go and look through some resources to,see,what those were and some of them i,couldnt figure out if i got it wrong,or right because it just some of the,answers seem so,vague so i know thats a real problem on,the nclex,is these vague questions and youre not,really sure what theyre talking about,and ill be honest,i have trouble with them too sometimes,but that is such a,unfortunate thing about this test is,that you cant see what you got wrong,so i was talking with a student earlier,who bought these,tests and she did the first one thinking,she was going to get her answers at the,end,and she didnt and so she just gave up,on the second one and,didnt even do it and i totally,understand why,so do i recommend these tests well,if you have no idea what the real nclex,looks like and you want to get a feel of,what it looks like,then you could buy this test however,there are,other uh resources out there that also,simulate the real,looking nclex and url that does it and,also,kaplan does it too and im sure theres,some other resources that do it too,so overall would i recommend this for a,student unfortunately probably not if,ncsbn,can get the at least get the answers in,there so that the students can review,which ones they got wrong,then um i would more likely recommend it,and if they could get even the,rationales in there,that would be even great but i think the,whole point of the of that test,is to just give people a feel of what,the real nclex looks like,not to test you on the content um,however if theres a nursing instructor,or another tutor wants to see what the,real nclex looks like and what the real,questions look like i definitely,recommend it,i think its great to see how these,questions would be asked,thanks for watching you guys if you like,this video make sure you subscribe to my,channel,and if you have any other requests for,reviews that youd like me to do on,nclex prep resources just let me know,in the comments bye

NCSBN LEAK QUESTIONS for NCLEX Exam Pass 100 % Guarantee

so question number one,a client with a diagnosis of,specific aggregate aggressive,personality disorder,is seen at the local mental health,clinic,the common characteristics of a persons,with passive,aggressive personality disorder,so this is the key,point here my patient is diagnosed of,perceived aggressive personality,disorder,so which is the most common,characteristics of,perceived aggressive personality,disorder the answer,superior,intellect,intelligence number two underlying,hostilities,and number three,dependence on others and number d,ability to share the feelings,the correct answer is b underlying the,hostilities,so,why number b is a answer,the reason being,that,client,with perceived aggressive personality,disorder,often has a underlying,hostilities and that is exhibited,as a,acting out behavior,and,number a or c,or d,are not correct,although this individual,might have a,high iq level,and it cannot be said that they have a,superior,in,intelligence,they also do not necessarily have a,dependence on,on others or inability to share the,feelings so correct answer is underlying,hostilities,next question,here,the client is admitted for,evolution,of aggressive behavior and diagnosed,with,anti-social personality disorder,the key part of,care,of such client is,again i want to tell you the keyword is,here,my patient diagnosed with a,person antisocial disorder,so the key part of the care,right number one setting realistic limit,number b,encouraging the client to,express,the,uh,express they their emotions,or express,for the behavior,also minimizing the interaction with,other client and number d,encouraging the client to act out the,feeling of,rape,so correct answer is number one setting,the realistic limit,so this is the answer we prefer,why,so the client,with the anti-social personality,disorder must have a limit set on their,behavior because,they are hurtful in manipulating others,so this so we prefer number a,and,the answer b,is not correct because they,do express the feelings,and number c,or number d,are incorrect because,it is unnecessary to minimize the,interaction with other sport encouraging,them to,outrage more than,they already do,so what we learn from here we learn,anti-social personality disorder patient,always need a,setting realistic limit,next question an important intervention,in,monitoring the,dietary compliance of a client with,bulimia is so,the question about the,eating disorder,bulimia,number one,allowing the client,privacy during the meal time,number b,pricing her for eating all her meal,number c observing her one or two hour,after meal,and number d,and currys heart to choose the food she,likes and eat in moderation,so the correct answer,about this question,is number,c right c is correct,so,observing han for one to two hour after,food,so you can see they willingly do vomit,or not,so,to prevent the client from inducing,vomiting after eating because bulimia,patients they eat but they put their,finger inside the mouth and they do the,vomiting so to prevent the client from,inducing vomiting after eating,the client should be observed for,one or two hour after meal,so,allowing the privacy they started in i,mean number answered a,will only give the client,time to commit so if you give them,privacy,they,they will induce vomiting so it is not,good for them,right,so,then number d is not a correct encourage,her to choose food she likes to eat,moderate let me explain so encouraging,the client to choose the favorite food,might increase the stress,and,chance to choosing food better,in calorie,and fat so this is not correct,next question,assuming that all have achieved normal,cognitive and emotional development,which of the following children,is at the greatest risk,for,accident,poisoning,so this question,talking about the,greatest risks of,accidental,poisoning,so which group,more chance to,accidental poisoning,so,here,number eight,a four years old number b,nope sorry number is six,months old,number b a four years old,number c,a,12 years old number d,at 13 years old,which is group more chance or under the,risks of accidental poisoning,the,correct answer is b means,four years,old,why,four years old,the four years old is more drawn,to accidental poisoning because,children at this,age group,are more,more mobile,and curious city,and they move here and there and they,want to eat everything they want to,put put everything in their mouth,right,so answer number a,when six months old or,number c 12 years old or number d 13,years old are incorrect because,6 month old is still too small,to be extremely mobile,12 years old has begun to understanding,the wrecks and 13 years old is also,aware about the injuries can occur and,is less likely to become injuries than,the four years old,so answer is number four,and,question number five which of the,following,examples represent the parallel play,wonderful question,elflex board due to some unknown reason,they like this type of questions,what does it mean,parallel play so when we discuss the,developmental milestone we will talk,about more,so number eight,like,jenny and tommy,shared the ploy,number b,jimmy play with his,car beside mary,who is playing,with her doll,number c,kevin play a game,of scrabbling with the kt and so number,d,mary plays with a,handheld games while sitting with her,her mother left,so,parallel flick to baby,play side by side that does not interact,with each other so correct answer is,number b right,so these two babies,playing side by side with their own toy,that does not interact,so let me tell you,parallel play is play that is,demonstrated by the two children playing,side by side but not together,and the play like,[Music],jimmy and,tommy shared that toy,and number c kevin play a game with,these two others right,so a and c particularly play because the,children are playing together,is not a parallel play,and number d,so the play,i mean mother the baby play,with mother,right because the mother is not playing,with the mary also,so number b is a correct answer and next,question,the nurse,is ready to begin,an exam,begin in an exam on nine month old,infant,the child is sitting,in his mother left,which should the nurse do first,so,my,client one is nine months,old right and you are the nurse for,today,going to exam,so what,should the nurse do first number one,check the babys reflex number b,listen to the heart and lung sound,number c,pulpit the abdomen,number d,check the,tympanic membrane so correct answer,listen the hard and lung sound,right,so at the beginning i do this,because if baby is irritated,or,disturb,you will not,get any added sound in the heart or,lungs any wheezing or marble will not,care because it may be disturbed,so the first action that the nurse,should,when beginning to examine,the infant is to listen,to the heart and lungs,if the nurse elicits,reflex,abdomen or looks in the child here first,the child will begin to cry and it will,be difficult to obtain in an objective,findings while,listening to the,lungs,so therefore,answer is number b,next question,here and,so next question here,in terms of cognitive development at two,years old with,expected so,two question cognitive development and,my client is,two years old,so,good expected findings number a,think,abstractly,and,number b use musical thinking,number c,understanding,conservative of meta and number d,see the things,from,a,perspective of others,so,correct answer,is number b so use the musical,thinking,why is the answer,a 2 years a 2 years old is expected only,to use,musical thinking,such as,believing that a toy bear is a real beer,sometimes they talk with their,imaginary playing match,right,so,answer a answer c or d are not expected,until the child is much older,abstract thinking,or conservative of matter,hence the ability to look at things,from,perspective to others are not the skill,for small children like two years old,what we learn from here we launch two,years old children,as a musical thinker they like to,thinking mystically,number

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question here the nurse is preparing a,client with an,example of little bypass graft,for,discharge,the client should be tough to avoid,so the key point here that client with a,exhilarating bypass grafting,for discharge,so in that if patient have it,what are the important to avoid,number one using a recycler,tourist,number b,resting in supine position,number c sitting in a straight chair,number d sleeping in a right sims,position,the correct answer is sitting in a,straight chair,so why,it is correct,the client,with a,femoral popliteal bypass graft,police should avoid,the activities,that can occlude the femoral,artery,grafting,so,if they sitting the straight position,the,x-lobe for brittle bypass,should be obstructed,so it is important to avoid,sitting,that can occlude the femoral artery,sitting in a street chair,and,wearing the tight clothes are,strictly prohibited,for,this reason,the exhale of clinical bypass grafting,patient never ever sit in a stretcher,like another option,like i said resting a supine position,or using the recycler or sleeping in a,straight seam position,so,in,all are allowed you if patient has a,exhale for critical bypass adapting,right,so the next question,here,a the doctor has ordered,anti-humble,from,stroking,to be applied to the leg of the client,with a,peripheral vascular disease,the nurse,nose in anti-combatic,stroking should be applied,number one,before raising in the morning number,b,with the client in a standing position,number c after buffing and applying the,powder number d,before,uh re training,in the evening so this is this question,is,really important for n flex board due to,some unknown reason complex board like,ask this question they repeat,it so,doctor order can take homotic,stroking,right,so because patient has a peripheral,vascular disease this is the other,keyword,and,so,antithrombotic stroking should apply,when,and why,the correct answer is before raising,in the morning,right,so the best time to apply anti,thrombotic,stroking is,in the morning,before rising,if the doctor ordered them,later in the day the client should,return to the bench,wait 30 minutes and apply the,stroking,the answer b,c,or d,are incorrect because,there is likely,to be the more peripheral edema,if the client is,standing,or has,just taken a bath,or before,uh,go for the evening work is its wrong,because later in the evening,the more peripheral edema will be,present,so before raising is the,best option,question here that nurse has just,received the shift report,and is preparing to check the round,which client should,sin first so this question about the,prioritization,so out of four patients,whose face who is more danger,under the risks,you have to check first,right,number,one or a declined with the history of,cerebral aneurysm with an oxygen,saturation,99 percent,so this patient has a cerebral aneurysm,right,but saturation of oxygen is 99 percent,so this specimen is stable because,oxygen is 99 percent,number b the client,three days post coronary artery by first,graft,with a,temperature of 100 or,100,point two degree fahrenheit,post coronary artery by first graph,temperature is raised up,right inflammation process,let me check number c,the plant admitted one hour ago with the,shortness of breath definitely it is,that to oppose,priorities only one hour ago,shortness of breath so you have to,go and give something this patient,because shortness of breath maybe,need oxygen,maybe any kind of obstruction the,respiratory system,it is very important to check it first,so also another way,to answer this question,i want to tell you,just follow,a,b c d,loss means a means we have to check the,airway first,then we have to check,breathing,and then we have to check any kind of,circulatory problem or,remove the patient for any kind of,danger,or,just check for,others,these,abilities,right,so here with the first priorities,so number c is a correct answer,number this is the client being prepared,for,discharge followed a,femoral complicated bypass graft it is a,stable patient,so let me explain one more time,i said correct answer c,that plant is admitted one hour ago,with the sharpness of breath,should be seen first,because these clients might require,oxygen therapy,the client is in answer a,with an,obsidian situation,99 percent,number a is not answered because oxygen,is 99 its a stable patient,number b is not,correct because,this,client will have some inflammatory,process,after surgery,so the temperature,100,fahrenheit is not unusual,because patient,went for the post i mean coronary bypass,grafting inflammation is,active,and number d,that line,also the stable and cans be seen letter,right,next question here,a client with a,femoral,twitter by first draft,and is,assigned,to a,semi,semi-par,private room,the most suitable roommate for this,client,is that,so the client with the femoral property,bypass grafting,key point,so out of this four patient who should,be the most ideal roommate,so same infection,in the same room,a fresh,patient will be another first patient,pneumonia with another pneumonia so it,is called cohorting,it is very important,so number is said hypothyroidism,number b diabetic ulcer number c,acetic colitis and number d,pneumonia,so,the correct answer is number a,hypothyroidism,why,so you see,diabetic and ulcer are set because of,infection,acetic colitis infection pneumonia in,pneumonia lung infection,femoral population bypass graft patient,is very sensitive,if this patient will stay with anyone b,c or d,the chance to get infected but,hypothetism is not an infection it is,the chronic,thyroid disease,so,the,[Music],out of four patient the best roommate,for post surgical clients is,is the client with a,hypothyroidism,this client is sleepy,and has no,infection process,but,answer,b means diabetic ulcer c also the,colitis and the pneumonia,are incorrect because the client with,the diabetic cancer also the colitis and,pneumonia can transmit infection,to the post,surgical client,next question here,the nurse is teaching the client,regarding use of sodium,warfarin,the key point is here,sodium warfarin,which statement made by the client would,require,other teaching,means i am doing something wrong,you need to re-inform re-educate me,number eight i will have blood drawing,every month,number b,i will,assess my skin for rash,number c,i take a spin for headache number d i,will use an electric razor,shaving,so my patient,taking one fine is a black thinner,so if anybody need to take blood thinner,need to,check,blood lab work,every month it is,okay nothing abnormal,number b i will assessment my skin for,any kind of skin rash because it,indicates,the bleeding,so you need to go to the doctor office,so nothing,wrong,number this i will use electric razor,yes definitely if anybody is under the,blood thinner you educate them to use,electric razor to shave,number c i take a spirit definitely know,aspirin and blood thinner,can cause complications,right,so your patient can take,any other medication like,ibuprofen or,tunnel,rather than,aspirin,so the client,who taking an intact coagulant like,heparin or warfarin should not take a,spirit,because it will,further increase the bleeding,and he should return to have a,a pro time draw for bleeding time,recruit any kind of rash and use,electric razor it is important,therefore,the answer a b and d,are incorrect,the next,question here,the client,return to the recovery room,following repair,open,abdominal,any result,so repair abdominal aneurysm,which finding would require further,investigation,right,so abdominal aneurysm means artery wall,is weaker,and it turns to,blast,and it is the medical emergencies,so if your patient has abdominal,aneurysm,which,finding would require,evaluate,number one,pedal pulse regular,urine output,20 ml,in first hour,blood pressure,systole is 100 h over thats 350 then,oxygen saturation,97,so,which is one urine output is 20 ml,right,so it is,important to inform the health care,provider for neck evaluation,right,let

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NP Answers NCLEX Practice Questions from NCSBN Test Plan

hey guys welcome back to nurse tanks in,this video were gonna be doing some end,clicks practice questions so lets jump,right in,in this video were gonna be going over,practice questions for the NCLEX these,are taken from the ncsbn and those are,the people who work with Pearson VUE to,deliver the NCLEX so these should be,very accurate and collects all questions,for you guys Ill actually link below,where you can find the booklet that they,put out that have all these practice,questions and some more so lets go,ahead and get into the questions alright,so the first question we have is the,nurse has been made aware of laboratory,test results for assigned clients which,of the following test results would,require follow-up so basically this,question is asking for something that is,going to be abnormal thats how we know,its going to be the correct answer so,if anything here is normal we do not,want this alright so number one you a,that is negative for protein in the,client who has diabetes and is receiving,insulin therapy okay this is actually a,good thing we do not want protein in the,urine that means that their diabetes is,hopefully being managed pretty well,because that can kind of mess up the,kidneys but it looks like the kidneys,are doing their job because theres no,protein in the urine this is good so,were gonna move on because thats not,gonna be something we need to follow up,on all right,INR of 2.9 for a client who has a DVT,and is on anticoagulant therapy this is,also a good thing we actually want an,INR between two and three typically for,somebody whos going to be on,anticoagulation therapy so thats a good,thing so were gonna go ahead and move,on we dont need to do anything about,that a potassium level of 4.2 for,somebody whos on lasix so this is great,that they actually have a good potassium,level on lasix because thats something,that can happen when youre on that your,potassium level can drop but even if you,didnt know that you just need to know,the normal lab value for potassium is,between 3.5 and five or maybe even up to,5.5 depending on here looking at but 4.2,is gonna be totally normal so thats,something thats very good we dont need,to do anything about that alright so if,weve already eliminated all these three,we already know that the next one is the,correct answer choice so lets go ahead,and pick that one but like you know,lets say that we didnt realize that,all these were you know bad choices so,far so lets just read this one here we,have acid-fast basilis whose prescribed,prophylactic ionizes so this is,something that is like a TB question,basically FB causes TB and theyre,already on,prophylactic meds for TB so the fact,that its not working because theyre,testing positive for AFB just means you,need follow-up but like I said if you,didnt know all that information for,number four hopefully you can narrow,down get rid of one two and three and,just pick four by default all right the,nurse is caring for a client who has a,prescription for vank,one gram every 12 hours they have one,gram in 200 ml of saline available,how many MLS per hour should the nurse,set the infusion pump to administer the,Med over 120 minutes this is just a,simple math question basically we need,to look at what we want as far as how to,give the answer so we need to come up,with MLS over hours okay,so look in the question find MLS the,only thing that is there is 200 MLS so,it doesnt really matter that its one,gram in 200 or what solution it is all,it matters is 200 MLS is what we have,and we need to give it over hours so,what do we have thats similar to time,we have 120 minutes lets just convert,that over two hours its two hours okay,so basically we have to have 200 per two,hours or 100 over one hour so thats,going to be our answer because if we,need to go over one hour so basically I,have to do is divide 200 by two and then,you get 100,Im very easy you guys might not see too,many men have questions on the end,clicks because theyre not that hard of,questions if you guys are kind of bad at,math hopefully its not going to be,something too bad for example 200,divided by two is pretty simple math,basically just try to figure out you,know what do I need to get things into,in order to give two answers of the way,that they have it written but yeah these,arent really difficult questions,according to NCLEX so hopefully youre,not going to be getting a ton of them,because if were testing above the,passing threshold you might just not be,getting these easy questions all right,the nurse is evaluating the,effectiveness of the treatment regimen,for a client with bipolar one who is,experiencing manic episodes which of the,following statements made by the client,would indicate that the treatment plan,has been effective so if its going to,be effective that means theyre going to,be saying something reasonable we dont,want a negative answer essentially,something like oh we need to fix that so,basically what here is actually correct,all right number one I have to have my,blood levels obtained regularly to,monitor medication levels I mean that,sounds pretty good to me its very,reasonable thing to say alright number,two I enjoy going on shopping sprees for,clothing and jewelry with friends thats,not good thats manic kind of behavior,so thats probably not something that is,good thats not really effective next,one I avoid eating foods that contain,entire mean this is actually something,that youre gonna have to be cautious,about if youre on an MAOI,antidepressant but probably not,something youre gonna be on with,bipolar one thats more like a lithium,type of drug situation so this one is,maybe a distractor answer choice but I,would keep that in your mind number four,Im too busy to sit down to eat a meal,once again thats very classic manic,symptoms youre too energetic you dont,even want to eat so thats definitely,not the correct so we can easily,eliminate number two and four and then,were just basically deciding between,one three but once again the fact that,number three is more for Mao I do,antidepressants versus number one which,is very classic kind of like lithium,which pretty much always goes with,bipolar at least at first I think number,one its gonna be your correct answer,choice and yes it is so thats how I,would basically go between one and three,is just think you know which one is more,probably you know designed for bipolar,in this case it would be lithium which,is gonna have to have blood monitoring,versus tyramine,okay the nurse has taught a female,client who is pregnant about expected,physiological changes the nurse should,follow up if the client states that,which of the following is an abnormal or,sorry a normal finding during pregnancy,so basically we have to find out what is,something that is abnormal that they,think is normal because were going to,follow up so basically we have to,correct something so something here is,incorrect as a normal finding so lets,find out which one all right weve got,constipation pig filleting cramp painful,leg cramps and large minimal x and a,line of pigmentation on the abdomen,alright so number three should,immediately jump out to you guys as a,red flag for skin cancer possibly,melanoma the NCLEX is gonna want you to,know that enlargement or changing moles,is never a good thing basically that is,always something thats going to require,investigation and follow-up and its not,normal so basically number three is,going to be your correct answer choice,even if you didnt realize that,consultation leg cramps and the line and,pigmentation on the abdomen are normal,we just know always moles are not,supposed to be changing or getting,bigger thats something that is never a,good thing so thats your correct answer,choice for this and thats how I,personally would have even gone about it,even if I didnt know much about,pregnancy or something like that I would,just know,well moles thats obviously not good so,well pick that and that is your correct,answer choice all right

Next Generation NCLEX | Practice Test | NCSBN

[Music],[Applause],welcome to inclex avenue training course,this episode contains and collects next,gen practice test on adult health it is,a must to finish watching this video for,a high chance of passing the exam,subscribe to our channel for more nclex,next-gen practice test,the following scenario applies to the,next six items,item one of six,the nurse is caring for a 20 year old,female client,nurses notes,in emergency department the parent,brought the client to the hospital after,finding the client in the bathroom,vomiting and unable to stand without,assistance,the client states that she has,experienced sore throat and nasal,congestion for the past week she reports,four episodes of emesis during the past,24 hours and abdominal pain that is,diffuse,constant non-radiating and rated three,on a scale of zero to ten the client,also reports polydipsia and polyurea,over the past two months,the last menstrual period ended,approximately six weeks ago with no,abnormalities pregnancy status is,unknown the client is taking no,medications and she reports no smoking,alcohol or recreational drug use,family history includes hypertension and,diabetes mellitus,the client appears drowsy and is,oriented to person and time only the,abdomen is soft without guarding,rigidity or rebound tenderness and bowel,sounds are normal no blood is present in,emesis,respirations are rapid and deep breath,sounds are clear,the vital signs are,temperature 98.8 fahrenheit or 37.1,celsius pulse 128 respiratory rate of 30,and bp 88 over 60 millimeters hc,finger stick blood glucose level is 600,milligrams per deciliter 33.3 model,question,click to highlight the six findings,below that are the priority for,follow-up,answer the six priority findings below,are,pregnancy status is unknown,appears drowsy and is oriented to person,and time only,pulse rate of 128,respiratory rate of 30 bp of 88 over 60.,finger stick blood glucose level is 600,milligrams per deciliter 33.3 moles l,explanation this client with a,long-standing history of symptomatic,hyperglycemia i.e polydipsia polyuria,now has findings of upper respiratory,infection hypovolemia and a potential,acute abdominal condition initial,assessment of a client involves,identifying indicators of,life-threatening conditions,for this client the following findings,are the priority for follow-up,decreased level of consciousness eager,drowsiness disorientation places the,client at increased risk for injury and,aspiration and may indicate impaired,brain perfusion this may be due to,hypotension or,hyperglycemia-induced cerebral edema,tachyardia occurs to compensate for,hypotension or can be the cause of,hypotension and requires prompt,attention to prevent cardiovascular,collapse,tachypnea is concerning particularly,when associated with rapid deep,respirations because it may indicate a,compensatory response to an underlying,metabolic acidosis egg ketoacidosis,hypotension induced lactic acidosis,hypotension causes impaired organ,perfusion that could be life-threatening,without immediate intervention,severe hyperglycemia may indicate,diabetic ketoacidosis a life-threatening,complication of diabetes mellitus in,addition hyperglycemia has a diuretic,effect leading to fluid loss that,worsens cardiovascular compromise,delayed menstruation egg time since last,menstruation exceeds typical cycle,length could indicate that the client is,pregnant which presents a risk for,pregnancy-related complications ruptured,ectopic pregnancy and affects care,provided to the client eager avoid,x-rays and teratogenic medications,incorrect sore throat and nasal,congestion are common findings,associated with upper respiratory,infections,these common infections could be a,precipitating factor for these findings,would not be a priority over those,related to more life-threatening,conditions because other than the,symptomatic care there is no curative,treatment for common upper respiratory,infections,incorrect abdominal pain is an abnormal,finding that requires follow-up after,the client is hemodynamically stable,abdominal rigidity and rebound,tenderness are absent in this client,which is reassuring that severe,abdominal conditions related to perineal,irritation are not likely at this time,educational objective,the nurse should immediately follow up,on findings of decreased level of,consciousness tachycardia tachypnea,hypotension and severe hyperglycemia due,to their association with,life-threatening conditions as well as,prioritize assessments that rule out,other life-threatening complications,eager pregnancy status,question for item two of six,for each potential finding below click,to specify if the finding is consistent,with the disease process of diabetic,ketoacidosis ruptured appendix or,ruptured ectopic pregnancy each finding,may support more than one disease,process,note each column must have at least one,response option selected,see the answer,explanation diabetic ketoacidosis is a,complication of diabetes mellitus that,results from lack of insulin,insulin is required to transport glucose,into cells for energy which means that,lack of insulin leads to intracellular,starvation despite the high level of,glucose circulating in the blood,hyperglycemia,physiologic responses to hyperglycemia,include osmotic diuresis polyurea for,reduction of blood glucose levels and,breakdown of fat into acidic ketone,bodies for energy this leads to states,of dehydration as evidenced by,tachycardia electrolyte imbalance and,metabolic acidosis,ketosidosis leads to tashipnia and deep,respirations cosmol respirations as well,as abdominal pain and vomiting,appendicitis is an inflammation of the,appendix often resulting from,obstruction by fecal matter,appendicile obstruction traps colonic,fluid and mucus causing increased,intraluminal pressure and inflammation,this impairs perfusion of the appendix,resulting in swelling and ischemia,clinical manifestations include fever,abdominal pain rebound abdominal,tenderness tachycardia nausea and,vomiting abdominal pain usually begins,near the umbilicus and migrates to the,right lower quadrant eg macperni point,tachypnea as well as a compensatory,response can be present especially if,there is a ruptured appendix or evidence,of sepsis causing lactic acidosis,metabolic acidosis,ectopic pregnancy occurs when a,fertilized egg implants and grows,outside the uterus often in a fallopian,tube,if untreated ectopic pregnancy can lead,to rupture of the fallopian tube i.e,tubal rupture resulting in,life-threatening hemorrhage clinical,manifestations include signs of,hemorrhagic shock eeg hypotension,tachycardia apnea abdominal pain,referred shoulder pain related to entrap,abdominal bleeding and other,pregnancy-related symptoms egg nausea,vomiting,educational objective,and diabetic ketoacidosis ruptured,appendix and ruptured ectopic pregnancy,share some common findings including,abdominal pain tachycardia hash apnea,and vomiting diabetic ketoacidosis can,be differentiated from these by the,presence of severe hyperglycemia and,polyuria,question for item 3 of 6,complete the following sentence,sentences by choosing from the list,lists of options,based on the clinical findings the,client is most at risk for blank,as evidenced by the clients blank,see the answer based on the clinical,findings the client is most at risk for,fluid volume deficit and hypovolemic,shock as evidenced by the clients vital,signs,explanation,the clients findings are most aligned,with diabetic ketoacidosis,when there is a lack of insulin to,transport glucose into cells glucose,accumulates creating an osmotic gradient,that leads to diuresis polyurea and,fluid loss,if the hyperglycemia persists the,process continues and the fluid volume,deficit decreases cardiac output and,perfusion to vital organs hypotension,the heart rate increases tachycardia to,compensate for the decrease in cardiac,output without immediate treatment,compensatory mechanisms eventually fail,and the client is at risk for developing,lif


congratulations on passing nursing,school you did it but this is not the,end of the road you need to pass the,NCLEX and Im here to tell you how to,pass the NCLEX in just three simple wait,hi everyone my name is jennifer and on,this channel i talk all things nursing,todays video is all about how i pass,and clicks using three study tips you,can use all three you can use one of,them you can use none of them but these,are just my tips on how I pass NCLEX for,the first time my Holy Grail like I,dont think a lot of people know about,this one but it is ncsbn these are the,people that actually create the unclicks,and not a lot of people know about this,so Im giving you the T guys so the,people that create the NCLEX obviously,know a little bit about their course,that theyre going to sell the people,one its very affordable so online its,three weeks for fifty dollars five weeks,for seventy dollars eight weeks for a,hundred and then 15 weeks for 160,compared to other programs I think,thats actually pretty good for my cheap,self graduating from nursing school I,just did the three weeks and the fifty,dollars paid the fifty dollars and it,did the three week course so for me I,chose a three week course for fifty,dollars the cheapest in the shortest,amount of time I am a procrastinator so,definitely three weeks and then my NCLEX,date was on the fourth week so I,definitely did not procrastinate and I,really crammed for the NCLEX super,affordable actually right now during,kovat I know its such a sad time but,during Kovan they are having a sale that,the three-week one is only ten bucks and,the five week one is only $15 so if you,are graduating nursing school I know you,guys are doing online clinical and all,that but if youre graduating nursing,school right now definitely check out,ncsbn and by the course youll,definitely wont regret it you get a PDF,with each day and a specific plan and,how many hours you need to study on that,content so,you get a pretest every day in every,module you get a pretest to assess your,knowledge and then you get the content,so say its cardiac whatever so you get,the content and then after you get the,practice tests on what you learned and,you apply that and then you get,highlights so during each content I,think there was like two to three a day,and it was like one to two hours each,content I definitely broke it up but it,shows you how many hours you should be,spending on each content and I,definitely honed in on the points to,remember because I knew that those,points were gonna be on the tests,possibly make sure you are taking notes,on each content and each points to,remember with the rationales so that you,can kind of remember writing things down,makes you remember things a lot more,than just reading it so I definitely had,a huge notebook and I wrote down every,single thing and I reflected on it later,when I was taking the test at the end so,that you can visually and physically,remember it the best part of ncsbn is at,the last week of your content so you,have two weeks of like real content and,like reviewing and then the last week,you literally go through the question,Bank you get thousands of questions that,ncsbn has created that are really really,similar to the NCLEX I noticed that,after when I took the test like so many,questions were actually on the NCLEX,that were literally from as ncsbn course,onto the NCLEX and it was I knew the,answers because Ive seen him so many,times so the Q banks with the rationales,at the end are super super awesome Im,so sorry about this lighting though,clouds are going in and out of the Sun,so that is my first one ncsbn Im not,kidding you guys you have to try it out,like Im not kidding you guys have to,try it out my number two tip is saunders,the classic textbook saunders here im,showing you that its the cheapest,version that im talking about so he,there is Saunders I know probably you,guys all have heard of it its just the,textbook the NCLEX textbook that,probably everyone has or knows about,its that blue one here on that Netflix,here on Amazon you can see that you can,get it for 4.99 used so that is the,cheapest one that Im mentioning today,so for $4.99 you can get a physical,textbook I use mine,I think I bought mine right after,nursing score like the last semester of,nursing school and that is really nice,because you can physically highlight,things you can physically take notes in,your own textbook say you wanted to look,up one topic you go in the back and then,you find what number what page number,its on you can specifically look at,like the charts and pictures and,different home-like examples that they,give you on that specific topic so say,you want to look up appendicitis and you,need a picture with explanations and you,go in the back and you look up,appendicitis and what number page number,its on and you can go specifically to,that page number thats why I really,liked Saunders because you can have it,right in front of you and highlight or,take notes on what what the topic is I,also like that in the back they also,have practice tests and it with each,chapter you have practice questions that,is just a classic textbook study guide,and its cheap on Amazon for 14 not,$4.99 cant beat it the third study,guide that I used was Kaplan Im sure,you guys have all heard about Kaplan so,for me I was required to purchase it,throughout nursing school and we also,had the in-person course which I didnt,really find helpful they do in-person,courses they do online courses they have,a bunch of different packages that you,can purchase but what Im recommending,to you is the Q bank so for me I got it,because I had to pay for it already but,the most helpful thing was the Q Bank I,see online that now you can have,seven days for free so maybe seven days,before your test you can part you can go,into the free version but they have 20,100 questions that are similar to the,NCLEX with rationales and you can,customize your quizzes to body systems,or random and you can test yourself,which is really nice because after I,reviewed all the content all I did for a,week was do questions and when I ran out,on s ncsbn I had to go to my Kaplan and,use the Q Bank from there and I just,went through hundreds and hundreds and,hundreds of quizzes just to they even,have mock and CLECs quizzes so my,recommendation for questions is to just,pay either the ninety nine ninety nine,dollar one or get the seven days for,free and use the Q Bank so let me know,in the comments below if you have any,additional ways that you studied for the,NCLEX that might be helpful to the,viewers and if you use one of my,suggestions for your end clicks and if,you found it helpful give this video a,thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and,make sure you guys subscribe down below,for more thanks again for watching and,Ill see you guys in the next video bye

NCLEX-RN Practice Exam – Part 1 | 50 Q&A with rationales | QUESTIONS ARE READ TWICE

one a nurse is reviewing a patients,medication during shift change which of,the following medication would be,contraindicated if the patient were,pregnant note more than one answer may,be correct a co made be fine a stride C,celebrex D cat a press e habit roll F,closes a mean one,a nurse is reviewing a patients,medication during shift change which of,the following medication would be,contraindicated if the patient were,pregnant note more than one answer may,be correct a co made be fine a stride C,celebrex D cat a press e habit roll F,clove is a mean answer a co maiden and,be fine a stride,they are both contraindicated with,pregnancy – a nurse is reviewing a,patients pmh the history indicates,photosensitive reactions to medications,which of the following drugs has not,been associated with photosensitive,reactions note more than one answer may,be correct,a cipro be sulfonamide,C nor oxen D bactrim e accutane f Knight,Rotter – a nurse is reviewing a,patients p.m. age the history indicates,photosensitive reactions to medications,which of the following drugs has not,been associated with photosensitive,reactions note more than one answer may,be correct,a cipro be sulfonamide see nor oxen D,back,II accutane F Knight Rotter answer F,Knight Rotter all of the others have can,cause photosensitivity reactions three a,patient tells you that her urine is,starting to look discolored if you,believe this change is due to medication,which of the following patients,medication does not cause urine,discoloration a salva so as a B lavaud,OPA,C Fein old Ellen D aspirin three a,patient tells you that her urine is,starting to look discolored if you,believe this change is due to medication,which of the following patients,medication does not cause urine,discoloration a South asou as a B lavaud,OPA C Fein old Ellen D aspirin answer D,aspirin all of the others can cause,urine discoloration for you are,responsible for reviewing the nursing,units refrigerator if you found the,following drug in the refrigerator at,should be removed from the,refrigerators contents a core guard be,young mule and injection C yura kinase D,Epogen injection for you are responsible,for reviewing the nursing units,refrigerator if you found the following,drug in the refrigerator at should be,removed from the refrigerators contents,a core guard be young mule and injection,C yura kinase D Epogen injection answer,a core Gert cor gird could be removed,from the refrigerator 5 a 34 year old,female has recently been diagnosed with,an autoimmune disease,she has also recently discovered that,she is pregnant which of the following,is the only immunoglobulin that will,provide protection to the fetus in the,womb a immunoglobulin a,the immunoglobulin D C immunoglobulin II,D immunoglobulin G 5 a 34 year old,female has recently been diagnosed with,an autoimmune disease,she has also recently discovered that,she is pregnant which of the following,is the only immunoglobulin that will,provide protection to the fetus in the,womb a immunoglobulin a B immunoglobulin,D C immunoglobulin e d immunoglobulin G,answer D immunoglobulin G immunoglobulin,G is the only immunoglobulin that can,cross the placental barrier 6 a second,year nursing student has just suffered a,needle stack while working with a,patient that is positive for AIDS which,of the following is the most important,action that nursing student should take,a immediately see a social worker bee,start prophylactic AZT treatment C start,prophylactic penta Meyde treatment,D seek counseling 6 a 2nd year nursing,student has just suffered a needle stack,while working with a patient that is,positive for AIDS which of the following,is the most important action that,nursing students should take a,immediately see a social worker bee,start prophylactic AZT treatment C start,prophylactic penta my treatment D seek,counseling answer B start prophylactic,AZT treatment AZT treatment is the most,critical intervention 7 a 35 year old,male has been an insulin dependent,diabetic for five years and now is,unable to urinate which of the following,would you most likely suspect a,atherosclerosis be diabetic nephropathy,C autonomic neuropathy D somatic,neuropathy 7 a 35 year old male,has been an insulin dependent diabetic,for five years and now is unable to,urinate which of the following would you,most likely suspect a atherosclerosis be,diabetic nephropathy see autonomic,neuropathy d somatic neuropathy answer C,autonomic neuropathy autonomic,neuropathy can cause inability to,urinate 8 you are taking the history of,a fourteen-year-old girl who has a BMI,of eighteen the girl reports inability,to eat induced vomiting and severe,constipation which of the following,would you most likely suspect a multiple,sclerosis B anorexia nervosa C Beulah,Mia D systemic sclerosis 8 you are,taking the history of a,fourteen-year-old girl who has a BMI of,eighteen the girl reports inability to,eat induced vomiting and severe,constipation which of the following,would you most likely suspect a multiple,sclerosis B anorexia nervosa C Beulah,Mia D systemic sclerosis answer B,anorexia nervosa all of the clinical,signs and systems point to a condition,of anorexia nervosa 9 a 24 year old,female is admitted to the ER for,confusion this patient has a history of,a myeloma diagnosis constipation intense,abdominal pain and polyuria,which of the following would you most,likely suspect a diverticulosis B,hypercalcemia C hypocalcemia D irritable,bowel syndrome 9 a 24 year old female is,admitted to the ER for confusion this,patient has a history of a myeloma,diagnosis constipation in,abdominal pain and polyuria which of the,following would you most likely suspect,a diverticulosis be hypercalcemia see,hypocalcemia d irritable bowel syndrome,answer B hypercalcemia hyperkalemia can,cause polyuria severe abdominal pain and,confusion 10 rhogam is most often used,to treat blank mothers that have a blank,infant a Rh positive Rh positive be Rh,positive r h- c rh negative Rh positive,d rh negative Rh negative 10 rhogam is,most often used to treat blank mothers,that have a blank infant a Rh positive,Rh positive be Rh positive r h- c rh,negative Rh positive d rh negative Rh,negative answer c rh negative Rh,positive rhogam prevents the production,of anti RH antibodies in the mother that,has Rh positive fetus 11 a new mother,has some questions about fine Isleton,urea which of the following statements,made by a nurse is not correct regarding,PKU a agra 3 test can check the,necessary lab values be the urine has a,high concentration of nile pyruvic acid,c mental deficits are often present with,PKU d the effects of PKU are reversible,11 a new mother has some questions about,fine Isleton urea which of the following,statements made by a nurse is not,correct regarding PKU a Agra 3 test can,check the necessary lab values B the,urine has a high concentration of Nile,pyruvic acid C mental deficits are often,present with PKU,the effects of PKU are reversible answer,D the effects of PKU are reversible the,effects of BK you stay with the and find,throughout their life 12 a patient has,taken an overdose of aspirin which of,the following should a nurse most,closely monitor for during acute,management of this patient a onset of,pulmonary edema B metabolic alkalosis C,respiratory alkalosis D Parkinsons,disease type symptoms 12 a patient has,taken an overdose of aspirin which of,the following should a nurse most,closely monitor for during acute,management of this patient a onset of,pulmonary edema B metabolic alkalosis C,respiratory alkalosis D Parkinsons,disease type symptoms answer D,Parkinsons disease type symptoms,aspirin overdose can lead to metabolic,acidosis and cause pulmonary edema,development 13 a 50 year old blind and,deaf patient has been admitted to your,floor as the charge nurse your primary,responsibility for this patient is a let,others know about the patients deficits,B communicate with your supervisor your,patient safety concerns C continuously

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