1. Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Tires 29k Mile Review
  2. Nitto terra grappler G2 ~40k mile tire Review~
  4. AT Tire Comparison Nitto Terra Grappler G2 vs Toyo Open Country ATII vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W
  5. Nitto Tires – Nomad Grappler, Recon Grappler AT, Terra Grappler G2, Ridge Grappler, & Trail Grappler
  7. Nitto Exo Grappler & Terra Grappler G2 Test and Review

Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Tires 29k Mile Review

[Music],hey everybody welcome to the channel,today summer staff really felt like,shooting video in a while I got the,blood pressure back under control,feeling a lot better and I was of the,day I thank you all for your thoughts,and prayers I do appreciate that I,really do like that and Im Im feeling,a lot better than I was not 100% but a,whole lot better todays video is gonna,be about the Nitto Tara grappler G two,tires I have a little over 29,000 miles,on this truck,these tires have been on it since the,day one they are 35 1250 20s and theyve,got over 29,000 miles on them so today,were gonna check them out see what kind,of tread tread life weve got left in,them Ill take a ride down the road and,see if you can hear any road noise Ill,talk about that while Im driving down,the road and were gonna check them out,lets get on with it,okay Im what to hold the camera do this,because I couldnt get a good angle on,it when I had it on tripod so hopefully,I keep it fairly steady but were gonna,do the penny test everybody knows if you,can see most of Lincolns head that,means your tires are about wore out now,like I said these have almost 30,000,miles on them lets stick it down in,there you cant see any of Lincolns,head now well tell you what the wider,tires I seem to wear the outside edge a,little bit more than the middle and the,inside they are aligned correctly I,think its just because the wider tire,it causes more friction on the outside,when youre turning so lets check the,inside tread as well you can only see,about half of it so uh there you see,about half of it there when you go the,inside you can just see the very bottom,of it so you can tell theres a little,more wear on the inside than the middle,but lets just how these tires have been,wearing so lets go check the back one,see if theres any different back there,okay were at the rear tire now on the,passenger side same thing you cant see,hardly any of his head maybe just the,very bottom and when you go to the,outside tread here that actually might,be about the same as the front,I do rotate these every single time that,I get an old change and so these are,wearing just about exactly the same as,the front arm,okay now were at the driver side rear,of the left rear were gonna stick this,down you can see there its a better,shot theres more light over here you,can just barely see his chin when we,move that to the outside right here you,can see about half his head so the,outside is wearing a little more I do,want to show you I have plenty of tread,life left right here I mean its not,like I dont have very much tread life,you can see these are great big lugs and,I have plenty of tread lets go check,those the left front so now on the left,front well do the same thing you can,see about the bottom of this chin and,then when we go to the lug out here this,does appear to be the worst war one and,thats what Ive noticed for the most,part is this side does were a little,more outside I dont know if I take more,curves on that side or if the curves I,take our faster on this side and I wear,that tire a little more but even with it,being more war you can see right here I,do still have plenty of tread left,theres no no way Im worried about the,tread life left in this tire so lets,get inside the vehicle,Ill Drive you down the road well see,if we hear okay before we get riding,down the road I know I saw is gonna take,you down the road and let you hear any,noise that might be coming off the tires,first I want to talk about traction so,of course and dry traction you know most,tires are gonna have good traction these,are the same as those you know I cant,tell any difference between now and when,I bought or what I had it new acts I,didnt get them new they were new on the,truck I think whenever I got the truck I,had about 14,000 miles on it give or,take I cant exactly remember so the,tires did have 14,000 miles on from,trunk you know but I cant tell any,difference between now and then on dry,pavement,none at all no issues gets great,traction and as well as it should most,tyres will get good traction on dry,pavement in rain so in rain Ive been in,a lot of rain Ive been in some almost,monsoons in Florida and I mean just,raining so hard I did you just couldnt,even see the road and I had no issues,there either the traction was good it,didnt slip or slide now I do drive my,truck you know normal I dont get in the,rain and try to run you know zero to,sixty in you know six seconds or,something like that you know I take off,nice and easy you know I dont want the,truck to kick out on me but Ive not had,any issues at all in traction in the,rain its never tried to hydroplane with,me Ive hit some pretty big puddles you,will hear that you feel that shift you,know all vehicles to do that pretty much,no matter what kind of tire you got if,youre in a big puddle of water you can,feel the vehicle kind of jerk from one,way or the other but it really grabs,after that it doesnt seem to hit that,water and want to float on top of it you,know even though I do run like 60 psi,and my tires you know I think max psi is,like 66 it seems like Im running like,actually 58 actually Im really close to,60 Im sure once they get warmed up they,probably get 60 or 62,but 66 psi is max and that gives me the,nice way across the top that Im really,looking for even with that bigger psi or,that high psi in it Ive really never,had no hydroplaned issues and like I,said Ive been in Florida and it just,basically come monsoons I mean most,peoples been to Florida know that it,can rain like crazy down there and I,never had any traction issues at all so,I have drove this truck in the mud a,little bit now I dont go off-roading my,truck a lot this is probably more like a,mile crawler if you want to call it that,but I have had it in some muddy fields,and stuff like that I will tell you if,it gets pretty muddy,the rear will slip when I put it in,forward Drive Ive really not had any,issues at all Im going through the mud,or anything like that but if it if its,in two-wheel drive you can spend the,rear tires they know the bad it doesnt,have a lot of weight back there and it,will actually slip a little bit and spin,but as soon as I put it forward Drive I,didnt have any issues I pulled right,out of that and went on now like I said,it wasnt mud that was halfway up the,wheel or overtop of the wheel or,anything like that this is just a muddy,field I had a lot of mud on the vehicle,so dont get me wrong I was in a lot of,mud but it wasnt like that wet soupy,mud that just sinks you in so as long as,youre in like normal muddy fields the,tire should be ok but remember these,arent mud tires they dont have the,huge knobs it like a an MT would so,naturally youre not going to get the,traction in mud that you would getting,something like that as far as snows goes,we dont get a ton of snow here in,Tennessee I guess last year we probably,got I dont know there was one time I,had to drive in it was probably maybe 4,to 6 inches and thats really the most,snow that we see here most of the time,we really dont get the big big snows,that we used to get here when I was a,child I remember that you know we would,get snows of you know 1012 inches but we,dont get that here anymore maybe,climate change has changed that or,something but really the snow around,here would would probably be like 4 to 6,inches and I had no issues with that now,when I did that I know a lot of peoples,go back why did you do this I go ahead,and put my vehicle on forward Drive you,bought a forward drive vehicle really,the only thing youre doing by driving,in two-wheel drive is being able to brag,that I made it to work or wherever Im,going in to rule drive why not go ahead,and shift it in a forward Drive and not,take the chance on wrecking your $50,000,truck not saying I couldnt go and,two-wheel drive in the lighter snows I,didnt do that and it went just fine it,what if I went finding the bigger snow,but on the precautionary basis,the fact that I rea

Nitto terra grappler G2 ~40k mile tire Review~

all right so this video,um Im gonna do,a 40 000 mile review on these tires,right here the Nitto tear grapple this,is a new set I bought,um,I want you to really look at these,because,they have some deep tread on them and,this is my this will be my fourth set so,on my truck back here,um,Ive been running the LT 245 75 17. that,is the stock tire size for my F250,two-wheel drive now these tires are,Mount and snowflake rated,and they are 10 ply,and um as you can see from stock theyre,so super thick,like I mean,theyre pretty thick and they come with,a decent amount of tread,now well go over to my 2013,F250 I put this set right here which is,the same exact size and everything as,those new ones I just showed you,and I have,about 40 000 maybe like 41 000. and I,usually change them in November and,today is October 31st,but you can see theres still,a little bit of tread on there I mean,theyre not to the wear bars theyre,about,I want to say,maybe five six you know thousands,I mean I could probably go another month,or so,but what Im going to do is um,I mean Im gonna put these on my yellow,truck because I dont use it much my,personal truck that I dont use for too,much work,but um this is the front drivers,and the back drivers side Tire,might be a little hard to see might be,another hundredth down,I mean I didnt rotate these the last 5,000 miles,I got another Fat like 6 000 miles I,should have rotated them but I knew I,was getting new ones so,it didnt really matter,like I said and these tires have been,really good Ive like I said this is my,thatll be my fourth set,yeah,you can see theyre getting there,now these tires have been really,you know wearing good their sound is not,bad the handling is amazing,theyre off-road attraction is pretty,good I dont do too much off-road but a,lot of times I back over wet grassy,areas stuff like that you can see this,front one,I mean theyre getting down but,you know just when winter comes I like,to get fresh new ones on theres so much,more tread,I mean theyve been a good Tire Nitto,makes a decent Tire I had tried so many,different,um Tires over the years,and its been,I mean Ive sometimes I couldnt even,get 12 000 out of a set so getting 40,000 out of a set,I mean the ones I had on before this the,first set I put on this truck,was um,Firestone Transforce whatever ATS and I,got 20 000 miles out of a set and now,Im running these,for what the manufacturer States,which is 75 back and 65 front,no yeah whatever I think its 75 back 65,front and Ive been running that tire,pressure this whole time every time I,rotate my change the tire pressure,so for me to get 40 000 out of a set I,mean I could probably get 45,easily and easily another I rotate them,every oil change so,so Im gonna be putting these tires,on this truck,now I already put the U set from last,year on the back you could see Nitto,tear grapples on my yellow,I put these on because these michelins,that I bought,Ill never buy again I mean I got 20 000,out of them and the back ones were bald,when I went to rotate him I said I gotta,put different ones on I mean I know I,was stomping around and flooring it,but um,theyve been a very good tire and the,only thing,one of the downfalls about this tire is,its pretty expensive,so this set on here I bought last year I,paid,780 or 7 780 I think they were,okay,the set that was on the thats on the,back of this one was from this truck,from the year before,that one I paid 720 for all four I have,a seller on eBay I use two different,ones simple tire and another guy smaller,guy,and um they let me know when they go on,sale,and I buy them every year,around the same time he messaged me like,a week its usually like the week before,um the end of November and I usually,order them thats why I got these right,here I actually ordered these a week or,so early so this is the new set,and like I said the only thing,when theyre new and they have a lot of,tread on them,they the steering is really squirrely I,mean it feels weird for the first like,two or three thousand miles I know,somebody else said that they were,um they didnt like the way they handled,when they first put them on but like,right now even with these tires being,half bold I was tank of turns this,morning I just got back pulling a boiler,out of a house and two oil tanks like I,said these this tire has been really,good its one of the best ones Ive,heard its a quiet its a smooth running,Tire I mean as smooth as it could be,with the tire pressure in it,but yeah I mean,I highly highly recommend I was gonna,try the,the terror the this is the Terra grapple,I was going to try the Nitto Ridge,grapple but they were over a thousand,dollars for the set,so this new set,due to inflation and oil prices being so,high and everything and all shipping,whatever,this tire I got for 880.,from my seller and I had been looking,for like the past month to see if I,could find it anywhere cheaper this set,was like a thousand a thousand twenty,nine something like that so I actually,got this for a steal at 880 dollars,so just wanted to put that out there,but yeah I dont use this yellow truck,too much in the winter I mean Im going,to use it a little bit but when it snows,and it gets nastier I got to pull the,trailer or I got to go somewhere I,usually take this boy,shes a little better in the in the,winter shes got the liftgate on the,back so puts a lot of weight on it so,and you gotta remember this is a,two-wheel drive truck you know thats um,got this heavy lift gate on the back,some wood sides Tools in it so this one,does really good in the snow when you,put really good tires on,I mean Ive never owned a four-wheel,drive truck,and were gonna keep it at that,but like I said this was a tire review,you know I just wanted to put this out,here because a lot of people I see,reviews on them and stuff and guys are,saying they couldnt get 30 000 out of a,set now Im gonna tell you right now two,wheel drive trucks are a lot Kinder on,their tires than,um,four-wheel drive trucks this doesnt,have a solid front end so it doesnt,chop them in anything so if you rotate,youll get decent mileage even even on a,four-wheel drive youll get decent,mileage oh another one thing before I go,I had run over a nail,and I tried plugging one of these tires,it was a pretty thick no it was a bolt,it was a like a big Carriage bolt went,through the tires from the scrap yard I,tried plugging it with a tire plug kit,impossible the casing is so hard you,couldnt even get oh my God it was you I,couldnt even get it through on the side,road I had to put the spare on and I,went to the tire shop my buddy knows a,used tire shop to put one of those patch,plugs in where its a patch and the plug,goes through the tire and it took both,of us to pull it through it was so bad,if the first two uh first one ripped,because it was so hard getting through,but like I said if youre looking for a,quiet,reliable sturdy tire is it the best at,everything probably not but I mean if,you can get it for the price you know,800 bucks some of the ones I see more,thousand you know to twelve hundred,dollars and this little size this is a,245. I mean try this tire in a 265 70 or,285 or something like that its probably,1500 bucks I mean thats why I keep,stock tire size on because its just,its just so much better but like I said,if youre looking for a good all-around,tire that gets decent mileage if you,rotate it,Nitto Terra grapple G2 is just higher,man,so all right as you can see the,comparison,between the two a lot more tread on the,new tire obviously,so,all right I want to tell you guys,remember to like comment subscribe its,another product review video If youre,looking for a good all-around sturdy,Tire,thats sure probably going to be your,best bet man but all right,Ill see you guys in the next video

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AT Tire Comparison Nitto Terra Grappler G2 vs Toyo Open Country ATII vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W

hi Im Matt McMurray with Campus,automotive in Blacksburg Virginia today,I have three all-terrain tires the first,time we have is the Falcon wild peak 83w,the second tire we have is the Nitto,Terra grappler g2 and the third tire we,have is a Toyo open country 82 so these,tires are all made by Japanese,manufacturer Nitto is actually a wholly,owned subsidiary of Toyo tires thats,why a lot of nit Os and a lot of Toyos,have very very similar tread patterns,the Falcon Ive been getting a lot of,comments in questions about the Falcon,not my favorite brand of tire not my,favorite tire but I wanted to show you,one based on the comments that Ive been,getting on it they are getting very very,aggressive in their marketing and and,moving towards a more a Nitto and Toyo,type of marketing they do do pretty well,theyre a little bit noisier than what I,would like to have on my truck but a lot,of people a lot of people were swearing,by them now and really liked them,obviously the Nitto Terra grappler g2,you see a lot a lot a lot of these on,trucks because theyre available in so,many sizes so the original Terra,grappler they with the g2 they made,better change the tread pattern slightly,change the the the the compound slightly,to make it a little bit quieter make it,last a little bit longer they also on,the g2 created two different side wall,dogs so that you could choose which side,you like and which side look better the,Toyota open country 82 its a little bit,more aggressive than the Terra grappler,z2i I think it looks a lot better I,dont mind this tire I think this is a,pretty,not as popular around here because our,big warehouse companies in the past,havent been stocking Toyo tires,theyve been stocking knit Os but not,so much Toyo so Im just now getting,introduced to Toyo and getting getting,into into their quality and into you,know how they build a tire I think its,a great tire of the three I think its,hands-down the best of the three much,better than the Falken better than the,Nadeau I think the look of it is a lot,better I think in the in the snow has,better snow traction and wet traction,than the other two I think its just a,great overall tire so if you went by if,you went by cost if you did a cost,analysis on the same size tire you know,your your Falken is going to be the,cheapest Nitto second Toyo third so its,positioned to be a more premium tire,than the three and I would probably,agree with that assessment yeah theres,a big there would be a big price,difference between the Falken and the,Toyo in most circumstances but a lot of,it depends on the inventory in the area,and in the inventory in the big,warehouse distributors because incentive,dollars may raise or lower the price of,any given tire depending on you know how,much inventory they have to move so the,features Falken is really working hard,on their features and benefits of this,tire theyve obviously spent a lot of,time in Rd spent a lot of time in the,marketing department spend a lot of time,looking at what the visually a good,all-terrain tire said look like I dont,think that its in the same category as,its toyou just my personal opinion feel,free to discuss in the comments so one,thing youll notice about the Nitto,which is pretty cool is it has two side,wall profiles so if you look at the lugs,on this side it looks completely,different than the lugs on this side so,you can choose which side youd rather,have and then one of the cool features,of the Falken is the sidewall lugs more,aggressive than the other two,helps your time from getting pinched on,rocks and off-road situations and if you,air down it helps with traction and,biting in the mud and in the sand this,tire also has zigzag sipes and this,helps in in the snow and the ice and it,also helps to stabilize these blocks and,gives you it gives you a good traction,and braking and wet handling and one of,the cool things about the open country,80 is the wide voids in between the,tread blocks makes it a little more,aggressive its still very quiet tire,but but the way the tread pattern is,designed makes it makes it do very well,in icy and snowy conditions but also,offroad and in some light mud now if,youre the type of driver that likes the,way the tire looks and thats really,important to you I could see worth of,what the Falcon wild pkt could be an,appealing tire but if you ask me the,best of the three is a Toyota open,country 80 if you like the content that,were putting out feel free to subscribe,or comment below

Nitto Tires – Nomad Grappler, Recon Grappler AT, Terra Grappler G2, Ridge Grappler, & Trail Grappler

hi everybody im matt mcmurray from,campus automotive in blackburn virginia,and today what i brought out was kind of,the breadth of nittos tire lineup for,light trucks now this is most of their,lineup this is not every tire in their,light truck lineup but well talk a,little bit about that a little bit later,so this is the nitto nomad grappler the,nitto recon grappler at,the nitto terra grappler g2,the nitto ridge grappler and the nitto,trail grappler mt,so youll notice here that there are a,couple tires missing from the lineup,that i have here today mostly due,because of supply constraints that are,going on right now those two tires are,the exo grappler which is a like a,commercial,uh tire that slots in between the ridge,collapse and the trail grappler and then,the mud grappler which,is one above the trail grappler as far,as aggressiveness we dont have that and,we dont have a dura grappler which is,the highway all season tire but these,tires here are the main tires that nitto,sells,so going from,this side the right side my right side,first we have the nitto nomad grappler,then we have the nitto recon grappler at,which is new both of these tires are new,the nitto terra grappler g2 which is,their older tire i look for it to be,redesigned soon,then we have,the nitto ridge grappler and then,finally the nitto trail grappler so,going from least aggressive to,aggressive this is kind of the heart of,their lineup so i wanted to line them,all up together so that you could get a,good idea of what they all look like and,how they differ as you move up in,aggressiveness,the cool thing about nitto is they have,a tire for just about every season and,for every kind of service that you can,imagine,for example the nomad grappler would be,good for suvs that you dont need a very,aggressive tire for but you do need you,know some all-season traction and the,nice look of a all-terrain tire then a,little bit more aggressive is the recon,grappler at,now this tire is going to give you a,little more traction off-road and a,little more traction in snowy and icy,conditions and then the tear grappler g2,of course this is the oldest model of,the five but thats going to give you,more siping its going to give you,larger tread blocks with wider grooves,more traction off-road we see a lot of,these on lifted trucks but were,starting to see these other tires kind,of,get on those trucks too next one is a,ridge grappler which is their hybrid,tire and you can see how its designed,more aggressive than the g2 but not,aggressive as the trail grappler or the,mud grappler but still fairly aggressive,available in all kinds of sizes for all,kinds of custom fitments to really look,good on those lifted trucks,and basically three quarter ton trucks,and one ton trucks that haul a lot but,still want an aggressive design,the trail grappler thats going to be,for your jeeps and your lifted trucks,that need that extra traction off-road,huge tread blocks huge tread grooves,basically for mud sand,you know deep kind of,snow different things that that require,a lot of traction and require the tread,to clean itself out as you spin,so i just wanted to make a quick video,talking about that because,they have the whole breadth,of light truck tires covered from one,end to another and theyre almost making,new categories,for,uh light truck tires for instance the,hybrid tire category the only tire that,was even considered a hybrid was the,goodyear duratrac and it was just like a,real aggressive,all-terrain tire so then the,this tire came along the ridge grappler,and you started to see,more and more hybrid tires come along,because they there was a void between,the at tires and the mt and trail tires,that they wanted the look,of that that trail tire and that mud,tire but also be able to have,on-road feel and be able to tow and haul,and all the things you do,with your truck when youre not off-road,same thing on this end of the spectrum,you know youve got your light truck,tire you know youre not going to do a,lot of off-roading but you still want,the aggressive look of a nice tire maybe,on a stock toyota 4runner maybe on a,toyota tacoma trd sport something that,you want the look but you dont really,need the aggressiveness because youre,really not ever going to go off-road,with it and then just one step up from,that,one extra step in between a true a t,and a light duty at is what i would,consider it,so,basically if you compare these to other,brands of tires like this g2 would be,similar to a bf goodrich ko2,and,the nomad grappler would be closer to,like the trail terrain the new tire that,they came out with thats not really,its more for,on-road use,and less for off-road use,so theyre just different kinds all kit,all the spectrums are covered with this,nitto tire brand and thats whats great,because you can you can get whatever you,need for your application your truck,your suv your jeep whatever you have you,can get exactly what you need thats,going to perform,exactly how you want it and really you,have to think about that when youre,purchasing a tire because if youre a,guy that spends a lot of time on the,highway,youre not going to want to get a trail,grappler even though you love the way it,looks youre not going to want to get it,because the noise and the vibration,and the harshness of this tire is just,too much for,full-time you know on-road,kind of deals it doesnt handle as good,doesnt stop as good you know wet,traction is not as good so theres a lot,of downfalls,uh to a mud tire or a true trail tire,and if you split the difference a little,bit,and you say okay well i dont really,want an at2 because theyre not,aggressive enough you can get this,hybrid tire and itll kind of fill that,void and you can get that tire,run your miles on the highway tow your,trailer be stable still have the,aggressive look still go off-road in the,sand in the mud if you need to,so thats whats really awesome about,this whole tire lineup so i really like,the fact that you can customize and get,a custom set of tires specifically for,your truck and specifically for your,application,out of these five tires i think my,favorite two tires are this new recon,grappler at,and the ridge grappler so if i had to,put a set on my ram i would probably,try to get the recon grappler at if its,available but i could also get the ridge,grappler so those would probably be the,two that i would choose out of this,whole group,i do look for this tara grappler g2 to,be updated soon its the oldest tire,with the oldest tread design in the,nitto tire lineup so i look for an,update really soon so well see what,happens,the tires that arent pictured,theyre not as popular as this group of,tires,but the dura grappler,thats going to be for your commercial,use and your highway all-season kind of,used for like a full-size van like a,chevrolet express or a ford econo line,and then all the way on the other side,the mud grappler super aggressive even,more aggressive than this trail grappler,the exo grappler im not sure whats,going to happen with it its kind of in,between the ridge grappler and the trail,grappler but its more for commercial,grade applications and it has more,siping in it,sadly i dont have an example to show,because of supply constraints but that,gives you an idea of just how,impressive,the breadth of,coverage is,for nitto tire,so ive already gone in depth on every,one of these tires in other videos so if,you want to go back and check out,in-depth reviews and look at me take,deep dives into these tires go back and,check out these old videos,but i just wanted to just lay them out,here so that you could see them all so,if you have any questions about these,tires or you want to see,a comparison between these tires with,another brand or if theres one in,particular that you have a question,about drop them in the comments below if,you want to see me compare,two of these tires to a two more tires,from another brand drop them in the,comments below well try to do that if,theres a


hey everyone hows it going today we are,gonna talk about these tires so its,kind of a little update so Ive have,about twelve thousand miles on the truck,I meant to do this at ten thousand but I,just forgot were gonna talk about how,these things have held up over ten,thousand miles so these are the neato,Tara grapplers theyre all terrains,these are a two 6570 17s theyre the,complete stock tires that came with the,4runner and honestly theyve been pretty,good I dont understand people I mean to,each their own I dont understand people,who just buy the TRD pro and swap these,out right away for the same size of BFGS,or whatever its like they havent,off-road it with it yet to even know how,the tires perform personally I wish when,I was at the dealership I would have,negotiated for 285s,because I really want bigger tires on,this for the sole purpose of just looks,alone but honestly here in Florida these,things performed very very well we dont,have the best of landscape out here at,least where I live in Florida for true,off-roading so honestly I havent aired,these down at all yet I havent gotten,really stuck in the sand Ive only,gotten stuck in mud and no matter what,tire you have unless there are mud,terrains and whats gonna win the tread,for having about 12,000 miles on them is,very very good I try to rotate my tires,every 5,000 miles on every vehicle I,have so the tread is really really good,these do whine a little bit on our road,trip to Orlando this was basically that,my only complaint about the road trip,was the tire whine so if you have a good,all-terrain that really doesnt have,that much tire whine let me know in the,comments below but uh honestly Ive been,very very happy with these tires the,sidewall is pretty aggressive not,aggressive as other ones but like I said,we dont have a bunch of rocks here Im,not crawling with these so I really,havent tested them to their full,potential but everything that Ive done,with them sand daily driving I mean I,daily drive it I have no complaints with,the tires so Ive only had two issues,really with the tires before and one of,them may be the rim so one of the tires,Im not sure which one because theyve,been,rotated twice ins then it had a puncture,from road construction and it just went,straight through we were able to patch,up the tire and put a plug in it and I,have had no leaks from tires now I know,other brands may not have gone through,all the way but uh this this one did it,was a pretty big hefty sized screw that,went through the tire another thing that,happened and Im not sure if its the,rim or the tire was when I got stuck in,the mud about a week or so later I kept,trying I kept getting a tire I kept,getting my low tire sensor on and I,would fill it up,four days later itd be back down to 20,pounds fill it back up to thirty five to,four days later back down to 20 pounds,so I finally took it into the dealership,and they were able to pump these up to,60 psi and then they heard just a slight,like right here at the bead apparently,mud and sand had gotten in between the,bead and the rim and it was slowly,leaking over the two to four days and,then causing my light to come on so,other than that like again I dont know,if that was a rim issue or a tire issue,I mean I was freaking stuck like the,whole truck was brown I was pretty,pissed but user error typically that,wouldnt happen so other than that Im,very very happy with the tires I know,theyll last a while like I said I wish,I actually got bigger tires in the first,place but other than just being a little,noisy theyre all terrains whatever,thatll happen and the puncture very,easy when it got punctured and just the,bead stuff Ive had no issues with these,things so definitely looking to upgrade,them in the future just the bigger tires,because the truck does look better with,bigger tires but other than that,couldnt be happier where they sit for,12,000 miles on them they almost look,brand new just you just tell this little,little bit of where but other than that,theyve performed the way I needed them,to get me everywhere I need to be on the,trails although its pretty flat but for,the most part they hook up on sand,really really well so this video was,cool go ahead and give it a thumbs up,subscribe for more toyota stuff and ill,catch you all the next one alright see,you later,you,[Music]

Nitto Exo Grappler & Terra Grappler G2 Test and Review

middle tire invited us out and helped,test their tires on a track that was,both on-road and off-road were testing,today the terra grappler g2 and the exo,grappler,we took the exo grappler out on the,street and on the trail today it was,really quite interesting because the exo,grappler is predominantly a tire thats,made for,off-road but for long distances its,made for the guy that does 100 miles on,gravel road and then finally gets to,work or conversely some pavement and,some gravel it was really interesting,how when we took it on the pavement i,expected it to be a little bit more,noisy than,you know say an altering but it wasnt,it was just slight pitch that you could,barely even hear especially with windows,up of course once we got into the dirt,though it really decided to shine,all the little sights on it and the,alternating lugs on the outside really,helped to grab the dirt threw us up the,hill,got us right into the corners where it,grabbed really well so you notice that,it had both lateral and forward and rear,traction no problem what was really nice,is when we stopped it on a hill and i,gave it some gas just to feather it up,expecting a lot of slip but it wasnt,even though this was kind of a gravelly,slope with a bunch of little pebbles it,just kept crawling and thats really the,indication that the tire is,both soft enough to grab but hard enough,to prevent it from chipping and cracking,it works real well off-road,in fact one of the last little obstacles,we had was a,slight climb,with a little bit of mud on the bottom,so you get the tires nice and muddy and,you have to bump it at the top and turn,hard hard left hard driver and uh,you just feel that front end just pull,right over those tires are gripping,pulls it right over no problem at all,the terra grappler g2 is,amazing you know in its own right its,pretty quiet on the road its a super,quiet tire um off-road it can hold its,own you know loose dirt no problem,uh in the dirt,we um,had really pretty smooth ride uh of,course the jeep wrangler is a pretty,capable vehicle on its own but we uh we,really had,almost almost no slippage with the,terrace which is the more,the less aggressive variant im told,uh we got through some pretty pretty uh,steep sandy stuff with uh with minimal,trouble in uh in four wheel high didnt,have to go to low at all and uh,with the grapplers we got up a lot of,stuff in two wheel drive and uh only had,to drop into four into some really hairy,uh really soft stuff so that was a plus,we tried out the terra grappler on both,off-road and on the highway first i went,on the off-road course and noticed that,its an all-terrain tire but it was,still hooking up really well it has full,depth sides which allows the tread,blocks to move front and rear and even,on the corners you can tell that its,grabbing into the dirt stopping on heels,was no problem because it would still,propel the vehicle forward now of course,its an all-terrain tire so its not a,dedicated mud tire its not for the,hardcore off-road enthusiast but it is,supposed to have excellent tread wear,which is why it has a 50 000 mile,warranty,you

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