1. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered Review – The Final Verdict
  2. A Masterpiece in the Racing Genre || Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered Review
  3. Need for Speed HP Remastered Review – Rep, Heat or Bank?
  4. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered Review – Beautiful & Rewarding
  5. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered for PC Video Review
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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered Review – The Final Verdict

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A Masterpiece in the Racing Genre || Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered Review

the need for speed series has many,defining characteristics that make it,stand out from other games in the racing,video game genre whether it be the car,customization that made its debut in,underground thanks to the sudden rise in,popularity that import tuner culture had,in the early 2000s or the fact that a,need for speed game could make cars like,the ones we see and drive every day,interesting to talk about or the fact,that given a lot of need for speed games,feature some form of illegal street,racing the law will inevitably try to,stop us and we arent just going to pull,over to the side of the road and accept,a ticket that last point of street,racers vs the police has been with the,series for a good while now although,need for speed had its own street racers,vs police branch of games beginning with,need for speed 3 hot pursuit and the,sequel in the hot pursuit series hot,pursuit 2 it was whats considered a,main installment of the series nowadays,2005s need for speed most wanted that,really emphasized street racers being,able to wage vehicular war with the,police in this series from this point on,aside from the spin-off games where the,racing took to the tracks rather than,the streets most need for speed games,would feature the presence of the police,and that would often be one of the main,reasons why people would buy future need,for speed entries to be able to wage,that vehicular war with the police in,terms of the pure street racer vs police,aspect though i would argue that the,best game in the series to focus on this,aspect is what is considered by many,nowadays a spin-off or a side entry,despite it being considered as such,though this game in question not only,emphasizes the street racer vs police,aspect brilliantly its also just an,amazing racing video game in general,[Music],im just gonna say this right now,i,love the need for speed hot pursuit,reboot need for speed hot pursuit is one,of my all-time favorite racing video,games allowing me to play as either a,racer or a cop engaging in intense races,in these expensive supercars in,well-crafted car combat while either,fighting to win the race or bust the,racers before the event ends,it is a need for speed game let alone,racing game like none other alright,enough about me fanboying about this,game why do i love it so much and why do,i consider this to be a fantastic racing,game firstly lets start with the most,important part of any racing video game,the map slash tracks and car physics do,they match rather than having cars that,are tuned for the cities like an o5 most,wanted in carbon where they could make,sharper turns easier hop pursuit,features cars that have some weight to,them these machines are a lot heavier,compared to cars from the other titles,this makes it so that they cant perform,sharp turns as fluently or easily,compared to earlier titles especially,since when these machines get up to,speed they do not want to slow down,thankfully hot pursuit does its map and,physics combo perfectly the map itself,accommodates this by having the roads be,wide giving you lots of room to maneuver,around things like traffic speaking of,traffic the traffic is sparse and most,of the time youre able to have enough,time to dodge it be it on a straight or,even in the middle of a turn the turns,in this game encourage drifting in place,of making sharp turns and in general,corners are super fun to take in this,game thanks to this games drifting,mechanic the straights allow you to gain,speed and maintain it until the next,corner and the games sense of speed is,really good as well in this game there,are also shortcuts and alternate paths,that allow you to be able to get to the,finish line faster or take an alternate,route to dodge things like traffic or,the police and those paths are also wide,in order to accommodate for how the cars,behave in this game in general the map,and physics of the car go hand in hand,and thus the core racing experience is,amazing in this game you complete events,as either a racer or a cop as you,progress your way through different,events for both sides and earn xp which,in this game is called bounty that,enables you to rank up and get more cars,starting off with the progression system,this game nails it right on the head as,you earn bounty this bar will fill up,based on the experience points youve,acquired by the end of an event not only,do you acquire bounty from finishing,well in events you can also gain bounty,from your actions during the events,themselves taking the lead in a race,drifting a certain distance driving in,the oncoming lane a certain distance,slamming into your opponents scoring a,hit with your pursuit tech which well,get into that in a little bit even if,you mess up and make a contact with a,civilian car as a racer you get bounty,from that in the form of cost to state,this results in a very rewarding xp,system that encourages you to be as,risky and dangerous out on the roads as,you can you can play it safe if you want,to but not only will that slow down your,progression its also just way more fun,to take those risks and be that,dangerous driver out on the roads in,this game on the note of driving,dangerously the way the nitrous works in,this game is different depending on,whether youre playing as a racer or a,cop if you play as a racer you refill,nitrous by performing those dangerous,moves as the nitrous will not refill on,its own meanwhile when you play as a cop,the nitrous refills on its own over time,but you can immediately refill it all,the way upon taking down a racer the,nitrous itself also behaves differently,both the racer and cop have nitros that,have a balance between top speed and,acceleration for the slower vehicles but,by the time you get to the faster,vehicles while the racers nitrous still,has that top speed acceleration mix the,cops go fully for the acceleration for,their late game vehicles this makes,sense as the racers have the goal of,maintaining a high speed at all times,meanwhile the cops may come across,situations that require them to slow,down to score a hit on a racer or bust,them their nitrous allows them to get,back up to speed so they dont spend,half of the event catching back up to,the pack during your progress of ranking,up youre able to get new cars very,frequently and this frequency is,consistent to the very end when you,unlock the last car which makes for a,very satisfying system where youre,earning new things and making progress,after every event in the original game,there was already plenty of content to,work towards here however due to the,games dlc being included as part of the,main package with this remaster this,adds a huge amount of additional content,for this game which is downright amazing,wait a pro consumer decision from ea,the cars themselves are balanced in an,interesting but really good way that,ensures that no cars are blatantly more,powerful than the others in an event or,that no car from one category can just,wipe the field with other cars of a,lower category in hot pursuit cars are,split into these six classes and all of,the events in this game feature only one,class of car for their event for example,one event will only have cars from the,sports car class while another will only,have cars from the hyper car class this,ensures that each event is balanced for,example a car from the hyper class cant,go into an event with sports cars and,decimate them this applies for the cops,as well as they can only bring cars from,the specified car class in their own,events and they can only bring the same,class the racers are using for any,pursuits meaning the events where racers,and cops clash are balanced as well,while there are cars that are better,than others within a class they all have,roughly the same stats without any major,differences between each other in other,words its feasible to win an event with,every car in the game this helps the,game maintain a really good balance as a,result speaking of the cars themselves,way bac

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Need for Speed HP Remastered Review – Rep, Heat or Bank?

need for speed hot pursuit remastered,is it worth the rep bank hate package,lets read the words the words of the,developer,feel the thrill of the chase and the,rush of escape behind the wheels of the,worlds hottest high-performance cars,in need for speed hot pursuit remastered,a heart,pumping penis wobbling socially,competitive,racing expert doesnt see that yeah,might as well,first up guys as always lets check out,the graphical options,theres quite a few uh to tweak and,twiddle with,but but,guys oh,guys its only limited to 60 frames a,second,yes thats right yes guys this need for,speed,remastered on the pc is locked at 60,frames a second,you gotta love it youve just youve,just gotta love the [ __ ] mentality in,that dont you,its just oh whatever thatll do 60,thatll do,60 25 quid just bear that in mind,25 bells guys you can get it cheaper on,greenman gaming links in the description,25 knots guys 25 smelly ones for this,60 frames a second no wheel support,support no cockpit,oh my oh my oath and you know,why choose this one to remaster there,was no wrong with the original in 2010,it still looks decent,in fact its hard to tell the difference,between them,mike you havent even looked youre just,saying that all right,so thats you know shut up conscience,but theres probably not a lot of,difference guys theres probably look if,you want a professional review [ __ ] off,to another channel and mac i dont do,pro,anyway who cares about bells and,whistles and,frames and steering where i do actually,but,who else cares no one cares because,youre all a bunch,of console sofa jockeys anvies yeah,so here we go heres the review for,console sofa jockeys so guys,i got my controller out for this game um,because this is a game,where you should be using a controller,if it doesnt support a wheel,and this doesnt support a wheel have i,already mentioned that yeah,okay so at the the other the 2010 one,supported wheels this one doesnt the,reaper,now with a controller this game is great,it really is fun,ive had so much fun for about 25,minutes,then i got bored um but hey for 25,minutes,it was [ __ ] awesome guys it really,was,see what you do is you have races and,you have,um pursuits you play as a cop and you,play as a racer,now theres different types of racing,theres a racing against the clock,theres uh jewels where theres just you,and another guy im talking about ai,single player at the minute,and then theres the old old the old old,bell the cops,the fashion the um the police mean at,the police,um they come after you unless of course,you protest,just stop now stop,the police will chase you if they see,you in your car and thats when the,funds start i cant really you know i,dont really know whats my favorite i,dont know what i think i think my,favorite,mode in this is when youre the police,and youre trying to stop a full,race of six cars i think thats the most,fun,uh that i have in this when its just,you against six races,you are armed with helicopters um you,can set up a helicopter to go overhead,and drop spike strips you can set up,road blocks,you can fire emps if you can keep the,lock on long enough for the car in front,and you can also deploy spike strips,and it is good fun guys joking aside it,is very good fun,flying around smashing cars off the road,theyve all got damage meters on and,once theyve got no damage left,um they are busted essentially so you,have to,smash this [ __ ] out of all the cars,using the four methods that ive said or,just simply,using your turbo and running the,bastards on a corner,uh which is a really nice thing it feels,meaty when you hit them you know,and honestly it is a good game theres,no,doubt about it it is fun for a bit,longer than 25 minutes i mean im just,being an ass,um it is a decent full game but the,problem with it is,that youre so limited with with what,you can do i mean is the police,thats pretty much it and as a racer,youve got dual mode and,racing against other people in hot,pursuit and thats,pretty much it as well so its all rinse,and repeat,as you uh unlock more and more cars all,youre doing is,unlocking new cars as you level up,because you get rep and,if you get enough heat and that gets you,bank no it doesnt im desperately,trying to,just play the [ __ ] song dude,[Music],you get,[Music],[Music],[Music],for speed so why not but yeah youre,just unlocking new vehicles and doing,the same thing you did,in the other vehicle that you had just,before that um,and thats the game theres really not a,lot to this which is a bit of a shame i,i didnt really want a remaster of this,to be fair with it,i dont even think this is the best hot,pursuit game i asked her like uh,the first one the second one was good as,well but,im not even sure if i think need for,speed is the bet i like,porsche porsche unleashed um i thought,that was an awesome,uh game most wanted as well a lot of,people want that,but but what i really want you know the,one i really really want,remastered test drive unlimited,because its better than all of them and,theres a new test drive coming next,year guys oh its going to be awesome i,can just,i can smell it from here so that brings,us on to multiplayer multiplayer is,great because in multiplayer you sit in,a queue,forever than ever,and then you eventually get put in a,lobby by yourself,um the problem with this game is hardly,anyones playing it its hard to find a,game,thats why theres lots of threads on,the steam forum of,people saying add me to your friends,list so we can play,because theres just not enough people,playing it in the public domain area,where you can just grab a game you can,grab dual games quite quickly but when,youre trying to to,find a 4v4 for cops before races,its its its like trying to find rocky,horse [ __ ],you know its hard now,peak times yes you can do it but off,peak,nah it cant so theres not really a lot,more to say about this,apart from the rubber banding my,goodness guys the rubber banding,the rubber banding in this is hilarious,if you crash a lot at the beginning of,the race the,the entire pack slow right down until,you catch them up,and if you arent anywhere near winning,on the last mile theyll all just have,engine failure kind of and slow right,down,to make sure you win i mean you might,not win them all but youll win most of,them i mean i was pretty much coming,first in every race,simply because the cars were slowing,down at the beginning of the race you,can hardly even catch them,because theyre so fast but they kind of,work out that youre [ __ ],well i am and so this all right well,slow down lets make it smack,hell be crashing into every [ __ ],barricade thats max slow down loud slow,down let him win,let him win or hell cry and ring his,stupid childish bell,anyway thats nate for speed hot pursuit,remastered,25 naughts is it worth a buy i dont,think it is,i really dont think this is worth,buying,at uh 25 pound because i didnt think,there was a lot wrong with the other one,and you know what theyve shut the,service down on the other one so if you,want if you like that one and you wanted,to keep playing it,you got to buy this one now 25 pound im,sorry,thats half a triple a game for a game,that came out in,2010 i dont think so,[Music],[Music],[Music],you

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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered Review – Beautiful & Rewarding

[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],the original need for speed hot pursuit,released way back in 2010 but the games,it was based on,came out on an even older generation of,consoles,need for speed titles have experimented,with racers and police since 1998s need,for speed 3,hot pursuit and 2002s need for speed,hopper suit 2.,need for speed hopper suit drew,inspiration from these games to,modernize the cops vs racers concept for,ps3,xbox 360 wii and pc,need for speed hot pursuit remastered,modernizes that game as much as it,modernized the concepts brought to life,and even older need for speed titles,while hopper suit remastered may not be,ideal for new racers,its a love letter to the classic need,for speed titles that many fans have,been clamoring for,this true to life recreation of need for,speed hot pursuit was developed by the,same team that made it happen to begin,with,criterion games and it shows in the fill,and presentation of the game,nothing is lost in translation from the,last generation of consoles,and the game gets the appropriate visual,improvements that youd expect from a,remaster,need for speed hot pursuit remastered,includes all of the main dlc,delivering around 6 hours of gameplay,and over 30 more,challenges everything that earned need,for speed hot pursuit the best racing,game award from the game critics awards,in 2010,and the british academy video games,award for multiplayer in 2011,is here in the remastered making it an,essential need for speed title,for fans of the original need for speed,hot pursuit remastered focuses,on two campaigns one tied to racers,and one tied to cops personally i prefer,evading the police as a racer because it,seems to offer the most white knuckle,racing and lengthiest challenges,the progression tied to these campaigns,is rewarding in the sense that i always,feel like im working towards the next,car,with finishing in the top three of most,events rewarding a vehicle,progression for racers is separate from,the cop campaign,meaning youll be unlocking all sorts of,race cars as well as a plethora of cop,cars,i like how much more like burnout,playing as a cop feels,but racers can simulate that experience,by ramming other cars,or police who threaten to shut down,their race,crashes spark brief cutscenes that range,from tame,to ridiculous portraying the result of,your miscalculation,or precision in a cinematic effect that,doesnt necessarily reflect real physics,there are a number of game modes,throughout the combined career of racers,and cops on need for speed hot pursuit,remastered,some of these game modes include speed,wall hot pursuit,race and duel these game modes change up,gameplay appropriately,with dual focusing on a 1v1 between you,and another racer and race including a,large variety of racers while featuring,that classic need for speed feel,the most important game mode between,both the cop and racer campaign is the,titular,hot pursuit mode where racers dodge,other racers,traffic and the police alike in hot,pursuit,you must win a race but you must also,evade being arrested by the local,authority which has an,arsenal of weapons such as the emp spike,strip,and the ominous chopper which looms,above menacingly as you try to complete,a race,you arent left to fend for yourself,with just an extremely fast vehicle,however,as need for speed hopper suit offers,racers a similar arsenal of weapons,to defend themselves from police and,take out enemy racers with,using the emp requires racers to line up,a box with a smaller box,to target their enemies while youll,want to get ahead of your target before,dropping a spike strip,cars in need for speed hopper suit,remastered dont handle as well,as they do in more modern need for speed,games with many vehicles,actually plain exactly like each other,while this was pretty common two,generations ago when the original hot,pursuit concept was brought to life,racing titles have diverged from this,recently and some people,are happy about that while others arent,if you prefer the classic arcadey,experience theres no question that need,for speed hopper suit remastered is for,you,but recent need for speed fans might,find racing in this remaster,just a little clunky another issue i,came across,is something familiar to mario kart fans,or fans of other racing games on,previous generations of consoles,noticeable rubber banding there are,times that ive noticed this rubber,banding work in my favor,and others where it completely ruined me,so its more of an observation than a,complaint,weather effects have also received a,noticeable graphical improvement,though their effect on the road seems,minimal in comparison to more modern,need for speed games such as heat,need for speed hot pursuit remastered is,a true recreation of the original game,from criterion games,and ea on last gen consoles for the,current gen hardware,the great visual improvements,appropriately age the title,while extremely little is done to change,the original gameplay experience,this makes need for speed hopper suit,remastered a must,buy not only for fans of the original,need for speed hopper suit,but also for any need for speed fans who,are itching for the classic experience,new need for speed fans that join the,franchise with heat will notice some,aged mechanics and systems as the,franchise has changed pretty,significantly since,2010. one of the most noticeable of the,aged features,is the online functionality which shows,how far,need for speed has come since 2010,simply through the ui,and design of it despite the aged feel,need for speed hot pursuit remastered,offers cross-platform multiplayer,powered by autolog,while this may be hit or miss for new,fans its admirable that criterion games,and ea wanted to keep the original,gameplay experience,that created the cult following within,the need for speed community,this is now the best way to play need,for speed hot pursuit,as its updated for the ps4 and xbox one,without losing anything that made the,original game great,you

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered for PC Video Review

seacrest county has become the ultimate,place to speed,a playground for the most exotic cars,and drivers in the world,but this is not a lawless place constant,competition has led to the creation of,the worlds fastest police force,seacrest county speed enforcement the,scpd spare no expense to redline it all,the way,do you know what its like to drive,expensive sports cars at blistering,speeds with police on your tail as you,swerve around traffic vehicles,or to be on the side of law and order,and to stop the speeders by any means,necessary,do you know what its like to experience,the thrill of the chase do you have any,idea,i dont but its fun in the need for,speed games and after my childhood,experience with need for speed 3,im always eager to check out any games,in the series with cops,developed by criterion games and,published by electronic arts,need for speed hot pursuit was released,for pc xbox 360 playstation 3 and wii,in november 2010 a remastered version,titled need for speed hot pursuit,remastered,was released for pc xbox one playstation,4 and switch,in november 2020. for this review i,played the remastered version on pc,and one of the biggest additions to,remastered is cross-platform multiplayer,i would like to mention that i did not,play much of the original,so this is more of a review of the game,as a whole than it is the remastered,version specifically,now lets take a look at need for speed,hot pursuit remastered and see what its,all about,i would describe hot pursuit as an,action racing game coming from the,developers of the burnout series anyone,familiar with that series will notice,some similarities in mechanics and style,while crashes are cool in hot pursuit,its not the games selling point,that would be the police chases you can,invade the police or pursue racers,you can improve your racing reputation,and move up the cop ranks,by playing through the career mode or,burning rubber online,[Applause],[Music],officers have the suspect in custody,this thing is over,the steam page describes the game as and,i quote,a heart-pumping socially competitive,racing experience,what does that mean you ask well the,original hot pursuit introduced a social,interaction system,called auto log which has been carried,over into the remastered version,it tracks your progress and lets you,compare high scores with other players,hot pursuit features a career mode and,online multiplayer,unfortunately theres no other single,player game modes for example you cannot,set up a custom race or event in any way,you have to either participate in a,career event or jump into the online,mode,and hope its still active which it is,as of this review regardless the career,mode does offer a healthy dose of,content and should keep you occupied for,a while,[Music],no matter what mode you decide to play,your performance during an event counts,towards progression,hot pursuit is set in the fictional,seacrest county when you enter the,career mode youre brought to a map,screen where you can pick a location,and each one features multiple events,most of which need to be unlocked,additional locations events and vehicles,are unlocked by progressing through the,career and accumulating bounty,as a racer your reputation is measured,in wanted levels and as a cop you,progress through ranks,depending on which side youre on,accumulating bounty can be done in,different ways,as a racer youll want to drive,dangerously and evade the police,as a cop youll want to drive fast but,carefully and bust racers by bringing,them to a stop or wrecking their,vehicles,you can accelerate break and drift using,slip streams increases your speed and,driving dangerously will build up nitro,and you can activate nitro at any time,to gain a boost of speed,each vehicle does have health and once,its completely drained your vehicle is,wrecked and youre done,like in the burnout games you can take,down other vehicles but its not as easy,nor is it ever the focus especially as a,racer,if anything you want to avoid danger,[Music],you dont start with many vehicles on,either side but you will unlock sexier,and faster vehicles as you progress and,from what i understand some vehicles,that were in the original,did not make the cut in remastered,racing vehicles are split up into,different series and you can change,their paint color and finish,cop vehicles are split up into different,units each vehicle has different stats,and the game provides some information,on each one,youll get to drive vehicles from,several manufacturers including aston,martin,dodge ford lamborghini maserati and,porsche among others,first produced by the ford motor company,in the 1950s and affectionately known as,the crown vic,this car has become the iconic police,and taxi car,its body-on-frame construction makes it,very rugged and easy to repair after,minor accidents,the racing is fast and fun in hot,pursuit and the weapons or equipment,make things even more enjoyable,each faction can use up to four weapons,during certain events,and each one can be upgraded youre,given a limited amount of each,and many events dont grant you access,to all four as a racer you can lay down,spike strips activate emps jam police,equipment,and activate a turbo boost cops can also,lay down spike strips and activate emps,but also call for roadblocks and,helicopter support,because youre only given a limited,amount of weapons and sometimes only,certain ones,you should learn to use them,strategically you might want to save,your jammer for blocking emps and,disabling spike strips,if you use up all your weapons at the,beginning of an event you may have,nothing to give you an edge or defend,yourself later on,the career features different event,types for each faction youll earn,medals based on your finishing position,time and amount of bus depending on the,event the better the metal the more,bounty youll earn,as a racer you can participate in,typical races time trials hot pursuits,gauntlets,and preview events which let you drive,some of the more exotic vehicles early,its the hot pursuit and gauntlet events,that are the highlights and my favorite,event types as a racer,in hot pursuit the objective is to,finish in first without getting busted,so cops are often all over the road in,gauntlet the objective is to make it to,the finish in record time without,getting busted,youre the only racer so all cops will,be up your ass for the duration of the,event,as a cop you can participate in hot,pursuits rapid response and interceptor,events,hot pursuit is similar to its racing,equivalent except youre the cop,and the objective is to bust all the,racers before they escape,rapid response is my least favorite you,need to get to the finish as fast as,possible,but if you crash into anything penalties,in the form of additional time are added,to your event timer,then theres the interceptor events,where the objective is to bust a single,speeder as fast as possible,the speeder will try to escape and the,tracks in these events are more open,in a sense the speeder doesnt have to,follow a specific route and can drive,anywhere they want,[Applause],the difficulty in the career mode does,ramp up as you progress,races will get longer faster cop,vehicles will be thrown in and rubber,banding is consistent throughout the,entire game,the difficulty does spike towards the,end specifically race events,and it can get frustrating some of the,later races will require perfect or near,perfect runs,one crash can ruin your chance at,finishing in first unless you take every,shortcut activate nitro at the exact,right times and turn every corner,perfectly,the opponent ai will always be up your,ass its easier to win in the beginning,but the later events will put your,driving skills to the test,ai opponents will take shortcuts and,cops will try to run you and other,racers off the road,you can take down ai opponents but they,will respawn and you can wreck cop,vehicles,during interceptor events the speeders,will often turn around or activate a,j

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered: PS5 vs Xbox Series X Head-To-Head!

this video is brought to you by the,logitech lightspeed wireless range of,keyboards mice and headsets,the benchmark in wireless gaming,performance,need for speed hot pursuit remastered,released late last year on playstation 4,xbox one the switch and i guess even the,pc,but due to the arrival of the next,generation consoles,we didnt get a chance to cover it at,the time,but just recently it received a new,update enabling new graphics modes,specifically designed to,leverage the power of the new machine so,we thought why not take a look at it now,and theres no better person to discuss,this game with,than the man who covered it back in the,day when it first released on the,playstation 3,and 360. richard ledbetter john this is,awesome isnt it i mean,need for speed hot pursuit i mean we,were talking before this about peak,criterion and so many amazing games,during this particular period,some people think that this is peak,criterion their best ever game,some people think its burnout paradise,some burn out two or burn out three i,think it just goes to show,just what kind of phenomenal levels of,output this uk developer was producing,at the time and,its just so awesome to come back to,this one because i think this was,possibly their last truly great game,yeah i tend to agree and i feel like,this was released at the perfect time,when the need for speed series was,starting to,falter a little bit and to bring,criterion in to do this,it sort of embodies everything that made,the classic need for speed games great,just these wide open beautiful tracks,lots of great cars to play with,and some really fun action uh and you,know what,seeing this again in the remastered,version im really amazed at how well,it holds up because this is still a,beautiful game despite the fact that,it hasnt actually changed that much,visually,which well discuss in a moment but,first lets,lets get the lets get the full picture,here on what all the different consoles,are doing,uh were mainly going to be focusing on,the ps5 and series x for this one but,uh lets lay it out so this game,obviously supports the base ps4 and,xbox one and it does 1080p 30.,the switch version also does 1080p 30,when docked and 720p 30 in portable mode,uh ps4 pro and xbox one x when they,launched had two modes you could do,a 4k 30 mode which was beautiful with,excellent anti-aliasing into super super,pristine image quality,and then a 1080p 60 mode,um but now thanks to this new update,theyve unlocked something called the,maximum mode,which essentially bumps it up to 4k,60 uh but this isnt really,a case of back compat plus i think as,this mode,actually applies to uh the last gen,enhanced consoles as well,right yeah i mean i think this is,actually a really good plan,because essentially what it does is,effectively the same as back and pat,plus in that,um you have the unlocked frame rate,which taps out,at 60 frames per second which is pretty,awesome,but i suspect that just adding it to the,existing code base means they dont need,to migrate across to the latest,uh cross-generation sdks they can stay,on the old one and you get effectively,the same,uh end result 60 frames per second its,actually quite interesting here because,uh looking over your stats here so many,of the versions are running at 30 frames,per second just like the original game,which was actually a really contentious,thing back in the day because it was,pretty much,criterions first racing game running at,30 frames per second,thats right thats right it was so they,had to drop that down,uh to pull off the visuals they were,aiming for on playstation 3 and 360.,yeah but,but at the same time they were doing,some amazing things you know they were,running everything off a single thread,using parallelism,to access you know all of the um,capabilities of the host platforms but,running on a single thread,for lowest possible latency at 30 frames,per second so at the time we were,measuring,input lag on ps3 and 360 on this game,at levels that are on par with some 60,fps games i think it was like 83,milliseconds,end to end which was pretty amazing yeah,thats really great for,a 30 fps game and you could really feel,it so it actually worked pretty well and,when you added the motion blur you know,it looked,it looked really really good for the,platform i would say,but 60 i was obviously where you want to,be exactly all of those latency benefits,would roll forward,to this as well precisely so yeah it,just feels really crisp,feels really really good and as you say,its been a pleasure to come back to and,i just think the,overall design as you say holds up over,time,yeah and i think that you know thats,kind of where we get into,uh like the remastering efforts here so,i kind of looked,looked at this comparing it to the,original i mean the main difference is,they,updated things like the ui they did some,ai upscaling on all the videos the,pre-rendered stuff,uh they improved various effects the,reflections on the cars are much higher,resolution,some of the textures were touched up uh,but you know things like that it it does,look,good over overall but its not that,different the key is that,you know what they did during that,period,still holds up today even with the,minimal touch ups its really really a,good looking game,and what i especially love and this is,why i like,track based games so much is that it has,the sense of,of scale where the tracks just sort of,like stretch,way out into the distance and you come,over these hills and you see these,massive swooping,uh s-bends in the track and other things,like that and its just,its just awesome to race on and it,feels great to drift around those,corners,yeah yeah i agree i mean its its its,kind of interesting to compare it to,burnout paradise because its,its so different but theres so many,things that are very very similar you,know once you get into the,into the kind of road rage style events,you know with the hot pursuits feels,very much like burnout but the visual,signature of the game,very very different you got these,amazing vistas its just phenomenal,yeah absolutely and so obviously then,the big thing here as we said is the,60fps update on,the new consoles which makes all of this,feel better than it did before,or i guess more specifically now it,feels like the pc version,uh which which is not a bad thing i mean,thats you know the pc version still,holds up as well,including the remastered version and uh,the only downside here though is that,because of the way that this seems to,not utilize back compat,plus it means that xbox series s owners,are,left out in the cold as the game only,runs in,the one mode or one s mode yeah and,thats actually a real shame because you,know when you look at the gpu,multipliers,s to s is bigger than x to x,and i just feel that 1080p60 could,easily have been achieved on this,yeah and whats interesting is that you,can see the cap sort of engage,on the s where when you pause the game,and then unpause it itll run at 60fps,for just a,brief little moment and then the cap,sort of kicks back in and it,clamps down to 30. so that is very very,strange,exactly so that thats one example where,moving this to the so called back compat,plus the latest sdk and all that,probably would have,allowed the series s to deliver,something else,but uh at least if youre on the series,x,or ps5 you really get these benefits so,i think we should talk about the,performance because,its not as straightforward as i,expected because theres one,very peculiar thing with the xbox,version,that we both noticed yeah,so actually lets just lets just start,so ps5,basically theres no story here in terms,of the the overall performance it is,just 60 frames per second flat,um and in fact actually i should say,before we continue,i also did briefly test the old 4k 30,and 1080p 60 mode and those are as you,would expect,completely flawless on the new consoles,because they were already pretty much,flawless on the last gen consoles as,well so this is,all about t

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered – 12 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy

[Music],ea has handed the need for speed,franchises reigns back to criterion,games,which most people are very optimistic,about even though producer ghost games,made their best need for speed yet last,year with need for speed heat,the series just isnt at the level it,once used to be and the hope,is when criterions next game rolls,around it will begin,its journey to recovery and before that,happens ea,is going to give us the chance to,re-experience what is probably,criterions best need for speed and,definitely one of the best games in the,series to date,need for speed hot pursuit remastered is,out soon,bringing with it the promises of classic,high-speed thrills,and in this feature were going to talk,about everything you should know about,it,without further ado lets begin,developer,ea generally hasnt been a company that,invests in remasters too much,which is surprising but this still isnt,their first remaster in the last couple,of years,2018 saw the launch of burnout paradise,remastered and incidentally,hot pursuit remastered shares some,things with it not only were both,original games developed by criterion,games of course,but the remasters for both were also,developed by the same team,stellar entertainment lets hope the,combo works out the second time,as well as it did the first,all dlc included back in 2010,need for speed hot pursuit enjoyed solid,post launch support,with criterion games releasing several,dlc packs for it that collectively,brought new cars,achievements events modes and more,unsurprisingly need for speed hot,pursuit remastered,which is looking to be a definitive,release of the game is going to compile,all that dlc,alongside the base game six hours of new,content,on top of the dlc and the base game,theres still going to be plenty else to,enjoy in the upcoming remaster in the,form of completely new content,ea has announced that need for speed hop,receipt remastered will also have an,extra 6 hours of new gameplay content,which will also include,over 30 new challenges of course one has,to wonder how well the new contents,quality will match up to the original,game,but hey its more content so youre not,going to find us complaining about it,just yet,multiplayer the auto log was one of the,original hot pursuits best features,especially in terms of how it integrated,multiplayer into the experience with its,asynchronous structure,and the head-to-head competition that it,facilitated,log will of course be making a return in,hot pursuit remastered,but it will receive one crucial,improvement multiplayer in the remaster,will now support cross-platform play,allowing pc playstation xbox and switch,owners,to all play with and against each other,visual enhancements of course the first,thing you wonder about any remaster is,just how,itll be improving upon the visuals of,whatever game its modernizing,hot pursuit was already an excellent,looking game in 2010 and still is,but stellar entertainment are still,touching some things up,expect high-res models more objects and,props improved videos,longer draw distances and high res,shadows on all platforms,on everything but the switch you can,also expect unpressed ui assets improved,aaa,ssao more particles higher res,reflections and improved textures,new achievements of course there will be,new achievements and trophies to hunt,down as well,ea hasnt exactly said how many of these,there will be or if theyre going to,replace,older ones or just pile on top of them,the remaster does however come with six,new hours of gameplay as weve already,mentioned,so its more than likely that thats,what the new achievements will be based,on,photo mode and cosmetics improvements,are being made in other areas as well,for starters eas promised quality of,life improvements though details on,those havent been forthcoming,new car colors and wraps have also been,promised to add to the games range of,cosmetic customizations,while ea also promises reduced hard,stops,meanwhile the photo mode is also going,to be updated though once again there,have been no details on what these,updates will be,and will come with a new gallery frame,rate and resolution,and now we arrive at the question,everyone invariably ends up,asking about any new remaster before,launch how are the numbers looking for,its resolution and performance targets,pc players will essentially take it as,far as their hardware can allow them to,but what about the consoles on ps4 and,xbox one both,need for speed hot pursuit remastered,will run at 1080p,and 30 frames per second,ps4 pro and xbox one x,on both ps4 pro and xbox one x the,remaster will to no one surprise release,with higher frame rate and resolution,targets,on both enhanced consoles youll be able,to choose between modes that prioritize,one over the other,one mode will allow you to run the game,in 4k at 30fps,while the other will target a resolution,of 1080 at 60fps,higher frame rate is always desirable in,a game such as this one,or any game for that matter but its,great to have the 4k option as well,nintendo switch frame rate and,resolution need for speed hot pursuit,remastered is going to be available on,the nintendo switch as well as ea tries,to support the system better than it has,done in the past,so what frame rates and resolutions is,the game targeting on this weaker,hardware,well there will be sacrifices as youd,expect in docked mode the game will run,at 1080p,30fps while in undocked mode it will run,at 720p 30fps,if you want 60fps gameplay dont go with,the nintendo switch,or the base ps4 and xbox one,nintendo switch launch resolution and,frame rate arent the only areas where,need for speed hot pursuit remastered is,making some sacrifices on the switch,the game wont be launching on,nintendos hybrid system alongside the,other versions either,instead the release will be delayed by a,week hot pursuit remastered launches for,ps4 xbox one and pc,on november 6th and for nintendo switch,on november 13th,price remasters or even remakes dont,usually launch at full price,unless nintendo is releasing them and,hot pursuit remastered isnt going to,either,when the game releases this november it,will be available for the price of forty,dollars considering how good the game is,and the fact that it will even have,additional new content in the remaster,that sounds like a good price for it,and that wraps it up if you like what we,are doing please consider subscribing to,our channel,and dont forget to switch on the bell,notification icon,that way you will never miss out on any,of our videos,you

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