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  2. Night Sky (2022) Amazon Prime Series Review
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Night Sky Amazon Prime Series Review

amazons on a roll with these sci-fi,series outer range and now night sky but,is it worth watching the full series is,on the platform now lets talk about it,what is up flick fans welcome back to,the channel night sky stars jk simmons,and spacek its on the platform,its a new sci-fi series lets talk,about it so these eight episodes follow,franklin and irene york a couple who,years ago discovered a chamber buried in,their backyard which inexplicably leads,to a strange distorted planet start with,the rating as always in case youre,planning on watching this with your,family 13 plus for alcohol use smoking,and foul language couple of scenes in,there but honestly nothing too bad for,the teens so frank and irene i love,these two characters and i love the fact,that this series is almost somewhat,targeting a different demographic but,can appeal to everyone right the sci-fi,element that gets us invested uh but,its focusing on an older couple that is,slowly realizing their time is limited,and they have to change the way that,they go about certain things he is,taking care of her but can he take care,of himself as well so these are,questions we are asking about these,characters in the first episode but its,more so their interactions and the way,they operate is just its cute its,quirky they butt heads and its kind of,funny but looking past the sweeter,element its more so in this couple,realizing that through the ups and downs,they will always have each other and,thats one of the focuses of this series,family and without diving into too many,details every aspect of the show deals,with family,thats kind of the mindset going in uh,but at the beginning all they have is,each other and that was a beautiful yet,sad thing to watch even the tragedies,that they have been through uh together,they and their granddaughter who comes,in at one point they still have each,other and the way that they act a little,bit of forgetfulness here and not,entirely committing to the fact that,they cant operate on the level that,they used to,but talking about this big secret this,chamber in their backyard theyve been,guarding this ever since they discovered,it but when a young man enters their,lives the yorks quiet existence is,quickly upended and its not this big,like oh theyre going in and theyre,getting in this giant battle and,fighting off aliens its a very,peaceful existence its a peaceful,interaction they go they sit they relax,and they witness,this amazing at one point she says i am,the most special person talking to a,character in the series that you will,ever meet,and no one knows imagine holding that,and never revealing that secret so,thats what theyve held on to for so,long but then they meet this young man,jude played by chai henson who does a,phenomenal job in this series if they,are the heart and soul he comes in and,adds that spark every time we need,something else to happen because the,show does meander every now and then uh,hes fantastic in the role but he comes,into their lives almost out of nowhere,and their mentality shifts they say to,themselves weve been looking for,something and specifically irene to,rejuvenate us something that allows us,to say this whole thing has happened for,a reason and she believes when he enters,their lives this is the reason jude did,not just enter their lives randomly or,by chance uh it happened and now we have,to deal with it so these are all of the,subplots and elements of this story over,here happening but we have another story,that is concurrent with story number one,story number two happening with this,mother and her daughter and were trying,to figure out how it all ties in,together what in the world is the,meaning behind what i call plot number,two it all does come together,sort of i was left with some questions,at the end of the season that we hope,will inevitably be answered but i also,want to talk about the other character,in here byron the man who has some,issues with our older couple,specifically franklin hes not a fan and,there are a couple of things that happen,in the first few episodes that lead you,to believe hes going to be an,antagonist of sorts it sort of has to do,with him running for office and town,forging signatures theres a little,storyline a subplot there,that again every time we would cut away,from our main couple and what was,happening with jude coming in kind of,taking everything and turning it on its,head i would sit back and say im not,digging this,as much especially when we would go all,the way over here to this parallel,storyline youre trying to figure out,what exactly the reasoning is for,showing us this story and even though,those characters are interesting in a,way none of it is as interesting as when,our main two characters are on screen,really her desires,but also the fact that even though they,are in a relationship and they clearly,love each other theyre going up against,each other and their ideologies and what,they both believe consistently,throughout the entire season and thats,what spoke to me about this series yes,you have this sci-fi element and going,through this portal of sorts what is it,where are we when we arrive,but its more so about their minor and,subtle mannerisms thats what i enjoyed,about this story when it was focused on,that i was absolutely loving it fully,invested when the focus got lost it,definitely felt more disjointed than i,needed it to but theyre setting up some,really interesting things to hopefully,pay off on fully in season two again we,get a payoff of sorts but there is a,cliffhanger that some people may be too,frustrated with to continue before i,give you my final score for night sky,let me know your thoughts down below are,you interested for season two and if you,like this review and you want to support,this channel drop that thumbs up it,helps the algorithm night sky surrounds,its leads with a mysterious sci-fi,premise but the core relationship is the,best aspect it occasionally loses track,but always finds its way back that,rhymed that wasnt my intention yes it,was i lied to you im going to 75,with my score again if it would have,focused solely on what i loved the most,about season one then maybe the score is,higher uh i hope it finds that focus a,bit more in season two but im on board,im definitely going to be watching a,season two lets see what happens you,guys the best stay tuned more reviews to,come min 8 24. see you soon

Night Sky (2022) Amazon Prime Series Review

so amazon has already given us a head,scratching messing with time show in,outer range but theyre not done with,the deep dive into quiet sci-fi,night sky is now arriving and thankfully,we can binge it all at once but should,you,spanning space and time night sky,follows irene and franklin york a couple,who years ago discovered a chamber,buried in their backyard which,inexplicably leads to a strange deserted,planet theyve carefully guarded their,secret ever since but when an enigmatic,young man enters their lives the yorks,quiet existence is quickly upended and,the mystifying chamber they thought they,knew so well turns out to be much more,than they could have ever imagined this,is a slower burn type of science fiction,story but luckily we have two huge,powerhouses of talent driving the,narrative spacek and jk simmons,star is irene and franklin and they are,outstanding together i mean their,chemistry is convincing and its very,dynamic theres a real sense of a,lasting relationship between the two,where they dont always agree or even,get along but theres this deep sense of,love concern and respect that they share,for each other this sets the baseline,for everything that will follow the,entire story centers around family even,though it takes us off in different,directions that sometimes dont feel,very family-centric were introduced to,the portal thingy in the backyard within,something like the first 10 minutes of,the first episode now irene says she,wants to go look at the stars who do,they the visuals are beautiful but,theyre not always perfect and this,becomes especially true towards the end,of the series where the landscapes,appear less impressive but not to a,degree that it harms the narrative now i,mentioned that story is a slow burn and,while it doesnt drag it may require,some patience to binge we follow some of,the day-to-day issues that irene and,franklin face but when a stranger named,jude enters their life things begin to,get a little wonky i love the character,of jude because hes quiet and naive,chai hansen stars as jude and he,convincingly creates a sympathetic man,whos damaged and searching for,something his interactions with the york,helped to create a lot of varying,tension for the story too irene,interacts with jude in one way while,franklin has a very different dynamic,with him and sometimes these are,awkwardly nervous creating just a sense,of discomfort thats not overtly defined,but its certainly recognizable and,sometimes palpable the story does,introduce another storyline where we,follow a mom and her daughter in,argentina now while theres not nearly,as much background information given or,development on these two we do begin to,get an understanding of who they are,their full purpose is teased out slowly,through the show which im glad for,because the info is unveiled in,efficient ways to really just increase,the tension in the suspense throughout,if you ever saw the series longmire,there was a deputy on that show named,ferc now the actor who plays ferg adam,bartley he starts in this also as the,yorks neighbor byron i love the,antagonistic relationship between,franklin and byron now franklin is just,this grumpy old man who doesnt like,byron and theres no good reason given,other than the fact that just franklin,has a fad feeling about him their,dynamic is so fun to watch and its,often pretty funny but i also love that,we get to see growth in their,relationship where theyre not always,fully antagonistic now there is still a,fair amount of disdain present but,sometimes we get to see moments where,theyre not fully mean to each other,throughout this show there is the,central storyline of family that plays,out and we see it in many different,forms and story arcs each focusing on,different aspects within relationships,and family is a major driver for the,motivations of several different,characters and i really enjoyed how,these are represented just because they,work to provide some very rich character,arcs now to avoid spoilers im going to,stay away from most of the specifics,within this but just about everything,that happens within this show can be,traced back to a family dynamic the show,also tackles different topics and,emotions relating to familial,relationships and a few of them are very,moving and impactful now because,franklin and irene are aging the show,uses this to make them unreliable,narrators at times but story elements,also set the characters up to be this,way i mean even though they may have all,of their faculties theyre elderly and a,bit forgetful which then makes those,around them doubt what they say and,typically thats because some of their,claims are a bit odd now this provides,the impetus for some very frustrating,situations not only for them but for us,who are rooting for them i love jk,simmons in this because his dry and,subtle humor it just gets to peek out in,ways that i found really funny but,theyre not huge or showy theres one,point where after seeing something hes,just like well thats new and though the,words arent necessarily funny but its,all in his delivery i also really enjoy,how the show infuses small nods to other,odd shows now there are a couple of,quick lines of dialogue that gives shout,outs to twin peaks but theyre so small,and fast that it could be easy to miss,them the show is eight episodes long,with each of them being around 50-ish,minutes because of how the storytelling,plays out i found myself constantly,wanting to watch the next episode the,story is compelling and even a little,exciting and there are some times when,the intensity and the pace of the show,ramp up but its always balanced with,more patient moments to give a great,overall feel to the pacing for part of,this show i dont really know where it,was headed or even what the purpose was,and then even by the end there is one,area of the story that i think is,lacking in its information now i,understand what is going on with certain,characters but the whole reason why it,isnt fully developed or even revealed,so its like we have all of this build,up intention surrounding certain players,but their motivations are mostly vague,and ill defined now for me thats,probably the weakest aspect of the,entire show and while i didnt make the,story unenjoyable in any way i do worry,if the story is fully fleshed out to,have a complete arc from start to finish,even if they do take a few seasons to,tell the whole story but even with that,shortcoming we still do get some payoffs,within the narrative and the story,unveils some elements which continued to,invest me but they also frustrated me,when the season ended im like i cant,end there what the heck now luckily its,not a huge cliffhanger but in a way it,also is because there are so many,questions that i have to sit with until,a second season is released so overall,night sky is a quieter character study,focusing on family relationships and,dynamics using the theme of longing to,drive the story the sci-fi elements are,constantly present and theyre very,intriguing but they also work to enhance,the familial angles the pacing is,patient but not dragging or slow and,while we have a great cast spacek,and jk simmons absolutely steal the,entire show with their rock solid,performances as an aging married couple,the visuals are executed well for almost,all of the show save for some landscapes,that were a little lacking now i love,the direction the story is taking and i,found it to be very engaging even though,one aspect of the story is mostly vague,and ill-defined now if youre looking,for another sci-fi-ish series to binge,you may want to give this one a go and,thankfully it drops all at once so you,can binge at your convenience rather,than waiting each week for a new episode,theres no sex or nudity a lot of,profanity and a bunch of violence i give,season one of night sky four out of five,couches whats the show that youre,currently binging let me know in the,comments below if you enjoyed this,review please give it a like al

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Night Sky Season 1 Ending Explained

Night Sky on Prime Video may not be the most high-octane of sci-fi thrillers, but that,season 1 conclusion was a banger. Franklin and Irene York (a huge J.K.,Simmons and Sissy Spacek) have been through a lot, but after smoothing out a few kinks,in their relationship, theyre ready to move on to the next chapter… in space.,Put your diving helmets on and plunge into this concluding explanation.,Lets also take a look at some of the unanswered questions.,Byron is still nowhere to be found.,After persuading his new friend Frank to let him go out into the open on the alien planet,,Byron ultimately goes beyond the range of Franks walkie-talkie.,Frank returns to the observatory and attempts to contact Byron once more, but to no avail.,Where did Byron vanish to?,(Based on the huge final revelation, we have a pretty decent notion.),Is there anything out there on that planet?,Frank asks Jude the same inquiry, to which Jude replies, “Nothing.”,Jude, we all know youre lying.,Toni finds her fathers identity (sort of),Toni is often mentioned as inheriting her familys heritage, but no one ever takes the,time to clarify what that means.,Well, until Cornelius (Piotr Adamczyk) complies for his own gain (yep, we didnt discover,Cornelius name until the final episode).,He says, “You are so near to God and you dont even realize it.”,Cornelius admits that Caleb is Tonis father, which explains Stellas reaction when Nick,mentioned him earlier.,What happened to Caleb?,It appears to be at a place named Caerul, which is a complete mystery.,We know Cornelius wants Toni to accompany him.,Stella locates the person she seeks.,Jude, dubbed the Apostate, is the person Stella and Nick have been hunting for all this time.,This is the term for someone who abandons their religion or beliefs, which is what Jude,did in order to get away.,Jude offers himself over to Stella, who we learn is a Guardian, in order to safeguard,the Yorks.,Her mission: to assassinate the Apostate.,Jude discloses that he knows Stella during their not-so-friendly conversation.,She first met his mother when he was a small child.,Jude continues to harass Stella, implying that a ritual was going place, likely involving,the Guardians: “The Guardians were always a mystery to me.,All that suffering.,For what?,To safeguard something theyll never completely understand.”,Stella and Toni channel their inner Thelma and Louise.,Stella decides to flee the Guardians after refusing to kill Jude and placate Toni.,She and Toni make the decision to leave their home in Argentina, as well as their community,and beliefs.,This puts them in severe danger, but they do have a negotiating chip in the form of,Cornelius, who they may give up to stop the Guardians from pursuing them.,Jude has a strategy.,In his book of The Count of Monte Cristo, which he left for Jude at Hannahs B&B, Jude,discovers an address from his father, Gabriel.,Jude enters the coordinates, which appear to be written in an alien language, into the,control panel of the chamber, hoping that they would direct him and his new journey,partner Denise to his father.,They enter the chamber and are transported to Thailand, specifically Bangkok.,Hannah, who are you?,We already knew the talkative B&B host wasnt who she appeared — all all, who would expect,a hidden surveillance room and a behind-the-scenes staffer to be watching the Yorks every move?,Hannah chats with Cornelius after she and the rest of her strange gang upend Stella,and Tonis van, and we learn that Hannah is another fugitive Apostate.,Hannah replies creepily, “Welcome to the Fallen World.”,What exactly does she plan for Stella, Toni, and Cornelius?,Frank, not learning from Byrons arrogance, sets out across the rugged landscape of the,alien world, beyond the range of Irenes walkie-talkie.,He comes upon a body dressed in an old-fashioned shirt with many stitching.,A knife protrudes from his torso.,When Franks air supply runs out, he takes a snooze until Irene arrives to save him.,The major surprise follows: Irene and Frank, able to breathe without the need of an oxygen,tank, hear distant ringing bells and gaze over the next ridge to a lovely civilisation,partially wrapped in domed walls.,Is this the city of Caerul?,It appears to be a type of promised land, bestowed by a god to the inhabitants.,There are several unanswered questions.,That season finale sets the stage beautifully for a major second season (though no official,green light has been given yet), which may see the Yorks and co.,seek down numerous lost persons who have moved across Earth via chambers or to the strange,planet.,Byron, Gabriel, and Calebs families are all concerned about their location.,Hannah might be the seasons new villain, even if she also battles the Guardians.,What about those ancient coins?,Do they hail from another planet?,Finally, we still dont sure what the chambers are for in general.,All we know is that theyre all linked together like a network of doors.,What is the overall picture?

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Night Sky: Season 1 – Review (2022) | Sissy Spacek, J.K. Simmons | Prime Video

although my pre-expectations were not,met i am thoroughly,not only sat satisfied but surprised of,the outcome of this series,this was a good one so much to talk,about lets jump into the review now the,new series night sky,[Music],whats up folks and welcome back to the,channel today for another review and,today were going to be reviewing this,series night sky coming to prime video,may 20th theres eight episodes there,about an hour hour each and this was a,good one and to kind of go back into my,opening thoughts,night sky you see the trailer you see,the promotional work uh the posters and,all that other good stuff you instantly,think sci-fi and for me i was like okay,this clearly has something to do with,space exploration um maybe time travel,whatever it may be but like i love that,genre like its not even if youve been,a fan of the channel you already know,like anything on that note im all the,way in for,however,i have to say that it did not really,satisfy,that craving,not yet,so my thoughts into upon going into this,was like oh its going to be that and it,completely wasnt,to kind of jump ahead im thoroughly,thoroughly anticipating season two,thats where i think the sci-fi factor,is going to really die deep into,everything this is more of a drama,embedded into a love story dealing with,like really relatable,um very human factors dealing with,trauma uh relationships uh just all,sorts of different things like that,that i think thats what really was the,catalyst of the show its a little bit,of a slow burn but by the time you get,into about episode four and five things,really kick into gear and then by the,time youre near the conclusion of the,season seven and eight youre gonna be,hooked on it much like me ready for more,but lets get into it first off you have,to take a look at the cast here jk,simmons spacex,okay first of all the two of them living,legends not their resumes alone speaks,for just the amount of work for the,duration of time that theyve been,putting into i think is fantastic,i think jk simmons may be the best,character actor on the planet the two of,them carrying this show on their back,no brainer that i i had confidence that,i knew the show was going to be special,regardless of whatever genre this this,series was going to be in but the two of,them,really good as franklin and irene york,now i thought instantly,that their performances were so,realistic,you almost have to go and fat check to,make sure that they actually arent a,couple i thought realistically on screen,they just had really good normal,relatable,factors of like not not just factors but,interactions and all that other stuff,that they actually feels like somebody,grandparents you know and i thought,their portrayals of their character the,the bringing these characters to life i,thought they did a really good job that,should resonate in almost every home,um and,not only just that to kind of talk about,a little bit more into the specifics of,them i need to kind of tackle the,synopsis a little bit just to kind of,let you know whats going on here now,irene and frank are a couple,um that about a year ago,um they discovered this chamber that was,buried in their backyard,um,not only just in the backyard but,beneath their shed and this chamber,then leads them to a strange deserted,planet for them this is like vacation to,them they got like a little like,uh scenic view where they can breathe,where theyre still in the chamber where,they just kind of kick back you know,they got their chairs there kind of,reflect on life and you know its a,vacation,really away from home but really just in,their backyard um and thats where they,kind of reflect on a lot of things and,they have done this numerous times this,is their kickback this is their their,moment of peace among one another um so,you know sort of a place where they just,decompress and reflect on not only just,their relationship but life in general,and like the two of them have been,through a lot,so its really needed for them to kind,of get away but at the same time just,really not being that far away from,their home and you know irene is dealing,with issues frank is dealing with issues,and the two of them kind of work,together as you would expect in the,relationship um as long as theyve been,together to really just uh find ways to,kind of mend,certain things that theyre going,through,and so,with that you know this is a secret no,one knows about this and and of course,you would imagine anybody did know about,this like this would bring a lot more,trouble to their yard than they did they,ever could want to endure um but with,that being said one day irene and the,turn of events decides that shes gonna,go,hit this uh chamber by herself and its,kind of a little unconventional for them,because like they usually go as a couple,but irenes like you know what,gonna do things by myself this time,until she uh comes across this random,guy in jude played by che hansen uh who,is,just there where did he come from and,this changes everything now it changes,everything that they knew about the,chamber everything that they assumed,about this planet um it really puts,everything into question because now,that jude is here you know what does,this mean for franklin who now realize,that irene tried to kind of go about,things by herself jew comes in instantly,makes an impact on his family because,like irene is this really nurturing,grandmother so she accepts him as almost,if if if its her own child and he,assumes this role as a caretaker and,franklin has a problem with it because,hes always sort of been that primary,caretaker for his wife and now that,shes kind of finding like peace with,him and almost solidarity with jude it,brings this really interesting dynamic,amongst the three of them plus theyre,still the secret of where did he come,from can you trust him whats his,intentions and,can they keep this a secret from,everybody else especially with their,neighbor byron who is this really really,im almost want to say a stereotypical,nerd whos just always looking for the,next big conspiracy theory or some type,of something he can get involvement,whos just constantly wondering what the,yorks are up to so like a lot of things,are kind of going on all at once but,like i said this is truly driven by this,family drama blanketed by a love story,um in the surroundings of all this kind,of sci-fi stuff but truly dealing with,like human trauma and every single,character is dealing with a different,factor i dont want to get into it,because its really going to be like,spoilers but like every single character,has some bit of trauma that theyre,dealing with that theyre battling that,theyre trying to you know come to terms,with or or or just peace you know and,then they got their granddaughter denise,played by kya mckern who,has what i feel the most relatable of,them i mean she is a college student who,isnt really,content with being a college student so,shes thinking about,you know life beyond this but she,doesnt want to do this shes not,currently happy where shes at now so,shes thinking like where does life take,her be honest shes looking for her next,adventure and,go digging she might go find it because,theres so much different things,happening with her family alone and,beyond that the rooted trauma that shes,coming with as a child is just a story,in his own i really really liked her,story art um so you got so many,different other things going on that i,have not even mentioned so characters,were even like minimal roles really have,a arc of interest and you know again you,have jew where youre like where did he,come from whats his mission hes,looking for his dad thats thats his,goal hes looking for his dad and hes,making that very clear to the yorks but,can they trust them whats the secrets,with the chamber whats the history with,the chamber um the planet other folks,who are actually looking for jew this,creepy neighbor and byron who just wants,to figure out whats going on in their,b

Who is The Strymon NightSky Aimed At?

[Music],so,[Music],all right guys how you doing its,rebirth i hope youre all well so,in this video were going to be taking a,look at the newest edition,from strymon which is the night sky,here is the night sky in all its glory,absolutely beautiful looking pedal,so strymon sent me this pedal they got,in touch and said can we send you a,night sky,um they didnt even ask about a video or,anything like that they just wanted to,send me one ive been a fan of strymon,for years and years and use,all their gear ive got all of my,pedalboard as i always talk about if you,follow this channel a while youll know,that,so they sent it over and of course im,gonna do a video of course im gonna,check it out but in all honesty when it,got here and i unboxed it and i had a,quick plug-in i was like,this is difficult and honestly,this was the most difficult stramin,pedal for me to get my head round,straight out the box than any of the,other strymon stuff that ive that ive,used,and why is that i think ultimately,in my head my expectations were new,guitar reverb pedal,wicked but its not just a revo pedal,for guitarists,at all this pedal is designed for music,makers producers songwriters,people that enjoy sound and want to,manipulate sound and explore and create,its not just for guitarists and that,was a quick lesson i needed to learn,its also worth saying that rhett,shalls video on the night sky,was hugely inspirational to me really,enjoyed watching that,and it gave me a great insight into yeah,this pedal because i was confused i,wanted to know what other people thought,so i checked out his video,if you dont know rachel i havent seen,that video you should check it out its,awesome and hes a dude but just so you,know this isnt your standard rubia,pedal demo in this video were going to,be trying it through different,applications,and like i said ive already told you my,feelings on it its definitely not your,run-of-the-mill guitar reaver pedal,at all so ive got the night sky set up,into a stereo rig so im,running the soldano and the vx100 the,night sky is in the loop of both,and im going through my pedalboard so,that i can go into the front of both of,these amps and i just figured id show,you how id dial it in if it was a,reverb pedal for guitarists,um because obviously it is to an extent,but im going to show you how i dial in,a reverb so the first preset,uh the orange preset in number one is,pretty much just a straight up,reverb but what ive done is ive,lowered all the controls that,you can add to the reverb to get all,these cool effects and so on and so,forth and,any depth controls for modulation taken,away so we can just,go through the pedal so i can show you,how you can you know,manipulate the reverb so this is the,sound ive got for my guitar and the,reverb currently dialed in as,sort of standard,so as you can hear its a beautiful,sounding reverb pretty straightforward,[Music],and we can start messing around and the,cool thing is here the way its laid out,its really straightforward and easy to,use so my favorite part about this is,having that independent control and two,knobs for my dry and my reverb so i can,have a totally dry signal,or i can dial in wherever i want it,and vice versa i can take the dry out,[Music],completely,so that is very cool i i found that to,be a lot of fun when using the moog as,well,but anyway let me show you how i went,about dialing in a cool reverb sound so,i started an order so i started up here,in the sort of modulation area,or the oscillation or whatever you want,to call it now you can target a few,different things,so weve got our speed knob and our,depth knob so speed,in the middle lets turn the depth up so,you can hear whats happening,[Music],so this is how you dial in your sort of,modulation you can change the kind of,waveform so you can see its sine wave,and youve got square waves sawtooth,random envelope all that kind of stuff,and you can have that target,different things so the reverb um so the,reverb trail so thats kind of,[Music],if i turn up the decay,[Music],[Applause],as you can hear you can really make that,sound intense but the idea being is then,we can sort of scroll through so that,affects the reverb as i said,we can have it affect the pitch of the,reverb,or the filter,[Music],much slower and more subtle but you can,hear it so lets go back to pitch where,its most obvious,[Music],now were going to change the waveform,[Music],[Music],[Music],uh,[Music],so as you could hear i turned the,infinite mode on obviously one of my,favorite features and then you can,really start messing with the reader,thats kind of how id like to dial it,in where id,set the reverb growing on infinite and,then i can really find tweak but,anyway thats kind of your modulation,setting you can get really really,creative there,i just like to have sort of a mild,amount happening on a sine wave,[Music],sounds really good and then the next,area that i like to use,is the decay so obviously you can change,the length of the decay,so it could be nice and short,or you can have it full on,theres something about their algorithm,strands algorithms with the decay thing,that just,never sounds fake it always just sounds,like some really beautiful,high fidelity you know really expensive,sounding reverb but obviously,is an expensive pedal you know what i,mean it sounds expensive which i love,then the texture of this reverb so you,can have a dense texture a diffused,texture or a sparse texture so in the,minute weve got dense,which i really enjoy thats for me kind,of the most natural then diffused,[Music],heres more of a pre-delay there,[Music],really beautiful and then sparse which,is actually amazing,so the cool thing here is you can hear,this really intense sound,now the size and the pitch knob changes,the speed of that sparse decay,turn the the decay up,[Music],it almost becomes like a delay,now the next control which is size and,pitch now obviously,that changes um individual,characteristics of,each of these uh textures so obviously,sparse is changing the speed of those,sparse decays but with the with the,density,[Music],yeah its a different type of,reverberation,[Music],you can really affect um the the size,as it says here size and pitch but its,definitely,less dense the lower it goes,its funny that uh and then with,diffusion,so you can quite clearly hear its,changing that sort of,yeah the overall density of the reverbs,to my ear at least lets go back to,dense right,quantize now this is for when youre,using the step sequencer,um or you want to mess around with the,reverb decays in infinite mode,or just use it on the fly now the cool,thing is that youve got three different,modes youve got smooth,youve got half step and youve got,scale smooth is obviously the pitch can,be,is like a glide uh half step being,chromatic and then of course scale,is a scale and youve got up to eight,scales stored into this pedal and you,can obviously make your own as well,which well get onto in a bit but its,really,really cool so,so im going to turn up the reverb turn,down the dry signal turn up the length,so youll hear what happens in smooth,mode,[Music],very very cool now if im using this in,infinite mode so,[Music],infinitely epic so now if i do the same,thing but with the half step mode,engaged,[Music],it makes a lot more sense when youre,not using it just on the fly like that,its its,very handy having the control like that,and then well do scale,and ill show you how you change,different scales but well start with,this one so,[Music],so thats pentatonic by the sounds of it,now if youre using a scale it makes,sense not to throw in majors and minors,because it will sound kind of weird you,just kind of want to just use fifths and,octaves so if i was to do just,[Music],so,[Music],so i find that immense the infinite mode,for me for jamming and getting used to,my sort of different modal ideas and,improv ideas and different i guess,intervallic jumps and training,find infinite mode to be really useful,so

Night Sky review – J.K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek are brilliant in Amazon Prime Video sci-fi series

whats going on in your garden shed do,you have intergalactic forces at work,when was the last time you checked well,youre probably going to want to after,watching night sky,you ready to make history,you say that every time,i get its a heck of a view oh its more,than that maybe its time you finally,tell somebody else,hey there tim from screen od here hope,youre doing well and having a great day,thanks so much for tuning in and,hopefully well be able to make your day,even better especially if youre a fan,of science fiction and beautiful,performances on screen because we got a,lot of that coming up for you with our,review of night sky before we get going,just a quick reminder that if you love,tv and movies you know what to do why,not subscribe to the channel get all the,best content direct to your feed and if,you like the video hit that like button,and share the love with other people on,the internet right okay whats this all,about then night sky is a science,fiction drama series from amazon studios,and if youre a fan of science fiction,and fantasy youll know that amazon are,currently looking to soon release one of,the biggest shows of the genre and one,of the most expensive that has been,hotly anticipated in the shape of the,new lord of the rings tv series in,september if you want to know more about,that and other hotly anticipated shows,for 2022 have a look up there at that,video but lets talk about night sky it,follows the story of franklin and irene,york they are an aging couple who have,been married for over 50 years hes a,retired carpenter she used to be an,english teacher they still live in their,own home although irenes health is,starting to fail in many ways they feel,like an ordinary aging couple but they,have an extraordinary secret because,when they go down to their garden shed,and they go down some steps in there,there is a big secret that they have,been hiding for some time now yep if,they pop down some stairs in their,garden shed and theyve done it over 800,times they tell us they are able to,access a viewing lounge i suppose youd,probably call it where theres a couple,of nice chairs its a nice environment,to hang out in and there is a big window,that looks out over yep you probably,didnt guess this its a deserted planet,with a desolate landscape and stars and,all the things you might expect to see,on a deserted planet theres also a door,down there that goes out apparently in,to that planet now they havent been out,through that door because theyre too,old and theyre too uh frightened to do,it but it does uh turn out that they,have put some mice out there and they,didnt last,very long so whats going on in this,world well we dont know but we do,follow their story as they start to,discuss what they might do next it turns,out that irene is more interested in,this new world than perhaps franklin is,she wants to go there more often than,him and when they are there she wants to,stay there for longer hes asking,questions about what shes expecting to,happen and she seems to think that this,is a riddle that they need to solve that,there is a reason that they and they,alone have been guided to this place,franklin is keen to tell someone else,perhaps their granddaughter denise about,this or someone else about this weird,experience that they keep having but she,wants to keep it to themselves she,believes that it is their role to try,and find out what this is all about the,question is how long can they keep this,a secret how long can irene stop anyone,else from knowing about it it doesnt,matter whether franklin tells anyone or,not hes wheeling her about in a,wheelchair at night and their neighbors,already have a suspicion and one,particular neighbor is watching them and,keeping an eye on these late-night,antics and what is even worse is he has,now told their granddaughter denise and,so she now knows that there is activity,going on which is perhaps suspicious now,she may think that theyre perhaps,starting to lose their minds and acting,in a strange way but it does feel like,everythings going to lead back to that,garden shed at some point and then to,add even more excitement and intrigue to,this story at the end of episode 1,someone appears who will change this,story and start to take it onto a new,journey i dont want to talk too much,about what happens because i dont want,to spoil it for you but there are,elements that play in this shed which go,beyond just that viewing lounge i dont,want to go into any more detail at this,stage about what happens next at the end,of episode one or into episode two,because i do feel like this is a show,that is deliberately crafted to be,intriguing and to slowly release,information but all you do need to know,is that franklin and irenes story is,obviously at the very center of this but,there are interconnected stories that we,are starting to be introduced to that,will it seems start to come together and,coalesce around a common theme although,this is clearly an intriguing story with,lots of twists and turns and mysteries,to come that will keep you gripped as a,viewer i think the thing that youll be,drawn to most that i certainly was is,the clearly exceptional performances,from the two lead actors who are playing,out this beautiful relationship on,screen between irene and franklin you,have spacek and jk simmons two,brilliant actors at the absolute top of,their game its the things that they,dont say the looks that they have for,each other all of the nuances that you,get from great performances from actors,who have such great chemistry that make,this irene and franklin relationship so,believable so beautiful so nuanced and,crafted that you really cant help but,root for them and also want to know,whats going to become of them that is,at the heart of a brilliant show and,that is what keeps you coming back to,great tv and therefore i think that if,you like great drama and you like great,sci-fi this is a show that has a lot for,you night sky is available to watch,right away on prime video wherever you,live and i recommend if you want a great,show to get your teeth into you go and,start streaming it,just about now,theres a reason,we were the ones who found this,this is our riddle to solve,[Music],thanks so much for watching i really,hope you enjoyed the video if you did,why not consider subscribing to the,screen od youtube channel if you havent,already youll get all the best tv and,streaming reviews views and all the best,curated content direct to your feed and,it doesnt cost you a penny also if you,like the video why not hit that like,button and share the love with more,people across youtube weve got loads of,other videos for you to check out on the,screen od channel but until next time,thanks again for watching and well see,you

Night Sky Ending Explained

the season one finale of prime videos,sci-fi drama ends with the biggest of,bangs we start this video containing,spoilers do subscribe to our channel for,the daily exciting videos,[Music],in night sky episode 8 compensation a,brief banter ensues between tony and,cornelius in which cornelius wins her,trust by revealing that her father caleb,is living in a place called carol,although nothing more about carol is,revealed in night skys first season the,fact that caleb is living in carol,implies that it is either the name of,the alien planet where the shows,overarching cult is located or the name,of the specific location on the planet,where the night sky cult has been,established interestingly the word carol,is derived from the latin word corullium,which means blue this could be a subtle,nod to the alluring blue starry sky that,initially helped frank and irene deal,with grief and later inspired them to,explore the planets mysteries,carrying the heavy burden of proving his,worth to his wife franklins nosey,neighbor byron takes a leap of faith and,steps out on the planet with a spacesuit,on at first he seems fine as he finds,irenes teleported coffee table lying in,the middle of nowhere but soon after he,disappears from sight with his,whereabouts remaining unknown throughout,the rest of the season while initially,it seems like byron may have died prime,videos night skys ending indicates,that he could very well be alive and,might have ventured off further into the,ruins of the planet byrons excitement,before frank lost his signal on the,walkie-talkie suggests that he too found,the hidden civilization on the planet,and decided to get a closer look at it,by doing so it would not take him long,to learn that the planets air is,breathable and its land is inhabitable,however even if he did manage to reach,the cults dwelling on the planet the,cults intolerance toward traders and,intruders indicates that they are,determined to keep their existence a big,secret and will not welcome a new member,with open arms as a result even if byron,is still alive his life is probably in,danger,okay well im gonna get out of here,denises decision to leave with jude,comes in tandem with a previous scene,where she opens up to franklin during a,visit to her fathers grave denise pours,her heart out and confesses to franklin,that she has not been too happy with her,life lately she further adds that her,fears hearken back to her fathers,struggles with depression due to which,shes thinking about dropping out of,school franklin supports her decision,and advises her to learn to trust,herself she later takes franklins,advice to heart and decides to leave,with jute as it feels like the right,thing to do at that moment denise learns,to trust her instincts and realizes the,jude still has a lot to learn about the,real world because of being trapped in,the cult all his life knowing that it,would be hard for him to survive all by,himself in a new city she takes it upon,herself to help him find his father this,way she also finds a new sense of,purpose and the opportunity to start,afresh shut up,what does hannah want from cornelius,cornelius is portrayed as one of the,most ruthless guardians of the cult,therefore it is possible that when,hannah escaped the cult cornelius tried,to track her down and gave her a hard,time on earth this is probably why,hannah seems vengeful toward him and,playfully warns him that they will have,a lot of fun together while her ulterior,motives are still shrouded in mystery,she might also use cornelius,hyattradamchik as a pawn to somehow,attack the cult from the fallen world,franklin franklin and irene have,different perspectives surrounding their,discovery of the bunker while franklin,is more skeptical and thinks that it was,a mere coincidence irene firmly believes,that it is all somehow connected to her,sons death both possibilities exist but,for now franklins stance seems more,plausible however considering all the,supernatural underpinnings associated,with the alien planet and its cult the,bunkers sudden appearance after,mitchells death could be a matter of,serendipity fate or even destiny at the,moment the possibilities for the,bunkers true purpose seem endless in,night sky,you

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