1. NOBULL Shoes Review 2022: Trainer, Trainer+, Runners, and Lifters!
  3. NOBULL Trainer Plus Review
  5. NOBULL Runner+ is a Complete Surprise!
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NOBULL Shoes Review 2022: Trainer, Trainer+, Runners, and Lifters!

whats up guys amanda is the name garage,room reviews its the game and today i,am going to review one of the most,controversial shoes in crossfit and that,is the,the,uh,we get some some help over here,[Music],[Applause],okay so now that we got that figured out,today im going to be reviewing all of,the noble training shoes weve got the,original noble trainers the noble,lifters the noble runners and the brand,new trainer plus that ive been wearing,for a few weeks now all in all ive been,wearing nobles for four plus years back,when they were kind of a no-name brand,so im gonna go into the nitty-gritty of,noble and help you decide if the most,controversial crossfit shoe is for you,first im going to focus on these my,favorite pair of no bulls,well worry about those later these are,the original trainers theyre super beat,up you can see ive used them for,everything from rope climbs the logo,here is all faded out because ive been,using them for so long and honestly,everyone tells me they still look brand,new that right there is the first pro to,no bulls that ive noticed over the,years they stay looking good so if you,are into fitness and also fashion we,like noble that aside they are really a,solid training shoe if you want a stable,platform there are kind of two types of,people people who love noble trainers,thats me and people who hate,noble trainers and just refuse to wear,them because theyre so flat and stable,so you can kind of see the sole is,flexible but its super flat theres not,very much arch support in here but that,gives you such a solid stable base for,things like squats snatches deadlifts if,youre ever in a metcon where you have a,barbell and youre cycling the weight,super fast this is the kind of shoe you,want because you dont want a super like,thick rounded sole thats going to have,you rocking back and forth messing up,your stability these ones in particular,are my favorite the high tops because,theyre so good for rope climbs if you,have done rope climbs before you know,you can get those nasty nasty rope burns,going up and down your shins kind of on,your ankles and this will guard you like,no matter what your rope climb style is,you wont end up with that rope burn on,your ankles so those are all of the,top things that i love about noble,trainers circling back around to the,style i love this like monochromatic,look compared to something like the,nanos or the metcons that have a lot of,patterns and bright colors and a lot of,people hate that the nobles are so,monochromatic they do have some that,have patterns like they have floral,patterns and whatever but still the shoe,is very,simple i think someone on our team likes,to call them military slippers the looks,are not for everyone and then also the,super flat sole thats one of the things,i love about this shoe but its one of,the things that other people hate,theres not much arch support which is,good for certain movements bad for,others i personally wouldnt even wear,these for you know a running heavy,workout and definitely not if im just,going out to like go for a run um these,would not be my shoe of choice for that,and then a lot of people also,say that nobles arent very cushioned,and theyre not and thats why noble,created these trainers they were really,creative with the naming theyre called,trainer plus they do address pretty much,every single concern that people had,with the previous generation of trainers,you can tell just by looking at them,next to each other that the soles are,completely different so we went from a,minimal probably about a half inch width,sole here to a full inch like this shoe,is chunky its made out of a different,material so we have more compression,here which addresses the issue of the,flatness that people always say is the,reason why they dont like nobles,theres also more arch support in these,theres more contour in the shoe which,makes them a bit more comfortable than,this flat more like straighter shoe on,the previous version of the trainer,other than that though the trainer plus,its pretty similar weve got this whole,different bottom portion of the shoe,here with some thicker lugs but the,upper is the same so these have the same,texture,nice like waterproof which is really,great very similar shoe but it does,address the concerns that people had,with the prior generation of nobles if,you wanted to be a noble fan but you,kind of were like ah theyre just not,quite comfortable enough for me then the,trainer plus might be your answer to,that two of the biggest changes between,the trainer plus and the trainer are one,this super aggressive lug pattern they,have on the outsole here these lugs they,look about an eighth of an inch maybe,deep which is super super deep for an,outsole of a shoe that means like,traction is crazy and the reason noble,did this this is primarily a crossfit,shoe although you can wear them for any,type of training but the reason noble,made this lug pattern on the trainer,plus is for rope climbs here on the,inside the lug pattern continues which,is not something you normally see which,means these will like stick theyll be,sticky sticky on the rope when youre,going up and down so no worries about,like your shoes slipping through the,rope and losing your footing which is,definitely a fear for all of us amateur,crossfitters out there like myself and,then just in general on gym floors like,just sticky so box jumps double unders,whatever like youll feel that traction,more than you will with this lug pattern,on the old trainer which is still good,but this is objectively better and then,the second big difference is the midsole,so the new midsole on the trainer plus,is eva foam which is the same kind of,foam thats in the midsole of most,running shoes which means that theres a,lot more compression in the noble,trainer plus compared to,the regular noble trainer ive worn,these shoes for a handful of workouts,and then just like around town and,theres already some permanent,compression in the midsole which is not,great so i will definitely be keeping an,eye on that as i wear them more maybe,even taking a tape measure or something,to the shoe to see if it does have any,permanent compression over time its,definitely something to be aware of all,in all pretty similar shoe there are,some specific uses that i think makes,one better than the other in certain,scenarios so if youre doing a lot of,squatting dead lifting like just general,weightlifting,type movements i would recommend these,over the trainer plus because they are,more stable they dont have compression,which reduces the amount of wobble that,you might feel under a heavy barbell,these ones however are great if you need,shock absorption in any way whatsoever,um so if youre doing box jumps burpees,double unders running or even just being,outside the combination of the,additional traction and the additional,cushion,are going to be lifesavers for the,ankles and the knees okay so now were,done with the trainers these are,probably the most popular noble shoe and,were going to move into some less,popular nobles the runners,and the lifters,okay so we have the noble lifters here,and the noble runners here these arent,as well known as the trainers but still,pretty popular in uh the fitness world,going to talk about the runners first so,right off the bat i will tell you im,currently training for a triathlon and i,would not wear these theyre nice shoes,ill lead with that they look cool,theyre fun people get a lot of,compliments on them but theyre not,super secure this is the knit runner,specifically they have a couple of other,models but they dont hold your foot in,place super well unless you tighten the,laces like uncomfortably tight and then,they have this sock like little opening,here which personally i feel is is not,as secure as some running shoes that,have a more firm,opening for the foot here so despite the,less than ideal upper noble runners,actually do have a rather impressive,midsole theyre made of something ca


what is going on guys this is jake at,that fit friend and today were gonna be,doing a noble trainer shoedown so we,have the trainer plus versus the core,trainer versus the og noble trainer,which model should you go with which is,gonna be best for your needs lets talk,about it lets dive into our first topic,which is some major construction,differences that you can expect with,each of these models,so when it comes to the construction of,the trainer plus court trainer and noble,trainer there are a lot of similarities,that exist between these models i cover,those in my construction side by side,section that is time stamped down below,but in the context of construction,differences ive consolidated this,section into three key differences to,know which can influence each models,performance and overall durability so,the first major difference to note is,the outsole used in each model how it,wraps and basically the overall tread,patterning used in each shoe so over,here in the trainer plus and the court,trainer we have a herringbone tread,patterning and then over here in the,noble trainer we have a lug patterning,if you plan to use any of these models,for recreational gym use so if youre,using them for crossfit workouts or just,general lifting all of these outsole,patternings and their treads will work,really well on rubber gym floors wooden,platforms you name it so they should all,be pretty good performers in that,context now looking at some of the,subtle differences that exist between,the court trainer and the trainer plus,both have herringbone tread patternings,however the core trainers patterning is,a little bit more fine whereas the,trainer plus is a little bit more rigid,so if you plan to use the core trainer,for quartz sports which is one of the,ways it is designed to be used this is,going to be a way better model because,this gives you a little bit more bite,and grip when youre doing,multi-directional work than if you plan,to train outside or ever use your model,for grass training or some light gravel,the noble trainer plus can be a good,option to look into because these deeper,ridges in this harry mode tread,patterning grip a little bit better in,the lug patterning over here this model,is okay for those contacts but i would,honestly pass on the noble trainers,outsole if youre planning on doing,court sports or if you plan to train,outdoors i think these models will both,be better suited for that now lets talk,about the durability of each models,outsole so in every shoe you do have an,outsole wrap that covers the toe over,here in the noble trainer it is much,less aggressive so we have a lower,outsole wrap this outsole also extends,up the medial and lateral sidewall of,the midfoot this is to give you more,rope climbing assistance and then over,here in the core trainer and trainer,plus we have a slightly more aggressive,outsole wrap over the toe box in the,trainer plus we have a pretty standard,like just cover the toe wrap and then,over here in the core trainer we have a,full toe wrap and then we also have a,pretty beefy sidewall over here on the,forefoot of the medial side of the shoe,this is designed to prolong durability,if youre dragging the foot for doing,quartz sports or any form like,pickleball or tennis whatever it might,be and it is designed to give you a,little bit more bite when youre doing,push off so if youre driving through,that foot pushing laterally this will,give you a little bit more bite on the,cord now in regard to mid-foot wraps,with these outsoles the trainer plus,does feature a similar outsole wrap on,the midfoot on the lateral and medial,side of the shoes midfoot gives you a,nice bite for rope climbing that is not,present on the noble court trainer,however i do think this model grips,plenty fine for rope climb so if you do,want to use this model for crossfit,which ill talk about in a little bit it,will work just fine the second major,difference to note between these models,is their midsole constructions so in the,core trainer and the trainer plus,similar to the herringbone tread,patterning you can expect a slightly,similar midsole construction so both of,these models feature a slightly thicker,eva foam midsole this is designed to,give each of these shoes a little bit,more versatility and a little bit more,comfort since the court trainer is,designed to be used for court sports you,want a midsole that can give you a,little bit more pop and bounce and its,not going to be so dense to where its,going to get uncomfortable for longer,sessions and then for the trainer plus,this thicker midsole is designed to give,this shoe a slight edge for versatility,compared to the noble trainers lower,slightly more dense midsole so in the og,noble trainer you have a lower slightly,more dense midsole and for lifting and,for general crossfit this midsole is,awesome however it does lack that edge,for versatility that the court trainer,and trainer plus have the third,difference which i know might not seem,like a big difference to some folks is,the tongue construction used in each,model so over here in the noble trainer,we have a pretty standard thin,perforated like mesh tongue its pretty,thin in nature theres not a lot of,padding to it there is an external loop,here so it helps lock that tongue down,but overall you can have a little bit of,friction with this tongue when breaking,it in especially if youre wearing,no-show socks over here in the trainer,plus and the core trainer the tongues,are somewhat similar in regard to having,a little bit more material to them but,the noble trainer plus similarly has a,fairly thin mesh tongue its a little,bit softer on the internal side of the,shoe and it does have some perforated,texture to it so it does breathe pretty,well and then over here in the court,trainer and this is one of the added,benefits of this model that i really,like and i didnt realize i liked how i,started wearing them was the padded,tongue so in the core trainer we have a,padded tongue this is to prevent any,form of tongue bite when youre doing,cord sports or any form of,multi-directional work where you can,have some more tongue friction present,on the top of the foot so i like that,feature in the noble court trainer its,something subtle that you dont really,think about until youve worn all three,and then youre like oh wow like i do,like the padding in the court trainers,tongue but those are three construction,differences that i think are worth,noting about these models in regard to,their uppers and whatnot they are all,very similar ill talk about that later,on but now lets talk about the,performance of these shoes all right so,now weve talked about construction,differences lets talk about the,performance differences between all,these models so im going to break this,section into a few different parts ill,talk about which model is better for,crossfit which model is better for more,recreational and more general lifting,which model is better for versatile,training and then which model is better,for daily wear and shorter runs so in,the context of crossfit honestly i dont,think you can go wrong with any of these,models so what i will say is that i,would make your selection based off of a,couple of fit preferences that you might,have with your training shoes i would,say go with the noble trainer if you,like having a lower stack height in your,shoes and if you want something thats a,little bit more dense in nature in,regard to the firmness that you get from,the midsole i would say go with the,court trainer if youre somebody like,myself who also likes to play pickleball,on a regular basis or tennis and you,also like to do some style of crossfit,workout on a regular basis this model,will give you more durability for your,sport but also be a strong performer for,crossfit workouts if you want a shoe,that can do a little bit of like more,versatile training but then also add,some crossfit workouts in i would say,look into the trainer plus this model is,also g

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NOBULL Trainer Plus Review

whats going on everybody its joel here,and today were going to be talking,about the performance of the noble,trainer plus,[Music],all right so if you havent watched my,initial impressions and differences,video between the trainer and the,trainer plus i highly recommend that you,check that out before you watch this,video in that one i talked mainly about,the construction differences between the,two shoes and i give you my initial,thoughts today were mainly going to,focus on the performance aspects of the,trainer plus and what its been like to,be training in these for the last month,or so,but first off lets review the,construction and build quality of the,trainer plus so it still has the super,fabric upper,which is a bunch of little ceramic pod,that surround a greater mesh material,on the trainer plus though the mesh is,more perforated than it was on the,original trainer which basically i mean,theres really no perforations on the,original trainer so what that leads to,is a little bit more breathability and,in my use i didnt really notice them to,be that much more breathable i have both,of the shoes on right now and like i,really dont notice it uh but,to be honest with you i never really,noticed my feet like overheating or,getting too hot or anything so for me,that really hasnt been an issue and if,i dont notice it getting hot then,theyre probably breathable enough the,lacing system on the trainer plus has,also been improved over the original,trainer,and it basically uses like a strap kind,of lacing system so what happens is that,there are some eyelets that are tucked,away underneath the upper and those,eyelets connect into some straps that go,down the sides of the shoe basically,gives you a more customized fit when you,lace these guys up in comparison to the,more like direct lacing system of the,original noble trainers i thought the,fit and the mid-foot of the shoe was,pretty good on these but one thing that,i didnt like about the trainer plus and,this was the first thing i noticed when,i took them out of the box was that the,edges are really poorly cut on top of,the eyelets and i think i mean a lot of,people are going to see that as kind of,a small thing but to me its a huge,detail and like i feel like stuff like,that is going to keep noble from,actually being like a high-end brand,thats not pleasant to look at and i,think a lot of people will feel the same,way when they see this shoe and they,theyre spending 140 on something like,this but moving on the tongue of the,trainer plus is kind of the same micro,suede material,that was found on the original trainer,but its a little bit thicker its a,little bit more padded,theres some small perforations in,comparison to the bigger perforations i,thought that it was comfortable feeling,but i dont know why its not gusseted,on the side or anything because it tends,to want to slip around uh and that was a,huge complaint that people had on the,original trainer uh it was a quick,little fix,and they could have done it but its,oddly missing on the trainer plus the,insole of the trainer plus is pretty,much identical to the original trainer,and i didnt feel like it was lacking,some people disliked it but i thought it,was it was just fine its an,anatomically molded insert,and it gives you decent underfoot,cushioning like initial underfoot,cushioning,it doesnt slip around for me personally,and i heard ive heard that complaint in,the past,but these shoes are still fairly new so,well see how theyll hold up over time,all right so moving on to one of the,most touted new features of the trainer,plus and that is the increased midsole,so what they basically did was they took,the original midsole and double stuffed,it for the trainer plus so technically,there is a more,cushioned midsole,but it doesnt really feel that,different i think that if you are a,bigger person a heavier person you might,notice it more than uh like an average,sized person maybe a lighter person but,the actual feel of the midsole the feel,of the foam is pretty similar between,the two shoes and thats not a bad thing,for certain things but i wouldnt go and,say that its that much more comfortable,than the original trainer but it is for,sure a little bit more cushioned one,thing that is a huge difference between,the shoes is the outsole the grip of the,trainer plus is excellent i felt like,whatever surface that you put these,shoes on they did a really good job with,traction especially on the rope and,another thing that you will notice is,the increased contact area between the,two shoes which basically i want to say,is about 10 percent more but its very,very noticeable between the two shoes,the trainer plus is just that much more,stable than the original trainer but of,course with those material differences,youre going to get an increase of,weight i weighed the original trainer at,10.5 ounces and the trainer plus came in,at 13.1 ounces which honestly its not,terrible,but it is,not the direction you want to be going,in uh when youre upgrading a shoe and,the drop between the two shoes is still,a four millimeter drop all right so for,sizing your trainer plus im gonna,recommend that most people can probably,go down half a size with them so,initially when i bought the trainer plus,i bought them in my normal trading shoe,size which is a 10. uh the only area,that kind of bothered me was the,metatarsal area it did require a little,bit of breaking in but after that i,found the shoes to be pretty comfortable,but they had maybe a little bit too much,space,so i went and i tried the nine and a,half i sized down and with the nine and,a half i found that they were pretty,snug initially not totally uncomfortable,but my feet did or my toes made contact,with the front of the shoe after one,workout,my feet swelled up and when the blood,started pumping into them i found that,these shoes were very very uncomfortable,since then theyve broken in a little,bit more,but i still dont like the fact that my,toes are at the very front of the size,down shoe but do keep in mind that i do,have more its toe so my second toe is,bigger is longer than all of my other,toes if you do not have mortons toe,then i would say that sizing down is,probably okay if you had wide feet then,i probably would stick with your normal,training shoe size theyre not very,narrow but you definitely do not want to,be sizing them down if you have wide,feet if you have more in stowe then im,going to say youre probably going to,have to deal with your normal training,shoe size and the extra space that it,will have for you uh for me personally,im like in between a nine and a half,and a ten my right foots a little bit,bigger so im just going to have to deal,with a size 10 and a little bit more,space with the nine and a half they just,after a long workout they just become,too uncomfortable for me all right so,when it comes to flexibility and comfort,of the trainer plus im gonna say that,its kind of a wash between the original,trainer and the new ones so they did add,more midsole which should technically,add more,cushioning but not necessarily more,comfort i found that the trainer plus,was just its just generally,less flexible than the original trainers,which is one of the reasons why i like,the original trainers another thing that,is not that great between the two shoes,is that you do get more weight,between the original shoe and the,trainer plus so when it comes to running,if you are a heavy-footed person id say,you probably do better in the trainer,plus uh but if you are a like,pose runner youre used to doing like,mid-foot forefoot running then i think,the original trainer is probably going,to be still better for you i found that,in the trainer plus,it made me want to like heel strike a,lot more and just run more heavy footed,whereas the original trainer theyre,light on your feet theyre more flexible,and i actually im one of the people,that didnt mind running in the original,trainer uh but thats after years and,years and yea

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so in my opinion the biggest flaw with,these shoes here are you cant buy them,anywhere except for online and,personally I like to wear a pair of,shoes before I buy them I like to see if,they fit I may like to run around in,them a little bit walk around in them,just to see if I like them you know I,was very hesitant about buying these,guys now everybody that I know that owns,a pair says that they absolutely love,them that theyre beautiful they work,for everything now Im going to give you,my opinion and what they work for what,they dont work for so I wore these for,work for working out for running Ill,let you know what I think about Everyday,Use versus working out and running so,Everyday Use I enjoy them theyre,comfortable as you can see here they are,a pretty flat shoe unlike a running shoe,where the front will actually come up a,little bit as well as the back these are,pretty flat so therefore working out in,them doing squats jumping around,pretty much doing anything deadlifts uh,whatever in the gym these are Fantastic,Four now the one thing that I do not,like them for is running so Im going to,show you a pair of runner shoes and then,Im going to show you these shoes again,so you can see the difference so my,running shoes are absolutely destroyed,at the moment these are the shoes that I,wear my marathon in so if you take a,look at these here,you can see that theres a curve at the,top,and then in the back its a little bit,of a curve as well help with your foot,when running and if you look at the,Nobles again,you can see that there isnt really much,of a curve in the front and the shoes,are pretty flat so Im going to hold,them up here side by side so as you can,see the bottoms are different,um so the Nobles when I run in these,guys they actually hurt my feet pretty,bad,because you know we all go to the gym,sometimes and we forget a piece of,equipment like my running shoes and I,have to run on the uh the treadmill with,those guys and honestly I do it but it,hurts when it comes to Noble they are,known for CrossFit so they sponsored the,CrossFit Games they sponsor some,different athletes that are in the,CrossFit now theyre huge crossfit shoes,and everyone that I talk to that own a,pair most of them do do CrossFit so,thats why I got a pair is because I was,in the CrossFit for a little bit and,everyone I talk to love these shoes just,like I said so I do running and,weightlifting and then a little bit of,CrossFit here and there I dont do it as,much anymore but like I said I love them,for weightlifting everyday use,but for running uh not so much so the,pair that I bought were 150 I think the,cheapest pair is 120 on their website,and it goes all the way up to 200 some,which is crazy for a pair of shoes that,you need to buy without actually wearing,them first you have to just hope that,you place an order and that you get the,right size because some shoes as you,know they run a little small or run a,little big these I would say,run maybe a little little big but its,probably just these specific shoes like,I said these are the noble trainers,um they do have runner shoes they do,have trainer pluses I havent bought any,pair of those because I just wanted to,try these out because everyones woohoo,about Noble I wanted to give it a try,and honestly I think I might get another,pair,the only thing is they are a hundred,fifty dollars when I could go to,Footlocker and spend ninety dollars on a,decent pair of shoes,um,that is probably the biggest downfall I,would say but my running shoes they were,150 as well but I mean I use and abuse,them as you saw uh they were neon green,and now they are this brownish color so,I do do a lot of Trail runs,um these are not made for Trails theyre,mainly made for like gravel running,which I do a lot of but that color green,is just bound to get dirty well anyway I,hope that this was an honest review of,the noble trainers I hope that you go,ahead and maybe try a pair I mean they,are expensive 150 for a pair of shoes is,a a decent price to not wear them as I,said well anyway hope you enjoyed the,video see you next one

NOBULL Runner+ is a Complete Surprise!

[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],whats up how we doing thanks for coming,back through,today got my hands on one that uh is,really interesting,um,because of the brand that made it,because of some of the shape and,construction,you can tell the pedigree of the shoe,despite its name,its style factor is unique,even if spartan,today we are going to be discussing,the noble,runner plus,now,the name is pretty straightforward,thats what they do uh they are a a,lifting and crossfit,uh gym brand,their main focus,is that so theyre not going to get too,fancy when it comes to,the naming of things you know a lot of,their shoes are very spartan very,straightforward um they are meant for,lifting flat platforms that kind of,thing,um they did however come out a couple,years back,a few years now,with a really fantastic trainer,called the noble runner quite frankly,quite straightforward,this is obviously,the plus version of that,plus for several reasons but this was a,fantastic trainer great colorways ran,the gamut from,uh this bright yellow all the way to a,maroon,um a black a leather version,they had a mid cut like this they had a,low top so,lots on this tooling of uh blown and,molded eva,maintained a pretty soft ride for a,while and then like all eva it started,to diminish,um icy bottoms like this was a pretty,dope and surprising shoe,um the branding was bold and for the,company to come out,straight away,into a trainer after several versions of,successful lifting shoes that they had,done,and and crossfit shoes this was a,surprise well years later now,they have followed the trend of high,stack shoes,im getting into,some of that people-based foam,this is definitely piba,not the same material as boost or tpe,but,this one is,its its kind of hard to get your head,wrapped around,lets start with the look,because of that really boxy profile,you can tell it has the pedigree of,a runner,made by a crossfit company,this is made for,your more heavier set types who are,going to be lifting doing some running,more run based crossfit or cross,training,its a chunky shoe,when you look at the profile of the shoe,its big,you know that toe cap is not a delicate,runner its not a speedy looking runner,its more of a sturdy runner,theyre very uh unique mesh that open,mesh its very very open all the way,through,one piece construction really,um not necessarily a booty or a sock,like construction this is traditional,mesh so it is not stretchy at all,its airy though it is wide open,and you can actually kind of see your,foot through the holes when you have it,on,um your socks will change the color,basically thats how open this mesh is,and i appreciate that ive had them on,for the last couple days,i really do like the the feel of that,open mesh i will say,its a very wide shoe,okay so your toe box has a ton of room,what ive had to do is change the,insoles i put one of my people-based,insoles in there and swapped out the,original insole,um because the fit is a little more open,and i need to fill some of that space,with my narrow foot,uh your traditional lacing system,uh,pretty straightforward again theyre not,uh fooling you with any tricks any,specialty lacing any anything like that,its straightforward um theyve got,metal eyelets i think theyre metal no,no theyre my mistake they are,kind of rubbery plastic,eyelet coverings in the holes for secure,pull,um flat lace,pretty straightforward,one element i do like is their noble,logo is actually reflective,i dont know if i can get you a look at,that now large noble branding there but,thats all you see they dont,necessarily have a supporting logo or,anything like a swoosh or an under,armour has,its just their name so its pretty,spartan pretty straightforward,its a good looking silhouette its a,good cut,its just chunky,you know in most shoes that have this,type of stack height,this type of chunk to them,you are going to feel a really plush,ride with these its pretty stiff,so again,its packed in with that piba material,so it is soft,but theres enough of it in there that,the density of this particular model is,really really,uh stiff,so you can lift in this shoe which makes,sense because it is a crossfit company,making a running shoe not a running,company trying to go up into crossfit,they know their niche market they know,how to fill it and their market wanted,to get in on that stack height world,well theyve done it,you can see theres not a lot of drop,off here at the kicker,its a really super flat profile with,this sort of uh,major crisscross pattern,sorry buying or dirty,ive been in mine in the last couple,days working out got plenty of grip its,a gum rubber sole,major crisscross pattern that kind of,acts like a herringbone,but,its nothing extravagant its a pretty,straightforward,much like the gym,you know sort of iron paradise runner,if youre a lifting person if youre a,crossfitter if youre someone who lives,in the gym and not necessarily on a,track,this is probably going to work well for,you because it can hold up its got the,profile of a of a lifting shoe mixed,with a running shoe the cushioning of a,runner,and uh oh,did i forget to mention,its got a nylon plate in it,so the stiffness of the shoe goes up,even more,where,most gym shoes are flat profile putting,your foot on the ground squarely so that,you can transfer the power in your,lifting,um,this will do a similar thing for you,its got the cushioning of an over,stacked runner it does not have the bend,or the kick or the running,rocker motion profile but what it does,have is a is a nylon plate,inside not as stiff as carbon fiber but,then you put that with this super stiff,stack of people foam,and uh its pretty stout i could lift in,this no problem youre not going to be,giving up a ton of leverage and power if,youre lifting in this shoe,but running in it,its uh its a little clunky,it its again its not delicate it,doesnt have the rocker roll or feel,but it is definitely comfortable,it is definitely an all-day wear walker,its got the really,simple look of pairing it with shorts,jeans,joggers for sure looking great,so for the style quotient of it for the,style part of things,its a winner,um im loving what its looking like im,loving how it feels uh again ive gone,from day to night in these,work to gym i had a meeting actually had,a meeting at a crossfit gym whos now a,design client of mine uh wore these,fit right in think i might have earned,some cool points because noble is a big,brand in that world still want to put it,through some more of the paces,but i am actually extremely,happy,with my purchase,um its just more a matter of what,category does it fit in ive got,everything from technical runners,uh to casual more run inspired looking,shoes ive got super high stacks and,specialty foams ive got,soft,mushy high stack specialty foams ive,got more low stack,ground feel,carbon fiber nylon plate torsion bar got,them all,i can honestly say i dont have anything,like this,for that reason,im liking this shoe,its unique in my collection and not,saying something,to be unique in my collection,so uh they do come in various colors,they come in right now black,a sort of uh,berry red,and this white,i do anticipate that they will have,other colors again their runner this is,the runner plus remember,their runner,came in a bunch of colors and varieties,theres already released,a,floral version in which they did get,floral print onto the mesh and onto the,midsole tooling so ill be looking at,maybe trying to get my hands on that one,and review that one for you,something with a little more flash to go,with this very plain version is a good,one to punch,so the no bull,trainer plus,appreciate you rocking with me as usual,there will always be more to come as,soon as i can get my hands on some,things you know me nobody sending me,stuff my opinions are my own my kicks,are well worn and i hope you stay with,me alright peace,[Music]

NOBULL TRAINER+ | Unboxing, First Impressions, Try-On

what is going on guys this is jake at,that fit friend and today were going to,be doing an unboxing a try on and a,first workout thoughts on the noble,trainer plus so this is an exciting,video because it has been a while since,we have received like a big core,construction update to the traditional,noble trainer so the super fabric,trainer so i have done my best over the,last couple of weeks to not look a ton,into this shoe i ordered these mobaly,when i was on a trip the other week,literally the day they came out paid for,expedited shipping took like eight days,so just dont do what i did just pay for,standard shipping but that being said,like i didnt look at the specs ive,been trying my best when i get hit with,the targeted noble ads to like not look,too deep into the shoe because i wanted,to save my first true impressions for,this video so that being said lets go,ahead and unbox these puppies so this is,the super fabric trainer plus so im,curious as to,what the plus is in this model because,they are a little bit more expensive,than the traditional noble trainer so,opening it up i have the standard noble,packaging here,so boom,noble trainer plus,take out the filling and the shoe and,the stuffing so im already noticing a,couple differences just touching these,for the first time and so,two,big updates to the shoe what it looks,like is the midsole and outsole so in,this model it seems like we have a,thicker midsole and a reworked rubber,outsole patterning here overall like the,design actually looks pretty similar in,regard to like the medial and lateral,side of the midsole and outsole the shoe,the super fabric feels pretty similar,im gonna do a side by side comparison,and actually see if there are any,updates to the super fabric upper and,the trainer plus but they do feel pretty,similar it looks like we have similar,noble branding on the heel back here and,the posterior lateral heel and then for,the tongue itself it also feels pretty,similar we still have some preparation,throughout perforation throughout and,then as a whole,im curious as to,why they increased the stack height and,thickness of the midsole and reworked,the outsole patterning because if,anything i thought the midsole and,outsole were pretty good in the noble,trainer like could they be reworked a,little bit yeah like i think the outsole,patterning could have been redone in the,traditional noble trainer but i like,that midsole and if anything i would say,like why not rework it to where its a,little bit lower to the ground but still,give you a nice stable and versatile,feel so im curious as to why they,increase the stack height of this model,because that will change biomechanics in,some exercises and it does feel a little,bit heavier than the regular noble,trainer after my workout i will weigh,this trainer compared to the noble,trainer because i am curious how much of,a difference there is because if im,noticing it feeling it right out of the,box i want to see what the actual,numbers read as but as a whole,i dont know like im im very,interested as to,why they tweaked the midsole and outsole,in this manner and if its actually,worth the extra money like is this shoe,worth it over the noble trainer which,is already kind of like a no-frills shoe,for the price so is this shoe worth the,additional ten dollars thats the better,question i dont know im curious to see,how this performs i like how my regular,noble trainer performs but im,interested to see how the stack height,influences lifts and it also looks like,we have a good amount of toe spring up,here in the toe as well which is also,very interesting i have a deadlift,workout today and some active recovery,work i love doing my first impressions,videos for this style of training,because it gives me a nice like kind of,lighter more versatile session to break,shoes in that isnt so demanding but,that all being said guys i will see you,for the post-workout breakdown to share,some thoughts on the noble trainer plus,[Music],hello,[Music],all right so first workout done in the,noble trainer plus and a couple of,thoughts number one i do like this,reworked outsole patterning and the grip,it gives so when doing my sled work i,really liked how this grip the turf and,i think this is actually a better move,for this shoe in general compared to,that lug patterning in the original not,that this is a bad outsole tread by any,means but if you are somebody who trains,outside a lot or on turf i do like this,outsole tread patterning i think youre,gonna get a lot of grip from it the,second thing is im actually not the,biggest fan of the increased midsole,thickness so if you look on their,product page its to increase the,comfort and support in this model and,truthfully like,i dont necessarily think its a better,thing for a lot of different cross,training settings having a thicker,midsole but granted like that might be,my internal bias because i like having a,slightly lower profile shoe that sits a,bit lower to the ground i think you get,a lot more ground feedback from that,style of shoe and when you increase the,stack height it is going to change the,biomechanics in the shoe a little bit so,like when dead lifting and doing some,cleans i did notice that i would have to,position my hips a little bit,differently and thats just because the,height difference of the shoe and how,high your foot is sitting and the only,reason i do notice that is because with,all the shoe reviews i do and with,training and barefoot shoes like you can,recognize like difference in stack,heights with different cross training,shoes and when you train barefoot etc so,you will see a slight difference in your,overall mechanics and some of the,movements from the floor so deadlifts,cleans etc the third thing to note about,this shoe is that i actually think,theres a bit more volume in this model,compared to the noble trainer so i think,that could be a good thing for anybody,who has their own custom inserts and,insoles and they want to get a pair of,noble trainers so this might be a better,option for anybody who needs a bit more,volume in the mid foot and forefoot in,their shoe the fourth thing to note and,i said this earlier is that i wanted to,weigh the models so in my size 10 noble,trainer here we have a weight of 10.65,ounces and then in the noble trainer,plus we have a weight of 12.8 ounces so,not the biggest deal and i dont think a,lot of folks will really notice that,difference in their training sessions,but it kind of speaks to like the,thickness of this midsole and how this,shoe feels a little bit more clunky and,blocky at times and then when chatting,on sizing and fit if you are interested,in this model and you want to grab it,before the full review i think you,should be safe going true to size the,length fits true and the width is what i,would describe as like a neutral width,so this shoe never really felt limiting,by any means for my training session,today and i never feel cramped in the,toe box in regard to width or length so,i will have more definitive sizing and,fit thoughts in the full review because,i want to use them in different settings,for like shorter runs some plyometrics,etc so stay tuned for that that will be,mentioned in the full review in the next,couple of weeks for an increased price,point like,im not exactly sold that this is better,than the noble trainer i do think there,are a few niche areas where the shoe,might take the cake however when it,comes to this shoes performance and the,pros and cons that come along with this,model i want to get more sessions in so,i could draw more context and then we,could more definitively say like is this,shoe worth the extra price point is it,better than the noble trainer if youre,looking into noble cross training shoes,so that all being said guys if you have,any questions in the meantime hit me in,the comments below or reach out to me,personally expect a review of these in,the next couple of weeks i have a couple,of shoes in the queue and i


hello everyone today were gonna cut,open a no-bull shoot nobles are some of,those popular shoes that are out there,Ive had a pair for ever since they came,out with the original version which is,probably about four or five years now,but were gonna cut open a pair see,whats inside see what its all about,[Music],so heres the layout these are a pair of,noble shoes shout out to my buddy Cory,for letting me cut his open these are an,old pair that he no longer wears I,didnt want to cut up in my pair cuz I,still wear mine I never trained in these,I actually just wear these to walk,around in my opinion Nobles arent the,most comfortable shoe to train I prefer,nanos but I do know that a lot of people,love nobles in fact theyre my wifes,favorite shoe theyre my so my buddys,favorite shoes I see them all over,everybody likes them so I wanted to,figure out why are they so dang,expensive this has to be the question,youre asking yourself is why are nobles,so expensive because if you go buy a,pair you realize very quickly that,theyre more expensive than say a metcon,or a nano or some of those other shoes I,dont know why theyre so expensive it,could just be because of the name its a,sweet name and they have unique products,and theyre not running as much volume,as Nike and Reebok are you know theyre,more of a boutique shoe company theyre,also using this super fabric right here,but they really only have a couple shoe,styles they have these which these are,pretty much the same this is the first,version this is the second version for,those that are out there maybe shopping,for these secondhand the way you can,tell if – the first the second the first,ones have a different bottom than the,second ones other than that theres,definitely some changes that were made,but overall thats the difference but,they also make their knit runners which,I love weve done a review up video on,those I love these things I dont run in,them either running them sometimes but I,mainly just wear them because I think,theyre cool looking shoe and then they,have like a high-top – some weight,lifters but these are really their creme,de la creme these are the ones theyre,known for these are ones that theyre,most popular and so what I want to do is,I want to cut them in half and I want to,see you know what Kaunas is used in the,insole whats using the outsole you know,what kind of foam are they using any you,know high density low density foam are,they using any you know shanks or shock,absorbers different things like that so,we can kind of figure out why theyre so,expensive or if theyre just a normal,built shoe and really youre just paying,for the look and the name which is fine,because I have stuff like that – okay,obviously I bought these and these,okay so lets get into it the way Im,gonna do this just so you know this is,the first shoe Ive ever cut in half,this video is popular enough well,probably cut open a metcon and the Nano,and maybe some weightlifter shoes that,would be sweet now if I was a,professional at this Id probably have a,bandsaw bench bandsaw right here and I,could just throw this through but today,were gonna be using a box knife okay I,use box nice a lot to open boxes and I,got a new blade so this shouldnt be,that bad but before I do Im gonna go,ahead and sharpie this bad boy down the,half so I have kind of a guiding line,where Im going okay now before I cut,into this this fabric here is called,super fabric in fact when I first got,this pair I tried stabbing him with a,knife and without like giving it a ton,of force I couldnt go in so these may,be a little bit difficult to cut through,because this super fabric is supposed to,be basically impenetrable but well go,ahead and cut through it the best we can,okay,not that bad those laces we can just,take these bad boys out theres nothing,special about these laces in fact I,really dont like these laces I replaced,them in these and theyre just not very,good they did update the tongue on these,bad boys as you can see its a thinner,tongue versus this one well be able to,see if theres anything in the side,back Im sure Im gonna get comments,from people saying Im cutting the wrong,way or the wrong direction or something,like that okay were through the top,half mostly okay sweet itd be a sick,looking shoe easy air 360 boosts okay,now well go through the back right here,there we go and this knife is sharp okay,Im trying to do this without cutting,myself,whoa do you hear that cutting into,something this is honestly a testament,to how tough these shoes are because Im,putting quite a bit of force on here and,these are not the easiest shoes Ive,ever cut into fact theyre the only,shoes Ive cut into but they its harder,than I thought itd be okay we are,getting through baby youre getting,through okay there you go starting to,separate whoo theyre breaking apart,okay shes got this last little bit on,the heel and this part here okay we have,these bad boys fully separated cutting,in half,oh this is an expensive pair of shoes,cut in half but I wanted to make sure,that you know these were ones that were,used and werent new so they may be a,little bit compressed but I havent seen,these yet I havent opened them up yet,so well see them at the same time okay,okay so this is a very basic,construction this is an extremely basic,construction I was excited to see more,here so if youve ever seen any shoes,that are cut open that are like boots,lets say Doc Martens timberlands or,maybe your running shoes theyre gonna,have multiple layers of like rubber and,you know rubber or like low density,plastic high-density plastics high,density rubbers things like that this is,really a basic shoe here,the center of it but yeah okay now so,this is our basic setup here Im gonna,cut through this more so we can kind of,take a look at it but one thing Im,already noticing is its just this,single its the outsole and then theres,this single layer of really high-density,foam and then theres the insole and,then well I guess this is kind of an,insole this is too but then it attaches,so if you compress this you can tell,like theres not much give here one,thats great for squatting because,youre you know squatting on a flat you,know youre squatting on a firm surface,however thats not very great for,running I know a lot of people use these,for running and this same foam thats in,the heel is also in the toe its just a,little bit thinner I mean I think these,are a four to five millimeter drop so,that means its just dropping slightly,over time so its not a perfectly flat,shoe but I would have expected a little,bit more maybe some sort of shock,protection here for those that are like,to impose method running things like,that but Ill tear these apart more and,we can see maybe theres something in,there that I havent seen yet so well,do that now,okay so we have a little bit better lay,the land now that have kind of taken,this apart there wasnt really anything,surprising about what happens when I,took this off theres an extra piece of,fabric underneath this that was glued to,it very hard to get off you know when,people say with Nobles is their really,durable Ive had these since they came,out and I have use them in training but,I mostly just wear around but I went,around a lot and they are super durable,and one of the reasons theyre so,durable is just because its a simple,built shoe theres not a lot to really,break off and go wrong,just how it is I know my buddy Corey,whod been using these for 3 to 3 years,he used them every training session he,coaches to so you know theyve last a,long time but basically you have your,insole and then the piece thats,attached the insole I think is called an,insole as well but really I think kind,of where these get expensive for noble,maybe is the fabric so if you want to,get close here you can see they have,this super fabric on top so this is the,fabric that basically is supposedly you,know I dont say its impenetrable but,they used word it verbage thats like,this is gonna last

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