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  2. Nobody – Movie Review
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Nobody – Movie Review

nobody comes to us from the director of,hardcore henry and stars bob odenkirk as,a guy that nobody looks twice at,hes got a seemingly average life a,loving family a wife two kids he cares,about,and an older father in a care facility,played by christopher lloyd but theres,something else under the surface you can,tell theres something hes hiding,perhaps a pass that we dont know about,and eventually because of a series of,mishaps it turns out,this guy isnt a nobody at all in fact,hes got a particular set of skills and,hes going to turn them loose on a bunch,of unsuspecting bad guys,by no means is this a new or original,fresh,piece of filmmaking in many ways this is,a film weve seen a lot the writer of,this film derek colstad,also wrote the previous three john wick,movies,and in many ways this feels like a copy,and paste,variant of a john wick first draft we,have a middle-aged,guy this time he has a family instead of,being a total loner he has a violent,past and an,organization that we know little about,but eventually discover some things and,because of a series of unintentional,interactions he gets caught up in a,violent world once again and has to use,all of his skills to protect those he,cares about or just himself,in many ways this is a john wick clone,he even has,gold in his basement but what does make,the film fresh,is the unique casting choice of one bob,odenkirk,as this ass kicker a role that i would,never in a million years believe,he would play and he crushes it he is so,phenomenal in this movie,its not only a very entertaining,performance a very comical performance,he gets a lot of laughs hes a total,badass in the movie and does most of the,stunt work and really nice wide shots,just like the john wick franchise and so,you can see this guy,killing people in horrific ways,constantly he impresses,so much in the film i loved him in the,movie he is easily the reason to see it,he is the main draw,and i would like to see him do more,things like this this is something weve,seen a lot lately you get an actor whos,mostly known for one thing,throw him in a weird violent action,movie or a horror film,like kevin james playing a neo-nazi in,becky,not the type of casting most of us ever,would have predicted,same with bob odenkirk playing a brutal,killer but what i also really liked,about his role in the film,is that hes not exactly like a john,wick type and that hes perfect he walks,into a room and waves his hands and,everybody just dies,he actually gets his ass kicked a lot in,the film for all the havoc he,reeks in this film he gets thrown,through a lot of glass windows as well,gets a lot of bones broken so he has,some vulnerability to him theres a,humanity there that you can latch on to,i love the john wick movies but keanu,reeves really makes a lot of that work,because even when hes being kind of,perfect in a fight scene he seems kind,of like hes struggling a little bit,like hes getting very frustrated by it,even though hes so good at what he does,here in a film like nobody bob,odenkirks character,seems like its hard for him because he,is older because hes not quite as,polished as some super agent,he was more of a fixer type of character,where he would go in and make sure that,somebody pays the money they owed so,even though hes really good at killing,people,its not exactly easy for him which,makes the character really fun,although towards the end he does kind of,become a little bit perfect and we get,that obligatory,shootout sequence where everything just,happens in a beautiful,choreographed cacophony of blood and,gore which,i must admit was very entertaining i,also quite like seeing christopher lloyd,do some really brutal things in the,movie that i dont want to get into,because its more exciting for you to,just see it,but all in all the things that made this,movie work,were the casting choices and the,direction is very good,the action is filmed very well its not,as kinetic,as the first person pov perspective of,hardcore henry but theres a lot of,style and the sequences are really,exciting,the villain in the movie is incredibly,weak however,he is a karaoke singing guy who will,kill you if you say the wrong thing and,then hell go sing karaoke it kind of,reminded me of only god for gibbs,he was a nothing character even in the,culmination of his presence near the end,which again im trying to,say this carefully he it didnt seem,like much of anything happened,the villainous presence in the movie,again,seems like an accident,like a series of mishaps led to this,thing that has to happen,its a very similar thing that happens,in john wick they,killed the wrong guys dog and theyre,kind of [ __ ] now,in this movie its a little bit,different it starts out kind of as a,bracelet but,eventually becomes something else and it,feels like the movie,occurred because of happenstance a lot,of coincidences had to happen,for the film to play out and it doesnt,feel as polished,from a narrative perspective there,really is no depth to be found in the,movie at all,very few characters i cared about mostly,its just an,entertaining film that occasionally is,kind of funny,and bob odenkirk is really entertaining,to watch,as an ass kicker but besides that the,movie doesnt really have much longevity,i found myself forgetting it,pretty quickly im going to give nobody,a b-minus,still i do think you should see it,because bob odenkirk put a lot of work,into this movie,and obviously the stunt people did as,well its an extremely well handled,production,from a action standpoint everyone did,great work,and it should be supported guys thank,you so much as always for watching but i,also want to give a big thank you to the,sponsor for this video dr squatch,dr squatch is changing the way men,approach hygiene by providing natural,healthy products that make you feel like,a man and smell like a champion,all of dr squatchs soaps are made in,the usa using the finest ingredients,nature has to,offer the ingredients are transparent 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Nobody – Movie Review

all right before we get started this is,the part where i think the sponsor of,this video this video is brought to you,by blinkist and if you dont know,blinkist is an app where theyve taken,over 3 000 non-fiction titles and,condensed them into 15 minutes you can,read those summaries or you can listen,to them like you would a youtube video,podcast,15 minute ted talk just in a world of so,much knowledge out there to ingest and,not enough time to even scratch the,surface i feel like blinkist came up,with a solution i do appreciate that for,example i was so pleased to see that,they had,cosmos by carl sagan a lot of great,knowledge in cosmos but i feel like,there are a lot of people out there who,dont have that knowledge because they,were like i dont have the time and now,less than 15 minutes can give you some,life-changing perspective from cosmos i,appreciate that and the first 100 people,to click the link below will get,unlimited access for one week to try it,out and if you like it youll get 25,off the full membership the trials for,seven days you can cancel any time so no,pressure and thank you once again to,blinkist for sponsoring this video,i do appreciate it all right now,this movie was surprising,nobody so nobody is the latest in these,john wick-esque movies about normal guy,who might be,secret badass and im actually going to,make more than a few john wick,comparisons in this video i dont mean,to make this a john wick comparison,video but im going to compare in the,sense of how they did things differently,not oh this one did it better than the,other its not like that but i feel its,important to talk about how the two,movies do things differently because,on the surface level if you give someone,the surface level description it sounds,very john wick heres the surface level,description,to nobody seemingly normal guy has a,random encounter with some seemingly,randomly normal douche bags those,randomly normal douche bags are tied to,some very high-powered russians,so now the high-powered russians are,going to come after normal guy and,theyre going to find out that normal,guy,might have been a super secret badass in,a previous life and theyre going to,regret it,right sounds very wick kind of like,mortal kombat and street fighter,both fighting games but theyre not the,same experience well first of all bob,odenkirk is great in this movie because,bob odenkirks a great actor we always,knew that like you know,he got big after breaking bad but in,breaking bad he was,the comic relief you know he was a,sleazy fast talking lawyer guy and he,was great in that role but it was better,call,saul where it was like oh you he really,gets to flex some dramatic,muscles in there flex those dramatic,muscles without losing,that which makes saul goodman so good,man i know people are like oh well ive,liked,bob odenkirk since well for me its,breaking bad,long story short we can all agree that,dudes a great actor,and he gets to show that in here because,this movies more of a i dont want to,say its a slow crawl or a slow burn,but theres a lot more build up than,lets say john wick has,john wicks like a thing happens switch,gets flipped,immediate badass and thats amazing and,thats what we come for the movie,nobodys a bit different you see this,guy in his life for a bit,you can see hes just emotionally,unfulfilled hes,sad he looks depressed which i really,like if i can just have one description,this is the only review you need this,line right here nobody is,john wick meets falling down with an,emotional character thats,more akin to david dunn and unbreakable,youre right like thats,thats what it reminded me of it,reminded me of david dunn and,unbreakable because hes just not,fulfilled with this normal life hes not,doing that which he is,called to do but rather than protect,like unbreakable,is kill people but also when hes like,all right time to get kick assin,kick assin roll with me here when hes,on the bus youre like oh its gonna go,down and hes like,quite simply im gonna [ __ ] you up,here we go but its not its not like he,just flips a switch and hes like im,back to action,like a splice like it never happened,like there was never any,gap like there wasnt a decade and a,long gap in between,nah hes a bit rusty he has to slough,off the rust he has to relearn its kind,of like,this is the sequel video game you know,in the first video game you max out your,character but they make a sequel theyre,like,well how do we nerf the character now in,the sequel somehow they have to have a,trinket,a sword an amulet time,that just makes the character forget,everything they learned in the previous,game so hes not completely op from the,start,thats like how this movie is he has to,remember how to be a badass he takes a,few hits hes kind of like,doomsday in the sense that any huge hit,he takes,he just gets better and stronger so i,like that i like that this movie was all,about,build-up there was a build of him being,a badass again they rolled out his,skills as the movie went on also i like,the slow reveal of his past you have,questions throughout this movie its,like what did this guy,do how badass is he is he actually the,badass we think he is there are little,things little easter eggs little,nuggets that you get where youre like,yeah definitely this guy has a secret,and thats a big thing i need to say in,this video because people just need to,know because when they think oh the john,wick isms like all right sweet lets,just pop it on action action action the,action is there and i,love it when it happens but its also,spread out in the movie its spaced out,with time to breathe in between with,these character building moments you,know its what makes this movie,stand out this doesnt try to be a john,wick wannabe,its its own thing i appreciate that and,it really is the bob odenkirk,show in this movie i mean connie nelson,i thought was great as his wife and,theres an intriguing story there and,they have their past its only lightly,alluded to,but i like that i like the fact that,this movie doesnt give you all the,answers it gives you the pieces and you,just kind of piece together the past,also there are a couple of supporting,characters in this movie not big roles,but christopher lloyd,rizza both great both amazing but if i,had to peg it,i mean its the bob odenkirk show i love,the editing in this movie too like there,were more than a few moments where i was,like that does seem like,breaking bad-esque you know like when,the actions going down,and just playing a song that you would,think would play,during a breaking bad cook segment maybe,im seeing the breaking bad link because,of bob odenkirk but i mean it felt like,that also a couple of moments with the,editing in general like this car crashes,like it was really cool edit the,editings creative theres talent in the,directing,the acting is great the premise is fun,and the character moments keep you,hooked and of course lets not forget,the actions completely kick ass in,theaters right now i believe its coming,to video on demand this weekend so this,review is,its nice and timely however you watch,it ill say its worth watching,and worth buying on blu-ray john wick,equalizer nobody,its a good trinity right there,father-son holy spirit style all right,so nobody have you seen it what did you,think about it are you planning on,watching it this weekend whatever you,think comment below let me know and as,always if you like what youve seen here,and you want to see more click right,here to see more,you

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Nobody – The Perfect Antidote To Modern Action Films

one of the great things about the world,today is strip clubs,that even the average man has access to,some of the finest food the world has,ever produced if youve got the money or,youre willing to hold the restaurant,staff at gunpoint you can indulge,yourself with beluga caviar filet mignon,seared lobster and vintage champagne and,dont get me wrong thats great and,everything but sometimes what you really,want is a big greasy cheeseburger with a,couple of pints of cold beer in other,words simple unpretentious food done,well and really i cant think of a,better metaphor to describe nobody an,action thriller about a retired cia,operative who gets drawn back into his,old life when he unintentionally,provokes the anger of a russian mobster,and if this all reminds you of a certain,other movie that begins with jon and,ends with wick then rest assured that,youre not the only one but dont worry,well talk more about that later first,of all lets talk about the plot well it,shouldnt take long believe me the film,centers around hutch mancell a seemingly,average guy living a decidedly average,life well apart from the fact hes,married to connie [ __ ] neilson,seriously youre punching above your,weight there my friends anyway the,opening scenes quickly established the,tedious grind of hutchs daily life hes,a quiet unassuming kind of guy who takes,the bus to work each day hes stuck in a,dead-end job his co-workers dont,respect him and even his kids arent,interested in him hes the sort of man,that you pass on the street a hundred,times a day and dont even notice but,things change for him one night when,armed robbers break into his home rather,than fight to defend his family he,instead recognizes them for the,frightened desperate criminals they are,and lets them escape unchallenged well,until he finds out that they took his,daughters bracelet and then things take,a very different turn,give me the god damn kitty cat bracelet,[ __ ] see it turns out that hutch,was once a cia assassin who left his old,life behind to settle down and start a,family and ever since hes been,struggling to repress the darker side of,his nature but when a bunch of drunken,thugs forced their way onto the bus that,hes riding home that part of him,finally finds an outlets,you know i couldnt help but compare the,scene to the bloodless bruiseless,disneyfied fight scene in shanghai where,people can take half a dozen punches to,the face without so much as messing up,their hair this one is a brutal violent,bloody slugging match with both sides,taken and given heavy punishment theres,real weight and damage behind every,punch and kick and i love how hot she,even comes back for more after getting,thrown out of a [ __ ] window reminds,me of that time i got refused service in,that pub in dundee but they learned,their lesson dear viewer believe that,anyway it turns out that one of the,[ __ ] on the receiving end of hachis,forceful personality adjustment was the,brother of a russian crime lords what,are the odds say naturally he wants some,payback so he sends the crew around to,hatchis house to administer some,personality adjustment of his own and,well you can pretty much imagine how,that turns out,so the movie basically escalates into a,full-scale war between the two men,culminating in a final explosive,shootout at the metal fabrication plant,where hatch works theres improvised,booby traps slow motion shootouts and a,200 year old christopher [ __ ] lloyd,work in a pump action shotgun like an,absolute boss,what more can you ask for i said before,theres a lot to be said for simple,concepts well executed and i think that,nobody is a perfect example of this the,plots as basic as they come in movies,like this a retired assassin forced back,into his old life to settle a score with,an evil crime lords its simple and,streamlined and the movie doesnt waste,a single second trying to embellish,something that fundamentally doesnt,need it the opening segment gives us,enough of an insight into the main,characters that we know exactly where,theyre at in life hutch and his wife,are your classic bored middle-aged,couple growing down by the monotony of,daily life and growing increasingly,distant from each other its the same,basic premise as harry and his wife from,true lies and it makes the same point,that perhaps we all need a bit of,adventure and danger from time to time,to stop us becoming dull and complacent,its a decent tried and true premise to,give a bit of depth to our characters,but the movie never lingers on it for,too long and i love the fact that when,hutch tells his wife to take herself and,the kids someplace safe she actually,[ __ ] listens to him for once in the,hands of a different writer the movie,would have gotten bogged down in the,relationship fallout of him lying about,his background or even had his family,get taken hostage for the climax but,instead the movies just like nah itll,be fine and as a result im fine with it,too as i mentioned earlier its not hard,to spot the echoes of john wick in this,film both feature conflicted men with,dark pasts pulled back into the life,they tried to leave behind in order to,wage a one-man war against an evil,russian crime lord determined to kill,them jesus they were even written and,produced by the same men i mean if it,aint broke dont fix it i guess the,difference though is in the detail of,the two characters whereas john wick was,very clearly a man you wouldnt want to,[ __ ] with even before he goes back into,his old life hutch genuinely looks like,an average joe who wouldnt hurt a fly,and ill have to give props to the,casting department on this one bob,odenkirk is probably the last guy on,earth youd picture as a kick-ass,assassin but somehow he manages to,switch from mild-mannered family man to,brutal killer in the blink of an eye and,make it seem like the most natural,transition in the worlds i also love how,he actually takes a real beating,throughout the movie whereas john wick,basically plows his way through dozens,of armed opponents without breaking a,sweat hutch really gets [ __ ] up along,the way he gets stabbed punched beaten,thrown through windows and shot and,somehow he just keeps going whereas wick,is cool well-dressed and menacing hutch,looks like he buys his clothes from the,discount island target all of these,different elements come together to,create a character that feels grounded,and believable with just enough,complexity to draw you in and get you,invested before kicking it into nofox,given action modes its simple but,undeniably effective ultimately nobody,is a refreshingly simple fun,unpretentious action film with enough,violence and set pieces to keep me,thoroughly entertained for its 90 minute,run time it never takes itself too,seriously it doesnt dwell too long on,the implications of its main events and,like any good action flick the ending,leaves open the possibility of a sequel,something id absolutely be up for and,really it feels like the perfect,antidote to the sanitized neutered,overblown cgi [ __ ] fests masquerading as,action movies today it certainly isnt,high brow stuff and i cant say it,breaks any new ground in the action,thriller genre but to be honest i dont,[ __ ] need it to every new movie,doesnt need to reinvent the wheel and,produce some revolutionary new viewing,experience sometimes in life it really,is okay to just kick back with a burger,and a beer,anyway thats all ive got for today,go away now

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Nobody | The Bus Fight in 4K HDR

so,oh,they say god doesnt close one  door without opening another,please god open that door,whether im right whether im wrong  whether i find a place in this world  ,or never belong ive gotta be me ive got  a baby what else can i be but what i am  ,i want to live not merely survive and i  wont give up this life that keeps me alive,this girls gonna get home safe tonight  i hope these [ __ ] like hospital food,a girl alone on a bus at night shes [  __ ] stupid its stupid right guys guys,what are you still doing here old man,im gonna [ __ ] you up,got it i got it,come on,god,what the [ __ ] are you saying moses,man are you,hmm,thank you,uh,ugh,sorry about the mess,you

Nobody Review

[Music],what are you still doing here old man,[Music],im gonna [ __ ] you up,dont get on bob odenkirks bad side,thats the entirety of both,text and subtext in the better call saul,stars new action vehicle,nobody and were here for it give me the,goddamn,kitty cat bracelet,from his origins and sketch comedy to,his dramatic work on breaking bad and,its spin-off odenkirks transition into,a pissed off as kicking old man,in the charles bronson liam neeson mold,feels both unexpected and entirely,appropriate,and its just one of the many joys of,this delightfully funny deliriously,violent action spectacle,nobody stars odenkirk as hutch mansell a,regular working stiff who feels boxed in,by the predictable monotony of his,work-a-day,existence a nice house where he keeps,forgetting to take out the trash a,beautiful wife he rarely sees and,a job working for in-laws who dont,particularly respect him,all while occasionally popping in to,visit his retired fbi agent dad,now its a life of perfect suburban,anonymity but things quickly change for,hutch when two burglars break into his,house in the middle of the night,prompting a confrontation,and a quest for restitution before long,hes caught up in a series of cascading,calamities involving russian mobsters,with,millions of dollars at stake exploding,houses and oh,so much blood spraying in oh so many,directions,who the [ __ ] are you me,im nobody now of course its not like,the permits itself is anything new,when you think about it the decent guy,whos had enough sub-genre has provided,a fruitful vein for both serious and,exploitation fare for everyone from the,aforementioned bronson and his storied,deathwish franchise to michael douglas,and falling down now its a scenario,offering easy cathartic engagement as we,place ourselves in similar situations,and imagine,what if in that sense oldenkirk is,probably one of the most perfect actors,in a while to inhabit these tropes with,his well-established everyman persona,and rumpled appearance allowing for,audience identification,and eventually some genuine surprises as,our presumptions are challenged that the,script is by john wick writer derek,holstadt will inevitably bring to mind,keanu reeves invincible assassin,but odin kirks very presence in the,lead role and the very normalcy he,presents,serves as a visual reminder that this,movie is doing something different,instead were pulled into the,characters headspace the early montages,depicting hutches every day drudgery,will have us relating to him even as we,actually know very little about him and,the process of seeing our presumptions,confirmed or challenged over the ensuing,90 minutes,makes the experience fruitful squeezing,out a lot of twists even as it goes,through what could have become some,pretty rote paces,there are some superficial echoes in,both content and tone of the recent,equalizer movies starring denzel,washington but,unlike those films there is a deafness,of touch in nobody as it balances satire,with seriousness in a way that arouses,genuine laughter at some of the,situations without ever losing its grip,on the actual stakes of the story the,filmmakers are in on the joke and want,to welcome us in too he looks like,dad you should see the other guy bob,odenkirk action hero,definitely wasnt something most of us,probably expected in our lives,but it turns out its exactly what was,missing,his role here allows the actor another,fascinating turn in an,acting career fairly filled with them,yes its gruesome and violent but,its also wickedly funny and,surprisingly poignant and while those,keanu comparisons are always going to be,there nobody easily holds a candle to,wick,for more on nobody find out what bob,odenkirk told us about how he became an,action hero and watched this behind the,scenes look at his training for the role,and as always be sure to follow and,subscribe wherever you like to watch,[Music],ign

Nobody (2021) – Movie Review

well all i got to say is if you need,some serious help and john wick is out,of the country,better call saul,[Music],[Applause],so nobody tells the story of a retired,government operative who fails to,protect himself,during a break in setting off a long,simmering rage,and putting him full force against a,russian mobster well the first huge,surprise of 2021 is here everybody,in the name of nobody better call saul,and breaking bad fans,and throwback ultra violent action fans,meet up at the movie theaters to check,out,this kick ass thrill ride i might be,letting the cat out of the bag very,early but im not going to contain,myself i,[ __ ] loved this movie first of all,i just love the genre itself for the,subgenre of these old revenge,action films i mean you get movies like,death wish you throw in john wick the,equalizer this is a movie that fits,very comfortably amongst those names and,for me,even rivals some of them so starting off,with the positives for nobody the first,one you got to give credit where credit,is due,bob odenkirk blew me away in this movie,if you would have told me,a year ago hell six months ago three,months ago,that better call saul is going to be,kicking ass in an action movie and,making john wick,look like he might not be able to handle,this guy i wouldve been like dude no,way theres no amount of camera trickery,thats going to make that guy who is,just a,career comedian become this kick-ass,grizzled action star its just not going,to happen but,well just say i didnt write the,address down in my day planner,well it happened apparently the dude,trained for like two years he,really wanted to take on this role push,his acting prowess to,the biggest boundaries that hes ever,done in his career and im here to tell,you,he does awesome all around doing this,hes intimidating,he still has some of that humor well,get into that a little bit i could used,a bit more,but the action side of things where he,needed to prove himself in this movie,with the physicality,with the stunt work and the choreography,and being somebody that you could,believe,could walk into a room full of russian,mobsters and make them piss their pants,he nailed it what are you still doing,here old man,[Applause],im gonna [ __ ] you up and talking about,the fighting the stunt work the,choreography its awesome here its,gonna get immediate comparisons to john,wick but,its not exactly john wick fighting i,would actually compare it more so to,something like,jack reacher its a little bit more,brutal hand to hand not really any of,the really quick,ultra technical gun foo thing thats,going on in john wick i understand the,comparison fast fighting thats the,easiest thing that we have to compare it,to recently but,its different it feels more brutal it,feels more like you can feel each punch,i mean even,bob odenkirks character himself is,getting his ass kicked along with,everybody else its not like hes never,getting hit in these fight scenes so,you almost feel like theyre more real,it feels like theres a little bit more,grounded sense to these fight scenes and,theres multiple ones throughout here,even the shooting scenes,even the car chase scenes i mean this,basically has action scenes,all around every single aspect that you,would look for in a traditional action,movie,its here and its done [ __ ] well i,loved how the movie continuously,escalated as well i was a little bit,worried when i saw the first trailer to,this that the trailer was giving away,all of the best parts of the movie and,im here to tell you it did not,it gives you a previews of some of them,but it doesnt even show you the best,parts of,those action sequences that it shows and,theres a lot more than the movie has to,offer that wasnt even,in the trailer so whole time im,watching the film i kept getting the,feeling that,this badass action scene that i just,watched was probably,the peak of the movie and from here its,all downhill and then the next sequence,would come 15 minutes later,and top the one that i just saw 15,minutes later topping that one,towards the end of the movie this huge,action bullet bloody extravaganza with,all of the main characters i was like,holy [ __ ] the movie just keeps going,keeps building,and man do i have a big old smile on my,face what can i say,i love violence just it just i dont,know it just touches me right here there,was even a few surprises along the way,with some,side characters that i didnt expect to,get on in the action,that were there and just made the action,sequence that much more fun,that they were there i mean when you,have doc brown carrying around a shotgun,mowing dudes down im like hell yes i,did not know i needed that in my life,but damn it,i needed that in my life i was also,impressed with the creativity the movie,had like,weve seen a dime a dozen movies that,end in some kind of a siege or some kind,of a home alone-esque type scenario,where theres going to be a bunch of,traps i mean movies like equalizer,movies like,rambo last blood weve seen them even,recently where it ends up in that type,of a climax and i was,impressed at how creative this movie got,with taking that in different directions,you know showing traps showing,utilizations of,grenades and shotguns and rebar and all,this stuff,in new ways that i had not seen them,before these action sequences would,still be badass if they even were a,little bit,you know familiar even if they were,doing some things that wed seen before,but the fact that they went the extra,mile and was trying to do something a,little bit different,it makes it that much more fun when,youre seeing people getting taken out,in all of these new bloody ways,and finally the movie does maintain a,really nice sense of humor throughout it,never takes itself,too seriously it doesnt have like this,really grounded,ultra stoic tone to it its having fun,along the way both with the soundtrack,with you know,even the way that some scenes play out,the way that it opens up where youre,getting this monday through,friday repetition of showing this guys,life where he keeps missing the,the trash day and just small little,subtle things throughout the movie keeps,this lighthearted tone throughout to,where,it kind of makes the action and the,blood and the violence that much more,effective because,you kind of come up and down in your,emotions as a viewer throughout this,its not just,ultraviolence all the way through where,youre just like in this dark place from,start to finish it does lighten it up,throughout the run time i only have one,mixed aspect in this and its really,just the fact that i kind of felt there,was a bit of a missed opportunity to,make bob odenkirk a bit funnier in this,i understand him being the character,that he is and trying to break away from,his,his type cast or what you would expect,his character to be that they wanted him,to be a little bit more serious and have,more the,the situational humor and even have some,of the side characters have a little bit,more of the,verbalized humor in the movie but i feel,like there was moments where you could,have some good,bob odenkirk you know saul goodman type,humor in here where it wouldnt really,take away that serious tone from his,character,not a huge complaint honestly like its,this big i love the movie to death,and its it even without that humor its,awesome but i could have used a little,bit more of that classic bob odenkirk,snark,now as far as the negatives i will tell,you right now me personally,i dont have any negatives for this the,only negative that im going to,acknowledge,is that its going to be a very easy,shot to take at this movie that it is,very similar to a lot of other action,movies like john wick like the equalizer,we have seen,on paper this type of plot multiple,times,but you know as a movie reviewer,sometimes you feel like you have to find,things about movies that you have to,point out oh they could have done this,better they could have done that better,and if you really want to pick apart a,movie li

Nobody reviewed by Mark Kermode

okay lets talk about nobody which one,of the the kind of,the the strange things about lockdown,was as you know i started watching,television,and i watched all of breaking bad and,then all of medical saw obviously there,was more of medical school to come so i,kind of fell in love with bob odenkirk,and i,i love the character of you know,slipping jimmy mcgill okay i saw goodman,and i was kind of surprised that bob,odenkirk was,now fronting an action movie from the,producer and screenwriter of john wick,which seemed surprising,so hes hutch hes this apparently shy,retiring worker drone we see him at the,beginning hes got a really boring life,his house gets broken into and theres,an opportunity to break some heads but,he doesnt do it,and everyones kind of thinking oh you,know i wish i broke it into my house i,would have shown them what for and his,son is disappointed,everyones disappointed in him in fact,hes not shy and retiring at all he is a,coiled spring he is a lethal weapon,who has got all these killer skills,because it turns out that he used to,work,as well he describes it um uh he,describes it,he says he was an auditor he said he,worked for some very dangerous people as,an auditor and the phrases he said,im the last person anyone wants to see,at their door because if you saw me it,meant you didnt have long to live,and hes put his past behind him to,settle down but now,partly due to the fact that hes that,one of the things thats happened is,that his daughter has lost her kitty cat,bracelet,he decides that he is going to to go out,and do the thing,that he can do and that nobody,apparently knew that he could do,he goes out looking for revenge heres a,clip agent mansell,fbi im looking so old,what your id is a badge,expired by about 20 years and im pretty,sure that aint you in the photo,so,who are you,[Music],im just a man,whos looking for someone yeah well you,probably shouldnt flash cheese like,that around here bro,there are three types of people who as,you say flash,cheese people who dont know any better,people who are seeking to intimidate and,people like me who wish with every fiber,there being,that someone would try to take it from,them,now i have to tell you i went into this,with,you know fairly low expectations and i,havent enjoyed myself as much,since greenland the film which i went,into with very low expectations and,actually,i think this is just terrific i mean it,sounds like okay its going to be,taken meets mr and mrs smith meets a,history of violence but,its absolutely bang on the money,bee movie exploitation trash done,brilliantly,um its very well directed by nishila,who made hardcore henry,a script by derek colstad and this great,central performance deadpan scent,performance by bob odenkirk,youve got um alexis cerebrikov as the,chewing the scenery as the nemesis whom,hatch finds himself,up against christopher lloyd as his,father who turns that,wow yeah i know honestly simon i,i cant say this enough it is such good,fun there are laugh out loud gags,there are really crunchy fight scenes,there is this just deliciously guilty,pleasure i mean theres a,you know theres a moment thats in the,trailer in which he gets onto a bus with,a whole bunch of,you know bad guys on it and hes got a,gun and he takes the gun and he drops,all the bullets out of the gun and they,say what are you doing he says,im going to melon farm you and its,honestly its so enjoyable its so,entertaining,its funny its smart its really well,directed,ive had loads of people because it,opened in cinemas on wednesday,loads of people got in touch to say wow,i,i enjoyed this so much and you have to,see it,its its like green land and ive i was,saying to people before,i cant you know i didnt find greenland,as enjoyable as you did,okay well i dont know what to say this,is,its just really entertaining,a-list b-movie exploitation trash,done really well and i i watched the,whole film with a grin on my face and i,just cant wait to go back and watch it,again and i know for a fact that,producer simon paul felt the same way,because afterwards after id watched it,we were texting each other lines from it,thats how much fun it is its just a,hoot,i want it to be on netflix then come on,i just i dont,i just im sorry to be on my television,im not distributing it simon,its not my fault is it not could you,not just send it to me,can i just oh yeah youve actually got,to go in,and watch it in the cinema okay sorry,just the way it is

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