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  5. I Used it on my Messed up Neck Everyday for 7 Days! Results?
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  7. Fix Your Neck and rounded Shoulders With the Neck Cloud For Ultimate Neck Traction

Message Lab Neck Cloud | KenKo Back Neck Cloud. Get Rid of Your Neck Hump. Does It Work?

so we weve we all use or on on the,facebook facebook or instagram or,whatever and uh i saw this product here,uh,i cant remember what they called it,its like the neck cloud or something,like that on facebook it came up i think,it was a facebook ad but ive seen it on,facebook and instagram and ive you know,for those of us that,work on a computer or use a tablet a lot,or use a smartphone we have this,tendency to do this,a lot,and ive had,vertebrae issues pinched nerves back,problems,more so than ive ever had in my whole,life maybe one because im older,two is just because and ive talked to,like chiropractors and doctors and they,said theyve seen more and more people,have issues because of the fact that,were down here,and that because were here,puts significantly more weight and,pressure on our neck,and we we have issues so i see a,chiropractor and i go go for massages,and stuff like that but thats expensive,so when i saw this ad i was like you,know what i,i enjoy laying on the floor on location,so anything that may be able to help,just kind of get my neck straight and,back into position,i think would be good so uh,even though the ad came on facebook i,ended up going looking on ebay for it,which is where i actually bought this,from because,im pretty sure anybody that has an ad a,lot of times on facebook or instagram,probably bought it off of ebay has,marked it up,selling it that way so i was like ill,just go right to the source and you can,find them and i bought like the cheapest,one,this is the one i bought right here it,looks its like under 17,usd uh just over 20 canadian it was like,free shipping as far as i think oh maybe,not two dollars,two bucks all right,so were gonna take a look at it i have,it right here,[Music],all right so,first off first off uh this this was,kind of the like i said the ad that came,up ill kind of put it over here and,this is the ad that came up um for it,and uh it kind of kind of got me hooked,im not going to put any sound up there,because of copyright,but,as you can see thats the one they talk,about and they talk about like that that,kind of that like neck hump that you get,and,again,for a lot of us its because we do this,and the the vertebrae kind of our head,turns when its not supposed to be in,that position as often which is what,ive been told,so being able to get your posture really,good which is something im trying to do,so an ergonomic chair and spending time,even like laying on the floor or pushing,your shoulders and back up against the,wall can be really good just to kind of,force yourself because,i even find that you know when i try to,get my posture the way its supposed to,be,im always like that feels unnatural,its because were slouched so much,right were kind of like ever have our,phones and were like,yeah not good,so um 17 bucks i figured id try it,anyways,this is what i got so it came in a bag,but it came with this right you guys can,see it and and this is it theres maybe,is more bluer than this but its it is,it is what it is from this side it looks,like that that weird alien from star,wars you know what im talking about i,think hes in the canteen,cantina kent,anyways this is it so,as far as i can tell right,this is the curl now the one in there,their picture seems to have a bit more,curl than this one does,it looks to have more of a curl as you,can see from mine here i dont think,that really matters because its not as,if your head,is,coming down really into this at least,not that i found and ive been using,this like for the last week,so uh fits really good again basically,you take the curl part,right the curl part,and as she has it here this is where,your head sits and the area with the,little dots here kind of pushes like,your neck sits on these so these these,are really good too because ive had a,lot of stress headaches,last while yeah you guys stress me out,thats not true this this is my,sometimes this is my escape so this is,what takes away my stress,weirdly as that is,but,um,these these little guys,really push on the back here which is,where i get a lot of my headaches,so,that that actually is quite nice,and you get these little little divots,here which,kind of just feels nice on that top part,of your head but this slides in here,this part here slides right in kind of,to where your shoulder and your neck,kind of hit thats when you kind of know,you have it in the right spot and then,you you just you just kind of you just,kind of lay on it right you just kind of,lay on it so lets go upstairs and i,will,show you how it sits,now ive been using this for about a,week and its not as if im like oh,thats,look at me im all like woo hoo,but i do have to say,um,that uh,in general it it really does feel nice i,find that it feels nice laying on it,its a good position um its a good,height they talk about,the angle and all this i dont i have no,idea but uh well built,right you got you see it has a little,bit of flex to it not a lot but if your,head is going to be,heavy enough to break this then uh i,dont know what to tell you uh,you got you got a big head,right,it is what it is um but,i think it i think its pretty cool yeah,and its i ive been finding it really,comfortable and nice to to to lay on,so yeah lets go upstairs okay,tilt that up a little bit i think,there we go,so im im on the floor im on the floor,and thats not tilting the way i wanted,to tell there we go i think thats,better,okay,so,anyways,were on the floor,ive ive got this device,so simply,youre youre,gonna kind of put your head or your back,youre gonna lay on it this way you,shouldnt shouldnt be hard for you guys,to ex to understand right,these little bump parts kind of go into,like the back of your neck,pos i guess they would,sort of and then your back your head,sits here,is,kind of how i figured it out,right,so lets lets go down and give it a try,okay so basically oh lay down,ive been using this now for,i dont know i would say,probably the last last week or so you,guys see that okay no thats too far,there you go like this,and i just kind of get that so it kind,of goes in as far as it can go im just,going to push it and then i kind of,stretch my neck out and then i,i lay out like that and i think the key,at least for me,when i first did this i was like oh,thats kind of sore,um,but i think the key is when youre on,this is to really like let your head,relax like,itll try to like its in the right spot,i find your head will naturally kind of,want to flow backwards a little bit just,kind of,in that spot,because again i i think the premise of,this is to,you know open up the vertebrae,thats normally bent forward so that it,has a chance to,stretch itself out,back to what it should be,now i dont have,any kind of real hump in my back theres,probably a little bit i think a lot of,us probably have a little bit,but uh when i started using this polio a,week ago,i found this to be pretty sore like on,my neck,and i find that with a lot of it ive,used it like back stretchers before too,and when you start using it youre like,oh my gosh,and then i have to use it for a while,youre like okay,so same idea here,they say to use this they say seven,minutes a day,now i probably use this,i make sure when i do use it that i use,it for at least seven minutes seven to,ten minutes and just kind of lay there,and just kind of relax sometimes,im actually in a room now that has a tv,so ill watch a little bit of tv while,im doing it if i can see it if you have,a tv thats up high enough,um but other than that i just kind of,lay here and close my eyes and,just let it do its thing i find it,even if and again im not gonna say that,it does get rid of a hump i think in the,in theory it would but i have to say,i find at least,its just,super comfy,and for me someone that again has had a,lot of stress headaches in this area,right and soreness in this area i go to,get a massage and theyre always like oh,my gosh youre so tense in that area i,can really feel like the pressure on,that spot,which in my o

Best Stretch For Neck Pain! Neck Cloud Review

todays video is all about helping you,with your neck pain and your headaches,were going to be reviewing the neck,cloud this little thing here were also,going to be comparing it to one we,recommend all the time for neck pain,relief which is going to be the rolled,up towel as well as a more specialist,device than dinner roll were gonna go,through all three of these they are very,similar but they work in different ways,compare which ones gonna be best the,pros and cons of each one and also how,theyre actually gonna be helping your,neck pain or headaches lets get into,the video today when it comes to many of,the videos that you see on neck pain,most of them are going to be talking,about doing relieving exercises like the,chin tuck which is drawing the chin,towards the chest,pulling the neck over in this direction,all these sorts of activities that round,and bend the neck further into a forward,flex position now well get into this a,little bit later on but this is not,ideal at all when it comes to neck pain,were just reinforcing the thing that,invariably caused the problem caused the,neck pain caused headaches in the first,place and its not helpful even if it,feels temporarily or moment to moment,relieving whilst youre doing it this is,where things like the neck cloud and the,towel and the dinner roll can really,really help by putting your neck in the,right position instead of that incorrect,one later in this video im actually,going to demonstrate how you use this,and the other devices we mentioned but,the very first and foremost thing is on,a principled level understanding that,the way in which we relieve this neck,pain relieve these headaches is by,unloading the spine a lot of us will,have problems with the way in which we,are using our neck on a daily basis we,will be putting compression whilst were,looking on our smartphones spending,hours and hours every day in that,position and what this does is it,squashes down on those intervertebral,discs in the neck it also stretches out,the muscles all along the back here this,is the sort of the mechanistic action,thats taking place to result in your,neck pain and therefore more of that,more aggressively through exercises like,pulling the chin towards chest or,tucking the chin in like so and,elongating the neck are not sensible,they make no sense when were using,something like the neck cloud we have,our neck arched back over this fulcrum,its in the neck in this position here,providing a support for that neck,tilting your chin up slightly supporting,through the neck with a forward bend,with a forward pressure point and that,puts your discs in a position of,relative stretch it opens out the discs,on the front and it actually gets the,muscles that are on the back here to get,a bit of relaxation instead of being,pulled apart all the time as the chin,tilts up until backwards those muscles,get to relax for maybe the first time in,a little while weve mentioned a couple,times already that its the forward,bending movements looking down towards,the floor that sort of builds up these,issues in the first place but there are,some circumstances say youre painting,ceilings doing stuff up here or youre,doing things high up looking up for,extended periods that too can create,trouble you might think okay well why,would we do the neck,neck cloud or do some of these neck,exercises where were storing the curve,in those scenarios well for a lot of us,unfortunately most of our time even if,that particular accident that particular,event was looking up most of our time is,still spent looking down and our neck,should have a nice backward bending,c-shaped curve to it and unfortunately,repetitively doing those sorts of,activities can sometimes disrupt this,curve i mean it doesnt move properly so,a nice quick simple test that you can do,to see if it is maybe that your necks,not aligned properly and that when you,are looking up you actually charging,those joints is to get a rolled up towel,and grab one right now so ive just got,a normal little towel here what im,going to do is just roll up the edges,ive just got a little fulcrum here now,what you could do a very very quick test,just if your neck pain was caused by,looking up maybe you even get aggravated,neck pain by looking up is look up very,very slowly and see when the pain bites,when the pain kicks in now get that,little edge of the towel and just place,it just in the middle portion of your,neck and gently pull forwards,so you can feel the pressure on the back,of your neck just in that direction now,im not pulling too hard and now with,that full pressure on just gently look,up again,and what youll find if you adjust the,position slightly up or slightly down,and re-test youll find you can go a,little bit further before the pain kicks,in and its not going to get rid of the,pain but its going to demonstrate that,maybe that alignment in your neck wasnt,as good as it should be and by looking,up for extended periods youve jarred,some of the joints there so what were,doing going back to the these devices,that you can put in the back of your,neck the net cloud then roll the towel,all this rolled up differently,is that you can support that natural,neck curve rather than having those,joints jarred and what you will find is,by doing this over a couple of days for,that two three four five minutes maximum,on and off a couple times a day youll,find that it starts to get that neck,moving properly again so that neck is,bending correctly as you look up rather,than jarring and straining some of those,joints its not just looking up it goes,for other movements as well but it is,particularly looking up that aggravates,people when they have neck pain,especially if they have any sort of,curve disruptances and by doing these,specific activities on a daily basis you,can start to just put that neck back,into a better position so it starts to,function more normally,so like with anything its really really,important that you do this correctly,whichever one of these three devices,youre using its really really vital,that you get on correctly that you get,off correctly and that you have it in,the right position im gonna show you,now on the floor with the towel the neck,cloud and the general how to use these,things and then well maybe go through a,few of the extra little bits the,comparisons between those after weve,done that so im gonna start off using,the towel and just demonstrate how to,use each one of these so naturally when,youre in this position you wouldnt,spend ages with your head up thats not,gonna help your neck pain but im gonna,do that for the purpose of this,demonstration ive rolled the towel,around about this large and all im,going to do is simply roll it down until,it hits my shoulders and then simply lie,my head back over now the big thing that,youre going to notice with the towel is,that my head is actually still touching,the floor we want to get the size of the,towel large enough so its providing a,bit of upward pressure into the middle,of the back of my neck and then we just,simply relax here with all of these when,it comes to getting off we must hold our,heads nice and tight and twist over,towards the side without twisting the,neck its very very important whichever,one of these devices youre using that,you do not simply lift your head up and,pull it out that is going to create an,awful lot of discomfort and its,fundamentally undermining the whole two,three four five minutes youve spent,doing the exercise,so weve done a towel every single one,of you watching this video if whether,youve got this or not well be able to,do the top then it comes to the neck,cloud fundamentally this is exactly the,same were gonna put it flat on its back,and were going to have our neck,supported by this middle curve here its,got these little bits on here dont,worry too much about those but youre,just going to support the neck curve so,same thing again slide this a little bit,lower because the towel couldnt go that,low t

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Cervical Traction for Neck Pain Relief

Hey, everybody is Doctor Jo and  today Im going to show you how  ,to use neck traction to relieve  neck pain. So lets get started.,So to start off, what is cervical neck traction?  So neck traction is just a treatment thats used,  ,it can be manually done, it can be mechanically  done, it can be used with different pieces  ,of equipment. And its just a gentle way of  stretching the neck to get pain relief in the neck  ,to relieve muscle spasms, intention. And so a lot  of times what it does, when it gently stretches  ,is it just opens up those spaces in the cervical  spine. And the attraction can be done in different  ,areas of the body. But today, were just talking  about the neck. So a lot of times if you go into  ,a physical therapy clinic, they might start off  just gently using their hands as a manual way of  ,traction. Theres also big machines, they can put  you in and put a certain amount of weight giving  ,you traction. But its really just a great way  to relieve that pain, especially for things like  ,pinched nerves. A lot of times if you hear someone  having a pinched nerve or that ridiculous apathy,  ,traction is a great way to open up those joint  spaces in the spine to take the pressure often are  ,also like a herniated disc, or even just stenosis  in the cervical spine, which is basically  ,when those little holes where the nerves come out,  start narrowing. So if you open up those spaces,  ,in theory, it takes pressure off of those nerves,  helps increase blood flow, and also helps kind of  ,just get that movement of those nerves where it  might be pinched or compressed. So one of the  ,ways to do neck traction of these days is at home  use. And so theres different kinds of traction.  ,Sometimes theyre over the door, sometimes  theyre things hanging off the door.  ,But the folks at SunMy Miami sent me their neck  pain Terminator, which is really cool. Because  ,the reason I like something more like this is  you can take it everywhere with you, you dont  ,have to be next to a door or a wall or something  specifically like that. Its nice importable.  ,And so the really neat thing about this one  is if you can see here, it has an S curve.  ,Or if you turn it around, it has a z curve.  And so its different amounts of strength  ,tension for it. So the S is a little bit gentler  strength, and then the Z is a little bit higher,  ,more strength on the neck. And Ill kind of tell  you a little bit more once I lie down on it.  ,What I mean by that there are some precautions to  cervical traction or attraction in general. So you  ,always want to make sure youre talking with your  doctor, youre talking to your physical therapist,  ,maybe youve had it done in the clinic to  make sure its safe for you. Because there  ,are some things like osteoporosis, if youre  pregnant, and you have some joint laxity.  ,If you have some instability, or  maybe youve recently had a surgery,  ,these are things that we may be tractions not  quite right for you. So make sure youre getting  ,cleared by your doctor or your physical  therapist to do it. And I always recommend  ,having it done in the clinic first make  sure youve had it done and you feel okay.  ,And then when it works great for you, you  can purchase something like this to really  ,give you that one up to be able to work on it at  home. And again, since its something like this,  ,its portable, you can travel with it, if its  something thats really good for you. So Im just  ,going to show you really quickly how to use this  one specifically. So were gonna do the S first.  ,And so you can see how it kind of curves over  this way with S. And what I like with that is  ,it helps you get that extra traction in there. But  its a gentle way of getting traction. You know,  ,sometimes you see these machines, and they look  kind of scary. But this is just enough, just, you  ,know, maybe 20 to 30 degrees going over into that  extension of traction, which is really all you  ,need to get it. And then if you turn it this way,  you have a little bit more force in there going  ,kind of into where those muscles connect to the  skull. And a lot of times if youre in the clinic,  ,thats when well take our hands and really get  that almost like a trigger point on those muscles  ,to help relax and then so you can turn it that  way. And I usually feel a little bit more pressure  ,right on that muscle area to get that tension  and get those spasms out if you have some muscle  ,spasm. So well start with the s. So the best  way to do it is keep your knees propped up,  ,get it right on the curve of your neck there and  just kind of gently relax on it. So one of the  ,benefits of this one is that the material its  made out of is firmer. So even though its a  ,little bit firmer, you know, you think sometimes a  memory foam where youre squishing right into it,  ,but the firmness of it is what really helps  again, get into those muscles to help relax  ,those muscles, and then help you get that a little  bit of extension over there to help open up with  ,that traction. So just starting off usually  want to start off with about 10 minutes a day.  ,If you havent done this before, you might  even want to work up to the 10 minutes.,And then once you get going and it feels good,  then you can do it one to two times a day. If  ,you try this and its nice and relaxing, you  can also then kind of bend your arms up over  ,your head to get some extra nice stretch in there.  Because a lot of times with those pinched nerves,  ,youre going to feel numbness and tingling in your  arms. And traction is a great way to help get rid  ,of some of that tingling, and numbness or at least  reduce it for a period of time, Im going to turn  ,it this way. So you can see the Z one. So see,  Im going to get a little more pressure again,  ,right here. But I like it, its like good  pressure. Again, its like when we take our  ,fingers and just hit where those muscles go into  the skull or the occiput area, thats where we  ,call it and just putting that little bit more  pressure on it to help relax and release those  ,muscles with traction, which is just like any  other treatment plan or therapeutic exercises  ,and stretches. Sometimes the first time you do  it, you feel really good. But most of the time,  ,this is something you have to do for a period  of time, it can take a couple days to a couple  ,weeks of consistently doing it because if youve  been hurting for a long time, its going to take  ,that period of time sometimes to start getting it  better. So though you might feel better the first  ,time sometimes youre gonna have to work with it  for a little while before you really start getting  ,better just like those stretches and exercises.  Theyre not always going to work just doing it  ,one time you really have to, you know, make a  plan to do it consistently to really get better.  ,If youre interested in purchasing the neck pain  Terminator, click on the link up there. And if  ,youre interested in some other stretches and  exercises for the neck, click on the playlist  ,on the link up there. And remember, be safe,  have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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Fix your neck using the Neck Cloud and lumbar roll

hey guys were talking about cervical,curves today uh as well as the,thoracolumbar curve uh these two areas,of the spine are called transitional,segments thats basically where curves,are changing direction,we tend to see a loss of curvature,in the lower back as well as the neck,and,using these fulcrum wedges or pillows,are a great way to help restore,curvature through there so what ive,shown here is the position and im going,to show you on me in a second,the neck pillow that we use is a neck,cloud from kenko will be a link in the,description below,were going to position this at the,lowest part of the net were going to,find that by that big bump,that is c7 so starting at the top one,two all the way down to seven,were going to place that just a little,bit lower than you would think it needs,to go,same thing here with the petabot wedge,or you can use a rolled up towel this,works uh as well,were going to position this just about,an inch below the bottom of the rib cage,so again this pillow is going to be,slightly higher up most people would,expect it to go way down low we want,these right at the apex of those,transition segments so we tend to see a,lot of stiffness in the spine and having,movement in these areas of the spine is,really critical,curves are structural so if we have good,curvature good mobility that can prevent,a lot of arthritis so let me show you,how were going to set this up,im going to do the,neck,cloud first,this can be used either direction,so,im going to come in and just kind of,get it,centered here pretty low,and i want my head slightly extended,once ive got into position im going to,hang out here for about five minutes,i could also turn it in the opposite,direction,so,we have it this way we can also turn it,this way,same thing if you have it up here,that is incorrect you want it down,right about there,okay,if were going to use,this here again bottom of the rib cage,okay,you can position it,a lot of times people like to have their,legs laid out,and im just gonna hang out here you can,have the legs extended,i find a lot of times this is more,tolerable,and again were looking for five minutes,on this,so this can be done one or two times,daily for about five minutes if youre,just starting off,uh go for about two minutes and work,your way up to five minutes over the,course of two weeks,awesome for curve restoration and just,mobility of the spine uh we will put,links in the description below also im,going to put a couple of videos up for,how to mobilize the upper shoulder,girdle and upper back areas you want to,do those lacrosse ball foam roller type,mobility things prior to doing this ill,see you on the next video take care

I Used it on my Messed up Neck Everyday for 7 Days! Results?

ive completed seven days with the,monster tongue somebody wrote in a,comment on amazon,but its really the rest cloud p health,res cloud p health p p,period health stuff,im on the couch putty okay so heres my,pea dogs over there pea staff,pea health pea dog heres,heres my conclusion i did this first,seven days seven,every single day for seven days i did it,10 minutes each time,the first the first,six days i did it i believe it was,facing this way,and then the last day i turned it around,this way or vice versa you could see it,in the short clip,i changed it on the last day because i,didnt really think about it but,it says on there you can one will be,more stretchy,so that was more stretchy if you go,this way versus that way i honestly,dont remember but i could,see it on the video and youll know,which way i did it,my conclusion is ill continue to use,this,as a um as a device to,like stretch you know basically not,super aggressive stretching just relax,and stretch,because i think ultimately thats going,to be good for me as well,it didnt make my pain miraculously,disappear,i think if you have neck issues that are,associated with,tight muscles you know things like that,i think it might,like it because itll help you to,stretch and relax,and then that muscle will let go are,even like a pinched nerve or something,maybe like things like that pinched,nerve,but when youre bone on bone with,arthritis,theres only so much all youre looking,for when youre like that,is is,relief you know some some extra comfort,or,uh using stuff that will strengthen the,supporting muscles,you know and just help you in that way,thats how i look at it,so not a miracle worker if youve,actually got,some and that this is for me theres,somebody else out there might have,made this thing was a miracle didnt for,me,but i will continue to use it i think,its you know,its not super expensive for 20 bucks,yeah,for 20 bucks i would use this as a as a,neck massager,stretcher thing you know because it did,as i went along i got,really relaxed right away you know like,about the third day i was really like,right when id lay down on it,i feel like youve been doing your neck,less than,normal but you go through faces of that,where,itll feel better sometimes sometimes,its way worse just whatever but,you were having neck issues when you,started doing it so the fact that it,seems like its alleviated right now,it could be due to that dont know its,like right now,like doing this i feel like i have to,set still and that makes it,muscles tense but it did relax my,muscles so thats probably why,it relaxed the you know the supporting,muscles on your neck,but i still you know im just telling,you guys its not a miracle worker,for me i have bone on bone in two spots,but for a 20 gadget that might help,yeah and you can return it on amazon it,feels good,lets put it this way it feels good so,if it feels good,then block it sorry i dont care,if it feels good then thats a moment of,you know,relief for comfort that you get its,worth it to me,this we had a link up and people were,saying hey the,delegate there was a i dont know what,the issue with was,with the link but if you cant if the,links not working,it should be working today it is yeah,well put the link up but if its not,working,just look up p health no look up rest,cloud look up rest cloud,p period hell and uh them putty and give,it a shot,im not like i said if youre similar to,me and you want just a little um,relaxation a little relief and possibly,helps you even more i dont know some,people have said that,but i can if i was rating on a scale of,one to five,id give this like a three and i use it,its going to to be,its gonna be a a tool hey p-dog,hey hey p-dog its gonna be a tool,and not something that im relying on to,you know heal me,or make me pain-free right putty,right p-dog all right until next time,enjoy your pee dog,hey laughter is pretty good for your uh,pain too silly,pets so were our pets good theyre big,good,yeah theyre kind of good,[Music],ah,[Music],bye,[Music],you

Review of Restcloud Neck Relaxer, Cervical Traction Device, Chiropractic Pillow Neck Stretcher

so i saw this on amazon,its an ergonomic curve,neck deal thing,it comes with these instructions,so i guess you just im going to leave,them on there for right now im going to,try it out lay it down here,im going to lay right and see if it if,it makes my neck feel better,all right so apparently this is how you,do it,you just get your,neck,right in there like that,and you just lay your head right over,kind of like that,feels pretty good its like a little,pillow,and its supposed to get your spine to,curve,and help your neck,feels kind of like,there we go,huh feels good,i dont know how i mean what its going,to do for me,i can feel like my vert my cervical,vertebrae is smooshing against it,all right lets take a look at it,all right,here it is,when you go like this you can feel like,your vertebrae smashing against it,over here,there it is let me turn it this way so,you can see it,so your head comes down on it like that,i guess,i guess thats the way it works,lets see,yeah,kind of feels good,i dont know if its worth 16 bucks,though,so its got some instructions it says,rest in a,a supine position,place it behind the neck,bend your knees and hands on the front,of your head,the head is about two to five inches,away from the bed,well we didnt really have a bed here so,but,i guess thats pretty much how you do it,lets try it one more time i think you,can switch it this way too,lets try it this way and see how it,works,im going to do it the backwards way,all right so im going to try it,backwards so yeah see how it feels,this is kind of good this way,she gets some support back here youre,supposed to put your arms up like this,you know,but i dont know,so i got it this way,supposed to have your knees not,that feels okay lets flip it around,this way,lets do it this way,i think this is the way that they,want you to do it on the thing,so anyway,im not i might be sending this back i,dont know if i can really use it,im gonna relax for a second youre,supposed to bring your arms up like this,bend your knees,so,okay,the verdicts not in on this thing yet,well have to try it for a couple days,see what we think,feels good,kind of feels,good,well always looking for different ways,to make my neck feel better,see how it kind of pushes your chin,up dont know if you like this video,subscribe to my channel and check out my,other awesome videos where i try stuff,from amazon,see if it works,peace out

Fix Your Neck and rounded Shoulders With the Neck Cloud For Ultimate Neck Traction

do you,like me suffer from a forward head,position,rounded shoulders have that gorilla-like,position then ive got a tip for you im,going to show you a product,but first ill tell you a few little,things that i do now i,do suffer with a forward head position,because i spend far,too long on my phone scrolling through,endless stuff,i also spend a big part of my day,looking down at people,now what this does is you over time it,brings your head,forward like that and it all surrounds,your shoulders,and basically you end up developing like,this turtle position where your heads,forward like this,and your shoulders around now thats not,good,and it can cause you quite a few,problems quite often that,burning burning sensation that you feel,in the back of your shoulder blades,is because your chest is tight in front,of you next time,now me personally i do a few little,things to try and avoid again too bad,such as i work on stretching out my,chest,i also sometimes lay with a towel under,my neck,and sometimes a little cupping on me on,the chest as well,and all these things help now ive,recently been sending,being sent a new product to test and,its,a a neck retractor by a company called,chroming,now its quite a cool little device so,its there to retract your neck and,basically open the front of,your neck up and its got these little,pressure points,dotted on them now ive been,testing this for probably about 10 days,and im quite impressed so far its,started off relatively uncomfortable,when doing this but thats because the,pressure,points are touching muscles that are,quite tight,because theyre basically getting,stretched on the stretchers my head is,coming forward,but now its sort of eased up so its,nowhere near as bad,now its not gonna be,like a one-day miracle thing,but i believe if you use this every day,for 10 to 15 minutes,its gonna make a massive difference now,ive only used it for,like i said 10 days roughly speaking,and i can already feel a few little,benefits more in the fact that you,become,more comfortable to use you recommend,even though they recommend 10 to 15,minutes a day they also say,do not sleep with it do not use it as a,pillow,sure all we have to do is get that side,and we should be sliding it underneath,his neck and then we roll his head,around,so that it opens up the front of your,neck,right and then this will basically begin,stretching,these muscles here so your,sternocleidomastoid,and start opening everything up,because we spend far too long in this,position,and not enough in this position so this,will just help counter exit counteract,some of the effects we spend on his,phone now,you could do two things here you could,one place your hand on your belly,and breathe deeply into your belly and,through your nose,and out through your mouth and this by,doing that it allows your body and your,muscles relax further,the next thing you can do is you can,simply,open your arms up palms facing up,and then this will begin stretching out,your chest now youll be on the floor,doing this,so youve got some support whereas as,im laying on the table,my arms are a bit floppy but you get the,idea so you layer your arms out,palms facing upwards,breathing deeply and you just want to,relax into this,now i believe this device costs around,25 pound,or 30 dollars if youre in america,now i think for such a small investment,its actually a massive investment in,your health,you cant go wrong at 25 quid,now if youre a follower of my channel,and youre watching this video,if you look in the link in the,description below youll find,a link with a code now that chord will,get you a further,30 percent off,now ive been here a little bit and,relaxed i can feel my head,slowly going further back i can feel my,neck,beginning to extend and open,and because of that because everythings,starting to line up more how it should,be,i can actually breathe through my nose a,little bit better,see i can feel my body really starting,to relax into it now,in fact i could lay here all day now,so honestly this is one product i really,do recommend that you go,check out because like i said,its not a lot of money and it can make,a massive difference to your health,its gonna stretch out your neck is,gonna,count about that forward head position,for those people whove got like a bump,on the back of your neck sometimes,referred to as your buffalo hump,it will probably help with that given,enough time,because your buffalo home takes years to,get one,so if youre gonna correct it itll take,years to correct as well,and before i fall asleep because im not,realized thank you for watching this,check out the description get that 30,off and ill see you all soon

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