1. 2020 Nissan Versa Review: Once The Most Affordable Car In America, Has Nissan Upped Their Game?
  2. 2020 Nissan Versa | Review
  3. Is the NEW 2023 Nissan Versa a small sedan WORTH the PRICE?
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2020 Nissan Versa Review: Once The Most Affordable Car In America, Has Nissan Upped Their Game?

[Music],welcome to nashville and welcome to the,2020 nissan versa the entry-level,vehicle in the entire nissan lineup and,today we are taking a look at it is it,more than just basic transportation can,it be a little bit of fun and what kind,of cool features does it have inside and,out well on this video were going to go,over all the stuff you need to know some,of the stuff you want to see and were,going to let you know whether or not you,should take a look at the versa over,this competition thats coming up next,[Music],probably right off the bat the most,interesting thing you notice on this,particular versa are all the sporty,touches and thats because this one is,the top of the line sr,but whats neat about it is its still a,subcompact versa so what nissan has done,is added a lot of emotion added a lot of,soul into the new car where the old one,was kind of a bubbly,slightly plasticky fleet vehicle this,new one actually feels upscale and one,of the ways you can tell that is with,this steering wheel,nissan actually calls this a d-shaped,steering wheel but for all intensive,purposes its a flat bottom steering,wheel and this one is leather wrapped,with some pretty cool orange accenting,throughout the inside one of the coolest,design aspects on this versa youll see,here are these big 17 inch wheels and i,do say big because they look quite,oversized on such a sub-compact vehicle,but the base versus s gets a 15-inch,hubcap then the sv has a 16-inch wheel,or this sr the biggest 17-inch wheel one,thing that is a little bit cheeky youll,notice though are the brakes because we,have discs in the front,but,coming to the rear,youll find good old-fashioned drum,brakes in my opinion the most impressive,thing about the versa is actually,nothing to do with the driving,experience the engine the looks its,actually the back seat because,check this out im six feet two inches,tall that right there is my driving,position and,when you get inside,you have a tremendous amount of knee,room,now why is this impressive well its no,secret that the versa is used as a fleet,vehicle so it can be used in rental,fleets but also i think its a pretty,darn good ride sharing car for an uber,or lyft driver so having a lot of rear,seat legroom is great and headroom,actually when youre inside is pretty,decent as well there is one big issue,ive noticed so in the back seat and,that is getting in and out because at,six feet tall im constantly hitting my,head on this sloping roof line i mean,take a look just sitting down and that,you really gotta duck your head or,youre gonna slam it into the roof,youll also find the same thing over,here with this grab handle which is kind,of uncomfortably far back to the point,where,in a hard turn youre going to hit your,head on the plastic and not on the cushy,roof material overall the design in my,opinion has improved dramatically,because,the old verse if were being honest,looked a little bit like,a little bit like a sad toad it was just,all kind of droopy and bulbous but this,new car is right in line with nissans,design philosophy in the front youll,notice that this versa has the v motion,grow which means it fits in with the,other sedans within the nissan family it,doesnt look like that weird outcast,anymore its got the same front end as,the larger sentra and ultima and maxima,and then youve got the headlights and,if you get the sr trim like this one,theyre standard leds which means,theyre bright and they also look pretty,sleek and speaking of signature design,in the back here we see nissans,floating roof with this pretty cool,little kick up now the part that makes,the roof float is actually a piece of,black plastic its this little molding,here and if im being honest it looks,and feels,just a little bit chintzy it doesnt,quite match the trim around the window,here its,its not quite as nice as id like it i,do i must say like what nissan has done,with the rear end here on this versa,first of all weve got a little bit of a,lift spoiler which is pretty sporty and,down here we even have,dare i say like a diffuser,check that out you have these little,fins on the rear portion of the valence,overall though i think its a pretty,darn good looking car and yes this sr,trim may be a little bit boy racer for,some of you guys out there like theyve,incorporated this fake carbon fiber down,below but im kind of a sucker for these,little touches and i think it makes a,vehicle look more premium than it,probably costs,[Music],a premium touch you will find on this,versa actually is the proximity key so,you just keep the key in your pocket and,then you can come up to the door and,theres actually a little button on the,door handle that you push the vehicle,unlocks and then you can open the door,and to lock the vehicle,push that button one more time itll,beep and lock now one thing that is a,little bit interesting about this system,is that it doesnt actually work on the,rear door so on the rear door you cant,unlock the vehicle using just the,remotes in your pocket you have to,actually push the button to get it to,unlock now of course being the entry,level nissan even this end sr trim is,going to have some cost cutting and you,see that when you open the door so,youve got a pretty big swath of black,plastic here you do have an automatic,window,but it is only on the driver window but,there are smaller examples as well like,throughout the vehicle you noticed a,fair number of exposed trim clips like,here on the rear door and on the,trunk lining,theres a lot of them,so like across the inside here youll,see how the actual felt is held in place,and you know thats okay because this is,the baseline nissan product so youre,going to expect some of that even in the,top trim sr the old versa had this issue,where when you close the door it felt,pretty chintzy hows the new one,actually not bad at all its got a,pretty good solid clunk which is nice,now stepping inside the new 2020 model,youll actually find some pretty,surprising features for example this,dash is lined in this soft touch,material and i really like the orange,stitching on this sr model so nissan is,really targeting this vehicle at a,younger demographic and being one of the,youths of today we like our usbs so how,many usbs are in the cabin of the new,versa well lets find out as i recall,the old one only in one usb but this new,one weve got one here which is actually,for connectivity so this car actually,has apple carplay and android auto on,the sv and sr trim only the s doesnt,have it so one usb there and then well,actually ooh check that out we have two,charging usbs here in the center console,which is nice because even the rear seat,occupants could reach this one as well,so that is a total of,three which i think is pretty,respectable here in the u.s were only,getting one engine option and its a 1.6,liter fuel-injected four-cylinder 122,horsepower and 114 pound-feet of torque,and youll notice a couple of things in,this engine bay a everything is very,easy to get to got a good old-fashioned,dipstick alternators right there and b,its all pretty basic so no engine cover,and we even have our old fashioned prop,rod here now you have one of two,transmission options,a five five-speed manual or something,nissan calls x-tronic which is really a,cvt but if you do go for the cvt the epa,rates this vehicle at 40 mpg on the,highway and mid-30s combined,which is pretty darn good actually and,the curb weight of this vehicle on,average depending on the trim itll vary,a little bit but but on average is about,2 600 pounds,[Music],lets talk about two good things and two,not so good things on the interior of,the versa the good things well number,one every versa comes standard with push,button start which is a welcome edition,and number two is actually the seven,inch touchscreen display which is super,user friendly its actually pretty,awesome in general its got a volume,knob and a two knob and it does apple,carplay android auto all the stuff,youve come to

2020 Nissan Versa | Review

people still make sub compact sedans I,hear you ask wools yeah Ive got the,third-generation Nissan Versa and Im,gonna check it out,dowdy and frumpy no more the exterior,now shares design language with the,larger Sentra Altima and maxima oh its,a little baby bro the vMotion grille,headlights and tail lights and even the,c-pillar design are all visual,improvements on this small sedan inside,get some much-needed upgrades as well,lets talk about the seats first you,know how I feel about Nissans,zero-gravity inspired seats I really,love them but unfortunately they are not,in this car these are supportive,unfortunately theyre kind of bolstered,in a weird way for me theyre kind of in,the wrong spot I cant really quite get,comfortable,aesthetically though there is more,stitching and interesting fabric choices,in here than I expected overall the,Versa interior looks pleasing and well,put together nice,for all its subcompact miss though I,really still feel like theres pretty,decent Headroom and legroom in here I,mean wow I dont want to be the person,back behind me right now but thats a,pretty good range,rear legroom isnt actually that bad,I moved my seat back from the shore,demic short ursins position that I,normally sit in and Ive got some decent,room for my legs Headroom on the other,hand could be a little bit chin see,because of the new sloped roof line,so maybe tall passengers up front Im,actually pretty impressed with this,legroom Im not really impressed with,these seats though theyre a little hard,there is a lot of hard plastic in here,here on the dash down here in the center,console but you are paying fifteen,thousand seven hundred dollars that,includes a destination charge for the,base versa s so its not completely,unexpected but a 7-inch infotainment,screen comes standard across all trims,as well as power windows a digital,screen in the gauge cluster and a push,button starter and when you push that,starter you will hear a 1.6 liter,four-cylinder engine start up its not,winning any speed contests but the,versatile NT 2 horsepower which is up 12,percent from the previous generation and,thats actually a nice bonus now there,are two transmission options available,but only in the base s model that comes,standard with a manual you have to pay,1700 dollars extra for the CVT which is,fairly innocuous as far as continuously,variable transmissions go the upgraded,SV and SR trims only come with that CVT,so other than the requisite noise of,that CVT its actually relatively quiet,in here for a car in this segment and I,will say the ride quality in the Versa,is much improved you have the lower,chassis wider track and updated,suspension to thank for that,the electronically assisted steering,feels good it doesnt feel overdone the,weight feels pretty decent there also is,no engine stop start button on the Versa,so when you come to a complete stop your,engines not going to shut off the verse,it does get rear drum brakes but theyre,very solid they feel really good and,its understandable since Nissan is,trying to hit a price point here the,first to get some pretty good standard,safety features across all trim levels,including automatic emergency braking,and lane departure warning to get blind,spot warnings and rear cross-traffic,alerts you have to move up to the Versa,sv trim that sv with a starting price of,eighteen thousand five hundred and,thirty five dollars also includes extras,like apple carplay and android auto and,a satellite radio ready on the highest,sr trim you can add a $300 convenience,package that includes active cruise,control and heated seats this SR that,Im driving here comes with pretty much,every goodie you can get for about,twenty $1500 that is a lot of car for,not a lot of bucks,the Hyundai Accent here Rio Toyota Yaris,and Mitsubishi Mirage are other cars in,the category to check out up against,that crew the vs. EPA ratings are pretty,impressive,[Music],yes people still do make subcompact cars,and with its good upgrades the Nissan,Versa is one that should go on your list,if youre one of the people buying one,[Music],you

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Is the NEW 2023 Nissan Versa a small sedan WORTH the PRICE?

[Music],hey guys whats up its Joe reading from,Radys rides we are here still at the LA,Auto Show taking in all the sights and,sounds of course we had to bring,Vehicles large and also bring the,smaller ones and thats what I have here,this is your newly updated changed up,refresh 2023 Nissan Versa but before we,get into this sub compact sedan lets,talk about whats going on here in the,day and age where SUVs have taken over,the market there are still Brands like,Nissan making sedans of course you could,go with their largest sedan which is,going to be the Maxima of course you,drop it down to the Altima the Sentra,and then the smallest one is the Versa,now the Versa had a redesign that was on,display here a few years ago this has,now changed for updates and that time,for the change what I want to find out,is in a market where its,becoming very very hard to find a small,size sedan is the Versa worth the price,at the end of the day for what it costs,lets go ahead lets find out whats new,and if you should be spending your,hard-earned money on this new Versa for,2023 lets find out right off the bat,this like I said is a sub compact so,its smaller than the Sentra thats what,makes it a sub compact at the front of,the business were going to see those,changes,lickety-split right off the bat we got,new headlights LED headlights LED,daytime running lamps still have your,old-fashioned light bulb for the turn,signals I could actually see Thomas,Edison in there so I wish they would,have made that full LED working your way,down,this flat black area I really feel like,its not even necessary its got a faux,carbon fiber finish to it which really,isnt doing anything for me think about,it if that wasnt there it would look a,lot cleaner and this red is sparkling so,just leave it all red we dont even need,that or,put some fog lamps down there let me,know what you think about it but thats,definitely a zomb as we come across Im,going to slide across the floor here at,the at the LA Convention Center you do,have your new grill horizontal bars,gloss black with the new Nissan badge,updated this is the first time that,badge is on the Versa and this is an Sr,trim which also is new with that logo,working our way down full functionality,but the nice thing is you could see the,v-motion Grille and Im kind of liking,the way they brought these extra,additions on each side of the v-motion,Grille really gives it a nice distinct,look because thats one of the issues,when you go Sub Compact is things could,start looking a little Bland but,definitely looking sporty from the front,end now when we get up onto the hood,simple clean design and its the same,Hood as its been on this platform so,nothing has changed there but of course,if we have change up front theres,something on the side I want to show you,come around heres your new wheel and,tire setup on this Sr trim versa,so youll notice the gloss black the,machine aluminum 17-inch wheel may not,seem like a big thing to talk about but,I do like the way they did the design,make it a little bit sporty 205 on the,width 50 Series sidewall and of course,this is still a front-wheel drive,vehicle but definitely matches the,personality of this vehicle especially,being the SR trim now youll notice the,nice intricate style very,kind of like depth of layers to the,style especially with the way the fender,is here and then theres your hood and,your a-pillar now as we come down the,side on the SR trim you are going to get,Gloss black on your mirror caps turn,signals really really Slim full LED on,the turn signals color match on the door,handles no sunroof which is a little bit,of a bummer let me know how you feel,about that no sunroof on this Sr but you,can see the size not a very large,vehicle Sub Compact working our way,towards the rear youre still getting,that same floating roof design Im glad,that they didnt use gloss black all,over the place the flat black looks a,lot cleaner coming to the tail end of,business what do we got going on youre,going to get this trunk lid spoiler the,Versa badge your lighting just like,before very angular your updated Nissan,Badge of course you got to have the SR,badge since this is an Sr trim and then,working your way all the way down,once again we have this flat black faux,carbon fiber get rid of it paint it its,a beautiful color with our simulated,rear diffuser I think the other thing I,would like to see is since this is an Sr,trim which is their sportier trim is,some type of exhaust finisher I think,would have been nice let me know how you,feel about that in the comments section,but why dont we go ahead lets get to,the interior and talk about some of the,changes and also about the price all,right guys were inside this 2023 Nissan,Versa I know like I said this is a very,very small sedan not a lot available,anymore but lets get down to the,nitty-gritty lets talk about price,before I do I want to just let you know,that this does have a 1.6 liter,naturally aspirated inline four the,biggest numbers I could give you is that,in the city youre getting about 33,miles per gallon and on the highway,youre getting 40 miles per gallon you,dont want to know 0-60 and yes its,bolted to a CVT but lets get down to,price right thats the real nitty-gritty,you got your Monopoly money ready,starting price 17,000 fully loaded 21,000. thats got to probably be one of,the best deals for transportation,in something,other than a Mitsubishi Mirage which we,all know what that looks like but lets,go ahead lets see what youre getting,for the money to the door panels clean,basic style but they did bring some,sportiness I wish they would have done,some soft material up top no soft,material but lets take into,consideration the price point so well,give it a half a Zonk I do like the,armrest though the red stitching and you,know what the faux carbon fiber looks,fine on the interior because its not,going to give us fingerprints door,pocket is really really tight maybe a,pack of Big League Chew and a bottle of,surge to wash it down and thats about,it going from the doorbell to the dash,they did a good job with the soft touch,material in the center the red stitching,Blends in very nicely of course youre,going to get your eight inch,infotainment system,it does have Apple carplay and Android,auto which is really nice,touch screen capability and I like the,way its integrated,nice volume knob tuning knob working,your way down more stitching you got two,stages of heated seats basic standard AC,controls which is okay temperature and,blower fan USBC usba and a 12 volt and,wireless charging,remember 17 000 starting 21,000 fully loaded something to think,about this is going to control your CVT,not my favorite would be nice to have an,actual automatic with a torque converter,you do have your start stop button,conveniently placed two cup holders good,old-fashioned e-brake when you want to,pull a Hoon again and whip out that rear,end with those 17 inch wheels and tires,padded armrests nicely done open this up,USBC and you could put I would say two,more bags of Big League Chew because we,all know Big League Chew the flavor does,not last long and you want to spit it,out or swallow it but remember,swallowing gum it stays in your stomach,for seven years kids thats what I was,told,seats they are cloth but they are a new,design red stitching red fabric nice,grippy material manual seat controls for,the passenger I have manual seat,controls as well as the driver so dont,be jelly but why dont you get your butt,over here before you do,look at the Headroom Im six feet tall I,could probably grow another foot and,still drive this thing but once you come,over the business end I want to show you,behind the steering wheel in the updated,Versa all right guys were behind the,wheel of the new Nissan Versa updated,for 2023 you do have your manual seat,controls,thats how youre going to operate those,with the levers steering wheel is flat,bottom is leather wrapped with the,stitching all the way

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Heres Why You Should Buy This Cheap Nissan

rev up your engines today Im gonna talk about Nissan Versa this particular one,its a 2012 that a customer recently bought used now this particular one was,about $14,000 one it was new customer just purchased at 2500 bucks so youre,not gonna find a matrix in that price range youre not gonna find a Corolla or,a Honda Civic they are much cheaper to buy theres no arguing that now this,particular one its in decent shape check out the mileage its got a hundred,and eleven thousand nine hundred ninety two miles starter up starts right up,its pretty bare boned inside I mean its got enough leg room in the back hey,even got cruise control and horn works thats got a little trunk in the,back but you cant flop the seats forward so it carries a little bit more,its kind of a handy little car and when we look under the hood its an econo,car got a little bitty four-cylinder engine but it does have a timing chain,not a belt in it normal setup decent working real much you have to do,anything now this baby puts out 122 horsepower so its no racecar by,considering the size of the vehicle it still zips around decently transmission,on this baby its a four-speed automatic no its a,jatco Nissan owns jatco its a Nissan Im not a big fan of jatco,transmissions but this is a four-speed automatic which is a decent transmission,hooked up to this kind of powerless engine if it had been a CVT,transmission I would have told the customer not to buy it because they have,nothing but problems in the Nissans as they age and since this things almost,got 112 thousand miles on it that CVT would either be starting to go out or,soon in the future go out but these four-speed automatic they were decent,when they hooked up to a small engine like this that doesnt put out a lot of,power to burn it out now comes the truth gonna hook up the computer and see what,its like internally because you cant hide from the computer get the old nice,on the tip now as regards your all we can see theres an ABS fault and 4 faults,on the body control module so lets start with the ABS well the ABS,system has a problem with the sensors and the tires theyre not even reading,the air pressure anymore as these things age this things eight years old the,batteries wear out so as long as you put air in the tires just realize that the,ABS system in this car isnt gonna work correctly its just normal brakes,without ABS a lot of people live with that you could spend a lot of money,changing all four sensors most people in econo cars like this dont check the,air pressure themselves theyre not driving 800 miles an hour now down here,are the body control module has four faults so lets see what those are again,theyre wheel sensor codes you dont care about that car structurally sound,Im amazed didnt have any more problems I mean you want to hook this up to a,Mercedes you get 30 40 codes this just had five and theyre all the same code,not getting transmission from the wheel sensor so if it runs okay yeah you need,to spend a ton of money in this thing I only paid 2,500 bucks for it and it,doesnt run bad at all and just for kicks here Im gonna erase,all the codes and after our road tests to see if any of them come back and lo,and behold driving just around the block hey check it out stupid lights around,the ion song the customer doesnt want to fix this no big deal can run,perfectly fine like I said its a decent economist car you dont expect,perfection in a car like this especially when you buy for 2,500 bucks,normal Nissan when I can develop dreams are a little bit loud on you relatively,cheaply made energy but its not gonna outrageous lets back it up take it for,a little spin for tiny yellow thing like this its got a little get up and go I,notice it says a little misfire when you take off so Im gonna check the spark,plugs and stuff when I get back and you can certainly feel bumps when you hit,them on the road I mean this doesnt ride like Lexus by any stretch of the,imagination you get a clunks and stop but hasnt a kind of box car you know,its a decent economy youre the pumps but I mean hey what do,you expect from a little cheap car now when he opened her heart I look at these,spark plugs Im gonna see why I dont like nissan because the swines has,the spark plugs hiding under the intake manifold now I might be able to get one,out to just check it but to change him you got to take the intake so thats a,big job at least put one out look at it take all this crap out of the way or,design these things those a moron you gotta take all this out just to check,one then go on bolt the ignition coil its got a little 10 millimeter bolt,sure make it long enough then a lot of these engineers theyre idiots and then,we want to get the coil out of the way squeeze it okay,theres the coil now we can check one spark plug at least get in this box plug,hole pull one out swirl and twirl and twirl well now we need a magnet even out,wont come out tonight I find a flexible magnet on a stick,lets hope thatll reach it success no as you can see these are the original,spark plugs they actually rather worn and they need replacing all of them and,thats because the firing parts they have corrosion on them and theyre worn,so its gonna need all sports bar clocks if you want it to run perfect all right,old air filters dirty so Ill put a new air filter thatll help add some it just,snaps in and it goes now you know the truth about a Nissan Versa decent,Knockaround car if you buy one use cheap enough just dont expect perfection and,heres some bonus questions and answers et Malou I got an 01 Honda Accord,four-cylinder with 110,000 miles automatic whenever the car shifts at 50,it becomes significantly rougher riding and steering wheel vibration increases,any thoughts youre saying shifting if its shifts,and you start getting vibrations unfortunately on that it is your,transmission starting to go out to weak point of the Honda Accords now lets say,it doesnt shift you keep it in a lower gear but you get to 50 and it shakes,well then it can be the tires being out of balance it can be the drive share,cv joints worn where theyre wobbling around but that doesnt have anything to,do with a gear actually shifting if it has to do with the gear shifting that it,starts doing that you got an internal transmission problem,and to rebuild one of those things youre looking at anywhere from thirty,five to fifty five hundred dollars so pray that its just CV shaft is worn,mount somewhere that just the speed is doing it not just that its shifting,gear cuz normally is shakings cuz the tires are out of balance so you got a,friend and part worn faster you go but if it is new shifting its definitely in,your transmission tamango says Scotty Im looking to get the Lexus GS,2013 what do you think the all-wheel drive on them well Toyota and lexus,they make excellent all-wheel drive systems my thing with that is do you,really need all wheel drive my mother lives in Buffalo got Toyota crawler,front-wheel drive goes in the snow perfectly fine with just front-wheel,drive you dont really need all-wheel drive it snows a lot in Buffalo but if,you really want all-wheel drive Lexus makes an excellent systems youre gonna,get worst gas mileage you can pay more for the vehicle repairs gonna cost more,money realize that if you dont really need it my advice is dont waste your,money on all-wheel drive Jesse Zavala says our Infiniti g35 good or do you,recommend them alright you havent seen me before much because Im always,talking about those things as they age especially over a hundred thousand miles,did become endless money pets their problems with the catalytic converters,both of them going out costing a fortune their problem with automatic,transmissions cuz they use those crappy jatco transmissions that,NIssan makes I am NOT a fan in the long run but Ive had many customers buy,them new and they were happy enough the first hundred thousand miles the cheaper,customers said yeah after that they became expensive and customers

2020 Nissan Versa SV – POV Review

hey guys welcome to the 2020 Nissan,Versa this week Ive been testing this,car put a few miles on it and wanted to,give you some thoughts on what its been,like to drive and live with as you can,see this has the xtronic CVT were also,in an SV model so we get apple carplay,as SPECT this car comes to around,$21,000 including destination and it has,about 2,500 dollars worth of options,that I dont think you really need but,really the base MSRP on this SV is,seventeen thousand six hundred which i,think is actually quite and reasonable,its a small lightweight subcompact,sedan I think it looks pretty good with,this new redesign theyve done some,changes to update it to the modern,Nissan design language with this front,end we have nice continental tires and a,little truck spoiler decent looking,little car I like the taillights I like,some of the changes theyve made its a,little bit dirty right now because Ive,been driving it all week but its,actually pretty decent looking so lets,get into the review some things I really,like about this car some things Im not,so crazy about starting off the only way,you can open the trunk is either from,the key when the car is off or from the,latch next to the front drivers seat I,wish there was just a little button down,here that you can pop the trunk with,inside though you have a decent amount,of space spare tire those seats fold,down in a 60/40 split but theres no way,to fold them down from the truck,you have to go the backseat area and,just pull these little knobs right here,and they come down nicely moving up into,the backseat,we actually have an acceptable amount of,room back here I have room to put my,feet under the front seats on both,passenger and driver sides it doesnt,feel too claustrophobic back here I have,good visibility around me there is no,center armrest or anything but the seats,are soft the cloth is nice and feels,durable and I think this is actually a,pretty attractive looking interior,theres a lot of a lot of hard plastics,but the dashboard has this nice leather,stitching this white contrast that kind,of matches the seat patterns here and I,think it looks pretty good your touch,points are decent except for maybe the,steering wall its a little bit rubbery,a little bit cheap feeling but again,this is a $17,000 car youre not gonna,get amazing trimming in something like,this we do have some folk carbon-fiber,plastics here on the door sills but,otherwise looks pretty good you even,have a couple USB ports here to charge,mobile devices and this is one optional,extra here as the center armrest you get,some coin slots in there and a little,bit of space to store stuff but honestly,not really a lot of storage in this car,theres one of my complaints even in the,center console here with my iPhone 11,just the regular iPhone 11 pro not the,big one I feel its a little bit tight,in there a little bit of an indent here,smallish cupholders and same on the door,but overall you dont feel cramped in,this cabinet this is a smaller space but,at five foot ten I feel pretty,comfortable in here,1.6 litre four-cylinder engine makes 122,horsepower and like I said earlier its,mated to designs xtronic CVT tiny little,engine very fuel-efficient rated to,about 40 mpg on the highway and around,30 31 in the city all week Ive been,averaging with mostly city driving,around 33 to 35 miles to the gallon so I,think you can very easily match or,exceed the EPA estimates with this car,its pretty cool the CVT helps a lot,with saving saving gas a lot of cool,safety features too that come standard,on this new Sentra it does have a rear,automatic braking so the other day I was,backing into a parking spot and trying,to get as close as I could to the edge,and it just automatically brings you to,a stop that was me just there but if it,senses an object behind you itll come,to a pretty abrupt stop which is kind of,neat also forward collision avoidance,blind spot monitoring systems and a host,of other safety features that come,standard on the Versa which i think is,nice theyre not intrusive you can turn,everything on and off you can adjust,sensitivities and the menus here and,theres a lot of a lot of neat,adjustability you do have a nice digital,display here to the left of your gauge,cluster see lots of different things,like rpm your audio your eco meters fuel,economy history stuff like that as well,as just your general,cool what temp and settings and stuff,like that Ill leave it on the,tachometer gauge for now decent audio,system were gonna do an audio test a,little bit later in this video Im,actually quite impressed with the sound,quality it sounds a really good at low,to medium volumes and of course well,use our traditional sound test tracks,for that ALPA car plays pretty,responsive really no complaints there,with usability and how it functions we,have back to the Nissan infotainment,here it seems like apple carplay its a,little bit more responsive than the,internal Nissan stuff going on here but,honestly thats really all you need it,is a little bit of a shame though that,they only offer apple carplay in the top,two trims you cant get this with a base,manual transmission which is what I,would go for and to get apple carplay,so lets talk a little bit about the CVT,Nissans done quite a bit of work to,improve the driving experience with this,latest generation of the xtronic,the first thing that I have noticed is,that you actually get a pretty decent,amount of acceleration from a stop one,of my biggest complaints is with CBTs,have always been there just to sluggish,off the line they almost seem like you,feel a little bit hesitant they take off,quickly and get into traffic but thats,not the case here you still get a little,that rubber band effect when youre,accelerating but unless if youre,actually absolutely hammering it its,pretty quiet and pretty in the,background as far as noticing that this,is a CVT as opposed to a traditional,automatic there are some inherent,advantages to having a CVT and there are,some disadvantages one of the advantages,is that they work well with low power,smaller engines theres a little bit,less drivetrain loss with the CVT and,you get to put your power down just a,little bit more 122 horsepower in this,versa its not quick by any means its,not necessarily fun to drive but it does,put its power down quite well and it has,an adequate amount of acceleration I,dont feel like Im wanting for just,basic acceleration out of the highway or,on to on-ramp etc,once you get going its very smooth very,seamless and really quiet it does a good,job keeping the revs in the lower rpm,range and maintaining your speed nicely,that way so its not really making a lot,of noise theres no drone and youll,notice that the CVT simulates gear,changes to make it feel a little bit,more like a traditional automatic,overall its a quiet smooth comfortable,drivetrain and not sporty by any stretch,of the imagination but it is efficient,and it is smooth,and that kind of carries on with the,rest of the character of this new versa,its a comfortable appliance you know,this is a car that gets you from A to B,relatively comfortably cheaply and with,a lot of efficiency,you have nice visibility you can see,really well around you all of the the,lines here the door sills are relatively,low and I like that you even have lines,about monitoring in the mirrors and I,like that you can easily see around in,this car and this also being a sedan,helps a little bit with that all of the,controls and everything are pretty easy,to figure out,I do wish we had some all more automatic,climate control in this car these are,just the old traditional knobs and,buttons but the climate control system,is I mean you can operate this without,even looking and thats really nice know,if you dont have to go into menus or,anything and that is one thing I had the,Nissan Leaf last week and I really,appreciated how simple and easy it was,to operate all the buttons and the,controls everything came to hand,intuiti

2021 Nissan Versa Review | Starting at UNDER $15K!

[Music],what is up you guys welcome back to,another one if you are new to the,channel i am gold pony on the new car,truck,suv reviews on youtube and today,we are in the new 2021 nissan versa,courtesy,of hanover nissan in hanover pa for more,information on their inventory please,feel free to check out the link,in the description box below and so if,you value your money let me tell you,guys this one,starts at a price of under fifteen,thousand dollars and ill get to the,pricing in a second here but,that also includes of course the new car,warranty being three year thirty six,thousand mile bumper to bumper,five year sixty thousand mile power,trains its one of those deals almost do,you want a used vehicle with no warranty,or do you want a new vehicle with a,warranty,starting at under fifteen thousand,dollars but anyways in this video i will,be testing out and going over everything,about this one from acceleration to,braking the steering feel ride quality,sound system exhaust clip all of that,fun stuff so,having said all that what do you guys,say lets just go ahead and jump right,into it and as always,lets start with pricing id say there,will be three different trim levels for,the new 2021 versa first one being the s,starting at fourteen thousand nine,hundred and eighty dollars sv,for seventeen thousand seven hundred and,ninety dollars and lastly the one we,have today,being the sr starting at eighteen,thousand three hundred and,dollars but regardless of trim level,that you go with the power plant on the,versa is going to be the same,powering this little beast is a 1.6,liter naturally aspirated inline four,cylinder putting out 122 horsepower at,6300 rpm,114 pound-feet of torque coming in at,4000 rpm,power sent to the front wheels through,your choice of either a 5-speed manual,which does come,standard on the s that is going to be,that trim level below 15 000 or,a cvt which you can get on the s trim,level but it comes standard on the other,two trim levels but,all in all zero to 60 comes in at,approximately 9.7 seconds which were,going to test out in a little bit but on,paper,that of course aint all that quick but,mpg numbers coming in at 27,in the city 35 on the highway taking,regular,unleaded fuel but so that before we do,that acceleration test i do want to,mention something to you guys there is,actually a,sport mode on the versa and that button,is actually hidden,just underneath the shift knob there,its going to be a horizontal line so,you cant even see it from the driving,position it is that hidden but,it is there so thats why i have to,mention it because it is hidden but,anyways that of course is going to,adjust things like the throttle response,and the shift points so,having now got that out of the way what,do you say lets go ahead and hit that,button and it did immediately downshift,for me so it is going to hold the rpms,at a much higher level giving me more,power on demand and now that is done,lets go ahead and find a straightaway,lets put this thing into the test and,lets see how quickly we can get up to,speed,all right i think this is gonna be a,straightaway here we go,well you can hear it but yeah its,definitely not the quickest thing in the,world and honestly,if you did one a little bit quicker the,centrist price range isnt that far off,you could always try that,um thats the car i just got done,driving and that is noticeably quicker,of course than the versa here but,yeah its not the quickest thing in the,world ill just put it that way but to,go along with that acceleration as,always,braking is equally important and so up,front you will find 10 inch ventilated,front discs in the back eight inch solid,rear drum brakes,which by the way do come standard for,every single trim level but that does,give this one a six to zero stopping,distance of 124 feet which,is plenty respectable still thats,pretty average i would say for sedans of,all sizes really so,its not that bad as far as breaking,feel goes its not that bad not as nice,as the center i recently got done,driving but,its certainly not bad at all so no,issues with the braking touching on,suspension and handling,up front youre gonna get an independent,strut type front suspension in the back,torson beam rear axle front and rear,stabilizer bars as well as far as ride,quality goes,as i am hitting probably the most bumpy,road in hanover right now,its not bad ill say you can definitely,feel more of the road than i did in my,test drive of the center i literally,just got done driving so,i will say that as far as steering feel,goes its pretty much as expected not,the heaviest steering feel in the world,but,i would say its definitely more on the,loosey-goosey side well just put it,that way so wouldnt minded a heavier,steering feel in the versa but,as far as cabin noise goes its okay,its not that bad ive definitely heard,worse i will say if you were to go with,like a kia rio or a hyundai accent,you got more cabin noise in those as,opposed to here,in the versa so i do commend nissan for,that youre not going to of course get,the most serene cabin in sub-compact,cars like this one but,having said that its not bad i wont,say that but anyways touching then on,visibility i can see,perfectly fine out the back absolutely,no issues there,whatsoever thanks to the shape of this,one but,that about rounds out the performance,segment of this review you guys lets,now go ahead and take a look at the,exterior of our brand new,2021 nissan versa,all right so here she is you guys,finished in electric,blue in case anybody was curious of the,exterior color name we had on this one,here,so let me go ahead and start up front,chrome v-motion front grille is going to,come with the s and sv trim levels,however,that will get switched up to a dark,chrome v-motion front grille which is,currently what you guys are looking at,of course for the sr trim level in case,anybody was curious but then,to the sides halogen projector,headlights coming with the s and sv,trims automatic feature of course coming,with that as well meaning when it starts,to get dark at night those headlights,will turn on automatically for you there,led daytime running lights also coming,standard with that but then if you jump,up to the sr that we have today,youre actually going to get led,headlights which is pretty darn cool,its going to give you extra,illumination at night of course,with led signature lighting to go along,with that and just blow it off fog,lights you guys can see at the bottom,portion of that front bumper then as,well which is pretty darn cool its an,awesome look i gotta say but anyways,that about rounds out the front lets go,ahead and make our way to the side of,the versa here,and so now since we are around to this,side of this one black window surrounds,do come standard,power adjustable side mirrors do come,standard for all trim levels if you go,with the s or sr trims youre going to,get,gloss black finish to those side mirrors,that of course is what you guys are,looking at right now,body colored finish however is going to,come with the sv trim level then,also heated side mirrors with led,integrated turret signals if you were to,go with the sv,or sr black door handles with the s,otherwise youre going to get body,colored door handles,with the sv and sr of course then take a,look down at the wheel configuration,15 inch steel wheels with covers for the,s trim level,16-inch aluminum alloys for the sv and,17-inch,aluminum alloys then for the sr and that,of course,is what you guys are looking at right,now one more thing i wanted to mention,you guys can see,there is a floating roof line finished,in gloss black towards,the back of this one then as well but,now speaking of,lets go ahead and make our way to the,back of this one and so a bit now since,we are around to the back,body colored shark fin antenna all the,way to the top,just below that rear spoiler is going to,come with the sr trim level of course,youre going to get some trim level,badging back there,as we

2020 Nissan Versa Review | Cost is Important

[Music],all right,its time to do a quick video on the new,Nissan Versa and I hear and see this all,the time where are all the cheap cars,most people dont have thirty forty,thousand dollars to blow on a new,vehicle because the cost per month to,finance something like that is nuts and,I completely appreciate that because not,everybody can go out and do all the,investigation you need to find a solid,used car and Finance rates are typically,better on newer vehicles and here it is,one of the cheapest cars you can buy it,starts around fourteen to fifteen,thousand dollars now granted thats a,base model with manual transmission this,is the SR which is the top trim level,and of course its a press car but I can,talk about some of the things that make,it worthwhile so lets get into that now,on the SR trim you get some stuff you,probably dont really need like a,flat-bottom steering wheel on a car with,a hundred and twenty two horsepower its,got this leather wrapped steering wheel,feel with the stitching same thing along,the dash you get this orange cross,stitching and it looks pretty good,honestly for an eighteen nineteen,thousand dollars it has a solid look to,it the buttons knobs and switches are,really really good the steering wheel I,mean you understand exactly where your,volume is your track selector the menu,buttons the 7-inch touchscreen while it,doesnt look particularly fancy its,built into the dashboard and it looks,really well integrated the other thing,is it works very very well everything is,quick theres no crazy graphical user,interface the screen quality is just,good enough where it doesnt blind you,at night and granted it does get a,little washed out in bright sunlight but,everything works with the electronics,here and that,is a huge huge Pro it has apple carplay,and android auto which is what everybody,seems to want that works the screen has,a OneTouch dim and auto are off where,the screen will stay off completely they,allow you to dim down the electronic,gauge cluster in the center completely,all the way off and I found a benefit to,this and only Nissan really does this,anymore,the SR trim gets LED headlights which,have a very strong blue cast to them so,when I was driving in inclement weather,like rain and snow I found that it was,dipped more difficult to see so I would,dim the interior lights pretty much all,the way down and I could see outside a,lot better there was less distraction on,the inside of the cabin I like that a,lot I like that the fact that the HVAC,controls have independent display down,here so you can see what the temperature,is without having a look at the touch,screen it has a seat heater even with,cloth seats and the weird thing about,the seat heaters while they work,extremely well they get very hot its,like skillet mode it goes from full-on,like cook your rectum out to kind of not,working at all which is weird now it is,nice to have that option but its 300,bucks to add it on and lets talk about,the add-ons pretty much theres a lot of,things you can jack up the price with,that makes it literally no sense like,underbody LED lighting the lighted foot,wells which tack on about another six,hundred dollars and theres just silly,things like that that youre probably,not gonna spend your money on there are,a couple things that you would obviously,the heated seats if youre in a cold,climate and the center armrest is an,add-on for 300 bucks now the only,negative with that is its got this like,pointy part to it so if you have a purse,in your passenger seat youre trying to,get out or a backpack which I do I,always get my backpack strap caught on,here where I cant get it out because,its stuck on this pointy part so its,one simple uh noi ins now there are,other benefits of this interior space,and as a traditional shifter clicks into,place,and as a manual parking brake which is,very helpful if youre you know in just,use that you dont have the electronics,its basically instant on and off and in,the winter if you need to get the car to,rotate through snow you have that option,here now the big thing is,Comfort is really good theres a ton of,room in here I didnt have any problem,putting a childs seat in the back you,dont have somebody eating their knees,on the passenger seat or in the drivers,seat if theres a car seat behind you,the trunk space is huge and you know,what everything again seems to be simple,and intuitive to use last thing to talk,about is the electronic gauge cluster,the menu system at first it was really,kind of like why do they need this,screen here you have an analog,speedometer and and everything else is,digital and I found once you get around,the screen and you figure out how to use,it the tach looks good but you remove,the tag and you put fuel-economy you can,change your safety systems through that,you can turn off your traction control,through the screen pretty much,everything that you need to do with the,car is in there and it does a good job,at showing you your track selection when,youre on Android auto or apple carplay,bluetooth all of that can be displayed,there without having to rely and use the,touchscreen all the time and as good as,the infotainment is on here and basic,the center display makes you interact,with it less and I like that but lets,take this for a drive and see how it,operates,setting off in the Nissan Versa SR,[Music],[Applause],thats correct,it is a CBT theres only a CVT option,with this car unless you get the base,model then you get a manual transmission,and I would say I hate to start this off,with a negative but its my least,favorite part about driving this,sometimes it does that where it just,holds rubs like a CVT probably should,other times it just,shifts so you really dont understand,what the logic behind it is but as soon,as you stop thinking about it you stop,driving it hard which this is not about,driving hard its got 122 horsepower 4,cylinder that is port injected only so,theres no direct injection here which,is a huge positive when you drive it,normal like a putter you would never,know that its a CVT it has a simulated,gearshift pattern even at the lower rpm,where it is smooth its comfortable its,normal and if you drive properly and,slower Ive gotten 37 miles to the,gallon in the winter if you drive it,hard youre pretty much gonna be in the,load 30 mile per gallon range at the,worst now there is a sport mode button,on hidden on the gear selector which,youre never going to use all it does is,increase the RPMs it really does nothing,but hurt your fuel efficiency and the,last thing to talk about with the,transmission is yes its smooth but you,do hear a little bit of CVT wine from,the pulley or belt system its not a,deal-breaker but thats a great time to,lead into kind of how quiet this is or,how not quiet it is and the ride quality,of it I feel like the SR is a little bit,too firm and you notice it on daily,driving I feel like it could be a lot,more compliant and Ive just spent a ton,of time coming out of early 2000 cars,including Nissans and 90s vehicles like,my old Civic and they run its just,unbelievable how much better they ride,than a lot of the newer cars and this is,a perfect example of it theyre trying,to give you this kind of firmer or more,stiff feeling to give you confidence but,then on your daily Drive its a little,bit obnoxious but the trade-off is the,steering is pretty quick its very,responsive for what this car is of,course and then of course it handles a,little bit better and I think thats the,thing it,if you want to go down to the lower,levels a lower trim level so you get,smaller wheel and tire packages which is,going to give you more compliance so if,youre somebody that wants a better ride,quality just skip the SR because you,lose the bigger wheels you get fatter,meteor tires on 16-inch wheels on the,lower trim like the S thats kind of the,sweet spot in terms of ride quality,price all of that and youre still,getting a lot of the features that you,want I think the big thin

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