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Nioh 2 Review

[Music],Im not ashamed to admit it I died a,total of four hundred and nine times,during my first playthrough of neo2,every death is a lesson like dont walk,under the street or the street so you,know you can walk under it you just,gotta move fast you just gotta move with,a little bit but thats appropriate,because theres a lot to learn in this,excellent sequel to one of the first,great non from software souls like games,neo2 takes everything the original game,builds and evolves it magnificently,adding all sorts of new nuances to the,combat but every gift it gives you is,balanced with a stiff backhanded slap of,difficulty to keep your ego in check,[Music],while neo put you in control the,fictionalized version of real-life,Western Samurai and professional Geralt,of Rivia cosplayer William Adams neo -,instead goes the route of the mute,custom create character its a change,that actually works pretty well,William was already basically a mute in,the first game so not much on that front,is lost and the character creator in neo,2 is amazing but while the story fares,better than the first thats still not a,glowing endorsement neo 2 struggles with,making its characters anything more than,a means for exposition dumps the only,bright spot is the alternate universe,version of real-life Japanese historical,figure Toyotomi Hideyoshi as his journey,from goofy adventurer to fearsome leader,and his relationship with your character,is actually quite compelling,Miatas combat is to starve the show here,and like its predecessor it is,phenomenal the first and most,substantial addition is the ability to,use several equippable youkai skills,borrowing one of the best elements from,castlevania aria of sorrow enemies in,neo to have a chance of dropping a soul,core these can be picked up purify that,shrine and then equip to let you use,their own move against your foes its an,extremely cool addition in a number of,ways first off it adds rare exciting,loot drops in a way that neo 2s,equipment system desperately needs since,exotic weapons are dropped like candy it,brings even more tension to the very act,of staying alive since you drop your,soul cores along with your accumulated,Amrita currency and most importantly the,moves you get from soul cores are fun to,experiment with and offer a ton of,variety in how youre able to approach,different combat scenarios while soul,core abilities are very powerful theyre,kept in check by leaving you extremely,vulnerable to follow-up attacks after,use they also drain your anima meter,which is needed to use neo to second,most substantial new edition burst,counters burst counters arent,functionally much different than the,usual parries that youll find in,similar games you time a burst counter,right before an enemy hits you to stun,them momentarily and deal a hefty amount,of stamina damage but what makes them,special is how they can only be using in,specific extraordinarily dangerous read,or attacks and how just about every,enemy has at least one of these attacks,to throw at you with only a seconds,notice these attacks were terrifying,when I first started playing turning,even weak enemies into huge threats that,could kill me in one belly-flop,unblockable grab or flurry of blows but,as I gained experience dealing with them,learning the timing of one diverse,counter these once terrifying attacks,became some of my best opportunities for,inflicting damage reaching the point,where something you feared is now,something you look forward to is,immensely satisfying especially when,dealing with neo twos many fantastic,bosses at the heart of neo 2 is,customization I already briefly touched,upon the excellent character creator but,beyond looks the amount of options you,have with regards to every single one of,its systems is staggering there are a,total of nine different types of melee,weapons each with their own play style,and gigantic skill tree two different,types of magic that also have their own,gigantic skill trees and of course eight,stats that scale differently with each,weapon and form and magic in addition to,that every item you get can have its,stats rear old until you find modifiers,that suit your playstyle you can easily,change the look of any piece of gear and,play fashion souls to your hearts,content you can choose from a veritable,zoo of guardian spirits you can,customize the look of your Hut and hell,you can even customize the look of your,tea utensil collection and have it,appraised for some reason the point is,neo to is his deepest notion and while,thats great in many ways it can also,often be overwhelming and lead to some,loot related issues playing the menu,game of neo 2 is just as important as,the one thats played while in combat,and it can be exhausting sometimes to,spend 30 minutes or more going through,literally hundreds of pieces of gear,deciding what should be dismantled what,should be offered to a shrine for extra,health elixirs whats worth keeping,around to feed into another item and,level it up and that just scratches the,surface neo 2 essentially turns loot,into its own currency which cheapens the,excitement of gear based rewards from,boss battles quest rewards and treasure,chests because the loot is almost never,special its like opening a chest in,Diablo and just getting a bunch of gold,all of this inventory management is,important because boy let me tell you,neo 2 is hard,and youre gonna need every stat based,Vantage you can get no Timmy oh to our,yokai realms which are areas shrouded,with a demonic fog and populated by,several powerful enemies to make matters,worse while fighting in yokai realms you,have reduced key recovery making it much,easier for you to run out of stamina and,get your guard broken which is almost,always a recipe for death on the plus,side you gain more anima and yokai,realms encouraging more liberal use of,your yokai abilities once you kill the,source of the yokai realm the field will,disappear and the enemies within will,mercifully no longer spawn even after,you rest at a shrine even though Ive,showered my fair share of obscenities,while inside a yokai realm there always,a satisfying challenge to fight through,and the reward of essentially clearing a,big area of enemies is always worth the,effort one of the really smart things,about neo2 is approach difficulty is,that for everything team ninja made,notably harder they balanced it with,something that makes it notably easier,if youre able to take advantage of it,enemies have more dangerous attacks that,they use more frequently but you can,turn those attacks into opportunities,with the burst counter there are yokai,fields that dramatically inhibit your,key recovery but you can now easily,summon AI companions left by other,players via benevolent graves bosses,will turn the arena into a yokai realm,every time you deplete their stamina but,you now have powerful yokai skills that,regenerate faster while there it took me,about 55 hours to beat neo to and while,every single hour of gameplay was,challenging none of the main missions,ever felt insurmountable or made me,think that I needed to grind in order to,overcome them however some of the,submissions definitely scurried a little,too close to the line between difficult,and unfair its in these submissions,where I frequently found myself having,to run a gauntlet of tough battles,against multiple powerful yokai at once,in wide open arenas where Im almost,always getting hit from off screen or,having to fight a boss that was already,hard one-on-one but now I have to deal,with it alongside several gun or bow,building enemies that like to make my,life a living hell,fortunately these submissions are,entirely optional and none of these,situations ever came up during any of,the main,in those who can avoid being overwhelmed,through careful planning and taking out,enemies from afar with your range,weapons that leaves many submissions,thats punishing challenges for those,who want to take them on tracks your,awards or they can b

Nioh 2 – Before You Buy

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Nioh 2 Review: Practically Perfect

[Music],in this neo2 review ill share my,experience with the full game and answer,the burning questions that many have,regarding the sequel to quite Technos,neo it does not matter whether youve,played the original game or not this is,a game you should be playing and Ill be,sharing why in this review is neo -,better than neo is neo – worth the full,price should you buy it now or wait what,is new in neo – watch on to find out neo,- is a prequel to the original game,having you participate in the build-up,to Lord Nobunaga power if youre,unfamiliar with Japanese history for,this period you can check out our neo,focused brief history of the Battle of,Sekigahara and the wikis lore page to,familiarize yourself with the names and,concepts but dont be intimidated the,game setting might be history focused,but its not assuming youll know,anything about it making the story easy,to follow neo – as approach storytelling,in a slightly different way than neo 1,adding a lot more clarity to events and,explanations that will make the events,easier to follow quite tech Milos opted,to use animated shorts to liven up,character backstories which are always,welcome in my RPGs and add an artistic,feel to the game that I very much,appreciate it that said your characters,story by itself would seem insignificant,and a crutch to get the game along were,it not for the setting the setting of,neo 2 is everything new was and more,while the story of your character is a,well repeated one the setting where it,happens is not and if you take a step,back and think that this is a retelling,of real and outstanding events that,shape Japanese history forever it does,make for a very compelling situation,Team Ninja has clearly weaved fantasy,into real historic events and is using,this platform to popularize Japanese,folklore concepts that are not well,known or understood in the West the,yokai of neo 2 are beautifully and,carefully crafted with a depth that,rivals that of the gameplay you will,initially find all yokai murmuring,things in an unknown language but as you,increase your astral wisdom you begin to,understand what they say and gain,further insight into their states of,mind the gawky for example our yokai,spawned from a human condemned to the,starvation hell roaming the living world,in search of corpses to eat as you gain,wisdom and begin to understand them,youll hear them begging for food,pleading for you to ease their hunger it,is in this realization of the blurry,concept that mixes yokai in the reality,that neo 2 achieves what few games can,and The Witcher is famous for,popularizing obscure folklore,to compare to a recent title with a,similar setting lets take sakura,shadows die twice Sakura was set in,Japan shortly after the events of neo 2,and features mystical youkai and a,fantasy setting yet the focus of sakura,is on the story of sakura making the,setting incidental and their renditions,of youkai less important to your memory,of the game neo 2 on the other hand is,focused on the setting the history and,fantasy of medieval japan in this way,your character story is incidental but,gets to help shape the events that,change Japan forever and you get to do a,deep dive into Japanese aesthetics myth,and culture down to the appraisal of tea,utensils for display in your Hut,gameplay is very much the focus of any,RPG and neo 2 has spared no effort to,make it outstanding in all aspects from,mechanic depth a variety of bills,through character customization one of,the main complaints about neo was that,there was a fixed protagonist neo was,indeed the story of William but this,time you get to make your own character,with a very detailed character creator,that will likely occupy the first couple,hours of your gameplay at least you can,change your appearance from in-game via,the hutt menu and you can also save your,creations and share them using a code we,have a page dedicated to code sharing on,the wiki so you can have fun trying out,other styles I had a lot of good things,to say about neo which mixed fast-paced,ninja gaiden with tactical blood-borne,and Dark Souls checkpoints spiced with a,variety of weapons styles and skills,this continues in neo too and players,can pick to buff specific stats to match,their playstyle and can learn several,different skills or use consumables to,buff weapons with elements that enemies,may be weak to the combat feels,extremely smooth and well balanced if,also punishing you will find that you,need to familiarize yourself with the,three available stances but also make a,point of learning to keep Olsson unlock,skills that help you sustain your,stamina I have died a lot during my,gameplay but I also learned something,most of the time if hardcore difficulty,is a turn-off for you such as those who,got stuck insecure oh you will be happy,to know that the game not only gives you,the option to call up with others but,also adds NPC phantoms for other players,that can summon to assist you sometimes,all you need is someone to take the,attention off a few enemies while you,heal up and NPCs are a great option for,this and they summon in no time at all,with or without assistance the game is,challenging onalaska you give close,attention to its incredibly in-depth,mechanics neo – is not just polishing,the original game,it is adding whole layers of complexity,to take into starting things off is the,new yokai shift that merges you with,your spirit and results in an ultimately,powerful version of yourself this,merging of you and spirit also adds the,new burst counter that allows you to,interrupt the more powerful yokai,attacks and create an opening where you,would have instead at death its a,high-risk high-reward mechanic that adds,even more depth for those looking to mix,it up even further since you leveled up,the yokai have to and they can now draw,you into a dark realm instance that,severely impairs your key regeneration,and powers up yokai within the realm is,dispelled by killing one specific enemy,inside it that is identifiable by small,blooming flowers around it be prepared,to face multiple tougher enemies in each,level all with unique movesets elemental,weaknesses and resistances since enemies,are now harder the rewards must be,better and indeed they are neo2,introduces soul cores a new item that,you can slot into your guardian spirit,as you would a gem into your weapon and,other RPGs soul cores have defense and,attack values as well as fixed status,effects and random benefits from a pool,the same as armor and weapons the really,amazing thing about them though is that,they give you a special yokai skill,yokai skills allow you to use anima to,temporarily transform into or summon the,yokai the core belongs to it cannot be,overstated how awesome it is to suddenly,become a one-eyed Oni and swing your,giant fists into the three Ronin that,were ganking you draining all their ki,in a swift combo soul cores can be fused,to upgrade and deconstructed to obtain,special yokai smithing materials that,you will be using for your high-end,equipment the depths of character,creation dont end there of course with,new armor styles and sets being added,including low level ones that will keep,you ready for main missions neo2 is also,introduced yokai weapons and blessed,weapons yokai weapons are special arms,infused with a spirit and they will gain,sentience and talk to you as you use,them much like near automata these,weapons apply a special status effect,called corruption or purity and have a,set effect in addition to normal ones,from the pool other improvements include,a revamped skill tree which feels a lot,better than the previous one a myriad of,new special effects and improve,explanations of what everything does via,the options button as you mouse over,each element and did we mention that you,can equip more than one guardian spirit,yeah theres that too neo2 is running on,what seems to be the same engine as neo,which prompted,some discussion about the quality of the,graphics during the alph

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Nioh 2 Review “Buy, Wait For Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

ah the good old days of neo when it came,out many of the other Dark Soul style,games got a run for their money,especially in difficulty throwing a,number more asian-inspired weapons view,and then just saying go forth and,conquer was its mastery all the while,whispering under its breath that going,forth probablys gonna hit a roadblock,when you meet this character a little,bit ninja gaiden a little bit dark souls,in a whole hell of a lot of old USA,channel kung fu theater neo hit all the,right markers for many gamers including,myself solidifying within the genre that,it had a place thats why when the,second game got announced people started,sharpening their Kearse agama blades,ready in their katanas and makin a lunch,cuz if anything neo is known for tough,combat and some long ass boss encounters,this is Kerik im with a cg and its my,continuing mission to bring you reviews,that arent two minutes long are filled,with sponsored bullcrap and speaking of,reviews this one is in progress,is based on the ps4 pro version of neo 2,and that code is provided by sony i want,to thank them for it but as you guys,know regardless if i get a code or not i,always buy a copy of the game and give,it away so check out the comments leave,one yourself for a chance to win lets,jump into this game these are my,thoughts with neo 2 as it stands right,now graphics are at first luckily on the,ps4 pro the game has different setups a,locked 30fps a variable FPS that tries,to lock in a higher resolution and then,a variable FPS that worries more about,high frame rates switching between them,and any time you can see various effects,and even geometry change with land and,textures and rock and foliage and other,bits moving around as youd go between,them however on a game like this that,drop in graphical fidelity to get more,FPS is absolutely worth it and I suggest,you do it because the difference between,the high resolution mode and the action,mode is not a lot when it comes to,resolution but a whole hell of a lot,when it comes to smoothness and fluidity,of combat but thankfully even on the,action mode neo 2 looks really good its,always got a mystical Wonderland just,one step away from full-on ancient Asian,myth kind of feel to it its filled to,the brim with crazy monsters like undead,donkey looking things all the way to,little guardian spirits that you can,collect throughout the landscape and,they dance around on the shrines that,you say that when it comes to animation,itself the game is rather good enemies,have a ton of moves and sets as,do you depending on the weapons and all,of that is adjusted with the different,weights of the different equipment you,get and you might think that little,martial arts Sunday was complete but,its not because you can add in mystical,particle accelerators known as magic,items and mystical beast counters and,you have a game that can go from solid,back and forth a very visceral combat,between humans fighting it out and then,suddenly its between you a spirit best,friend a giant monkey with what looks,like glowing golden horns and this,games version of a goblin all battling,now in a small section as for weapons,the weight of the items and various,other elements they do affect the,animation as I said before and you can,see those in the game and of course this,game is just gonna be an instant buy,because its got the care of segawa,coming back you guys know thats my jam,add to that the duel axes and swords and,wooden hammers and tonfa and its,encased in variety moreso than many,other games within the genre I do have,to say that while the game doesnt have,nearly as many of the egregious,collision detection moments that made,Sakura feel like the enemies were,friggin hacking the matrix and grabbing,you from 40 feet away there are some,issues and animation cheats that the,game uses to make enemies more deadly,especially the bosses that means at,times it feels like youre 250 feet away,he slams his sword down and suddenly you,apparently are only twenty five feet,away I also want to talk a second about,the level design now Ive liked what,Ive played so far its actually been,quite nice and hasnt been too,topsy-turvy and to spider-like but still,there are some back and forth so that,you certainly do see there are also a,lot of environmental hazards itll be a,lot longer and a lot more gameplay time,before multiple people can sort of come,to grips with how these levels are built,and if people really like them when it,comes to the texture work its got a,little bit of cottage cheese face going,on here a little bit of Vaseline vision,at times it doesnt really matter which,of the versions you choose to play the,game on there are moments especially,flora and fauna that dont look,particularly good when it comes to,textures can at times have a profoundly,muddy look to him and speaking of muddy,that brings us to sound music and voice,well talks you and lets talk about,sound first this is pretty good so far,its the Seven Samurai if they were part,of Hogwarts and just pissy all the time,youre casting spells and then merging,up with spirit animals one second,dodging the huge level spanning sword,attacks of a boss the next and all of it,is done very very well weapons have an,excellent crunch to them in a solid,attempt at making sure that the,environmental sounds are handling what,they need to which means why youre,creeping down some bloody forest trail,you can not only hear the creepy,trilling of the next Spirit shrine to,say that but also the crunch and crumble,of an enemy walking patrol it works very,well what maybe doesnt work so well is,sadly the music this is okay right now,Im not incredibly enamored with it and,from what Ive heard while its not bad,has a tendency to sort of stick into the,background and not really do anything to,bring itself up and it doesnt really,add a lot of atmosphere to the locations,themselves theres some ambient sense,very light some triangles and chimes and,woodwinds but nothing that really sits,up this ones just sort of there,speaking of just sort of their voice in,many of these games either its not done,or its not really paid attention to,though I would admit Sakura did a pretty,good job and Neill was okay prior but it,did have some issues here once again you,dont really hear a bunch youre not,really a chatty fella,neither is most of the rest of the world,much of the starting of the story is a,cutscene that takes a showing rather,than telling rule of excellent,moviemaking to the extreme with almost,nothing said more of a visual guide to,how is it that youre an orphan in this,world now once you start taking on,quests and meeting characters thats,fine English or Japanese voices seem,good overall nothing write home about at,this time if anything this game,understands something I rarely do,brevity and that brings us to gameplay,and a bit about the story,you pretty much play as empty vessel,macness tree a player character with,nothing more than the name protagonist,your mothers killed by a mysterious man,and youre left alone,soon you make a name for yourself,killing these demons and during one last,battle mysterious man shows up and uses,a stone to calm you down and basically,stop you from tearing them a new [ __ ],and installing handle bars in it bite,shoving your sword up there so of course,you become best friends and that begins,the game this starts out with you making,a character in a detailed character,generator one of the awesome things here,is that when youre making a character,in the game,your parents are talking in the,background in the past so if you choose,facial hair options or something like,that you might hear your father say I,hope he isnt all scraggly looking like,me this adds an incredible amount to the,atmosphere and these kind of ideas are,what I love about games it works,insanely well to impart this strange,mystical and almost spiritual feeling to,everything before the game actually,begins and good news all around there,are a lot of opti


[Music],[Applause],great for real,this is neil two and im gonna be honest,guys add to the neo series is probably,the best source like out there,no i dont care what he calls okay,thats thats a bit too far man im,sorry it does lend a lot from souls like,this is obviously a riff on the asylum,demon youre okay,shut up its time to slap some filthy,weeboos,i have a feeling we werent meant to do,that boss right now no well it doesnt,stop us having a little bit of a laugh,doesnt it,what the heck is this ill tell you what,it is lenny its one of the best source,ideas ever made so these are where other,people have died and rather than just,watching how theyve died you can summon,and fight them,and its their gear and their weapons,and if you beat them you get,their armor and weapons its such a cool,idea im right sucker i also get to slap,the filthy weebs playing this shitty,game,[Music],so unfortunately guys theres no broken,stuff in this game i dont know what,were gonna use oh yeah [ __ ] that its,wrestle with the lenny fists only time,leonard you absolute golden avalor,on this beauty hot damn sucker this is,the best souls game,i take it all back this game [ __ ],sucks yeah its got some weird,difficulty bumps but wait what is that,oh my god,cant believe im saying this but the,weebs have got me it,even attacks people for you,[Music],its the best souls game ever,wait so the boss of this area is that,guy would be at the start,you know it suckers,theres so many fantastic ideas in this,game and i really want to explain it,but i dont want to turn this into a,little video especially yeah we are not,pencil pushing nerd losers so quickly,the combat in here is maybe even better,souls each weapon has three move sets,high medium and low high stance is,really powerful but slow,mid stances blocks and parries lower,stance is really quick and this,system is so good like in souls you pick,up a great axe and thats you thats it,youre a big slow guy for what they want,five bosses,in this you can pick up a great axe but,pick law stance and be a really quick,nimble heavy weapon user so your weapon,choice just doesnt dictate what you are,finished your essay yet mad well if im,up does that make you five nights at,freddys well just because im a robot,okay dude kinda [ __ ] rude not gonna,lie oh hot damn sucker check my dance,moves yeah,yeah yeah yeah splash this smelly boy,needs a bath,batter dont look at me,time i teach you a few moves oh yeah big,mama saw this this ones called the,super secret lenny slab,oh well thats just [ __ ] marvellous,isnt it,you might kill me why the [ __ ] am,i weeboo running all right have you,beaten me there you are i i,got you your shitty cupboard damn right,oh leonard i swear to god you need to,show me how you made that cup of tea the,other day,theres nothing special about the lenny,specialty nah but its just the way you,made it loud,maybe it might just have been the love,and affection you put into it i dont,know oh you mean the rad poison year i,put,plenty of that in,swiggety swooty lenny super secret mega,slap oh no please stop i beg you stop,help please,the thing is i know he said fists only,but you cant deny lenny hes [ __ ],blinky bro damn right,oh gee what a lovely day for a walk i,sure hope,that you thought i was gonna die oh for,god sake,shut up you would never understand the,medical any slap,i think this is gonna be one of those,bosses lenny,oh wow such fun lenny the boss went red,do that i know i was a [ __ ] game,works leonard dont need to tell me,oh sorry i see no yet when i said i,dont know how it works i meant to say,its absolute dog [ __ ],slap slap slap slap,oh youre leaning in for a little,smoochie from lenny im not your,boyfriend you stinky [ __ ] weebly,why do we keep doing this joke its the,same every time,i dont know if you noticed it but our,jokes have been the same for the last,six [ __ ] years,help help please okay its lenas nap,time snooze snooze there wait me from,nap time you [ __ ] oh lenny,its our first weeb no mercy,or ye time to kill some weeble let me,match that the game will really allow,you to kill him,this is a pg-13 show i said no mercy,how ha ha get [ __ ] here oh look when,its your boyfriend go over give him a,massive snug,shut the [ __ ] up oh my god chanka come,here my little pong champion oh,hello there football i didnt see that,oh come on bloodborne is more than just,spooky monsters oh yeah like what its,also blood of nightmares curse echoes,hunts of beasts blood in the nightmare,where,nowhere what weve just learned the best,ability in the game,okay thats it i dont need anything,else this is the best souls like ever,i want to like this game i really do,oh look lenny thats one of the bosses,from the first game wait youve actually,been paying attention to the story,yeah get a load of this [ __ ],[ __ ] flip flip flip flip you done [ __ ],up now super secret lenny transfer,thats,[Music],well technically youve transformed into,an anime character no,way please now,[Music],oh wow lenny look they finally put us,both in the dar ladies and gentlemen,absolute pleasure to be and look youre,also a weeb in the game its so accurate,oh wow actual platforming insults its,that dumb [ __ ] up they dont show my,little blinky,christ nope nope nope nope nope nope,nice joke adding japanese sound effects,here,lenny im not playing that thats the,game,oh yeah yes,is,little lenny gets to have his naps new,snooze smooth watch this one manny im,gonna kick him,right on the schnos i can finally do the,ultra lenny slap slap slap slap holy,[ __ ] it actually worked,excuse me that is very rude of you,okay [ __ ] titties do you mind gosh down,the nerve of some people right thats it,you cheeky [ __ ] cup,so let me this is where a lot of people,get stuck in the game oh yes i can see,how oh yeah hows that,because they aint got mambo jamba moves,like the lenny this,does bring me to one of neo2s low,points for me and thats kind of,mid-game power spike all souls have a,midpoint where you start to learn your,character build you know whats going on,and you do pretty well but in neo,the mid game is just getting one shot,like legitimately you can do all these,big combos but then the enemys like nah,no its my turn thats it,but on the other hand in the mid game,you also learn,really powerful moves and it trivializes,some fights like seriously some bosses,cant even fight back and it feels so,inconsistent dont get me wrong i still,love the combat,the best way i can sum it up is that,its good apart from its [ __ ] it feels,great when you one shot things you feel,really powerful,it feels [ __ ] when you get one shot and,thats just how the game wants to be i,suppose come on this time for sure,okay just checking and yep still love,this shitty [ __ ] game i know that,this is just a souls like but i really,appreciate the extra attention to detail,here yeah,also adding dark souls camera was a,great touch,oh wow i remember those guys from neo1,yep just like the good old days i,[ __ ] hate it as much as i like this,game lenny i think its starting to run,out of ideas its going to take,something to bring me back into the holy,hot damn,honker donkeys thats how you do it best,souls game,yeah good one manny but i think we,should calm down on those kind jokes so,people think were actually into that,kind of stuff,haha yeah people might think that and,thats not true obviously ha ha,its not what it looks brian its not,how it looks,its a 20-foot [ __ ] and balls man itll,look like nothing else,oh lenny what are you doing now heck,here though theres no pretty princess,so im now edgy we boo lenny nothing,personal kiddo lenny we aint losing the,fortnite,well you know lady you cant blame them,for copying the best souls game can you,seriously you joke about dark souls 2,too much,its a smart massive and incredibly,rewarding sequel,its crammed with deep systems leave it,to a dark souls too fun to take the full,out of dark souls 2.,we need the time [ __ ] off,i said [ __ ] off,right th

Why Nioh 2 is So Good // REVIEW

challenging games always have peaks and,valleys but neo 2 has the lowest of lows,and highest of highs i very nearly quit,this game but im glad i didnt because,every time i returned it provided me,some of the most nail-biting and,triumphant moments ive ever had in a,game,[Music],neo-2 is a 2020 souls like developed by,team ninja for the ps4 ps5 and pc you,play as hide a fully customizable half,yokai half human creature who runs,around sengoku period japan fighting,demons and rubbing shoulders with major,historical figures the story is unlikely,to be the thing that draws you in but,the game will still have you on the edge,of your seat,neo 2 never feels like its holding back,and that creates a really fun tension,the baseline threat level is super high,even the simplest enemies each have one,ability that can just wreck your day and,a lot of basic enemies have a mini boss,feel theyre big fast and although they,are consistent and fair they will kill,you in surprising ways learning to,consistently beat them is very much like,a boss fight in most souls games,speaking of bosses they are fantastic,with variable appearances and fighting,styles that demand a different approach,every single time like a murderous,rubiks cube theyre a fun puzzle to,solve but every moment in a room with,them is deadly all of this results in a,tension where every interaction with an,enemy demands your full attention and,although i like this tension i also like,that they have the confidence to cut,through it occasionally like you cant,tell me this anera doesnt look like a,dad trying to entice you onto the dance,floor while the kodama function as a,fantastically cute friendly face in a,hostile world neo2 will ruthlessly,punish you for recklessness and that can,result in some real lows on the other,hand meticulously dispatching every,enemy through a difficult section is,even sweeter because you know this game,isnt holding back so youve got to be,meticulous when moving through an area,but when fighting really starts youve,got to be a little bit belligerent,usually in neo2 the closer you are to an,enemy the safer you are its,counterintuitive but it works for one,key which is like this games version of,stamina is very important and getting in,and out of range is expensive leaving,you vulnerable and unable to punish,openings it just opens you up to a,battle of attrition youre going to lose,on the other hand when youre up close,you have stamina and the attacks are,easier to dodge or even burst counter,which is probably the most aggressive,and satisfying mechanic ive experienced,in a souls like essentially there are,certain enemy attacks that cant be,blocked and are usually difficult to,dodge but you can use a special ability,called a bass counter that cancels their,attack and usually leaves them,vulnerable and open for counter-attack,the problem is you need to face their,attack head head-on this aggressive,playstyle is superior in almost every,way but it means you can never be a,hundred percent safe and you have to,lock into the rhythm of dodging,attacking and key pulsing to just,survive this is a game that is almost,unendingly demanding theres a constant,sense that you were just holding it all,together and one cock-up could knock the,whole house of cards down this results,in moments where you just feel like an,enemy is j jonah jameson from that,drumming movie killing you over and over,again and screaming into your face not,my tempo but then there are moments like,when i was fighting this frostboss dude,i had a sliver of health left and no,healing items ordinarily i would have,jumped in and out pecking at him from,afar but at this point i had,internalized what this game wanted from,me so instead i stayed up in his icy mug,locked into that rhythm and just grinded,my way through eventually beating him it,was heart heart-pounding a little bit,terrifying and that feeling of just,managing to hold it all together was so,much exhilarating fun and its all,because neo2 insists you play it in its,way in a counter-intuitive but,incredibly thrilling way now this kind,of aggression is baked into the play,style of neo too but the details are all,up to you,my favorite ability in neo2 is this kick,you can tack it onto the end of any,combo and do a ton of key damage it was,how i beat most of the difficult bosses,in the game it is also fairly deep into,the sword-specific skill tree this was a,major part of my neo2 experience and,most people have completed the game are,likely unaware it exists the builds in,this game are just that variable every,single stat has a tangible effect on,your abilities armor massively impacts,your defenses and movement speed every,piece of gear you come across could,provide that statistical boost you need,to survive the next boss fight you could,invest in magic or ninja abilities or a,little bit of both like i did you even,get to decide what yokai you turn into,and what abilities they give you when,youre in your normal form finally and,probably most importantly the weapons,are brilliant and although i only,invested a lot of time in the sword,hatchets and tompha every weapon i,touched was a pleasure to fight with and,almost entirely unique,these choices matter but the thing that,really impressed me was the depth in,every single aspect there are so many,skill trees and there is a skill in,every one that you could design a play,style around this variability can lead,to frustration it may take a while to,find a build you like and you may find,youre not utilizing the tools you have,to their full potential but when you,find that build and really get the,skills youre working with you feel a,real sense of ownership and mastery over,your specific playstyle,neo2 is challenging in a variety of,cruel and clever ways but never just for,the sake of it the gameplay wouldnt be,as nail-biting if it didnt insist on,you playing aggressively the victories,wouldnt be so sweet if the enemies,werent such vicious bastards and your,build wouldnt feel as meaningful if you,hadnt gone through the journey of,discovering and mastering it every,challenge is a building block towards a,great mechanic or moment thanks for,watching and ill see you next time,you

Nioh 2 – Easy Allies Review

Review copy provided by PlayStation.,Nioh 2 is a prime example of an iterative video game sequel.,It takes an “if it isnt broke, dont fix it” mentality to a lot of what is great about the original game,while rightfully improving on key weak points.,New additions, while not always huge,,each contribute in their own way and add up to something significant when brought together.,Yet for as great as Nioh 2 is, it doesnt quite have the same bold or exciting presence of the original.,The game chooses a safer path, and while it treads that path well,,when it does fall into past mistakes, it becomes all the more noticeable.,Nioh 2 is once again an interesting twist on the style popularized by From Software.,Combat requires precise attacking, dodging, blocking, and careful stamina management.,Each melee weapon can be used in three different stances,,each having their own strengths and weaknesses.,Stamina can be recovered quickly by appropriately timing a button press,,known as a “ki pulse,” a maneuver essential to performing well during a fight.,The sequel isnt content with just retreading the same ground however,,introducing new mechanics that add notable tension.,One of the most crucial is the burst counter,,which stops specific powerful enemy attacks while also doing stamina damage.,Hearing the low sound that warns of a counterable attack,as well as the dramatic red flash that accompanies it, creates moments of suspense and sometimes panic,as you frantically try to avoid disaster.,Helping variety even further is the fact that you can actually do three different types of counters,depending on the type of guardian spirit you have equipped,,allowing players to find a method thats comfortable for them.,When performing a burst counter, you briefly transition into a yokai form,,which is something that can be called on for a longer amount of time, known as a Yokai Shift.,Its essentially a super state where you ignore damage for a brief period and mercilessly pummel away.,Yet even with its power, Yokai Shift has to be wielded very carefully.,Just activating it and hoping for the best leads to underwhelming results, but those with patience,will no doubt have moments when it clutches out a fight, making it valuable but not broken.,Equally helpful are the soul cores players attach to guardian spirits.,In addition to offering passive bonuses to your character, they allow you to summon forth a demonic attack,,which if used effectively, can cause tremendous damage.,Soul core attacks vary greatly in range, speed, and power, blending smoothly into everything Nioh is about.,Just as its immensely rewarding to learn each weapon and to adapt to its individual style,,the same is true of soul cores.,Its another alluring piece of the character building puzzle.,Beyond the practical implications, its enjoyable to just watch these attacks play out.,Briefly turning into an enemy that caused so much trouble and wreaking havoc,is a special kind of satisfaction.,The only problem with soul cores is that you may end up finding something to be too efficient.,One core in particular, a giant snake,,lays waste to everything from when it’s acquired to the end of the game,,spoiling some of the joy of experimentation.,One of the biggest criticisms against Nioh is that it feels thin in regard to enemy types, and again,this is an aspect that Nioh 2 improves.,The additions all bring sufficient menace, but its a menace that is decidedly distinct.,The gorilla-like Enki has an abundance of personality, twirling around the battlefield with its spear,and leaping high into the air for furious attacks.,Nure-Onna slither all over the place, spewing poison, paralyzing you,,and wrapping around you before taking a hefty chomp out of your face.,As great as a lot of the designs are, what really helps them shine is more considerate placement.,The level design of the main missions is generally more intricate than those found in Nioh 1.,Many of these missions have a great flow to them, moving between more open areas,to something like claustrophobic caves, where a monster like the aforementioned Nure-Onna,may be lying in wait atop the ceiling.,Theres also the new dark realm, segments of a level where enemies are not only more powerful,,but stamina recovery is significantly impeded.,Its easy to feel a small sense of dread while willingly walking into an area,where you know youre at a disadvantage.,These sections work as yet another ingredient to keep it all lively,,serving as both a mechanical and visual mix up, even if it’s a minor one.,While the design is definitely improved, there’s still a weird feeling that Nioh 2 eventually plateaus,,even if it does take a while.,The sense of excitement and danger that first accompanies missions fades away, and instead,it all becomes business as usual.,Such normalcy isnt terribly bad, thanks to the competency of the core combat,,but it isnt thrilling either.,Perhaps the feeling is more pronounced if you have experience with Nioh 1,,but even if thats true, Nioh 2 still has a tendency to rely on the same tricks.,There are only so many times the game can hide a ranged enemy just out of sight,before its no longer a surprise.,You start to reflexively scan every room, pull out a bow,,and pop off some heads before moving on.,What initially feels like being rewarded for caution becomes mere busywork,after you see it repeatedly, and its just one example of ideas running dry.,Only accentuating the issue is the fact that side missions repeat areas youve already been through,or just pull them straight from the first game.,One of the original Niohs greatest strengths is its weapon diversity, and the same applies in the sequel.,Every weapon is very different in both form and function,,which is amplified by the three stances,and again amplified by the many skills you can unlock and fiddle with.,Though there are only two brand new weapons, each is a valuable addition.,The Switchglaive is particularly creative, completely changing style depending on the stance youre in,,making it especially flashy as you flip between stances during fights.,The twin hatchets are quick and versatile, allowing you to either get in close with a flurry of slashes,or stand back and throw a hatchet at a monsters face, which as it turns out, is a pretty good time.,When combined with the tricky offerings Ninjutsu provides or the wide ranging usefulness of magic,,Nioh 2 gives an abundance of choice and makes it extremely easy to not only try out new things,but to fall in love with multiple options.,Its simple to team up with either a random player or a friend,,but know that doing so almost entirely neuters any challenge.,Still, even with that in mind, having the choice is appreciated.,Considering the length and difficulty of the game, turning it into a more relaxing affair,is a welcome change of pace.,Something new is the ability to call forth temporary NPC companions, which,feels like a great middle ground between playing solo and summoning human allies.,These NPCs are quite dumb and have a penchant for suicide, but,still manage to take off a bit of the edge by drawing attention away from you,,which can be helpful during tough situations like boss fights.,The story of Nioh 2 is all over the place in more than one way.,Thankfully, it doesnt take itself too seriously, inserting a fair amount of humor,and providing opportunities for its goofy cast to shine.,Yet its hard to get too attached with whats going on.,New characters sometimes disappear almost immediately,,and youre also shuffled from one locale to the next in such a way that it can be disorienting.,That isnt to say the story is all that hard to follow, and if anything, its too simple,,with fairly basic themes and nothing remarkable about the presentation.,However,,you do make your own character instead of being stuck with the same guy as everyone else like before.,Its a small feature, but it helps you care more about how you look since theres a greater amount

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