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  4. How The Matrix Resurrections Repeats the Last Jedis MISTAKES (Movie Review)
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The Matrix Resurrections Review

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The Matrix Resurrections Is HORRIBLE – Movie Review

just gonna dress up for this put on like,a black outfit with some shades im sure,a lot of other critics are doing that,you know because the matrix is cool,i didnt though because unlike the,original trilogy the matrix,resurrections isnt cool it isnt smart,it isnt revolutionary it doesnt make,you question things yes the matrix,resurrections isnt a lot of things but,the one thing it certainly is,terrible,this is going to be a spoiler free,review ill put out a full-blown [ __ ],fest afterwards day or two later and,well talk more well go further into,things i feel like you have to set the,table when your four movies deep and,its been over a decade since the last,one i am a massive fan of the trilogy,specifically number one i like many,impressionable teenagers when this film,came out was all in on the matrix i was,running up walls i was pretending to,dodge bullets saw the film in theaters,three times i wouldnt shut up about it,i had wallpapers on my computer i just,the movie is still in my top ten,its just so unique its so special it,has some amazing characters and ideas,its got one of the best villains in,cinematic history agent smith it has,such a cool protagonist with not just,neo but trinity and morpheus the sequels,went a different direction than i was,hoping for i still enjoy the hell out of,them number three was a massive letdown,when i saw it in theaters a long time,ago over time its gotten better for me,and for a while i thought man are new,movies just getting that bad where im,looking back on some older ones fondly,or were my expectations just too high,and the ideas i had in my head werent,what the wachowskis were thinking about,so it ultimately went a different,direction and let me down the answer,most definitely is the former movies,today especially these big blockbuster,resurrections of sort,are absolute garbage and even when they,are competently done like a jurassic,world or a star wars force awakens,they ultimately fizzle out right away,because they were playing off nostalgia,and didnt have really any creative new,bones in their body there was a lot,there and i havent even talked about,matrix resurrections and honestly i,dont want to,the film once again goes deep into the,whole blue pill red pill thing you can,take the blue pill stay ignorant in,wonderland with alice or you can take,the red pill and see how deep that,rabbit hole goes which pill makes me,forget this movie exists thats the one,i want when i first heard that lana,wachowski was coming back solo to direct,this i thought to myself okay this might,be okay actually the wachowskis as a duo,had a few good films and then a whole,bunch of bad ones,starting right after speed racer they,basically made nothing but trash maybe,their tv series was better but uh my god,cloud atlas whatever that film is with,channing tatum where hes got cat eyes,uh jupiter rising or jupiter ascending,what a what a disaster but maybe lana,witchowski untethered from her sister,would do a better job well see if shes,the one with the talent in the family,shes not,shes not at all especially in the,writing department the script for this,movie is an absolute [ __ ] show i think i,read an early review that this movie was,going to be polarizing for fans old and,new,no,no its its just bad,if its polarizing then the taste of,moviegoers has gotten so awful that its,not even worth talking to them about,since this is spoiler free were just,going to go through the checklist of,what i look for in a good movie the,script the story the plot,bad bad bad are you sick of sequels that,come out many years after the original,regurgitating plot points and dialogue,and nostalgia just for the sake of a,cheap reaction then its going to be,hard for you to get past this over two,hour film let alone the first 10 minutes,because the whole movie is remember this,remember this it is so meta it is so up,its own ass,that it cant even be bothered to tell,anything unique i was predicting scenes,camera shots and music half an hour 45,minutes before they even hit i went with,my good friends to this movie weve seen,all of them together in theaters so this,was kind of a big deal generations of,the matrix in theaters what a splendid,idea all of us hated it,not even disliked it full-blown hatred,of this movie lets push away the script,how was the action a staple of the,franchise they they birthed bullet time,they gave us phenomenal choreographed,action and spectacle the likes that,hadnt been seen before whats a more,aggressive word for dog [ __ ],first of all there is a decent amount of,action the camera got a lot more shaky,since the first three movies though uh,secondly neo mostly does this,stopping bullets and throwing and doing,force pushes he doesnt do theres like,one scene where hes doing hand-to-hand,combat in this movie and thats a,training simulation which you see in the,trailer not not good either every single,time lana reminds me of the older movies,shes doing herself a disservice because,they were done better in those films,shes cosplaying here shes doing a,shitty interpretation of a movie she,already made at best this movie comes,off as a bad parody at worst it ruins,the matrix films that came before,theres a scene in the film where they,reference bullet time they actually say,those words and they talk about how they,need to up the game for a sequel so what,do they do,bullet time but way worse,it has this herky jerkiness to it almost,an in and out of focus,blur effect that looks miserable its,not fun to watch,the only thing thats retained from the,original trilogy is the sound effects of,what,so story is a miss actions a disaster,by the way the action scenes theyre,theyre cut up really poorly too that,shot in the trailer where shes running,in the hallway and goes up sideways and,then flips over,it doesnt connect well the the shots do,not line up theres something off about,it and that goes throughout this picture,okay of,the music remember the music from the,original trilogy don davis,junkie xl,lincoln park and marilyn manson good,freaking awesome bands plus the symphony,plus the overall scoring of the movies,the burly brawl i mean theres so many,amazing songs gone,gone from this new one,where we have like two composers ive,never even heard of you have some of the,original theme obviously sprinkled,throughout but the new stuff is boring,its its lame,everythings lame this is the matrix,wheres the coolness wheres the leather,where are the shades where the where are,the agents theres like no agents in,this movie and theyre not a threat i,was never fearing for this new morpheus,or for neo or trinity i was never scared,for them i never was enthralled in the,rich,backstory of the machine world and and,how theyre able to do all the things,theyre doing i never once had to tap,into my brain and think about things i,was more or less just,befuddled,confused,not in a smart way in a why the [ __ ] did,they do this kind of way its amazing,how lana knows exactly what made the,original so great but doesnt have the,capability or the wherewithal to make it,again this is a hard pass usually i say,watch the film make up your mind,yourself no,no if you i i cant imagine any fan any,real fan of the original trilogy going,to this and saying like oh wow this was,great this was such a return to form,its a chore to sit through its a bore,to sit through its frustrating its,miserable,i hated every second of it those are my,thoughts on the matrix resurrections,wasnt that fun,if you saw the movie let me know in the,comments below how much you hated it if,you liked it oh i cant wait to hear why,like the video if you had some fun,subscribe to the channel for more honest,reviews and hopefully ill see you soon,nostalgia sure is a wonderful tool isnt,it we can cart out these old ass actors,make them do the things they did 20,years ago much better its a fun time,you know what else is fun supporting,people you like on youtube such as,myself you could talk to your friends or,fa

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The Matrix Tried To Warn You

the matrix is one of the greatest films,ever made hitting 460 million dollars in,just box office sales alone and the,matrix was an instant hit and after two,decades its relevancy continues to stand,strong with terms coined from the movies,such as the matrix and the red pool,becoming widely adopted in modern,culture and yet even more interestingly,is that the matrix is perhaps one of the,most beautifully prophetic and,meaningful movies ever created in,history so what is it about this film,that made it so culturally important how,could this movie continue to be so,relevant after 20 years what was the,movie tapping into well this brings us,on to the bedroom of a depressed pasty,software engineer a nighttime hacker,called neo who is slumped over in his,trash filled room with the bleak film,coloring resembling his nihilistic empty,doll existence that neo lives in at the,start of the matrix neo is a nihilistic,man his corporate life a monotonous desk,job makes neo feel that his actions,dont have any effect on reality small,details in the film make this even,clearer with news flats being numbered,101 a direct reference to george,orwells book 1984 in orwells book room,101 was a torture room where people,would be shown their greatest fears in,order to mold them in the states ideal,image and neos life is left inside room,101 where he is tortured by the routine,and cant find any meaning in his life,so he seeks to find these answers,through his double life as a hacker but,comes up empty every time whatever he,does while locks inside the matrix has,no meaning but one day this starts to,change when he wakes up to find a,strange message on his monitor with the,message telling him that the quote,matrix has him and that he must follow,the white rabbit it seems as though this,could just be another hacker getting,back in neo this could all just be a,prank but then the last thing the,computer writes is knock knock neo just,before somebody does exactly that on his,door and when neo opens the door he,finds its a group of people led by a,man who wants to buy illicit information,held on a storage device neo lets out a,sigh of relief this is business as usual,but after the purchase is complete the,group invites him out to the club and,right as hes about to refuse neo sees a,white rabbit tattoo on the shoulder of,one of the women realizing that this,tattoo is part of the instructions sent,by him on the computer he accepts the,invitation knowing deed down that,something is up the decision to follow,the y rabbit is the first of many,decisions in nears rejection of the,matrix but he doesnt quite know this,yet and so when arriving at the club neo,is approached by a woman named trinity,who cryptically warns him of impending,danger neo recognizes her name as a,fellow computer hacker however she says,that was all a long time ago trinity,then talks to new about his general,dissatisfaction with life as she knows,that new is aimless and tormented by a,lack of meaning in his life she knows,that nihilism has sucked his soul so she,promises him that there will be an,answer cut to the next scene and we see,neo waking up later for work and,proceeding to get chewed up by his boss,but in the back of nears mind are,questions was following the white rabbit,just a dream who was trinity all while,neo continues his droning hollowed out,existence living like human cattle in an,artificial box with artificial lighting,trapped inside a spiritual cage with all,the other drugs the crushing weight of,his sterile existence makes neo even,more curious about the white rabbit its,a glimpse of something different and,just as neo continues to stay stuck,behind his cubicle he is then struck by,a cool from a man named morpheus theyre,coming for you neo and i dont know what,theyre going to do it will ask him that,the danger trinity he was telling nero,about is real and that neo is being,followed by agents in a tent scene near,briefly evades him agents who have been,looking for him but neos mind is the,only thing holding him back and nier is,actually successful in escaping the,agents hes finally taking that call to,adventure hes choosing to take his life,into his own hands this is the start of,neo breaking free from his cage but then,he comes up against his biggest,challenge as morpheus tells neo that the,only way he can escape the agents is to,walk across the ledge but his programmed,mind just cant overcome this obstacle,he doesnt believe in himself or his,abilities hes been programmed to be,comfortable hes never been their real,danger so his strength his mind and,ability is hampered causing him to,refuse that call to adventure and by,refusing the cool this represents neo,refusing to tackle his fear he knows,hell be successful if he overcomes his,fear and yet his weak anxious mind is,his biggest failure his nihilism is what,keeps him trapped in the matrix and so,neo fails to succeed resulting in him,being escorted to an interrogation room,a first neo believes that hes been,prosecuted by regular government workers,but when nira demands to be given his,rights they seal his mouth shut as if it,was done by magic they then implant a,mechanical tracking bug into his stomach,meaning that neo would now always be,tracked in the matrix hes an outlier,and outliers are the biggest threat to,their society and then just like that,neo is back in his bed again seeming,like this was all just a dream and yet,somehow niu is immediately called again,by morpheus who gets trinity and some,other crew members to pick him up before,neo meets morpheus trinity removes the,bug that is tracking him proving to neo,that this wasnt a dream from here neo,goes on to meet his mentor morpheus,whos living inside an abandoned,building morpheus confirms all of new,suspicions telling him that his whole,life is a lie and that he was born a,slave to the matrix this was why he was,so demasculated becoming just another,corporate drone it was all by design,however morpheus then offers neo a,choice the decision on whether to remain,blissfully ignorant or learn the true,nature of the matrix similar to our own,reality nobody can really be told what,the matrix is one has to experience it,and find out for themselves so morpheus,then opens up his palms revealing the,notorious red and blue pills in his,separate hands in his left hand lies the,blue pill neos ticket to blissful,ignorance if he takes this pill neo will,simply wake back up in his bed believing,in the nihilistic system that has,brainwashed him going back to his lonely,miserable atomized existence all while,remaining ignorant to the true nature of,the world and on the other hand sits the,red pill taking this pill will grant new,access to the matrix allowing him to see,the world for what it truly is as nasty,as it may be this decision is the,crucial point of neos story and marks,the first phase of nears heros journey,the heros journey is one of the oldest,tales of mankind its a narrative,structure that ranges from all kinds of,stories from star wars to the bible the,term was coined by author joseph,campbell he describes this as being a,deeply ingrained part of the human,psyche that allows humans to push,through walls and do the impossible and,pursuit of meaning in the real world the,heros journey is our path towards,self-improvement and overcoming our,neuroticism anxiety fears and laziness,which is why right now were seeing this,whole new wave of self-improvement,serving as a counterbalance to the,nihilism thats embedded so deeply in,modern society but this isnt a modern,thing in fact many forms of buddhism,gave a similar path to enlightenment,along with so many other religions the,heros journey is a process thats been,taken by all of mankind its every step,out of your comfort zone that brings you,further towards truth its every action,that you take towards self-improvement,which brings you closer to unlocking,meaning in your life and its one of the,key things that the matrix tries to show,we see this

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How The Matrix Resurrections Repeats the Last Jedis MISTAKES (Movie Review)

after all these years to be going back,to where it all started,back to the matrix,[Music],im here ladies and gentlemen to confirm,something for you and im sorry i have,to be the one to say it,someone does have to say it,the matrix 4,resurrections,is indeed,the last jedi of the matrix franchise i,know,i dont want to be the one who had to,break it to you and im sorry all you,great matrix fans out there who somehow,have not made time to see this movie now,available in the theaters and hbo max,maybe youre holding out hope but this,is going to restore the matrix franchise,to its former greatness no this is a,mess this is a big old mess this is a,situation where i have to argue that,this movie should not have been made for,any reason not in the form that it is,this is a perfect example of what,happens when hollywood just wants money,and doesnt care about story or you know,the idea of a saga having a proper,conclusion and just go yeah i know i,know they all die in the last one can,you bring them back so we can put them,on mugs and funko pops again its,honestly depressing to see storytelling,being led by this this corporate greed,and i am surprised that lana wachowski,director went along with it i dont know,if she went along with it out of her own,greed or if she really was convinced,that there was a way to do this right,but i think she was sorely mistaken this,this movie is a nightmare and i want to,talk about why but before we get into it,dont forget to subscribe not only here,but to my new channel vito 2 where were,talking about all sorts of pop culture,topics if you like hearing from your boy,veto i want you to go check out my new,channel tons of fun over there but lets,get into the review there will be,spoilers be warned spoilers incoming,lets get into it alright so real quick,i want to break down what this movie is,about which is hard because its a,matrix moving theyre always way too,complicated but heres whats at the,core of it as youve likely guessed from,all the trailers and posters and promo,material neo is not dead nor is trinity,theyre both alive and trapped in the,matrix again okay,fine were doing the same thing already,did with the other movies why are they,back in the matrix well its so stupid,and i really hate it after neo did his,glorious self-sacrifice in the original,trilogy the robots or a rogue robot they,grabbed his corpse and they grabbed her,corpse and they tortured them they,tortured the crap out of them and in,doing so figured out how to hook them,back into the matrix brought them back,to life and now theres a new matrix run,by neil patrick harris we dont want,anyone to get hurt,do we thomas i mean im sure this,sounded smart when the wachowski lady,came up with it this new matrix is based,on the concept of desire and fear so,its i did not come up with this so as,stupid as it sounds as cringy as it,sounds im not responsible for this the,idea that you want something really bad,but youre also afraid of losing what,you got quietly yearning for what you,dont have while dreading losing what,you do,for 99.9 of your race that is the,definition of reality,desire and fear baby and that is,represented by the corpses or reanimated,corpses of neo and trinity which the,matrix now has hooked up in a big,chamber next to each other so all of the,power of the matrix is the idea that you,want somebody i mean lets be clear you,want to [ __ ] somebody you want a trinity,but you cant because your pods arent,next to each other and also in this new,matrix shes got like a like a new,husband and fake robot kids hey are you,trying to follow my mom or what brandon,i have one so in this in this universe,neo keanu reeves is reverted back to the,role of thomas anderson except now hes,a game programmer and im sure every,review if you watch any other review you,know this stupid tidbit he has,programmed a video game trilogy called,the matrix,inside youll find the breakdown,including key word association with the,brand the top two being originality and,fresh which i think are great things to,keep in mind as you begin working on,matrix four,and who knows how many more,a video game which is just made up of,movie scenes from the original matrix,its not a video game its clearly a,movie i dont know why they said why did,they make him a film director i thought,it would have been really cool if they,used scenes from the matrix video game,and said yeah he programmed this trilogy,of matrix games but instead they show,film footage which makes literally no,sense its not his memories because his,memories arent in you know a third,person shot on film stock and its,clearly not scenes from his video game,so when they keep showing all these,projecting all these scenes from the,original movie it makes no narrative,sense whatsoever and you could say its,like meta and bold or whatever else i,just think its really stupid because it,was not a terrible explanation that he,has all these memories of the matrix how,does he contextualize them oh thats a,video game i made and i made the,character look like myself and i made,the girl character look like this chick,i have a crush on at the coffee shop,okay whatever i mean at least its it,kind of that makes sense but then you,should have went the extra step and,actually created either a a fake game or,b just used footage from the awesome ps2,xbox game which would have fit in,perfectly,now theres a bunch of other stuff,thats too complicated to explain,quickly basically theres a new morpheus,that neoprogrammed as an amalgam of the,original morpheus and agent smith so,that that would arise the suspicion of,people from the zion but its a new zion,and they break him he they break him out,of the matrix whatever its a long,stupid thing all you need to know is,that neo starts off the movies dumb,computer programmers convinced the,matrix was the thing he made up and then,they break him out and he goes oh my god,it was real all along and now the movie,is all about oh but trinity is still,shes in the matrix too shes still,there,when you unplugged me there was another,pod,weve analyzed the data,it could be trinity the opening of the,movie is this big intense frantic thing,to get neo out of the matrix right to,save him which they do,and the second half of the movie is to,do the exact same thing its like we got,to get trinity out and youre like [ __ ],you were there she was right there,across from neo why didnt you get them,both in one go,i know that the movie says like oh we,didnt know she was there and you know,only but still it feels really weird,to have the movie be the same plot twice,gotta get neo out okay we did it now we,gotta get trinity out all right lets do,that so basically they go new zion they,learn about everything thats been,happening they meet up uh niobe is old,now morpheus is dead whatever make a big,dumb plan to get trinity out of the,matrix and what the plan basically boils,down to is,first of all i mean they have to get her,out of the pod i never understand these,movies where its like these two these,two pods are running your entire matrix,why dont you put like a couple security,cameras in that room in case anybody,swoops in and tries to tries to rip them,out of the pods the machines are the,dumbest machines in the world they have,never thought theyre like lets build a,million,flying eyeballs to patrol the skies and,go well did you put some of them in that,room with those pods and theyre like,that would have been smart because,without them the matrix collapses we,probably should have put some cameras in,there whatever the matrix,the machines are dumb as hell but i,guess what it comes down to is that neo,has to go into the matrix and get,trinity to decide to leave the matrix,which is,so anti-click,to me,they build it up like its this huge big,thing like maybe trinity wont want to,leave if she tells me this is what she,wants,you win,really you know maybe shes committed to,living in the matrix now and im like,are you guys kidding me this i

The Matrix Resurrections – Movie Review

all right so just to let you know Im,not going to talk spoilers in here this,is a spoiler free review however I will,touch on some things that were seen in,the second trailer which I hadnt seen,so I was like does everybody know that,its in the second trailer so youve,seen the second trailer Im not spilling,anything new also theres one thing in,here again I was like how much can I,talk about that in interviews with the,actor they freely talk about it so there,is that so yeah not spoilers but I just,want to warn you as to what spectrum of,information Im pulling from and it is,information thats out there thats not,considered spoilers per the filmmaker of,the film little double speaks trip me up,anyhow lets go,[Music],so the Matrix resurrections is the,fourth film in The Matrix franchise and,the trailers well I didnt see the,second one but the first trailer I,thought was pretty extraordinary in,terms of how trailers go great song,Choice great editing to go with the,music I was intrigued it had my,curiosity and then the movie started and,the entire beginning of this movie is,recreating literally recreating the,opening scene in the first Matrix movie,I was like oh is that how its gonna be,its just gonna be Nostalgia bait member,berry pie uh what kind of a lot a lot of,this movie is that but first going to,talk about what I liked in this movie,and Jessica henwick I liked her a lot I,really liked her character shes a,character thats easy for me to like you,know shes like nope this is the mission,we gotta find and help Neil shes a pain,in the ass to wear superiors who feel,like nope she shouldnt do this thing,shes like well screw you Im gonna do,it anyway I like characters like that I,liked her in the movie shes actually a,really big standout In Here Also it goes,without say but its great to see Keanu,back I mean its great to see Keanu and,carrion Moss but theres this build to,it you know neither of them remembers,the events of before but theres a,strong connection between the two Ill,say that about this movie in concept Im,going to say that a lot theres theres,a lot in concept that works in here as,its a really interesting Concepts and,ideas its different than stick in the,landing but a concept they definitely,had in here is the concept that theres,this connection between Neo and Trinity,because in the Matrix Reloaded when,Colonel Sanders is breaking it down and,hes talking about Neos motivation for,saving the human race is very focused,its love its love for Trinity this,movie did its best to drive you to the,point of like okay these two really mean,a lot they have a love that transcends,life death and any version of The Matrix,very love conquers all in a few scenes,in here where something happened and I,just thought of the power of love,the visuals in this movie were cool,theyre fine not groundbreaking like the,first Matrix maybe thats just the fact,of any Matrix movie The Matrix changed,fi at minimum and Cinema in reality its,like movies changed after the Matrix,this isnt going to have that effect,short of like plugging the entire,audience into an actual Matrix for them,to experience this movie its not going,to be that however if you look at the,original Matrix not only in some of the,fight scenes are there long shots of,just fists going back and forth uncut,but also shots that looked like they,were pulled from a graphic novel like,you could pull that shot put it in a,graphic novel or a comic book and youre,like oh yeah visually,same energy as they say even the Matrix,Reloaded in revolutions like visually,speaking had some really cool stuff that,stood out this movie just you know felt,like an action movie in 2021 looked cool,had some really cool scenes maybe weve,seen it all but maybe thats why they,shouldnt make a fourth Matrix movie now,the Press,reality lends itself to being self-aware,and meta and self-aware and meta this,movie is this is a very self-aware and,meta movie one of the most self-awaren,meta Ive ever seen Ive seen it,compared to Wes Cravens New Nightmare,different things not like Keanu Reeves,plays Keanu Reeves and he was once Neo,and he has to re-figure that out Keanu,Reeves plays a software developer who,created a Trilogy of games called thats,right the Matrix the premise lends,itself to being self-aware absolutely,but I think it does it to its detriment,it just beats it over your head the,point that this movie is self-aware of,the Matrix theres even a monologue,someone has with him is like oh we need,to make a fourth Matrix Warner Brothers,says its gonna happen with or without,us and at a point it just kind of felt,like a Wachowski vanity project there,were so many meta references in this,movie that the audience I was with was,laughing it I dont know that the Matrix,is supposed to feel like a comedy but at,a point it did it breached that meta,line to being like okay were going for,laps now and we are accommodating I give,this movie credit for addressing how the,world changed after the events of the,original Matrix trilogy its not like,okay Matrix is happening again it takes,place after the third one everything,they did was it didnt amount,to anything there is definitely it,amounted to something I appreciate that,thats actually one of the things I find,most interesting about this world seeing,how the world changed how its different,how the Matrix is dealt with differently,how robots in our world and robots in,that world and humans in our world and,humans in that world like theres a,different Dynamic there I probably,appreciate that most about this movie,because that is the film looking forward,not looking back I mean granted they do,quickly look back after moments like,that its like yes heres the present,look into the future and that happened,because the original Matrix trilogy,speaking of the original Matrix trilogy,uh remember that you remember I remember,great remember the original Matrix,trilogy because it was great and that we,need you to remember that and how that,was great in order to assess how this is,great suppose one of the reasons the,whole self-aware meta thing this movie,was going for started to wear on me is,because the movie was joking about it,then it became that which it was joking,about ironically or unironically other,than the fact that when new Morpheus is,talking to Neo he has b-roll footage of,the original Matrix of Morpheus talking,to Neo want to project her in the,background but there are things with the,characters I dont understand why they,felt they had to do that Yaya Abdullah,Mateen II being Morpheus I theres a,story based reason as to why he is,Morpheus and how he is Morpheus but I,never felt like he had to be Morpheus he,could have just been a new character if,you want to have Morpheus back you can,bring Lawrence Fishburne back as,Morpheus you dont have to have,canonically killed him in the Matrix,online I dont even know if thats how,he went down its just like hes not in,the movie I dont know that he died in,The Matrix online and thats what this,movies going off of and this is where,its not spoilerish it was in the second,trailer and in interviews with the actor,but so Im going to talk about it if you,dont want to know youve been warned,but Yaya Abdul Martine the second being,Morpheus is how I felt about Jonathan,Groff being Smith its like these,characters could have been new,characters its fine to have new,characters maybe they saw how,unmemorable the new characters were in,this movie because you have a new ship a,new crew as I call them Jessica henwick,and other people because shes the one,who stands out maybe there was a freak,out moment where theyre like oh we need,to I dont know just make them,characters that people know but new,Smith doesnt embody agent Smith at all,Yaya Abdullah Mateen the second its,like oh yeah thats Morpheus he does,feel like the character more than new,Smith feels like the character music,like from the trailer when you see him,say Mr Anderson,all right,it doesnt feel like Hugo w

The Matrix Resurrections Should Never Have Been Made

you know it takes quite a lot to stir me,from the party food and prosecco-induced,coma that i tend to live in between,christmas and new year but the matrix,resurrections is such a movie not,because im here to sing as praises like,spider-man no way home or anything god,no this movie is quite literally the,ying to nowhere holmes yang a boring,cynical creatively bankrupt attempt to,milk an old franchise for all its worth,awkwardly reconning new ideas into a,narrative that was already completed,decades earlier shout out by a pastor,prime filmmaker who doesnt seem to know,why shes even making this film and,featuring a mixture of creaky,middle-aged actors who can barely keep,up with the action scenes and a cast of,forgettable young hopefuls that are,about as memorable and distinctive as a,late night visit to mcdonalds in short,the matrix redirections is everything i,feared it would be in my trailer review,and more much more damn even i didnt,predict just how [ __ ] this film would be,anyway as they probably said on the,first day of shooting this thing lets,get this [ __ ] show over with so we can,all go home the movie kicks off with a,straight up rehash of the iconic opening,scene from the first film featuring a,bunch of different actors and if that,alone doesnt clue you into the kind of,[ __ ] youre about to experience then all,i can say is,ignorance is bliss,it also introduces us to gender studies,graduate who i initially assumed was,going to become the new protagonist only,for the script to gradually forget that,she even exists also what the [ __ ] is,this monstrosity it looks like someone,took a birds nest spray painted it blue,and super glued it to the top of her,heads,[Laughter],so gender studies graduate suddenly,comes face-to-face with morpheus whos,now an agent for some reason only he,eventually became self-aware and decided,he needed to find the one,[Music],[ __ ] off film anyway once we finished,reminiscing about other better matrix,movies its time to reunite with neo,whos now an older man working as a,games designer for a respectable,software company it turns out the,original matrix movies were just a,series of video games that neil helped,to develop 20 years earlier and now his,corporate overlords are pushing for a,cash grab sequel and if this is all,coming across as desperately meta like,the movies somehow trying to convince,you its on your side by mocking the,very forces that led to its creation,then well all i can say is,that is the sound of inevitability,neo is now a wealthy but unhappy man,living alone and unfulfilled in his,expensive house and yearning after a,strangely familiar woman who goes to his,local coffee shop each morning hes also,having trouble separating fantasy from,reality which forces him to take regular,medication and visit a therapist played,by neil patrick harris in his foreheads,hmm i wonder if this could turn out to,be significant later a few minutes later,so this turns out to be significant when,fake morpheus and gender studies,graduate confront neo and persuade him,to take the red pill and wouldnt you,know it he wakes up in a sleeping pod,again gets rescued by a hovership again,meets the crew again and goes through a,fighting program with morpheus again,then gets taken to zion again and the,place is now led by a very old naobi,remember that extremely interesting,character that everyone cared about from,the previous films nah me neither the,upshot of all this [ __ ] is that its,now 60 years since the events of the,previous movie the humans that were,originally trapped inside the matrix,began to rebel against the programming,leading to an energy crisis and a civil,war amongst the machines but neil,patrick harris on his forehead,eventually found a solution in the form,of neo and trinity by resurrecting their,dead bodies and plugging them back into,the matrix and somehow their unfulfilled,love for each other is what keeps the,system,functioning i dont [ __ ] know man and,i dont think lana wachowski really,knows what shes trying to say here,either the point is that neo wants her,back so he launches a mission to go back,into the matrix find trinity and rescue,her from neil patrick harris in his,forehead meanwhile gender studies,graduate and her forgettable friends,have to sneak into the machine city and,retrieve her physical body without the,machines finding out so neil does all of,that [ __ ] and gives her a chance to,leave the matrix but then trinitys like,nah itll be fine then her husband chad,and i really mean that his name is,literally chad gets just a little bit,too pushy so shes like nah it wont be,fine so neil patrick harris in his,forehead is like right you guys have to,die then agent smith who now looks talks,and acts like a completely different,person shows up for some reason and,saves the day then neo and trinity jump,off a building and trinity decides that,she can fly now because shes also the,one or whatever,[ __ ] off film then they go back to neil,patrick harris in his forehead and,trinity beats him up despite the fact,that hes a [ __ ] administration,program who cant even feel pain then,they have a good old laugh and fly off,into the sunset while holding hands,[ __ ] off film the matrix regurgitations,is a [ __ ] ridiculous disaster of a,film that reads like a piece of clumsy,fanfiction written by a sweaty,overweight teenager from 2004 who was,bummed out that his favorite heroes got,killed and wanted to bring them back to,life again for more adventures it,accomplishes absolutely nothing except,to undermine and reset everything that,happened in the previous three movies,once again neos trapped inside the,matrix and has to be freed so that he,can see the world for what it really is,once again humanity is enslaved by the,machines and only a small force of,resistance fighters can rescue them once,again theres hovercrafts and sentinels,and a human city deep underground and,once again a character has to discover,their true power so they can fulfill,their destiny it doesnt just recycle,the same concepts and philosophical,ideas it literally rehashes the same,exact scenes dialogue and characters,beat for beat sometimes even going so,far as to overlay footage from the,original movie instead of paying homage,to its predecessors and cleverly working,in iconic lines and character beats into,a new story like say oh no way home the,matrix revelation is just straight up,copy stuff under the week pretends that,its ironically making fun of cash grab,sequels sorry lana but you dont get to,have your cake eat it and mock the whole,concept of cake at the same time back,when i reviewed the trailer i questioned,why they would even make a sequel like,this long after the matrix bubble had,burst and what new ideas they could,realistically bring to a narrative that,already felt pretty complete and after,watching it from start to finish i still,cant [ __ ] tell you and i dont think,lana wachowski can either theres some,pretty crude observations about modern,culture being obsessed with feelings,over facts which i can almost imagine,driving certain parts of twitter into a,frenzy of impotent rage some extremely,clunky dialogue about the red pills and,how a persons life boils down to more,than just a binary choice hmm i wonder,what that might have been influenced by,and if i was to be super forgiving ill,acknowledge that the films message that,neither men or women can reach their,full potential alone and that a union of,the two is needed to maintain a balanced,society is actually a pretty fair one,and again picturing the reaction to a,premise like this really does put a,smile on my face but generally speaking,the film feels like a cynical repeat of,the same process that drove the force,awakens reintroducing characters and,events from previous movies and using,them as a jumping off point to retell,the same [ __ ] story all over again,like the romance between neo and trinity,i mean as cool as they were individually,they werent exactly ele

The Matrix Resurrections — How to Fail at Sequel | Anatomy Of A Failure

this video is sponsored by morning brew,a free daily newsletter that keeps you,up to date on whats going on in our,simulation in a quick non-boring way,inside youll find the breakdown,including keyword association with the,brand which i think are great things to,keep in mind as you begin working on,matrix four this cannot be another,reboot retread regurgitate why not,leave itself,oops,[Music],the matrix resurrections is a story,about a storyteller being forced to,return to an old franchise to make a,sequel,thats not only the premise of the movie,but also the premise behind the movie,because according to the producer,warners was adamant to continue the,matrix with or without the original,filmmaker which you can definitely find,in the subtext as well our beloved,parent company warner brothers has,decided to make a sequel to the trilogy,one,they informed me theyre gonna do it,with or without us i thought they,couldnt do that,oh they cant,and they made it clear theyll kill our,contractor,and im not gonna sit here and pretend,not to understand the studios decision,the world of the matrix has so much,potential both narratively and,financially so it makes sense to return,to it and whether the general execution,here was positive or negative whether,resurrections is a great movie or not,thats up to you im sure theres great,arguments for both sides,but when it comes to being a sequel when,it comes to strictly continuing existing,material resurrections is a,predominantly negative example and i,think the best way for us to understand,why that is and learn from it is to,contrast it against the positive sequel,aspects we identified about wrath of the,titans in a video before now i dont,think wrath of the times overall is a,better movie than matrix resurrections,but it is hands down the better sequel,because it basically copied the most,essential sequel qualities from arguably,the greatest sequel of all time,terminator 2. whereas resurrections,pretty much drops the ball with each and,every one of those essential qualities,it recycles core franchise elements,without doing anything new with them,ive been looking for you he doesnt,build on or upgrade things from before,agent smith,and it also cannot even justify its own,existence by fixing and concluding,oversights of the past its not easy,augmenting the genome to photosynthesize,so today thats what were focusing on,lets take a closer look at matrix,resurrections as a continuation of a,franchise and identify the core reasons,it fumbles at that so that well know,what to watch out for with our own,resurrection movies in the future heres,how to fail at sequel,the first sequel problem with,resurrections is that although it plays,with familiar elements that are,essential to the franchise as a sequel,should it doesnt do anything new with,them i am morpheus,and i have to find neo,something very familiar about all this,the best way to explain this is to just,look at the story which is basically a,reskinned version of what weve already,seen we begin the movie as we did the,original and on the surface it does look,different because this time were in an,outside perspective this time trinity,isnt trinity this time morpheus is one,of the agents and we have a longer,dialogue scene with him like,aesthetically things appear new but in,terms of the broad strokes and dynamics,its still exactly the same,look we know what happens next we still,get attacked by officials at this,apartment we still run from agents and,do big jumps from rooftops we still,successfully escaped the simulation just,in time if weve seen the original we,already know what happens here something,very familiar,after that we find neo living his life,in the matrix which looks different,because this time hes rich but the main,point still is that he hates his job and,his life around it and the only glimmer,of hope is when he meets trinity you,know that road and i know thats not,where you want to be this is the best,thing ive done in a long time we then,get to the first office rescue attempt,which looks different because this time,morpheus actually shows up and theres a,firefight but the main point still is,that neo hesitates and gets captured as,a result after which he then gets,brought to the safe house where things,get explained and he chooses the red,pill then neo gets rescued as before,then he immediately faces these,preconceived notions about being the one,as before,then he trains with morpheus as before,and then we go to this human city which,might look different from zion but still,plays the same because once again,theres no real danger or conflict here,because once again the story is,primarily about good humans versus evil,machines even the ultimate goal then,becomes about neo saving someone from,the matrix which is visually different,but dynamically and in terms of the,broad story strokes not so much,and even though it is important to use,the core elements that give your,franchise its personality you have to do,new things with those elements wrath of,the times begins with a monster attack,just like its predecessor because thats,what makes these movies what they are,but this time the hero successfully,kills the monster and saves his family,this time the story becomes about,prevention of evil rather than revenge,weve seen these elements before but not,in this way the dynamics are different,the broad strokes and outcomes are,different i know its not the kraken i,want to kill how do i get the hades they,talk to my father you must journey to,the underworld,and its that type of change in the,familiar that resurrection should have,utilized as well what if this time neo,is happy with his life in the matrix how,would that change the process of getting,him out what if this time neo doesnt,first discover his powers in a safe,training module but rather in a real,situation but if thats what snaps him,out of the matrix spell how would that,change his way out of the matrix what if,this time neo isnt important what if,hes not rescued because of his name but,because hes needed for something else,how would it change his journey if he,has to build his reputation rather than,rely on needing it what if this time,theres a big human antagonist if the,story this time is about humans and,machines versus humans and machines how,would that change things,im not saying these are the changes,that should have been made im just,trying to highlight how they would have,forcibly altered things because the,changes that have been made theyre not,enough to alter anything nioh and smith,joining forces at the end does switch up,the relationship dynamics but it only,lasts for one scene,the stuff about the matrix existing as a,video game in this world is intriguing,but it ultimately serves no other,purpose than to hammer in the same point,that neo hates his life cat videos the,series of videos,that we call the cat tricks i mean,theres this really interesting idea,about making neo a public enemy maybe,theres no foundation to the rumors that,you disappeared because you were working,with the machines from the beginning,which never goes beyond that one line,and its a shame because having neo be,hated would have automatically played,out very differently than him once again,getting special treatment because of who,he is ive never met a legend before,which weve already seen and if weve,already seen it if we already know,exactly how things begin and end and,play out what is the point in seeing,them play out again,he read it on the flight over and then,we met for breakfast the next day and he,said jim i dont know about this i turn,into bambi here i dont kill anybody but,im the terminator dont worry youre,going to be seriously badass throughout,the film but were going for something,different here that is a really new,twist and i think this is why people,celebrated the terminator,the second sequel problem with,resurrections is that instead of,building on and upgrading things from,before it mostly just offers inf

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