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Nier: Automata Review

there are very few games if any quite,like near automata part hacking / part,shoot-em-up and part RPG this beautiful,multi-genre game delivers 30 plus hours,of fantastically fun action remarkable,locations and a story so weird Im not,likely to forget it anytime soon,[Music],new automata takes place in a sad but,visually stunning futuristic dystopia,where humanity has fled to the moon,after an extraterrestrial invasion,leaving behind an army of androids to,fight the aliens more primitive but,prolific machines near striking art,design an enormous sense of scale are,mesmerizing to look at especially on the,PlayStation 4 Pro and in 1080p I did,encounter a few hiccups that knocked the,framerate below 60 frames per second and,witnessed a fair share of textures,popping in but I was too enchanted with,the amazing soundtrack to really even,notice,the story that takes place against this,melancholy backdrop is somewhat hit or,miss as combat unit to be your job is to,fight the alien machines and bring an,end to the war which results in you,slowly unraveling the truth behind the,long conflict how this entertaining if,nonsensical story unfolds is bonkers to,say the least but it does so in a mostly,good way its just too bad I felt a,disconnect from the utterly humorless to,be in her Android counterparts all of,whom you get to control at different,times throughout the game their personal,dramas take a little too long to unravel,which made it harder to emotionally,invest in their fates by the time things,got really interesting,I didnt feel much of a rapport with the,heroes but I definitely enjoyed,embodying them as I Everett Leslie,surfed sand dunes in the desert and,shimmied up the concrete remains of,office buildings to take in the view,theres a nice bit of parkouring in,automata made enjoyable by silky smooth,controls and a compliant camera these,same controls are also what make,automata its hilariously maniacal,combat so fun you can seamlessly and,simultaneously use multiple buttons to,dodge jump shoot and slash your way,through hostile bits of rust and iron,and steel without having to stop and,catch your breath and it feels great,[Music],though near automata is described as an,action RPG its really a kitchen sink,kind of affair in between the large,chunks of feel-good hack-and-slash,youll launch a fireworks display worth,of projectiles at flying enemies,shoot-em-up style do some light hacking,and write an animal or two,the ever evolving gameplay makes for a,thrilling rollercoaster ride and I mean,that literally in one of the craziest,action sequences Ive played in a long,time I actually fought atop a moving,roller coaster,with so many amusing ways to engage,alien robots its important to change,your Android schematics quickly and,often especially on higher difficulty,modes,thats easy thanks to both a flexible,customization system that allows you to,swap out upgradeable plug-in ships on,the fly or use consumable buffs and,debuffs when you need a leg up in battle,taking the difficulty up meant raising,the possibility of losing valuable items,if I fell in battle but if I ever found,myself cornered I could always hop,online and recruit a is controlling the,broken remains of other players to fight,alongside me or scavenge them for useful,items and if that didnt work I could,use a special move that allowed a,character to do things like,self-destruct or go berserk which,doesnt result in death but does,severely deplete their health,unconventional battle tactics yep but,theyre sure effective,not to mention fun most of my time was,spent hunting down machines gathering,materials to upgrade both my weapons and,the AI pod that acts as both a guide and,a turret gun or looking for interesting,story clues in the many side quests but,money-making activities like fishing and,hunting are also available and Im happy,to report that the original nears,ridiculous animal riding mechanic,complete with drifting capabilities,returns these arent particularly,crucial or deep features but they lend a,sense of normality and humanity to a,terribly abnormal world and that makes,them endearing,near automata is a crazy beautiful and,highly entertaining journey full of,nutty ideas and awesome gameplay it may,not include the most sensible story or,compelling characters but its frenzied,combat coupled with beautiful visuals,and a stunning soundtrack make it too,much fun to pass up for all things near,automata keep it right here on IGN

Nier: Automata Review | The Masterpiece You (Probably) Wont Play

Let me begin by saying that Ive worked on this review for 7 full days,Ive played Nier:Automata over 2 days,And Ive devoted the other 5 to preparing this video,I literally didnt upload a single video to my channel this week,so that I could work on this review,where I typically upload about 5 times per week,And Ive put in that amount of work for two reasons,Firstly, if youre anything like me,Youre not gonna play Nier: Automata,You look at the cover image and it looks like some weird Japanese hack and slash,starring some kinky French maid dominatrix,And you say, no thanks.,You see the bullet hell sequences and its weird 8-bit stuff,And you think, gimmick, “Im Good”,I get it, and that was me 7 days ago.,but the reason Im making this video,is because Nier is so unbelievably worth playing,that if I can convince a single person to play this game after this review,then it wouldve been 7 days well spent.,The second reason Im making this review, is a little more personal.,Ill admit that for the past 7 days.,Ive felt like a bit of a crazy person.,And have seriously questioned my own judgement,as someone who appreciates video games,Ive scoured the internet for a single reputable review,that I feel acknowledges and expresses,how much of an unmitigated achievement Nier: Automata is,But Im yet to find one,If you scan Metacritic,youll find that most of the more respected publications,are scoring the game at around 90%,which is obviously an excellent score,but if you actually read or watch their reviews as I have,youll sense a disconnect between what they are writing,which is typically gushing praise and how they finally score the game,For me, the scores do not match what they are writing or saying,because these reviewers are describing a 10/10 experience,and yet putting a 9/10 at the end of it,The closest I got to a review that did this game justice was Jim Sterlings,but this is also the perfect example of the phenomena Im describing,Jim declared Nier one of the most important games ever to be released,And so eloquently dropped the mic by the end of his review saying,if history forgets this game, then fuck history,He then when on to score the game 9/10,None of this makes any sense to me at all,If these publications are holding back,I can only guess why,because they certainly arent explaining it in their reviews,Perhaps Im crazy and Nier is just a really great game,like a whole bunch of other really great games out at the moment,or perhaps Im not crazy,and Nier is the caliber of masterpiece,thats true value, can only be discerned many years after it arrives,And after its impact has had the chance to permeate other experiences that follow it,For now, Im going to bet the house on this latter statement,Ill proudly stake what little credibility I might have on the assertion,that I think the entire gaming industry, while celebrating Nier: Automata,Is drastically understating how incredible and important it is,Nier: Automata is a rare breakthrough moment in the history of our medium,and its for this reason that Ive poured so much love and care into this review,I want there to be at least one review out there,that calls this game for what it is.,A masterpiece.,That is an absolute must-play for anyone who appreciates video games,or good story-telling,or incredible music,or true innovation in any of the elements I have just listed,Ladies and Gentlemen, I humbly submit to you my review of,Nier: Automata,If you ever watch a street performer,youll notice something very important about,the way they structure and deliver their performances,More than any other type of performance,they constantly seek to exceed and reset your expectations,Such that in the very limited time that they perform for you,which is typically only 2-5 minutes,They deliver something that is not only above what you expected,but beyond what you could have imagined when you first passed this person on the street.,In regular intervals the performance is ratcheted up to continue to delight the crowd.,Its all about the performer using every second available to them,and to make each one of them count,such that the audience is so impressed,and so overwhelmed with the scale of the achievement.,That they feel practically forced to drop dollars into the hat,Because they got well and truly more value than what the couldve anticipated,when they first took the risk to stop in the middle of the street,and watch some random stranger perform for them,I bring up this example,because as I played through Nier: Automata,achieving all five of its truly worthwhile endings.,I couldnt help but feel that the people who made it,would have also made really great street performers,because every second of Nier: Automata has at its core,an urgency to delight and surprise,to challenge expectations, and reset them,just when the player thinks they found their measure,Where other games are willing to drop a great moment or surprise,and the rest on the laurels of that moment for hours,Nier is ferociously seeking to deliver you the next great moment as quickly as possible,With an equally ferocious desire to ensure,that the new moment is both different and better than the previous one,Some days later I watched an interview with the games visionary Yoko Taro,who said this,,But Nier is more than it surprises,A lot more.,Nier is one of the most,technically, thematically, visually,narratively and orally congruent experiences ever delivered by any medium ever,Be it in film, or television, or music, or theatre,or whatever…,It joins a rare pantheon,standing alongside: Dark Souls,,Metal Gear Solid, Ghost in the Shell, Evangelion,and any other number of instant nerd culture classic experiences,That completely dazzle, and force us to rethink things as we attempt to make sense of them,And as with those other classics understanding the greatness of Nier,is as much about understanding the achievement of its individual elements,As it is about appreciating the greater than the sum of its parts magic.,That is achieved when they are combined,So, lets explore those parts now,Many of you will no doubt remember Evangelion,I remember watching Evangelion for the first time when I was a teenager,and for me both then and now,Eva provokes so much in me all at once.,Its a deeply thought provoking exercise,because it asks and answers spiritual moral and logical questions,While telling an intensely personal story about,family, friendship and love.,Theres a pervasive emotional and rational intelligence to it,That you cant find in many other experiences,And I bring it up here because Nier is imbued,with the same emotional and intellectual gravitas,That made Eva so wonderful,The premise of Nier is simple,You are an android, “2B”,and along with your squadmate, “9S”,You are the vanguard in a battle against evil machines that have taken over Earth,Humans have fled to the moon and are eager to return once the war is won,You begin with a standard mission brief, “Kill a target”,and from there the story begins to evolve,What emerges, slowly at first, and then at blistering pace,is a deeply engaging,brilliantly written,brilliantly acted story,About a group of people all connected in fascinating ways,Who seek to explore and understand the complexities of a world,that is clearly keeping a great deal from them,And the desire to understand more about the characters and the world,,creates in you, the player,,a genuine sense of urgency to push forward the story,In a way most other games can only hope to achieve,And I think this reminder of how good a video game story,can be is rather timely.,I played Nier: Automata immediately after,playing Mass Effect: Andromeda.,And for me the difference was striking,Mass Effect is a game that prides itself on the strength of its Narrative,and my intent here is absolutely not to belittle Mass Effect: Andromeda,But I must confess here that in my view, the sharp,intelligent and poignant writing of Nier: Automata,contextualizes the failure of Mass Effec

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Nier: Automata – Before You Buy

game ranks presents another episode of,before you buy the show we give you some,straight-up gameplay and our thoughts on,the latest games releasing as usual Im,your guy Jake val dino and once again I,got to apologize them sleep-deprived and,extremely sick but that is not gonna,stop me from talking about near automata,its the sequel of 2010s ps3 360 game,near which itself was a spinoff of,Drakengard I havent played the previous,games but I didnt really feel like I,was missing anything at all going into,this one so that was nice near automata,is set up in the distant future where,humankind was driven out of earth by,robots and machines they took over the,earth and mankind was stuck living out,on the moon eventually they developed,these human-like badass androids to,pilot down to earth from space stations,to go and wage war for humankind and win,back earth thats where you come in as a,combat Android simply named to be this,game was made by platinum and I gotta,say I think platinum is back baby,after a few misses this stuff is like,totally Bayonetta 2 caliber mirrors now,for ps4 and its releasing soon for PC,and I think its going to be a big damn,shame if people miss out on this amidst,all the other things releasing right now,cuz this is a good game this is a semi,open-world action RPG that has a,surprising amount of variety that I will,get to but once you get through a pretty,freakin dazzling intro youre dropped,into the main environment you traverse,around these open environments that,arent overwhelmingly big but are still,nicely sized they got plenty of nooks,and crannies to explore and reward with,finding little items and stuff the game,is comprised of main quests side quests,and an outpost with NPCs that deal out,shop items and info in a typical JRPG,kind of fashion the main name of the,game here besides exploration though is,the real-time combat it feels like a mix,between Bayonetta and the newer Devil,May Cry with both heavy and light,attacks chained together as well as,managing well time dodges to counter,back its all really fast-paced and,thrilling enough but the added element,of having a bot at your side with,abilities that it can access and use,with one of the trigger buttons but it,also has a very important ranged,machine-gun attack its weak but it can,keep enemies at bay and its controlled,with camera and lock-on it feels a lot,like the infinite ammo pistols of old,Devil May Cry games you know not the,most powerful but perfect for biding,your time with an enemy it gets way more,advanced as many enemies shoot,projectiles back at you which you can,dispatch with shooting your BOTS or by,dodging and navigating through all this,kind of feels like a classic bullet hell,game the game takes that 10 steps,further though when it see,only transitions to top-down and 2d,platforming style segments in which you,have full control of combat and shooting,stuff with your bot,these random perspective shifts here and,there really do a good job at shaking,things up and managed to keep things,really exciting and fresh its honestly,downright pretty awesome but thankfully,its also a serious bit of challenging,fun when this game is showing off all,its tricks which it does manage to,consistently do throughout youre,probably going to be impressed the game,even takes this variation further by,giving you combat flight segments,sparsely throughout the game which truly,take you to an old-school feeling shmup,bullet-hell style game but in regular on,the ground combat theres some light RPG,elements you have to improve yourself to,improve yourself you buy weapons and,upgrades for them as well as upgrading,your actual Android self the chip,upgrade augmentation system works pretty,smoothly and smartly enough youre given,a set amount of memory space to add,chips to give you upgrades and buffs and,even some HUD features you can lose,these chips upon dying however similar,to how souls work in a Dark Souls game,its not as overwhelming but it does,give the game an added challenge next to,on-the-fly selectable difficulty modes,that it also has this is all good,because near is a lengthy game like I,said the world isnt absolutely huge but,there is a lot to do in it not to,mention when you finish the game you,dont really finish it theres actually,five more endings to achieve yeah and I,will say its not the best looking game,but it has its own strong sense of style,and the game runs smoothly even as,things get pretty crazy at the time of,this video the PC version isnt out yet,but Im really hoping that that version,of the game is really stable the real,kicker here though is the score from,like the exploration to battle themes,this is some incredible ass video game,music personally I know I like a,soundtrack when I want to download it,and listen to it in the car or in the,background while I work and Nier,automata definitely has that the story,is also satisfying enough I dont think,its the most groundbreaking element of,the game but I do think its pretty damn,good its a step above the anime stuff,you would expect from the character,designs you know no no insult anime or,anything but this feels much more like a,video game sci-fi approach and it,definitely mostly succeeds I found,myself caring about the two leads and,discovering what is really going on on,planet earth with these machines not,only that but with all the intrigue,mixed in the environments are varied,enough and theres enough consistently,different and exciting boss battles that,just push you to keep on wanting to play,and see further its also impressive how,its coming from a franchise with a,larger universe and story that I still,didnt feel overwhelmed at anytime,this is a nice little self-contained,tail if it sounds like Im praising this,game to high heaven it kind of is,I struggled to really find a lot of,things that bothered me with the game,one of the one cons here Ive seen some,people say that the game can feel a,little repetitive but through my,adventure I never got bored of the,combat the combat never felt repetitive,to me it was always challenging the,enemy types were always different but I,did want to acknowledge that complained,that I did see some people out there,saying that because even small stuff,down to how the game handles saving or,just how the HUD interface looks,platinum just paid a lot of attention to,this game and it definitely shows like I,said earlier in the video I really hope,if you are a fan of like action hack and,slash II fast-paced combat type of games,or even some JRPGs I can definitely,recommend some time or another that you,pick up near automatic but thats how it,before you buy works you guys know the,deal Ill give you some pros and cons,and some personal opinion thrown in but,now I definitely want to hear yours down,in the comments if youve been playing,near automatic I want to know what you,think I want to know some of your,favorite boss segments or just any other,action segments in the game let me know,your favorite environment let me just,some weird side quest stories you have,if you have them playing the game lets,talk about it but if you havent been,playing the game let me know what you,think about it from the outside looking,in I want to hear your perspective too,if you got any questions about near,automatically them in the comments Ill,try and answer as many as I can but if,youve got questions you can also shoot,them to me on Twitter Facebook and,Instagram at Jake Baldino as well but,thanks for coming around for all these,before you byes its been a very very,busy last few days thanks for liking and,sharing and showing your support we,freaking love you guys for that and if,you are new I think I need to tell you,that subscribing is a good idea because,we put out stuff like this all the time,but as always thanks for watching and,well see you guys next time,and Android know this this is a machine,you

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NieR:Automata The End of YoRHa Edition Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

hey everybody Zeon over here from,Nintendo life and today were here to,share with you our review of near,automata or automata if youd like to,say it that way on Nintendo switch now,this review was originally written by,the spectacular Thomas Whitehead for,nintendolife.com but was reworked into,this video by me,[Music],near automata is perhaps a story of the,power of Word of Mouth its a sequel in,an IP with a devoted but modest,following by Square Enix standards it,became a notable sales success over time,as initial fans convinced those that,missed it that this was something truly,special the director yokotaro was also,clever in his approach to storytelling,playing the first game or the recent,remaster of near replicant gives you,extra context and lore but near automata,is also self-contained and gives players,all of the information they need to,fully enjoy the game what we have here,is a wonderful slice of sci-fi,storytelling wrapped up in an,accomplished action-adventure RPG its,quite unlike anything else and now we,really get to enjoy it on switch with,the content complete the end of yora,Edition now a topic that often comes up,in gaming particularly in the AAA space,is the challenge of blending A Creative,Vision with slick attractive experiences,Square Enix made a Savvy decision as it,partnered the incredibly creative,tarosan with Platinum Games who were,already fans of the original near and,were very much on board to apply their,trademark flare of action in combat,gaming the blend is intoxicating and,also helps to establish the reputation,of platinums takahisa taura who made,his directing debut with astral chain,its fascinating playing automata now as,there are Whispers of ideas here that,are played out more fully in the 2019,switch exclusive like its predecessor,near automata continually flips your,expectations as you play for the most,part this is a 3D action title with a,generous dose of RPG ideas but it,nevertheless continually surprises you,and introduces new twists sometimes,times thats in the storytelling but,also in gameplay we wont spoil anything,beyond the opening section but you have,elements of Shoot Em Up puzzle solving,and more camera Direction can be dynamic,at times as well shifting to side on or,top down perspectives it adds to the,sense that youre driving a story,forward a feeling that we honestly,couldnt get enough of in terms of the,setting youre on a desolate Earth in,the future and mostly following the,story of Androids 2B and 9s who are a,part of a defensive Force stationed on,the moon your foes though are machines,and your overriding role is to fight for,surviving humans that are also stationed,on the moon yet The Story Goes in,various fascinating directions and,youll find yourself emotionally wrapped,up in it all to the point that youll be,relating to Android and machine alike,before you know it its a narrative that,like most good Sci-Fi is packed with,analogies to the real world and history,its brilliant stuff and its,interesting in structure too this is a,game youre supposed to play multiple,times it tells you this and we want you,to discover the reasons why you should,do that for yourself just know that,additional runs arent as repetitive as,you might think and the surprises and,shifts keep coming over the course of,tens of hours our first experience with,near automata was breathtaking at times,and is still a standout of modern game,storytelling now another important thing,to note here is that automata is,actually pretty fantastic to play as,well which weve come to expect when,Platinum Games treats a project with,care you blend melee with guns in,fast-paced at Times puzzle LED combat,the legacy of the Bayonetta series and,other Platinum game Staples is all over,this pleasingly the gameplay design,melds perfectly with the often creative,demanding scenarios that the story,creates you have intense one-on-one,fights in addition to on rails battles,against enormous Behemoth foes its a,cinematic kind of game thats actually,just incredibly fun to play which is not,a combination many developers and,Publishers have achieved that said there,are some gimmicks and quirks in the,design that dont fully work out,occasionally there are mechanics or,movement that are a little stilted or,uneven its rare but it is there your AI,companion can often get in the way in 2D,sections and some perspective shifts and,unrail sections can be awkward with,limited or no camera control theyre,often brief moments and its worth,brushing past them just dont be,surprised when they pop up in a,playthrough,[Music],the city is desolate but its still full,of intriguing moments to find when you,explore the cityscapes forest deserts,and more theres also an interesting,approach to quests details given for,side quests are often limited or,sometimes a point of interest that will,show up on the map with a simple,question mark this isnt a game to rush,so its worth taking the time to explore,and discover those smaller stories some,of which add a great deal to the overall,picture its also a title where keeping,notes is a good idea it doesnt give you,indications of levels for quests so if,you discover one thats a bit too,advanced its worthwhile returning later,on once youre more capable and the RPG,elements can up the Intrigue even,further you are constantly collecting,currency and materials which can be used,to level up various weapons You Can,level up your pod that accompanies you,and operates as your Gunner and you can,use chips to enhance your abilities,there are a lot of these chips and you,can either go all in creating your build,piece by piece or simply ask the game to,give you an automated setup which works,just fine as well all of this comes,together beautifully even when you,consider that automata was originally,built for PlayStation 4 Hardware,performance is always a big question,when it comes to a game this good but,were pleased to say its been a,positive experience we have a solid 30,FPS throughout and the team at virtuous,has done an excellent job even though,the world is often sparsely populated,its still handsome and extravagant and,its reproduced very well here on switch,you can see where the sacrifices have,been made some textures are particularly,basic occasionally asset streaming lags,behind and the resolution compensates,when the action is busy yet its,impressive and rather than a port that,seems like a struggle on switch it feels,like a truly native title playing in,docked mode the image will perhaps,appear relatively soft if youre,accustomed to more powerful Hardware but,it still looks rather good its in,portable mode where we feel it truly,shines with the smaller screen real,estate emphasizing its qualities over,the sacrifices it looks as near automata,should not like a fuzzy pretend version,of the game like various other ports,have looked on the market similar to,hellblade senuas sacrifice on switch,its also very clever in the transition,from cutscenes to gameplay helping with,the overall immersion sound quality is,solid as well which cant always be,taken for granted in switch third-party,efforts there are even motion control,options they remind us of the Wii waggle,days to be honest they are a fun wrinkle,but you can turn them off easily if you,dont really care for them now the,majority of the time performance is,pleasing sometimes surprisingly so in,particularly bombastic encounters there,was one fight though where we could,sense its struggles as the massive,screen filling boss was also firing off,millions of particle effects and,occasionally transitioning from one,fight style to another can come with a,half second pause this is incredibly,minor stuff though and there were many,more times where we were frankly shocked,at how well the port held up in fact for,our money its one of the best looking,portable games on the system,[Music],near automata is a modern classic most,importantly for switch owners this is a,top-notch port that has clearly

NieR: Automata Review

[Music],the post-apocalyptic world of Nier,automata thrives on its mysteries its,setting of a ruined earth is a,playground of mayhem where fashionable,androids lay waste to less sophisticated,looking robots its premise of a,never-ending war and the chic,protagonists role as a participant is,initially straightforward but if you,know anything about its director Yoko,taro then you know to expect the,unexpected the one thing you can expect,is a well-executed and refined combat,system the level of which alone makes,automata well worth the price of,admission,near automata is initially seen from the,perspective of the female Android named,to be who is part of your ha,a group of artificial soldiers task with,wiping the earth of its hostile robots,and the aliens who made them this,conflict is all the more poignant due to,humanitys displacement to the moon an,exodus that occurred hundreds of years,ago,given the rampancy of homicidal machines,making earth hospitable is a tall order,though this challenge is softened by the,manageable size of automatons open-world,which is equivalent in size to a small,city it entices exploration but not,intimidating lease oh and its hard to,get lost once youve run through the,same paths a couple times you can credit,much of the backtracking to its,numerable side quests where you help,your fellow androids on simple errands,and kill missions while most of these,tasks arent especially memorable they,do add character to the world the bright,side to being a robot exterminator in,automata is that your canvass of,destruction is designed by the folks at,PlatinumGames,theyre experienced for fast and elegant,looking combat is on full display with,visuals that echo even the most,outrageous attacks from bayonetta combat,evolves beyond passively mashing on,quick and strong attacks thanks to the,variety of weapon styles combining any,two types produces uniquely flashy,animations and more importantly damaging,results,given its rewarding demands for high,dexterity and acrobatic skills of to be,it wouldnt be unreasonable to say that,near automata is the closest we have to,a spiritual successor to Metal Gear,Rising revengeance in the best way,possible against most enemies victories,are hard earned where youre expected to,use tools and techniques beyond the two,main attack inputs youre instilled with,a sense of confidence due to your,satellite pod companion not only does,the pod provide you with a sustained,ranged attack its also your main outlet,for combat personalization you can swap,in a wide variety of performance,enhancement ships providing you with,stat buffs and helpful automated,commands relying on your pod to,automatically use one of your healing,items when your HP drops below a certain,point becomes one less thing to worry,about so you can focus on other survival,concerns like kicking ass and looking,good doing it,its all the more crucial to outlive,your enemies because youll lose your,experience points if you cant return to,the point of your last death this is,similar to the element of difficulty,popularized by Dark Souls with an added,risk of loss along with the suspense of,potentially losing experience youve,earned since your last save you can also,lose your pods non-essential chips Nier,automata resoundingly delivers that,specific flavor of stylish combat,empowerment found in Platinums best,works,it never overshadows Tarots distinct,directional handiwork and penchant for,unconventional game and narrative design,its the type of production that manages,to blend in a substantial bullet hell,shooter component that somehow,complements both the hack and slash,combat and the story you dont question,the infantile behaviors of many of the,robots you come across because theyre,so darn endearing and you dont get an,explanation for two Bs Gothic Lolita,outfits or why some of our comrades,behave like self-involved teenagers but,you run with it as well as to be moved,swiftly through a desert and heels,Karos unorthodox approach is best,exemplified by Nier automata z multiple,endings and of varying degrees of,substance to those conclusions hes not,above novelty or gag endings though some,of the games best draws are the five,main endings and the various journeys to,each one to say that you dont get the,complete picture until you reach that,fifth ending isnt an overstatement,glory to mankind,thanks to platinum snack for riveting,and gratifying combat near automata is,yoko Tarots most accessible game today,when the gameplay clicks the visual,by-product is a stylish dance where,bulette ik dodges complement wushu,inspired aggression moreover this multi,ending trip is peppered with surprises,and revelations as well as Easter eggs,that called back to the first game and,the dragon guard series from which near,spun off its a meaty often exhilarating,Trek where a complete playthrough can,last well beyond 40 hours even with the,blistering pace of the battles,you

Should Your Boyfriend Play Nier: Automata?

from the studio that brought you,secretary with guns comes a new,adventure story French made with swords,from the publishers that sold your,kingdom hearts 3 our hearts hearts,hearts hearts hearts comes a game,actually worth buying near Achtung Nier,automata has become our most requested,game especially after we said that,Detroit become MLK – electric Boogaloo,failed to examine artificial,intelligence in a way that would require,david cage to use regular intelligence,both roasted and i gotta say you guys,were right near automata is probably the,best backseat gaming experience ive had,all year if you havent played this game,yet dont worry therell be a spoiler,warning before i analyze the plot until,then these are some of the things you,might consider a spoiler in this review,but this isnt a review of near automata,this is a review of what its like to,question existence in free will this is,a review of what its like to live with,someone who plays near automata,i went into this game blinder than the,main character how does she see the only,thing I knew was theres an ending for,each letter of the alphabet and the true,ending is letter e if youre wondering,who told me that the answer is endings F,through Z are actually just game over,screens sometimes wed get one on,accident like by going the wrong way,sometimes my boyfriend would get one for,being an idiot like by removing his,androids operating system okay just,start over most of the time though we,got them simply because theyre fun to,discover and seeing the screen fade to,black after we ate a mackerel or,something how does like,but rest assured near fans we heard your,prayers and after 25 hours we reached,ending e meaning were legally allowed,to make this video Nier automata,integrates multiple genres into its,gameplay drawing obvious comparisons to,family party 90 great games party pack,for Nintendo Wii its got open-world,exploration RPG character progression,run-and-gun beat-em-up side-scrolling,third-person hack-and-slash action 2d,Mortal Kombat fights and bullet hell of,the vertical horizontal and isometric,variety so basically its breadth of The,Witcher contra may cry fighting,asteroids and its awesome it sounds,risky combining 90s arcade action with,such a deep emotionally driven narrative,but they nailed it harder than they,nailed 9s to this wall is just like a,pirate thats what youre worried about,right although during our playthrough a,root be my boyfriend preferred hacking /,slashing and putting this in my eyeballs,for 10 hours straight made falling,asleep that night a psychedelic,nightmare,[Applause],the only real complaint I have about the,gameplay is straight out of my dead,cells review lots of times my boyfriend,would laugh and say whoa did you see,that and Id be like well my eyes were,open and pointed at the TV but the only,way I can describe what I saw is,diarrhea Christmas lights so no this,game has such bad diarrhea Christmas,lights,like if Nier automata was at a party it,would be a go home situation sometimes,even my boyfriend wasnt sure if he was,winning or not and for having so much,diarrhea on the screen youd think some,of the bullet health sections would be,more exciting to watch but dont judge a,game by its Tomatoes the visual Beauty,outside of combat often gave us pause,look at this place baby this is what my,boyfriend calls a Martin Scorsese moment,because he feels the urge to stop and,look around like its a movie its,Martins birthday Z ready Martin,Scorsese my favorite part of the game,though and probably favorite part of any,game on girlfriend reviews so far is the,music,[Music],[Music],and acute robots and when the cue robot,to do the music it makes me want to cry,oh my god hey stop are you kidding me,with that kid,the three and a half hours of tracks,composed for Nier automata never failed,to capture the essence of the,environment or be absolute bangers in,their own right every time my boyfriend,went to the amusement park Id turn up,the TV like,[Music],[Music],some of the songs are simultaneously,connected to the narrative and gameplay,in ways that gave me the goose ease like,this fabulous boss battle with a,mechanical opera singer,as she sings a beautiful song she also,performs a deadly dance with her attacks,projectiles leap when bells charge,[Music],laser spin at the first crescendo,and the player must learn the steps,becoming her partner in a dance to the,depth but what makes the music of Nier,automata truly unforgettable is the plot,it accompanies the tragic journey of our,heroes the heart-wrenching innocence of,the friends we made and the somber,history of our abandoned home,here come the spoilers folks if you,think you might play this game you,really know all my stupid video to ruin,de scape me me cry you guys dont let,the sexy Android thongs fool you there,is an emotionally complex and,philosophically rich narrative in this,triumphant piece of software which,coincidentally is about complex emotions,and philosophy evolving in software in,fact its so full of references to great,thinkers and their schools of thought,that Ill be honest youd probably have,a better conversation about this game,with your local Doctor of Philosophy,welcome to Baskin Robbins would you like,to try our mango fruit blast but Ill do,my best so here we go,the game starts with a pretty spooky,quote from to be the first playable,character we are perpetually trapped in,a neverending spiral of life and death I,often think about the God who blessed us,with this cryptic puzzle,and wonder if well ever have the chance,to kill him and apparently my boyfriend,thought God was this moose a moose,killer Oh baby but what I think is that,for to be and all Android life God is,there creators the humans who have been,exiled to the moon and that would make,the machines God the aliens so both,sides of the war are fighting for an,invisible creator in the sky which is a,tale as old as time however during route,a many of the machines you meet have,forsaken their God and put down their,weapons in favour of peace and sexy time,theyre boning oh my god theyre,human-like emotions were thought to be,impossible so perhaps its an alien,trick but then you find out from Nero,and Dante that the aliens were dead the,whole time like Bruce Willis so the,machines really were practicing freewill,and to make you feel extra bad about,killing them Ruby starts you out as a,cute robot who misses his brother then,you have to play the whole story again,as 9ss many workout guys you can look,into their sad tormented souls and show,you how theyre just misunderstood,homies trying to find meaning in a,godless universe this drives some of,them a little cray-cray and they drink,the kool-aid Oh God Oh become as gods,wow thats harsh,but guess what,the humans were dead the whole time too,again like Bruce Willis,the your ha military organization has,been lying to you dog because without,humans to fight for you have no other,purpose and now you have to find meaning,in a godless universe thats called,nihilism throw or is it I dont know I,never worked at Baskin Robbins now that,youre super depressed about life having,no purpose how about some dead kids,somebody got in there and all the kids,are dead oh lets just not go in go not,really look at this scene lets get him,on Scorsese but guess what M night,Shyamalan hasnt one more twist in the,final battle a to reveal two 9s that to,be is actually to eat as in Eve for,executioner her purpose is to kill 9s,everytime he learns the secret about,humanity and shes done it hundreds of,times,thats the neverending spiral I get it,whoa then in the best credit sequence of,all time you get to take your anger out,on the nihilistic a-holes who made this,depressing game,square enix come here you whyd you make,universe 3 so crappy Oh Fozzie 7 remake,better be good you jerk diarrhea,Christmas lights are too strong so the,save files of other players come to your,rescue and together you carry the weight,of the world they add

Nier: Automata – Easy Allies Review

Nier: Automata is a confounding game.,One minute youre completely bewildered,,the next youre pondering thought-provoking questions,,and later youll simply marvel at the spectacle.,Its a game that purposefully keeps you in the dark,,slowly unraveling its twisted narrative,while clearly enjoying the Alice in Wonderland madness it takes you through.,Despite its playfulness, dark humor, and absurdity, however,,the heart of Nier: Automata feels both relatable and valuable.,The story effectively illustrates how difficult it is for different groups to coexist,and how hatred is often predicated on misinformation.,To fully appreciate Automata, its important to look back at the original Nier.,Its an overtly ambitious game, one that mashes up genres in intriguing ways.,Oftentimes, its a straightforward action RPG,,but there are text adventure sections,,one area is reminiscent of Resident Evil,,and a bullet hell style is heavily incorporated in battles.,Yet fighting in Nier never feels above average.,There’s a certain irritating clumsiness to everything.,Combat is something you work through to appreciate the more excellent aspects,,namely the story, characters, and music.,This is not the case with Automata.,Platinum has made a combat system that lives up to the studio’s reputation,while also honoring the original game.,There’s a wide variety of weapons from swords, axes, bracers, and lances.,Depending on the weapons equipped, the combos available change.,Fighting looks and feels phenomenal.,Youll slash swords in giant sweeping arcs,,spin wildly on the ground in a whirlwind of death,,and launch enemies skyward.,Dodging at the right moment opens a window for devastating counterattacks.,On top of everything, the small robot that accompanies you,lays down continual fire and can be equipped with its own powerful weaponry,such as a long-range blast, a giant cyber hammer, and so on.,Playable characters can equip various chips,that significantly alter your skills and playstyle.,These elements together make for frantic, exciting fights.,With only a little practice, it’s possible to weave through enemy fire,and juggle multiple enemies at once.,It makes searching for new weapons or buying them from shops enticing,just to see what theyll contribute to the chaos.,Occasionally, you may find yourself overwhelmed,or backed into an awkward position where it’s difficult to get an ideal view.,It’s during such moments that combat can feel just a bit less refined,than some of the best pure action games.,To help compensate for the moments where things get hectic,,dodging is very generous and dodges are easily chained together,,providing a wide window to get out of harm’s way,and alleviating a lot of potential frustration.,Overall, the combat is excellent,,and there’s enough depth and variety to maintain interest,throughout Automata’s lengthy duration.,Without revealing too much, you play as three different androids,and each has a unique flavor.,2B, the first of the bunch, is a no-nonsense combat unit.,From a gameplay perspective, she’s the most straightforward of the three,,so it’s perfectly understandable that she’s who you start with.,9S, a capable reconnaissance unit, serves as a good foil to 2B.,Whereas 2B displays tremendous focus, 9S is impetuous and immature,,shrugging off those overseeing him with annoyed responses.,Yet 9S has an intense curiosity about the world around him,and a deep desire for approval.,Although these traits could have easily been exaggerated,,they’re never overbearing,,and they’re revealed just often enough to make 9S likeable.,His demeanor even softens up 2B, leading to touching moments between the two.,9S is less capable in combat than the other two playable characters,and he can only wield one weapon at a time whereas the others use two.,He makes up for the deficiency by being able to hack into enemies,,prompting a mini-game where you have to fly a small white ship,and blast away foes within a tight time limit,,often under a relentless stream of fire.,Successful hacking destroys weak foes outright,and does a considerable chunk of damage to stronger ones,,making it a useful tool.,Initially, hacking is enjoyable because of the sheer dexterity required.,Hacking also shifts the music into a chiptune rendition of whatever song is playing,,which is a clever touch that never really loses its charm.,But because you spend a lot of time playing as 9S,,hacking eventually does get tiresome by the end,,especially when you start seeing many of the same enemy configurations.,Of course, you don’t have to use hacking during combat,,but it’s strong enough that it makes little sense not to.,There’s a fair amount of hacking outside of fights as well,,and as a result, 9S is our least favorite of the three.,A2 is the most enigmatic of the protagonists,,usually abruptly arriving on the scene with little to say and a lot of anger in tow.,Although she plays very similarly to 2B,,there are a few unique mechanics that befit her personality.,The most prominent is Berserk Mode.,Activating it increases her attack strength,while also inflicting her with continual damage.,When the mode ends, she’s left with only a sliver of health,and she’s briefly unable to strike back.,By the time you play as A2, youll already be very familiar with the combat,and Berserk Mode is a great way to reinvigorate things by ratcheting up the risk.,As great as cleaving through groups of iron enemies is,,it’s really the bizarre and thoughtful narrative,that makes Nier: Automata such a special game.,The basic premise is that a machine army,controlled by invading aliens has decimated earth,,forcing what’s left of humanity to flee to the moon.,Specialized androids, created to fight back against the aliens,,are trying to reclaim the planet and make it hospitable for mankind once again.,On the surface, the plot sounds like little more than hokey comic book sci-fi,,but Automata uses its various factions to explore fascinating topics.,The machines aren’t just one monolithic group,,but splintered into small tribes trying to figure out how to exist,in a barren world that’s largely theirs.,Some of the machines proclaim a king and devote everything to protecting it.,Another group simply wants nothing more than peace.,Still others mimic human sex acts even though they can’t procreate.,The androids were taught that all machines are mindless killers,who deserve nothing more than to be ripped apart.,When the same androids discover behavior that contradicts this information,,there’s understandable hesitation and confusion.,The same confusion is only further amplified,when machines do exhibit the awful tendencies the androids were told to expect.,Automata demonstrates the dangers of blindly labeling an entire group,and how difficult it is to face evidence that undermines everything you believe in.,Although it’s very possible to enjoy the story of Automata on its own,,playing through the original Nier helps make sense of a few important things,and allows specific scenes to resonate more strongly.,Despite tackling some complex subject matter,,Automata doesn’t feel like its moralizing.,It presents issues without preaching about them,,often acknowledging that there’s rarely a comprehensive and satisfactory answer,,much like the real world.,Automata also feels very aware of itself.,A sometimes crude, sometimes sly sense of humor,prevents the game from wallowing in its own ideas.,There’s a delightful character named Jackass, for instance.,It’s true that contemplating the nature of man,through machines is well covered in sci-fi,,but Automata’s unconventional structure,as well as its smart use of restraint and excess gives weight to the narrative.,Like director Yoko Taro’s other games, Nier: Automata has multiple endings,and youll need to see the five main endings to get the entire story.,The second ending retreads much of the same ground as the first.,Although it does offer a different perspective,on important events as well as se

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