1. Nomadix Original Towel Review (2 Weeks of Use)
  2. Nomadix Ultralight Towel Review (2 Weeks of Use)
  3. Nomadix (the Original) Towel Review. Includes Unboxing!
  4. The 10 Best Camping Towels – PackTowl, Matador, Nomadix, Sea to Summit, REI + More
  5. Nomadix Travel Towel Review
  6. Matador Ultralight Travel Towel Review (2 Weeks of Use)
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Nomadix Original Towel Review (2 Weeks of Use)

this is eric from pack hacker and today,were going to be taking a look at the,nomadics original towel which ive been,testing for two weeks lets dive in,[Music],so i figured we would kick things off,with the colorway here,as you can see weve got a nice um was,that six color design and then we got,the the white bars in the middle and,this goes throughout the whole towel,im going to struggle with showing you,this whole towel throughout this video,because it is such a big towel,so if you want to see full photos make,sure you go see the full review because,there will be full photos of the full,thing this towel is actually bigger than,the desk we shoot our reviews at so i,wont be able to show you the whole,thing in this video but if you do want,to see those those full photos check out,the full review but this colorway is,very nice its kind of like theyre,poppy colors but theyre a little bit,earthy,and the only logo we have on here is,this little black tab right here and on,the other side weve got a little a,little mantra unless do more,but when it comes to color ways this is,something that i think nomadix really,does well theres i want to say theres,you know 120 plus,different options and those range from,you know designs like this that are you,know pretty,i dont want to say simple designs but,nice and,basic and not super in your face to ones,that have flags on them or theres ones,that are modeled after different,national parks theres a ton of,different options out there so,if you want something unique you can,probably find it because there are so,many options but getting into the,materials ive got the tag here so this,tag actually ripped off really nicely,ive had towels in the past that when,you go to rip off the tag you get some,like loose,seams and stuff like that and thats not,ideal see if i can find right here,thats where the tag was you can see a,real easy,break there i think they probably,pre-perforated it,but on the back of this tag you can see,that it is 90,polyester and 10 percent nylon i should,have brought that a little closer for,you but so its a nice blend its very,soft but not like overly fluffy so if,you do like a almost like bathrobe,feeling towel this might not necessarily,be for you but it is you know its soft,enough for me its you know comfortable,it almost kind of feels like a thin,blanket at times like,not gonna keep you super warm by any,means but like if you just wanted,something to wrap over you it would get,the job done and it is crafted from,certified post-consumer recycled plastic,so thats great to see as well just a,little bit of sustainability from,nomadix,but as i said its its pretty soft not,super super soft and on the back side,weve just got a you know kind of,grayish almost granite,um color on the back which is nice to,like kind of like switch things up or if,youre on the if youre on the beach and,it ends up not being as warm as you,thought it was like these colors wont,accept as much light from the sun as,this black will so this could warm you,up a little bit which is nice im not,sure if thats an intended purpose but,it is a nice include,also on the back let me find it here,weve got a loop let me see where it,here it is,weve got this loop that you can hang it,from so if you get this towel wet or you,dry off or you you know sit down on the,ground with it and it gets dirty or wet,and you want dont want to put it in,your bag or you just want to dry it out,youre on vacation somewhere where you,can just hang it up got a little loop,here just so you can hang it up and dry,it doesnt feel terribly durable but i,hung it up quite a few times with this,loop and didnt have any issues i do,like how big it is so if you dont have,you know like a coat hook or something,like that you can still find something,to hook it on to like most like you know,most of my,hand fits through there so you can hang,it on larger things i also like this,include because if you were on like a,hike or youre camping or something like,that and youre you know going to be,moving and you dont want to put the wet,towel in your bag you can hook a,carabiner onto this and then hook it on,the outside of your pack,and where its located thatll be hard,to show you but it is in the direct,center of the towel so that means if you,hang it up you know this is you know,just over six foot long this towel is so,that means just over three feet are on,each side hanging because of where this,is placed so its not going to be,dragging on the ground i guess it,depends where attachment loops on your,pack are located and also how tall you,are but when i carried it it was not on,the ground at least with the pack that i,was testing at the time so that is a,nice included i think its really,thought out a lot of times you just see,them thrown in the corner and if you do,it on the corner for this it would just,be dragging on the ground and that would,be far from ideal because then your,towels not necessarily drying if the,grounds wet and also could be getting,dirtier but as i mentioned about the,size of this towel it is,72.5 inches which i believe is six foot,and a half inch and that is my exact,height so i feel like this towel was,almost like made for me like i,when i tested it and you know light it,out on laid it out on the grass to lie,down it fit me perfectly like if i,sprawled out like my arms or maybe my,feet would hang off but for someone,whos taller a lot of times i mean i,guess im not super tall but like,over six foot a lot of times i feel like,beach towels dont really work so well,for me because im often hanging off of,them,so it was a nice,um surprise to see that this was long,enough to where i could lay out on it or,like if i wanted to warm up or whatever,i could really wrap it around me so that,is a nice include and its 30 inches,wide so thats pretty standard as far as,towels go not super big or super small,on the width side but i kind of like,that too because you dont necessarily,want it to be super wide id rather have,the length then extra width because i,dont really need all the extra width i,guess you could set something next to,you,if it was wider but as a taller person,its nice and if youre a smaller person,youll just have more room to work with,so you could like lie out and put your,pack above your head or use it as a,pillow put your pack down below your,feet to like put your feet up you know,reduce the swelling and all that good,stuff,but overall very happy with how,this towel performed,like i said its just its just a good,towel like it it does what its supposed,to do it dries fairly quickly i draw i,think it definitely dries quicker than,your standard bath towel um its not,one of one thing i will say about is,its not really,like one bag travel focused or super,light,like youre not,saving a ton of weight i know i didnt,really fold this up economically but,rolled it up there and you can see how,big it is its not by any means one,thats going to fit in your sling for,a trip to the beach when youre just,taking your sling out like youre going,to need a pack or youre going to need,to really hold on to this something else,i would recommend is using a velcro,brand cable tie one of the larger ones,to kind of wrap around this when its in,your pack so it doesnt come undone or,you could put it into a packing cube or,whatever you want to but thats a nice,include and it also can double as your,carabiner it is kind of heavy so,if you were to hook it on to something,thats moving like say a backpack or,something like that with the velcro tie,it might come undone but its a nice,dual use as,your carabiner for if you need that,but yeah as i said the size is,prohibitive for certain kinds of travel,but if you dont really,have,the size restrictions that some people,do like if youre bringing a carry-on,bag or you have a really big travel pack,and then you also have another personal,item you could throw this in there and,it wouldnt be a huge deal or if youre,going on a road trip or youre going o

Nomadix Ultralight Towel Review (2 Weeks of Use)

this is eric from pack hacker and today,were gonna be talking about the,nomadics ultralight towel which ive,been testing for the past two weeks,lets dive in,[Music],so kicking things off well just chat a,little bit about the materials here,first weve got 88 recycled polyester,and then 12,nylon so thats similar to what we saw,with the original towel i believe the,ratio for that was 90 10 with the same,materials so very similar materials but,this one is quite a bit thinner which we,will get into but before we dive in too,much i just wanted to showcase the only,place that there is a logo on this,towel is on this little black tab here,so thats the nomatic logo on the back,side there and then on this side it says,own more do less so this is about you,know the size that it folds down to ive,got a little rubber band around it right,now i could probably get a little bit,tighter if i tried to but this is just,like a standard you know,roll it up not super efficiently but,just get it done as you can see it fits,into the palm of my hand fits nicely,into a larger slang or no problem in a,day pack or a travel pack,so well undo this now,so you can see the colorway a bit more,so there are only about 12 color ways,available for this towel which by,nomadic standards are,pretty uh its pretty light on the,colorway side,theres some of their other towels have,you know over 100 colorways and at the,time theres only 12 for this one so,maybe therell be more later or theyll,bring some from other models down to,this model but this measures out to be,54 inches by 30 inches which is about,the size of a standard bath towel a,little bit smaller but its a good size,youre not really going to notice any,big difference when youre using it as a,towel if you were to lie it out and try,to lie down on it if youre taller like,i am about six foot um i can like bring,my knees up and sit with my feet and my,bottom on the towel but like my hands,leaning back will not be on the towel so,i cant like stretch out on the towel,obviously but i think it really does,do a good job as it from its size to,weight standpoint so comparing it to the,original towel which is kind of like its,big sibling it is 75 of the size but,half the weight so that means,this weighs eight ounces and the,original towel weighs 16 ounces so it,does do very well on size to weight,ratio but it is very thin not sure how,well you can see its thinness but it is,a very thin towel like if youre sitting,on it and theres like any rocks or,anything like that below you you can,really feel them which is to be expected,with a more packable towel but worth,noting,all the same,so well flip this over now,so you can see this little loop so all,the nomatic towels we have tested have,this little loop and its located in the,center of the towel so that way when you,bring it up you kind of get half of the,fabric on each side so that way it,doesnt dangle down too much and its,nice to have that option so you can hang,it from a day pack you can hang it from,travel backpack whatever you want to,hang it from,attaching a carabiner to its really,easy really nice to have that option to,clip it onto things to let it air dry,because a lot of times when you use this,towel you might not necessarily have,access to a dryer whether youre,swimming or youre camping hiking,whatever it is that youre doing as far,as picking up water this towel works,very well in my opinion especially for,its size if youre just using it as like,after a shower or something it wipes off,very quickly and easily kind of like,similar to a bath towel at home its not,going to pick up as much water so if you,are you know i guess completely soaked,and you havent like rinsed out your,hair or anything like that yet it may,get waterlogged and wont dry off as,efficiently but for most use cases i,think that this towel will work for you,just fine it does pick up dirt and you,know,whatevers on the ground pretty well but,the the fibers of the towel are really,really tightly woven so there really,isnt room for like,dirt and whatever else to get into the,fibers of the towel so,you dont have to worry about that and,if you just shake it out like if you,just give it a good toss pretty much,everything is going to come off of there,at least in my experience and the last,thing to note is that it is machine,washable you can just toss it,in the washing machine which is a good,plus you can also put it in the dryer,according to the tag we did not do that,just because we dont like to,dry things if we can help it from an,environmental standpoint,at least me personally i should say,but it air dried fairly quickly as well,i think that plays into with the really,thin material especially if you put it,outside and theres any wind or if its,a warm day but overall very happy with,how this towel performed and the only,thing that you might not particularly,love about it is the size compared to,some other packable towels it is as you,can see it fits in my palm of my hand,and as i mentioned earlier but for some,people thats just not small enough,there are smaller options from other,companies out there but there you have,it the nomadic ultralight towel thanks,for keeping it here at pack hacker your,guide to smarter travel well see you in,the next one

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Nomadix (the Original) Towel Review. Includes Unboxing!

In this video,,well be looking at the Nomadix Full-Sized Towel,,which is 1 of the 10 best camping towels that I review on this channel.,I will be unboxing and testing the Nomadix Towel against dirt, sand and seawater.,I will also give you a breakdown of its,key features, such as absorbency, quick drying abilities, material and more.,Lets get right into it.,Heres the Nomadix (the Original) Full-Sized,,Double-Sided towel from REI, which was on sale, and I paid,$38 U.S. dollars for it, while the usual retail price is about $55.,And with that, lets get into the unboxing.,So, whats in the box?,The Nomadix Towel doesnt come with a storage pouch, so you get only the towel.,Here are the official specs for a Nomadix Full-Sized Towel.,These are somewhat accurate, but Ill just give you my personal measurements anyway.,Length, 71 inches, or 180 cm. Width, 30 inches, or 76 cm.,Weight of towel, 488 grams, or 17.2 ounces.,Packed size, 9.5 by 8.5 by 2 inches, or 24 by 22 by 5 cm.,The Nomadix towel is made of 85% polyester and 15% nylon,,made entirely of recycled materials, and is made in China.,The Nomadix Full-Sized Towel has a hanging,loop, so you can hang your towel on a hook at home, on a clothesline in the outdoors,,or even on your pack when youre hiking. To do this, youd need a carabiner.,You can also just hang it on a tree to dry without the loop.,And if youre at home,,its machine washable and can be tumbled dry. The Nomadix towel is also marketed,to be sand resistant, super absorbent and quick drying.,Is it, though? Lets test it to find out!,To test absorbency, I measured the amount of water in this bucket, soaked,the Nomadix Towel, and measured whatever water was left.,So essentially, the Nomadix absorbed 1,150 mL of water. As it weighs 488 grams,,total absorbency is 1,150, divided by 488,,which is about 2.4 times.,I also performed the same test,on a similar-sized cotton bath towel, which absorbed 1,100 mL of water, and has,a higher absorbency of 3.26 times.,Although the Nomadix is quite a bit heavier than the cotton towel,,it absorbed the same amount of water, giving it a lower absorbency.,After soaking the Nomadix Towel, I wringed out as much water as possible.,Heres the Nomadix before wringing, and after wringing.,After wringing, the Nomadix weighed 1,141 grams, or 40.25 ounces.,This means that 57% of water was left.,As for the cotton towel, it weighed 842 grams,,29.74 ounces,,after wringing, and 46% of water was left.,Because of its weight and size,,I found the Nomadix harder to wring out than the cotton towel.,If youve enjoyed what youve seen so far, please hit that “Like” button, as itll really,help me to produce more content like this for you. Thank you.,After wringing, I left both the Nomadix Towel and the,cotton towel to dry outdoors. The Nomadix Towel started off at,1,141 grams, or 40.2 ounces,,and dried completely in about 1 hour and 45 minutes.,On the other hand, the cotton towel took,2 hours and 15 minutes to dry. When left indoors to dry after wringing,,the Nomadix Towel took 16 hours to dry completely.,In contrast, the cotton towel took much longer, drying only after 27 hours.,Heres a summary of the outdoor and indoor timings for this drying test.,Although the Nomadix Towel did not wring out,as well as the cotton towel, it dried a lot more quickly.,For this next drying test,,I measured 100mL or 3.4 fluid ounces of water,,for the Nomadix Towel and also for the cotton towel,,and left both of them to dry outdoors.,This is to make sure that both towels absorbed the same amount of water.,The Nomadix Towel started off at 588 grams or 20.7 ounces,,and dried completely in about 26 minutes.,As for the cotton towel, it took quite a bit longer, drying in about 40 minutes.,I also conducted the same test indoors.,When left indoors, the Nomadix took 3 hours to dry completely.,On the other hand, the cotton towel took much longer, drying in about 7 hours.,Heres a summary of the outdoor and indoor timings for this 100mL drying test,,which shows that the Nomadix Towel dries much more quickly than the cotton towel.,I soaked both Nomadix and the cotton,towel in seawater, wringed out whatever I could,,and sealed both in separate plastic bags.,At the 2-day mark, the Nomadix had,a damp sea smell, which didnt smell too bad.,On the other hand, the cotton towel smelled sour and unpleasant.,At the 4-day mark,,the Nomadix had no change in smell, while,the cotton towel started smelling like food that had gone bad.,I also checked for mold, and there wasnt any.,For this grass and dirt test, I dragged both the Nomadix Towel,and the cotton towel along some grass and stepped on them.,The Nomadix picked up a few stray leaves, but it was very easy to shake them off.,The cotton towel picked up a little more dirt, which I thought came off easily,,but after getting home, I noticed some dirt was still stuck to it. For this test,,the Nomadix beats the cotton towel.,For the sand test, I covered both the Nomadix,towel and the cotton towel with sand.,Surprisingly, for a beach towel, quite a bit of sand stuck to the Nomadix.,Thankfully, though, the sand was easy to shake off.,Sand also stuck to the cotton towel butt shaking,it did the job as well.,Both towels did well in the sand test.,The cotton towel might have performed,better than you expected because its not fluffy and has short piles.,The Nomadix towel weighs 488 grams or 17.2 ounces,,whereas the cotton towel weighs,337 grams, or 11.9 ounces.,The Nomadix is heavier because its a beach towel and is much bigger,,but even so it packs down to about the same size as the cotton towel.,Heres what it looks like beside the cotton,towel from the side, and also from the top. For further comparison,,heres what the Nomadix Towel looks like,beside a 16 ounce and a 32 ounce Nalgene bottle from the side, and from the top.,The Nomadix doesnt come with a storage,pouch, but does come with a hanging loop for easy carry and drying.,Unfortunately, because its so big,,if youre not tall like me, the Nomadix will drag on the ground.,You also need a carabiner to attach it to your pack. To fold the Nomadix Towel,,just keep having it until it packs down as small as possible.,The Nomadix Towel is soft and smooth to the touch and isnt stiff at all.,Its very comfortable because it does not stick to my skin and after I dry off,,it doesnt leave me feeling like my skin is still wet. As for sizing,,its much bigger than a regular cotton bath towel.,As for quality, the black stitching is consistent with no gaps and the material,is intact with no loose threads or fraying.,After about four months of light usage, the weight of the Nomadix Towel was still,the same, so no material was lost, and the printing on the towel did not fade.,Also, it does not bleed when washed.,The hanging loop is stitched down nicely to the towel, and is really secure,,but you have to bring a separate carabiner to hang it in most places.,To sum up, the Nomadix Towel is really comfortable and the quality is amazing.,I read the reviews on REI,,and heres what I found. Positive reviews said,that the Nomadix Towel is a high quality towel with great design.,It packs small, is fast drying,,is sand repellent for use,at the beach, and is soft and comfortable against your skin.,Lastly, its an extremely versatile towel,,and can be used anywhere, like at the gym, beach, pool, or even for travel and camping.,I agree with these.,I found the Nomadix Towel comfortable and the quality was amazing.,It packs small for such a large towel,,is one of my faster drying towels, and its easy to shake the sand off.,On the other hand, negative reviews said,that there was no storage pouch, and its,expensive, which I completely agree with as well.,The reviews on REI were split on a couple of features.,The first was size.,Some people liked the generous size,,while others felt that it was too large and wanted something smaller.,I think its a great size for beach use,,gym use or something like that, but I personally felt that

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The 10 Best Camping Towels – PackTowl, Matador, Nomadix, Sea to Summit, REI + More

In this video, well be looking at 10 of the best camping towels,,which are the Nomadix Full-Sized towel, the PackTowl Luxe, the REI Multi Towel, the Sea,to Summit Tek towel, the REI Multi Towel Lite, the,PackTowl Personal, the Rainleaf towel, the Sea to Summit Drylite, the Wise Owl towel,,and the Matador NanoDry towel. Basically,,towels from lightweight to super fluffy. Well be covering various aspects of these,camping towels, such as absorbency, wringing, drying, odor resistance, grass,and dirt repellence, sand repellence, portability, comfort, and quality.,I spent over $200 and 5 months testing these towels to see how,they stack up against each other, and to put this video together.,So, if you found some value in this video,,please smash that Like button so this can be seen by more people.,I will also be putting affiliate links,to each of these camping towels in the description of this video,,so if you do decide to buy a towel,I recommend, it would mean a lot if you could use my links.,Just one last thing before we start,,if you need a more detailed review on any towel in particular,,I also took the time to put together a video for each towel that I tested,,complete with unboxing, features, specs, pros and cons, and all that good stuff.,And with that, lets get right into the first test,,absorbency.,For absorbency,,I measured and tested 3 different things.,First up is the total amount of water each,camping towel can absorb, in milliliters and in fluid ounces.,For this, the PackTowl Luxe comes in right,at the top and it can absorb 1,300 mL or 44 fluid ounces,of water, followed by the other bigger and fluffier towels.,When it came to the less fluffy towels, the PackTowl Personal did better than,the rest, absorbing 610 mL or 20.6 fluid ounces of water.,Having a high total absorbency might be important in case you need to absorb water,leakage in your tent, or something like that.,Second is the absorbency ratio, which you can get by dividing the total,amount of water absorbed in mL, with the weight of the camping towel in grams.,The towel with the highest absorbency ratio is the REI Multi Towel,,with a ratio of 4.8 times, followed by the other fluffy towels.,For the less fluffy towels, the PackTowl Personal beats the rest,with a slightly higher absorbency ratio of 3.3 times.,Third, how well does each towel dry me off,after a shower?,Some towels leave a thin layer of moisture on your skin, and you dont feel completely,dry, which can be unpleasant for some people.,This is based on feeling, and can be a bit,subjective, but I tried my best to come up with this list.,Of course, nothing beats your regular cotton bath towel.,Very close to that,,we have the PackTowl Luxe and the Nomadix towel. Up until the Matador,,all of these towels did not leave my skin,feeling damp, though some require more effort to dry off than others.,The towels that left me feeling a bit damp was,the Rainleaf, Sea to Summit Drylite, and the Wise Owl. They are still absorbent,,and dried me off pretty well, but I did feel a bit damp.,Based on everything above. I rated each camping towels absorbency by giving it,a number between 1 and 10, with 10 being the highest,,and here are those ratings from highest and lowest.,Overall, all the towels had decent,absorbency, with the PackTowl Luxe and the REI Multi Towel being tied,for first place, and even the Matador NanoDry at the end did okay.,For the wringing test,,I soaked each camping towel in water and spent 5 to 10 minutes wringing out,as much water as possible. After, I weighed each towel and calculated how much water,was left after wringing, in percentage. Here are the results starting from the best,,which is the Sea to Summit Tek towel. Most towels wring out much better than a regular cotton,towel, except for the REI Lite and the Nomadix towels.,The Nomadix towel is quite big and heavy, so I found it difficult to wring out.,After completely soaking and wringing each towel, I let all of them dry,both outdoors and indoors to see how long they would take.,This is to simulate a situation where you,have to wash your towel and let it dry after.,Here are the results, starting from the best.,The Matador NanoDry was the clear winner, taking just 14 minutes to dry,outdoors and less than 2 hours to dry indoors.,In dead last we have the cotton towel,,which took 2 hours and 15 minutes outdoors and a whopping 27 hours,indoors. Based on the wringing and drying time,after wringing, I rated each towel,and here are those ratings from the best to the worst.,The general trend is the more lightweight,and the less fluffy the camping towel is, the easier it is to wring out and to,dry after wringing.,For this drying test, I measured out 100mL or,3.4 fluid ounces of water to absorb with each towel, and,let all of them dry both outdoors and indoors.,This is to simulate drying your body and hair after taking a shower.,My towels typically absorb around 50 mL of water after my shower,,and yours might be different depending on your size and hair length.,Here are the results for the drying test, starting from the fastest drying.,Again, the Matador NanoDry came in first with quite a huge margin,,taking just 20 minutes to dry outdoors and 2 and a half hours to dry indoors.,Surprisingly, in last place we have the Sea to Summit Tek towel,,which took 45 minutes to dry outdoors and 7 and a half hours to dry indoors,,and took even longer than the cotton towel.,Based on this drying time,,I rated all the towels from best to worst right here. Similar to the previous test,,the not fluffy towels dried faster, and the fluffy towels dried slower.,For odor resistance,,I conducted 3 different tests on each towel.,The first test was to soak the towel in seawater, wring it out as best as I,could and seal it in a plastic bag for 4 days. After 4 days,,heres what each towel smelled like, starting from the best.,The only 3 towels with no smell was the,PackTowl Luxe, the PackTowl Personal, and the Matador NanoDry.,A few towels had a bearable sea smell,,while others had more unpleasant sour smells and even the smell of food going,bad, which was the REI Multi Towel and the cotton towel.,The second test was to shower and dry off,with the towel once, and then seal it in a plastic bag immediately,,also for 4 days. After 4 days,,heres what each towel smelled like.,The PackTowl Luxe, Personal, Matador NanoDry,and the Nomadix towels had no smell, while the REI Multi Towel and the cotton towel were,the worst, with a somewhat heavy, musky smell.,The third test was to use the towel every,single day for 7 days without washing it. In between uses,,the towel was left here like this.,I did this for every towel and after 7,days of using each towel, heres the breakdown.,Most of the towels had no smell after,7 days of continuous use without washing, except for the Sea to Summit,Tek towel and the REI Multi Towel, which had faint smells.,The cotton towel smelled the worst,,with a stronger, musky smell. Based on everything above,,these are the odor resistance ratings, with the best being the PackTowl Luxe,,Personal and Matador, and the worst being the cotton towel.,For this grass and dirt test,,I dragged each towel along a stretch of grass and stepped on them.,Then, I checked to see how much each towel picked up.,If there was any grass or dirt picked up,,I shook the towel to see how easily the grass or dirt will shake off.,Here are the results from the best to the worst, and the amount of grass,,leaves and dirt picked up by each towel, before and after shaking.,The best was the Matador NanoDry,,which picked up nothing at all even before shaking.,Next is the Sea to Summit Drylite,,which picked up 1 speck of dirt, and this shook off easily.,The PackTowl Personal picked up 2 specks of dirt, shook off easily. Wise Owl, a few,specks of dirt, shook off easily. Rainleaf, a few specks of dirt, shook off easily.,Nomadix, a few specks of dirt, shook off,easily. The PackTowl Luxe, a moderate amount of dirt, but shook off ea

Nomadix Travel Towel Review

with all of the stuff thats going on,with coronavirus all the plans that I,had to go traveling have completely,fallen through at this point hours,before I was supposed to fly with my,girlfriend down to Peru we saw the news,that the President of Peru shut down the,country as have most countries around,the world thanks to the coronavirus I,was having hopes that I would be already,posting great travel content on this,YouTube channel and at this point Im,kind of at a loss at what to do and Ive,been think about it for a while and I,decided that in the meantime while were,waiting for borders to open back up for,the coronavirus to come back down I,thought Id just go into a little bit,more depth on my travel kit because what,else am I going to talk about one of my,favorite products that I picked up for,my next trip are these no Maddox travel,towels these towels are super super,light theyre like the rolls-royce of,travel towels they are nice theyre the,feeling of the towel like this feels,like real real fabric I dont know if,youre youve been on traveling,experiences where youve brought a,travel towel with you usually theyre,like hes really kind of scratchy like,microfiber towels these feel a lot,better like this feels like a real towel,and when you use it like when you you,jump in the water and you come back and,you want to dry off the towel off like,this feels like youre using a real,towel it doesnt feel like youre using,a ShamWow,to dry off your entire body the maddox,they do lots of designs like they come,out with new designs probably every two,to three months and yeah Ive kind of,gotten hooked on some of their designs,so I originally I started with this one,here which is kind of looks like a like,a beach club towel like if you were at a,like a high-end beach club this is this,would be the sort of towel that they,would give you and then in their latest,designs they had this design that it,kind of looks like a boat deck and,thats what really kind of grabbed my,attention Im a,boater advocate my family boats so this,just seems like a really cool design I,picked it up I cant wait to use this on,future travel I want to talk about a,couple of the the features of these,pneumatic towels its kind of weird to,talk about features for at Ala I mean,how many how many features can a a cut,of fabric have but there are some,features to these towels first off is,the the length of this towel its its,pretty long longer than I can really,show in this this video but the the,length of this towel is I believe like,the same exact cut as a yoga mat which,basically allows us to double as like a,super minimalist ultra light yoga mat or,if youre in a fitness as what makes out,for kind of a good fitness workout space,especially if its like a like a,concrete floor like its just its not,gonna give you a ton of padding but its,its enough to help take off the edge,and I mean you could definitely use this,to pull yourself up and do some pull-ups,or whatnot as a makeshift pull-up bar,rope bar if you will its got a nice,little sewn in hanger tag so you could,just hang this up for for quick drying,this does dry super-quick the while it,collects moisture because its made out,of recycled bottles another great reason,to buy this youre recycling and helping,to save the planet well it does absorb,water really well its also quick drying,this dries as quick as any other travel,towel I mean I have seen towels that try,faster than this but the ones that do,dry faster Ive never really enjoyed,using this one is just again I cant say,enough how this material on the,pneumatics towels just feels so much,better than all the other travel towels,out there that Ive used if youre a,minimalist Packer maybe its a bit of a,luxury for you its not the lightest,travel towel Ive ever used this thing,weighs in at about 17 ounces its its,that many grams thats definitely not,the lightest travel towel I mean its,its got a little more weightiness to it,then a typical travel towel but I dont,necessarily think thats,bad thing if youre willing to carry,around a few extra ounces of weight I,mean I dont I dont mind the weight of,this towel I I wouldnt carry around,multiples of it for sure but I mean,whos carrying around multiples of,travel towels anyway its its still,packing up pretty compact not as compact,again as a lot of other travel towels,out there but its its close a little,bit of extra bulk here I dont think is,significant to really impact anyone on,on their travels because the big thing,about a towel is it packs flat and moves,people they have space in their bag for,flat pack items like all right so so,this is my bag here this is the the peak,design Travel backpack I used to travel,with the pack safe event the pack safe,vendor save exp 45 but I switched to,this peak design bag for now well see,how that goes this bag here its mostly,just a large open section when you have,kind of bulky items like this is my rain,jacket here I have a rain cover some,camera accessories like these things,theyre three-dimensional they take up,some space here in the bag but all of,these items that Im talking about while,they take up a lot of this sort of,length width space in the bag they dont,take up too much height space and so if,you can get a fair number of packed flat,items like your travel towel they can,lay in on top over top of all your other,more bulky baggy ER type items and,thats unused space its dead space in,your bag that you can take advantage of,so yes while this towel if you if you,really try to pack it up and fold it up,and compact it like its going to be,bulkier than other travel towels if,youll just let your travel towel out,flat the difference between this and any,other travel towel is really,insignificant so dollar for dollar,I think this is probably the best bet,travel talent I have come across I do an,annoying amount of research on stupid,stuff like this before I buy it,Ive probably researched 10 to 15,different travel towel manufacturers and,after testing some of them returning,some of them this is the one that Ive,settled on this is the one that I like,the most its the no Maddox travel towel,they have all sorts of designs Im,telling you you need to get yourself,warned and try it out or dont I mean,you dont have to take my advice,but Im going to talk about the products,that I like the products that I bought,from my next upcoming trip and hopefully,for those of you who are planning on,doing some traveling as soon as this,whole coronavirus thing calms down and,eases away hopefully this gives you some,inspiration or some ideas on gear to,pick up for your next adventure alright,guys thanks for watching this I really,wouldnt just super bored at home with,his current virus this is day 10 of a,self-imposed isolation I havent been,exposed to my knowledge on a coronavirus,I dont think Ive been exposed but just,like everyone Im trying to stay home,and trying to stay sane while doing it,so thanks again for watching hope you,like this video and I will see you in,the next one,[Music],you

Matador Ultralight Travel Towel Review (2 Weeks of Use)

whats up its randaya from pack hacker,and today were going to be taking a,look at the matador ultralight travel,towels which ive been testing for two,weeks,weve got the small and the large here,so lets take a look,all right so we got the small and the,large here,um literally the same thing just a,slightly different size,so ill just show you on the large,because its maybe a bit easier to see,so basically you have this,this mesh pouch sleeve to put the towel,inside of,so it helps it breathe a little bit and,helps it air dry,a bit more and then on the back you just,have this,strip of hypalon so this is,for you to put a carabiner in here so,that you can clip it to your bag,so i just have the night eyes s,here,so you just clip that on and clip it to,your bag like this which,i really recommend carrying it this way,because,if its wet and you have it on the,inside of your bag it is supposed to be,fast drying but,its kind of not so its better to have,it clipped to the outside of your bag so,that it can air dry so,that is a pretty handy feature just need,a carabiner,to put on there then you have just a,drawstring at the top,here so ill open it up and kind of want,to,give you an idea of how big this is the,large,of how big this actually is um its not,quite as big as like an actual beach,towel,but still large enough and i did use,this to dry off at the beach so,definitely fulfills its purpose there,so as you can see it is fairly large,here,the material that its made of is a,nano fiber material that matador,themselves actually developed so it is,pretty soft,um but its its not like a like cushy,comfortable towel its nano fiber,so at the top here you have this little,buckle,and basically you just use this to hook,over something,if you want to hang it up to dry its,kind of weird how this is sewn,in though i thought it would be,adjustable but if you can see it,its actually not its just sewn in like,at this,size it doesnt really get any bigger,and this,is pretty small so depending on the,like door knob of the place that youre,staying at your hotel or airbnb,it may or may not fit around it so you,have to find like a hook or something or,maybe put it over the rack uh like,towel rack in the bathroom that works,too you can just,you know buckle it on there so thats,nice,and the small one is is literally the,same thing just in a smaller size so,ill just show you that too really quick,so the large one i used as a beach towel,to dry off,after a day at the beach and the small,one i just sort of used as like,a handkerchief you know during the,summer if youre,walking around its like really hot its,just kind of nice to like,wipe the sweat from your forehead,basically which is what i used it for,so really handy for that its kind of,like the size of like a washcloth,basically,and it has that same little buckle and,loop at the top here for you to,hang it up to dry wherever you can can,put it,so thats nice uh the one thing that i,do want to mention about this though,which,i kind of said before but just to give,you some more information it is supposed,to be quick drying,but when i use the large one to dry off,at the beach,it did not dry quickly,and i put it back inside the pouch put,it in my bag,and it got a little funky a little,mildewy and i had to wash it so,definitely make sure you are utilizing,the,mess pouch mesh pouch here the small one,also has the hypalon,where you can use a carabiner to hook it,on the back of your bag,definitely make sure you utilize that to,get it to,dry fully so there you have it that is,the matador,ultralight travel towel thanks for,keeping it here at pack hacker your,guide to smarter travel and well see,you in the next video

Poncho Review

[Music],hey whats going on everyone aaron here,at kite paddle surf and today we are,doing some poncho reviews just kind of,going through all the different type of,ponchos that we carry here at kite,paddle surf so starting off here we have,the mystic ponchos you can see im,wearing one right now theyre super,comfortable,nice and baggy easy to pull over your,head to change,theyve got the hood right here to keep,you nice and warm up top and the,kangaroo pocket up here to keep your,hands warm,these this one that im wearing right,here is the 100 micro cotton super nice,pretty thin for the most part um,to note on these ones is they do have a,tendency to collect grass and small,debris thats on the ground but other,than that theyre really comfortable,they come in a lot of cool color ways,they have womens specific ones like,this one right here,some camo,sunflowers all sorts of different design,patterns with that one and then moving,over here this is just our basic 100,cotton and this is kind of your standard,towel type material um that you would,use,just like a regular changing towel so,that was this one this one doesnt have,the front kangaroo pocket just the hood,up here uh thats your basic one and,then moving over here this is kind of,the warm maybe maybe more of the deluxe,one thats a hundred percent polyester,its almost kind of like a fleece so if,you want something potentially a little,bit warmer youre in colder climate this,may be a better option its going to,keep you a little warmer uh really nice,good good looking ones we got some,different color waves on that one too,kind of the burnt orange there so you,can check those out we got quite a few,of these in stock so check them out and,lets move on to the next one we have,nomadix this is definitely one of our,premium uh brand that were carrying,they have towels as well as ponchos they,use a micro terry cloth which is a,really nice cloth that soaks up four,times its weight in water so youre,soaking wet or youre sharing a towel,with somebody else it can absorb a lot,of water really fast drying material it,also is has a small loop,built-in small loop material in there so,it doesnt absorb any of the sand or the,debris from the beach so it stays nice,and clean so you dont have to,wash it very frequently,theyre lightweight they also pack up,really nicely you can roll them or you,can fold them in half and take up very,minimal space so its a great,a great product for the surfer person,who goes to the beach,van dwellers hikers a lot of different,people that want to use a towel that is,not bulky that is going to have a great,high performance application to what you,want to use it for so as you can see,heres one of the ponchos im wearing,now its got your standard um like,kangaroo pocket here and then the hood,really nice and bulky and as far as,removing it the opening here is pretty,big so taking it off,not a problem really really easy get on,and off and then weve got a lot of,color waves here um heres some of the,um basic,ones,all sorts of different um all sorts of,different styles kind of something to,suit everybodys uh everybodys taste,so thats the nomadics these are really,really nice,ponchos and towels people really enjoy,using them all right lets move on to,the next one okay so were moving over,here to the rumple line that we have we,have a couple different items from them,lets start off with the the biggest one,of all and this is their poncho this is,a poncho designed to keep you warm,whether youre out on a camping trip or,youre,hanging out in a place thats really,cold and you want that extra warmth and,extra layer this is what you want it has,a 5k laminate outside with this um,all,weather and rain proof shoulders and,head right here so then thats going to,keep you nice and dry while youre,wearing this and its a nano,fill here all around so it keeps you,warm its got kind of that,fleece lined pocket here on the inside,its got a button and you can open this,up to another,place to store whatever you want in,there and thats fleece lined as well as,well as a beer holder right there which,is nice,super convenient right there in front so,this is really comfortable as far as,comparing it fit to the other ponchos it,definitely um comes up a little bit,higher doesnt sit as low and this is,down so this is not probably designed to,be a changing poncho you could use it,for that but its not going to have that,towel-like material this is more of like,that down material feel that you got so,right here in my hand i also have,another accessory by rumple and this is,the,beer,blanket,i can do it there you go,theres the beer blanket right there so,you can have your beer in a blanket,and it packs down,to that size really small so then moving,on from there we got the stash mat the,stash mat is something that you could,have in the back of your rig that you,could change on you can,secure it to the ground,and use it as a place to take your gear,off and on keep it clean keep it out of,the elements thats what the stash mat,is for maybe outside of your tent or,outside your vehicle would be a great,place to use a stash mat moving on from,there we have the chamois towel this is,kind of that micro fiber material that,is going to be great for taking out on,trips or in your van that doesnt take,up a lot of space absorbs a lot of water,and it dries really fast so you can,leave it out and it will dry really,quick so you can use it again it also,doesnt absorb any type of,dirt or anything on the ground so its,gonna its gonna shed all that stuff so,it keeps it nice and clean and then,moving on from there we have kind of,their rumple puffy blanket this is a,really nice blanket this is the original,this is the most popular one that people,like it is,filled,on the stuffs in really nicely,and it has a 100 recycled material fill,on the inside,laminate coating on the outside to,protect it this is going to be really,nice when youre going out and youre,trying youre in an environment where,its a little bit chillier its going to,keep you warm its going to pack up nice,and its all made from recycled,materials so really nice great products,these rumple items we have are a really,good high quality item and we have more,color ways to choose from on the ponchos,as well as our blankets so if you have,any questions you can give us a call we,can send them for you thanks for,watching this review on the ponchos and,some of our accessories see you guys on,the next review,[Music]

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