1. EYELASH GROWTH SERUMS – Does the No7 Fanominal Lash Serum really work?
  2. Lash Growth Serums: Why I Dont Use Them Anymore | Dermatologist Dr. Sam Ellis
  4. Review & Comparison: No.7 Eyelash Impact & Kiss Me Heroine Eyelash Serum | Music Marshmellow
  5. Review: No7 Fanomenal Lash Serum
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EYELASH GROWTH SERUMS – Does the No7 Fanominal Lash Serum really work?

now a man seen in one of my past videos,where I formed my own eyelashes and the,first time I did that I had great,success then but wonderful and I was so,pleased with them but the second time I,did that I unfortunately got a little,bit of sidetracked so I lost track of,the time while I had the submission on,there and unfortunately that kind of,made my eyelashes go from this at the,end to this and all over the place they,were really messed up and youll see in,a further thought Im going to put in,here the results of that that was back,on September 16th when I took the first,photo and that is also when I started,using the number seven phenomenal lash,serum now I got this from Target and I,think it runs about seven dollars so I,can either buy it online or in your,Target store so Ill leave a link down,below for that as well for you to you,know youre supposed to do is every,night at that time just take a little,bit on the brush and then just like that,along your lash line make sure you have,all your makeup removed and yeah theres,nothing else like lotions or anything,like that,I did not care for this brush its,pretty hefty in size and as you can see,so it didnt give a very close line then,that getting a lot of it on my lid and,as you may see from also the screw,around there because I clean this off,quite often it just collects a lot of,gunk because its got so much of the,product on it you need to wipe a lot it,off before you use it so anyway Ive,been using that for seven weeks now,again I started on September 16th and,today when Im filming this is November,5th so technically seven weeks in one,day,so Im going to pick up some photos here,showing you my different results first,one again is when I started on September,16th and then Im gonna zoom in on this,and you can really see how my lashes are,curled at the end now the next one is,from September 25th so I give it about a,week later I took another photo didnt,really see any change in,my lashes not yet and then I kind of,went about a month Im going to talk to,Ober 18th for the next photo and then,the last one is ready for today November,5th so the only thing I can see and my,results is that my eyelashes that were,damaged from being permed are no longer,damaged I dont see that I have any,extra lashes and I dont see that I have,any additional length to them as well,now right now I dont have my eyelashes,curled,I dont have anything on them I will go,ahead and curl them real quickly and,just show you what my lashes look like,they are curled but Ill zoom in and,show you what they look like because,mine are just kind of stick straight out,its also hard to see my lashes I tried,to do profile ones but because I have,hooded eyes doesnt look so well so let,me go ahead and curl my lashes and I,will be right back alright so Im not,and now have my eyelashes girls,hopefully you can see the curl in them,Im going to close my eyes let me zoom,you in as well thing about help okay Im,kind of getting blinded by all these,lights and staring right into them I was,writing things so to see the curling my,lashes which honestly is nothing,different than what it was to begin with,so let me zoom back out and Ill let you,know this is actually part one of a,two-part because the next thing I got,finally is I ordered the camp roast,online and this is something that I have,seen many youtubers use or talk about,that when I saw the results that Monica,McGillicuddy got I jumped all over that,and I ordered it Ill leave the link,down below it did take a little bit of,time to get here so its nice is they,also send you this nice little brush,because it is a dropper and what youre,supposed to do hopefully you can see,this in the picture here that,hows a little indent in there and you,just drop one little dropper of the care,Pro straight in there then you take your,makeup brush or your liner brush get,that in and then again think things go,right along your lash line your you can,also use this in your brows if you have,sparse brows you can do that and start,coming in some of the hair there for,those of us that over pledge in our,youth or nuts our youth so tonight is,when we switch over and start using that,and see what kind of results I get,and Ill give you back to you about,another seven weeks to show those,results and hopefully Ill have some,eyelashes again hopefully so um I said,this is part one of two so be looking,for that but Im also going to be,shooting a video where I am going to now,dye my own eyelashes black so stay tuned,for that video that will be out this,week as well thank you guys so much for,watching Im sorry Ive been kind of ma,and IA this last week we went to a,friends wedding up in Washington last,weekend and we got back late Sunday,night and then on Monday and Tuesday I,was busy making these little skeleton,cakes for Halloween so Ill insert some,pictures here they turned out really,kind of cute and a lot of fun,so I spent two days solid and making,these little cakes individual little,cakes and then Wednesday I kind of,crashed and I just had a damn day,Thursday I finally got out of the house,I did all my errands me grocery shopping,things like that that I need to get done,Friday I had my mom not feel so good,Saturday was my granddaughters birthday,party and then we had folks over for the,UFC fight Sunday and Ive been lazy,again today because I woke up about 3:30,this morning and I had broken out in,hives all over I dont know what it was,I was allergic to my hand started,swelling up really bad I dont even have,my wedding ring on because my hand has,swollen up so bad Ive barely got it off,and then the process of doing so,obviously I cut myself a little bit,right there so that was about,so yeah I dont even have my wedding,ring on right now but the highs went,away if I leave today so I thought I,would jump on here real quick and get,this video film so anyway thanks you,guys for watching sorry I didnt get,much luck out of this I would not,recommend this Im relieved didnt see,any changes in my lashes so Id say its,a pass that I definitely keep you,informed on the care post and they dont,have that good this one Im really,excited about you think something skin,for watching dont forget to subscribe,to my channel as well I love you guys,bye,[Music],you

Lash Growth Serums: Why I Dont Use Them Anymore | Dermatologist Dr. Sam Ellis

i do not use lash growth serums,particularly ones that contain a very,specific type of ingredient,and today im going to tell you why,[Music],im dr sam ellis and im a board,certified dermatologist,im here to help you understand your,skin and find skincare products that,work for you,the main reason i do not use most lash,serums is because,of the risk of developing a condition,called prostaglandin associated,periorbitopathy what a mouthful and,as the name suggests prostaglandin,associated periorbitopathy,this condition develops when someone,uses a lash growth serum that contains,an ingredient called a prostaglandin,analog now before i delve too deep into,the side effects of prostaglandin,analogues which is the whole reason i,dont use lash serums,i want to talk a little bit about how,prostaglandin analogs,support lash growth because they are,excellent at enhancing the appearance of,lashes,lets start off with a little bit of,hair physiology when you think of the,hairs on the human body,including the eyelashes they typically,exist in one of three different phases,so not all of your hairs are doing the,same thing at the same time,they can be in a growth phase so,actively getting longer,those are called anagen hairs and then,you have hairs that are just,resting chilling those are called,telogen hairs,and then you have a very small,percentage of hairs that are kind of,transitioning between the growth and the,rest phase between the antigen and the,telogen phase,and those are called catagen hairs,although we dont know the exact,mechanism of how prostaglandin analogs,work what we do know is that they,lengthen the anagen phase of your,eyelashes,meaning that your hairs spend more time,getting longer which means your,eyelashes get longer,it also means that if theyre spending,more time in that growth phase theyre,spending less time in that,rest phase which means that youre,actually going to see more hairs come up,over time so it can give the,kind of illusion that youre growing,more hairs but really,youre not you dont get new hair,follicles with prostaglandin analogs you,just have more hairs growing at the same,time,prostaglandin analogs also increase the,size of the base of the hair,called the bulb so the lashes grow out,thicker and then they also stimulate,production of the pigment molecule in,the skin and hair called melanin,and so the lashes will also appear,darker so you get,longer thicker darker lashes and thats,why they work so well,in lash growth serums discovering that,prostaglandin analogs work so well for,eyelash growth is actually a bit of an,accident,more commonly prostaglandin analogs are,used within the field of ophthalmology,so,eye doctors use them to help their,patients who have an eye condition,called,glaucoma glaucoma is increased pressure,inside the eye,which when untreated can lead to,blindness and so many of these patients,are given,eye drops that contain prostaglandin,analogues and what these eye doctors,noticed is that their patients being,treated for glaucoma,they developed these gorgeous gorgeous,eyelashes and so the idea of using,prostaglandin analogs in a lash serum,was created so all of that sounds,amazing i mean who would not want,longer thicker darker eyelashes and i,can tell you from personal experience i,have used prostaglandin analog,containing,lash growth serums in the past and they,worked wonders for my lashes my lashes,were,long and luscious and i got tons of,compliments,but i stopped using them because of,prostaglandin associated periorbitopathy,so this,term prostaglandin associated,periorbitopathy,is really used to describe a,constellation of different eye,issues that can develop with prolonged,use of prostaglandin analogues either,in the eye like in a glaucoma eye drop,or around the eye,as in use with a lash serum some of,those issues,include upper eyelid ptosis so drooping,of the upper eyelid,prostaglandin analogs can also cause,shrinkage of the fat or atrophy of the,fat around the,eye which gives a very sunken appearance,to the eye and the eyelid crease itself,can become a lot more prominent,this not only affects how you look but,it also can affect your vision,im just going to pop a couple of photos,up here to really demonstrate to you,how this affects the eye so this woman,was using the matacrost which is a,glaucoma eye drop in both of her eyes,and you can just see,how sunken her eyes look theres no fat,around her eyes and,also both of her eyelids are drooping,and then in the gentleman he was just,using a glaucoma eye drop in one of his,eyes and,you can probably tell which one it is,because he has eyelid droop and he has,no fat around his eyes so these really,do,affect the tissues around the eye in a,very meaningful way,prostaglandin analogs can also really,affect the coloring of the tissues,around the eyes so they lead to,increased blood vessel growth on the,eyelids so,more veiny eyelids and then because they,stimulate melanin the,pigment molecule in our skin they can,actually cause the upper eyelid and the,lower eyelid to appear darker,so if someone struggles with dark,circles and theyre using a,prostaglandin containing eyelash serum,its really not helping,the other thing is you can develop,pigment of the iris so pigment of the,colored part of your eye especially if,you have blue or green eyes,they can turn brown studies show that,these changes around the,eye with the use of prostaglandin analog,products happen to pretty much everyone,so its not a matter of if it will,happen,it will happen but everyones anatomy is,different,in terms of the severity of the response,and also how much wiggle room do they,have so for me,i have very deep set eyes i do,not have a lot of fat around my eye at,baseline,and i already have a lot of natural,pigment and blood vessels visible on my,eyes,so for me the prostaglandin analog side,effects,are just absolutely not worth it because,i dont have a lot of wiggle room,the good news is prostaglandin,associated periorbitopathy,is reversible so once you stop the,exposure to the prostaglandin analog,product within four to six weeks you can,see a lot of reversal,of any of those side effects that might,have happened around your eye,not everyone gets complete reversal but,if youre watching this video and like,oh my gosh im screwed youre not,screwed okay,just stop youll be fine despite all of,the things i just said,there are times that i still will,prescribe prostaglandin analogs in my,practice,and really those are for patients who,have some type of inflammatory condition,or they were exposed to something that,caused them to lose their hair so for my,patients with alopecia areata so an,autoinflammatory,hair loss condition where they might,lose their eyelashes or their eyebrows i,will prescribe this to help stimulate,eyelash growth for them or for my,patients who are finishing chemotherapy,and theyve lost all of their hair,i will prescribe this to help them kind,of stimulate their eyelash and eyebrow,regrowth so,its not like black and white here there,is a huge gray area when it comes to,medications and always weighing the,risks,and benefits of anything that you use,this video is really just to,educate you on all of the possibilities,so that you can make the right educated,decision,for you so maybe you watch this and,youre like okay prostaglandin analog,containing serums are out but i still,want to use a lash growth serum,what do i do well the data for,other lash growth serums that might use,things like peptides or,certain botanicals there is anecdotal,evidence that those work and some very,small studies that they can be effective,so,it might be worth a shot i have tons of,patients who have tried these,and have found a lot of great success so,thats something you can think about,a lot of times i get asked about the,efficacy of castor oil,castor oil doesnt do anything to help,you grow your lashes,i suppose its like a lash conditioner,but really its just a very thick fluid,that clings onto your lashes and ma

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so today we are gonna talk all about,lash serum so I had you guys ask me some,questions on Instagram and Im gonna,discuss all those the dudes the donts,the what-ifs everything so Im looking,at myself in the viewfinder and I look,like a Im like why cant some girls,look like Audrey Hepburn Hepburn Hepburn,Hepburn Audrey Hepburn Yeah right,Hepburn whatever but thats beside the,point so Im gonna go wash off all my,makeup because when you use lash serum,you dont want any makeup on your face,no mascara no eyeshadow eyeliner nothing,yeah so lets go ahead and get started,okay Im back and this why I look like,without any makeup I apologize I am so,tired but I went ahead and curled my,lashes just so you can see what they,look like when they arent curled so Im,gonna Im gonna get close Im sorry guys,Im gonna get close so if you could if,you look like right in here Im actually,missing some lashes I used some mascara,that was like super clumpy and I tried,to like unclamp it by kind of pulling it,and pulled out some lashes so thats,awesome so Im gonna go ahead and answer,your questions I filmed this the other,day and it was like 25 minutes long and,Im like no one wants to listen to your,ass for 25 minutes so Im gonna try to,make it a lot shorter this time so were,just gonna zip right through this,someone asked is it it says to wash your,lash area is that necessary,yes you want your lash area super clean,because if its not clean to sum it up,its going to possibly cause an,infection or your irritation because,your lash follicle is going to get,blocked due to the makeup or the,eyeshadow or eyeliner so make sure that,area is completely clean and you should,be using your lash serum at night so I,would hope youd wash your face if not,yeah next,alright does this cause any eye,sensitivity so eyeball sensitivity to,know when you first use maxi lash or,probably any lash Sam in general you are,going to experience a little bit of,discomfort its gonna feel like a little,tingly and maybe like a little hot and,that is completely normal,you will probably experience that like,the first week or two just because you,know its brand-new your lashes are,getting used to it but its completely,normal if you can just stick through the,first week or two abusing it thatll go,away and you wont be feeling that,anymore okay,when did you notice a change so I,noticed a little bit of a change dried,up right around four and a half weeks I,notice theyre getting a little bit,longer and then they got very long after,the four and a half week mark you know,once I was up to six weeks I was like,wow these suckers are long so I would,say between four weeks all the way up to,eight weeks it really just depends on,how your lashes grow each person is,different but just give us some time be,consistent with it make sure you are,doing it every single night until you,see the length that you want if youre,doing it inconsistently youre gonna see,inconsistent results how old do you have,to be to use it,I feel like if you have to ask me how,old you have to be to use that youre,too young DS and I mean I dont I dont,know you know old enough is it true that,you cant wear lash Sam around pregnant,women,I dont maybe if youre pregnant I dont,know around pregnant women thats odd so,before I had my miscarriage which was,about a little over a month ago I was,hesitant on using maxi lash because I,was pregnant and I wasnt sure if I was,supposed to use maxi lash or maxi brow,because when youre pregnant theres,just so many things you can and cant do,cant wear cant eat and I just wanted,it to be safe so I kind of took a little,bit of a break when I was pregnant and I,was just waiting to ask my doctor but,that didnt work out so if you are,pregnant wanting to use a lash serum or,brow serum definitely check with your,doctor and see what they recommend how,did you choose the brand that you use so,I got a huge PR package I get one a,couple times a year and basically they,send me like all the hottest beauty,items skin care items all of that and,inside that package was maxi lash and I,was like lash singer I doubt that,Edwards come on so I was hesitant and I,put on my story on Instagram and a lot,of people like oh my gosh try it you,have to try the one in try lash to him,forever so I tried it and I did before,pictures which I will post on this,screen and yeah it it worked it truly,worked for my brows too,will it change the color of my lashes,yes it is going to darken them same with,your brows if you use a brow serum its,going to darken your brows as well did,it darken / stain your eyelids at your,lashline Ive heard it can all right so,this was asked by a lot of people so I,just want to address this when I first,started using my maxi lash lash serum I,started I was just very messy when I,used it you know I took the applicator,boom opened it up and just applied it,and I really just wasnt paying,attention to where I applied it and I,did start to notice like a little bit of,purple like kind of discoloration around,my lid and I was like what the hell so,just looking into it more and,researching I noticed that my lid was,looking discolored because I was,applying the lash sample on my lid to,dont do what I did if you do happen to,get some lash serum on your lid make,sure you use a q-tip to wipe it off,otherwise youre gonna get discoloration,because lash Sam is for your lashes its,not for your skin so if you get redness,itchiness dryness discoloration stop and,think am I getting this on my lid,because I was and thats why I was like,alright I gotta pay closer attention to,when Im applying this I cant be so,messy so a lot of people ask you know,how do you apply it so Im going to show,you how I apply it so this is actually,empty SF so this is like a horrible one,to use I dont know if I have another,one but alright so Im going to try to,apply it when you get a brand new tube,you get a lot of product on your wand so,like mine doesnt have a lot of product,on it because its like new to the end,Ive had this like for over five to six,months which a tube should last you,between four and five ish months I can,stretch mine because Ill put it in hot,water like once I know its getting low,and the hot water will just kind of,make it more liquidy and itll really,get all the product off the inside of,the bottle so thats a good hack if,youre getting low on your lash Sam just,stick it in hot water for a few minutes,and itll kind of melt it but anyways so,when you first get your maxi lash you,want to open it and scrape it scrape off,the sides because youre gonna get a lot,of serum on your wand and you dont want,that because when you apply a lot of,serum a its going to get on your lid B,youre gonna have a lot of product in,one spot and its gonna kind of thin out,when you apply the rest of it so youre,gonna get longer lashes and that one,spot shorter lashes down here so then,youre gonna have to try to eat them,even them out by putting more lash serum,on this side and its just a mess just,make sure youre applying the product,evenly so Im going to shut up and show,you how I apply it and I apply it about,half way and then I turn my wand because,Ive got more product on the other side,of the brush that way its even and,apply it,and you can see I did not get any on my,lids I think I heard from you not,hundred percent sure that you can put,castor oil on your lashes I have heard,that too,Ive never tried it Ive heard that you,can use castor oil you know for your,eyebrows for your lashes for your hair,Ive never tried it and I would love for,someone to try it for me and let me know,so theres that um is it all worth the,cash because thats expensive it is,expensive so its $95 with Co blaney,you can get $20 off which makes it 75,there are other products on the market,which are cheaper Ive never tried them,personally maxi lash is what Ive tried,maxi lash is what I know works so if you,want to try the other products go for it,I dont know if theyre the same type of,ingredients so that

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Review & Comparison: No.7 Eyelash Impact & Kiss Me Heroine Eyelash Serum | Music Marshmellow

hey everyone welcome back to my channel,i hope you all are doing well so today i,want to do a review on a skincare,product which actually two products,today um both are lash serums so one is,the number seven lash impact,serum which looks like this,and then the other one is the heroin,make watering eyelash serum,it looks like this,both had really nice packaging as well,so before i go into the review talk,about like the pros and cons whether it,works or not um id like to let you know,that these products these two are bought,from your own money i wasnt sponsored,nor,gifted to a do a video on this,so like lets talk about um maybe the,number seven so this comes in a six mil,and it retails for i think around 21.95,and then,this the hair will make eyelash serum,actually its its just four grams,at the bottom,and the price,i got this in hong kong i actually got,it um as like a free gift of purchasing,a mascara so i dont know the real price,of it though i did try and research,online so,as a the price point its a little bit,ridiculous um because i definitely find,one that cost 10 euros i found ones that,are in the tens in the 20s 30s i even,found one,um sorry this one in the 80 like in the,80 euro mark,it yeah so im not sure what the,exact price for this ive tried looking,on their um,official site and i couldnt find it so,yeah but to be honest i think this,maximum maximum would be in the 20 20,euro mark yeah,yeah so these two are actually quite a,quite affordable products um,eyelash,serums,so um lets talk about like about these,so i first got this um,quite so well but ive been using it,over and over again and ive used this,for i think a couple months i use it,every day on my lashes first and i did,not see any,you know um,anything changed like i dont see my,lashes with longer i dont see,um they were thicker or fuller or,anything you know so at first i thought,it didnt work so thats why i went,ahead and purchased the number seven,product which was recommended by one of,my colleagues who um seems to have great,results so ill be like oh i really need,them because i have really short stubby,asian lashes like theyre really short,so you cant even see them even about,mascara you cant really see them,thats really bad um anyway she,recommended this and at number seven,its i think i believe is a uk brand and,thats only available in,the pharmacy called boots,so yeah i purchased this and i used it,every day uh for four weeks straight and,its i think its said to,have visible results after six weeks,however after using four weeks straight,i was able to um,see that,like i didnt really see that my,eyelashes were longer but i definitely,did see them to be more,darker like more black,and however,at the front corner of my eyes i,you cant really see them but the front,corner of my eyes i can see theyre like,theres like little baby lashes coming,up previously it was just,they were either really short that i,cant really see them or there was,theres no eyelashes so i normally i,only have eyelashes from like here,onwards for both eyes but now i,you can see,i,im having like little eyelashes here,theyre not long but theyre there so,it seems like its working its working,for like,really short lashes you know so,so i think this is great and actually i,want to go back to this for a moment um,yes it did not work on my eyelashes but,because after using this i thought okay,this is working but i dont want to,waste this a lot so then,i use it on my brows,and,i use this for a month this one and i,think it worked on my brows because,previously um,i have my brows drawn but like i,previously i have like a,you know um a spot where theres no hair,its like a bald part like you know here,yeah it like just right here there was,no hair at all so,i had to always fill it in and after you,know,focusing on that part and also like my,whole eyebrow i,i do see that its no longer,its still a tiny little bit bold i have,my i have my eyebrows drawn so you cant,really see but you can um but its not,as bad as it was before so i believe,this works really,oh like it works on my eyebrows more,than my eyelashes,uh however this one works really well,with my eyelashes so thats why i want,to,talk about these two and,and then maybe ill talk about the,how i use them so basically um i use,them at night only i dont use a day i,think it you you should use it,um day and night but only use at night,time um so,what i do is so let me show you the,applicator so for the heroin one,its a sponge applicator,yeah,sponge its really soft its really nice,actually,um sponge and then the number seven one,if i could,its a,its a brush applicator,yeah its a brush applicator so,so i just like,brush it to the roots of my eyelashes,and also the bottom ones,and then the sponge one you just this,one you just really just glide it across,you know,thats it really its very simple,application,and maybe uh um i should talk about the,the pros,of this um of the two products were,gonna start with number seven i think,its easy application um,very easy and its just a brush,glide it over your um like to the roots,of it,and voila literally a 10 second thing if,you do it like daily its very quick,and i think the price is very reasonable,at 22 year olds um,i think,some a lot of times they actually go on,sale as well like the brand always have,some kind of promotion on them like,sometimes theyll go half price or maybe,i wont get one free or maybe buy one,and get the second one half price or,something so i think if you just need to,wait and then you can um get at a very,decent price i got mine um very luckily,when when my colleague recommended me i,went ahead and purchased it and they,were actually doing a promotion whereas,buy one get one free so i um,was it buy one for free no it was half,priced,yeah it was probably it wasnt biography,it was half price,so,um i got three actually i got i got two,for myself and i got one for my younger,sister um because she has short asian,stuff yeah thats just with me so i want,to give her two girls only half price i,was like well 10 euros and so,around approximately 10 euros now 11 10,or 11 so its i think its pretty good,and for me it works,and then also,um yeah works as described i would say,and,another thing i think this is a really,big pro for me is that you can actually,get in ireland,because i live in ireland and i can just,easily you know walk to,the pharmacy which is our boots and just,buy it or i can just do online and get,delivered to my place,very easy,and then i will see the cons of this um,i dont really like the brush to be,honest,im just even though ive been using it,like for a while,maybe im still not very used to it um,i think,the brush picks up too much product,so if i could show you,so it picks up too much product so,therefore i have to like you know get,rid of some to the corners here,and then apply but then,what happens is when you put it back in,the because the products are subtle and,settled are like at the top room here,when you push them in the products comes,up and i dont know could you see,like this product all over,here at the side and it spills out,yep it spills out so,now its all right you know i remember,like the first actually there is still,some spillage here its seeping up you,know some,the first few times ive been using it,like,products,will come out to the side because,especially like its actually very full,like the,serums actually really like up to i,dont know,the brim or something like that so,when i push it back in like the product,just spilling everywhere i really hated,that i think thats a really bad,design i just wish that they,could um i should,do something about it so it doesnt,spell out,and then um,yeah i think thats really the cons for,this yeah i just wish it was a different,applicator tip maybe,a sponge,like this one so maybe ill now move on,to the hair remake um the pros so i,think the pros is um,very affordable because hair remake is,not a very expensive brand like even the,mascaras a

Review: No7 Fanomenal Lash Serum

hey everyone I just wanted to quickly,sit down and give you a review on the,number seven phenomenal lash serum and,this is the box um,I shall checked it out but I didnt so I,cant remember exactly how much it costs,I have a feeling its around 20 pounds,but dont quote me on that I will look,it up and put it down in my description,box or whatever um you get six meals and,what they say about the serum it says,the serum with its unique blend of,ingredients gives thicker fuller and,longer lashes in just eight weeks use,the serum every night for at least eight,weeks cleanse the eyes of any makeup and,use the applicator to apply a thin line,of number seven for normal lash serum to,the base of the eyelashes along the,upper and lower lash lines and this,products can also be used on the,eyebrows this is what it looks like and,this is what the brush looks like so um,I have been using this for four months,now and I thought it was about time I,did a review on this considering Ive,used it like I said for months theres,probably still plenty left in here but,Im debating on whether I should carry,on using it considering it goes near my,eye area so firstly like I said I use,this for my lashes and for my eyebrows,um firstly what I think about the,applicator um,you use this like you will use putting,eyeliner on on the as close to your lash,line as possible and then I just sort of,just paint it over my brows um I think,personally I think the brush is very,very big to big um for putting it close,to your lash line,on several occasions Ive accidentally,got this into my eye and it stings like,hell so thats one thing to avoid,because it really really does sting and,dont pull it too much,on your skin because it can make your,skin sting a bit as well and so as close,to the lash line as possible which is,very difficult considering a brush is so,thick bottom other than the applicator,what I actually think of the serum when,I first started to initially use it I,did see a difference to my lashes not,the length I havent seen any difference,um on my lash length using this but my,lashes have looked more thicker and,fuller especially at the base of my,lashes and Ive seen more of a,difference on my lower lashes but that,could be because my lower lash is very,sparse,theres barely any there and its a very,thin so Ive seen a difference to my,lower lashes where its actually looks,thicker it looks darker blacker than it,usually does look for my brows I havent,seen a major difference um they do my,lashes and my brows do look healthier,now that Ive been using this serum and,when I say healthier they just look,darker they do look they just look a bit,more glossy err and yeah so the only,thing different that Ive been doing to,those is using this serum um but I think,for anyone that wants to see a major,difference to their lashes and to the,brows youre not going to see that,youre not going to see a really really,really big difference it makes small,subtle differences I mean it is just the,lash serum so theres only so much they,can do I think but um if you have really,sparse really brittle or thin lashes,and then I also go ahead and try this it,does make your lashes look thicker,slightly darker which and gives the,illusion of more lashes I guess but Im,assuming as with any of these types of,products even skin care product if you,stop using it its probably gonna the,effects is pregnant aware off eventually,and so thats something you have to keep,in mind is something that you will,probably have to always repurchase or,repurchase something similar um but yeah,um like I said I personally did see the,lashes looks like thicker slightly,fuller especially the bottom the lashes,closest to my skin and because of that,it mate against the illusion of more,thicker lashes I think lengthwise like I,said didnt see much difference in that,would I repurchase it probably um I do,have a back of this Ive got um a couple,for my Christmas present and chances are,I would we would keep on using it um but,that doesnt mean I wont try out,another lash serum first before we,purchasing this Ive got the Elizabeth,Arden Prevage lash serum I think its,called and Im probably going to be,trying that out next but I think lash,serums in general are quite expensive no,matter what brand you buy this I think,is a more affordable brand as well so it,might be mark it might be more cost,effective to try something like the,number seven brand out first then say,the Elizabeth Arden which I know costs,and,a mile but um like I said its not a bad,serum if anything it does make your,lashes stroke brows look more healthy,which again probably makes a difference,to the entire look of the eye area so if,you want to try a lash theorem then I,definitely suggest this would probably a,good option to try first because its,one of those in-between brands so yeah,thats my quick take quickish take on,this the number seven lash serum I hope,you found this informative let me know,if you have any other questions thank,you for watching and Ill see you next,time bye

My Top 4 Natural Lash Serums | Eye Doctor Explains

want a good natural lash serum well im,going to break it all down in this video,keep watching,[Music],[Music],hello everyone i am dr rupa wong board,certified ophthalmologist and on this,channel we talk about eye health eye,surgery my favorite which is eye makeup,health and a little bit of my life here,as a doctor mom living out in hawaii so,if any of that is interesting to you,please hit the like and subscribe and,follow along on this journey so we can,all get educated about our eyes all,right we are talking today about lash,serums i know ive done a bazillion,videos about different types of lash,serums but i keep getting more requests,from you all so i wanted to put together,an additional one so i love seeing that,everyone is really now paying attention,to the ingredients of their lash serums,as ive mentioned,what you do,is up to you i just want everyone to be,educated so you know what youre looking,out for in case you have an allergic,reaction in case you have some side,effects from lash serums which can,happen,i just want everyone to be educated but,lets say you are the type of person,that wants something super clean,something very natural you dont want,any prostaglandins in your lash serum i,have done a video looking at some of the,main lash serums and how many of them,contain either prostaglandin analogues,or synthetic versions of that so this,video is for those people that want to,make sure they are not putting anything,related to prostaglandins on or near,their eye again just to recap,prostaglandin analogs can cause eye,color darkening they can cause darkening,around the skin area especially,underneath the eyes as well as if,applied in the eye which is super rare,for lash serums of course they can cause,fat atrophy of the surrounding area plus,in the eye they might even cause edema,or swelling of the macula of the eye as,well as inflammation or uveitis so those,are all the side effects rare but can,happen of the prostaglandin analog type,lash serums those include things like,latisse or even lash boost or grande,lash to name a few you can check out my,video here where i talk about them all,ive also done videos where we talk,about just natural oils things like,coconut oil or castor oil and the,scientific data for them so im not,addressing those specifically here im,talking about the lash serums that you,can actually buy that say that theyre,natural and my top four picks so lets,get to it so the first thing that you,can do no matter what type of serum that,you buy is take care of your lid lash,line,if you dont have a good foundation for,your lashes if that lash root is dead,because of something called blepharitis,which is inflammation of your eyelids it,doesnt matter what lash serum you use,you are not going to grow the beautiful,lashes that you so desire because,basically when you have inflammation of,your eyelids and what thats caused by,is blockage of the oil glands near the,lash margin,if those oil glands are blocked they can,actually cause something called,madarosis which is lash loss you can,have little spots where you are missing,lashes so you need to get a really good,foundation how do you do that by,cleaning your eyelids by always removing,your eye makeup at nighttime and making,sure that your lid margins are super,healthy and clean if youve been told by,your eye doctor you have blepharitis,then you want to follow the treatment,strategies that they have recommended,whether hot compresses or,more comprehensive types of lid hygiene,blepharitis can not only cause your,lashes to fall out they can just cause,your lashes to be shorter and drier and,more brittle so those are all the,opposite of what you want when you want,some nice natural long beautiful lashes,so what ingredients do you want to look,for in the natural lash serums and im,going to preface this by saying as far,as i could find there are no scientific,studies linking any of these ingredients,im going to talk about with enhanced,lash growth what were doing is,conjecturing based on the way some of,these vitamins and peptides work in the,rest of your body and the effect that we,see on natural hair growth that it might,also benefit lash growth but i could not,find a single study regarding some of,the ingredients were going to talk,about so the first one is vitamin e you,might have seen courtney kardashian just,talked about how her lashes are all,grown because of vitamin e vitamin e is,wonderful its got so many wonderful,antioxidant properties and it is an,excellent conditioner when you are,conditioning and hydrating your lashes,again you are making them less dry less,brittle less likely to break vitamin e,also scavenges all those free radicals,and its in a lot of the natural lash,serum some people will just combine,vitamin e,with different types of oils but if you,want to have something thats already,formulated im going to be talking about,my top four in just a second the second,ingredient that youll see a lot in,natural lash serums is peptides and,again peptides are great because they,give strength to the lashes but,not shown in scientific studies as far,as i could find as to an actually,enhancing lash growth it might just work,by preventing your current lashes from,breaking and not falling so the lash,cycle,is pretty well understood though where,certain lash serums actually help the,lash cycle,is up for debate but if you can prolong,the lash growth phase of the cycle,preventing lash loss and fallout then,youre going to extend the lash cycle,and thats going to help give you longer,lashes because theyre growing longer,because they have longer time to grow,before they fall out and then the last,ingredient youll see on a lot of these,lash serums is biotin this is,conjectured to be helpful in eyelash,growth youve seen biotin all over for,hair growth and nail growth and they,think that lashes have some of the,similar mechanisms but no studies to,show that myotin actually,has helped with lash growth but those,are the three main ingredients vitamin e,peptides,and biotin now youll also see all sorts,of different,you know seed oils and other types of,natural oils again just to condition but,you want to be really careful if youre,someone that is prone to developing,blepharitis that inflammation of your,eyelid sometimes some of these natural,lash serums can clog your natural oil,glands worsening your blepharitis and,causing styes not something thats super,common but its something you should be,on the lookout for in case you have eyes,that are a little bit more prone to the,development of size now these natural,lash serums youre not going to see the,tremendous growth that you do with the,prostaglandins the prostaglandin type,serums have been shown to,make the lash growth face longer in the,lash cycle and were just not sure if,the cleaner options are going to do the,same thing also the other second thing,that you can do to really just keep your,lashes safe as a baseline is to avoid,things like lash tints lash lifts and,extensions those are all going to cause,lash drop out eventually so if your goal,is to go the pure and clean round then,just skip all of those all right so here,are my top four natural lash serums lash,food has purslane extract which is,naturally rich in vitamin e we talked,about vitamin e being a great,conditioner and antioxidants scavenging,free radicals so this is a great thing,to have in a lash serum it also has,those nourishing fatty acids and ginseng,extract and one other ingredient that it,has is arginine which is an amino acid,thats found in keratin again whats in,hair so,thats something that i like theres,nothing prostaglandin about lash foods,so thats an option if you are pregnant,and youre interested in using a lash,serum this is a great option also on the,list viewer more grow lash serum this is,actually rich in peptides and mung bean,extract which is thought to be helpful,in lash growth as well as selenium which,some people think is underplayed in,terms of its import

Review – No7 Lash Impact and Free Gifts!

hello so I am back once again and Ive,just made another video on my sons pain,experience if youre watching us as I,said in that video if you havent seen,it please excuse my voice Ive had a,cold / hay fever attack and yeah Im,just getting ready right now so Im,sorry if I sniffle and Im sorry if I,sound like Minnie Mouse but this is,better and Im also having dental work,tomorrow so I kind of wanted to get this,video done before I have that done and,then I can get this video up over the,weekend and yeah it will all be good,Im also badly against the Sun because,it is slowly setting on me so fingers,crossed it will last long enough for,this video so as you may have guessed,from the title I am reviewing the number,7 lush impact mascara that comes in this,jazzy theatre II red tube which on,mother nature,looks like Dorothy slipper and I like it,so um funny story about this we me and,my friend actually went into boots the,other day Marion and yeah there was a,man walking around offering people a,sample like like you would test a,lipstick upon me he was offering for you,to try the mascara I never tried a,mascara install before and I wouldnt,because its gross because other people,have had their eyes on it and the,majority of the time I already have,mascara on so why what would be the,point of me putting mascara on over my,existing mascara who knows so he offered,twice for me to try this mascara and I,was I no more I thinks youre weird,leave me alone um and then I got to a,check-up and one of the ladies had these,on their necks with like lanyards on,them and I was like why why are they so,obsessed with this new mascara and I,said to my friend oh there was really,love this mascara here and the lady that,was Sara,she was actually really nice she said,hes actually the launch day of it and,so she said this week instead of it,being I think its 1350 normally she,said its actually 10 pounds today and,she said if you buy it today you get a,good be bad with it and Im sucker for a,beauty bag and a sucker for mascara so I,was Im in an RN good you know I really,want to just put it in for some,deodorant and some face wash and stuff,and she said well the beauty bag that,you normally get is this one here but,this ones actually got a couple of its,missing and weve now ran out of these,ones so were now doing the new box so,youll get this as your goodie no its,still there go no to know I dont Im,not sure so then she says well give you,this bag with the goodies in – a couple,that werent in life and Ill give you,the new goody bag so of course I said,yes,my friends looking at me going are you,sure I hadnt even seen what was in the,bag so yeah sitting mistake but you live,in so you got a scarf or ten pounds,which is good because youve saved three,pounds fifty anyway also worth noting,that boots have a three for two on all,cosmetics at the moment so this is,awesome included worth a try Ill get to,that,so in this goodie bag here we got I,start with the paperwork theres a thing,about number seven serums and I got two,things the same about number seven the,match service where they match your skin,pixie we did a video about it the little,thingamajig with a pic to your skin and,they test the color and I bot,so there was also two perfume samples,Im not a fan of perfume samples you can,go to Debenhams,and you can get perfume samples so,and theyre both the same and who even,uses those really um and then I got,bumble and bumble thickening shampoo and,conditioner which Im actually quite,excited for cuz I do like Bumble and,Bumble and I do like volumizing,thickening things so its definitely,worth a try and I will give it a go some,half of those in that bag I also brought,a pretty little oily and this was a,mascara sample and it is exceptional,definition it comes in a spoon tube and,thats just in black um and I have used,it and its actually quite nice since,got it said plastic a yellow plastic,brush has actually got excused the the,hand behind like Im a Brooklyn girl or,something Im just trying to focus it so,youve got longer bristles on one side,and then shorter stubby ones on the,other so you can really get into the,lower lashes so thats quite nice so,that was all in that bag in this little,box here it pulled up and then it just,opens out like a little flower funny,thing and then in here I got another one,of those scars I got a skin illuminator,radiance boosting Beauty fluid so this,is like a primer not such a fan of the,shimmery things but I thought I could,maybe use it as a highlight so Im gonna,give that a go probably not my cup of,tea but I will try I also got Elliot or,number seven eyes shadow sample and this,is and she says on the box right so its,from a trio called the cappuccino trio,and its the middle shade and its,actually really nice I wore it today and,its not too shimmery is quite a matte,color its coming off a lot darker on,the camera but its more of like a topi,a mid taupe,and then I got this which surprised me I,actually really enjoy and its called,the number 7 – lip crayon and it is in,this color,delicate pink very nice delicate pink,and its just like a little lip crayon,thing and I put it on for the first time,oh yeah she quite like this since I ran,to my friend and I was like this is,really nice and its like a screwy one,so you can adjust it theres not that,much product in there thats where it,ends um but it is only a sample uh-huh,there may be purchase it may be in a,slightly different color but it is very,nice and its moisturizing as well which,lipstick lip crayons moving on so so,those were my goodies so quite happy,with those Ive got a few products to,try and test now onto the main star,itself this video is getting very long,already this was meant to be short so I,got it in the black color and they do,have it in a black brown as well I,believe but thats the only two colors,that theyre doing theyre not doing a,brown so just the black on the black,brown so this isnt a waterproof formula,they just have the one formula which is,just just this one so onto the brush,its actually a really nice brush is a a,hair brush rather than a like a plastic,its a fiber one and it is actually,quite big but its really nice and,youre wearing it today,excuse my makeup because I have had it,on all day and that was actually two,coats of this mascara and then I put on,a touch-up coat about only five oclock,so its got three coats on all together,but its still quite malleable is Muricy,its quite flexible,so a lot of a scar as it goes kind of,hard and then it gets crumbly and you,get all the flakes under your eyes that,doesnt happen with this its still very,flexible and it doesnt crumble Ive,worn it for a couple of days now I think,Im actually preferring the formula now,that its drying out slightly which does,sometimes happen with mascaras I tend to,like them as they dry out a bit more and,so yeah overall Im really happy with,them and I would normally put on a bit,more to make it more volumizer do you,have naturally quite long eyelashes so,Im not a fan of lengthening so much as,volume in volumizing I do like a bit of,volumizing action just to make them look,a bit fuller this isnt quite as,volumizing as I thought it could be it,said it wasnt like a false lash effect,and Im not sure with people with,shorter my lashes Im not so sure that,it would be like a big impact like false,lash effect but that is for you guys to,decide but I would definitely recommend,this and its only a tenner at the,moment as well so I would say grab,yourself one before the price goes up,and its in a really pretty but we cant,see it on the camera a glittery bottle,which I really like so yeah that is the,number 7 lash impact intense for volume,control and mascara so have a go let me,know what you think in the comments and,yeah if you were me to do any more,reviews on products that youve seen me,haul or anything like that let me know,and Ill definitely get that done for,you so thanks for watching guys and,hopefully next time I se

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