1. Check YOUR Most Played Switch Games for 2022! (Year in Review)
  2. My Nintendo Switch 2022 Year In Review Playtimes…
  3. My 2022 Nintendo Switch Year In Review
  4. Nintendo Switch OLED Review – 1 Year Later!
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  7. Taking a Look At My Nintendo Switch 2022 Year in Review (Most Played Games of 2022)

Check YOUR Most Played Switch Games for 2022! (Year in Review)

its my favorite time of year being when,Nintendo tells us what weve been up to,for the past year on our Nintendo switch,because they just launched the Nintendo,switch 2022 year in review website,something they do pretty much every year,and uh lets hop in and see what weve,been up to for the past year on our,switch Im pretty curious I actually it,feels like its been a long year so I,really dont know what exactly Ive been,up to on the console so Im excited to,see uh when Nintendos gonna store for,us and first up what I played for the,past year so the three most played games,are Mario Party Superstars the Nintendo,64 switch online app and Splatoon 3.,that makes sense of how much Ive been,streaming Mario Party Superstars over on,Twitch and YouTube Ive been covering a,lot of the 64 games for a review of,course and then Splatoon 3 was another,big one all right lets talk to the,games I played at launch fittingly,enough thats Splatoon 3 intends with,sports and Kirby in the Forgotten land,so I wonder how this works exactly,considering I had those games before the,launched so I dont know if it counts,that are rather boot them up on launch,day or around launch day I dont even,know how that works but sure that makes,sense or probably a few games I played,uh on launch Day this year but I guess,those three were the ones I got closest,with next up we have three plus years of,play oh my goodness what is this going,to be Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ring for the,adventure in The Legend of Zelda breath,of the wild those are really three,perfect games Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is of,course more almost more relevant than,ever these days ring for the adventure a,fantastic game especially with I imagine,some of the wig to put on over the you,know pandemic and holidays so thats,always a relevant experience and of,course all the breath of the wild,particularly with tears of the Kingdom,coming up I dont know if I played that,a whole lot this past year but you know,Ive definitely played enough over the,past three years four two probably still,rank so yeah thats an awesome selection,right there continuing on,it looks like we have uh some quiz as,not really a quiz some opinion based,questions here Andre GX what was your,favorite game this year so the options,is giving me lets see can I scroll here,oh I can scroll so I can choose whatever,I want oh wow its giving me the entire,lineup uh oh did I play on switch I,dont even remember I I get 45 minutes I,guess I did I guess I did play oh I did,play on switch for um for our stream,thats right so Sonic is there oh man I,mean I dont I dont know if I want to,vote honestly because it might give away,my game of the year maybe not actually,maybe you dont know lets see well look,at all these games I have too many games,too many games is there okay its not,showing I dont think its showing,everyone switch Sports was pretty good I,really enjoyed that but uh you know what,Im gonna give the early vote,to where is it there it is Sonic,Frontiers Im not saying its my game of,the year necessarily above the games I,saw here its definitely ones I like the,most so do I need to do I guess thats,it its my gaming Trends here we go see,how uh you spend your time by genre so,uh seven percent of my time Shooters,eight percent with Platformers thats,less than I thought because anyway I,love Platformers 13 Sports is what,sports must have really pushed that uh,really push that category up high 60 for,Action uh 20 of our party thanks Mario,Party and 34 for multiplayer Im,actually surprised that ones not higher,but uh that is still a third of my of my,game time so awesome thank you for,applying so I guess this is a look at,some of the games I played is it does it,track individual N64 games I dont know,if I play much Mario Tennis,um are these yeah I think this is just,generic screenshots so thank you for,playing hope to see you more in 2023,then it goes down it goes on to,recommend some games for US based on,their play history including Utopia all,right super bomb man R uh the messenger,yeah I do need to play that Kirby star,allies Hyrule Warriors Asia Calamity,definitely not the end of that game,theres not much of a Warriors guy all,right on the horizon we have games to,look forward to being Legend of Zelda,tears of the Kingdom Fire Emblem engage,Kirbys Return to Dreamland Deluxe and,octopath traveler too and then finally,its showing us our points balance so,there you go a fun little wrap-up look,at a wrap up for the past year,um are you surprised by my top three,games Im not really it is funny that,they group the N64 app as its own thing,which kind of makes sense but I would,love to get the breakout for the,individual games but in any case yeah,thats a thats a solid three especially,you know since one of them has three in,the name but yeah uh let us know what,you come across in your own findings in,the comments below and by using the link,in description below if you want to see,your own urine review again just a fun,little thing Nintendo does every year,and I want to hear what your three most,played games were for the past year let,us know everyone thank you for watching,of course stay tuned again for more uh,end of the year wrap ups coming up very,soon and everything else Nintendo here,as well well catch you later bye,everyone

My Nintendo Switch 2022 Year In Review Playtimes…

2022 is coming to a close and with that,Nintendo and Playstation have just sent,out emails for your year in review on,each of their platforms I thought itd,be fun to do a video kind of just,talking through and looking at my my,stats for each console so thats what,were gonna do today lets get into it,all right so we have our switch year,review and our PS5 or I guess just,PlayStation your review though thats,all Ive played this year uh Im,expecting way more play time on the,switch so I think Im actually gonna Im,Gonna Save switch for last lets just go,through PlayStation really quick I did,not play my PS5 very much at the,beginning of the year,um certainly at the end is when I did it,so lets click each of these sacred,symbols and see my total play time this,year mostly Call of Duty Im guessing,Call of Duty is number one,208 hours,on PS5 titles 30 hours on PS4 titles,um I bet I did not play I dont know why,I get that thats why like the most,played the game this year or at least,one of them,um no theyre doing that because its,exclusive I dont ring I would obviously,have more Play Time come on why are you,showing me her Horizon,get out of here thats thats,skewed okay well thats fine back to,dashboard,top games,I hate that they use Horizon for that,top games CMOS played games,yeah there you go 62 hours in Modern,Warfare Ive been playing a ton of,Warzone with some friends recently um as,well as quick play and thats been,majority of my PS5 users this year but,also uh Skywalker Saga was a lot of fun,playing with my girlfriend,um some Fall Guys,some integrate and then finally ordering,which I did not play enough of but I,played a decent amount or I felt like a,decent amount if I did not Beat It,favorite genre FPS and then they showed,me some God of War stats even though I,dont even own the game which I get that,thats like an important stat to show,but I feel like thats just that you,show not in my year in review if that,makes sense so thats kind of weird,trophies earned I did not do much trophy,hunting this year did I get no platinums,oh,this might be the first year ever I,didnt get a platinum thats rough,um first trophy was in 2013. okay latest,trophy was,uh from intergrade thats definitely not,true,uh maybe they cut off at uh December 5th,because I beat Crisis Core already,um and Ive been playing some other,stuff like tail I just beat last night,and then Gran Turismo I I get that you,gotta promote your first party games,like come on Sony,excuse a little weird to me and then see,your year on PS plus wow,this this feels too promotion heavy to,me I dont like this uh 31 hours spent,playing only multiplayer 36 games added,to your monthly Library,um I must have missed a couple at some,point top on my multiplayer game pop,multi-games are FIFA UFC really I guess,I guess the people that play FIFA and,UFC other people like are okay,subscribing to the PS Plus,premium,um real team Sonic racing I dont,believe that,oh they gave it for okay that was on the,free okay okay okay,thats right,I guess youre right was a PS Plus,premium game okay thats enough of,PlayStation uh definitely yeah Call of,Duty took over the year for me,but here we are on Nintendos website,Nintendo had a fantastic year Im gonna,do a video ranking all of their games,very soon from this year because I,actually played all of them with the,exception I think I have I think won,also what the hell remember remember the,stretchers thats a video game thats,crazy okay,well you played the most this year uh,Im not gonna tell me actual times okay,obviously Pokemon Violet obviously,Splatoon 3 and obviously switchboards,switchboards has been a constant every,week for me well tune three I was no,lighting for like two months straight,and then Violet obviously you know I,played a lot of that played at launch,I played all these games I play every,Nintendo game on launch three plus years,of play,um do they really not give you more,detailed stats this is disappointing,though,what like why is this,what,how are these my most played games,no no this,this is messed up,its not okay it knows it knows that,Pokemon violet,was my most played game this year it,knows that I have like 160 hours in it,but for some reason its saying my most,played game in freaking November was Arc,dinosaur discovery which was a video I I,it was a sponsored video I did,what,obviously super tv64 getting some love,there uh shapoud and my my girlfriends,been playing on my switch light,okay okay no I guess thats so weird,I did not play that for 48 hours in,November I must have left it one 22,hours in Scarlet Kingdom my girlfriends,been playing on my account I think,um,Violet 160 hours,um and then a little while on a couple,of these it takes two I didnt play on,switch very much Legend of man I dont,remember starting uh Pac-Man World okay,so you can go through the entire year it,looks like actually thats pretty cool,um no mans Sky I am satsuna,all these games I barely played oh its,embarrassing dont look I never beat,Sparks of hope thats thats the one,aint it a three,I have started so many games well,because I get the physical games I check,out if the cartridge works and thats it,you know its a sparkle two little,little cute game the old field Chronicle,that didnt finish that but still a,really good game,live will I finish that,well tune through 115 hours switch,Sports a 113 hours now interesting thing,on my switch the timer tracker is occur,so thats actually nice to know,um thats I that thats how much I,actually have in switchboards because I,think on my switch right now it says I,have like 75 hours which I knew was,wrong because I spent like four hours a,week playing that game for the damn,Cosmetics,um going through the year here though,its showing oh thats the beta for that,Lego brawls classic uh Kirbys Dream,Buffet two hours,I dont understand what like the why,does it have the most played Banner yeah,lets do it by time,that broke it okay okay this is much,better okay,okay okay so most playables pokemon,Violet then Splatoon 3 then switch,Sports Xena play three at 90 hours,Pokemon Legends Arceus at 63 hours uh,sword which I dont think I dont think,I played 48 I streamed at a decent,amount during like the leak season uh,Xenoblade finally finally finished that,three hopes was fantastic Mario party,was a lot of fun I ended up getting that,this year not last year Kirby,man this looks had a really good year,this year I I cannot believe that all,these games came out this year and I,played the hell out of all of them Mario,Kart has been fun with the DLC not too,much Mario karting um basically no Smash,Bros played this finally uh in June,Kingdom of course,um Bandit a one beat for the first time,and banded a two which well see right,there very short games,star allies are replayed,still need to be brilliant diamond,although I thats just this year I,played most Ive played more than that,last year,um slot fast forward Premiere WarioWare,fun game but not much but not much of,Bones on that game there Clubhouse games,is cool,um and are we seeing duplicates yet no,neon white I need to play morning I want,that was really fun super qb64 of course,well two and two I played an hour,apparently,oh man,were really down for like an hour oh,the online play test thats where it all,began for me I think switch sports like,really sums up my entire year,on this console damn I played no smashes,here thats crazy,thats gonna be like one of the people,that have smashed thats probably gotta,be like one of the lowest times,thats crazy whats this number up here,49 out of 995,oh thats how many games its listing,okay of course unleash I need to go back,and finish that Ive been uh watching,through all the Star Wars recently,thats been a lot of fun,um Xenoverse 2s my goaded game,I had so much time in that game from,2017 tokabo GP that was this year thats,weird also the remake,beanie my boy Beanie,and then yeah just a bunch of random,stuff so that is my year in review for,the Nintendo switch let me

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My 2022 Nintendo Switch Year In Review

[Music],it is that time of year once again when,we take a look back at our Nintendo,switch gaming gear in review whats,going on intenders Welcome to our 2022,year-run review brought to you by,Nintendo so I made a video of this last,year for 2021. if you want to see that,one itll be up here in the description,and without further Ado lets go on and,get into this year real quick before we,get into this video I need your opinion,I put a poll up on the community tab,asking you if you want to see any gaming,shorts from me now Ive been kind of,dabbling in YouTube shorts for a little,while now and I want to know if you guys,like these and if you want to see more,so if you do want to go ahead and answer,that poll question now lets get back to,the video most played games this year,Animal Crossing and Mortal Phoenix,rising and dead Secret Circle so a,little backstory about this I have a,series on my YouTube channel where I did,some Animal Crossing happy home Paradise,designer homes for some NPCs and so if,you want to see those theyre on my,channel Immortals Phoenix Rising were,currently playing through that on Friday,evenings at 6 30 PM Pacific time if you,want to come and hang out,I started live streaming on YouTube this,year,I started on Twitch in 2021,and then when I made the switch over to,YouTube I started live streaming again a,couple of months ago,back in October,which is where,this game Dead Secret Circle comes in,so I was given a key for this by the,developer,and this is kind of like a mystery,horror kind of game,a puzzle game it was kind of fun too so,if you want to see any of these uh the,playthroughs are up on my channel you,can go and check them out,games played at lunch,its Circle near automata and before we,leave now before we leave this game I,kind of had it on my radar for a while,and I was curious about checking it out,all three of these games I got keys for,for this year,so thats why I was able to play them I,probably would not have played at least,these two,right away if I havent gotten a key,near automata I remember when that came,out before,years ago and Ive seen some people play,it it looked interesting I never got a,chance to play it so the fact that now I,got to play it on the Nintendo switch,all these years later it was kind of fun,and I enjoyed it Im not done with it,though I need to go back to it,three years of play three plus years of,play Animal Crossing New Horizons of,course as you all know when lockdowns,happened in 2020 this game was coming,out anyway and we were all waiting for,it and so it was a nice little time,waster to play some Animal Crossing,while we were in lockdown favorite game,this year,uh let me see here Immortal screen is,rising Im having a good time with now,Oregon Trail a little quick thing,technically I have not played this on,the switch yet but,those of you who were here from the,beginning you know who you are this is,the game that started this YouTube,channel Ive got playlists of unlisted,uh playthroughs of this,from Apple arcade on this channel and if,you want to see those,Ill probably put the links to those in,the description maybe well see now,Animal Crossing Nintendo switch Sports,my sister owns this and I played with,her a couple of times,and that was fun,emotive computer I think Im having a,great time with day super Circle I had a,great time with lets see Sonic,Frontiers there we go,now this game were playing this one on,Monday nights at 6 30 p.m Pacific if you,want to come and hang out,Im having a great time with that one as,well Toca life,Ive got a series on my channel of this,one its ongoing if you want to see any,of those go and head over to my channel,you can watch them or about six or seven,episodes in now at this point,fall guys I cannot for the life of me,control this game I have tried I have,not played with any friends or anything,like that yeah Ive just played by,myself but I mean its so,ah I dont know,it will probably be fun to play with,other people to mess around with but,playing by yourself trying to figure it,out and having it not work the way you,need it to is a little bit frustrating,pac-man99 Im trying,to get to,the last person standing I havent done,it yet if I do youll be the first ones,to know about it so out of all of these,right now for favorite game this year,as much as I need to give Sonic His,props I think I might go with Immortal,Phoenix Rising,because this is my first time playing,this game,and I am really having a good time with,it gaming Trends 72 simulation and that,to me is honestly no surprise there,everything else over here action,adventure role-playing puzzle strategy,well all of these kind of fall into this,category anyway at some,at some point,but I mean,it is what it is,and that brings us to the end of our,2022 year in review thank you so much,for joining me if you liked what you saw,do me a favor and subscribe to this,channel it helps me out and its free,for you you can also go and answer that,poll question that I put up earlier,thank you so much for joining me this,year 2022 and Ill see you,next year in 2023

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Nintendo Switch OLED Review – 1 Year Later!

Hey guys, it’s Kevin.,So, I’ve been using the Nintendo Switch OLED for about a year now,,and it’s one of my favorite consoles by far.,It can fit any lifestyle with it’s unique ability to transform into three different modes:,TV, tabletop, and handheld.,There are also tons of amazing games you can’t find anywhere else like,Mario, Kirby, and Pokémon.,Today, I’ll give you my experience of owning this,,updates since launch, and what I hope to see for the next generation.,So, here’s my review of the Nintendo Switch OLED…,one year later.,The Nintendo Switch OLED comes in a smaller box compared to a longer one for the original Switch.,It also comes in a new color, white, in addition to the traditional neon blue and red.  ,Inside the box, you’ll get the Switch, two Joy-Cons, a dock with a built-in LAN port,,HDMI cable, power adapter, a Joy-Con grip, and Joy-Cons straps.,The dock does come in white, but since I prefer matte black,,I was able to change it thanks to dbrand.,I’ll link the Switch and skins in the description box below.,Setting up the Switch is simple.,Just slide in each joy-con, power it on,,sign in to a Nintendo account, download a game, and you’re ready to go.,The main reason to get this Switch over the original is for that screen.,It’s a 7-inch OLED display, so you’ll get those vivid colors, inky blacks, and wide viewing angles.,If you’ve seen my previous videos, you’ll know how much I love OLED.,I actually replayed some of my old games since the new screen makes them look a lot better.,If you’re not a fan of the saturated colors, there’s an option to change it.,In System Settings > System > Console-Screen Colors,,you can choose between Vivid or Standard.,Personally, I’m keeping it on Vivid since I like those punchy colors.,One downside with OLED is burn in,,and about 90% of my playtime is done in handheld mode.,Fortunately, I haven’t experienced it after several hundred hours of gameplay.,The resolution is only 720p, so no 1080p or even 4K.,It would’ve been nice, but it’s not a dealbreaker for me.,The bezels are a lot thinner, and the screen is now glass.,I do have a few scratches on mine, but it’s on the preinstalled plastic film.,Nintendo added an anti-scattering adhesive film to prevent the glass from breaking into smaller pieces.,The design is very similar to the original Switch but with some improvements.,The frame  around the screen is now metal, which makes it more durable.,It’s a glossy finish though, so it attracts dust and fingerprints easily.,I already have scratches and scuff marks on mine.,The sides are still made out of metal to support the joy-cons,,and it has that satisfying click.,The rest of the Switch is made of out plastic with the exception of the stand,,which I’ll get to in a minute.,The top, bottom, and back is this black, textured finish.,I have a couple of marks here and there, but it’s held up pretty well.,A new feature for this Switch is the wide, adjustable, metal stand.,No more hoping if the Switch will stay put.,I’m not good at geometry, but it looks like the stand can open at a max 135° angle.,There’s a slight resistance when opening or closing the stand,,so you know it’s not going anywhere while you’re gaming in tabletop mode.,Under the stand is a micro SD card slot.,This Switch now has 64 GB of built-in internal storage,,but I added an extra 256 GB since all of my games are intangible.,I find it more convenient to access any game anytime without having to switch game cards.,The Joy-Cons have not changed at all, which is good and bad.,If you have different colored ones, you can switch it up for a different look.,These white ones were included in the box, but I also have Joy-Cons in,,you guess it…,matte black.,These are the gray ones, but thanks again to dbrand.,Since these are plastic, I do have some normal wear and tear on them.,There’s some discoloration from finger oils and scratches from… I don’t know.,The joysticks and buttons feel like new,,but the arrow indentation on the buttons are starting to wear off.,Probably from beating my cousins at Tetris too many times.,So, the infamous Joy-Con Drift is still here.,I take really good care of my devices,,so it might be from a piece of dust or debris inside the controller.,If I’m playing a game, let’s say Nintendo Switch Sports,,the character will automatically move on its on.,Luckily, I only encountered this a few times.,Nintendo will also fix your controllers free of charge even if they’re out of warranty.,One of the biggest reasons to get a Switch, regardless of the model, are the games.,I have a decent collection of games from exclusive games to friend and family fun to JRPGs.,My favorite is probably Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.,It reminds me of the good, old Super Nintendo and N64 days.,Having two or four controllers connected to one console,,and using items to ruin relationships with family and friends.,Like I mentioned earlier, games do look a lot better thanks to the new OLED screen.,Despite this Switch having the same CPU and GPU as the original,,I haven’t had any issues at all.,Depending on the type of games you download, they’ll come in a variety of sizes.,Mine ranges from 100 MB to 17 GB.,If I didn’t install additional storage, I would’ve filled up the built-in one already.,Let me know what your favorite games are in the comments down below.,Battery life has been pretty good.,Nintendo advertises around 4.5 to 9 hours on a single charge,compared to 2.5 to 6.5 hours on the original Switch.,I’m getting around 6 to 7 hours,,but it depends on how CPU and GPU intensive the game is.,That’s plenty of play time for a day, and when it’s time to charge,,there’s a USB-C port on the bottom.,Most of the time, I put it in the dock, but other times, I use my go-to cable.,It charges the MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, Android phone, and more.,That’s the beauty of USB-C.,Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED,,there’s been seven updates, but most of them were for bug fixes.,There were a few that added nice features to the Switch.,The first is support for Bluetooth audio.,This was actually added a month before this Switch was released, but it’s worth mentioning.,The built-in speakers sound good,,but now you can use any Bluetooth audio device for better sound quality.,There is a little bit of a delay though.,When using the AirPods Pro or AirPods Max, it’s like less than a second.,But with the Galaxy Buds Pro, it’s very noticeable.,You can always use the 3.5 mm headphone jack for a latency free audio experience.,Another update brought support for the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack.,This gives users access to classic N64 games, Sega Genesis, and DLC.,The last update added groups to better organize your games.,They’re basically folders, so you can sort your games by character, type, or favorites.,Many of us, myself included, were hoping for a next generation Switch:,Nintendo Switch 2, Nintendo Switch Pro, Super Nintendo Switch, what ever they want to call it.,But I don’t think it’ll be released any time soon since sales are doing well for a five year old console.,When that day arrives, I’d like to see Nintendo add three things.,The main one being 1080p in handheld and 4K while docked. ,Next, an improved chip for better performance and higher frame rates. ,And finally, longer battery life for those AAA games.,If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch, then I would recommend buying the OLED model.,With the new 7-inch OLED screen, improved build quality,,wide adjustable stand, increased built-in storage,,and a LAN port, it’s worth paying the $50 dollars extra.,If you enjoyed this video,,then you might like to check out this one on the PlayStation 5,and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.,Please like, comment, and subscribe.,And I’ll catch you guys in the next one. Bye!

Nintendo in 2019: THE REVIEW

ah my friends my friends I sincerely,hope your holiday season has been filled,with warmth and Wonder another year has,come to a close and of course that means,its been another year of Nintendo games,were released announcements were made if,we laughed we cried and as usual now,that its over I cant help but reflect,on it and since Im a long-winded and,very opinionated sort of chap I cant,help but also make a video doing so so,lets look back at the highs and lows,the triumphs and failures the duds and,gems the good happy nice things and the,lesser good and not as happy okay things,lets move through the whole year and,ultimately decide how well Nintendo did,overall by the way my Christmas was not,the best I spent most of it sick from a,horribly painful sinus infection which I,am still recovering from also my house,is filled with loud family members right,now making recording completely,impossible because of all this I must,apologize for the lack of visual on me,and also the inconsistent recording,quality of this video most of it was,recorded before I got sick and the rest,was recorded like youre hearing now,while Im still recovering and also in,my car,bending over at an awkward angle from,the passenger seat back into the back,seat where the microphone is its good,good but you gotta do what you gotta do,because this video is important to me,and I wanted to make sure I got it to,you in good time so I hope you can bear,with me so sit back snack on some,leftover Christmas tacos and please,enjoy Nintendo in 2019 is a review,interestingly enough one of the very,best Nintendo related things to happen,in 2019 came right at the very start of,the year it was a quiet change to the,companys policies regarding copyright,and their content on YouTube they,announced that they would no longer be,flagging videos and taking their ad,revenue simply for featuring audio or,visual elements from Nintendo games they,also ended their creator program which,was a very unappealing system where,creators could make Nintendo content but,only on specific games and they had to,share most of their revenue with,Nintendo anyway it might not have been a,big blockbuster game or a new switch,model but for youtubers such as myself,this was everything,as exciting I found ways to avoid the,copyright hounds most of the time up to,that point but it was a constant issue,to deal with and there was always this,fear that Nintendo would zero in on me,and start manually flagging my videos,which could have potentially tanked my,entire channel so the fact that they had,finally rethought the whole YouTube,thing was naturally a huge relief but,perhaps more importantly it said,something about them as a company,theyve been accused of being,old-fashioned and tone deaf in the past,so finally accepting the importance of,YouTube essentially as a free marketing,platform and not to mention finally,acknowledging the concept of fair use,which is not something that YouTube,demands if any company was a massive,step forward for them,that was certainly a wonderful start to,the year but things soon turned dark and,cold it wasnt long before another big,piece of news came from Nintendo this,one in the form of a video update on the,development of Metroid Prime 4 of course,I was ecstatic to watch it and see what,was going on with what is perhaps my,most hotly anticipated game but I wasnt,very far into the video when I started,to sense that something was wrong I,remember being like this isnt how you,talk about upcoming games this isnt how,you do happy updates and then it came,the news that metroid prime 4 hadnt,been living up to expectations so they,were giving the project to retro and,starting all over oh its like a punch,to the gut I mean dont get me wrong it,still exists and its nice that retro is,handling it now and if that was the,decision they needed to make then Im,super glad they made it but wow that was,rough news to take I think its stung,all the more because I just started,telling myself that teases for the game,were finally within the realm of,possibility I figured that maybe the,game had been in development for half a,year or so before the big III,announcement so by early 2019 there was,a good chance it had been in development,for two years thats a good amount,through the whole process thats just,enough for them to start teasing us a,bit maybe even showing us some tiny,clips of gameplay and that was exactly,when it restarted rough stuff its been,almost a year since the news and even,now it will be another year before we,get to that same point again,it could be two more years than that,before the game even releases but I,digress,that wasnt the only grim occurrence in,early 2019 however in late February we,received news that was somehow even,sadder,Reggie feyza may our precious Nintendo,of America president creator of memes,kicker of tushies and taker of names,feyza mek himself announced that he was,retiring his body was ready to quit the,executive business it felt a little like,a best friend moving away forever it,felt like one of your favorite,restaurants closing down it felt like,losing one sock from your very favorite,pair and never ever finding it it was,the end of an era on the bright side,though reggie was replaced by Doug,Bowser who immediately gave everyone a,pretty good vibe on top of you know,literally being named Bowser he hasnt,done much to provide us with good inside,jokes and memes yet unfortunately but it,still feels like hes got some potential,in that department and his career as,president is still in its infancy,also I thought Reggie was gonna head to,Maui and kick up his feet by the beach,or something but instead he spent the,whole year giving guest lectures at,universities and just being a really,cool guy and a great resource to,aspiring business people,he even got himself a Twitter right when,he left Nintendo which was something,wed been hoping for for years so thats,been fun too if theres something that,really makes others feel a little more,okay though Nintendo had a bunch of,people in their brand ambassador program,makes short videos for Reggies,retirement and I did and after that he,followed me and Im sure hes got me,muted and he was just trying to be,polite but I dont care because Reggie,okay this isnt a bad opportunity to,show you that video I made so here you,go,hey there Reggie my name is Arlo and I,just wanted to say okay sorry,Im ready now mm-hmm Reggie I just,wanted to say thank you from the very,bottom of my heart Im sad that we never,got to do the massive roadtrip,collaboration video I always imagined we,would do someday but Im so thankful for,all the years that you have given us at,Nintendo and Doug youve got some big,shoes to fill but I know youll do a,great job,regi dont go finally if there was one,more unpleasant thing about the,beginning of the year it was what I,called the great Nintendo Direct drought,of nineteen,we are not owed Nintendo director in,specific months there are patterns but,technically they can come whenever they,want just because weve gotten directs,the last few Januarys didnt mean we,had to get one this January the direct,would come when Nintendo was good and,ready but something about 2019 there was,this weird kind of expectation this,intense curiosity there were just so,many rumors swirling around and we,wanted to know what was next for a,Nintendo show badly so especially in the,context of Metroid Prime 4 getting,scrapped January passing us by with no,sign of a direct drove us all but it,seriously felt like it had been an,eternity since the last direct it felt,like we would never get one again,fortunately though the year was starting,to look up because we most certainly did,get one and it was a heck of a one,mid-february finally gave us the first,direct of the year and it opened with,the reveal of Super Mario maker 2 there,was plenty of other good stuff in the,direct – including the reveal of astral,chain and while Mario maker was one of,those openers so goo

Was This Year Nintendos Sophomore Slump? Year In Review 2018

so 2018 didnt really have the big,Nintendo game well not yet but the big,Nintendo games like breath of the wild,Super Mario Odyssey stuff like that,Smash Brothers is on the way we got a,new Pokemon but not quite a big Pokemon,what was this year really defined by,what Nintendo did necessarily with the,switch or what other people did with,switch because I think if anything,theres a really good sophomore year for,other developers gonna get in do their,stuff yes the switch continues to be my,favorite place to play games and a lot,of that is because games that either,missed or I didnt have a chance to play,for whatever reason Ive been ported to,switch like hollow Knight its a good,example we have Diablo 3 was a great,port we had a lot of really good ports,especially Bethesda jumping on the,switch trains Bethesda was very anti,porting to Nintendo and weve gotten,Wolfenstein switch which like was really,good docked you know theres still a,little wiggle room and like an,adjustment period there right but I do,think it was very positive to see a lot,of developers jumping on switch and,seeing the potential of the console,neither word the second year end is that,like kind of the cracks are showing with,some of those ports like the fezzes,games for example sip 6 which Ive been,playing right you saying the controls,are kind of weird its its not that the,controls are bad its just it shows the,limitations of what you can do on the,switch right not there arent many,limitations but like I think its,telling that sip 6 and darkest dungeon,are the two games I would say I would,not prefer on switch everything else you,mentioned Halle Knight dead cells I,played on switch like endlessly thats,what people derided the switch for this,year theyre saying oh its just a port,machine I was like thats why I loved it,because that only matters if youre,trying to compete like put one right,right platform against another and like,Frank from a like looking at Nintendo I,think that was a really good strategy I,think like padding the the time between,the Pokemon and smash and like anything,else that came early this year as far as,exclusives I think that was a good way,to do it like reintroduce hollow nights,of people bring like salt and sanctuary,to switch bringing all these games to,switch that people might have played and,want to just replay or like just,reintroducing people to them in general,wedding peoples appetite for Pokemon,right yeah I mean Pokemon was actually a,big highlight for me this year and I was,I was very hesitant about it I dont,want to say I was expecting to dislike,it but I was pleasantly surprised by the,game because I you know Im,pretty hardcore about Pokemon uh-huh and,I was really looking forward to the new,Pokemon put once which being like the,the new one that people just refer to it,as that coming out in 2019 lets go I,was kind of like okay this is like,Pokemon for babies that doesnt mean,its bad like Im happy to play a,relaxing Pokemon game but I found a lot,more deaths there than I was expecting,and it actually got me really a lot more,excited for the real one right but I,wouldnt even call it the real one its,just the next ones this one has enough,for me to dive into because like,catching pokémon and lets go is so so,good its the most Ive wanted to catch,pokemon in a really long time normally,Im just kind of like catch one get in,my pokedex Im done right so I think,like what they changed about it when,they introduced the Pokemon go mechanics,I think a lot of people were hesitant,about but I think turned out really well,for it,[Music],I think one of the most exciting things,though is being able to play pokemon on,a console on a big screen like I I still,think the best way to play is handheld,but seeing that worlds on a big TV with,these bright vibrant colors as opposed,to playing on a small handheld I think,is exciting and I think Pokemon 2019 is,gonna be very exciting because hopefully,theyll kind of push that even further I,dont know make it more involved in that,world its nice to see you like that,proof of concept of what Pokemon could,look like and seeing like the 3d models,in the overworld,I think Game Freak gets a lot of heat,before the games come out when they,change things so like the Pokemon go,catching mechanics in this one black and,white doesnt have any of the previous,Pokemon like you started that game and,it was just like the new Pokemon but,black and white ended up being a lot of,peoples favorite generation for that so,when they take risks I think it actually,turns out really well for the Pokemon,series so Im excited just seeing this,with minimal risk take in what they,could do with the next one you had a,proof of concept I think of the entire,one in Tendo is in 1000 online,yeah which was like kind of we were all,really wondering what that was gonna be,like and then it launched and now its,here and like what do we know right I,was gonna say like its funny that a,port Diablo 3 was the game that got me,to finally like again thats thats a,positive thing for the ports and,Nintendo is like a six year old game,that fun kinda like got me to finally,buy a Nintendo online but still I get so,frustrated with like Nintendo is kind of,lagging behind things that we take for,granted on other console more than PC,and everything and like I still wish,Nintendo like in some area to just get,its head out of the sand and catch up,which I guess it has now but sort of,yeah like not entirely I think theyre,the value theyre offering for 20 bucks,is pretty good,but like whats the most you really get,out of that the ability to play games,online and Nintendo games like NES games,yeah you guys know I love retro games,right but NES games are the most basic,form of retro game that gets recycled,over and over and over again especially,by a Nintendo like I wouldve loved to,have seen some online multiplayer for,Super Nintendo games for example,something more exciting then heres,Excitebike again heres Mario Brothers,again we own another Nintendo console,yeah yeah,weve all played them a hundred times,before like I dont know I would just,love to see other games get a second,lease on life if Nintendo is gonna use,those to prop up the subscription,service because that would be the one,thing that gets me going,yeah it doesnt to be honest I,completely forgot about that the whole,Nintendo Ellen until I was playing,Pokemon were trying to trade and it was,like no we cant do this until you get,in 1000 and I was like haha [ __ ] okay,and then now I have it but I completely,forgotten so far its like I mean it,wasnt that much money like but still,its like I yeah I dont see it yet that,I paid for this when I was already using,it for a year and a half well thats the,other thing too is they took it a,multi-player away from splatoon too,right yeah they suddenly turned this key,and theyre like all right sorry you,know youve got to pay for that thats,really strange I kind of very surprised,that they did that it seems a very,inelegant of them yeah yeah youd think,like for future games maybe they would,implement it from the start but for one,that youve been playing for free online,yeah its a little strange I think they,said it from the beginning when the game,launched even nobody transparent about,it yeah but its still weird can we,finally give a eulogy 3ds no you you,think so yeah what came out this year,I love the 3ds 3ds detective Pikachu why,are you were going oh yo Kai watch,blasters and then next year beginning,next year yokai watch 3 or whatever yeah,theres still no love yokai watchee just,not in this country so much yeah and I,do love the 3ds its just its funny,because I was thinking about when Im,like some of my favorite experiences on,3ds were like theyre like several co-op,experiences that kind of highlighted why,I love the switch and it is more,frustrating that the switch took so long,to get on board with online because,being in the same room with like three,other people playing Diablo o

Taking a Look At My Nintendo Switch 2022 Year in Review (Most Played Games of 2022)

all right people whats up everyone and,welcome to another video and we just did,the PlayStation wrap up of course for,2022 so now we got the Nintendo switch,one which Im hoping I did hey stop it,why is every time I do a video you you,bother me,its my cat,um Im not losing my mind uh but anyway,what what you want to leave,all right one second Im not starting,the video,all right anyway so Nintendo switch 2022,year in review its gonna show us our,most played game which I Im pretty sure,I know what it is I wont say it just in,case but uh uh this is another year,where I didnt play a lot of games I,played most of my games on Xbox so Im,hoping theres an Xbox urine review they,didnt do one last year which is kind of,shitty but uh I did they did that museum,thing which I think is the reason why I,didnt do one last year because they did,the museum thing like,is that early this year or was that last,year,I dont remember but I think that was,pretty much in place of that so,hopefully they do one this year anyway,uh its funny that this one is out uh,today I think usually we dont get these,until the end of the month so I dont,know why both Sony and place uh Sony and,uh,Sony and Nintendo decided to put up,there so early but uh anyway I signed in,so lets go,what you played this year Im gonna,guess my number one Im not gonna say it,lets just see if I was right all right,most player oh oh ah yep thats thats,right dog run for three yeah yeah,Pokemon Legends Arceus and live Alive,live live I spent like 40 hours in uh I,took my time with that one uh Pokemon,Legends Arceus okay cool,and then dog around but V3 which makes,sense I started that last year but I,didnt play a ton of it until this year,so,um I wish it would tell me how much I,played,all right well tell us I played at,launch live alive neon white alien,Persona 5 Royal nice,um got about 15 hours into Persona 5,Royal I havent put too much more time,in it into it but I should uh neon white,is great one of my favorite games this,year and live alive is also one of my,favorite games this year so three plus,years of play okay was that in reference,to lets see,oh okay I get you like the first time I,played them I came back to play them,again OverWatch was a little different I,played that when it first came out on,switch and then I just wanted to try it,out uh again when OverWatch 2 came out,beat about bundle is great its such a,good time uh and of course Smash,Brothers is great so uh all right what,was your favorite game this year my,number one was oh I guess I was dragging,dog oh by each month oh,okay by month so this is what,days Play 50 and I spent a lot of time,ours played 36 hours okay thats about,right I still havent finished it yet,but is that right,I dont know if thats right,I think it was more like around 25 to,30. no I think by the time I stopped,because these games are long by the way,um really long by the time I stopped I,think yeah all right so that was for,January okay,um how do I move it to the next oh you,just oh okay you scroll okay yeah I,didnt play a lot I didnt play a lot in,January uh mostly hold on Im confused,most played,okay but then this is most played,okay guys I guess its just showing me,multiple most played yeah I didnt play,a lot of games in Nintendo uh in January,uh this and uh,and Arceus and I guess beat him up on I,played an hour I played by one game,all right uh hello two yikes Florence,that was a fun game okay,uh Popeye and I played that for the,worst games uh okay February okay 38,hours damn,our kiss was a lot of fun so Rune,Factory Five what a disappointment that,game was nine hours I spent way more,than I thought I did I thought I only,spent around five to six but uh nine,hours thats more,cool uh I see Metro theyre Metro dread,37 minutes yeah I just continued from,where I left off uh Retro Bowl a little,while meaning about 15 minutes I liked,when I played with that but whatever I,put like 10 minutes of this like it,sucked uh yeah Kirby and the Forgotten,land that was great,didnt 100 it but uh got far yeah I I,dont think thats I I think I play like,three hours in 10 switch Sports I guess,its saying April and that came out at,the end of April to be fair I guess so,all right yeah I played about an hour of,uh Assassins Creed 2. 80s overdrive,was a lot of fun uh demon Turf yeah it,was a new version of demon Turf uh akane,thats a thats a fun game to play while,youre just kind of waiting for,something same thing for the super,cyborg that was a kind of fun little,game dungeons Drew I heard so many good,things about this played it for about I,played for longer that I want to say I,played it for about an hour it was all,right it was cool stranded deep yeah,yeah and you know like 23 hours I still,need to finish it too its its great,though what a great game uh uh Super,Smash Brothers two hours yeah,yeah I I played a couple games of battle,League not really into it uh fishing,Paradiso I thought this game would be,right up my alley because I like fishing,games uh and its fun but its a little,too simple so,a like head was a lot of fun I really,enjoyed that uh fall guys I played a,little bit of that on switch down well,put a little bit of that bot Vice that,was actually a fun game but yeah here we,go live about 48 hours I dont think,thats exactly right uh the game itself,only takes around 30 to 40 30 to like,maybe 35 maybe 40 hours to finish but I,spent a lot of time like,uh grinding because I was really,enjoying the combat system simple but I,really enjoyed it uh I love the look of,that game live alive is great I highly,recommend it uh Splatoon three that was,his Invitational thing and then Splatoon,3 regular it didnt play a lot I played,like mostly the campaign honestly but it,was fun uh bearing breakfast I need to,play more of uh oh okay 18 hours a,percent of five Royal okay yeah thats,about right I think thats actually what,my save said so maybe this is actually,accurate maybe I did spend 48 hours in,I need to play more ah I think thats,yeah maybe fire I guess I could be right,I still need to finish that I I would,say Im about like,a little more than one-third like 40 of,the way through Ill say uh there you go,uh I just started this because I was,like in the mood for an RP jrpg and then,my brain was like wait in like a week uh,Persona comes out so I was like but uh,it was cool it was a good beginning to,OverWatch 2 of course and then yeah,thats not true Im like about seven,hours into Xenoblade yeah well okay,maybe I I probably did play about an,hour of it in November that might be,true,um so there you go its not counting,December obviously because were still,in the middle of it but okay thats cool,uh is that it your gaming Trends okay,lets see role playing action adventure,first person platformer simulation okay,wow only three simulation I didnt play,any stardew this year so hey last year I,think I did one last year last year was,Star do all day uh and thank you for,playing okay thats it is this a what oh,this is pictures I took I just took,random pictures I always take random,pictures here you go I think,Im assuming so right,uh uh I dont remember yeah that this,part hasnt happened yet so I think this,is just random,uh screenshots of games I played I wish,I would go so slow,Im like waiting for the next one yeah,Ill tell you maybe this is Arceus I,think coming up yeah I didnt play I,didnt play the female,character so yeah thats not my pictures,uh,uh,Odio uh,what a great game dog rumpus I need to,finish it I love the first two games so,much and three is shaping up to be maybe,the best uh but so you play yesterday we,think you might like these games Legend,of Mana I did want to play Easter but,wait hey hey they didnt track Eastward,I played that this year,wait wheres Eastward I put like I,played that for like over 10 hours,thats weird,lets go by time yeah actually,okay and then that wheres Eastward,thats very strange it didnt track,Eastward maybe its here no its not I,played that for over 10 hours t

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