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New World in 2022

New World the game that in 2021 provided,the MMO Community with some of the most,entertaining meme material in years I,played the crap out of this game at,launch but like 90 of the player base,didnt stick around past the first two,months New Worlds End Game back at,launch just wasnt good and if I was to,explain why this intro would drag on for,five minutes in April 2022 I returned to,the game to see what improvements had,been made check out the latest content,and meme on the game a little bit more,to my surprise though after I made the,new world cake W video I actually stuck,around and Ive been playing it somewhat,consistently ever since back during my,full review for new world I said that I,always expected it to be a game that,will pull an ESO on us in the sense that,it was a disaster at launch but over the,years with many updates would improve to,eventually be a solid MMO now almost one,year since the initial launch new worlds,might have actually turned a corner for,the past two months the game has seen,significant growth in its player base,and has fully stopped bleeding players,from its launch issues plus 24 in August,and plus 15 so far in September ever,since the news broke about the games,first major expansion which is right,around the corner Brimstone Sands this,completely free expansion brings with it,a massive new desert Zone which is said,to contain three zones worth of content,the highly anticipated great sword,weapon new quests new dungeons a,complete revamp to the new player,experience Town redesigns more variety,with enemy types and a lot more this is,in addition to New World fixing a lot of,its launch problems already adding 3v3,Arena better end game progression a,group finder and multiple new dungeons,in this video were going to talk about,the new expansion head over to the PTR,to check out the revamp and Ill,hopefully help you figure out if this is,a game worth giving another chance but,first sponsor geralt and Jennifer from,The Witcher 3 have just arrived to AFK,Arena AFK arena is an idle RPG and hero,collector available on Android and iOS,this is a game that Ive personally been,playing for about two years now Ive got,most of the heroes in the game Im in a,top 100 Guild and after trying other,idle RPGs I like this one the most due,to its unique art style generous events,for free to play players as well as fun,mini games such as Shadow invasions,Forest Mania Abyssal Expedition and,Misty Valley right now AFK arena is,having its biggest collab yet this time,with the Witcher 3 which means you can,now recruit two of the most iconic,characters to your roster of Heroes,geralt of Rivia and Jennifer these two,Heroes gain additional benefits to their,abilities when part of the same,formation with geralt taking on the,continuous damage Warrior role andyana,for being a mage that can buff allies,and crowd control enemy,in the past AFK Arena has also done,collabs with Assassins Creed Persona 5,and Overlord all of which brought strong,Heroes to the game which still see,constant use ains and Ezio for example,have been some of my most used Heroes,since they were released but with the,introduction of geralt and Jennifer that,might soon change click the link in the,description below to play AFK Arena now,and try both geralt and Jennifer free,for three days and use the promo code on,screen for incredible gifts download now,before we jump on the PTR and check out,some of the new stuff let me give you a,quick idea of how many issues new world,has fixed or is in the process of fixing,over the past year this is a picture of,the cons list at the end of my full,review in November 2021 this is a,picture of the same cons list but with,notes for everything theyre fixed since,just look at all of this stuff theyre,fixed you can pause the video here to,get a good look and have a read,out of the 32 cons I listed at the end,of that review theyve already fixed or,are in the process of fixing 18 of them,with a few things Im not sure of thats,absolutely massive progress and on top,of that theyve also added the Tempest,heart Expedition which in my opinion is,one of the most visually impressive,dungeons Ive ever seen in an MMO the,Barnacles and black powder Expedition,which I havent gotten around to trying,yet theyve added 3v3 Arena the,Blunderbuss and void Gauntlet weapons,with the great sword right around the,corner they completely revamped the end,game progression system and added a,thing called gypsum and expertise which,is a massive improvement over the old,system you no longer need keys to enter,dungeons you can just enter them and,enjoy the game they added a new trade,skill called music which is a nice,social activity that brings players,together with the benefit of group Buffs,and the economy is in a much better,place now so what were going to do now,is head over to the PTR to check out the,new level 1 to 25 leveling experience,which has been completely reworked with,revamped starting towns and the addition,of the great sword here we are on the,new New World PTR to check out the new,new player experience spawned on the,beach near Monarchs Bluffs which is,apparently completely different now Im,really looking forward to exploring it a,bunch of other players checking out the,PCR as well as were going with great,solder piling all of our stats into,strength wholesome chat I just want to,play the new content I love new worlds,dont we all since day one here feels,good man this area is different than,what I remember it I dont remember,fighting corrupted mobs on the beach,back at launch weve already got our,first amulet straight away the beginner,Quest rewards seem different than launch,going into another corrupted area wait,is this a different mob type I dont,think Ive ever seen a mob that looks,like this before in new world its like,a female corrupted sailor you know the,game struggled with mob diversity at,launch when as soon as you see a mob,that looks different you immediately,notice it yo whats that in the distance,its a castle that wasnt there before,was it so it doesnt take long at all,before you start to feel the effects of,this new new player experience okay,whats this great sword yes please,thats what we want dude look at it its,so big but its clipping right through,my shield goodbye Shield you had a good,run how much damage does it do feels,chunky first ability lets go with cross,Cuts cross Cuts,so during the starting experience you,basically find one of each weapon just,laying around on the floor from various,weapon chests so you dont have to wait,a long time to start training the weapon,Mastery that youre interested in new,ability Relentless Rush let me guess it,rushes me forward,oh it rushes me forward with a spin,Quest complete level seven new chest,piece straight away were looking like,an adventurer oh wow if we look in the,distance from here we can see the new,monarchs Bluffs and wow that looks,bloody epic thats huge whenever I play,any MMO I think its cool to look in the,distance and see giant castle Towers it,always gives you like a sense of awe and,excitement to actually reach that City,for the first time bloody hell the,entrance of this place looks so,different before it was like a copy,paste wooden fort but now its an actual,castle in before everyone moves their,player housing to Monarchs Bluffs now,because the buildings just look better,quick look at the Eastern exit of the,city and our first msq outside of,Monarchs Bluff doesnt take us halfway,across the map like it used to,additionally theres also a fast travel,Point fairly close to where I need to go,as you can see from the map theyve also,added a ton of fast travel points all,throughout the world so you can no,longer call new worlds a walking,simulator additionally yes theyve also,confirmed that they will add mounts in,the future at some point so I know,thats something that a lot of people,have been requesting pretty much since,launch and in the quest once again the,NPC isnt halfway across the

New World Full Review “The Pros & Cons”

new world is the biggest new aaa mmorpg,to release in years since launch ive,plugged in over 500 hours seen every,piece of content the game has to offer,and ive almost maxed every skill in the,game additionally ive tested new world,on numerous occasions in the past the,first time being back in 2018 when it,was just a generic 50 player per server,survival game completely unrecognizable,from what it is today this review will,likely be more focused on the negatives,and providing constructive criticism for,features of the game that can be,improved as at this point were,approaching two months post-launch the,games lost over 75 percent of its,initial player base and big changes need,to be made to make new worlds an mmorpg,that will last for years to come,if you havent played new world but,would like to get a good idea of the,game from start to finish then i have a,full journey to max level series on my,channel that i highly recommend watching,but before we jump into it a quick word,from todays sponsor raycon,so new world has some of the best audio,out there out of any recent mmo and what,better way to enjoy it than with,raikons premium wireless earbuds that,are known for having the highest quality,to price ratio out there when it comes,to similar products they come with a,variety of colors and interchangeable,gel tips for your ears comfort and,support and unlike some other brands,they dont protrude out of your ears,raikons new everyday earbuds offer an,improved rubber oil look and feel with,optimized gel tips for the perfect,in-ear fit as well as eight hours of,playtime 32 hours battery life and the,earbud holder doubles as a charging,capsule with up to four times recharges,on the go in addition to all that,raycons also include an inbuilt mic so,you can use them to take advantage of,new worlds proximity voice chat raycons,start at half the price of other premium,audio brands and also come with a 45 day,happiness guarantee personally i like to,use my rakons when chilling in a coffee,shop catching up on youtube content and,most recently whilst chilling out,gathering in new worlds off-camera click,the link in the description below or go,to buy raycon.com tlp to get up to 20,off your rake on purchase first lets,start with the pros the good things,about new world ill be rating the game,on five different aspects world design,gameplay crafting and economy end game,and ui quality of life,the biggest thing i love about new world,is the feeling of actually being out in,the world and whilst there are a lot of,reused assets that make you feel major,deja vu playing through the game the,sense of scale and immersion when it,comes to the size of your character in,relation to the trees mountains and,buildings is the best ive experienced,in the mmorpg genre the view distance is,extremely far youll see a giant,mountain a whole zone away and later,learn that its a place you can actually,go explore the gathering in new worlds,on face value also feels like the best,in the mmo genre every tree can be,chopped almost every boulder can be,mined the world is so densely populated,with these gatherable nodes which ties,back to the feeling of immersion being,out in the world during the leveling,process the gathering makes the whole,experience more enjoyable as youll be,running from a to b and constantly end,up getting distracted by mining rocks,gathering hemp and chopping trees the,gathering feels like the thing that,connects you to the world another best,in genre aspect of new world has got to,be the sound design from the cracking of,trees getting cut down by other players,in the distance to the satisfying ding,of your items selling on the trading,post the punchy level up sound effect,general ui interaction sounds and the,impactful hit sfx from combat the sound,team did an incredible job with this,game and once again it all ties back,into that feeling of immersion being out,in the world graphically new world looks,absolutely stunning in places the,lighting is the sun sets the reflections,from the water the mist rising up from,the ground this adds to the sense of,immersion out in the world and visually,its a top three mmo that will be,looking good for years to come,new world combat whilst having a lot of,issues that ill mention later feels,unique on a fundamental level there,isnt really another mmorpg that has,combat that feels like this and its a,true action combat system not a soft,lock action combat system so for range,attacks that means you actually have to,aim and hit your target the same way you,would in a first person shooter i like,that new world is a classless mmorpg you,can level up and equip every weapon in,the game and create a variety of,different builds this is something that,will also improve going forward as more,weapons are added such as the great,sword daggers blunderbuss void gauntlet,and so on massive potential for,expansion here and each edition adds,content to the game via the weapon,mastery grind new world as of making,this video is a non-pay to win buy to,play mmo that despite its issues,provides enough content to justify the,box cost if you enjoy the core gameplay,new world is also a game that whilst,light on content variety is clearly,trying to provide an equal amount of,content for both pvp and pve players,which will obviously expand going,forward on the pvp side of things youve,got duals open world pvp territory,sieges pvp missions and a 20 20,queueable instanced battleground on the,pve side of things youve got corrupted,portals elite group grind zones which,are like open world dungeons five player,expeditions world bosses corrupted,invasions the main quest line and all of,the crafting gathering content as well,as player housing so a decent mix in my,opinion,at face value for the first few weeks of,playing the crafting system feels,amazing its super approachable for new,players feels like a core aspect of the,game and you can also level up your,character through crafting its not,until later that the cracks in this,system start to appear which ill talk,about later but at face value its good,[Music],the five player expeditions new worlds,take on dungeons are probably my,favorite piece of multiplayer content,the game currently offers difficulty,feels reasonable especially on your,first run visually expedition,environments look pretty epic and the,bosses have a reasonable amount of,mechanics if you take the completionist,mindset and play new world like,runescape trying to max everything the,game can feel quite enjoyable and keep,you playing for a long period of time,with those personal set goals that being,said the game currently lacks,completionist flex items which ill talk,about later,[Applause],generally the user interface for new,world looks pretty clean and doesnt,clutter the heck out of your screen like,most asian mmos that being said it still,needs work and has a lot of bugs which,ill mention later next lets talk about,the cons some of these issues are more,fundamental than others some are just,small things that wind me up just know,that i clearly enjoy the game and wanted,to succeed if not i wouldnt have put in,over 500 hours in less than two months,dont be one of those absolute losers,from the new world forums that get,offended by any critique of the game,dont be one of those idiots that,dismiss any criticism as hate because,youre level 35 play for one hour per,day and youre still in the honeymoon,phase so you havent reached the point,where these issues start to appear,amazon has infinite money and resources,this game has gone through more testing,than any other mmorpg in recent memory,and a lot of the games issues are,inexcusable,if youre someone that feels the need to,dick suck a multi-billion dollar company,in the face of legit critique then,reevaluate your life close the video and,[ __ ] off lets begin,a lot of the towns in new worlds feel,very copy paste morningdale is basically,winswood but rotated slightly this isnt,an issue with towns from the

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Playing New World From Level 1

foreign,Ill play through the tutorial since,its only a minute or two,for anybody whos new,whats up [ __ ],the [ __ ] out of here,you have a choice yeah you can skip it,Im gonna kill him right now oh I cant,yo come closer,your captain needs you,one of those busted things gently,that way,a demon storm,voice in my head,these foul creatures,who dont know what the hells going on,here,think so,I could have sworn I saw one of the,Swabbies youre finally awake yeah,creatures,cant priest,never should have trusted that bastard,always talk of Legends and power,Treasures nothing but lies,box he gave me whats in the box,I dont know,I lost it when the ship went down,this voice,says I need to get it back,you,I order you,search the beach,if we dont recover the Box,no,wait,I will find it,no,please,I cant die here,not like this,hey yo dont feel bad for him this guys,a dick,yeah we just can immediately loot him,wait literally like we just we,immediately [ __ ] loot this dude,without even a seconds thought like,yeah this that guys a dick anyway dont,worry about it wash up on my Shore,exhausted and weak,and I welcome you home,well go ahead and kill this [ __ ] right,here get the [ __ ] out of here,all right what is this we got to get the,great sword man like this is only a,sword we want the great sword oh wait oh,this is new,mysterious whats an oh wow what the,[ __ ],well Im glad I started the new one I,didnt even know about this,mysterious bot oh [ __ ],this is a cinematic,what the [ __ ],done,source,it was my destiny to claim that,well now it makes more sense why she,wanted to kill us,yeah makes a lot of sense and yeah I,climb right over that its no big deal,hold this guy right there there we go,did they change the way that guy looks I,feel like he used to look differently,okay lets see here sword and shield,were gonna obviously do spinning boy,lets go,all right,auto run num walk yeah they teach you,how to auto run in the tutorial man that,[ __ ] its a joke lets go spend a win,yeah,I always thought this tutorial part was,cool I like this,apparently breath of the wild does the,same thing,I wonder if you can see like any of the,other places in the in the game,writer like this is it,because like thats like thats a,Shattered Mountain,thats Mordor you had the choice,you forced my hand,your soul is now mine,if a girlfriend tells you that you,probably should break up with her,okay here we go we gotta fight him,you can yeah you cant fix her man,easily get them right there,look at that damage,look at that hes already knocked down,oh my God yall remember that [ __ ],I remember that so well,blocking everything look at that,whenever that guy would charge you in,[ __ ] one shot you and Merck blood,damn,he went Super Saiyan,no I think that were on the beach Im,pretty sure,let me see,yeah and you got a bunch of different,weapons its a classless game so like,you just decide,oh [ __ ] what up boys,bro thats a hundred percent him I can,tell by his face look,thats a hundred percent zaryu,thats gotta be him holy [ __ ] okay,all right lets go we got we gotta make,our Guild soon okay so where did I spawn,oh they put me in Monarchs Bluff okay,good that means I can do the questline,there,Ill play through everything,thats the first time one goes through,it,healthy All Things Considered luckier,than most yeah see look at that,not anymore but you were very much dead,for a few minutes there youve been,resurrected you said it took a scan,driver yeah,youll find many strange things on,Eternal and this not dying business is,one of them,yes the whole of the corruption oh my,God I get white boots,cant even count the number of ships,its wrecked is audio good and,everything,it is okay Ill turn up the uh,damn I got a lot of experience for that,holy [ __ ],oh man let me do one thing,Ill move it up a bit so you guys can,see,those like yourself,youre undoubtedly quite shaken by all,of this and probably famished too,Resurrection is taxing on the stone and,the body,okay give me one sec,I gotta do one thing then Ill be ready,okay,all right do you have food and supplies,yeah Ill turn up the the dialogue after,this,of course youre not exactly equipped,for hunting are you theyre not fat,theyre just theyre just well fed,fat boars oh my God,yes,if youll gather some Flint but I say,that about [ __ ] potatoes everybody,loses their mind,okay lets do it,all right let me let me lets chill with,this stuff right here I know a lot of,people oh,yeah yeah I chose this let me because I,want to go through the whole story and,everything and just like play through it,for like the new player experience,because I didnt really do this so like,Im kind of Im two birds at one stone,uh Im two birds one stoning this [ __ ],right,so what do I have to do get flint and,then I got to get a bush okay lets go,damn look at everybody holy [ __ ],God damn,okay lets go oh let me turn this up,again right like I said all right so uh,audio,vocals volume Im gonna take this to,like 40 Im gonna take a 50. okay,hopefully that should work,volume of VoiceOver that should be fine,I hope this is good,well turn this up a bit,okay and then Music Volume wheres the,music volume,okay that should be fine,okay Ill turn it up a bit,all right let me turn it up a bit more,okay,wait did my sound just go away,its muted now let me let me see what,this is,audio,scroll your audio its PC audio Windows,volume,Im just worried that if I turn it up on,my windows volume its going to go up,oh,okay never mind,okay were good I just have my [ __ ] on,wrong yeah were totally fine let me get,some wood,okay Ill get some more flints as well,if I want to craft some more stuff,get them rocks,Okay so,all right so lets go,well make a skinning knife,and lets see here all right we got that,one done,and what else do we need to do talk,releasing okay lets talk to this guy,very impressive one of the nicest crude,skinning knives Ive seen youve done,this before havent you,yeah I leveled the 63 times,its important to know how to provide,for yourself here,the Wilds of eternum can be a very harsh,environment,its reasonably safe at the road in the,town of Pride win but out here,we are on our own,all right,yes it has its own share of troubles but,nothing like what we are seeing here,the Persistence of this storm is,worrisome to say the least,I may very well need your help but as I,promised we need to get you fed first,yes youll find them snuffling around in,the bushes nearby theyre ornery but I,think you can handle it Go and Hunt,yourself down a fat one skin it and cook,yourself a little Feast at the campfire,this is you know its a sponsored event,so I wont make a Jeffrey Dahmer,reference,all right uh lets go ahead and were,gonna just uh were gonna get this,started,uh where is oh theres one right there,theres a theres a big old fat more,right there lets get him,lets get him,oh right there all right and you are,[ __ ] dead,now what Ill skin him oh I need to put,the knife on thats right I want to put,this on put the knife on no hey,man [ __ ] now I have to get a new one,I did all that work for nothing somebody,stole my [ __ ] God damn it man,do I need a sickle for this I do,um okay,bro everybodys stealing my boars,I cant even get to level three oh Im,over four no Im all three,I need to get all four,okay,all right there hes dead now let me try,to loot this,because I stole my fat one yeah its,okay,all right now lets go lets go do this,one,I guess I should probably go over to,this right no actually let me Let Me,Wait Im gonna do this this first before,I go over to that question mark,him gets you blazed oh yeah because its,actually weed true oh hes already got a,great sword what the [ __ ],yeah we gotta get we gotta get this we,gotta get this sorted,all right lets go and well craft a,light ration uh well just make two of,them,uh this just like heals me more over,time,that smells delicious and you seem to be,feeling better than when you first,rejoined the ranks of the living,thats convenient because I really

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New World Review

what happens when you combine the shell,of a hardcore fantasy mmorpg with the,trappings of a hardcore survival game we,just found out with new world amazon,games colonial themed mmo that plops you,and other human survivors onto a cursed,island where you must gather craft and,fight for the dominion of one of three,competing factions its visually,gorgeous and its ideas for a,player-driven economy are bold yet,coming away from over 170 hours spent,reaching the level cap and exploring the,endgame content it comes together as a,thoroughly unremarkable game thanks to a,needlessly drawn out grind with not,enough variety or swashbuckling to,sustain it,[Music],the premise of new world is pretty,simple youre a pirate shipwrecked on a,mystical island called eternum which is,rumored to be full of treasures this is,all a thinly veiled excuse to go out and,plunder everything you see and no times,wasted in teaching you how to cut a,direct swath through its breathtaking,wilderness get used to it because youll,be doing a lot of this,this,and this before you even clear the very,first zone and then youll do it some,more,there is action combat of course and it,feels especially slick in the initial,few battles for instance enemies are way,more reactive than in other mmorpgs,often dodging and darting around you it,forces you to stay on your toes at all,times since theres no tab targeting,system you need to aim each of your,attacks so the timing of a particular,attack or dodge roll can make or break a,fight this would be exhilarating if it,were built upon from there but it drops,the ball in that there isnt all that,much variation to how your character,plays over time as you level up,questing on eternum is sure to put that,combat system through its paces but by,the end its far preferable to sail off,to some other distant shores what begins,as an interesting battle for survival,against the islands ancient undead,guardians dryads and the odious,otherworldly corruption,rapidly devolves into a mad dash to,gather the most resources the reward for,all of that effort is getting to watch,your numbers go up at a tick so slow,that it makes progress in pokemon go,feel speedy on top of that when youve,gathered plenty of one specific material,theres no knowing when the,corresponding town project that requires,it will appear at your local settlements,town project board to scoop them up in,exchange for a major payoff of xp,sure you can find plenty of lore scrolls,that vaguely tell you whats going on,but npcs themselves are sparse and their,quests are almost always written with no,more enthusiasm than go here and kill,ten rats because i said so its nice,that the main quest at least forces,people to cooperate for a few dungeons,but it still ends on a note so,forgettable that you can blink and miss,it entirely just a short conversation,with a throwaway character after all of,that,really,i do confess i have heard horror stories,from the great cleave,in its favor eternum is a massive,sprawling island there are a ton of,zones each with their own flavor and,scenery drawing inspiration from,different real world cultures and its,cool that some of these points of,interest can climb into the sky giving,eternum a surprising sense of scope and,scale especially when youre visiting,for one example ebons scale reaches,mountain temple area,but even that gets old after a while and,its frustratingly inconvenient that,fast travel is limited to a very select,group of points on the map because,youre forced to spend a scarce resource,when using it youll often find yourself,hoofing it from place to place sure this,makes eternum feel spacious but its,exacerbated by the fact that there are,no mounts to speed up your pace after,enough of these long treks it becomes,apparent that very few of these,spectacular locations have any unique,personality,really they serve as themed set dressing,for cookie cutter areas stocked with the,same reused monsters and loot containers,every time,there is at least some light at the end,of the leveling tunnel starting at 50,you can functionally participate in the,faction conflicts and community-based,rivalries that paint the backdrop of,much of whats been going on around you,but youre heavily encouraged to hold,off until 60. meanwhile theres enough,consistent fun to be had with the,outpost rush mode that its really,confusing why amazon games decided to,lock that behind so many hours of,grueling grinding these 10 to 30 minute,pvp ve skirmishes between up to 40,players across the entire server give,decent rewards and are easy to jump into,but a lot of people will probably give,up long before they get to level 60 and,unlock it,[Music],its also quite cool that the,overarching metagame pits each of the,three player factions against each other,in a competition over who owns and,operates each of eleven conquerable,zones across the world map but it goes a,little too far in that this also,determines the quality of life for,everybody on that server even down to,tax rates based on whos in charge you,might be getting a raw deal and until,you hit level 60 its basically taxation,without representation,in fact these intertwining trade skill,systems and player driven economies can,be downright chaotic for instance,because there are no npcs dishing out,money for items you collect like in most,mmos the main currency coin is extremely,hard to find right now as a result,trading stalls experience wildly,fluctuating prices across all,settlements on all servers making it,increasingly difficult to sell things,nobody knows what a reasonable price for,anything even is,as far as dungeons go there arent as,many available as in other mmos of this,size but the gorgeous dynasty shipyard,and challenging starstone barros make an,interesting distraction from the grind,however the lack of matchmaking makes it,easy to play those once and then forget,theyre there there are only so many,times people are going to want to sit,around and type lfg into a chat window,until they find a party with the,required tuning orb or put in the work,to create one themselves,new world asks for the same quantity of,time investment as any other traditional,style mmo which means it desperately,needs far far more story content and,gameplay variety to fill the gaps in its,massive and visually gorgeous yet,otherwise unremarkable world the pvp end,game is where things really start to get,interesting but the grind to get there,is just mind numbing,the quests are hyper repetitive and the,combat well fun in the opening hours,gets boring even after the first 50,hours spent hacking away,you and your friends can absolutely have,some good adventures here but its,conditional on your willingness to,endlessly grind and harvest materials as,well as on the health of your servers,community and its ongoing faction-driven,rivalries whats left in the absence of,that is a candy-coated shell of an,mmorpg that struggles to evolve past its,opening but hey at least you can pet the,dog,for more on new world check out our,rundown of 20 things to know before you,start and tips for what to do once you,hit max level and for everything else,stick with ign

Is New World Worth Playing Now?

one year ago New World launched in,battle accounts it was a bit of a,disaster and thats probably putting it,nicely the game wasnt finished there,were bugs there was duping players,figured out how to make themselves,immune to damage the economy was in,shambles players were complaining about,how tiring it was to travel across the,world on foot how restricting it was to,have azoth limit the amount of fast,travel you could engage in and how,tedious it was to manage your inventory,when it was spread through different,storage sheds all over the world but,perhaps there was something even more,damning than all of that at launch most,players didnt play long enough to make,it to level 30. not even halfway to max,level and much less than half in terms,of the time it takes to get there which,means most of them didnt even get to,experience most of the problems that,people were complaining about they quit,much earlier for a much simpler reason,variety and pacing the mobs were always,the same mobs no matter what level you,were and what zone you were in it was,exactly the same even whole towns were,copied and pasted this was exactly how,you would finish a game if you knew you,didnt have time to finish it properly,in other words the game needed more time,in the oven and thats really what it,felt like to me there was a lot I loved,about the game at launch but there was,also glaring issues constantly reminding,me that the game wasnt finished fast,forward one year and now new world has,launched its first expansion Brimstone,Sans it did so without charging the,players a dime if you already owned the,game at launch this expansion was handed,to you for free Beyond this new Zone the,game also added the great sword and this,weapon is just as great as the name,implies a lot of players came back for,the launch of Brimstone Sans but the,real explosion in population would come,two weeks later with the launch of the,Fresh Start servers I assume AGS wanted,to make sure they got all the wrinkles,out of the launch of the new expansion,before potentially defiling the brand,new Fresh Start server economies with a,bug that may have been introduced by the,expansion AGS announced that among the,many things theyd done to update the,game in the last year was the filling,out of the early leveling experience to,make it more fleshed out and more,streamlined I wanted to know how much,better the new new player experience was,would players make it past level 30 this,time after leveling from 1 to 60 and,getting my expertise to nearly 600 I,have some thoughts so how was the new,New World Experience on the Fresh Start,servers well launch day started with,massive cues in fact I didnt get to,participate in most of it thanks to,getting booted out of the game not once,but twice after sitting in a queue of up,to 1 000 players finally after,restarting steam running a check on the,game files and booting up new world and,then waiting in one more 1 000 player Q,I was finally able to get into New World,a few hours before I had to call it for,the day the whole experience reminded me,why they called it qworld at launch and,I was feeling a bit disappointed that,they hadnt adequately prepared for this,moment yet again here we were yet again,sitting in queues a year later it felt a,lot like nothing had been learned from,their experience the year prior now,feeling a lot less confident I wandered,into the new new world and began my,journey eager to find the sweet new,Greatsword that had been added to the,game to see if it was everything it was,hyped up to be the first reward I got,was something to protect my feet even,new world knows how important it is to,have a good shoe speaking of shoes vesi,makes great shoes that would be perfect,for braving the elements and is the,sponsor of todays video not only are,vesi sneakers insanely comfortable both,they are also 100 waterproof tired of,your shoes getting trashed by winter,weather with normal shoes you risk,getting your socks wet anytime you step,in a puddle or out into the rain or,Worse ruining them with Bessie you dont,have to worry about that best issues are,made from diamondtex a dual climate knit,material that helps keep you cool in the,summer and warm in the winter it doesnt,feel like it should be waterproof Vesti,shoes are comfortable lightweight and,breathable making them great for work or,running errands before making this out I,tried out vessi myself and have been,wearing them for a while now its been,raining here this month and they still,look brand new vestis early Black,Friday sale is on now vessi is giving,away a pair of socks of your choice to,the first 100 shoes sold using my code,socks lucky ghost get the style and size,you want before they sell out check out,their early Black Friday sale at,vessey.com lucky ghost thanks for,listening now back to the Greatsword,after trying it out I can tell you the,sword does feel fantastic I really,enjoyed it the new new player experience,feels great the pacing is infinitely,better and there is a question that,leads you straight through to the first,dungeon if you do nothing else but the,main quest and maybe a couple of side,quests itll slide you right into that,first engine around level 25 and,remember this was around the level most,players quit last time thanks to the,amount of grinding they were having to,do between levels to progress the main,story Quest all of that is gone now I,never had to stop and grind out levels,or experience this is probably the,appropriate time to mention that they,cut the amount of experience required to,get to max level in half so they have,effectively cut the time it takes to,reach max level in half as well the,pacing feels a lot better youre,consistently getting new levels new,stats and entering new zones which means,youre also consistently finding newer,and better gear what are you not doing,this time around well you dont have to,grind those boring Town board missions,until your eyes bleed anymore those days,are gone you can still do them if you,want to do them and its still a great,way to increase your standing in that,zone but there are plenty of other,effective ways to level that are a lot,less repetitive last time I played I did,literally every single Quest that the,game had to offer between level 1 and,level 59 which meant the only thing I,could do to level was those Town board,quests I did definitely didnt have to,do that this time there are way more,quests than I needed in fact my map is,now drowning in quests that I had to,skip because had I done them all I would,have out leveled the content the issue,of not enough quests has definitely been,solved and yes the quests are voice,acted by amazing voice actors so if you,enjoy a fantasy story with brilliant,voice actors youll appreciate what new,world is offering now another great,positive change was the fact that we,were able to run the new dungeon without,any Keys when new world launched you,needed these keys to get into the,Dungeons and if you didnt have the keys,then you couldnt run the dungeon to,make matters worse these werent easy to,get it felt a lot like a homework,assignment the developers were handing,to you before you were allowed to have,fun fortunately that whole system is,gone now you simply gather your friends,and you queue into the dungeon using the,new group finder yes they added a group,finder its not perfect but its,definitely a massive step in the right,direction it basically lets you create a,Lobby for players to apply to your group,you can look at them and analyze them,and accept the one that you want so,youre still forming the group manually,but the games helping you out making it,a lot easier now remember how everyone,hated that your storage space was split,up between towns and it was a pain to,access the contents of your storage shed,located in another town usually some,annoying fee was involved or youd have,to manually run there on foot and then,run back because fast travel costs,exponentially more if

Asmongold Reacts to “New World in 2022” | by TheLazyPeon

New World in 2022,oh boy theres been a lot of,conversation about this game,a lot of people talking about New World,before I do anything I will go and Ill,look and see how the game is doing,so new world has actually had a pretty,good amount of players as you guys can,see its actually been going up if you,look at the graph here uh its gone up,quite a good good margin like if you go,from like you look at thats like a 15,000 player gain and I mean thats like,almost half the players like 30 percent,20 30 its a lot more,yeah well get the dive it was really,fun like you guys if you played the game,back then you would know why this,happened New World the game that in 2021,provided the MMO,yall remember that the mom the first so,basically people were able to SP they,were able to copy and put these giant,pictures of sausages in the chat and,then like nobody was doing it and then,as soon as one person started doing it,everyone was like wait what the [ __ ] and,everybody started spamming sausages man,that [ __ ] was so funny,Community with some of the most,entertaining meme material in years I,played the crap out of this game at,launch but like 90 of the player base,didnt stick around past the first two,months yeah New Worlds End Game back at,launch just wasnt good and if I was to,explain why this intro would drag on for,five minutes yes it would in April 2022,I returned to the game to see what,improvements had been made check out the,latest content and meme on the game a,little bit more of course to my surprise,though after I made the new world Keck W,video we actually stuck around and Ive,been playing it as somewhat consistently,ever since back during my full review,for new world I said that I always,expected it to be a game that will pull,an ESO on us in the sense that it was a,disaster at launch but over the years,with many updates would improve to,eventually be a solid MMO I think that,really one thing about about new world,as well is that the updates and all the,changes and stuff like that uh theyre,free,so you dont have to pay any extra money,I think thats probably one of the,biggest selling points with new world,right now is the fact that its a buy to,play game with no subscription and no,pay to win,so you just play the game you buy the,game once you never have to pull you,never have to buy it again so that makes,it a lot easier for like lets say all,the people that bought the game,originally and then quit because it was,garbage they can come back and theres,no barrier to entry there except for,downloading the game again thats it,they dont have to do anything,thats how almost one year since the,initial launch new worlds might have,actually turned a corner for the past,two months the game has seen significant,growth in its player base yes it has,fully stopped bleeding players from its,launches plus 24 in August and plus 15,so far in September ever since the news,broke about the games first major,expansion which is right around the,corner Brimstone Sands this completely,free expansion brings with it a massive,new desert Zone which is said to contain,three zones worth of content the highly,anticipated grapes I mean we went into,there and I I would,I would agree it does have three its as,big as three zones at least does it have,three zones worth of content,I dont know how you measure that but it,was huge,weapon new quests new dungeons a,complete revamp to the new player,experience Town redesigns more variety,with enemy types and a lot more this is,in addition to New World fixing a lot of,its launch problems already adding 3v3,Arena better end game progression a,group finder and multiple new dungeons,in this video were going to talk about,the new expansion head over and also,getting rid of the so like basically at,the beginning of new world you had to,actually use you had to like spend gold,and it was quite expensive to do this,you had to spend gold and get what was,called The Tuning orb which was like a,key to do a dungeon like imagine myth,plus keys but you use it and then its,over and it made doing dungeons so,[ __ ] contrived because you had people,that would make the key and then you,would have to spend gold to get into,doing a dungeon like there werent even,free dungeon runs you had to spend like,a thousand gold 2 000 gold to get an,invite into a dungeon it was so stupid,and like everybody said this in the beta,too by the way like I dont want anybody,to think like oh well why did you guys,say that yeah everybody did,PTR to check out the revamp and Ill,hopefully help you figure out if this is,a game worth giving another chance the,first sponsor geralt and Jennifer from,The Witcher 3 have just arrived to AFK,Arena AFK arena is an idle RPG and hero,collector available on Android and iOS,this is a game that Ive personally been,playing for about two years now Ive got,most of the heroes in the game Im in a,top 100 Guild and after trying the other,Idol RPGs I like this one the most due,to its unique art style so incredible,events for free to play players as well,as fun mini games such as Shadow,invasions Forest Mania Abyssal,Expedition and Misty Valley right now,AFK arena is having its biggest collab,yet this time with the Witcher 3 which,means you can now recruit two of the,most iconic characters to your roster of,Heroes geralt of Rivia and the NFL these,two Heroes gain additional benefits to,their abilities when part of the same,formation with geralt taking on the,continuous damage,Indiana for being a mage that can buff,allies and crowd control enemies thats,amazing in the past AFK Arena has also,done collabs with Assassins Creed,Persona 5 and Overlord all of which,brought strong Heroes to the game which,still see constant use ains and Ezio for,example have been some of my most used,Heroes since they were released its,pretty smart today Im have to say like,it is pretty [ __ ] smart that they add,in you know a really well-known,characters like you know [ __ ],Overlord irons and I was like Alberto,over there you got like [ __ ] geralt,and all this stuff yeah its like,fortnite right I mean yeah they just,[ __ ] take what fortnite does and they,do that for it I stradded smart,was the introduction of geralt and,Jennifer that might soon change click,the link in the description below to,play AFK Arena now and try both geralt,and Jennifer free for three days and use,the promo code on screen for incredible,gifts download now before we jump on the,PTR and check out some of the new stuff,let me give you a quick idea of how many,issues new world has fixed or is in the,process of fixing over the past year,this is a picture of the cons list at,the end of my full review in November,2021. always is a picture of the same,cons list but with notes for everything,theyre fixed theyre halfway done just,look at all of this stuff theyre fixed,yeah you can pause the video here to get,a good look and have a read well lets,see lets see which ones did it was he,not sure if they fixed let me just go,back automated bands from Mass reports,no customer support copy paste ticket,responses I have a feeling thats,probably not completely fixed,um annoying body blocking from mobs and,players is uh to be fair I think that,the problem was only really with players,body blocking with NPCs was pretty much,okay and I think that this I would cross,this one out personally I cant make,yourself thats definitely a problem,diminishing returns and getting mob,staggered is horrible just everything,about it is horrible uh lets see 100,Trading Post listings isnt enough no,NPCs to buy your junk setting a baseline,price thats also true so things dont,go to a floor a little server cap for,such a thats very true no flex rewards,for maxing a skill to 200,um you have the aptitude boxes,I mean you you do have the aptitude,boxes thats a thats a thing uh devs,butchered the fishing skill rewards I,dont know if they fix that I dont do,fishing uh new player has uh housing,decoration score makes no sense I have,no [ __ ]

What The Hell Happened To New World?

[Music],the gaming market is littered with mmos,that launch with great ambitions with,dreams of touching the same heights as,genre giants like world of warcraft or,more recently final fantasy xiv and,perhaps even exceeding them but,ultimately failed to the mmo is perhaps,the most brutal most relentlessly tricky,genre to find success in its easier to,fail here for games than it is to fail,anywhere else and its no surprise as,such that as time has gone on,significant new mmo releases have grown,increasingly infrequent why invest,copious amounts of money in a game that,has an almost negligible chance of,enjoying a good launch much less,enjoying sustained success over a long,period of time of course some games have,looked like they just might do that some,games have had the right pedigree have,made the right promises have looked like,they have appropriately big budgets and,might just have the right backing one,such game was new world the massive mmo,rpg that amazon game studios was hedging,most of its bets on from the big budget,and massive development team attached to,the project to the hype it was,generating before launch to how it was,promising to deliver something truly,unique and exciting to help set it apart,from others in the mmo space for a long,time it looked like new world may very,well have what it takes to stand toe to,toe with genre giants in a way very few,other games have been able to but of,course as we now know things didnt,quite turn out that way though new world,certainly got off to a good start to say,the very least things quickly took a,turn for the worse amazon showed its,inexperience with game development and,handling a massive live title made,changes in months to follow that werent,exactly for the best and all of that put,together has not been great for new,worlds health as things stand right now,the situation isnt exactly dire new,world still has a decently healthy,player base even though its barely even,a fraction of what it was drawing in its,early days but it still feels like the,game has very quickly gone out with a,whimper while once many had predicted,that it would be counted in the same,breath as world of warcraft in final,fantasy xiv it now feels like new world,is destined to join the long and ever,growing list of mmos that aspire to,great heights but fail to make good on,their promises so the question is what,the hell happened,well in the beginning things look peachy,new world drew in over a million players,in total at launch and on its first day,crossed 900 000 concurrent players on,steam and viewerships on twitch was,through the roof those are ridiculous,numbers by any metric a new world,sustained these figures for several days,to follow or an mmo to get off to that,kind of start can only be good from that,point forward the situation was very,much in amazons favor though as it,quickly became clear they werent,exactly prepared for it within days of,new worlds launch cracks started,appearing on the surface to be fair,there is plenty that its many many,players were absolutely loving but,combat for instance was hard not to have,a blast with while mmorpgs have a,reputation for unengaging and slow,combat new worlds combat was very,immediate and action based the game also,offered a large and beautiful world on,the surface at least and on paper its,pvp-centric approach and its,player-driven economy were just a few of,its many highlights that promised to,help the game stand apart from other,mmos out there but what are the two,words that haunt the nightmares of every,mmo developer server issues new world,had those in abundance at launch yes the,massive crowds it was drawing in was a,big positive but it was very much a,monkeys paw situation people were,having to kill for hours before being,able to get into servers that would,finally allow them to play and the,servers themselves were so unstable and,unreliable that once somebody did,finally get it there was a very good,chance that they would quickly be thrown,back out and set back to the back of the,queue leading to another hours long wait,amazon tried to quickly fix issues by,setting up new servers but clearly it,wasnt being done fast enough because,new world was bleeding players those,were just temporary initial problems,though the far bigger issues came with,the games core design itself for,instance the main campaign was kind of a,drag it was far too repetitive tasking,players with activities in combat,scenarios that didnt offer too much,variety for many that wasnt much of an,issue because after all the meat and,potatoes of any mmo its the end game,but new worlds endgame was similarly,disappointing they were far too sparse,and far too unengaging to hold players,attention which is like the biggest sin,any live game can commit though you,wouldnt know it from how common the,problem is then you had new worlds two,biggest flagship features not working,out the way amazon had intended its,player driven economy and its pvp,centric nature,pvp was a classic example of something,sounding great on paper but not being,properly executed massive large scale,wars that would be decided by players,and players alone sounds like something,youd want to participate in but as it,turned out actually being able to,participate much less make any real,meaningful difference was a non-starter,especially in your early hours with the,game the player-driven economy meanwhile,quickly crumbled not only were players,routinely finding exploits and then more,exploits to get around fixes for those,initial exploits that completely messed,with the games economy it was also just,in balance at its core,especially when you got to high level,areas that as it turned out had trading,posts with next to no activity,amazon eventually fixed the issue sure,but the fix came at the cost of,everything that promised to make the,games economy unique between launch and,now new world has been hit with server,issues its lost some of the things that,could have made it unique and exciting,and it still hasnt fixed problems with,its campaign and with its end game which,despite updates remained far from varied,packed and exciting enough to hold,anyones attention for too long if we,look at numbers new world has seen a,sharp decline currently its monthly,average of concurrent players and steam,is about 15 000 players which isnt bad,by any means but its a massive fail,from where the game started out and when,you compare to other live games and,successful mmos those numbers are,anything to be proud of it would be rash,to say that the situation is unfixable,thats far from the truth at its core,new world has solid mechanics and solid,ideas and if amazon was somehow able to,find a way to execute those ideas,without messing up the games balance,things could turn around very quickly,but then again with the developer focus,on fixing other issues as well as,providing a constant stream of updates,to get players to stick around thats,easier said than done and thats where,mmos usually die after all the,post-launch phase will new world be,another one of those or will it be able,to get back to its best and turn the,ship around for itself that remains to,be seen but given the current situation,and given amazon game studios own,spotty track record its hard to be too,optimistic right now,thats all for now if you enjoy what you,saw please hit the like button and if,youre new to the channel now is a great,time to subscribe we upload brand new,videos every single day after,subscribing dont forget to enable all,notifications by clicking the bell icon,thanks for watching this video and well,see you next time right here on,gamingbolt

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