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Nexen N5000 Platinum Tire Review

[Music],hi im matt mcmurray from campus,automotive in blacksburg virginia and,today we have the nexon,in 5000 platinum a lot of you may not be,familiar with nexon tire but nixon is a,korean company that makes a,really high quality tire in fact theyve,been in the us for over 20 years and,theyre the only tire company thats,never had a recall,its a company on the rise and they plan,to be in the top 10 globally,for manufacturing by 2025 and north,america is one of their strongest tire,markets,so they actually do some research and,development here in the united states,the nixon n5000 platinum looks a lot,like a performance tire on the sidewall,but its actually a comfortable quiet,all-season touring tire,it does have the m s designation so it,provides year-round traction even in,light snow,it has plenty of siping and you can look,at the tread and tell its built for a,lot of miles,im excited to show this tire but stick,around to the end to learn about size,price and if i should try it watch it or,trash it,all right so looking at the sidewall we,do have a rim protector good looking rim,protector it looks pretty deep so were,going to have a good protection dont,know if its available in all sizes but,on this particular size it is,now this tire is made in korea,most of the things that are made in,korea are very very high quality you do,notice that on the sidewall they got,some patterns here to kind of,to decorate it to make it look really,nice its going to stay looking nice,throughout the life of the tire but just,some different patterns to,just to make it look cool,all right so this tire is asymmetric so,theres the outside and the inside,and this particular side is the outside,now it is a 700 tread wearer which means,its going to last,a long time all right so looking at the,tread,this is an asymmetric tread pattern and,if you look really closely you notice,that this half of the tire,looks slightly different than this half,of the tire anytime you see that,variation between both sides you can bet,its probably asymmetric if it is,asymmetric,then theres the outside and the inside,so you got to make sure theyre mounted,right,this center rib is a continuous center,rib thats whats going to give us our,long life and mileage,we do have lots of sipes and thats,whats going to give us that m s,designation along with the high silica,compound,now anytime you see ribs continuous ribs,in a straight line like this,you know its going to be designed for,long life,and quietness this is no exception,so they really made this tire to last a,long time,its an upgrade from their old n5000,and its probably going to be a pretty,good seller so on the inside,of the tire on the outer tread block of,the inside of the tire,youll notice that you have a line right,here,and on the outer tread block,you dont have any lines so i would say,this has to do with the way that when,youre trying to get,traction out of a tire this acts as,another,sipe but it also gives you more traction,on the inside of your tire,when youre making turns so i would say,theyre putting this,extra line in here to add more siping to,give you,more traction in slippery and winter,conditions,now on your outer tread block youll,notice that you dont have that well,thats whats going to make it stable,during cornering,is when you dont have those extra sipes,like that the nexan n5000 platinum has a,70 000 mile,tread wear warranty for h-rated and,v-rated tires and 55 000 miles,for w-rated tire the size of this tire,is 235,55 r19 and it retails for 147.99,so on a scale of tryout watch it or,trash it i give the nexon n5000 platinum,a watch it its not a bad tire,but i think there are better tires out,there such as the uniroy tiger paw as,touring,the general multimax rt43 but if i,needed something cheap,in a pinch id pick this tire out of all,the value lines that are available

Nexen tire review after 1yr 32,000+ miles

[Music],[Music],[Music],okay,so theres been a few people talking,about tires lately especially with the,seasons changing so weve got in Farah,are you five,obviously SUV these are the 275 40 20,they are mounted on Koenig they are the,on the back weve got the 20 by 11s,these are trying to find where its at,106 W I hope you can see that son,yeah 106 w.zahn the rear so they are,going to be limited to like the 160,range on the front we are the N 500 plus,and were running to 45 45 CR 20s with a,103 W on the front and these are mounted,on cone eggs 20 by 9 and a half on the,front now this is an NPT tuned now right,now it has just running the 91,performance tune we have jba exhaust 3,inch long tube headers with high flow,cats x pipe hopefully you can hear me,okay we will try to keep everything down,to a minimum,get seatbelts on here watch everything,around here alright so I wanted to show,how well the next and tires do come you,know obviously I cant really compare,them because I dont have anything to,compare them to,but I can tell you that we had the p0,Narrows on this and even my wife just,under normal driving,but man this car has so much power I,have no attraction and then going,through a carwash and coming out she,thought what in the world is wrong with,these tires that they have absolutely no,traction whatsoever she just I mean you,could drive two miles after a car wash,and have no traction and so there she,just you know they have to have a buy,what now my wife is very mechanically,inclined so shes kind of above what you,would expect for some women Im not,gonna say all cuz there theres a women,date just rock but for the average woman,to just you know be like look theres,something wrong with these tires man,they just dont grip you know and she,was used to having you know SG ones on,her old Mustang which we had a v6,Mustang and she thought that man it was,just the power difference between the,coyote and the six was what was causing,it on dry pavement but then she really,was kind of wondering what the hell,now Im gonna kind of wait here for a,minute because I want to wait for some,clear traffic so I can show you that on,a full sand these necks ins will,actually hold up on a full send drive,pavement now on wet pavement I actually,trust these tires even at a hundred and,twenty-five miles an hour maybe a little,more,[Music],sports filled up so this is gonna be,split video all right so here we go,again,Im gonna show you that on a full send,here we go full Sam,not a single bit of slip whatsoever not,a chair of nothing that was full,breaking – nothing,these things are just monsters of tyres,for what they are there will go again,school breaks harder like compress not,the brakes that are on this are actually,the theyre not the standard brakes that,you have on the 2013 GTS these are,actually the larger size that come with,the California specials they are a Ford,Performance Brembo size which I upgraded,to the EBC these things are phenomenal,brakes so when youre talking full,braking absolutely no ABS kicking in,just as you heard minor minor minor,traction I should have had the window,down you know what let me roll the,windows down so you can actually hear,sorry about that Im dumb try that one,more time,idiot I just dont like doing this in,traffic,[Music],but Im heading out of town for work so,this is kind of my all in time to do,this but I do want to show you guys that,these Mexicans are phenomenal and Im,trying to make sure that you can hear me,as well so here we go were gonna try,this again were gonna try a full send,all right here we go full send dead stop,well breaking ABS does not kick in at,all and that was me pressing tycoon holy,crap like I smell the brakes,oops Ill be the rear brakes,you need to roll into this for a little,bit to cool it breaks off I dont like,just stopping and letting the brakes you,know just drop in temperature on their,own I like to let them cool you know,its a little bit of driving but so you,guys could see the next ones actually,grip unbelievably and we do have pump on,the transmission turned up it is a 20%,plus on transmission,so if I were to doubt you,these tires just dead hook they just,hook,I cant say enough about oh Ive got Im,gonna try to edit this where Ive got a,picture to show and I got some videos of,us in the snow and Ill try to get those,in there as well to show you guys these,things actually worked in the snow we,would we have blizzard like now of,course I get it,were not in Chicago were not you know,Minnesota or you know Montana or,anything like that but we had 90 mile,per hour winds seven we had sustained 50,to 60 mile-per-hour winds with up to 90,mile per hour gusts and we had snow that,was eight inches on up and the the tires,you know even just in the ice in the,snow,getting stuck on a bridge going uphill,the tires actually crit theres a bridge,that they closed off because nobody can,make it up once it once it ices up in,the wintertime and once it you know once,theres snow on it pretty much nobody,can make it up so they just block it off,they hadnt blocked it off yet and we,got stuck on it and a car got right up,on my tail so I was really worried I was,gonna be in trouble look at that got,some beast right there – besides that,Fox body back there but but any Im,sorry I love Mustangs I love all cars,look at this one I hurt you but,but anyhow you know it I actually was,able to accelerate no slipping,whatsoever and actually the SUV that was,front-wheel drive was slipping next to,me and I could have actually taken off a,lot faster than I did and I took off,faster than the SUV in front of me or,next to me excuse me and it was like a,little Honda CRV or something like that,and I mean these things just worked so,anyhow you know if you have any other,questions or comments just put them,below and Ill be more than happy to,answer them,and,[Music],boys this is what were going through,[Music],your official right here,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music]

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Top 5 Best Cheap Tires Review in 2022

[Music],if you are looking for the best cheap,tires,here is a collection you have got to see,lets get started,number one most popular westlake rp-18,touring radial tire,when you are looking for the best budget,all-season tires you will probably get,to come across the westlake,rp-18 tire it is one of the best sellers,all-season budget tire,the tire comes with an asymmetric tread,which ensures steady and high traction,on both dry and wet surfaces,its tread pattern ensures that the tire,easily removes water from the tire,improving its handling capabilities,while also reducing the chances of,hydroplaning,the tire comes in a variety of sizes,including 13 to 16 inches,and t h and v rating,number two hankook h-737 kinergy pt,all-season radial tire,the tire comes with impressive features,that will blow your mind,the new han cook kinergy pth 737 uses a,specially formulated compound that helps,to increase traction while still,reducing rolling resistance saving you a,couple of dollars on gas money,it also comes with a new tread design,that allows the tire to retain maximum,traction on dry surfaces its wide,grooves also help the tire to maintain,high traction on wet surfaces,for a more comfortable ride the tire,uses a joint less belt and highly,strengthened bead filler which also,helps to improve its handling,number three milestar ms 932 sport,all-season radial tire,when it comes to the best budget,all-season tires the milestar ms-932,takes the number one spot,it is the best seller when it comes to,budget all season tires,it uses advanced technology to enhance,overall performance on wet,dry snow and ice conditions it uses a,tread compound that is long lasting,its wide grooves allow the tire to,easily evacuate water allowing the tire,to retain traction even on wet surfaces,available in 66 sizes in t h,and v speed ratings the ms-932 sport,performance touring tire,is sure to cover your high performance,needs,number four summit gta all-season radial,tire it uses high-quality material which,not only ensures durability but also the,value of every dollar that you spend,the use of advanced tire construction,enables the tire to give your ultimate,performance,its lateral grooves and tread design,help the tire to retain maximum traction,on wet surfaces,while also maintaining high traction on,snow surfaces,the tires also come with a rigid,construction increasing its handling,capabilities even at high speed,the symmetrical four-rib pattern,provides superior ride and stability,number five kumo solus ta-11 all-season,tire,the kumo solus ta11 is one of the,cheapest tires on this list,grip and traction are excellent on dry,tarmac and the tire is also very,responsive,wet performance is another area where,the ta-11 scores highly,it isnt on the level of the best in the,category but its still completely safe,one of the best things about this tire,is that it is very quiet on the highway,and comfortable over uneven surfaces,the 75 000 mile tread wear warranty is,pretty good for the price,too,thanks for watching the video

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nagpalit ako gulong korean brand | nexen tires

pero no sé cómo va a u2 chanel,[Música],y,[Música],vale,[Música],galeano,[Música],spears en six mansbach o no vale tanto,como de nacimiento,[Música],del mismo,[Música],mejor,bendice,pero no podría entrar por delante,[Música],junto a las mujeres,[Música],alumbrados,[Música],[Música],50,[Música],básico,[Música],coli zona húmeda,esta mañana,en 2005,con una buena vivimos,analistas,[Música],[Música],en 2000,para cualquiera en color verde yo cuando,me tengo que ser madre,experian,exenta,fuente,al canal,aunque nunca,[Música],sí,[Música],sí,bien,hacia el rojo,en reserva inhumana,sin embargo con ellos,es enseñarle,yaiza martín culo,sin embargo nexenta eres,bueno la nada me quiere usar ser buena,por un litro,el palco la y entonces vender más tripa,fighters no les va como paleta ya no,más ingrese agua,dura plans,gutierrez,brandt iba a ir,olmos watchers,una mezcla,max,[Música],no está nada mal,bridgestone,[Música],indios,[Música],inunda,sí no,en crisis,[Música],[Risas],todo el trayecto,para nada,[Música],el partido,[Música],esta mañana,expectante por los milicianos islámicos,cuando ha venido azerbayán 40,[Música],y un final exentos,brilla en práctica,no hay nada,[Música],y con ética,[Música]

Nexen Tire Technology

[Music],how does a tire company established over,70 years ago grow to be a powerhouse of,award-winning design safety and,performance with cutting edge technology,at Nexen tire we have an unwavering,dedication to producing the worlds best,tires and delivering our customers,unsurpassed value our state-of-the-art,manufacturing facilities are the result,of continued investment in the most,advanced technology we recruit the,industrys most talented engineers and,designers that are dedicated to,producing the absolute best tires in the,industry and we pride ourselves on the,implementation of the industrys most,stringent quality and performance,standards innovation has been a driving,force behind Nexen from the beginning,with a facility the size of 86 football,fields theres no room for error with,safety and quality being our foremost,concern nextons pre-engineered building,system increases efficiency and helps,eliminate the slightest imperfections,this long-standing commitment to quality,and safety is one of the many reasons,automotive manufacturers worldwide,choose Nexen as their tire of choice,safety quality and innovation are found,in each of our award-winning performance,driven tires,the M fara su one is nextons ultra-high,performance tire that provides superior,cornering stability and wet weather,performance all without sacrificing,comfort or quietness the Rodian 80 pro,offers light truck and SUV owners the,best in safety and handling and all,terrains whether youre driving the city,streets exploring the desert or carving,your own path,the xviii pro provides the confidence,and performance for wherever life takes,you introducing the M Farah ru5 nextons,ultra high performance premium SUV and,crossover tire designed for optimum,comfort and control it eliminates tire,noise offering a quiet ride for long,road trips whether wet or dry the ru5,provides stability and handling for,performance driving at Nexen we believe,that performance and passion go,hand-in-hand,when youre passionate about something,you dont sacrifice quality for us this,means creating tires that are rigorously,tested in a wide range of conditions,roads and terrains our motorsports and,sponsorship programs include,partnerships with SEMA enduro cross,still border summer games canoe and,kayak awards and more enabling us to,work with fellow enthusiasts and raised,the bar for performance and comfort as,an organization that prides itself on,being an active and involved part of the,community,we believe that producing a safe and,dependable experience for consumers is,our primary responsibility that is why,each set of maxim tires comes with an,industry-leading warranty to help,protect consumers from premature wear,and unexpected damage caused by road,hazards as well as free roadside,assistance in the event of a flat tire,with its dedication to quality,past value-add mission to stand behind,every single time its no surprise that,Nexen is a brand on the rise max and,tire driving tomorrow,[Music]

Nexen Tire Review

[Music],gday welcome back today were talking,about toys,so watch me watch me rotate the tires on,the for Monday or tell you all about the,tires that I put on there 18 months,spinning 3,000 kilometres ago now youd,think 250 five six things would be a,fairly common toilet standard for the,Mondeo,but for whatever reason theyre an,expensive toy to buy so any brand names,that I wanted to buy that Ive heard of,barely done what Goodyear etc all those,tires are at least 300 bucks a corner so,Im not made of money so I had to look,for a cheaper alternative and that came,in the way of Nixon and Ive never heard,of Nixon while it did some research and,they came they seem to be a decent,quality tire theyre a know either,creating the company there and I we,manufacturer for Kia high and I sang,young and a few others to the air they,been around 70 years seem to be decent,quality so I thought wed give them a go,these came in at 150 dollars a corner,still expensive as an example on the,Focus which is a 205 5516 210 they got,an arrow up that same profile same size,I can get Pirellis for about $125 so,$150 for a tie name Ive never heard of,not a great start but as I say they were,put on 131 phantom kilometers on the car,the car is now down 164 thousands of,these tires has covered 33,000,kilometers and this is their first was,the first time Ive rotated two tire so,I dont normally bother rotating tires,because that just means you have to buy,four tires at once instead of two and,when you pay $150 a corner at leasts I,drove by to that four so but anyway and,these tires,theyve been for a winter theyve been,for a summer Ive been for an autumn,that was incredibly wet you see on the,rear tire was still up five point six,month tread left,and say hasnt been rotated the front,tire stopped 3.6 minute read thats,pretty incredible for 33,000 kilometers,in my world I might used to toast last,in that long,thats what about the longest any tires,ever lasted and were still probably got,his life to go probably another 20,000,case to go so well the time weve all,done will be well over fifty years in,kilometres and yeah these times have,been great in the wet now you saw them,go through the floods a few months back,drove like a dream theyve also gone,through winter and I was really,impressed with how they got on and snow,typically front-wheel drive cars with a,slip slide you end up in a ditch but now,we stayed true they did a great job,really impressed with them so they weigh,well that drive well theyre pretty,cheap so yeah Im a fan of Nixon toys,give them a go let me know what you,think but yeah Ive been good for being,hurt for that we could for you yes,[Music]

Nexen Tires Suck – A Rant

good morning i,am standing here in the rain because i,got a deer blind in my,garage that ive been working on for the,for my wife,but uh weve got a little work to do on,this big beast today,and ill tell you a story first,apparently it is,the summer of tires for me,at the boat trailer tire blowout,then i had my daughter find the most,interesting pointy rock that ive ever,seen that actually managed to puncture,one of the tires on the copart,expedition,i was able to repair that one that,wasnt too bad it was actually a,rock not a nail,but about a week ago a week and a half,ago we were,headed up to a place that we hunt,up in arkansas and i had the side by,side on the back and some tools,things like that ready to go one wasnt,towing anything,were just going up there do a little,bit of work get it ready for the season,and coming down 20 in,between monroe and rustin its a,terrible section of roads all concrete,and but the truck developed a pretty bad,vibration,that i blamed on the road because its,got 21 000 miles on it what else could,it be right,so we made it to where we were going but,even after we turned off of uh,20 and headed north out of ruston it was,pretty shaky to the point where you,couldnt put your drink in the cup,holder or it was going to spill,and its like i dont i did not remember,that road being that bad,but again okay whatever the roads in,louisiana terrible,so i didnt really do much anything much,of anything with the truck after we got,up there until the two days later i got,out and went out in the morning,to a little dollar store about 10 miles,away and it was terrible all the way,down to low speeds,before it was really only 65 and up it,was really bad,and so i got back,to the camp and its like okay,somethings broke,this isnt this isnt right,so i jacked it up and i was kind of,feeling it was coming from the right,front a little bit more than everywhere,else but it was all shaking,so i jacked it up and i was pulling on,the tire and checking stuff and looking,at all of the tie rod sway bars steering,linkages everything like that,make sure i didnt have anything that,was coming loose and it was all tight,and then i spun the tire which was this,one,and its not round anymore and ill show,you that in a minute,but this tire,has gone square,i dont know if we can find it there it,is,right here this piece of the tire,with three quarters of its tread left,is not round because its coming apart,internally,which again when i first bought the,truck and saw that it had the,obviously well-known fantastic brand,nexon,rhodian tires on it i was super excited,uh and i noted that in one of my early,videos,but uh well get a closer look at this,once i get done yapping,i did not expect them to come apart,at 20 000 miles 21 000 miles,and after i found this this was the,worst one so i put the spare on it which,had never been off the truck at that,point,so it did good enough to get us home,but the other five all are some varying,degrees,of square theyre not round anymore,theyre coming apart internally,now ive taken great care on these tires,because i didnt want to replace them i,wanted to try to get as much,life out of these things as possible,because my intent was to put a set of,ricks and 19 and a halfs with some big,tire with some good 19 and a half inch,tires on this thing,but now that i have to put six tires on,this,not quite what i was expected i dont,have the you know four thousand bucks,that that set of tires is gonna,set me back so i just went with a,about a twelve hundred dollar set of,continentals which im sure will be,infinitely,better than this,now i dont know,what dodge is thinking fioxler or,whatever the heck they are now,when it comes to this gun but,starting to rain pretty good but i had,to take this thing in because of course,something else broke the four-wheel,drive actuator on the front failed when,we got home,as i was turning into the neighborhood,it went into four-wheel drive limp mode,so i made an appointment on a local,dealer and they were able to change it,out its,a 15-minute job to change it but its a,600 list part so,from a warranty perspective thats one,that they can keep doing,but while i was there while i was,waiting for them to get it done i,wandered around in their lot,and they had about five lilies out there,none no strippers like this ugly bugger,the cheapest one was 72 000 list the,most expensive was 78,000 list and they all had nexon garbage,on them,they got an 80 000 pickup truck,with hundred dollar tires and if you,look at the reviews,on tire rack or some of the other sites,these arent good this is not,uncommon some people may get good life,out of them,just like some people may get good life,out of china bombs on a trailer,but this is not uncommon for these tires,so it is what it is i could warranty,them but its going to end up costing me,500,or more to have a set of six of these,pieces of crap put back on the truck,that i dont want,so spend my own money learn my lesson,put some nice tires on it,and then im not going to worry about it,again but ill tell you what,if i ever buy another one of these or if,i ever buy another vehicle,new im going to tell the selling dealer,if it has these tires on it,im refusing it i will not take the,vehicle until you put a good set of,tires on it this is garbage this is,bs it is safety,and 21 000 miles in these are all,crap,granted this is a cheap truck so its,like okay they put cheap tires on it but,you buy a nice laramie longhorn could,have the same damn junk on it,you dont want them so please,for the love of god,check your tire brands do not accept,these types of tires stick with the main,brands,good gear at a minimum michelin,obviously continental ive had good luck,with,the name brand stick with those force,the dealer,to do it if they want to sell you the,damn car theyll do it if they dont,want to sell you the car,find a dealer that will because this is,a safety problem these tires are perfect,theyve been properly pressured ive,rotated them,i even had the alignment set i set the,alignment correctly,so that they didnt burn the edges off,this,is unacceptable under any circumstance,now if it had 80 000 on it,fine its a spiel its not warranted,that long good,but 20 000 miles no,not gonna work so i got six tires to,change,in the rain which will be fun,but it is what it is,so now im going to take this out of the,rain give you a little bit closer,look at what this thing actually looks,like and why it was trying to shake my,truck apart,so,so you can see the tread depth is nice,and even,all the way across but this whole tire,isnt square anymore you can see on this,left side,with the inside of where the way this,one was set up on the front,its taller than the outside,its impossible to keep straight up,anymore,because,of this,bulge,you can see weve got fairly straight,lines here,and the lines here do a whoop-de-do you,know they go around,and they bulge up half an inch or better,this is not an abused tire i rarely,drive this truck i only,tow with this truck and this is,garbage and this is the worst one but,theyre all starting to look like this,they all are starting to have treads,that dont go straight anymore,now i may cut this up as we go,but well see anyway,hope you all are having a good day looks,like im about to get wet,take care,i dont know what to say i hope youre,all having a good day,ive got some other parts that may be,putting on this thing might do a little,video showing some of those,always i appreciate any support you can,all give,by going to my amazon affiliate and if,you got any questions comments or,anything else please,let me know thanks for watching

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