1. Nissan Ariya review – it changes everything!
  2. NEW Nissan Ariya Review: The Best Electric Family Car?
  3. Nissan ARIYA vs Toyota BZ4X: perfect timing or has Japan arrived too late?
  4. Volkswagen ID 5 vs Nissan Ariya
  5. 2023 Nissan ARIYA – POV First Impressions
  6. 2023 Nissan Ariya First Impressions: Priced to Compete!
  7. Nissan Ariya driving REVIEW – suddenly the best EV ?? ????

Nissan Ariya review – it changes everything!

this is the new Nissan Aria 93 Im going,to tell you all you need to know about,it took you through the design the,interior were going to take it for a,drive and of course Im going to launch,it to see how quick it is from naught to,60 miles an hour because Im Matt Watson,and youre watching car wow and if you,havent done so already please make sure,you subscribe to this Channel and hit,the Bell icon to turn your notifications,on that way you wont miss a single,review,Buy sell car wow,lets start this video by talking about,the design of the Aria and I like it,from every single angle really nice rear,end with that light bar Nissan badging,the spoiler moving to the side its got,a sloping roof line to make it look,coupe-like even though its a big SUV in,fact its slightly longer taller and,wider than a Qashqai but way better,looking I like this one the fact that it,comes in two-tone paint that is an,option though so two of these 20 inch,yellow wheels as standard you get 19s,here at the front it looks great from,here as well The Grille which isnt,actually a grill because its an,electric car you dont need a grill its,called an engine because theres an,engine theres an electric motor you get,the idea but anyway underneath here its,got a pattern effect we have to get in,close to see it and I know what youre,thinking look theres some vents here,theyre surely fake arent they well no,theyre not Ill just get my sticker,tray there another illustrator here by,threading this through look it Smooths,airflow over the wheels now this thing,looks way better if you ask me than a,Tesla Model y a VW ID D4 a skoda enyak,and its even better looking than a Ford,Mustang Maki thing is the arrows good,looks do not come for cheap this car,starts at 42 000 pounds which is about,15 000 pounds more than the starting,price of the cash guy though this is,slightly bigger posture and of course,its all electric and electric cars are,just more expensive now if youre,thinking about changing your car you,need to click on the pop-out banner up,there or for the link in the description,below to get a car wow you can sell your,car through car wow and our dealers will,bid on your car to make sure you get a,great price for it then you can use that,money to put towards your new car and to,make sure youre paying a fair price for,your new car you can check out all the,offers on car wow that easy to do if you,want to do a later date simply Google,wow me car wow and we will wow you here,on the inside the area is just as,freaking lovely as the outside Nissans,cars are not a bit interior wise but,this is another level theyre really up,their game sort of reminds me of the BMW,IX the way youve got this twin spoke,steering wheel youve got very,minimalist design with like touch,buttons with a bit of haptic feedback so,they vibrate when you press them though,its still not the easiest to use but at,least the economic control functions on,boat in the menu and just like that you,have this big wrap around infotainment,system right Ill just turn that down it,doesnt quite respond quick enough just,shut up go yes anyway however not the,BMW the definition isnt quite as good,the graphics are a bit fuzzy and its,not so responsible in fact I dont think,the infotainment system feels quite as,slick as that in a Ford Mustang Maki and,if you want to see my fortnite video,review of that car click on the pop-up,bar up there for the link in the,description below youve also got a big,digital drivers display theres quite a,few different menus you can cycle,through but once again the graphics,arent the sharpest but theyll do in,terms of the feel yeah materials feel,nice I like this suede effect here and,here on the dash though Im a bit,concerned by this wobbly stitching there,and the way that these bits here with,these switches which are quite neatly,integrated with the stereo and the,hazard one lights dont quite line up,however this car is a pre-production,prototype its basically what youre,going to buy but they hopefully will,sort these things out for the customer,cars the sitting position is good and on,this particular car youve got all the,electrical adjustments nothing on the,seat but also with the steering wheel,for that premium feel in terms of,practicality well under here you have,small space but it does have wireless,charging for your mobile phone you also,have some cup holders here and look,youve got some holders so it will help,keep a bottle in place and you can,remove that I know you cant please,remove there we go I didnt just break,it down here you have some more storage,for the mobile phone if its not,charging dont know what that bits for,there but the pattern is not the pattern,there which matches the pattern on The,Grille youve also got a USB normal and,USB C there and youve got an,old-fashioned 12 volt charger and socket,as well it doesnt more storage look we,have a glove box which is its all right,size but it is loaded felt so it feels,expensive but check this out right if I,press this button,we have an electrically Deployable trade,you could probably put your laptop or,something there or your iPad to watch,not when youre driving or youre,charging the cars put that away right,door bins big fit flask and a bottle and,more though theyre not lined to felt,like the glove box is just a bit,annoying and the Plastics down here do,feel a little bit on the cheap side,final bit of storage up here youve got,your useful sunglasses holder and I do,like this oh this nice Square very,modern looking rear view mirror and,theres something special about that why,not layer in the back of the area,theres plenty of knee room theres lots,of foot space as well especially because,obviously youve got batteries,underneath the floor theres no light,exhaust system having to go through so,theres no lump in the floor so if you,need to go three people at once theres,plenty of room for everyones feet yeah,its good and the seat base is a nice,and deep as well I like that because the,batteries are underneath the floor it,does raise the floor up slightly so your,knees are slightly higher than they are,on an internal combustion engine car but,its not as bad as in some other,electric cars when you feel like your,knees around and ears see which bedroom,this is the only slight problem the,sloping roof line does eat into head,space Im fine toilet paper will be fine,Ash but really tall people will end up,touching their head on the roof its,probably made a bit worse by this,particular cars optional panoramic,glass roof but you do get more Headroom,in a Hyundai ioniq 5. if you want to see,my full in-depth video review of that,car click on the pop-up bar up there for,the link in the description below so,its a nice place to be here you get,Creature Comforts in this particular car,such as all heated rear seats youve got,your USB ports there as well you have,some Pockets here on the seat back some,decent sized door bins the rear windows,are big but unfortunately they dont go,all the way down another unfortunately,is this look yes you do get an armrest,here but the exposed cup holders means,you end up putting your wrist in them,and theres no through loading but why,is there no through loading another,thing thats a bit annoying is youve,got these Zippy covers for the icefix,anchor points thats not the issue the,issue is that you have to budge around,in there with the eyes of fixed bits to,get it attached its not as easy to get,as when you go flip up covers but I,suppose the flip side to the not having,flipbook covers is youre not going to,lose them there is enough room here,though for those big rear-facing child,seats without having to move the from,passenger seat forward at all yeah and,spacious unquote,salubrious now lets check out the,Arias boot so the capacity is 466,liters which isnt really that big for a,large SUV an ID Force boot which isnt,that big for a large SUV is,543 liters so this is bits more than,that also it gets even smaller if you,have the fo

NEW Nissan Ariya Review: The Best Electric Family Car?

[Music],this is the nissan aria nissans first,ever electric crossover itll go,head-to-head with the likes of the ford,mustang machi and the tesla model y,ive already featured this car doing a,static walk around but today ive been,given the chance to drive an early,prototype here in the uk so now ive got,the chance to tell you whether this,thing might be worth you spending your,hard-earned cash on it,heres a quick recap it will have a,starting price of 41 000 pounds two,battery options with up to 310 miles of,range rear wheel drive or all-wheel,drive 130 kilowatt rapid charging and,perhaps most importantly of all it also,looks really cool so first impressions,whats it like on the road well it is a,prototype as ive said but its a pretty,complete prototype and its not too far,away from being the finished article,apart from a few fit and finish issues,and some software issues that theyre,going to iron out before the car goes on,sale so its pretty representative and,first impressions are i really like it,the cabin especially i think is really,nice and i think goes a long way to,making you feel like youre sitting,aboard something really special,but what families probably want to know,more than anything is how practical is,the aria and is it a car you can live,with day to day,lets have a look at the boot shall we,now you can open it using a button on,the back its got a power tailgate or if,you have the key in your pocket you just,kick under there,and right on cue it should open,automatically which is really useful if,youve got your hands full of luggage,as for the boot space well that depends,on which version of the car you go for,if you have the single motor you get 466,litres of storage or the dual motor,all-wheel drive because it has a motor,in the back reduces that space to 406,liters this is obviously the single,motor and it has quite a lot of room in,the back plus some underfloor storage,which allows you to carry your cable,around and you can partition the boot,into several areas so you can have loose,shopping in one section and maybe your,muddy boots in another plus check this,out you can even shut it with your foot,actually works quite well which again is,really helpful if youve got your hands,full,of shopping for example how does this,car compare with its rivals well the,tesla model y has over 850 litres of,storage although they measure it,slightly differently and the aria,doesnt have a front trunk so if,practicality is your number one priority,maybe look at the tesla,[Music],as for the rear space the wheelbase is,slightly smaller than in an ionic 5 but,its still got plenty of room good leg,room in particular and decent headroom,it also has a flat floor a fold down,armrest with cup holders usbs and a rear,climate control as for the front well,thats probably my favorite bit of the,car design wise,probably the best looking nissan that,ive sat in in quite a long time now i,know design is subjective and i am a,sucker when it comes to white interiors,but i just think its great it doesnt,have a massive infotainment screen like,on some of its rivals like the mac e and,the model y but the entertainment screen,that it does have is still quite good,and its reminiscent of the one you get,on mercedes products where you have the,main infotainment screen that leads into,the driver information screen on the,right hand side and what ive found is,that the system is really responsive and,very quick look at that im swiping,through and theres virtually no lag to,it whatsoever and ill prove that by,going into the navigation,and just look how quick and responsive,the nav moves its pretty much like what,you get on a smartphone so,that,unlike a lot of rival cars a lot of cars,full stop is really really nice one,thing im not a massive fan of though is,the use of capacitive buttons on the,lower dash for example to adjust your,heating and your fan speed you press,these buttons which arent really,buttons they vibrate to let you know,when youve pressed them but the,vibration isnt as effective as it could,be for example when i adjust the fan,speed if i press it really quickly i get,one vibration,and although it registers my inputs,you should be getting several individual,vibrations to let you know that youve,pressed it to get that you have to press,it really really slowly which says to me,that the,haptic feedback doesnt quite keep up,with your actual fingers but there are,some really nice features in here for,example you get a physical volume knob,which you dont get on some of its,rivals and look at this you get this,really innovative and also slightly,weird i think,moving center console which allows you,to either,shift it backwards to get a bit more leg,room in the front so you can drive with,your leg across in the passenger side,and play footsie with the passenger,although maybe that will compromise the,amount of space you get in the back or,you can move it forward to maximize the,amount of space you have as an arm rest,but also increase space in the back,plus look at this theres also a button,here marked open and closed if i press,open,you get a motorized laptop shelf for,some reason so you can use this as a,storage area like a,second glove box for example the main,glove box is over there but then you,have,another little shelf here where you can,place a laptop or an ipad or something,and just do a bit of work while you,charge your car im not sure why its,motorized,but its motorized and,i guess its a cool touch,in terms of general storage its all,right the door bins are a decent size,you get a couple of adjustable cup,holders behind a sliding door and you,get wireless charging in the center,console although the storage in there,isnt very big but on the whole,yeah this is a pleasant,very nice interior,start things off by talking about the,refinement levels generally its very,quiet theres a kind of distant wine,from the electric motor and the car,makes very subtle low speed noise to,alert people that you might be driving,around but apart from that yeah very,subdued in here what you do notice,though is some slight,flooding from the suspension system the,dampers do make a noise whenever you go,over those sort of larger imperfections,in the road a little fun here and a thud,there but apart from that its its,pretty quiet i cant detect too much,wind noise or too much road noise so,generally i think this is a car,youre gonna be able to drive along in,relative comfort speaking of which these,seats are good,not too soft not too hard they hold you,in all the right places i can imagine,cruising in this car for extended,periods without feeling too fatigued,yeah first impressions good,whats the ride like,i think its pretty decent actually a,lot of this cars rivals specifically the,mustang machi and the tesla model y are,set up too firmly i guess to control the,body movements of the car or to make,them feel more sporty so going over,imperfections in the road can cause the,car to crash about just feel,too harsh but this is better judged than,both of those cars this is much much,more compliant over uneven surfaces than,both of those rivals yeah theyve done a,good job with that its not perfect in,that regard but this is the kind of car,that youre going to be carrying your,family around in quite regularly so its,important that they nail the comfort,levels and the practicality levels its,a pretty pleasant car to drive the aria,there are three different drive modes,all selectable via a capacitive button,on the center console so right now im,in eco which just slackens off the,responsiveness of the throttle and just,takes the energy out of the car in order,to maximize the amount of range you get,if i knock it forward into standard you,get a little bit more urgency it feels a,bit more responsive but then if you go,all the way up into sport mode suddenly,the pedal is a lot more alive and,responsive and it puts the energy from,the battery into that motor and the,pickup,is actually quite impressive t

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Nissan ARIYA vs Toyota BZ4X: perfect timing or has Japan arrived too late?

Titans of Japanese car manufacturing,face off in this edition of electrifying,because today we are pitting the Nissan,area against this the Toyota bz4x so,that means its Toyota a company that,hasnt really done a full-on production,pure electric car before versus Nissan a,company that is one of the original,electric pioneers,okay so which one makes the best,all-electric SUV,but before we do get into the Nitty,Gritty remember to subscribe to the,channel switch the notifications on,because there is so many new cars coming,out so much news and it is worth staying,up to date information is always,changing foreign,and yes the internet does often remind,me about the Toyota RAV4 EV but that,never really caught on despite in the,second generation having a battery and,powertrain made by Tesla and Panasonic,no less apparently Nikki there are still,some knocking around in California today,we have the bz4x versus the Aria so,where should we start lets start here,with the area now its a bespoke,all-electric SUV a few different battery,options two or all-wheel drive and of,course it has five seats and its got a,bit of this space Shippy look about it I,like it worth noting though it starts at,just under 43 000 pounds and Rockets up,to over 58 and a half thousand pounds uh,whats what you got well Ill tell you,now that the bz4x is from Toyota and,Toyota might be slightly late to the,all-electric party and the bz4x itself,might be very late thanks to some dodgy,wheel nuts but it is here now you can,only get one battery size at the moment,you can also have two or four wheel,drive and the range starts at just under,44 000 pounds and goes up to just over,52. its also like the area a five-seat,pure electric SUV although it does look,very different they might have different,but I think they both look really good,the Toyotas a bit more chiseled at the,front I feel like this is maybe carrying,a little bit of extra weight around the,chin at the front,um but overall I love the swooping style,of it I love how these LED lights move,down into the front obviously you dont,need a grill anymore with electric cars,so this is all blanked off and it looks,really nice now this has the extra 2 000,pound sport pack added to it which means,you get these nice 20 inch wheels also I,really like the dual color so weve got,the blue mixed with the black and I,think together that works really well it,has a bit of an upswept rear its nice,and tidy with a small spoiler I think,overall this car looks really good,weirdly I think both of these cars have,a very Japanese Vibe and I really do,like the way the area looks although the,bz4x is slightly more conservative at,least in its proportions like the area,its got slim LED headlights at the,front with a kind of mustache in the,middle which disguises all of the,sensors for the advanced Drive,resistance systems the one thing I have,noticed though you see this this gap,which is kind of an eyebrow over the,headlight well if you stand back when,its in a brighter color that just looks,like a panel Gap to me and once Id seen,it I couldnt stop seeing it also the,other thing people mention are these big,black plastic wheel arches now some,people say it just looks like they,forgot to paint them but I actually,think it makes the car look rugged and,chunky after that you go down the side,this car is on the optional 20 inch,wheels as well its got some really nice,kind of almost geometric creases in the,body theres the kind of lozenge that,then trims back down into the wheel Arch,and then at the back its got a full,width light bar slightly tucked up tale,it is an interesting car to look at,it is and actually theyre both Five,Seasons theyve both got a decent a,decent space so its,just down to personal preference do let,us know in the comments below what you,really think but um if you disagree with,me then youre probably wrong well Im,happy to be wrong mostly anyway lets,get inside and do some more,investigating,in there,so here we are in the Toyota this is a,top spec Vision so that means it gets,lots and lots of equipment and actually,I think its all right in the middle is,the big obvious thing thats a 12.3 inch,touchscreen you have to be careful,because on the bass pure spec it only,gets an eight inch screen but generally,I quite like it you look really,unconvinced so my first impressions,overall its its quite nice its a nice,place to be generally I think the,styling its quite chunky this is quite,in your face,um you look a little bit claustrophobic,in this situation this is my driving,position I uh the whole sort of um,steering wheel thats going up into the,heads-up display,um it looks quite it reminds me of being,in a van like it looks very functional,and yeah it doesnt look so style its a,slightly weird one yeah I must admit you,know this sort of tunnel here with this,plastic it that the plastic needs to be,a bit sexier because thats quite cheap,and also its got a small wheel which,you tend to sit slightly lower so you,can see into the drivers display but I,think its right I mean you see this,stuff here this is nice,yeah and um look down there,oh,thats annoying its got no glove box,thats really frustrating I mean theres,lots of storage spaces but I dont like,open storage because then you can see,all of your mess but I like that where,would you put your handbag down there,how big do you think my handbag,its not that much bigger than that is,it bigger than that yeah no my handbag,is not fitting in there what about that,thats nice oh okay so I can put my,phone away and it charges yeah nice,addition its out of the way,this is too small no because you can,take that out and then its deeper okay,but it looks a bit cheap inside that,looks like an afterthought I must open,it now poking around it some of it some,of the Plastics do feel a little bit,less luxury than I hoped its an,interesting car with lots of equipment,but just generally like these buttons,are bigger than they need to be no it,just feels a bit more industrial if,youre driving you can find the button,you want and press it I mean,its an easy car to operate okay and,also it does have plenty of equipment it,comes with an app which is really very,good its got um connected Sat Nav which,youll find Convenient places to charge,all of that stuff it gets cameras it,gets,um driver assistant systems this this,actually has a lot of kit on it that you,cant see fair enough Im not Im not,complaining Im just saying its not,perfect and Im just worried about where,Im going to put the emergency nappies,and snacks is that why you use a glove,box for yes youre supposed to use it,for gloves,I dont have any gloves for driving,the back seats are reasonable though,there is a little hump in the middle and,the boot is Big at 452 liters with a,wide and convenient hatch opening do you,know what though I like it its not,mind-blowing but it is certainly,workable agreed its nice its practical,but I think I can do better,see okay now this is quite nice it is,quite nice but it is the area evolved so,this is top top spec right we are,talking about youre kind of you would,expect this for what youre paying yeah,um but just take it all in uh because,immediately I feel like youve got more,space because you dont have the,transmission down here yeah,um so that is proper space for a handbag,by the way yes and then if you put your,handbag there and you turn around a,left-hand Corner that handbag goes under,your feet at the fair point so maybe not,the greatest place while driving no but,immediately though that whole Bank of,screens looks that does look super not,one but two 12.3 that does look really,good yeah and just Ive feel like the,attention to detailing its just a bit,more refined youve got this kind of,wood finish here youve got your kind of,suede look you dont have to do the,voice its kind of like thats just the,shopping channel here the wood I like,the way its got these can we just,appreciate the scene they do they are,actually very comforta

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Volkswagen ID 5 vs Nissan Ariya

the mid-sized electric SUV class is,brimming with options ranging from the,Tesla Model y to the skoda enyak IV and,far more but the Nissan Aria and,Volkswagen id5 are two of the latest,offerings and they both bring something,new to the party Im going to start by,talking about the Nissan Aria this is,the first pure electric model that,Nissan has launched since the leaf now,its also on a new platform its called,the cmf EV platform its offered with,two different batteries you can have a,63 or an 87 kilowatt hour usable,capacity and that gives you an official,wltp range of between 250 and 329 miles,that does also take into account the,fact that you can get the Nissan with,front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive,and a bit more power and price wise,youre looking at 44 000 right up to,about 56 000 pounds for those high-end,four-wheel drive versions this here is,the VW id5 it is essentially a swoopier,fancier version of the Volkswagen id4,which means that you get the familiar,Meb platform and at the moment its only,available with a 77 kilowatt hour,battery that gets you an official wltp,range of up to 327 miles prices start at,around about 50 000 pounds which is by,the way almost exactly the same price as,youll pay for the cheapest long range,Aria these two are really similar in,terms of size price and ambition then,but if I have to make a decision between,the two when it comes to the styling,well Im definitely going to have to go,for the Nissan its got really fabulous,concept car looks really kind of sharp,creases I do really like this sort of,copper colored launch color theyve got,two I just think theyve done a fabulous,job its really eye-catching despite,this being quite a generic looking class,of car I think the Volkswagen on the,other hand well I think it looks really,good I like the proportions of it but it,doesnt look very sporty and athletic,does it its got a really sort of Stumpy,front end and something about it it just,kind of makes me want to kind of grab,its cheeks and squish them its kind of,cute and whether thats what you want,from a family SUV or not well it may be,maybe its not anyway to most people,practicality will be the more important,issue the Nissan has a somewhat middling,466 liters of boot space which for some,context is what you get in the Nissan,Qashqai you also get some cable storage,under the boot floor as well as a,powered tailgate on both trims but,neither of these cars have any storage,in the nose the Volkswagen gets a much,more useful 549 liters of boot space and,it does have a slightly deeper boot as,well which is useful if youve got a,chunky buggy to fit in theres also a,variable floor to hide your cables away,but only higher spec cars get a powered,boot lid,both cars have 60 40 split rear seats,that lie flush with the boot floor when,folded and the Volkswagen also comes,with a through loading cubby,passenger space in the back of the id5,is very generous particularly in terms,of the leg room and its just you get,really nice Comforts like this huge,glass roof definitely going to keep the,kids happy as is the standard rear,climate control and you get a nice,Center armrest with cup holders here so,maybe Headroom could be a touch better,but even so I think you get two six,Footers back here no problem at all,passenger space in the Nissan there is,masses of leg room Headroom though is a,little bit tight you do feel like this,sunroof which is optional on the base,trim well that does kind of eat into,your Headroom a little bit I still think,kind of your average adults got to be,really comfy back here but it does feel,a tiny bit dark and I think some people,might expect a little a little bit,better on that front even so the seats,are nice and comfy nice sort of deep,bases here and you do get your Center,armrest plus charging points in the back,more importantly than anything practical,like how comfortable it is back here is,that you get this lovely shag pile,carpet as standard in the Aria which I,have to say its uh well I mean its,really impress aggressively luxurious,but then if youve got kids youre going,to take it out immediately because,otherwise its going to be full of Crips,and mud in about three minutes,the finish and look of the interior in,the Nissan I think as well as the way it,looks on the outside is one of the big,reasons people are going to go for this,car it looks really cool in here theres,a real Boutique feel to it theres,something almost a bit kind of volvo-ish,about it with this kind of wood finish,that theyve got around here touch,sensitive buttons that are sort of on,the wood effect finish its really feels,quite special and definitely a big step,up for Nissan so theyve done well on,that front I like the driving position,too you do get Standard Lumber,adjustment and electric seat adjustment,in the Aria you sit quite high up,actually but the seats really kind of,hold you nice and firmly and it does,actually give you lots of support so I,do quite like that the Nissan gets two,12.3 inch screens with the central,touchscreen being the window to all of,your infotainment needs standard,equipment includes Sat Nav with charger,search function as well as Wireless,Apple carplay and Android auto,equipment in the rd5 is really generous,you get this fake leather and suede,finish which actually I really quite,like you get 30 weight ambient lighting,heated seats you get really kind of,everything that you expect however I do,think that it would benefit from having,Lumber adjustment I dont even really,mind the fact that you get manual seat,adjustment on this entry-level live trim,that we have here but definitely a,lumber adjustment would benefit because,this seat feels quite flat otherwise the,VW is 12.3 inch touchscreen gets really,decent graphics and is very easy to see,even in direct light,plus you get Sat Nav Wireless Apple,carplay and Android auto as well as,over-the-air software updates,is blighted by those annoying touch,sensitive temperature controls for the,climate but generally I think the,materials in here feel pretty decent I,just dont think it has the wow factor,that the Nissan has when it comes to,charging both cars get the same type 2,and CCS sockets which are compatible,with every home charger and the vast,majority of public charges across the UK,and Western Europe a full charge at home,will take under 13 hours in the big,battery Volkswagen and Aria while the,smaller battery Nissan will take more,like nine hours both get Peak rapid,charging speeds of 130 kilowatts so if,you plug into a 150 kilowatt DC rapid,charger youll get a 100 Mil top up in,roughly 15 minutes or a 10 to 80 battery,charge in around 30 minutes,so this is actually the smaller battery,of the two available in the Aria so this,is a 63 kilowatt hour but you still get,215 brake horsepower motor on the front,wheels its rear wheel drive in the id5,front wheel drive in the Aria and that,gives this a seven and a half second,note 62 time and it does actually feel,pretty Punchy I have to say its got a,proper sort of spring in its step when,you want it to the Aria so the,performance is pretty decent I mean,having said that thats pretty middling,by the standards of this class you know,the Mustang Maki never minded the Tesla,Model y absolutely scorching by,comparison the handling is also,fairly middling it turns into a corner,fine the steering is quite light its,just one of those cars that feels quite,heavy it doesnt really disguise its,weight too well in terms of its handling,and its performance the Nissan is,competitive with the vast majority of,its Rivals including the skoda enyak,that we favor but its also nothing,particularly special,to be honest its a bit disappointing,now this car is on 19-inch Wheels its,on huge balloon tires on 55 section,Bridgestone tires and the ride,a lot of the time its fine but if you,get kind of quite a choppy urban road,particularly it really does feel quite,unsettled and when you do hit you know,the potholes that you 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2023 Nissan ARIYA – POV First Impressions

[Music],hey guys today were getting some First,Impressions on the new 2023 Nissan Aria,Nissans all-new electric SUV we just,got out of a Nissan Leaf a couple weeks,ago so very curious and excited to see,what theyve done here with this all new,EV platform lets walk you around this,Aria well show you what it looks like,inside and out and then well take it,for a drive and give you guys some,driving Impressions so first lets take,a look at this interior we have some,familiar switch gear from Nissan and,other things that are completely new,like this center console that slides,back and forth and some haptic touch,controls here on the dashboard,two 12-inch screens as you probably can,see some little infrared sensors here,monitoring my eyeballs thats for the,pro pilot assist 2.0 which well test a,little bit later on the highway those,are eye tracking sensors that will see,if Im paying attention to the road,before we step outside let me just show,you a couple clever things that I found,in this interior just spending a few,minutes in this car the first thing is,there is a hidden compartment right here,in the center,its kind of doubles as a tray table,slash storage bin the idea here is you,can place a tablet phone or maybe some,food on here while youre eating and,charging kind of a neat placement for,something and then you can mechanically,fold it back into the dashboard and its,completely hidden you wouldnt know its,there,we have a super open space in this,interior a very large amount of room in,here plenty of Headroom nice panoramic,sunroof,very airy very open nice visibility,theres no frunk in this area and a lot,of that space that would have gone for,packaging in a frock has instead been,added to the interior which I think is,nice,theres your glove box,wireless charging right here in the,middle,a couple of cup holders,and then like I said earlier this whole,Center stack moves forward and backwards,you can adjust it to whatevers,comfortable for your driving position,and distance from the steering wheel,nice looking two spoke steering wheel,too plenty of adjustment here,the center display,looks pretty similar to what weve seen,in some other Nissan products,a couple different meter views,well leave it on this minimal display,we get physical buttons for,gauge cluster brightness which I really,like a button to quickly activate or,deactivate steering assist we have a,head up display which shows various,different information depending on what,situation youre in and weve got a,button to Pop the Trunk,lets head outside and see what this Rea,looks like,a particular car is painted in whats,called Sunrise copper,almost color matched wheels or wheel,covers,definitely help with aerodynamics,lets turn on the light so we can see,that big LED strip on the back,nice looking design I think,we have a very short front end,looks super aerodynamic with all of the,smoothed out body panels,definitely one of the more attractive,looking SUV crossovers,I like the finishing on the Aria badge,right here,lets see what trunk space looks like,pretty large area here you can hide some,things underneath these compartments,you know its getting cold out because,theyre starting to put windshield,scrapers in the cars,two buttons here one to lower the,tailgate one to lock the vehicle,nice looking back seat again lots of,room back here,completely flat floor,heated rear seats at USBC and USB type a,cable connection,yeah really nice seat stadium seating as,weve seen in a lot of Nissan products,of course the Aria has Nissans zero,gravity seats up front,good looking interior inside and out Im,not sold on this color but Ill show you,what the blue looks like as well and I,think thats it,bit of a more attractive option it says,the optional 19-inch Wheels and this is,the Aria front wheel drive Premiere,which starts around 55 000 as tested,about 58 Grand with a couple optional,extras the 19-inch wheels are one of,those,heres our charge port,gone is the chadamo connection,this can charge at a Max rate of 130,kilowatts,range on this trim is 289 miles,and it has 238 horsepower going through,those front wheels,[Music],lets just quickly show you a couple,more things in this interior and then,well take this for a drive,so infotainment I actually quite like,this infotainment weve got quick access,controls on the left side here for,carplay which connects wirelessly home,button,youve got your navigation,you can also search for charge stations,here and it will integrate charge stops,into your route planning which is very,nice,radio music all that good stuff and you,have a specific climate control menu,right here where you can go into a,little bit more detail,turn on your heated seats heated,steering wheel,there are Auto settings for these two,volume knob and a track selection,control right here to the right of that,volume knob which is nice and to the,left youve got your hazard switch,I do like these haptic climate control,buttons a nice clean look,physical controls would be ideal but I,think this is probably the next best,thing,you have Auto parking in this Nissan,Aria kind of a neat thing well show you,guys that a few different Drive modes,sport standard and Eco well probably,just drive in standard mostly today,your buttons here to open and close this,little compartment and then e-step which,is kind of one pedal drive it just wont,bring you to a complete stop and its,kind of strange in that it moves the,brake pedal forward and backward,depending on how much regenerative power,its giving you were going to test that,on the road see if we like it or not,well leave it off to start and just,drive this like a normal car Nissans,idea here is this is going to help,transition people from normal ice,vehicles to the EV space with a more,traditional familiar driving input,experience which I think isnt a bad,thing,heres what our reverse and 360 cameras,look like,looks pretty good to me youve also got,a quick access button here for your,cameras forward-facing and 360. and,speaking of cameras,this Aria will park itself lets go back,to our home screen here,so if you pull up to a parking space,itll either parallel park were not in,any of those situations right now or it,will back into a space so you just pull,up,press the auto park button,were going to switch this to back in,its going to select our space,that looks pretty good to me well just,do this,and then you hit start,and its just gonna do everything itself,theyll do a little three-point turn,here,you can see where its going on the 360,camera display,probably something I wouldnt use for,backing into parking spaces,but for parallel parking,I believe it can park in as close of a,space as one meter on both sides of the,car its about 3.2 feet which is a,pretty tight spot,then if you want,you can back in a little bit more it,will,default to kind of parking towards the,front of a space when its backing in,well show you guys what the parallel,parking looks like at the end of the,video,all right lets set off were at the,Nissan Technical Center here in,Farmington Michigan,weve got a little bit of a dry route,planned but,familiar with your already,and well see what we can find on the,road,First Impressions here,ride quality is quite nice driven this,around some bumpy sections of parking,lot already and its very soft very,smooth very quiet,very smooth throttle inputs,a little bit of wheel spin there this is,the front wheel drive version after all,hows this brake pedal,not bad,a little bit squishy but easy to,modulate,nice I really like the accelerator pedal,tuning,in standard mode this is great,pretty good nvh upon First Impressions,here in this Aria,theres not a ton of power,but its more than enough to get around,the most ice vehicles in traffic,but sport mode increases our throttle,response significantly,oh yeah big time,Eco is going to let us Coast a little,bit longer,lets try out this e-step almost one,pedal drive system here so it wont hold,you at a stop unless if you turn on the,

2023 Nissan Ariya First Impressions: Priced to Compete!

– All right, so a couple months ago,I remember I was watching the Super Bowl,and this was the first year where I was like,,”Oh, theres actually electric car commercials,in the Super Bowl now.,This is kind of a big moment for them,,at least spending and getting awareness for them.”,And so I was kind of counting,and looking at the ones that were notable,and I think one of the first ones,I remembered actually seeing was this.,This is the Nissan Ariya.,And now Nissans got one here in front of us.,This is a pre-production,,but one of the first ones in the US straight up,,and Ive been very interested in actually checking it out.,Im trying to figure out which ones to compare it to.,I think the two that came to mind are the Volkswagen ID.4,,wow, it looks like a render right now,,the Volkswagen ID.4 and the Hyundai IONIQ 5.,You know, its a long-wheelbase crossover.,Its got a lot of storage.,Its one of the first EVs from these companies.,And spoiler alert,,I personally would pick either of those two over this one,,which isnt to say that theres nothing good about this.,Theres actually some really cool stuff Im gonna show you.,But just from my first impressions,and what I can see about them,,now I see what Nissans going for,and Im gonna show you what I mean.,So first of all,,the whole thing is in this like copper metallic color.,The wheels and the body of the car itself.,And this is the same color,that the Super Bowl commercial one was in.,I am not the biggest copper person,,but they are very consistent with this sort of copper look,throughout the entire interior,,and apparently every Ariya has copper on the interior.,So if I just go ahead and pop the door open,and step inside here,,youll immediately see,,look at that, copper floor mat.,Youve got this whole black interior in here,,but you do have the copper accents,around this spot where you can put your phone in here,in this wireless charger.,Youve got copper in here for the air conditioning vents,,copper stitching on the front,,copper little door handles.,So theyre really into the copper for the Ariya.,So you might as well, I guess, get the copper exterior too.,So this whole layout, if I just, if I zoom back here,,is a extended wheelbase version,of maybe something like a Nissan Murano.,Same thing the IONIQ did.,They spaced the wheels out more,to give you more interior space,and so they decided not to give you a front trunk,,but they do give you tons of storage on the inside,,a lot of leg room for this back seat.,So Im 63″.,Thats the normal spot where Im putting the drivers seat.,And thats pretty good.,Its reasonable for a road trip.,But then this is a good stuff back here with the Ariya.,Theres a camera here, but also an automatic opening trunk.,Pop it open and a really, really good size trunk.,Theyve evened out this floor here,,but there is a subtrunk for even more storage,and the back seats fold down.,So its a full-on hatchback.,Even though this sort of slopes down a bit,,theres a lot of storage.,So in that sense, its reminding me of ID.4 and IONIQ 5.,And also, this gap up here,where theyre having the active aero come through,kind of reminds me of the Rivian.,Youve got two antennas. Cool.,But yeah, a lot of active aero coming down here.,And one more active aero bit,Im gonna show you up at the front,,which I really like, is the face.,This is the face.,Its big, big daytime running lights here.,Im gonna actually fire those up with the key,so you can see them.,There you go.,Huge daytime running lights.,But also, this is real active aero.,Theres a little slot here and that goes through the tire.,So overall, got some aerodynamics happening.,Overall, I dont know,,how do you feel about this design?,I am not the biggest copper person,so maybe Im being swayed,,but I feel like I can give this design in my head,like a 6 1/2, 7 out of 10.,It doesnt have to be flashy or amazing looking,,but, you know, its got some decent features going on.,It doesnt have much chrome.,Im going seven.,But really, the Ariyas interior,is I think where its gonna separate itself.,So lets pop in here and let me just show you what I mean.,So this interior, it has some really cool stuff,and it actually is, I think, very well crafted,,but it does have two things.,One, it has some cool features,,and two, it has some we-gotta-do-this-a-little-different-,because-its-electric going on.,The number one place youll see that is right over here.,Check out these capacitive buttons.,Theres some up here,,and this is just for your climate control,,and these have haptic feedback.,So I can feel when Im changing the temperature here.,But I mean, this is, I dont want,,when Im driving, I want buttons,to just be able to reach over and hit them,cause this doesnt hit it,,this doesnt hit it,,this just barely gets there.,Climate controls are all haptic buttons and it looks cool,,but I dont know if thats the way to go.,I think they felt the need to do something sleek here.,This is on the same level as what the IONIQ 5 did.,And then over here, you have a couple other features,in this really cool center storage section.,So center storage is, number one, a place to put your phone,and, number two, a place to organize,whatever youre carrying,,if you have a bag or something like that.,And youll notice theres a lot of space down here,and then youve got this center storage section.,So number one, this actually is motorized and moves,,which is pretty sweet.,I kind of like that.,Number two, this is the gear selector.,Its in a fine spot.,I can get used to that.,Then youve got these capacitive buttons right here,,which are going to be to open and close this,,here, just watch this area.,Im gonna hit the open button,and youve got this little tray that pops out,and then the tray has some storage underneath it.,But thats just a tray.,I dont know.,Youre not gonna put your phone there.,It doesnt charge there.,Itll definitely slide around.,But maybe youre parked and you wanna put something down,,thats a tray.,And then you have to hold this to close it.,If you let go, it pauses.,So you have to keep holding it to get it all the way shut.,Okay, fine.,But then you can switch your drive modes.,There are currently three.,When I hit the button, I go from Standard to Sport.,Im gonna keep it in, yeah, lets go Standard.,But then the last thing over here is e-Step and auto park.,And you can see this little wireless charging indicator here,because your phone pops in here.,And Ill just grab my phone real quick and pop it in there.,And it is a wireless charger,and it does have wireless Apple CarPlay.,Not sure about Android Auto,,but thats cool if you pop your iPhone in there,and just put it away.,Just dont use your phone screen while driving.,Wirelessly broadcast to the screen.,And then you have a little bit of storage in here.,Thats some cup holders.,Okay.,That, I think, is solid.,Then theres this whole cavernous space down here.,So they told me,,Nissan told me they didnt wanna do a front trunk.,Oh, hi, HUD. Great screen there.,They didnt wanna do a front trunk.,So they put all of the air conditioning,and the other electronics and stuff,that would normally be in the center console,up in the front of the car.,So now you just have this glowing lantern light box,,which looks cool at night,,and then this open space.,It kind of reminds me of older Teslas,where if you put a bag there,,if you put anything there and then start driving,,it just starts sloshing around in the whole front of the,,in the whole front of the car.,So you do have storage here,,and this is probably the best part.,This is another spot to charge a device, USB-C or USB-A,,and then this is literally a cable wrap.,Its a cable wrap.,So you put your phone in there, you cable wrap here,,and then you plug it in,so theres not a whole bunch going on.,Thats really well thought out.,I just wish there was some more organization,or division in here.,I think thats been added back to some cars,that originally had all this open space.,Also, there are th

Nissan Ariya driving REVIEW – suddenly the best EV ?? ????

this here is the new nissan aria,and i can already tell you so far it is,a huge game changer for nissan as a,brand it will shake up also the,differences between lets say a normal,volume brand and the premium brand but,can it be a game changer for the whole,ev market well find out together with,thomas and autograph fuel for you here,in the front the nissan area shows this,closed ev front grille a japanese,styling pattern here a little bit hidden,behind with slim daytime running lights,and also full led lamps this is here the,dark blue color we also have a dark,green color for you and a copper color,these are the colors we have seen so far,but of course there will be more of that,it is a compact suv or crossover as you,want to take it and the interesting,thing with nissan is they have dominated,the ev market with a nissan leaf in the,very early stages then came tesla,then came all the other manufacturers,can they now strike back with the aria,well it might have a big chance for that,why lets take a closer look here,19-inch wheels,these are the ones with the aerodynamic,design more balloonish tires definitely,but better riding comfort however you,can also get 20-inch wheels if you want,no just more,prominent styling then you can see here,the wheel arches are painted in black so,this also gives a sporty look and then,theres a very very sleek side profile,right here look at that so more a,crossover look,and theyve put the batteries in the,lower end of the vehicle we can also see,a cutaway model there and have two,battery sizes,either 63 kilowatt hours net or 87,kilowatt hours net we have the one with,a small battery here today by the late,stage we also drive the bigger battery,subscribe if you havent done so far and,the range will be very interesting i can,promise you that already right now,towards the rear we can see there are,interesting design lines and the overall,length is 4 meters 60 that is,181 inches as for the rear design modern,and sleek light strip here going all the,way across the vehicle,and on the technology side its very,interesting you have the frontal drive,model you have the all-wheel drive model,then with the two electric motors and,the acceleration difference is,7.5 seconds to 6 seconds for the,overdrive model 0-100 kilometers or 62,miles they plan to do an even quicker,performance model but that is actually,pushed away for now because they say,there wouldnt be a huge demand for that,and top speed is also different the,front wheel drive model 160 kilometers,an hour or 100 miles an hour or then the,oil drive model 200 kilometers an hour,or 125 miles an hour as for suspension,theres one base suspension that is,going all across all models,no adaptive suspension however theres a,multi-link rear axle and that is a more,elaborate rear axle lets see in the,driving part how it plays out as for,comfort and recharging,here what is kind of very special for,this,midsize segment here you will have a 22,kilowatt three phase charging for ac,thats great and one or 30 kilowatt dc,charging but with a good charging curve,we can also show that charging curve and,that means that from 10 to 80 state of,charge the big battery youll charge in,about 35 minutes should you wonder about,the trunk no there is none,just,equipment here underneath fluids and so,on,so no trunk whatsoever and should you,wonder about the name by the way arya,the thing is its supposed to be you,know derived from you know sanskrit word,of,noble,and the problem is for a german market,when you say arya in german thats the,exact pronunciation of aryan,and that is of course another good,combination for a car on the german,market,so the germans then in their market try,to say rather,area so its differently pronounced and,theres no you know mismatching with,that,but overall i think as for name pick,maybe not the best idea if it in some,way can be you know connoted to aryan so,yeah what do you think about it moving,towards the interior that key fob is,slim and light and high quality and no,high gloss piano lacquer awesome,then door closing sound,very good,low frequency sonorous i really like,that and look at that the interior,materials here the doors this then the,alcantara equipment the microfiber,equipment you have it here at the inside,doors either here like this in bright or,in,plain black is also available,soft touch,above that,like here good quality as well then this,is a little bit harder then here you,have a soft leather red again and also,the quality of the buttons right here,everything is really nice,and even more so look at that when i,lower the window now a little bit for,the front and the rear,this is here a dual insulation glass in,the front but even at the rear doors and,then look at this lounge interior,it looks really amazing doesnt it again,you can also have,this seat here in complete black and,also with a black microfiber,here then with a beautiful or bright,maybe ivory color microphone what do,what would you call it,leatherette outside so this seat is,animal free and i think a beautiful,combination,blue exterior and this bright interior,that is really amazing so this would be,my favorite setup the base seat would be,that you have fabric where you have,microfiber here and leather outside this,then here,towards middle or high trim,and the highest sadly its the highest,is an animal skin pack sadly that they,still offered in 2022 in an electric,vehicle but most vehicles will be sold,like this with a bright or black,microfiber also in the us its available,the steering wheel is animal skin wrap,as well at this moment but theyre also,working at alternatives,the screens two times 12.3 inch,more than horizontal setup are they of,any use well find out very soon seating,position higher than you might expect,from the outside looks actually so,it might look like a crossover from the,outside but seating position here select,your controls,second position wise its more an suv,indeed,and for me with one meters 89 or six for,two,theres just some headroom left and this,panoramic roof here and also the head-up,display is actually standard for all,malt except the very base model and the,interesting thing is here this is a,panoramic groove with a shade,thats better for example than with the,teslas where it gets really really hot,and you can also open that so most of,these modern evs they have fixed,panoramic grooves and maybe sometimes,even on the cover and here they have,both you can open it and you do have a,cover,and its actually quite substantial that,opening as well so yeah thats really,nice that they have that and,it feels very elaborated so far,comfortable seating well see how it,turns out while driving this by the way,also equipped you with the optional,bowser sound system and why dont we,test the sound directly right here right,now,lets see about that,so,this isnt it,[Music],wow,thats a great surround sound right,[Music],so i can really say,this is a premium vehicle and it does,compete without the bmw mercedes no,doubt look at this lower middle console,it will have a special actually two,special features coming up very soon,here first of all this is shifting lever,drive mode reverse park and then here is,like this matte wood really nice and,then adaptive cup holders then you have,these capacitive buttons,but at least not on high gloss black so,for the driving modes for the e-pedal,how this will affect driving we will,soon see and this is one of the special,features soon coming and then soft touch,leather right here for the armrest,lifting it up you know its actually,well attached and then is this a,inductive charging pad right here,another storage area and now comes the,first special feature because we can,actually move,this whole middle console we can move it,backwards to have a little bit more,space in the front,if its that useful,i dont know,its a cool feature and it reveals here,in the front that we have a connector,box,usb a usbc,either wire,or wireless connector for the apple,carp

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