1. 2021 Nissan Rogue | Review & Road Test
  2. The 2021 Nissan Rogue is a Much Improved Version of Nissan’s Best-Seller
  3. 2021 Nissan Rogue Review | A brand-new best-seller
  4. Is the 2021 Nissan Rogue the BEST new SUV to BUY?
  5. Nissan Rogue 6 Months of Ownership Review
  6. 2021 Nissan Rogue Review
  7. 2021 Nissan Rogue Review // Nissan is fighting back!!

2021 Nissan Rogue | Review & Road Test

[Music],if youre a car maker that wants to win,in the modern automotive landscape,you have got to have a competitive,compact suv,what about this third generation nissan,rogue,is it competitive from an interior,usability perspective,the answer is yes heres all five foot,ten inches of me seated comfortably,behind my preferred front seat position,beyond plentiful space the rear seats,offer two recline positions,standard rear vents your welcome,children and impeccable accessibility,via wide opening doors further back,theres a luggage hold with up to 36.5,cubic feet of space,that can be partitioned using the,available divide and,hide cargo system plus there are,convenient seat releases that easily,expand the rogues cargo hold,to a healthy 74.1 cubic feet,back up front a new electronic gear,selector has opened up space below the,center console,for small items and the central storage,area can be accessed through this handy,split door,oh i love pragmatism but you know i also,love that blue book life,in classic blue book fashion were,driving the most elite platinum trim,inside that means diamond quilted,leather reel stitching,and heated second row seats it all looks,and feels swanky but even sands platinum,trim trappings,this would be a big step up in,refinement versus the previous rogue,as for the exterior we find crisp body,lines,a wide range of paint choices including,some two-tone combos,and striking thin pseudo headlights the,real ones are down here,its a visual statement that i like but,according to a non-scientific poll on my,instagram,not everyone agrees how do you feel,theres a long exterior shot so you can,confront your aesthetic emotions,pause pause okay so how does this thing,drive,very well actually ride quality is,excellent outward visibility is mostly,unimpeded,the cabin remains quiet at freeway,speeds and there are a range of drive,modes,to customize vehicle behavior im,personally not dazzled,by the steering feel especially on,center,but just for normal driving around town,it steers just fine and the brakes,feel good ooh let me come to a perfect,smooth stop lets see if i can do it,and that is smooth,as for power the 2.5 liter four-cylinder,engine,delivers ample thrust and competitive,fuel economy,front-wheel drive is standard but you,can add all-wheel drive for a very,reasonable fourteen hundred dollars,this is the part where i note that the,nissan rogue uses a continuously,variable transmission,car reviewers myself included generally,hate cvts for their surging,whaling power delivery the latest rogue,exhibits those exact behaviors,but really only when youre driving in,full throttle like im doing right now,if you drive like a normal human being,power delivery is perfectly acceptable,in short if you accelerate calmly and,you dont get paid to complain about,cars,the nissan rogue should deliver a,pleasing driving experience,speaking of pleasing experiences the,previous rogues painfully dated,infotainment interface has been replaced,by standard 8-inch and optional 9-inch,displays,lets see modern graphics quick,reactions plus standard apple carplay,and android auto,ah yeah thats nice plus the nine inch,unit features wireless apple carplay,which pairs well with the platinum trims,wireless phone charging pad,nearby youll find two standard usb,ports one usb a,and one usbc base price for a rogue s,trim including destination charges,starts below twenty seven thousand,dollars and comes with features like,blind spot warning,lane departure warning automatic,emergency braking with pedestrian,detection,and rear parking sensors if it were me,id upgrade to at least the sv,trim which adds smart key access a vivid,360 degree camera system,and a power driver seat other nifty,options include a motion activated,liftgate,3-zone climate control a front seat,central side impact airbag,this 12-inch digital gauge cluster and,pro pilot assist,a system that can manage the accelerator,brakes and steering,at all speeds im on the freeway lets,see how well,pro pilot assist works staying in lane,maintaining a reasonable pace,hey when driving slower ive noticed,laggardly steering behavior around,corners but for freeway driving pro,pilot assist works well,and when paired with the 9-inch,infotainment unit it incorporates,navigation data,to proactively adjust the rogues speed,for curves ahead,among the competition the honda crv,toyota rav4,and ford escape are standouts though,there are many,many to choose from nonetheless the,latest nissan rogue,is well positioned to claim its share of,the compact suv pie,nissan has shored up the rogue,shortcomings and instilled it with a,premium aura,nissan rogue i dub the competitive,[Music],[Applause],[Music],you

The 2021 Nissan Rogue is a Much Improved Version of Nissan’s Best-Seller

[Music],when it comes to compact crossovers,nissan was late to the party with the,rogue,back in 2008. now despite the companys,tardiness the rogue quickly gained a,loyal group of buyers,allowing nissan to sell over 400 000,units in america making the robe,the best-selling compact suv that you,can buy in the states,now unfortunately for nissan the company,has been battling a little bit of an,image problem in recent years,with falling quality from a lot of their,products,an ex-ceo that has been accused of,stealing from the company and,just an overall bargain-basement feel,when you compare nissan to other,mainstream manufacturers,now because of that tarnished image,nissan sales have fallen in recent years,and the rogue is no longer the,best-selling compact crossover in,america,with that crown and title being given to,toyota with their rav4,back in 2019. so in order to change that,and of course improve their image nissan,is introducing an all-new rogue,for 2021 and as you can see im standing,by this all-new version it sports,completely updated and more aggressive,styling the interior that should make a,lot of infinity vehicles,envious and a refreshed powertrain that,should allow the rogue to,remain one of the most fuel-efficient,non-hybrid offerings in the segment,so the big question i want to answer,with the all-new rogue here for 2021 has,nissan made enough changes,to allow the rogue to become the,best-selling compact crossover in,america again,thats what were here to find out,[Music],now the second generation rogue was the,companys best-selling model and nissan,at their peak sold over 400 000 units i,was actually a pretty big fan,of the second generation model until,they really started to have a lot of,quality issues and just a bargain,basement image that plagued them over,the last few years now as you can see,finally seeing the new third generation,rogue in person remember,this is sharing a platform of course,with the current generation altima its,also based off of the nissan x trail,which is sold as the rogue in other,parts of the world and i have to admit,i liked the way the new rogue looked in,pictures i also like the way it looks,in person obviously you can see the,companys signature v-motion grille here,is dominating the front you have the,corporate nissan logo although that is,not the newer logo that i showed you,guys on the armada,which surprised me i thought nissan,would put that here on the rogue and,then of course you have standard full,led,headlights these are the led reflector,style low and high beam,with an led fog light down here you also,have an led daytime running light,because as you can see the new headlight,modules are divorced you have separate,modules for the turn signals and the,running lights,and the headlights this particular one,here that im showing you is the sl,which means you do not have the full led,turn signals thats that feature is,reserved,for the platinum grade model but overall,in this scarlett ember,red exterior color with the chrome trim,i think the new rogue is certainly much,more aggressive much more masculine and,i think it really works although,its kind of following the same trend,that everyones going with the separate,modules for the headlights,and the turn signals and indicator,lights so looking at the wheel design,you can see this particular one is the,sl which comes standard with 19-inch,wheels i actually like the design of the,wheels they have kind of like a gunmetal,metallic finish to them with this,five-spoke design,nissan also wrapped the rogue in 235,with tires which are about 10,millimeters wider than what youre going,to find,in most of the competitors this does,improve the rogues handling,and steering feel but it also may hurt,the fuel economy but i like the fact,that nissan put fatter tires on this new,rogue now looking at the rest of the,side profile,you can see nissan actually kept the,dimensions pretty much the same,the previous generation rogue was,already a little bit larger versus its,competitors its wheelbase remains the,same,at 106.5 inches long while its overall,length is around 183 inches long this is,about three inches longer,than something like a toyota rav4 or a,honda crv you can see i do like the nice,silver chrome accented roof rails which,are the more aerodynamic,design you also have a panoramic sunroof,which is available its standard on this,top,top grade trim sl or one before one,notch below the top grade,and overall the rogue has a much more,boxier shape this year its,got a traditional crossover look which,should keep the interior,very very roomy uh compared to its,competitors now looking at the rear you,can see the,rogue styling has also been updated you,have these led combination,rear tail lights with this kind of,smoked out finish the turn signals and,reverse lights however,are just an incandescent design which is,typically the norm although cars like,the mazda cx-5 give you a full led,design,you can see nissans now spelling out,rogue over here the bumper down here,actually is not painted im not really,the biggest fan,of this two-tone look the plastic on the,bumper does look a little bit cheap,theres no visible exhaust tips like you,find on something like a,toyota rav4 and then when you open up,the cargo area this is where the road,continues to shine because,of its generous amount of space you can,see with the second row seats up there,is no third row available on this,generation you get around 36.8 cubic,feet of space so thats one of the best,in the class you also have,very cool underfloor storage over here,this actual,area this little load for you can,actually adjust and move this down one,more level so this is called their,divide and hide system,which again remains a pretty nifty,feature although the previous generation,allowed you to put these little cargo,shelves up here to give you a,a top shelf area you cant do that,anymore with this generation but if you,want to fold down the second row seats,nissan says you get around,75 cubic feet of space which does make,it one of the largest in the segment,so now that weve discussed the exterior,of the all-new rogue what about the,interior of this vehicle obviously,nissan made a lot of changes for this,new generation,and theyve really been working hard to,make their interiors feel a lot more,upscale and also improve the technology,aspect the infotainment aspect,which was kind of a weakness of the,previous generation rogue now you can,see getting inside this particular one i,unfortunately have the sl trim i was,hoping that nissan would send me a,platinum model,just so i could show you guys all of the,differences the platinum version does,include,upgraded quilted leather seats with a,heads-up display,and a couple of other nice upgrades this,one here is the sl,as you can see and it has just a more,standardized look to the leather,the leather itself actually feels more,like a synthetic leather and it also has,relatively hard seats which i was,surprised to feel because nissan,typically has,comfortable seats from their zero,gravity nasa inspired memory foam,front seats you can see the door panels,have a relatively nice look to them i,like the,stitching of the leather i like this you,know trim that tries to look like,a black aluminum trim theres some alloy,look trim on the door handles i have two,person memory seats which is nice and i,also have,a 10-way power driver seat with two-way,lumbar support on this particular one,here when i shut the door,the door has a relatively solid sounding,thunk so im pretty pleased,with the way that sounds now i know a,lot of you are probably wondering what,does the key fob look like well,sadly nissan has not updated the key,remember i showed you a newer key fob on,the infiniti qx50,which is the platform sister vehicle to,this car,this is of course the standard nissan,key with remote start its a nice,feeling nice size key but i really think,nissan could just update this key design,its a very very old key

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2021 Nissan Rogue Review | A brand-new best-seller

you know the phrase,if it aint broke dont fix it yeah,that doesnt really apply to compact,crossovers,just take this as an example nissan has,sold well over a million rogues over the,last four years its perennially one of,the best selling cars,in the united states but it also faces,some stiff competition from some of the,most popular vehicles in the market,when toyota redesigned the rav4 for the,2019 model year,it meant the clock was ticking for a new,rogue,and here we are an all-new 2021 nissan,rogue,this is it but before we get into the,details be sure to subscribe to the,cargurus youtube channel,weve got lots of video reviews of some,pretty great cars and if youre in the,market we can help you find one,at a great price the new redesign keeps,the v-motion grille but slaps it on a,more,upright profile this car is handsome,its much chunkier,bulkier compared to the previous,generation rogue this one looks less,like an elusive halfback,and more like a bruising fullback and,thats good tough is in,our tester is an sv trim with 18-inch,wheels,its got this big slab-sided design but,its not quite as visually stimulating,as the last generation rogue was,however it probably has more mass appeal,nissan has ditched the big headlights,from the second generation rogue in,exchange for this four-eyed look and,im not so sure about this the lamps,themselves look,nice but the space between the top and,bottom housings throws off an otherwise,balanced design,am i wrong let us know in the comments,not,that i really even had to ask in the,back weve got the wide space,letters youre starting to see this,everywhere,land rover made them popular porsche,made them cool and the ford escape made,them ubiquitous,nissan continues this trend with the,rogue and im sure this isnt the last,car we will see with its name,spelled out in wide letters across the,back now this rogue is the one you are,going to see,everywhere the sv trim it sits one level,above the base,s trim and the s trim keeps things,pretty basic it also sits below the sl,and platinum trims and those two trims,they have a little more panache,the 18 inch wheels they grow to 19,inches and,both of those more expensive trims,include roof rails as standard equipment,every trim gets keyless entry and while,the rogue is,handsome on the outside its the,interior where things get interesting,i mean look at the fabric on these doors,this is what we call inspired,it looks like the sort of fabric youd,find on an expensive mid-century modern,armchair being advertised on instagram,the top shelf platinum trim comes with,impressive semi-annelien leather in high,contrast tan,but thats a predictable play for a top,trim model,i mean this fabric on the,budget-friendly sv trim,its like nissans playing volvos game,this is memorable,and it is cool all right lets do five,things to know,first the 2021 nissan rogue is all new,this is not just a refresh,but the engine and powertrain is very,similar to what you would have gotten in,the second generation car,next the rogue is affordable prices,start at twenty five thousand,six hundred fifty dollars and thats,cheaper than the price of a base spec,toyota rav4,three the rogue needs a powertrain,upgrade,put simply the four cylinder in this car,just doesnt have the guts to handle,high,elevation or hilly driving four,the infotainment system is easy to use,im not saying its flip phone levels of,rudimentary,but it will give you pretty much,everything you want and nothing you,dont,five the rogue delivers on safety keep,watching to hear how nissan has packaged,its advanced safety tech for,every rogue buyer oh and these seats,holy guacamole these seats,nissan calls them zero gravity and,theyre nasa inspired and designed,to reduce fatigue theyre not exactly,new,but theyre marvelous and the back seat,uses the same technology,its hard to tell just what makes these,seats so comfortable but i will say they,provide,just right support underneath my rear,end and i feel like i can sit in this,chair,and drive this car longer and farther,than i can most cars without feeling,like i need to get up and stretch my,legs,now there are some demerits in here i,dont love that this housing that,surrounds the gear shifter,and the cup holders doesnt stretch all,the way back to the center console,that said i do really like this,rubberized storage unit up front,and i like how the center console has,this butterfly style opening,that makes it really easy for people in,the back to get what they need out of,this without bothering the driver whos,going 70 on the interstate and then,theres this travesty,the platinum trim rogue has a 9 9-inch,touchscreen but the sv,has only an 8-inch touchscreen and in,engineering the rogue to suit either,size screen,nissan went with this cheap plastic,housing,where the screen meets the dashboard it,doesnt feel good,you can hear how much it squeaks and it,overall just,doesnt match an otherwise very upscale,cabin,lets talk about safety because for,better or worse,compact crossovers are the new family,sedans and that means the people who buy,these cars,care about safety well nissan doesnt,disappoint,adaptive cruise control doesnt come,standard but that frankly is,just about it and arguably adaptive,cruise control is as much a convenience,feature as it is a safety feature,whether you buy a top-tier platinum trim,or a bare bones s,trim expect to find automatic emergency,braking with pedestrian and cyclist,detection,lane departure warning blind spot,monitoring rear cross traffic alert,rear automatic braking and a driver,retention monitor,all standard thats incredible last week,i was driving a subaru wrx,so subscribe to the youtube channel and,keep an eye out for that review,but the super wrx doesnt have any,safety features its also a performance,car its about as,far from the nissan rogue as you can get,under the hood is a two and a half liter,four cylinder making 181 horsepower,at 6000 rpm but you dont want to take a,nissan rogue to 6000 rpm,you also get 181 pound-feet of torque at,3600 rpm,this is a 3 500 pound car,this is a slow car the engine,isnt particularly smooth you can feel,it through the pedals,and i notice that the side view mirrors,shutter softly when driving down the,highway,it also employs a continuously variable,transmission,the cvt manages what power the rogue has,pretty well and its programmed with,gear ratios to make it feel like more of,a regular automatic transmission,nissans been committed to the cvt for,longer than most,automakers so id be pretty disappointed,if this one wasnt good,luckily it is good whats impressive is,the rogues fuel economy,last year the epa raided this,front-wheel drive powertrain at 26,mpg city 33 highway 29 combined,not long ago those were sedan numbers,and now were getting them out of a,compact crossover,what more i actually beat those numbers,on my test loop to the tune of 32 miles,per gallon,of course when chris wardlaw tested the,rogue he only saw,27 and a half mpg so your mileage,may vary but then again as we all know,chris wardlaws a wild man behind the,wheel the new rogues infotainment system,reminds me of apples old slogan,it just works youve got bluetooth,youve got siriusxm satellite radio,youve got android auto and apple,carplay if thats all you need,then thats all you get its a touch,screen so its immediately easy to use,there are also knobs for volume and,tuning so it wont frustrate you,the menu buttons here have redundant,hard buttons below,this tech isnt out to wow you like a,bmw or a mercedes system will,its just there to make life easy my,biggest frustration is the aesthetic,i just hate this plastic housing,you get some more features as you move,up the trim lineup in the sv,weve got google assistant integration,and a wi-fi hotspot,theres also nissan connect services at,this level which lets you remote start,the car,or set speed and boundary limits just in,case you let your teenager take the,rogue out for a spin,the 2021 nissan rogue is here to say,stop s

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Is the 2021 Nissan Rogue the BEST new SUV to BUY?

[Music],hey guys whats up its joe rady from,rateys rides im,actually here in austin texas in the,middle of,somewhere and guess what im here for a,very good reason,we have the all new 2021 nissan,rogue this particular one is the top dog,trim,this is the platinum trim but before we,dive into this,all new redesigned suv from nissan lets,talk about whats going on here so,nissan is going through a little bit,of a renaissance a rebirth they have,promised that over the next,20 months theyre going to take 10,models and either create,something totally new or go for a total,redesign,like on this rogue so youre going to,see some excitement not only from suvs,but also,i know youre waiting im definitely,waiting lori is waiting,the whole world is waiting for this 400,z now one thing that i didnt really,actually realize,is that the rogue is nissans top,selling vehicle,here in the united states so so,important for them to redesign it,and really do something big to keep that,excitement going and i think that,with having the rogue set up the way,that it is i think a lot of people are,gonna,be excited and also made me change their,not their their mind about the nissan,brand now,its sitting on an all new chassis its,actually a little bit shorter,a little bit wider and a little bit,lower to really,increase that aerodynamic efficiency but,what i want to find out is,is this new nissan rogue is it the best,suv that you need to be parking in your,driveway,going up against the other big name so,lets go ahead and find out,is the redesign nissan rogue really,standing up to that top standard,right off the bat all new styling now,some people are saying hey didnt they,take this from that brand and they take,that from this brand,imitation is the greatest form of,flattering you know what nissan is,trying to take,elements of design that are exciting,here right now so,when you look at the front fascia youre,going to notice that they went with the,split,headlight design so up top you got your,led daytime running lamp,everything is all black down on the,interior i do like the way they bring,the black across the top as well,and then as we drop down a little bit,this is actually going to be your,headlights now,the great news is no matter what trim,you go with,with your nissan rogue youre going to,get standard led,headlights so youre going to get a nice,bright white light as youre driving,down the road,and you know what at first ill be,honest many moons ago,when they started doing this split,headlight design different manufacturers,i really wasnt digging it,but the way that nissan integrated it,into their v-motion grille which im,going to show you in a few seconds,i think it really works now as you,continue to work your way down you are,going to have a fully functional side,air curtain so im,glad that they kept everything painted,air is going to flow down the side,we drop down a little bit more you have,a mixture of some flat black,and then also this flat silver metallic,silver looking really good,we have the led fog lamps lit up thats,going to give us even more lighting so,from,i think an identity perspective based,off the headlights and everything,really really going to stand out now as,we come across the center portion of the,grill,theres that b-motion grill so theyre,sticking with that philosophy,and theyre taking design elements from,the nissan sentra from the nissan altima,from the nissan maxima and theyre,bringing it into this 2021 nissan rogue,now i like the way they did the grill,they have some flat black elements,but they also have some gloss black,elements and of course,that massive chrome trim piece thats,going to be that v-shape for the,v-motion grille,we work our way down we have a little,bit of flat black everything is,open and functional and im even digging,the way they took the chrome,bit here and run it along the lower lip,of the front fascia,and its got that suv you know rugged,look to it now when we get up onto the,hood,really really clean look at how the hood,met just meshes very well with the top,of the grill,super super clean on the body lines,youre just gonna have one raise,on the drivers side one raised on the,passenger side and they drift right,towards,that a-pillar and that really just,cleans up the whole front end,of the new rogue now as we come around,the bend what are we working with,wheel and tire setup now on this 2021,this is a platinum trim,so when you go platinum this is the,wheel setup youre getting its a 19,inch wheel,machined aluminum you got this metallic,almost like a,almost a black but its a dark dark dark,gray metallic,235 on the width and you have a meaty 55,series sidewall heres the good news,guys,yes they changed the way the wheel looks,and you know what it its actually a,really really good looking wheel,its whats behind the sheet metal they,went and reworked the whole suspension,including the steering rack so youre,going to get a totally different,steering,sensation and feel from this particular,new redesign rogue plus youre going to,get this great look now the way they,took the flat black,normally they keep you see on so many,suvs they kind of just keep it flush,with the rest of the body work look how,they flared it out,flared it out nicely all the way around,and then it gets a little,slim and trim as it runs into that lower,sill very,very clean going down the fender clean,line,coming everything off that rise look how,it goes right in that eight pillar,i think it was so smart to black this,out just gloss,black it out almost gives it that nice,floating roof design,which is becoming more and more popular,and nissan really was the one to bring,that for,to fruition with design youre going to,have your slim and trim,led headlights our platinum has 360,degree cameras,all the way around i like the way they,went with the flat silver,just like they took up front nice flush,low,roof rails of course you could get those,crossbars you could put your,cargo basket up there you could put your,kayak your bicycle,whatever you got maybe a bed mattress,just throw it on up there,gloss black flat black along the bottom,and look at the design of my,i like this i like the way they did the,design element with the chrome trim,just across the top and kept it flat,black on the bottom,and even that chrome piece on the sill,gives it that,accentuated design which im really,digging it really shows that they didnt,just slap this together,trying to get it to market they really,put some nice,thought and design element you have a,rounded belt line,and then you see another line picks up,and it almost flares out im gonna have,lori kind of swing around,this way and really showcase how that,line flares out as it comes towards the,rear of the vehicle,and then once we get to the back very,very tasteful you have a nice low roof,spoiler and i like the way its got a,nice dip,you got a shark fin antenna so you dont,have any that stupid remote control,antenna look to it,the windshield wiper it would have been,nice to kind of just tuck it in there,but im going to let it go because,everything else is looking great,tail light design is really clean simple,on the badging i even like the way they,put the rogue,badge on there looks really great from,the back especially the way that the,tail lights angle in and everything,blends in so nicely and as we kind of,drop down youre going to get this,chrome trim,and then a little bit of that flat,silver along the bottom,with the rest of it being silver and i,think the best part is,no fake exhaust no exhaust really,whatsoever everything is hidden,and i think that helps add that clean,look but while we go ahead,lets pop the hood and see whats,powering this new 2021 rogue,all right guys we got the hood pop now i,am gonna zonk this especially being a,2021,would have been nice to have the,hydraulic hood struts underneath the,hood,nissan kept it simple and i think that,is really,their best remedy to get this,renaissance,kickstarted and really really kicking,

Nissan Rogue 6 Months of Ownership Review

if you wanna go,[Music],whats up guys its christopher here,from cars unlocked doing something a,little different today today i wanted to,discuss with you guys my ownership,experience after about six months of,owning the nissan rogue its actually,been about probably nine months i would,say now uh of ownership and i want to,just go through things i like about it,things i dont like about it my,experience is driving this vehicle and,what its like so that you can get a,good idea uh when making a buying,decision,what youre getting yourself into and,what owning a nissan rogue would be like,full disclosure here guys i dont,actually i didnt actually purchase this,vehicle i dont actually own it this is,a demo given to me from my work st,catherines nissan that i got i got,probably late winter of about last year,and ive been driving it now as my daily,driver so i dont actually own it uh,however this one ive driven every,single day and i can give you a good,in-depth look of what its like owning,this,vehicle lob so,even though im not owning it i you,might be curious about the financing and,the payments on it so you can finance,this vehicle right now its uh november,of 2021 the payments are going to be,about 262 bi-weekly at 2.9 percent for,84 months,and this one is the sv premium is the,package that i have so its the middle,package and then you get the upgraded,leather as well,so,we,were going to get into the fuel economy,talk about the fuel economy a little bit,what its like to fill up,so from empty to full it was 73 bucks,for 52 liters 140 liter,a little pricey right now but uh anybody,in the states comment what it is in the,states how the prices are and we can,compare and now i just want to talk,about kind of what its like to drive,the vehicle and some of the things i,dont like right now were on the,highway here and im going to start with,uh big positive which is the pro pilot,assist which i have going on right now,without this i wouldnt be filming this,video and talking to you guys at the,same time but essentially it uses all,the,cameras the sensors everything in the,vehicle the nissan safety shield to,keep the vehicle centered in the lane,and maintain your speed and thats,phenomenal,basically it kind of allows you to i,dont want to say pay less attention but,you dont have to always be,concentrating on if youre deviating,from the lanes or anything like that it,keeps you perfectly centered in the lane,and its great on long road trips its,great if youre having like in-depth,conversations with your passengers its,great if youre drinking coffee things,like that,its also great if you maybe want to go,on your phone real quick i dont want to,advertise that but its great for that,too,so really i really like that its really,coming handy on long road trips helps,reduce fatigue a few things that i dont,like about it,is using the intelligent cruise control,you can set your distance of the where,you want to be the car in front of you,one car length two car lengths or three,car lengths,i havent fully found like the perfect,setting for where i want my car lengths,to be i find three car lengths is still,a little far from the car in front of,you,two car lengths its far enough but,people still have space to kind of cut,you off and then its slamming on the,brakes and then one car length is just,super close so play around with it guys,let me know where you guys use that,intelligent cruise control if you guys,like that um or not,um ive only noticed this people from,reading reviews and everybody says that,the engine is noisy,99 of the times when im driving the car,i listen to the radio i have the music,cranes and i never really noticed the,engine noise like here if i accelerate,its got a little bit of a whiny grown,to it but,its acceptable for me the other beef,that i see in the reviews is the,acceleration a lot of people say it,lacks power lacks acceleration and i,have i have kind of agreed with this,throughout the years however now that,ive been driving this for an extended,period of time ive never really been in,a situation where ive needed to go,faster or it hasnt had enough get up,and go for me im a pretty conservative,driver,as you can see my average driving speed,was,like 49 kilometers an hour so very low,average driving speed and ive never,really needed that need to take off,so,i dont really understand why people,really say that unless they have heavy,foots or things like that,uh the other thing i want to talk about,is the nissan connect services app,now i havent officially downloaded the,app and used it and synced it to this,rogue only because this is a demo and,another persons going to own this car,once we sell it and i dont want to use,their free trial on the service app,however i was able to come across,another nissan rogue owner review,from smoke and monkey were going to,link his description,his video in the description below and,you guys can jump to that one after this,because he gives you a good insight of,the nissan connect services app,from my experiences with it i havent,really had too many customers use it i,havent really had too many customers,complain about it because i dont think,too many people use it the app for the,functionality that it has you already,get all that in the car,some things that i use that nissan,really advertises one feature that they,really advertise,is the,this little shifter knob here the,different drive modes so they advertise,that theres multiple drive modes with,the vehicle you know you have the snow,mode the economy mode the off-road mode,the sport mode,ive never really used the different,drive modes,i know they advertise that a lot but i,havent really switched around and tried,this with this dial here,that ive used the only one i would,really consider using is the economy,mode maybe the snow mode when winter,comes but even in the winter time i,didnt even use the snow mode so,i dont really use that dial,guys let me know if this is something,that you guys use often but i feel like,nissan really pushed the drive mode,selector but its not something that i,use every day,another thing i want to talk about is,the lack of navigation to get the,navigation you got to go up to the top,package and use your navigation i wish,it had navigation yes this car has the,android auto and the apple carplay,however,i dont really i dont really use that,very often mainly because my phone is,very old and my core does a hard time,sinking and it often cuts in and out so,i dont really use the navigation but i,wish i had the navigation built in right,on the screen here,another thing that i dont like about it,is uh the shifter now i do like the,shifter dont get me wrong guys they,redesigned the shifter and its this,kind of square shifter it does take some,getting used to i mentioned that in my,other videos um but,what i find is sometimes like for,example if im reaching for my pop ill,bump it a little bit and you can bump it,pretty easy if im reaching for,something here i bump it back and then,it drops into the manual mode and see,now im in uh like seventh gear and,stuff so sometimes i have to push it,back forward or push it back to pull it,back into drive you can see how easily,it is like if im grabbing something,from here i can easily bump it and ive,caught myself bumping it and then the,car will shift right into first gear or,something like that if im going slow,and then i have to bump it back to get,it back into the automatic drive through,there a little annoyance,isnt potentially dangerous,and not really but its just a little,annoying and then sometimes i realize oh,the cars revving so high why is that is,because i bumped it into the manual mode,so one other beef that i have with the,shifter,[Music],so there you have it guys let me know,what you guys think do you guys own a,nissan rogue whats your experiences,with it hopefully this helped you make,an educated buying decision now you guys,know what i like what i dont like and,is there things that you like or t

2021 Nissan Rogue Review

[Music],im yuri im jacob were going for a,drive,[Music],2021 nissan rogue platinum all-wheel,drive without launch control,thats all right yeah i got some weird,vibrations but horsepower and torque,181 horsepower 181 pound-feet of torque,from a two and a half liter,four-cylinder okay and this,is the newly redesigned rogue yes its,all new its not just a refresh,and before we keep going maybe consider,subscribing because if you dont im,going to keep this camera out of focus,for the whole video please subscribe,im going to talk to this camera now oh,no,subscribe you can solve this should we,start with the looks because it does,look kind of interesting it looks,totally different than the previous gen,so yeah,starting with the front we have the,v-motion grille yeah which i think,should be called the u-motion grille,because it looks more of a u than a v,yeah anyways i think it looks pretty all,right it matches this more than previous,generations,matched the front ends and the,headlights are kind of weird theyre,doing that split thing,like the palace it has where it kind of,goes around yeah and then like the,hyundai kona and the jeep renegade i,think started but i dont think they did,cherokee sorry,but i dont think they did as good of a,job as those other ones because the dlls,dont really connect as nicely theyre,just not as high quality lights,yeah i agree like looks wise yeah they,may illuminate just fine yes,anything else with the front end or is,that kind of it its kind of simple yeah,its pretty simple but overall pretty,good looking so now if we move over to,the side,the body lines are still pretty soft,yeah but its definitely got an overall,more rugged and larger appearance from,the outside now it definitely looks more,modern than the last gen yeah way more,then how about these wheels do you like,them theyre all right its nice that,you get these big ones on this big old,platinum and then what would be the,continental recommended tire for the row,the cross contact lx25 and the viking,contact 7 for winter,and looking into my rear view mirror we,have some nice big shoulders and or hips,whatever you want to call that body line,yeah pretty sharp,it does look pretty good but overall,appearance of this i think looks a lot,better,in the champagne color as opposed to,this color yeah and this red is actually,one of the colors that you dont get the,two-tone,roof yeah the two-tone roof stuff looks,better but then they also have like the,flat gray for this,year which is kind of like old news yeah,very old news they need to bring back,flat burnt orange yes and looking at the,back the first thing i noticed is the,tail lights theyre kind of like the v,shape they look pretty decent but the,leds in there arent cool looking or,anything,no they could be sharpened up and,brighter like all the lights could be,way better looks wise,but theyre just not in this and the,rest of the back end is pretty just,plain theres really not much,crazy stuff going on there no but we do,have kick to open which is nice,all right overall looks wise solid,improvement is it the best looking in,class,probably not but in champaign just maybe,yeah i think the mazda cx-5,and the toyota rav4 look better than,this but this looks better than the,honda crv,okay but is this competing with the new,tucson yes looks wise like oh my god,one of those i think its the two-sided,yeah thats the new one yeah damn,all right guys a lot of you guys arent,subscribed and because youre not,subscribed mitsubishi wont let us,review,these two imes yet so please subscribe,so we can review imeves look at those,beautiful little eye moves,so then moving on to the interior before,you drive and talk about the handling,the cvt and the weird vibrations weve,been feeling,weve got an updated gauge cluster which,is very smooth very high res no issues,at all,i cant believe how non-laggy this is i,am so impressed nissan because i have,complained,so many times in every nissan because of,the gauge lag and this has none of it,and theres another layout you can do,which puts the tack and the speedo on,the sides in a really cool 3d pattern,overall did a great job the only thing i,dont like is theres no way to have the,speedo that i found,directly in the middle no its just to,the right which doesnt bother me at all,kind of bothers me and then we got a,nice head up display,its very easy to read but its also,very bright even in the least bright,setting,yeah it is so then how about our,infotainment also substantially improved,in the way it,looks and the way it functions because,again theres pretty much no lag okay,volume knob,tuning knob they both work great weve,got hard buttons all along the bottom,for all the important stuff we need,and then weve got apple carplay and,android auto but only apple carplay is,wireless but you can also plug it in,thats right and then while youre in,any screen at the bottom left phone icon,will always show which will be your,apple carplay or android auto projection,and this does rewind sirius xm satellite,radio,but you need to click a replay button to,get to that screen but then once youre,in that screen if you toggle through,your favorites on your steering wheel,then you dont have to change that you,can just rewind whatever you want and we,have,super high res reverse and 360 cameras,which is amazing yeah im shocked by,that decision but the only thing that,sucks is when you click the camera,button to go through your different,options,youll only see the front right wheel,yeah we couldnt find it to display any,other wheel yeah,like kia and hyundai will do the both,front wheels or the back wheels wherever,youre going a lot of other companies,will so i think theyre missing that out,but,high res so yeah step in the right,direction and then we have hard buttons,for all of our climate controls and they,all function pretty well weve got,heated seats,heated steering wheel and below that we,have usb and usbc with a wireless,charger as well which makes sense for,wireless apple carplay and i love the,slow transition into the future with usb,and usbc not just full usbc i agree and,we do have some gloss black in here but,its not too bad we have this weird kind,of,pre-scratched gloss black which im,definitely kind of okay,with yeah the line material is nice but,then this wood material,is hilarious because it looks textured,but its just like screen printed on or,something if you look close up,yeah i had to touch it to find out so,they did a good job of tricking me yeah,for a nissan rogue its exactly what id,expect from them and all the materials,generally,are actually really nice everything that,you touch where your elbows are but the,cheapest thing that i find to be in this,interior is actually the shifter,because just the way it feels feels,lightweight,it feels plasticky and cheap whereas,everything else here is like not,plasticky and cheap feeling,all right guys weve been asking you to,consider subscribing for a while now and,obviously you guys arent considering,hard enough,so maybe just subscribe if you watch a,bunch of our videos stop thinking about,it,yeah and before you drive i just need to,go through this puddle real quick,okay,all right your turn to puddle it puddle,control,okay so this can obviously handle a,puddle because new for this year,is off-road mode so i definitely sent in,off-road mode we also have snow mode,auto eco and sport and i find just,leaving it in auto is just fine unless,youre sending it through puddles for,some reason and this ones all-wheel,drive,but you can also buy one in front wheel,drive and i was complaining about some,weird vibrations earlier can you hit,those vibrations for me sure will yuri,feels like its something to do with,like the mounts or something because,this is a cvt its,x-tronic and the way that it like comes,on i just feel the vibration through the,steering wheel and through the car in,general yeah i couldnt really feel it,here but when driving and holding the,wheel,you can feel

2021 Nissan Rogue Review // Nissan is fighting back!!

were here with the all-new nissan rogue,can it live up to the hype,can it compete against the competition,only one way to find out lets go for a,drive plus its cold,okay what do we have to put it in andrea,we got to put it in s,for subscribe and hit the notification,bell im noticing more people are,getting notifications its still a low,number but its getting better,yeah and andreas instagram is motor,mouth underscore andrea looking good,with the rogue,and whats mine yours is motor mouth,underscore auto,this video is brought to you by carcass,canada get the dealers cost,list of rebates plus discounted interest,rates use the promo code motormouth to,become an,expert member and get extra searches the,link is in the description below,so andrea when the first row came out i,always made a joke about,why is it called rogue there was really,nothing roguish about it and there,really hasnt been,i always thought it was like it should,have been called steve or dave like a,nice friendly neighbor,but not rogue not rogue yeah maybe not,as exciting as,going rogue so this one i think,looks a little bit more like the name,yes,it looks great i think theyve done a,nice job with this,exterior theres some unique headlights,its a its a boxier look now the,previous rogue had a bit of a flowing,shape to it,and this ones boxier therefore it is,slightly,shorter the wheelbase is the same yes,and the interior volume,for the front and rear passengers is the,same they actually get more space in the,cargo area,just through uh tricks of packaging,thats good and,you know theyre trying to make it easy,to get larger items the,rear doors are actually extra wide,and they open to 85 degrees so if you,want to get a car seat in,and you want to do it with ease its,going to happen for you in this robe,i have to say the cargo area and this,and the shape of the cargo door is very,square,and large so youre gonna have no,problem getting items in and out,now this is a really nice divider for,the cargo area you can flip and fold all,the different panels,in the floor to make it bigger and to,stop items from flipping and flying,around yes,but its only available on this top trim,so theres three trim levels theres the,s,theres the sv and theres the platinum,and,were test driving the platinum and it,has,everything that you can possibly need in,it,but i should say one thing all of them,come with standard led headlamps,so thats nice and all of them come with,standard alloy wheels,thats right so on the base model you,get 17-inch wheels,on the sv trim 18 and on the platinum,19 inch wheels and we get this beautiful,panoramic sunroof,on the sv and of course platinum trims,but not on the base model,i think the looks on the outside are,more rugged more,roguish i see kind of hints of,the korean twins the palisade and the,telluride i see a little bit of that,especially with the rogue script across,the back uh but a nice looking vehicle,but what i want to talk about and for me,which is the real standout is the inside,is the inside when i got in this the,first thing i said to myself was,wow there are really no hard,plastic materials being used except for,on the door,the lower part of the door thats right,it has beautiful soft materials,throughout,stitching look at this steering wheel on,the base model,you get the leather wrapped steering,wheel heated,and it kind of has this great,performance,steering wheel where you get that flat,bottom,yeah so heated seats and heated steering,wheel and heated outside mirrors for the,canadian market,are all standard equipment the one thing,ill say about the interior of this,vehicle,there is nothing carried over from the,old road,this is an all new platform even though,the wheelbase is the same,its an all new interior everything is,new i like the look of the steering,wheel the switches and everything its,very simple and clean,but look at the big beautiful round,knobs,on the uh the head unit i know volume,volume knobs its speaking to me so this,starts,with an eight inch touchscreen this,platinum trim level has the nine,inch there is an available heads-up,display,its a 10.8 inch display,and its actually one of the largest in,this class,now the real show stopper on this,platinum so you get the nine inch screen,as you mentioned there for the,infotainment screen but you get a 12.3,inch,digital dashboard that really looks,fantastic and theres very few vehicles,in this,class that have it tiguan has it,available and the new,escape has it available but when you,combine those what do you think,its fantastic show stopper right spot,in this interior,now i like the the plastic now there are,some hard stuff but its got this sort,of brushed,look on it i think it looks good and,even the faux wood,on the dash its dark i know youre not,a big fan of that but i think it,actually looks,looks looks like the real open for wood,it does unless you touch it yeah and,its its really well done,do you know what i really love about,this center console,is that its floating with the storage,underneath for,a family yeah i just think its a great,extra space because,theyve gone to a digital shifter or a,you know,shift by wire shifter what i like also,is the big tray there for your wireless,charging pad for your phone,and there is wireless connectivity for,apple and android right or is it just,one of them,just apple and its only available on,the top trim,thats right hopefully more of that,stuff will come yeah,the wireless like we saw the new chevy,trailblazer,has wireless android and wireless apple,as standard equipment on all of them so,i think thats going to come more and,more often yes,now what do you think about this quilted,leather seating,i think it looks great its only,available in the platinum,i think its a nice detail the other,trim levels get leatherette,but like we talk about some leatherat,can be,great quality and i like leather up,because it holds up for years it doesnt,fade it doesnt scratch,you can wipe it down leather is nice,trust me i like leather,but dont be shy about trying,leatherette yes,and you know what else i like is this,center console its got the butterfly,storage you flip it open like that yeah,just so,easy to use and you know why they did,that you can open this and then someone,can grab something from the back where,the old one used to flip,up yeah so that would obscure thats,right,to if you needed to reach back yeah if,someone in the back wanted to,like say they had a sandwich in there or,something they could grab it,another thing that nissan has done with,the back seats,is that you can put a car seat easily,in all three seats but most importantly,if you want to put one,in the center seat theres plenty of,room on either side for an adult,or a large teenager to sit in thank god,were past that stage i know,hey were going to stop for a moment we,got a new feature unfortunately we just,have this rogue for one day,so we didnt have enough time to get,questions from,instagram for questions coffee and cars,but,we are adding a new segment its called,for your consideration,what we have are four categories and,four vehicles,for you to consider now the first,category,is power in this class and in this price,range,which has the most power weve got the,mazda cx-5,turbo with 225 horsepower for the win,fuel economy you would think in this,price range it would be the rav4 hybrid,but its not,the ford escape hybrid actually gets,better fuel economy,for all-wheel drive capability the clear,winner,is the subaru forester because of,symmetrical all-wheel drive,and best-in-class ground clearance and,the winner for the most cargo space,is the volkswagen tiguan which is also,one of the only vehicles available with,an,optional third row of seats they got rid,of it for this new 2021 rogue,so theres four alternative vehicles for,your consideration,so if you look at this vehicle on paper,its still got a two and a half liter,four-cylinder engine,you got it but 80 of the components of,this engine are brand new so its b

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