1. New World Review
  2. Why You HAVE To Play New World
  3. New World ???? Weapon Tier List – Open World PvP – Guide / Gameplay / Review – Open Beta
  4. Can New World Get PvP Scaling Right? ???? Open Beta PvP Gameplay Review – Rapier / Ice Gauntlet Build
  5. New World Full Review “The Pros & Cons”
  6. My Full Review of New World after Playing 500+ Hours
  7. New World Review: Gameplay Impressions After 180 Hours Played (Closed Beta)

New World Review

what happens when you combine the shell,of a hardcore fantasy mmorpg with the,trappings of a hardcore survival game we,just found out with new world amazon,games colonial themed mmo that plops you,and other human survivors onto a cursed,island where you must gather craft and,fight for the dominion of one of three,competing factions its visually,gorgeous and its ideas for a,player-driven economy are bold yet,coming away from over 170 hours spent,reaching the level cap and exploring the,endgame content it comes together as a,thoroughly unremarkable game thanks to a,needlessly drawn out grind with not,enough variety or swashbuckling to,sustain it,[Music],the premise of new world is pretty,simple youre a pirate shipwrecked on a,mystical island called eternum which is,rumored to be full of treasures this is,all a thinly veiled excuse to go out and,plunder everything you see and no times,wasted in teaching you how to cut a,direct swath through its breathtaking,wilderness get used to it because youll,be doing a lot of this,this,and this before you even clear the very,first zone and then youll do it some,more,there is action combat of course and it,feels especially slick in the initial,few battles for instance enemies are way,more reactive than in other mmorpgs,often dodging and darting around you it,forces you to stay on your toes at all,times since theres no tab targeting,system you need to aim each of your,attacks so the timing of a particular,attack or dodge roll can make or break a,fight this would be exhilarating if it,were built upon from there but it drops,the ball in that there isnt all that,much variation to how your character,plays over time as you level up,questing on eternum is sure to put that,combat system through its paces but by,the end its far preferable to sail off,to some other distant shores what begins,as an interesting battle for survival,against the islands ancient undead,guardians dryads and the odious,otherworldly corruption,rapidly devolves into a mad dash to,gather the most resources the reward for,all of that effort is getting to watch,your numbers go up at a tick so slow,that it makes progress in pokemon go,feel speedy on top of that when youve,gathered plenty of one specific material,theres no knowing when the,corresponding town project that requires,it will appear at your local settlements,town project board to scoop them up in,exchange for a major payoff of xp,sure you can find plenty of lore scrolls,that vaguely tell you whats going on,but npcs themselves are sparse and their,quests are almost always written with no,more enthusiasm than go here and kill,ten rats because i said so its nice,that the main quest at least forces,people to cooperate for a few dungeons,but it still ends on a note so,forgettable that you can blink and miss,it entirely just a short conversation,with a throwaway character after all of,that,really,i do confess i have heard horror stories,from the great cleave,in its favor eternum is a massive,sprawling island there are a ton of,zones each with their own flavor and,scenery drawing inspiration from,different real world cultures and its,cool that some of these points of,interest can climb into the sky giving,eternum a surprising sense of scope and,scale especially when youre visiting,for one example ebons scale reaches,mountain temple area,but even that gets old after a while and,its frustratingly inconvenient that,fast travel is limited to a very select,group of points on the map because,youre forced to spend a scarce resource,when using it youll often find yourself,hoofing it from place to place sure this,makes eternum feel spacious but its,exacerbated by the fact that there are,no mounts to speed up your pace after,enough of these long treks it becomes,apparent that very few of these,spectacular locations have any unique,personality,really they serve as themed set dressing,for cookie cutter areas stocked with the,same reused monsters and loot containers,every time,there is at least some light at the end,of the leveling tunnel starting at 50,you can functionally participate in the,faction conflicts and community-based,rivalries that paint the backdrop of,much of whats been going on around you,but youre heavily encouraged to hold,off until 60. meanwhile theres enough,consistent fun to be had with the,outpost rush mode that its really,confusing why amazon games decided to,lock that behind so many hours of,grueling grinding these 10 to 30 minute,pvp ve skirmishes between up to 40,players across the entire server give,decent rewards and are easy to jump into,but a lot of people will probably give,up long before they get to level 60 and,unlock it,[Music],its also quite cool that the,overarching metagame pits each of the,three player factions against each other,in a competition over who owns and,operates each of eleven conquerable,zones across the world map but it goes a,little too far in that this also,determines the quality of life for,everybody on that server even down to,tax rates based on whos in charge you,might be getting a raw deal and until,you hit level 60 its basically taxation,without representation,in fact these intertwining trade skill,systems and player driven economies can,be downright chaotic for instance,because there are no npcs dishing out,money for items you collect like in most,mmos the main currency coin is extremely,hard to find right now as a result,trading stalls experience wildly,fluctuating prices across all,settlements on all servers making it,increasingly difficult to sell things,nobody knows what a reasonable price for,anything even is,as far as dungeons go there arent as,many available as in other mmos of this,size but the gorgeous dynasty shipyard,and challenging starstone barros make an,interesting distraction from the grind,however the lack of matchmaking makes it,easy to play those once and then forget,theyre there there are only so many,times people are going to want to sit,around and type lfg into a chat window,until they find a party with the,required tuning orb or put in the work,to create one themselves,new world asks for the same quantity of,time investment as any other traditional,style mmo which means it desperately,needs far far more story content and,gameplay variety to fill the gaps in its,massive and visually gorgeous yet,otherwise unremarkable world the pvp end,game is where things really start to get,interesting but the grind to get there,is just mind numbing,the quests are hyper repetitive and the,combat well fun in the opening hours,gets boring even after the first 50,hours spent hacking away,you and your friends can absolutely have,some good adventures here but its,conditional on your willingness to,endlessly grind and harvest materials as,well as on the health of your servers,community and its ongoing faction-driven,rivalries whats left in the absence of,that is a candy-coated shell of an,mmorpg that struggles to evolve past its,opening but hey at least you can pet the,dog,for more on new world check out our,rundown of 20 things to know before you,start and tips for what to do once you,hit max level and for everything else,stick with ign

Why You HAVE To Play New World

[Music],I have played quite a bit since New,Worlds release and Im fairly sure at,this point I kinda need some help I,Amazons first ever game released in,September 29th 2021 at the Staggering,peak of 913,000 players,as with many games in todays day and,age the hype was short-lived and the,release was met with an unfinished,product and a buggy game to say the,least 2021 ended with new world becoming,a meme within the MMO Community its,reputation was damaged by the state that,the game was in the first three months,after launch and for the whole of last,year AGS has gotten a lot of the hate,that the disappointment brought contrary,to what people thought would end up,happening though AGS did the proverbial,turn the other cheek put their heads,down and started working on the game,so here we are more than a year after,the games release and almost 2 700,hours into my gameplay to check if the,game has gotten any better during this,year what Amazons plans for the future,are and most of all should you return,before we get into the video please like,comment on what you think the game state,has been lately and subscribe for more,new world content each one of those,makes me feel less upset about having to,read all those patch notes for the video,lets start off with character,progression throughout 2022 Amazon has,put a lot of focus on two aspects of the,game especially solo play and catch-up,mechanics let us start from Level 1 with,the brimstone update in October 2022 AGS,completely overhauled the starting,experience from levels 1 to 25 the,quests have all changed and are now more,fluid and the storyline is more coherent,the starting quests are separated into,two zones monarchs Bluffs Edwins word,the first one for example follows New,Worlds take on the story of King Arthur,to add more to the story and immersion,starting zones have all been reworked to,feel more unique and in line with their,stories the overall XP required to reach,level 60 has been nerfed by a stagger,figuring 50 percent from 1.1 million to,2.2 million XP total so the roadblocks,that were in place beyond level 25 have,been artificially removed and Quest XP,is now in sync with a total XP needed,gone are the days of spamming Town board,quests instead of the msq since they got,nerfed to the ground because of it,overall the new leveling experience in,New World isnt a good spot while some,players can still cheese through 60,levels in a couple of hours a more,normal and Casual take on leveling would,be neither too long or Too Short the,story is coherent compared to 2021 where,no one even knew who Isabella was in,addition the quests have been reworked,so that the game is no longer a walking,simulator sending you from one corner of,the map to another but bringing the NPCs,closer to you instead so now youre,level 60 and youre in the end game side,of progression,now,its expertise grind formerly known as,Watermark expertise is the new,progression system for fresh level 60,players with the introduction of,expertise AGS finally implemented a way,to keep track of your current gear score,for each piece of gear and every bump,you get is now shown when it happens so,the range that expertise goes up has,been buffed from plus 3 to plus 7 and,places where you can get these bumps,have been increased significantly you,can now get upgrades from almost,anything from random or Expedition drops,and chests Outpost Rush caches that,guarantee an upgrade each time farming,World bosses who now only drop 590 gear,score named items crafting legendary,items to the gypsum system introduced at,the very end of 2021 the gypsum system,is one of the single best additions to,the world different activities in game,now can award you a special gem called,gypsum you can get it from crafting,Expeditions Outpost Rush a,PVE trials and more when refined these,gems give you gypsum orbs which in turn,can be used on a single piece of armor,or weapon of your choice to increase its,expertise level and a slight chance of,getting actually good gear from when,expertise is at 600 instead of,increasing it even further gypsum casts,start contributing to our next and final,progression system,umbral shards umbral shards were,introduced in the January update along,with mutated expeditions,more on them later,umbrals are a way to surpass your,initial 600 gear score and go up to 625,raising your expertise as well one of,the best things to come out of the,umbral system is that you can upgrade,any piece of gear you want as long as,its 590 gear score or above,even better,if the item is a named item you can turn,it into legendary,unlike leveling and expertise,umbral shards are a currency so you have,to repeatedly grind for them every time,you want to upgrade a new piece of gear,there are many ways to get umbral shards,like crafting or salvaging legendary,gear Outpost rush and buying them from,the PVP track none of the previously,mentioned ways though are viable so the,only way to consistently get umbral,shards would be to do mutations and,Gathering your daily gypsum from,different sources luckily for players,the difference between 600 and 625 gear,score is minimal and is only required to,do mutations overall the umbral system,in the game is perfectly fine it doesnt,create a gap between PVP players which,is a good thing because the ways that,you can Farm it are currently limited,however the handouts on the PVP side,could use a buff since pvps are now,mandated to do mutations to upgrade,their gear now that were done with the,fundamental changes of progression lets,start talking about quality of life one,of the most criticized aspects of New,World during release was how much of a,slog doing anything in game was taxes,were extremely high and repair costs as,well azoth prices were horrible and the,game was a walking simulator because of,the lack of fast travel points if any of,those was a problem for you though Im,glad to say that none of them are,relevant anymore fast travel costs go up,to a maximum of 20 as of now instead of,multiple hundreds taxes have been,lowered and they are now static so,companies cant change them anymore fast,travel points have almost doubled and,repairing is so rare that you almost,forget its there you healing now has,keybinds for specific members of your,group so you can activate your skill and,then select who you want to use it on in,addition now you can open your inventory,while running taking and storing items,from different towns no longer costs,anything while storage chests have been,significantly buffed although these are,great changes and more are incoming,quality of life is still one of the most,significant downsides to playing New,World the newly introduced Trading Post,filters are very Bare Bones and,sometimes downright buggy the storage,filters dont exist at all as a result,inventory management is an absolute,nightmare its made even worse because,drops are very frequent and high in,quantity but not quality so regular,inventory cleanup sessions are required,and it completely halts the momentum of,the fun that you are having up to that,point due to the quality of life changes,mentioned previously and plus some more,the solo player experience has,drastically been improved anyone can,start the game from scratch and never be,forced to do group content you might,remember a nightmare of a Quest from a,year ago which required you to kill the,well Guardian in Eden Grove you had to,spam the chat for a while to get an,entire group otherwise it would be,impossible in some cases you would be,the last person on the server to be,doing that Quest so you had no group and,it would be impossible to progress along,with the quest reworks mentioned,previously the well Guardian Quest and,other ones similar to it have also been,retouched and made solo friendly on a,similar note stagger has been removed,from almost all the regular enemies in,the open world so you will no longer,face insurmountable clumps that stagger,you to death moving away from the open,

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New World ???? Weapon Tier List – Open World PvP – Guide / Gameplay / Review – Open Beta

hello and welcome everybody today i have,got a new world weapons tier list for,you guys,and this is going to be a tier list for,open world pvp,so were going to be looking at these,weapons through the lens of solo small,scale pvp,that sort of gameplay now keep in mind,guys that this is my personal opinion,on how the weapons rank up and this is,based on my experience throughout the,last beta in pvp,i didnt get to use all the weapons in,pvp however i did get to fight,everything in pvp so ill do my best to,give you guys the most accurate,representation,that i can of how good the weapons are,but before we get started if you guys,want a written version of this tier list,check,out pvpnewworld.com we also have all the,weapon masteries on there,and im going to be adding a ton of,content to the website over these next,few weeks,so feel free to give that a look and,lets get right into it,so starting off at the very bottom were,going to be looking at the musket,and my rankings were not very kind,unfortunately to the musket its a very,powerful and accurate single shot weapon,with a longer reload time this makes,this weapon perfect for long range,combat but unfortunately the longer,reload times make it much less effective,as your opponent begins to close that,gap and at a certain point the,rapid-fire capabilities of the other,medium-ranged weapons eventually,outperform the muskets damage,and accuracy the musket does however,scale off of dexterity and,intelligence and this is great because,it offers a lot of weapon options and,build flexibility,and the musket has some pretty powerful,single shot abilities shooter stance is,a very powerful rapid burst shot but it,does root you when you use it,and then powder burn offers great,upfront damage as well as one of the,strongest burn dots in the game,but the muskets biggest weakness is,just the lack of close range,capabilities it does have a great 10,haste uptime but ultimately it needs to,be paired with a close range,or speedy weapon or even both to make up,for its weaknesses,so for those reasons ive given the,musket a b on the tier list,a b by no means is a terrible ranking,and i do like that because all of the,weapons in this game,felt viable in their own right next up,weve got good old sword and shield the,sword and shield has a faster short,range melee attack and it has the,strongest block in the game,this is kind of a good and a bad thing,because blocking can be very strong,and mitigate all the damage you take,however it has a lot of inherent risk,because if your opponent breaks your,stamina while youre blocking,you do suffer a stun and this basically,just opens you up to take,a lot of damage from your opponents the,big disadvantage of something like this,is especially when youre outnumbered,sword and shield does have some really,nice defensive passives in sturdy shield,and elemental resistance,as well as getting that additional,healing power from recuperation is,really nice,it also has access to a lot of empower,in its kit which gives it a nice damage,boost,too however the big buff missing for,sword and shield is,haste they do get it from critical,precision but that is definitely more of,an offensive passive,and makes it difficult to escape with,haste on the sword and shield,sword and shield does have access to two,pretty good stuns,as well as a really good defensive skill,in defiance stance,which helps significantly reduce the,damage you take for a period of time,giving you the ability to kind of even,the odds when youre outnumbered,so ive given sword and shield a b on,the tier list as well,the heavy reliance on block as well as,the lack of speed definitely,hurts sword and shield that being said,its still a powerful all-around weapon,that can offer some good control and if,not heavily outnumbered some great,tanking capabilities,next up on our list we have got the,spear the spear has some of the best,reach on its light and heavy attacks in,the game,its heavy attack in particular has a,really long lunge distance,mix this with all of the great control,stun abilities that the spear has,and the spear becomes a really good,melee distance fighter,that allows you to control the,battlefield quite well the spear also,scales from dexterity and strength,giving it a lot of flexibility in the,different builds and weapon combos that,you want to use it with,the spear abilities that really come to,mind for me are vault kick giving you a,powerful stun and damage booster,the sweep attack which is going to give,you another powerful stun followed up,into a second attack combo,and then weve got the javelin for a,range stun on the spear as well,just like that you can have all three of,your spear abilities stun your opponent,giving the spear basically the longest,and most powerful stun,chain in the game the big downfall of,this spear for open world pvp,just like so many weapons that are lower,on this list is the lack of speed it,does not have,haste on top of it it only has access to,one snare,and thats at the end of the light,attack chain which makes it very,difficult,to utilize that snare if youre trying,to escape ive given the spear a b,on the tier list the lack of mobility is,definitely a big downside,but having access to all of these really,powerful kind of more single target,focused stuns,gives the spear really really strong 1v1,and 1v2 capabilities,next up weve got the bow and the bow is,kind of your medium to long ranged,ranged weapon,it has some of the strongest heavy,attacks for a ranged weapon and the,guaranteed crits on headshots as well as,tons of haste and access to slow making,it a very mobile weapon which is,excellent for open world pvp,the bow definitely rewards someone with,good aim and allows them to deal a ton,of damage if they can land a lot of head,shots but with bad aim you can have the,opposite,and find yourself dealing very,lackluster damage the bow has one of the,most powerful and deadliest dots in the,game with poison shot and its also an,aoe dot 2.,it can deal a lot of burst damage with,its ability rapid shot,and it has lots of powerful damage,increasing passives that kind of just,fit into the natural gameplay of bow,that allow you to deal even more damage,with your shots,the bow is a great medium to long range,weapon however it is much more difficult,to aim than the musket,due to the travel time of the arrow so,ive given the bow an,a on the tier list i think it has all,the tools that it needs to be a very,good all-around weapon especially for,solo pvp,but it has a very high requirement in,the aim department,if you dont have a good shot the bow is,not going to be a good weapon for you,but if you do it could be one of the,best,the next weapon on the list is the,warhammer this is a very slow but,powerful two-handed weapon,with really good cc this weapon also,deals a lot of damage to peoples,stamina,if they try to block your attacks with,it its individual abilities,actually hit quite hard and it has a lot,of access to armor-piercing passives and,active abilities the warhammer also gets,a lot of access to grit,making your attacks uninterruptable even,giving you a passive that gives you grit,on your heavy attacks,this is a big deal for making sure you,can land your combos cleanly,the warhammer does have access to some,haste and it also has,access to snares pair that with lots of,aoe staggers snares and aoe stuns,and the warhammer actually has some,pretty good mobility control,but because of how their buffs kind of,work its a lot easier to attack with,the warhammer than it is to try to get,away,for this list ive given the warhammer,an a i think its a very powerful,all-around weapon that doesnt really,have,any real glaring weaknesses however i do,think the weapon shines a lot more in a,group situation than it does small scale,and solo,as all of the debilitating aoe effects,it can spit out,would definitely help your group in,combat next up we have got the ice,gauntlet,now this is a magical weapon that offers,a lot of

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Can New World Get PvP Scaling Right? ???? Open Beta PvP Gameplay Review – Rapier / Ice Gauntlet Build

hello welcome on in everybody today ive,got some pvp clips for you guys and i,wanted to talk a little bit about the,pvp scaling in new world if you didnt,get a chance to check the patch notes,well the scaling was adjusted for the,open beta from the closed beta that we,had a month ago and they basically,changed the scaling so that your levels,matter more in this beta than they did,in the previous beta now just to clarify,in the previous beta if you were a,higher level than your opponent you,definitely still had a lot of advantages,over them and pvp scaling is only,limited to pvp it doesnt affect how,much damage youre doing to the mobs and,world around you so essentially we got,to try two different versions of pvp in,this game one version in the previous,beta where pvp had a lot more emphasis,on player ability and skill rather than,the progression or the power of the,items that you have and then this beta,we got to test the other extreme where,the progression mattered a lot more and,individual skill couldnt make up for,the gap if your opponent had enough,levels on you during the last beta if,you were a lower level player and you,picked a fight with someone that was,significantly higher level than you you,actually stood a bit of a chance against,them most of the time this was good for,pvp because it promoted competition pvp,isnt fun when one player stands no,chance against the other player you,could even argue that its not as much,fun even for the player thats winning,when they know that theres no chance,that they could lose the excitement that,comes along with pvp combat just isnt,there i think when the competition isnt,there either now that being said this,system wasnt perfect there were some,people that did get to end game in the,last closed beta and they talked about,having some pretty extreme situations,where theyd fight a lower level player,and because they themselves didnt have,a good gear score on their end game,character they dealt almost no damage to,the low-level player and the low-level,player was dealing a ton of damage to,them now i didnt see any video evidence,of this just lots of posts on the forums,from people and their subjective,experiences but this definitely sounds,like it could be a problem that arises,with a pvp scaling system having played,a lot of the elder scrolls online which,has a similar scaling system i have seen,it myself where someone has a low level,alt with really powerful gear on it and,its stronger than most fully leveled,characters and in some ways that can,definitely not be healthy for the game i,think if someones invested a lot of,time into building their character they,dont want to feel like its all been,wasted by going up against someone whos,a very low level and standing no chance,against them at the same time as a,hardcore pvp player i do really like the,idea of equal competition even if your,opponent is lower level than you,subjectively pvp is more fun when its,competitive so levels shouldnt have as,huge an impact i understand that this is,an mmo and people like the feeling of,progression in an mmo like this i dont,think there should be no advantage to,being higher level but it needs to be at,some sort of sweet spot so that a new,player doesnt feel completely daunted,coming into pvp and can go out there,have fun and not just get one shot by,everything now this beta the pvp scaling,was adjusted so that your levels,mattered a lot more i still had a lot of,fun playing this beta however i,definitely noticed the power difference,if my opponent had 10 or more levels on,me i wouldnt say the fight was,unwinnable at that point but im,imagining a level 60 in endgame gear,taking almost no damage from a lower,level player and killing them basically,in one hit i mean if someone was 10 or,15 levels on me they could almost kill,me in one hit so with the more,progression-based pvp system i think it,really promotes a negative pvp,environment where levels mean a lot more,and we see a lot of griefing the way,this game is set up the open world pvp,portion takes place all over the map,including in the lower level zones so,there will definitely be level 60,players flagged in the low level zones,as the game progresses in short this,style of scaling system would really,quickly kill low level pvp so what is,the perfect solution people have had a,ton of different opinions about this,personally when it comes to a game like,an mmo i think the pvp portion should be,heavily based on player skill ive had,the experience where gear and levels,mean a lot more than player ability and,its not a lot of fun and it definitely,doesnt promote a healthy pvp,environment that being said the pve side,of the game needs to have that,progression feel its almost like the,two sides need to be polar opposites of,each other pvp is all about that equal,playing field and pve is all about that,grind i know in some ways this game,design maybe doesnt make sense and,definitely can devalue end game grinding,for pvp items but at the same time i,think its the best compromise to have a,very healthy environment with pve and,pvp players coexisting something i want,to talk about is that amazon actually,went and tested these extremes during,the course of these two betas i like,that they werent afraid to give these,options a shot the game isnt released,yet so they kind of have that freedom to,make these kind of changes to see how,people react to them i think,realistically were definitely not going,to see the scaling system we saw in this,beta and well see something a lot more,similar to what was in the closed beta i,just think that it was important for,amazon to explore this option see how,people reacted to it and then decide,whether they should or shouldnt do it,before the game came out if you think,about it this past year of the betas as,well as the alpha tests have kind of,been like the first year trial of an mmo,the first year for an mmo can be a very,difficult year for them because a lot of,things can change really rapidly so i,think amazon has kind of gotten a bit of,that out of the way during the course of,these past betas hopefully this results,in a smoother launch process for the,game and hopefully we dont see another,delay for new world i am itching to,actually start my character and account,for this game so yeah big part of me,just wants to have this game come out,because i cannot wait any longer,so there you go guys i did my best to,present the information that i have and,of course present you guys with my,opinion i would really like to know what,you guys think about the scaling as well,are you for one extreme or the other or,is there some sweet spot in the middle,that could satisfy both parties new,world kind of has a unique opportunity,to make a massive mmo game here that has,a ton of pve and pvp in it so getting,this system right is going to be super,important for the future of this game,based on your guyss personal,experiences playing this game what do,you think is going to be the best option,for the future of new world that will,not only pull in experienced pvp players,but also encourage people to get into,pvp in the first place because thats,going to be a super important part of,retaining a long-term pvp audience you,can let me know what you guys are,thinking down in the comments below if,you guys enjoyed the gameplay and youre,interested in the build that i was using,in this video ive got a full video,guide to it a link down below in the,description for you guys and ive also,included a link to the fully written,guide on my website pbpnewworld.com,i will be doing written guides for all,of my builds on the site so you can look,forward to more in the future theres,just two on there for now and ive got a,ton of general information about the,game on there too give me a follow on,twitter if you guys want to keep up to,date with me and if you want to watch,some live gameplay you can always give,me a follow on twitch when the game,comes out i will be playing a to

New World Full Review “The Pros & Cons”

new world is the biggest new aaa mmorpg,to release in years since launch ive,plugged in over 500 hours seen every,piece of content the game has to offer,and ive almost maxed every skill in the,game additionally ive tested new world,on numerous occasions in the past the,first time being back in 2018 when it,was just a generic 50 player per server,survival game completely unrecognizable,from what it is today this review will,likely be more focused on the negatives,and providing constructive criticism for,features of the game that can be,improved as at this point were,approaching two months post-launch the,games lost over 75 percent of its,initial player base and big changes need,to be made to make new worlds an mmorpg,that will last for years to come,if you havent played new world but,would like to get a good idea of the,game from start to finish then i have a,full journey to max level series on my,channel that i highly recommend watching,but before we jump into it a quick word,from todays sponsor raycon,so new world has some of the best audio,out there out of any recent mmo and what,better way to enjoy it than with,raikons premium wireless earbuds that,are known for having the highest quality,to price ratio out there when it comes,to similar products they come with a,variety of colors and interchangeable,gel tips for your ears comfort and,support and unlike some other brands,they dont protrude out of your ears,raikons new everyday earbuds offer an,improved rubber oil look and feel with,optimized gel tips for the perfect,in-ear fit as well as eight hours of,playtime 32 hours battery life and the,earbud holder doubles as a charging,capsule with up to four times recharges,on the go in addition to all that,raycons also include an inbuilt mic so,you can use them to take advantage of,new worlds proximity voice chat raycons,start at half the price of other premium,audio brands and also come with a 45 day,happiness guarantee personally i like to,use my rakons when chilling in a coffee,shop catching up on youtube content and,most recently whilst chilling out,gathering in new worlds off-camera click,the link in the description below or go,to buy raycon.com tlp to get up to 20,off your rake on purchase first lets,start with the pros the good things,about new world ill be rating the game,on five different aspects world design,gameplay crafting and economy end game,and ui quality of life,the biggest thing i love about new world,is the feeling of actually being out in,the world and whilst there are a lot of,reused assets that make you feel major,deja vu playing through the game the,sense of scale and immersion when it,comes to the size of your character in,relation to the trees mountains and,buildings is the best ive experienced,in the mmorpg genre the view distance is,extremely far youll see a giant,mountain a whole zone away and later,learn that its a place you can actually,go explore the gathering in new worlds,on face value also feels like the best,in the mmo genre every tree can be,chopped almost every boulder can be,mined the world is so densely populated,with these gatherable nodes which ties,back to the feeling of immersion being,out in the world during the leveling,process the gathering makes the whole,experience more enjoyable as youll be,running from a to b and constantly end,up getting distracted by mining rocks,gathering hemp and chopping trees the,gathering feels like the thing that,connects you to the world another best,in genre aspect of new world has got to,be the sound design from the cracking of,trees getting cut down by other players,in the distance to the satisfying ding,of your items selling on the trading,post the punchy level up sound effect,general ui interaction sounds and the,impactful hit sfx from combat the sound,team did an incredible job with this,game and once again it all ties back,into that feeling of immersion being out,in the world graphically new world looks,absolutely stunning in places the,lighting is the sun sets the reflections,from the water the mist rising up from,the ground this adds to the sense of,immersion out in the world and visually,its a top three mmo that will be,looking good for years to come,new world combat whilst having a lot of,issues that ill mention later feels,unique on a fundamental level there,isnt really another mmorpg that has,combat that feels like this and its a,true action combat system not a soft,lock action combat system so for range,attacks that means you actually have to,aim and hit your target the same way you,would in a first person shooter i like,that new world is a classless mmorpg you,can level up and equip every weapon in,the game and create a variety of,different builds this is something that,will also improve going forward as more,weapons are added such as the great,sword daggers blunderbuss void gauntlet,and so on massive potential for,expansion here and each edition adds,content to the game via the weapon,mastery grind new world as of making,this video is a non-pay to win buy to,play mmo that despite its issues,provides enough content to justify the,box cost if you enjoy the core gameplay,new world is also a game that whilst,light on content variety is clearly,trying to provide an equal amount of,content for both pvp and pve players,which will obviously expand going,forward on the pvp side of things youve,got duals open world pvp territory,sieges pvp missions and a 20 20,queueable instanced battleground on the,pve side of things youve got corrupted,portals elite group grind zones which,are like open world dungeons five player,expeditions world bosses corrupted,invasions the main quest line and all of,the crafting gathering content as well,as player housing so a decent mix in my,opinion,at face value for the first few weeks of,playing the crafting system feels,amazing its super approachable for new,players feels like a core aspect of the,game and you can also level up your,character through crafting its not,until later that the cracks in this,system start to appear which ill talk,about later but at face value its good,[Music],the five player expeditions new worlds,take on dungeons are probably my,favorite piece of multiplayer content,the game currently offers difficulty,feels reasonable especially on your,first run visually expedition,environments look pretty epic and the,bosses have a reasonable amount of,mechanics if you take the completionist,mindset and play new world like,runescape trying to max everything the,game can feel quite enjoyable and keep,you playing for a long period of time,with those personal set goals that being,said the game currently lacks,completionist flex items which ill talk,about later,[Applause],generally the user interface for new,world looks pretty clean and doesnt,clutter the heck out of your screen like,most asian mmos that being said it still,needs work and has a lot of bugs which,ill mention later next lets talk about,the cons some of these issues are more,fundamental than others some are just,small things that wind me up just know,that i clearly enjoy the game and wanted,to succeed if not i wouldnt have put in,over 500 hours in less than two months,dont be one of those absolute losers,from the new world forums that get,offended by any critique of the game,dont be one of those idiots that,dismiss any criticism as hate because,youre level 35 play for one hour per,day and youre still in the honeymoon,phase so you havent reached the point,where these issues start to appear,amazon has infinite money and resources,this game has gone through more testing,than any other mmorpg in recent memory,and a lot of the games issues are,inexcusable,if youre someone that feels the need to,dick suck a multi-billion dollar company,in the face of legit critique then,reevaluate your life close the video and,[ __ ] off lets begin,a lot of the towns in new worlds feel,very copy paste morningdale is basically,winswood but rotated slightly this isnt,an issue with towns from the

My Full Review of New World after Playing 500+ Hours

uh today is the day of reckoning today,is the day of truth and today is the day,of justice,today i will be doing,my official new world review i want to,take you through the adventures and the,story of a man whos played this game,a man whos played this game,for over 500 hours a man whos leveled,to 60 three times a man who has leveled,professions up to 200 crafting,17 000 linen gloves id like to talk,about all of those things today i like,to talk about the highs the lows the,goods the bads and also id also like to,not talk about the things that i dont,know i havent really done a lot of pvp,in this game,so i want to preface this entire thing,by saying that this is going to be,primarily,a,gathering world building pve,dungeons in-game character grind centric,video im not going to talk a whole lot,about pvp because i dont [ __ ],understand it that well i dont play it,that well so what the [ __ ] do i know and,i want to say a couple of things to,preface this i think that new world is a,game that is in a terrible state but has,a great foundation and i think that the,new world developers throughout the,course of,the month or so that the games been,live have actually improved a massive,amount of things that the player bases,wanted to see now the new world team i,think in the past month has communicated,more with its player base than every,other mmo put together has communicated,with its player base in like a year now,i want to say with final fantasy final,fantasy hasnt needed to do that because,there havent been bugs in its game,every [ __ ] day however i do think,that the new world team has done their,absolute best to try and meet the,players expectations that has been the,downfall in some ways to what their,goals have been the development of new,world has effectively been three,different games originally it was a,survival based uh action rpg with mo,elements and this was back in the alpha,of the game then after that got released,and they did testing and they got,feedback,they changed the way the game was,supposed to be made and they made the,game much more of a,much more of an mmo thats pvp centric,and as i think honestly my opinion of,this is that after they saw what,happened in phase two in classic wow,they changed it to have a lot more of a,pve focus and that brings us to the last,year of development so a lot of the pve,content that youre going to see is,going to be content that was created,really in the past year and i want to,put all that into context so you can,understand the amount of time and effort,that has gone into that and the amount,of progress that has been made for all,the people that are huge fans of new,world,i am among you,nobody plays 500 hours of a game that,they hate and i would just like to,enjoy it a little bit more whenever im,actually playing the mechanics and today,thats what i want to talk about,i want to talk about all the positives,all the negatives of the game i want to,go through examples of those things and,i want to show you all what the game,really has to offer now this is my,character as you guys can see i got 60,on my old server i was the second person,to hit level 60 on the server uh i,transferred over to this server recently,turned out to be a huge [ __ ] mistake,because the entire thing is owned by,purple and im green but thats the way,it goes all right lets start off really,uh lets talk about the end game,progression loops now in game,progression loops and new world are,the worst in any real game that ive,ever played before so the reason why,every single player is standing in this,particular corner right here behind this,tree is that by standing behind this,tree it causes the level 64 elite spawn,to occur and spawn more frequently and i,want to explain why everybody here is,actually in this position why theyre,doing this its very simple its for,something called the high water mark,system and the high water mark system is,something that i hope the new world,developers were high whenever they,thought of basically the way that it,works is once you hit level 60 oh wait,the mpc finally spawned so now were,going to go over here and this is the,combat loop to progression in new worlds,so,uh i left click this npc multiple times,while he runs around like a crack head,hes actually not like a crackhead he,went into a t-pose because he got,stunned in a position that he wasnt,programmed into being stunned inside of,and after we killed the boss i didnt,get any loot or any sort of reward,whatsoever because too many other people,hit it and i got nothing so what were,going to do now is were going to move,back behind the tree and that way we can,get another 200,another two minute respawn i mean to say,now the high watermark system,is in my opinion one of the worst,in-game progression systems thats ever,been conceived in an mmo before at level,60 you begin with your watermark system,at level 500 and then as time goes on,you will loot pieces of gear and as you,loot a new piece of gear it has a chance,to watermark your,prospect of gear that you will loot in,the future so you are looting 500 pieces,of gear until you loot a 200 piece of,sorry a 502 piece of gear and then you,have a chance of loading a 504 piece of,gear or 503 piece of gear,so you have to do all this up to 600.,and ive done all this up to 600.,i have farmed my high watermark system,all the way up to 600. so if anybody is,going to say,that this system is a [ __ ] in the ass,take it from the one,whos been dealing with it for a [ __ ],month what youre stuck with what youre,what youre doing here is youre just,repeating the exact same content over,and over,so the end game progression loop for,people theyre farming high watermark is,to find a rare spawn that is not,actively camped by too many players and,then to repeatedly kill that rare spawn,ad nauseam you just keep killing it for,hours and hours and hours and hours and,hours and days and weeks and months and,eventually youll finally get a,legendary item and then youll be able,to create these legendary items more,often because your high water mark level,will be higher and this high water mark,level is not just something that appeals,or applies as a general number this is,something that applies for each,individual slot so if you have you have,a high water mark,level for your helmets for your gloves,for your legs for your chest piece so,you have to progress each and every,single one of these up to level 600 and,just higher and higher so you can get,better rewards now if you thought that,was bad it wasnt,because you have to do the exact same,thing with weapons and each individual,weapon has its own unique watermark that,you have to progress up to level 600 so,not only do you have to loot a bunch of,great axes or a bunch of weapons but you,have to loot a bunch of great axes and,you dont just have to loot a bunch of,great xs you have to loot a bunch of,weapons that are great axes that happen,to be high water mark upgrades and then,also hope that youll get another high,water mark upgrade after you those,perspective exit uh axes this system is,probably the most repetitive and unfun,in-game progression system that ive,ever dealt with and i dont really know,why,uh its in the game and i would like to,say that i find it very funny,that,all of the complaints that ive had in,this game,were originally dismissed as me being a,hater,because everybody else was complaining,about me was level 25. if you make,excuses for bad game design,what you get is a bad game,and a good example of that is the fact,that we just killed this npc again,and we got nothing and uh its okay you,know youre not always going to get a,good one oh oh look at this um so oh,right body blocking uh so new world has,had the genius idea of adding body,blocking into all areas in the in the,game and so anyway if you have a weapon,out you cannot have another player pass,through you unless youre in a town i,can run towards you and this is done for,the sake of immersion and i think t

New World Review: Gameplay Impressions After 180 Hours Played (Closed Beta)

in this video im going to be talking,about my final impressions for the new,world beta now that ive played 181,hours and the beta is over,i didnt really have any plans to do,this video but ive been asked by,numerous people to give my final,thoughts,so thats what im going to be doing in,this video before i get into that,however i did want to mention that we,were part of the battle for new world,event which was an event put on by,amazon,with 66 streamers and they were,separated 33 into na and eu,we were put into the eu side of things,on the covenant team which there were 11,of us,and even though our team got second,place in the event we managed to score,more points than any other player,in eu so that was pretty cool and also,because we,took part in the event were gonna have,50 copies of the game to give away at,launch,and well have some exclusive drops on,our channel getting back to my thoughts,on the game,the biggest two questions that ive been,asked are has my opinion changed to the,game after 181 hours,and is the game ready for launch on,august 31st i want to get into the first,one,which is has my impression changed id,say for the most part,its pretty similar the things that i,learned in 25 to 30 hours pretty much,held true for the entire game,thats to say that the crafting of the,game is still phenomenal it holds up,really well throughout the course of the,game,the pve content of the game remains to,be lackluster,what i mean by that is the questing of,the game never really picks up in any,way youre typically doing the same,sorts of quests all throughout the game,i managed to complete the,quest line in beta this is not the full,quest line for the game,but i got through the main quest line,during the beta period,and it was pretty much uninteresting was,not very story driven,and there just wasnt a lot of,inspiration in those quests,speaking about the dungeons themselves,or the expeditions as theyre called a,new world,i got to do five of them in total and i,got to do one end game dungeon,as i did manage to reach level cap at,level 60. these are some of the most,uninspired dungeons i have ever played,in any mmo to date,not only are the mechanics of them,extremely straightforward in most cases,with only the exception of some of them,having the last boss have something,interesting to do,and even then we managed to do them,first try or second try,most of the time anyway but the enemies,in themselves are reused from the,landscape for instance you fight animals,that you hunt out on the thing sometimes,or the enemies that are you face and,corruptions are scattered across the,landscape are reused ad nauseum,and even in one of the end game dungeons,that we played,some of the enemies were the same as the,first dungeon just with a different skin,same move sets entirely so these almost,feel like an,afterthought to me for a game that,wasnt initially even going to have any,sort of pve content,and was exclusively going to be pvp you,could tell that it seems like they tried,to just throw something together to,actually have some pbe content,and while its fun to do it gets old,rather quickly,moving along to the pvp aspects of the,game i think this is where the game,really shines,this is where i had the most fun um and,it shouldnt be a big surprise,considering that the game was designed,originally to be,a pvp game but what i really enjoyed was,the open world pvp this is where you,flag up in a town,uh with either a group or by yourself,and you go outside of town and anyone,else whos flagged you can fight,that means if theyre out you know,harvesting rocks and theyre flagged up,you can,you know go attack them or if theyre,fishing or do whatever,you know uh you can like literally get,into some weird situations where youre,fighting somebody that you had no,intention of fighting,or sometimes you get into some larger,battles where theres several people out,or,you know 10 or 20 of people out fighting,10 or 20 people and things can get,really really,crazy out there and its just a lot of,fun whether youre in the you know group,with a lot of people,or youre in a group little small people,or youre out by yourself,talking about the war side of the pvp,this is where you know certain factions,are fighting for dominance over the,territories youre going to be able to,control the tax rates,and gain other benefits this is 50 on 50,where youre sort of,either holding a fort or youre,attacking a fort i got to play on both,sides during the beta so i kind of have,an idea how they both play,this is an extremely fun idea it lasts,about 30 minutes,um you have like a time its scheduled,so like you know when to be there,maybe you only have limited time to play,you know you know when its going to be,and you log in you do your warning,lockout or maybe you do,some things beforehand get together then,do the war then log out,pretty fun the problem is that the,connectivity of it was pretty poor that,means that a lot of times it was often a,slideshow,um you know living you know on the other,side of the world for my server probably,didnt help a little bit,but i heard complaints from nearly,everyone that was involved whether they,were far away or not,generally what seemed to happen is you,know a lot of people would converge on,one of the territories that you need to,hold,either inside the keeper outside and,everyone would just look frozen for long,periods of time,this happened in several wars that i was,in i heard from other people that were,you know,literally just down the road from the,servers that this was an issue for them,as well,so if this isnt something that gets,fixed by launch its going to be a major,ding and what is supposed to be one of,the defining things for this game,now whats really interesting about this,game is that even though,the game has issues with pve and there,are some issues with pvp primarily with,the battles as i mentioned,the game is very addicting i i couldnt,stop playing even today now that the,beta is over,ive been looking forward to playing and,i cant play and im going like oh i,just want to log in and play,but what i will say about the game that,makes it fun in my opinion,is the community it is a very sandbox,driven game,meaning that the people inside the game,make up a large,portion of the experience and content,for you,thats to say youre gonna your mileage,is gonna vary depending on who youre,playing with and what server youre,playing on,if youre a solo player somebody who,just wants to run on their own and craft,materials and sell in the auction hall,and doesnt really get involved in pvp,and doesnt really do dungeons,youre probably okay you can do whatever,you want,but there isnt a whole lot of substance,there beyond logging in having some,social interactions with maybe,a couple people then going to crafting,if thats your thing thats totally fine,but if youre somebody whos looking for,more of an experience,than just you know crafting as a solo,player,i dont think this is the game for you,theres a huge focus on joining a,company getting involved in battles,and finding people to do uh the,expeditions with,there is no dungeon finder in this game,so as a solo player,youre going to have to reach out,publicly to try and get someone to do,dungeons with you the old-fashioned way,and while that might not be a problem,for you maybe thats not something you,want to get involved with,i just dont think this is a great game,for solo players,if youre a hardcore pve player and you,love that end game grind doing end game,dungeons,and game raids this probably isnt the,game for you yet,i could see this being something you,might want to get involved with in the,long run after theyve added content and,tweak things around,but its not there other games out there,do this much much better currently,and i just dont think its going to be,something that will hold you if thats,your intention,if youre someone who wants to get,involved in pvp and you know likes pve,experiences but isnt hardcore in eithe

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