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New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Review

– Lets go!,- [Tristan] Rather than setting the world alight,like the fireworks above the mushroom kingdom,Nintendos underperforming WiiU console ultimately,went up in the smoke of a mushroom cloud.,(bang),However, it at least attempted to get off on the right foot,by launching in 2012 with a high quality 2-D Mario game,New Super Mario Bros. U.,Heres what we thought at the time.,- [Rich] New Super Mario Bros. U is the 2-D platformer,Nintendo fans have wanted for 20 years.,Though its not the creative landmark that titles like,Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Mario World were,and it certainly doesnt break boundaries or genres,like Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, this is absolutely,an excellent adventure.,(upbeat music),- [Tristan] Similar to other WiiU releases,such as Mario Kart 8, Nintendo has bundled,New Super Mario Bros. U with its DLC,,applied a few game play tweaks and resurrected it,on the Nintendo Switch in the form of,New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.,While this new game still retains a healthy amount,of its Mario magic, it now finds itself on a console,overflowing with high quality platformers,making it feel slightly less essential,than it did seven years ago.,The most meaningful game play change from the original,is the addition of Toadette as a playable character,whos effectively the embodiment of Easy mode.,Toadettes not saddled with the slippery inertia,of Mario and Luigi, allowing her to make jumps,between platforms with more precision.,While in underwater levels she can be steered around,in all directions without having to repeatedly tap a button,in order to stay afloat.,Toadettes most powerful ability is activated,by the new super crown pick up, which transforms her,somewhat bizarrely, into a pig tailed Peachette.,- Yay!,- [Tristan] Peachette handles like a more maneuverable,version of the existing flying squirrel ability,and allows you to tap a button in mid-air,to launch her upwards.,Not only does this give you a chance for a last ditch,leap up to safety when youre about to plummet down a hole,,but it also means you can access secret areas,much more easily than you can,with the other playable characters.,I found Toadette to be a great go to when I was struggling,to grab the more elusive star coins in the game.,The included New Super Luigi U expansion,offers an alternative story mode that remixes the levels,from the main game and imbues Luigi with a more lunar,like leap and a slipperier pair of shoes.,With every level shorter in length and set against,a 100 second timer, the New Super Luigi U mode,is perfectly suited for quick, mobile burst,with a switch in hand held mode.,The strict nature of the shortened clock,puts you in a surging state of perpetual forward motion,which successfully scratches the on the go itch,that Super Mario Run did on mobile phones,a couple of years back.,But despite the addition of Toadette and the inclusion,of New Super Luigi U, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe,still struggles to stand out among the crowd,of its platforming peers on the Nintendo Switch in 2019.,Rayman Legends is more fun with friends.,Celeste offers a fiercer challenge,and Super Mario Odyssey is a more surprising,and inventive Mario game.,If you miss the WiiU original,,the New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is still well worth a look,but it ultimately doesnt bring enough major editions,to elevate it above the pack,and make it a must have for returning players.,(upbeat music),New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is a broadly approachable,and feature rich platforming game.,Toadette offers a more forgiving way to tackle,some of the more challenging levels,and the inclusion of the New Super Luigi U mode,extends its life span substantially.,While there are a number of other Nintendo Switch games,within the genre that outdo New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe,in various different ways, it nonetheless remains,an enjoyable platforming package as a hole.,For more Mario, check out our reviews for,Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Mario Odyssey.,(roar),(triumphant music),- Yay!

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

hello there lovely people italics women,gentle I fear and today it is finally,time for us to review new Super Mario,Bros u deluxe for the Nintendos switch,this review was originally written by,the wonderful Gavin Laine and has been,adapted for video by me but anyway,thats more than enough waffling lets,dive right into things ever since his,debut on the DS back in the space year,of 2006 the new branch of the super,mario bros series has well shall we say,its divided fans as Nintendo took the,3d character models of video games most,treasured mascots back into the 2d realm,purists were furious at the,quote-unquote Disneyfication,of the Mushroom Kingdom and bemoaned its,idiosyncratic soundtrack whatever that,means the style however proved massively,popular and a further three entries gave,a whole new generation their own 2d,Mario that wasnt made of sprites were,delighted to see the series pinnacle,spruced up for another outing although,were not sure New Super Mario Bros u,deluxe does quite enough to earn its,increasingly ungainly title,wed like to for just a moment play the,contrarian card if youll allow us and,indulge the readers for whom the new,series represents the lowest point in,the mario thing this is that style,firing on every single cylinder and then,more besides every borrow the soundtrack,is capped with a wow sound and not the,one you want and Mario is joined only by,his most insufferable of allies,furthermore its and miscellany of,worlds dont hang together like the,classics do in Super Mario Bros 3 or,super mario world and perhaps most,damning of all this laid the groundwork,for the a similarly divisive game super,mario run if insipid bit players and,audio ticks drove you up the wall a,decade ago,were exceedingly doubtful that this,ones gonna be the one to win you over,okay hes now lets shake off that,negativity yes,we do like Mario run dont wave lets,peer with fresh eyes past the antiseptic,facade and discover the tight 2d,platformer underneath filled with novel,wonders multiplayer mayhem and not,towards the series cherished history,with returning fan favorite elements,like the forking world map and the Koopa,Kids New Super Mario Bros u deluxe does,a fantastic job of gratifying longtime,fans without alienating players for whom,Ludwig and Iggy has simply randoms from,the Mario Kart 8 roster were not gonna,waste your time by going over the nitty,gritty all over again weve had reviews,on the site for new super mario bros u,and its add-on new super Luigi u and,theyre still there so therell be links,in the description if you want to check,those out and game pad features,notwithstanding these appraisals,generally hold true for this version as,well anything that gives a wider,audience the opportunity to enjoy that,consoles library is all right by us but,how does this launch title stand up,seven long years after its release its,worth remembering that New Super Mario,Bros u deluxe super EXTREME edition,ultra new turbo fighters was actually,Marios belated HD debut and seeing him,in 1080p or roughly there abouts for the,first time was really something special,seven years however is an absolute age,in video games though and we have to say,that its looking at tad underwhelming,by 2019 standards dont get us wrong I,mean its colorful and pristine but its,also a little bit plasticky looking,especially on a big TV and health mode,does help to reduce these sort of,artificial sheen but if this were a,fresh release there be atmospheric haze,depth of field effects are subtle weave,on Marios dungarees and theyd stay wet,for a while after a swim do you see,where were going with this,despite its retina searing presentation,its missing the bells and whistles that,you might expect after playing oh I,dunno,Super Mario Odyssey you know that Mario,game that came out before this deluxe,version here the Mushroom Kingdom often,feels just like a rainbow diorama with,the atmosphere sucked out and chewed up,VAT said its jumble of art stars and,willingness to throw any interesting,idea in the wall arguably set the,standard for games like Mario Odyssey,which lets be honest had – even more,art styles than you can see in this one,of some reason in Mario,see it just worked you probably just,down to the fact that the mechanics were,absolutely gorgeous,and you can see a glimpse of that same,experimentation here whether in the,impressionist backgrounds of the painted,swampland or the ingenious enemies that,only turn up for a stage or maybe -,nothing lingers long enough to become,boring and even the arguably unfairly,maligned soundtrack is as catchy as,anything in the Mario canon where it not,for those obnoxious woz camping every,single bloody musical phrase these could,easily rank among some of the best tunes,in the Plummers enviable songbook so,anyway that thats all well and good but,wheres this deluxe stuff well as we,mentioned New Super Mario Bros u deluxe,includes new super Luigi u originally,available as DLC or has a standalone,disc if what tickled your pickle at the,time offering remixed or reimagined,levels using the same assets,difficulties also further increase,through Luigis fly tier jumps and,reduced traction not to mention having,far fewer seconds left on that countdown,timer in many ways its kind of like the,main games Lost Levels if you remember,that thing from Super Mario all-stars,remix in familiar elements for a more,hardcore experience,fortunately for less skilled players,however the inclusion of nabbit as a,playable character relieves the stress,of the ticking clock by adding extra,time and a lot more besides the purple,rabbit is simply just immune to all,enemy attacks is he a rabbit clearing a,level with nabbit turns the note color,of fetching purple rather than the,standard blue so you can always go back,and finish it quote-unquote properly if,youd like to in the future but most,importantly he gives everyone a chance,to enjoy the intricate level design and,the interesting ideas in the add-on,without having to necessarily tear every,follicle held whelmed Abbot is now a,playable character in the base game as,well and solo players are no longer,restricted to Mario which was a really,silly idea from the start,labelled as very easy hes a great,choice for younger or more inexperienced,players especially given the absence of,the boost mode that was in the original,which required the Wii U gamepad and,maybe they could have got working with,the switch touchscreen but that sounds,like it would be more trouble than its,worth I mean the switches touch screen,does work,but only for menu navigation so yeah,another fresh face is toadette replacing,the original games blue toad much to the,disappointment of one person Ive seen,in the comments shes sort of a halfway,house between nabbit and the regular,players shes labeled as easy and shares,his improved grip on nice extra seconds,in the game and easy as swimming,controls simply by pushing in the,direction you want to go as if you were,wearing the penguin suit but is,otherwise as vulnerable as the others,however she does have another trick up,her sleeve yes New Super Mario Bros u,deluxe his most infamous edition the,super crown no Im not actually gonna,say it by picking up the Super Crown,toadette turns into P Chet and is well a,bit of an odd one in so much as shes,not really a character at all the,powerup is entirely exclusive to,toadette and essentially turns her into,peach sort of with the princesses,characteristic floaty jump physics and,all that we have thought long and hard,and well not that long all that hard to,be honest and we still remain perplexed,to help Nintendo managed to arrive at,this arguably very in elegant solution,to getting a playable princess in the,game despite Bowser having her under,lock and key I mean its fine its okay,were not gonna get that too hung up on,the complications or the intricacies of,the Super Mario law because it really,doesnt matter its just a little bit,odd when youve already got people l

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New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

As a port of a 6 year old game, that itself was the 4th installment in a series that began,6 years earlier as a modern of the original Super Mario Bros. from two decades prior,,there isn’t a whole lot that’s “new” about New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, beyond,the “Deluxe” that’s been added to its title.,A fact that’s more evident than ever now than ever before, as the past 6 years have,not been particularly kind to this game.,So if there isn’t much new, you might be wondering what exactly makes this the Deluxe,version?,Well, that seems to hinge largely on the fact that the DLC expansion, New Super Luigi U,DLC, is included in the package–although that compilation already existed on the Wii,U as well, just without the Deluxe moniker.,But there have been some small improvements to the presentation too.,Both games, for instance, now run at 1080p versus the Wii U’s 720p, which really makes,the lifeless art style pop like never before.,And perhaps the best addition is how HD Rumble has been incorporated throughout the experience.,You’ll now feel a slight jolt every time you hit a box or shoot a fireball, as well,as the flutter of Yoshi’s kicks, or the sensation of taking a Warp Pipe–you’ll,even feel the sensation of a Dry Bone’s skeleton collapsing underneath your feet.,Yeah it’s a bit morbid, but it feels great.,The menus have also been freshened up a bit, even if nearly mostly imperceptively.,And then, of course, there’s the newcomer Toadette and her weird Peachette power-up,,which is the only truly new content in the game.,She essentially functions as a new “Easier” “Funky-Kong” like difficulty mode, adding,100 seconds to the clock and changing 1-Ups into 3-Ups.,And Toadette is the only one who can grab the new Super Crown power-up which transforms,her into Peachett–which is extremely weird, and it’s indeed best to not ask questions.,Trust me, this is one Nabbit hole you don’t one to go down,Now as a power-up, Peachette is effectively just a better version of the Squirrel suit,,granting her superior air control, including the ability to dart straight upward and turn,without losing altitude.,In addition, she also gains the improved swimming abilities of the penguin suit, which is rather,nice–especially if you’re not a fan of water levels.,Does anyone really even like them anyway?,Finally, she’ll automatically rebound once if you fall into a bottomless pit.,So yeah, Toadette/Peachette’s a little OP, but I generally found her to be slightly more,enjoyable to play than the standard characters for her greater maneuverability.,Unfortunately, even ith Toadette, replaying New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe made me realize,a harsh truth: I just don’t enjoy the New Super Mario Bros. series anymore as single-player,experiences.,The art style is insipid with worlds feeling flat and unlively, the music is an often an,assault on the ears BAH BAH BAH, and even the gameplay feels dated: Being booted back,to the World Map after every life is archaic in this day and age.,Then there are the power-ups which annoyed me as they often feel as limiting as they,are liberating, with the Mini Mushroom being the best example of this, lending the game,a floatier feel while making you more vulnerable.,Even the marquee Squirrel Suit just isn’t that fun to use compared to past flying power-ups,like the cape–a deficit that Peachette slightly makes up for with her superior air control.,I struggled to play through NSMBU again for this review as it failed to engage me on almost,any level.,The constantly repeating enemies, level, and musical themes blend together, making it difficult,for even the somewhat varied gameplay mechanics to stand out.,The game lulled me into autopilot, where I consumed level after level, world after world,,with nary a memory of what I had just played.,You know that feeling where you suddenly remember that you’re driving a car, but have no recollection,of the last several miles?,That’s NSMBU in a nutshell, at least for me.,And it probably doesn’t help that I’ve been playing NSMBU-style levels for years,in Super Mario Maker, many of which were far more interesting in design than the ones here.,But there are two comparative bright spots to the NSMBU Deluxe experience.,First up is New Super Luigi U, because it actually feels somewhat distinct by NSMB standards.,Yes, it reuses the same tired art style, annoying music, and even the world map, but the levels,are all remixed into all-new creations that are significantly shorter, more challenging,,and thus, more interesting.,With only 100 seconds on the clock for each one, the levels are built with speed-runs,in mind and rewards precision playing, whichs stands in stark contrast to the leisurely,pace of the rest of the game.,It’s pretty fun and exciting to try and fly through these levels, as they propel you,forward in ways that 2D Mario rarely has before.,It’s just a shame they weren’t paired with more interesting assets, as NSLU had,the potential to be something more.,Of course, the shorter levels do mean that Luigi’s adventure is only about half as,long as the main game–which isn’t necessarily a negative.,The other high point of Deluxe is multiplayer, which is the only redeeming part I found in,the New Super Mario Bros. U portion of the game.,As my friends bounced over, into, and even on top of each other, we nearly split our,sides in laughter at points–even as we fought over power-ups, and slurped each other up,as Yoshi to carry each other to safety–or spit them out into a bottomless pit, it really,depended on how we felt.,It was incredibly dumb, and the antithesis of what I usually want in a platformer–and,yet, it kind of works, and was more fun than I remembered.,So I’ll give you kudos for that New Super Mario Bros. U.,But there is a weird quirk in the multiplayer this time around compared to the non Deluxe,version.,With Toadette effectively replacing one of the original Toads, that means at least 1,of the 4 Players will always have to play with a handicap, being stuck with either her,or Nabbit, who’s completely invulnerable to enemies.,And that’s doubly the case in NSLU because Mario is MIA, making either Toadette & Nabbit,are required for a 3 player game, and both for a full 4 player game.,This may not matter to you–after all, I still had fun–but it is utterly bizarre to me that,there is no way to play through these games as they were originally intended with every,player having access to characters with identical abilities, as opposed to the lopsided experience,it can be now.,Now there is one more change in NSMBUDX that I haven’t mentioned yet, and it makes the,game play worse than the original for one baffling reason:,The mid-air twirl that buys you an extra second or so of air-time can now be performed simply,by tapping jump again while in the air, instead of being assigned a separate buttons.,Which at first, seems like a smart decision, simplifying the controls and making it almost,a perfect 2-button experience isn’t a bad idea on paper.,But here’s the problem: I found myself twirling by mistake constantly when I intended to perform,other actions, such as preparing to wall-jump or high-bounce off an enemy.,And that can really throw you off.,It adds imprecision in a game that demands otherwise.,It’s baffling to me that there isn’t an option to disable this, even if you probably,will adjust to it eventually,Furthermore, due to the lack of the Wii U’s GamePad New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is,actually missing some content compared to the original release.,Boost Mode, which permitted an additional player to spawn platforms simply by tapping,on the screen, has been removed removed, along with its associated challenges in Challenge,Mode.,I didn’t find it a huge loss personally, but your mileage may vary.,And that might be a good way to sum up my review: Your mileage may vary.,While the single-player experience nearly bored me to tears, at least for New Super,Mario Bros. U, that might not be the case for thos

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New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Rant

[Music],so its finally here boys the switch,game weve all been waiting for,Super Mario Brothers you deluxe for,Nintendo switch,alright lets just get the nice stuff,out of the way first as a game this,title is fine its 2d Mario I think at,this point most of you know exactly what,to expect from this type of title and it,looks pretty good obviously the big,selling point of this game when it first,launched alongside the Wii U as in yes,if youre not aware this was a Wii U,launch game available day 1 on the,platform but yeah one of the big draws,for it was that it was actually the,first Mario game in HD,finally by 2012 we could play a Mario,game clearly on our HD TVs the new super,Luigi you what I would call standalone,DLC is also included while the levels in,this game are technically new theyre,moreso remixed versions of the standard,ones this is kind of key for where Im,going with this video because I do see,many people trying to make it seem like,they gave you two totally unique games,here hardly but this version is actually,much more difficult and elements like,the timers enemy placement are a lot,less forgiving so if you do pick this up,and you enjoy tougher platformers like,we see a lot of in the indie around,these days Id probably actually,recommend just going right into Luigi,you especially if you try and go for all,those star coins I think you will have,some fun with this and last but perhaps,most importantly our baby boy blue toad,we we thought we lost him but hes,apparently okay fully playable in this,game however he was not in that initial,cutscene even if you pick blue toad to,start the game hes nowhere to be seen,so I dont really know is blue toad even,Canon in this game anymore maybe he is,dead in the storyline and this is just,an alternate costume for yellow toad,thrown in last minute to appease blue,toad fans like there are still tons of,unanswered questions about this either,way its nice to know hes there so that,pretty much takes care of the good stuff,and this video is just getting started,so strap in on the other side of things,to start why in gods name is,came $60 in the u.s. the same price as a,full brand-new triple-a game as I stated,at the top this is a Wii U in all caps,launch game from 2012 and yes it does,include the luigi u stuff as it should,but come on thats like some of these,simplest DLC ever made youre telling me,this game belongs on the shelf next to a,title like Super Smash Brothers ultimate,for the same price or lets keep with,the platformer genre hell lets keep,with Mario games Mario Odyssey and,beyond that you have Yoshis crafted,world a brand-new 2d platforming title,coming in just a couple months as Ive,said with some other ports these types,of games should be utilized as library,builders for people to grow their,collection without shelling out $60 per,game and if there has ever been a,Nintendo switch game to date released by,Nintendo that should be sold at a,cheaper price it is this game and sure,people will bring up the sales its been,widely reported on the game is selling,well much better in fact than it did on,the Wii U you dont say you mean like,every other port Nintendo has put out on,the switch I dont believe it the switch,version outsold the console that moved,14 million units in its entire lifespan,less even Im shocked I am utterly blown,away especially again a launch game if,the Wii U sold less than 14 million,units in its entire lifespan,how many did it sell it launched a dozen,or so fact is its pretty hard to slap,Mario on a game cover and have it not,sell well,like youd have to actually try to get,it to fail doesnt mean the games worth,60 bucks and continuing on the choice of,game to port here of all the games that,have still been left behind on the Wii U,your Wind Waker HD Xenoblade Chronicles,X etc even beyond those if you,absolutely needed Mario a guaranteed,software mover,the familiar site of Super Mario,Brothers wait thats not right time to,open up some new possibilities why,didnt you just bring over Super Mario,maker I mean seriously I defy anyone in,the comments to tell me theyd rather,have Super Mario Brothers you over a,Super Mario maker find me a comment that,says that and you have found yourself a,liar now would Mario maker maybe take a,little bit more work to bring over to,the switch sure but God forbid Nintendo,you have to do a little bit of work for,a game youre selling for the second,time around and charging $60 for it I,guess yeah the entitled gamers like me I,know we just we expect so much from you,guys and Mario maker is one I could,probably even justify a full triple-a,price tag for since the game content is,really only limited by what players make,youre gonna have way more people,playing it so youre gonna get way more,levels and just like when I reviewed the,original game I think it is by far the,best to user generated platforming game,to date and I still think that honestly,out of all the games Nintendo could have,put the time into bringing over to,switch this one at least for me,personally would be at the very bottom,like I said the beginning its not,necessarily a bad game not very,memorable either though I mean even when,it released yeah it had the allure of,being the first true HD Mario game but,it really just looked and played like an,HD version of the Mario Brothers games,on the Wii and thats why even though I,think as a game its okay,I also dont think its gonna top,anyones list of favorite Mario games of,all time either or even peoples lists,of Wii U games that they want brought,over to the switch and its also worth,reiterating a Wii U launch title for $60,in 2019 could you imagine if this year,Ubisoft tried selling us zombiu again,for 60 bucks they would be the,laughingstock of the entire gaming,industry for at least that week also as,I said about the sales being strong yeah,its Mario on the switch I expected no,less,you know what loot boxes and,microtransactions the crap we,about here all the time theyll sell a,lot to those also make a lot of money,but that doesnt make them right either,does it and finally heres maybe were,Nintendo strong support of Indies it can,bite them in the ass a little bit,how many outstanding indie games,released just over the past year and at,a fraction of the price that this port,costs in many cases you could get three,indie games right now today you could,buy Celeste,wonderboy and hollow Knight hollow,knight being my personal favorites which,game from last year and you can get all,three together on switch combined for,less than the price of this port from,2012 honestly thats it I rest my case,right there yeah with that this videos,are wrapped let me know your thoughts on,slapping a sixty dollar price tag on,Super Mario Brothers you in the comments,Im done talking about this game hey,guys thanks for listening to me rant,here about new super mario brothers you,if youre new to the channel please,consider subscribing its not always,like this I swear and if you want to,keep the conversation going hit me up on,Twitter at Johnnys akari and join my,discord shyguy and friends linked to,both in the description below and as,always thanks for watching,[Music]

Why Luigi U Is My Favorite NSMB Game

hello and welcome to the fifth and final,part in this new super mario,retrospective supported by patrons such,as,amanda guth abby knutson anne ross and,anthony combs,if you have not seen the previous parts,there will be a link to a complete,playlist in the description,otherwise welcome back and lets finish,this,[Music],the wii u didnt sell well new super,mario bros u didnt sell well,relatively speaking at least it is the,third best-selling game on the wii u but,it only sold a sixth of what mario bros,ds and we sold,so why nintendo decided to sell dlc for,a game that didnt do well on a console,that didnt do well is beyond me,it didnt receive much fanfare or sell a,whole lot as you would expect,even though it later had a physical,release and everything i dont know,anyone in person that has ever played,this thing even among my friends that,had a wii u,so going into this i really didnt know,what to expect,i popped it in my friend and i sat down,and played it and,mind my hyperbole here but holy cow,this one was astonishingly so damn good,i couldnt believe it my friends,couldnt believe it we were constantly,laughing constantly being surprised by a,new super mario game,its actually challenging the levels are,memorable the multiplayer didnt make me,want to kill the person next to me the,new gimmicks make you play it,differently,its a pretty dang well thought out game,its just,good what the hell is going on here,luigi u the worst performing entry in,the entire series,really this is the one that changed my,mind this,is the good one where do i even start at,the beginning,probably okay we have the same exact,opening as the previous game,bowser grabs our cast of characters and,throws them out of the castle the only,difference,mario isnt there instead there is just,his hat,cue all the overly dramatic game,theories on how mario is dead or,something,your goal is still to save princess,peach which was,a horribly missed opportunity to use,daisy instead,after the intro you are thrown into the,overworld and thats when you notice,wait a second this is the same exact,overworld as mario you,at first glance it might be tempting to,call luigi you,the laziest of the new super mario rose,games stating that is probably,half true it re-uses the same music,assets bosses and even overworld as the,standard mario you,that being said luigi u is similar to,nsmb2,in the sense that it was given an inch,and it takes it a mile luigi u has just,put a handful of changes,and designs the entire game around them,the most notable of which being luigi,himself in the minuscule timer,starting with luigi unlike in mario yu,he controls,much differently than his older brother,he is significantly floatier and,performs,much higher jumps this alone would be,enough to make the game have an entirely,different feel,but the second biggest change,will be hearing that in each and every,level throughout your adventure,in each and every level you are given,exactly 100 seconds to reach a flagpole,incentivizing you to speed run your way,through this adventure more so than ever,before,a slight difference is that luigi u,doesnt use schmekens,unlike the rest of the series the other,mario games may have timers,but they count down faster than a real,timer would what this means,is that 100 seconds in the other games,is approximately one minute,whereas here in luigi u it is genuinely,1 minute and 40 seconds,but to be completely honest i think i,would have preferred the original timer,speed,i love how these levels incentivize you,to run through them but i would complete,some of these with a whole minute to,spare,in other words i would have personally,liked a bit more pressure,in any case the stress is still there in,a good way constant speed,constant energy i swear luigi u was,designed to cater to people with,extremely short attention spans,so yeah luigi was designed for me luigi,u is also the very first game in the,series to add a character that,actually behaves differently nabbit yes,you can indeed play as that little,butthole from before,he is a really unique addition his catch,is that he cant be killed by enemies,but alternatively he doesnt have any,power up transformations,if you try to pick up a powerup as,nabbit he will just put it in his bag,which is a great way to rack up some,lives,because every item you nab as nabit will,be converted into a life at the end of,the stage,and trust me youre going to need those,because luigi u can get pretty dang hard,luigi u,really benefits from the addition of,nabit because it makes the multiplayer,manageable,dare i say required for two reasons the,first being that since nabit can,not get hurt by enemies the path the,person playing as nabbit will take is,likely to be much different than the,path the person playing as,luigi will take which obviously will,clear up some more space between the,players the second reason being that,multiplayer interactions have been,reduced,which personally i think is a good thing,because i dont know why picking up and,throwing people is added in the first,place,you always do it by accident and it,leads to someones death,every single time,nabit is great because two players would,simply not work on these more condensed,levels without him i mean this basically,plays like two player meat boy,so the last thing you want is to,constantly be screwing each other over,my friend tony is a complete ass when we,play co-op games because he always,messes with me,i mean when we were playing the wii,version he was doing [ __ ] like this,he stole my yoshi he didnt even [ __ ],need it he already had one,isnt that like one of the ten,commandments or something thou shall not,steal,thou shalt not murder thou shall not,hijack another mans yoshi,but since they removed some of the,interactions like being able to pick up,and harm other players,we were able to play this game together,and have a good time and if,luigi you can be both incredibly,difficult and be good as a multiplayer,game,that is a tremendous triumph as far as,im concerned,i have heard some people complain about,the timer despite the entire game being,designed around it,but especially for multiplayer i think,this is a good change,because players are more pressured to,work together and focus on the levels,themselves,all of that stuff is great but the real,reason luigi u,is so dang good is because these are,flat out some of the best level designs,weve seen in years,every platform every coin every enemy,feels like it was deliberately placed,down to the tile for every nsmb game i,covered,i probably remember something around 50,of the stages,some games less being honest its hard,to remember every last level when most,of them in these games are not,distinctive in many ways outside of,their respective world theme,luigi u on the other hand i think i,remember almost every,last stage in the entire game they are,all unique,they are all interesting and they are,all fun so how exactly do these levels,feel different,i already established there arent many,new assets so what could luigi u,possibly do that we have not seen a,million times already in the other mario,bros games,a beach level of little ocean huts a,level made out of rainbow walls a level,about ferris wheels in the sky ice bros,making platforms for you by freezing,fuzzies a beach level that start to,finish has a bottomless pit without any,grass tiles or water pools,a level made up of snake blocks a,gauntlet of creepy staring easter island,heads that try to push you back,a level where youre in a cloud the,whole time a level made up entirely of,ginormous water geysers a sunny outdoor,castle where youre being chased by a,giant bullet a deep jungle level where,you try to outclimb toxic rising grape,juice,i believe also making this the first,ever jungle level with a vertical,orientation in all of mario and a level,that is being created,while you play it all of these are ideas,that are completely new to the new super,mario series,and there is even more i didnt mention,s

Same Mario, Different Day | New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Review

review copy provided by Nintendo,Nintendo that was so kind of you and on,my birthday,just kidding its not my birthday hey,hello my dear sweet friends my name is,Arlo and today I am reviewing new super,mario brothers you deluxe this Wii U,launch title has been given new life on,switch and the question is is it a fun,well-designed nod to the classic games,or a cold cynical cash grab because its,got to be one of the other no no gray,area not on the Internet at least Bush,as a game reviewer I feel that its my,job to be fair its ok to have personal,feelings about a game but I always try,to give credit where credits due and,appreciate quality when I see it,full disclosure though I have some beef,with this game and you know what youre,gonna hear about that beef so if you,dont like beef videos you might want to,go watch a different review cuz Im,going there Im going there mister,however I hope you trust me when I say I,will try my best to be fair and not let,my beef blind me to the good stuff this,game has to offer because while Ive got,a lot of complaints I cant deny that,there is a pretty good Mario experience,here I wanted to start with some good,stuff but unfortunately theres one,major complaint I had about this game,right out of the gate and its the,controls they just dont feel very good,they feel really floaty and slippery and,the unforgiving enemy hitboxes lead to a,lot of deaths that feel confusing or,unfair at first I thought I was just,rusty seeing as I hadnt played a 2d,Mario in quite a while but nope I booted,up Mario 3 and those controls feel great,and even though Ive been playing this,game for a while now I cant say that,Ive gotten used to the way it feels,theres one gigantic specific issue,though when youre in midair you can hit,Zr to do a little spin and get a little,extra airtime this is actually really,nice because it gives you just a little,more wiggle room when jumping without,being overly generous problem is you,also do this spin by hitting the jump,button a second time when in midair if,you want to bounce extra high off an,enemy you also use the jump button you,hold it down as you land this causes you,to spend when youre just trying to,bounce and I cant even calculate how,many times this has killed me its an,absolutely baffling control choice that,significantly hinders the experience,its a constant issue to deal with and,its a massive pain in the Kiester its,the kind of decision where I just cant,understand how it was made when the,people making this game were obviously,playing it theres no way they,themselves didnt also die because they,spun when they were trying to bounce,there are so many buttons on the switch,controller theyre tying multiple,functions to one button instead of just,splitting them up to make it easier oh,no I get it the controls may not be,great but theyre okay enough to get,used to for the most part and once I did,get used to them for the most part I,found that there is a decently good time,to be had in this game if its got one,major thing going for it its the level,design I went in expecting the levels to,be pretty plain but these are some well,crafted stages from at least a design,standpoint the game uses a good number,of good distinct ideas and themes across,each of its levels it can be played,cooperatively with up to four players,and I have criticized games in the past,for allowing the multiplayer concept to,affect the level design too much Super,Mario 3d World is perhaps the best,example of this theres a lot of good,design in that game but a little too,much of it was simplified and overly,easy in order to make it work better for,four people new super mario brothers use,deluxe however just doesnt do that in,fact looking at these stages you,wouldnt even know it was built for,multiplayer there are tons of dangerous,gauntlets and tight platforming,sequences that befits multiplayer,certainly works I didnt get to play,around with it a lot but its exactly,what youd expect its hectic with,people flying all around all over and as,long as one person makes it the rest can,bubble along with them so even a jumbled,massive bumbling players can make their,way through tough levels its fun in its,own sort of way but not something that,Im really into so I really appreciate,how pure and untouched the level design,is here and another problem with Mario,games is that they can be way too easy,Super Mario 3d World is another great,example of this though even Super Mario,Odyssey isnt immune to this push to,make Mario more accessible Nintendo has,dealt with the accessibility issue in a,number of ways offering invincibility to,players who have died too many times or,even a much easier mode as was the case,with Odyssey problem is a lot of those,games offer special items in all that,while still just being too skewed toward,the easy end of the spectrum in the,first place Odyssey is like the best,game ever but its true that even when,youre not in,Im owed too much of the game can be,breezed through without a problem,Super Mario 3d Land offers the special,item if you die too much but by itself,its probably the single easiest Mario,in the history of Marios but deluxe,might just be the best example of a,Mario game providing a satisfying,experience for everyone if you die,enough times on a stage youll get the,little block that lets you get magic God,powers until you reach the flag sure and,there are P wings or P corns or whatever,you want to call them theyll let you,fly over everything but most importantly,it provides the complete experience by,making most of the core game decently,challenging in the first place then,offering a range of playable characters,that decrease that difficulty a young,child or a less experienced player can,play as either toadette or nabbit who,cant even be hurt by enemies so if,youre playing with your niece or your,uncle or whoever they can have a good,time or you know if you stink at Mario,you can have a good time but then if,youre an experienced player you can,just choose Mario Luigi or toad and,actually enjoy the game fully without,having to push through dozens and dozens,of laughably easy levels before you get,to the handful of hard ones at the end,Im not the most seasoned 2d Mario,player so its very possible that you,might feel differently about the,difficulty but I have played a video,game or two in my life and some of these,levels offered pretty decent challenges,there were a good few times when I found,myself trying a level again and again,and even having to go back and farm,lives so that I didnt get a game over,and lose my progress since the last,Castle nothing that had me throwing my,controller and pulling my hair out but,it was certainly more challenged than,Im used to getting it was much more in,line with the difficulty of the old 2d,games another great way the game tailors,to your skill level is with its,collectables sometimes just beating a,level will be decently easy especially,if youve got some fancy powerup but,grabbing all the star coins is a whole,other story these things can be really,tricky and unlike a lot of other,platformers including some that I really,love Deluxe is brave enough to require,that you hit a checkpoint or a flagpole,before theyre saved,you cant just suicide to grab a star,coin and then continue on your merry way,with it tucked neatly into your,inventory,this makes completing levels that much,harder and harder still is the new super,Luigi u mode this is an entire alternate,campaign each of the levels mirror those,of the main game in terms of visuals and,sometimes,in theme but theyre totally remixed or,remade to be extra challenging and,whatever character you use you get extra,jump height at the expense of extra,slippery footing which makes things even,tougher even if you just want to blast,your way to the flagpole it can be quite,the feat and again collecting everything,is a significant ordeal its nice too,because these levels are really short,maybe about half the size of the level

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe | The Completionist | New Game Plus

just about everyone has touched a 2d,mario game classic mario practically,created the platformer we know today but,theres another type of 2d mario that,while beloved by critics,is not often mentioned by fans the new,super mario brothers series,and ill find out why its so often,ignored again when i recomplete,new super mario bros u deluxe,hey everyone and welcome back to another,brand new episode of the completionist,new game plus,a show where i take a second look at,games i completed from the original,completionist lineup,more on that in the description box down,below i feel like i was one of the few,people out there that was really,genuinely excited when they announced,that,new super mario brothers u deluxe was,coming to the nintendo switch more,specifically because one,i love the original game a lot it was my,first embarking,partnership relationship with nintendo,and two i never actually got around to,playing,new super luigi u uh when that dlc,pack was released so today were gonna,take a good look again,at new super mario bros u deluxe for the,nintendo switch,lets begin,oh yeah mario time,now new super mario bros u is a game,that is near and dear to my heart,when i first started putting out,completionist videos this game marked a,turning point both creatively,and professionally the original episode,marked my debut relationship with a,little company known,as nintendo anyone who knows me can tell,you that i love nintendo and almost,all of their games mean so much to me i,love smash brothers zelda pokemon and i,love,mario and when nintendo sends you a copy,their newest console,and a copy of the newest mario game you,heed the call at the time we as a team,entered into a competition to create a,commercial,involving the nintendo wii u and any of,their launch titles,and we worked really hard on that,commercial unfortunately we did lose the,competition,however nintendo still liked our video,and thats when i took it upon myself to,decide that im going to complete,new super mario bros u for the wii u and,this cemented our relationship thats,continued to this very day,it just goes to show you that even when,you fail theres always an opportunity,theres some advice from your friendly,neighborhood completionist when i first,completed this game,i did it in record time releasing the,video only a couple days after the wii u,launched now that i have even more time,and im used to those challenge levels,thanks to mario maker im honestly not,that worried at all but there is one big,change,new super luigi u a dlc game that wasnt,out when i first,completed new super mario brothers u,however in the deluxe version for switch,both games are included and since its,essentially the same game i decided to,knock out both while im here,first off im gonna have to beat the,game this includes beating up all the,koopalings as well as the king koopa,himself at the very end beating bowser,at the end of a mario game,what a twist from there im going to,finish collecting all of the star coins,there are three star coins per level,totaling up to over 200 star coins in,the game,after this there are some extra things i,need to find one being the secret exits,and the other being nabbit,some levels have secret exits that link,to hidden levels so if im gonna get,everything im gonna have to find those,too,nabbit is a bandit rabbit who stole from,the toad houses you gotta catch him in,each world and bring him back,however these are real short and happen,while youre playing the game naturally,so i will knock them out as they go,along,finally and what may be one of the most,difficult parts of the game,im gonna have to complete the,challenges the challenges are separate,from the main campaign and are small,levels that feature time trials,coin gathering and other similar,challenges i remember this being the,most difficult pain in my ass thing to,do in this game so im really,not looking forward to this but overall,this is standard mario fare,the only things that can be mildly,frustrating is the fact that i have to,do it twice,thanks to new super luigi u then again,thats kind of the theme of new game,plus overall,in that sense new super mario bros u,deluxe is the perfect metaphor for this,series as a whole god i love symbolism,new super mario bros u deluxe has,everything fans have come to love from,the new mario brothers series,just with a little bit more polish this,polish can first be seen with the story,bowser flies in with the koopalings,kicks everyone,out of peachs castle kidnaps her and,takes control of the mushroom kingdom,okay so maybe the polish isnt,necessarily,here in the details of the story thats,been the same since the nes days but the,way that the game reminds you whats at,stake is better than in every 2d game,before it,every time you get about halfway through,the world theres a shortcut scene,reminding you of what bowser is doing,peachs flags will change to bowsers,flags a mysterious fog will surround the,castle so on and so forth this keeps the,overall goal of rescuing peach,constantly on the forefront of your,brain,smart stuff nintendo this type of extra,detail can be seen in the levels,themselves while the music is great as,always the highlight remains in seeing,how the enemies interact with the music,itself,koopas turn to the camera on beat and,the baby yoshi sing along which lets be,clear that,is the best part about this game,now i just want to see pauline singing a,song with the childrens choir of baby,yoshis behind her,can you imagine someone please make this,happen most people say that the levels,in,new you are bland and boring but i,disagree,i think up to this point this is the,best version of the new series weve got,the problem being that weve had,several games before in the series that,makes all this feel all too familiar so,in the end,that does kind of make sense i do want,to add though that the backgrounds of,each level are fantastic they really add,a sense of depth to the world and make,the mushroom kingdom seem like more than,a set of lines with flagpoles at the end,the best set piece has got to be the,starry night themed background in one of,the ghost levels it is,mesmerizing and honestly wouldnt mind,if the whole game had a similar art,style like this da vinci will be proud,or rembrandt i dont know all of these,great details are seen once again,in new super luigi u the levels are,greatly shortened,each levels time has been shortened to,100 seconds and adds,a lot more jumping thats because all of,luigi u,is based off of luigis higher jump and,slippery traction you have to remember,this was a part of nintendos history,the most important holiday,of their company the year of luigi,plus hes still got the runny feet you,know like when he jumps in the air and,his feet go all crazy im glad to see a,whole game designed around it,high five luigi there is so much,attention to detail in every aspect of,the look and sound of the game that you,cant help but smile while its not,perfect i loved everything about the,presentation of this game,hows the play the gameplay still feels,as tight as ever your running and,jumping is complemented by a spin jump,as well as an additional spin you can do,in the middle of the air to extend,the length of your jump however one of,the weirdest additions they added to the,game in this new deluxe version,is the fact that the jump button and the,midair spin are on the same button so,sometimes when youre jumping you might,accidentally do a mid-air spin,its kind of frustrating to be honest,now the only new power-ups in new super,mario bros u is the acorn collecting,this puts you in a fly suit that makes,you glide,adds a little bit of a double to your,jump and lets you cling to walls,its super cute and a lot of fun but,its kind of not enough every other,power-up had been seen before and,frankly it was kind of disappointing,it seems like it took some aspects of,other power-ups like the tanooki suit,instead of adding new gameplay elements,however this changes

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