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  2. Neiwai | Review of Different Bras Styles
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NEIWAI (one size fits all?) | raw/honest review, try-on haul, quick & straight to the point

hello,do you see something different okay,so i just got my packages from maywine,like i saw michelle choi have it and,then i was like okay like its cute i,need new bras but then i started getting,like,not not advertisements but like i saw,more people getting it and i was like hi,let me fall into the trap of marketing,and then i caved in and like the,packages came in today,and it comes like really cute it comes,in like these like little present little,looking thingies asian influencers that,i saw on have this looked really good on,them so i was like maybe i should give,it a try get something new,so i got this one its in the pistachio,color its the barely zero its the one,that everyone talks about and honestly i,was like one size fits all like i dont,know i was a little skeptical,but girl wanna say its one size fits,all like,i dont know my exact bra size to be,honest because i havent gotten it,measured in like since high school but,like,if its so comfy like i i dont feel,anything on me oh by the way this is not,sponsored i dont think im like big,enough to even be sponsored by new y,but,like,i can literally just wear this out,its like a bralette so its really nice,i got four,kind of one ham and,whats really nice about their um,website is that,you can do like bundles so you can buy,three or like two and its like slightly,cheaper and i know a lot of these,influencers do have their discount codes,so when you use that,for all together was 121. which is like,not bad at all because if you know like,one bra is like a hundred dollars in,other places so,let me try these other colors for you,okay,girl oh my god okay i really like this,one i really like this color hold up it,goes really well with my skin tone,really really cute,wow,i wish it was a little more tan though,like this one better than the pistachio,one this is also the barely zero am i,even saying it right yeah this is the,barely zero but is everything barely,zero oh no and i love that its like the,same color like do you know what i mean,its like,im a sucker for packaging and they just,went spot on with it its so cute cant,see like the outline as much on the,pistachio one you can see that outline a,lot more and i like how its seamless,let me put a shirt over it to see hold,up were just gonna were just gonna go,with like a simple tank or not to take a,simple t so i have my thrifted tommy no,tommy is this tommy polo polo jeans over,here,oh my god,[Music],okay im feeling it im im feeling it,like i have my strapless bra from,victorias secret but,that [ __ ] is so uncomfortable so i have,this one from skims im pretty sure for,those who shop at skims and have this,one you guys wont know like it kind of,makes the boobs like kind of diverge so,i dont like it a lot um it makes my,boobs look weird but this one i like how,its like staying in,place and its super [ __ ] comfortable,i see why so many people are liking this,right now i see a lot i see the hype,around it,oh,okay this ones okay its not nude it is,oh wait,this one,this one oh [ __ ] i believe this one was,cinnamon taste this one was cinnamon,taste the one i was like raving about,previously and then this one is chichi,almond again with the packaging like,they nailed it like its the same,[ __ ] color,oh wait everythings called barely zero,as you can see the straps are a little,different,this ones adjustable so you can make it,as tight or loose as you want and the,feeling of them are all different i mean,not all different theyre all the same,because obviously like same material,but okay lets lets try lets try a,button down with this one classic white,button down,oh shes a vibe,oh my god shes shes shes expensive,you see this look i would literally wear,this out today if i was going anywhere,but,im not so,damn this is like a cute ass beach look,too,let me just obsess over this look and,ill be right,back yall already know i had to get,like a basic black one because who,doesnt have a basic black bra in their,closet right am i right i love that it,says barely zero here on the other ones,i dont think i saw it,oh there is its just really faint,doesnt just wear like this,oh you know what i would do i would wear,this to work out or does a sports bra,this is a multi-use bra guys this is a,multi-use bra like [ __ ] its versatile,as [ __ ] oh thats a vibe,i know it doesnt look like a vibe on,camera because,obviously the shorts but,this looks like a bandeau i would wear,it like this oh my god im like im just,so comfortable right now i can sleep,ive been um wanting,bras for a long time but i just like,didnt trust brands,because some brands they like promote it,to be really comfortable but in reality,its so uncomfortable okay i changed,back into my favorite one and im just,gonna stain this the whole day because,why not i was um thinking of giving one,to my mom i kind of want all four of,them for myself so maybe ill just get,her her own because im selfish like,that are you smiling so hard,because of this girl i rewatched the,scene like five times,[Music],[Music],oh,[Music],you

Neiwai | Review of Different Bras Styles

hey guys welcome back to my channel,um,thank you for being super patient,with the mess thats going on in the,background,hopefully everything will be back to,normal soon,i displayed a little bit of happiness,right there so that,you guys can,you know compensate im just trying to,compensate for the chaos thats,behind me its all an illusion,anyways lets get,to this video so if you guys have been,following me for a while you guys know,that i have,raved about the new way,um,broth,and,im here because i kind of want to do a,comparison between different styles that,ive picked up and tried,so i kind of wanted to go through each,style,and that way you guys can make,your own decision as to which one would,work best for you,because there are quite a few different,styles in the barely uh zero line and i,have tried a couple and i think i have,worn them long enough to be able to do,this video,so i purchased the barely my first pair,of barely zero bras were,the little scoop neck,and this color is fluffy peach it is an,off white with a touch of uh gray on,like a grayish very light grayish,undertone,um it has these thicker straps i did,purchase this while i was pregnant um,because these bras adjust to you so when,youre pregnant if youre producing milk,your boobs will grow,and i didnt fit in my regular broths,and i didnt want to buy new bras,because i knew that once i had the baby,i wasnt going to be able to wear those,bras anymore so this adjusts to your,shape so you can continue to wear them,um even after,you your boobs like go back to normal,after you know having a kid,and they dont stretch so they keep its,shape and you can just continue to wear,them all year long,and theyre i i love like how soft they,are,these are,they say to wash them by hand but im,gonna be completely honest with you i,dont got that kind of time i didnt,have that kind of time before i had a,kid,i sure as heck dont have time now to,wash anything by hand so i do put these,in,like a little lingerie bag,or like a delicate bag you guys know,what im talking about it has like a,zipper ill put these in there and i,will wash them on a delicate cycle and,then i will i will either hang them to,dry in my laundry room or i will dry,them on delicate,they,are amazing they are durable,they are super comfortable it feels like,youre not wearing anything,it gives you a really nice shape because,of the cups this particular bra you can,remove the cup,and when you wash it the cup doesnt,fall out,um,so i wash it with the cup and everything,love these i lay them um i dont when i,fold these i dont fold them like i just,lay them flat in my drawer because i,want to preserve the shape of the cup,uh but these are just so comfortable and,because of this bra i will never,wear a regular bra again okay im not,im not going back to regular bras,this this is it for me this is it for me,so it doesnt matter if you have,perfectly perky boobs,or you have,you know ones that have been touched by,gravity,this gives you the perfect,shape its just,super comfortable theres no bra gap,which i hate,bra gap i hate bra cap,hey,its just i and no matter which bra,i wore,i always had,broadcast its not fun and its very,annoying you dont you dont get that,with this its just smooth all the way,around,so,i love this one out of all the styles,were gonna talk about today this is my,favorite one and i have it in every,color i actually bought a second,um,one a second one of these in fluffy,peach because i,i this is the color i wear the most,lets talk about packaging,these,come in this beautiful,little box that has they have these,strips,according to color,so this is the fluffy peach one each one,of these retails for 35 dollars,i buy them in a bundle i suggest you buy,them in a bundle because you get them at,this kind of price i think its like 26,bucks per bra thats less than you would,pay for any victoria secret bra im just,going to put that out there and on my,opinion its better quality,this one is the black one and its,called black truffle,and you can even keep them in these,corresponding boxes theyre so well made,or you can just recycle this whole thing,honestly if i had the space in my closet,i would store them in these little boxes,i really really would,so this is a black one,it is a true,black,i mean is that not,gorgeous,so for reference i wear a 34b,but when i was pregnant,i went up to a c,full,full c,probably,borderline like see i mean i didnt,think my boobs could grow that much but,it happened i was producing milk enough,for like a small village of children,and,now,theyve been touched by gravity,and this,particular bra still,no bra gap it gives me a beautiful shape,super soft,yet i feel,that its comfortable but,i think this is sexy dont you think,this is,very like luxurious and attractive i,dont know,maybe its just me,my husband likes him so,just saying,the next color i picked up this is um,treasley almond,i think thats how you pronounce that,and again it is a beautiful,like nude color,really really pretty they have a very,nice selection of nudes,the next style i want to talk about is,the barely zero,this is the wavy its gonna be a um,a v-neck style,and its called the curve bra and it,comes in a different box so this is the,box that comes in not a fan really i,mean look how cute lets compare,look how cute,and like pretty,this is i dont know,im not a fan of this one i feel like,you know,this one retails 35 dollars,and,this,is what it looks like,so you see how you have that v-dip you,still have the thicker straps like the,scoop neck,and this color is called,cinnamon taste,now,if youre somebody,who has,a bigger chest like youre in the d,range,um or like full full c,i feel like you would like this one,better than the scope neck,because this does provide more coverage,youve got like,you can see the spacing between the cup,and,and the edge of this is thicker,so this is definitely going to provide,you with way more coverage than,the scoop neck,but because i have a smaller chest,i like the scoop neck better because i,dont need all that coverage and support,um this one i feel,like youre getting a little bit more,coverage and a little bit more support,so for those of you with a bigger chest,i think that you are going to like this,style,better,again the back of this bra is,the same shape,as the front,um i think it may be,no its just im sorry,i misspoke its a scoop in the back,and then its,a v-neck,in the front,the scoop neck though,i think its the same exact shape,yeah its just you know kind of like,that,v scoop in the back and scoop in the,front this does go a little bit low,so,you can barely see it if you wear like a,low v-neck,its probably going to peek through a,little bit but they are pretty low,then the third and final style i want to,talk about is their spaghetti strap so i,kept the box because i wanted to show,you guys how this is delivered to you,it comes in this really cool,rectangular uh box again everything is,recyclable,which i appreciate,and then on the inside,you uh get all the colors,that you chose,all the boxes theyre all packaged,individually oh one thing i forgot to,tell you,with the,curve bra,this ones packaged a little different,this one comes with,one of these bubbles in between each of,the cups to maintain the shape because,the cup is a little bit bigger so it,makes sense that it brings like this,little puff to just keep it,together which you can continue to reuse,if youre gonna like store them in here,or store them in your,drawer,like,half folded so let me show you,you grab this,and because its you know flat on the,back you just,you lay it this way and then you fold it,like a sandwich,and then its in there and you can just,put this away in your drawer i dont,store them like that i just store them,flat but you know some of us have more,space than others so,i can understand that moving on to the,spaghetti strap this one retails for 39,again i got this in a three pack,and this has the same packaging as the,original like scoop neck one

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Im So Comfortable | May Vlog

[Music],wasted,out of my mind we said,goodbye,[Music],i went outside,[Music],so,[Music],so i need to figure out what i want to,wear today but before i get into an,outfit i wanted to talk about some,undergarments that ive been living in i,mean throughout my pregnancy my body has,definitely been changing and growing,and i to get all new bras and this is,the bra,that i have been wearing all the time so,hold on,let me let me show you this bra is so,freaking comfortable this is by the,brand nei and this is where i want to,segue into our sponsor,thank you new y for sponsoring this,video,so neiwai is a lifestyle brand that,values and prioritizes,womens comfort and it definitely shows,in their products like everything that i,own from them,is made to live in so the bra that im,wearing right now is the new,barely zero classic bra and when i tell,you that this is the most,comfortable bra of all time i am not,kidding you like i can never go,back to a traditional bra at this point,because look look how it just,fits so seamlessly so perfect i feel,supported i feel comfortable so this bra,only comes in one size but dont be,alarmed this isnt like those free sizes,that you see online,where it just like literally fits one,person like this size,actually accommodates to a lot of body,sizes so it fits up to a band size of 40,inches and a cup,size from a all the way to a double d so,thats a lot of range i love this bra so,much that i actually have it in three,colors,i have one in nude i have one in blush,and i have one in black,i also have the matching undies as well,which are so,freaking comfortable the reason why,theyre able to conform to so many types,of body types and sizes,is because its made from this fabric,blend called the cloudfit it just,conforms and it grows with you and im,so,happy that i have these in my life,because every day,my body is changing and i love that i,dont have to worry about just,continuously getting a new bra or,getting new undies like i love that this,is going to grow with me,throughout my whole pregnancy journey,and also postpartum as well,so i just quickly popped on the barely,zero spaghetti strap bra,i love this one too its like the same,fabric and support and fit,but the straps are skinnier i know,buying a bra online can feel kind of,iffy because you just dont know if its,gonna fit you or not,but you dont really need to worry about,that with the barely zero line because,its made with such,an adaptable fit but yeah if youd like,to join me and wear a super comfy bra,you can use my code jen and get 20 off,your first,order i will leave a link in that,description box so pop that open,[Music],[Applause],[Music],the,[Music],all right so this is the finished makeup,look went for something really natural,easy effortless and most importantly,very fast this probably took around,seven minutes to do,and i like it i also wanted to show you,guys my little makeup setup,during my move i got rid of a ton of,makeup like,it was obscene how much makeup i was,hoarding,in my old house so i did a whole revamp,i did an,inventory got rid of everything that i,didnt really use and now,im obsessed with my makeup vanity,because it only has the necessities,so all my makeup pretty much just goes,in here so heres a quick little,overview on how i organize my vanity,over here weve got my tools and my lip,balm situation,got my concealers and brow stuff over,here,mascaras and eyeliner ive got some,eyeshadow palettes here,this corner is all face stuff got,sunscreen foundations,and then over here ive got some,compacts like my powders and powder,foundation,so this is what the right side looks,like,on the left weve got some eye stuff my,lashes,my favorite lip products in this side,weve got some of my favorite blushes,more face like highlighter and bronzers,and then more lip stuff,and then over here weve got my favorite,go-to eyeshadow palettes that i want to,play around with,then i just keep my little mirror here,this mirror is unfortunately too,far to do my makeup so i really like,this little handy guy,so i can really get in the nitty-gritty,of my face,oh also obsessed with my makeup brush,holders i got these on amazon,before i just use any old cup to hold my,makeup brushes but i thought we would do,something a little bit more chic,so i found these cute little containers,the brushes on this side are obviously a,little bit more messy because these are,the ones that i use,every day i also put my beauty blender,in the little container over here so it,can dry out,if im gonna be honest i rarely use the,makeup thats in these acrylic cases,its really just for aesthetics you know,but i do use a lot of my pat mcgrath,eyeshadow palettes here,so thats a little overview of my vanity,situation honestly,i i mean i know its still a lot of,makeup but it is significantly less,than before ben is downstairs cooking up,another feast in the kitchen we actually,filmed like a pregnancy cravings video,on his channel,a couple of days ago and unfortunately,halfway through the mic cut out luckily,he was able to salvage all the cooking,footage,however the clips where we were actually,eating the food,unfortunately that had no sound,so today we are re-filming the eating,part,which im not complaining about you know,i it was a really good meal,i feel like my hair looks a little bit,more revived yeah,my hair looks quite similar from the day,we filmed,all right now im just going to pop the,dress back on,was that a good tick tock transition,honestly im shocked that this dress,still fits me,in fact i think this is like a really,awesome maternity,dress style because like from the front,it doesnt look like im pregnant,right but then obviously on the side,thats when you can see like,the bump but this style is extremely,flattering,welcome to round two of cooking with you,i dont know if jens mentioned uh you,told them yeah but its not what happens,in life this is how you react and,yeah most of the video had no audio so,we had to reshoot some of it,so everything you see is a lie oh my,gosh but it literally looks,even better this time around especially,these pancakes,quesadillas weve still got some kimchi,we dont have any poblano pepper left so,well have to just pretend,im gonna im gonna reveal it as well,guys you know we when things go wrong,you want to uh let people know as,opposed to hide it so,were gonna let them know,this is a little sneak peek of what,were eating were having almond flour,pancakes with chocolate chips and,bananas,this is the kimchi quesadillas and then,weve got the four cheese mac and cheese,which is,ready right now thats good timing yeah,it was really good right,so this is where we need to purposefully,so well put this here i think,okay oh my gosh it looks like the mac,and cheese is completely full,you would have never known,so obviously we could not finish these,the rest of these pancakes so,im going to put them in a lovely tubby,and look at,this gorgeous glass tupperware i got,with a bamboo lid,it matches the kitchen perfectly it,matches the house,it matches the house perfectly oh i got,a set of four,and they just look so beautifully,stacked,in the fridge i do wish i got a couple,different sizes because i only got a,bunch of these,sizes but its great and then i can see,whats inside too,so right now were about to enter the,curl up club discussion which is my book,club,and ben is going to be joining us for,the second second time,first time was for four agreements which,i loved and this time is for a new earth,which was,my favorite book of all time it,absolutely changed my life changed the,way i look at,life um and im very excited this is,great i love the fact that youve even,got,a curl up club that people are coming on,to discuss about this people are even,reading book about mindfulness its just,amazing its such a like,positive thing so im very privileged to,be a part of it yeah im very well im,honored that youre joining you should,be honored,our session all right lets join,yeah cheeky what did y

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New Neiwai Barely Zero Fixed Cup Wavy Bra

okay I am gonna start this video by,telling you I need you to ignore the,background noise my mom decided that she,wanted to vacuum the house and Im not,Im not going to deter her from helping,me in that way so,lets get on with this video first of,all let me show you my nails how cute is,this color this is Essie,um star struck Accord its like this,purple shade with like this little gold,shift to it,absolutely stunning I love this color,for fall all right grab your coffees and,lets get started because were going to,be talking about bras specifically the,new uh bra from Neway that is their,Berry zero fixed cup wavy bra,yes so,this is their brand new bra this bra,because obviously its brand new they,dont have a lot of color so it only,comes in four colors and it has this,like deep,a cut v-cut in the front,and it is like you know wavy as the name,suggests I got mine in latte Brown,and just one of these bras retails for,49 which is significantly more expensive,than their cotton,barely zero spaghetti bra,um,spaghetti broth sorry,um this one retails for ten dollars,cheaper at 39 dollars and Im gonna oh,this color is Savory salsa if youre,wondering this one since its been,around longer comes in six different,colorways,and if you buy them in a bundle,obviously you save but this one,continues to be more expensive so if you,order the new one in a pack of two its,eighty seven dollars if you order a pack,of three its a hundred and Seventeen,dollars versus the cotton barely zero,spaghetti bra the a pack of two would be,69 and a pack of three would be 19. so I,feel like you get a better deal with,this one but thats not the reason Im,doing this video Im actually doing this,video because I wanted,to give you guys a comparison and my,overall thoughts on this like you know,new bra Im going to start off with the,fact that I love that the new bras come,in this particular packaging you guys,know that uh the other video that I did,which Ill link in the description down,below they came in different boxes it,was like a square box and it was for a,bra that provided a little bit more,coverage and that didnt work for me but,it worked perfectly for my mom so I,ended up getting my mom a couple of,those for Christmas but I didnt like,the Box they came in I love this box,because number one its aesthetically,pleasing you know but these boxes are,sturdy and I like that this ribbon,actually matches the color of whatever,bra is inside so if you have a lot of,space in your closet I think its super,convenient to stack these and know what,bra youre gonna get and what color is,going to be inside now I dont have a,lot of space so I lay mine flat but,still I just think this is a nice touch,you know,its like a bonus,anyways I digress,now,this bra I love the cut I really do,here is why I will not purchase another,one of these and that is because,the Bands,on the bottom of this so these new bras,now come in sizes you have two sizes,between extra extra small to small and,then small and then medium to large so,you get to pick what size you want I,went with extra small to small,um using the size charts I do not like,the the bottom band so let me just show,you something,see that,okay this is actually tight it is its,its wireless but it is its tight its,I have a hard time getting into this and,it is tight around my rib cage,versus the cotton barely zero spaghetti,strap bra doesnt have a size you just,its like a one size fits all I prefer,that because the see how theres no,separation uh between like the fabric,and this bottom part its all one piece,it is,extremely extremely,stretchy and it will not stretch out it,will mold to your body I feel like I am,not wearing anything when I have this on,like the bottom part doesnt bother my,rib cage versus this one,it does uh because this is like tighter,its almost like,um it feels like the bottom of a sports,bra you guys know what Im talking about,another uh thing though that this bra,has that the other one doesnt is that,as the name suggests these cups are,fixed which means theres no hole for,you to take them out if you dont want,them and theyre not going to move,around when you wash them which I think,is a pro because I never,um take out the padding I wash it with,the padding and nothings ever happened,to them and I always wear them with the,padding otherwise you know theres going,to be some you know some indecent,exposure for my personal taste,um so,in that in that aspect I feel like this,bra has you know a pro in that sense,because this one where is it,so on the bottom you see that hole where,you can uh take out the,the little pad and put it back in and,when you wash them because the Cuffs are,not fixed if you wash them with the cups,the cup can sometimes move a little bit,and you have to adjust it that doesnt,bother me,too much you know I would prefer for,this version of this bra to have the,cups fixed uh but thats a personal,preference because I know a lot of,people who dont like cups in their bras,so,this one youre not gonna have that,option its in there for you and in that,aspect I feel like its less work but I,dont think that these are as,comfortable as their cotton ones I much,much more prefer the cotton ones thank,God I only bought one of these because I,really just wanted to try it out and,this band down here its not its not,working its not working for me and,I feel like that is why I switched,mostly to,um Neway bras is because of this,particular technology down here so my,the circumference of my rib cage is,unproportionate to my actual bra size,which is why I always have a problem,buying bras you know bra Gap you know,the cup gabbage you guys know what Im,talking about,um so this was perfect it gave me a,perfect shape it was 10 times more,comfortable than a bra,like a regular bra even in the straps I,mean it is absolutely I,its amazing I will never go back to,wearing regular bras,um I do like their original,um,bra uh which is its the one that has a,thicker strap but you cant wear that,with like spaghetti you know,spaghetti strap uh top so and I didnt,want to compare it to this bra because,its a completely different bra so I,wanted to compare apples to apples you,know like a spaghetti strap to a,spaghetti strap and so I wanted to let,you guys know that if you were,interested in purchasing this I wanted,you to know what you were getting,yourself into because it is 49 which at,this point the markup of this bra is the,same amount of money,that you would spend at Victorias,Secret for a bra and so that is right,there,a big red flag and if youre you know,this is not gonna fit you perfectly then,you do what you want okay but Im still,Im still going with the original I,still like the original again this is,Savory salsa in case you guys are,wondering,uh but yeah these are more expensive uh,and theyre not as comfortable they,really arent uh I have been wearing a,way bras for a year now I bought them uh,while I was pregnant with my daughter,and because my boobs grew significantly,like I didnt know my my boobs could,even reach that size but they did and I,did not I refused to buy a bigger bras,because its very expensive and I knew I,was never gonna wear them again when I,gave birth to her because my boobs were,gonna go back and what was that gonna do,with all of those bras I spent all that,money on you know I wasnt I was not so,I came across this and I loved Nelly,bras and Ive never looked back my,mother-in-law,shes like when I gifted her one and she,tried it shes like I bought myself a,set of three and I will never wear a,regular bra my mom I got her the one,that has extra coverage she loves it uh,At first she was like Im only gonna use,this for special occasions Im like,thats not the point of the bra the,point of the bra is that its a daily,wear its a like a lounge not a,loungewear but its for everyday use,its not for special occasions for,special occasions you bring out your,sexy bras you know what Im talking,about okay anyways complete this video I,hope yo

Connoisseur Reviews | Brow Serum, Barely Zero Bra, Carry-On Closet

in this episode of connoisseur reviews,we are talking about books,tea roses bras eyebrow serum and so much,[Music],more hello everyone jennifer here and,welcome to the daily connoisseur,its been several months since i have,done a connoisseur,reviews and i have been collecting the,best of the best,to share with you in todays video i,have so much to share and a wide variety,of subjects,so this video will have chapters which,you will see down below,as well as time stamps in the,description box feel free to jump to,whatever product you are interested in,hearing about i know a lot of you are,here,for the eyebrow serum and the bra so,go ahead and do that i will leave that,down below im also going to try to,stick to,one minute per each mention so this,isnt too long of a video,but i do have a wide variety of things,that will interest all of you,today so lets get started the first,item im reviewing is the soul guard,carry on closet so travel restrictions,are being lifted,in most places and people are going to,start traveling again,so this is a very unique eco-friendly,suitcase with an amazing design,it was chosen as one of time magazines,best inventions,so heres what i love about this,suitcase apart from the fact that it is,made of eco-friendly materials,i love the carry-on closet idea so,basically you could use this as a,regular carry-on or you can,use the insert and pack your clothes,kind of like in an old-fashioned trunk,style way,so its like a little closet that you,can attach to the top there pack your,clothes,and then you can minimize them and put,them in the case,it has those functional locks that are,really easy to use,the suitcase also has a usb charging,port there are so many bells and,whistles to this suitcase,so if you are looking to invest in a,good suitcase and they have this in,carry-on,a slightly larger carry-on size as well,as full-size suitcases,this is one of the best ones to look,into i love it because it will just make,you so organized on your trip you could,literally take out,the insert and hang it in your hotel,closet for example,lets say youre only staying for a day,or two you dont want to unpack,everything necessarily its like you,already have,your carry-on closet so i will leave,soul guard,and their discount code down below but i,absolutely love,this suitcase and i love this particular,color its super chic,next i know so many of you are waiting,for the results on this and ive been,doing this for a few months but ive,been trying out,the vegamore brow serum purchased it,myself i purchased,two so each one lasts,30 to 60 days im not sure but ive,purchased two and ive been using them,uh since the beginning of the year,roughly so its been a long time now,now i filmed my brows before i started,using the vegamore,and after i started using the vegamore,and i use it twice a day,theyre not sponsoring this video i,bought the product myself i want to do,this,comparison for you so i have noticed,brow growth now i this is really,embarrassing to show this picture so,close of my sparse brows but im doing,this for you,for the purpose of this review so it has,made,my brows grow so overall i do see growth,happening which is very encouraging so,the product does work uh it wasnt like,bushy brows like i was hoping but,definitely some changes have been made,and i do have,more brow growth so there you go i just,shared that horrible picture of me with,my,my sparse brows but i did want to share,that with you,i will leave them linked down below the,other thing you wanted to see,was an at-home laser hair removal,treatment and so i had linked exo beauty,because i did my research and that seems,like one of the best ones on the market,they sent this to me to review for you,now im showing you how im using it,here,this is the type of thing that requires,a long-term review i wont be able to,tell you right now if it works,because it takes 8 to 12 weeks for the,actual results to be,seen so i am leaving it here for you and,if you go to my corresponding blog post,i will write up a lot more,on these things you can read more in,depth about it but basically it uses the,latest cutting edge ipl technology,thats safe and gentle,they guarantee you get the results you,want or you get a refund and thats,important because this machine is pricey,so i will leave them down below next,ive mentioned this a few times on the,channel but i wanted to talk,specifically with you about the nay y,barely zero bra which is a one size fits,all,bra and i know that i listen,when i heard about a one-size-fits-all,bra i was extremely,skeptical as i have mentioned i have a,smaller chest,so it fits me really well i dont know,how it would fit,someone with a larger chest but it is,one size fits all its extremely,comfortable,you couldnt wear this bra with,everything it kind of has a high,top which i like because it can double,as a camisole for things that are super,low cut,in fact i am wearing one right now look,at that doesnt that look like a,camisole,its so comfortable i mean it is so,comfortable,so um thats a great bra its a great,option,um it has thicker straps so again you,couldnt wear it with everything but i,find it really nice with t-shirts or,things like this,where you dont see the straps and and,you dont need to have,um you know something necessarily lacy,next i wanted to tell you about the,montel intimates,midi chemise so ive mentioned this as,well but i wanted to,give a full review here so they have,that bus support chemise that i am,obsessed with its just so comfortable,to sleep in its beautiful it gives you,bus support i cant say enough good,things about it,my problem with it was always that it,was short and i like longer things,so they now have a midi size,this is like perfection i mean it is,perfection it has been perfected,they cannot improve upon this chemise so,i think its perfect now im going to,leave the midi length for you,down below lets talk about roses so,i wanted to review a gardening service,for you,a service that would ship you plants,because i know a lot of you live in,areas where you dont have a nursery,accessible to you or you would like to,try various plants but you just dont,have a local place that you could go,so planting tree sent me two rose bushes,and this is how they arrived and i,really wanted to try out one of these,services because im thinking how does,this work when they ship you a live,plant doesnt it die,but the plants were so high quality,i mean look at the roses and the,production from them this is,not even planted in the ground yet this,is what they look like a few weeks after,they were sent to me,this bush is so full of beautiful roses,we havent planted it yet because im,still trying to decide on where to put,it,but it has been thriving in the pot and,it came wrapped very carefully and so it,was,just excellent i couldnt recommend them,enough so if youre looking,for beautiful plants and you can look up,the zones and what would be appropriate,for your area,these are really high quality and i,really do recommend them okay so i want,to share 360 cookware with you,several years ago i posed the question,and i asked people if they knew of a,good,stainless steel cookware brand i,couldnt,find anything necessarily that stood out,to me so ive continued to use my cast,iron skillet and my copper pots,you know for the past few years but this,is a very high quality brand,i wanted to share it with you so,i have here um two of their saucepans,really high quality pans and im going,to fry an egg now,it came with instructions here that you,should never have this,on really high heat you just never need,it on high heat they say medium or low,heat always,so im going to put an egg here this is,on,medium to low heat so i will be,reviewing these over time ill start to,use them,in my whats for dinner videos and,ill be able to give a more accurate,description of how they work but i can,just tell these are like top of the line,stainless steel pots so,um i do think with things like pots


hi everyone so welcome back to our,channel and today i will be sharing with,you my review of the belly zero um bra,which is by the ben new y so some of,yall might have seen a lot of,influences like,jenny,and i dont know i cant remember who,else but many others which he wore the,brands um,underwear undergarments and all that and,then so actually thats how i got,interested in it to ship this thing up,all right the shipping cost was probably,like equivalent to buying one additional,bra which i mean their bras are not that,cheap,i decided to try my luck and went on top,of to find and lo and behold theres,actually a name why,cant mouse store so its a turns out me,why its like a hong kong brand,or a china brand or something like that,but it was amazing and you know how,tough they have like their deals and,their coupons and all that so i was like,oh my goodness this is amazing so i went,to buy it and yes they are legit like me,why products so let me just show you so,um okay so firstly the bra right there,are like two types of bra so one is a,spaghetti shop shred one,which is,like this,and then there is the,like kind of thicker strap sports bra,kind which is like that,okay so some of you might be wondering,no like oh whats the whole wave about,this brand and why is the browser in,demand so basically its a one size fits,all i dont know how or what technology,they use i didnt really read a lot into,it but basically um this bra,can be worn by,people with a to b cup sizes,so what that means is that um,like like the promised you like that oh,you know as you go bigger or smaller the,brow will adapt its shape and size,according to um how you roll up and at,the end of the day you know its,comfortable,um because its it theres no underwire,its seamless as well not really,seamless but like basically theres no,underwire so its not uncomfortable it,doesnt put on the under boom and all,that,so thats why a lot of people will wear,it and buy it,okay i bought this since uh,last year october and ever since it has,arrived and i watched it ive been,wearing it so much oh my goodness im,not kidding you like i actually bought,another batch of them even though they,are quite expensive but i do think it is,quite a good investment so firstly right,its super comfortable like the material,i dont know you can tell but its like,those,seamless panties where its very soft it,doesnt like,wrap your skin and even after you take,it out there isnt like you know those,bra marks and all that,um one downside though is that the cups,okay i dont know its a downside or not,to you but to me i feel it is because,the cups can be thickened up and removed,uh i actually dont like that because,um after i take it out from the washing,machine i had to like,straighten the cuffs and all there and,like quite lazy,so anyway at the side of the bra theres,a slit so you can just take it out,um it is slightly padded it is not like,like push-up brass kind,so yeah and actually i have not,thickened it out before,yeah so oh and i really like it um its,really soft really comfortable um it,doesnt hug your skin and,before i got pregnant and until now ive,gained about like 20 kg,so um i believe this will work best for,me like at this point in time okay so on,top of it signing for 152 yen um which,when i divide by five is about,la 30.40 but of course with that theres,its gonna be cheaper because usually,they are like these counts during the,sale period and all so you actually get,them cheaper than 152 okay so between,the thin strap and the thick shirt right,in the second batch i actually bought,more thin like spaghetti strap ones,because i realize these are,quite like sports bra kind where,the bag has i guess it has more support,but i i dont really need that at a,point i feel like the spaghetti shaped,one,is sufficient so,yeah i guess its really up to your,preference you can try and see what,works and when i do put these brush on,though i actually feel like when you put,it on it it will like scrunch up at the,back or you will roll out then you could,pull it so,so far when ive been putting on it it,even though the material is like thin,but im not,tall i guess,but yeah so far other than that is great,i mean the colors are not super varied,um but they do have your dark colors,your more neutral colors and all and,yeah so i actually got these i really,love it so i bought more um and then in,the second round i also bought their,belly zero underwear which is,you basically using the same concept,where you,like the underwear grows with eula,so this i was really shocked because,they are really super thin,uh i would think they are comparable to,seamless panties now so yeah i bought it,in a set of trees so that this black,theres this like um,dark purple maroon,and then there is this small like skin,color looking thing,yeah so,uh theyve been really comfortable oh my,gosh they are so thin okay like if you,saw some of my previous haul videos,right i bought like seamless panties as,well because of the whole pregnancy um,and,so this is like example one of them,im not sure you can see but at the top,right theres actually the seams or like,a layer of seams so sometimes it does,still poke in but its not as bad as,like regular,underwear but these barely zero ones on,the other hand,are,like really seamless like when i put,them on right i actually have difficulty,like grabbing onto them because theyre,so thin,and like they are so stretched out and,thinner basically so i was really quite,amazed and um yeah i all in all i do,think they are really good investment uh,considering the price i mean i dont,know how long they will last me,but they have lasted me since october,last year,so actually,how all this started right was because,um on taobao i actually bought this,other,brand of bras previously which are like,seamless uh also the seamless no,underwire kinda,so can you see,yeah so at the back its seamless not,under wire so they will be comfortable,ive been wearing them for quite a while,um and i still wear them now,like as compared to my other bras that,have wires you know yeah so at the back,are the regular hooks,like this,and so ill leave the link to all that,ive spoken about in the description box,so that if lets say you know the barely,0 is,too expensive for you or you know you,are not ready to invest in this yet you,can get these um,these like non-branded ones so this,non-branded ones they also they have a,slit in the middle,um to be able to take out the bra cups,so these ones right are,slightly more padded,um they have this little bump at the,bottom theres like a,small push-up effect i guess but i,honestly dont see much difference um,yeah and similarly after you wash this,right you might need to like,you know sometimes like the cup folds in,at all so you need to like straighten,them out when its drying so it doesnt,spawn in a cup,okay theres also actually the guys,version of the,naive badly zero underwear that i bought,for chris,but boys being boys right i guess they,dont really like,know the difference i think im so,excited outside it has the underwear,like comfortable you know like,nice is it cooling hes like,oh a killer,waste my money like actually i just,bought more for myself but anyway so oh,yeah so just to show um,the under the inside of the underwear,has like this lining,this fabric lining so uh i guess if you,are cautious about like whether the,underwear will be itchy because of its,synthetic material i guess then you can,be assured that like you know inside is,a cotton fabric thing so um it doesnt,irritate your,you know your sensitive parts,okay so as i mentioned earlier right the,brass that i got were like for,a to d cup if im not wrong so what,happens if you are someone with a larger,cup size so um theres actually a,belly zero version,for cup sizes from c to e so if you are,on the larger cup size you can choose,that but the thing is,um they only come with the thick strap,versions they dont have the spaghetti,shredded ones which i g

NEIWAI Bras Review | Comfortable, Seamless, and Wireless for Work & Home

hello lovelies welcome back to my,channel my name is lily and today we are,going to be talking about something a,little different uh not about bag,reviews or unboxings or even electronics,i wanted to talk a little bit about this,really really comfortable brand i found,that produces women undergarments uh,specifically bras so this brand is,called niwai which literally translates,to inside out it is a chinese brand and,they do have headquarters in both,shanghai and san francisco um and i,believe it was founded in 2012 just from,a quick producing of their website i,actually came upon this brand when i was,just looking into sort of options for,comfortable bras to wear so for you,ladies out there who are interested in,being comfortable at work at home,whatever the occasion this is a great,alternative and whats really great is,that it works with all sort of um you,know chest sizes so well talk a little,bit about that later without further ado,lets go ahead and get started so a,little bit about um what prompted my,search for bras,so ive actually always been a big fan,of victorias secret um ever since i was,in um i would say high school victoria,secret is a very popular brand it has,makes beautiful beautiful bras right,that are both you know have has a wide,range of spectrum from very cutesy to,more sexy um to more modern and,comfortable but,ive never really found a victorias,secret bot to be completely comfortable,if i wanted to wear it for work or at,home or even sleeping it just was always,like digging into my rib cage um there,were wires or if there werent wires the,straps were just a little bit too,uncomfortable,and im just really really looking for a,comfortable bra nowadays i dont really,care how a bra looks because its only,going to be underneath my clothes i just,wanted to you know whatever you wear on,top its going to look seamless and,obviously you know youre going to be,wearing this for at least eight to ten,hours a day so you want it to be,comfortable on your skin right um so,regarding this brand me why um,it actually sells a lot of different um,things besides bras they sell underwear,they sell other undergarments but i just,really was looking into their bras and,wanted to give it a test go so lets go,ahead and look at sort of what these,bras are like um they look like this uh,and whats really interesting about,their bras is that its a one size fits,all and i know a lot of you ladies are,probably thinking i dont know if thats,a good thing or not because of course,one size fits all is it really that,great what if i have a large chest what,if i have a small chest hows that going,to accommodate it right well just for,reference i do have a small chest um,unfortunately and,and i typically wear like a 32b or 34a,so um,this as you can tell right here looks,pretty big doesnt it these cups uh but,whats really quite amazing is that when,you put it on it you know it really just,like hugs your shape and theres no like,you know confinement um or really just,any looseness around it really conforms,to your shape i actually got a pair of,this for my mom as well um and theyre,just really really comfortable and,whats really neat about these bras is,that even if you like you know for some,bras when you lift your arm like it,lifts up with you and certainly we dont,want that right it stays in place so,um i dont know if you can tell im,wearing you know just sort of like a,white plain shirt right now and inside,here i am wearing this exact same bra,except in a different color it kind of,looks like im wearing a tank underneath,but its really just this bra um and,its so comfortable its so comfortable,if i lift my arm if i do stretches it,doesnt rise up on me,um and just i i think this is really,quite something ive washed these bras,like about,i want to say five times now i wanted to,like wash them a couple times wear them,just to make sure they were holding up,and really uh working for me before i,did this video so unfortunately theres,no unboxing here but in terms of the,price point for these bras i think,theyre really great so,if you buy a single bra its going to be,more expensive of course right but if,you buy a trio its about 27 each bra um,and if you go onto their website and you,sign up for it they give you like this,15,coupon um so you can apply that and get,even more of a discount so if you think,about it for 27 dollars plus 15 off i,mean thats a really great deal for a,bra thats comfortable of course it,doesnt look like a victoria secret bra,its not sexy its not cute its not,floraly but honestly in this day and age,all we want to do is be comfortable no,ones going to be looking at you know,your bra youre always going to be,wearing something on top of it and the,fact that its so seamless is really,really nice so i highly highly recommend,these bras theyre great for like all,sizes because my mom has a bigger chest,than myself and she wears this exact,same one size fits all and she told me,it has been really really good um so i,really enjoy this the thing about these,is that they do have the padding in here,so if you dont want to use the padding,you can certainly remove it thats an,option but i always want to have the,padding to have some support right,and then the straps here are like these,thick straps so for this particular,model this is a thick strap they also,have options for thinner straps these,will be the thinner straps if you wanted,to offer that option and they of course,do have the adjustable strap here,whereas the other one it didnt have any,but even though it didnt its still,very very comfortable so when you wear,this bra on it really doesnt feel like,anything its just so smooth against,your skin theres definitely no um i,guess like at least for me i dont i,dont feel any sort of like back fat,or like under the arm fat or anything,like that is just so smooth around and,just so comfortable so if you dont like,again the type of thick strap option,here you certainly have you know the,thin one and uh both of these have been,very comfortable for me uh so,here is this one and they do come in,assortment of colors i have the black,one we just saw this one is sort of like,a more like flesh tone color we have one,thats more like an apricot,um actually im sorry maybe this ones,the apricot im sure this ones like a,more beige color this is more like a,pinky apricot color so and the one im,wearing is more like a camel color,underneath here so a lot of options to,choose from they also do have white of,course i definitely recommend this brand,for you to check out because it is just,so comfortable i have gone through so,many different types of bras ive tried,out bras that are very similar to this,uh style but the problem has been that,you know maybe its not very smooth its,not very seamless um in certain areas,and also when you lift your arm the,whole bra just kind of like lifts up,with you so its really not most ideal,but i think this is a great uh great,piece and a great brand so far so i,really enjoy it um it does say here,really quickly what this material is,made out of it is made out of um,let me see here,68 percent the shell is made out of 68,polyamide and 32 percent spandex it says,hand wash with light colors maximum,washing temperatures 30 degrees celsius,do not bleach do not tumble dry do not,iron do not dry clean and it is made in,china of course um but you know i,actually put this through the washer uh,in uh medium heat and then i have also,put it in the dryer medium heat,granted ive only done it like four or,five times but i dont see anything,wrong with it but it does stay here,though to hand wash so maybe uh maybe,you should probably hand wash these but,i think its really really comfortable,and just a really really great find so,hope that was interesting this is just a,really quick short video to share with,you my thoughts on this brand and how i,feel after having worn these um quite a,few times here so hope you all enjoyed,it hope you have a great day t

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