1. Six Flags New England Review & Overview, Agawam, Massachusetts | New Englands Best Theme Park
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  5. Six Flags New England Review Agawam, Massachusetts
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Six Flags New England Review & Overview, Agawam, Massachusetts | New Englands Best Theme Park

Six Flags New England is the region’s largest amusement park.,Located in Agawam, Massachusetts just a few minutes from Springfield, Six Flags New England,traces its roots back to 1870.,But the park started transforming into the thrill destination we know today in the late,1990s and early 2000s.,Coaster enthusiasts seems to agree this park has one of the best one-two punches in the,world with Superman the Ride and Wicked Cyclone, but the park has so much more to offer.,Six Flags New England has a total of 12 different roller coasters, dozens of other rides, a,massive attached water park, and a little more charm than some of the newer Six Flags,parks.,Find out why I consider myself thankful to have this as my home Six Flags park in this,review.,This park originally opened in 1870 as a picnic grove known Gallup’s Grove.,In the late 1800s, the property would be renamed Riverside, which was a very fitting name considering,the back edge of the park bordered the Connecticut River.,The park started adding mechanical rides in the early 1900s, but Riverside closed from,1933 to 1939 as a result of the Wall Street Crash a few years prior.,In late 1939, Edward Carroll purchased the park and he was the key figure that transformed,Riverside into the largest amusement park in New England.,For nearly six decades, the Carroll family owned Riverside.,The park methodically expanded adding several rides including 7 new roller coasters, including,Thunderbolt, which still operates to this day, and the Riverside Cyclone, which has,since been converted into Wicked Cyclone but this was one of the wildest and most highly,regarded coasters after it originally opened due to its intensity.,Another unique addition Carroll added to the park was the Riverside Park Speedway, a 1/4,mile oval racetrack that would hold countless stock car races over the years including multiple,NASCAR races.,Then in the winter of 1996, Premier Parks purchased Riverside from Carroll and the park’s,expansion was kicked into overdrive.,For the 1997 season alone, Riverside received a new water park and Mind Eraser, a Vekoma,SLC that is now known as Riddler Revenge.,The following year, Premier Parks purchased Six Flags.,Riverside continued to expand, but the biggest evolution occurred in 2000 when the park was,officially renamed Six Flags New England.,And to celebrate the flagging, the park demolished the Riverside Speedway and built what is still,the park’s signature attraction to this day in Superman, a giant Intamin hyper coaster,that for many years was considered the best roller coaster in the entire world.,Six Flags New England has continued to expand over the past decade, but many of the rides,from when Carroll owned the park have been retired and removed.,There are two reasons for this.,First, a lot of the rides from the Riverside days were aging.,Two and more importantly, Six Flags New England is 100% developed.,Unless this park gets super creative, they will always have to remove something in order,to add something new.,I think that has been the case for every new addition over the past decade.,It is always a bit of a buzzkill to see a popular ride get retired, but it usually is,the right move for the park and I’m thankful this park continues to see solid investments,rather than remaining stagnant.,As the park expanded, one of the biggest issues was accessibility.,Unlike most major parks that are located directly off the highway or in a commercial district,,Six Flags New England is on a one-lane road that is essentially a residential district.,As a result, it can be a nightmare getting in and out of this park on busy days.,I always try to get to the park at least a half hour before opening if I’m coming on,a busy weekend to avoid the back-up on Route 159.,If you’re coming from Springfield, a major tip I have when you get off the highway is,to take River Road for most of the way as opposed to Route 159 since it’s less likely,to back-up.,However, it can be a lot trickier to avoid a traffic jam exiting the park.,There have been days it has taken me over an hour to get out of the main parking lot.,There is only one way out of the parking lot and it becomes a major chokepoint as everyone,rushes to get out.,And there is no traffic light onto the main road, so traffic cops have to continuously,direct traffic which slows things down mightily.,If you’re unfamiliar with how Six Flags New England is set-up, the main parking area,is located across the street, over a bridge, and down a really long pathway.,And this is easily one of the longest walks from your car to the main entrance of any,amusement park.,If you get a spot towards the front of the first parking lot, it’s still a good 10,minute walk minimum.,However, and this may sound counter-intuitive, I would avoid parking in the first row of,spots.,While you are parked closest to the trams and walkway to the park, it is a nightmare,getting out of these spots since the exiting cars will be routed down your row and almost,no one will let you out.,Park 2-3 rows back to avoid this.,If you are towards the back of the first lot or sent to the second lot which is even further,back, it can take 20-30 minutes to walk to the main entrance.,And that walk seems extra long at night after a long day at the park.,The park does have trams as I mentioned earlier, but they’re often comically short and not,as plentiful as you’d like, so I find it’s usually faster to walk unless I’m in the,very back of the second lot.,In the Riverside days, the parking lot was closer to the main entrance, but it was moved,across the street after the park was converted into Six Flags New England.,The amount of time it takes to get from the main lot to the front gate is definitely frustrating,,but it was the park’s only option to keep up with increasing demand.,However, there is a way to still park on the same side of the street- preferred parking.,If your membership includes this perk, I 100% recommend it for this park.,I’ve found the preferred lot doesn’t save too much time at the other Six Flags parks,if you arrive right at open, but it saves a ton of time at Six Flags New England.,From the preferred lot, it is only a 2-4 minute walk to the main entrance.,Not only that, this lot never backs up at the end of the night so it’s a much less,stressful time when you go to leave.,I spent way too much time talking about parking, but I’ve gotten stuck in that main lot countless,times that I know how to not get burned now.,If you have any intention to visit Six Flags New England multiple times or visit any other,Six Flags parks, I strongly recommend a season pass or membership over a daily ticket.,It’s not that much more and often includes parking.,The cheapest rates are often found during their Flash Sale, which is usually around,Labor Day.,Moving onto the park itself, Six Flags New England is one of the nicer looking parks,in the chain.,And I love how this park’s main entrance is set-up.,The entrance itself is a classic colonial style building and you’re immediately greeted,by the park’s classic Carousel once your inside.,As you make your way down Main Street, you have old brick buildings to your side and,the park’s impressive skyline straight ahead of you.,Plus you have the Connecticut River running along the back edge of the park.,You don’t really see the river while you’re walking around the park since it’s blocked,by the trees and rides, but you get some stunning views when you’re on any of the taller rides.,The other areas feel similar to what you find at other Six Flags parks, but the areas are,done well.,Crackaxle Canyon may be one of the weaker areas of the park in terms of rides, but this,western area’s architecture is on-point.,Rockville has that retro 50s vibe and it looks especially nice at night with lights turned,on.,The DC Super Friends and Gotham City areas were both recently renovated so all the rides,in these sections sport fresh coats of paint.,And both Looney Tunes Movie Town and

University of New England REVIEW [An Unbiased Review by Choosing Your Uni]

everybody been here from a life that,travels today were in Armadale checking,out un EES beautiful campus so join us,as we explore une and all the options,available to you here,[Music],it is a little chilly on this morning,here in une so I did go ahead and put my,little coat on here behind me youll see,one of the colleges here at une there,are quite a couple of colleges for,students to live on campus so if you are,looking for an on-campus experience the,UNT campus might be one you want to,check out something you might not have,known about une is that is it is the,only public university here in Australia,that has been a white awarded five stars,for overall experience,thirteen years in a row whether youve,been to armadale or not its very likely,that youve heard all the radio,advertisements about you any specific,courses these courses allow you to kind,of chop and change the course that you,want to do so you dont have to enroll,in a full-time degree definitely,recommend checking it out on you and Es,website with me today I have my,colleague Beck chessmen from the global,society shes going to talk to you guys,a little bit of today about what its,like to actually study online at une one,of the awesome things about un a is,their online education so you and I have,actually been doing online courses since,1955 which is way way longer than any,other uni in Australia and online,support is absolutely awesome you have,access to 24-hour support from tutors,online and the resources are just great,so if youre looking to do online,education une is definitely my top pick,another really great thing about un a is,I actually have a zoology Natural,History Museum on campus so you can,actually see a whole bunch of preserves,animals and behind me theres even there,dinosaur how cool is that,[Music],you,you

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Water Park of New England Review, Danvers, Massachusetts | NEs Best Indoor Water Park for Kids

The Water Park of New England is a water park  very few people know exists, even those in the  ,area. This is an indoor water park attached to  the Double Tree in Danvers, Massachusetts and in  ,this video, I will be reviewing this attraction  to help you determine if it’s worth visiting,  ,particularly in the cold winters around here. Part of the reason for the water park’s  ,anonymity is its history. The indoor water park  originally opened as the CoCo Key Water Resort.  ,This is a small chain of hotels and indoor  water parks across the US. In 2012, the Danvers  ,location’s hotel was rebranded as the DoubleTree  and the indoor water park remained, still going  ,by CoCo Key. In early 2020, the indoor water park  was forced to close due to the covid-19 pandemic.  ,The water park didn’t reopen until August  of 2021, but it opened with an all-new name  ,in the Water Park of New England. However, the  park still has somewhat of an identity crisis  ,since most people still know it by its original  name. The signage on the highway still references  ,the old name. The DoubleTree website still  calls the water park CoCo Key. And even worse-  ,and most inexplicably- the contact number on  the park’s website still calls it Coco Key.  ,I’ve never seen any ads for this place and I  hope they can work on their branding to get  ,more traffic because I was literally the only  customer there during my visit a few weeks ago.  ,I’ve been to indoor water parks on off-peak  periods- typically during weekdays during  ,daytime hours- but this was a Friday night.  Needless to say, I didn’t have to wait in  ,any lines. The staff members did say they’ve had  much healthier crowds on Saturdays and Sundays,  ,but weekdays have been very quiet. The park  was originally open Wednesdays through Sundays,  ,but now the park is open just Friday evening and  both Saturday and Sunday, but definitely check  ,their website for the latest hours since they  could change if demand increases or as summer  ,approaches. They’ve already added extra dates for  February vacation week. Based on reviews on Trip  ,Advisor, it’s clear people are showing up to a  park that is- much to their surprise- closed.  ,I also would suggest checking  Facebook. Over winter break,  ,the entire water park was unexpectedly  closed for a week due to mechanical issues.  ,The Water Park of New England is  located behind the DoubleTree.  ,It’s connected to the hotel via a bridgeway,  but it also has its own separate entrance.  ,The entrance isn’t very well-marked. It has no  sign and looks more like an employee entrance,  ,but this in fact is the customer  entrance for the water park.  ,Once inside, you reach a lobby that doubles  as the ticket and check-in booth. Visitors  ,can proceed directly into the water park. You  can either purchase a small locker for $10  ,or a large locker for $15. The lockers  are located in three different areas-  ,just inside the water park, inside the locker  rooms, and oddly in the aforementioned lobby.  ,The changing rooms are smaller than most  water parks, but suitable for a place of  ,this size and I like how there were many  private stalls that included showers.  ,I like the general look of the water park. There’s  this boat hull near the main entrance and while  ,there isn’t much other theming, the attractions  are colorful. The place also seemed clean,  ,although I admittedly was the only one there. The water park is on the darker side,  ,which is the case with a lot of indoor water  parks. This one doesn’t have a sun roof.  ,You have quite a few windows on the back wall  and then some higher ones on the other walls.  ,Many reviews online cited the air  and water temperature was frigid,  ,but I was comfortable. And I visited on  a day when it was 10 degrees outside.  ,The water park is roughly 65,000 square  feet in size, which isn’t massive for an  ,indoor water park. But it has the essentials.  You have some water play areas for the kids  ,in the oddly named Dip-In Theater and then Corral  Reef Canyon. The latter is actually home to the  ,park’s biggest pool. This park doesn’t have a  designated wave pool or anything like that.  ,In the center of the park, you have the Parrot’s  Perch water play structure. This placement is  ,ingenious since the constant motion of the water  effects adds a ton of kinetic energy to the park,  ,which was much appreciate on a day as dead as it  was. Parrot’s Perch is basically on an island.  ,The main pathway and Coconut Grove Lazy River then  circle around it. Now it is worth noting that the  ,lazy river seems to be closed a lot, presumably  due to staffing. It was closed for me and many  ,reviews have cited that this attraction has either  been closed or operated on a shorter schedule.  ,You then have some hot tubs  in the back of the park.  ,And last but not least, you have the main water  slide tower in the back right corner of the park.  ,This slide complex is roughly 4 to 5 stories tall.  You have two tube slides and two body slides.  ,Each of those pairs has one illuminated  slide and one pitch black slide.  ,The two body slides are easily the  park’s most intense attractions.  ,Shark Slam is the dark one. And Gator  Gush is the semi-translucent one.  ,Both slides have good speed and  some decently forceful turns,  ,but they aren’t the smoothest. You can definitely  feel the seams in between slide pieces on this  ,one. While these were my favorite slides, I had  to stop after a few rides due to back discomfort.  ,The two tube slides offer milder experiences.  Barracuda Blast is the dark one and Pelican  ,Plunge is the illuminated one. The slides have  average speed, a few dips, and no memorable turns.  ,The best aspect about these slides is that the  employees allow you to experience them backwards.  ,These four slides each have a height limit of 48”.  I was surprised the tube slides were that high,  ,even in a double tube. A lot of tube  slides are closer to the 42” mark.  ,In general, this water park is best suited  for kids, but if they’re under 48”, just know  ,the only slides available to them are the tamer  ones on Parrot’s Perch and the Dip-In Theater.  ,So do I recommend this water park? It depends. I think Great Wolf Lodge in Fitchburg  ,is New England’s best indoor water park, but I  think this is a good water park for young kids.  ,It’s an approachable size. Then you have a  few water play structures plus the larger  ,slide tower in back if they’re over 48”. I think thrill-seekers may get bored here  ,and I’d recommend visiting one of  the region’s other water parks.  ,But it all comes down to pricing. While  you can visit that aforementioned Great  ,Wolf Lodge for as low as $25-40, it  frequently costs $70-$100 on weekends.  ,Water Park of New England costs $30-$45  depending on the day. I do think that  ,price point is expensive when compared to  outdoor water parks given their offerings,  ,but you’re paying the extra premium for the  indoor setting. I don’t think it’s worth it in  ,the summer months, but it’s more attractive  in winter when you have far less options.  ,I think the best deal is the $20 twilight  ticket offered on the days with longer hours.  ,I think you only need a few  hours here, not a full day,  ,so the reduced rate is the best value.  As a thrill-seeker, I only needed an hour  ,there considering there was only one major  slide tower and the lazy river was closed.  ,Remember, I literally had the place  to myself and no lines to cope with.  ,So those are my thoughts on the Water Park  of New England in Danvers, Massachusetts.  ,What are your thoughts on this indoor  water park? Have you visited this place  ,or did you visit back when it was CoCo Key?  Let me know your thoughts down in the comments.  ,If you enjoyed this review, I’d appreciate  it if you gave this video a like  ,and you considered subscribing since  there will be a lot more roller coaster  ,and amusement park videos here at  Canobie Coast

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hey everybody andre over at zimmermans,and today were going to do something a,little bit different in the past weve,talked about different ski companies,specific skis but today were going to,talk about a little bit wider variety,were going to have a conversation today,about what skis are actually fantastic,for new england skiing over here we call,it the ice coast we got to deal with ice,hard pack crud and trees so today lets,get down to the bottom of it and see,what works best,[Music],first up on the list today weve got the,enforcer 94 from nordica this ski right,off the bat super fun and its going to,make you feel like a hero its got a,pretty good amount of rocker in the tip,but adding in two sheets of metal in the,ski is going to give it a lot of,horsepower and some really really great,stability when youre really pushing,hard,one of the things that makes this great,for new england is the fact that with,that metal in it its going to give you,a little extra bite and a little extra,grab on that ice that we all need,because of the rocker in this ski its,super accessible for almost anybody to,get on so whether youre just kind of,approaching that intermediate level but,really trying to work your way up from,there or if youre already a really,advanced rider you can have a great time,on this thing,[Music],one of the days that really shined out,for us was actually up at one of the,demos at waterville valley in new,hampshire it was kind of a dust on crust,type situation so that was one of the,things where the metal in the ski really,helped to power through that hard pack,underneath but with that rocker we were,able to float right on top and kind of,really enjoy some of that softer stuff,sitting around on top of the trails,[Music],next in line is actually a brand new ski,from atomic the maverick 95 ti this ski,replaced a super fun really great ski,that was an awesome entry level ski the,advantage 97c from them,what they did is they took everything,that we knew and loved about that ski,and they gave it a little bit more oomph,a little bit more power and a little bit,more versatility so with this they,actually added in a sheet of metal and,they took some characteristics from the,bent shetler which is actually the,horizon tip,the horizon tip that they added in with,the maverick actually comes from the ben,chetler but its very reminiscent of a,ski thats been around for quite a while,which was the older scott crusade,basically the concept behind this is to,take all of that snow all of that crud,that we hate seeing on the trails that,usually throws our tips all around and,its going to help funnel that toward,the center of the ski just to make it a,little bit easier to ride and make sure,that you have a little bit more,stability while youre going down the,trail,in new england this ski is really going,to shine pretty well in the spring,actually when we get all those mashed,potatoey snowy conditions out there,where we just have to jump through a,whole bunch of garbage on the trails,having that technology in the tip is,just going to funnel it all where it,needs to be and just help that riding,experience get way better for you,next up is actually the widest ski on,our list and a personal favorite of our,cameraman scott this is the ben shetler,100 this is actually also going to be,the only twin tip on the list so similar,to the maverick this has that same,horizon tip technology in here but this,ski is going to be super surfy super,floaty and its going to give you that,extra little bit so if youre going to,head up to somewhere like a killington,or a j approaching powder days this is,where the ski is really going to shine,for you,this ski here is going to be one of the,very few skis on this list that you can,go anywhere from ski park,hitting the groomers hitting the back,country you can even put a shift on this,if you want to go tour with it you can,skin its fun anybody can get on this,thing and have a good time whether,youre charging whether you like to,smear your turns whether you like to hit,the park if youre on the groomers the,side of the trail of the trees its,going to hit pretty much everything you,could ever ask for it being a little bit,wider is just going to lend you that,extra little bit to pick you up over,some of that softer snow but its still,going to make you feel like a god when,youre on some of those really great,soft snow groover days,med sheller 120 awesome ski but its,going to make a better second ski so as,far as what we see here in new england i,really love the bench 100,next up is a ski that youre probably,sick of hearing me talk about but i have,to because its just so damn good the,rip stick 96 from a lot this ski kills,it in new england 96 in the waist so,its just wide enough for some float but,also narrow enough that you can really,lay this ski over,one of the nice things about this ski is,its super lightweight,thats going to do a few things for us,here a for how hard that were working,for our runs here,having something thats a little bit,lighter is going to make sure that,youre not getting beat up too hard all,day long youre not sick of lugging,around a super heavy ski outside of that,if you wanted a ski that will do a,little bit of everything this is a,really great candidate for one of the,salomon ship bindings so you can tour,with it you can resort with it you can,ski back country you can skin you can,have a great time no matter where youre,going,[Music],one of the things that makes this ski,super unique is the amphibio technology,that along does,without going too crazy into detail you,have rocker on the outside of the ski,camber on the inside of the ski so you,do actually have a right and a left ski,what thats going to do is that rocker,helps you get into the turn camber holds,you in that turn one of the things that,elon had in the last couple of years is,actually a strip of carbon on the inside,of the ski so thats where all of your,power is going to go when youre in a,turn its going to really help you bite,really help you hold on some of those,super hard pack conditions,bottom line on this ski,almost anybody can go have a good time,whether youre,you know just kind of approaching the,intermediate level if youre an expert,skier help glenn flake skeets this this,is his personal ski youre always going,to have a good time on this whether its,no soft whether it snows hard if its,dumping out youre gonna have a blast,last but not least on our list is the,vertice from black grows,this ski is one of the only full camera,skis on the list and one of the few on,our wall,super fun its a blast to ride this ski,is really going to shine if youre the,kind of guy that loves being in the,trees but particularly if you like being,in the bumps theres no metal in this,ski all wood core its poppy its snappy,its fun so youre going to have a great,time whether you like to lay it over on,the groomers hit the bumps just have a,great time,the virtus is also one of the narrowest,skis on this this list so this is going,to be pretty nice if,maybe getting into something a little,bit wider is new to you so if youre,coming off a pair of skis thats 10 15,years old and youre ready for an,upgrade this is going to feel a little,bit closer to what youre used to but,also help get you into some of the newer,technology here so this is going to feel,like it goes super fast edge to edge and,youre going to feel like you get some,of that old school feel to it but youre,gonna have all of the modern stuff that,you could ever want to ski,one of the biggest standout days for the,ski was actually before we even started,carrying this we were up at pico in one,of the demos super hard packed day every,single person from the shop that came in,and skied this,it blew their mind,we had to carry it we brought it in and,we havent stopped selling it since,we had a lot of skis to choose from so,heres a couple honorable mentions,salomon qst 98,vocal mantra m6 weve got the,headquarter 93 and obviously bra

Six Flags New England Review Agawam, Massachusetts

in summer of 2017 I finally got the,opportunity to visit the Six Flags park,that I had been hearing so much about,for quite a long time,this is Six Flags New England located in,Agawam Massachusetts theyre famous for,their wicked cyclone in Superman the,ride roller coasters but they actually,have quite a few in their collection and,several thrilling flat rides family,attractions and a full-sized waterpark,so in this video Ill be giving my full,thoughts on everything Im not gonna go,too much in depth with the,rollercoasters because I will have,separate reviews for them posted,sometime down the line if theyre not,already available so for this Im mainly,going to focus on the park and do note,that I did not get a chance to go inside,the waterpark so I will not be talking,about that for this video now first,impressions I gotta say this park is,charming it looks nice sure theres some,characteristics about it as with all Six,Flags parks that arent too appealing,such as the advertisements everywhere,kind of cheap looking logos or displays,billboards that kind of thing this is,definitely an amusement park there is,some theming but nothing really over the,top any theme youll find is gonna be,very loosely done if there is any,theming at all so Im just gonna kind of,walk you through my day in different,observations I picked up on probably the,first thing I want to mention is,something that I thought was odd and I,didnt know about until I got there and,thats that the parking lot is on the,other side of the street you have to,walk across a bridge to get to the park,I had no idea about that going in and I,was very surprised when I had to walk up,a bunch of mm stairs to get there so,again thats what Im talking about its,those kind of things that Im not big,fan of like the obvious product,placement that just looks bad so as,funny as it is the youre walking up,M&Ms not a big fan we got there pretty,early in the day and the first thing I,know is Ive been going to Six Flags,America for years it is almost the exact,same entrance so if youve been to Six,Flags America and not New England take,note of that its like the exact same,now looks nice so I dont really have,any complaints other than that it is,yeah its its a carbon copy of the,entrance at another park but again at,least its nicely done just maybe not,the most ideal so we get inside the park,and were there rope,but I gotta say I think this is the,closest I have ever been to experiencing,the Hunger Games in my life as soon as,the Rope dropped its all these GP,school field trip groups and they just,bolt straight for Superman it felt like,the purge absolute chaos I was not a big,fan of all these school groups like no,offense if you were part of those school,groups but like yeah you guys like kind,of suck it was rather irritating cuz Im,trying to go ride my ride so I get in,supermans queue line and then theres a,write up saying hey if all you kids,dont behave well put you back on your,school buses and Im just like were in,college but then I realized that we were,the only people there older than 16 so,yeah that I was not a fan of at all so,just be aware of that and while were,talking about rides this is one of those,parks that will not let you rewrite even,if the station is completely empty which,when we went there the park was pretty,deserted after around midday when it,rained so the all the lines were,non-existent we could have stayed in our,seats on multiple occasions but we were,told we had to walk around every single,time park policy so not a big fan of,that but I also recognize that this is,not the only park with that rule now I,want to talk about layout for a bit,because this has got a pretty,interesting layout the park is very wide,it doesnt go too far back but it seems,like the back section is mostly for the,kids and then like a whole Plaza,dedicated to Superman in this whole kind,of DC area but some of the DC rides are,like spread out so I dont really know,what was going on there but the area,around Superman looked very nice they,had done some great landscaping and I,loved all the tunnels in the pathways,and you just see the coaster going,everywhere that was really cool and this,is also one of those parks that has,several areas with like a decent amount,of stairs and steps youre gonna see,that backed by Superman and then also,when you go up to ride wicked cyclone or,the New England SkyScreamer for those,two rides specifically you have to go up,a pair of steps and then it splits off,for their individual entrances but those,are really the only areas where you have,to think about that because of the,elevation changed the rest of the park,is fairly flat now as the first timer I,found a few areas of this parks layout,to be a little,using it was kind of a moment right to,take a step back and say okay wait where,am i one area that I could not even find,until someone pointed it out to me was,that that Canyon pathway where you have,Houdini and tomahawk theyre just kind,of tucked away and you really have to,know where it is to find it,I believe I passed by that pathway,several times before even noticing that,it was there talking a bit about the,food I actually only ate at one,restaurant in this entire Park because I,ate there for both meals because it was,really good so thats a good sign its,JBs barbecue good stuff and its on the,dining plan dining plan has lots of,options pretty much everything is on,there except for Panda Express which is,a bummer because it is on the Cedar Fair,dining plans so I would highly recommend,eating at JBs barbecue but,unfortunately I am NOT able to talk,about any of the other restaurants in,the park because I did not eat there so,I dont know if its good if its bad if,its mediocre I just dont know I think,overall thoughts on this park go like,this they have a great amount of rides,theres gonna be something for everyone,that being said if youre a thrill,seeker theres really only gonna be a,handful of rides that will really appeal,to you because you have the two,outstanding rides we get cyclone and,Superman on the ride and then you have,Batman The Dark Knight that is pretty,good everything else is just kind of,okay its just there its filler,coasters and also they have two,boomerangs which is really stupid so,when I was there I pretty much just went,back and forth between wicked cyclone,and Superman,everyone smile poppin in a ride on,Batman so I say coaster collection is,pretty good,I wouldnt say its spectacular because,really theres only two coasters that,will like blow your mind that being said,they are both really good they also have,some family coasters,theres an entire Looney Tunes themed,areas theres two main kids sections and,both of them Id say kind of look fine,they look pretty tacky kind of your,typical Six Flags like cheap attempt at,theming so I mean it looks good enough,so I mean like its passable but Ive,definitely seen nicer areas so to just,kind of wrap things up final thoughts,would I recommend this park I say yes,its definitely one of those larger well,known Six Flags parks that you really,should get around to at some point if,you can its not my favorite Six Flags,park but it has a lot of pros to it the,pros outweigh the cons and the cons are,often just silly things and often,a corporate level where you cant just,get mad at Six Flags New England because,youll find those same trends at all Six,Flags parks,I remember the staff being pretty,friendly the service to be pretty good,so if you get around to it Id say yeah,definitely give this park a shot so,those are just some of my thoughts on,Six Flags New England and Ill go on,Massachusetts make sure post all your,thoughts below in the comments section,on what you think of this park if youve,been here if you greet my thoughts if,there was anything I missed,anything you disagree with you can let,me know down below and of course stay,tuned for more Park reviews coming soon,to coaster studios

APUSH Review: The New England Colonies

whats going on a push piece we have a,video for you today so Leon,the New England colonies some porn topic,to know whether its for a short answer,question or a potential essay topic as,well all right before I begin shout out,time I want to give a shout out to mr.,ODonnells class and nearby Niagara,Falls and mr. felices class in the,dominican republic so cool that these,videos are being watched in other,countries thank you for your support I,appreciate it all right lets do a brief,intro the New England colonies consisted,of Massachusetts Rhode Island,Connecticut and New Hampshire most,people when they think of the New,England colonies think of Massachusetts,thats your John Winthrop and those,Puritans alright lets talk about the,New England economy and it really,consisted of small towns and family,farms not plantations like the south the,geography and the climate did not favor,large-scale farms and plantations in New,England like they did in the south we,also have a mixed economy of Agriculture,and commerce including merchants ship,bale building whaling etc so lots of,different commerce was occurring in New,England and slavery did exist many,people think that slavery was confined,only to the southern colonies that is,not true it did exist in the New England,colonies it was just on a smaller scale,right the New England demographics,talking about the makeup of the people,you were more likely to see families,than other regions living close together,and grandparents too and heres a,grandparent with his grandchild and,there were higher life expectancies than,other regions that is why you were more,likely see grandparents in New England,the weather was cooler so diseases,didnt spread as easily New England,politics made people think in the town,hall meetings where the community would,gather and pretty much anybody could go,to the town hall meetings but in order,to vote in the town hall meetings would,to be a member of the church would to be,white and a land owning mail so a,significantly small portion of the,population was able to vote most people,were not able to vote members of the,community as I mentioned could attend,but they could not vote in they could,not speak,at these meetings so when you watch,presidential debates or presidential,elections you hear this town hall,meeting where people gather and kind of,ask questions to the candidates that has,its roots traced all the way back to the,New England Town Hall meaning this is an,early form of democracy although again,its very limited the amount of people,that are able to participate in this,democracy it is an early form of,democracy in American history so about,religion in New England,Massachusetts was dominated by Puritans,it was really founded by them John,Winthrop in his famous city upon a hill,speech if you want a video that breaks,that down a quick video lesson for,minutes check it out in the description,they were not religiously tolerant so if,you did not follow in adhere to the,Puritan lifestyle you would encounter,challenges and difficulties and could,even be exiled like Roger Williams was,to Rhode Island which he helped found so,here is Roger Williams he was kicked out,for challenging the clergy along with,Anne Hutchinson and he established Rhode,Island where we see separation of church,and state and religious freedom he also,treated Native Americans pretty well he,wanted to pay them for the land that,they lost so Roger Williams and John,Winthrop they used to be boys they used,to be pretty close but they butted heads,John Winthrop who was a many time,governor said you know what Roger you,got to get out of here youre,challenging the Puritan church too much,all right some test tips for you for,multiple choices short answer definitely,know how religion affected the,development of New England be able to,compare and contrast this region with,other regions and for essays,specifically I could see one on,comparing with other regions especially,the influence of religion and the,economy so thank you guys very much for,watching I appreciate it best of luck on,all your tests and have a good day

GMFB reacts to Patriots vs. Raiders Wild Ending

that ending in Las Vegas yesterday uh,was pretty much on par with other things,that happened in Las Vegas it was wild,Jason whatd you make of it I was a part,of the Miami Miracle play and this was,far worse,I could not believe it as Im watching,the TV screen and bill says situational,football and anybody thats worked in,sports media been in the NFL around the,game the Patriots are known for the way,they handle any and every situation,throughout a game and well get to the,last play of the game but I think it was,just not it was uncharacteristic of them,the entire game we saw early on in a Red,Zone they have an opportunity to score a,touchdown Jacoby scores but they call a,timeout before the play then we watch,them come back and throw it to Nelson,Aguilar on the third and one one-on-one,they dont get it they call the time out,theyre getting ready to go for it on,fourth down fall start then they kicked,the field goals just like all it is two,timeouts all of these plays just to kick,a field goal at the end of the half,theyre going on to punt the ball it,looks like maybe nine of the 11 guys are,ready for the punt it looks like theres,maybe some type of communication trying,to be had Jabrill Peppers is looking,Adrian Phillips is figuring out next,thing you know the ball is snapped pump,blocked at the end of the half this ends,with a Mac Hollins touchdown going in,this is not Patriots football so then we,watch the last play of the game is just,like it was a microcosm of the entire,game of what was going on for the New,England Patriots and this place starts,out and its obvious like theyre going,to draw play theyre going into half and,then so much transpired after that Peter,take it away well they said you know,like and then 24-24 Mac Jones just throw,a deep passive on or take a knee and go,to overtime like I dont know what is,going through there and it means like of,all the teams thats not the team thats,supposed to happen yeah Belichicks,supposed to be a punch line like if that,happens and I hate to say a neighbor,like if it happens to the Cowboys you,say oh well thats the Cowboys,the Jets the Raiders,Colts yes it doesnt happen to Belichick,I,Im at a loss of words and do we have,the Jacobi Meyer sound because I thought,this was actually interesting do we have,that bill and I know Im calling for it,with the producers do we have Jacoby,Meyer soon,I found it interesting because,a lot of players like wouldnt talk to,the media afterwards and like Jacoby,Myers just like took the heat shut up,stood up there and was like thats on me,it was 100 on me and I respect we dont,even need to put the sound thats,because Ill play with him thats the,type of guy he is hes a leader like he,does hes not going to shop because,because other people were asking him,about remandre hes like no no this is,on me because this is like this haunts,you for a career this is Leon Lett stuff,this is you know Jim Marshall stuff,running the wrong way,Jacoby Myers oh he had that that idiotic,play he took the Heat and hes not an,idiot hes not hes not a dumb person,hes not a dumb player hes a,quarterback like he,this is soul crushing and then I think,to your point Jason like it wasnt just,this play there was so much work like,the whole team deserves blame for this,thing and it includes the coaching staff,how do you not communicate this properly,okay what the hell were they doing Im,glad if you owned it what the hell was,he doing,Im here for the hijinks and the lateral,unit and who knows if youre down yeah,the game was tied you dont do that with,a tie you go to overtime I I think it is,bizarre that they didnt try a deep pass,Bell check straight up said afterwards,we cant throw it that far thats not,great so you run the draw play and,remember breaks a few tackles and then,ramandre I think has to own some of this,too which he did and he starts turn he,starts the lateral Shenanigans he starts,it and I think that once he started I,was like wait were like oh were doing,the lateral thing all right I got this,and so reminder it says screw it I got a,big gain here maybe we can score so,right now you think he thinks hes,losing right here I do I think he lost,his mind I think he lost and then hes,for some reason he saw Mac Jones which,in that situation you know on a letter,to Mac Jones like you want to ladder off,to the fast guys and he just zered in on,him and he throws this pass that makes,no sense is a complete psychological,meltdown and I listen I sympathize with,him too also Mac Jones youve got to get,him down I have seen Aaron Rodgers,tackle in his prime Brian Urlacher I,Ive seen Ben Roethlisberger save the,Steelers season and Jerome bettiss,Legacy by tackling a cult you got to get,a shoelace somewhere um a full melt I,thought the same thing Ive the last,team Id ever seen its gonna be a,punchline and that is a that is butt,fumblesque it is that is Jim Marshall,that is one of the dumbest plays in NFL,history and the Patriots made it and by,the way let me just say this quickly I I,they may finish seven and ten have you,seen the way they finished this series,they got Cincinnati Miami and buffalo,this could be it like that they needed,that game bad and they blew it in like,the most infamous way of all time,situational football is when its third,and six you dont run to Third and five,its the line you get six yards thats,that situation the football that was,psychological nuclear warfare yeah I,cant believe what I just saw Jamie I,cant believe so the way the Patriots,end the season is brutal but you all,remember how they started this season,like we couldnt figure this team out,like they were they won pretty good,games they beat the they lost the,Packers but then they,one more time against the Packers and,they lose to the bearers on Monday Night,Football but then they shut out the,Lions and were like what is going on,with this team we couldnt figure them,out we have a zappy hour experience in,October and now Mac Jones is back but,what is he this was desperation this,that play was the definition of those,guys were desperate and I think they,were acting as if they were losing,because they felt like they were just as,confused about the season that we were,about the Patriots like this team makes,no sense the way theyve gone about it,the talent that they have when theyve,won when theyve lost we cannot figure,them out frankly we had stopped talking,about them over the last couple weeks,because we were so confused by them and,frankly I think because we saw the,schedule down the stretch that they,werent going to give us the answer that,we wanted now we have it because that,moment those decisions I think come from,a from a brain space of this team was,desperate to find an answer to a season,that I think was a question mark all,along yeah and to your point I dont,know if they just got caught up in the,play but from a communication standpoint,everybody on the offense should know as,theyre running that play were going to,overtime Latin were not trying to win,the game at this point and what you just,said why not just take a knee take a,knee go down,were gonna dissect that play out for,the rest of our lives yeah Chandler,Jones misses the tackle if he makes the,tackle there the games going on,oh my goodness Im picking up a lot of,yards we can score there were a lot of,theres no answers that were like oh,lets put up like a ridiculous situation,and then to hold my beer like those are,great if you want to have like a laugh,this morning theres a lot to hold my

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