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  2. Star Wars – Movie Review
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  5. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Movie Review
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WTF Disney?!?! New Star Wars Movie From DAMON LINDELOF In The Works

foreign,[Music],ladies and gents so Star Wars,new movie apparently,from none other than Damon Lindelof,not exactly not exactly great not gonna,lie dont like the sound of this all,right yeah I know loads of people like,oh a bit negative look if you think if,you think this sounds good,good for you I guess but Damon Lindelof,not really hot on my agenda for,filmmaking writing whatever is I just,dont think hes that good uh deadline,had the exclusive on this so lets check,them out because again if theyve got,the exclusive we go direct to that,source so secret Star Wars film,so this is one I think the the most,hilarious thing about this is wed never,even heard about this yet the ones which,we have heard about are all off the,table so Patty Jenkins gone Ryan,Johnsons probably gone the Kevin feige,one whats happening with that maybe,this is that probably not but maybe its,just all over the place and theyre like,oh yeah weve got a new one secret one,here you go here it is like there you go,what all right then,so lets take a look because this to me,I dont like it because I dont like,Damon Lindelof Im so amazed at how he,still gets work,I dont get it,I dont think hes that good,um but tell me if you like him tell me,why because maybe Im missing something,so I would like to know,but also just side note check out in the,description box my second Channel,message reviews live archives,interesting conversations with,interesting people creators industry,professionals youll find a link down,below please do subscribe subscribe,You Wont Do You Want Me disappointed,uh well probably well probably end up,talking about this as well actually,but anyway yeah secret Star Wars film,from Damon Lindelof uh and obviously,lucasfilm sets Ms Marvels charmeen,obeyed chinoi as the Director,so this is our exclusive following,months of speculation,I havent seen months but all right,deadline is now hearing from several,sources close to the project that not,only is Damon Lindelof developing a new,Star Wars film for lucasfilm but the,Charmaine obeyed chinoi has been set as,director,Lindelof is co-writing the project,though it is unknown at this time who,his writing partner might be,so,this is interesting now I wonder how,uh Charmaine abeich got the position as,director,because we dont know whos producing it,could this be,the Kevin feige produced Star Wars that,he wanted to get off the ground maybe,maybe but then Disney you know,lucasfilms Disney Disneys Marvel so,its all you know very incestuous with,their talent the talent pool is very,limited and they just sort of cross,share so maybe maybe not its just,speculation,but anyway they say inside to say the,script is still being written which,means production is likely far out so it,hasnt hasnt even been written yet so,thats good I guess not that said uh,sources add it was important to,lucasfilm and Lindelof that a director,be brought on so that persons own,vision for where they see this story,headed gets included in the script,thats a weird weird thing to include,isnt it so you dont have a story,youve probably got like you know a,script treatment but you dont have a,script finished but youre like hey,director you can jump on board,um and you can I just move the,microphone sorry uh and and and you can,put your own stuff in this script as,well I mean,what thats quite odd thats quite,unusual,thats very unusual normally its a,directing writing duo or its a writer,who is the director that comes on board,pitches us you know script treatment and,then they have the writer or you know,the studio gets another right that this,is an odd way around doing it,and its odd that theyre so intent on,you know having the director,bring their own vision,for where the story is headed do you,think this might be and this is what it,screams to me do you think this might be,Disney and lucasfilm trying to change,their rap you know they have a real bad,rap with directors at the moment,creative differences Galore so maybe,its that,I just I cant tell its a very odd odd,odd odd way of doing it,um Jesus loads of adverts uh so,lucasfilm and Reps for obey Channel,could not be reached for comment not a,surprise uh but as for what the film was,actually focused on that will remain,Under Wraps as this project remains one,of the more guarded secrets in all of,Hollywood were not that guarded if,youve managed to find out information,on it you probably know as for when we,will see the film while it Still Remains,away off the feeling is given how uh,proactive Executives were finding a,director for this film that this Star,Wars feature seems to have the most,momentum out of all the films currently,in development and this is quite a,damning uh thing to hear and surprise me,2019 was when Star Wars was us on the,big screen,2019,in the rise of Skywalker,thats crazy,and thats when they were just like ah, well just focus on TV stuff,instead,isnt that isnt that mad,so that said they have a number of films,in development including this one uh and,lucasfilm has been pretty clear they,want to make sure the next series of,films have a story they are happy with,and dont see a need to rush out that,next franchise I wonder if this will end,up being the high Republic Era garbage,it may be,maybe but as for a bay Chennai the,highly sought after director continues,to build on her strong ties with Disney,again that incestuous nature after,successfully directing several episodes,of Ms Marvel from Marvel Studios best,known for director Orozco winning,documentary shorts Saving Face and a,girl in the river the price of,forgiveness uh the Oscar and Emmy,winning director also recently committed,to directing Paramounts adaptation of,Brilliance which is being developed as a,starring vehicle for Will Smith I guess,thats post slap the slap heard around,the world hes trying to uh yeah push,that ahead,um interesting one this is an,interesting one Im not gonna lie I,dont like the sound of it because I,dont like Damon Lindelof I think is a,vapid excuse for a human,and he writes the most redundant,uh trivial bollocks ever so I dont know,I dont I honestly just dont like the,sound of this because I just dont think,Damon Lindelof is that good,Damon Lindelof tends to be brought on,for things and then when hes brought on,because you we see it,uh we we even saw it with uh Prometheus,for instance so the original script,which then Damon Lindelof was brought on,to rewrite ended up being,the complete just oh mystery oh this is,a mystery too and its like you cant,just keep doing Mysteries Damon mate,its not the people dont want,consistent Mysteries right you know its,like having a wank and not coming right,we all want to pay off,all right like weve got to get there we,want some satisfaction some,gratification behind this,was a bad comparison Im sorry but you,get my point,um and Damon lindelofs track record,just isnt that great,so Im not happy with him being on board,but if you are let me know why cheers,guys take care,[Music]

Star Wars – Movie Review

Mos Eisley spaceport you will never find,a more wretched hive of scum and,villainy we must be cautious moon does,solo yes Greedo as a matter of fact I,was just going to see your boss tell,Jabba Ive got the money wait why the,[ __ ] did you guys turn into action,figures you were Legos a second ago what,the [ __ ] is going on in this place,dont give a magic Ozzy got my God Jesus,Jabba boy in Chico ba one shiny when,shopping way up a sky just weigh on me,look whos soul yes but this time Ive,got the money with Johnny who went under,coming Akuma I dont have it with me,tell Jabba my geeky oh god you will be,what you got a puss got a Seba even I,get boarded sometimes I think I had a,choice like Jabba Luca but good boggling,my Gasca over my dead body,OOP lalume ah Jesper Kagome got grease,crackling go play couldja yes I bet you,have,Wow huh definitely shot first Star Wars,the film that came out in 1977 and is,called Star Wars still in my mind,despite the fact that George Lucas would,really like to retitle it its still,Star Wars to me because thats how I,grew up watching this film as you guys,know Im reviewing every single Star,Wars film in chronological order leading,up to Episode seven this December I,finally covered the prequels including,the Clone Wars animated film and now,were gonna talk about the original,trilogy the three films that have,inspired countless individuals countless,filmmakers without these films I have no,idea where film would be today so lets,get right into it and of course if you,guys have not seen Star Wars and I know,some of you havent this review is gonna,contain spoilers you have been warned,heres what you guys already know Star,Wars revolutionized cinema especially,science fiction cinema but not just that,all films in general there have been,countless imitations of Star Wars that,are still happening today that have,never lived up to what this film was,able to accomplish it was the film that,dethroned 1975s jaws financially this,film exploded in pop culture and we can,still go to a store today and buy a Luke,Skywalker action figure how rare is that,you can go to a store today in the,normal kids aisle not in the collectors,aisle you know for like the adult toys,and stuff for like collectors like,myself you can go to the kids aisle and,buy a Luke Skywalker action figure a,film that came out in the 70s one of the,things I promised you guys was that I,would talk about how this film impacted,me and I have to do that when I saw this,film on VHS tape in the early 90s so so,remember for those who will never forget,and for a whole new generation who will,experience it for the very first time,the Star Wars trilogy I remember being,blown away by the sheer scope of this,world not just the fact that it was a,really entertaining movie and it was,cool to see lasers and lightsabers and,battles and heroes and princesses and,villains all that stuff was amazing the,adventure cereal aspect of it that,George Lucas was so aptly trying to,recreate it was that world the galaxy,far far away I truly wanted to believe,this place existed as a kid I would play,with all the toys and reenact the scenes,it was one of those first films I saw as,a kid that inspired me to want to try to,tell stories of my own I was like a five,six year old kid writing down little,short stories had no idea what I was,talking about but you know what I had a,great time doing it and it was one of,those films that really gave me that,push to try to write down some stories,of my own even as an elementary schooler,and then the opening shot of Star Wars,after the main crawl happens and we,panned down and we get the sheer size,and scope of the Star Destroyer as it,bears down on this tiny little rebel,cruiser instantaneously in just one,visual image we get the sense that the,Empire has a firm grip over the rebels,we know everything in just one shot it,is such an impressive shot visually it,still makes my mouth drop today and it,explains exactly whats happening in,this story within an instant this movie,also introduced us to one of the,greatest villains in cinematic history,Darth Vader the ultimate badass of all,times within just a few seconds you,understand this guys methodical hes,smart he knows his [ __ ] and he is crazy,evil and its been a lot of discussion,about this subtext in regards to the,Imperials being like the Nazis basically,they have those domes shape helmets that,they wear theyre invading small rebel,cruisers and causing people to flee,everywhere its obvious that Lucas was,definitely taking a lot of that,inspiration and he went full-on Nazi in,the Indiana Jones films and you can,really feel that in the Star Wars movies,that theres this enemy force invading,these small areas just trying to take,everyone out and imprison everybody and,all of these years later I am stunned,that the special effects in this movie,still hold up they will be timeless,forever there is never going to be a,time where we watch Star Wars and go,those ships flying around thats not,convincing it still feels like space,it feels like real ships it is flawless,special-effects they still hold up today,and I watched the uncut original edition,of Star Wars not the special edition I,watched the original edition thats the,footage youre seeing in this review and,it still looks great and one of the,things I really tried to do when I watch,this movie was sort of put my mind on,reset Im so used to hearing all of,these sounds the music the sound effects,the voices the characters and seeing all,of these things in an order that we are,used to seeing them because weve all,seen the movie a thousand times or at,least I have so I tried to put my mind,on reset and watch this film as if I had,never seen it before and one of the,things that really struck me was its,actually extremely brilliant to open,with c-3po and r2d2 we dont know,anything about these characters theyre,not human beings what the hell are they,we learn everything about the war,between the rebels and The Imperials for,like the first 20 minutes just through,these robots arguing thats an extremely,clever and original way to open your,movie youre not even introduced to our,main hero Luke Skywalker until much,later its really cool to have open with,these two characters and to learn about,this world through them were thrown in,the middle of this situation knowing,nothing and were just begging for info,because all this stuff looks so cool and,once we are finally introduced to Luke,Skywalker many people complain about his,attitude well I was going to the taxi,station to pick up some power converters,this is whats called a character arc,Im not sure if those complainers have,heard about that but you start off with,a character in one place and the movie,ends with him in another thats called a,character arc you learn more about him,he experiences something that changes,him he is altered as a human being he is,bettered as a human being hes a more,mature character by the end of the film,we start with him in a certain place and,yeah hes a little whiny brat but that,doesnt last for very long in fact it,only really lasts for a couple scenes,and one of the most iconic scenes in the,movie is Luke staring at the twin suns,of Tatooine I remember as a kid I must,have rewound that scene a lot because,the VHS always skipped right at that,part where you see the suns just,slightly so I must have rear ound that,part a lot just to see that and here,John Williams beautiful themes again,because that always skipped right there,speaking of John Williams music,if I didnt mention his score and the,fact that it is still to this day,something people hum I was just humming,it as I was doing the dishes no joke I,was like its some of the best music,ever composed not just for movies but as,music in general I have often imagined,George Lucas sitting down watching his,film for the first time with John,Williams accompanying score and,wondering what was going through his,head because as a film Im sure you

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Everything Wrong With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker In Force Minutes

I dont know what was written when but,the introduction of Emperor goddamn,Palpatine in Episode nine feels like a,desperate attempt to give people who,hated the last Jedi a nostalgia high,right off the bat who watched the first,two movies and thought somehow Emperor,Palpatine figures into this who is he,fighting,they look like kindly baby Yoda types,theyre all I have Java happy Ewok JA,walks who are they and what do they do,to piss off kylo Ren well you might care,as I do but the movie does not you move,on youre too old let it go nobody,listen to techno now lets go in the,middle of the woods of some random,planet theres a star map to where,Emperor Palpatine is its called a Sith,wayfinder and it may be the dumbest,thing ever put in a Star Wars film I,want to sit create a map to his location,thats powerful this Palpatine and kylo,are Kent Palpatine communicate this via,the force and how did kylo know this,device was on this planet wait there are,ports compatible with stuff on your ship,you can plug into the Sith wayfinder if,I didnt need four photo plugs for this,thing anyway I died the dark side of the,force is a pathway to many abilities,some consider to be unnatural that is,literally all the explanation this movie,cares together about the return of,Palpatine also its weird that you have,this technology to clone yourself and,instead of being a young Palpatine,youre the same old Palpatine that got,thrown under the Deathstar shaft and,Return of the Jedi what could you give,me everything earlier in this,conversation Emperor Palpatine said the,first order was just the beginning I can,give you so much more now hes like Ill,give you everything and all this is just,vague enough to ask what exactly to any,of these citizens actually want not,money not sex power is the main goal,what do they want to use that power for,if the ultimate goal is to shape the,universe into an evil spiral of,wickedness as the power is being used,for their entertainment value like I,hated King Joffrey on Game of Thrones,but we knew that his power was a means,to satisfy his own amusement I dont,know what the hell these guys want the,might of the final order will,were ready somewhere software has some,buggy code and a lot of the stuff we,promised at the expo of evil wont be in,the final product but our launch will,still go better than that Warcraft 3,remake more of the wiki playing,holographic space chess thats what,fresh Star Wars looks like kids the same,just with the twist of lime aka the same,thing meanwhile at the fortress of hasta,tude are you talking about,were a handful of Thai fighters in,front of you before you said that its,bad enough that this kind of force cant,shoot down the Millennium Falcon but,its even worse that the movie totally,forgets about what is directly in front,of the heroes after one single cut it,came out of hyperspace right onto Billy,Idol scalp also they popped out of,hyperspace in a super dangerous,situation which is something I always,wondered about with the original trilogy,but a long ago made peace with the fact,that the ships computers calculate for,possible collision and rout the,hyperspace journey around any danger,then this movie comes along if,Lightspeed skipping is a thing then Poe,one of the preeminent pilots in the,galaxy wouldnt know how to do that but,second off Lightspeed skipping,be with me talking to Luke XI,anthropomorphizing the force be with me,sounds like a Michelle Branch song title,from 2003 hes played this level several,times before and its obvious this is,practically a speedrun this jump is far,less impressive when you see that it,takes two different shots of her,physically jumping off the log and three,cuts to make it happen Reggie Jackson I,know it looks it looks like Im making,excuses dont tell me what things look,like tell me what they are,I love Carrie Fisher we all do but JJs,insistence on keeping her an important,part of this final Skywalker film,despite her untimely death ultimately,hurts the story in the overall,presentation of this final film,hes inserted pre-existing footage shots,of her a ridiculously awkward they,remind me a lot of when they did that,with Tonys mom and The Sopranos somehow,Palpatine returned writers room reaction,at JJs big idea gets filmed and,included us an actual scene in the movie,never safe is here I cant read armor,but he said to get there you need one of,these only what the theyre compasses,that lead the way to exit oh so what,youre telling me is that this movie is,ripping off the primary MacGuffin from,the Pirates of the Caribbean a compass,Im gonna pick up Nick search Mexico Im,gonna start where his trail went cold,never mind that this scavenger hunt,needs to be successful in 16 hours which,is the time frame the movie gave for the,Emperors attack on the free world the,general asked me to study the specs of,old destroyers so we can stop the fleet,if you find it yeah knowing the specs of,the old destroyers will surely help you,to destroy 18 million supposedly new,destroyers ah the Knights of Ren are,back nice friend,see they even had to include dialogue to,remind viewers who these guys were,because they were absent the entire,previous film also so JJ made force,awakens and Ryan Johnson was like well I,was good but its a new hope all over,again I want to fix Star Wars in new,directions and JJ sees the last Jedi and,says what Brian you threw out everything,I did Im bringing it all back damn it,and Kathleen Kennedy sat at a table,counting money like Gus Van Sant and Jay,and Silent Bob say not now Ben Im busy,and Colin Trevorrow was over in the,corner raising his hand and saying I am,top assets Mattie uses the force to,choke a melty cabinet member and were,just playing all the hits either people,you dig that take out your masturbation,assistance devices now,[Applause],strange that we couldnt hear that crowd,until they got around that rock she,would be honored to know your family,name – Oh give me a break,we get it ray longs for familial,connection I feel like JJ wrote the,script on autopilot then ran it by a,bunch of first-year film school students,for a touch-up necklace snatching is so,dramatic Im surprised it didnt lead to,the death of Bruce Waynes parents so,weve had this analyzed it comes from,the midian system persona you analyzed a,bead necklace when it gave you the exact,location Im shocked it didnt at least,offer up the possibility of New Orleans,play I sent you a transmission but,didnt send the others a transmission to,look for you,why wouldnt setting up a meeting,between Lando and the others beat a plan,from the get-go,instead ray walks around the festival,gets a bead necklace plays herself when,kylo reaches into the void and grabs it,for analysis and gets attacked by,stormtroopers all because they couldnt,set up a meeting in the first place only,two remain is this why Fonda I still,dont know why they made these things,but if they wanted Syd to be able to,find this place why would they only make,two this is like god only giving Moses,one copy of the Ten Commandments its,Carmen who came here to find one I know,I was with him luke and I were telling,an old Jedi hunter,no you werent you think moody ass loner,Luke decided to call Lando up to track,down a Jedi hunter Im not buying it but,look I get it you wanted to put Lando in,your movie you wanted the cheering and,the applause I got a bad feeling about,this god damn it all to hell,stop Bri hitting all the beats JJ this,is like having spock yell con instead of,kirk,how do you know how to do that why does,Finn keep asking PO questions about his,ability to know things about the very,thing in which he is an expert,excitement also did everyone forget,about Bubba Fett he flew without comment,he flew without net he flew long before,these dudes even met and he set the,flight bar that these fools just forget,no one will be seated during the Mad Max,fury road portion of the film Jesus its,quicksand the oldest trick in the pulse,tension book just like

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SOLO STAR WARS Breakdown! References & Details You Missed!

hi Im Erik Bosse and soloist our Wars,story answered all the questions weve,had about the galaxys coolest scoundrel,how did Han get the name solo how did he,meet Chewbacca is space gas really a,spice look whatever you thought about,solo you cannot deny that this movie was,filled with connections to these Star,Wars universe many of them supersuit and,for me re watching the film to spot them,all gave me a whole new way to,appreciate it like sure its solo but,its also a Star Wars story and boys,have fun to discover how much of a stir,work story it is so lets go back,through solos scene by scene and find,all the stuff that you might have missed,the first time around and spoiler,warning for them move milkers who,clicked on this without seeing the movie,first so lets get started,the movie opens with no Star Wars,opening crawl and fanfare because like,rogue one it is a Star Wars story and,not a chapter of the main Skywalker,narrative and said we opened on Han,Solos homeworld of Corellia Jung Han,played by Alden Ehrenreich steals this,m-68 land speeder gliding under an,imperial star destroyer as its being,built along with TIE fighters under,construction all these factories and we,get our first nod at the past Star Wars,films Hans golden dice these lucky dice,were a set design edition from the very,first Star Wars hanging from the cockpit,of the Millennium Falcon recently in the,last Jedi the dice came back Luke,retrieved them from the Falcon and,brought them back to Leia and then they,faded away in kylos han along with the,rest of lukes force projection two,young runaway scavengers han passes brag,about getting extra portions for their,loot portions was how tiny amounts of,currency was described in the force,awakens one cost portion last week they,were a half portion when han runs into,Moloch he lies that he was just on his,way to see lady Proxima this echos the,moment when Han accidentally ran into,Greedo in Star Wars when Han faces lady,Proxima he threatens her with what he,says is a thermal detonator Leia used,one of those to threaten Java and Return,of the Jedi,now Han uses this rock shaped thermal,detonator to break a window and flood,the room with light allowing him to,escape in the stolen speeder and this,whole chase is very reminiscent of the,street chases in the movie American,Graffiti the success of which led George,Lucas to be able to make Star Wars Lucas,Harrison Ford and this movies new,director Ron Howard all work together in,this movie escaping with,and is his lifelong friend Kira played,by Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones,now the name Kira was actually the,original name of Rea back when it was,spelled K IRA,according to concept art for the force,awakens in the last Jedi during the,chase Han and his pursuers obliterate an,imperial ra7 protocol droid with one of,those dome helmet Imperial Navy officers,behind them both of which have appeared,in past films and a stormtrooper chases,Han on a swoop bike now Ive seen those,show up in various Star Wars stories as,well and right before Han flips the,speeder sideways to squeeze through the,alley he confidently says watch this,this is something han says and Empire,Strikes Back right before he similarly,blows it oh yeah watch this in line at,the spaceport Kira makes his movies,first mention of the crimson dawn and,the Hutt cartel worried theyll get sold,into slavery to those groups cribs Adan,is the name of the crime organization,she later joined and Hutt cartel is of,course the group that Java is a part of,on Tatooine after breaking through Han,spots an imperial recruitment video a,cherina more upbeat version of John,Williams Imperial March this is the,first time in his Star Wars music has,been featured in a diegetic way in the,world of the story the recruitment,officer gives Han the name Solo and hes,off to min bong the swamp planet under,imperial attack we see new versions of,stormtroopers the mud troopers and an,80s T here han meets Tobias Beckett,Woody Harrelson and his partner vowel,tani Newton from West world and Ryo,Durant voiced by Jon Favreau whos,actually currently directing his own,Star Wars live-action series for Disney,han brags to Beckett that he was,boosting av21 s when he was 10 the av21,is actually a rare hand-built land,speeder that showed up in the game Star,Wars Galaxies he also tells the group,that he was kicked out of the Imperial,Academy this is parallel to Hans,original origin story from the legend,stories now we were actually supposed to,see what Han did to get kicked out with,the scene that showed Han escorted out,of a courtroom by Legends characters,tagging they were played by one of,the screenwriters of this movie Jon,Kasdan and assistant director Toby,hefferman but Ron Howard decided to,delete the scene Becket gets Han thrown,in a pit to get fed to a beast death,sequence its very similar to the way,Java threw Luke in the rancor pit in,Return of the Jedi but this beast turns,out to be a friendly one,Han reveals that he can actually speak,the Wookiee language and enough,befriending Chewbacca and what seems,like a very brief courtship and it calls,him a mangy keshiki move milker which is,a nod to Hans line in the force awakens,move milker put a compressor on the,ignition line on the to escape and we,move on to van door where the team plots,their heist of the coaxial fuel from the,conveyux val is annoyed that theyve,added Han and Chewie to their team and,she suggests that they recruit better,criminals like the zan sisters our boss,zan sisters refer to zu ins and pike,twin sisters from the book shadows of,the Empire they were affiliated with,Black Sun which is the same crime,organization that Maul interacted with,in Clone Wars and Bossk was the bounty,hunter from Empire Strikes Back and,Return of the Jedi,hes appeared throughout the animated,series and the games as well Beckett,reassures Val by promising that theyre,gonna retire and return to glee anselm,that is his homeworld which came up in,legends as well and in Clone Wars he,also mentioned wanting to learn to play,the Valor chord that is a musical,instrument in the Star Wars universe,thats similar to a keyboard shows up in,aftermath during this whole campfire ryo,refers to my Knock roasts of aldra nia,my knocks were those critters in the EXO,gorath cave and Empire Strikes Back,apparently they are delicious,Chewie mentions the Empire enslaving the,Wookiees on Kashyyyk which was Chuys,previous backstory and something that we,did see in Revenge of the Sith and in,the animated series we also learned the,origin of Hans blaster it was tossed to,him by Beckett during this conveyux,heist Ryo says that he wants to open a,cantina someplace warm his dream,retirement plan sounds a lot like the,cantina and Mos Eisley on Tatooine this,conveyux heist is disrupted by emphasis,in the Marauders also known as the cloud,writers now the cloud riders is the name,of a group of bandits from the Marvel,Star Wars comics which sets them up in,this movie to be pretty bad dudes until,later when we learn what their true,motives are now this whole plan goes to,hell,Val and Ryo die and the tug-of-war over,the co axiom causes the loot to detonate,blow up a mountain,Beckett han and chewie head to the yacht,of dryden vas and the Crimson Don now I,explained what the crimson dawn is and,the meaning of their symbol over in my,video about the mall scene so go check,out that video,Drydens Club features a dancing,Twilight girl,job I had one of those,and returning the Jedi you can also see,a servant with the top half of its head,missing these types are called D crane e,ated theyre lobotomized Android slaves,that were originally going to appear in,robe 1 theyre actually freak,experiments by dr. Evas on that was the,a-hole plastic surgeon that Luke,scuffled with in Mos Eisley and he,showed up in robe 1 bumping into gin on,Jeddah Drydens suite is littered with,Easter eggs among his collection are a,bunch of clues for the mall reveal later,theres a Sith holocron pro

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Movie Review

[Music],star wars episode 9 the rise of,Skywalker was once again directed by JJ,Abrams and is the finale of the much,talked-about sequel trilogy in this film,kylo is on a mission to do a thing Rey,and the rest of the resistance are also,doing a thing and the emperor is in the,movie doing a thing and thats all I can,say without spoiling anything so what,did I think of the rise of Skywalker,well I have very mixed feelings on this,movie its its certainly not a movie,that I hate and its definitely not a,film that is as bad as Im sure you will,hear from multiple people and see very,clickbait T headlines and things and,make you want to get mad I wasnt upset,by this movie even in the slightest but,what bothered me the most about this,movie is that the story is so messy its,got a very convoluted opening the first,30 to 40 minutes of this movie requires,so much explaining and catching up which,is very unnecessary Return of the Jedi,took place very far after Empire Strikes,Back and although you need some catching,up to understand that Luke is suddenly,this really powerful Jedi that he wasnt,at the end of Empire Strikes Back,you kind of understand that in just one,action when he chokes those gamma ray,and guards and Jabbas palace youre,like oh,as dude means business this movie has to,explain quite a bit and it makes the,first act of the film quite boring,theyre also unfortunately very chained,to the fact that Carrie Fisher has,passed away and theyre trying to,conclude Leahs story so they have to,use footage that they shot in the force,awakens that was unused and other bits,and pieces of unused footage to craft,some kind of a performance I cant,really blame them for that I imagine,that was a really really tough challenge,and they actually pull it off fairly,well even though youre aware of it I,feel like in the future if youre,watching this movie like 20,thirty years from now and you had no,idea that Carrie Fisher had passed,you might notice something weird about,the way her character looks inserted in,scenes but I dont really think it would,be something that apparent to you so I,have to praise them for finding a way to,have Leia involved in this conclusion,without botching it naturally the movie,is stunning to look at JJ Abrams and Dan,Mendel his director of photography have,made a beautiful looking film theres,action sequences that are so exciting to,look at they really leap off the screen,namely a lightsaber fight on top of some,wreckage amongst a raging ocean but that,leads me into my other issue with the,movie and thats that it can feel,sometimes like spectacle for spectacles,sake youre looking at something,jaw-dropping youre looking at something,thats visually arresting but you dont,really feel anything behind it the,emotion just isnt there it reminds me,of the finale of The Phantom Menace,I love the Darth Maul lightsaber fight I,still watch it from time to time its,really exciting and John Williams duel,of the fates music is awesome,the issue is that I just dont care,about obi-wan qui-gon and Darth Maul,fighting theres nothing emotionally,interesting about this battle it just,looks awesome thats what a lot of this,movie felt like to me everything they do,with kylo Ren in this movie I was a fan,of I think that Adam driver is excellent,as his character and as far as this,sequel trilogy goes hes the most,fascinating character in it and they,explore him pretty deeply in this movie,and that was something that was very,satisfying to me,they also attempt to find reasons for,why Rey is as powerful as she is they,tried to give her some more training and,try to get you on her side a little more,in this movie because I like this,character a lot and I like Daisy Ridley,quite a bit as the character I think,they had excellent set up for things in,the force awakens but then the last Jedi,a film that by the way I still like,despite many people telling me that I,shouldnt like it I just dont like,thirty minutes of that movie the canto,bites stuff Ive come to hate the canto,bite stuff even more than I did the,first time I watched it every time I,rewatched the last Jedi I skip all of,the canto bite stuff and I feel the,movie improves significantly but like I,said the force awakens was set up it was,intriguing for this trilogy then Rian,Johnson came in and,yeah I dont like the way you set it up,Im gonna set it up this way so we,almost had two films of setup and now we,have a third film thats trying to,figure out how to make a conclusion even,though weve had two setups thats how I,view this trilogy and with this movie,looking back on the other two its,painfully obvious that they didnt have,a road map and they should have still,with Star Wars movies its difficult to,talk about them when theyre brand-new,because these movies always end up with,legacies in between 1999 and I would say,I dont know 2012 2013 everyone I spoke,to hated the prequels everyone George,Lucas was trashed by fans and he sold,his property today people seem to,respect them a lot more,maybe thats because generations that,watch the prequels when they were kids,are now older and and its more,meaningful to them I dont know all I,know is that the legacy of Star Wars,changes over time people are always,looking for something to blame about why,Star Wars isnt exactly like it was for,them when they were kids,whether thats Disney Kathleen Kennedy,JJ Abrams George Lucas Rian Johnson,people are always looking for something,to lay the blame on for why Star Wars,doesnt feel the same to them anymore we,need to stop looking for people to blame,you can make a bad movie you can make a,good movie,it happens filmmakers make mistakes,sometimes Star Wars is not going to be,great sometimes its just gonna be bad,its so popular theres gonna be more,and we have to just come to terms with,that we need to stop looking for people,or corporations to blame for why,something isnt the same way that it was,for us when we were younger because its,never going to be that way because we,had a different worldview then we looked,at entertainment in a much more hopeful,way Im gonna get off my soapbox now but,generally speaking my point is that,peoples opinions change on Star Wars,rapidly as time goes on I mean George,Lucas was trashed so heavily by fans,that he just sold his property and was,like okay clearly you guys dont give a, about my vision bye and I cant,even blame him now people wish that they,knew what he wanted to do with the,sequel trilogy thats got to be very,weird for him I dont really consider,this a spoiler because hes in the,trailers,on the poster and they announced it,months ago but the Emperor being,involved in this movie didnt always,work for me it felt sort of like Abrams,had set up Snoke and then Johnson was,like yeah Snoke and now Abrams is,like oh,the Emperors back Oh goddamn it,so his inclusion in this movie feels a,bit like a stretch there are things that,hardcore fans wont like there are,things that hardcore fans will like I,cant even predict what the Star Wars,fan base wants anymore,its rather pointless for me to even try,theres character stuff here that I,think is handled really well action,sequences that are fun but as a story,its very convoluted and extremely messy,as a conclusion to a trilogy it feels,even more messy when you look back at,the three films and you see that they,just dont really fill a cohesive whole,Im not gonna grade this movie yet Im,gonna watch it again this weekend with,some friends and then Ill do a spoiler,review this weekend and Ill give it a,grade then Im just feeling very mixed,on it and I want to see it again,its disappointing it is not as good as,I wanted it to be at all and I would,like to see the film one more time to,develop some deeper thoughts on the,movie and Ill bring that review to you,guys this weekend do see the film as a,Star Wars fan its obviously worth,seeing to watch this conclusion take,place and there are moments in the movie,that are worth seeing on the big screen,for sure th

Ranking the Star Wars Movies From Worst to Best

[Music],hello there the only thing star wars,fans love more than star wars is arguing,about which star wars movies are the,best so to settle this dispute and bring,peace to the galaxy the ign movies,council convened to debate and vote on,which of the live-action theatrical,films are banthapudu and which have,unlimited power and now we present to,you the results heres our ranking of,all the star wars movies,[Music],after four decades and eight episodes,star wars the rise of skywalker was,supposed to bring the skywalker saga to,a satisfying conclusion but instead of,going out with a bang it ended with,something more akin to that noise the,sarlacc pit made after eating a bounty,hunter,simply put the film just doesnt work,its full of honored moments,inconsequential characters and plot,twists that hurt your head the more you,think about them and dont get us,started on chewies death fake out but,hey at least babu fred,yet what truly makes episode 9 a,difficult watch is its lack of,commitment to the events of the last,jedi and so we watch as the plot bends,over backwards to rewrite star wars lore,rather than building off what came,before to deliver fans a more fitting,conclusion,you want to buy some death sticks you,dont want to sell me death sticks i,dont want to sell you death stinks,while star wars attack of the clones may,have an exciting title its one of the,most boring movies in the franchise even,with its redeeming qualities watching,obi-wan kenobi play jedi detective as he,investigates the separatist movement and,the enigmatic count dooku is the,highlight of the film not to mention,some amazing action sequences including,the chase through coruscant the jedi,bounty hunter battle on kamino and a,truly wizard duel featuring the frog,hopping master yoda,[Music],but the film is otherwise bogged down by,uneven pacing wooden dialogue and,dramatic moments that wind up being,unintentionally funny theres no better,example of all of this than anakin and,padmes snoozefest of a romance what was,supposed to be a love worth sacrificing,the galaxy for instead ends up making us,want to stick our heads in the sand,i dont like sand,in the end episode 2 is more fondly,remembered for the things it sets up in,the greater star wars canon looking at,you clone wars than for how good of a,movie it is on its own merits,[Music],while well always love star wars the,phantom menace for bringing star wars,back to the masses in 1999 and,introducing a whole new generation to a,galaxy far far away that doesnt mean,its as strong a trilogy starter as a,new hope or the force awakens dont get,us wrong the film gets credit for,introducing franchise staples such as,the jedi order and the city planet of,coruscant while continuing the series,tradition of peerless visual effects and,music who doesnt love the pod race and,the duel of the fates,[Applause],but the praise dries up faster than a,closing naboo palace security door,you start to consider the dull political,plot clunky storytelling and a castle of,ill-conceived characters from the cringy,antics of jar jar binks to the,over-the-top enthusiasm of a too young,anakin skywalker not to mention the,overstuffed third act that struggles to,juggle four different conflicts episode,one never seems to go long without,taking yet another misstep very bad,[Music],while rogue one gave fans hope for the a,star wars story subtitle the anthology,angle would be swiftly shelved by,lucasfilm after the poor reception to,its second entry simply titled solo,where its predecessor made the wise,choice to focus more on new characters,while allowing for cameos of franchise,favorites solo took the opposite route,casting alden ehrenreich as one of the,series most beloved protagonists han,solo and asking audiences to buy in,spoiler they did not look i came up,running scams on the streets of corellia,i was boosting av-21s when i was 10. im,a driver a flyer and hey you said,yourself i got to get out of here right,drawing loose inspiration from the ac,crispin novels of the legends era,ehrenreichs earnest take on the,galaxys scruffiest nerf herder wasnt,bad but between the uninspired plot and,the ho-hum stakes the movie as a whole,definitely had room for improvement,ultimately solo felt like it was trying,to answer a lot of questions that nobody,asked and the ones that had been were,probably left unanswered anyways,who are your people,i dont have people,im alone,um,solo,as with all star wars movies there are,things to enjoy about it if you have to,recast lando calrissian putting donald,glover under the cape is an inspired,choice and the levitating train heist is,a good time but ultimately solo proves,to be a one and done kind of star wars,story,[Music],star wars revenge of the sith retains,many of the hallmark flaws of the,prequels goofy dialogue pacing issues,and over reliance on cgi but it does,find far more success in making the,audience feel something the execution of,order 66 brings real dramatic weight to,the conclusion of the clone wars as we,see firsthand the tragedy that changed,the fate of the galaxy forever watching,poor masa yoda clutch his little frog,heart gets us every time,[Music],even though episode 3 has some,undeniable strengths its frequently,undermined by its weaknesses anakins,downfall doesnt feel as convincing as,it should largely thanks to the muted,romance with padme the jedi orders late,discovery of palpatines treachery when,its so blatantly obvious makes them,look incompetent at the worst time and,while ewan mcgregor sells obi-wans,devastating heartbreak during his fiery,duel with anakin one great performance,isnt quite enough to wash out the taste,of the others still revenge of the sith,is the strongest of the prequel trilogy,in large part thanks to its many,memorable moments and we have to credit,it for that,[Music],the force the jedi,all of it,its all true,star wars the force awakens was disneys,first attempt to rekindle the magic of,the original trilogy and it did but,perhaps a little too much the force,awakens is often criticized for a plot,that borrows too heavily from a new hope,and while that may be true the film uses,those familiar elements a chosen one,from a desert planet an army of space,fascists a planet that is also a big,laser cannon as a foundation to build,something new,but while it does introduce new planets,new aliens and new lightsaber designs,episode 7s new characters are its,greatest contribution to the series,its heroes rey finn poe and bb-8 give,the film much of its charm and the dark,and mysterious relationship between kylo,ren and supreme leader snoke that gives,it its menace,while you can nitpick the particulars of,the plot the film ultimately achieved,its goal it made star wars fun and,exciting again,congratulations you are being rescued,rogue one a star wars story proves that,stories in the star wars universe dont,need to revolve around the jedi order or,skywalker family drama to be a hit jyn,erso and her ragtag group of unlikely,rebels made a strong impression on the,audience before meeting a noble end and,their theft of the original death star,plans was not only an engaging adventure,from start to finish but a strong shift,in tone for the franchise one that,really put the war into star wars,[Music],however even if you didnt know that the,film had quite a lot of behind the,scenes creative issues youve probably,noticed them the story has several dead,ends and contradictions none more,egregious than the plot line involving,saul guerrera what is his role in the,movie supposed to be exactly yet despite,these obvious flaws rogue one comes,together in the end delivering one of,the best third act battles in a,franchise full of absolutely amazing,third act battles darth vader has never,been more badass than in those final,moments even if it does modi the waters,of the opening to a new hope if you,think about it for more than a second,star wars the last jedi soul credited,writer and director a cinematic,distinction shared

Star Wars will NEVER be the same again…

hey guys how about Star Wars right the,last Jedi was a massive box office hit,and its a masterful movie brought To Us,by our Lord and savior Ryan Johnson who,as you can tell just cant miss I dont,care what original trilogy purists in,the anti-wolf Brigade on Twitter have to,say about it at the end of 2017 Star,Wars was in a great place but then it,got in some trouble for a minute solo,came out at the wrong time uh only a,matter of months after the Last Jedi and,for whatever reason they decided hey,thats a great idea lets drop this Han,Solo origin film four months or so after,the most controversial Star Wars film,ever made at the time and it flopped and,then hey remember those whiners on,Twitter you know how their fan theories,dont matter because theyre not the,creative team behind Star Wars and how,their complaints matter even less well,naturally Disney Cowtown do seemingly,every single one of them with the,spaceship wreck at light speed that that,is the rise of Skywalker and since then,weve gotten an endless run on of,increasingly mediocre to downright,embarrassing live action shows on Disney,plus I am still really bummed out about,Obi-Wan and I dont think Ill ever,forgive them for the book of Boba Fett,pretty bleak right you could even say,theres no hope well three months ago,that might have been true let me call,your attention to something that was,Unleashed onto the world when Star Wars,was still in that better place in,between episode 7 and 8 my favorite Star,War Rogue one that was a movie that,fundamentally changed my view of Star,Wars that enriched the lore in a,meaningful way that for the first time,in live action focused entirely on,characters I had never seen before made,me care about them and even though they,didnt survive Star Wars made their,deaths mean something Rogue one is a,film that I walked away from having had,a profound emotional reaction one which,has stuck with me and which has even,been Amplified over the countless times,since that Ive rewatched it and out of,all the awesome characters that,introduced for all the love I have for,jyn urso or k2so or cheer at inway I,think the one who stood out to me the,most was Diego Lunas morally gray Rebel,Cassian Andor he was a bold New Frontier,for characterization in the galaxy far,far away where the only real comparison,I could make it a big stretch to another,character would be to say hes like Han,Solo in some ways only more desperate,and more willing to bend his morals,because hes not a mercenary out for,profit hes a man who needs the,Rebellion to succeed and no price and,service of that is too high in the end,for him he is if anything selfless in,Rogue one what at first seems like,desperate moves of self-preservation,earlier in the movie are ultimately,motivated by the fact that he has Vital,Information that will die with him if he,doesnt get it to the rebellion and,since the film already explores,generosos backstory Cassian seemed like,a co-lead who still had a lot of,questions one could ask of him so that,brings us now to 2022 to that only hope,Star Wars has had lately and or Tony,Gilroy has brought this exceptional,character back for the first live-action,Disney plus series that doesnt feel,like an endless run-on of fan service,something that reaffirmed my love of,Rogue one and you already know how much,I love that movie I mean [ __ ] I did a,video on it a couple months ago you can,go check that out over there but still,Andor managed to tap into what worked so,well about Rogue one and make it better,its honestly astonishing that this show,exists Under the Disney Banner it is so,far and away different from anything,theyve ever produced its actually,mature its nuanced it has something to,say and its unafraid to say it it is,the product of Tony Gilroy and his,incredible creative team and the fact,that Disney just allowed him to make,this feel what blackmail does Tony,Gilroy have on the higher-ups of Disney,because [ __ ] man let him make Star Wars,until the end of time he just gets it,its a series that feels like it was,made for television and it takes,advantage of what tv offers them as a,medium to tell their story no stretching,out a two-hour long movie or cramming a,12 episode TV series into six episodes,this is The Sweet Spot this is what they,should have been doing all along with,these shows and just god it feels so,good to love Star Wars again to feel,like Star Wars is doing something is,getting back to the roots of what may,made us all fall in love with it there,are a lot of angles I could come at,Andor from elements to highlight as to,why its one of the best things Star,Wars has ever offered us its methodical,Pace that emphasizes character and,allows its plot to unfold over the,course of three three episode mini arcs,rather than get shot at our faces like,Blaster bolts its deeper examination of,the Empires inner workings on a level,weve never seen before the diverse and,charismatic new worlds that the creative,teams Vision has sent us to but all of,those smaller points are consequences of,what I believe to be the big one andors,pocket ace this is not the Star Wars you,or I grew up with in some ways it isnt,even the Star Wars George Lucas grew up,with though in as many ways its also,the most lucas-esque the series has been,since well since before Star Wars now,thats a lot to unpack I know it might,even seem paradoxical it probably makes,no sense were gonna get there I promise,but were gonna start at the beginning,no no no no no not that beginning not,yet at least I mean the beginning of,casting andors story there are a series,of flashbacks interspersed through the,first three episodes only which I really,commend this season for not suddenly,diverting back to later on they frame,cassians Origins as kind of a refugee,story where Cassian is separated from,his people in the aftermath of,colonialism and resource exploitation,going as murderously wrong as possible,and raise an ethical question with no,cut and dry resolution around taking him,away from his home in order to save his,life despite abandoning the rest of the,planets inhabitants to their fate and,thats the place the present day of the,series initially finds itself in with an,adult Cassian desperately looking for,his long separated sister with the same,kind of desperation and general refusal,to back down that he still carries with,him during his quest in Rogue one and I,think it Bears mentioning that right,from from the go the show gives us more,corners of the Galaxy Beyond hey heres,a planet this is the aesthetic on to the,next one we dont spend much time at all,in this rain-soaked neon lit Blade,Runner planet with Cassian but we get a,lot of the lowdown of how Shady it is,the ins and outs of how it operates even,the fact that the corporate security,[ __ ] seem to run this sector which,we quickly learn really means the Empire,runs it but what these episodes really,excel at is how we get to know Cassian,himself whether it be how hes perceived,by his village as a child his flaws and,inability to call it quits as an adult,his self-serving rage how hell make,Shady deals or even screw people over,just to get what he wants I love that,cassians just wheeling and dealing with,everyone making enemies and constantly,weaseling his way in and out of,precarious situations hes Wayward,without feeling directionless and its,so in line with him being up and ready,to cut people off when theyre of no use,to him in Rogue one one thats not,unfamiliar Behavior compared to the,Cassian we meet in Rogue one but the,motivation behind it the at its core,selfish element immediately gives the,character room to grow over the course,of this series the show tells us in this,first scene what cassians priority is,to know who he really is yes he wants to,find his sister and his people but he,also needs to find himself whether hes,aware of it or not at the time and so,even though circumstances go on to,change throughout the season and hes,forced to seek ou

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