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  6. Nokia X100 Unboxing & Impressions!
  7. Nokia X100 unboxing and first look at features Metro By T-Mobile

Nokia X100 Unboxing, Hands-On & First Impressions!

whats going on guys my name is wade,with tech daily and in this video we are,checking out the nokia x100 now this,isnt exactly a new new phone it came,out a couple of months ago but i wanted,to take a look at it mainly because in,the like sub 250 budget smartphone space,this device i believe offers fewer,compromises and more bang for your buck,than say some of samsungs a series,phones for example or motorola devices,in that same price range and i think,that says a lot about this device i am,definitely going to highlight those,standout features and fill you in on,everything else you need to know about,the nokia x100 but first things first,let me just quickly unbox this thing and,show you what all comes inside the,package when you buy one so inside this,somewhat unique box the first thing,youll find is the phone itself of,course still advertising a dedicated,google assistant button on the wrapping,for whatever reason digging a little,deeper here theres also a sim ejector,tool taped down to a piece of cardboard,so dont forget to grab that if you need,it theres also a fat stack of paperwork,and instructions for your reading,pleasure and one more small box of,accessories that includes a usb 8 usbc,cable and an 18 watt wall plug for,charging so with all that stuff out of,the way here is the nokia x100 once,again and if im being totally honest,theres more than a few characteristics,im sure you can pick out that hint at,the fact that this is a lower end budget,tiered device but looks can be deceiving,so lets get into what exactly this,phone offers at its price point and by,the way like i kind of alluded to,already the price for the nokia x100 is,going to be around 250 from the likes of,t-mobile and metro unlocked and around,the world ive found it priced similarly,230 to 260 bucks give or take overall,definitely very reasonable and ill,leave some links down below in the video,description to where you can get this,phone at its cheapest current prices if,youre interested so physically i think,you can tell already that the nokia x100,is a big device and in fact correct me,if im wrong but i believe this is the,largest device overall that ive tested,out likely in the last six or seven,months at least the screen size alone,comes in at 6.67,inches thats the usable display area,corner to corner but that display is,obviously framed by some of the thickest,borders ive seen in a while those black,bars extend all the way around this,phone and across the bottom theres an,even thicker sort of chin area with,plenty of space for that nokia logo in,the hand this phone absolutely feels big,and those thick bezels make it just a,little tougher to stretch and reach,different areas of the screen with one,thumb if you like big phones this is,about as big as it gets but with just a,78 screen to body ratio there is some,added unnecessary bulk that could get in,your way the back side of the x100 is,all plastic nokia finished this phone,off with a subtle metallic bluish,grayish colorway they call it midnight,blue its the only color option and it,does look pretty nice but it certainly,feels like plastic theres no hiding,that the sides and edges appear to be a,metal-like material and that at least,gives the phone some weight and a more,sturdy feel the sloping curvy tapered,sides and thin edges do make the phone,feel a little more manageable which is,nice but all in all this is a phone that,is absolutely a handful and by the way,there doesnt appear to be any water,resistance rating or splash proofing,here now taking a look around at,everything else i think youll find that,the nokia x100 is what i like to call at,least a very well-rounded device you get,a dual sim and sd card tray for,expandable storage which is great though,on this phone you may not need it since,it packs 128 gigs of onboard storage,already theres also that dedicated,google assistant button which is,unnecessary but fine i suppose on the,right your usual volume buttons and,power button there that does double as,your fingerprint sensor its quick and,accurate and easy to use i definitely,like having it there across the bottom,the good old headphone jack is still,present alongside the usbc port for,charging and downward firing speaker,setup theres a standalone earpiece up,front at the top the center hole punch,selfie camera and around back that very,recognizable oversized zeiss camera,setup that youll find on a lot of nokia,devices and ill talk more about that in,just a minute jumping back to the,display though i want to dive a little,deeper now into the specs and viewing,experience because this is an area where,nokia i think has a little bit of a leg,up on some of its competition so we know,its big 6.67 inches like i mentioned,before it is also an ips lcd panel and,it comes in at a resolution of 2400 by,1080 packing in some 395 pixels per inch,and surprisingly it is that resolution,that i want to touch on now in 2022,offering a full hd display on a,smartphone shouldnt be a big deal but,when motorolas moto g power and moto g,pure for example are just as large lcd,screens but at 720 resolution you can,see why the nokia x100 might be a better,option its actually a similar story,with samsung too the a03s a13 5g a 22 a,32 5g all 720 resolution and mainly lcd,screens now yes a couple of those phones,i mentioned at least offer 90 hertz that,smoother more responsive feel this phone,doesnt have that but if clarity and,pixel peeping is your thing if you want,a sharp crisp display even from an inch,or two away from your face this is where,the x100 shines and the rest of the,viewing experience is pretty good too i,consider this display to be relatively,bright but color wise this default,profile is very cool its very blue i,noticed that almost immediately and that,takes away a little bit from maybe more,balanced more colorful more natural,looking screen setup overall though this,big display packs in a lot of detail,more than some other similarly priced,devices thats the advantage you gain in,going with this phone when it comes to,the display and it is a surprising,advantage for sure coming from the likes,of nokia and directly comparing that to,samsung and motorola by the way the out,loud listening experience on this phone,is good not great its just a single,speaker setup so you cant have too high,of expectations and heres a quick sound,sample so you can at least get an idea,[Music],with the performance and specs and,software experience overall i consider,the x 100 to have maybe three pros and a,con heres whats good 128 gigs of,storage standard with the sd card slot,six gigs of ram as well to cut through,games movies work multitasking and,everything in between and a bare bones,stock android experience out of the box,with no bloatware no pre-installed apps,outside of googles own suite and no,unnecessary custom skin or setups to,learn or to configure so all that stuff,is good the only con really and its a,minor one at that is the processor this,phone is powered by the qualcomm,snapdragon 480 5g chipset its a lower,tier processor not unexpected at this,price point and pretty much what nokia,crams inside a lot of their phones,nowadays and on the one hand it is at,its core a snapdragon 5g chipset some,people even say performance wise its,comparable to like a 700 series and,really it does perform very well but it,is more than a year old now and in the,tech world thats a full release cycle,even for processors like i said though,you wont come across too many issues in,using the phone i havent yet at least,this phone can handle a lot considering,what it is and honestly the biggest,disadvantage at this point is just the,fact that its still on android 11. and,nokias software support has not been,great over the years but its hard to,ignore the fact that this phone sort of,was released like a year behind where,its chipset was and as we look ahead,into 2022 over especially the next month,or two theres lots of new budget and,mid-tier devices on the wa

Nokia X100 Carl Zeiss Camera Review!

hey whats up guys tech tying here and i,am back again with a brand new video so,before i begin i want to thank you all,so much for the support lately you guys,have been killing it like literally,killing it so keep up the support make,sure youre subscribed make sure you,check out more of my content if youre,interested and,really more coming soon literally in the,next couple of days im going to be,releasing more videos so stay tuned for,that all right,so in this video were going to be,reviewing the carl zeiss camera on the,new nokia x100,and lets go ahead and get started and,talk about the design and the specs,so as far as design goes this is a,circular module with the carls eye,stamp were literally in the middle and,you have the blue ring around the camera,that gives it a really nice touch and,just elevates the design,spec wise it is a quad camera setup with,the main camera being a 48 megapixel,sensor and its also accompanied by a 5,megapixel ultra wide lens as well as two,cameras one a 2 megapixel depth sensor,and the other one is a 2 megapixel macro,sensor and these can come in handy from,time to time all right and the front,camera does have a 16 megapixel sensor,now the optics for the rear and the,front are in fact carl zeiss optics,but stay with me to see how this,actually translates to image quality so,the camera interface itself the,interface is simple straight to the,point literally point and shoot and in,addition to your settings that you do,get,it does have also this cinematic mode,that shoots at 24 fps with the cinematic,ratio and the camera app does show you,different information when you are,shooting in the cinematic mode such as,your iso and your shutter speed and,whatnot so it can come in handy if you,do shoot content,okay,now lets jump into what you really guys,are here for which is the picture,analysis the camera analysis itself so,the first test is meant to compare the,different cameras and keep in mind that,during all of these pictures i did keep,hdr on it helped produce a more,higher dynamic range photos so the first,couple of pictures the first one is,really with the pine tree and it,i do have to say that the color does,look good on here it does a pretty good,job in balancing exposure and shadows,but when you do switch to the wide angle,it does kill the quality so you have to,keep in mind that when you switch to the,wide angle its going to be less of a,quality but you do get the benefit of,having a wide angle lens so its a win,loose type of situation,and here they are side by side so you,guys can see the difference you can,definitely tell that theres a loss in,quality now as far as the next picture,its kind of a zoomed in picture again,this one does not have kind of a,telephoto lens or anything like that but,the macro lens does help in getting a,much more zoomed in pictures but again,it is lesser in quality than the actual,main sensor so keep that in mind overall,though not a bad combination of cameras,now the next picture tests more of how,much data can it capture in one shot so,you can see the the grass and the leaves,are in focus,but however they are slightly,overexposed but the colors do look,pretty good overall so same deal in the,next picture this is really meant to,kind of test the bokeh kind of,and it does a pretty good job in the,actual subject itself,but i do have to say that when it comes,to the sky it is,way overexposed and yeah but in all,fairness it is not easy of a task to ask,a budget phone to capture the subject,but still keep the sky and the shadows,in perfect exposure so i understand okay,so the next and in this situation its,its weird the colors dont quite pop so,the orange is slightly underexposed,maybe with a little bit more exposure,and saturation the colors do pop but,nonetheless it is still a decent picture,and same goes for the water bottle,itself okay now to really test the bokeh,which kind of surprised me of how good,of a job it does but i do have to say,that the focus is not perfect it had a,it did have a tough time focusing on,this image here and same goes for the,next couple ones,but,i do have to say that this is not really,an easy picture to capture where the,subject is in perfect focus and the,background is perfectly blurred out you,have to get i do have to give it its,fair props it did a decent job however i,do recommend to check your picture which,is an extra step but at least it ensures,that you have a fully focused photo and,i would try and lock the focus instead,of relying on the autofocus which is not,really that good so yeah,some cases though which is rare it,really really happened a couple of times,and when i took a picture of my car it,did have this lens flare but again its,a really really rare case i just wanted,to share with you guys so you guys will,know,okay,so as far as the dynamic range goes its,decent,its not perfect of course but its very,decent for this type of uh price that,you will be paying for this phone so it,gets a thumbs up from me,and the selfie camera actually is,surprisingly it is pretty good its,better than i expected,it did a pretty good job in balancing,the picture overall so definitely gets a,thumbs up from me now,heres the video sample test and i will,be back with some final words so enjoy,this video sample,video test of the new nokia x100,so,from what i see is that it does tend to,underexpose or overexpose depending on,the situation,so exposure seems to be an issue but,so far tell me what you guys think i,mean its doing a decent job i mean its,not the best video camera capability out,there but its decent,so yeah thats your little sample video,see how it,see the how exposure works so the,dynamic range is trying to show the sky,as much as it can but it does under,expose the buildings when you go down,the sky is overexposed and the building,is slightly um,underexposed so,yeah thats your video test,im out,and focus seems to be pretty good by the,way,yeah it seems to be quick to focus,oh nice,awesome all right,now im out,okay so as far as the video goes it did,a decent job the exposure was in and out,so that was kind of annoying but overall,a very decent video camera and the focus,on the autofocus on the video camera is,way better than the auto focus on the,picture side of things and real quick i,just want to touch on night photography,its okay right it does have a night,mode and all but theres still a lot of,noise and i did share a couple of on i,will be sharing i will be putting up a,couple of images on my instagram so make,sure you follow me there however overall,as a conclusion this definitely gets a,thumbs up from me the carl zeiss,still seems to be like a marketing,scheme but it kind of works so,its kind of balanced,okay so,definitely this camera does compete with,rivals that are in the same price range,and i can tell you right now it,definitely beats some of them so if you,want to see this phone compared to one,of its other rivals like the galaxy a32,the moto g stylus 5g and its other,competitors let me know i will,definitely be on the lookout and make,sure that it happens,and with that being said thank you all,so much for watching this one if you,enjoy my content please leave a thumbs,up make sure you subscribe to the,channel and as always i will catch you,guys in the next video thank you for,watching

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Nokia X100 Pros & Cons!

whats up sec gang stefan here from,techright in this video im going to be,going over my pros and cons on the new,nokia x100 stay tuned,all right everyone hopefully you guys,are having a good day hopefully everyone,is safe out there we have the new nokia,x100 i believe they have an unlocked,version of this phone but this device i,did get from metro by t-mobile and it is,going to be offered i think at a few,other carriers if you guys are,interested but im going to be going,over the things i like about this device,and the things i dislike about this,device also if you guys have any other,opinions definitely leave them in the,comment section down below as they are,appreciated but starting off with the,pros the first pro that i wanted to go,ahead and show you guys is that this is,pretty much a stock android interface um,i really really do enjoy stock android,as you guys know if youve been watching,we do have some metro by t-mobile,bloatware on here but the unlocked,version shouldnt have any of that and,in the day and age when everybody has,their own custom ui its really,refreshing to see brands like nokia and,motorola have a stock android interface,it just looks very very nice pure and,vanilla and ive always enjoyed that,about android devices and google devices,as well the second pro about this device,and i thought this was actually really,cool is that we actually receive nfc on,this device in 2021 and now even in 2022,it seems like a lot of budget-friendly,devices dont have nfc,uh and a lot more people are using,things like google pay and you know just,sending files and photos and stuff like,that with the top of the back of their,phone so its really cool that we have,that uh nfc there for the efficiency and,the ease the other great thing about,this device is we actually have gorilla,glass 3 protection so if you guys drop,this on the ground its not going to,crack as easy as devices that dont have,any protection rating nice to see gurley,glass 3 and whats weird is a lot of,different companies especially in the,budget realm are not putting any sort of,glass protection to cover the screen it,seems like no phones are getting gorilla,glass or anything anymore in the budget,place so uh its nice to see that we,have that over here at nokia and the,fourth pro about this device has to be,that this is a 5g enabled device that is,actually budget friendly uh and in 2022,we do have a few devices that have come,out that are budget friendly,but as you guys see we have 5g now on,here and its nice to see you can get a,phone on the cheap that has 5g stock,android and a bunch of other things and,the last prom this device is going to be,paired with a couple of pros number one,a long lasting battery so we have,4470 milliamps inside of this device it,is non-removable but it does last about,all day i im probably going to be,around 25 at the end of the day if im,using it like moderately too heavy uh,its probably around 25 to 20 percent so,uh its honestly a really good battery,life the other thing about this device,as well is we have quick charge 3.0 and,we have 18 watt fast charging so thats,nice to see we also have a charger brick,inside of here and a few other devices,like the a13 5g im pretty sure the new,a53 and a couple more do not have the uh,power brick inside of here so the nokia,x100 has that as well as the data cable,and everything else as far as the cons,on this device uh this has no water and,dust resistance rating theres a lot of,devices especially in the budget realm,that dont have any water resistance or,dust resistance,so that kind of sucks that we dont have,on this device second con is that this,is only going to be a 60 hertz display,now i was hoping nokia would kind of,step up their game i was thinking that,this was going to be at least 90 hertz,because so many devices are getting 90,to 120 hertz that are in the budget,realm right now and i was hoping this,was going to happen they stayed with 60.,honestly its not a huge con but its,kind of disappointing i think most,people would be fine with the screen,though its big beautiful,and honestly pretty solid all around,third con about this device now this may,be a pro to you but uh this is such a,thick,and heavy phone so if you guys dont,like thick and heavy phones i probably,wouldnt go with this this is very big,phone,very thick very heavy honestly reminds,me of the moto g stylus 5g,and probably even a little bit heavier,so as far as a form factor weight,i dont really like it too much,but some people are into that and the,last con is honestly pretty obvious so,we have a huge bezel at the bottom of,the screen and we have a huge bezel,around the screen as well now the screen,does look good and it is going to be,full hd plus,uh but we have a huge bezel around it,and we have a high ppi so thats,something else thats really good on,this device we be ppi of 395,but that bezel around the device i do,not really like and i think a lot of,people can agree with that as well but,the bezels,thick on here yeah guys those are my,pros and cons on the new nokia x100,honestly i think this is still a very,very solid phone my review and other,videos on this device will be coming out,soon and uh yeah hopefully you guys did,enjoy this video if you did please leave,a like down below as well subscribing if,youre not part of the tech and already,also hit the notification bell if you,guys want to be notified every time i do,upload new video this has been stefan,from techrate peace out tech ing

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Nokia x100 5g phone review (????????????????????)

all right good people review time again,and today were going to have the nokia,x100 this is actually a device that i,purchased under metro by t-mobile so,were going to talk about pricing and,all that good stuff but lets put in the,drop lets hop right into this video,[Music],all right so where the off the bat guys,said that all over the place this phone,came out in 2021 last year but in,november 19th thats when it was,officially released under metro by,t-mobile so it is pretty much a fairly,new phone even though we are in 2022,were only in march so the phone is,basically i dont know roughly five six,months olds give and take,now this is the phone itself of course,but were going to actually take a look,at what comes inside of the box and i,was pleasantly surprised when it would,actually look like this so first things,first,of course you have your sim tray your,sim ejector tool right here when you,peel that back,books and things underneath this if you,decide to take a look,and right here,oh my gosh let me get this you know what,i might have to tear this over,this thing does not want to open there,we go,uh,what we have here is the actual,charger itself which is usb,regular usb 80 usb-c then you have the,charger brick which is 18 watts and,were going to go ahead and talk about,the charging in a little bit because it,does actually do,fast charging believe it or not,so let me go ahead and tuck that away,put that to the side and lets actually,look take a look at the phone oh theres,my notes i always have notes when i look,at these phones alright so first things,first,lets look at what the phone actually,comes with you have your speaker down,here,micro usb so i keep saying micro usb usb,c you do have a headphone jack so that,for those that like hooking up different,bluetooth type of speakers direct,connect,uh use regular headphones uh,sometimes people also want to use whats,the thing called microphones directly,connected to their phone for recordings,which is something that i used to do,before the whole new era of the,removable headphone jack,excuse me im actually,very very sick but i said you know what,i have stuff to review people want to,see these videos so forget my sickness,let me just power my way through this so,youll hear a little bit of coughing,you do have your power button right here,which does double down at the actual,lock button and in addition to being a,fingerprint scanner on the side and you,do have your volume rockers on the right,hand side of course this phone also has,the combination lock different type of,swipes to actually unlock the device and,you do have face unlock in the settings,so for those that like to use their face,to unlock the phone it is usable its,decent its not necessarily as fast as a,oneplus or apple or sam i cant even say,samsung anymore but a oneplus or uh,apples but it is adequate enough,especially for the price tag now this,phone was 259 regular price uh i,actually added a line to my metro by,t-mobile account and the phone was,actually given to me free which i will,talk about whether i suggest this phone,in so far i want to say yes but ill,explain to the reasons why,also in addition to that you have a,dedicated uh google button so if you,just let me let me actually put that,back because i dont want this thing to,actually pick up my voice all the time,but its a dedicated google assistant,button for those to actually,use that feature personally im not big,on that but again some people do,of course you have your cameras on the,back which well talk about that ill,actually show you guys,real life photos and videos that i took,um to give you an idea of how well or,how bad this camera actually is but as,for the screen go ahead and turn that uh,go to the settings,and go ahead and turn that brightness up,for you,let me actually keep brightness on like,that,uh that the brightness off right see,that 100 so this is how is the brightest,the phone gets its a 6.6 size screen,ips lcd display so its a decent display,its nothing super high-end its not,amoled or super amoled like samsung or,google devices but thats okay still,very vibrant,colors do look slightly washed out when,you look at the screen but it is very,very responsive with just everyday,uh,facebook,instagram,game playing which well also do a part,of the video to show you how games,actually look on this also uh 1080 im,sorry 1080 by 2400 so for the ppi people,thats 3.95 so its fairly high like i,said uh full hd display,awesome so the screen does work very,well i havent had any lag or stutters,in the screen so far when i decide to,swipe the screen up and down i just,havent had any issues whatsoever with,any lag now granted um there was,thats not entirely true there was a,couple stutters here and there when i,actually loaded multiple applications,what i mean by that is call of duty i,had youtube running in the background,along with final fantasy so for those,that like the in picture mode where you,can have a video on a little screen and,then you can play a game or do something,in the background surf the web you can,do that on this device of course you are,able to also do that with basically any,android device at this point,but,again,it is what it is i just forgot to let,you guys know that feature this does, with android 11 snapdragon a,480 5g,and it has a gpu adreno 619 so 619 is,pretty much what most of these mid-tier,phones tend to use its nothing,surprising about that um,youre probably not going to get,anything better than that to be honest,especially at this price tag but you,have to remember that this phone is,under,and its even cheaper if you do things,like add a lines or what night so its,something to think about,of course this phone also has 128 gigs,internally along with six gigabytes of,ram and what im actually doing right,now in this loading call of duty while,im talking so you guys can actually see,how the game actually runs and im also,going to run black desert which a lot of,mid-tier phones cant necessarily handle,that like thats sold in the,uh i want to say main market space,meaning theres a lot of phones out,there that will easily run the games the,problem is what is going on here please,be patient loading,its never loaded this fast before but,lets just give it some time,um of course like i said this does have,the headphone jack it is bluetooth 5.1,uh it does have nfc for those that use,that and it does have usbc version 2.0,just so you know so it is a decent,device,now again im going to just,im going to try to get into this game,its all its always asking for,information,just to be able to play it,so im going to try to get into a quick,match i uh actually signed in as a guest,for this,so lets go ahead and do that,in addition to that uh just so you guys,know so we could just check the graphics,out,yeah i get it i keep forgetting that i,did the i just downloaded it not too,long ago,so you see graphics arent on high,it does have the option to run very high,and max so this like again a lot of,mid-tier phones only give you high or,sometimes medium it cant go higher than,that because it doesnt its not able to,process the graphics but surprisingly,theres nokia actually is and i actually,like the way this little camera bump is,but anyhoo,lets go ahead and hop right into a game,and i will show you,how smoothly this phone,actually runs now,excuse me little back story,i was actually ver i wasnt going to get,this phone originally because i felt as,if,nokias time had came and gone let me,turn it down a little bit,nokias time has come and gone and i,didnt really think that this would have,been a viable choice to be honest with,you but i figured you know what um free,phone why not i needed a second line im,actually going to give it to my,grandmother because she does need a,phone,and,i said lets see how this is and surely,enough surprisingly it delivers so,as you can see this is like a training,mode when you first start the game uh,the lag that you see here is because of,the

Nokia X100 Unboxing Español

bienvenidos bienvenidos a otro vídeo,amigos mi nombre es Marcos hoy vamos a,hablar del nuevo Nokia x 100 nuevo,teléfono que acaba de salir en el mes de,diciembre,20:21 horas en el momento estamos en el,mes de enero 20:22 tú me ocupado no,puedo hacer dicho antes discúlpeme,aprosu teléfono que acaba de salir el,mercado horita estamos vendiendo para la,compañía eccemas m porfi móvil a aquí a,Estados Unidos este teléfono de ser,regular vale 259 con M por ti móvil al,Ahorramás o no puedes conseguir en el,mismo precio y también la página Nokia a,solo 60 vale el teléfono precio regular,te cambias de otra compañía a M por ti,móvil te lo pueden dar gratis o si,actualizas tu línea o tu teléfono con M,positivos de Saliencia en,80-90 mal precio porque tiene muchas,funciones está muy bueno el teléfono,solo hemos empezado ver aquí tenemos el,teléfono tiene una pantalla muy bonita,stage 6 7 pulgadas una pantalla que,tiene el,HD más solo tiene buena resolución,buenas te veo a todo aquí enfrente eso,el diseño está un poquito diferente está,como un diseño curveado si puedes ver la,pantalla no da todas cal pero tampoco es,plan eso no tienes aquí un algo aquí que,está entremedio la pantalla y el borde,del teléfono es una pantalla plana y,este también tenemos una pantalla una,cámara de 6 megapíxeles,y tenemos un sistema de cámaras de 4,cámaras la cámara principal es una,cámara de 48 megapíxeles también tiene,flash y tiene otras tres cámaras que,trabajan juntos con el teléfono tenemos,un color azul,blue se llama en inglés,atrás y a quienes quiero tenemos lo que,es donde va la tarjeta SIM ahí donde se,lee foto naif le puse con una brujita y,sacas el te sacas la sim card aquí,también tenemos el botón de cubos es un,botón de asistente de Google muchas el,botón te pide lo que quieres hacer y,busca lo que quieras,abajito acabado tenemos lo que es el,cargador tipo C tenemos un auxiliar un,ojito para una auxiliar unos audífonos,una bocina y acá tenemos lo que es el,botón,para prender y apagar el teléfono ah y,también tenemos el volumen aquí en la,derecha arriba no más tenemos un,micrófono y el teléfono ahí está,suerte teléfono ofrece el sistema de,Android 11 adentro del teléfono tenemos,una pila de,4470 a lo que dice no quiere venir durar,hasta 2 días las pilas a comer tenemos,un procesador de Qualcomm Snapdragon 435,vs teléfono 5g tenemos 6 gigas de ram,también tenemos este 128 gigas de,memoria interna solo tenemos 100 gigas,memoria interna es mucha memoria para,los fuegos a todo lo que quieras guardar,tu teléfono son muy buen teléfono,cómo le dije la cámara principal es una,cámara de 48 megapíxeles a tiene muy,buen enfoque Zorita está esta foto la,tomamos de aquí afuera estamos al,cerdito era más temprano este tomamos,esta foto y desde más lejos desde un,principio de la cámara es como se mira y,mira muy bien los pinos a también puedes,acercarte si gustas y con otras fotos,que empecé a tomar y mejor cercano,cercanos con mucho detalle aparecía,cercano puedes ver todo lo que quedaba y,todo lo que tomas de foto como tiene,cuatro cámaras y una cámara principal de,48 megapíxeles muy buena cámara en el,teléfono y muchas funciones en la cámara,teléfono para teléfono también tiene la,opción para desbloquearlo con la cara,puedes ir a los a,al configuraciones y pues este es porque,hablo con un tipín pues no quedo con la,cara o puedes recogerlo con la huella,programa no tu dedo aquí en el botón,aquí el tema del,usa para desbloquear tu tu rostro usa tu,cara para desbloquear los o sea muy,rápido a Lolo se abre como digo esto,está grabando aquí con mi teléfono,enfrente pero como quedará mis ojos y no,lo abres son funciona muy rápido y pues,el caso es que no estuviera mi rostro en,frente a los pidiera el pin si le podía,sentir o un patrón que le has puesto el,teléfono,abre abre muestra son muy bueno en la,caja no hay mucho en la caja no más bien,el teléfono tiene una aguja para abrir,la tarjeta SIM Card para sacar la,tarjeta SIM card a este es la caja que,vino el teléfono y lo que si tienes un,cargador de 18 watts a qué son cargador,de carga rápida de abrirlo,Samsung cargador de 18 watts o es es una,persona yo es vía tipo sé eso es de,carga rápida por tenéis otro Whatsapp y,eso es lo que hace que el teléfono,carguen más rápido a lo que hice no,quiere el teléfono puede durar hasta 2,días con una carga completa y cómo,descargar rápido pues carga más rápido,son cables regular nada por haber otro,mundo a aquí tenemos el teléfono Nokia,X11 a hacer un unboxing rápido de,teléfono dejaré saber qué es un muy,bonito teléfono tiene muy bonito precio,100 $ con una nueva gratis cuando te,cambias de compañía m por ti móvil y os,porque no Android Android 11 4 cámaras,mejor precio que uno de los Samsungs que,están ahorita,a disponibles

Nokia X100 Unboxing & Impressions!

hey siri,play my favorites,[Music],[Applause],[Music],hey whats up guys tech tying here and i,am back again with a brand new video so,before i begin this one i want to thank,you all so much for watching and if you,have enjoyed this video if you like my,videos like it subscribe and stay tuned,for more content so in front of me is,the nokia x100 and this is gonna be,special on the fact that one this is my,first nokia smartphone that ill be,unboxing on this channel and two i mean,yeah nokia wants to be back in the,smartphone world they want to make a,name for themselves again,lets talk about it so starting with the,box itself the box is kind of nostalgic,i mean it looks really old-school,especially with the way that they put,the the phone on the box and the nokia,logo its really old-school i like it,and on the back of the box you have,pretty much detailed specs which again,thats how you know that its old school,new boxes new phones,they dont really include all this,detailed specs on the back so thats,cool so yeah i mean with that being said,lets go ahead and unbox it,so the first thing that you will notice,when you lift the lid of the box is that,you have two sections one of the,sections have the phone itself which,will pull and put to the side,and underneath the phone you have your,warranty information a bunch of,paperwork and as well as your sim,removal tool and on the other side you,do have a mini box that houses your 18,watt fast uh wall adapter as well as,your usb 8 usb c,and really thats that thats basically,the unboxing experience,okay so heres the phone in all of its,glory im gonna power it on spend a,couple hours with it so i can give you,guys a more detailed uh impressions so,yeah give me some time ill be right,back all right so ive spent a couple of,hours with this phone and im really,ready to give you guys my first,impressions and starting with the design,so the material of choice that nokia,decided to go with is plastic and its,made out of plastic all the way around,except for the display of course and,this has benefits of one keeping the,cost down and two it gives this phone a,lightweight feel,and i do have to say that the back is,really smooth so i do highly recommend a,case,or else its going to be slippery now,they do they do have this curvature on,the back that help with the grip but,its still a freaking slippery phone and,also also one of the things that youll,notice is the nokia logo in instead of,it being portrait its actually,landscape so you really have to tell the,phone landscape mode to see the nokia,logo which is an interesting design,choice and the back also has your quad,camera set up which we will definitely,be talking about so stay with me well,cover the camera dont worry and on the,bottom of the phone you do have your,headphone jack you have a microphone you,have your usbc as well as a bottom,firing speaker on the right hand side,you do have the power button which,doubles as a fingerprint sensor and you,also have the volume up and down now,heres what i have to say about the,buttons so the power button is really,not all that tactile and maybe thats,due to the fact that it has a,fingerprint sensor embedded to it,because,in in contrast the volume up and down,are really decently tactile theyre not,bad,so yeah keep that also in mind and the,left hand side does have your google,assistant button thumbs up for that,and yeah i mean thats really the the,design in a nutshell now lets cover the,display so the display is a 6.67 inch,full hd plus panel it is lcd and its,2400 by 1080 definitely good quality,however the bezels themselves look,bigger than they should especially for,having a hole punch camera embedded,within the display so thats also,something to note but overall of first,impressions this display seems to be,quality its high resolution for the,price that youre paying for this phone,so yeah definitely gets a thumbs up for,me on first impressions now lets talk,about specs,so on the spec department on paper you,do have an octa-core snapdragon 485 g,for your processor combined with a,pretty beefy surprisingly beefy six,gigabytes of ram as well as 128,gigabytes of storage so not bad of specs,actually kind of nice specs for a budget,smartphone and this phone of course is,capable of 5g now as far as the daily,tasks this its definitely a smooth,phone it does what its supposed to its,fast fluid and i think motorola did,speed up the animation quicker to make,it a little bit more snappier i do have,to do some more uh analysis and download,games and play games and do all that,crazy stuff so that can give you guys a,much more detailed manner on the specs,so you have to subscribe for the channel,please do so you stay tuned for that,video and now lets talk about the,exciting thing which is the camera so,the camera has been stabbed by the carl,zeiss logo which eight times out of ten,usually these are gimmicks or a,marketing strategy if you will,but yeah so lets talk about the paper,specs so you do have a quad camera set,up with a main sensor at 48 megapixels,and you also have ultrawide sensor at 5,megapixels and a depth sensor and a,macro sensor both at 2 megapixels which,those two cameras are useless to me but,whatever theyre here so really the main,sensor is whats going to make or break,the camera but one thing that i like,about the design of this camera ring is,the the blue chamfers around the the,module itself it gives it a nice look,and,just makes it interesting and you do,also have the led flash of course now,the camera interface itself its smooth,its straight to the point its simple,point and shoot boom youre done,and as far as image quality themselves i,did take a couple of pictures and off of,first impressions,not bad right thats where ill rank it,as of right now i do have to spend some,more time with it take more pictures do,more analysis i have to test the dynamic,range the exposure the the sharpness the,details so thats going to take some,more effort and time from my end so stay,tuned for that video,and yeah i mean overall my first,impressions are this right in conclusion,this seems like a promising phone it,checks pretty much all the boxes that,you would look for in a good budget,smartphone,now like i said i do have to spend some,more time with it and give it its fair,shake and its fair chance in in this,budget world i mean theres so many,other budget phones why should you pick,this one over the other ones,so i need to spend some time with it see,what this phone is all about see if the,camera is worth getting see if the,display can live up to it can live up to,expectations and yeah,with that being said i want to thank you,all so much for watching if you enjoy my,content like i said please please please,subscribe to the channel make sure you,like it and thank you all so much for,the support and i will catch you guys in,the next one thank you for watching

Nokia X100 unboxing and first look at features Metro By T-Mobile

[Music],welcome back welcome back to another,video guys my name is marcos today were,unboxing this nokia x100 uh its a new,device that actually launched the second,week or the first week of december ive,actually been sitting on this device,its been in my car for the past three,weeks ive been so busy with work i,finally have some time to look at it,its a super cool phone i have it right,here ive been using it for a couple,days already its called the nokia x100,uh so lets lets go through the quick,unboxing lets get started drop a like,helps up the channel thank you so nokia,actually did a good job to showcase,their phone right in the front of the,box on the side you see the nokia,branding x100,the phone comes like this in the box,sealed in a nice little plastic it,actually tells you that the phone does,have a google assistant button right,there on the left side which well get,to it a little later in the box you do,get a sim card slot opener some lego,stuff and then you get a charger an 18,watt uh fast usb to type c charger which,is really nice to see fast chargers,nowadays uh because you charge your,phone faster so nokia branded 18 watt,charger now lets get to the phone,all right guys so here we have the,device itself we do have this beautiful,display,the front display the screen itself its,a 6.7 inch display it is an f8 a full hd,plus display 1080 by 2400 so you get,this beautiful display as you can see,beautiful colors on there we do have a,front-facing camera here in the front it,is a 16 megapixel camera,uh on the left side we do have the sim,card slot opener right here uh so you,can poke with a little sim card sloping,you will poke a little hole right there,and then the sim card slot opener will,come up we also have a dedicated google,button so if we were to press this,button google would come out and then it,will you know we can ask it to do,whatever we want uh here at the bottom,as you can see the front of the the,phone they gave it like this curve,appeal or this curved look uh rounded,look uh so its not full screen all,around it does give you like a little,bit of um,edge to the to the display and then the,bottom also has like this nokia branding,and it has this bottom edge,thats not screened um on the right side,we do have a power button looks to be or,looks to have a fingerprint sensor built,in right here and then we have the,volume rockers up and down right here,on the top we do have the speaker,nothing on the top before besides a,microphone and then at the bottom we,also have the headphone jack type c port,and some speakers,in the back we do have the cameras so it,looks like it says optic cameras which,are supposed to be really good really,good quality uh cameras,um,and we also get a flash so um and then,we get this color i believe this color,is called the midnight blue,for the cameras themselves cameras,youre looking at,four cameras the main camera being a 48,megapixel camera,the the second camera is a 5 megapixel,ultra white camera and then we get a 2,megapixel dev camera and a 2 megapixel,macro camera so really cool,uh to see,uh some nice cameras on this device,nokia usually uses,how do you say the zays or zs brand,which are supposed to be uh better,lenses better cameras so really cool,all right guys so what do we get under,the hood on the nokia x100 so we are,running android 11 theres not much,unwanted apps on here uh built in we do,get 128 gigs of memory you can expand it,by opening the sim card slot right here,up to one terabyte of memory,um,from the 128 built-in gigs 20 gigs is,about software so you get about 108,available,for,use on the phone so 108 gigs available,for use right off the start which is,really good,um,the the phone i forgot to tell you it,actually has gorilla glass 3 so thats,supposed to make it a little harder to,break which is,always good when you get a a,nokia device you get the extra safety on,it uh back to under the hood we are,running a qualcomm snapdragon 480 5g,uh uh what is it chip,and then were also running inside the,box inside the phone itself we have a 44,for 4 470 milliamp battery which nokia,is stating they should last about two,days which is not bad two days from an,android thats running android 11 with,this huge screen not bad at all,so camera wise you do get a lot of,features you get cinematic mode video,portrait night mode which works really,cool it actually does take nice night,pictures uh the front-facing camera,actually when its night mode this,background thats black actually turns,out white so that you can get more light,when youre taking a selfie on um during,the night,um,you can also change since you have,different cameras you can change the,aspect ratios to uh different ratios and,then uh depending on the kind of photo,and youre trying to take you can change,it right up here,let me see,so depending on the cam kind of photo,youre trying to take you can change it,from a 12 megapixel to 40 megapixel and,you can do a full ratio screen picture,stuff like that so its pretty cool i,did take some pictures uh its kind of,cold outside to uh go out there so this,is this picture is on the on the lowest,setting,so on the lowest uh,from far away,and that it takes care of all those all,those pines right there on the outside,and then we get closer a little bit soon,more zoom,more zoom,and oh thats a picture of my dog he was,sleeping in the bed so thats a night,night uh vision picture but uh overall,thats how the pictures come out theyre,really clear and you can edit a lot of,it with here on the edit side here on,the camera itself so really nice cameras,i think for the price is not bad,all right guys so beautiful display 6.7,inch display right uh so one thing that,i see in the comments that a lot of,people always ask is how do you,screenshot how do you screenshot um,um what is it on this on android devices,especially specifically uh so if lets,say were here on a browser lets say,were searching on my channel uh and we,wanted a screenshot something we would,press this power button and this volume,button down and you just hold it at the,same time and it will let you screenshot,so thats a tutorial on how to,screenshot on this device because i,always see it in the comments that,people ask so just fyi i want to do it,real quick,all right guys so that was a quick,walkthrough of the nokia x100 so its a,really nice uh device its an,entry-level device but with nice specs,um i think you get more from this than,sometimes buying like a galaxy a12 or or,maybe like a a02,because this one retails for 259.99 at,metro by t-mobile its a hundred dollars,when you get a new number and its free,when you switch over from another,carrier so,free when you switch over you cannot,beat that,um and,and thats a thats as of today,but im sure eventually youll ill have,better deals like 69.99 or 59.99 when,you get a new number with metro if you,were to upgrade i believe its 179 right,now with metro by t-mobile when you,upgrade 179 the regular price is 259 so,lets do a quick walk through so you get,a beautiful display,6.67 inch display,full hd plus with gorilla glass 3.,we get a front facing camera which is a,16 megapixel camera we get four cameras,here in the bag in the back and then we,also get uh this midnight blue color,here in the back which is kind of mad,and its actually fingerprint friendly,uh we get four cameras from,seize optical you actually get a 40 ml,pixel camera as a main camera and you do,get flash,um so beautiful phone android 11 128,gigs of memory so just want to do a,quick unboxing guys show you show you a,little bit more about this phone ive,seen that theres a lot of videos on,there already uh but i like i said i was,really busy with work so hopefully this,video helps you out drop a like,drop a comment hopefully uh you enjoyed,the video thanks for watching have a,good one

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