1. Nikkei Asian Review: Keynote Speech with Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia
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  4. BUSINESS: Andrew Sharp, Nikkei Asian Review Deputy Editor
  5. Nikkei Asian Review: Châu Á chào đón sự hiện diện của Mỹ tại Biển Đông bằng cả hy vọng và ngờ vực?
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Nikkei Asian Review: Keynote Speech with Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia

juice doctor Mahadeo but right before,the future of Asia last year election,general election took place and he,became the Prime Minister after a long,absence from the Prime Ministers chair,he has now 93 years old for 22 years,from 1981 to 2003 now he served as a,prime minister and 2015 now he again,became the head of the states leading a,pH so the future of Asia started in 1995,so celebrating 25th anniversary and dr.,Maha Theo has been with us from the,inception with mr. Ali so that this is,the 21st time that hes been here as a,guest for the future of Asia and many of,you are always looking forward to hear,his opinions and even the person to do,the dialogue almost four years but,somehow he is becoming even more upbeat,and also lively and even though he is,ageing it seems like physically it is,reversing so that now its just one year,after he assumed the position of a prime,minister will direct here from the,us-china frictions and also what will be,the positioning of the Malaysia in the,world community so lets invite dr. Maha,TIA,[Applause],ladies and gentlemen Im very glad to be,here again this year and to give some of,my thoughts on the situation in the,world and also the station in the ASEAN,region in Malaysia in particular we know,that the station in the world is not,stable we see conflicts everywhere we,see problems in Latin America in North,America in Europe in Asia in various,parts certainly in the Middle East it is,a very unstable situation there is a,confrontation between America and China,and all these things are not good for,the whole world we are all affected even,if we are not part of the contestants we,because two giants are fighting each,other and as they say when two elephants,fight it is the grass they gets trampled,under or whatever creature that is,underneath this is happening now,and obviously the old order has failed,we need a new world order but we have,had several new world orders and they,seem all to have failed and they have,fear because we are still quite,primitive we are still relatively,uncivilized we think that conflicts can,be resolved through confrontations,through war through the destruction and,the killing of people and we have seen,that in the last war when 7 million,people were killed we did not achieve,any good results for anybody it is,during peace that the countries were all,able to develop settle,the Japan Germany benefited from the,peace and shooing after the last war,here we need to think again about how we,think about our relations with each,other do we always go back to history,and say that well in the past we were,enemies and therefore we should continue,to be enemies we should continue to,confront each other and if necessary go,to war with each other this is very,primitive thinking because if we look,back to the past all of us have got,conflicts which each other for example,Malaysia had conflicts with Talyn but,today we are at peace with Stalin but,most significantly we see how the,Europeans have managed they are,continuing there was conflicts between,France and Germany for centuries every,now and again France and Japanese and,Germany will go to war and involve the,rest of the rest of Europe and in the,first and second world war and involve,the whole of the world it became a world,war and yet to me today Germany and,France are close to each other they no,longer talk about their past history but,they talk about the present and the,future however in the face we find,confrontation based on our history see,today we find of course that there is,enmity between Japan and China with,Japan and Korea and other conflicts that,were created in the past we need to,follow the example of Germany and France,we need to settle our problems not,through war but through negotiation,through arbitration and through a court,of law if you do this,then the world will be much more stable,and conflicts can be better resolved I,would like to show the example of ASEAN,the ASEAN countries,when we became independent there was,confrontation serious confrontation,between Indonesia and Malaysia claims,and counterclaims overlapping claims,within Malaysia and Singapore Malaysia,and the Philippines and even with,Thailand,but as you know Southeast Asia now is,very stable and very peaceful no,confrontation and no wars against them,they have decided to come together,particularly the heads of government,regularly meet every year and settle,whatever the problems they have at the,table not in battlefield and since then,Southeast Asia has been able to remain,very peaceful and our economies have,benefited much from the peacefulness and,stability of Southeast Asia or the ASEAN,grouping of ten countries now if we,apply that same station or the same,method of settling problems within,between nations that we all come,together and discuss our problems and,resolve it through negotiation,arbitration or a court of law then there,will be no war but today we are still,thinking of wars we are still thinking,of both within China and other countries,now that China has become rich and,powerful when it was poor we feared,China now that it is rich we also feel,China but that problem with China cannot,be resolved through confrontation,through sending battleships into the,area and carrying out exercises that may,result in some strong confrontation and,the reaction of China of course will be,to grow their military capability and to,be quite,threatening but if this is the way we,want to settle our problems with the new,China I think we all will lose,everything it is important that we need,have to have a forum forum involving the,leaders of the people of East Asia and,also of Asia itself and the world,organization the United Nation should be,focused on how to establish peace and,resolve problem through peace then,through confrontations today the United,Nations is disregarded by the big powers,they do what they want to do,irrespective of the laws international,laws apply to everyone in this world but,we see that there is always,confrontation and need to threaten and,when you threaten countries their,reaction will be to improve their,defense or take capabilities and this,great gifts free to attention and some,slight incident millet war one must,remember that in the First World War the,killing of a ship Ferdinand by some,people in Serbia resulted in the end in,a world war that killed millions of,people,just once incident and we go to war with,each other we can afford and incident,like that will happen in the South China,Sea for example that is why I Malaysia,advocates that there should be no,warships stationed in South China Sea if,they are going to pass through they are,welcome to do so but to have a fleet,dear a very aggressive fleet here is not,something that is going to do to,stabilize the area so I think that our,mindsets must be changed we considered,ourselves to be civilized people,but we saw problem by killing each other,and by destroying whole countries,massive destruction of whole countries,if there is a war now we can destroy the,whole world and destroy millions and,millions and millions of people that,doesnt show that we are any more,civilized than the pyramid people of the,past we want to consider ourselves as,civilized and civilized people dont,kill each other in any society we have,laws that we have to obey we have rules,we have methods of resolving conflicts,and if a person commits a crime there is,a way to deal with that person he is,going to be charged he is going to be,tried in a court of law and therefore we,will settle through the decision made by,the judges now all solutions cannot be,100 percent satisfactory to everyone in,all city situation of conflict any,solution must involve in sacrifices by,all the parties concerned if we are,going to have a win-win situation,then everyone must give up something but,when one party says unless you follow me,I am NOT going to agree then of course,there will be no such solution but each,and every one of us have to mak

Nikkei Asia Introduction Video

nikkei asia,brings you news and insights on the,regions most influential companies,and comprehensive coverage of politics,economy markets and trends,all from a uniquely asian perspective,for over 144 years,nikkei the publishing company of nikkei,asia has been providing unparalleled,coverage,of japans economy industries and,markets,with 37 global bureaus and over 1 500,journalists,nikkei is ideally positioned to provide,asian news,and analysis to a global audience,our mission is to bring the voices and,heartbeats of aegis vibrant economies,together,with quality journalism and sound,opinion and,to become an indispensable tool in your,pursuit of professional success in asia,the epicenter of global economic growth,and innovation,to access the nikkei asia website type,nikkei,asia in the search box of your browser,in this video,we will introduce what you can find on,our home page,and then highlight some of the key,content areas to get the most,out of your nikkei asia subscription our,content,will help you succeed in your business,courses and kickstart your career,now we are on the home page which has,todays top stories,chosen by nikkei asia editors,on the top right corner you can see the,search box,here are some possible search keywords,for the nikkei asia website,depending on what kind of articles you,are seeking,these keywords are useful to search for,articles on specific themes,[Music],the main navigation bar enables you to,browse within the nikkei asia website,using the headings at the top of your,screen you can look at different sectors,and companies you can also find articles,by category,on the left side of the bar you can see,news by location,when you hover over the category name it,shows subcategories,which help you sort articles by country,or area,lets scroll down the home page and see,what is available,just under todays top stories is,editors picks,curated articles selected for you by our,editorial team,including deep analysis of trending,topics and insightful interviews,these are must reads for anyone doing,business in asia,if you want to explore the selected,articles click on the category name,above the section,and you can access the special editors,picks page,the opinion section under editors picks,feature,insights from not only regular,columnists but prominent guest writers,including a former prime minister and a,central bank governor,offering a daily dose of in-depth,analysis,and informative commentary on asian,business,policy and security issues editors pics,and opinion help you understand the,complicated world,of asian politics and economy,to the right of opinion is the most read,section it shows the top five articles,read by nikkei asia readers around the,world,in the preceding 24 hours this allows,you to easily ascertain political and,economic trends in asia,at the bottom of the page you can find,links to nikkei asias print edition,archives,this is updated every thursday the print,edition features articles on topics that,are trending in asia,every week,[Music],to find articles related to the one you,are reading you can use the category tag,first click on any title to access an,article,after reading it if you want to find,more related articles,click on the blue tag above the article,title,for example to read more about,international politics or economy,tags such as trade war international,relations,or u.s china tensions will be helpful,there are more category tags in decay,asia find your favorite,and follow the topics,meanwhile you can narrow down the,category from the navigation bar,hover your cursor over it and click on,one of the subcategories,for example startups if you want to,research startups or unicorns in,asia this section is for you nikkei asia,covers the latest news on emerging and,disruptive businesses,across the region the leading voice of,entrepreneurs,is also a must-see for asia watchers,if you are interested in the latest news,on science and technology,click tech on the navigation bar we,focus on covering asias crucial tech,stories,you can get a close look at the vast,amounts of money changing hands,in the asian technology sector,the latest asian lifestyle arts,entertainment,books movies and music are featured in,life,and arts read the articles and stay,inspired,motivated and informed about everyday,life in,asia,you can read nikkei asias news articles,on a variety of social media channels,this makes it easy to catch up on the,latest stories and extremely convenient,to share your favorite stories with your,friends,if you want to stay informed about the,most important asian news,access our website today and start,taking advantage of all that nikkei asia,has to offer,nikkei asia the voice of the asian,century

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SQL Asset-Nikkei Asian Review Magazine Interview with Bryan Cheong

first of all and Bryan Chong from syntax,technology CEO of the company Ive been,in the market for last 17 years so why I,joined the market in accounting software,consultancy basically is because I,always have a dream accounting software,should not be only used by accountant it,should be very easy to use by any normal,people so thats why Ive been in the,market for so many years and I choose,SQL accounting software as my product to,distribute and 2,000 Sumer so because,from order for that I knew this is the,only product that is so easy and so,user-friendly so as you know for the,past years in Malaysia there is an,implementation of GST so its a very,unique and very difficult things coming,from the IT consultant background I feel,that I have the responsibilities to help,more people in terms of accounting and,in terms of GSP thats why I took the,GST consultant exam and to become a GSE,certified consultant so throughout the,past two years Ive been written three,books in terms of GSA and accounting,software and also a public speaker and,give a route tool in home eleisha about,how the qsd book in malaysia and also,how to make use of accounting software,to help to run your business,drama experience Im not only working,with collect and partners over Malaysia,I also have partners over other,countries such as a Singapore Thailand,Indonesia Cambodia and so on and I found,out that did not only have problems in,accounting but also there is a huge,problem in managing effect so because,Im from IT background thats why I have,always tried to develop a software to,solve their problems and throughout the,past few years,I spend to do analysis user study and,Ive come up with great ideas by,combining club technology and also,mobile application together to tackle,this kind of problems and the product is,called SP RSM okay when we talk about,asset management we always think about,two things asset disposal and also asset,appreciation of course this is important,but as that management actually is,beyond this we have you need to consider,something called a subtracting asset,audit document management and so on,now how ask your asset will help you is,we will handle all your except,disposition disposer automatically which,can link to your accounting system and,this package is free for you you do not,need to pay a single thing for that but,if you want to have other functions may,be to use your hand phone to scan and a,QR code that stick on your asset to know,the details this of course you need to,go to the standard version so not only,that by using your mobile you can,actually go into a room to scan all the,asset inside and get to know is there,any missing asset or not now,a lot of country will have this issue,that the staff do not take care of CRSs,so both need to pay a lot of money just,to replace it and start will always,fight for something or some accept that,is shared along them among them so we as,SQL asset now everyone can manage the,asset in one bottle okay,people can check the availability,and people will know that the boss is,monitoring all this asset if the asset,is missing the stuff needs to,responsible for it and not the boss so,everyone will be happy inside of that,lets say now we have an issue that we,have foreign workers the permit the,passport will have expiry date but how,are they going to remember all this,expiry date will be more in deep order,machine so we ask your assets you have,the reminder for all these problems,well send a reminder to your handle so,you do not need to worry you you will,have the expiry date or warranty they,expired,you got we tell you in advance so its,not only can check your asset to answer,audit get the reminder you also can do a,Google Calendar or something we call it,calendar that share within your company,all this function is available in our,system SQL asset management so lets say,you are interested just log in to our,website triple w SQL as SATCOM or just,send us an email info Elias SQL except,calm I hope you enjoy to use the,software for free thank you

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BUSINESS: Andrew Sharp, Nikkei Asian Review Deputy Editor

all right to get more of this at lets,speak to Andrew sharp hes in Tokyo and,he is the deputy Poli politics and,economics editor at some Nikkei Asian,review fantastic to have you on the show,what makes this crisis so different when,it comes to Asia thank you and good,evening and thank you for having me I,think the difference is just the sheer,scale of the crisis the IMF said its,gonna cause the biggest recession since,the global depression in the 1930s its,the scale countries are shutting down,you know hold towns you know the shops,are closed people arent going out I,think its its obvious its just the,economies are being closed down so its,gonna be the biggest probable crisis of,our lifetimes,its incredible to hear that and what,does the IMF say about China and India,that the biggest economies well on China,its its forecasting a fall to around,GDP growth of around 1% obviously China,has recovered faster than other,economies in the sense that it issued,with the virus there is its less severe,than it was of course when it originated,there and for India I mean the whole the,economy was in trouble anyway there are,many issues there some of Mahdis issues,monies moves as high and youth,unemployment so it was struggling anyway,so those two are really going to,struggle but if you look at the IMFs,forecasts both those economies are,likely to bounce back in 2021 in China,to around 8 percent India to around 7 so,more faster pace of growth the beach a,recovery from from this big crisis and,lets look at a bit more Andrew at some,other IMF predictions at Japan and,Australia why would these two advanced,economies be hit hard,okay well Japan I obviously know the,best because Ive lived here for quite a,long time it was struggling anyway they,just the government just put in a new,sales tax increase that to ten,sent and that really hit consumption,really hits it hard and that Japan could,have gone into a technical recession,anyway and then it had the double whammy,of the coronavirus hitting Japan so,clearly Japans economys kind of fault,around 5% this year according to the IMF,and the question is where there will be,a v-shaped or a flatter recovery for,Japan but I think its going to take,quite a few years for it to get even,back to the levels it was at last year,and thats to Australia well Im sure,youre aware you know it hasnt had a,recession in like 30 years or something,its very reliance of China for its,exports Colette cetera and so its a,really a very sharp six percent fall 16,rise by the following year according to,the IMF so those two economies could,definitely be hit really really hard and,it could be interesting to see if they,recover and talking about recovery and a,quick one before I let you go the entire,Asian region how quickly do you expect,it to rebound when this pandemic and,well if I knew that Id be out there,making money we dont know I mean,obviously the brunt of the crisis is in,Europe and the United States right now,so its hard to say clearly what could,happen but as things that now its not,as bad here as it is elsewhere in the,world but as you know and were all,fearful of it could come back at any,point so I think it all depends on,countries keeping measures in place,making sure that there is no second or,third wave of of an outbreak in their,country indeed third wave youve just,said there hadnt heard that one before,Andrew sharp in Tokyo thank you very,much indeed appreciate it,[Music]

Nikkei Asian Review: Châu Á chào đón sự hiện diện của Mỹ tại Biển Đông bằng cả hy vọng và ngờ vực?

số,[âm nhạc],nikkei Asian review nói rằng châu Á cho,đó sự hiện diện của Mỹ tại biển Đông,bằng cả hi vọng và người vợ,chính phủ Hoa Kỳ đã khẳng khái tuyên bố,rõ lập trường của mình Ta Biển Đông khi,từ chối tất cả các yêu sách Hàng Hải của,Trung Quốc tại khu vực này mới một cảnh,báo chính thức rằng Mỹ sẽ đáp trả bằng,các biện pháp trừng phạt nặng nề đối với,các quan chức và doanh nghiệp Trung Quốc,nếu tiếp tục vượt Quyền,ông David were trợ lý bộ trưởng ngoại,giao của cuộc Đông Á nói dòng bằng cách,tuyên bố chủ quyền không thể chiếu cãi,đối với một khu vực rộng lớn hơn Tại Địa,Trung Hải và chà đạp lên quyền lợi của,các quốc gia khác Trung Quốc đang đe dọa,lên trật tự hiện tại đã mang lại cho,Châu Á nhiều tập kỳ thịnh vượng đặc biệt,thời điểm này là mốc đánh dấu kỷ niệm,lần thứ từ phán quyết của tòa trọng tài,năm 2016 tại La hay đứng về phía,Philippines và bác bò có yêu sách Hàng,Hải đường chín đoạn của Bắc Kinh,cho our nói thêm rằng thế giới không thể,và sẽ không bao giờ cho phép Trung Quốc,chiếm lấy biển đông biến Trung Quốc trở,thành đế chế hàng ngày ở hầu hết các,quốc gia châu Á đều hát nhanh động Thái,thể hiện quan điểm rõ ràng từ phía Mỹ,Ngoại trưởng Nhật Bản ông Tô sumisho,mootk nói với các phóng viên sau cuộc,họp Nội các do tuyên bố của Ngoại trưởng,per cho thấy cam kết không thể lay,chuyển của Mỹ đối với hòa bình và ổn,định khu vực đây là động Thái rất đáng,trân trọng,khi các thành viên của hiệp hội các quốc,gia Đông Nam Á được bày tỏ lo ngại về,các hoạt động của Trung Quốc ở Biển Đông,sau hội nghị thượng đình vào cuối tuần,trước giờ đây hầu hết các quốc gia trong,Hiệp hội đều hót nhanh tuyên bố này của,mẹ,Ông Bộ trưởng quốc phòng Philippines đèn,pin LED đèn pin LED nói rằng chúng tôi,hoàn toàn đồng ý với lập trường của cộng,đồng quốc tế Giang cần có một trật tự,dựa trên luật lệ rõ ràng ở biển Đông Ông,nói thêm rằng đó là vì lợi ích tốt nhất,cho sự hòa bình ổn định khu vực Trung,Quốc Những thực hiện lời kêu gọi của,cộng đồng quốc tế Trung Quốc nên tuân,theo luật pháp quốc tế và tôn trọng các,thỏa thuận quốc tế hiện có,Anh tại Đài Loan phát ngôn viên bộ ngoại,giao ra được câu nói với các phóng viên,rằng Đài Loan luôn phản đối bất kỳ nỗ,lực nào của một quốc gia yêu sách sử,dụng sự đe dọa hoặc ép buộc để giải,quyết tranh chấp,ở Tuy nhiên sự Hoài Nghi và ngờ vực đối,với các nước châu Á vẫn còn tồn tại hầu,hết đều cho rằng Mỹ cũng đồng màng một,âm mưu khác,Taylor fravel giáo sư khoa học chính trị,và giám đốc chương trình nghiên cứu an,ninh tại viện công nghệ mà sở chuyển xác,cho biết các quốc gia Đông Nam Á không,hề muốn lựa chọn giữa mấy Hãy Trung Quốc,nó chỉ mong muốn khẳng định các yêu sách,và quyền Tài Phán trên biển của mình tại,biển Đông,Khi tuyên bố có thể tạo ra một kỳ vọng,đối với một số quốc gia dòng mỹ có thể,thực hiện các hành động để bảo vệ quyền,tuyên bố,Anh giọng Mỹ có thể thực hiện các hành,động để bảo vệ tuyên bố của họ ăn Trung,Quốc làm càn tại khu vực này,ở Tây Trung Quốc người phát ngôn bộ,Ngoại giao Trung Quốc giao Leesin có,tuyên bố của ông Marc forster là một,hành động vô trách nhiệm,Ừ ông đưa ra lập luận rằng Trung Quốc đã,chính thức công bố đường chiếm đoạt đánh,dấu các yêu sách lãnh thổ của Trung Quốc,vào 548 trái ngược với khẳng định của,vòng vào trong nó đã được công bố vào,năm 2009 do nói rằng đất nước của ông đã,thực thi quyền Tài Phán đối với các đảo,ra và vùng biển có liên quan ở biển đông,từ cả ngàn năm trước nhưng sự thật là,mọi thứ đều chỉ là lời nói một chiều của,Trung Quốc bản đồ chủ quyền cũng do,Trung Quốc tự tạo trong khi không quốc,gia nào trên thế giới công nhận chủ,quyền của Trung Quốc tại khu vực biển,Đông,Chưa biến thành cảm ơn quý vị và các bạn,đã theo dõi bản tin của chúng tôi nhiều,cái hay Hãy nhấn like C và đừng quên,nhấn vào nút đăng ký Kênh Ở góc bên phải,màn hình để có thể cập nhật cụ ủng hộ,những bản tin mới nhất của chúng tôi Xin,cảm ơn và hẹn gặp lại các bạn ở những,bản tin tiếp theo

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Japan to warn Hong Kong-based crypto exchange- Nikkei Asian Review

[Music],[Applause],Tokio,Japans Financial Services Agency is set,to warn a Hong kong-based company,believed to be the worlds biggest,cryptocurrency exchange operator company,finance has been operating in Japan,without a license the financial watchdog,has concluded that investors using the,companys services are in danger of,suffering financial losses from,something unrelated to market moves such,as thefts and fraud sources close to the,agency said the FSA plans to work with,police to file criminal charges if,finance fails to halt its Japan,operations the agency has stepped up its,supervisory efforts over crypto currency,trading and is determined to clamp down,on unregistered operators established in,2017 finance is believed to be the,worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange,operator in terms of the number of,currencies handled about 120 and in the,number of traders six million globally,many japanese crypto investors are,believed to have shifted from domestic,exchanges to by Nantz whose fees are,relatively cheap the exchange has irked,the FSA by failing to verify the,identification of Japanese investors at,the time accounts are opened the,Japanese officials suspect finance does,not have effective measures to prevent,money laundering the exchange handles a,number of virtual currencies that are,traded anonymously the agency plans to,disclose the companys name on its,website along with a detailed warning if,a complaint were to be filed with law,enforcement authorities police would,launch an investigation into violence,the big issue would be how to get the,exchange to return Japanese investors,funds the FSA lacks authority in Hong,Kong under the revised payment services,law which went into force in April,cryptocurrency trading services can only,be offered in Japan by exchanges that,are licensed by the FSA a bardos,awaiting the license exchanges that have,yet to apply for a license are,prohibited from operating but dozens of,exchanges are believed to be operating,without a license and in some cases in,regulated exchanges have,home two fraudulent activities investors,who use unlicensed exchanges are not,eligible for legal record should,problems occur,the latest FSA action marks the second,time that the agency has issued a,warning to an unlicensed exchange last,month it warned blockchain,laboratory-based in Macao in addition,the FSA has notified fifteen unlicensed,exchanges that they could be in,violation of Japanese law earlier this,month the FSA issued an order to seven,cryptocurrency exchanges to submit plans,to improve their operations saying they,lack proper internal controls the,watchdog stepped up its oversight after,Tokyo based porn check was hacked in,January with the hackers making off with,more than five hundred million dollars,worth of NAMM virtual coins,[Music]

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