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  2. No Mans Sky Review // Is It Worth It in 2022?!
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  5. Should You Buy No Mans Sky In 2022? (Review)
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No Mans Sky Review 2022 – Worth Playing? (Next-Gen Minecraft)

no mans sky is now a six-year-old game,released in 2016 it had a very mixed,reception as it promised a lot but got,criticized for lackluster and repetitive,gameplay,since then though a huge amount of work,has been put into it with countless free,updates bringing improvements even very,recently,in this video well take a look at the,game and what is its best ever state to,see who its really for and whether its,worth playing and this video has been,sponsored by hex gaming find out more,later on,now first and foremost no mans sky is,an exploration game and a massive one at,that with over 18 quintillion,procedurally generated planets this game,may as well have an infinite game world,exploration is therefore a massive part,of the experience combined with survival,crafting and some combat so lets unpick,these and see how well it all fits in,together,when you first boot up the game youre,stuck on a nondescript planet where you,must fight against time to repair a ship,and escape a storm,when you first get into space the,feeling is one of oh my gosh this is big,but its only when you open up the star,map you realize the magnitude of how big,you could be surrounded by countless,planets that take maybe minutes to,travel between which is quite a long,time for a game but then you open the,map and realize that this is just one of,a few hundred star systems in that,region oh and there are 4.2 billion,regions,hopefully this gives you an idea of just,how big it is and a common comparison is,actually minecraft however dont think,its anything like that,each planet is completely different in,quite a lot more ways with everything,from the landscapes biomes and even,available resources being completely,unique and the developers have even gone,as far as to make their life forms,procedurally generated too so the life,youll encounter is also never the same,youre encouraged to explore these,worlds through what are called light,story elements and the natural will to,progress which i think this game handles,very well,all of the main elements you interact,with as a player can be upgraded which,includes all your ships land vehicles,tools weapons and your exosuit which is,like your character upgrades,all of these things can be improved in,terms of their efficiency and,functionality which youll benefit from,more and more as you progress through,the game,another part of the game essential to,the no mans sky experience is the,crafting building and fabricating,systems when you first start the game,youre managed with some very basic wall,floor and ceiling panels but as you,progress youre going to want more and,the game really caters to that,everything from energy generation and,storage to more complex building,elements allows for extensive base,building and construction which is,actually in depth enough for there to be,a creative mode,in the non-creative modes though this is,all built upon the very basic crafting,from raw materials which is a pretty,standard system of finding x and y to,make z and then using that to make,something else,when you first start out these raw,materials and basic items will be in,short supply so youll need to spend a,lot of your time looking for them but as,you keep playing youll effectively,unlock new items by discovering the,materials needed to craft them which is,a really nice and natural way to give,you a sense of progression,as for the light story elements its a,bit of an interesting one now by,absolutely no means is no mans sky,story game and you need to consider that,before deciding if its for you,instead there is a selection of mission,routes that you can take such as the,artemis missions where youll,investigate and try to locate a stranded,traveler,there are a few of these as lets say,pathways that you can choose to follow,however they are 100 optional so you can,dip in and out when you choose or even,just avoid them completely,they can be really quite engaging,despite their simplicity and fy theres,no actual voice acting in this game as,everything appears as text on screen,although it does work better than you,think to be honest,no mans sky also has a go at combat i,say has a go because its not a very,developed system and id say its there,more for a function than anything else,the day after i scripted that sentence,though a combat update just happened to,launch and i can say that it brings very,significant improvement,for context some planets have hostile,sentinel force inhabitants and this is,where youll find most of your ground,combat,there are quite a few different enemy,types now and theres a bit of stealth,thrown in there too as you can evade,them by getting undetected when in,combat you can definitely tell that its,not what the game was built for but this,in turn means that the impact on your,experience is pretty minimal the combat,still adds to the survival aspect,overall especially when youre newer to,the game with less capable equipment my,highlight for the combat though is how,after aggravating sentinel forces on a,planet the scrap will continue up into,space when you leave because yes there,is space combat,in a very star wars like x-wing fashion,you have a laser cannon and missiles at,your disposal to deal with incoming,threats,when being chased by sentinel your,hyperdrive also gets disabled so you,cant just fly away which can lead to,some pretty intense encounters,in a true gta style there is also an,iteration of the wanted level system,which allows the combat difficulty to,progress,now before we get into the rest of this,review this video has been sponsored by,hex gaming and their ultimate controller,for ps5 they sent me one to try out and,ive really enjoyed using it,the highlight feature is of course the,selection of red buttons that you get,the ultimate controller has four of,these which can easily be mapped to any,of the normal buttons on the controller,no software required,the controller is also fully,customizable pretty much every component,has a large selection of colours and,finishes so you can make it look however,you want,the controller also comes with multiple,thumbsticks so you can change the height,and shape of them on the fly the final,standout feature is that this controller,is actually built from an original sony,dual sense therefore you still get the,adaptive triggers haptic feedback and,touchpad which are all needed to fully,experience first party games,it could also still be used wirelessly,and ive found the battery life to be,just as good as the standard controller,despite the extra buttons,so if you like the sound of this please,follow the link in the description to,get five percent off your order using,code average but back to no mans sky,now before we take a look at who this,game is actually for the progression is,definitely worth more of a mention as,its handled very well,no mans sky becomes a few experiences,in one because as you rack up your hours,your goals and priorities will change,which in turn puts a much greater focus,on different parts of the game,when you first begin the survival,element will be the most prominent as,you focus on collecting the materials,needed for your life support as well as,fuel for your ship,as you keep playing though it becomes,viable to instead buy much of these,needed materials and instead focus on,other things such as acquiring new ships,or freighters which are star,destroyer-esque ships which you can dock,your smaller ones in and also uses a hub,for space battles,your freighter can be customized and,upgraded and you can even make it orbit,the planet youre on,things like this help facilitate the,progression in a way that means theres,always something to work up to despite,there being no explicit aim of the game,as such,so now who is this game really for,because i can say with confidence that,its not for everyone,as i mentioned no mans sky has no,consistent aim or goal to work towards,and due to the constant reliance on the,raw materials there is something to be,said for a repetit

No Mans Sky Review // Is It Worth It in 2022?!

around two years ago i reviewed no mans,sky and called it a good game but very,boring in what it was doing and i hoped,that game would change in the right,direction at least the direction that,thought that was right and two years,later i can simply say that game did not,go in that direction but boy,the game has changed and the developers,are commendable for the things that they,are doing with this game and in this,video were going to be reviewing no,mans sky and discussing whether it is,worthy to buy,right now more than six years after its,release or just whether you should,ignore it as a failed game so without,further ado lets just get it started,and as always with every single one of,our videos im going to be giving you,the answer right away whether no mans,sky is actually worth it or not and the,answer is yes no mans sky is absolutely,the game that you should experience if,you havent experienced it no matter,what you think about that and if you,have played this game only during the,launch or even the first few years after,the launch you should get back to this,game but again this game is still not,perfect at least well not for me lets,discuss all the great things about this,game and some of the bad things as well,so lets get started and if you want,more reviews like this one for the older,games or newer games dont forget to hit,the subscribe button the channel is,growing good and immense straight and i,cannot thank you enough for this and,here is for maintaining this growth and,hopefully reaching a new heights,together well now back to no mans sky,for the ones who doesnt know what is no,mans sky so genres gender wise no mans,sky is space survival sandbox crafting,exploration game its rather the mix a,lot of different genres and its very,difficult to put in one specific genre,youre playing as a traveler youre,playing in this giant procedurally,generated universe consisting of well,seemingly infinite number of planets and,star systems there is no point telling,you there are 18 quintillion or,septillion planets or things like that,because yeah for all practical purposes,the universe is basically infinite and,you spawn on this random planet having,no idea who or what you are where you,are and you should well discover what is,happening around you story-wise there is,nothing exceptionally amazing about this,game there is a story but you can simply,just ignore it completely and you will,not be losing you actually need to,progress the story a little bit to,unlock some very important information,and important places like anomaly,station yeah but yeah if youll just,ignore it youre not gonna lose a lot of,pits and the game can actually be,divided into few different well genres,or stages when you start the game game,is basically purely a survival game you,will need to repair your ship you will,need to find the resources and you will,need to basically survive because you,dont have a lot of things and you,cannot do a lot of things you cannot,even effectively mine the large amount,of resources which makes the game a bit,well grindy at first but this part is a,survival part and it actually makes you,familiar with the game this part,continues around few hours like maybe,five or six hours at max until youll go,through the story enough and unlock more,recipes that will give you well ability,to all survive better without even,thinking about dying just to the bad,storm and bad weather and after this the,game is actually opening up and here,where you have a choice to do a bunch of,things the game is not giving you any,specific choice to do the things but,here is where the game is becoming true,sandbox here from from here on you can,continue and being just explorer and,just explore by a bunch of different,planets for the resources or just for,the life forms because yes planets and,both living forms are and living life,forms are fully procedurally generated,and you can actually make pretty good,amount of money just by discovering the,different species and different,creatures which is a great thing to have,you can just continue playing as a,regular rpg with the different missions,and you can just get missions from,different space stations and anomalies,and usually those missions are nothing,well exceptional its just a fetch quest,go and deliver this thing here go and,take this thing from here and deliver it,there go and kill this amount of enemies,go and find this amount of creatures,scan this amount of creatures and things,like that its nothing exceptional but,enough to keep you busy you can also,invest yourself into building a basis,and even entire settlements which was,not available during my previous review,and which is pretty pretty cool thing to,have you also can invest it to your,freighter and will have a giant mobile,base you can become sort of bounty,hunter as well and with an outlaws,update you can actually recruit a,wingman which is a breath of fresh air,for the game because yeah now we can,have a combat not alone and basically,you can have your own kind of crew doing,the different well interesting things in,the galaxy plus the pirate race and just,pirates adding the additional flair to,the game giving you a bunch of things to,do and im gonna give the credit where,credit is due with all of those things,including a bunch of different,additional transport vehicles like,meccas uh ability ability to tame the,different creatures and even breed them,grow them and even ride them with the,settlements and bunch of bunch of other,things you have a lot a lot a lot of,things to do for at least 50 hours of,the game but the game is actually,littered with one very big issue that i,still did not find a solution for which,is pretty easy to actually solve for the,developers and it is the resource,grinding game you see,no matter what level you are and no,matter how advanced you are you have to,mine your resources manually or just go,and buy it from well stores and if you,dont want to buy it and if you want to,have your own resources you need to go,from planets to planet and just mine,them,manually im not talking about some,specific like very rare resources like,plant-based resources like plant-based,resources because those resources can,actually be grown on your bases and even,on your freighter but im talking the,very basic resources like ferrite and,cobalt and very very basic resources you,still need to go from planet to planet,to gather them granted you can gather,the huge amounts of them all at once but,you will still need a lot of them and,this mainly goes to the survival,resources there is used to take off from,the planets like sodium that is used,from the environmental protection the,oxygen and things like that so you need,to gather those things constantly even,at the later stages of the game and this,just breaks my immersion and this makes,this game,a bit more tedious than it should have,the solution that hello games can,implement is just creation of the mining,settlement imagine your base is not just,being a vanity places where you can just,enjoy what the amazing things that you,build imagine that your bases are fully,functioning mining settlement imagine,that you built a fully outfitted outpost,and ships are flying from this outpost,to mine the resources available on this,planet and this will force you to build,a different bases on the different,planets because different planets have,different resources and imagine,incorporating your freighter and your,frigates fully that you can build with,the freighter just building just,bringing those resources to your,freighter and just collecting them in,your one giant mobile space base that,would have been just great but right now,its quite tedious and that is actually,the biggest turn off for me because when,youre finished with an exploration and,you will be done with an exploration in,a few dozen hours because yeah despite,hello games increasing the planet,variety by a lot it is still not,infinite and it cannot be possibly,infi

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(logo trills),- [Jake] “No Mans Sky,” yes, lets talk about it.,This game has truly done the impossible,and serves as the poster child for games,that are initially poorly received,,that overcome the odds and rise from the ashes,as a product that does right by its original customers,and just becomes a damn good game,that lives on for years to come.,”No Mans Sky” is a blueprint for a game,eventually becoming great.,It is not a perfect road.,It is not a clean exit or a perfect landing,or anything like that, but it is interesting.,So lets talk about how they did it.,First of course, a quick recap,addressing the elephant in the room,,and that is “No Mans Skys” disappointing launch.,The game was teased with an announcement,by developers Hello Games in 2013,,and instantly people were hooked.,People wanted to believe in this new age,,procedurally generated, space exploration game,,where you could go anywhere and do anything,and be your own space adventure person,with your own cool ship.,Endless possibilities.,New fans were excited for the idea of “Skyrim” in space,,and old school, PC gaming, space faring fans,,were curious to see how a new age version,of that procedurally generated space exploration thing,would go.,And with the game being delayed,and being pushed quite a while,,it left even more time for peoples imaginations to wander.,The technology behind it seemed cool,and all those big ideas really just got a hype train, huge,,and it left the station.,It was all over the video game fan world,but it even broke into the mainstream too,,with it being featured on a late night talk show.,All just because it seemed, in theory, so cool.,Well, “No Mans Sky” officially released August, 2016,,and me, personally, I was lukewarm on it.,I thought it was kind of repetitive, unfinished,,and was kind of unsatisfying.,Still, some of the systems worked well,and it had a lot of potential.,And some of the presentation,and creative and graphical stuff was kind of there.,My biggest problem was that the game,felt like it had no life,and felt ultimately kind of meaningless.,This is where the problem lies.,From the trailer and everything people had seen of the game,,people put a lot of high expectations towards it,,like we said, and it was really the game itself,,its marketing, its hype, I dont know,,but writing a bunch of checks,that the actual game they developed could not cash.,The whole endless exploration concept just felt really dull,and did not generate any of that wonder.,Aliens were basically non-existent.,Encountering other players wasnt really a thing.,And the loot and the ship stuff was super basic,and limiting.,All in all, it felt like it wasnt worth,the full game price at $60 in the United States.,It was kind of cool but it felt unfinished,and nowhere near as cool as it could have been.,The art style was there.,The music was there.,The vibe was there.,And some of the foundation was there,,but it needed way more, clearly.,People justifiably felt ripped off.,Reactions were extremely angry, as the internet goes,,you know the drill.,”No Mans Sky” was a weird launch with straight up bad PR,that was nestled in a blanket of huge sales numbers.,Best selling release on the PlayStation Store,the month of launch.,The Steam version very quickly seemed to hit,a million players.,A lot of people bought it,,but a lot of people werent super happy with it.,Heres where things get interesting though.,Hello Games didnt just like take the money and run,,at least, you know, seemingly to most of us,,developers or corporations dont always stick around,to provide customer support,or fix things that you purchased.,And thats what makes “No Mans Sky”,whole story interesting, its that they didnt abandon it.,While some people will forever consider,these developers liars or con artists.,Okay, sure.,But they slowly through a long period of time,,took all that money and dumped it,right into more development, flushing out the game,,and ultimately satisfying way more people.,Now games, especially a traditional release like this,,just should not ever release like this.,You cannot offer a product,and then just figure it out later.,But at the very least, Hello Games did the right thing here.,If you spent $60 and didnt ask for a refund,and just held onto the game, whether you were burned or not,,by now if you pop that thing back in or re-download it,,you got a game that is well worth the price.,Its a really long road.,It took a long road to get there.,And one where the developers would often go silent,for months on end only to pop up,with a cool new feature or two.,Lets break it down.,So first it started with “Foundation.”,This was the first content the game received.,There was two more game modes, creative and survival.,It made base building a thing.,You could have a home planet,and claim abandoned bases and then build off of them.,You had the ability to purchase freighters,,which you could summon anywhere in the galaxy,,even though that was kind of early.,And it just had new resources and new technology,and farming.,Then there was the Pathfinder update,,which is where the game started to get updated visually.,You could also share your bases online,for other players to discover.,You could own multiple ships,and store them in your freighter.,There was also a new class of ships,,new vehicles that could be used on the surface of planets,,new merchants and currency, more life,,more base building options, quality of life stuff,,and multi-tool classes and specialization and weapon modes.,Then with one of the big ones, “Atlas Rises,”,they added on actual like real narrative,that worked way more like a traditional quest.,There was 30 hours or so of content.,There was new worlds, more stuff you could find, a new AI,,the in-game economy was expanded, more visual improvements,,terrain manipulation, and an improvement of space combat.,You could actually fly low and cruise above the terrain.,This all really led to “No Mans Sky Next.”,This is the real first big boy.,This is 1.5.,This had actual, real multiplayer,where you could play with your friends,and actually see them.,It had weekly content and community events,,a third person camera, a whole third person view mode,,more customization, way bigger base building.,The freighter mechanics were bigger.,Crafting was overhauled.,The UI was overhauled.,The graphics were beefed up once again,,and more marketplaces were added.,Now smaller updates, like “Abyss” and “Visions,”,added small gameplay stuff,,but it wasnt really until “Beyond”,where stuff got big again.,”Beyond” was like 2.0, this gave you VR support,,multiplayer was expanded,,allowing for even more players to gather together.,Ambient multiplayer became a thing.,Early game stuff, like onboarding was way more streamlined,and just more interesting.,There were more hubs, more exploration opportunities,,more quests.,Combat was improved overall, more enemies,,just more interesting stuff to combat with,,more settings for PC graphics, more base building.,It was crazy.,Then after that, we were back to smaller updates,,like “Synthesis,” “Living Ship,” “Exo Mech,”,”Crossplay,” “Desolation,” that was the spooky alien one.,And then we got “Origins 3.0,”,with more planets, different plant life,,more diverse planets, more teleporters,,updated graphics and biomes, weather effects,,like volcanoes and firestorms, giant enemies, wild robots,,NPCs that you could encounter out in the wild.,Then there was the “Next Gen” update, “Companions,”,and “Expeditions,” which gave expedition mode,,where you were able to start with other players on a planet,and you go on missions together and work as a community,to unlock rewards.,Then there was “Prisms,” which was graphical stuff,,”Frontiers,” more base building, a “Sentinel” update,,and the newest one “Outlaws,” with space capes.,Im serious.,Outlaw space stations, smuggling,,improved space combat, in atmosphere starship combat,,interstellar piracy, pirate missions,,and just even more to do.,

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I Played No Mans Sky 5 Years Later

space,the final frontier,these are the voyages,if theres anything i remember about,2013 it was rayman legends and how,tragically underrated that game was,also,there was the vgx awards you remember,welcome to the future of award shows,name one game that youre gonna play,other than all of them and you like them,all no they all a lot of games look,great tonight thats what we thats,whats great about the show is we get,all the others,that,and it was here that no mans sky got,everyones attention it was a space game,where,uh,i guess you could do everything can you,land on a comet yeah at the moment you,can land on asteroids do the animals eat,each other,yeah they do will you be able to play,with your friends,yeah can you grief other players,a little bit you can also like a lot of,players do,and just not gather resources this isnt,an ambient universe this isnt something,you just wander around and look at trees,honestly as hyped up as the game was,i didnt get it i never really,understood what exactly the actual game,was it was like that dead island,cinematic trailer that hyped up everyone,without actually showing anything,and in 2016 the game was released,but,many of the promise features were,missing and beyond that the game was,incredibly buggy,and oh man,[Music],but five years later no mans sky is a,different game with an impressive number,of regular updates in fact by many,accounts the game is good now not only,that but its one of video games,greatest redemption arcs i admittedly,havent played the game until now but,after seeing heaps of praise for all the,updates it was time to finally pick it,up and discover just who is no man,how does he own the sky,i wanted to see how the game is now and,if someone like myself who wasnt,initially interested in the game would,enjoy it with all of the new updates to,be clear this video isnt meant to be a,review but rather my personal,experiences which may or may not connect,with you so i figured what better way to,do that than install no mans sky in my,ps5 and download the ps5 patch to get,the best experience possible which was,when my ps5 promptly decided to brick,no really im waiting for the box right,now so i can ship it back,so i installed the game and its patches,onto my ps4 and promptly hopped into no,mans sky,as i have no friends i decided to check,out the single player mode which,presented me with five options while i,usually like to play a game on normal,first,permadeath lets go,this might not be the smartest idea for,a game ive never played,but it was bold and centered,[Music],wait im already being poisoned uh wait,hold on what element do i need to gather,how,maybe i just got unlucky with the,starting area lets just load up another,permadeath run in,oh,well you know what they say,third times a charm,okay fine ill play it on normal before,you judge too harshly you have to,remember ive never played this game,before so i didnt know anything about,the controls mechanics or where to find,the materials i desperately needed so,normal did make sense and finally i,landed on a planet where i immediately,started overheating but had time to,figure out how to solve the issue and,that was when i quickly discovered,something many people had already,mentioned about the game,the fact that everything you own and use,is constantly breaking so i found myself,running around trying to collect carbon,oxygen sodium and other resources to,regularly fix myself up all while,occasionally finding a cave to hide in,from minutes in real time long,firestorms,the first mission i had was to find my,crash starship and rebuild it which i,was genuinely excited to do of all the,planets id started on i found this one,to be one of the most bland and ugly so,i was pretty excited to get off of this,god forsaken rock and onto the next,procedurally generated nightmare planet,and after blasting off to my next,mission objective it,it took me right back to another part on,the exact same planet,god damn it my next mission was to,gather another batch of resources,and build a wooden base and shelter i,could use for the extreme heat and uh,firestorms of the planet,ive never felt safer in a wooden hut it,is worth noting that constructing my,wooden base was actually one of the many,features not present in the base game i,guess you had to just hide in caves for,a while or suffer in hellish storms and,cry,although bases were one of the first,updates of the game and added just a,couple months after release with the,foundation update apparently the no,mans sky next update of 2018 is what,let players build bases anywhere as,opposed to specific spots so i could,have also been benefiting from that they,feel pretty integral to the game as they,give you a safe space to construct on,any planet so its hard to imagine the,game without them,so after surviving a firestorm and,roaming around for even more resources,it was time for me to finally head back,into space this led to my first space,station which actually looks pretty cool,from the outside,i dont understand what any of the,aliens inside are saying but you can ask,them for translations of,uh,one word at a time,and only one word per alien,per each alien race you can also find,knowledge stones on planets that do this,where i learned the geck word,for geck,but back to outer space where the real,fun is to be wait,why cant i boost anymore,oh oh i need more resources,of course,so you dont even get a respite from,resource depletion and management in,space youre constantly running out of,boost fuel which youll need to shoot,down asteroids to collect and lest i,forget there is space combat but dont,expect any star fox level maneuvering,here,anyways eventually i got the ability for,my spaceship to achieve hyperdrive,meaning i could quickly head to another,star system and new planets away from my,fire hell hole,hyperdrive fuel status empty,after gathering resources for antimatter,i then had to gather even more resources,for an anti-matter housing and you may,be asking yourself but dave why dont,you just gather a ton of each resource,at once that way youll have everything,you need when youre ready to craft,something new,thats what i thought,stop stealing my thoughts,well you see you have limited space in,your exosuit starship for resources and,crafting something also takes up a slot,in said storage spots theres also,advanced resources you have to put into,a furnace to craft which also takes,extra slots in other words youll,constantly need to manage whats in your,exosuit and drop resources you dont,currently need,but eventually i blasted off and found a,whole new set of planets and this is,when the game finally started to pick up,i discovered more of the main plot where,i had to try and track down a character,named artemis this ended up being what i,spent a lot of my time doing and,apparently this narrative drive was,actually added in an updated year after,the games release in 2017 as part of,the atlas rises update it wasnt the,most,interesting storyline and as per no,mans skys mo every single tiny update,to the story took another round of,gathering resources crafting things,gathering more resources and traveling,back and forth between planets but at,least it gave me some kind of drive,honestly its kind of unbelievable this,wasnt in the game at launch as it felt,absolutely integral for keeping me at,least somewhat interested in the game,while also teaching me some of the,games mechanics after following this,storyline to a third cluster of planets,i finally discovered a really cool,multiplayer nexus that i could summon,called the space anomaly,which is another feature that was added,in the updates while to my understanding,the nexus did exist the fact that i,actually found players who i could,interact with uh very minorly and try to,join a group with was something that was,part of the beyond update of august 2019,and it was here in the space anomaly i,received a new mission outside of the,main story to find a black hole,oh hell yea

Should You Buy No Mans Sky In 2022? (Review)

should you buy no mans sky in 2022,no mans sky as many of you will know,launched in a tragic state causing,consumers to be mad that the product,that was advertised was not the product,they got and caused immense stress on,the developers due to the rightful,backlash i think its safe to assume the,developers knew the game wasnt ready,but after being invested in by sony they,really did not have much of a choice,they were left with two options abandon,the game and take the money and run or,stand their ground to do their best to,fix and add to a game that was supposed,to be groundbreaking well they chose the,second option but the question is did,they manage to achieve that goal this is,my no mans sky review,[Music],i went in pretty blind when i started no,mans sky i knew there were updates that,were received well but i didnt know how,good they really were and man i could,make a two hour video on this game but,for the sake of your time ill do my,best to sum up my thoughts lets start,with the story with no spoilers story is,not particularly important in them and,sky but since launch there have been,some major changes from what ive now,researched the entire opening has been,completely remade to offer cleaner,tutorials and improve its ability to,introduce you to the infinite universe,as that is no mans sky the story itself,is told through dialogue but it isnt,voice acted at least the parts that ive,played there are alien life forms that,you meet that do have some dialogue but,it sounds alien it kind of sounds like,this,so if you want some massively crafted,story that has complete voice acting,throughout no mans sky isnt offering,that but the story itself if you read,the dialogue offers a simple and easy to,follow story which is perfect for this,kind of game its like minecraft but you,have some story incentive to keep,pushing forward to find out what is,really going on and i really appreciate,this addition as its very easy to get,lost and without that little story,element you would be lost to the,galaxies you can explore that being said,you can absolutely do that if you want,to youll have to complete the early,story section so you can learn how to,get to those galaxies and planets as,well as the various materials blueprints,weapons and ship upgrades as well as exo,upgrades etc there is a lot to talk,about but after that youre free to,explore although i did personally follow,the story which i havent completed yet,because i just got invested into,exploring planets and taking in whats,been made here anyway the story itself,isnt that important but i like what,theyve done with it so lets get to the,meat the gameplay,[Music],the amount of improvements made to no,mans sky is exponential it is shocking,how much hello games has added or,improved i i cant put into words the,amount of dedication and effort that had,to be put into post-launch to make this,stuff work it may not be the game we,were promised back in 2016 but id argue,its even better at this point let me,tell you why if youre enjoying this,video smash that like button maybe,consider subscribing it would help out a,ton hello games added a fully fledged,crafting system and you can craft,anywhere every planet you visit you can,create a base with various materials and,blueprints which means you can create,teleporters storage ramps entire bases,with landing pads etc there is too much,for me to say and i dont want to spoil,any of it but when i first got access to,it i thought,crafting is cool but its a little,limited and then five hours later,because i spent way too much time,exploring you get to the hub of the game,where loads of players are and the,crafting just blows up in your face you,can customize so many things and you do,have to unlock them so there is a reason,to explore to craft the materials so you,can go on those dangerous journeys with,an incentive in order to create the best,base you can you can also customize your,character different races of aliens,colors etc and so far i havent seen a,single micro transaction and we cant,stop there you can upgrade your exosuit,so you can use your jetpack for longer,or survive in hazardous areas for longer,among many other things that i will not,spoil you can change your different,tools so if youre less into shooting,laser beams at enemies you can craft new,multi-tools and turn them into weapons,like space guns and its just awesome,you can also get upgrades for your ship,so its quicker or you can walk to,different places quicker and more,effectively which is just its so cool,man its just its just cool this to me,would be the perfect star wars game if,only you could be a jedi and thats a,good segue to mention some of the,activities you can do like bounty,hunting you can do bounty hunter,missions man this is a dream youre a,space bounty hunter its so cool sure,some of the earlier missions are a bit,easy but they do get harder as time goes,on i do want to make it clear ive only,put in about 20 to 25 hours into no,mans sky and i already feel like ive,been blown away now theres a few little,nitpicks that i caught for the first few,hours you arent really gonna fight,anything youll be learning how to,survive and if you are kind of that kind,of gamer that wants to have non-stop,action this probably isnt going to be,for you most of the time no mans skys,pacing at the start is slow because,there is a lot to get used to but once,you get through that the pacing of no,mans sky is kind of up to you you,decide what you want to do and this is,exactly what i want from this kind of,game you decide what the pacing is you,want to constantly get into fights and,stuff like that which means you can go,bounty hunting or do you want to just,explore and mind your own business and,create stuff its its its its just,perfect for me its the perfect kind of,loop which you get to decide theres no,linear point really after the first,opening couple hours you do what you,want to do the only other criticism i,have is sometimes the crafting,instructions werent clear at the start,once you get used to it its piss easy,to learn but at the start youll spend a,good chunk of time trying to figure out,all the different materials etc much,like minecraft actually speed is the,skill factor here so if youre good at,minecraft which im not by the way you,will pick this up fairly easily its,its pretty much its very similar with,the different ways you can craft things,but um ill ill let you experience it,in the hub area you can access the nexus,which is your multiplayer missions that,you can do with other players or your,friends and its just its cool it sends,you to universes that you may have not,explored yet so you can explore them as,well as earn some credits or nanites so,you can upgrade things while doing these,missions which is very good for an,incentive once again,also i think they just added these,pirate raids so you can explore a planet,and a bunch of pirates come flying down,shooting at everything they see causing,you to run back to your ship hopping in,and going into space and just getting,into a dogfight and this is what i want,ive always wanted to just launch into,space being chased by space pirates and,taking them on and flying off in victory,its so,cool,thats the word of this review cool,[Music],there is still so much i havent talked,about but you guys ive got to go in,with the minimum amount of spoilers and,just get lost in the world of no mans,sky i had to look up some of the,trailers before writing this review and,im just shocked because there is so,much i havent experienced yet and i,havent built yet or upgraded yet and,im just sold guys i played on game pass,but i do think im gonna go buy on steam,just to support these guys and so i,think you guys without a doubt should,buy no mans sky and support these,developers because the amount of effort,theyve put in is just beyond,beyond comprehension for me and its,inspiring in a lot of ways because they,could have very easily given up on no,mans sky and

No Mans Sky Review Should You Play Now in 2021? Five Years Later Is No Mans Sky Good in 2021 #Ad

no mans sky is a space fantasy,exploration game set in a near infinite,procedurally generated universe with 18,quintillion star systems just waiting,for you to discover them,so hello games asked me to make a,sponsored video to help highlight no,mans skys journey from announcement,through launch and all 17 free updates,bringing us to the most recent frontiers,update make sure to check out the link,in the description below and i gotta say,i wouldnt have the opportunity to do,this if it wasnt for cynical snowflake,who commented on my first reaction to,frontiers video dont you just love fake,enthusiasm in these sponsored videos,which,i wasnt a sponsor so of course i,tweeted hello games you all still,holding that sponsorship for me and,guess what a few tweets later,here we are,thats right sponsored video for bob,guys when they asked me to do this i,said absolutely theres one problem with,this though i didnt know no mans sky,existed until mid 2019 and i only,started playing it in february of 2020.,so im going to tell you what ive heard,from other players i know in the,community and what ive read and,researched online but what i really want,is for you the player the guys who were,here at the beginning of the launch i,want you to let me know how it felt to,you and for the relatively new players,who havent yet played ill try to give,you some insight into this amazing,games journey and its incredible fan,base im proud to have this as my first,sponsored video because its something i,am truly passionate about dont tell,them but i probably would have made this,video anyway,but thanks for the sponsorship,announced in 2013 at the vgx awards no,mans sky captured the gaming worlds,imagination with an ambitious plan what,they announced was a near limitless,universe with procedurally generated,planets that would be discovered for the,first time by players planets that no,developer had handcrafted but that were,generated at the time of discovery a,universe where you would seamlessly fly,from planet to space without a loading,screen and be able to discover all the,new flora and fauna on each planet that,would also be procedurally generated all,brought to you by a four-person team,whose claim to fame at that point was a,motorcycle game called joe danger and i,gotta say i didnt know about joe danger,but im pretty sure thats gonna be my,porn name from now on,fyi the hype continued to build through,the proposed launch on playstation npc,in august of 2016. and for many the game,didnt live up to the hype,well for for a lot it didnt live up to,the hype but ive done a few of these,reviews for no mans sky over the last,year and a half and this is the part,that gets me in the most trouble so,uh guys let me know let me know what,your thoughts were down in the comments,below and ill let you guys who are new,and dont know read the comments and see,for yourself as i said i wasnt there i,only had an xbox back then and it wasnt,released on xbox until 2018. whether you,loved it or hated it what did prove out,was that there was a core group of,dedicated fans that had longed for the,sense of wonder and discovery this game,created by allowing us to live out the,fantasy of exploring a near limitless,universe and honestly this is not what,drew me to the game but it is definitely,what made me stay and play for over 1500,hours the game also had a uniquely,dedicated team that had grown from four,to over 20 people who actually cared,about it and vowed to see it deliver on,everything they knew it could be and,apparently they also made a vow of,silence none of the 17 major updates,that have been released over the past,five years have had any media hype,brought on by the company itself,seriously as someone new who honestly,didnt know about the rocky start the,failed hype of the past it was,frustrating as heck to me that all we,get is a tweet a few days in advance of,an update with a single seemingly random,emoji thats a hint at the update to,come you know ive complained about this,in a few videos but the more i thought,about it it might actually be some,marketing genius as the hype is fueled,by the community who have filled it with,wild unsubstantiated speculation across,the spectrum while hello games sits,there silently working on the update and,leaving the hype and promotion to us,well played team well played i still,want some freaking notice though so i,can play my vacations around it im not,gonna walk you through all 17 of the,major updates over the past years,instead what im going to do is share my,experience as a new player stepping into,the universe after the first eight of,them you see i started playing not long,after the beyond update which included a,free vr version free vr yeah not a,separate game and it changed the game so,much that no mans sky beyond 2018 was,listed in youtube as a separate game,from no mans sky 2016. since joining,the community ive experienced nine free,updates in the past 19 months theyre,averaging one every two months or so it,started with exo mech which looks,amazing and then living ship at that,point i was having so much fun that i,branched out from xbox and bought the,game again on pc because i wanted to,play with some friends that id made in,the community then i got to participate,in the beta testing on xbox for cross,play which was introduced in june of,2020. what that meant was for the first,time playstation xbox and pc users could,meet up and share experiences that they,had only been able to do through photo,mode before it was also introduced to,xbox game pass for console and windows,bringing about a million new players to,no mans sky now i mentioned photo mode,here and i wouldnt be doing no mans,sky justice if i didnt take a minute to,talk about photo mode it was introduced,very early on but if you go on twitter,or instagram or search no mans sky,photos or virtual photography youre,going to see some amazing photos what,ive been showing you here are some that,the community have shared with me,in the community something else i need,to mention its like no other ive ever,experienced in gaming 95 of the people,out there,love the game and love sharing it with,other people,and i put a tweet out asking for photos,because i had gotten a new computer and,lost all my photos and i was inundated,with hundreds of photos from people,sharing them with me and i just wanted,to show some of them here so you can,really see how beautiful this game is so,moving on next we got desolation which,brought us a dungeon style procedurally,generated freighters to find and explore,in search of new treasures to me this,was a fun change and it kind of gave a,creepy vibe,i would play you the music so you could,feel the vibe but i dont want to get,hit with a dmca even though im being,sponsored but thats okay,next was origins the first huge update,that i experienced it was so big it took,the game from version 2 to version 3.0,and it was released near the end of,september in 2020 and it was preceded,only by the tweet of an orange seriously,an orange were supposed to get origins,from orange,i dont know whatever,and with the release of next-gen,consoles in november of 2020 they,release an update for xbox series xs as,well as playstations 5. to take full,advantage of the hardware and give them,an even better experience and guess what,that was free too continuing this into,201 they gave us the companions update,which allowed us to adopt most of the,creatures we discovered on planets and,take them with us on our journey as our,own personal pet then they blew our,minds with something nobody was,expecting with expeditions an entirely,new game mode that lets you do a set of,challenges to earn rewards in a co-op,environment,i just dropped a guide on this the other,day ill link it if you want to learn,more about expeditions its a lot of fun,but its a limited time thing so if you,want to do it you have to do it while,its open to kick off the very first,expedition they included twitch drops,for the very f

No Mans Sky New Player Guide 2022 (NMS Beginners Guide)

after a couple of hours we got our base,established weve got millions of units,a couple of a-class ships over a,thousand nanites and were only just,getting started,what do you ladies and gentlemen like,holes here and today were going to be,jumping back into one of the best games,that i have ever played this is my 2022,beginners guide for no mans sky,our first priority is to repair our,scanner which you can do with ferrite,dust now you can find ferrite dust in,the rocks that are in the area,repairing our scanner is so important,because you need to find sodium as,quickly as possible your hazard,protection is running out and once that,runs out youre gonna die also the,scanner is very good for locating oxygen,which is another crucial resource that,youre gonna need to repair your life,support one very quick tip for you guys,you see here that im doing a melee,boost so,basically all youre doing is youre,running and then youre hitting your,melee button and then your jetpack at,the same time and that will give you a,crazy speed boost to get around the,planet much much quicker,early on if you see any containers like,this around make sure you loot them you,can find a lot of good stuff in these,containers,now lets repair our analysis visor the,game hasnt prompted us to do it yet but,this is a very good thing to have as,soon as possible very easy to repair all,you need is a carbon nanotube and this,is easily made with just a bit of carbon,once you have your analysis visor,repaired youre going to want to scan,everything plants rocks animals this is,a really good thing to have to get you,some free units early on in the game and,also youre going to be uploading this,later on for some nanites whenever you,come across these condensed carbon,crystals early on id recommend that you,id recommend that you harvest them its,very good for fueling devices that,youre going to have later on all right,weve made it to our ship not much to,say about this just that you got to,repair your ship is all pretty,straightforward but at the same time if,you guys have any questions if you run,into anything that confuses you or you,get stuck on anything feel free to ask,me questions down in the comments and i,will be sure to help you guys out as,much as i can right here youre going to,learn how to create the portable refiner,this is a very good tool in the game,i always keep one of these in my,inventory its very very useful,especially early on in the game,[Music],on the way to get our hermetic seal,weve run into a storm be very careful,when it comes to these storms they have,a much greater impact on your hazard,protection you will find that its going,down much quicker so make sure you,either get in your ship or find some,shelter or be prepared to use quite a,bit of sodium in order to keep your,hazard protection up,now weve come across some dihydrogen,crystals when you see these early on,make sure you harvest them youre going,to need these for several things early,on in the game,once your ship is repaired make sure you,grab your portable refiner so you dont,have to make another one when you get to,your next planet,man im excited for this playthrough,hope you guys are excited too,lets have a look around the cockpit it,looks very cool in first person but i do,prefer to fly my ship around in third,person whatever is your preference but,you can switch back and forth whenever,you want here im just blasting some,asteroids you get some very good,resources from the asteroids i some gold,and silver which you can sell and most,importantly you get titanium but youre,gonna need to recharge your engines,here ive unintentionally got into a,little bit of trouble with the sentinels,early on in the game i would not,recommend that you get in a fight with,the sentinels so if you do attract their,attention theyre coming after you i,would recommend running away just use,the boost trick that i showed you,earlier and you should be able to get,and you should be able to get away from,them very easily if you kill a sentinel,that means that more and more and more,sentinels are going to be coming after,you and youre very quickly going to get,overwhelmed by some very powerful,sentinels so early on the game would not,recommend taking on the sentinels here,we have a manual save point now theres,a couple of ways to manually save during,the game,but most of the time youre going to be,saving just by getting out of your ship,as soon as you get out of your ship,youll see it pop up saying that its,saving,make sure that when you log off the game,you have saved your game,early on when i was playing this game,there were so many times when i logged,off and logged back in and thought to,myself well i guess i didnt save,because im,lost a lot of game progress so make sure,that youre saving the game pretty,regularly,now we have our base computer and our,terrain manipulator now im going to be,talking a lot more about the base very,shortly but the terrain manipulator is,very very useful especially early on in,the game youre going to be able to,harvest a lot of things with the terrain,manipulator but one of the most,important things youre going to be able,to get is the salvage data,theres going to be a lot of blueprints,that youre going to be able to get,using this salvage data,now we need some chromatic metal for our,base computer using our analysis visor,were going to find some copper and,copper plus refiner equals chromatic,metal now we have the stuff to make our,base computer and establish a base but,first we have to find a very crucial,location now you can put your base,anywhere but one of the best tips that i,can possibly give you is to find a,trading outpost and build your base at,the trading egg post this is going to,give you a big advantage in your,playthrough if you build your base at a,trading outpost really all you need to,do to find a trading outpost there is a,couple of ways to do it but all i do is,i fly low around the planet and just,keep an eye out for a trading outpost,theyre,very large buildings they stand out,theyre very unique looking,very easy to find,i actually only flew around the planet,for maybe two minutes and i had one,found,youre going to see that these trading a,posts are so useful for getting tons of,units tons of nanites,and its just an amazing place to build,a base,not to mention there are ships flying in,and out of this place all of the time so,it is going to give you a very good,opportunity to get yourself some really,cool ships,for instance i came across this amazing,looking ship,this is pretty much the perfect ship i,absolutely love this ship,it looks like if you crossed,a tie fighter and an x-wing and it even,has a little droid it looks like a,little r2d2 droid there on the wing,which is absolutely awesome i really,wanted to get it but it was too much,money when i found it but the good thing,is is that if you see a ship at the,trading post chances are that exact same,ship is going to come back around,eventually now right after you finish,constructing your base youre going to,unlock the construction research unit,and with this one youre going to be,able to unlock a bunch of different,blueprints,using the salvage data that i talked,about earlier two of the most important,things to unlock right away in my,opinion is the teleporter and youre,going to need something to power the,teleporter so the biofuel reactor is,going to work for now,but later on were going to want to get,some upgrades were going to want to get,the battery and were going to want to,get the solar panel but for right now,were just going to get the biofuel,reactor and just keep it fueled when we,need it,now lets rename and upload our base see,if we can get a cool picture here,a new beginning sounds perfect,all right the game has finally sent us,to the space station the space station,has a lot of useful npcs that youre,going to be using throughout your entire,play through,all right lets go over a few of the,most important aspects of the sp

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