1. Nikon Z fc Review – Did Nikon get retro right?
  2. Nikon Z fc Camera Review
  4. Fujifilm fanboy tries the Nikon Zfc
  5. Nikon Zfc Review – All Style and No Substance or Does it live Up to the Hype? Nikon Z fc
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Nikon Z fc Review – Did Nikon get retro right?

jordan i feel like my face looks,disgusting yep,here ill hold this next to maybe this,beauty of this camera will distract,people from my disgusto face,is it working yeah,welcome back dprv tv viewers chris,nichols here and ive got a nikon zfc,production model ive talked about this,camera a lot its mostly just how much i,love the styling but thanks to the,camera store we now have a production,model to play with we did an early,impressions video we talked a lot about,handling features on that so definitely,check that out today were going to,focus more on the shooting experience,and you know just kind of elaborate on,some of the findings we had earlier now,you can probably see but it is crazy,cold outside about minus 24 celsius,weve got visibility to maybe 300 yards,lots of snow were gonna at least try to,have some fun canadian fun,[Music],so,[Music],[Music],now we normally start our videos talking,about handling characteristics we are,going to do that but a little bit,different today because we covered a lot,of that as far as the dials the buttons,control structure in our first video i,dont want to retread that ground but,also its freezing cold today and im,wearing big mitts and gloves and so ive,actually been using the camera that way,not ideal but actually the protruding,dials on the zfc are actually quite easy,to manipulate i like that even the,control dials that are in the front and,back of the camera still stick out,enough that i can get to them quite,easily with mitts and gloves on so im,actually pleasantly surprised by that i,also really like having all the manual,dials with the numbers right on them,because i dont have to turn on the,camera waste battery power to see what,my settings are now the only exception,to that is the aperture its displayed,on a small lcd panel on top of the,camera and unfortunately its turned off,when the cameras turned off i wish it,was on just like a lot of fujifilm,cameras do so again in a glance i could,get all my information now i promise im,not going to go off on how much i love,the styling of this camera i think,thats evident build quality though i,mean i think its appropriate for the,price point here it is actually mostly,metal construction its magnesium,construction in the body one thing that,i will say the leather red is plastic,it doesnt exactly feel super high,quality but i dont mind it the battery,door though is kind of cheap feeling it,does have a fairly good latch system,totally useless with mitts on though but,under there ive got a battery which,only gives about 300 shots separated,thats not bad but its not great either,and then ive got one single sd card,slot which i really wish was uh s2,instead of uhs1 that being said actually,even though its uh s1 card slot with a,good card in there you actually get,quite a decent buffer on the zfc so i,did a test youre shooting 12 bit raw 11,frames per second nice and fast thats,its maximum and i was getting about 50,shots before it slowed down its,actually quite impressive and then were,going to 14 bit my frame rate drops to 9,shots per second but i still got 40,pictures raw only i mean a camera this,price point thats actually pretty,decent now our lights actually quite,beautiful today i mean very stark lots,of frost but its limited what,kind of variety we can get for shots,today so uh you know its not a great,test to the camera but the zfc is using,the exact same sensor as the nikon z50,just over 20 megapixels its a known,commodity and we have lab tested this so,theres plenty of sample photos that you,can download and check out that will,have you know summertime look and,beautiful colors and things like that,today though i guess im just going to,focus on contrast,everybodys going to say like oh chris,you shot the whole gallery black and,white mode but i could shoot it in vivid,its not going to make any difference,here today now as far as exposure goes,this has very decent iso performance for,an aps-c sensor and its a nice one,variant sensor i mean if im shooting,raw that basically means i could just,protect my highlights and keep my eyes,so low at 100 and even though my darker,areas and shadows might look too dark,visually i can go into raw boost them up,and theyll come up beautifully and i,wont get any more noise than had i just,shot at a higher iso in the first place,but my highlights will look good im not,going to need that on a day like today,weve got pretty fixed lighting not a,lot of contrast its pretty flat but,i will say that im going to just let,the camera go on auto iso today do its,thing and try to keep my shutter speeds,fairly slow nothings really moving,everything is frozen solid and about to,die and uh im definitely keeping my,exposure comp like plus one today fixed,so we stopped to take a picture of this,ice formation here and jordan very,optimistically says to him it looks like,a heart whereas i first look at it and,think thats thats a sperm thats from,metazoa so i guess that really is a,the drive behind our personalities now,as ive talked about earlier i love all,the dials on this camera i mean thats,one of its main selling features and,theyre really designed quite well but i,do have one issue with the iso dial and,thats that theres no option for auto,iso on the dial and i really think,thats bad because,i want a quick way to set that i use it,often and unfortunately with the zfc,like many of the other nikon mirrorless,cameras you cant customize a button to,do auto iso as an option and you cant,customize anything in the i menu for iso,either so that means im either going,into the menu to find the isis setting,buried in there and then set my auto iso,on and off or i can choose a custom,button to be the top of my menu and make,sure that thats my iso settings so,thats a pretty common workaround but,the other problem is this when i do,click over to auto iso on this camera,unfortunately whatever the number is set,on the dial that becomes the lowest,minimum that the camera will use so let,me illustrate this because its kind of,annoying lets see ive got the camera,set to 400 iso because im just doing,some manuals shooting around and then i,decide oh now i want to go to auto iso,well throw the camera to auto iso on a,bright sunny day its not going to let,it go below 400 iso because thats,whats set on the dial which is,ridiculous i mean if ive got lots of,light i want the camera to go to lower,isos get the best image quality possible,so,keep in mind thats a little bit of an,annoyance there but at least the zfc is,pretty,these poor geese you know they landed a,minute ago theyre already covered in,snow and freezing theyre probably like,why the didnt we leave south,earlier when everybody else is going you,know the great thing about being human,is we can show facial expressions,whereas,animals cant really but i assure you,those are some sad sad geese all right,so low angle shots like this it is,actually nice to have that fully,articulating screen i like that i can,also protect it by reversing it and it,does have leatherette matching on the,back its a nice touch and for the,vlogging crowd which this camera is,actually somewhat aimed at again thats,going to be a nice feature for video,work and for doing selfies and things,like that now for today im primarily,relying on the 16 to 50 dx vr kit lens,3.5 to 6.3 so its kind of slow at the,long end at least its compact but you,dont have a lot of aps-c options for,the aps-c z-mount cameras so really my,only options are i can use the ft-z,adapter with dx slr lenses but then im,still getting something thats bulky and,you know extra parts thats not ideal or,if i want nice fast lenses i can get the,full-frame,z-mount lenses but then theyre overly,bulky and expensive for what i actually,need for this camera platform and the,lack of lenses and the fact that they,really havent fleshed out this system,since the z50 has been out and now the,zfc means that this is the biggest knock,against getting one of these cameras but,at lea

Nikon Z fc Camera Review

[Music],howdy again everyone and the rather,nifty and retro looking camera you see,before you today is the nikon zfc i,borrowed it for a couple of weeks a,while ago at the same time as i buyed a,copy of nikon zed 28 millimeter f 2.8,lens they both came together so i,thought id put together a review of the,camera itself as well especially as i,ended up quite liking the camera well,except for one or two issues which ill,cover at the end,this is another of nikons cameras with,a smaller dx or aps-c sized sensor with,a crop factor of 1.5 times its a little,on the expensive side when bought on its,own its 960 us dollars or 950 pounds in,the uk,with the very cool said 28 millimeter,lens it costs 200 more and with a very,good quality 16 to 50 millimeter dx zoom,lens its hundred dollars more which is,probably the best value for money roots,there it only accepts nikon zed mount,lenses or other lenses for which you,have a special adapter,here you can see that aps-c sized sensor,looking pretty humble inside the rather,huge z-mount bracket with the side,effect that the camera itself cannot be,quite as small as some other aps-c,cameras here it is alongside some other,mirrorless cameras to give you a sense,of scale,it still doesnt feel burdensome to,carry around with you though its,compact enough and at only 390 grams,its actually very lightweight despite,being so light its build quality is,excellent theres a lot of metal used in,its construction particularly in the top,part of the camera which feels rock,solid although the bottom plate is made,of plastic and so are some of the,buttons,it has a nice faux leather casing which,looks and feels pretty good although,its fairly hard and the cameras dials,click and turn around very positively,and cleanly much better than my fuji xt3,camera actually where the buttons feel a,bit mushy the screen on this camera is,very bright and high resolution with,1.04 million dots and an intuitive,touchscreen response it looks far better,than my sony cameras do and its similar,to canons cameras pulling out and,swiveling around looking great,the image and the cameras viewfinder is,smaller than the more expensive cameras,that im used to using and not quite as,sharp but it still works fantastically,well and when shooting on a sunny,summers day a viewfinder can be worth,its weight in gold something i really,loved was the shooting mode switch i,like to swap between manual and aperture,priority and the switch here is lovely,and clear it looks better than having,the modes on some dial,i also loved the little lcd f-stop,indicator its so old-school it reminds,me of shooting on film cameras when i,was a teenager and trying to figure out,what their lcd screens were telling me,ah nostalgia its not what it used to be,its a shame that little lcd doesnt,have a backlight for shooting in the,dark though the shutter speed dial is,nice and clear it only locks itself in,certain mode positions like the bt and,third of a stop position all these,buttons make for quite an immersive,experience one that fuji shooters have,been enjoying for years i wonder if,canon will ever dare to bring out a,camera that handles like this,the camera does have a useful hot shoe,but no built-in flash which is a bit of,a surprise i think they might be really,aiming for higher level shooters here it,accepts sd cards just one slot and its,battery can handle about three to four,hundred shots so only an average battery,life here,theres a microphone socket for video,makers as well as usbc charging and a,mini hdmi port but theres no headphone,socket for more serious video making,as for the lenses autofocus well no,issues here at all quick accurate with,good subject tracking i didnt have any,issues whatsoever and the eye autofocus,functionality works as well as any,professional camera ive yet used,helpfully even letting you choose which,eye to focus on as you can see here it,worked very confidently when shooting,video too,also i quite liked the cameras manual,focus shooting experience this little,indicator on the bottom left tells you,exactly which direction to focus in on,your subject and it works pretty,accurately the camera can shoot at a,nice brisk 11 frames per second which is,enough for capturing most action,its sensor is only 20 megapixels in,resolution,now let me be clear thats really not so,bad for the majority of users but in my,landscape photography ive come to crave,more than that i think this is really a,camera intended for street photography,and and more casual work slightly more,impressive its videos credentials though,4k video looks fantastically sharp,although we do see rather a lot of,rolling shutter here if youre shooting,some kind of action sequence then reduce,the video resolution to 1080p youll,still get impressively sharp video but,with the rolling shutter effect greatly,reduced as you can see here,oh and heres some footage at 120 frames,per second in 1080p again it looks great,if perhaps just a little over sharpened,although the camera itself is not image,stabilized it does have digital,stabilization for video work i wasnt a,huge fan of it certainly if youre,shooting up close to your subject youll,still get a bit of warping and,wobbliness,now lets take a look at picture quality,on the left you can see a jpeg image,with a medium sharpness setting and on,the right a converted raw image,sharpness out of the cameras jpeg,engine is good enough but perhaps a,little aggressive actually leading to a,touch of blooming around contrasting,edges but overall its admittedly a,pleasing image in terms of colours and,contrast and good detail is still being,captured as you can see in the image on,the right shooting in war will preserve,some truly beautiful sharpness for you,its enough of a difference to make you,seriously consider shooting the majority,of your photos in war to get every last,ounce of detail out of that slightly,limited 20 megapixel sensor,anyway lets see about high iso level,performance ill leave iso 100 in the,top corner now for you as a reference,point at iso 400 were maintaining great,image quality at iso 1600 were losing,some fine detail and 3200 is a little,smudgy,6400 gets noisy and well the less said,about the highest iso levels the better,but actually for an aps-c or dx sized,sensor this is quite good image quality,id be very happy shooting up to iso,1600 and even 3200 in a pinch the,cameras jpeg engine seems slightly more,biased towards capturing a clean image,with good noise reduction then it does,razor sharp detail i should also mention,here that i was perfectly happy with the,cameras dynamic range highlights came,down a little better then shadows came,up in my experience in editing my,pictures but honestly as a landscape,photographer capturing the bright kai,all the time im perfectly happy with,that arrangement,so overall well i loved shooting with,the zfc because not only does it look,incredibly cool but that has that,wonderful combination of being a fast,and powerful camera which is also pretty,easy to use to my mind its downsides are,obvious its 20 megapixel sensor is a,little limited for example sonys aps-c,cameras combine a 24-megapixel sensor,and sharper jpeg engine to give jpegs,with a lot more details but on the other,hand the nikon cameras war images do at,least carry a nice resolution punch to,them probably the thing i liked least,about the camera was its lack of in-body,image stabilization most of nikons,fancy prime lenses do not have their own,stabilization built in so that does,leave you at a bit of a disadvantage but,again i should mention that nikons dx,zoom lenses do feature it and theyre,surprisingly sharp lens options too id,be overjoyed if nikon opened up their,system to sigma tamon and other,third-party manufacturers i think that,really might boost the camera system for,them they need to get selling cameras,when it comes to the feel of the,cameras images well its a classic,nikon it has lovely neutral colors well,i say neutral theyre

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right before we jump into this video if,youd like me to send you this free,guide to capturing motion in low light,situations just look for this orange box,over on the website put your name email,address in it hit send it and ill send,you that guide for free,[Music],jared polin,froknowsphoto.com and this is a review,of this bad boy right here thats called,the nikon z space fc now i got to take,this bad boy to italy bonjourno thats,right i was in verona italy where my,photo book is being printed and then,after that i went to venice and stephen,had the best idea ever right stephen,yeah yeah hes like why dont you take,this to italy with you and do a review,of it and that is exactly what i did now,this is a very interesting camera,because its meant to look like a,vintage fm2 style nikon film camera but,give you all the modern bells and,whistles of continuous autofocus eye,tracking for animals and humans as well,as give you video features for vlogging,and thats why i like to say that this,camera kind of has an identity crisis,because it doesnt know whether it wants,to be for the older nikon shooter who,wants to go all vintage and play with,dials or be more of a fashion statement,so in this video im gonna help you,decide who this camera is for and tell,you what i think about it so heres how,i shot it i wanted to shoot it more in,the retro vintage style so i set it to,one shot meaning every time i press the,shutter button all i got was one shot,now i did use the continuous autofocus,and ill go into which modes i used and,whether it was good or whether its,better than the z62 or z72 or whether,its not well get to that when we,review some of the images but i was in,full control of the manual dials right,here for shutter speed iso is set up,over here its not hard to change you,just have to kind of take your eye away,from the camera press the button and,turn the dial right here but i was more,rocking the shutter speed dial because,from your eye up here its easier to,control the shutter speed and see,exactly what youre looking at through,the electronic viewfinder because as i,change this my exposure is changing,inside my viewfinder because i am using,the exposure simulation now if you want,to go really really old school you would,turn off the exposure simulation and,just use the light meter thats nice and,big and vibrant on the right hand side,of the screen and youd still get some,really nice results so i dont want to,go into every detailed spec of this,camera because basically its a nikon,z50 in a new body its the same sensor,the same iso basically the same,autofocus with some subtle tweaks that,you can get and i do want to say that,the nikon z50 is one of my favorite crop,sensor cameras ever i just love the feel,of that in the hands it has an awesome,grip that you just grab onto the body is,super light and super slim it takes all,of the z mount glass and its a,fantastic camera i get fantastic results,with that which should mean that i would,get fantastic results with this and i,did i love the results that i got i mean,lets take a look at this first picture,right here i just love that i was in,verona sitting down for lunch and right,here i looked up and i saw the awesome,colors of the buildings and im like,well i need to shoot that and the files,look fantastic even using the kit lens,this is the 16 to 50 kit lens its the,only lens i had for this camera that i,could take right now because we sent all,of our other z glass back to nikon i,didnt want to carry around my own 24 to,72 8 i didnt want to take the 70 to 200,2.8 and it came with this as a kit,option so i took the 16 to 50 which im,not a big fan of kit lenses but the,results are fantastic but what is kind,of questionable with this camera which,is understood because its designed off,of something in the 1970s is how to hold,on to it it is not the easiest thing to,hold on to its kind of a little,slippery it doesnt feel as plasticky as,i expected though a lot of people have,said that they would have liked to have,seen the plastic be actual metal but,maybe that would just drive the price up,quite a bit it doesnt feel as cheap as,i thought it was going to feel but it,does feel not really good in the hands,it is not easy to hold on to it feels,like something that youre going to drop,i wish they put something on the front,of it that you could grip it but they,are also selling an accessory grip but,not in the united states that you pop on,the bottom that allows you to have a,grip to hold on to which would make this,more of a joy to shoot with because it,kind of feels like its something im,going to drop it also has a button a,function button right up here in the,front that i kept accidentally hitting,because i was just trying to grip onto,the camera now thats not that big of a,deal i could deactivate that button if i,wanted to but i just kept hitting it and,and by default it was set to white,balance but it didnt really mess me up,when i was shooting now one of the,things that differentiates this from the,z50 is that it has a flip out rotatable,screen if the z50 version 2 had a flip,out rotatable screen it would basically,be this camera because that would be the,only upgrade that theyve done its nice,to have a flip out rotatable screen but,again identity crisis is this camera for,someone who just wants to go all manual,and shoot old school or is it for,someone who wants the dials as a fashion,statement and it seems like nikon is,marketing this towards people who want,it as a fashion statement because you,can get it in six different colors and i,honestly think that the the the people,that are buying it for a fashion,statement are just gonna throw it in,auto and just take pictures i dont,think theyre gonna ever play with these,dials now if i wasnt reviewing this and,going into it trying to use it as an,old-school camera i personally would,have slapped it in manual use the,buttons and the dials back here to,control shutter speed use the aperture,dial up front because honestly this is,the only way you can control aperture,because you dont have an aperture ring,on this lens then i would have just left,it in the modes and used it like a,regular camera today but i wanted to,challenge myself now when i did use this,as a vlogging camera i wanted to shoot a,little bit of video with it it gives you,the 4k full readout of the sensor which,is a cropped sensor this is a crop,sensor camera and the video is fine the,autofocus is what you would expect from,a nikon at this point its going to be,okay its not going to be the greatest,thing since sliced bread its not as,good as the sony and its not nearly as,good as the dual pixel af it gets the,job done the video looks fine uh and,youre seeing like even from the gondola,im just vlogging with it it wouldnt be,my first choice for a vlogging camera,let me jump in here real quick because i,want to show you this photo right here,edited using fro pack 3 starting with,almost famous now almost famous gives us,kind of a film look then since were in,italy we might as well throw capone in,there capone looks great then weve got,gotham for people that gives it a very,unique look and then weve got zoolander,down here which actually looks pretty,good on the street but i do want to go,back to fro pack one because i want to,show you what waffle house looks like,waffle house looks great silver tides,going to give you this black and white,but has a silver sheen to it and finally,kensington is an awesome film looking,black and white out on the street i,absolutely love the way that looks here,so if youre looking to speed up your,raw workflow or give yourself a great,starting point we created 15 all new,custom lightroom presets that you can,check out right now at,froknowsphoto.compropac3,while youre over there you can play,with the sliders to see the befores and,the afters if you decide to pick them up,right now they are on sale or if you,want to grab fro pack one two and three,as a bundle you can do that a

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Fujifilm fanboy tries the Nikon Zfc

oh,yes when nikon contacted me and said do,you want to try anything i immediately,said yeah what about the z9 and they,were all like yeah we dont have any,so my second choice was the nikon zed or,z,fc as an avid fujifilm shooter heres,the fujifilm xt3,im very used to these dials and the iso,dials so i am totally into,any camera company that wants to make a,retro camera so i was very interested to,try,the nikon z,yeah we say z here in the us z,fc its a little awkward the name it,would have been cool if they called it,the z,film,cant oh film camera,now the other thing that interested me,about this camera is the sensor inside,because lately ive been using the nikon,z62 for my portrait sessions and my,professional work and im loving the,image quality that is coming,from the camera and the z lenses are,just,on here we have the nikon,28 millimeter 2.8 which is kind of like,their little retro-e,street camera sort of look,i guess we should make our thumbnail,you know i actually recorded a video of,unboxing this camera and giving you my,first impressions but i absolutely bored,myself to death so what i did was i shut,off the video camera and i went out and,shot and actually used the camera i even,had lunch with the camera,and i think this camera is for those,types of people people who take their,cameras out to lunch you have a little,bit of an emotional sort of connection,to your gear youd like to stare at your,gear you like to show off your gear so i,think for certain people cameras are,tools and it doesnt matter what they,look like sony,but for some of us were a little,shallow we do like to look at the,cameras and we like their pretty,shininess and we like to you know not,even take pictures just wear it around,your neck,so lets start with the first positive,because that is the first positive of,this camera is the absolute look feel,and retro vibe that you get from the,camera,i think if youre buying this camera,youre absolutely into,what it looks like come on come on admit,it,because you could easily get the,nikon z50 which has the same sensor,inside has a better grip,but youre getting this because you want,the retro,uh dials you want the iso dials you just,want the little window that shows you,your aperture,and i totally get that this camera the,number one thing on this camera that is,impressive is its design it looks like a,film camera,fc,the second positive its absolutely the,image quality its on par with,everything ive seen from the nikon zed,lineup the z7 ive tried the z62,theres just something about the files,the nikon files that have,even the jpeg straight out of camera i,think they add a little bit of curve to,the deepest shadows just slightly,and so if you shoot straight at a camera,that gives it kind of a little bit of a,filmic vibe so the pictures that you get,and the video that you get from the,nikon cameras is,one of my favorites,uh i will say that one thing that,fujifilm is known for are their film,simulations,and uh the nikon does have,like film looks,theyre just a little,theyre a little too wacky uh if someone,doesnt know how to use them theyre a,real disadvantage because one of my,favorite things is to,pick one of them like for example one of,them is called charcoal but you can,actually just like a filter on a phone,you can dial down all the looks,and so you bring it down to 50 40,i found with charcoal at 30 percent you,almost get a cool filmic curve vibe that,is desaturated and you can make your own,film simulations by adjusting all these,little jpeg parameters now that does,only affect the jpegs remember that,another plus autofocus performance,seemed to be on par with the nikon z62,it has the same modes as the nice nikon,z62 and some modes that are actually,missing from the z6 and the z7,one of my favorites being,the you can actually choose a rectangle,to put a persons face in and it will,connect the eye it will attach to the,eye but you can actually use that,rectangle as a large single focus point,it has an interesting shutter sound,listen,i think its gonna be one of those love,or hate things but i actually liked it,wait that isnt love or hate but i liked,it,its got kind of like a nice old clunk,its not like the d700 though,that would have been cool the iso dial,shutter dial and exposure compensation,dial all feel great uh the buttons are,the same as the nikon z62 all right next,on the list i have fun factor and the,reason is because of the way ive been,shooting the camera so,it has the arctic fully articulating,screen which im usually not a fan of,but what ive been doing with this here,is actually keeping it closed,and every time im going to take a,photograph im like oh theres no screen,on the back,and ive been using the viewfinder which,it actually has a really nice viewfinder,let me compare it to the xt3 real quick,here,okay they seem super similar to me xt3,uh viewfinder i would say that maybe the,x3 is a little slightly but im kind of,biased right there,so keeping the screen closed and using,it like a film camera was fantastic it,was super fun using dials,and it also saves on battery life whats,neat is when you have the screen closed,the little evf is not on full time it,actually turns itself off so you can,keep the camera on around your neck or,walk around with it but when you put it,up to your eye it turns on the evf so,thats a great,battery saving,system,decision,thingamabob all right the next one is uh,the mode switch which at first was a,negative to me i was kind of like why is,there an,masp manual aperture priority you know,shutter priority program auto switch if,we have dials,it doesnt make any sense and for those,of you that are confused on a fujifilm,camera there is no mode dial,because the modes are decided by what,youre doing with the dials so you just,put for example on the lens you just put,the the lens on whats called automatic,and you can put each of the dials on,automatic,and uh that decides the mode if you put,it on a this one doesnt have any a,and at first i was kind of like thats,dumb,but then i was kind of liking it it was,a different way to to sort of think,and one of my favorite things about one,of my fujifilm cameras the fujifilm xt20,is that you can quickly if youre,handing the camera to someone or if,something is about to happen,you could switch the camera to auto mode,like fast you could do that here as well,with this mode switch,so at first i was like this is dumb but,then i was like i was like handing the,camera over to my daughter im like you,want to try it and i just flicked it to,program mode good and i didnt have to,be like think about the dials or teach,them about the dials,with the fujifilm xt3,if you want to put it in auto mode fast,you have to flip each of the settings to,a,and so i kind of like that however it is,a negative if youre if someones a,beginner and they,they dont know what the modes and how,it works it could be confusing for,someone you have to have it on m for all,the dials to work if you put it on a,aperture priority well now the shutter,dial doesnt work anymore and so there,were a couple of times where im like,why is my shutter not changing,so you have to keep that in mind it has,video and at first i was kind of like,annoyed because the video settings were,the same as the photo settings and i,like to shoot in flat profile but i,realize theres a setting in the camera,so by default its set to film movies,the same way that you shoot photos i,would switch that off in the menu and,although theres no stabilization i,found that the way i shoot video is i,like to take small clips and this has,digital stabilization thats like rock,solid so for me that totally works if,im traveling and im shooting photos i,want to just take a little bit of video,im not doing any kind of pans or motion,so the digital stabilization is a great,addition if theyre not going to have,ibis and its sad that some of the,fujifilm cameras dont have like this,xt3 has the only way to stabilize this,camera is 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Nikon Zfc Review – All Style and No Substance or Does it live Up to the Hype? Nikon Z fc

this is a nikon zfc a camera thats,designed to replicate a nikon fm2 one of,the greatest 35 millimeter cameras of,all time but does it live up to the hype,or is it all style and no substance,although the nikon zfc was released to,much hype in july of 2021 the buzz seems,to have fizzled kind of fast unlike,retro inspired cameras from fujifilm,theres no cult following of committed,loyalists creating multiple instagram,accounts dedicated to their love for,this camera and it seems like the zfc,may be a one-off release instead of the,beginning of a new line of,retro-inspired nikons now i wanted to,see for myself if the zfc can fill the,fm2s big mechanical shoes so i borrowed,this cfc from my photographer friend,alex to find out in todays review im,going to tell you what i like and,dislike about the camera and let you,know whether i think its a worthwhile,purchase,the biggest surprise to me when testing,the zfc was how excellent the autofocus,system is i tested the af extensively,using the most difficult subjects i,could find my two young children and,over and over the camera impressed me,particularly with eye tracking focus the,eye tracking is fast and sticky and even,when my kids were running towards the,camera which kids tend to do the focus,did an admirable job i also tested the,af in single point dynamic and wide area,af and each setting worked well,ultimately i found myself using the auto,area af for people,which is nikons name for the eye,tracking mode because it worked so well,and automatically switches from eye,tracking to wide area when an eye cannot,be found,its tough to criticize the styling of,the zfc as it is a beautifully machined,camera and does indeed resemble nikons,of yesteryear back to back with my nikon,fe you can see that nikon paid great,attention to reproducing a camera that,was the same size and shape as its 35,millimeter ancestors something they did,not do with the original retro digital,nikon the df which was released in 2013.,although the df was also beautifully,crafted,it was quite larger than the 35,millimeter cameras it was styled after,which i always found,to make it look a bit odd and out of,place,the zfc is more or less perfect in style,execution with one caveat 16 to 50 kit,lens detracts not only from the looks of,the camera but more importantly from the,user experience but more on that later,using the zfc is not only easy but also,a lot of fun menus are organized clearly,and the i quick menu button really ups,the usability and practicality of the,camera the i button gives you immediate,control to things like auto focus,picture style release mode picture,quality and more,the button is placed in the perfect,location for your right thumb,and the layout of the menu is simple and,intuitive,the menu itself also is placed at the,lower portion of the lcd so you can,still keep an eye on your scene as you,change a setting in shooting with the,camera for a week i never had to access,the main menu except for one setting,auto iso which was left off of the iso,dial for some strange reason besides the,modern menus the classic shooting,experience has been replicated quite,well too changing shutter speed and,aperture values can be done without,moving your eye from the viewfinder,something that will be welcome to those,of you who want to replicate not only,style but also function the iso dial is,almost as intuitive as the others but,since you must press the center lock,button to change between every iso value,it loses a bit of its simplicity and is,somewhat less intuitive on the fly,the image quality of the zfc is,excellent and i was very pleased with,the results,for my testing i shot primarily in raw,plus fine jpeg but i think that many who,use this camera will opt to use jpegs as,a rule and raw files as backups only i,found that the images from the zfc with,both the kit lens and the 28 millimeter,lens were sharp crisp and overall have,good color and saturation regarding the,kit lens specifically the image quality,far exceeds the usability and build,quality so at least theres something to,love about that particular lens,i also used some of the picture modes,with somewhat less success i found the,black and white mode to be acceptable,but lacking in depth and contrast i was,however pleasantly surprised by the,vivid mode which worked quite well for,outdoor portraits,and did not look over saturated,my main critique of the image quality is,that at isos of 800 or higher i was a,little surprised by the amount of noise,and also by what looks like a lot of,in-camera noise reduction,when pixel peeping these images they,almost have an old-fashioned digital,quality to them but this was something,that will have little effect,or no effect on practical shooting for,most users so it wasnt a deal breaker,for me,another pleasant surprise when shooting,with the zfc is how long the battery,lasts i carried the camera around for,many hours with barely putting a dent in,the battery something that i have not,been able to do with my fuji or canon,mirrorless cameras now im sure that the,lack of ibis in the zfc has a big impact,on battery life and also the fact that i,was shooting primarily with the lcd,screen closed but in any case it was,nice to forget about batteries for an,entire day and be able to carry along,the camera without having spare,batteries in my pocket,now that we talked about some of the,things to love about the zfc lets,discuss where i feel it misses the mark,the biggest omission on the zfc is,actually not on the camera itself but on,the lenses which have no analog aperture,ring,the aperture must be controlled via the,front dial on the camera and theres a,tiny lcd screen that shows the current,aperture value at first this severely,detracted from the manual inspired user,experience as i kept looking for an,aperture ring on the lens itself but,after a day or so of shooting with the,zfc i became used to adjusting my,aperture with the front control wheel so,it didnt bother me quite as much i,would of course prefer lenses that have,their own aperture control but i dont,expect nikon to do this so controlling,the aperture on the zfc is a compromise,but probably not a deal breaker for,those of you looking for a manual,inspired shooting experience for those,of us who love to shoot manually which,this camera certainly seems targeted,towards manual shooting can be a drag,with the 16 to 50 kit lens because of,the variable aperture i found myself,having to adjust my settings constantly,when i zoomed in because as you zoom the,lens the aperture stops down,changing the exposure value now this is,a critique of the lens of course and not,the camera itself but including this as,the standard kit lens doesnt really,make sense for anyone who loves manual,shooting,and wants a classic user experience,since you will be adjusting exposure,every time you change the focal length,of the lens an additional frustration,regarding the zoom lens is that you must,extend the barrel to activate it so,every time you turn on the camera you,need to do this extra step or else the,screen gives you a message to remind you,to extend the zoom barrel before,shooting the kit lens looks and feels,like a kit lens designed for an,entry-level camera and it definitely,doesnt do it for those of us who have,experience using a classic nikon,f-series camera,switching to the 28 millimeter 2.8,however fixes all of these woes and not,only functions much better but looks,much better on the camera too the,biggest drawback of the zfc is that,although it looks like an fm2 it doesnt,quite feel like an fm2 this is not to,say the camera is not made well because,the body is magnesium alloy and as i,already mentioned is excellent in its,craftsmanship unfortunately the camera,still feels sort of cheaply made and,doesnt have the substantial chunky,brick-like nature of a vintage nikon,after a few days i did become acclimated,to the lightness of the camera which is,really a benefit when taking it out for,an entire

Nikon Zfc First Look – Mirrorless Camera with Awesome FM Film Camera Styling

This video is sponsored by Squarespace the  place to go to if you want to set up your own  ,slick looking website or online store. Hi, Im  over here you might want to check out whats  ,inside this box right here. You might  want to come a bit closer; you can get  ,closer than that; come on dont be shy  Ive had a Vovid test already; come on  ,youre just being ridiculous now – come closer;  well thats a bit closer than i was thinking.  ,And look whats inside this box all right; there we  are, just stay about one meter away then were fine.,Now that is quite a bit of a surprise: its a Nikon  Zfc – check that out – dont ask me what FC stands  ,for, but it is flipping cool, maybe thats what  it is! Do you remember the old Nikon DF? Well this  ,is a far better looking camera; the DF if you  remember that was a digital camera with old  ,school aesthetics done way before Fujifilm gave an  “X”. It was a fantastic idea but missing something to  ,make it a popular choice with the masses. This is how  I imagined the DF should look – this is pretty much  ,a FM2 FM3 in a digital body; I mean if youre a  bit of a sucker for the old Nikon FM, and if youve  ,got a pulse, and you definitely will be then this  will certainly appeal because it looks exactly  ,the same. The only thing thats different is: oh  my god, its got a tilty-flippy vlogging screen!,There will be people that question why theres  a vlogging screen on a camera that looks like  ,an FM because you never vlogged with an FM, right?  But its still very useful to have a tilty-flippy  ,screen – it lets you look at how pretty your  camera and your face looks at the same time.  ,One of the great features of the DF was the manual  exposure dials that decorated the top part of the  ,camera and thats what theyve done with the  Zfc. The dials are pretty nice, I mean theyve  ,got a little kind of aluminium – I think its  aluminium surround – so they feel nice to the touch,kind of an all-right clicky sound; that  is the ISO dial with the mode dial on the side  ,here, and on the other side weve got a shutter  speed dial and exposure comp, and has a dedicated  ,movie to stills mode switch thing; and you see  that tiny little screen – thats for your aperture  ,value right there – you can see it. Well, yeah I  like it. So, yeah, dials like the DF, but because  ,this is mirrorless the size and proportions  are closer to the FM in the hands. The Zfc has  ,the FM vibes nailed down to a tee even though  the innards arent anything drastically new  ,specs wise mostly as a z50 so yes youre  gonna be buying carrot mainly for the looks  ,but whats wrong with that when it looks so damn  good for sure it looks clean af and talking about  ,af it has the same hybrid af phase and contrast  detect system of the z50 because it is essentially  ,a z50 is an aps-c 20-megapixel sensor with a  z-mount and this lens right here is just the same  ,as the z50 kit lens 16-15 millimeter lens albeit  painted silver lens i would definitely get however  ,and i dont have that here today is the new 28  millimeter sc lens f 2.8 which looks kind of retro  ,cool which matches the retro call of this body  it has that ais lens look that would complete the  ,manual camera feel this is a must-have lens to get  with the zfc and for what i was wondering about  ,the body the camera body that is not my own body  its a magnesium alloy chassis with some kind of  ,fancy plastic-ish covering but i say plastic-ish  it doesnt feel plasticky these bits that should  ,be filling metally do feel quite nice i mean  theyre kind of cool to touch i dont know if its  ,because the aircon here and the camera is cold but  it feels cold to the touch making it feel metallic  ,there you go butt plastic weve got a flap here  and the sd card slot is down there anyway moving  ,on to the tilty flippy screen it doesnt sit  completely flush with the body right there  ,but its all right you can also flip it to this  side and its got kind of a fake leverette so you  ,can almost pretend that you are in fact using a  film carrier especially with these dials they feel  ,great they feel where they should be those dials  are ergonomically fantastically positioned just as  ,you remember it with the fm but the only question  is will they make more lenses lenses with aperture  ,rings because that would be all so awesome one  thing is that it seems like the 28 millimeter lens  ,doesnt have the aperture ring seen on actual ais  lenses which is a shame that would make it perfect  ,so the real reason im dressed like this is  because im camouflaged ready for some nature  ,shooting well not really thats the weight rose  car park along with iaf and subject tracking the  ,zfc also has animal eye af2 sadly no wildlife here  the only animals are in the fridges of weight rows  ,and because it is zen mount you can mount  any of the zen mount lenses on it obviously  ,such as this massive 51.2 i mean it is quite  a small body this feels good in the hands  ,of course some people might miss a grip but that  is exactly how they were made youve just got to  ,love cameras this size theyre kind of possible  if you take the lens off it especially this lens  ,one nice touch is the round viewfinder its a  modern take of the old-school rings its made  ,of rubber which are blessing for the coating  of my glasses well its quite an interesting  ,move to put a tilty flippy screen like this on  the zfc not just because this is a retro style  ,camera but also because this is gonna appeal  to vloggers and this is me vlogging on the zfc  ,the shutter speed is probably a bit wrong this is  me vlogging on the zfc with a 14 to 24 millimeter  ,f 2.8 lens i am stuck inside a nikon hq canteen  doing this video about the zfc and i think the  ,video looks pretty all right unlike the full  frame zs theres no in-body stabilization  ,there is electronic vr but id rather opt for the  1650 lens which has 4.5 stops of vr its gonna be  ,good for vlogging with the full frame z lenses  without vr your vlogs might end up a bit shaky  ,with a 1650 vr i thought the z50 could have been  a good vlogging camera if it wasnt for the screen  ,that flipped down making and not so useful on  vlogging sticks the zfc theyve got that sorted  ,and well theyve got some vlogging kits ready for  it too now interestingly somebody has put this  ,on the table which im not sure where  im supposed to photograph or do this,one interesting thing with the dials is that  you cant choose auto mode you cant choose  ,auto wires so youve got a mode dial but a shutter  speed if you just use the dials here its all  ,manually controlled as long as youve got a manual  mode here so when you put it to average priority  ,it doesnt matter what setting youve got on  on that dial it chooses shutter speed for you  ,the shutter priority obviously  you pick the shutter speed here  ,and you got p mode auto mode image quality should  look pretty much the same z50 its essentially  ,z50 inside but thats no bad thing right see  thats why a tilty flippy screen is useful  ,you know what i feel like the back lever  more that was the best subject to eat the  ,other thing which is not like an fm is that  this has a 5 fps burst all extended to 11 fps,and that is pretty much all you need to know about  it oh and it looks cool essentially this is going  ,for the ghoulies of the fujifilm x-series and why  not because nikon has such a fantastic history  ,in making good-looking cameras and this is  just another one for 899 pounds 1049 euros i  ,guess its around that in usd theres not much to  dislike about it i guess one thing is that there  ,arent many dx only zed lenses to choose from four  including the new 28 millimeter and i really think  ,they should make the retro style lenses with an  aperture ring but the key question that hasnt  ,been answered is what does the c and zfc stand  for compact cheap crop well perhaps if this is a  ,hit we might also convince nikon to take the c out  and make a full

Nikon Zfc ATTACKS Fuji! Better than iPhone?

this video is sponsored by professional,photographers of america join a,community of over 30 000 photographers,that includes equipment insurance,education and business tools made,specifically for small business owners,like you,this is the nikon zfc and its the,camera that ive been waiting for nikon,to make its retro it looks like an,older nikon it looks like a film camera,its beautiful its fun to use with all,of these tactile knobs and dials it has,20 megapixels and its just a dream i,dont know why youve been waiting for,nikon to make that because fujis been,making that camera for a decade this is,the xt3 you can pick up a used one for,the same price as that its its better,no the xt3 what does that even stand for,what does cfc stand for this is kentucky,fried chicken,so,and what are you colonel xanders now,not only is my xt3 better than that but,my iphone is better than that because,look at that lens,is so fat like that its super fat on,one end and a little tiny on the other,end theres no way an iphone is better,than this,no photographer is going to agree with,you so im certain were going to win,that challenge but lets just do it,lets see how right i am okay put that,camera around your neck and lets go,take some pictures,[Music],its so big,chelsea not everything in photography,has to be some big controversial fight,can we just set that aside for a second,and talk about,what we like about this camera yeah i,know that youre roasting my camera a,little bit but i also know that you,appreciate what this camera has to offer,and thats that its a fun experience,its a tactile experience its,lightweight and its a good time to use,it makes you like photography right i,like a camera around the neck like this,like the xc3 its a little too heavy to,carry around your neck so i carry it on,my shoulder big pro cameras you cant,carry it like that but its so,lightweight that you have it here and,then its always ready to go its more,accessible than a smartphone and when i,use that i take more pictures i also,enjoy the experience more you know what,else we took it out to lunch with our,niece the other day i set it on the,table and the waitress came and asked if,it was a film camera that is the,impression youre not a creep with a big,pro camera youre not just somebody,snapshotting with your smartphone,you become an ex a photographer you,become,an artist right i do think thats the,message it sounds when people see a big,dslr i think they might associate it,with a professional photographer or,paparazzi and you see this and you think,now theres an artiste that id like to,be friends with,okay so whether you shoot with,smartphones or pro cameras i think you,should have a camera like this to bring,the fun back to the process of,photography,but ive been shooting with that a lot,and im not sure its that much fun i,have some real gripes with the controls,you just started up the fight you want,to end the fight you want to start the,fight okay let me use that well walk,and ill talk about the problems with it,okay,i dont even understand what your,complaint is with this camera its such,a fun camera its the pasm,you still have to select a mode you,cant just directly select automatic or,manual shutter and aperture speeds from,the dials ill show you,[Music],okay well regardless of which camera you,choose you want to make sure that its,well protected and you definitely dont,want to end up one of those stories in a,photo blog where someone gets their gear,destroyed or stolen and then they have,to start some crowd sourcing thing,because they have no coverage when you,join ppa you can get 15 000,in gear insurance and that means that if,you get your gear lost stolen or broken,it can be replaced with a 350 deductible,or if its just broken you can get it,fixed for a 50 flat fee,thats a great assurance that your gear,is going to be safe they also have video,training and contracts and so many other,resources for both professional and,enthusiastic photographers so check out,this link here and in the description,and if you decide to sign up you can use,this coupon code thanks bpa,heres a real scenario i had this camera,in aperture priority mode i looked at,the automatic shutter speed that its at,and it was too slow so i grabbed the,shutter speed dial and adjusted it but,the camera didnt actually change the,shutter speed and i had this moment of,confusion and frustration where i was,like why is it not doing anything and,the reason was it was an aperture,priority mode so i would have to decide,do i want to control both the aperture,and the shutter speed if so put it in,manual mode do i want to control only,the shutter speed if so put it in the,shutter priority mode and then i would,be able to adjust the setting here,but the whole pasm,mode,model is unnecessary in a camera with,analog controls fuji has shown that all,it takes is an a,put an auto mode on the shutter dial put,in auto mode on the iso dial and then,you can change the settings directly and,never have to think about the mode its,a small change but it is enough that it,makes the experience just a little less,tactile for me a little less fun because,it adds in this extra decision point,which still seems completely unnecessary,to me all right i definitely see your,point with the modes issue tony but this,is nikons first effort coming into this,retro modern space with the z camera and,i think they did an incredible job and i,hope they listen to the feedback because,i dont have a horse in either camp i,just want people to love photography and,i want cameras to be fun and i think,there are some tweaks that they could,make in the next generation i also hope,they release a whole bunch more retro,styled aps-c lenses like i hope,there are four camera bodies to choose,from at different price points and a,whole bunch of lenses because right now,fuji has,dozens of lenses all optimized for aps-c,you can get shallow depth of field you,can go telephoto and get wildlife and,right now nikon has basically two retro,styled lenses and four aps-c lenses in,total and this body is way too thin to,comfortably use any of their full frame,lenses coming up soon were going to be,putting the nikon zfc against the iphone,[Music],so weve been talking a lot about the,details and the specs but i wanted to,just give a general impression whats it,like when you get this camera in your,hand and you start shooting with it i,really liked it ive been taking it,around downtown just taking casual shots,of my family when we go to lunch and,things like that and its a fun,experience,weve been talking about it being a,great tactile experience that means its,something you kind of just want to sling,over your shoulder when youre on your,way out the door and just enjoy taking,whatever pictures you stumble upon the,photos so far that ive taken look,really good,and it seems to be easy to use ive had,no problem hitting focus when using the,auto focusing,my one thing that im not happy about is,this lens but you can change the lens i,would upgrade it to a better lens it,feels a bit light which means that it,feels a little bit cheap and i dont,think thats really in line with this,nice substantial tactile experience that,were enjoying so that would be the one,weak point is this very changeable lens,but overall i like it a lot that having,been said about the lens the only other,lens available is a 28 millimeter f28,and its not shipping right now so i was,not able to put a different lens on it,the 28 millimeter would be a full frame,equivalent of about 44 millimeters and,thats a focal length id like to keep,as a prime lens on the camera all right,i want to talk about the video next but,lets go home to do that its pretty,loud here so well go somewhere quiet,ill wash my hands from being a road,worker and uh well talk some more oh,and put it up against the iphone,okay were home and were ready to talk,about the video capabilities of the zfc,first of all its 4k 30 uncropped,its got eye detect autofocu

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