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Nitroid TV www.nitroidtv.com Nitroid xd4

all right this is a quick brief,demonstration of how to use your nitride,tv box,so of course after you connect it to,wi-fi,or with your ethernet either way,you then,go into,nitroid,system itself which is,all the way at the bottom of the page,and it,says nitride,you click ok,its going to bring you to a page that,looks exactly like this,all these are different add-ons of,course we have our favorites one of our,favorites is nitro streams so,im going to go down into nitro streams,give you a brief rundown you have nitro,sports you have nitro movies and tv,shows,hq zone which is more sports,live tv site scrapers which is of course,live tv,television so lets go into sports start,with the top work our way down,you have live fights this is where all,your pay-per-view fights are going to be,this is um,where all your boxing events,anything to do with fighting or ufc,would be found in here or anything,pay-per-view related you have tsn go,which sell your tsn channels you have,custom sports networks espn,nhl nba tv etc you have sports list,schedules would,tell you what a stream the sport will be,playing on,is forceless 2 which is,just another sports list you have the,pac networks you have sports site,scrapers,so lets just go into sports list,schedule one,this will this is,sports around right now so 9 30 p.m,chicago bulls with the cavaliers tells,you the stream,so right now,its approximately around 10 at night so,were gonna try to see,this right now which is says stream five,la clippers houston rocket so we go back,we would find the should we go in the,channels,we were stream five,of course these are links,if one link doesnt work if it fails to,play,or whatever just move on to the next,and give it a try and,it should work so were gonna try to,go with link one,62 seconds to play,in this elimination this is live tv for,the houston rockets,la clippers,im gonna stop this,make this fast,so,let me let me just tell some sports,networks,you got pac networks yes and go,these are all live 24 7 running channels,just check one of these out,s7 360.,and again ladies gentlemen these are all,working lengths,all live streaming totally 100 legal,all streaming,pretty awesome,so i want to make this short some you,get the idea with your sports just i,mean the list is endless,lets just go into nitro movies and tv,show,check this out you got movies tv shows,um lets just,start with movies,genres you got most popular you got box,office most voted most viewed in,theaters latest hd,all the good stuff lets go in the most,popular i like to check that out first,see what everybody uh im gonna do fast,and the furious,check that out,so you highlight the movie click it,after you click it,youre gonna get a page,that looks like this what this page is,is his links to the movie,again i like to start my way off at the,top work my way to the bottom if the,link doesnt work i just repeat the,process im gonna go with the first one,which is g video and,p equality im going to click that,this is fast and the furious 7,playing,right now,you could fast forward,you could rewind lets just jump into,the,portion,nice and simple,so yeah i mean again the movies are,endless ill let you play around with it,figure it out but lets go into,lets go into the tv shows,see what they got in there,the most popular highly rated again,check out most popular like i said its,my favorite,so again once you find your,tv show,what youre gonna do is,youre just gonna click one of these,so i like game of thrones so im going,to click highlight it click enter,these are all seasons once you click the,television show that you want to watch,a screen is going to pop up with all the,seasons,start with the newest season,which is season five,once you click the season its gonna say,the episode season five episode one,episode two episode three so its four,episode five so it was five seasons and,five episodes,in that season so im gonna click,the episode that i want to watch,again,a list will pop up with sources for me,to choose,im going to start my way off the top,work my way down to the bottom,so once this page pops up,click it,game of thrones,right now playing,again you could fast forward it,so lets just stop this right now,yeah i mean,its its endless its,its definitely an awesome program you,have music,you stream all sorts of music,again these are all add-ons you know you,can kind of get into them play around,with them each ones do different things,or have different features,our favorite course is nitro streams,because you do have the live tv,which we like a lot,got lots of options,tnt abc,nba cnn,i mean just again pages and pages of,content,nba playoffs,p tv hd,all sorts of stuff,whatever you like,thats on right now this is where it,would be found,for live,television i mean yeah you could just,you know,play around with it and,just pick what you want,you know nickelodeon lets just click on,give you an example,so yeah i mean theres literally,hundreds of live television channels,sports channels,all that good stuff again you can kind,of explore,nitride tv the whole system,we recommend nitro streams but of course,theres other ones,well leave that up to you and,we appreciate you watching this video,and enjoy your nitro tv box thank you,very much

Nitroid TV

okay were going to show you how to run,your wizard on your XD 5 you want to,make sure youre either connected,Ethernet or with Wi-Fi before you run,your wizard or will it will not work so,what youre gonna do is youre gonna,enter the night ROI portal youre gonna,click OK when you enter youre gonna see,a message at the top of the screen the,only thing thats gonna get this message,down is by using the cursor button on,your remote which is right here and,these are your navigation area arrows,and theres your cursor youre gonna,click your cursor button even at the Box,hit the navigation arrow its gonna,bring up the curse its gonna break up,the cursor youre gonna go up to the,message and you will click OK and if you,want to get the cursor away just click,the cursor and disappears off the screen,next thing youre gonna do is youre,going to highlight videos youre going,to go down into add-ons click add-ons,this message will pop up youll just sit,okay youre gonna see the night roid,wizard now running the wizard is good it,will enable all the third-party add-ons,and it will also keep your box,up-to-date so youre gonna click the,knight roid wizard youre going to apply,the update hes gonna hate yes now its,loading now depending on the speed of,the internet sometimes its too low its,super fast sometimes a little slow again,it depends on the internet my Internets,decent so looks like its loading pretty,fast,just let it load,after loads can extract the zip file,now after it completes gonna say,installation complete system will now,closed for changes to take effect,youre gonna hit okay youre gonna stay,on this page and it will close out and,about anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds,take you back to the main page now if,you entered nitro portal again now you,can see that all the third-party add-ons,are available at the bottom for you so,this is how you run the wizard its,always something to do,to keep the Box updated and also enable,a third-party add-ons thank you for,watching

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Demo By Fred Rainey – Nitroid Tv by Android

all right ladies and gentlemen how you,doing this is Fred Rainey Im an,authorized dealer with four night Roys,xd4 which is powered by Android but,theyre gonna do here is go over,everything to get this one youre going,first were gonna go into settings Im,gonna click OK on my remote control,all right this part right here were in,the Wi-Fi area I hope youre gonna do a,spot Ive my Wi-Fi zone or a Wi-Fi box,and once we find it Im gonna hit the,word okay and then once I hit OK I go,into my password mode and only your,remote control its gonna hit ok and,its gonna break up your keyboard after,you put your password in the box youre,gonna go ahead and click The Return,button and go to connect now and that,will connect your Wi-Fi to the box Im,gonna go into other and go to more,settings and more settings gonna break,up your the Aires goes and puts your,date and time together,all right its a its gonna be up on the,system date and time,youre gonna hit OK once we get here to,automatic automatic date & time youre,gonna hit OK so we can go and set our,date and our time and also select your,time zone right now we in central,Daylight Time then once we get down with,that,youre gonna hit OK and put the check,mark back in the automatic date & time,Im gonna turn button on my remote,control such as this and then hit it one,more time and one more time all right,now were back to the home page now,were going to the night Roy stream box,dont miss out of it,all right Ill give it a little minute,why updates itself all right the next,step is go to add-ons this is when you,get your box you go to add-on and videos,well hit okay and what were gonna do,were gonna scroll down and find IPTV,stalker again right here ladies and,gentlemen,IPTV stalker Im gonna make sure that is,installed on your system once you go,into that so gonna go to night Roy,wizard again thats night Roy wizard,its the next steps gonna take okay on,our remote control we go here update my,box dont it okay and theyre gonna say,would you like night Roy teeth TV to,customize your add-on selection and you,always want to hit yes okay and wait for,it to apply the updates,its very easy and simple folks nothing,hard about this at all,take you step-by-step on how to operate,the box again its all on Wi-Fi you see,that its a little black box we using,say HDMI cord,thats the own accord lets hook up to,it sorry you need unless you got to eat,the network,all right were gonna do is hit okay and,wait for the system to finish doing what,it do all right now my next thing were,gonna do is go into the boxes again such,as this all right youre gonna go to,videos go go inside the nice drawstring,for natural sports for here but all your,live pay-per-view fight is going to be,at being in nitro sports what were,gonna do Im gonna do a little different,today were gonna go to live TV site,scrapers were gonna go into source to,then go to all click on that and down,here we got your live TV stations go see,it in click on that for you guys,no wait for it to pull up such as that,alright well go to Disney Disney,Channel but you guys know this is the,live working links for live TV such as,that,all right go to the next next screen you,can go to own which is a very popular,show by Oprah Winfrey Ill click on that,give it a second and you got on all,right so of course we got the tuna fire,wrestling for the guys about wrestling,thats 24/7 seven days a week all the,good stuff such as that,all right what were gonna do Im gonna,take you to an HBO HBO arm Channel I bet,its HBO comedy movie channel,again ladies and get them this is a free,there you live HBO,alright now well go to our movies,section alright go in here well go to,the movie thats in the theatres of,course we gotta dress the world the,minions,traceurs mr. homn which is coming out,soon go to the inside out thats for the,children and when this open up ladies,and gentlemen on the left hand side is,gonna be a bunch of streams that we,stream from okay so um let you see that,in a few minutes once his uh come up,like this you see the area over there,were gonna start from the top and work,our way down,Im a hit okay on my on my remote,control,okay that did not work so thats why we,go to this one right here we got a lot,of stream to work to work with folks and,one number five get at a time it will,catch such as thats right here,all right that one,like I said ladies and gentlemen hey,lets go on and on and on and on we got,pages and pages of movies all right what,I want to show you guys are we gonna do,now is go into the search mode its,right here when you got a map like a,wireless keyboard wireless mouse,we got go ahead and search a for a movie,or an actor were gonna go to our lets,say lets go with ATM and you got atl,because any movie folks any movies you,can think of beginning on this box over,a million movies again were looking for,distributors if you want to be a,distributor get back with the person,that show you this video and you will,see how wonderful this is,and how easy this is to make money with,this business very self-explanatory on,how this work again we start from the,top and were coming down to the bottom,and then you have a native the gentleman,ato in the flesh,my pop used always say dreamer is a,luxury of chilled and so you get stamp,of hot at work and I can tell you guys,its about the change I think at a young,folks its the one that loves thriller,the different categories that Im in now,you can pull up all the thriller movies,we got pages and pages and pages of it,alright so that will conclude our lesson,for today and God bless God bless and,give back the person that show you this,thank you

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Live Demo on the Nitroid XD 4 by Fred Rainey

all right ladies and gentlemen this is,mr rainey im an authorized dealer with,im nitroid xd4,im here today im going to go over a,tutorial,of how,this machine works,im gonna go into my settings,click okay,and then find my wi-fi network or my,ethernet,were gonna click okay,but at this point im gonna go to my,ethernet which,technically is,where i got it at this point,so,i hit ok,and connect my ethernet,such as that,im gonna hit the return,on my remote control,to go to my home page,then im going down to,the nitro which is right here,the black box im gonna hit okay,now,on this page im gonna go to videos,which thats where its at now,im gonna go down,to,the nitro stream,which is,where the big n is,and were going to hit ok,to go into the nitro machine,for the live fights we go into nitro,sports,hit okay,now for the last sports to be at,and here,were going to,like our tv,movies and tv shows,okay,the first part were gonna go to movies,which is up to the top,use the mouse right here,thats where we at,click on that,and the first categories is generates,which is,where your action adventures,animation and so forth,were going to click on action,and what is it going to do,its going to bring up all the,action,films,i got something to do with action,okay,im gonna click on thraster world which,is in the movie theater at this present,time,and once it opens,youre gonna see a list of streams,that you can stream from,give me a second,now,over here,is our stream,sections were gonna start from the top,and work our way down,again thats jurassic,world,and there you have it ladies and,gentlemen,all right,so,i get out of there,and go to my next section,okay,once again,here the movie thats in the theaters as,of now,as can see,click on minion,so you guys know that im not lying,that this movie does work,at the bottom youre gonna see where it,says working,its gonna open the link,for the movie,such as that,you see right there minions,all right,as again ill click on the first link,and,its working over here,all right were gonna stop it from there,give you a less brief overview of how,that works and then thats all your,stream links,so you got plenty streams to work with,all right,now,were going to get out of there,were gonna go into,the live,tv,section,were gonna start with um source one,give you a general idea how this works,give it a second,now here,is,your local stations,table you have station from all over the,world of course,and you scroll down,say usa,your history channels oxygen,what were going to do were going to,click on,any of math lets go to the one that you,guys mostly familiar with oxygen,were going to go ahead and open that up,that canister fill up and youre going,to be amazed,and stop that,to give you a general idea that these,are working live links,okay for the fellas that love sports,im gonna click on espn,and were gonna open that up right about,now,so ladies and gentlemen you can see how,this is phenomenal,when you get this box again thats the,box right there,you can see you got my remote control,ethernet cable,so you get a general idea i just work,your new stations,and what im going to do,see all your hbos,what im going to do okay i click on,one of the,hbos to give you an idea,on on friday,all right,thats that and,of course you encore click on that right,here you see my mouse right here,clicking on encore,so you can see that they are,working links,exactly so,there you have it on that end,of course,theres plenty other,links down here at the bottom,that you can choose from,all right,so,thats a brief overview of how,this um xd,4 box works thank you,i appreciate it god bless

Nitroid! Part 1 of 6

bye,a shrink,sweet,member,member,thank you,christmas christmas

Live Demo Part 3 by Fred Rainey Authorized Dealer

good evening ladies and gentlemen,this is mr rainey with nitroid xd4,im an authorized dealer here in the,hattiesburg area,um today were gonna go over a little,tutorial of how the nitro xd4 box,can eliminate a cable bill,i mean no monthly bill no monthly bill,no monthly bill,now were going to begin,when you first get your box were going,to go to settings,such as this,once we get in the settings area what we,want to do is look for our wi-fi,connection spot or our box,its going to be probably several ones,up in here but just find the one that,belongs to you,once you find the one that belongs to,you,youre gonna click the ok button on your,remote control,youre gonna go over here put your,password in like you do on any ipad,touch screen or,on your phone,once we get the password in there youre,going to click ok,and then go down to connect now such as,this,to connect,the internet service to the box,such as this when you see wi-fi,connected you are,ready to go,the next spot were going to go to is,other,once we get into other were going to go,to more settings such as this,dont go all the way down to the date,and time,im gonna go here make sure that check,mark is unchecked in this box,so to give you access to the date,such as this,get you access to the time,such as this,click done,once we get done with that we put the,check mark back,on the box,such as that,were going to hit return,turn again,again ladies and gentlemen return is on,your remote control and look down,in the right hand corner and click,return,all right,now,were gonna go inside the nitro box to,the first part such as this,all right,once we come to this page,were gonna go to videos,and then were gonna go to add-on such,as this were gonna hit okay on your,remote control,youre gonna go to get,more once we go to get more were going,to look for,iptv,stalker,is a must add-on,for this machine,go to my eyes,give me a second,right here,im going to uninstall it right now but,im going to act,like a little prime example how this,works,come on install it,so now im gonna click the word install,were gonna hit okay on your remote,control its gonna be in the center,lets say okay,youre gonna install it like this,all right so thats installed,our next step were gonna go to is a,nitro wizard,thats gonna apply to updates,the standard updates folks,other side,a wizard,well,there you go yeah oh,not your this is what nitro wizard looks,like ladies and gentlemen,all right were gonna apply the updates,once we click on,the update my box its going to ask you,would you like nitro tv to customize,your add-on selection we always want to,hit yes,and its going to be okay,as is on your remote control,clothes,it should take a couple of seconds for,it to,finish,applying all the updates,all right once its done it goes to,installation complete system will now,close for the changes to take effect,all right,once you get done it should take you,back to the home page,and then once we get to the home page,from here,were gonna unplug the box for about,five to ten seconds,all right this is the homepage i was,telling you guys about,now,im just gonna unplug it for five to ten,seconds,one two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine ten plug it back in,so ill turn it back on,we call that reboot stage its rebooting,the box,to apply all of your updates,check effects,all right,now if it came back on what were gonna,do ladies and gentlemen were gonna go,back into the nitro box,to get to the other page where we see,the videos programs and more,all right so what were gonna do,well go inside the nitro stream box,with the big n or the little green man,whichever one you have on your machine,the next step he goes,next page were going to come to,is this one right here,natural sports and what all your live,pay-per-view fights going to be at,live sports channels,source one source two,and espn,and then you got your live boxing links,if there was sort um a fight going on,its where you,its the place youll want to um be at,all right,were gonna go into the nitro movies and,tv shows,were gonna start from the top and then,were gonna work our way down and then,ill give you an example of how each one,of them works,such as,movies,all right,genres,is a,category section from action adventures,animation and so,forth um once you click on it its gonna,bring up everything that got to do with,that category,action ill give you a prime example but,i mean,bring up all your action films,like i said the pages go on and on and,on you got,pages out the pages,all right now,languages,um your your bots can be in every,language so we go all over seas chinese,dutch english you name it we got it,international,all right,box office by year,what this does,any movie that came out,that year,it will bring it up,in the movie that hit the,in that year,you can get it,such as that,alright,and here,is where all your movies thats in the,movie theater is going to be at,is that jurassic world terminator,minions,all right im going to open up one of,them for you its going to be terminator,to give you a preview of how this works,and once it open up its going to have a,list of streams on your far left hand,side,such as this,all right so heres the one stop media,source so if one stream dont work,youre gonna repeat the process what,were gonna do im gonna start from the,top and work my way down and find a,stream,here we go,all right that did not work lets find,part two,like i can say like in general we,repeating a process,okay,you can do the same thing because thats,the same um type of link im pretty,not then,its a prime example how these strings,work,once again ladies and gentlemen,this dont happen for all of this,certain ones,here we go,we can fast forward,prime example how that works,go to,one more little brief idea,and again its right here are in the,movies,all right,same process as before,gonna start from number one,and see this time it caught the first,one,but fast forward it just like i did the,other one,all right so you know it does work,all right so go to the tv section,ill show you how that works,no matter fact before i go there were,gonna go to the search bar,in this area,were gonna um,search a movie,it dont matter which movie it is out,there its gonna search the movie,and were gonna type it in and then,were gonna see what it brings up,pick up atl,thats the movie,same thing once again we start from the,top,work our way down,find us a working link,fast forward just like we did before,and there you have it,all right,now,were gonna go to live tv,where all your tv channels going to be,at,your brief overview,got your nbc discovery,usa network a a,panora channel univision,fox news,msnbc,tnt,of course you got your mtvs bike tv,food network,travel channel and so forth of course,hbo,is there,nfl,live,we got over on we got that as well,i click on oprah let you guys,see her station here,my effect is whats going on right now,justin was good that he was fine,he was with god and all his angels,all,im gonna go into right two and,thatll bring up more channels,our fleet apps will find the fastest,route,oh and your boysenberry apple is well,well done,ladies and gentlemen that is b-e-t,got b-e-t discovery channel disney espn,hd,um espn2 food network hallmark hbo hd,hbo sd,hd hg tv,history channel id,the updated see every time the box,updated it bring a new sub and different,categories and it will,adjust your box for you every time you,update the box,again lets go on and on and on,got all your foxes together,all right,so,now im gonna show you how to,go into your apps how to add on,extra channels,were gonna go into the google play,store ladies and gentlemen,all right,in here,they say um,you want to watch,add some extra tv channels right,so what we do,were going to go into this app here,and um,and find more tv stations,to add on what we already have,like this right here i added live tv,watch tv free,im gonna open that up because i already,typed it in already its on the system,again each one of these boxes cant be,custom m

Nitroid! – 0 – all out of kappa

porn porn but dodo dodo dodo either ones,now Cal played some Natori somehow using,some forbidden knowledge known as,science was my talking I dont know last,time we we we got the key well I got two,keys and then I ended up accidentally,using one now were going over there,getting killed by touhy good times the,speed be speed shoes do not destroy,everything and those do indeed have,halos and not margarine so um now that,Im done sing absolute nonsense Im,gonna duck and cover and possibly burn,forever and drill to my safety even,though we didnt really do a whole lot,because anyway were just gonna say,were doing two rooms once again well,then if you gonna be that one two rooms,once again wondering what Im doing I,dont know I cant even jump bombs this,here yo okay lets see here Ive got two,rooms basically I want to be doing oh,yeah I can still like Joe Parr my stuff,lets sue Wow hello there buddy hows it,going what can I do or say or pretend to,also say but I cant go there because,that needs to stay on cant really do,with anything if i teleport cos white,spikes kill you in one shot it kind of,racists now Im wondering if by tooling,around on the platform there yeah I,dont think I want that to drop yeah,basically its part of the thing here so,lets go ahead and do that salvage this,in some fashion,need to remember that I cant indeed the,destroy the laws of science as much as I,want to something that I want to do I,guess were gonna find out as of now,its kind of odd that in this so-called,last world Im having lesser amounts of,difficulty yeah I think thats okay if I,do that and I can murder even go up here,if I ever get the yellow switch okay,alright so for their and each find some,sort of crazy binoculars or black piece,slits you know either or both will do,splendidly ok so now I can warp here,pretended to be a priest hey look at me,im on the other side is that something,but I desire I can go and go here and,cuz this but now think i got myself,stuck except I didnt actually get me,stuck because I can use auto wait a,second no no I dress that switch and I,dont even know why I need to press the,switch and maybe I should have figured,that one out whats for some reason a,blue piece which,oh I guess I can go down here and go,here and press this and technically Im,stuck here because I needed to bring the,thing but yeah its like I think I,pretty much solved it ish lets see what,I remember so I want I need to do this,here and now I go to you and I go la la,la i go here i put you down at this,place but i cant walk off the wall wall,wall because i can wall on the wall with,the wall wall fault zone now i can blow,this up because theres no reason to,keep this alive death to everything that,i do not understand a bit perhaps,drastic but sometimes drastic city is,required I want to do this I can go now,up here press black switch but now I can,go down there however however it is not,so simple it is not so simple I need to,keep this on there also need Kris whoops,okay that can happen,need to get down there and press this,thats not an issue but its not that,simple because I need to somehow bring,this with me because I need the switch,to be able to get back i nee I need my,mind Allart of some kind wonder how I,can do the the simplest method would be,to bring this with me but the yellow,switch is down there so I need to bring,a switch down with me can I do that I,dont think I can yeah I cant tonight I,cant toss it upward you cant do that,can I like force it up the thing ah ah,yes I can I dont know if that was what,was the thought that I would do but it,works and thats about us as much as I,gonna hope for really think I wanted,this off,but I cant really bring this further,with me unless I can throw it can I,throw this cant really throw it I can,just kind of drop it well its not,enough I dont think so I dont think so,because yeah I need to once Im down,there I need the oh yeah theres the,yellow switch down there but I dont,have any means to get back so i need to,bring a teleport with me thats thats,what I think oh boy and now because Ive,turned to switch off I cant even return,there thats wonderful and thats all,there is here and I cant wall climb,back out there yellow switch there how,does this work how does this fit if I do,this I cannot physically jump on the,thing at all so I need to have both,blocks basically on this side I cant,please do that Miss replies I get here,reply is agreement maybe if now I put it,there and I let it drop down that,wouldnt help anything,oh thats wait a sec lets say that do,this can i press the switch up there,Ive got to try stuff basically I cant,just stay all paralyzed I have to try,different things no matter how silly,they may be but if I do this then fall,off and completely ruin my plans Im,wondering now come on stop blue switch I,dont want you anymore whoa thats like,impossible to play no that wouldnt help,whatever i have like i was thinkin maybe,if you press that switch once you go,down by drilling over there but that,wouldnt help anything,because thats not my problem my problem,is that I dont know how to identify my,problem its like yeah I could do this,turn this off or something whoops fall,down here do I want but I need just that,need to stay on because otherwise I,cant fault you here like yeah I could,turn that off but like that would change,absolutely nothing because anyways I,cannot access to it here do you expect,from me what am I missing theres,something probably super obvious that,im missing the booths am I supposed to,use the hyper dash you somehow no,question can I get over there using the,hyper that shoe not really can I do like,a crazy dash jump no I cant actually,its kind of funny but I can on the,rebound but I dont think that would be,good enough suppose I can try this is,turning insane yeah thats not helping,anyone darn darn darn darn i really have,no clue like why do you ever have to go,on top here thats a question thats,worth asking i think oh yeah from here,you could but you couldnt like you,cant like bring this with you,there yes you can because those no I,didnt hope I didnt screw myself there,by accidentally dropping because that,would be super hella lame okay so you,cant bring this here for some reason,why is this something desirable why is,the something desirable because you,could put this here and make it dropped,there but no I cant get out anywhere so,thats useless,oh thats these these platforms there,are there for a reason but the question,becomes why why are those platforms,there,would it be possible I mean I could,bring this up there with me but again I,dont I dont readily see what that,brings me like I can bring it as far as,here but cant use close together can i,use nope you cant use anything while,holding thing like that that doesnt,really help me any as soon as I take,this off I cant go further,and its not like yeah I cant go,further anyways so,how do i I need to like get to get the,other one there and throw it down there,or something somehow I dont dont see,how I do that oh yeah that doesnt sound,might be possible to do to just throw it,up there,and its lets see well wait a second,wait a second way to say if i do this i,turn off the red now I could,but I need to have the switch on oh no i,dont ah my brain is broke like,and Im just back at how I start like I,could but that doesnt help me,you want,like I said I could conceivably bringing,that up there but I dont see why thats,something that I want,why would I want like I could basically,have both on that side again I dont see,why I would desire that oh boy,why are those ledges there there I have,not been stomped like this and quite a,while and I still just dont see it i,tempted to make this a 0 try to puzzle,this out because i just dont see it I,am while I really have no idea I am,stumped I am stumped and Im not ashamed,to admit it cuz I really have im pretty,sure its super obvious what Im,supposed to do but I just dont see if,IE wow I guess this is payment for,hav

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