1. Nikon D5600 Review – Watch Before You Buy
  2. Nikon D5600 review – detailed, hands-on, not sponsored
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Nikon D5600 Review – Watch Before You Buy

hey guys whats up its River and today,were looking at the nikon d 5600 this,is a really interesting camera because,it sits right between beginner and,camera and a prosumer camera and because,of that it shares a lot of features from,the prosumer line but comes in at an,entry-level price point so lets do an,in-depth review to see exactly what this,camera does exactly who its for and,does it still make sense to buy one,today without further ado lets get into,it,also just to let you guys know theres a,link in the description down below for,the absolute best pricing on this camera,so if you are interested be sure to,check that out so specs why is this,camera isnt really anything to write,home about but what really makes it,special is the prosumer design and the,ease-of-use as for the sensor this is,pretty standard for Nikon cameras it has,a twenty four point two megapixel aps-c,size sensor an ISO all the way from one,hundred to twenty five thousand six,hundred it was very impressed to see,that this camera is actually clean all,the way up to twenty thousand eyes so,its very impressive for a camera of,this price point and for photos and does,five frames per second now thats not,the greatest you wont really be able to,do sports or like really fast moving,objects but its a decent ask for a,video it does twenty four all the way up,to sixty frames per second in Full HD,thats pretty damn good for this price,point,sadly no 120 frames per second for super,slow-mo but thats not really the,standard for this price point and be,really really shocked if you get super,slow-mo at this price point,now the specs in this camera are pretty,standard and if you wanted these exact,same specs you can actually get the,Nikon d50 300 youll get the exact same,specs and its cheaper however what,really makes a deep 5600 special is,little things like the articulating flip,screen the screen on the back is,actually a touch screen it has a whole,mess of buttons and ergonomic functions,around the camera there just make it a,better more efficient and more pro,friendly camera so now one of the first,things that I like about this camera is,actually the design now this camera,feels a little bit heavier than the d50,300 but I actually like that I like,having that robust beefy feel in my,hands and just like the rubber grip,right here it has a slightly more,elongated grip where I can get really,get my fingers in there that feels,better and on top of that it has this,articulating screen which just makes it,that much easier to frame shots now if,Im doing video its really really easy,to actually put my hand underneath this,and stabilize the camera if Im gonna do,handheld shots or its just easier to,get it like weird angles and just,all that good stuff and also if youre a,vlogger you can point the screen at,yourself and kind of just like talk to,it it makes it just makes the camera,more phishing easier to use like on the,D 5300 even though it has the exact same,specs it doesnt have this flip screen,and that flip screen on the back does,not have a touch sensitive LCD screen,and that just kind of slows you down,overall now theres a whole slew of,ergonomic features on this camera that,just make it more efficient when youre,shooting stuff for example theres a,button right down here which is your,drive mode so when you hit it it gives,you the option of switching from single,shot to like speed shot sports mode or,if you want to do a delay thing where it,waits 10 seconds before taking the shot,but basically instead of having to like,open up your camera go into the menu and,change all that its right there you,just hit it the menu pops right up let,me just kind of do that one more time,you hit it the menu pops right up for,you and thats just like more efficient,and its these little things that really,add up and make it a more like I guess,pleasant experience for another example,some people like to kind of set this,camera up with an external monitor so,that when theyre shooting on it they,have like a big monitor at the top so,they can really see what their video is,now most cameras have a little HDMI port,thats pretty standard but most of them,have this janky little like piece of,rubber that usually falls off I,personally just rip that thing right off,but thats kind of bad because dust and,water can get in but instead this camera,has like this really like robust like,plastic / metal flap that just clicks in,and out and that just like gives you a,better camera makes your camera last,longer and just like it adds to like a,better weather sealed camera and its,these little things that just like add,up and make it a much much better camera,another thing that I like is that right,down here on the side the SD card goes,in a side flap now on D 5300 it actually,goes down here where the battery is and,now thats kind of annoying like every,time I have to switch up my SD card and,Im one of those people like I like to,shoot in the highest quality highest,frame rate and I fill up 64 gig cards,very fast especially if Im shooting all,day and now you know to kind of get it,in there and you have to kind of like,futz around with this and take the card,out making sure not to take the battery,out which is not easy where as opposed,to like just swap swap clothes,its those little things that just,making this camera more efficient and,more pro friendly next lets talk about,the touch screen on the back of this,camera its a very very accurate touch,screen its very accurate to your touch,and I generally find that Im not,hitting the wrong thing or its not,accidentally doing something else that I,dont want it to however is something to,note despite this being a very good,touch screen it is not a very good menu,layout,maybe Im just spoiled on canons stuff,but I find canon has the most intuitive,easy-to-use menus with the nikon cameras,I kind of find myself struggling,I dont really exactly know where,everything is and maybe thats because,like I dont use nikon cameras as often,but for the most part I dont find these,menus to be as efficient and as,intuitive and I would probably use the,buttons on this camera more these are,very very good buns theyre very clicky,very very responsive I really feel like,Im getting something done if you know,what Im talking about they have a very,tactile feel as they say and one thing,that I do like about Nikon cameras is,the fact that like all the buttons are,very intuitively laid out I really think,a Nikon does a better job with how they,laid out their buttons in Canon and mmm,if Im really I guess if Im really,thinking about it maybe the touchscreen,doesnt need to be there but these buns,are really really good like one thing,that I absolutely love is theres,actually a zoomin and zoom-out button,right here so when Im like shooting,video or taking a photo I can zoom right,in and just really really really get,that focus right especially in a tricky,studio environment I dont think the,menus are a complete deal-breaker in,this camera theyre not amazing like the,Canon menus where its like just a solid,10 out of 10 but these are still like a,good 7.8 menus and I feel like if you,really really really want a Nikon camera,because you know Nikon has amazing,imagery you could make do with these,menus because these menus do have like,an eye button right here where you hit,if you hit that all your settings will,come up or right there so you know you,can kind of make it work with that menu,but the one thing that I do love having,a touchscreen for is the touch autofocus,now this camera actually has a feature,where if you touch the back itll,automatically go to focus and it will,take the photo so as you can see right,there go to focus and take a photo and,that is a godsend in my opinion it takes,that little bit of wiggle and shake out,of your camera when you push down on,that shutter button but if you want you,can,take that shut her off so you can just,tap and well go to focus that is a fun,thing to do it makes you more effi

Nikon D5600 review – detailed, hands-on, not sponsored

there are two reasons to be attracted to,the nikon d50 600 its price and the,nikon reputation for novice,photographers and for those expanding,their horizons from shooting with a,smartphone or a point ray camera its a,perfect choice it is a DSLR its a,camera with a mirror and that makes it,someone larger heavier and noisier than,mirror less cameras and because the,mirror has to flip out of the way to,preview the image on the screen or to,shoot video it may not suit your style,but if you want to shoot with your eye,in the viewfinder and see the image,optically exactly the way the lens does,thats the d50 six hundreds advantage,its a classic camera in the nicest,possible way,no overinflated feature set no complex,menu to navigate its not basic but it,is very straightforward and that doesnt,mean it doesnt have some of the latest,features the screen tilts up and down it,has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect and,send images to a smartphone or a tablet,the images live up to Nikons reputation,and with a very reliable auto exposure,and autofocus system this camera allows,me to concentrate on composition the 24,megapixel aps-c size sensor delivers,under ideal and challenging conditions,meeting and exceeding my expectations,the body is solid with a nicely,contoured grip so my fingers land in the,right place on the controls except for,the Menu button on the left the,remainder of the controls are clustered,on the right a single card slot on the,right side with a mini HDMI port above,on the left side USB a mic input and,accessory part for remote controls I,asked for the 16 to 80 millimeter lens,for this review I would honestly advise,against the 18 to 55 kit lens image,sizes go up to 24 megapixels you can,select a smaller size but why file,quality options include three flavors of,JPEG the standard photo file type on,their own or combined with raw,the direct recording of data from the,sensor and those raw recordings go up to,14 bit and thats a good thing if you,intend to work on these images in,Lightroom or Photoshop using the green P,auto mode makes the D 5600 nearly,foolproof the camera looks after all the,details including flash use the adjacent,no flash setting to suppress its desire,to pop up theres also a flash release,button for backlit scenes when you want,to fill the flash is rated with the,guide number 12 up to 12 meters the d50,600 screen is touch enabled touch the,screen to make adjustments or menu,selections in general a boxed outline,means a setting can be touched and,adjusted and in Live View touch to focus,or tap the screen button to switch to,focus and snap using auto mode does,limit your options many of the I menu,options are not available if your,creativity demands more than auto offers,the mas P control modes offer greater,flexibility most of my images were taken,in p or a modes in combination with auto,ISO the d50 600 is easy to master with a,minimal and rational control set theres,only one dial to change settings it,seems smallish and overly recessed but I,had no issues using it in viewfinder,mode youll see this display on the LCD,screen left to right the shutter speed,aperture and ISO in the viewfinder and,note that for me the diopter doesnt,adjust enough to suit my prescription,the same exposure settings are displayed,in a rather cryptic AV style across the,bottom in program mode turn the dial for,flexible program options P star mode,alternate settings that still achieve an,appropriate exposure with auto ISO,youll see the ISO the camera has,selected in aperture and shutter,priority mode the dial changes the,priority setting adjusting either the,f-stop or the show,speed here in a Im changing the,aperture shutter and ISO are adjusted,automatically by the camera of course,auto modes are only as accurate as the,meter the d50 600 has three meter,options press the eye button and select,the meter from the menu then select,matrix center-weighted,or spot to expose properly for your,subject in PA and s modes press the e V,adjustment button just swing your finger,back from the shutter while turning to,make the image lighter or darker you,wont see the effect unless youre in,Live View mode most controls work the,same whether youre using the viewfinder,or have switched to LV Live View mode in,Live View the camera flips the mirror,out of the way so its kind of a mirror,les mode its easier for me to show you,using live views so thats what you see,in this video,in general I prefer to shoot with the,viewfinder and let me show you why first,heres what happens in viewfinder mode,now heres what happens in live you with,more clicking and a longer time between,shots here are those evie adjustments in,Live View in the EM manual mode a linear,meter appears bottom right and even,though the image would be overexposed,the Live View display looks properly,exposed now the rear dial controls the,shutter speed press the same button used,for evey to adjust the aperture to set,the ISO press the fun button on the left,side of the lens,I do find all that slightly awkward,always nicer to have dedicated dials one,peculiarity there are some Nikon lenses,including the 18 to 55 kit that dont,allow the aperture to be changed in live,view heres how auto ISO works on the,menu turn it on or off and set the,maximum theres also a minimum shutter,speed setting but beware once the,maximum ISO is reached the shutter speed,is in play,here for example in aperture priority,mode with the lens cap on the ISO is at,6400 the aperture is wide open and the,shutter speed is about a second in,addition to auto white balance and a,selection of presets each of which can,be fine-tuned by pressing right you can,capture a custom white balance live,using the measure option or from a photo,measure is not available in Live View,although I was able to capture settings,successfully using measure its done,when you see data acquired I was not,able to get the from photo to work,theres no degrees Kelvin setting white,balance can also be set from the eye,menu but theres no opportunity to,fine-tune or capture a custom setting,use the menu you can also set the,picture control or color profile from,the eye menu but again youll find more,functionality in the main menu,each has six controls to make custom,adjustments and for both of these,wouldnt it be nice to have the control,integrated with the interactive display,to see what youre doing the flat,setting is designed for video that will,be color graded in post I prefer to,create the look in camera with neutral,and a reduction in sharpening and,saturation the easiest way to focus in,Live View anyway is to touch and snap,love that there are three focus modes in,Live View single continuous full-time,servos on Nikon refers to it and manual,and four areas face detect normal area,where the spot is this size and wide,with a larger spot the spot can be moved,using the control wheel or just touch it,cant be dragged although not speedy it,can focus to the very edges of the,screen and occasionally even with a,confirmation beep it fails to focus,combined with full-time servo tracking,is effective at following however,sometimes less than effective at,focusing,manual focus and remember theres also a,focused switch on many Nikon lenses as,well as a very useful distance window,can be assisted using the magnify and D,magnify buttons for an expanded view of,your subject the expanded view is moved,using the cursor control and then turn,the lens ring to focus switching back to,viewfinder youll find a different focus,system for modes Auto servo which,switches from single to continuous when,it detects movement as well as single,continuous and manual the area selection,differs depending on mode for single,their single point which can be moved,using the control Delta 39 points in the,center of the screen and auto area using,the same 39 points the focus map on the,bottom left of the LCD screen can also,be used to position the focus point,continuous and Auto servo have six,options single which can

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nikon d5600 review in bangla | nikon d5600 price in bd | dslr price in bangladesh | nikon d5600


foreign,ah a,[Music],so guys welcome back to video so guys a,video that America matter,again,it is,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign

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Nikon D5600 warnings! Watch before you buy | camera Review no paid promotions |

im not being sponsored by anybody or,anything like that,no grouping with nikon but this camera,does mean something to me because i did,my very first,wedding with this right here uh my first,professional wedding,i shot with a d5600 the clients loved it,i loved it it worked great ill leave,some pictures at the end yall stick,with me to the end,ill put up some pictures from my very,first wedding,five years ago and yall could let me,know what you think down in the comments,but lets keep on going,[Music],[Applause],i should have shaved before this video,there are two reasons the nikon d5600,is still appealing to people today,one is the addition of some pro features,and also the nikon imaging which we all,know,is pretty good so theres been some talk,about the d5600 being discontinued in,china and america and,other places that it sold should it be,is it still relevant today were gonna,find out,i did my first wedding my very first,wedding,with this camera right here so i got an,attachment to this,its a really good camera,i remember the days when i thought that,this was the best thing out,now it still is a very very good camera,but compared to other cameras today,at the same price point you know it does,leave a little bit to be desired now,when it comes to video,that cameras not the greatest ill,admit that it only does 1080p,um 60 frames per second at 1080p,which is not the greatest it is still,usable very usable it can get,get you know really good quality heres,a sample video,straight out of the d5600 i didnt do,any editing,and as you can see its really crispy,really sharp the autofocus works great,the good part about it as you can see,right here im going to focus on the car,behind me,and then back on my face back on the car,back on my face its really responsive,[Music],the big fully articulating touch screen,makes adjusting your camera for the shot,so much,easier its not a basic camera,but it is still user friendly and,your interface is very self-explanatory,for those who are just coming from,beginner cameras,with the addition of these custom,buttons like flash,function and focusing drive located here,you can start getting used to taking,full control of your camera just like,the pros do,it handles rolling shutter really well,and it has,a feature called exposure smoothing,which makes sure,that you dont have a very dramatic,change,in between light and dark while youre,video recording,it comes already equipped with snap,bridge wi-fi connection,and 39 auto focus points when the camera,is in live view,you can use the entire screen to focus,on your image,which helps you compose better it,doesnt have eye detection,but it does have face detection,the big flip around screen makes it a,quality choice,for vloggers or youtubers just people,that are trying to create content on,their own,the touch screen gives it added value,24 megapixels with the nikon xspeed 4,processor is going to give you a good,quality image,so you asked who is this camera for,derek this camera is going to be for,somebody who,values quality images but kind of wants,to step,up from the beginner line of cameras and,dslrs,its not quite a professional you know,more advanced it is still,really user friendly but it has a little,bit more of a punch,than some of the other cameras on its,level,but this camera is very good for any,beginner thats looking to make an,upgrade without spending thousands of,dollars you know to do so the d5600,will give you an upgrade from what,youre using,if youre used to using just basic dslr,cameras,yo i just want to take a second and,thank everybody that,subscribed to my channel i want to thank,everybody that supports my channel,i just love being creative man and,reaching out to people and touching,people,yall can reach out to me anytime,[Music],always keep your camera close remember,the best camera to have is the one you,use,yall keep being happy holl at me peace,you


muy buenas y bienvenidos a un nuevo,vídeos en este caso tenemos la review de,la nikon,d5000 600 y esta con estos 70 300 pero,eso no es relevante en este caso,esto era la cámara que hace unos vídeos,venía grabándome algunas tome estás,no mucho tampoco no la quise no la quise,meter mucho en este caso porque fue,comprada para hacer fotografías de,fútbol acá en uruguay,si es una cámara bastante lenta pero la,verdad se ha comportado bastante bien o,sea se compró para hacer fotografías de,ave acá en uruguay también porque tuvo,muchas fotos de stock y últimamente se,están vendiendo muchas fotos de stock,mías de ave entonces nada trate de,conseguir lo más rápido de una cámara,bloquean,seguido este canal desde hace un tiempo,saben que yo no tengo favoritismos por,marcas por ejemplo,hace muchos años canon hasta que tuve,una decepción era medio fan del canon,hasta que tuve una excepción con unas 5,de mar 3 me pasé una nikon de 8 ó 10,tuve una canon 70 de también,estoy usando sincrónica no algo de,tiempo luego solución y con pase a usar,ni con hizo ninguna 6000 chiquitita que,tuve también poquito tiempo luego me,pasé sólo a sonny con las 73 que tengo,ahí y ahora estoy usando sony y nikon,con esta ni con,de,5.600 voy a hacerles resumida la cosa,por decir de alguna manera vale la pena,esta cámara en 2021 vale la pena es una,buena cámara de esta cámara en 2021 es,una buena cámara si quería saber eso y,sólo eso ya puede salir del vídeo es una,cámara que no me quiero meter mucho en,aspectos técnicos,van a estar viendo fotos que hice con,ella de una sesión de la última sesión,prácticamente lo voy a mostrar fotos que,fue también con el 70 300 de una sesión,de fotos de retrato pero con un,automóvil,el chico que me pagó la sesión,quería una sesión de fotos de él con su,vehículo y use la sonia 73 es en su,mayoría pero también aproveché para,probar la nikon d5000 600 es una cámara,que tiene 24 megapíxeles 39 puntos de,enfoque si no me equivoco es una cámara,réflex con pantalla abatible como pueden,ver ahí por eso para grabar ciertas,cosas me queda muy cómoda y la voy a,usar también para hacer algunos planos,algún hay veces que me tengo que grabar,de alguna manera y me quede práctico,mirar la pantalla lo voy a hacer es una,cámara que tiene una ráfaga de 5 fotos,por segundo tira rauch en 14 bits eso,por número para mí de las app es ese que,tuve antes ninguna tiraba rowing 14 bit,es la primera es algo no me sorprendió,sinceramente era bastante ignorante en,este aspecto no pensé que muchas cámaras,a veces estuvieran 14 bits y sabía que,la de alta gama tenían por ejemplo la de,si la de 500 la xt3 ext4 la zona seis,mil y pico sé que tenían pero no sabía,que una cámara de relativamente gama,media gama de entrada como es ésta ni,con lo iba a tener una sorpresa bastante,bastante grande y bastante bastante,positiva tiene un rango dinámico que,ahora mismo no sé cuánto es porque,después de tantos años probando cámaras,a las especificaciones técnicas te,entran a importar muy poco y te empieza,a importar más el uso de la cámara en el,campo de juego por decirlo de alguna,manera entonces ni siquiera me fijé,cuántos pasos de rango dinámico tiene,sólo sé que es un rango dinámico bueno,quizás ahora lo busco para ponerlo por,acá para el vídeo,yo últimamente lo único que me fijo en,las cámaras antes de comprarlas es más,bien en la estructura de la cámara que,sea una cámara que tengan botones,accesibles en este caso tengo una rueda,de control sola,pero tengo algo que es como un site y,por decirlo de una manera grande para,los puntos de enfoque eso es una ventaja,muy positiva para están y con que las,canon que compiten con ella la de 7 y,por ejemplo no lo tienen y esto es una,manera de seleccionar el punto de,enfoque mucho mucho mucho mucho más,rápida que a mí me conviene más que por,ejemplo tener un dual pixel para que el,enfoque en vídeo sea muy bueno porque,para enfoque en vídeo muy buenos ya,tengo la sony a 73 méxico los,megapíxeles también por un tema de,curiosidad básicamente y no me suelo,fijar mucho más no me digo si es,reflexión y rolex aunque salta a la,vista las cámaras que tienen esto acá,tan grande son réflex porque es ahí,donde está el espejo ese espacio lo,necesitan para el espejo,básicamente si son rectas así como la,son ya 73 son mis roles y ya está no,tiene mucha ciencia esto tampoco en,temas de precio es una cámara que acá en,uruguay se consigue por 1500 dólares si,es muy cara con el objetivo que el que,tengo el 1855,que sorprendentemente es muy nítido,también me sorprendió bastante quizás le,hago una review solo a él y sólo a este,que para hacer un 70 300 relativamente,barato es muy bueno comparado con el de,canon que yo tuve que el mismo 70 300,4.563 comparado con el de canon es diez,mil veces más nítidos diez mil veces,para raro enfocando es una diferencia,monumental para no hacer esto mucho más,largo vamos a ir con los puntos,positivos y negativos sobre están ni con,de 5600 porque todo tiene sus puntos,negativos pero también todo tiene sus,puntos positivos entonces primero vamos,a empezar con lo bueno es una cámara muy,liviana,con este objetivo no tanto pero en,general es el cuerpo la cámara es muy,liviano muy manejable,ya te digo no sé cuánto pesa exactamente,porque ya no me fijo en esas cosas son,cosas que de verdad no me interesan,mucho el dato preciso me interesa,agarrarla y que a mí se me resulte,liviana nada otro gran punto positivo es,el sistema de enfoque son 39 puntos para,lo que estamos acostumbrado hablar en,este canal que es muy poquito ya que la,zona ni mina tiene 693 pero para hacer,una cámara de gama media y réflex que,suelen tener muchísimos menos puntos de,enfoque son bastantes y son buenos,porque enfocar rápido el seguimiento que,hace de los objetos cuando vos estás,enfocando por ejemplo un jugador de,fútbol y vas barriendo vas viendo cómo,los puntos 60 trata si lo van siguiendo,al instante cuando disparas el 90 por,ciento las fotos están enfocadas cuando,están contínuo cuando está en un disparo,único,si no te movés vos,están todas enfocadas nos fallan nunca,igual que usas un punto único y pax,enfoca y está enfocado no hay con qué,darle es un sistema de enfoque muy bueno,este es otro gran punto positivo de esta,cámara ya lo mostré antes pero la,pantalla abatible,debería ser un estándar en todas las,cámaras del mundo mundial todos deberían,tener pantalla abatible de esta manera,porque no sólo para grabarte ambos mismo,es más cómodo sino que para hacer planos,desde abajo en esta posición en esta,posición que no se veía en esta posición,planos desde arriba podemos manipular la,pantalla como se te dé la gana y eso es,un punto muy muy positivo otro punto,positivo,relacionado con la pantalla es que es,totalmente táctil todo puedes enfocar,con la pantalla tocando puedes manejarte,por los menús tocando la pantalla puedes,cambiar las fotos tocando la pantalla,puedes hacer suma de las fotos tocando,la pantalla,parece una obviedad de esto pero por,ejemplo en mí son y sólo puedo tocar la,pantalla para enfocar sólo es táctil,para enfocar para más nada entonces,cuando llega una cámara que puedes hacer,todo desde la pantalla cruzar las,imágenes y hacerles zoom eso es lo que,yo más valoro,es una ventaja monumental es una ventaja,monumental otra gran ventaja la duración,de la batería le dura alrededor de 1000,disparos más o menos,es en promedio a veces te va a durar,menos dependiendo que estés haciendo te,dura menos más se está disparando mucho,mirando la pantalla si estás disparando,desde el visor va a depender pero,redondeamos en mil disparos a mi me,suele durar mucho más porque solo,disparo desde el visor,nada en resumen me lista otro punto,positivo quizás pequeño quizás no tan,pequeños lo voy a estirar para y para,que se vea en esa parte de atrás hay,como un joystick que tiene un botón de,ok en el medio le voy a hacer un pequeño,zoom y para eso lo mejor es eso stick,para seleccionar el punto de enfoque,cuando lo tenemos en un punto único es,la gloria,creo que es has

Is the NIKON D5600 worth it in 2022?

good morning good evening good afternoon,no matter where you are in the world,thanks for tuning in to this video now,you can see the lovely leaves dangling,down the side of my,um,i dont know what to call that actually,is it a draw unit is it a,cube unit you know the cube one my key,one two three four one of those one of,those sort of things,its just you know a bit of touch i mean,a bit class anyway what am i talking,about today well today i wanted to share,some thoughts on the nikon d5600,and whether its actually a good camera,to use in 2021 um because you know its,its been a nice camera for me,personally i bought it recently and ive,enjoyed using it in fact the video for,this video is being captured on the,nikon d5600,or d5 600 or d5600 i dont know how you,say it d5600 but you know bottom line is,its a pretty good camera,for a variety of different reasons,actually in fact i would probably call,it like some of the other reviewers have,said about the camera its a bit pro,sumo so its not necessarily a consumer,camera um its more of a pro sumo camera,so its got lots of pro features for the,consumer,which you know are really great actually,really beneficial it can capture raw,images when you take photos as well as,having a good range of settings,including manual settings iso settings,shutter speed settings and aperture,settings as well and because its a dslr,and its nikons dslr its,interchangeable lenses with all of the,nikon lenses um i think its the vf,mount but i might be wrong on that so,ill correct myself if i am um so you,can swap out lenses for different things,and different stuff like that as well,which is quite interesting so you know,overall ive had a great experience with,this camera its been a fantastic camera,so far,but you know,cameras make me think nowadays its 2021,i mean if youre planning to buy a,camera why are you planning to buy one,because the iphone,is a fantastic camera it can record,video at 4k it can do that at 60 frames,per second as well and it can even,record 1080p video at 120 frames per,second,in terms of photos its got you know a,good range of settings and because of,the computerization of photos it means,it can take a layered,amount of photos,and kind of compress them into one right,so if you have an iphone why would you,consider getting into photography with a,dslr its a very great question but it,comes down to a simple question really,and that simple question is are you,passionate about photography,because if you are passionate about,photography of all the different,settings all the different wheels all,those different other things that you,can do with it then dslr is a good,choice for you because then you can,experiment and learn new things etc etc,if youre just interested in taking,pictures that look great,then i would actually recommend if you,have an iphone,keep it because the iphone is pretty,good and actually when you compare,images of a dslr camera next to a iphone,in fact there was one i watched recently,of an iphone 12 versus a 3700 pound,photography camera the images are pretty,much indistinguishable you know you,cant really notice in fact it was one,of those blind ones so you were able to,to test which image is which so half of,the screen was the 12 half of the screen,was the dslr and you had to decide which,one was the 12 and which one was the,dslr and obviously if youre clever and,youre smart you think i definitely know,this um and there were a few times i,even got it wrong um and you know thats,thats the thing about modern,photography is its quite interesting,when it comes to whether you should buy,a camera like this or um consider having,something else um along those sort of,lines,its been beautiful weather here,recently in the uk managed to get,sunburned recently which was good fun um,down at the coast but you know if youre,really looking for the,d5600 or the d5600 then i would,recommend it personally if youre,interested in dslr photography as well,as video,like this i found it to be quite useful,quite good ive put some examples,throughout this,video on the screen but please feel free,to check out some more,on my unsplash page so ill link that in,the description so you can check that,out but you know if youre considering,this in 2021 like i said if youve got,an iphone and youre just kind of doing,basic photography you dont want to get,into it too much keep the iphone if,youve got,a passion for photography you want to,get out there and take photos etc etc,the d560 or d5600 is a great camera um,for doing that its great for for,playing with settings,and other things when me and my partner,went away recently we went camping it,was very good fun um in the tent et,cetera et cetera it was great great,scenery all that kind of stuff some of,the pictures you may have seen today,have come from that trip,me and my partner um she has an iphone,11 pro,we looked at this together so you know,we were taking pictures of things et,cetera et cetera and one of the areas,that the camera the dslr camera,performed better on was long distance,shots so you know with the zoom of of,the camera lens you can obviously get a,better quality zoom picture than you can,from an iphone but other than that they,came pretty close in nine out of ten,times you know the the quality was,indistinguishable to the normal person,if that makes sense so look thanks very,much for tuning in to this short video,about whether the d560 or d5600 is worth,it in 2021 and like i said it really,comes down to a simple answer are you,passionate about photography and if you,are then please do,if youre not passionate about,photography and just want to take great,pictures stick with your iphone because,it does a fantastic job already awesome,well look thanks for watching thanks for,tuning in and ill probably make some,more videos soon so subscribe hit that,bell and well chat again in the future,bye

Nikon D5600 “User Guide”: How To Setup Your New DSLR

Right before you jump into this video, if you want to get my free 11 days to better,photography mini video course, head on over to froknowsphoto.com/11 days to get started,right now. Jared Polin, froknowsphoto.com and this is your users guide for the Nikon,D5600. Now, I hope that you use this instead of reading the manual, but I do suggest that,you do read the manual because there are some good nuggets of information in there.,Now speaking of nuggets, some of this stuff may seem super simple to you, but as we progress,it may get a little more advanced, but its going to help you set up the camera and use,it, so you can start getting great pictures and video of whatever it is you want to shoot.,So, the first thing I want to show you how to do is put the lens on.,Now, to start Im going to take the lens off, because its off when you get it. You see,this white dot right there. You line that white dot up with this white dot right here.,Go ahead and do this. Boom! It goes in. Turn it towards you. If youre holding it like,me, youll hear a click and youre all set. How do you take it off? Youve got this release,button right here. You press it. You turn the lens the other way and you take it off.,Now, be careful when you take the lens off you dont ever want to touch anything inside,this camera, you dont want to touch the mirror or the sensor underneath, so just know to,get the lens back on, line it up, turn it towards you, and it locks right in. So, before,we turn it on, I want to show you where the battery goes. Right here on the bottom theres,a little door. The battery pops out just like this.,Theres only one way that it can go in. Move this yellow tab out of the way. Press it in.,Boom! Close it recommendation. Try to have two batteries always fully charged, especially,if you go away, if one goes bad or you run out of power you dont want to not be able,to shoot. Now, when you turn the camera to the side, you have one SD card slot. Right,here we have a Lexar 128GB SD card. You can go ahead. You pop it in here. It goes in one,way. Press it. Shut the door. Close it. Youre ready to go.,Now, to turn the camera on and off, move the switch right there. It goes on. Turn it off.,It goes that way also. So, how do you take a picture in focus? Well, you have a shutter,button right here. You can go ahead and press that all the way down to take a picture or,hold it halfway down to get your focus for whatever youre trying to focus on.,Now, moving around these buttons you have a plus, minus, for exposure compensation,,but also for changing your aperture. I will show you that when we turn the camera on.,This red one is for shooting video, to get into the live view mode to shoot either photos,or video you would pull back on this spring loaded button right here. Youve got this,dial right here, which helps you change your shutter speed.,Now this is your mode dial. Now you’re going to notice something a little different than,some other cameras you may have seen in the past, because you have your auto right here.,Then you have the no flash one, which means if you dont want the flash popping up in,any situation youre in, go ahead and do that, it will be completely in auto still, but the,flash wont pop up. Youve got your effects mode. You have manual, aperture priority,,shutter priority, program mode, and now you have a scene mode.,Now if youve seen other cameras mode dials, youll see a running man person on there.,Youll see a portrait. Youll see a kid. Youll see a landscape. Theyve got rid of that on,the wheel. So, how do you access it? Well, I am going to turn the camera on. Im going,to show you real quick because its in the scene mode and I go ahead and I look at the,back of the camera on the screen, you see this lady with a hat on. I go ahead and hit,that in the top left and I can either use this dial to move through or I could touch,the one I want or use the touch screen to go ahead and change it.,So, Ill show you more of that as we get into the camera, but I just wanted to show you,how you get your scene modes. Now, moving to the top of the camera, youve got your,left microphone, your right microphone, as well as your hot shoe. This is where you would,put a flash or an external microphone if you were going to connect the microphone right,to here. This is your flash.,Now, when you press this and its too dark to take a picture, you press the button halfway,down and its supposed to pop up. I just realized why its not popping up, but let me show you,that right now. If you have the 18-55 kit lens, it has a lock on it with this button,right here for when you put it back into your bag. To unlock it, press the button. Turn,the lens that way. You hear a click. Its now unlocked, so that when I go ahead and,press the button, the flash is popping up just like that.,Now, I want to show you how it wont pop up if I put it into the ‘dont flash pop up’,part. Boom! Not popping up anymore. All right. I am going to turn the camera off for the,time being and let me show you the side of the camera right here. Right here weve got,another manual way for you to pop up the flash. We have a function button, which you can set,yourself. We have the release button like I showed you how to take the lens on and off.,We also have another dedicated button. This means how many frames a second you can shoot.,It will allow you to make that change in the menu system by pressing that, as well as accessing,the timer function if you want to do timed photos, say, two seconds or five seconds,,it can do that. Right here youve got your name plate to let everybody know that its,the D5600. Right here on the side you can see if you move this piece of rubber, open,up the door, you have a remote slot, you have a microphone slot and you have a USB plug,that you can plug in right here.,Moving around to the top right here, this is where you can put your strap that comes,in the box. This right here is a speaker to play back the audio for when youve recorded,audio and you want to hear it. Its not the greatest thing in the world because look how,small it is. Now let me show you what you look through in order to take the picture.,This is your view finder right here.,Right next to the viewfinder, you will find a diopter. If you wear glasses or you dont,want to wear glasses and dial that in, you can go ahead and use the diopter to do that.,Youve got the info button right here, as well as another button that helps you to do,focusing or auto exposure lock. Youve got your play button for playing back your images.,You have another info button, but this one is I. It does something different. Ill show,you that later as well.,Youre up, up, down, down, left right, left right, B A B A button right here for anybody,who knows what that is. Leave a comment down below. But thats how you go ahead and move,around the menu system with an OK button. Youve got your zoom buttons. That shows you,exactly what that is and then you have a trash can.,Now this is your screen right here, your LCD screen, because you have a Nikon D5600 it,will come to you closed. Boom! You can close it when you put it in your bag, so it protects,the screen in case anything bumps into it. You have a protector built in by this. Now,,to open it you just pull it out. You can rotate it back like this and then, boom, close it,and it can be exposed right here and this is the LCD screen that you would use.,Now also people always ask, well, how – what if I dont want the LCD screen on when Im,shooting pictures using the viewfinder? Simple. We have a proximity sensor built into this,camera and when I say ‘we’ I mean Nikon, not actually me, because I didnt build it,,but youve got the proximity sensor there, so that if your eye comes up to this, it will,turn off the screen so that it makes it easier to shoot.,Now moving to the bottom of the camera, we have right here is your tripod socket. If,you want to go ahead and put it on a tripod thats where you would do it. Or if you want,to put it

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