1. Worth Buying? Nike REACT INFINITY Run Flyknit 2 Review + On Feet!
  2. REVIEW: Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2; The most comfortable high-mileage training shoe of 2021?
  3. NIKE REACT Infinity Run Flyknit | FAQ IN REVIEW
  5. Nike Infinity React 2 REVIEW – ISSUES FIXED? Or better alternatives?
  6. Nike React Infinity 2 | FULL REVIEW | Solid improvements, same durable ride
  7. Nike React Infinity Run 2 Review After 50 Miles

Worth Buying? Nike REACT INFINITY Run Flyknit 2 Review + On Feet!

all right so as you can see i got a,brand new pair of sneakers for 2021,and we got a new model it is the nike,react infinity run,flyknit 2. mouthful for sure ill just,call it the nike infinity react 2.,probably thats kind of what ive landed,on but anyway this is a new one and its,kind of an updated version to the,previous one,as we already know the infinity react,right here so,lets go ahead and get into the video,and ill do like a little bit of a,comparison to the previous model,[Music],what is going on guys here collective,kicks.com if you guys are new to my,channel go ahead and hit the subscribe,button and that notification bell to be,notified of when my videos are live and,if you guys,have been following my channel for a,while now just go ahead and make sure,that notification bell is turned on,and in this video i wanted to give you,guys a casual review of the infiniti,react 2.,this is kind of like the latest and,greatest nike react model on the market,big shout out to hibbett sports for,sending my pair over it is much,appreciated this is a very anticipated,pair of sneakers for myself at least,and so when i had the opportunity to be,able to get a pair of these im just,more than thankful that they were able,to send them so quickly and if youve,never been to hippit sports website,before check it out in the description i,recommend you checking out the launch,calendar it lets you know what sneakers,are coming through the pipes and its,always,very beneficial to see whats coming the,next handful of weeks,previously we saw the infinity react one,and this was actually a really really,good one this was actually a nice,big step up at least in my opinion from,the epic react the epic react went the,one and then the two,then they changed it to infinity react,and now theyre doing an updated version,and really the main difference on the,new version,is just simply the upper the upper is,completely new,the midsole and the outsole though is,exactly the same as the very first one,so for those wanting,a completely new ground up build thats,not what youre getting in the version,two,but i think that they did do some,upgrades to the second version that,i personally prefer but like you guys,can decide in this video if its,something that you guys would be,preferring or not,for your feet all right so a couple,things from nikes words before i get,into the shoe it says,the nike react infinity run flyknit 2,continues to help keep you running,a refreshed upper uses flywire,technology that combines with flying it,for support and breathability where you,need it the high the high foam height,provides soft responsiveness,and long lasting comfort its still one,of the most tested shoes designed to,help you feel the potential when your,foot hits the pavement an advanced,flyknit upper provides breathability,where you need it most,its strong and durable helping you keep,your foot secure with every mile,nike react technology is a lightweight,durable foam that delivers a smooth,responsive ride,shaped like a rocker the foam provides,support for three phases of the runners,stride it offers flexibility where your,foot rises off the ground,a smooth ride when your foot is moving,forward and cushioning at ground contact,less material between the insole and,midsole means youre closer to the foam,this helps create a more responsive,experience the foam itself has a higher,height providing a plush feel and they,basically are saying that they tested,this thing for miles,and potentially the infinity react will,help you prevent injury,if you wear these i dont know if thats,actually true or not but have any of you,guys actually ran in the infinity react,one or two,drop a comment in the comment section,let me know what you guys overall,thoughts are was it something that you,felt,prevented injury or was it just an,overall really comfortable ride,i could see why they would say that this,prevents some sort of injury its,actually a really well designed pair of,sneakers and something i was really,excited to get a second version of,because i personally was a huge fan,of the first version this is one of,those shoes that the midsole was,really really well done thats why i,wasnt too upset that the second version,didnt have a replaced midsole the,midsole on the first one was actually,really really good,i love how wide it is in the front the,back also has a lot of cushioning and,its nice and wide,and the stability of the shoe is,actually really good considering how,soft and squishy the ride is,so i said it on the first one and ill,say it in the second one you definitely,have a really soft squishy,ride heel to toe transition is crazy,soft if you heel strike on this thing,its,really really squishy but the best part,about it to me is when you transition,and go toe off up here and this is just,from a walking perspective,you go toe off you could feel the,squishiness in the forefoot of the shoe,and i thought that was really good it,was a big improvement over the epic,reacts,it was much more felt in the forefoot of,the shoe at least for myself and it,continues to feel that way,on the second version now i did try,these on independently and then i did,try them on side by side just to see,how good they were and if they were,somewhat familiar to the other pair that,i had and theres definitely some things,about the second version that i prefer,over the first version now,everybody has different feet right so,obviously my experience is going to be,different than yours,and again if you have your own opinion,always leave a comment in the comment,section so other people can see it you,guys can,ping off of each other down there but as,i said i was an absolute fan of the,midsole from the first one so the second,one was great the one thing i didnt,really love about the first one is just,that sock like fit sometimes its a,little bit annoying sometimes i do,actually prefer when you have that,sock-like fit its easier to slip on you,dont actually have to mess with the,laces its a little bit stretchy,and then it actually holds down your,foot even better because it is like that,sock-like fit so,sometimes i do prefer that but most of,the time if i want a relaxed fit,i want to wear the laces really really,loose and i want that tongue feel here,to be able to pop out,and i want to be able to just wear the,shoes casually and not have to cinch,them down,and tighten them up the first thing i,did when i got these is i loosened the,laces to the max,threw them on my feet and i was like oh,man there we go thats what thats what,i missed from the first one,is the fact that you have an attached,detached tongue something ive talked,about over and over again,something that i mentioned in the,pegasus turbo line which is why i like,this one so much,because it had the attached detached,tongue and if you dont know what im,talking about,i mean it is a tongue here as you could,see but its,detached at the top right here but its,attached from this point on down,so attach detach thats why i always say,it but really it just gives you some,extra flexibility,in your foot right here and gives you,some extra breathing room to get on and,off your foot,and you dont have to wear them so,incredibly snug but the reason why its,good that its somewhat attached,is so the tongue doesnt fall left to,right and you wear them really really,too loose,and where theyre going to fall off your,foot theres a flyknit here and theres,a stretch flyknit or something whatever,it is,its holding your foot into place here,and its just,perfectly done in a way where you dont,feel like you have,a loss of stability because youre,wearing your laces really loose,i will say side by side these ones did,feel a little bit more stable than these,because i had these laces loosened to,the max versus this one,has just that knit that holds down your,foot but this was,completely acceptable on feet and,actually i really really liked it i,enjoyed wearing these and its,definitely a pair that i can see myself,wea

REVIEW: Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2; The most comfortable high-mileage training shoe of 2021?

nike react infinity run flyknit 2 can it,become,2021s most comfortable running shoe for,daily training,my guess is yes,last year nike released this react,infinity which became,an incredibly popular daily running,shoes among runners in need of mild,stability,as well as neutral runners with the,react foam here in the midsole the shoe,had an,extraordinarily soft and light feel when,running,my colleague jesper shared the exact,same feeling when he tested this shoe,back at launch in 2020 however he,and many other runners expressed that,the shoe had a couple of shortcomings,from becoming their,ultimately preferred daily running shoe,and i must just say,that nike has definitely listened,i have now tested the nike react,infinity run flyknit 2,and wow i am so excited about this shoe,i was already in love with it after just,three,runs everything great about the first,version,is kept in this version while the,criticism have been,corrected there was a lot of hype,surrounding the first version,especially regarding nikes statement,that the combination here,in the midsole with the wider base the,rocker geometry,the guide rails and the amount of foam,under the shoe,should reduce the injury frequency,however,a lot of factors out play when talking,about injuries,nonetheless the midsole here and the,outsole in the version two,are the same as in version one and thank,godness for that,what a running experience i have had the,react foam in the midsole makes the,react,infinity one of the softest and most,comfortable,daily running shoes i have ever tried,the react foam,and the seesaw shaped rocker,construction provided precisely what i,look for,in this type of running shoe an,incredibly,comfortable and unproblematic foot,settlement,a tremendous amount of comfort under the,foot,and an optimal responsiveness it feels,very simple to run,far the midsole also features,nikes guide rail technology which on,paper,means that the shoe is for light to,moderate pronating runners,but i will just state that it easily and,without hesitation can be used by,neutral runners just like myself,the guide rail provides the shoes,stability,but unlike issues such as nike zoom,structure,there isnt a wedge on the inside in the,react infinity 2,however i felt support under the arch,but i didnt think about it after just,a few meters of running the most,extensive critiques the react,infinity 1 received was the runners felt,it didnt,fit well and firm enough around the foot,the heel was too flexible and multiple,runners got blisters,and also it was difficult lacing the,shoe properly,these things have now been fixed the,heel cap has been,reinforced and padded more which i,definitely have felt,the shoe sneaks itself closely around my,foot and i havent had,any kind of friction problems and with,the new flywire,technology as seen here in the upper,the upper is now thicker more secure and,stable over the midfoot compared to the,first,version,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],all things considered i think now when,the,infinity run flyknit 2 has fixed its,most significant flaws,it can be considered as a serious daily,trainer for neutral,and light pronating runners the version,2 here,has the comfortable padded upper you,expect from a daily training running,shoe,the soft padded midsole for long,distance screws,and a smooth foot settlement making the,running,very easy the nike react infinity run,flyknit 2,is a shoe that everyone needs to try,and not just look at before you can,understand my huge,excitement about this shoe,[Music],you

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NIKE REACT Infinity Run Flyknit | FAQ IN REVIEW

Hai dinamisnya jauh lebih terasa lagi,tapi tetep suatu ini buat saya pribadi,lux atlet tetap ada Jadi tetap cocok,untuk teman-teman dipakai sehari-hari,atau dipakaikan solusi pakai apapun,pakai cat pakai ini ke undangan makan,cuma zuk sama alaikum warahmatullahi,wabarakatuh halo semua halo YouTube kami,lagi bersama saya sama Faqih didepak,infrared untuk segmen the review ya,gua harap di sini kalian dalam kondisi,sehat step semua jangan lupa pakai,masker jaga jarak ikuti protokolnya,semuanya jangan lupa juga olahraga,jangan lupa juga minum vitamin agar,antibodi kalau tetap terjaga di,tengah-tengah kami kayak gini slime hari,ini gue bakal nge-review sepatu dari,Neki ya ini adalah Nike react Infinity,Translated agak panjang kalau gue,nyebutnya agak susah tolong maafin ya,dan sebelum kita masuk ke segmen,reviewnya gua mau disclaimer dulu kalau,sepatu ini Mi,ia pribadi jadi saya tidak ada kewajiban,apapun untuk berbicara apapun direview,ini jadi semua yang saya ucapkan drive,ini adalah pir opini saya pribadi saya,merasa bebas untuk berbicara apapun,disini dan karena saya menjunjung tinggi,kejujuran dalam saya mereview dari point,of saya sebagai pengguna sepatu ini dan,dari panovu saya sebagai food Web,Designer ya dan termasuk didalamnya,Ketika nanti kedepannya saya akan review,sepatu sepatu yang saya desain sendiri,oke langsung ke menu tambah kita kali,ini yaitu Nike react infinite infinite,yah jadi seri ini adalah seri upgrade,dari Perancis sebelumnya atau dari,seri-seri sebelumnya itu epic react epic,satu dan ada Epic erek2 pikir X1 menurut,saya sangat berhasil sangat booming pada,saat itu cukup menyayangi Adidas,ultraboost dan yang kedua rilis menurut,saya agak biasa aja karena dari segi,improvement teknologi kayaknya,hampir-hampir mirip dan tidak jauh,berbeda dengan seri pertama dan dari,segi desain juga tidak terlalu fresh,jadi kayak sangat-sangat minor si,perubahannya dan untuk seri kali ini,menurut saya cukup refresh,di sangat-sangat menarik dari segi,desain dari segi fitur juga ada beberapa,improvement dan yang terpaling utama,adalah suatu ini lebih kekinian ya,kenapa saya beginian karena jelas karena,kita lihat sirip punya jauh lebih masif,lebih tebal dia lebih seksi lihat heels,piringnya lebih-lebih naik dan dia,lebih-lebih bogem lagi dengan ketinggian,30 Prodi 30 mm dari telapak kaki dengan,dop 8 mm dan dia jangan lupa dia udah,follow rabat dibandingkan dengan versi,Sebelumnya dia hanya ada bagian di,bagian depan dan bagian 8 di bagian,tengah ini kosong tapi yang sekarang dia,udah pulang rapper jadi Eh kalian jauh,lebih save lagi jauh nggak ngerasa lebih,secure lagi ketika dipakai untuk,berolahraga atau berlari dan jangan lupa,sesuai namanya fine Edge dilengkapi,dengan aflianet dan buat saya pribadi,fun itu adalah of the best teknologi ini,Ting Yang ada sekarang di Rani Shu dan,dari segi lux ini jauh lebih,sport sebenarnya dibandingin versi-versi,yang sebelumnya terutama di bagian logo,ini sangat direfresh sekali dan sangat,aku kesan speednya kesan dinamis nya,jauh lebih terasa lagi tapi tetep suatu,ini buat saya pribadi lux atlet tetap,ada Jadi tetap cocok untuk temen-temen,dipakai sehari-hari atau dipake ngantor,lebih pakai apapun bahkan cepet pakai,ini ke undangan makan cuppajoe jadi,sepatu ini sangat cocok dipakai di,segala Oke Sion termasuk di olahraga,kalian bisa pakai ini untuk short-run,untuk longsoran untuk recovery RAN untuk,apapun itu sangat nyaman nyaman sekali,untuk dipakai segitu aja singkat,mengenai synectics Infinity ransel ini,kita langsung masuk ke reviewnya kita,akan ngebrek dont tv-nya ini dari,hal-hal yang saya suka dan saya tidak,suka yang pertama adalah rekomendasi,jelas deh Khomeini sangat-sangat menjadi,poin utama di sepatu ini sangat sangat,lembut sangat sangat responsif buat,kalian yang belum coba setrong,sekalian datang ke Nike Store Kalau ada,kalian coba fitting tapi ada macam-macam,aryacom itu ada banyak dan setiap sepatu,tuh beda-beda artnya dan untuk yang di,seri Epic ini memang buat saya adalah,Sunset yang terbaik untuk si,responsifnya ketika landing Dia sangat,lembut dan profesi juga sangat-sangat,accommodating untuk berlari Momo kalian,heel Strike mau kalian meet Potretmu,kalian for full Strike ini sangat-sangat,respon kekenyalannya hampir stabil di,bagian belakang dan sampai di bagian,depan dan tadi yang saya bilang ini,konsisten dengan berat yang 90 km coba,pakai lari ini dan saya tidak merasa ada,inkonsistensi dari si daya pantulnya,atau dari sih energi di ternyata dari,Cirebon ia jadi ini sangat-sangat bagus,saya tidak merasa Ketika saya pakai,sepatu ini untuk dipakai lari yang cukup,jauh saya sekitar lima kilo tutup lari,tidak ada saya ngerasa simitsu Lini,Gembos jadi sangat-sangat stabil,sangat-sangat steady sangat-sangat,send bagian depan maupun di bagian,belakangnya lucu yang kedua yaitu adalah,flight yang tadi saya udah bilang kalau,flyover ini adalah way of the best,teknologi knitting di sepatu running,dari mulai gramasinya dari mulai,elastisitasnya dari mulai supportnya,lock di bagian depan elastisitas di,kolamnya juga memudahkan ke kalian,ketika masuk sepatu ini jadi saya juga,kadang-kadang mikir sepeda kalau tanpa,tali pun siswa juga sudah cukup memeluk,kaki kalian dan ketika dipakai berlari,sekitar 3-5 KM masih belum terasa panas,di akhirnya di versi sebelumnya sama,cuman bedanya kalender sebelumnya ini,jauh lebih agak sedikit Steve kode LV,sebelumnya itu benar-benar dia,sangat-sangat elastis jadi ini jauh,lebih Steve tapi tidak mengurangi,kenyamanan nya jadi mungkin fungsinya,adalah menjaga kaki agar tidak lebih,seeking di dalam sepatu kalau di versi,Sebelumnya dia jauh lebih elastis lagi,jadi ini jauh lebih nyaman dan lebih,aman dan yang terakhir,yaitu adalah stability nya jelas ini,sangat-sangat lihat ini sangat-sangat,visible ya kalau bisa jadi for food nya,dia lebih melebar Jadi kalau untuk,kalian bermanuver bagian lateral dan,medial itu Joko support dan karena,didukung juga oleh si reform yang sangat,lembut pengalaman saya berlari itu,sangat enjoyable ketika Kalian mau,ngerubah Direction secara frontal,misalkan jadi sangat-sangat enak sekali,untuk kalian untuk berlari mitos Strike,maupun portrait www.mci-world.com yang,saya sukai dari sepatu ini dan,berikutnya ia tidak ada yang sempurna,didunia ini jadi ya berikutnya saya akan,langsung masuk ke hal-hal yang saya,tidak suka dari sepatu ini yang pertama,fitting Iya gua tahu tadi gue udah,bilang kalau misalkan Simpan ini one of,the best Dia sangat accommodating Dia,sangat support ya ya tapi buat kalian,yang belum tahu sepatu Nike ini dia tuh,profilnya Nero,sedangkan kaki Orang Indonesia itu,mostly adalah zebra zebra atau,lebar-lebar Oke kaki saya saya sepertiga,udah kaya platypus lebar banget jadi,pakai saya tuh cesnya lebarnya 43,tingginya tuh bisa di 42 tapi saya beli,Nike ini design 44 kebaya enggak Jadi,sebenarnya Kalau dari segi over dari,segi knitting dia memang accommodating,tapi dari segi fittingnya saya ngerasa,agak sedikit tip dibagian tengahnya dan,bisa dilihat dari ketinggian kolornya,itu dia tidak terlalu tinggi jadi memang,dari segi Fit di bagian keluar juga saya,tidak agak-agak agak-agak checking di,bagian collar tidak buruk tapi bukan,yang terbaik aja ya ketika pengetesan,berlari Saya coba pakai lari ini sekitar,5 km dan mengutip tadi yang masalah,fitting dibagian depan jadi ketika saya,menggunakan sepatu ini berlari sekitar,KM ketiga sampai keempat itu kaki saya,di bagian,ini itu agak-agak mulai terasa nyeri,Mungkin memang butuh waktu untuk nasi,sepatu ini breakin karena kalau bisa,dilihat disini juga ada support review,yang sangat panjang sekali jadi membuat,si bagian tengah ini jauh lebih Lockdown,lagi jauh lebih Steve lagi jadi,agak-agak ketahan Jadi saya kurang tahu,butuh berapa lama sepatu ini sampai,breakdown sebenarnya Dan yang kedua,adalah suatu ini berat ya sepatu ini,berat kita bisa lihat juga ini kita,lihat ada TV dimana-mana di sini dari,segi estetis support sebenarnya ini,sangat-sangat accommodating,sangat-sanga

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duplicação bem,importante nas laterais hotéis ou seja,temos tem mais estrutura tem mais,firmeza porque para acabar com aquela,demanda dos corredores do primeiro tênis,que não tinham essa falta de estrutura,Ou seja eu acho que as modificações que,a né que pensou dizem muito respeito ao,público por qual o tênis está indicado,Então faz sentido total para mim não foi,tão legal porque eu não sou o público,indicado para certeza entendeu Mas aí,Eu gostei muito do mais do que os dois,mas tenho certeza que fosse um corredor,com sobrepeso mais pesado que quer uma,rodagem mais macia + amortecedores,segura talvez você Prefiro esse daqui,beleza vamos frente à escola eu tá vendo,a entressola do Calçado é inteirinha,forjada em na Ivete que é o material da,Nike espuma + amortecedor é mais macia,que a Nike tem tá ele continua com uma,bela placa de entre sola tem 33,milímetros atrás 24 na frente ou seja,tem um drop de 9 milímetros que,exatamente igual drop que a gente tinha,outro modelo continua com o creio Shape,né continua com aquele solado abaulado,que ajuda a dar estabilidade à base bem,larga bem larga mesmo muito mais na,frente do que um arco do pé mas a ideia,não é como já falei no primeiro review,que eu fiz no ano passado a ideia da né,que é que este este arco do pé Curvo com,essa curvatura ajude a dar estabilidade,retorno de energia apesar de ser um,pênis que o forte não é o retorno de,energia e sim a rodagem macia,amortecedor a intenção Hertz ES,se pretende cara aí você não pode,esperar dela nada que te retorne demais,assim ela vai amortecer a sua corrida te,dar uma rodagem segura e Macia beleza,muito bem o que a gente tem aqui na base,do calcanhar é aquele aquela peça né que,é um clothing em Pepeu tá isso já,existia no modelo anterior é preciso que,eu tenho que ficou um pouquinho maior,esse que eu tinha aqui então você tem um,pouco mais de firmeza também no encaixe,do calcanhar ele ficou mais seguro Isso,é fato a nossa investiu em modificações,para deixar o tênis mais seguro que uma,estrutura melhor o ajuste do tênis para,mim ele não é igual ao outro ao modelo,anterior mas certamente é um pênis mais,seguro e que aceita corredores com mais,pesos corredores que estão que são mais,iniciantes ou seja Nike mirou e nesse,ponto acertou beleza vamos ao seu lado,solado do tênis tem borracha injetada na,mesma geometria que tinha nos o lado,anterior eu fiz vários treinos com esse,tênis aqui comecei na semana retrasada,quando ele chegou fiz um treino que,serviram no,na semana passada e é bem legal,aderência do tênis meu pisei em um lugar,molhado super super aderente é muito bom,muito bacana o tênis caso agora fica,aquela história né base larga para,caramba mas compra o número maior por,conta do novo cabelo bom curtiu Vamos,aos pontos positivos e negativos então,do Nick e infinito hum dois primeiro.,Negativo é a desinformação porque eu tô,falando sobre isso primeira coisa Nick e,manda para mim colocou no release,produto que ele tem 302 gramas eu peguei,por 302 outra 292 vocês 10 g

Nike Infinity React 2 REVIEW – ISSUES FIXED? Or better alternatives?

hello everybody and welcome back to the,channel today were going to be testing,out this,brand new shoe from nike the nike react,infinity run,to their latest update to this line so,sit back relax,lets get stuck into a few and see if,this shoe,is any good for you,right lets get on with the review so,were going to start with some,facts and figures all about this shoe,well talk about some changes between,this one and the last one well go,through the positives,some negatives and another conclusion at,the end so first things first lets,start with some facts and figures well,firstly actually i bought this shoe,100 with my money as i do with all of,the shoe reviews on this channel i want,to give you completely,unbiased advice here in the uk was 100,139 pounds i actually managed to get a,little discount on this,down to 125. so yeah if youre having a,look around see what the best prices you,can get ill put the euro and the dollar,equivalent up on the screen now,so this shoe was true to size for me i,bought this in exactly the same size as,i bought the previous model,and all of my other nike shoes as well,all along the bottom here is the nike,react foam which is their hard,wearing everyday sort of foam what they,put in their shoes,people are doing their sort of bigger,mileage in not the fastest thing well,come on to that later on,nike are marketing this as a neutral,shoe which i kind of get,the the previous model before they,marked it as a stability shoe,so theres a lot of sort of extra sort,of support here in the,arch so if youre a little bit,flat-footed that could be a good option,but i cant feel any of that in this,shoe so maybe theyve taken it out i,need to do a little bit more research on,that but,they are saying this is a neutral shoe,theres a nine millimeter drop between,the back of the shoe and the front of,the shoe thats going to suit,all different types of strikers so,whether youre striking in the,in if youre a rear foot striker mid,foot or four foot striker youre going,to get a nice,turnover in this shoe,so lets have a look at the changes,between this one and the model 4 because,it has been completely updated and i,must say,theyve listened because i think this,has really been improved,so first things first this has been a,completely redesigned,upper and also a completely re really a,complete,redesign of the heel area as well and,theyve also put,six uh eyelets uh for the laces here as,the previous model had four so yeah,completely,redesigned the whole top of the shoe but,the bottom half and the foam,and everything there the midsole is all,completely the same as the previous one,right lets get stuck into the positive,right positive happy face on these are,all the good things,about this shoe so as i say they have,completely redesigned the upper and the,sheet the last shoe i,really didnt get on with i actually,ended up selling it on ebay because i,just couldnt get,my foot locked down at all it was,slipping around all over the place,and it actually just got a little bit,worse and worse as the shoe gave a,little bit,but this completely redesigned upper and,especially in the heel area,zero heel slip so far which is was just,the nightmare in the last shoe foot is,completely,nicely locked down no movement no hot,spots,the lacing along the front here really,good those extra two eyelets theyve put,on,this particular model as i say super,comfortable out of the box,no issues with any blisters any hot,spots just,completely redesign this shoe for the,better the second positive as you can,see in a lot of the footage so far were,in the middle of winter here in london,its raining pretty much every day,but the grip so far in this shoe has,been really good ive actually been very,impressed,you wouldnt think so to look at the,bottom of the shoe there was an awful,lot of grip here but i havent slipped,at all at once its been really good so,yeah really its,a lot of confidence in the shoe its,gripping really nicely in the dry,and also in the wet i did take it on a,little bit of um some slightly sort of,off-roady sort of traily bits,and it was absolutely fine but this is,very much a road shoe dont dont decide,to think you could take this out on any,sort of,serious trails and my final positive is,this tongue that has been,completely redesigned as well again its,just helping with that and the laces to,get this really nice,lockdown feel and its just super,comfortable out the box its kind of,similar to the first point but yeah the,what theyve done with this tongue its,nice and thick,its keeping your feet actually quite,warm at this time of year as well,and yeah that combination of this really,hard wearing foam nicely locked down,and also the react foam at the bottom,i just think its going to turn into a,really high model shoot yeah at the,moment ive only clocked up about 45 ks,in this shoe so far,but i think this is going to go a long,time the react foam has got a good,history of lasting a long time so,you should be getting a lot of good,value for money out of this shoe in the,long term,[Music],right moving on to the negatives boo,so yeah this shoe is really not that,fast this is very much and like youre,marketing it as,a everyday training shoe for your easy,runs and for your recovery runs and it,does that well,but i really dont think you can be,thinking you could turn up to race day,and put in a good,solid fast performance in something like,this this is very much,an everyday easy and recovery run shoe,there is no speed,in this whatsoever ive tried to take it,up to speed and you just feel like,youre doing a,lot of hard work so this really is,something to fit,into a rotation where you have some,faster shoes if youre looking for,something a little bit more,a jack-of-all-trades sort of shoe that,can do everything the asics nova blast,here,or the new balance 1080. this is the,version 10 version 11 its coming out,very soon well see have that on the,channel,theyre going to be far better shoes,theyre going to necessarily last as,long this is a very hard wearing shoe,itll last a long time theyre going to,last as long but youre going to get a,lot more speed,and be able to do your easy runs and,that sort of thing this shoe is not,going to,is not going to be good for that faster,speed work and races,moving on to my second negative point,this is just,typical nike at the moment its a big,heavy clumpy shoe so this for me,is coming at 353 grams that is on the,heavy side yes i have big feet i know,weve heard it all before,but thats a lot heavier than the new,balance 1080 which comes in around about,320,or the assets nova blast around about,the same about 320.,you just notice that volt that bulk that,volume,as youre running along its just a,little bit sort of hard work but as i,say,with that extra weight you are probably,gonna get a lot of,life,[Music],so lets sum up should you go and buy,this shoe well i think it depends,what type of shoe youre looking for if,you have a fast shoe youve got a ratio,and you want to add a little recovery,shoe into your rotation,this is going to be good its going to,look after you and its going to be nice,its going to be comfortable youre just,going to put it on,and its going to look after you,absolutely fine and thats what ill be,using this shoe,for over the next few months but i,really think youre much better off,buying something like the new balance,1080,or the asics nova blast not all of us,have the luxury like someone like me do,that running to my living and everything,to have a big selection of shoes in your,garage youre just going to get a lot,more value a lot more fun,out of shoes like this than you are out,of something,like this so really thats all i can say,in summary,if you want that easy recovery on shoe,get this its going to look after you,youre going to enjoy it its gonna be,fine you can be nicely locked down,big improvements over the first shoe if,youve got some heel slips thats all,gone its gonna be a good shoe,so thats it guys that is the review o

Nike React Infinity 2 | FULL REVIEW | Solid improvements, same durable ride

hi this is thomas believe the run this,is robbie with believe neuron and today,were excited to bring to you,the nike react infinity to,i think theres a run in there but i,feel like yeah what else youre gonna do,with the shoe,yeah get that run out of this is a,running shoe this shoe,last year came out with a lot of,promises youre not gonna get injured,youre gonna look real good lets do a,promo campaign getting the shoe dirty,and it pretty much replaced one of your,favorite shoes yeah the epic react,2 or the first one i dont know i mean,its pretty much one epic reaction yeah,it was a beautiful shoe,rest in peace thats the thing you do i,was pumped,for these last year theyre kind of,polarizing some people really dug them,some people didnt i know why last,years was polarizing,yeah before we get into this years lets,talk about what we didnt like about,last year,for starters the upper was a little bit,sloppy that was my big thing yeah i felt,there was a lot of heel slippage some,side to side movement in here,the medial part a little hump in the,middle maybe got a little bit,if you have flat feet the arch,bothered people what it it was meant it,i felt like,it was there to be molded to your foot,so if you did have a flat arch,after a couple runs it started to,flatten out and become more tolerable,but there were people who absolutely,loved this shoe our stability reviewer,aldrin,he gave this his top stability shield,last year he put in like four or 500,miles in it but the problem was,if you look at the shoe theres no way,to lock down,over the top of the foot because the,only thing it had was this fly knit,upper and there wasnt a lot,here in the back to keep you locked in,with your heels so there was some heel,lift but what it did,for me is it didnt create a holistic,feel on the shoe,you had a great midsole outsole feel,you had less of a great feel for the,upper,but i still enjoyed running the shoe it,wasnt a shoe i hated,flash flash forward fast,fast forward to infinity react two and,its amazing what an upper can do to,make you love a shoe so let me ask you,we talked about the problems we have,with the upper on the first version,did they remedy it in this version they,did and now the shoe,feels like one unit theyve added the,fly wire in here to keep you,give you that lock down feel over your,foot bringing back the flywire i like it,people hated the flywire i got to tell,you its nice to have it back in this,shoe,i still have to lace it up pretty tight,because it is a wider shoe,now some of you are thinking well if,its a white shoe could jarrett wear it,or somebody else,the thing is that the narrowness of the,throat is gonna probably prohibit that,but the open feeling in the toe box is,there so if you need more,room to display your toes its there,with this shoe i have to cinch it down i,have a very narrow foot with a high arch,so again the arch in this is similar to,the one before,it still bumps up overall the flyknit,upper,of this shoe fits really well and then,this padding which looks,like an egregious amount of padding,actually does his job,i mean which is nice because that was,the heel slippage was one of the,problems we had the last version,or even so much that not rubbing because,this,was soft on this last version but just,not enough structure in the back there,yeah now your heels locked in you even,have,the double holes here if you want to try,to do a heel,lock into the shoe and they did a nice,little thing see its the infinity,symbol,yeah yeah i did clever nike i get it,when your foot is locked in properly,over this midsole,it really rides excellent does it,ride the same as last years version,would you say last,one i would say sometimes could feel a,little clunky this one doesnt feel,clunky at all,interesting because i believe this,version weighs more than last years,version,i mean which isnt a surprise theres a,lot more padding and a lot more,upper yeah the midsole the outsole is,the exact same so it really is all,coming from the upper,and i have to say normally id hate it,when a shoe gains weight,but in this case its all good like this,this shoe works now this one now is what,i would call,an excellent daily trainer somebody,wants some stability its got the wide,platform,still has that same heel clip as last,years version although this one feels,more like a,silicone type like a softer plastic,whereas last years,really hard plastic seems a little bit,different yeah i dont know,it feels the same to me okay but you,could be on to some,the tongue on this ones a lot different,too so its its,in there its like you still have that,sock feel its attached,right but it does give you that extra,its like stretch adjustability around,your,your collar yeah its definitely,stretchy yeah um,stretch armstrong right there its not a,speedster,um i did take it out you know on my,mileage,i did it a 10 a little over 10 mile,running it,and i felt like i was going slower,but i was actually nailing about an,eight minute flat,pace and just kind of like an easy run,not trying to,like yeah like be a speedster that day,and if my feet and legs just felt great,the ride of this feels great its smooth,its a rockered bottom,so you just kind of roll through your,stride lets uh do a weight comparison,on these,yeah last years version versus this,years version all right so,10.51 ounces which used to be considered,somewhat light anywhere under like 11.,nowadays thats a moderate weight for a,daily trainer for a mens size 10 and a,half yeah yeah,for a min size 10 half and then this one,weighs in,at 10.9 so were talking minimal,difference like really if you can tell,the difference,and then for uh grams its 309 grams,for the new guy 299,for the old guy okay lets lets talk,about what the features are that are,supposed to help you with,staying injury-free sure because thats,one of the claims of the,react infiniti is that its proven,in labs of some sort somewhere deep in,the back cave,and you have to say a lot of it was,compared to the structure right as a,stability shield exactly to prevent,something like 50 more progress with,injuries or whatever,and they do this by making it that light,stability shoe,where it has this heel clip for some,structure,you got the medial piece its basically,made to,help you with your form or your running,form yeah theres not really a medial,posting in this,yeah so what youre getting is a wider,base you do have this clip in here that,keeps,the heel from being a little sloppy,moving around too much,the other thing is that the injury part,is the react foam is soft and forgiving,right so thats also going to help your,legs and i do feel like that one of the,things that people complain about in,this shoe is that higher arch,that we were talking about getting,beaten down that also helps with your,foots anatomy,to keep it in the right position and,feel throughout your stride,i mean i guess i havent heard of anyone,getting injured in this shoe,anecdotally so i cant yeah nobodys,called its been like hey robbie,oh hello yeah i got injured in the,infinity react or the react infinity um,radar legal page we have nothing to do,with that,goodbye sir youll want to call nike for,that one good luck,so you got this rockered sole that also,helps go through your stride really well,and also is supposed to help keep you,injury free because youre not crushing,on the heel so hard,it does have an eight millimeter drop,but it runs really smooth so its hard,to feel that,and youre gonna feel mostly landing i,land like,in this section of the shoe and the toe,off,you can start to feel where the react,thins out and you get that nice toe off,feel it doesnt have the toe spring that,some faster shoes have,ravi whats the drop in the womens so,the drop in the womens is actually,eight millimeters its nine in the mens,what we get an extra millimeter for,being a guy,just to give us a boost of confidence,yeah its probably the extra height they,know that we like to look tall,and thanks nike for catering for o

Nike React Infinity Run 2 Review After 50 Miles

[Music],has nike finally made an all-around cozy,running shoe,today lets explore the nike react,infiniti run flyknit 2.,hey whats poppin jordan thomas and,today ill be talking about the nike,react infinity flyknit run 2.,i dont know about you but i was caught,off guard with the global release date,i thought that the react infiniti,flyknit run 2 and the zoomax invincible,were going to be available on the same,day and ill be honest i was tight,i waited until the next day to order,these because i was really excited about,the invincible run,and it wasnt available yet but im,happy to report,that these are pretty dope so the quick,version of this,if youre looking to upgrade from the,react infiniti run,one to this one definitely do it if,youre looking finally for a max cushion,shoe,thats got some dope aesthetics to it do,it,and if you want to get into more details,about why i believe that is lets keep,going lets begin with,the upper this is where the most changes,were necessary in this shoe,and nike nailed it they kept the,elements that were working which was,a somewhat wide toe box the four foot,area they were able to expand it,just somewhat thanks to the flywire,thats there you get a little bit more,play,as well as you have an interconnected,tongue thats also padded now so you,have a little bit more of those kind of,traditional,running shoe elements along with some,padding around the heel collar,the cup and it kept the pull tab so that,combination of things,helps address a bunch of issues that,were associated with the last one and it,was just it was too streamlined i felt,like the shoe was mismatched in that,the previous version had like a,streamline upper but its very chunky,bottom,this one kind of like splits the,difference its still somewhat,streamlined but its got padding,in the right areas that helps create,a situation that you can look at the,overall fit that that toe box is,generous,now when you put the shoe on youve got,some play and the lacing to get it the,way you want to i do still feel like the,room in the heel cup could be a little,bit more secure,but its just something to keep in mind,if youre going to pick up,this shoe and so now when you combine,that with,the midsole which remained unchanged,from last year you used that with the,wide rocker to remain unchanged from,last year and you got the outsole to,remain,unchanged from last year you have a cozy,certified shoe one note with the overall,just like react foam,its highly durable theres lots of,reports out there of people getting 300,plus miles,in these shoes consistently i even have,300 miles,in my shoe and i probably could have,went longer had i not just started like,testing more shoes,throughout the year so in terms of like,a durability cozy,situation these are it now in terms of,like how youre gonna get the best use,of these from a performance standpoint,these are an everyday training type shoe,just throw whatever workout you need to,add them,yes theres opportunities for you to run,faster or potentially run lighter but if,youre just looking for one shoe,thats going to be able to do everything,reasonably well this is the one,in terms of how ive been using it,though ive actually been using it as a,replacement to the pegasus 37 which,means that im putting in,anywhere between 20 and 30 miles in this,shoe alone,and then ill sub in like one other,shoot throughout the week so ive put in,well over 50 plus miles in the shoe,thanks to the traction thats associated,with it you can take this on pretty much,any surface you can imagine i would,give you the same advice that i would,give like with a pegasus which means,that you can take it on,road dirt trail but i would suggest that,you stay with like technical trails,in the shoe and that just because of,this not only the combination of stack,height but the traction,isnt meant for you know technical,trails um,in terms of who would i recommend this,shoe well first and foremost to the,person thats looking to upgrade from,the previous years version the,improvements to the upper,make this a slam dunk no brainer lets,go ahead and do it,next ill recommend this for someone,thats looking for a general fitness,shoe and only plans on buying maybe like,one pair of running shoes this year,this one is going to be able to deliver,a number of different things and its,going to be highly durable,now i would say skip this shoe if youre,looking for,a super secure fit or something thats,going to be highly customizable,this is not that and so for that reason,you may want to skip it and i would also,say if youre contemplating between,getting this,and the zoom x invincible you dont,necessarily need both of these shoes so,it will likely be one if youre,interested in my thoughts on that i,should have something coming soon,hopefully the release date uh becomes,more public and then ill know what i,can go grab me a pair of these,thanks for watching if you liked it,please be sure to give me a thumbs up,and if you loved it subscribe,that way i know its real if you want to,check out another running shoe review,check this out and if you want to check,out something else,check this out ill see you next time,jordan thomas,peace

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