1. Google Nest Wifi Review – 6 Months Later
  2. Google Nest WiFi (2022)|Watch Before You Buy
  3. Nest Wifi 2022 Review – Is It Worth Buying?
  4. Trên tay 3 trái trứng biết nói biết vô WiFi: Google Nest WiFi
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Google Nest Wifi Review – 6 Months Later

The Nest Wi-Fi is a follow-up product to the successful Google Wi-Fi mesh router,system that the company released a few years back. The main value prop of the,Nest Wi-Fi is that itll give you better Wi-Fi coverage in your home versus the,setup that most people still seem to have which is just one router in one,point of their home. Using its mesh network set up the nest Wi-Fi system can,expand to meet the needs of your individual home. Now weve had our system,now for the past six months and in that time Ive grown to really like the Nest,Wi-Fi system, its core features, and its setup experience. Now there are some,things that I dont like about the Nest Wi-Fi system and Ill get into those a,little bit later on in the video but for now lets dive into the main components,of the Nest Wi-Fi system. Now in our review of the Google Wi-Fi router we had,several comments from people asking if they still needed to pay for internet,service when buying one of these router systems. Yes you will still need to pay,an Internet service provider otherwise known as an ISP money for your internet,service in order to use the Nest Wi-Fi system. Now here in the US Google does,have an internet service in select locations called Google Fiber, so that,could be why some people were originally confused with the Google Wi-Fi product,on whether or not they needed an ISP. Now I also think its important to point out,that you do also need a working modem with your nest Wi-Fi. The nest Wi-Fi does,not include a modem. Typically in any Internet system there are three parts:,the service coming in to your home from the ISP, a modem that acts as a,translator between your devices and your ISPs network, and then finally a Wi-Fi,router which enables your devices to connect to the internet wirelessly. You,can either take the modem provided to you by your ISP or go out and buy your,own modem thats certified to run on your ISPs network. Now lets talk about,what makes the nest Wi-Fi system so different from your typical Wi-Fi router,setup and that is that it is a mesh Wi-Fi router setup. A mesh network allows,you to add more points to the network to expand your Wi-Fi coverage to make sure,that you get good Wi-Fi signal in in your residence. One Nest Wi-Fi router,will give you up to 2200 square feet of coverage, a setup with a Nest Wi-Fi,router and a point will give you up to 3,800 square feet, and a router and two,points will cover up to 5,400 square feet. Now you may be wondering what the,difference is between a Nest Wi-Fi point and the Nest Wi-Fi router. The router is,designed to be plugged into the modem and is the central part of the Wi-Fi,system. It also includes an extra Ethernet port so you can hardwire,devices into it. The points are basically smaller routers with less powerful,antennas that you place throughout your home to help blanket your home with good,Wi-Fi coverage. The points have another purpose, they can act as Google Assistant,speakers. You use the top of the Wi-Fi point to control the Google Assistant,its very similar to the controls found on the Nest Mini and the sound is great,on the nest Wi-Fi point.,(Test music playing),It sounds better than a Nest Mini, has more bass, and overall I think its,pretty comparable to the Google Home speaker but with a clearer sound in my,experience. Now instead of lights at the top like you have with the nest mini,there is a really cool ring light at the bottom that will glow different colors,for different assistant tasks like phone calls, being on mute etc. Now Im not,going to go into everything the Google Assistant can do in this video but if,youre interested in learning more about the Google Assistant, make sure you check,out a video that we did a couple of months ago on what the Google Assistant,can do Ill leave a link to it in the card here in this video and in the video,description below. If you dont want to use the Wi-Fi point as a Google,Assistant speaker, no problem, you can simply mute the microphone at,the back of the device which will physically disconnect the microphone,from power. You can turn off the light at the bottom of the Nest Wi-Fi point in,its settings in the Google Home app. You can also turn off the status light on,the Nest Wi-Fi router in its settings through the Google Home app as well.,Google designed these routers so they look like something that youd be fine,putting out in your home and not something so alien looking with a bunch,of antennas that youd rather just hide in a cabinet somewhere and there is a,reason for this, you get better Wi-Fi coverage when you leave your router and,points out in the open. Overall I found the design really nice. Im a big fan of,the matte finish that Google has been giving their products as of late like,with the new Pixel Buds. video on those in the video description below. The matte,finish allows the Nest Wi-Fi router and point to pick up some of the ambient,light around it, making it blend in a bit better to its environment. Alright, now,lets talk about some of the specs. Both the router and the point support 802.11s,mesh Wi-Fi as well as WPA3 encryption and theyll get automatic security,updates as well. Now do note that this system is not a Wi-Fi 6 system, which is,the latest Wi-Fi standard known for being able to handle many more devices,on a network. Now given the slow ramp-up from consumer,tech companies like Apple on supporting the Wi-Fi 6 standard, I dont think its,as big of a deal as some people make it out to be that the Nest Wi-Fi doesnt,support Wi-Fi 6. For most people out there I think,Wi-Fi 6 at this point is just a nice to have but if you are the type of,person that has to have that bleeding edge brand-new spec, you are going to be,disappointed. The Nest Wi-Fi system does other things to help improve your,network performance like proactive band steering and channel optimization, which,allows the router system to look at all of the channels in your environment and,utilize the less busy ones, giving you better performance. The Nest Wi-Fis,hardware is only half of the experience, the other half is the software that you,use to interact with the Nest Wi-Fi system. You can control the Nest Wi-Fi,system by using the Google Home app available for both Android and iOS, which,is the same app that you use if you have other Nest and Google Home devices in,your home. Google also has a Google Wi-Fi app that you can still download and use,with your system as well if youre upgrading from a Google Wi-Fi system. The,setup process is relatively straightforward for the router system.,Itll tell you if youve placed your points in the right places around your,home and overall its just a very easy setup experience. I really like how you,can access the Nest Wi-Fi settings right from the main Google Home app when,you open up that part of the app, youll see the status for your points router,and internet connection. Clicking on either of these icons will bring you to,the network page where you can test the mesh network as well as click on the,routers and points in your network to get to their settings page. The settings,page for each device allows you to do things like rename your device and,switch which room it is in your home as well as adjust the status light,brightness. For Wi-Fi points you have more options in the settings page for,things specific to the Google Assistant like alarms and timers, night mode, lower,volume when listening, default speakers etc. Clicking show password on the main,Wi-Fi settings page will show you your network password with handy buttons to,share the password over email and text message. Going back to the main Wi-Fi,page youll see the area for your network connection. Youll see your,download speed and upload speed and youll never have to worry about,manually testing your network again since the system does it every day,for you automatically. Scrolling down further youll see a list of current,devices on your network you can set a priority device right from the scree

Google Nest WiFi (2022)|Watch Before You Buy

ladies and gentlemen here we have the,google nest home wi-fi if you want one,of the best and most reliable wi-fi,systems that will pair seamlessly into,your google smart home then this is the,product that was built for you built to,be easily integrated into your smart,home it boosts your wi-fi signal around,your entire house and gives you that,hands-free system that youve always,wanted its easy to see why its,considered to be one of the best wi-fi,routers in the entire world or at least,it was it was originally released a few,years ago how do they hold up today are,they still one of the best wi-fi systems,in the entire world or did they just get,past in the market,lets find out well for starters google,gives you a very easy setup process you,need to download the google home app to,your phone or tablet where you can,follow the instructions to give you a,breakdown how to set up your google nest,wi-fi youll plug in and power on your,nest router then youll need to plug the,router into your modem with the included,ethernet cord after about a minute the,router should start to pulse white in,the google home app youll hit the add,button in the top left then hit setup,device from that point just follow the,instructions on the app until youre,asked to scan the qr code which is,located at the bottom of the router from,there youll need to create the name and,password for your network when the setup,is finished the light on the front will,be solid white you then compare any,extenders with a similar process to,establish a mesh network in your home,overall the setup process is quick and,easy the google nest wi-fi comes with,rounded white casing that should fit,with nearly any decor is a compact frame,thats easily hidden a tough rubber base,and a design thats become a classic for,smart home devices the router has four,internal antennas that provide a solid,2200 square feet of signal coverage and,one wi-fi point delivers additional,coverage for a total area of 3 800,square feet you can collect a maximum of,32 wi-fi points and its compatible with,older generations you also get a pair of,ethernet ports although one is needed to,connect to your modem overall,connectivity and range isnt the best on,the market compared to more recently,released wi-fi systems but its more,than enough for an average person and,the vast majority of people with regards,to home automation it offers outstanding,functionality which makes a great option,as a smart router each wi-fi points,doubles as a nes mini speaker then a 4.8,amplifier and a 1.6 inch speaker,integrated inside the system overall,they can deliver some solid audio,considering its a router dont get me,wrong its not a music device but its,good enough and better than i expected,you also get google assistant support,and the nodes have a four far field mic,array on top that can register your,voice commands from around 15 feet away,also like thats compatible with the,googles broadcast feature so they can,be used as an intercom and you can,disable the mic with a switch to,maintain privacy the hub can even stream,music directly from your preferred,streaming service this is a very rare to,see in a mesh router system it can be a,huge bonus for people to replace a,google home mini or another smart device,the app is the standard google home app,youre probably already familiar with,allows you to add wi-fi points adjust,the brightness of the led lights on a,network or speed test and can restart,the network you can also limit internet,access time create a guest network or,set a priority device for bandwidth,however i would have liked to see more,advanced settings such as setting a,static ip addresses or choosing the,wi-fi channel youre looking for an,alternative with more robust,configurations that you can do with that,the euro mesh wi-fi router is comparably,priced and the app delivers some,advanced features by the way if youre,really enjoying this video or even,learning something about the google home,mini then want to consider giving the,video a like itll help our channel grow,as well and if youre looking for prices,already check the links in the,description below the google nest wi-fi,has a 1.4 gigahertz quad-core processor,and a pair of digital signal processors,along with one gigabytes of ram and four,gigabytes of flash storage it utilizes a,dual band system with two wi-fi channels,so it lacks the wireless backhaul,capabilities and efficiency of tri-band,options however it provides a useful,band steering function that reroutes,information to the least congested band,for an optimal connection which is,impressive for a home automation of it,also uses beamforming to tune the signal,for individual devices and it can,connect up to 100 devices per unit i,thought the performance was solid and on,par with a lot of similarly priced newer,router models and its rated to operate,a maximum data transfer rates up to 2.2,gigabytes per second across the 2.4,gigahertz and 5 gigahertz bands the,signal was strongest close up naturally,but it remained reliable at medium,distance which is respectable signal,coverage for a mesh router has no,problems transmitting through walls and,you can always add more wi-fi points the,major downside is the lack of wi-fi six,which has quickly become more standard,for newer router models although most,people wont fully be able to utilize,wi-fi six its full capabilities is worth,noting its not the fastest router in,the world anymore and lags behind in,that category overall the google nest,wi-fi is an easy to use easy to function,system that still has great capabilities,to this day although it does lack in,speed because it doesnt have wi-fi six,and if youre someone looking for the,newest and best router system and its,probably not the one for you its a,combination of saw performance home,automation capabilities and easy setup,process and a seamless integration into,your smart home still makes this a very,solid choice and one of the best router,systems by todays standards but hey,thats just my opinion why dont you,guys tell me your opinions in the,comments section down below if youre,looking for updated pricing the links,are in the description and if you liked,this video or even learned something why,dont you give the video a like and,subscribe if you like short tech,informative videos but until next time,ill see you guys later

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Nest Wifi 2022 Review – Is It Worth Buying?

okay it is time my wifi has been giving,me way too many problems for too long,today were unboxing and setting up the,nest wi-fi system have you been curious,about how these mesh wi-fi systems work,or how well they work i know i have so,lets jump in,so up until about two weeks ago ive,been using a two router setup its kind,of like a mesh networking but its not,quite as sophisticated see in the,basement i had a router and that was,connected via ethernet cable to another,router on our top floor i figured buying,two netgear routers and having them,hardwired for maximum speed would,provide me way better results than a,standard mesh network but we have used,this setup now for a couple of years and,weve had some problems along the way it,was a dual band system meaning that,there was a five gigahertz network and a,2.4 gigahertz network if you know a lot,about wi-fi then youll know what im,talking about basically five gigahertz,is the newer technology it allows for,greater data transfer speeds over the,air but it lacks the range of a,traditional 2.4 gigahertz network these,are certainly trade-offs that i,understood and yet i was still,disappointed by the performance of our,routers i figured that having two,expensive routers working together would,make for a great experience yet somehow,we always found that the 5 gigahertz,network lacked any kind of decent range,and the 2.4 gigahertz network was just,too slow and yeah i just explained that,those two bands are kind of supposed to,have those trade-offs but even so our,network underwhelmed even my tempered,expectations but the final nail in the,coffin was one particular saturday where,i was just trying to play some games,with my son and we kept losing,connection to the server due to the,wi-fi just dropping out repeatedly so it,was time for a change now i have a,decent amount of google and nest,products in my house so to me it made,sense to give the nest wi-fi system a go,so whats it all about well for the,uninitiated its a mesh wi-fi system and,in a nutshell a mesh system creates,additional access points for your,devices to pick up the wi-fi signal,because youve got multiple access,points you get a stronger signal,throughout the coverage area i picked up,the two pack which is what i suspect,most people need as google states on,their site one router and one point,should be good for up to 3 800 square,feet which is more than enough for my,house but they also sell a kit with two,additional points if youve got more,area to cover as google puts it the,system can handle up to 200 connected,devices and can handle multiple 4k,streams at once it directs your devices,to connect to the access point with the,most available bandwidth which in turn,reduces buffering the access point is,actually also a google home smart,speaker which means that you can use,google assistant and play music which is,a great feature it makes sense too since,theres a really good chance youre,going to need to place this access point,somewhere in your house thats near,where people gather and thats the other,nice feature these things dont look,half bad they really dont look like,your traditional router certainly,nothing like what i was using before,from netgear i think the beautiful,design is a nice bonus when it comes to,setup the process is pretty,straightforward first connect your nest,router to your modem once you do that,open the google home app and it should,detect a connected router and prompt you,to set it up to verify that you have the,right router itll ask you to scan a qr,code on the bottom of it then it will,prompt you to join the temporary network,that the router generates after which it,will test the internet connection and,ask you to create a wi-fi network name,thats basically it as far as setting up,the network the only thing left to do is,set up the access point plug it in the,wall and the home app will again detect,it once it finds the access point itll,show you a message that says testing the,mesh connection now they recommend that,you keep the two points no more than two,rooms apart now that goes in all,directions and so ive essentially got,the router and the point stacked two,floors apart but theyre right in line,vertically with each other i figured,thats essentially two rooms apart and,the home app says that my mesh,connection is great so maybe youre,wondering okay the product is nice the,setup is easy but how does it actually,do in terms of everyday performance well,lets put it this way i dont get as,much speed as before but i do get more,reliability what do i mean well for,example i used to be able to get 400 to,megabits per second download on a speed,test whether i was upstairs or,downstairs i could get the same speeds,on any floor because i was using two,routers connected together through a,hard wired ethernet connection now with,the new nest setup i can get 475,megabits down in the basement where the,router is hooked up but on the top floor,where the access point is i get weight,for it,megabits per second,[Music],but while that is slower than before im,not getting interference dropouts or,random slowdowns and the range seems to,be better all across the house theres,no area in the house where i feel like,ive got a bad connection so these are,some of the trade-offs i think for now,reliability is king so ill keep using,the nest wi-fi system perhaps adding,another access point would improve,speeds across the house or perhaps i,should go back to a two router setup at,some point now im not a networking,expert by any means and i dont call,myself technology paul because i know,all things tech its simply because like,you i like tech but i especially like it,when its simple and useful and,personally i think the nest wi-fi system,meets those criteria whats your,networking setup at home do you use nest,wi-fi do you have another mesh system or,perhaps you just have a really good,router that we should know about let me,know in the comments if you found this,video valuable click that like button as,it helps others to find it and subscribe,for more technology paul as i upload new,videos all the time thanks and well see,you in the next one,[Music]

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Trên tay 3 trái trứng biết nói biết vô WiFi: Google Nest WiFi

Xin chào anh em ở đây mình đang có cục,Google net wi-fi đây là cái router max,đó mà mới của Google và cái cục này á,ngoài cái việc mà phát sóng wi-fi theo,ngàn mét thì nó còn là cái loại Google,Sting nữa thì trong video này mình sẽ,inbox và trên tay thử cho các bạn xem,một số chức năng của con Google Maps,wi-fi này và mình cũng nói một chút về,cái cách mà mạnh mét hoạt động cho những,bạn nào chưa biết ta rồi chúng ta hãy,bắt đầu trước khi đi Hà Nội dung chính,như mình rất cảm ơn bạn Thái Hưng đã cho,mình muộn cái con này ở link sót của bạn,thấy hưng mình có thể ở bên dưới cái,phần được chấp thuận của video thì anh,em nào có muốn mua Rooney sẽ thì dùng,cái link đó mua để có một bản thân là do,nè Bây giờ thì mình sẽ bắt mới ra trước,thì mình cũng chưa biết là nó sẽ có,những cái gì trong này nữa nó làm nó làm,mới quá mà mẹ bây giờ mình là người anh,bắt nó luôn bỏ thùng rác thì cái bản mà,mình mua ở đây,thì các bạn mà mình mượn ở đây là có một,cục trung tâm và hai cái cục gọi là coi,thế là cái cục đó trong mạng ra,automates ướt thì nó gọi là hai cục nốt,đây là có bao nhiêu cái này nó mở lên,được thì phải là không Bây giờ mình sẽ,mở nó trên xuống như thế này lên em ơi,buồn rất đẹp vậy Hôm nay có gì không học,đây là ba cái cục access point mình các,bạn Má ơi dễ thương là ai xinh quá à đây,thì đây là cái cục trung tâm và cái cục,này nó có hai cái cổng enthernet như thế,này một cổng là sẽ cắm vào cái đường,internet internet Nó có thể là cái đường,trực tiếp ở trong nhà bạn hoặc là không,một cái ra tôi trung gian cũng được ở,nhà mình thì mình sẽ gắn vào hẳn cái ra,tơ của nhà mạng luôn và một cái đường là,cổng internet để mà các bạn có thể nói,và những thiết bị cần dây,Ừ rồi hai cục này thì chức năng của nó,giống nhau Google gọi là tôi thì mỗi một,cái cục này nó có chức năng là nó phát,ra được cái wi-fi thằng này không bán,được Wi luôn và 3 cục này nó có thể giao,tiếp được với nhau nhưng các bạn không,dây Tất nhiên rồi đó lợi ích của cái,việc này là gì và tại sao nó lại có ba,cái cục thay vì chỉ là một cái ông tơ,bình thường thì thứ nhất đây là wi-fi,giận mesh wifi giảm AD có nghĩa là những,cái cục này nó có thể kết nối trực tiếp,với nhau để mở một cái rộng tầm phủ sóng,lên tới 400 mét vuông đối với lại cái,cục của Google Maps và các hệ thống wifi,mesh nó còn hai cái chỗ đó là một khi mà,bạn muốn mở rộng tiếp cái vùng phát sóng,của bạn ra thì bạn cứ ép thêm một cục,nốt này vô F21 cũng nốt thì nó tiếp tục,là tụi nó có thể da tím bằng nhau và,wi-mesh nó không chỉ giao tiếp giữa hai,cái cục boy với lại cái cục trung tâm mà,hai cục này nó cũng có thể giao tiếp,được với nhau luôn cho nên bạn cứ tưởng,tượng nó giống như là nó có đi trung,gian Trung anh Trung gian rồi đó thì nhờ,vậy mà nó phải đặt tem được cái,khi phát sóng rất là rộng ở trên tinh tế,mình có một cái bài Mình nói kỹ hơn về,wi-fi mesh cũng như là cái sự khác biệt,giữa một cái repeater một cái wi-fi,extender với hệ thống wifi mesh thì mình,cũng có để Liên ở bên dưới phần đì ríp,sình luôn anh em 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Google nó kêu là đi nè mini chạy,đâu rồi Mình đã gắn hai cái cục và wi-fi,bôi vào phòng ngủ và phòng bếp của nhà,mình rồi rồi thì hai cái cục rất đơn,giản các bạn không cần dây nhờ nhiều cái,nguồn cắm vào là xong Còn với cục trung,tâm thì nghe trong phòng làm việc của,mình thì mình có sẵn cái ổ dây LED và,cái cái vui hả Cái ổ điện có gì cũng,quên mà nó đang nói trực tiếp vào cái,cục này của mình và khi mà mình gắn vào,á thì phía trước thì nó có một cái đèn,màu trắng sáng lên rồi cơ bản khi việc,Trái Đất của con này rất là dễ dàng bạn,có thể tự làm được sau đó,các bạn đáp lại Google home ở trên,Android for iOS đều có và các Google,home này cũng là các mà bạn dùng để điều,khiển Tìm kiếm thiết bị smartphone trong,nhà mình luôn thì mình đã có sẵn ở đây,rồi và nghe khi mà mình vừa Mở app lên,đó thì nó hiện sẵn mà Bây giờ bạn có,muốn sẽ thấp cây thiết bị mới hay không,đó là nó tự nhận ra cái con Google Maps,luôn mà mình không có cần phải rò hay,làm gì hết mà nó thì sản trên giao diện,thì lúc 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vào m

The New Google Nest WiFi Pro is NOT for Everyone!

with the release of the new Google Nest,Wi-Fi Pro the question now is,getting the previous generation Nest,Wi-Fi is now a bad idea or keeping the,first generation Google Wi-Fi obsolete,lets find out,its been over two years since I started,my smart home Journey,and the number of devices that I,acquired grew exponentially to the,extent that my internet slows down,almost drastically,in this video we will talk about my,long-term experience using Googles mesh,system what I like about them what I,hate with it and how I think it Stacks,up with Googles new Nest Wi-Fi Pro and,the whole Wi-Fi 6E connectivity,before we start if you like this kind of,video consider subscribing,and if you find this helpful a like is,very much appreciated,at first Ive relied so much with my,isps provided modem slash router combo,which is the worst decision I made and I,still regret to this day,if youre just starting out having less,than 10 smart devices in your home is,still okay,I was able to upgrade to a mesh Wi-Fi,Ive been using Googles mesh system for,the past 19 months and I have some,thoughts that may be helpful to you if,youre just starting out or even if you,already have couple devices,this is still beneficial for you and if,youre thinking of changing your current,Wi-Fi setup,not only for your smart home devices but,in building that reliable and fast,access across your home,I reviewed the Google Wi-Fi router a,while back if youre interested just,click the card right here,but if you never heard of mesh wi-fi,system before,in a nutshell Its a combination of,Wi-Fi routers scattered around that,blankets your entire home with reliable,internet connection and eliminates Wi-Fi,dead spot,mesh includes a main router that is,plugged into your ISP modem through an,ethernet cable and some access points,and access points connect to the main,router and broadcast the same network,with the same IP address as the main,router does,and building a smart home you need the,system that can handle multiple devices,at a time with wider range for those,locations where you want to install,lets say a camera from one side of your,house and on the other side are smart,lighting for example,I will probably make another video going,in depth with mesh system and other,things you need to know about it,now here are the reasons why I think,Nest Wi-Fi Pro is too much,the first reason why I decided to make,this video is because of the change that,Google implemented with their nest Wi-Fi,Pro and which I think most of us will,think twice before buying one is the,backwards compatibility,that means if you have either one as,your existing system either the Google,Wi-Fi or the nest Wi-Fi,you cannot combine those if you have,decided to buy the new Nest Wi-Fi Pro,routers,that is actually I like with the nest,Wi-Fi Second Generation and the Google,Wi-Fi,you may be asking whats backward,compatibility means,to better explain this Google Wi-Fi can,work with its older brother The Nest,Wi-Fi either it acts as an access point,to your nest Wi-Fi router or it will act,as a main router if you have the nest,Wi-Fi access point which is the kind of,setup that we have I hope that makes,sense,you actually have the liberty of mixing,and mashing those devices depending on,your needs,let me just throw you some specs that,both Google Wi-Fi routers and Nest Wi-Fi,routers and access point has,as far as speed Google Wi-Fi router,first generation and the nest Wi-Fi,router and access point supports 2.4 and,5 gigahertz Network,Google Wi-Fi routers can support up to,1.2 gigabytes per second speed same as,the nest Wi-Fi access point and the nest,Wi-Fi router,supports up to 2.2 gigabyte speed,but its up to whatever speed you sign,up with your internet provider,based on my experience you will not get,the same speed that youre paying for we,are signed up for a one gigabyte per,second fiber plan with our provider and,we are only getting around 800 to 850,megabytes speed up and down which I,think is decent and I dont have any,complaints about it,now as far as the coverage the Google,Wi-Fi router can reach up to 1500 square,feet per router,in contrast the nest Wi-Fi router can,reach up to 2200 square feet of space,and the nest Wi-Fi access point supports,up to 1600 square feet,but of course you cannot really trust,that since there are other factors,affects your Wi-Fi coverage like,your other appliances around your home,materials that your home were built,like if its made of concrete,at first a single router with Google,Wi-Fi can only cover a part of our home,and its very difficult to play around,with the devices that I want to place to,basically everywhere,so I decided to get a nest Wi-Fi point,and that changes everything,so again what we got is a Google Wi-Fi,router as our main router,that is connected to our isps modem,and then we have two Nest Wi-Fi points,to extend the range of our Network,I will link them down below if any one,of you are interested in getting one,now to get a better understanding how,our internet coverage plays out,as you can see the Google Wi-Fi which is,the first generation acts as our main,router it is located in our kitchen,on top of our fridge that covers most of,the back part of our house including the,dining area kitchen laundry room,then the first Nest Wi-Fi access point,is located in our entryway that covers,most of the front part of the house,including our bedroom living area garage,front porch and the last Nest Wi-Fi,point is located upstairs that primarily,covers our home office,in our use case we are mostly covered,with the smart devices that we decided,to install from home cameras to speakers,to sensors and everything in between so,having one main router and two access,point is more than enough,and the good thing about these routers,and most likely other routers out there,as well is taking support up to 200,devices which is plenty for most people,and as a heavy user of Wi-Fi smart home,devices they are only got about 80,devices that is connected to our home,Wi-Fi that includes light bulbs light,strips,speakers displays plugs and other smart,home cameras,and the good thing about these access,points compared to the other system is,the built-in Google Assistant,which is being able to use them as an,access point and slash a smart speaker,is a no-brainer for me on top of using,Google as a platform,and the last reason I think I will not,change my current setup to Google Wi-Fi,Pro system is that personally we dont,have any devices at the moment that can,connect to a six gigahertz Wi-Fi band so,using a mesh system that offers six,gigahertz Network whether its from,Google or from other brands but not,gonna work for us,maybe in the future if we have devices,like newer phones that can take,advantage of the new Wi-Fi standard I,will consider getting a Wi-Fi 6E,compatible router but for now I really,dont see any use of the Google Nest,Wi-Fi Pro,and yeah there you go those are the,reasons why we use the Google Nest Wi-Fi,slash Google Wi-Fi combo in our setup,and will not change anytime soon to,Google Wi-Fi Pro system,if you learned something new to this,video consider liking it and to see more,smart home related content subscribe,appreciate it so much this is Art again,from a few texts later,thanks for watching and see you in our,next video

Google Nest Wifi Pro Unboxing and Setup!

hey everyone Tim Schofield here and,Google just sent me the new Nest Wi-Fi,Pro which is a Wi-Fi 6E router it can,turn into a mesh system we have a single,one here now if you did want to turn,into a mesh system you get the exact,same model so thats one thing thats,different about the Wi-Fi Pro is that,all of them are the exact same so you,have your main router and if you want to,add access points you just get the same,exact device so all of them have the,same ports everything is the exact same,with it using Wi-Fi 6E it uses the six,gigahertz band Which is less crowded,than youd find in the 2.4 or the 5,gigahertz band but of course keep in,mind you need a Wi-Fi 6E enabled device,coincidentally the pixel 7 Series does,actually have Wi-Fi 6E to connect to a,router like this anyways were going to,take a quick look what comes in the box,and then run through the setup process,Im going to be using this as my main,router for the time being so well run,through set it all up and do some,testing as well lets get started heres,the new Nest Wi-Fi Pro from Google in,that fog color Wi-Fi 6E also it says up,to 2200 square feet of coverage,obviously you can expand that with,different access points so opening it up,right away there is the router pretty,small actually not a crazy size pretty,minimal in terms of the design nothing,too crazy no antennas sticking out of it,you could set it up on a shelf and most,people probably wouldnt even know that,its a router setting it to the side for,just a second lets see what else we get,in the box warranty information getting,started guide pretty standard you also,have your power cable which doesnt use,USB type-c anything like that a,proprietary connection right there and,then you also get an Ethernet cable so a,single ethernet cable which is flat so a,flat ethernet cable its probably too,used to connect to your modem so that,you do have internet connection and then,your power cable taking a closer look at,the nest Wi-Fi Pro its still really,kind of cool just a little playful,little ball almost but on the back you,have two connections you have a can slot,for your modem so youll connect this to,the modem and then this is your ethernet,port which you can connect another,device I wish there were more ethernet,slots maybe two but again theres size,limitations to those type of things so,pretty simple power connection for the,modem ethernet and then your just your,ethernet slat to connect to maybe uh TV,desktop laptop game console covering up,some information but at the bottom there,is a little reset button right there,this is also a grip down at the bottom,so its not going to slide around,wherever you set it on a table anyways,lets go ahead and plug our router in,once we get it plugged in were just,going to need to go to the Google home,app on our phone and lets get it all,set up so I plugged in our Nest Wi-Fi,Pro near where my modem is and then just,open the Google home app search for,devices and there it is it found it,right away Nest Wi-Fi Pro lets go ahead,and scan the code that was at the bottom,of the router lets you know you need to,plug it into a modem so it can get,internet connection so I will make sure,that happens theres a decent chance,youll run into this issue where youll,need to restart your modem so once you,plug in a modem into a new router,generally youll want to unplug that,modem wait about 10 seconds and plug it,back in all right connected to our,router checked for an internet,connection and now it is going to your,legal terms you can put it in one of,your rooms within the Google home app,now it prompts you to create a Wi-Fi,name I am using my pixel 7 Pro by the,way in case you were wondering what,phone this is named the Wi-Fi set a,password for it and now you can turn on,Nest Wi-Fi cloud services which gives,you family Wi-Fi guest Network Advanced,networking device list so activating,Nest Wi-Fi cloud services definitely,brings you a lot more features to your,device all right finalizing our Network,youll notice it is now connected up,here I am kind of far and in between a,couple rooms from where the router,actually is so just kind of make note of,that want to set up another Wi-Fi device,so this is where you would set up,another access point after you set up,your home base router looks like theres,an update for our router so Ill let,that download install and then I will be,back to check out the settings we have,for our internet connection so Ive got,my router all set up I connected my,desktop to the ethernet port of the,router connected a couple of devices,everything looks good your Networks,online everythings all connected you,can do a quick speed test which we will,obviously Im in another room and itll,depend on the internet speeds that you,get but you can set up a family Wi-Fi to,pause it on kids devices for bedtime via,the app or the assistant block adult,sites also set up a guest Network so if,you dont want your guests to connect to,the main Network you can set up a,completely different one thatll have,its own SSID and password but for now,lets just run a quick speed test again,this is over Wi-Fi the router is in,another other room alright so there was,no animation or anything it just said,testing download testing upload and it,output these numbers again this is over,Wi-Fi I do pay for gig internet at least,on the download side upload speeds I,think I pay for 40 megabits per second,uh Id have to double check on that but,solid 781 megabits you know again over,Wi-Fi in a different room when I do pay,for Gig speeds so this will vary,completely dependent on a lot of,different factors if other devices are,pulling data,Etc anyways you can look through your,devices lets go into settings though I,want to show again family guest network,but theres preferred activities here,where you can just check boxes of Google,meet Zoom so it recognizes when thats,being used and oh my gosh includes,stadia oh man rip,so you can have gaming preferred as well,if you find you have issues with either,of these you can actually check and,prefer those privacy settings is an,option for uh cloud services or usage,data to send notification settings if,theres a new device that gets added to,your network or guest Network losing,connection password,mismatch and then Advanced networking,right here theres a couple options to,make note of to use wpa3 or 160,megahertz channel for maximum,performance on five gigahertz you can,try these out if youd like to but again,they do note that some devices might,have compatibility issues so if you do,turn that on you start to have issues,with some of your devices over Wi-Fi you,know this is probably the culprit so use,that at your own discretion other than,that pretty classic network,configuration settings down at the,bottom nothing too crazy out of the,ordinary also worth noting you can,change the status light on the front of,your router between low high and off so,theres just three settings that you can,toggle between so overall seems like a,pretty simple basic setup was very easy,to do once I got it plugged in it was,all ready to go through the Google home,app uh pretty standard Easy Settings a,great entry level router you know for,some someone thats really just looking,for a plug-in and its working and then,again adding devices is also easy once,you get that main homepoint router setup,you can just add more and more Nest,Wi-Fi Pro for a mesh Network so anyways,thats about it everything I want to,cover for now drop a comment let me know,what you think again drop a comment let,me know what you think about the design,of them too uh pretty unique uh more,minimal and just not necessarily a,router its not very obvious that it,looks like a router Ill definitely have,to do some more testing add a ton of,devices get you know multiple streaming,devices going while gaming Ill probably,stream on Twitch as well connected to,this router while doing other things so,more to come drop a comment let me know,anything about the

Google Nest WiFi | Setup & Review

hello gorgeous peeps this is Kristen,text Burton and today were gonna be,setting up and testing out and reviewing,the Google Nest,or Wi-Fi so Google fans might remember a,couple of years back we had the Google,Wi-Fi this is the successor to that the,nest Wi-Fi cuz of course all of Googles,smart home kit now comes under the nest,brand like the last version the nest,Wi-Fi is of course a mesh Wi-Fi system,you can adjust by the route or by itself,and it will work perfectly well this is,the combined pack so you get the router,and you get the point as well which you,just stick somewhere else in your house,where you got a bit of a Wi-Fi black,spot and that just helps to boost your,connectivity the nest Wi-Fi router by,itself will cost you 149 quit here in,the UK that gives you 2,200 square foot,of coverage if you want to buy this pack,here the router and the point that will,boost your coverage up to 3,800 square,foot and I cost you 239 quid and if you,do buy on the routes will then decide,later on that you do want the point you,can buy one of those separately for 129,quid this is very similar set up to the,original Google Wi-Fi as you can see,there but do not have full built-in,Google assistant support which well be,testing out in fall and general,technology has been improved in a number,key areas so lets have a gander at what,you actually get in the box thats on,there pretty damn tight oh there we go,so youve got of course the nest Rooter,and the nest of point they do look very,similar as you can see theyre playing,that white curvy affairs very nice and,either should blend into any kind of,home decor you cant tell them apart,quite easily though because the next,point does have these four far-field,mics up top and bit speaker grille,action down below as well as because,its got the built-in Google assistant,support something that you dont get in,the actual Rooter itself and yet there,you have the actual power cables as you,can see the the actual plugs look very,much like the head of roots fur and the,point themselves very nice youve also,got a very white Ethernet cable to get,it all set up and thats it for the Box,very straightforward stuff its also,mentioned before a very simple,straightforward design for both Rooter,and the point absolutely shouldnt clash,with any of your home furnishings so you,can stick them proudly on display,without any stress about that and of,course you shouldnt bury them away or,anything because that will dampen your,coverage and if you actually give a damn,about the environment the grit uses that,the Google Nest mini is that made from,40% recycled content so Captain Planet,would definitely be giving you a thumbs,up for that one there is actually a,teeny-weeny little Google logo,top which is actually very hard to say I,almost completely missed that in fact if,you check out the connections down below,its very simple straightforward affair,again you busy got your power connector,in the middle and then Julie finet ports,as well one for getting connected to the,Internet another one to hook up to a,smart or major such as a TV streamer or,a computer something that allowed their,needs really fast internet access,obviously quite limited compared with a,lot of rivals and the point is even more,basic youve only got the power,connector there down below thats it nor,Ethernet port or anything like that and,you do have a mic mute button on the,back here as well cuz of course youve,got those four Barfield mics built into,the top so if you just on a mute the,Google assistant make sure he doesnt,pick up on any of the random shenanigans,your sin just give that a little flick,job done so get the nest Rooter all set,up should hopefully touch would be nice,and straightforward so Ive plugged it,in as you can see weve already got a,little glowing lights down below just,assure that it is actually alive and,kicking now what Im gonna do is just,pull out the internet Ethernet cable,from my old Rooter and then shove it on,into the nest Rooter and then to get the,nest Rooter all set up what youll need,to do is dive on into the Google home,app and then go to add as you can see,there the nest Wi-Fi router has popped,up so just give that a tick youll see,that down here on the base of the nest,Rooter youve got QR codes for all you,need to do is just basically hold your,phone up to that make sure its scanned,thatll blow it to me but it seems to,have picked it up and the rest of the,setup is blissfully just as simple and,straightforward all you got to do is,enter your ISP account name and password,and boom you connected to the Internet,now its worth pointing out that the,nest Wi-Fi does not support the new,fresh version Wi-Fi six when we ask,Google about this they basically said,there are many supported devices out,there for Wi-Fi six right now in fact as,far as the smart phones goes basically,new iPhones thats pretty much it even,the new pixels dont support it and so,therefore Google decided to cut costs,and not add that support but of course,in 2020 it will become more widespread,and I wont be surprised to see a new,Wi-Fi six version of the nest Wi-Fi,release then and of course that lack of,Ethernet ports on the back of the Google,Nest Wi-Fi is also an issue if you have,more than one bridge or beer station,that you need to set up in order to,connect your various smart home and,gadgetry in that instance youll have to,use an Ethernet switch which of course,then ruins that hold clean and fresh,setup design but the less wife I suppose,download speeds of up to theoretically,two point,two gigabytes per second of course your,actual speeds will depend on all kinds,of stuff primarily your ISP and how good,your connection is there mines not,particularly great you can actually,check by going into the Wi-Fi section,here on the Google home app and then if,you just scroll down you see theres a,network section here you can run a speed,test and Ill just tell you the exact,download and upload speeds that you can,expect via the Google and nest Wi-Fi and,from within those Wi-Fi signs you can,check the general network health as well,make sure that the mesh setup is working,absolutely fine the point is well,connected to the actual Rooter itself,and troubleshoot any general issues and,the actual nest Rooter you get a four by,four video antenna setup now thats an,upgrade over the old two by two setup,file in the order Google Wi-Fi at all,the point itself does have a standard,two by two setup but in combination you,can connect hundreds literally hundreds,of smart home gadgets to your network in,fact you can actually check the exact,number of devices that are connected to,your Wi-Fi network at any given time,from within that whole map you can also,see exactly what kind of string they are,putting on your Wi-Fi as well spot any,offenders that are really bogging you,down and slow and everything else and,from within that menu as well you can,also set a priority device which is,particularly handy if youre gonna be,for instance gaming online you want to,make sure that twice gets the line share,of the bandwidth and for its kind of,limited you can only set it for a,duration of one hour two hours or four,hours you can set it for longer than,that any kind of custom effort but its,pretty standard anywhere to be honest,fortunately so far havent actually had,to use that feature beyond just sort of,testing it to make sure it works,absolutely no problem gaming online,upstairs while a family has been,watching nice bit of 4k Netflix,downstairs the connections been superb,throughout the house even when Ive,disconnected the point and just use the,router standard three bedroom house,average size for London so yeah,absolutely no troubles there its also,really good to see Google taking,parental controls very seriously on the,latest versions of Android and also with,smart home gadgets such as their nest,Wi-Fi in right here youve got the,family Wi-Fi feature which you set up,again by the Google Form app lets ju

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