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Nike PEGASUS 38 Review: BETTER Than Pegasus 37?!

of course theres a trash truck,coming down my block right when i,started recording so thats great,there he is so every year since 1983,which was 38 years ago,nike has released a brand new pegasus,running sneaker and somehow nike has,held off the urge to change the name of,the sneaker to something stupid,and they just kept with the numeric,theme and its lasted for the last 38,years and i love it whats up everybody,im seth fowler and today im reviewing,the brand new nike pegasus sneaker,for 2021 the nike pegasus 38. thanks so,much for tuning in today please make,sure to hit that subscribe button and,that notification bell down below if you,havent yet you want to see more content,just like this,also make sure you give me a follow on,instagram and on twitter at real seth,valley,oh actually one other thing if you have,not yet entered my yeezy giveaway and,you want a brand new pair of yeezys make,sure to do that all the information that,you need is linked in the description,below but today were reviewing the,latest iteration of one of my favorite,running sneaker lines and yes im not,like a professional runner i do it,casually maybe once or twice a week so,im not like,the best running source in the world but,i do enjoy running and i usually find,myself lacing up a pair of pegasus over,pretty much anything else now i know,runners are very specific and i know a,lot of runners have one brand that they,stick with or one shoe that they stick,with,and theyre not gonna change things up,and so keep in mind that this review of,the pegasus is from someone who really,likes the pegasus line and runs in the,pegasus line i do run in other things,like hocas but,honestly i just love me some pegasus so,if youre trying to grab the latest,snikey pegasus theyre available right,now for a retail price of just 120 bucks,and actually if youd like to grab a,pair of pegasus 38s for yourself ive,left an affiliate link to nike in the,top of the description now as you may,have noticed i actually grabbed a,special edition pair of the nike pegasus,38 this is the nike plus,member edition of the shoe and it comes,with this very interesting mismatched,upper which im actually kind of into i,kind of like when the colorway of my,running sneakers is a little bit crazy,because,im mainly running in the shoes and not,wearing it for casual lifestyle wear but,one thing i will say about the pegasus,line most notably the more recent,pegasus like the pegasus turbo,the pegasus 37 and the pegasus 38 since,theyve updated the cushioning of these,shoes,these shoes are incredibly comfortable,for casual and lifestyle wear so i,actually have a couple pairs of pegasus,because i wear some of them casually,some of them for running its just an,all-around really comfortable and good,looking shoe and while i probably wont,wear this nike plus exclusive colorway,uh casually because its a little wild,looking i probably will throw it on for,pretty much every run before we jump,into the sneaker though one thing you,might notice about the pegasus 38,is how similar it looks to the pegasus,37 and i got a spoiler alert for you if,you didnt like the pegasus 37,then youre probably not going to like,the pegasus 38 there are definitely some,changes around,the sneaker on the toe box on the tongue,and on the heel which in my opinion,actually really helped the shoe out a,lot,but if you dont like the way that the,pegasus 37 felt underfoot,and you didnt like the overall feel of,the shoe this shoe still feels pretty,similar i mean aside from the colorway,it looks almost identical so i guess the,question then becomes,is the pegasus 38 a worthy improvement,over the pegasus 37,if you already have a pair of pegasus,37s and theyre not worn out yet or even,if you want to go to the outlet and pick,up a cheaper pair of 37s instead of,grabbing a brand new full,price pair of 38s but why dont we dive,into the pegasus 38 check out all the,improvements and find out whether the,pegasus 38 is something that you want to,grab over the 37 or whether its a shoe,you want to try at all so starting off,in the toe of the sneaker the first,thing that youll notice is this black,textile,mesh now theres actually a couple,changes that take place on the toe of,the sneaker from the 37,and the material is one of them so this,textile mesh feels very soft and very,premium and reminds me a lot of,what was on the pegasus 36 however on,the pegasus 37 the material that they,used,seemed a little bit more premium i dont,know if it was just the visual aspect,and the fact that it didnt really look,like a mesh and it had this cool like,translucence going on it was a really,cool effect,honestly the pegasus 38 textile mesh,just feels a little bit more basic,and just not as premium there is however,one pretty big change on the toe of the,sneaker and actually the entire fit of,the shoe that i know a lot of runners,have been asking for,and thats that nike used a completely,different last in the top of the sneaker,which makes the entire toe of the,sneaker,much wider and its not going to cramp,your foot like the older ones did and,ive got to say the wider toe is,definitely noticeable and its something,that,i didnt have a problem with on the 37s,but now feeling it in the 38s im like,yeah okay i can get used to this as you,move up in the shoe you find these black,flat laces that weave through these,very colorful nylon loops one thing i,really love about this shoe is that the,nylon loops are actually attached to a,midfoot webbing system which means that,when you tighten the laces,not only does it pull the top half of,the midfoot towards your foot it pulls,the entire midfoot towards your foot,its actually a very similar system to,nikes flywire and it works in a very,similar way and for me it does provide a,much more snug fit especially when i,really want to lock down the shoe and,tighten the laces,i really feel it around my midfoot now,visually i actually really like what,nike did with the pegasus 38 they added,this gray i guess synthetic leather i,stay but the way they attach this i stay,to the rest of the sneaker,is a kind of cool touch nike is using an,exposed contrasting stitch detail which,reminds me a lot of more,hyped up sneakers like off-whites and,while not every runner will like this,new aesthetic i think it definitely,brings the sneaker into that new sort of,modern aesthetic which i think a lot of,people will like and especially on this,colorway where the stitching changes,from red on the lateral side,to blue on the medial side and then red,on white on the lateral side on the,other shoe to blue and white on the,other side,its just a really cool look then,underneath the laces you get to another,change from the pegasus 37,the brand new pegasus 38 ton now first,off one of my favorite details which is,one of the least,important details is the brand new pull,tab that comes in a dark navy and,features the nike air zoom pegasus 38,text in metallic silver i just think,that looks really cool and especially,when youre running in the sun it kind,of pops,its a cool look but the biggest,difference between the 38s and the 37 is,how the tongue is constructed,so on the 38s the tongue is actually its,own separate tongue which i love and not,only that nike has decided to go with a,much more standard tongue over the not,so standard tongue from the 37s,and give it some really nice plush foam,as cushioning this tongue is just so,much more comfortable against your foot,and because its not just this thin,piece of material around the edge,anymore it doesnt scrape against your,foot when you run like this is a much,more plush,much more comfortable approach on the,tongue and i prefer it so much,moving inside the shoe on this colorway,in particular the sockliner comes in a,dark gray,and from what i can tell it does feel,like nike has revamped the heel portion,of the shoe as well theyve added a,little bit more padding around the top,of the ankle,and theyve actually made it a little,bit more of a secure

NIKE Pegasus 38 Full Review | Running Shoes 2021

my foot just a little bit right here at,the top of the eyelid,just a little and guess what,[Music],[Music],[Music],with you,[Music],im trying yes make more,[Music],um,[Music],lets go lets go in to,the studio we got to soak up our days,here right we got a little time left but,we got to soak up the moments,here in the original studio 1.0,for the shoe reviews oh man just a lot,happening a lot happening right now okay,50 mile full review for the peg 38,and i just actually heard or read or,where did i hear this that the first peg,came out in 1981,and then there was a little break a,little hiatus,i believe it was 1998 a little hiatus,for two or three years,and then reemerged anyway i it was,theres a lot of history behind the,pegasus lineup is what im trying to,tell,all of you here we go neutral ro lets,do oh,yeah major loosey goosey there more so,than i expected um,maybe you know what the midsole may have,loosened up a little bit,after 50 miles of running okay and i,believe there it is on your screen i,think we hit 50,right on the nose 10 millimeter drop,from heel to toe,okay and i did oh man ill try and put,it on the screen but i did do,an 18-mile run a 12-mile run and a 20,mile,10 millimeter drop 33 in the heel 23 in,the forefoot for that,higher stack height definitely in the,heel uh womens size 8 mens size 9,on your screen in my size,9 whew interesting i think its closer,to 9.2,its saying 9.4 right now but i think,its i think it has a little bit of,water in it from the runs,uh over its been really uh rainy here,in denver as of late,so 9.2 there is my score uh anything,for a trainer over nine ounces is not,amazing were looking at a thinner,breathable mesh thinner than last year,for the peg 37 just so you know,and i like it and the major issue in the,first,impression vlog upper right hand corner,was that i felt the laces,cutting into the top of my foot just a,little bit right here at the top of the,eyelid,just a little and guess what it went,away,i was very concerned lacing up the first,time and,you know thats why i always say at,least try a shoe for three runs,before you give up on it and because it,takes time to dial in your lacing it,just takes time but im pleased that i,didnt,give up on the shoe just because the,laces i felt the laces on the top of my,foot,after that first impression run seven,out of ten for that lockdown score,um and it did improve from the first,impression and overall score lets do,the heel counter okay,a little bit of strength there um and,the heel counter did change from the peg,37 this is not a battle,with a peg 37 actually heres the,midsole for the peg 37 theres the,inside okay that react midsole,um but we will do a running shoe battle,between the 37 and the 38,very very soon so overall score for the,upper 7.5,out of 10 react foam through the full,midsole okay that was the major step,actually well i think sometime,ill do so this is the 35 whoa,throwback who remembers the vlogs of,that shoe the blue,shoe this is the peg 35 from i guess it,would be almost three years ago or four,years ago,to so the 36 to the 37 was the big,update so not as much of an update from,the 37,to the 38 okay its a tpe this,thermoplastic elastomer for that,uh which is thats the actual material,inside that react what they call react,um same as the peg 37 full length react,air zoom unit,energy ride seven out of ten uh its a,smooth ride but its not a lot of bounce,its not the nova blast two its,definitely not the rebel v2 as far as,energy return,but it does it gets the job done now,overall score for the midsole,is decent because i think uh i think the,lets do this wow okay yeah it is softer,than,it feels softer to the thumb test than a,felt underfoot,but maybe that midsole is not going to,last as long as i had hoped but anyway,7.5 out of 10 for that overall,midsole score outsole 7 out of ten,i think i actually dropped it because,after some more testing i think they,could,cut the rubber here so everything in the,mid foot just take it away you just,dont need it nike,and its adding to the weight of the,shoe um the heel is fine,the forefoot but it just its just too,much just a little too much rubber there,on the,outsole um but i do love the decoupled,groove so good work there,true to size seven out of ten um yeah it,did not feel too narrow,through the toe box and it felt i would,say snug through the mid foot,not not not narrow but a little just,snug enough,through that which nike is known that,for having a little more snug fit,uh for their midfoot rides okay comfort,score,seven out of ten all right again nothing,to write home about you just pick,picking up on the theme,for the peg 37 its getting the job done,thats why,well you know pegasus and the whole,connection to horses but,thats why its its often called the,workhorse,it just gets the job done okay so im,gonna stick with that for the comfort,score,positive and drawbacks positive is,smooth through the foot strike,especially when i consciously made the,the decision to switch to a heel strike,now for my drawback this shoe daily,trainer,its not a tempo day but i wanted it to,be,i felt i felt my legs felt fresh this,was maybe five days ago,and i wanted to pick up the pace and,when i tried to pick up the pace,i noticed i was sinking into that react,more than i wanted,and i wasnt getting that i was i was,working extra hard,so the the drawback is the fact that um,dont buy this shoe for tempo days and,like i i distinctly remember,back to that heel striking i felt like i,was mushing into the heel,a little bit and i wasnt uh i wasnt,i just was it just wasnt getting the,response okay ill leave it there uh,that is the drop back,which is no surprise this is not a tempo,day type of shoe durability prediction,450 plus there you go for the score,how will i use the shoe whos the best,for daily trainer and whos the best for,i think um man i know they will have,wide options,but definitely keep that in mind because,im overall probably,leaning in the direction of a little,narrower through the four,through the uh midfoot and the heel toe,box felt,it felt fine though um so just keep that,in mind price point,120 dollars awesome awesome i if it was,130 i wouldnt be,very happy but 120 man 8.25,out of 10 other shoes to buy okay were,going to stick with that peg 37,hoka clifton 8 asics evo ride 2,and the gel nimbus light 2. just some,daily workhorse shoes you know taking,them out of the stable getting those,miles in those,daily training miles nothing too fast,nothing too slow,could it be an easy day shoe it could,it could um id probably yeah no i think,it could i would pick something maybe a,little softer but,overall for the easy day category it,would do the trick there,as well peg 38 shoe quick specs on your,screen,okay soak it in one more time all right,all right,120 durable rubber on the outsole,breathable mesh okay and,that 50-mile full review score it did go,up,so i think not much but a little bit to,7.18 out of 10,and thats about where it should be it,just um,you know like these its interesting,like the clifton 8,i think was just into the sevens so,its not a tweener shoe its just so,fascinating to see the scoring system,develop,and how workhorse shoes will get the job,done but not,blow you away not in the upper sevens or,definitely obviously not the lower,eights for the,scoring system so good overall im,pleased,more so than after the first impression,run okay comment of the day im actually,pulling it from the first impression,vlog of the peg 38,shout out to andrew thank you andrew he,said i started running for the first,time in may last year,and needed a proper pair of running,shoes this was connected to the,qd where i asked how did you find this,this youtube channel,he says i found your review of the peg,trail 2 and got hooked on your journey,to the pikes peak marathon,safe to say your videos had a fair,influence on me as a year later,im 10 kilograms lighter 10 kilograms,hmm,how much is that uh so you must be over,in the uk im s

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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 – 200 Mile Review

this is the nike pexus 38,a neutral daily trainer with a sandwich,mesh upper the midsole is a react,midsole with zoom air pods in the,forefoot the outsole is a full rubber,covering with some pretty impressive,tread for a road shoe you have a 10,millimeter drop this is a mens us 10,and a half and it comes in 10.9 ounces,you can walk away with a pair for 120 us,dollars,[Music],all right what is going on guys kyle,mchugh here with another running video,today we are talking 200 miles in the,next pegasus 38 theres a bunch of good,reviews out there i will link a couple,in the description but today we are,talking the kyle mcq version my review,of the nike pegasus 38 um and all the,training i have done in them if you get,anything out of this video or you like,running content please consider liking,and subscribing to the channel and,without further ado lets get into my,200 mile review of the necky pegasus,38s,so ive run 216 miles in this shoe i did,all of my training leading up to new,york city just two weeks ago i can link,a video to that above and,in my training thats also included a 21,mile long run so these things can go at,least the distance in that department,but before we get into anything else,lets get into how the fit and feel and,how i enjoyed running in the shoe so in,terms of slipping into these nikes i,felt like i had a real snug nice fit in,the heel tons of cushion back there,moving forward the arch minimal arch,pressure some shoes you jump into them i,feel like i said pressure really weird,there some shoes you jump into them and,you feel a little bit of pressure on the,arch thats often some good support but,also can end up being kind of,uncomfortable on longer runs um,i did not feel any real pressure on the,arch so i just dont think its as high,um and yeah,i never had any sort of issue with that,other shoes i have felt the arch,throughout runs moving forward from,there toe box,nice room seemed to be an issue with the,37s people complained about having not,enough room or volume in the toe box i,think they definitely fixed that i did,not run on 37s but these guys have tons,of room in the toe box and that felt,really great for me ran true to size,this is a 10 and a half,ive got a narrow foot,heel and arch midfoot all felt snug,which is sometimes a concern for me,going with a true to size or,going more on the larger side,sometimes i size down so that my heel,and everything just so i can get a more,snug fit basically in other parts of the,foot,often the downside of that is being,cramped in the toe box not the case with,these perfect true to size fit,and then when it comes to running in the,react foam with the zoom air pod after,200 miles,i felt early on i could feel the pod um,and it was giving a little bit just a,different kind of pressure in the,forefoot i really couldnt tell you if i,liked it or disliked it,the react foam in itself is not a cushy,bouncy midsole is definitely more of,some absorption,and,a real feel for the road underneath your,foot,so these are not the bouncy you know pb,midsoles that you would see on,you know on either vapor flies and the,zoom flies um or like the endorphin,speeds or endorphin pros um youre,feeling a lot more underneath you in,this one,airpods like i said before um you know i,i think it i think it gives a different,feel early on when you first jump into,it but its something you totally forget,about and ultimately this just feels to,me,like a nike react midsole you know for,what it is um its a great midsole,material kind of heavy but it gets the,job done and final thing about fit and,feel when you jump into these guys the,bottom has you know this rubber traction,that is borderline,made more for like minimal trails than i,would say roads that being said while,you are on a road running in rain or a,dry surface or a gravel type surface you,should feel totally comfortable in the,traction on these bad boys i never felt,like i was gonna slip,um never felt like i was gonna have any,sort of issue with that so you know,for being a kind of i guess narrow shoe,as a whole in terms of,your contact with the ground,i think youre gonna feel super stable,between the react midsole that is not,super duper soft and bouncy so youre,gonna feel the ground underneath and,then youve got pretty unreal traction,um so this is a very like you know i,guess stable running daily trainer i,hope that makes sense,okay so that kind of wraps up the fit,and feel of the shoe but now were going,to talk a little bit about going 200,miles in it and how it breaks down and,how far i think the shoe,should go,so first and foremost obviously the,upper it is a double layered sandwich,mesh it should last a long time and it,is proving to do just that i have no,ripping or tearing,sometimes i get tearing along the heel,um kind of where the top of the,heel the top of kind of the ankle uh,ankle roll thingies you know the tongue,is fully intact all the cushions still,in there,maybe some light fraying around the edge,of the toe but i would almost,say thats equal parts running in equal,parts me cleaning them and putting them,through the wash a couple times yeah,upper is fully intact and doing great,for 200 miles in moving down to the,midsole like i said before nike react,with the zoom air pods in the forefoot,these things have not felt too much,different at 200 miles than they did at,20 miles i really think nike reacts its,not built for the lightweight speed its,built for long haul and endurance so,while its not a bouncy midsole which is,something you may want in,your daily trainer for like the longer,runs or just a general easy day where,you want to bounce and let your legs,recover nike react,isnt quite there compared to other,shoes but in this price range you may,still end up leaning towards something,like the pegasus for that daily trainer,but yeah going back to the midsole after,200 miles it feels very similar i think,the air pods while you may feel them,when you first jump into them you kind,of forget about and i generally dont,notice them much like anymore like its,almost like you just feel like youre on,a nike react midsole you can feel the,ground under you but you know it should,last a long time and it easily lasted,200 miles and finally when it comes to,looking at the shoe after 200 miles,youve got the outsole which is a full,rubber outsole with pretty impressive,tread on it it has you know these,geometric four-sided studs on,basically half the shoe and then the,outside of the shoe is lined with mainly,more horizontal and then some longer,sections on the outside i have almost,full tread still on it after 200 miles a,teeny bit off the top of the toe,um,and even then,its super duper minimal i guess a,little bit on the forefoot,um ive clearly done some damage but,when it comes to like the heel midfoot,all the tread looks pretty great and i,dont think i dont think ive done much,damage in 200 and ultimately you know i,think the shoe based on the overall,breakdown should go you know 400 450,maybe 500 um the first thing thats,probably going to go on this shoe is,going to be that react midsole i think,the tread will last forever and i think,youre upper unless youre really,running through,you know,like basically light trails with like,little branches or little plants that,are going to rip up that mesh the first,thing thats going to go on this is,going to be your midsole and the air,pods because everything else is really,built to go 450 plus miles,so,is the nike pegasus 38 the true,workhorse of daily trainers and is it,worth it for you to buy as a daily,trainer for 120,today,i mean my short answer is yes i think,its more for the introductory runner,whos looking for something that can do,just a bit of everything i did almost,all my new york city marathon training,in this shoe i didnt really do much,speed work so this is definitely not a,speed work shoe with the weight that it,has in it but overall for 120 bucks you,are getting you know an upper that has,the cushion and

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NIKE PEGASUS 38 Full REVIEW! Will it make my rotation?

hey everybody and welcome back to the,channel today were going to be,reviewing,this the nike pegasus 38,and yeah i want to bring in my,completely impartial umbias review,for how the shoe is stacking up right,lets get to this stay tuned,its coming up,so thanks for joining us for another,review here on the channel,weve been testing this shoe out for,around about 70 or 80k,now and its finally time to sit down,and chat with you about what i think,about the shoe,of course i bought this 100 with my own,money,its completely impartial nothing to do,with any brands out there at all,just want to give you some completely,honest unbiased advice,were going to split this review up into,five sections first were going to talk,about some,facts and figures about the shoe then,were going to talk about the pros,the cons were going to talk about,whats changed versus the previous,version,37 which i have with me right here and,then,a little uh chat conclusion at the end,about whether its going to go into,rotation,[Music],right facts and figures well first,things first there is a 10 millimeter,drop between the back of the shoe,and the front of the shoe its a great,shoe for running on,all different types of surfaces but,predominantly youre going to be using,this on,the roads or with a little decent amount,of grip on the bottom,you could be using this on some very,light trails as well,you could use it at all sorts of,different distances racing 5ks 10ks,half marathons marathons and even longer,if that is your thing,here in the uk the shoe is coming in,around about 105 pounds rrp,but of course you can find some better,deals out there as always let me know if,youve got some good deals on,shoes down in the comments this is a,neutral shoe and,it has nikes react foam in it giving a,nice,cushioned ride to help you along with,your running,its suitable for all strikers so if,youre a heel striker midfield striker,or four foot striker,this shoe is gonna be absolutely fine,for you and finally,weight wise this is coming at 364 grams,for me,here in a uk size 12 yes i have got,quite big feet,um so a little bit heavier than the,outgoing model,so quickly guys question of the day ive,got the new saucony speed,version 2 here in to test what is your,best daily trainer that you have out,there be looking to get some more of,these,great daily trainers into tesla question,of the day your best,daily trainer,[Music],[Applause],right lets get start in to the positive,so weve got four to get through here,the first one is this new upper that,nike have put in to this shoe,i really like it its super comfortable,to run in and your foot,is given enough sort of room and space,to move around in,the second one talking about lockdown,theyve improved this,lacing system here with these new,eyelets this new design,on the 38 and yeah youre getting a,really nice lock down,fit in the outgoing model theres a,little bit of heel slip that i,experienced in that that is all,completely eliminated in this,the third positive is the width and you,can actually get this shoot in an,extra wide fitting as well just check,out the official,nike website but even on this standard,version i think,pretty much everybody is going to be,okay youve got plenty of space theyve,improved the width,versus the outgoing model so between,these first three positives,with this new upper the lacing system,and that width my feet are feeling so,nicely locked down theres no movement,at all no hot spots no blisters or,anything like that,and finally the fourth positive is the,versatility of this shoe,versus that value at 105 pounds youre,getting a shoe that you can use for,all sorts of things you can use this on,the road you can use it on,some light trails you can use it in the,gym you can even wear it casually i,think this is a pretty,nice looking shoe what do you think let,me know down in the comments you can use,it in races you can use it in your,training,it is one of those magic shoes that you,can use for all sorts of different types,of things and that around about a,hundred pound price point i think is a,pretty damn good,right lets move on to the negatives,weve got three to get through here,the first one has got to be talking,about this upper if you are,running in hotter conditions so now,were here in the uk,summer anything above around 20 degrees,this is just not breathable enough,its nice and snug in the autumn in the,winter time keeping your feet nice and,warm but in summer,it just turns into a bit of a sweaty,mess its not breathable enough,its just a bit too thick a bit like,wearing your winter socks when you go in,the summer you just wouldnt do it,really one to avoid if youre living in,a hotter climate humid climate something,like that you need a breathable shoe,the second one is this react foam that,nike keep putting in,their road shoes for me its just old,its outdated technology,theres just very minimal energy return,it can just feel like,youre just putting far too much effort,in for the speed thats coming out with,the shoe,it really is time to redevelop this some,other brands are coming up with some a,lot better foam look at the likes of new,balance and saucony at the moment,for their middle of the range shoes i,think nike with the react foam,on the road shoes and trail its it is,still working okay but in the road,its just old and dated i just feel like,it just doesnt have that all-out speed,it doesnt have that pop it doesnt have,that excitement,that you want to see in a shoe like this,and my third negative,is it just feels heavy it is heavy its,not a bulky shoe,as some of the nike shoes have been,recently but its just overweight,theres too much of it,and it just feels a bit labored with,that lack of energy that lack of pop,that youve got with it as well,yeah as you can see its just not really,working i havent necessarily enjoyed,being out of it its not a,fun shoe to be running in,right moving on differences between the,two shoes so the sole the outsole is,completely identical,as is the react foam on the midsole the,differences that come,in the upper so we have a slightly more,breathable upper definitely not really,breathing,breathing enough in the 38 as nice more,luxurious,material but the main difference is,people were struggling in the 37s with,that heel slip,and theyve changed the eyelet system,here on the 30,8 just to get that better lock down,feeling so its the only change,its all positives if you enjoyed,running in a 37 youre going to enjoy it,running in the 38,even more,so weve gone to the conclusion is this,going into my rotation,well no its not going to my rotation,definitely,not really i cant say ive enjoyed,running in the shoe,yes its okay a price point it offers,some good,value i cant deny that but i think if,youre looking for an alternative,something that i think is a lot better,shoe something like the good,the best all-rounder thats ever been,made the new balance 1080,version 10s you should be able to pick,up for around about 100 pounds now at,the same price point,version 11 very similar shoe um its,going to be a little bit more than that,110 120 pounds,but its so much a better shoe its so,much more fun to run in,you can have some many happy miles out,in that but as i say if you enjoyed the,37,and that was the shoe for you youre,going to enjoy this so dont discount it,completely,but i think with this react foam its,just too old and needs to be replaced at,the moment so theres plenty more miles,left in the shoe that im not going to,get use out of so im going to send this,off to re-run here in the uk and they,can repurpose it and send it to someone,that needs their shoe check out their,details down below if youve got some,running shoes that you want to give a,second lease of life is,somewhere around the world and that is a,wrap guys i hope youve enjoyed this,review,thank you very much the patreon,supporters the people on here clicking,the join,link down below and helping support this,channel and,making all of the magic happen yo

NIKE PEGASUS 38: full review after +150 miles

whats up guys welcome back to the,channel in todays video we are doing,the full review,on nikes pegasus 38. now you may have,seen my initial review when i first got,these shoes i just went on one run,told you kind of my initial impressions,now i have put 152 miles into the nike,pegasus 38 and im here to tell you what,i really think i think 152 miles is long,enough to really get a feel of what this,shoe can do so lets get into it,[Music],my last run in this shoot before filming,this full review,was 8.11 miles which is a shade over 13,kilometers an average pace of 841 a mile,which is 524,a kilometer nice and easy nice and easy,run today but over those 152 miles i,have done,every kind of run in this shoe well not,every kind of run,i havent been on the track with it i,have run long i have run easy,i have run fast i have done intervals,both long and short intervals i kind of,know what the shoe can do i know what,its good for and if you didnt see my,initial impression,of the nike pegasus 38 i didnt open it,right away when i got it i kind of,was bored by it before id even cracked,open the box i was like,and i think on my initial impressions,video i did say that i like the way it,looks but,ultimately it is just black and white,with a bit of purple here,and over the last 152 miles the the,white is,not so white anymore but thats okay,its a sign of a love shoe but i kind of,have gone back i dont actually find,this shoe,very attractive theres nothing,offensive about it its just not,exciting but,some of you might say matt its a daily,trainer its not supposed to be exciting,and id have to agree with you i dont,want you thinking that just because,i dont think this shoe is like gorgeous,to look at it doesnt perform,well because ultimately that is what,were looking for when were buying a,running shoe right when we buy a shoe,like the nike pegasus were looking for,it to tick a couple of boxes,after 152 miles this shoe does tick the,boxes that youre looking for if youre,wondering like,whats the whats the conclusion matt if,you were looking for one shoe to cover,everything this shoe could be the shoe,for you now im going to tell you why in,just a second but,you can run long you can run slow but it,is responsive enough to pick up a pace,when you need to now i doubt anyones,gonna break any world records in this,shoe but for the size for the comfort,for the weight the shoe performs,exceedingly well oh and i didnt even,mention the price the price is a huge,part of what makes the nike pegasus 38,so compelling because it retails for 120,here in the us,in a world where the average price of,shoes is continually getting higher and,higher 120,for a shoe of this caliber for a shoe,that is a little more,jack-of-all-trades rather than master of,one is very,very nice and i have to say its worth,every penny the shoe sports 27 and a,half millimeters in the heel 17 and a,half in the forefoot for a 10 millimeter,drop like he says that in a mens size 9,this shoe weighs in at 10.2 ounces or,289 grams of course for anyone,but that small segment of the population,that actually wears a us mens size 9,my feet are considerably bigger and in,my size,mens us size 13 uk size 12 this shoe,tips the scales at 12.8 ounces which is,362 grams now remember its a daily,trainer right its a daily trend its,not supposed to be,a skinny mini or whittled down to,nothing you know you want when you buy a,daily trainer you want to give you some,protection so,we do have that protection but that,protection costs a little bit in the,weight department this shoe does fit,true to size so whatever your size is,by that size in this shoe honestly a,shoe being true to size is very,important,but there are so few shoes that actually,are not true to size but i guess it only,takes one,and then we have to tell everyone that,every shoe is true to size if it is true,to size just start at the top,work our way down we do have these,lovely lace loops here,and those actually provide an excellent,lock down across my midfoot now it is a,gusseted tongue,which also contributes to that lockdown,but the whole system,everything working together just makes,the shoe feel incredibly comfortable,looking at it right now you can see this,heel collar its,its padded my friends no ones getting,any blisters from putting their foot in,this shoe now a couple of things that,nike has changed,from the pegasus 37 to this years,pegasus 38,the heel cup is just a little deeper,seems like your heel fits,a little deeper into the heel cup also,the toe box this toe box is beautifully,wide and contributes to that comfort,of wearing this shoe the nike pegasus 37,people were just endlessly complaining,about how narrow it was and while i did,run in the nike pegasus 37 for its whole,life i,didnt retire it till over 500 miles the,pegasus 38,is extraordinarily more comfortable just,because of this toe box it is,lovely and wide we do have a nice,sandwich mesh now let me just tell you,about the sandwich mesh well we have two,layers of mesh and im going to put my,hand in here not a very good visual,for you but i can just feel this two,layers of mesh,and although its very comfortable,although its kind of like a booty when,you put your foot in,the inside is kind of like a very thin,its feeling like almost like a neoprene,material then youve got this engineered,mesh over the top which is,fairly thick seems to me to be a bit,superfluous especially when were,considering the weight people talk about,weight,running youtubers talk about weight,every pair of shoes that i review on,this channel,i talk about weight and nike with this,sandwich mesh seems like you missed the,boat seems like,you could have taken off a substantial,amount of weight by having just,a single layer mesh of course thats,gonna cut down,on resiliency this is a daily trainer so,you want it to last for a long time,and what i found is when a shoe only has,a single layer of mesh is that my big,toe after a couple hundred miles starts,to poke through,start getting a small hole right at the,front and what nike has done by adding,this,sandwich mesh theyve given the shoe at,least the appearance of being a higher,mileage shoe this upper is not going to,visibly break down,for a long time which is excellent these,shoes are still going to be looking good,after you put four or 500 miles because,if my toes start sticking through its,only going to stick through,the first layer on the inside its never,actually going to be visible out here i,do realize that i am immediately,contradicting myself when i tell you,what nike should do to make this shoe a,little lighter but then i say well the,reason they did it was for this and,thats also pretty good so just,take everything i say with a pinch of,salt if youre still thinking of buying,the nike pegasus 38 i want you to know,what youre actually getting my friends,if you like running shoes now would be a,great time to give this video,a thumbs up and if youre not already,subscribed consider doing so right now i,publish new running videos at least,twice a week lets move on down to the,outsole,this has full length react now the nike,pegasus 37 was the first,year that they did a full react foam,midsole we do have a zoom air unit right,here in the forefoot ill put that up on,the screen right now what it looks like,but honestly you dont feel it when,youre running or at least i dont the,shoe,does have a great toe off it carries me,through the gate cycle,beautifully and im sure that this zoom,air unit does contribute,to what makes this shoe a great,all-rounder lets go to the outsole,because this is another,very important thing if you are thinking,about a shoe that youre going to have,for,quite a while if you want to have a shoe,thats a bit resilient because youre,going to be putting the majority,of your easy or longer runs or if you,just want a single pair of shoes,to do all the work that you put into,them you want the outsole to stand up to,all that punishment i dont know if you,can see im goin

Nike Pegasus 38 (A World Class Workhorse)

nike pegasus is considered by many to be,the essential workhorse training shoe,what does it take for a workhorse to be,considered world class,today lets explore the nike air zoom,pegasus 38.,hey whats poppin jordan thomas here,helping you simplify tech and running to,improve your life,peg season is back to me this is one of,the best times of the year,people are getting in the running,getting back into running and theyre,looking for tools,and one of the tools that i recommend on,a regular basis is the nike pegasus,and the fact that pegasus 38 is,available listen im down like the,second shot of moderna,on being able to discuss with you whats,changed what stayed the same,and ultimately like what makes this a,worthy,workhorse and so in this case its very,simple,its reliability its versatility and,durability,thats what makes the pegasus stand out,amongst all of its peers,so lets break down each of those things,beginning with reliability,one of the things you can count on with,nike just like piling in spring,is the fact that youre gonna have,either improvements to the upper,or the midsole this year its all about,the upper and i like the changes that,were made in there,i went in my usual 11 and a half there,was just an overall refined fit,it took place by changing out the,material on the upper,its still breathable but it does offer,a nice like slight padding to it,i found that from front to back i had,just about a thumbs uh worth of room,i feel like the improvement really,though was in the mid foot and i think,that has to do with,a midsole webbing that just allows it to,like wrap around your foot,theres a thicker tongue there as well,and also,on the tongue theres the area now for,your laces to go across so youre able,to get a bit more of a secure fit,through the midfoot if youre coming,from another brand or you just havent,i tried on a pegasus lately the heel,collar and a cup,are fairly secure however it is going to,stay away from it just a little bit and,thats really to cut down on rubbing,really the way the story goes is back in,the day maybe like around like the,pegasus 34 i believe it was,mo farah was getting these shoes and,burning up the miles and was just,straight cutting off the back of them,nike figured out that that wasnt a good,thing and i think that a number of us,have been saying that for years but,as a world-class company they looked at,what the athletes were doing,and then followed suit and thats one of,the reasons that you dont have,that super tight feeling in the overall,heel the only thing i will say about,this particular fit,is that i get it by expanding the toe,box its going to be more accommodating,to,more foot types but i do have a narrow,foot and i would appreciate appreciated,having that a bit more narrow so thats,just something for you to keep in mind,if youre looking to select these shoes,the second reason you grab a peg,assistant,is the versatility from the 60 meter,dash to the marathon world and olympic,champions choose the pegasus as a staple,of their rotation,so you and i are in good company with,these shoes the midsole remains,predominantly react phone with the zoom,airbag in the front,the benefit of this combination is that,you get durable foam throughout with,some additional responsiveness from the,zoom airbag,overall it took me about 20 miles for,the shoe to feel like,fully broken in and thats the,combination not only of the midsole,but of the upper as well the traction on,these,is money every time it delivers the,waffle outsole,it just works and one of the other,things youre going to get when it comes,to that overall versatility is not just,the type of effort,but the surfaces that you do it on so,whether its running on the road running,on,asphalt running on concrete running on,grass,running on the track this is the shoe,that i just throw in my bag if i dont,know,where what im gonna be running on then,i can take this shoe and do,everything with it i even recently went,to baltimore,and i had a decision of grabbing these,or at least the pick 37,versus the infinity react 2 and as much,as i do enjoy the infinity react 2,i just knew that for whatever workout i,would find myself in,the pegasus would deliver and so thats,something that you want to consider when,youre looking at,what makes a workhorse world class,for any of my typical daily runs,anywhere ranging from 45 to 60 minutes,in these felt nice,going anywhere from nine minute pace to,755 for longer runs,even including 10 plus miles the time my,feet felt really comfortable,and when it came to get busy and run,around 6 minutes and 50 seconds for a,few miles towards the end,i was able to easily make the transition,on the faster end,my sprinting days are pretty much over,at this point but i do like to do some,100 meter strides,in like 15 seconds or so and im able to,do that in these shoes and youre,hard-pressed to be able to do that,in a number of other kind of like,workhorse,daily training type of shoes usually you,have to go to a much lighter,weight shoe speaking of weight even with,the change to the upper,the overall weight change was minimal,and then for me when it comes to like a,workhorse im not looking for,necessarily the super lightest shoe but,at the same time,i dont want it as heavy so with this,youre kind of in the range of,lighter than a 1080 v11 but still higher,than something like the mach 4 which is,something that a number,of people are enjoying durability for me,is the big one when it comes to a,workhorse,type shoe with the pegasus ive been,able to consistently get,about 300 400 miles in the shoes even,with the last ones,i didnt officially destroy them but,just because i ended up getting another,pair,but i ran up one pair to 300 miles and,then another to 250 and i just,i wanted a different colorway so thats,why i changed them up so if youre,looking for a shoe purely for like,value to miles youre definitely going,to get that the other thing is,is that think about durability for the,overall price,at 120 youre getting a lot of mileage,out of one shoe that can do,a lot of different things and so to put,that three to four hundred miles into,context think about if youre going,through an eight to 12 week cycle,if youre doing around like 40 miles a,week which i know for you may be a lot,then youre going to be plenty fine with,this particular shoe,over a period of time and if youre,running considerably less than that,youll have them,even longer the other thing is like,because theyre only 120 bucks,i dont feel precious about them so,rather than hand washing them like i,would have to do with something like,a vapor fly or alpha fly i throw these,in the washing machine,i beat them up i destroy them and i know,that even if i,ruin them for another 120 dollars ill,be fine,one other thing worth mentioning about,what makes the pegasus stand out from,its competitors,is the overall design nike delivers,a design that you can trust i opted for,the classic black with the white swoosh,there are a few colors available at,release and usually plenty more,throughout the year,if you want more options consider nike,by you and customize the shoe even,further,nike has done a great job of providing,you and i something that other companies,cannot,we are long past running shoes simply,being a tool,so say it with me now style matters,if youre trying to figure out whether i,shoot the pegasus 37 on pegasus 38,im of the mind that i like to keep the,most current version,available if you just want to save some,money go with the pegasus 37,youre not its not really going to be,any difference in the midsole or the,outsole,the laces themselves are similar the,loopholes are similar,the big thing just being the upper and,so if you had some difficulty with the,overall fit,in those then youll see that,improvement in 38 and if you just love,the 37 get some more of them we know,that theyre on sale right now,my recommendation is yes you build you,start,you replenish your running shoe rotation,with one of these,

NIKE AIR ZOOM PEGASUS 100 MILE REVIEW | Shoe for ALL runners? Best daily running shoe 2021? EDDBUD

hey cats ed bud here it didnt take me,long but ive taken the pegasus 38,up to 100 miles and im going to give,you my honest views and opinions,[Music],my buddy and i have enjoyed some good,runs together its only been about four,weeks since we met but we have spent,some real quality time together just hit,100 miles in this one 160 kilometers,how of the pegasus 38 shaped up if,youre new to the channel guys make sure,you hit that subscribe button,and click the bell below for,notifications of when we launch those,new videos for you,and it really helps us out a great deal,if you give this video a thumbs up like,and also share it with your running,buddies,dan kishan so this shoe really for me,has been what the pegasus line should be,about,a daily do it all option in the mould of,juices maybe b and q or screw fix as,well,if youre stateside youre probably,wondering what on earth im talking,about,but thats okay it certainly is a little,heavier than past iterations of the shoe,but,im gonna let it off its served me well,in a short period of time ive been,testing it out i think im first running,it on april 22nd,so already hit the 100 mile mark very,quickly and thats just because,ive been really enjoying running in it,without further ado,lets get down to the nitty gritty upper,first,zero issues for me here in the upper of,the pegasus 38,no slip in the heel lovely toe box,softness,like a bunny rabbit certainly thats,been really excellent and well,received on all my runs in fact my toes,overall have been looking an awful lot,better since ive been running,in this shoe since i added it to the,rotation yeah its certainly uh,less of black toe city thats all im,gonna say guys thats all im gonna say,fit and lockdown are consistent over the,course of pretty much every mile ive,run in the shoe,makes for a reliable trainer and a firm,favorite,of the ed bud and probably 2021 so far,actually,just lots of good memories in this one,already zero,tension there from the lasers digging,into the top of the foot it just doesnt,happen with this version,and that was a big problem in the 37.,perhaps the laces are a tiny little bit,short if youre gonna,tie a runners knot but its no big deal,you can still tie a double knot,it just takes a little bit more,dexterity thats all you have to take,your gloves off,he wants loads of surplus twine slapping,their ankles anyway,not me i pretty much love everything,here apart from the weird,tongue loop that theyve put on i just,dont get it,i mean you could probably take it off,relatively easily,i just dont understand why its there,in the first place if someone out there,nike that has designed the shoe knows,why its there please,comment and let us know perhaps a tad,warm i suppose if youre going to use it,over the course of summer,i think if in a relatively reasonable,climate it wont be a problem,i cant really fault the upper for daily,use its not a race shoe its not trying,to be,i think people were reviewing it and,theyve got all these super light models,if who knows whether the midsole is,going to hold up on some of those,with this one its a tried and tested,midsole material we know it holds up,over time so i think youve got to,review it as a daily shoe,and for that purpose the upper works,very well im going to give it a 2.8,out of three at 100 miles,so the more i run in the shoe the more,and more i enjoy it its kind of like a,piece of clay,sort of got the right amount of moisture,in it you feel a little bit like patrick,swayze,like a new guitar that needs a little,bit of playing first the more and more,you use the pegasus 38 the,better and better it feels on your hands,on,hands even in cooler weather the,midsoles actually work very well,i think some midsole materials suit,certain temperatures better but this,ones a,good all-rounder a bit of a both of them,i found the react,quite forgiving for most paces dont,think youd want to go all out in it but,its not really what its designed for i,dont think it would be my choice for a,blistering display of ed bud,energy you know its not a 5k shoe its,not what its for,but for daily training its just whats,needed i found the airbag in the,forefoot quite prominent this time,around where the lockdowns better you,can feel it a little more,i dont think its supposed to be there,like the alpha fly or the tempo next,percent,i think it really benefits you if you do,aim for it a little bit its like a,squirrel mastering,an assault course to gain some tasty,treats,the 37 just never really felt like this,to me im just glad that the 38 has,rekindled,my enjoyment of the pegasus line i found,no issues getting down to,about seven minutes per mile pace but at,moderate to slower paces it still felt,good,seldom do we find a shoe thats nimble,enough for that pace but also capable,at faster testing tempos i think my,favorite session in the shoe has been,like a seven mile total,where ive done a mile warm-up and then,on off miles,into threshold effort really just,alternating those harder efforts,certainly a shoe that will get you,better used to running at those harder,paces when you want to,raise up the heart rate the cadence and,the pace very little to dislike here in,the midsole,ive been a real fan and i am as you can,hear i think some people commented the,shoe feels a little clunky maybe or firm,i dont really feel its firm at all,a superb performer for me over the last,four weeks,i mean if you replace the four foot area,with some zoom x,kept the bag and remove the tongue loop,while you really be cooking maybe like a,daily,tempo next percent light im going to,give this a solid,2.7 out of 3 after 100 miles for the,midsole a victory,for versatility in the pegasus 38,outsole now outsole a real winner almost,zero where here after 160 kilometers,brilliant also,in the very wet may weather that weve,had here in the uk,the lugs show very little sign of,degradation over time ive gotta say,theres quite a bit of depth to some of,those lugs,it might be a little bit too much for,some people but certainly on my routes,or ive got some gravel ive got some,mud grass concrete,road its all there this just laps it,all up,like a big cat kind of again makes it a,solid all-rounder you could use this,shoe for,some part runs on grass if youre,training in a variety of different,terrains,the pegasus 38s got you covered even,back there in the heel where i typically,see a little bit of wear,now i think my only gripe about the,outsole,is that the rear traction pattern here,and some of the crash rails on the side,do suck up stones like a dyson but a,small bit of card or an old,knife or something you can soon eject,them from the outsole,party an outsole as versatile as a swiss,army knife,im going to give this one a 2.7 out of,3 after 100 miles for the outsole,value now i think value-wise 105 earth,credits,its darn good ive had my worth out of,it already,i think i would have paid double,actually ive really enjoyed the shoe,that much,i see no reason why these wont pass 300,miles maybe higher i think the reactor,will probably harden up before the,outsole gives out,so to me yeah thats not bad value i,mean im being silly really saying id,pay double but,for 105 earth credits what do you want i,think if you can pick them up at,discount i know nike have got some,wild discount going on at the moment 30,or something,i just bought some shorts because you,know dont upset me said that too much,i think it makes it an even more,attractive shoe certainly nikes best,all-round offering,from 2021 so far and possibly 2020 as,well would i pick this,over the infinity run flyknit 2,absolutely i think if you,look at some of the shoes behind me,though velocity nitro similar,ng3 its a tough call its a bit cheaper,that one certainly gives you some food,for thought though guys a dependable,shoe thats plush enough in the upper,and capable some range in terms of pace,and distance i mean i took it up past,14 miles no worries i think pegasus 38,is,what a pegasus should be well done nike,im goin

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