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Carmina Cap Toe Oxford in Black Boxcalf – Shoe Review | Kirby Allison

hi Im Kirby Allison in todays video,were gonna review the carmina black cap,toe Oxford as part of our dress shoe,series today were gonna take a look at,Spanish shoemaker carminas best-selling,model their number 80386 black cap toe,Oxford in the forest triple he last,recognizing us is one of the leading,authorities on luxury mens dress shoes,worldwide,Carmina has graciously agreed to give us,access to their entire collection of,shoes to review for you on our youtube,channel if you have any questions or,comments please ask them in the comment,section below I try to get back to as,many questions personally as I can and,remember subscribe to our Channel and,turn on notifications so that you can,learn whenever we post new videos a cap,toe Oxford especially a black cap toe,Oxford is the most versatile and elegant,shoe a man can own its simple design,lack of Brogan and clothes Oxford lacing,combined to create a silhouette of,unparalleled beauty this shoe is not,subject to the whims of fashion and will,be in style forever easily worn with the,suit a tuxedo or jeans a simple black,cap toe Oxford is never inappropriate in,the most versatile shoe a man can own,carminas number 80386,black cap toe Oxford respects the sacred,design elements well-dressed men have,come to expect in their cap toe Oxford,well-balanced traditional proportions,and a clean elegant pattern these,carmina black cap toe Oxford Zin black,box calf retail for 450 US dollars with,free shipping anywhere in the United,States for those who live,internationally the shoes can be,purchased for 395 euros on carminas EU,website based on the Spanish island of,Majorca,Carmina is best known for their,cult-like following amongst shoe,aficionados for their ability to combine,extraordinary softness and comfort with,sturdy Goodyear welted and elegant last,designs for those who enjoy the more,nuanced elements of shoe making Carmina,offers an excellent value with most of,their calfskin models beginning at just,400,50 dollars with free shipping to the,United States carmina shoemaker can,trace its origins back to 1866 when,artisan Matias puja has opened a,workshop in Inka Majorca where he began,crafting handmade shoes the family,continued working in the shoe making,industry until 1997 when pooja dozes,great-grandson jose de haut realized,their dream to create their own,family-owned Factory dedicated to making,some of the worlds finest handcrafted,shoes today the company is still very,much a family affair with no fewer than,five family members directly involved it,is important to note that because,Carmina is both the factory and the,brand and that the majority of their,sales are direct they are able to,integrate mini shoe making elements into,their shoes that one would not,necessarily expect to see at $450 all,uppers are hand clicked the channels are,closed on the out soles welts are hand,fudged full leather outsoles and heel,blocks are used and brass tacks are hand,nailed into the toes of every pair for,added durability the company also offers,an extensive range of stock models and,one of the easiest to use online made to,order web interfaces for anyone looking,to design a totally one-off shoe it is,this wide range of styles and the,ability to turn out a high number of,individual made order shoes that is one,over shoe aficionados this carmina black,cap toe Oxford is built on the companys,extra-wide forests Tripoli last one of,the companys oldest and most,traditional lasts the forest last has a,soft round toe that gives the shoe a,very conservative traditional shape this,is perfect for a business shoe subtly,striking and its elegance and beauty,without being exaggerated or out of,place with the high-gloss mirror shine,it would be hard not to immediately,recognize the quality of these shoes the,cap is quite large and balanced with the,long vamp the five eyelet in step,shortens the tongue of the shoe allowing,the focus to be on the vamp in the,toe-cap this along gates the silhouette,of the shoe and achieves a nice balance,and aesthetic the upper features double,stitching along the cap and around the,vamp with single needle stitching along,the facing of the shoe and edge of the,pattern the stitching is executed with,the high stitch density that elevates,the finesse of the silhouette it is,clearly carefully and skilfully done by,hand,the forest Tripoli last offers a roomier,fit and more volume than the same model,from other makers and even the same shoe,made on other lasts the shoe features a,nice square waist with good definition,where the upper is pulled over the last,this is one of the elements that really,separates a beautiful well-made shoe,from less expensive models the,additional work required to pull the,upper over the last helps add shape and,elegance to the upper and prevents the,shoe from appearing square you can,really appreciate the definition thats,added to the last along the long edges,of the shoe here on the exterior you can,see how the upper is pulled over the,last giving it definition but even more,so on the inside of the edge where the,upper rolls over the toe in the instep,to the heel the single needle stitching,across the facing of the instep features,a soft arch that is elegant and easy on,the eye while the vamp pattern sweeps,back almost one centimetre before the,beginning of the heel the quality and,construction continues around the shoe,to the heel the upper sits nicely and,tightly on top of the heel base without,any unsightly gaps between the heel and,the upper the Goodyear welted ends where,the waist meets the heel allowing the,heel to be more precisely and tightly,fit to the upper this is an important,element of craftsmanship and quality,that translates to a more elegant,sculpted look at the heel the heel also,features a nice shape and definition and,a slight pinch at the top other,important elements of design include,decreasing with laces with the beautiful,Crescent arch precise single and double,needle stitch construction with high,stitch density and proximity to the edge,a three-piece pattern with the toe cap,vamp and rear quarters waxed and,polished edges and heels and a finished,outsole welt fudging and a closely,trimmed soul edge carminas black cap,toe Oxford are made using black box calf,or chrome tanned leather from the German,tannery vine heimer leader chrome tanned,leather has died and finished at the,tannery which guarantees an even stable,finish that you do not have to worry,about fading or coming off when you,polish your shoes the leather is of,course opened pore and features an even,grand structure the patterns are clicked,or cut out by hand allowing the pattern,to be positioned to avoid any,undesirable blemishes that are unique to,every hider full leather out soles are,used with full leather heel blocks and,metal toe taps can be added at an,additional charge,[Music],Carmina is so well known amongst shoe,enthusiasts because of how well their,shoes are constructed all of the,elements of quality and craftsmanship,that one would expect and a high quality,pair of factory made Goodyear welted,shoes can be found here beyond this,price point you begin to hit the point,of diminishing marginal return but the,value here is quite exceptional first,the shoe is completely Goodyear welted,which is the de rigueur of high quality,factory made shoes,Goodyear welting is the process whereby,a leather strip is sewn to a linen,ribbing which is attached to the insole,the outsole is then stitched to the welt,this is important because a high-quality,pair of shoes like these if taken care,of properly will easily out last the,lifetime of the outsole and heels by,several orders of magnitude a,high-quality leather outsole like the,ones these are made with should easily,yield three to five years of regular use,however the upper if properly polished,and not destroyed by water or snow could,last twenty to thirty years what it,allows us for a pair of shoes to be,easily resold without disturbing the,footbed

The NRSV New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha – Fifth Edition

today Ill be reviewing the New Oxford,annotated Bible the fifth edition of,that Bible in the New Revised Standard,Version this book is 9 and 5/16 inches,tall six and seven-eighths inches wide,and one in fifteen sixteenths inches,thick I have it here in a stack,immediately above the first edition of,the New Oxford annotated Bible which was,in the Revised Standard Version so to,give you a sense for the size of this,fifth edition it is considerably wider,and a bit thicker than the original and,a little bit taller as well also have,here for comparison purposes a Cambridge,New Revised Standard Version reference,edition it also has the Apocrypha so,here again the Oxford is a bit thicker a,bit wider and taller as you can see go,right in it and show you the format so,heres a typical page it is in a,paragraph format the text is laid out in,two columns each column is 63,millimeters wide the columns are left,justified one of the first things you,notice when you open this volume is that,the right edge is ragged which allows,the words to be spaced evenly but it,doesnt have that nice smooth right edge,that youre kind of used to seeing there,are about forty six characters per line,on a closely packed line and as many as,fifty two lines per page you wont get,fifty two here because you have so many,notes but if you go back to numbers,youll find a page that has lines of,text from top to bottom page dimensions,are about two hundred and thirty-four,millimetres top to bottom one hundred,and sixty one millimeters wide thats,nine point two inches tall six point,three inches wide,paper is rather wide and floppy so care,should be taken when turning the pages,this is not a book that its easy to,flip pages in margins are about 17 to 18,millimeters at the top about 16,millimeters down here at the bottom of,the page the inner margin can be as much,as 20 millimeters and the outer is about,17 Foss is quite nice it is about nine,and a half points for upper case when I,compare to Times New Roman but about ten,or more for the lower case characters,which is somewhat typical for a Bible,font to have the large lowercase letters,proportionately larger than the upper,case line height is generous I think,youll agree with me that its Pleasant,it is about 11 points so you have nine,and a half to ten point font with eleven,point line spacing so thats pretty easy,on the eyes verse numbers are within the,paragraphs and theyre not very hard to,find the text is usually line matched I,think you can see here that it is,occasionally youll see things like a,chapter number and that show through,that are not line matched even the notes,at the page bottom our line match so,these are line matched with the lines on,the opposite page and the notes at the,bottom or space to be even with the,lines as well so almost all the lines,are line matched the New Revised,Standard Version does not use italic,font in the new and they have then the,Bible to show words that are supplied by,the translators so you will not see that,here in this volume the page bottom,notes are in a single column format,as you see here now thats different,from the first and second editions I do,not have the third or fourth edition so,Im not sure exactly when it was changed,but the first and second editions both,had a two-column format which I prefer,fought down here is about seven point,five points this column width is 122,millimeters papers nice sheet thickness,and this paper is about 34 point 4,micrometer s so I estimate the paper,weight at 31 GSM its a nice matte,surface theres very little gloss or,sheen to it just add a few scolaire from,the lamp paper is very white but with a,slight yellowish tinge to it and there,is some show through to moderate I think,its the kind or level of show through,that I can certainly live with there is,some print non-uniformity I will turn to,pages 20 50 and 20 51 show you that its,a little difficult to show this way the,right-hand page is just a little bit,lighter and in the left hand page but I,think you can tell that theyre not very,easy to show,there are book and section introductions,its a typical book introduction to,first Corinthians font in the book,introductions is 7.5 points column is,122 millimeters wide there are about 120,characters per line typical page setup,lets just look your sections we have,here we have name and authorship,historical context quite a lot here in,friskin corinthians literary history and,interpretation and then the author this,name and heres the typical page setup,book title is in the outside top page,contents just go with that they give you,the chapter number page numbers are at,the outside bottom they also tell you,which Testament youre in there are no,headings in the text which is a little,unusual the best you have though are the,headings down below in the notes which,give you a clue as to the major sections,here in the book of first corinthians,chapter numbers we seen already are kind,of large and bold each book of the Bible,begins on that separate page we look,back at the Gospels here we are in John,and we see that the words of Christ are,all in black as they should be,quotations from the Old Testament in the,New Testament are typically indented go,back to 1st Corinthians for a minute,typically indented but not always and,they are in quotation marks so here we,look at first Corinthians 1:19,do you hear this so we have indented,quoted material from the Old Testament,if we look over at 1:31 well see its,just in quotation marks here the source,sources for the quotations are given in,the notes at the bottom of the page,there are in text maps heres a typical,one in the book of Revelation it shows,you see with a darker shade and then,land with lighter bodies of water inland,so rivers and lakes names of seas one,island is mentioned and then seven,cities that are in Asia Minor not very,much detail at all however the maps that,well see at the end of the book are,quite good after the end of the book of,Revelation you come to a section on,essays tables bibliography a glossary,and an index and here we are in one of,the first essays or the general essays,this is canons of the Bible the Hebrew,Bible and as you can see its two,columns each column is about 63,millimeters wide with about 6 6 0,characters per line its in the same,seven point five point font that the,book introductions and the notes at the,bottom of the page are in and you have,several of these theres this one on the,Hebrew Bible theres one of the Greek,Bible textual critisism languages of the,Bible and translation of the Bible into,English I havent read them all but I,havent read some of them and well take,a look at I had a few notes that Ive,made were looking now at the second,essay the one on the Greek Bible and I,just wanted to draw your attention to,this statement here it says the,Septuagint included further works and,they list a few then,says an apocalypse second as dress I,dont think thats true at all,second as rest the apocalypse I do not,think was ever included in this,Septuagint the second as dress that is,in the Septuagint is ezra and nehemiah,begins with and in the first year of,Cyrus the king of the Persians which is,not the apocalyptic work of second as,dress still in the same essay but,another couple of pages along you see,parenthetically a statement that says,see the chart for a comparison of three,New Testament Canon lists and it points,you to page 22 37 but if you actually,look at page 22 37 you find canons of,the Hebrew Bible so Im not sure whats,going on there but there are no New,Testament books listed also of note here,on this chart on page 22 37 they say,Orthodox canons generally include 1st,and 2nd as dress which is true if 2nd as,dresses as drew Ezra and Nehemiah as we,pointed out earlier but on the same,chart,theyve already included Ezra and,Nehemiah so it seems like theyre,implying that the apocryphal book of 2nd,as dress is included in an orthodox,canons generally and I think generally,thats n

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Bible Teacher looks at the New Oxford Annotated Bible with Apochrypha

hello governor fancy a bible review,well today,its so bad i,i apologize to all,english-speaking viewers just being,ridiculous,were going to do a live review i am,going to be serious in a minute,but in the meantime before we get,started if you havent already go ahead,subscribe hit the little subscribe,button and the notifications bell if you,want to see more of these reviews when,theyre hot off the presses out of the,presses all right guys so bad,again i apologize okay lets review a,bible,[Music],welcome to another disciple dojo study,bible review now if you notice im a,little dapper this week because fancy,occasion were reviewing not one but two,study bibles and not just any study,bibles but the new oxford annotated,study bibles so i want to be,distinguished because,oxford,this is how they all dress over there,right i dont know ive only been to,cambridge now in the 1960s the original,oxford annotated bible came out this is,actually a first edition this belonged,to one of my professors in seminary dr,royce grundler its cool because it has,all of his old study notes in it which,is pretty neat like handwritten in the,margins but then in 1973,they came out with the new,oxford annotated bible and it was,basically the same as the oxford,annotated bible except this edition,added the rsv translation of the,apocryphal or deuterocanonical books,along with study notes and introductions,so it was basically this with the,apocrypha included the most recent,edition at least that i have is the 2018,fifth edition so were going to be doing,in this review is looking at both of,these and comparing how they differ,which is actually in every way other,than the name these are basically two,entirely different study bibles theyre,both read and they both say oxford on it,but other than that,not much is similar this one is,1916 pages its double column black,letter format and the study notes are,down here at the bottom of the page,theres no cross referencing system,within the text there are cross,references in many of the annotations,though now in the original rsv version,the apocryphal books were not included,between the testaments like they are in,most books that contain the apocrypha,rather all of the apocrypha is at the,back of the bible and the page numbers,start over then after the apocrypha,section in the rsv you come to the color,maps the oxford maps and these are,really nice maps and then an index to,the places that are mentioned in the,maps after that the paper in the rsv,its,thin but its not super super thin its,fairly sturdy paper for a study bible of,this size now in terms of layout the,study notes like i said theyre all at,the bottom of the page and as you can,see there arent very many notes,this is an annotated bible so these are,not full study notes these are,annotations theres a lot of overlap,between annotations and notes but,basically just think of annotated as,like shorthand or little marginal notes,that the interpreter wants you to pay,attention to rather than fully developed,study notes that explain or reinterpret,the text but there arent very many of,them so this is about as much as youre,going to get on any one single page of,notes the print in this edition is very,compact the margins are very tight,theres not a lot of room for note,taking either in the margins or at the,bottom of the page and other than the,color maps in the back there are no,illustrations no maps no graphical,elements of any kind in this earlier,edition at the beginning theres an,editors preface and its by herbert may,and bruce metzger editors of this bible,and it has a list of the contributors to,each of the individual books as well as,the essays that are included in the back,so youre not getting a lot of content,in the actual books of the bible in this,edition short introduction some,annotations on a few passages here and,there some cross references subject,headings thats really about it however,and im going to get rid of this book,jacket because its shiny loud and,annoying the strength in this edition,comes with the essays at the back,actually not at the back between the new,testament and the apocrypha there are,all of the supplemental essays it starts,with an essay on how to read the bible,by rowley then after that theres an,essay that covers the modern approaches,to bible study by murphy theres,characteristics of hebrew poetry by,anderson then an essay on literary forms,in the gospels by bruce metzger after,that theres a survey of geography,history and archaeology of the bible,lands by barrios then come the table of,weights and measures and then theres a,timeline and then after that theres an,essay by luther weigel on english,translations of the bible in the tyndale,king james tradition which the rsv falls,into then after that is the index to the,subjects that are covered in the study,notes themselves the annotations then,there are a couple of blank pages for,notes making up for the lack of margins,in the bible itself and then we come to,the apocryphal section which also,includes book introductions for each,apocryphal book at the end of the,apocryphal section there is a,chronological table of the rulers during,the inter-testamental times as well as a,chart that has all of the different,names given to the books associated with,ezra nehemiah in the different canons of,scripture the theological perspective of,the earlier edition the rsv would be,described as broadly mainline protestant,for instance when you come to the,pentateuch books youre going to get a,traditional well house and documentary,hypothesis approach and thats standard,in mainline and even secular biblical,interpretation its based on a number of,criteria that were very fashionable in,the late 19th and early 20th centuries,up until about the late 20th century,variations on the documentary hypothesis,to the pentateuch books was just taken,for granted but in the last couple of,decades its really started eroding,personally i do not ascribe to the,documentary hypothesis i also dont,ascribe to moses writing all of the,pentateuch i think as with most things,the truth is somewhere in between but,the whole jedp hypotheses that have been,put forward theyre just based on,criteria that arent convincing entirely,subjective and dont really fit with,what we know of literature in the second,millennium bce and similarly when we,come to the new testament the,perspective that youre going to find in,this edition is that some of the letters,of paul are genuine but many such as the,pastoral epistles colossians ephesians,are pseudo-graphical they were not,written by paul they were written by,someone else and attributed to paul and,likewise the general epistles were,attributed to the apostles but not,actually written by the apostles whose,name they claim again this is fairly,common in many academic secular and,mainline circles but by no means do all,new testament scholars take that,approach however if this is your only,resource you may not know that because,it does seem to present both documentary,old testament theories and new testament,authorship theories as,basically settled scholarship now in,spite how i might disagree with a number,of the contributors to this volume i do,want to say the essays at the back are,probably its greatest strength the,opening essay how to read the bible with,understanding by rowley not remotely,evangelical it was a really good essay i,want to read a couple of excerpts from,it to give you a flavor for how he was,writing back in the 60s that there is a,place for the study of every detail of,the bible in the light of the situation,out of which it arose with all the,illumination that philology and,archaeology and ancient history can,provide is not for a moment here,forgotten but more important than that,is the recognition that in this book are,the living oracles of god which may,speak to us and nourish our spirit when,we approach them in true devotion and,humility go rolly thats good stuff but,then,rowley starts to

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The New Oxford Annotated Bible With The Apocrypha REVIEW NRSV Fifth Edition

in this video lets review the new ox,for annotated bible with the Apocrypha,and this is the New Revised Standard,Version this is the fifth edition,and lets go ahead and check out the,thickness of the book that date,[Music],thats how tall it is its kind of heavy,yeah thats heavy its not,thats heavy flow is heavy so lets see,the editors are Michael the cool game,along with Mark Z Brettler caramel a new,song and femi perkins associate editors,published by Oxford University Press,I dont know were in here somewhere I,think the latest was 2010 okay so this,has a lot of stuff in it this is one of,the greatest study Bibles that they had,out there and its taking over a lot of,people are starting to use it and this,Bible has the Apocrypha well we already,know that it has um 83 books total Im,not mistaken it has the old a New,Testament the 66 plus I see 17,apocryphal books which makes to 83 and,Im gonna show you what it has extra so,it also has some 151 three Maccabees and,four Maccabees along with the main,Apocrypha that you used to 215 books and,it also has,maps charts diagrams tables nations,Kingdom and David sounds of David so I,like some of that already ten,commandments they also have some extra,stuff in the back thats real good like,timelines even give information on the,ancient Near East the Roman period like,history that we need to learn or read,about its a lot of good stuff in here,they also going to how certain Bibles,came together or cannons up there it is,right I dont know but that is a part of,it it says the Hebrew Bible yet can this,on the Bible because a lot of people,think its only one cannon which is um a,Protestant cannon but its not so they,show the Hebrew Bible the Greek Bible,yeah so they know about the Septuagint,and they they talk about that they also,have some extra stuff in the back I,cant give you everything its just too,much in here so lets get into the book,um what I like about the book is it has,oh snap but this sort of 1611 this is a,further revision of the 1611 King James,Version by the way so I guess they given,some of that history and Edwards I,havent read it but I like that when,youre reading it when you come to,Genesis think this is 11 to 12 or 12,yeah it talks about um what gives you a,mat and thats good because when youre,reading it you get to also study like,okay you get to look at it they put it,in there for you so I had to get that so,they got maps to just all throughout the,book thats good,and then they also restored some verses,back to the text that was missing like,in Psalm 145 verse 13 it was a missing,verse that was lost or rejected I dont,know what happened but they found it and,this is it right here,a lot of the newer translations Ive,added it back into the text so the,regular verse that you used too will be,up here and they will end there but the,extra mr. verse starts right here so,this mr. verse that says the Lord is,faithful in all his words and gracious,and all his deeds and at the seat next,to him so when you come down and check,out the see it says these two lines,supplied by Chrome ran manuscripts Greek,and sigh react manuscripts so they found,in the Dead Sea Scrolls and it also,gives you a lot of extra info let me,keep going so I just pointed out some,things that this book has it has,footnotes that will show you like,different readings so up here were says,from the wilderness of RIP law as the,beat next to it and they dont say,another reading is deadlock instead of,rip law so Ill just tell you stuff like,that,well get another example of this,somewhere else now when it comes to oh,no its just a similar also so as youre,reading youll see this also in other,ancient authorities verse 3 for seeds,verse 4 sometimes the order of the,verses and chapters are different in the,manuscripts or codexes and that can be,what its talking about also if you ever,look into that so this is verse 20 in a,certain book it says well if you punish,with such great care and indulgence and,it has an inflammation to it when you,come down and read it says other ancient,authorities lack,and indulgence let me see if theres a,clear up others read in treaty,I mean others Rhiannon treaty there we,go,it also shows down here when we say wash,see WAAFs,I cant say they were properly see,Exodus 23 28 yeah so let me give you,some more what else do we got,i bookmarked a whole lot of stuff so I,heard us some more maps when you get,into Maccabees I guess why certain part,and wanted to show you something about,it it says campaigns of the Maccabees,and MO means so I like that and that,looks like they might have even a for,the square in an area Im not sure,another man like that,see I like stuff like this okay let me,keep going think I might appoint one out,like this before says the passage from,ah perfect,okay so this is second extra chapter 7,or 4 s 4 7 and its showing you that,when you come to this part at the end of,35 as E and 36 starts the pit of torment,shall appear and that is not in some,Bibles when you see the Apocrypha for,this part in this chapter they have not,restored the missing verses but this one,did it says the passage from verse 36 to,verse 105 formerly missing has been,restored to the text you can look up,online why it was missing from when I,read it was burned in a fire so thats,why I was missing for a long time all,right so lets see and then it says for,verse 36 pitiful torment he,cross-references with Enoch and,revelation which is good to see and it,also gives more scriptures,but it was it also cross-references with,Enoch not only that deal of the New,Testament,alright so also in second extra chapter,six it corrects some errors that other,Apocrypha left out I mean left there,okay so she says behemoth in verse 51,and in 49 and says behemoth and its a,seat next to it other latin authorities,really not that was true and once again,is cross represent when you knock for a,certain part in second barrage or second,apocalypse of a rich 29 for for a,certain part I think he was talking,about the B Keima,possibly in Leviathan yeah because it,talks about the right there and it goes,on to all these other scriptures so that,is also interesting that it does that,lets see what else forget by the way I,was just going to say the King James,Version would be a partner for any King,James Apocrypha that Ive no I dont,have the missing seventy verses and,second Esthers chapter seven and they,didnt correct the errors of the beam,off they left it as Enoch when it should,be beat him up so yeah,the cifra bible D correct that part but,they dont have the mess of 70 verses,okay lets see what else we got,but every NRSV Bible was the Apocrypha,has all those you know Corrections and,restore those verses back to the text,and the King James Bible they do not,have the restored verses so this is the,part where it talks about the canons of,the Bible I want to highlight anything,but thats just good to know because a,lot of people only think its just one,kami and theyre just one-sided on them,now for this point I did highlight some,stuff when it comes to the canons up the,Greek Bible just a little bit about the,Septuagint some of you might already,know this is a good letter to read which,is anything pseudepigrapha and some of,the apocryphal works or books it goes in,detail about how to Septuagint came to,be from Hebrews Hebrew Israelites a lot,of people dont even know that they,think since its in Greek it doesnt,have anything to do with us reading it,or being involved with it and they just,reject it because hes in Greek and that,is ignorant of people or people are,ignorant when it comes to that so this,also shows that when it comes to the,Apocrypha or lets see lets see what,time all those some early Christians or,aware of that the Greek Bible okay,they use was more extensive than the,Hebrew Bible his authority remained,intact,Origen recommended Judah Toba and wisdom,to beginning Bible readers before the,Gospels and epistles and sea anthem nice,you see Anthony I see outsi

Product Review – English File from Oxford University Press

hi ladies and gents thanks for tuning in,Ive got something a little bit,different today Im going to be doing a,product review and as an English teacher,my my products generally are our,textbooks English teaching books so this,video is aimed primarily at teachers and,students but anybody else who might be,interested as well now English teaching,is a little bit like most other trades,in the sense that you need to have a,product you need to have something or a,tool that you use to do your work if not,you can end up scrambling around trying,to make up classes or improvise classes,without any real coherence or structure,and that just looks really really bad I,imagine if you were you had some leaky,pipes in your flat and you phoned the,plumber and he arrived with no tools and,said well Ill just bog it around a bit,with my hand and see what I can do and,see if I can patch it up that might work,for maybe a week or two but in the end,it looks really unprofessional if a,professional person doesnt have tools,of the trade with them so thats another,little thing that just a warning for for,students out there be careful of the,teachers who will do that investing in,in textbooks its not cheap,depending on the country where you are I,mean especially in Spain its expensive,to to buy textbooks and a lot of,teachers you know the freelancers the,backpackers they dont really want to,spend that money so theyll sell you all,sorts of false promises like oh my,classes well just talk and youll learn,the language in six months and itll be,fun and well just sit in a bar and,drink beer together and in a few months,youre gonna be fluent and living in,London in a flat somewhere no basically,thats thats if we translate that that,means I dont want to spend money on a,book but I still want you to give me,money and yeah I cant recommend that so,today Im going to be doing the review,and I hope its useful for you stay,tuned okay so when you learn,language the five things that you need,to make sure youre learning okay thats,gonna be reading and writing speaking,listening and grammar if you find any,books or any courses out there that,dont cover those things theyre not,really being comprehensive okay so in my,experience Im mixing and matching my,resources today because Ive lost things,broken things and all that type of thing,but Ive got a quite extensive,collection here from Oxford University,Press and its called English file now,if you are a student and you buy a pack,the students pack youll get quite a lot,of material and for example theyre the,most typical thing here is the students,book this is an upper intermediate level,but there are lots of different levels,all the way from very very elementary up,to advanced okay so this is a fantastic,book covers all the things that I,mentioned just theres about 10 units,per book I think and each one comes with,a multimedia CD which will give you the,audio so you can listen to the to the,exercises in the book youve also got,vocabulary and grammar exercises as well,now Ive tried learning I think Ive,been quite successful at learning,Spanish over the years and Ive got some,textbooks in there in my in my study,there and the books there so kind of,boring just lists and lists of exercises,if youre looking here for example,youve got all kinds of different colors,different pictures exercises with,different texts and photographs,conversation topics theres a lot of,good stuff in here its quite a colorful,book theres lots going on its very,well organized into exercises grammar,and vocabulary at the back scripts for,the listening exercises so you can,follow along if you didnt understand,and yeah its a really good investment,it comes with a workbook alright which,again has listening grammar activities,writing all that stuff that I mentioned,thats all in here as well this isnt as,colorful this is more just like grammar,exercises and stuff its quite grey but,its additional practice its really,good in addition youll get a little,handbook Im getting some reflection,here but youll get a little handbook,here this is specifically for speakers,of Spanish so this will vary from,country to country and this will give,you some kind of translations Im not,big on translations but it will take the,grammar from the book and I could,highlight the typical mistakes if you,were translating from your your native,language thats another thing which is,really really useful,be aware though this will not come with,the answers okay you will have to buy,and this is for the teachers probably,more than the students youll have to,buy a teachers book this is where it,starts to get expensive okay so this the,English file pack will probably cost you,around 40 something euros or between 35,and 45 euros the teachers book will,probably cost you the same okay so this,is gonna have answers its gonna have,additional activities and you can see,its quite a chunky book full of,activities additional activities and,things and exams tests that type of,things so it is really comprehensive and,yeah is it a bit of a marketing trap,yeah I suppose because the first pack,you cant really use it so much without,the teachers book to check your answers,so but if youre making the investment,certainly if youre a teacher get the,teachers book itll make your life a lot,easier it must be bought separately,though it will not come all together and,finally quite often now more and more,textbooks are using digital download for,the audio files and theyll also come on,multimedia CDs this ones an older one,Ive got here you can see its all,broken but these were the CDs that one,we used to take CD players around with,us to do listening activities again they,are sold separately Im not sure now if,you need that with English file because,yeah it comes with a multimedia CD,but yeah back in the day all those years,ago five six years ago when we were,traveling around using CD players for,their listening activities and we had to,buy the CDs as well and these were more,expensive these were like 50 euros or,something like this for a package of,four CDs to get the audio so that could,be a bit of a nightmare,but if youre willing to make that,investment it will make your your job so,much easier and your students will get,much more of a rich learning experience,but obviously when youre selling,courses youre gonna have to say to the,students and I do this materials not,included because theyre going to have,to buy their pack themselves if you try,to be charitable and do that for them,and hand out packs of books at the start,of a course youre gonna spend the first,few months just recuperating money and,it doesnt work that way so I tell you,students to to invest in in that invest,in it yourself little by little Ive,spent seven years getting all this stuff,together and Ive got quite a few,English files books now and I use them,religiously Ive pushed academies to use,them my students have always given a,really good feedback feedback about them,and yeah a lot of students find them,very very easy to follow and its quite,comprehensive in terms of what you get,everything so dont use it so much for,exam preparation but for general English,and pushing that general level up and,practising with a teacher youre going,to need it as I said before guys invest,in stuff like this and your job will be,just be better because your students are,going to enjoy the classes more youre,following a routine if you think about,it the school term is about ten months,nine ten months and its about ten units,in each one of these English file books,so you can do one per month and the,students feel like youre following,actually a structured course instead of,just improvising the backpack away of,just sitting in a bar and chatting,thats great but after a couple of weeks,you know so much you can talk about the,weather and the latest football results,before it gets really boring and you,need to have some kind of structure in,place so English file guys Im happy to,give it a thu

$400 Shoes vs $1300 Shoes | A Black Cap Toe Oxford Comparison | Kirby Allison

Whats the difference between a 400,dollar pair of Allen Edmonds and a,thirteen hundred dollar pair of,Edward greens in todays video.,Im going to show you just how,different for black cap toe oxfords,can be.,Im Kirby Allison and I love helping,the well-dressed acquire and care,for their wardrobes.,Join me as we explore the world of,quality craftsmanship,and tradition.,Weve got four exceptional black,capped two oxfords here with us,today. Weve got the three hundred,ninety five dollar black cap to a,Park Avenue from Allen Edmonds.,The four hundred ninety five dollar,black cap to Oxford from Carmina,a twelve hundred dollar black cap,to Oxford from Gazza unknown,Girling.,And finally a thirteen hundred,dollar black cap toe Oxford from,Edward Green.,Now the question you might be asking,is just how different can for,black captive oxfords be.,And in this video Im going to go,into the details that really,separate these shoes from one,another.,Whenever it comes to dress shoes a,black cap toe Oxford is as classic,and as timeless as you can get.,The reason a black cap to Oxford is,probably the best selling dress you,ever is because its a shoe thats,never gonna go out of style.,This shoe looks as good today as it,looked fifty sixty seventy five,years ago and it will look just,as good fifty sixty or seventy five,years from today as it does now,whenever it comes to dress shoes.,Its just hard to get a more,beautiful more classic dress shoes,than the black cap to Oxford.,And its because of that reason,youll find a black cap to Oxford as,a part of every Shoemakers,collection. Weve got a huge range,of shoes here. Weve got the 400,dollar Allen Edmonds all the way up,to a thirteen hundred dollar pair of,Edward greens and I would,tell you that both of these shoes,represent a good value at their,respective price points.,Thats why each one of these shoes,has made its way into our shoe,review series because here at Kirby,Allison we want to review shoes that,we can recommend to you depending on,your budget and how much money you,have to spend on a pair of dress,shoes. Each of these options,is a great value for what they offer,at that particular price point,the three hundred ninety five dollar,Park Avenue is probably one of,the best selling dress shoes in,America.,Alan Edmunds is a quintessential,American shoe brand and whenever,people think of their first pair of,nice dress shoes we hear more,people speak of Alan Edmunds than,any other brand.,Theyre easy to find available in,a huge range of sizes,and really represent made in,America.,Whenever people email us and ask us,what type of shoes that they should,invest in or what type of shoes,warrant using good polish like the,shoe polish we offer here at Kirby,Allison I always say that you,need to be an Alan Edmunds or,better. And the reason is is,that Alan Edmunds is still a finely,made leather dress you know.,Is it a pair of gassy Alan girl,rings or Edward greens.,And the answer is unequivocally no.,But its still a respectable dress,you for the money.,Theres a few key details Ill point,out. First and foremost,its Goodyear welded.,That means that the outsell,is attached to a well with stitching,that allows these shoes to be easily,repaired and resold.,The reason that thats important is,that if youre going to invest in a,high quality pair of leather dress,shoes you need to be able to resell,them because the outsell will,always wear out before the shoe,wears out itself.,So a good pair of dress shoes should,easily be able to go through three,four or five outsells,before they reach the end of its,lifetime.,Alan Edmunds is a 100 percent,Goodyear wilted shoe and they have,something theyve trademarked as the,360 degree Goodyear,well where basically that welding,goes all the way around not just,the forward part of the shoe but,passes the instep all,the way around the heel,and really 360 degrees around,the shoe.,The other thing thats nice about a,pair of Alan Edmunds is that they,use a full grain,open poor genuine calf skin,its a high quality capsicum thats,going to produce a great shine and,especially with a pair of Allen,Edmonds I would recommend that you,shine them out of the box because,this leather with all honesty,needs the Polish really to bring,its shine up and look even,now is it the highest quality,leather No but its a good quality,leather for what you get at three,hundred ninety five dollars and most,importantly you can rest assured,that the leather is dyed properly,and you dont have to worry about,the finished coming off like,you do at some less expensive shoes.,Its a great shoe and its a shoe,that unequivocally I can recommend,here. Kirby Alison Hanger Project.,Now if you have a little bit more,money to spend for only a hundred,extra bucks you really jump up,a to a whole nother level in,terms of quality Whenever you reach,Carmina at four hundred ninety,five dollars Carmina is an,exceptional value.,And if anyone can stretch a little,bit above and Allen Edmonds I would,absolutely recommend a pair of,calmness because you begin to see,a lot of the finer points of shoe,making that you dont with a pair of,Allen Edmonds just looking at these,two shoes together you can really,see the difference just in terms of,finishing and finesse.,Let me point out some of the,technical details of this Carmina,that really set it apart.,Now Im going to compare it just to,this Allen Edmonds since were,working our way up in terms of,the price of shoes.,So for four hundred ninety five,dollars one of the things that you,get that immediately changes the,look of the shoe is a higher stitch,density on the Outsell.,So with Carmina youre probably,getting somewhere between 10 and 12.,Whereas with this pair of Allen,Edmonds at best youre getting,four or five.,Now what I mean by stitch density,is what is the density of stitches,that is used to stitch the outsold,to the welt.,Now this isnt something thats,obvious. So if youre wearing these.,Allen Edmonds and someones looking,down at your shoe.,Nobody is probably gonna notice,the stitch DENSITY OF YOUR outsell,and if you have these shoes repaired,or resold your cobbler,should easily be able to restage the,outsell at a higher stitch density,than what comes from the factory.,But theres no question that the,stitch density on the outside is one,of those things that just creates a,finesse to the finishing that you,immediately see when you look at,these communists.,Now if you look a little bit more,closely at the well youll notice,another detail here that really,elevates the level of finish and,that is something called wealth,fudging.,Well fudging. Are these small,indentations that you see pressed on,top of the welt and,at Shoemaker uses a wheel,to press those in.,Now traditionally the wealth fudging,would be used to mark the points,at which the outside would be,stitched to the welt.,And so that would control the stitch,density.,But here since this is a good year,welded shoe its primer.,Its primarily decorative,but theres no question that this,elevates the level of finesse.,Next. If you look at the,overall shape of the last.,You have more shape of the shoe,around the last.,Now this small definition,takes a little bit more time and a,little bit more skill to produce but,it allows you to produce just more,shape into the shoe itself.,That again creates a more elegant,more beautiful shoe.,Kamin it without question uses,a higher quality calf scan for the,upper.,And another detail when you look at,the bottoms not only are,the bottoms finished but theres,another important detail that I,think is really important whenever,it comes to a high quality pair of,leather dress shoes.,And thats something called an,invisible channel stitch.,Whenever you look at the outside of,these calmness and you compare that,to the alcohol of the Allen Edmonds,you can see that the outsells,stitching is hidden and that,is called invisible channel,stitching where basically,this leather is sliced,peeled back and then the outsell,is stitched and then tha

Derailing New Oxford Pre-Grouping 10T Van | Unboxing & Review

[Music],hello there everybody sams trains here,welcome back to the railway and welcome,to another review up today it is a brand,new wagon from oxford rail,over the past couple of years we have,seen a lot of pre-grouping locomotives,come to the market but what we havent,seen a lot of is rolling stock to go,with them particularly freight so that,makes todays new model really quite an,interesting one for me because it is,this the brand new oxford rail great,eastern railway ten-ton van and this is,brand new its entirely new tooled and,this is the first time that this has,ever been released by oxford so its,pretty exciting and i particularly like,this one already because the vast,majority of my vans that i use on a,daily basis are sort of wood colored,theyre brown this one as you can see is,more of a gray almost an off-white color,which makes this even more interesting,to me so looking pretty good so far when,it comes to the price there is both good,and bad news the bad news is that oxford,have put their prices up this month i,think people were expecting this oxford,of course are now owned by hornby so it,was pretty much inevitable so when i,pre-ordered this the price was 13 pounds,from hattons that was my retailer and,now the price is 14 pounds 50 which is,an increase of i think 11 and a half,percent so 12 you can see which isnt,that bad i suppose its better than the,20 increase that weve seen from homby,over the past year or so so it is what,it is the good news is though that even,at 14 pounds 50 or at the rop of 16,pounds 95 this is still a really,inexpensive wagon if we look at other,manufacturers bachmann for instance,their vans start at 25 pounds 95 so,almost 10 pounds more and these are not,even newly told fans like this one is if,you want to compare this to a new tooled,van from another manufacturer i would,suggest the rapido one which is 32,pounds 95 which is almost double the rop,of this thing so value for money as,always from oxford rail despite the,price increases still seems to be really,really reasonable so looking forward to,this lets get this out of the box and,see what its like the new oxford rail,tent on vans,all right so ive got to say the box,does feel really really light on this,van its not a surprise of course,because oxford rail rolling stock does,tend to be on the light side and of,course because this is such an,inexpensive van im certainly not,expecting a die-cast chassis or anything,like that however as you know rolling,stock can get a little bit unstable if,its too light so im really hoping that,this isnt so light that its going to,cause derailments and that sort of thing,fingers crossed not though let me show,the end of the box then ill just lift,it up so you can see which version ive,got this is or 76 gegv001,it is the great eastern ger 10 ton,covered van and this is number 23109 and,this is just one of quite a big range of,vans that oxford have just released,there are also some really quite nice,looking banana bauxite vans which i like,the look of as well so yeah do check out,the range if youre interested for me,though im going to get this out and,well find out what this brand new wagon,from oxford is like generally speaking i,am a big fan of oxford rolling stock i,dont think ive ever really been let,down by it so if this is the same then,were in for a good time today and,inside we do have some three link,couplings now for a cheap wagon this is,a premium feature i have definitely paid,a lot more than this for wagons that do,not have any couplings screw links chain,links of any kind so yeah that is,something that oxford do include which i,really do like so you could actually use,those if you wanted to i dont think i,will but you could and its all about,choice isnt it in this hobby right come,on then lets see what oxford have been,able to do with this how is it looking,lets lift it straight out i think,okay,all right so first impressions yeah it,does look pretty decent the finish i,would say is reasonably flat but then,again this is not a shiny locomotive,which is supposed to look metallic its,you know going to be wood in real life,so yeah the finish isnt a major problem,it does feel pretty light i have to say,very very light ill put this on the,scales and ill also give you some of,the weights of other wagons and such,that ive got that are a similar size,but yeah theres not a lot to this wagon,looks really good though yeah the,decoration looks great the level of,detail looks very very crisp and i guess,the next thing to do now then is to take,this up onto my white backdrop and ill,show you some of these details up close,so i hope you enjoy it lets get started,so here we go then with a close look at,oxford rails brand new great eastern 10,ton van and it looks really great does,this doesnt it i can see a lot of,people being really pleased to actually,finally have some proper great eastern,rolling stock and the quality seems to,be really good its excellently built so,overall i would say this is a really,great ban,it is however a very very simple van it,doesnt have any flashy features such as,opening doors or anything like that and,it does have an absolute minimum of,separately fitted details my question,though is do you really want them,if this was a 30 pound van and it didnt,have them i would say this model is,horrible value,but its less than 15 pounds so i think,all of that is absolutely fine and at,least this way youre more likely to be,able to afford a decent number of them,rather than paying for a load of flashy,features that you wont use and only be,able to afford a couple of them so for,what it is and for what it costs this is,absolutely fine i think the value for,money would have been a little bit,better if it was at the old price of 13,pounds but at 14 50 this is okay i think,however when it comes to the weight this,is a very very light van in fact i cant,find a lighter van than this at 29 grams,now to give you some context on that the,hornby railroad vans which they ship in,train sets that is a couple of grams,heavier a typical bachmann van this is a,southern one this is 40 grams so thats,more than 10 grams heavier than this and,even dapples devastating egg vans are,weightier than this at 33 grams so this,is a very very light wagon personally i,just prefer heavier rolling stock than,this it does seem a little bit too light,for my liking having said that provided,this is stable on the track and provided,it doesnt derail under tension as part,of a train the light weight of this,wagon actually could be a good thing,because it means that your small,pre-grouping locomotives will be able to,hold more of them so well just have to,wait until the performance segment to,see how that goes fingers crossed it,will be okay now then lets take a close,look at this wagon well talk about the,decoration first of all which isnt,quite as simple as it might seem because,youve got the sort of lighter gray on,the front of the wagon with the great,eastern lettering on it which actually,looks really nice its got a good sheen,to it the lettering has youve got the,numbering on the side as well as well as,a little bit of printed detail on the,sole bar but then on the end of the,wagon which is not a separate piece or,anything youve got the darker gray,which i think looks fantastic and then,of course youve got the roof which is,separately printed as well so to say,this is a single body piece which has,multiple colours on it its quite,impressive for the price the wagon might,not have a lot of separately fitted,detail but as you can see the resolution,in the molded detail is absolutely,fantastic all of the rivets and the,planking and the detail around the doors,really does look fantastic and it is a,definite step up from much older vans,and such that ive got in the collection,and the same is true on the ends as you,can see all of the bracing is nicely,defined and these vents on each end,these are separately fitted parts which,of course allows them to

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